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Some time ago fellow staff member Sandtrooper Desert Rat put together a great image guide and review of the Saga A-Wing Fighter.  He has updated the pictures and review, to make this much more better than the original.  Check out the full review and all the images that Desert Rat has put together for us here.

What are your thoughts about this great product that Hasbro put out for us?  I give it a big thumbs up!   :thumbup:

Lt. Starfox:
by far, it was much better than the POTF version, the paint scheme is sweet and the display box makes it very inviting!

Major fett:
I just got one of these from Chris Via trade, and it it truly awesome!
My only problem now is do I open it or not, It looks so good in the packaging, but I'm one who likes to display ships open. :doh:

Darth Spice:
Very nice ship, this was around the beginning of the large window vehicles. This makes them very difficult to store and keep in good shape.

This one I think i'll leave in the box. I won't say i'll never open it cuz as soon as I do i'll find a need to rip it open !!!  ::)

I've always liked the A-Wing it has that simple but tough as nails look to it. Kinda like a Russian Tank !!!

Great Review DR !!!  ;)


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