March 2005
Story and Images by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)

The long loved and beloved Hasbro / PlaySkool Mr. Potato Head has finally
made the jump into the Star Wars franchise. What else would hardcore Star
Wars fans want from the makers of Star Wars products and Mr. Potato Head?
That's right they want Mr. Potato Head to walk down the path of the Dark
Side and he did. The once nice and friendly Mr. Potato Head has turned to
the path of the Dark Side and is now known as Darth Tater the Dark Lord of
the Spuds.

You and only you can take the friendly Mr. Potato Head and turn him over to the Dark Side.

Mr. Potato Head / Darth Tater comes packed in a nice window box a little
larger than the classic Mr. Potato Head package dressed in his Darth attire.
The package has a nice little red carry handle on top for you to transport
him anywhere.

This version of Mr. Potato Head / Darth Tater comes with twelve mix n' match

#1 - The all known famous classic potato body.
#2 - Classic ears.
#3 - Classic nose.
#4 - Classic set of teeth.
#5 - Classic pair of eyes.
#6 - Classic set of ears.
#7 - a pair of black shoes.
#8 & #9 - Darth Arms (Right arm has attached Lightsaber.)
#10 - A black cape.
#11 - Face Plate.
#12 - Helmet.

To store your Classic Mr. Potato Head parts (that you probably will not use
since you are of the Dark Side and therefore want Darth Tater to be dressed
in his Dark Side attire) you can open up his rear end and shove all those
parts into his cavity. OUCH! But hey, where else would you store all those
extra items?

Then when you want to convert Darth Tater back to Mr. Potato Head you can
once again open up his rear end and let it all come out. This time though
Mr. Potato Head can't shove all those Darth Tater parts inside of him. He is
going to have to find a place for his Helmet and Face Plate. I guess that is
where the box that he came in comes in handy.

Overall the Mr. Potato Head / Darth Tater is a neat idea to bridge the gap
of younger children to the Star Wars franchise. This little introduction
should I would think inspire young children to turn to the Force and see the
all inspiring Star Wars universe that George Lucas has created for us to get
lost in. I bought this item because I like anything Darth Vader and of the
strange and unusual. This item is both of Darth Vader and the strange and