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Clones for sale.


    Hey guys, I have some clone trooper figures I am selling for $3.50 each with S/H. Keep in mind, these figures are not from the C.G.I Clone Wars series. If anyone is interested in any of them, let me know. Thanks guys.


     8x White clone Troopers. Two of them have Boba Fett's Skull symbol)

     6x Clone Troopers (442nd Siege Battalion)
     Commander Gree
    6 xClone Troopers(Utapau Clones)

    3x Clone Troopers(Shock Troopers)

    Clone Commander 1x red, 1x green, 1x pine green(customed made)

    6x Clone Troopers(The 501st Troopers)

    3x Mace Windu's Clone troppers(Purple markings, From the Mace Windu and his clones, Battle pack)

   Black Clone Troopers w/ some gray markings(x4): These figures had some custom work done to them(i.e. Backbacks connected to   
   them, leg arsenal attachments).


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