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Figure I would share some of my art-

some is actually a few years old and others pretty new

Cool art! Thanks for sharing it! I especially like the one with Vader and Palpatine


Darth Spice:
Chewie isn't as bad as some of the Chewie's I've seen, I've been told he's really hard to draw.  Do you ever go outside of pencils and paint or use colored pencils?

The hair is a pain but not really much harder to draw- since hes covered in hair, you can get away with not being exact like ya would a human. Even the body form can be covered w/hair
It does look a lil better in person better pencil is hard to photograph (although scans OK)

I have a Wookiee what started out as Chewie but I didnt like so I just added an extra bandoleer. I think this is right after Ep3 came out.

and some others

I think I used the figure as a reference and bulked him up a bit

I just wish we got moere of pre machine Vader in E3- heck we needed more Vader period.

This one I wanted to stylize a bit so thats why Tiin looks a bit different

I really just used pencils I like smearing to get shades and have a tough time using color for that- I did start using color in Photoshop and its been hit or miss-
I like what I did w/Kurt Angle but hate my James Hetfield


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