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Boba Fett Print


Old Jedi:
Thanks for posting a few weeks ago about the Boba Fett print avaliable from Jeremy Bulloch. I just recieved it today, and it is AMAZING!!! It is singed by Dave Dorman and I had it personalized by Jeremy, I asked him to tag it with one of his favorite lines, and he put "As  you wish" very cool. I also was educated in the difference between American dollars and euros, that was fun. Once again thanks for posting about a great product.

United We Find!!!!

Lt. Starfox:
dang Fred, you can't brag about it and not post any pictures!  post some pics buddy, stat!

Darth Spice:
That's too cool you picked that up, holiday funds kept me from springing for another DD print!  :)   THAT and the one I have to have fixed and I've got one that has to still be framed!  :-\   More artwork, more problems!  :D :P

Oh man what a tease.... I wanted to see a pic!!!!

Gratz on your purchase....


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