Author Topic: First Annual Wish List Poll - RETURN OF THE JEDI  (Read 976 times)

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This is the designated thread for wish lists from RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Calling all Troops! We’ve all got our own lists of those unforgettable Star Wars characters we’re itching to see Hasbro get around to producing for us. Well now is excited to announce the details of its very first annual Hasbro Star Wars wish list poll!

This is an exciting new opportunity for registered forum members to make their voices heard. Here’s how it works. Voting will take place here in the forums. Members who wish to participate must post their lists of no more than ten Star Wars characters in the designated threads for any or all of the following eight categories:

-The Phantom Menace
-Attack of the Clones
-Revenge of the Sith
-A New Hope
-The Empire Strikes Back
-Return of the Jedi
-The Clone Wars (film and television show)
-Expanded Universe (television shows, novels, comics, video games, etc.)

Please note that The Clone Wars category includes any characters from the 2008 film or the television show currently airing on Cartoon Network. When voting for characters from The Clone Wars, please designate each one as “animated” or “realistic,” since they are currently being produced by Hasbro in both formats.

The Expanded Universe category includes any characters from Lucasfilm projects outside of the six film saga and The Clone Wars (eg the Clone Wars micro-series, The Holiday Special, Droids, Ewoks, Shadows of the Empire, The Force Unleashed, etc.).

When voting, please rank your ten choices in order of preference. Each top choice will receive ten points; second choice will receive nine points, third choice will receive eight points, etc. Charts recording the votes and the points each character in each category has received will be kept here in this thread and updated weekly.

Character selections can include characters that have never before been produced in the modern line or characters you wish to see upgraded. Please be as specific as possible when voting. I will be keeping track of the votes so if I see a vote that isn’t quite precise enough (eg “Luke Skywalker”) I’ll do my best to PM you for further clarification in order to make your vote count.

The results of the poll will be hand-delivered to Hasbro’s representatives at San Diego Comic Con as part of a special report from the convention. Let’s see lots of participation in this and let Hasbro know what we want to see from them next! Thanks for joining in the fun and may the Force be with your character selections!

Deadline to submit character selections is Sunday, July 8th.


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Re: First Annual Wish List Poll - RETURN OF THE JEDI
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2012, 12:11:54 AM »
My votes:

1. Geezum
2. Ars Dangor (Imperial Dignitary)
3. Sim Aloo (Imperial Dignitary)
4. Yoxgit
5. Fozec
6. AV-6R7
7. Yakface [resculpt]
8. Ree-Yees [ree-sculpt]
9. Taym Dren-garen
10. Blount

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Re: First Annual Wish List Poll - RETURN OF THE JEDI
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2012, 08:34:38 PM »
1- Yak Face
2- Amanaman
3- Ree Yees
4- Mon Cal officers
5- A-Wing Pilot (Generic)
6  Y-Wing Pilot (Asian Dude)
7  B-Wing Pilot (not Nien Numb species)
8  Erica (Mara Jade under cover)
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