Author Topic: FS: Loose/Incomplete/CHEAP Fodder GI Joe vehicles  (Read 1336 times)

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FS: Loose/Incomplete/CHEAP Fodder GI Joe vehicles
« on: March 03, 2010, 08:12:43 PM »
Through the years (well, mostly the past year or so) I've bought up tons of loose/incomplete "lots" of GI Joe vehicles on ebay and at toy shows if there was something in there that I thought I could use... but I've got boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff that I'm probably never going to use that came with the lots. So I went through some of the boxes and started photographing them, and am putting them up for sale. I have more to go through so this may get updated.

ALL of these are in pretty beat up condition and are not collectible in ANY way. Great for customizing. I don't know how much stuff is missing from each one. I also don't know the names, so please if you ask a question don't call it by name... I won't know what you're talking about, LOL.

Shipping is not included with the prices. Prices are not set in stone, and quite honestly I have no idea what these are really "worth" so if the prices are too high, just let me know.

$5.00 each (cat not included  ::) )

$3.00 each

$4.00 comes with file card and blueprint

Free with any other purchase (just ask for one of these)

Thanks for looking. PM me with any questions!

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