Spiceowan had the opportunity to drop in on Wizard World in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend.  Here are some of the pictures he was able to get.

Hasbro Display  

Hasbro Display @ Wizard World

12 inch figures  Ki-Adi Mundi 

12" figures for 2002 include the colored clone exclusives, Zam Wessel, Super Battle Droid, Count Dooku, and Ki Adi Mundi.

 Ki-Adi Mundi 3-3/4" 

A few of the newer 3-3/4" figures were shown including Teemto from EP1, Darth Maul Sith Training, Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine Attack), and Ki Adi Mundi (pictured).

Republic Gunship

First shown at Toy Fair in NYC, the republic gunship made an appearance in both loose and boxed forms.

New Deluxe Figures Deluxe Geonosian   Yoda Deluxe

New offerings from the deluxe collection are flipping Anakin which will attach to the other deluxe flipping bases (Obi and Dooku), Flying geonosian with sonic cannon and "hive", and Yoda with Super battledroid (where was this in the movie??).  Also shown was a carded version of the Deluxe C-3PO and Battle Droid from the assembly line.

Padme Unleashed 

The new Anakin and Padme Unleashed figures, due out later this year, were also shown.

 Boxed 25th Anniversary Landspeeder and X-wing  

The carded cantina scenes (Walmart Exclusive), Landspeeder (TRU Exclusive), and Crashed X-wing (TRU Exclusive) were on display.



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