Author Topic: FS: HUGE amounts of Vintage SW Vehicles, both complete and for parting out...  (Read 810 times)

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Hello again! You guys might remember, we are the collectibles store in Southern California that just bought a MAMMOTH (2000+ piece) Vintage Star Wars collection (1978 to 1986 or so)... Anyway, we've been sifting through the collection and have quite a number of vehicles and playsets now available for purchase. We're open to taking best offers, so if the prices below aren't what you think they should be, let us know. I'm sure we can make a deal. We prefer to use Paypal, but are open to other options (no trades). All the pics here are from my store, so if there's anything else you see in the pics that you want/need (or if you have any other questions about the collection...willing to part out anything else, not just vehicles, too), just send me a PM.

So, here we go:

X-Wings- We have a variety of X-Wings, both complete and incomplete, all out of box. As with the rest of the vehicles, we would be very interested in parting some of these out, since we have more incompletes thand we have completes. $10 to $35 depending.

Slave 1's- Same goes for these. Lots of Incompletes, so if you are looking for parts for your ALMOST COMPLETE Slave 1, let us know.  I'll bet we have the part. I believe we have a complete ship or two, so if you need a loose complete, PM us. $10 to $40 depending...

Bespin Cloud Cars- Again, we have MANY Incompletes and a few Completes, so we will DEFINITELY have that part you've been looking for. Otherwise, feel free to PM for a Complete. $10 to $20 depending. (There are AT-AT's and AT-ST's in this pic too...yes, same goes for them. We have a great deal of Incompletes and a few Completes, so let us know whatcha need)

Tie Fighters (White and Blue)- Same goes here. We have two or three Complete Tie Fighters, and many, MANY more Incomplete ones that we can part out. (This collection was stuck in a hot garage for much of its existence, so MANY of the Tie Fighters DO NOT have intact stickers, so keep that in mind) $10 to $35

Snow Speeders- We have, I believe, two Complete Snow Speeders, and more than a dozen (you heard me) Incomplete ones, so this is PART HEAVEN. Let us know what you're missing (or if you want one of the Completes, including Harpoon). $10 to $25

Imperial Shuttles- YES, we even have these, Complete and Incomplete. The Complete one is beautiful (NOT this one) and we will be asking FULL PRICE for this one, but we have four others (including this one in the pic) that are perfect for parting out, so ask away. $10 to $150-ish depending... (please note, this has a few of the rubber armed figures on it for dramatic effect...these are not included)

Cases, Cases and MORE Cases- We have quite a number of Darth Vader and SW and ESB Cases available, as well, all in varying levels of quality, so ask about those too, if you need them (Loose trays for the regular cases are also available...this guy had everything...) $10 to $30 depending on condition...

As we said, always willing to take obo's and other deals, so don't hesitate to PM us. We will be cross posting this on other boards, so it's first come first served. Don't be shy; We are friendly and easy to work with and will give you a deal at the drop of a hat... :)

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I do not need any Vintage. Do you have any GG, SS, MR's, Kotu's or other hi-end collectibles in your store?
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pm sent.