Story and Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


Designed as mobile battlefield armor, the All Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP) is an essential walker for the clone troopers. The center leg give the AT-AP additional stability for crossing rough terrain, as the clone troopers who operate it blast the enemy with the vehicle's projectile launcher and cannons. AT-AP walkers were used on Ryloth in the battle to liberate the Twi'lek people from the Separatists.

This is the third repaint of this vehicle so it's not really exciting. Like the previous versions has the rotating firing cannon on top that can hold one figure (not included). With the side hatches open two more figures (not included) can get inside to operate this vehicle and take it to where it is needed in battle. 

On each side of the AT-AP the aurebesh font translates into LIBERTY.

The figures used in this guide are from the Anti-Hailfire Droid Squad Battlepack. I thought using these figures with the AT-AP would look nice since they all have green markings.

Retails for $24.99