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Do You Still Like the RotS Toy Line?

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It's been over four years since Hasbro released toys based on the film, and I was curious what everyone's thoughts are about this toy line. Do you still like the stuff after all these other lines of toys have been made? How do they hold up to all the other different cardbacks? If you own these have you thought about selling them or are you never going to let them out of your hands?

Well,..... thats a good questions that I find VERY interesting. I have maybe 10 or so and I will never let those figures out of my sight even though that all of them are opened. I personally thought this was a pretty good line of figures based on a movie. So from all that it's worth, I am pretty glad that I can say this was the line that got me started into SW collecting. To answere your question, sure I lov'em and they will always be part of my collection for now on.

I voted for "yes" as I personally love this line. Out of all the figures that's been made since The Phantom Menace line, this is one of my favorites. I love the design of card, mainly for the soul reason of Vader behind the jumping lava on Mustafar. Something else I like about these is that they don't take up much space on my shelves, and allows me to stack so many more (side-by-side) than the more current products (see image below).

I have every single one of these RotS figures, and I have no intentions on ever getting rid of these.

I voted yes for a lot of the same reasons dustrho did.

This line was really just a fun line. Going hunting at every store, seeing loads of them on the shelves, constantly on the hunt and still being able to find things.

That was fun, unlike now, when you go to a store and they don't even have their exclusives.

This line was great, lots of different clones to choose from and neat vehicles. lots of possibilities for dioramas and customs. it was the perfect line.


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