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As the thrilling "Young Jedi" arc came to its incredible conclusion a couple weeks ago, I got an exciting chance to interview voice actor Jeff Fischer. Jeff plays the headstrong human youngling Petro in the four episode arc. He is also known for his hilarious role as Hayley Smith's husband Jeff Fischer in American Dad! (who was named after him by his friend Seth MacFarlane), in addition to a long and varied career in TV, movies, video games, and hundreds of commercials. Outside the studio Jeff is an experienced vintner who in 2007 founded the Habit Winery in Santa Barbara, California. Read on to hear from one of the latest talents to join the Star Wars universe!

Sandtroopers: How did your acting career begin?
Jeff Fischer: Since I was a kid Iíve always had a passion for acting. I did plays and musicals growing up, but I booked my first professional job when I was in college.

ST: What was your first exposure to Star Wars? Are you a fan?
JF: Yes, Iím a fan! Iíve followed all the Star Wars movies since I was a kid.

ST: How did you become involved with Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
JF: I became involved with The Clone Wars after my agents sent me the sides and I went in for an audition. It was untitled and all the lines that referred to anything ďStar WarsĒ had been changed. I actually thought it was a new pilot for Saturday morning or something. No clue at all that it was Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

ST: What was it like working with Dave Filoni?
JF: Oh boy, Dave Filoni, do I have to answer that? Brutal. Iím kidding! Dave is the man! Iíve been lucky to work with some incredible directors but Dave is one of a kind. He loves actors, [is] super positive, funny, [and] makes you feel right at home even though I was the new kid and they have all been working on the show for years. Itís a fantastic team and Dave is the captain of the ship, and itís a ride you donít want to ever end. For me, it was a really special job.

ST: What kind of direction were you given to prepare for the role of Petro? What's been your overall impression of the character?
JF: We had a discussion at the first recording where Dave filled us in on these kids, some deep history of the series and what was happening with the plot. I could tell by the first script that Petro was the hothead, impatient, always wanting to act first and ask questions later. I thought all the younglings had very strong individual points of view.

ST: What was it like working with the rest of the cast in the "Young Jedi" episodes? Did you all get to record together?
JF: Itís always my favorite when you get to work together with the other actors. The cast of the show were super welcoming and it was incredible to see some of these guys just kill it in the session. And working with Georgina, Olivia and Greg* was a blast. Super talented and it was a lot of fun to take this journey together. Certainly didnít feel like a job. [*NOTE: Georgina Cordova, Olivia Hack, and Greg Cipes played the younglings Ganodi, Katooni, and Zatt.]

ST: Do you see any of yourself in Petro from back when you were a "youngling?"
JF: A youngling? How about now?

ST: Have you had a chance to watch the "Young Jedi" episodes as they've been airing? Do you have a favorite moment from any of these action-packed episodes?
JF: So far Iíve been able to watch every episode. Itís a bit of magic to be able to see how beautifully it was drawn, and the attention to detail is amazing. I think even more so on this show, as they are so creative, the characters are pretty incredible. It was super cool to see the first episode and get to see Petro, Katooni, Zatt, and Ganodi in 3D CGI! Incredibly beautiful animation!

ST: Do you think Petro will be showing up again in the future?
JF: I hope so! Iíve heard rumors; may the Force be with us.

ST: Why should all Star Wars fans young and old be watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars if they haven't already started?
JF: Itís a terrific series to watch. Great stories, amazing characters, and quality actors working on the most storied franchise in history. Itís a very special show and something both old fans and new alike will really enjoy. I think itís incredibly well produced, and who doesnít want to see more Star Wars??

ST: Is the voice recording process any different for Star Wars: The Clone Wars versus a show like American Dad!?
JF: Yes, it is. On AD we do a table read, and then come back another day individually to record our lines, solo. I always love to record with the other actors, but itís a challenge to get everyone in at the same time. Iíve done shows and movies both ways, but most of them now are usually with the cast, which I think allows for more freedom and improv, and just the energy of the show comes alive in a more organic way.

ST: Also, we can't resist asking a couple American Dad! questions. What is your favorite episode of American Dad! and why?
JF: My favorite episode of American Dad!, hard question. The hundredth episode, ď100 ADĒ was pretty funny, but I think ďFor Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls,Ē where I fight Santa, or ďJoint CustodyĒ are my favorites.

ST: Can you drop any exciting hints about what's to come in Season 8? Will we be seeing a lot of Jeff Fischer?
JF: I think this is our funniest season yet. The last episode will be a real trip. Do not miss it! I can only say it may involve some beings from out of this world. And I think you will be seeing a lot of Jeff Fischer in Season 8.

ST: Do you have any other projects going on that you're able to share with us?
JF: I just wrapped up the last Final Fantasy a while back, and Medal of Honor Black Ops 2. Currently Iíve been working on a new video game for EA that Iím really excited about. In addition, you can always hear my voice on TV and radio in a variety of commercial spots. Iím also a vintner, and founded Habit Wine Co in 2008. I just wrapped up my fifth harvest; you can read more about it at


Interview by David Delgado.
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