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Chicago Comic-Con 2015 Mission Report
« on: September 02, 2015, 09:01:43 AM »
Chicago Comic-Con has always been one of the largest pop culture events in the Midwest.  Over the years the quality of the show has really tumbled if you happen to be a fan of that galaxy from far, far away. There was a time when Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya and many of the other heavy hitters of Star Wars manufacturing regularly attended the show as exhibitors.  In fact, exclusive merchandise used to also be available as well making this a must-attend event.  There were no autograph guests in attendance, therefore the only attraction for a Star Wars fan would have to be the showroom floor that was loaded with all sorts of different Star Wars toys and collectibles.

Another huge problem is the shortage of 501st, Rebel Legion and other costuming groups.  Wizard has adopted some sort of new policy where fan groups such as these (and our organization too) pay for tables.  It's really sad when you think how many potential smiles were lost over the weekend due to the fact there were so few people dressed in costumes.  I see both ends of the problematic spectrum, they're losing money but the overall problem is this show has turned into something the average Joe can no longer afford.

The availability of the celebrity guests was also something that left me completely baffled beyond a reasonable doubt.  The time the Undertaker, Sting, Burt Reynolds or Nathan Fillion appeared at the booth was relatively small seeing as they were completely sold out for autograph and photo ops.  $35 dollars for a selfie with Jodie Sweetin?  Is this really what it has come to?  It's really difficult to have the want to partake in any of the signings when you consider the hoopla you have to go through. I remember when there wasn't an autograph more than $25 and there were no such things as paid photo ops.  I understand it's a form of crowd control because everyone has a camera these days, but there has to be an affordable medium in between.

After you factor in the cost of the exorbitantly high ticket price of $60 per day, roughly $13 dollars to park on the average plus fuel and tolls, depending on where you are from you could be down $100 before you even exit your vehicle.  The attendee isn't the only one paying higher prices.  The price to be an exhibitor or vendor has also jumped through the roof and the prices you see on the floor reflects this.  Bottom line, unless you're looking to buy something new for your collection, Chicago Comic-Con really didn't offer too much to Star Wars fans at a time when hype for this franchise has never been at a higher anticipation.  It would be nice if the people at Wizard would rethink some of their prices and practices and perhaps go back to a time when fans got true value and an awesome convention experience.  Until then we'll see the same lackluster show like we saw this year.  I've attended this show 15 times in the past 16 years and I think the best days may be behind the phenomenon that was Chicago Comic-Con.

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