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arc trooper ?

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i dont know if this has been discussed b4 if so i apologize but i have a ? about the arc trooper

i know that there were 2 version released on cards a red and a blue, but i also saw a grey mentioned somewhere and wasnt sure if this was an actually color variation or just a diff in way ppl saw it thought maybe it was the color of the one that came with the 2-pack help plz thanks

I have seen a grey arc, but I don't know if thats a custom or not because I just seen one over at another site. But the Arcs of the red and blue I have in the clone wars single packs. The more I think about it I think I have seen a grey with a blue arc before as a 2 pack. Someone told me sometime ago that the red Arc is the varient so thats why I got the red one in the clone wars series. I could be wrong, so if I am well I guess I will get quoted on this one lol :)

Lt. Starfox:
the blue Arc really looks more grey than blue

clone wars line released a red and a grey arc... the hunt for grievous battlepack had a more blue arc along with the red Fordo arc and the Arc heavy gunner.

Actually, the CW line produced a Red and a Blue ARC, but the blue had 2 different color variants, which aren't really that noticeable, but one was a little bluer than the other. And then the HFG BP gave us the Electric Blue ARC.


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