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212th Attack Battalion Clone Troopers
Ambush on Ilum
ARC Elite Squad Battle Pack
AT-TE Assault Squad
Attack on Kashyyyk
B'Omarr Monestary Assault
Battle at the Sarlacc Pit
Battle of Christophsis
Battle on Mygeeto
Betrayal on Felucia
Capture of the Tantive IV
Clone Attack Battle Pack
Disturbance at Lars Homestead
Geonosis Assault
Hoth Recon Patrol
Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol
Hunt for General Grievous
Jabba's Palace (Clone Wars)
Mace Windu's Attack Battalion
Scramble on Yavin
Shield Generator
Skirmish in the Senate
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STAP Attack
Training on the Falcon
Treachery on Saleucami
Ultimate Battle on Endor
Ultimate Battle on Hoth
Yoda & Coruscant Guard

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501st Trooper
501st Trooper (Clone Wars)
Battlefront II Clone Pack
Battlefront II Droid Pack
Cantina Band Members (Disney)
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Clone Commander Fox
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Anakin Skywalker on Can-Cell Beast
Bantha with Tusken Raiders

Jabba the Hutt
Rancor (Force Unleashed)
Rancor (ROTJ)
Wampa with Hoth Cave

A-Wing Fighter
A-Wing Fighter (Legacy)
Aayla Secura's Jedi Starfighter
Anakin's Starfighter
Anakin's Starfighter (Clone Wars)
ARC-170 Fighter (TRU)
ARC-170 Fighter with Clone Wars Deco (Target)
ARC-170 Fighter - Imperial Shadow Squadron
Armored Scout Tank w/Battle Droid
AT-RT with AT-RT Driver
AT-RT Assualt Squad (Target)
Clone Wars Gunship
Clone Wars Y-Wing Bomber
Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
Crab Droid
Dagger Squadron B-Wing Fighter
Ecliptic Evader TIE Fighter
Endor AT-AT (TRU)
General Grievous' Starfighter
Geonosian Starfighter
Gold Squadron Y-Wing Fighter (TRU)
Hailfire Droid (TRU)
Homing Spider Droid
Imperial Shuttle (2006)
Imperial Shuttle Tyderium (Saga)
Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter
Magnaguard Fighter
Millennium Falcon (2008)
Millennium Falcon (OTC)
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Delta Starfighter
Obi-Wan’s Starfighter and Hyperspace Ring (TRU)
Octuptarra Droid
Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
Republic Tank
Sandcrawler (OTC)
Shadow Scout with Speeder Bike
Slave 1 (Target)
Snowspeeder (Target)
Spider Droid
TIE Bomber with TIE Bomber Pilot (Target)
TIE Fighter, gray (TRU)
TIE Fighter, white (TRU)
TIE Interceptor with 181st Fighter Pilot (TRU)
Trade Federation AAT
Turbo Tank
V-19 Torrent Starfighter
V-Wing Fighter (TRU)
V-Wing Fighter (TRU, 2nd Version)
Vulture Droid
Wookiee Flyer

X-Wing Fighter on Dagobah (TRU)

Clone Cmdr. Fox Voice Changer Helmet
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