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McQuarrie Stormtrooper

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Figured I'd start up a thread on this guy.  He used to be a pretty hard figure to find and may still be but I think with the 30ac version out this one has probably come down in value (could be wrong).  Theres actually a variation with this figure I thought I'd point out that should still command a pretty good chunk of change.  The first ones released had the figure holding his saber pointed upward.  They were quickly changed to the more "common" version with the lightsaber pointed down.  The saber up versions have sold for over $100 in the past as I've been trying to find one for cheap for quite a while.  Finally got one in my collection.  Here's a pic of the saber up and down versions.  I know a lot of people dont care about variations but you guys who have this figure may want to check yours to see which version you've got.

saber up

saber down (pic courtesy of ebay)

I could have sworn that I had the saber up version once upon a time, but a while back while I was rearranging my carded collection, I looked at my figure and it's the common version. Of course, I also have a loose one from back then, so that might be where my variant version ended up  :-\

This is a figure I've been on the hunt for, just not ready to pay the insane prices he commands. It's not that big of a deal to me to own one, just something I would like to get my hands on one of these days.

Lt. Starfox:
i remember when this came out, very hard to find, any version of it, I had a saber-up but opened it before I knew about the change and could never find one again after that

I think a lot of saber up stormys got opened up.  I think I might have had a couple and probably traded them off back in the day.  I got this one from here


I purchased this figure about 2 months ago.  I saw the pic and said heck yeah cheap htf figure.  Read the description and compared it to the pic and could tell the pic was his and not just some borrowed pic he used.  I even compared descriptions of other figures to their pics just to be sure.  I got the figure in the mail and bam it was the saber down one.  I emailed Steve, the owner of the site, and told him what i'd actually been looking for.  He appologized and checked his stock and couldnt find the figure so he gave me a full refund including my shipping back to him.   He emailed me last week saying he finally found the figure if i still wanted it.  He relisted it on his site and i bought it again.  Got it in the mail yesterday.  Not bad for $14.99 shipped (free shipping on his site)

Edit:  He hasnt marked it as sold so I'd be leary if anyone is thinking about buying the one he's got on there.  He might have another but I doubt it so I'd recommend emailing him first and asking him.  His name is Steve and hes been a really nice guy to me.

The saber up version isn't showing on the site for me, only the saber down one. Unless he just changed the picture.


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