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Dark Clone:
Was going through some of my figures and noticed that she comes with a red lightsaber.
Being a Jedi. I thought this was weird. It's probably just another Hasbro goof, but was wondering if anybody else has one.

Ya thats how mine is too. I think that at that time, really only Luke, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gons lightsabers had been shown so they did what they want. Also if you notice, its a bit of a darker red than the Sith red

Lucas said in the ATOC DVD that he didn't make the "Sith only have red" rule until then.  This is why Sharard Hett is running around with a red saber in the comic "Outlander" as well.  While all Sith up to that point had red sabres, it wasn't a hard rule until that point.  Thus Ali haveing a red saber was allowed. 

Everything I have read says Adi was given to Hasbro with the characters desgins and likeness and those contained her with a red saber.  Thus it was Lucas who dropped the ball on that one (wel, not really but it seems fans had made a rule that was not existant). 

Dark Clone:
Adi-Gallia has always had a red lightsaber. Also. She is show with a red lightsaber on the cover of SW Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue. But during EP I. It was told that her lightsaber was her second one she made due to the fact that her first one was destroyed. I guess she kepyt it red knowing that red was how Sith seperated themselves from Jedi


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