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'07 | #11 Han Solo - A New Hope (Reviewed 5-16-2007) 

• Blaster  Pistol
• Commemorative Coin 

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Spice: This figure is a reminder of what is wrong with Star Wars collecting today. While I'm a very nostalgic person, there simply isn't any sort of value to the collector to once again revisit Han Solo in the same tired outfit. I guess Hasbro just can't resist between this and Darth Vader to saturate every single wave. There have been a couple of attempts at this "gunner" version but I guess they felt it best to give it a solid, (we can only hope) last attempt. There really aren't any other figures we could have made from A New Hope? It's not a dislike for the character. In fact Han was and still is one of my all time favorites. The fact is they have beat this horse one too many times.

Han OH NO! Click thumbnail for large image
At least we have the attempt of a complete new sculpt. I really can appreciate the incredible amount of detail they put into the facial features. It seems like there has never been a better paint job on a Han Solo figure. Although it seems like the body is just a tad too puny. In fact next to the Luke from the wave, it would seem the farm boy might have a bigger set of pipes than the most infamous smuggler in the galaxy. You can see it a little more clear by simply comparing the pictures on the back of the card. I'm not a fan of the rolling elbow, but for this particular figure, I can say they seem to work well.

That headset is a bit large, even by the standards of the seventies! Click thumbnail for large image
Another big miss is the headset which would appear to be too large. I understand if the white line were thinner it would break but I'll argue the point that there are more collectors buying these things than kids. I do like the blaster/holster combo. At least they went that far. Is it better than the previous versions if you missed them? I'd have to say so, but for the die-hard collectors this is not a welcome site. While I can't rattle off a thousand figures that I would say would have been better but this is one of the last that I would have liked to have seen.

Spice - Call me crazy or it might be what seems like the hundreds of other times we've seen Han in this outfit, regardless if he has a headset or not. If we never saw Han Solo again I'd say it is too soon. Even though this is a little bit better than other molds, a poor choice overall.




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+   They did an incredible job on the facial feature, but we should've seen this long ago.
-   Other good figures are still missed, yet we get Han and Vader every wave. 
-   They scale on the headset is off. A bit large, even for the seventies!
+   When the best part of the figure could be the coin, you know it's not very pretty!

(Figure '07 | #011, Asst. No. 87500, Item No. 87207, Backing Card P/N 6606722500, Window Insert P/N 6606730800


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The ankle grabber of the wave goes to: HAN SOLO! Hey Hasbro, HOW about a new ship??