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Rogue One 6" figures
« on: October 03, 2016, 09:17:16 PM »
Force Friday 2016 has come and gone. Who went out and took part in the Toys R Us midnight launch? Anyone excited by the product available, or does it leave you feeling a little let down?

I went out to my TRU event. Got there about 10 minutes before the store opened and was the 11th or 12th person in line. Doors opened and there wasn't a ton of merchandise, but everyone seemed to get what they wanted. I got a Hovertank Pilot, Death Trooper, two 3.75" Stormtroopers and a Rebels Sabine. The give away shirt is cool, but they only had medium and large. I think only one person in the entire line could fit into a large, and that was the young girl who was there with her family!

Later in the day I secured a second Death Trooper. Holding off on the others until I actually see the movie.

What were you all able to pick up?

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Re: Rogue One 6" figures
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 06:34:10 AM »
I went to TRU on Force Friday too & since there is only 1 TRU in my city.. there were like 80-100 people there & at the beginning of the line were all my areas scalpers & flea market vendors & just the Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy.. I saw grown adult fat men run thru store like young hyper children.. There were only 5 Hover Tank Pilots & all gone before I got in the door, along with all of the 6 inch figs.. ALL bought by the Scalpers..All but 1... the 1 I had being held for me.. Ha Ha Ha..
So I got all 3 3/4 & 6 inch figs.. When I left store Scalper Dave was trying to sell his Hover Tank Pilots for $60 to other collectors & tried me.. I laughed & pulled mine out of bag & told him just how stupid he is & made sure EVERYONE knows there will be plenty more in time..It is about to be Xmas season..I commented about how the Ep7 TRU ex was still on pegs for half price & told anyone who would listen to be patient & not get scalped for new stuff with Xmas overstock coming soon..
I just got 1 of everything under $25.. any higher than $25 it will be reduced or on sale before Xmas.. & I have learned to wait..
I will be paying more on Hot Toys & Sideshow & GG & Artfx any way.

I am always excited about New Star Wars stuff... just not Hasbro or Disneys product overkill... They launch like they care & in 6 months? We see nothing until next movie...
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Re: Rogue One 6" figures
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2016, 10:15:59 AM »
I hit my local Walmart the next morning, getting to damn old for midnight madness.  When I got there they had 6 inch figures out got all I wanted.  Went to to the toy aisle where two other collectors that knew the Walmart toy lady had her bring out case fresh everything else except the basic figures which where MIA.  Scored 3 Emerors guards a u wing, two tie strikers, and the awing. Also got all the two figure packs. Went that night to target and picked up all the 3.75 figures easily and got the huge ass cool Jaaks pacific bb-8 with electronics.

Flash forward to a few days ago I found the rebels imperial speeder and  wave two of the two packs.  I am now looking hard for wave two of basic figures and 6" wave 2.
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