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With some of the folks, myslef included, getting hosed on ebay. I am going to keep this sticky and start a listing of bad ebay sellers. You can post here or PM me to get an id added to the list. Use this list as a quick check if your in doubt about a certain seller.

Without further ado.

The worst of Ebay.


You can add "SNORK13" to your list.  Back in April of this year I "won" a Star Wars Saga POTJ R2-Q5 Droid with the word "Imperial" misspelled on the card's back. The total was $16.29 including shipping.  I waited and waited but no figure ever arrived. I emailed this seller repeatedly and got only empty promises of sending me another one.  (Yeah, right.  Like he's got two of these "error card" figures.)  To this day I have never received any figures from this seller.  I even lodged a dispute with Ebay and Paypal.  I tried to escalate the dispute but was confused by the procedure and I inadvertantly closed the case.  After that, Ebay would not help me.  Too much time had passed for me to successfully submit a claim to Paypal.  You only have 30 days after the money was sent. I have the post office looking for this item just in case this seller really did ship it.  He contends that the postal system lost it and so he is no longer responsible.  The lesson that I learned from all this is that I waited far too long to take action with Paypal and trusted this seller far too much to do the right thing.  Troopers beware!

adding this link

I just had this guy booted for trying to sell multiples of this rare bust and his accomplice for shill bidding was booted as well. Keep your eyes open if your after any of the rare GG busts, this guy may come back with a new ID. Note the location

Lt. Starfox:
he has a lot of good feedback, that sure is weird

He just got to greedy, and he also had 2 other id's he used to bid on his own items when he wanted to inflate the prices


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