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NEW Episode III Gift Pack

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I seen this on Andrews Toys this morning and boy does this look LAME, except for the anakin figure which I think they got that from order 66 2 packs that hasbro used for this pack to make this ep3 gift pack. Most of us, if not ALL of us have all of these figures, well except for the silver R2 unit and well some don't have the anakin sculpt but then again I think if you have the order 66 pack #5 then you do have it then. I guess anything like this will sell if you don't have maybe certain figures and this pack fills those in but who knows. This could shock me sales on this pack but then again I don't think so.

I dont buy packs that are all straight repacks but I will sometimes if they're repaints

Is anyone going to buy this set of the gift pack of commaders.

Picture? Link?

It was the Commanders gift pack thats coming out, well it said it should be out now but I don't see it. Let me see if I can get a picture of it.


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