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Darth Nocternus:
Was in my local TRU last week looking for a certain clone wars figure, i asked the guy staking the shelves if he could have a look out back, he said all that we have is on the shelves to which i replied thank but he kept looking at me in a strange way i aked if something was wrong he said again all WE have is on the shelves not I at which point i cottened on so i said to him i would pay him 30 a week to hold back certain figures for me, he said no probs i do that all the time, suffice to say after a chat with the manager he dont work there anymore

Darth Zombius:
Wow... Not sure which is worse.  :o

Darth Nocternus:

Darth Spice:
I think it's too bad whenever anyone preys on a persons want or desire to own something.  We can help you set aside certain figures too, but I'm pretty sure everyone here will do it for cost plus shipping!  ;)

Darth Nocternus:
I did not mean for the guy to lose his job but seems he had already been warned, thanks darth spice i shall certainly keep that in mind


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