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Target Exclusive Landspeeder found

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Hey Troops,

Be on the lookout for the Target exclusive Landspeeder.Found this morning at one of our Targets in Huntsville.I can confim that they are pack one of each to a case which is stupid.I was able to pull mine right out of the case.Ity was setting on a cart.I will have photos of it later today.

nice find!  I hit 3 Targets in central Iowa today but didn't find any

Nice so what else was in the case? The taun taun?

So far the Landspeeder & Taun Taun are hard to track down since they do come 1 per case! I hope we can find it soon.


--- Quote from: darthdan on October 17, 2011, 10:04:25 PM ---Nice so what else was in the case? The taun taun?

--- End quote ---

It's the Tauntuan and the Landspeeder.I saw a case of these on a cart and popped it open.They are indeed 1 of each to a case which is dumd if you ask me.I saw a post on Rebelscum,there is a guy who works for Target in the forum and he said these are being ordered in limited quanities.If the 24.99 scares you and are waiting on clearance.Get it now.


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