October 12, 2010
Story and Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


Retail $59.95 each issue - S & H $8.99 U.S.

#8 - AT-AT (Hoth) with Princess Leia
The AT-AT walker is a behemoth of a war machine, standing at a height of 22.5 meters. This quadrupedal walker closely resembles ancient beasts of war. Designed for the dual purpose of crushing and demoralizing enemy forces, and also serving as a transport for Imperial troops and light vehicles, the AT-AT was unsurpassed as the most awesome vehicle in the Imperial Army inventory. Its intimidating and powerful presence often earned it the distinction of being the first vehicle into a combat zone. On Hoth such an AT-AT was toppled by a Snowspeeder's tow cable.