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'06 | #XX Greedo - Bounty Hunter  (Reviewed 05-30-2006) 

• Blaster Pistol
• Removable Vest 

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Spice: There just had to be a figure that I did not get carded as a youth, this was one of them. I was one of the lucky kids who got the Sears Exclusive with the Blue Snaggletooth, but to say the package doesn't bring back a memory or two going through the pegs of a Kmart or JC Penny store wouldn't be accurate. In the searches for the Death Star Droid and the ever elusive Jawa, Greedo, Hammerhead, a short red (more accurate) Snaggletooth were clogging up the pegs back in the late 1970's. The 21-back figures were a huge rush to those of us who remember the original Kenner line. However we've seen quite a few Greedo since that time, did we really want another Greedo?

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You might have to say no seeing as there isn't too much you can do with the appearance of a Rodian to keep re-releasing it over an over again. The red card version from 1996 was not done very well. The head was too small and there were all sorts of proportion issues. However you could argue they had it pretty close to right back in the green Commtech version back in 1999. The removable vest does provide a tad bit of spark, and I really truly love the all around movement that they added in places. They did not include the torso movement, but we basically only saw Greedo sitting so you really didn't need it. The darker paint color does make it look a little better but I don't know which would be more accurate. You'd probably have to ask Paul Blake himself to take a look at it for the real answer!

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Another major change was the addition of the gun belt. This combined with a smaller more accurate blaster pistol enables you to holster that weapon, moments before the fateful words "Going somewhere Solo?" were uttered. With this release you would hope this is the last time you would see Greedo. This is because you can only ask what more could they do other than put it in a different package and release it next year? I do admire for such a minor sub-character Greedo really does make the rounds. A true time-tested fan favorite, they did a great job, if this indeed one last time.

Spice - I have a hard time putting a thumbs down on the patrons of Mos Eisley. Would I rather they picked another character? Maybe, but the changes made combined with the overall accuracy prohibits a buck in the trend for the VTSC collection. Fact is if you want George as a Stormtrooper, you're going to have to buy it anyway! 




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+   I think this could be the last time we need to see Greedo, but a perfect one it is!
-   I would have liked to see at least a drink cup thrown in for the price increase. 
+    A true fan favorite, Greedo is one of the most popular slow draws in the galaxy!
-    No weathering to any of the cloth, big miss.

(Figure '06 | #0XX, Asst. No. 87061, Item No. 87129, Backing Card P/N 6542390200, Window Insert P/N 6542400200


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