May 2007
Photos and Story by Josh Long
Graphical Work by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


The space battle that helped end the Galactic Civil War could not have happened with out the ground forces on Endor. They aided in the battle by blowing up the shield generator that protected the Death Star 2. However, these soldiers did need some help in order to get to the generators. The help they received was from an unlikely source and that source was the Ewoks. Between the Rebel Alliance and the Ewoks not even the Empire could with hold the sweeping changes.

Like with the other troopers the Sergeant was sold in the 3-Pack Bundle or by itself. If you are familiar with Sideshow Collectibles they do things in Regular, Exclusive, and Inclusive Formats. This review is for the Sergeant which was an Exclusive through Sideshow’s site only.

The Sergeants packaging is what we’ve come to expect when we receive our Star Wars figures. As always it’s as collector friendly as anything you can find on the market. The only thing that has changed is the new 30th anniversary which will be the thing for this years figures. The other aspects of the box have not changed with great pics of the figure and scenes from ROTJ.

As with the other boxes on the inside you get multiple panels which display the figure beautifully as well as the accessories. You also get a great story on the Rebels and the Sergeant.

As hard as it was to really think about the Infantry figure that looked like nobody I had someone to base this off of. The sculpt is based on the Production Manager at Sideshow Collectibles Brant Bridges. This turned out as dead on and is as cool as it gets to see someone you actually know made into a figure. I have to say if I was to ever get turned into a figure it would turn out as nice as Brant’s.

PAINT - 10
The paint on the Sergeant turned out fantastic. The skin tone is as good as anything we’ve seen from any figure so far. Unlike with the Infantry and Nik Sant the Sergeant has nothing wrong with the yes. I believe people will be the most pleased with the paint job on this figure.

I ran into the same issues with this guy as I did the other two figures. Some of the more military poses I found harder to get. I did have a little easier time finding more poses for Brant than I did with the Infantry Soldier due to the looser fitting jacket. Again, I do find posing the Jedi and Sith Figures easier than the military guys so far.

As with the other figures there just isn’t much here. You get the helmet, backpack, and wrist communicator which are all nicely done. The coolest part of the accessories items is the gun which for this guy is the A-280 Blaster rifle. His backpack is also quite nice and is the best of the three figures backpacks. Just like with the infantry this figure would a 10 here if he had more accessories.

As impressive as any of the other two troopers he’s to me a little cooler. I love the jacket on the Brant Trooper and it really gives him a cool look. Another nice thing about the jacket is if you wanted to take it off you could use it on the Han Solo figure to make him Endor Han. Then you toss in the pouches and his Bandolier this makes a perfect military outfit.

VALUE - 8.5
At $59 and not a lot of accessories the cost probably the Brant Trooper is probably $5 dollars off. The outfit and sculpt make it worth the money but you just don’t get enough with this guy. This guy just needs a few more accessories and he would be a 9-10 on value.

Out of the three Endor Troopers this is by far my favorite. The costume and sculpt are the best of the bunch and the fact it matches a friend it just adds to the overall value. The rifle is very cool and helps push this figure towards being a 10 but the lack of other items doesn’t help its cause. If I could only pick one of these three guys I would pick the Brant Trooper hands down.

Packaging - 10
Sculpt - 10
Paint - 10
Articulation - 8.5
Accessories - 8.5
Outfit - 10
Value - 9
Overall - 9

Edition Size of the Rebel Sergeant is 3200