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Easter Egg: Blooper Reel

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Attack of the Clones
EASTER EGG: In the "Options" menu, key in 11 enter 3 enter 8 enter, and you will see bloopers, mostly of Hayden Christensen falling during various takes of the film.

Has anyone gotten this to work ever? I'm just wondering if I have the right DVD or not.

I never knew that existed in any of the dvd's. Thanks for sharing and I will check it out to see if it works.

also heard about this one.

EASTER EGG: If you highlight the THX logo in the Language Selection page on the DVD and press 1138 with the remote you will access a hidden blooper reel

I'm getting these of of so they should be legit.

Does that include the Full screen edition even if you only bought the dvd about 3yrs ago.

no clue. they don't say on which DVD version it's from or maybe what kind of DVD player you need to watch it.


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