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Title: Where did things go so terribly WRONG?
Post by: dj121 on April 23, 2018, 07:59:01 PM
Here we are, a full 10 days after the street date "Launch" of Hasbro SOLO: A Star Wars Story products. Yet many collectors are running into the same problem. WHERE is the new product? Friday came and went, with little to no real excitement or product availability. Target stores were a bit more on top of things, with larger dedicated shelf space and new merchandise being available. Almost all retailers only received one or two cases of figures, leading to quick sell outs, or being scooped up by scalpers. Even basic 5 POA figures were limited to only one or two cases on pegs.

With the current Disney model of one new movie a year, it is totally understandable that Hasbro is under extreme pressure to keep up and stay ahead. It takes 12-18 months from concept to retail. This may very well explain the lack of characters available, but does it also mean product availability has to suffer? We all know Hasbro lost the "Jurassic Park" license to competitor Mattel. Hasbro's last attempt for JP movie toys was absolutely dreadful. While the current JP property model is NOT one movie a year, that obviously means they have a much longer lead time to get product on shelves. Lots of product. With articulation and action features. Judge for yourself as you look at the images below from a typical Walmart Store. See the difference between dedicated retail space for the upcoming movie "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" (which is nearly full) versus the retail space dedicated to the upcoming "Solo: A Star Wars Story". (Still no 6" figures, no Vintage Collection and only two pegs for basic) Also, on a side note to Hasbro. Seriously, HOW MANY TYPES OF LIGHTSABERS DO WE NEED?

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Title: Re: Where did things go so terribly WRONG?
Post by: keyboard53 on April 25, 2018, 11:46:11 AM
Action figure hunting is simply no fun anymore.  When I approach the action figure aisle in Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Toys R Us (before going bankrupt), my mood runs to guarded optimism instead of excited anticipation of what I might find.  The old expression, "I've been to well but I'm still thirsty", is apt because finding well-stocked pegs of Star Wars figures is no longer the norm. Only empty pegboard spaces exist. 

I will admit that I was caught flat-footed regarding the first wave of the Force Link 2.0 figures.  By the time I discovered one at Target (a Luke Skywalker, which I bought), subsequent visits to the other big box stores were fruitless.  So collectors can rightly ask, "Where are the figures?", and "Why is Hasbro being so stingy?".  Their one or two case shipments to stores just won't do.  Perhaps I should take up another hobby! :banghead:
Title: Re: Where did things go so terribly WRONG?
Post by: keyboard53 on May 12, 2018, 11:32:55 AM
Searching for figures has improved somewhat.  My local Walmart stores, (there are two in my town), each had two cases of the Force Link 2.0 figures.  Between the two locations I was able to get all of the 2.0 figures 3.75" (single-carded wave 1).  However, the quantities are still not what they used to be.  Also,I wish the figures were put on the peg board with the other Star Wars figures and not in some "special" place that can be easily missed.
Title: Re: Where did things go so terribly WRONG?
Post by: keyboard53 on May 15, 2018, 01:43:17 PM
With a little luck and some driving, I was able to snag all the Force Link 2.0 wave 2 figures at my local Target and the Target in another county. 

However, the quantities of figures is poor regardless of where you go, i.e. Walmart, Target.  Some stores, such as Kohl's and Kmart, have zero Force Link 2.0 figures.
Title: Re: Where did things go so terribly WRONG?
Post by: dj121 on September 05, 2018, 09:12:26 PM
My Walmart has been sitting on three full pegs of Forcelink 2.0 figures. Some of them have sold down, but not enough to get a restock of a newer wave. The next closest looks to have received one case of wave 3, but as for the 6" line, all they have on the peg is a single young Han Solo. They are selling, but just not getting replenished.

You're right. Toy hunting is just not what it used to be. Not just Star Wars, but Transformers and even Marvel to a certain degree. I check regularly, and every few weeks a random case of the newest Transformers pops up, but then it's weeks or months before another restock.