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For over a decade has served collectors throughout the galaxy. In the process many collectors have won some incredible prizes through our Sandblast annual giveaways, and more recently in our ground assault events at conventions. In order to continue to out-do ourselves, we need the help of our ground forces. In addition, to our events, we want to also make your experience here at Sandtroopers as smooth as possible with as much content as possible and not bogged down with Sponsor after sponsor banners, buttons and especially unreleated text links. It's not fair to you and also our limited number of sponsors. Too much doesn't help anyone.So what did we at Sandtroopers do? We started the Premium Membership Program (PMP).

So with your yearly membership fee of $20, you will receive a special prize (Previous Prizes included the Celebration 5 Fixer/Cami set autographed by the Original Sandtrooper himself, Mr Anthony Forrest and the Brian's Toys Exclusive, Jocasta Nu), 1 free entry into ALL Sandtrooper raffle drawings, including Battle Station only Events (where you would normally be needed to be present to win) with the option to purchase additional tickets (Note:any additional PMP ticket purchases will goto one of our Make It Better Program Charities. A member also, will receive private forum access, special discounts from our limited sponsors and additional image/information access, plus some other special prizes TBD at a later date. If you think about it, cost of the main prize actually makes to fee worth it.

So if this is something you are interested in (whether its helping Sandtroopers or just the's OK), drop a line to Darth Spice (

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