Photos and Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)
Graphic Work by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


It was just last month our S.C.A.L.P. Operative got word and posted a single image of the new Jabba's Throne from Walmart.  Since then we've gone above and beyond to get an advance preview of this new set and to see what it has to offer. While we have seen quite a few Jabba the Hutt figures over the years, it's been since the vintage age that we've seen his throne. Hasbro went the extra mile and included wheels at the bottom of it, instead of the trap doors we all remember from Kenner.  They also used a metal for the rings around the base, and included 8 throw pillows and rug to really give the display some flavor. The paintjob is really done quite well, as is the design on the top of the throne. They included everything but the sweat to put into the drains!

The hookah pipe was a bit of a let down, as they didn't include any of Jabba's favorite treats as they did in 2004, and there is not an option for a tongue either. However they did create a new sculpt and incorporated the arm sockets seen in the Clone Wars version.  The tail is can pose in a variety of positions, and looks great with not only the Oola figure included, but the Slave Leia from 2009!  They didn't skimp on Jabba's dancer either, there is all new articulation and you can even see the tone in her biceps! In fact you can position her in several different dance poses, but getting her to stand on her toes can be done. The confinement chain is removable if you pop the head off. The Salacious Crumb is a retool of the 30th Anniversary mold that was included with eye-gouging C-3PO. They made some slight changes to the lower half of the body but overall I like the fact both these figures were included.

While we will probably not know much more on this set until after Comic-Con, it is great to see Hasbro is listening and going with some type of diorama / playsets for the vintage line. I'm not sure about Captain Rex on the box but that's my own personal love for the original trilogy taking over, and I'm sure the kids and collectors alike will love it!  


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This was also reviewed by Chris Spice (Darth Spice) on our YouTube channel.