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2011 Target exclusive vintage 3pks

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I picked up all 3 target exs. vintage 3pks $19.99 ea.  release date 5-15
DPC#087-06-0302 a friend got them from the back for me.

Dark Clone:
My area Targets have them also. But I passed on them. They are packaged really cool. But it's just a matter of time before they will be discounted. Than I may pick them up.

I thought the same thing considering the last 9pk was discounted but these 3pks are
sold seperately so the odds of a large price change is unlikely & production has been cut by Hasbro
so I went ahead & got them to avoid missing them?

They have all disappeared?? glad I got them!

Dark Clone:
Mine still have plenty.
Got the "Villians" 3-pack and watched my son tear into to get the Stormtrooper.


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