Story and Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks)


Advanced Recon Commando (ARC) troopers are highly skilled clone troopers who take on some of the toughest challenges faced by the Republic army. As the most elite members of the clone army, ARC troopers are deployed on highly dangerous missions that require independent thinking. During one mission, ARC troopers team up with Captain Rex's battalion to attack an army of battle droids that have taken control of a strategic city. 

Captain Rex: Captain Rex is tough, disciplined and always focused on the mission as his top priority. He aims his sharpshooter blaster to clear a path through the droids. 

ARC Trooper Commander: Like the men under his command, the ARC trooper commander faces even the most threatening situation with unfailing courage. 

ARC Troopers: The Advanced Recon Commandos are given specialized training that encourages independent thinking and unconventional approaches to problems. 

Comes with 4 Galactic Battle Game cards, 4 battle bases and 1 game die.

Retails for $19.99 - $24.99