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Univ. of Georgia (bulldogs) football player makes a Star Wars movie.


University of Georgia senior Chris Conley may be best known as a football wide receiver, but he's just staked a convincing claim to be heralded as a sci-fi filmmaker. "Retribution," a short film he started work on in 2013, has made its YouTube debut and it's a doozy. Conley wrote and directed the movie as a tribute to his beloved "Star Wars." He also takes on one of the lead roles as a Sith lord with top-notch fighting skills and a dastardly plan.

... anyways. enjoy all 26+ mins.

Whats funny is as an avid football fan I know Georgia isnt a sit around and pretend to play football on Saturday kind of college...I'm looking at you Iowa and North Western!

Anywho... enjoy!

p.s. you may see cameo's by other players and the head coach of the football team... hehe


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