October 2002

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 October 2002 | 18:12 EST
Sandtrooper Mike reports:
"Here is my maul pumpkin, actual pic, no photoshop
happy halloween...."

Alexandria, VA

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 October 2002 | 18:02 EST
Sandtrooper JediDaxter reports:
"JediDaxter here, Just wanted to let everyone know that all petitions on front page of petitionorg at geocities will be transferred to SpecialRealm (www.geocities.com/specialrealm/specialrealm) this weekend. The poll up on the site will be moved also. Visit petitionorg (www.geocities.com/petitionorg) and make your last votes on it.


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 October 2002 | 14:19 EST
Sandtrooper jedijaybird reports from the grave:
"jedijaybird here I haven't reported in a while from the Great White North that is now Minnesota - but anyway over the last few weeks the Star Wars merchandise drought has ended much to the displeasure from my bank account but all of the new figures have hit in the Minneapolis area with exception of the Ephont Mon figure. I have also found the Arena playset and yesterday I received my 2-sided AOTC IMAX poster in the mail which is awesome!!!"

Posted by: Tyler | 31 October 2002 | 10:04 EST
R2Dtoys Newsletter!
Hello to all our friends !
Our Halloween promo ends today, so hurry if you still want 4 Saga figures for just �15 * some lines excluded
Good news ! We were lucky with our shipping this week and offer you the latest new deals for November:

Republic Gunship GUARANTEED PRE-ORDER for just �35 !! US box Shipping end November
Deluxe set (3) Clone Trooper, flying Geonosian and flipping Anakin, just �25 - US cards - (any pre-orders we have received will be reduced in price accordingly, don't worry) GUARANTEED PRE-ORDER shipping Monday
Star Tours Droid REX reduced to �10 GUARANTEED PRE-ORDER Shipping Monday US card
Star Tours Droid G2-4T reduced to �10 GUARANTEED PRE-ORDER Shipping Monday US card
Silver anniversary R2-D2 - last stocks remain ! Mint condition guaranteed �23 incl. a free Star Case
12" Luke on Tauntaun �69
new Saga X-Wing w/ R2-D2 �49
Plus many other Saga toys and figures, and low prices too !

Also in stock for the last time:

R2-D2 with Hologaphic Leia (commtech chip) �10
Admiral Motti (commtech chip) �8
Stormtrooper (commtech) �8
Mara Jade (EU) �9
Kyle Katarn (EU) �7
Unleashed Mace Windu & Darth Tyranus (set) just �25

Coming Soon......

New Yoda Jedi High Council �6 (full detail and image on website)
New Destroyer Droid �6 (full detail and image on website)
Geonosis Battle Arena Playset �35 (full detail and image on website) 1 sample in stock now
12" Dengar, Zuckuss and Imperial Officer 2 FULL SETS in stock NOW as samples ! �99 per set incl. p&p * general release will see a full set at just �59, this is late November/December
R3-D3 Star Tours Droid �10 GUARANTEED PRE-ORDER Shipping Mid November
Cantina Bar Packs (wave 2) �33 per set of 3
new A-Wing �23
Anakin Skywalker Speeder �12
Count Dooku Speeder �12
Holiday Figure Set C-3PO & R2-D2 �13 Coming mid November !!
Imperial Force 4-figure set �20

Thanks again to all of you and we hope to see you soon,
With kinds regards,
your frantic r2dtoys team !

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 October 2002 | 6:34 EST
Have a Safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN troops!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 October 2002 | 6:33 EST
Final day to enter and win Silver R2!
Enter now to win the not-yet released TRU-exclusive Silver Anniversary R2-D2 figure, in mint condition. Get it here first FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just send an email to R2@sandtroopers.com. Make sure the subject is "R2 Giveaway," or click the image below to send. Enties must be received by 11:59 EST on Halloween Night (10/31). Good Luck!
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Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 October 2002 | 6:30 EST
Sandtrooper AcPin shares his latest:
"After the destruction of the second Death Star, the rebels celebrate their victory on the forest moon of Endor. As Luke the Jedi Master ponders about the future, the three Jedi spirits of Yoda, Ben and Anakin look on.
Also another addition to the UCS Imperial fleet TIE/Droid Fighter."

Brought to you by (AcPin!):

Posted by: Steve | 30 October 2002 | 21:55 EST
Yestertoys still offering cheap figures
Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys wanted to let everyone know that they still have many Sage figures available for $3.00 each. That is a great price for army builders. Check them out here.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 30 October 2002 | 21:40 EST
Sandtrooper Jedidom reports:
"Jedi Dom here from Hemet, Ca. Thought I would drop a line to see if anyone was interested in a trade. I have an extra Endor rebel soldier in C-8.5+ condition that I would like to trade for Ephant Mon or the destroyer droid. As of right now, Ephant mon and the destroyer droid are the only two figures from the SAGA series I have yet to encounter. I am sure though that the destroyer droid has yet to be released. If someone has an extra Mint Ephant Mon and would like to trade it away for something they do not have, email me a list and I may have something else they need. Also, I went to my local Toys R Us today and found the Lott Dodd wave. I asked if they matched prices (to get the $2.99 Target price) and they said they would if only I had an ad to back up my claim. I explained it was their current price and to call them to confirm but they were not budging. However, if the $2.99 sale goes to ad, I could bring it in within 60 days to receive a refund for the balance. I know some stores have issued price matches, so I guess it is a hit and miss thing. Good luck to everyone else..."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 30 October 2002 | 21:16 EST
So Cal Sandtrooper Sith Lord reports:
"Hello to all the troops out there well i went out today to see if any thing new first we start this AM. Pico Rivera Wal Mart teemo, jango Pilot, Lott Dodd And others But no Clone Pilot's, how sad. then went over to Santa Fe Springs Wal Mart Plenty of Gunships,Arena Playsets some Figures And 12' Zam,Super Battle Droids, Then moved over to Target SFS Not Much there besides good prices on the figures. After that went over toTRU La Mirada And to my surprize lo and behold i found two Clone trooper pilots so i picked them up how nice.but they have some new fig. jangopilots, wattos, padme attack,anakin tatooine,tusken w/ Masstiff. 8 12' tauntaun& luke, Gunships, interactive Light sabers. And last went to Target South Gate and they have Ask Yoda and lots of deluxe C3-PO and battle droid set and the 2.99 fig special just like all the other Targets. Stay Tune to Sandtroopers .com for more from So.Cal Home of the california Troopers. Good hunting and MTFBW...HAPPY HALLOWEEN
From Sith Lord..."


Posted by: Steve | 30 October 2002 | 19:21 EST
Trooper Garr with another update
The Garr here, with some good news for troopers in or around the St. Joseph MO area. New figures were found at both the North and South belt Wal- Marts. South belt has Padme Pilot, Anakin (Tat attack), Ki-Adi-Mundi, Teemto, Jango(Pilot), Clone Trooper(Pilot), Watto, Clean shaven Endor Rebel Trooper, Lott Dodd, and Tuskin Raider w Massif. North belt had a Hasbro rep come out and pull a couple hundred figures, and put up everything listed above plus Darth Maul. Still no sign of Ephant Mon or Destroyer Droid. Finally the four month dry-spell is over. Still looking for new Deluxe figs. I have to say the only thing that kept me sane over those long months of waiting was reading the reports across the nation. To all the loyal troopers out there. Thank You!! the Garr!!! MTFBWY!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 October 2002 | 18:22 EST
Trooper Mitb'ret'turuodo Reports:
Everyone start checking your local Wal-Marts !! Today I found all new figures, Anakin Attack, Sith Training Maul,Padme,Jango and Clonetrooper Pilots. Along with Tusken w/ Massiff, Lott Dod, Watto and the Endor Soldier with no beard.No sign of Ephont Mon or Destroyer Droid but who's complaing. These are a warm sight after months of the pegwarmers here!

Troopers we really appreciate every report but please try to include WHERE you are reporting from. That insures your information will be helping the next Troop. Also include your Screen Name or nick-name.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 30 October 2002 | 10:53 EST
George Collazo update:
For those troopers who know George Collazo, he is still a part of Sandtroopers and the other "founding father" of this site. He is doing VERY well on the ENCHANTED ISLAND and will continue to post from time to time. We ALL miss you brother Collazo and what you have done for this site!!!!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 30 October 2002 | 10:49 EST
Sandtrooper Jeffred5 reports:
"Hey Troops,
I am finally starting to get to go out for short trips for the first
time since my surgery. For those of you who didn't hear about it I was in a car accident a couple months ago and among other problems I broke my neck and had to have surgery to fuse it back together.
Anyway, the reason I am writing is that I went to a couple TRUs in the Suburbs of Detroit, MI, and they are finally starting to get in the good new stuff. Like all figures up to the Ephant Mon, Destroyer Droid wave. So, if any one needs some help finding anything let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you out. They also have the second wave of Micro-Machines the Gunship, Arena, and second wave of 12" figures. The only things I haven't seen anywhere yet are the Target Excl. accessory sets, I have the Hoth set but need the other three so if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.
Thanks and MTFBWY,

PS I just want to remind everyone that Target have marked all Saga figures down to $2.99 and some TRUs are putting some old stock like the Reek on clearance..."

Jeffred5, glad you are starting to get back to normal things! Hope you will make as full a recovery as possible, keep the faith!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 October 2002 | 21:23 EST
Trooper R4_M9 Reports:
Shuttle update, kind of. I recieved my confirmation card for the shuttle yesterday with the ship date of 12/09/02.I guess I am getting my x-mas present after all.It came with a new FAO catalog that closely resembles the first Christmas catalog, with one exception. The Shuttle is no longer listed. That rumor of 5,000 made may be true.On the store front: I had an employee of TRU in Horseheads,NY to go in the back and dig up some new figures for me.I got shaved endor, Lott Dod, Tusken w/ Massiff and Watto.No other pilots or Ephant Mon in sight! Thanks to those employees who actually do help us out and still believe in good customer service.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 October 2002 | 17:18 EST
Trooper Dom Reporting:
I want to thank Spiceowan for information he sent my way recently,about the Imax theater listings, via the official site. Hope we can hook up one day, Spice! News: Targets in central and eastern Wisconsin have dropped the price on all the AOTC figures to $2.99 and followed suit with the Reek.Acklay and Gunships are still to be had at TRU.Wal-Mart has the newer Action Fleet Assortment. Personally, I have decided to pass on the Action Fleet with the exception of the AT-TE. I am just not as impressed as everyone else seems to be about this wave.I also have a question I was hoping the Sandtrooper staff could help me with. "How many Star Tours Figures are there ?" I was recently able to obtain six from a friend who went to Disney World. Thanks again and Happy Halloween to all !

The reports I have seen all say nine Star Tours figures to be released. The next wave due out very soon.So if you have six you should be up to date.Also, I am planning a Sandtrooper outing to the Lincolnshire showing of AOTC on Imax next week. The 24/7 div. is growing !!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 October 2002 | 17:00 EST
Troopette Donna Reporting:
Hi Troopers, Donna from So.Cal. Haven't had much time to go hunting because of the World Series.Congrats to the Angels and Giants for a great series.TRU seems to be the only place getting the Lott Dod and Pilot waves.Also would like to shout a big Thanks to Jake Nichols for our recent transaction.Lastly, I purchased the Lego Ultimate Yoda on clearance from Wal-Mart but it looks like it has been opened and taped back. I was wondering if any other openers could tell me how many sealed packs there are total so I don't have to count all of the pieces! Thanks and Happy Hunting to All!!!

Thanks Donna, and come on Lego Colletors can one of you guys help her out ? Drop her a line at Theloneswlady@aol.com

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 October 2002 | 15:12 EST
News from SOGGY BOTTOM Bowie, MD.
No witches out in stormy Bowie Maryland today, they all melted from this hideous and relentless rain that is pelting our pruned carcasses. Darkness is upon the land and the twin suns of Tatooine are nowhere in sight...Uh Wait! I see a bright glow, is it...could it be...YUP, it's coming from the Bowie Target! Well MD troopers, The Republic Gunship is here (like 15 of them) as well as 3 Geonosian Arena playsets! VERY cool...so break out your puddlebusters and trollip on over with some disposable income and get em'...they are close to the Joe Rockhead looking Charlie Brown toys.

PS: They also have some VERY cool new Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer line action figures (mainly the characters from the Isle Of Misfit Toys)...and a HUGE Santa's Castle playset. That thing ROCKS!

Well...thats about it from WATERWORLD U.S.A. United We Find!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 October 2002 | 11:14 EST
Sandtroopin' globetrotter RAI reports:
"Just in case the troops want to know, the KB in Annapolis has: Teemto / Ki Adi Mundi, Pilot Padme / Tat. attack Anakin / Darth Maul, Tusken Raider w/ Massif, Endor Rebel Soldier (no beard)...probably more. The woman in charge of that area seems to recognize me, and so she always points out the new figs when I come in. She's real nice. I definitely need more space in the house..."

Sooper' Trooper Rai also went on to report that out of 142 new figures figures being put out, there was only 2 Ephant Mons. Rai states "stingyness" and "excessive use of plastic" on Hasbro's part as to why we may NOT see these in great numbers. Maybe they are like the Sandpeople and "hide" their numbers.....time will tell. Is everyone finding these ok???

Posted by: Tracy | 29 October 2002 | 10:00 EST
Swamptroopers Report
I use the word "Swamp" in a very literal sense, man is it soggy down in southern Louisiana....and still hot! I managed to get some free time from work and do what I love, and that is hunting for toys. We finally got caught up on all of the blue cards down this way. TRU has all of the newer figs in that we have been lacking. Wal-Mart at Cortana has gotten some of them too but the majority of the figs can be found at TRU right now. They still have several of the 12" Luke on Taun Taun and a couple of the X-wings left. I did see one of the interactive R2's for $100.00 ( I think I will put that on my Christmas wish list ). The Mgr. informed me they should have the silver anniversary R2's available on Sunday, November 3rd so save your purchases until then if you want one. Wal-Mart on Perkins had one of the Clone Trooper Transports and it has been the only one that I have seen down this way. No new 12" figs to report since the 12" Dooku,Wessel and Battle Droid release several months ago. I haven't seen much at Target and still no news of the sales I have heard about at Super K-Mart, but I will continue checking. That's all for now...p.s. I am still looking for a loose 12" C-3P0 if anyone can help...email me here .

Posted by: Jason | 29 October 2002 | 0:48 EST

  • 10/25: Win the "Star Wars Super Collector'sWish Book" at TheJawa.com, ends 11/4.
  • 10/25: Win an Unleashed Darth Tyranus at TheJawa.com, ends 11/4.
  • 10/25: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase with background, Padme Arena, Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise, Saga C-3PO, and Kit Fisto in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest, ends 10/29.
  • 10/21: (Canadian Residents only) Win a Geonosis Arena Playset at Snowtroopers.ca, ends 10/30.
  • 10/12: Celebrate TheBothanSpy.com's first birthday with an exciting multi-prize giveaway, to enter and read contest rules, click here, 9 prizes, no end date specified.
  • 10/12: (New Zealand residents only) Win Silver Anniversary Darth Vader from SWNZ (Star Wars Fans and Collectors of New Zealand), in association with Hasbro NZ, ends 11/8.
  • 10/10: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 10/31.

    Posted by: Jason | 29 October 2002 | 0:47 EST
    Trooper chicanodom reports:
    "Is anyone in need of the new Action Fleet wave? I have a set in mint condition that I am looking to trade. I need the Lott Dod wave as well as the new deluxe clone trooper. I am also in need of a clean shaven Endor trooper. Let me know what you have and we can make a deal. I also have extras such as Yoda, Padme Pilot, Darth Maul Sith training, Anakin Tatooine, Teemto, Ki-Adi, etc. Hopefully someone can help me as much as I can help them. Thanks."


    Posted by: Jason | 29 October 2002 | 0:31 EST
    Trooper John B. reports:
    "I just found various new stuff, including Clone Trooper Pilots, Jango Pilots, all four Target accessory packs and the Jedi-dex going cheap. Despite this, I still have never seen any Star Wars Playskool products in store."


    Posted by: Jason | 29 October 2002 | 0:29 EST
    Obligatory Editorial from Trooper Keith:
    "I would like to thank all those people who have made trades with me over the past few years. Without people like you, and Sandtroopers of course, I would not have the awesome collection I have today. Trading and dealing with like-minded enthusiasts is the only way to go and Sandtroopers the best forum to help you. I truly cannot express how grateful I am to this site and to all those who have helped me.

    "I do have one gripe and this goes out to a select few - you know who you are. When making a trade try to be a little considerate of other peoples' time and effort. If you are not happy with a trade in progress or just decide against it somewhere along the way don't be afraid to say so. All I ask is that you let me know. Nothing is more infuriating than working out the deal to everyone's satisfaction, packing the items and getting prices for shipping, being told the money is on it's way, then waiting and having your emails obviously ignored. Again, if you've changed your mind just say so. That way items can be offered to others who may want them.

    "As you may have guessed I still have stuff to trade: POTF Action Fleet and Battle Packs. I will be generous with trades as I need to the room. Looking for any fig. after #40, Slave 1 and a Gunship and a few other things. I guarantee you'll walk away happy. I'd prefer to give this stuff away to fellow troops than go to EBay. Thanks."


    Posted by: Jason | 29 October 2002 | 0:23 EST
    Trooper Kevin reports:
    Dateline: Columbus, Ohio. "Kmart in Westerville, Ohio is getting the 2 pack aotc figures in the plastic shell casing. Meijers has the 12 inch electronic figures and the Geonosis Battle Arena. Target at Easton has the peg warmer figures of Mace and Co. for 2.99. ToysRUs did have the 12 inch Battle Droid, Dooku, and Zam Wesell, and lots of Luke's X-Wing and Landspeeders.

    "I've posted an updated trade page (onebigk's updated trade page on 10/28/02 in the Forums)- looking for the Disney Star Tour figures, Playskool, harder to find freeze frame figures and new and vintage items, sacul, silver anniversary R2-D2 and Toy Fair Vader. Check out my have list and email me.

    "I'm also ooking for any info and or trade information on a fellow trooper: BRUCE WILLETE (THE4CBWU@MSN.COM). Please contact me if you know how I may reach him regarding an outstanding trade."


    Posted by: Jason | 29 October 2002 | 0:09 EST
    Win an Exclusive Silver R2-D2 for Halloween (Two Days Left):
    Enter now to win the not-yet released TRU-exclusive Silver Anniversary R2-D2 figure, in mint condition. Get it here first FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just send an email to R2@sandtroopers.com. Make sure the subject is "R2 Giveaway," or click the image below to send. Enties must be received by 11:59 EST on Halloween Night (10/31). Good Luck!
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    Posted by: Jason | 28 October 2002 | 21:39 EST
    Trooper Danny B. reports:
    "This is Danny B from So. Cal. I found Tusken W/Massiff, Lott Dodd, Pilot Jango, Ki-Adi, Watto and a Pilot Clone Trooper that somebody tried to hide at the Walmart in Pico Rivera, CA. Hey Sith Lord where are you from because I know where all those places are you are talking about. Good to hear from someone in this area of the country."


    Posted by: Jason | 28 October 2002 | 21:35 EST
    Trooper Trace Allen reports:
    Dateline: Austin, TX. "Hey Troops! Austin area Wal-Marts seem to be the best place to find figures now. Wach and I went to the Lakeline WalMart and found at least a dozen Gunship Pilots as well as the other figures from the Pilot wave. Also on the pegs, Watto, Lott Dod, Tusken w/ Massiff, Teemto, Ki Adi but NO Ephant Mons nor Clean Shaven Endor Troops ANYWHERE!! That was at 4PM.

    "Round Rock Wal-Mart has all of the above sans the Gunship Pilots. Target is a ghost town as is KayBee. And KMart on Parmer is just a disaster. I think the hurricane hit that place. Still no new deluxe anywhere!! Happy hunting and Happy Halloween!!"


    Posted by: Jason | 28 October 2002 | 12:13 EST
    Trooper Starfox reports:
    "Hey Central Texas troopers, In the Killeen, TX Super WalMart they received a bunch of new figs to include: Clean Shaven Endor Soldier, Lott Dodd, Watto, Tusken Raider w/ Massiff, Teemto, Ki Adi Mundi, a bunch of Yodas, no Ephant Mon though.

    "The ToysRUs has: Darth Maul, Clone Trooper gunship pilots, Dooku's, Yodas, Watto's, Palpatines & Djas Phur, still have some X-Wings & Land Speeders & Gunships. Target does have their figs marked down to $2.99, but nothing left except Nitko Jedis. That's all from Central Texas. Starfox signing out."


    Posted by: Jason | 28 October 2002 | 0:04 EST
    - Jango Fett Kotobukiya pre-order:
    AFX is now taking orders for the Kotobukiya Jango Fett.- Action Figure Xpress - http://www.actionfigurexpress.com

    Click Images to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 27 October 2002 | 23:23 EST
    New Figures at K & C Collectibles:
    Clone Trooper Republic Gunship Pilot
    Jango Fett - Slave 1 Pilot
    Padme Amidala - Coruscant Attack
    Watto - Mos Espa Junk Dealer
    Tusken Raider with Massiff
    Lott Dod - Neimoidian Senator
    Deluxe Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
    Deluxe Flying Geonosian w/Sonic Blaster
    Deluxe Force-Flipping Anakin Skywalker

    Visit http://www.kandccollectibles.com today to view their complete selection.

    Posted by: Jason | 27 October 2002 | 22:43 EST
    Trooper california tim reports:
    "Hey Troopers, Another quick report, I found Pilot Padme at KB in Serramonte Mall (Cal) in large quantities along with a few Jango pilots that are openers. Looks like they got damaged during shipping. TRU on the other side of the freeway had DMaul training and Tatooine attack Anakin. Still no gunships. That’s it for now."


    Posted by: Jason | 27 October 2002 | 22:41 EST
    A Look at what may be the Fourth Installment:
    "We’ve just discovered what we think could be the fourth book in Darkhorse's Marvel reprints. Listed at an online booksellers store, according to the listing it is entitled Screams In The Void and features a photo cover of Lando, Han, Leia, and Luke (whether or not this is the finalized title and cover, only time will tell). Head along for pictures and more info."

    Thanks to the UK's Raging Dianoga for this information. Visit Raging Dianoga to read the entire article and view the images.

    Posted by: Jason | 27 October 2002 | 22:28 EST
    Trooper Jeffred5 looking for TRU-exclusive Comics:
    "Hi, I was viewing the TRU website and they are advertising the fourth issue of the short TRU exclusive Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Mini Series, which is the last issue. I got the first issue back in May, but I haven't seen any since then. If any one has any extra copies of issues two and three, or if anyone knows how I can get them please E-mail me. Thanks and MTFBWY."


    Posted by: Jason | 27 October 2002 | 22:25 EST
    Trooper Sergio D. reports:
    "Target, in El Paso (the one on Sunland Park Dr.), had some of the basic SW figs for $2.99. Not much selection, just Mace Windu arena rescue, Taun We, and Zam Wesell. If you wanted to buy doubles of these, or never picked them up you might want to give your local Target a visit."


    Posted by: Jason | 26 October 2002 | 23:38 EDT
    Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (Episode 1.2):

    "Did he see a ghost? Or are we cooking your goose?"

    In our next segment, a Trooper stumbles unto a foreign-release vinyl-cape Jawa. Let's look at this story...

    "I received a vintage figure from someone a few days ago in the mail. It is a carded Vinyl Jawa from a company called Meccano. I have seen pics of this figure and I saw one at a comic store. I paid 55 bucks for it. The card looks very similar to the US figures except the card is a bit smaller. The figure looks great."

    Is this story true, or is it a complete fabrication created by the show's writing staff? Did he see a ghost? Or are we stripping the paint? Answer at the end of tonight's episode. Visit The Sandcrawler.com's archives to make your own decision.

    This excerpt from the archives of ToysRGus.com: "The Meccano Jawa has turned up in the States by the case-load. Although... the vinyl cape version of the Jawa ... appear(s) on this cardback, this figure (is not) known to have been released in this Meccano packaging."

    So, did this really happen? It could have, but this time it was an elaborate story devised by our writers to leave you scratching your head until it's bloody and sore. For Beyond Belief, I'm James Brolin, err Jonathan Frakes, ahh I mean General J.

    Posted by: Jason | 26 October 2002 | 13:36 EDT

    UNICRON STATUE: in stock - a very impressive piece!
    Transformers G1: Brawn & Windcharger Keychain sets, Skids & Tracks in stock, limited stock of the Heroes of Cybertron wave 2. More Sixshot are in stock as well

    TOYBIZ - LOTR & X-MEN: 10" Sauron, X-Men Evolution Series 2 figures, Two Towers items arrive next week!
    DRAGONBALL Z - SERIES 10: $7.99 per figure or $39.99 for the set of 5
    MEZCO: Series 4 Living Dead Dolls are now in stock - $89.99 for the set of 5 dolls, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and Resevoir Dogs Warehouse scene are now in stock.
    ART ASYLUM MINIMATES: The Rock N Roll Minimates set including Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden are in stock - the Minimates are about 3" tall and $5.99 each
    HURRICANE RANGERS: Karakuri Ball Sets #4 and #5 have just arrived
    GUNDAM: Nu, Shining, Master, and God Gundam
    Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 26 October 2002 | 13:21 EDT
    Trooper california tim reports:
    "Hey Troopers, Made it over to the East Bay today and found Coruscant Padme and the new Darth Maul at the Oakland TRU. I asked one of the employees about the trooper pilot but he said he hasn’t seen them yet. They also had a few interactive R2’s and Luke/Landspeeder. I then ran over to K-Mart and found at least 10 of the interactive R2’s and a bunch of old figures. The main prize was an Arena play set, however they wanted $49.49 for it. I left for the sucker who will buy it, I can wait until it hits the other stores for a lower price. Still no sign of the Republic Gunship. Take care everyone and MTFBWY!"


    Posted by: Jason | 26 October 2002 | 13:16 EDT
    Trooper Sith Lord reports:
    "To all Troops out there, Sith Lord Here With another report. Cerritos, Cal TRU has interactive R2, Six Geonosis Playset & 12 Gunships. Target (Signal Hill) has Talking Yoda And lots of Action Fleet Ships. Wal-Mart (Lakewood) has the Gunship and plenty of figures. TRU (La Mirada) has lots of the same stuff as TRU Cerritos has. Thats all from Southren Cal, good luck to all the Troops out there on finding that special item."


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 October 2002 | 23:59 EDT
    Force of the Bay Weekend Edition
    Spiceowan back again Troops with a Trick and some real nice Treats. We will start with them. Let's get down to business with this mail-away, I wonder if they will ever give us something to mail away for. I bet we will get a million Jedi Points first. On my many hunts this week I found AOTC Yoda's falling off the pegs, so I dug up Yoda that is not to be found taking up space at TRU. I see Yoda will be the "Darth Maul" of the AOTC line. Another former scalp favorite was Greedo but I don't think you will find this one at your local Wal-Mart. The seller even claims it talks! AWESOME This seller seems legit even though I couldn't figure out exactly what this item was! It looks authentic too, maybe a Podracer piece. I'm sure one good Troop will tell me what it is. I am not really into foreign packaging, I know a lot of Troops out there are. A Japanese Goldmine, impressive, most impressive. Special Thanks to Trooper Vindicator for emailing me that one. Now that I have spoiled you loyal Troopers with Treats....
    On with this Trick, or as we usually refer to them as Power Suckas. Spiceowan is not a communist and I believe in America and free enterprise. It isn't rare a item you have there, what makes it rare is every sucka with extra coin buys them up and puts them on E-Bay! Stuff like this makes true collectors like myself laugh when they see some whack listing like this one. Does someone really need to give you sixty dollars for your trip to Target? Go change the flat on the house, bozo and get a job! Starting the bidding at a hundred dollars,that is some nerve.

    If you Troopers encounter this in your travels to E-Bay turn them into me spiceowan@sandtroopers.com and help me poke some fun at scum who try to make this great hobby of ours not so fun. Until next time Troops Kick A$% and take names !

    Posted by: James | 25 October 2002 | 22:43 EDT
    A Brand New Sandtroopers Web Comic!
    Greetings Troops! Ken from Finely Made Comix has done yet another great Web Comic for you all to enjoy. This particular piece is a look at a day at a Comicon/Sci-Fi Show. If you're digging these, stay tuned, as more are on the way. Enjoy!

    PS: The Sandtroopers Drive-In is coming...soon!

    Posted by: Steve | 25 October 2002 | 21:26 EDT
    Trooper "The Garr" reports:
    "I went to the mall today in St. Joseph MO,stopped at KB and found the playschool Millennium Falcon and Arena Adventure. I would have never got into collecting these until my wife brought them home to me because she thought they were cute, so I told her you just opened up a whole new can of worms. And there you have it, now I collect the playschool items too. Still no new figures in my town,it's been almost four months, to me that is way beyond staying patient. Four months-it's driving me Mad!!! What up with Hasbro? MTFBWY"


    Posted by: Jason | 25 October 2002 | 15:34 EDT

  • 10/25: Win a Republic Gunship by playing Pegwarmer's Primary Targets trivia game, ends 10/25.
  • 10/25: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase with background, Padme Arena, Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise, Saga C-3PO, and Kit Fisto in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest, ends 10/29.
  • 10/21: Win a Saga Carded Clonetrooper Pilot at DeathStarPlans.com, ends 10/27.
  • 10/21: (Canadian Residents only) Win a Geonosis Arena Playset at Snowtroopers.ca, ends 10/30.
  • 10/21: Play a new word game at TBS and win an Acklay and Reek, ends 10/26.
  • 10/21: Win a TIE Bomber at PowerCollectibles, ends 10/27.
  • 10/12: Celebrate TheBothanSpy.com's first birthday with an exciting multi-prize giveaway, to enter and read contest rules, click here, 9 prizes, no end date specified.
  • 10/12: (New Zealand residents only) Win Silver Anniversary Darth Vader from SWNZ (Star Wars Fans and Collectors of New Zealand), in association with Hasbro NZ, ends 11/8.
  • 10/10: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 10/31.

    Posted by: Jason | 25 October 2002 | 15:24 EDT
    Eastern Central PA finds:
    I just got back from TRU & they are still sticking to the NOV 3RD date for the release of the Silver R2-D2, this from a TRU department manager & I Quote "if you come in on Sunday NOV 3RD, if they're in stock we will be giving them out" end quote. Well the TRU by me has 13,569 in there warehouse ready to be shipped out for the release date of NOV 3RD I went to another TRU which has a different warehouse center than the other TRU & they had received there order of 6,554 to be distributed around to there TRU's other than that no new figs anywhere in mid east PA.

    On a different note the Targets in the area have got in the Simpsons series 10 figs with the mail away for the Homer B Sharp fig with the celebrity hank Scorpio case repack as well that's it from this neck of the woods.


    Posted by: Jason | 25 October 2002 | 15:09 EDT
    Trooper BJK reports:
    "Trooper BJK here to report that Gainesville, Florida had TRU 8 Clonetrooper Pilots, 6 Jango Pilots, Padme Coruscant, and Maul Sith Training. Most of the cards in nice condition and priced at $4.99.

    "Thanks to r2d-toys. They Star cased the Anniversary R2D2 and sent true C-9.5 figures. Best overseas shipping yet for me!

    "Have a safe Halloween. Watch out for the Baby Fetts and Young Padawans!"


    Posted by: Jason | 24 October 2002 | 22:18 EDT
    Trooper ObiWanJay reports:
    "ObiWanJay here, just got back from a little shoping spree in northeast Ohio. At the Kmart in garfield hts i found the new deluxe Flipping Anakin, Clone trooper w/speederbike, and Flying Geonosian w/sonic blaster & attack pod. They also had about 5 Arena Playsets. Target in Meadowbrook Plaza had one Gunship and nothing else. Toys R us in north randal had a ton of Tusken Raiders w/Massiff, Padme Pilot, Anakin Tatooine, Darth Maul, Lott Dod, Teemto, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Watto, Yoda and Darth Tyranus. Happy hunting."


    Posted by: Jason | 24 October 2002 | 20:25 EDT
    Trooper Darth Dallas reports:
    "Toys R Us in Coral Springs, Florida (Atlantic/University) finally got rid of the old Saga figs and restocked them with the nine new ones we all are searching for! They even had the beardless Endor Rebel Soldier. When I left they still had four of them. They also had 2 Gunships and 2 Arena battle play sets left. It was nice to see something new! There were plenty Tauntaun's left if anyone needs one. I spoke with the assistant Mgr and she stated that the Interactive R2's were in but they couldn't put them on the shelves yet.

    "I also checked the Toys R Us in Plantation, Florida (Broward Blvd) and they had remnants of the new figs. This is a higher volume store so they move them out quicker. They did have the new 12-inch Electronic Figs. The Super Target in Lauderhill, Florida (University/Commercial) had one Arena battle playset left. I would like to say that the FORCE is strong in E. Smith of the Dallas Cowboys! Only 93 more yards #22 before you go down as the greatest. Good Job Law Enforcement for capturing the snipers!"


    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 24 October 2002 | 16:14 EDT
    Trooper Dom reports:
    "Hi Troops,Trooper Dom here from Hoth, Wisconsin. It's been awhile, but frankly there hasn't been much news in my part of the world. Just want to let you know that a new herd of Acklays has been found at a local TRU. They were at least three, so if you missed them the first time, they're back. If you would like me to pick one up, l'd do it for cost. They also had gunships. Don't pass up on this ship. The back doors open slowly with the use of a resistance spring; a very cool effect. That's all for now. Happy hunting."


    Posted by: Jason | 24 October 2002 | 13:31 EDT
    Silver R2 News from TFN message board:
    "The manager of the Clarksville Indiana TRU (Nick) just informed us it's official:

    'I finally have official details about the 25th anniversary silver R2D2. It will be in the Big Book ad that comes out on November 3rd. It will be free with a $19.99 Hasbro Star Wars purchase and there will be a limit of one per customer. It looks like each store in our area will get around 700 figures.'

    Thanks to Trooper Drew from Albany for the excerpt.

    Posted by: Jason | 24 October 2002 | 13:16 EDT
    Trooper Larry reports:
    "Hey Troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the North East Ohio front. TRU has finally started to get the newer waves. Also, the unleashed series with Vader, and the Tyranus has been spotted. They have a pretty good amount of the 12" figs, including the Luke and Tauntaun. Wal-marts in Mentor, and Strongsville have been getting the Gunships. No sign of the Playsets yet. KB and K-marts are worthless as usual. Also check out your local Suncoast stores. Everything except the 3 & 3/4 figs are at half off, and possibly being dropped more in the near future.

    "On another note, I agree with Spice all the way. Disney should be selling these things in their retail stores. It seems to me that all the exclusives, from all the stores, are smashed up. I've about had it with "We can't do anything to prevent it," lines from the employees. Its total, stinking garbage. Thats all for this post. MTFBWY"


    Thanks Larry ! Glad to see my fellow carded collector stepping up to the plate !-Spiceowan

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 24 October 2002 | 10:24 EDT
    Star Tours Turmoil
    Spiceowan here checking back in from my report the other day regarding Diney Star Tours Customer Service. I did recieve DL-X2 figures I ordered, within two days of the mistake. Okay, here's the deal with these things. Order them in small quanities, otherwise you will be cursing Mickey's name. The figures I received weren't mint but not too beat either. I know for ten dollars a piece they should be Star Cased! My gut feeling on the Star Tours Turmoil is...it's really a pain in the a#$! There are not that many parks as there are collectors in other states and/or countries. These things should be sold at the Disney Stores in addition to the theme parks.They are a multi-billion dollar company they should try to act like it.Only one more set to go thank the maker!!! That's all for now Troops, Kick A$% and take names !!

    Posted by: Tyler | 23 October 2002 | 22:13 EDT
    R2Dtoys Newsletter:
    To check out R2Dtoys' latest newsletter click here. Here are some of the noteworthy items they have:

    Silver R2 $34
    Ephant Mon $10
    first 2 Star Tours figs $17 each
    R2 w/holo Leia only $15!
    Clean Biker Scout $18

    Or, go to their online store and tell them Sandtroopers sent ya! www.r2dtoys.com

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 October 2002 | 21:58 EDT
    Area Report
    Spiceowan checking in for N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin. There was the unloading of figures at the Tru's I hit in Illinois and Racine Wi. Anakin (Tat attack) , Maul (sith training), Padme, Jango, and (sniff sniff) them dirty scalps got all the Clone Pilots long gone! I found the exclusive KB Jedi Starfighter in all but 1 KB in my area , there are 5 ! I am not buying it, I already have it! It is simply in different packaging. Sure, I have some variants but this is blatently trying to rip off money from hard earned collectors. I bet product design at Hasbro was up all night on THIS exclusive. I am boycotting this weak exclusive ! Anyways, The Arena Playset is here and Gunships are showing up by the fleet daily. I covered Lake and Cook counties in Illinois and Kenosha and Racine counties in Wisconsin. The Marts (Wal and K ) are losing the battle for new figures. KB and TRU are whupping their butts and Target is getting in their share of newer product as well. Good thing I found more than a Jango Fett room alarm on this weeks search.Always, I hope I can help any Troops in the Area ! Good Luck out there Troops, Kick A$% and take names !!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 October 2002 | 21:45 EDT
    Beyond Belief: E-Bay Fact or Fiction Part II
    Spiceowan here Troops. There has been a great disturbance in the E-Bay community. This is just like last April when General Jason and I posted about another prototype Vader. Take a look at this one. Now correct me if I am wrong but I thought a prototype is one of a kind sculpt created to show big-wigs to determine if the figure goes to production. If so didn't J and myself see a totally different prototype last April? We need your help, so I am sorry to set the wayback machine for you newer readers but we need some veteran trenchman or women to help us with this dilemma. Special Thanks to Trooper JediFITZ for the info on this possible dirt-bag! I have started a link in the forums to help us SOUND OFF ! Check out this page and let us know what in this universe you think it is. Is it Fact or Fiction???

    Did he see a ghost or are we just cooking your goose?

    Remember that sometimes several or even dozens of prototypes are made for some figures. The caveot here Troops, is that this item is simply a 1997 Final Jedi Duel three-pack Vader prototype. The seller has attempted to rally unsolicited interest around the inherent connection to the 2002 ToyFair Silver Vader (same mold, thus no newly issued prototypes for this promotional figure). Bid on this only if you are a general prototype enthusiast! So, the answer is "TRUE," this tale was inspired by actual events. For Beyond Belief, I'm Robert Frakes, I mean General J.

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 23 October 2002 | 20:04 EDT
    Eastern Central PA report:
    I found the Unleashed Mace Windu & Darth Tyranus figs at a KB today, and, although they really looked great, and I mean great, I passed til they come out at Wal-Mart so I could save a few bucks. Targets got in the DLX C3PO & Yoda wave. All K-marts in the PA area also got in the new waves of Everything except the Red battle droid, Yoda in council chair & Ephant Mon, I guess as far as figs go for the year 02 that's the rest ...

    Excluding of course the highly anticipated Silver R2 from TRU which is supposedly coming out on NOV 3RD so keep all your trooper eyes & ears peeled - "We're through the looking glass here now people"

    Posted by: Jason | 23 October 2002 | 13:46 EDT
    Trooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    "Good news, TRU (Huntsville, AL) finally got in a slew of new figures including the "clean shaven" Endor Trooper, and many Gunship pilots as well. My TRU is getting the silver R2 on November 3rd which is a Sunday. They are going to be limited one to a customer and I am not sure as to how many of the R2's they are going to receive. How many of these figures are each store suppose to get."

    Chad, the total number of R2's produced for TRU may be between 70,000 and ~100,000, with each store probably getting ~200 in its initial delivery with probably more after that. A cursory examination suggests there should be enough for everyone.

    Posted by: Jason | 23 October 2002 | 13:41 EDT
    Trooper Tim reports:
    "TRU at Wolfechase here in Memphis had the new Unleashed Figures of Darth Tyranus and Mace Windu for $8.99 each as a markdown. They also had at least 10 pegs with nothing but the Tatooine Attack Anakin, Pilot Padme and Darth Maul."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 October 2002 | 12:59 EDT
    Sandtroopers needs 3 more recruits for it's team. If you are a graphics wizard, photographer or newshound, we want to hear from you! Here are the qualifications we are looking for.

    1) Someone who is proficient in making cool graphics as well as reporting news.
    2) Someone who can take good pictures of figures and playsets.
    3) A true Star Wars newshound and is open to fun "tasks".

    There is compensation for these positions...
    If you have extra time and want to be a part of the Sandtroopers crew, contact:

    If you have any questions or interest, DON'T hesitate to contact me right away!!!!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 October 2002 | 12:48 EDT
    Imperial Shuttle delayed
    Pete from THE PRIVATE UNIVERSE reports that these rumors are now confirmed. The shuttle will NOT be out by this Christmas.... I say BAH-HUMMBUG!

    Posted by: Jason | 23 October 2002 | 2:32 EDT
    Episode 31: "Tales from the Club"
    The latest installment at The Imperial Officers' Club is a Halloween outing that will leave you terrified and confused!

    Piet sets out on a Trick-or-Treat trek whilst the forces of darkness abound! Special Appearances by the Cryptkeeper (no relation to Sandtroopers.com's Darth Crypt) and Zombie Otto! The ghoulish gallery starts here.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 October 2002 | 20:05 EDT
    Star Tours Turmoil
    Spiceowan checking in with a report from the Disney Store Exclusive Star Tours Figures. On a hot tip from Artoosnews, I called the phone number and simply ordered the figures.It all seemed too good to be true. I didn't have to go through a E-Bay transaction and pay a scalp! Wrong. My first set I purchased through E-Bay, the first three. This time I ordered one set of series one. Then, two sets of series two to bring my cousin and I up to date. They arrived in horrible condition, for us carded collectors. The horror of the spider-creases and dare I say crushed bubble(s)!! I was upset, called the number on the invoice and the represenative sounded more than happy to take care of my complaints. Simply return the figures to a local Disney Store, which does not sell the figures might I add, and they would Fex-Ex me another set quick like.

    The new set arrived yesterday, a little different packaging but beat just the same. To top it all off they gave me three R3-D3's and no DL-X2 at all ! I almost thought the fan club was selling these things. So again I called Disney, who told me to return them, and you guessed it they will mail me out the DL-X2's Fed-Ex. Now they are trying to make me happy I will give them that, bottom line if you sell something collectable, treat it like one. Yes, people do keep them in their original packaging! So yes Troops the rumors are true, as I give you my own personal expirence. I really wish I'd went the E-Bay route and gave the scalp the fifteen bucks, it would have saved me a lot of headaches. Until next time Troops, Kick A$% and take Names!!!
    Try not to get yours kicked by Mickey Mouse !

    Posted by: Jason | 22 October 2002 | 19:18 EDT
    Trooper Sith Lord reports:
    "Hello Troops, Sith Lord here with an update on new Star Wars stuff:

    "First, from Bellflower, CA, Kmart has the Arena Playset for 44.99. At Wal-Mart Paramount, I found some Gunships and the interactive Light Saber. Kmart (Long Beach) has a lot of new figures, the new deluxe Figures, and interactive R2. And, at TRU La Mirada, they also have lots of new figures, Gunships and 12" figures. I will be hunting around for more new items for the troops in So.Cal. Good Hunting."


    Posted by: Jason | 22 October 2002 | 19:01 EDT
    Troopette Amidala can hook you up with Star Tours Wave 1:
    "I have 2 extra sets of the first wave of Star Tours figures (RX-24, G2-4T & R3-D3). Because I purchased these at a discount, I will sell them for $25.00/set (shipping included). The only drawback is the cards are not mint (creases, bent corners, etc.). Any interested "openers" out there, drop me a line, thanks."


    Posted by: Jason | 22 October 2002 | 0:50 EDT

    C O N T E S T B r e a k d o w n:
  • 10/21: Win a Saga Carded Clonetrooper Pilot at DeathStarPlans.com, ends 10/27.
  • 10/21: (Canadian Residents only) Win a Geonosis Arena Playset at Snowtroopers.ca, ends 10/30.
  • 10/21: Play a new word game at TBS and win an Acklay and Reek, ends 10/26.
  • 10/21: Win a TIE Bomber at PowerCollectibles, ends 10/27.
  • 10/17: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase with background, Padme Arena, Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise and Saga C-3PO in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest, ends 10/22.
  • 10/12: Celebrate TheBothanSpy.com's first birthday with an exciting multi-prize giveaway, to enter and read contest rules, click here, no end date specified. Prizes are:
      1. 3 3/4" Darth Maul (Sith Lord) autographed by Ray Park
      2. Reek Arena Beast
      3. 3 3/4" Taun We figure autographed by Rena Owen
      4. 3 3/4" CommTech Princess Leia autographed by Carrie Fisher
      5. Padme Amidala Mini Bust
      6. 12" Electronic Jango Fett
      7. 12" Zam Wessel
      8. Jango Fett (pilot), Clone Trooper (pilot) & Padme Amidala (Coruscant attack)
      9. Ephant Mon, Jango Fett (pilot) & Clone Trooper (pilot)
  • 10/12: (New Zealand residents only) Win Silver Anniversary Darth Vader from SWNZ (Star Wars Fans and Collectors of New Zealand), in association with Hasbro NZ, ends 11/8.
  • 10/10: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 10/31.

    Posted by: Jason | 21 October 2002 | 23:41 EDT
    Trooper Jowa6 reports:
    "My soon-to-be wife said she had a suprise for my birthday. When I got home she had laid out across my table the Lott Dodd wave and the Pilot wave, 2 of each since I'm a freak. Just wanted to let you know how lucky I am and that I have an extra Clone Pilot, Jango Pilot, New Deluxe Anakin, Ki Adi Mundi and Teemto. She scored these at the TRU near Lakeline Mall, Austin, TX. If interested in any of these check out my trades in the jawa/sandtrooper forums under 95-present, posted by jowa6."


    Posted by: Jason | 21 October 2002 | 23:35 EDT
    Trooper Sergio D. reports:
    "Walden Books in Basett Center Mall in El Paso, TX, had the Episdoe I Visual Dictionary on sale. The price was $4.99 plus tax. If you wanted to buy this book, but didn't want to shell out $19.99, then you might want to give your local Waldenbooks a visit."


    Posted by: Tyler | 21 October 2002 | 22:19 EDT
    Canadian Report
    Hey Troopers, I just stopped by my local Zellers in North Bay today to see whether they had any of the new figs everyone seems to be finding (Teemto, Ki-Adi, Tusken, Dod, Watto and clean Rebel). Especially since they dropped the price down a couple dollars to $5.97 CAN! Unfortunately there were none but they did have a complete set of the Target sets and an extra Endor and Arena set. I picked them up for anyone who wants them at cost plus shipping.

    They also had the 12" Electronic Jango and Obi, a few Acklays and lots of Nexus, deluxe Ani's, Reeks, Slave 1's, and Starfighter's. No sign of the Gunship or Arena playset yet. Can't wait for those. Just LMK if you need any of this stuff and I can pick it up. Take care troops. tyler@sandtroopers.com

    PS Also just wanted to add how I wish once again that it was Todd McFarlane who'd got the license to do the Star Wars toys this time around. I picked up his Iron Maiden figure of Eddie-The Trooper last week and once again he did an incredible job. Way to go Todd!

    Posted by: Steve | 21 October 2002 | 21:08 EDT
    I think Fett hasn't a chance!
    "I have been visiting sandtroopers for a while and I wanted to place a name with a face, this is a picture of the Garr having it out with everyones favorite bounty hunter. Thanks, MTFBWY!!!" - The Garr garrfett@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Troops, this is really cool. I think it would be great if more Troops would send in pics like this, so go ahead and we'll post them. Just remember to keep it clean!

    Posted by: Jason | 21 October 2002 | 19:57 EDT
    Trooper XbrandonX reports:
    "Things are a little tense here in Richmond as the arrest of the sniper suspect is happening as I speak less than a mile from my office. Kmarts around here have gotten a bunch of neat stuff. At least one has gotten the new deluxe (they were all too beat up for me, but perfectly fine for those who open theirs), and the other has the Geonosis playset as well as the new action fleets. Both have most of the new figures.

    "Wal-Marts and Targets are pretty useless right about now, nothing but pegs full of Palpatine wave at Wal-Mart, and pegs half full (I say half, because they haven't gotten any cases in in a long time) of the 4/23 waves, which is kind of sad. But, still, with what Kmarts and TRU's are getting, things are looking fairly good here."


    Posted by: Steve | 21 October 2002 | 15:48 EDT
    Yestertoys checks in with some new deals
    Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys just checked in to let me know they are marking down a lot of their Saga figures to $3-4. This would be a good time for army builders to stock up. Click here to check them out.

    Posted by: Jason | 21 October 2002 | 1:25 EDT
    "Jedi Last Stand" Diorama by ACPin

    Jedi Last Stand (AOC) - click to enter ACPin SW

    "They just kept coming... One of the Jedi contingent gets trapped into a corner of the arena where they make a last stand against the overwhelming army of battle droids from the Separatists. "

    Check it out at ACPin SW.

    Posted by: Steve | 20 October 2002 | 22:54 EDT
    Review of Empire # 2 posted
    Hey Troops, I posted my latest review of Empire: Betrayal issue # 2. I'm sorry it took a while, but it is up now. Jason and I were going to do a tag team review, but it still hasn't shown up in his area, so I went it alone. Issue # 2 further develops the story and promises of things to come. Click here to check it out.

    Posted by: Jason | 20 October 2002 | 0:23 EDT
    Early 2003 Hasbro Product Listing:
    Pete from the UK's TPU has passed along this interesting assortment info for early 2003, read on...
    "A trusted source has sent me this list of figures now available to order from Hasbro for Jan/feb 03 release:"

  • Rebel Trooper
  • Imperial Officer
  • Eeth Koth
  • Teebo
  • Tusken Raider with removable head
  • Padme Amidala (soft cloak and articulation)
  • SP4 & JN66 (library droid 2Pack)
  • Obi Wan Spear Throwing
  • Mace Windu (Total Control)
  • Darth Tyrannus (Lightning Burst)

    "The first 4 were originally released on POTJ cards, so these must be re-carded to match the current Saga blue cards. More news and images as they become available."

    The repackaged POTJ items are the big surprise here, army builders are always welcome, but unless the Teebo has a more pronounced stripe deco this time around, his reissue is redundant

    Posted by: Jason | 19 October 2002 | 23:43 EDT
    Trooper BJK reports:
    "The Arena Playsets have finally arrived in Valdosta, Georgia at the St. Augustine Wal-Mart. They have restocked the first series Cantina Scenes and also had one Republic Gunship. No new 3.75" figures, but a good stock of the original 40 at $4.77.

    "Goldmine Comics in Grand Rapids, MI had a great price of $67.00 for the Lego Republic Gunship and it arrived in two days! Thanks guys for the excellent service.

    "Best price found on the Saga Kotobukiya Vader has been $119.99 on the internet, so shop around. It is an awesome sculpt and worth a look."


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 October 2002 | 23:07 EDT
    Area Report
    Spiceowan checking in for N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin. Target Stores and Wal-Mart are falling short in the race for new figures. K-B and TRU have been hit and miss. The Obi-Wan Starfighter (KB) exclusive seen in Gurnee, Il. The electronic 12 inch Obi-Wan and Jango are everywhere along with the "new shelf warming interactive lightsaber"! I really wish the strike on the West Coast had not caused this stall in new product. TRU is replacing older figures with newer ones but they sell out quickly and you have the same old pile real fast. The clearance sales should be taking off soon.

    I would also like to thank Trooper Matt-Large for the assist in searching the Southern Wisconsin area for me! There is nothing good developing for cheddar Troopers. United We Find! Matt has joined the Spiceowan local 24/7 Sandtrooper Div. and if you are in the area email me spiceowan@sandtroopers.com and submit your application.

    If you haven't checked out our contest for the silver ann. R2 , What are you waiting for? A very special thanks to Jim at Federation Toys for making this happen. That's all for now Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

    Posted by: Steve | 19 October 2002 | 21:29 EDT
    Walden Books
    Hey Troops, I stopped by Walden Books today to pick up the latest R.A. Salvatore book, The Thousand Orcs: the Hunter's Blade Trilogy - Book I. He is pretty much my favorite author and I would highly recommend his books. I just wanted to let you know that Walden is currently having a special, buy 4 science fiction books and get the 5th one free. If you are a member of their book club, the 10% discount also applies toward this purchase, so not a bad deal. If you are looking to catch up on your Star Wars collection, or just want to get some new Sci Fi books, here is a good opportunity to save some money. I think the deal lasts through next week. Finally, I am about half way through Destiny's Way and will have my post up as soon as I am finished. Let me just say one thing about this story so far, there is a great discussion between Vergere and Luke!

    Posted by: Steve | 19 October 2002 | 20:42 EDT
    Playskool sets and Republic Gunships
    Hey Troops, just thought I would let you know I made the rounds today in Lafayette, IN. Anyone looking for the Playskool X-Wing, Naboo Fighter or Endor Chase, they had all of these in stock. They also had one Obi-Wan and fighter left. Toys R Us had Republic Gunships and X-Wings, but no Landspeeders. Still haven't seen that one in the area. Finally, both Wal-Marts have plenty of the Cantina Scenes and Republic Gunships. Still haven't seen any of the new figures since Han Endor or deluxe since Nexu here. If anyone has an extra Playskool Reek set, I am still looking for that one. I would be willing to trade or buy it. Let me know. Steve

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 October 2002 | 17:15 EDT
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #173
    Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
    Over 100 items Vintage Carded Figures greatly reduced!!
    Over 250 POTF2, EPI, POTJ & SAGA items greatly reduced!!!

    Rubies Limited Edition Life Size Yoda IN STOCK NOW!!! Price: $549.99

    Saga Kotobukiya Clone Trooper 1/7 scale pre-painted soft vinyl kit Price: $149.99

    AOTC Accessories Interactive R2-D2 PRE-ORDER Price: $129.99

    Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys "

    Looks like GREAT deals happening at Brian's! Also: for any troops that own a Nintendo Game Cube: Remember "THE CLONE WARS" for the cube will be out in stores Oct 29th.
    This isn't Star Wars news, but I have a brand new LUIGI'S MANSION (factory sealed) for the GAME CUBE on ebay dirt cheap, if anyone wants to get in the Halloween spirit with a game that will give you the shivers and shakes!

    You can bid on it
    I have NO RESERVE on it and started the bidding at 1 penny!
    Now back to your regular Sandtroopers select channel! Thanks troops!

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 19 October 2002 | 14:51 EDT
    Trooper Jowa6 reports:
    "Went to K-Mart this morning on Parmer Ln. It looks like they are putting out all their old SW merchandise, so they can make room for the new. I found the new Deluxe Clone trooper, Geonosian and Anakin. I picked up an extra Anakin for trade. Take a look at my want/have list in the Jawa/sandtrooper forums, posted by jowa6. MTFBWY."


    Posted by: Jason | 19 October 2002 | 12:27 EDT
    Trooper Drew reports:
    "Everyone, get to Kohl's quick today! They are having a sale on SW figs, 50% off. That's 4.49 each (normally 8.99 at Kohl's). The New Albany, Indiana Kohls has the newest figures too: Clone Pilot, Jango Pilot, Padme Pilot, Anakin, plus a Yoda. Not bad for $4.49! Deluxe were on sale too, I think for $6.99, but they didn't have any new ones except for 3P0. Good luck!"


    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 19 October 2002 | 1:57 EDT
    Trooper Chris reports:
    "I went out to my local TRU on the North side (Edmonton) and saw the Republic Gunship and the Luke with Tauntaun. The Tauntaun was one sweet looking deal. If I had the money I would have picked it up tonight, especially when it was the only one there. They had only 2 of the Gunships there as well, and a lot more X wings and landspeeders. They didn't have any new figures.

    "I went to Zellers and they had the 12 inch electronic Jango and Obi Wan. So we are finally starting to get things that the States are getting but we just arent getting the figures from Palpatine on. That's it for now."


    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 22:49 EDT
    Trooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    Dateline: Huntsville, AL. "I know someone who now works at TRU. Tuseday (10/15) at 2:00 pm they had some of the new figures. They sold out of them fast. They got like one or 2 caes. I was told by my buddy that the guy I talked to did not work in the action figure department. So,there is a lot of red tape going on here. My buddy did tell me that a Hasbro rep has been coming in clearing out non selling figures. So, give it a little time. I found the AF AT-TE at Kmart. That is a very cool piece and you know about the Silver R2. Keep your eyes peeled for the Speeder bike with the Clone trooper. Thanks."


    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 22:20 EDT

    VINTAGE TRANSFORMERS AUCTION: 50+ lots of great vintage items in nice shape with packaging! Just click on the vintage picture on the opening page of the site to access the auction. Please read the rules of this email auction and enjoy!
    TRANSFORMERS: The Brawn and Windcharger Keychain set arrives within a week
    DREAMWAVE: Armada comic #3 and the new Transformers: The War Within #1 comic(dreamwave menu). Many other comics, lithos, and posters
    HARD HERO - UNICRON: Unicron - very large and impressive statue! Megatron and Soundwave Busts are also back

    STAR WARS: 5 New basic figures, 3 new Action Fleet ships. Restocked the Deluxe Flying Geonosian & Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike. Unleashed Mace Windu & Darth Tyranus are also in stock
    X: 6 new figure sets in stock from wave 4 (officially called wave 3 by Hasbro)
    ZOIDS: New zoids action figures are in stock (Lightning Saix, Command Wolf)
    BANDAI USA: another shipment arrives in 10 - 14 days including most of the now sold out items and a few new items: Grizzy Gundam & Viking Gundam with Boat (No reservations or pre-orders on these, but we have a LOT coming)

    Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 15:46 EDT
    AOTC and POTJ 12-inch:
    We have more of the 12" Count Dooku / Zam Wessell / Super Battle Droid sets for just $64.95 per set. Also, for a limited time, customers have the option of adding a set of 12" Power of the Jedi Figures (Han Solo in Stormtrooper Outfit / Death Star Trooper / Death Star Droid) for just $14.95 more. In addition, you have options to buy select Star Wars items at discounted prices (offered when you add the set to their shop cart). - Action Figure Xpress - http://www.actionfigurexpress.com
    Click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 14:50 EDT
    Trooper Jedi Cor reports:
    "Kmart (Corning, NY) has some of the New Action Figures after 40, I pick up for myself yesterday, Ki-Adi Mundi, Teemto Pagalies ( I like this one ), Watto, Lott Dod, and Tusken Raider. These are the only ones they had mixed within the Older Figures, and also had two Arena Playsets, and the Two Pack AOTC Figures. I only had enough money for the New Figures.

    "Walmart (Corning) had the same old stuff that I reported on Monday, but there are a lot of boxes in the toy section this morning (Maybe this is it). MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL!!!!"

    Jedi Cor

    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 14:45 EDT
    Trooper Jedi Master Eric reports:
    "Hello troopers, Last night around 9pm at the TRU in Amherst, NY, I saw lots of new stuff!!!

    "They finally had the EP2 action fleet, Interactive R2, 12" Luke w/Tauntaun, Mace & Tyranus Unleashed, along with Watto, Lott, Anakin attack, Padme pilot, Teemto, and Ki-Adi. I picked up the Unleashed and they are amazing!! The Target on the Blvd. had about 15 Gunships too. New product is finally starting to hit here. Good luck guys!"


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 October 2002 | 8:58 EDT
    Sandtroopers/THE JAWA forums are back online!
    You can post till your hearts content, or till "carpal tunnel" sets in...Dern' the schlimbaygo...!

    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 3:29 EDT
    Trooper LCpl Phil thanks YOU!:
    "Just a note to let everyone out there know that I appreciate all your help in collecting my figures while I am overseas. Thanks to all the troopers and leaders out there... Troopers lead the way!!!!! Semper Fidelis"

    We enjoy having you aboard Phil! I have to say 'thanks' to these proactive troopers as well for their outstanding service to our fellow collector and Marine! Semper Fi!

    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 3:21 EDT
    Troopette Donna reports:
    "Hi Troopers, Donna from So. Cal. here. TRU is starting to get the Pilot wave. Found Padme, Jango, and Clonetrooper pilots. Target is starting to get the new wave of deluxe figures. Found Flipping Anakin and Flying Warrior but did not see the Clonetrooper w/Speeder Bike. Also no sign yet of Ephant Mon. Happy Hunting!"


    Posted by: Jason | 18 October 2002 | 3:01 EDT
    Great New Star Wars and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra at TOY FELLAS:
    Star Wars Items
    Acklay Arena Battle Beast Outer Box Not Mint $16.99
    Unleashed Sculptures:
    Anakin $15.99
    Darth Vader $15.99
    Padme $16.99
    As well as more Republic Gunship and other great items!

    NEW G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Figures
    Scarlett vs. Storm Shadow
    Sgt. Stalker vs. Zartan
    Snake Eyes vs.Cobra Commander
    Blowtorch vs. Snow Serpent
    Flint vs. Baroness
    Nunchuk vs. Firefly
    Beach Head vs. Dr. Mindbender

    Note: We will be out of the office for 2 weeks from 11/2/02-11/16/02. We will be out of the US and not respond to emails. You can order items online and they will process, but your items will not ship out until 11/18/02. When we return we will have the Lott Dod Wave and more. www.toyfellas.com
    Click to Enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 17 October 2002 | 22:45 EDT

    C O N T E S T B r e a k d o w n:
  • 10/17: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase with background, Padme Arena, Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise and Saga C-3PO in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest, ends 10/22.
  • 10/17:Win a Near Mint unopened POTF2 Toys R' Us exclusive 12" Dewback & Sandtrooper at PowerCollectibles.net, ends 10/13. UPDATE - extended to 10/20.
  • 10/13: Win Saga Padme Pilot and Anakin Tatooine Attack by posting at Pegwarmer.com, ends 10/19.
  • 10/12: Celebrate TheBothanSpy.com's first birthday with an exciting multi-prize giveaway, to enter and read contest rules, click here, no end date specified. Prizes are:
      1. 3 3/4" Darth Maul (Sith Lord) autographed by Ray Park
      2. Reek Arena Beast
      3. 3 3/4" Taun We figure autographed by Rena Owen
      4. 3 3/4" CommTech Princess Leia autographed by Carrie Fisher
      5. Padme Amidala Mini Bust
      6. 12" Electronic Jango Fett
      7. 12" Zam Wessel
      8. Jango Fett (pilot), Clone Trooper (pilot) & Padme Amidala (Coruscant attack)
      9. Ephant Mon, Jango Fett (pilot) & Clone Trooper (pilot)
  • 10/12: (New Zealand residents only) Win Silver Anniversary Darth Vader from SWNZ (Star Wars Fans and Collectors of New Zealand), in association with Hasbro NZ, ends 11/8.
  • 10/10: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 10/31.

    Posted by: Jason | 17 October 2002 | 21:58 EDT
    Jawa/Sandtrooper Community Forums (repost):
    Troops, if you are having trouble logging into the Forums, don't fret; it isn't your computer, but rather that the Forums are temporarily down for maintenance. Your friendly Forum Administrator (me) will post an update when they are once again operational. Big thanks to all the proactive members out there in Trooper-Land who e-mailed or sent me a personal message to inquire!

    Posted by: Jason | 17 October 2002 | 21:53 EDT
    Trooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    "Hey guys, Things are Dark in terms of TRU here in Huntsville, Alabama. However,there is one bright spot. I got the sliver R2-D2. I ordered it from R2Dtoys, just in case. The card got a little binged while in transit but looks great. Not a bad deal for 38.00 with shipping. I am still going to be in line on "Black Friday" though.As always thanks for the encouragement."

    We're glad you scored the Silver R2 early Chad! All you Troops who also want some "insurance" on your odds of finding one of these figures, go ahead and enter our newest contest for this TRU-exclusive R2-D2. Contest launch coming soon!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 17 October 2002 | 18:37 EDT
    News from Federation Toys:
    Spiceowan with News from our friends at Federation Toys. Jim has informed me he has a special Halloween present for a lucky Troop. What is it you ask? The Silver Anniversary R2-D2!!! Why pay hundreds when you COULD score it FREE!!! Stay tuned for further details. Spiceowan out.... for now !

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 17 October 2002 | 16:18 EDT
    Our short burlap garbed "OOTINNI" yelling friends at THE JAWA are reporting that the site is back up and problems with the Sandcrawler internal server are resolved. The forums will be back online as well shortly. Thanks for your patience troops and lovers of the small and dusty!

    Posted by: Jason | 17 October 2002 | 13:16 EDT
    Trooper Brian reports:
    Stopped by Frederick, MD TRU last night and saw that the Padme, Clone trooper pilot, Jango Pilot, and Anakin Tatooine. Pretty sweet figures. There were also like twenty freaking yodas which is a bit frustrating because I have been trying to get a couple for my nephew an brother in law. At least now I can. Search on my friends.


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 17 October 2002 | 12:59 EDT
    Clone Wars for Nintendo Game Cube.
    Won't be long now, for those that own this system. The ole Crypt does!
    "LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is pleased to announce that Star Wars�: The Clone Wars™ for GameCube™ has been approved for manufacturing and is expected to be in stores on October 29th."

    More info here!

    Posted by: Tyler | 17 October 2002 | 8:51 EDT
    Trooper Ozziehihorse reports:
    "Hi Troops, I have 6- 12" KB clones(Red and Yellow )to sell for $50 shipped a set!!! I also have New Deluxe Clonetrooper $10.50 each, Geo.warrior w sonic gun $10.50 each, Rep Gunships $42 each, Arena playsets $44 each, new action fleets (Solar sailer,At-TE and Naboo starfighter) $11 each. And some new SAGA figures past #40."


    Posted by: James | 17 October 2002 | 1:41 EDT
    A New Sandtroopers Web Comic!
    Hey Troops! Ken Hedge of Finely Made Comix has provided us with another great web comic to share with you. Very timely with Halloween fast approaching. Possible costume suggestions?

    Posted by: Jason | 17 October 2002 | 1:23 EDT
    Trooper Sith Lord reports:
    "To All Troopers: New items In So. Cal at La Mirada TRU are Rebublic Gunship, 12" luke & tantaun, new wave of figures (Watto, Lott Dod, Tusken Rader with Massiff, And Darth Maul Sith Training). At La Habra Wal Mart: Arena Playset and more new Figs. Cerritos Target have R2-D2 and some old figs. Thats it from So. Cal. Good Hunting." - Sith Lord


    Posted by: Jason | 16 October 2002 | 23:52 EDT
    Trooper Jorge reports:
    "Boston News! TRU in Natick has tons of goodies: All the exclusives, the new 12", Unleashed, Republic Gunships, Arena Playsets, Luke and Tauntaun 12", and even some Simpsons THOH3; but no new small figures. Suncoast on the Natick mall has the SW % 50, including the vehicles. Peace!"


    Posted by: James | 16 October 2002 | 23:11 EDT
    Confused Jango?

    Posted by: Steve | 16 October 2002 | 21:41 EDT
    Trooper Garr reports:
    "Garr reporting great news for KS and MO areas. Yesterday I started off the trip in my home town of St. Joseph, I went to both K-Marts and they had 1 case each of arena playsets. I then went to my local Star Wars shop and picked up my first Star Tours figure Rex. Next, Wal-Mart had two Republic Gunships. I picked up my buddy Steve and we went to Kansas City Target and found Topps Cards Tins for 9.99. Then went to TRU and they had a lot of 12" Luke and Taun-Taun's, Saga X-Wings and a special - buy a figure and get a free Star Wars comic book.

    "We then went to Lawerence, KS and started at Target, they had lots of Republic Gunships and the new Action Fleet vehicles. We went across the street to K-Mart and found more Arena Playsets and more Action Fleet Vehicles the AT-TE, Naboo N-1 Starfighter and the Solar Sailer. I love the detail on these. After that we went to Wal-Mart and they had a clearance on basic figures, 3.00 each I bought up a bunch of Geonosian Warriors and on the way home on 59 hwy hit a deer, I felt bad so I had to report it, it just ran out in front of me and I slammed on my breaks and couldn't avoid it. The officer said it died Immediatley so at least it didn't even know what hit it. Still no new figures, Well thats all the news I have for now, to all Troopers It's hitting just go on trips, persistence pays off."


    Garr, thanks for the thorough area report. That is quite concise and sounds like you and Steve had a great time, except for hitting the dear. Keep in mind troops, deer season is upon us. When you are getting up for those early morning runs to Wal-Mart, keep your eyes open. MTFBWY

    Posted by: Jason | 16 October 2002 | 15:41 EDT

    STAR WARS: More New Deluxe Figures Arrive 10/16 to 10/22 (Clone Trooper with Speederbike, Anakin & Geonosian).
    VINTAGE TRANSFORMERS AUCTION - COMING SOON: We will be having another vintage transformer auction. Quite a few high quality boxed items going up on the auction block. No details yet but will most likely start on Thursday or Friday and we'll send out another newsletter then.

    Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Troops, keep checking BBTS Star Wars' page to watch for the new Deluxe Figures, use this link.

    Posted by: Jason | 16 October 2002 | 15:06 EDT
    Great New Image Galleries and Reviews by Ishi Tib at TheBothanSpy.com:
    Ephant Mon takes the spotlight in Ishi Tib's new collection of detailed photos and reviews at TBS.com. Ishi has put together some good shots here, and in his article on Deluxe Wave 4: Force Flipping Anakin, Geonosian Warrior with Pod and Clone Trooper with Speederbike.

    We at Sandtroopers will be presenting these characters too, along with a few other new releases, this weekend in the next edition of SANDWATCH. Ephant says: "Nine ball in the side pocket"

    Posted by: Tyler | 16 October 2002 | 9:06 EDT
    Trooper Cyber Junk reports:
    "Searching around ebay for the Kotobukiya Vader I came across several sellers claiming that the figure is limited to 3000 pcs. This concerned me as I have not gotten mine thus far. I contacted a friend of mine who had not heard of this also. He investigated and called Kotobukiya Inc in Japan Directly. They stated that there was no limit on the quantity being made. Stores being out of stock was not because of a limitation, but other reasons. So don't believe everything you read."
    Cyber Junk

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 October 2002 | 8:59 EDT
    Trooper Hitch Buddy reports:
    "Hi Troops! Stuff is starting to trickle into stores on both sides of Washington State: Watto, Lott Dod, and the new Tusken are hitting Kmart stores, along with Ki-Adi Mundi and Teemto. Those figures along with the new Anakin and Maul have been spotted at KB Toys as well. The New Deluxe Anakin and Geonosian have hit Target and Kmart. Both those stores along with KB Toys have the deluxe Yoda. The new 12" Dooku, Zam, and Superbattledroid are everywhere. They are sitting at Walmart, Toys R Us, and Kmart. The Republic Gunships are at the same stores. Walmart has been getting some more Acklays.

    "The new Action Fleet wave 2 is at Toys R Us and Target. All of the exclusives from all the stores (Toys R Us, Walmart, KB) are sitting on shelves around here EXCEPT for the Target Accesory Packs. The Toys R Us stores around here are clogged with figures thru #40, but oddly enough the one closest to me still puts out cases of the Sneak Preview figures and the Rebel Trooper wave. If anyone wants those army builders that might be the place to look. That's it for now."


    Posted by: Jason | 15 October 2002 | 20:39 EDT
    Trooper Blocker2000 reports:
    "Heads up for those in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Most of the TRU's
    around here have the latest waves in stock. (Maul, Jango Pilot, Padme
    Pilot, Lott Dodd, Watto, etc.)

    "BIG THANKS to Tyler for sending me the Target Accessory sets he offered on the site. I would definitely recommend him for any future trades."


    Posted by: Jason | 15 October 2002 | 20:19 EDT
    Trooper Mark reports:
    "Hello everyone, The Republic Gunships are popping up everywhere around the St. Louis area in big quantities.

    "I got a late start on collecting the 12" figures, I still need the
    Anakin to complete my set. They have come and gone and now I can't find one. I have a Nikto error for trade, it has Nikto in the bubble and the card itself is Saesee Tiin #20. If anyone is willing to work out a deal please let me know. Thanks"


    Posted by: Jason | 15 October 2002 | 20:03 EDT
    Trooper Master Jedi Corleone offers a 12" Dooku:
    "I have an extra 12 inch Count Doouku if anybody wants it, cost + shipping"

    Posted by: Jason | 15 October 2002 | 19:42 EDT
    Trooper Tom M. Selling Large Collection:
    "Hello again! I wrote you last week about selling my ENTIRE SW collection. I am selling my set because we are expecting a baby! I have attached the list. I would like to add that I will be willing to part it out but I would rather do a lump sum transaction. I am asking $5000 for EVERYTHING and that includes shipping. If people want pieces please have them email me and I will work with them individually. 'X2' by some items indicated times that number of figures. All are UNOPENED unless otherwise stated and in C-9+ condition, thanks"

    Interested Troops, follow this link to view Tom's list.

    Posted by: Jason | 15 October 2002 | 15:19 EDT
    Trooper "THE Chad" vs. TRU:
    "Well, TRU is not the place to find the New Star Wars figures. Our TRU is still clogged with the same old product. To make matters worse I asked an employee when they where going to get some new figures. He told me that they have to sell what they have. They are clogged with the first wave though the Palpy wave. This is starting to tick me off. We in Huntsville Alabama got the shaft again. Thanks for nothing TRU, my frustration level is almost to maximum!"

    Thanks for the Alabama TRU updates Chad. Are any of you Troopers across the country running into a similar problem at TRU, or are they clearing their existing stock to make way for newer product? I have heard many examples of both scenarios, so let us know at news@sandtroopers.com.

    Posted by: Jason | 15 October 2002 | 15:14 EDT
    Report and a Tip from Troopette Tammy:
    "Hi there! Just wanted to give an idea for the young Jedi out there. In years past I have bought my kids the cheap rubies costumes and then put my don post masks on them (you stuff the top with sponges). Makes them look like super deformed figures! Way too cool. We win costume contests almost every year.

    "Also the Target stores in Simi Valley CA have some unleashed figures for $11.00. Watch for MAJOR CLEARANCE SALES there soon as they restock for Xmas."


    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 15 October 2002 | 15:04 EDT
    Reminders from Trooper Jeffred5 :
    "Hey Troopers, I just got the December issue, #64 of ToyFare by Wizard and on the bottom of page 13 there is a news brief about the Silver 25th R2-D2 TRU exclusive. It says that the TRU "Big Book" will be coming out soon and after that you will be able to get the Silver 25th R2-D2 FREE when you buy $20.00 of Star Wars toys. Also, they have raised the number to be produced to 75,000 - 80,000. So, watch for that "Big Book." LEE'S TOY REVIEW #120 (Oct), has a pullout "Star Wars Saga Collection Guide" that covers almost every toy from the Saga line, including figure variants. MTFBWY,"

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 15 October 2002 | 14:59 EDT
    Trooper "The Garr" reports:
    "I found Two Republic Gunships and Two Battle Arena's at the north Belt Wal-Mart in St. Joseph, MO last night. Still no sign of any new figures in almost four months. I have been saving for that rainy day, I'm just wondering when it's gonna rain in my town, at least it was somewhat of a relief when I got my Arena and my 2nd Gunship.

    "I still have an extra Bloody Luke and a Padme with mole, I badly need a Toyfair Vader. If the two figures are not enough LMK what is reasonable I would like to work out a trade with a fellow trooper. Thank You! MTFBWY!!!"
    - "the Garr"

    Posted by: Jason | 14 October 2002 | 21:30 EDT
    Trooper California Tim reports:
    "Hey Troopers, As promised here is my N. Cal report. A landslide of items have hit the shelves namely at Colma K-Mart. I found the new wave of action fleet, I love this stuff! (the AT-TE is so cool), Watto, Lott Dod, Tusken w/Massiff, leaping Anakin, flying Geonsian, Teemto, Ki-Adi, all at the Colma Kmart.
    "Target in Foster City had one flying Geonosian and a lot of the deluxe 3PO’s as well as the Action Fleet packs featuring the AT-ST and speeder bikes, Bantha and landspeeder, etc. TRU in Foster City now has the Landspeeder and Luke as well as a lot of the “12 Luke and Tauntaun. Still no sign of the Republic Gunship but I think that will hit soon. Keep your eyes open troopers and keep hitting those stores!"

    UPDATED 15 October 2002 | 3:10 EDT by Jason.
    "I have a spare AOTC Arena Conflict Set. The card has a slight crease on the bottom left hand side only noticeable from the back, otherwise it’s in pretty good condition. LMK troopers. MTFBWY!!"

    Posted by: Steve | 14 October 2002 | 20:52 EDT
    Destiny's Way on bestsellers' list
    Hey Troops, I thought I would let you know that the latest NJO novel, Destiny's Way by Walter Jon Williams, is now on the bestsellers' list. You say,"Yeah, so what does that mean? Good for him!" What it means is, the book is now 30% off at Barnes and Noble as well as Best Buy (if yours happens to carry books). I am sure you can probably find it discounted at other book stores and retail chains as well, so get out there and get the latest chapter in the ongoing Star Wars series.

    Posted by: Jason | 14 October 2002 | 20:32 EDT
    Trooper Tim sends Geonosis Arena Play Theme Photos:
    "Hello Sandtroopers, Tim from Kansas City, Missouri. The Arena Sets and Republic Gunships are showing up everywhere around town. I've attached some photos of the arena set being displayed with all the figures and creatures!"
    Image 1 Image 3
    Image 2 Image 4

    Posted by: Jason | 14 October 2002 | 16:39 EDT
    Trooper Jedi Cor reports:
    "Its been a while since my last report for the Corning, New York Area, but lets get started:
    "Toys Work (KB Toys) in Hornell, NY has a few New Anakin's, but no other New Action Figures, mixed with the Older Figures, all for $4.99. Also has some New 12" Figures and the Playskool Arena laysets. Walmart in Hornell had no New Action Figures, New 12" Figures, Older Action Fleets, Cantina Sets, Old Unleashed for $10, 1 R2-D2's, 1 Republic Gunship, and Older Action Figures. Corning, NY Walmart has no New Action Figures, New 12" Figures, Cantina Sets, Older Action Figures, 1 R2-D2 (Box Damage), and 2 Republic Gunships.

    "Toysrus in Horsehead, NY has no Landspeeders with Luke, 8 25th X-Wing Fighters, 25th 2-Pack Figures marked down to $9.99, New Anakin's and Padme's mixed within the Older Action Figures (no other New Figures), all for $4.99, 4 12" Luke with Tauntaun, and New 12" Figures. KB Toys at the Arnot Mall (Horsehead, NY) has no New Action Figures ( just Older Figures) for $4.99, 3 New Jedi Fighters with Obi-Wan, Older Action Fleets, Older POTJ Basic and Deluxe 3 �" Figures, and 3 each of the 12" YELLOW and RED Clone Troopers Action Figures, if anybody still needs them.


    Jedi Cor, thanks for the concise report!

    Posted by: Jason | 14 October 2002 | 16:32 EDT
    Trooper XbrandonX reports:
    "This is my first Sandtroopers post. I've been reading for a long time, but never posted. Anyways, here goes...TRU here in Richmond, VA (Southside), has tons and tons of Padme pilot, Jango pilot, Clone pilot, Maul, Anakan attack, and several of the Lott Dod, Tusken Raider, Watto wave..only 3 Endor soldiers, and I bought one. They also had the Mace and Tyranus unleashed. Also found the playset at Wal Mart this morning, and most Targets here seem to have 10-16 Gunships..After a long dry spell here, stuff's finally hitting."

    Brandon, your first post was an OUTSTANDING one! Keep up the great work, and I encourage all you "first-time" Troops to do the same, this site is all about YOU!

    Posted by: Jason | 14 October 2002 | 16:21 EDT
    Trooper Jedi Master Eric reports:
    "Hello Troopers, The Gunship has finally landed in western NY!! TRU in Amherst, Clarence, and Niagara Falls, have started to get limited supplies of these in the last 2 weeks. I expect them to hit hard in about another week or 2. Also, I have heard that the Hasbro reps will be going around to the TRU's and pulling old stock off the pegs to replace them with new items. This is very good news if you local TRU is still bogged down with 4/23 stuff. Has anyone spotted the Arena playset in WNY yet?

    "I have also run across another 12 protector cases that I no longer need. If anyone is interested, I'll sell them all for $10 + shipping. LMK!"


    Eric, I have yet to see this one in WNY as well, but hopefully we'll be seeing the Arena playest soon!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 October 2002 | 14:13 EDT
    Sandtrooper Jimsjedi requests:
    "Jimsjedi here from Auburn, Ma. I have found some of the latest figures at KB in Franklin, Ma and at the TRU in Milford, Ma: Jango, Padme Pilot, Attack Anakin, Clonetrooper, and Darth Maul. The Gunships have also been spotted at the same TRU. I have for trade a 300th Boba Fett/MIB, a Holo Sidious(small crease in bottom corner), STAP(Preview), Final Jedi Duel 2-Pack, and a lot more at the trade pages. I really need to get the Expanded Universe Leia, and Spacetrooper. Both MOC. Can anyone help me out? Just drop me a line. Talk to you all soon."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 October 2002 | 12:53 EDT
    Sandtrooper Jedichirp reports:
    "Jedichirp in Indy reporting... I found some goodies this weekend. The Target in Greenwood, Indiana on Sunday had the Gunship (about 15 of them) for $39.99 and they also had one of the wonderful R2 units for $99.99. Their pegs were still full of the accessory sets and Action Fleet from the last time I stopped in there. Also, the Greenwood Walmart had the Arena Playset for $38.96. Only one was on the shelf. My wallet is totally empty so I couldn't pick any of these up yet, but if you have the cash make sure to stop and get a gunship. That ship is nice.
    Good luck."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 October 2002 | 12:45 EDT
    Halloween is right around the corner!
    Get your gear now and don't be caught DEAD without it! Hahahahaha!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 October 2002 | 12:41 EDT
    Our partners and co-indigenous mini-me sized inhabitants on Tatooine have informed us of some upgrades being done at their site: THE JAWA
    How does this impact how you will ravage and pilage the galaxy you ask? Well, gathering intelligence may be hampered (who uses that word???..) slightly due to the forums being down at times while this upgrade is being done. I'm sure some of you troops are using the "underground railroad", so you shouldn't be that bad off. For the rest of us, hang in there and everything will be better than before A.S.A.P.
    Say, don't you troops have some news reports to be getting in??? Yes, you say? Well, send them on in: news@sandtroopers.com

    Posted by: George | 14 October 2002 | 9:58 EDT
    Darth Maul VS Tony Hawk?
    Not really but we can have a chance to play with Mr. Maul in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for Game Cube. Takes Yoda's patience and skills to beat some levels before playing with Maul. The Game features a Skate Shop and a few Cool looking graphic Decks, actually no wheels are available for any of his decks 'cuz his deck hovers over the selected skate parks. Picture was taken from the TV so don't expect high quality, yet can it be appreciated. Take a peak HERE�

    Posted by: Jason | 14 October 2002 | 0:12 EDT
    Trooper Chris from Edmonton reports:
    "Hey Troops, Chris here reporting in again. It's been awhile but there hasn't been much new here in Edmonton. I went to Wal Mart in St. Albert today and they had lots of the Cantina sets there. I had already picked mine up about a few weeks ago in Sherwood Park. When I was at TRU last week I saw more of the X wings out as well as the land speeders, 12 inch Mace Windu's, and some of the Maul and Jango unleashed figures. The Real Canadian Superstores have the 12 inch Anakin, Clonetroopers, and Obi Wan out again.

    "I noticed that the Sears Christmas Wish books have the Republic Gunships for sale through them, which is a first for me to see. That may be the way for us Canadians to get them but I'm not sure. I might just order one through them. That's about it for now from Edmonton. If anyone out there has a inside track to Hasbro Canada, tell them to get busy and start giving us the rest of the Saga figures. The last figures we had available here were Orn Fre Taa, Qui-Gon, etc. Nothing from Palpatine on.

    "Hey Hasbro, your Canadian customers are tired of being behind our American friends when getting our Star Wars. Hop to it boys, and put the same things out in the States and Canada and at the same time!"


    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 23:16 EDT
    "Tusken Raider Camp" Lego Diorama by ACPin

    A nomadic settlement of Tusken Raiders (AOC) - click to enter ACPin SW

    "The nomadic tribes of Tusken Raiders build camps with similar looking huts around each other for mutual protection."

    Check it out at ACPin SW. The latest addition to the Imperial fleet, UCS Sienar Fleet Systems Scimitar Assault Bomber has also been added.

    Posted by: James | 13 October 2002 | 23:08 EDT
    Be on the lookout for card-benders
    Hey Troops!
    I want everyone to know that in visits to stores in both Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, I have been seeing a pattern of badly damaged cards, primarily on store Exclusives. All of the figures seen are of newer assortments and the cards have been severely damaged with large rips starting on the upper right-hand side of the card and working toward the middle. Also, I've seen two 12inch Battle Droids, one at Walmart in Racine Wisconsin, and one at Target in Gurnee, Illinois that have had the top of the box ripped open. If any of you happen to see someone taking part in this, please alert store personnel as this does fall under "destruction of property" and they will want to know about it.

    One final note to anyone sending email my way via Sandtroopers. I am not accepting emails with attached files. If I happen to find an email with attached files or embedded graphics, I will delete them without reading them. Thanks in advance!

    Troops, all would be wise to follow James' example with email attachments. Klez Virus is circulating again, and the tell-tale signs are message sizes between 115k and 155k, and non-sensical subject lines. A good practice is to go ahead and delete emails fitting this description before reading or even previewing in MIME OLE. - Jason

    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 22:36 EDT
    The UK's 'The Private Universe' has open positions:
    UK's Star Wars Site 'The Private Universe,' is currently accepting applications for open staff positions in their effort to create a more robust site. Click on the banner below for position details:

    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 20:41 EDT
    New Items and Pre-orders at K & C Collectibles :
    New Items:
    Geonosis Battle Arena
    Republic Gunship
    Padme Amidala - Coruscant Attack
    Action Fleet (Solar Sailer, AT-TE, Naboo N-1 Starfighter)

    Pre-Order the following items by 10/27:
    Episode II UK Collection Card Set
    UK Limited Edition Chase Character Set
    UK Limited Edition Chase Vehicle Set
    Episode 2 - 12 Inch Set of 3
    Darth Vader Lightsaber

    "Come visit our site at http://www.kandccollectibles.com and get the latest Star Wars collectibles."

    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 13:00 EDT
    Trooper Jeffred5 reports:
    "Hey Troopers, Does anyone know when and/or where the Endor Rebel Trooper army builder 4 pack is coming from? Also, I just picked up the latest issue (#120) of "Lee's Toy Review" and they have a pullout guide of all Saga Toys to-date. There are 4 figures in the catalog that I had not heard of before: an Anakin, Darth Vader, Jango, And Mace. They are vinyl and in a box similar to 12" figures, but they look a little smaller. Does anyone know anything about them?

    "I recently broke my neck, so, I have been in the hospital for a while and out of the loop. I'm trying to get in touch with people I was trading with, and am not sure if I remember them all. If you were working a deal with me or know anyone who is and haven't heard from me lately please E-mail me and I will try to get caught up this week. Thanks and MTFBWY."


    Jeff, the Endor Troop Builder set will be officially offered by the SW Fan Club late in the year, but many online retailers are offering it currently. Please note that the figures are the 1998 POTF2 Freeze-frame sculpt and not the current Saga version as some advertisements have pictured.

    The vinyl figures you read about are from Hasbro and are analagous to those made by Applause, measuring about ten inches.

    Troops who e-mailed me inquiring about Jeff's status should take this opportunity to reach him now. Thanks!

    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 12:47 EDT
    Trooper California Tim reports:
    "Hey Troopers, I just got back from Orlando, FLA and had a great time, although I could do without the humidity. Don’t know how you troopers manage. Not much in action figure new releases, however I did find a Dexster at Target, near Gatorland, with insert to add to my collection.

    "I found the New Republic Gunship at TRU in Coco Beach and Florida Mall, Orlando. Pick it up at Coco Beach for $5.00 cheaper ($34.99 vs. $39.99). The FLA Mall TRU had a bunch of the new 12" Luke and Tauntaun stacked up as well. K-Mart near Florida Mall didn’t have much, couldn’t even find the 3" figures. All stores had a healthy supply of the new release 12" figs such as Dooku and Zam. I’ll be sending in a report for N. Cal sometime soon. MTFBWY!"


    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 1:44 EDT
    C O N T E S T b r e a k d o w n:

  • 10/13: Win Saga Padme Pilot and Anakin Tatooine Attack by posting at Pegwarmer.com, ends 10/19.
  • 10/12: Celebrate TheBothanSpy.com's first birthday with an exciting multi-prize giveaway, to enter and read contest rules, click here, ends (unknown). Prizes are:
      1. 3 3/4" Darth Maul (Sith Lord) autographed by Ray Park
      2. Reek Arena Beast
      3. 3 3/4" Taun We figure autographed by Rena Owen
      4. 3 3/4" CommTech Princess Leia autographed by Carrie Fisher
      5. Padme Amidala Mini Bust
      6. 12" Electronic Jango Fett
      7. 12" Zam Wessel
      8. Jango Fett (pilot), Clone Trooper (pilot) & Padme Amidala (Coruscant attack)
      9. Ephant Mon, Jango Fett (pilot) & Clone Trooper (pilot)
  • 10/12: (New Zealand residents only) Win Silver Anniversary Darth Vader from SWNZ (Star Wars Fans and Collectors of New Zealand), in association with Hasbro NZ, ends 11/8.
  • 10/10: Win Watto and Tusken Raider with Massiff in TheJawa.com's weekly contest, ends 10/14.
  • 10/10: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 10/31.
  • Win a Near Mint unopened POTF2 Toys R' Us exclusive 12" Dewback & Sandtrooper at PowerCollectibles.net, ends 10/13.
  • 10/10: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase with background, Padme Arena, and Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest, ends 10/15.

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 13 October 2002 | 0:52 EDT
    Trooper John M. reports:
    "Any PA Troopers, it's been a good day. If you go to Philadelphia (specifically Chinatown) they are selling the new Silver Anniversary R2-D2's for 25.00 each at a comic/old toy/etc shop. The guy gave me 2 for 40.00, so take it for what it's worth.

    "Toys R Us in Montgomeryville has the new wave of Shaven Endor Rebels, Watto, Tusken w/Massiff, Amidala Coruscant, Anakin Tatooine, Maul, and Lott Dodd. Just a 'heads-up' "


    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 13 October 2002 | 0:20 EDT
    Trooper Jowa6 reports:
    "This goes to you folks in the Austin, TX area. Today at the TRU near Lakeline Mall I found about 10 Republic Gunships and 1 12" Luke and Taun Taun. I also picked up an extra Yellow Clone trooper from KB today. They had one left after I got mine. If anybody wants to trade for the trooper LMK and e-mail me your haves. Take it easy troops."

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 13 October 2002 | 0:18 EDT
    Trooper Raymond reports:
    "I just want to thank my friend Jose "Komix" from Canary Island (Spain) for sending the beautiful silver R2-D2 anniversary figure. Hey folks it's awesome. Hes been a very good friend and I recommend for any kind of trade. He also has a Spanish Star Wars page with everything up to date. Keep the good work Jose. Thanks." - Raymond


    Posted by: Jason | 13 October 2002 | 0:13 EDT
    Trooper Jorge reports:
    "Boston News: Saturday 10/12: TRU in the area have X wings, Landspeeders, Republic Gunships, 12" wave 2, col. 1 new figs (minus pilots) and Unleashed figures, also an employee handed me one Simpsons treehouse 3, so they are around, ask for them.

    "KB is pretty dry, only Obi starfighter w/ pilot, PlaySkool items and 12" wave 2 in Burlington. Target (Woburn) has the accesories sets (only the Arena and Hoth, cards were damaged). Suncoast have SW items 50% off (still some slave 1 and Obi 12" in Burlington mall).

    "I have a couple of Bloody version Luke for trade; POTF2 EU figures, also Max rebo pairs. Looking for Carded: Commtech leia, Sio Bibble, Pit Droids 2pk, Holo Sidious, Naboo Royal Security, EP 1 Battle fatigues amidala loose and Bo Shek loose, maybe some imperial officers and rebel soldiers POTJ loose, 25th anniversary Ben/ Vader, Silver Vader. AOTC deluxe 3PO, Yoda, Clonetrooper, Geonosian. PLMK. Thanks."


    Jorge, good luck in your trades and big congrats on the THOH3 score! I think the greatest line from that is "Do you know what it's like to be locked in an attic for 10 years where your only friend is a baby food jar full of screws?" - Hugo.

    Posted by: Jason | 12 October 2002 | 23:35 EDT
    Jawa/Sandtrooper Community Forums
    Troops, if you are having trouble logging into the Forums, don't fret; it isn't your computer, but rather that the Forums are temporarily down for maintenance. Your friendly Forum Administrator (me) will post an update when they are once again operational. Thanks to all the proactive members out there in Trooper-Land who e-mailed or sent me a personal message to inquire!

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 12 October 2002 | 22:56 EDT

    UNICRON STATUE & DEVASTATOR BUST: awesome Unicron Statue from Hard Hero in stock in 4-6 days - $149.99 for this giant statue. The new Devastator Bust is now available for pre-order at $94.99. Megatron Bust arrives 4-6 days
    DAI GANDER: V-06, V-07, V-08 figures are now in stock
    G1, PVC & JBW: Metallic Megatron Mega PVC and Set of normal sized 'battle damaged' Megatron & Optimus. Re-issue Starscream, and the Black & Clear starscream sets, JBW: Big Convoy, Black Big Convoy, Black Leo Convoy, Red C-1 Ape, X-9 Ravage, Vintage Scourge & Dai Atlas and more

    GI JOE: 8 new 12" Joe's, M.O.P.P. Marine and many 3 3/4" Joe vs. Cobra figures
    MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Castle Grayskull and many other He-Man items
    MACROSS: 1/200 Scale models in stock
    PLAN B: Special Forces Mission 2 figures
    DOG SOLDIERS: 3 historical figures on the In-Toyz & Plan B Menu
    DRAGONBALL Z: Series 9, One Wheel Bike, Air Bike #67 and 4 new DBZ model kits
    JOYRIDE - VIDEO GAME FIGURES: More SSX, Monkeyball, Sonic, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Fighter 4 figures
    STIKFAS: pre-orders for the Omega Knight and upcoming Wave 3 & 4 (including Fireman, Tan Alpha Male and Samurai)
    MONTY PYTHON: Pre-orders: The Rude Frenchman, The Bridgekeeper, Prince Herbert, King of Swamp Castle. Tim the Enchanter and Dead Collector arrive late this week

    Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Troops, BBTS still has the newer Unleashed releases in stock as well!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 October 2002 | 20:52 EDT
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #172
    Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter

    The Latest Gentle Giant Bust Figure is in Stock Now!!
    Mini Bust Count Dooku Price: $49.99 Latest Release!!!
    Mini Bust Anakin Skywalker Price: $44.99
    Mini Bust Mace Windu Price: $44.99
    Mini Bust Obi-Wan Kenobi Price: $44.99
    Mini Bust Padme Price: $44.99

    The Latest Star Tours Figures are now in Stock!!
    Saga Exclusive Star Tours DL-X2, R4-M9, WEG-1618
    These figures were only available at Disney World
    C-9 Price: $29.99 ea. / C-7/8 Price: $27.99 ea.

    25th anniversary Dagaboh X-Wing PRE-ORDER - 4" scale
    The information on this item will be updated as we learn more about the product.
    -domestic for this item will be $8.00 per vehicle
    Price: $59.99

    Don't pass this list up. Over 100 items greatly reduced

    Vintage Miscellaneous ESB Lucite Star w/ Bag - Price: $495.00

    And Many More Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Newsletter at Brian's Toys "

    Posted by: Jason | 12 October 2002 | 19:52 EDT
    Sandtrooper LT. CPL. Phil reports:
    "What is the status of Padme for the Unleashed? I had the opportunity to buy her in Japan recently, but did not think she would be a hot seller. Now I am looking for her, but all the places I go are sold out, or, jacked way up. Hopefully some troopers out there can help me out. Willing to pay a little more for it, box can be damaged as well, since I am taking them out for display purposes only.

    "I have one trooper taking care of me with finishing touches of my collection. This is a great site to meet people, hope to help out anyone out there in time!"


    Padme is out there, albiet not in exceptionally great numbers. I predict that one of the great Troopers will come to the rescue on this one, good luck Phil!

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 12 October 2002 | 14:30 EDT
    News on Silver R2-D2 and Padme Paragraph Variation:
    I found the Padme Pilot variation paragraph today at TRU along with about 30 of each of these: Watto, Padme Pilot, Lott Dod, Tusken w/ Massiff, Anakin Tat attack, Darth Maul, Teemto, & Ki-Adi. Not so many Teemto & Ki. No Clone pilots or Jango pilots either, there were 2 Endor rebel soldier w/out beard (1 per case right now) that I saw but there could have been more. They had a full overstock of all these figs above the pegs in there compartments.

    Also the gentleman that works for TRU said that he is predicting Black Friday for the R2-D2 silver promo, He explained that a week before that day the TRU big book is mailed to all of us who give the correct phone numbers to them at time of checkout, which is true cause I got mine last year & he said that the info should be in this big book from TRU about the Silver R2 so lets watch those mailers from TRU.

    At KB toys they are having a sale TODAY ONLY which is if you buy 50 bucks worth of stuff you get 20% off your purchase. I think this maybe nationwide But I only went to 1 KB today.... Happy hunting & MTFBWY.

    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 12 October 2002 | 14:25 EDT
    Trooper AndyVW reports:
    "Hey Troops! I told you I would keep you posted on the quality of the Star Wars Special Edition widescreen DVDs when I received them - they're Great! Beats the VHS/SVHS hands down in clarity. Sound and picture quality is fantastic.

    "There are no extras except for trailers but I bought them for the movie anyway. I contacted 20 different folks who had also acquired them and 19 of 20 recommended I try them and they were right. On the collecting side, nothing to report here in South Central PA. Walmarts are dry, I guess the port lockout results are hitting us here. Happy Hunting and MTFBWY!!!"


    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 12 October 2002 | 14:20 EDT
    Trooper Orlando reports:
    "Hi Troops, Orlando from McAllen TX. I have two darth maul sith training, one Ki-Adi-Mundi, one Teemto Pagalies, two Padme Pilots, available for trade or sale. Let me know if interested."


    Posted by: Jason | 12 October 2002 | 12:22 EDT
    Troopette Donna reports:
    "Hi Troopers, Donna from So. Cal. Went by K-mart Friday night and found the Arena Playset and the second wave of Action Fleet Vehicles there. Also went by TRU and found some newer figures. They had Maul Sith Training, Attack Anakin, and the Clean Endor Soldier. Happy Hunting!"


    Posted by: Jason | 11 October 2002 | 19:51 EDT
    Trooper "THE Chad" offers Target sets:
    "I have 2 of the accessory sets from Target.I have the Endor set as well as the Death Star set. If anyone needs them drop me a line."


    Posted by: Steve | 11 October 2002 | 16:22 EDT
    Store Report for Lafayette, IN
    Hey Troops, if any of you live in Lafayette, the Wal-mart on 52 has the Republic Gunship, Arena Playset, and all three Cantina figures. I doubt the gunship and arena will last long, but they did have plenty of the Cantina figures.

    Posted by: Jason | 11 October 2002 | 13:24 EDT
    - Mace/Yoda Kotobukiya pre-order:
    AFX is now taking orders for the Kotobukiya Mace Windu and Yoda, due out late November. Kotobukiya Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader and Clonetrooper in stock now.- Action Figure Xpress - http://www.actionfigurexpress.com

    Click Images to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 11 October 2002 | 12:04 EDT
    Trooper Brian reports:
    "Just wanted to let Maryland area people to know that Frederick is pretty dry. I did see two Republic Gunships at the local TRU and the local Wal mart has the Cantina figures but not Greedo. As far as figures go I haven't seen one of the Padme/Clone trooper pilot/ whatever else new figures at any store. The Reek was marked down here also to less than $10 bucks.

    "For Simpson Fans, the TRU had plenty of the new Treehouse of Horror sets (ed note: THOH3 Hell Labs Ironic Punishmnet Division).

    "PS: If there are any other Simpson collectors out there I am trying to get my hands on last years Treehouse of Horror 2 set (Kang and Kodos). Please e-mail if you can help. This site is great by the way."

    Thanks for writing, we certainly do have some Simpsons fans onboard, so good luck finding the THOH2!

    Posted by: Tyler | 11 October 2002 | 9:03 EDT
    R2Dtoys Newsletter!
    We are offering a FREE Jedicon 2001 C-3PO figure to the person whose invoice number = 2018. This is a great figure and limited in production to just 2000 pieces according to the Management from the show! Please email us if you need an image. To qualify, all you do is buy something from our website in October. Good luck ! Also, please see some of the other News websites for other great competitions we are sponsoring. These include sandtroopers.com, artoosnews.com, TPU, thejawa.com, the bothan spy, jundlandwastes.com, gadders.com, galactic senate....and more.

    Chrome 25th Anniversary Edition R2-D2 �23 incl. FREE Star Case ! This is approx. $35 - shipping to the UK is just �2. Europe, America, Japan and ROtW = just �3 !!!
    This figure is rumoured to be a TRU mail-in later this year, as yet full details are unknown - categorised as PROMO ONLY. Remember the Mace Windu mailaway from 1999? - you had to buy some figures and mail away some cash.....this may or may not be the same. To beat the rush and to avoid disappointment now, hurry while stocks last.....once it`s sold out we will not get them again ! This is available now - weeks before official release in the World !

    Jango Fett Pilot �6 each or 2 for �10 !!
    Clone Trooper Pilot �6 each
    Ephant Mon (as yet unreleased in the USA) �7 each
    Lott Dod,Watto,Tusken Raider w/ Massiff

    Star Tours droids from Disney �10 each!
    Star Tours accessories (blaster, saber etc)
    Republic Gunship PRE-ORDER NOW for just �35! Lowest price in Europe!
    Star Wars holiday figure set

    We are still awaiting an arrival date of 12" Ki Adi Mundi, but he IS confirmed and the price is also confirmed at just �25.....please keep watching. We always come through in the end.

    We have limited stocks of the CLEAN biker scout trooper from the POTJ line and a few commtech Princess Leia (hooded), Ree Yees, Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, Naboo Guard etc.

    When we return, we will have a new NewsLetter for you and a fantastic deal NOT to be missed....please keep watching your in-boxes and remind your friends. Introduction discounts are offered to all our customers (in case you forgot) !"

    With thanks, see you all soon, your loyal team www.r2dtoys.com

    Posted by: Jason | 11 October 2002 | 2:32 EDT
    Trooper Jedi Hitch reports:
    "Hi Troops! Target has started getting in the new Deluxe Flipping Anakin and Flying Geonosian. I managed to pick up a set in Spokane, WA. Another place to check for markdowns is Suncoast. They have the usual 50% markdowns on the mugs, tins, walkie-talkies etc.

    "But the biggies (also 50% off) are the Slave 1, Jedi Starfighter, and believe it or not the 12" Ultimate Jango for only $19.99!! Sadly, the 4" figures are still $8.99. For those who don't have an Ultimate Jango yet (or those who want a second one) checking Suncoast might be worth your while."
    - Jedi Hitch


    Posted by: Jason | 11 October 2002 | 1:39 EDT
    C O N T E S T B r e a k d o w n:

  • 10/10: Win Saga Anakin Hangar Duel, Darth Maul and basic Yoda by posting at Pegwarmer.com, ends 10/12.
  • 10/10: Win Watto and Tusken Raider with Massiff in TheJawa.com's weekly contest, ends 10/14.
  • 10/10: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 10/31.
  • 10/10: Win a Near Mint unopened POTF2 Toys R' Us exclusive 12" Dewback & Sandtrooper at PowerCollectibles.net, ends 10/13.
  • 10/10: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase with background, Padme Arena, and Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest, ends 10/15.
  • 10/10: Win a POTF2 Tatooine Skiff with Luke, again at TBS.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 10 October 2002 | 15:29 EDT
    Sandtrooper TJ reports:
    "Hello Troops, This is my first time writing to you. I wanted to tell you that your site is great and I will check in often now that I know about it. What I really wanted to tell you is that I just saw a report on CNN that said due to the shipping strike for the past few weeks, they said TOYS coming from factories in China and Japan will be rather scarce in the coming month. I thought that it was notable news since I am pretty sure most of Hasbro stuff comes from there." - TJ" mr-moto@usa.net

    Thanks for the report TJ and welcome to Sandtroopers! We hope that you will become a regular contributor to this site! For all those other troopers out there that have yet to send in their 1st Sandtroopers news report, what are you waiting for? Other troops need your help and could use the news! Send reports to: news@sandtroopers.com
    Thanks everyone. - Darth Crypt

    Thanks for stopping by TJ, and we all hope that the Christmas merchandise will make it's way to the shelves before Christmas (it is expected that it will take six weeks for the backed-up items on the West Coast to be cleared out and sent on their way. And, yes, most Hasbro products do come our way from the China factories, please write again! - J.

    Posted by: Jason | 10 October 2002 | 2:12 EDT
    Lex-Wan's Store Run-down:
    "Lex-wan with the skinny on the mid East PA goin's-on. At Wal-marts they have no new figs in but all the Wal-marts seem to have a nice supply of Gunships & the 12 inch electronic Jango & Obi, the newest thing is the Anakin Skywalker Interactive Lightsaber for 29.96 it looks great & has over 15 phrases, but I did pass on it since every Wal-mart had about 24 of them...

    "At TRU no word yet on the Silver R2 as of today, & the Reek was marked down to $9.98, they had a lot of X-wings & 12" Luke on Taun Taun - I smell mark down on those bad boys...

    "Kmart was about as useful as a starship with no hyperdrive...

    "Target has got in no new figs in the area except for the new Dlx figs...

    "KB's fell short this week on their shipments & to all of those collectors out there buying into the KB $25.00 club I say wait till they get the 12 inch new figs in before ya cash in that 20% off purchase, if ya collect 12 inch figs that will make those figs 16 bucks each for the 12 inchers, just a money saving tip from your favorite speeder mechanic, Lex-wan"


    Posted by: Jason | 9 October 2002 | 23:44 EDT
    has new Kotobukiya kits:
    KOTOBUKIYA ANAKIN SKYWALKER IN STOCK. We also have very limited quantities of the Kotobukiya Darth Vader and Clonetrooper back in stock.- Action Figure Xpress - http://www.actionfigurexpress.com

    Click Images to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 9 October 2002 | 19:10 EDT
    Trooper John reports:
    "Hey fellow troopers! I would like to thank the many troopers out there who have helped me out over the past few months in getting the stuff I need for my collection. Tyler here being just one of them; the others out there know who they are, and one good friend who is holding a set of the Target sets for me since things went from bad to worse in the finance dept for me until I can get the money up for them again. These troopers I can truly call my friends.

    "I hate to say this but it seems like the forums section is getting more like ebay. I posted a trade the other day and since then I get snide remarks on the trade I'm asking for. I'll admit it's a long shot on getting what I want out of the trade but that's no reason for someone to post a snide remark on there as it makes me not want to post anything on there to trade if I'm going to get remarks like I've been getting. Some of the stuff they are asking for in thier trades it's like looking at another version of ebay."
    - John
    john35@bellsouth.net, stingray35_98@hotmail.com

    John, please take the Forum commentary with a grain of salt. The trade asked for must have generated a lot of interest, but remember that the Forums is the only outlet for such pedestrian rhetoric. I would suggest hanging in there for the item you want, in the meantime don't get discouraged. Anyone wanting to see what John is talking about, please visit this thread. in the Forums, and feel free to register your own opinion.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 9 October 2002 | 12:18 EDT
    Trooper Kevin requests help from Troopers:
    "I need help - does any trooper out there know how i can get ahold of bruce willette (the4cbwu@msn.com). - I've gotten no response from this email address. I made a trade with him for the target accessory sets back on 9-14-02 and the last I heard from him was on 9-26-02. I have yet to receive the target accessory sets, I would appreciate any help." - Kevin in Columbus


    Posted by: Tyler | 9 October 2002 | 8:58 EDT
    Silver R2 at R2Dtoys!
    Here is our fantastic new stock item - SILVER R2-D2 !!
    Our price is just �23 (around $34) and we are shipping worldwide NOW !!
    Shipping includes a FREE Star Case and will cost �2 if in the UK, �3 if in Europe or ANYWHERE else in the World ! This is just $4.50 - express air. - Kind regards, John.


    Better hurry troops. I'm sure these won't last long!

    Posted by: Jason | 9 October 2002 | 0:33 EDT
    Trooper Phil reports:
    "Troops, I have a Master Replicas YODA lightsaber available if anyone is interested. Mistakenly, I have ended up with two. I would be glad to let one go for the same price I paid, $250 plus shipping and handling. Or if you have vintage, carded, Star Wars figures to trade, I would be very interested. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks." - Phil


    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 21:59 EDT

    STAR WARS: More Darth Tyranus & Mace Windu Unleashed figures. We also have very few of the new Deluxe wave - Flying Geonosian, Anakin, and Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike. These will sell out very shortly, but we have more of them in transit. We have also restocked several other older items: Bossk, Han in Hoth Gear, TIE Bomber, AT-ST Walker, and more
    ARMADA OPTIMUS PRIME: Now available for $44.99
    G1 SKIDS & TRACKS: Feel free to order now and we'll ship on 10/9 if stock levels hold or, at the latest, after our 10/15 shipment arrives
    MEGA PVC RODIMUS PRIME: 6th figure in the Mega PVC series - in stock for $21.99
    Japanese Vintage and BW: Vintage Japanese items have arrived - Scourge and C-348 Dai Atlas. We have very small amounts of Black Big Convoy, Black Leo Convoy, and X-9 Ravage. Also back in stock for JBW: X-7, C-30 Corhada, Versus 46, Versus 43, D-42 & others. Primal Prime restocked
    HEROES OF CYBERTRON WAVE 3: We have a few sets of series 2 left and have just put up a pre-order for Wave 3 - which includes: Galvatron, Cyclonus, Ironhide, Rodimus, Soundwave & Grimlock
    DREAMWAVE: The Metroplex vs. Trypticon Litho is now in stock. We still have a wide variety of other lithos, comics, posters, and calendars

    YAMATO VF-1S STRIKE VALKYRIE & 1/144: The very nice VF-1S Strike Valk is now in stock for $89.99. We also have received the YF-21 and VF-19A 1/144 Die Cast Valks
    NEW CLEARANCE/SALE ITEMS: Metallic Getter Robo Set, Jumbo Sempujin Figure, Gold Jazz & Bluestreak Set, Black Gao King, Sempujin Harrier, McFarlane Ultima Sets, Battle Damaged Mega PVC Prime

    EXCITING BBTS NEWS! This week we will be breaking ground on the construction project for our brand new warehouse which will be completed in January 2003! Our new warehouse will have about 20,000 square feet of work space & storage/shelving area and will greatly help us to improve our operations. It will provide us with the room and infrastructure needed to continue expanding our product offerings into new and exciting items & genres we have not yet dealt in as well as carry even more toy lines! We have a new website in the works for 2003 that will make purchasing on our site much more convenient and will make pre-order management much easier! I'd would sincerely like to personally thank each and every one of you who has supported us during the nearly 3 years we have been online, and we'll keep working hard to provide the services and products you desire from BBTS. We'll be sure to post pictures on our site of the new warehouse as the open plot of land in the industrial park is transformed into our new home :)

    Thanks for reading this long newsletter, be sure to check out www.bigbadtoystore.com to see the new items and have a great week! Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 21:21 EDT
    ToyFare Magazine Issue 64 in Mailboxes now:

    A feature article explores the proposed Kenner Star Wars toy series that would have sawthe release of some cool, albiet rehashed toys, all built around an Expanded Universe of sorts back in 1985.

    A short article on the triumphant re-launch of Ninja Turtles and plenty of new Masters of the Universe round this ish out. And would you believe, only ONE Star Wars entry populates their Top Ten Toy list for the month?

    And for the 80's G.I.Joe fan, there is a mail-in offer for a repainted first version Snake-Eyes and Scarlett two pack. This issue will be at your local periodical outlet soon as well.

    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 20:00 EDT
    Trooper DW reports:
    "The Arena Battle Playset has been popping up here in SW MO. They have been found at the Wal-Mart Supercenters in Monett, MO and Carthage, MO. Thanks" - DW


    Posted by: Steve | 8 October 2002 | 18:52 EDT
    New comics this week.
    Hey Troops, there is one new Star Wars comic due out this week. It is Star Wars: Republic #46. Remember that Republic continues the line of the old Star Wars title, with the numbering picking up right where the last one left off. Issue 46 is supposed to start up with a brand new story line, so it should be exciting.

    Posted by: Steve | 8 October 2002 | 18:46 EDT
    Yestertoys checks in with the latest figures
    Tom from Yestertoys has let me know that they have the new clone trooper, Jango, Amidala, Anakin and Target exclusive accessory packs in-stock. They will be up on the site wednesday. They also have most of the rest of the Saga line in-stock. Check them out here.

    Posted by: Steve | 8 October 2002 | 17:34 EDT
    Trooper Garr from MO checks in with Bloody Lukes
    "This is the Garr from MO. Lately I've been plagued with the Klez virus, sorry about the e-mails that were sent back and forth to all troopers, just to let you know I did not send any e-mails to anyone when the virus was active. The virus did all that. Now that I have that all cleared up, I went to my local KB store and picked up my exclusive Jedi Starfighter, and lo and behold I looked down and found 2 Bloody Lukes. Wow, I couldn't believe my eyes.

    "I do have one left that I would be willing to trade for a ToyFair Vader I would like to trade figure for figure, they are both difficult to obtain I know but I really need the help to fill in the hole in my wall. Thank you and MTFBWY!!!
    " - Garr


    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 15:21 EDT
    Trooper Jake Will Hook More Troopers Up!
    "Hello all - I just wanted to offer my fellow troops a good deal on some new figures that I just received. I have the following available for sale: 4 Ephant Mon, 3 Padme Pilot, 4 Watto, 4 Lott Dodd, 4 Tusken Raider, 2 Ki-Adi-Mundi, 2 Teemto Pagalies, 2 Anakin Tatooine, and 3 Jango Pilot. Single figures are $10 shipped via USPS Priority mail and pairs are $15 shipped. Drop me an email if you are interested, thanks!" - Jake


    Thanks Jake, for offering these new figures to the Troopers! Yo Joe!!!, I mean MTFBWY!

    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 15:02 EDT
    Trooper "THE Chad" reports:
    "Hi, I was at my local Wal-Mart in Athens Alabama. I found the Arena playset. It is pretty cool but I passed on it. So, it's out now. Take care."


    Chad, thank you very much for the hot tip. Everyone looking to get one of these playsets at retail is advised to commence your hunt NOW!

    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 14:43 EDT
    K-Mart clearance Sale coming! Jedi Daxter reports:
    "JediDaxter here. I was just contacted by a K-Mart representative, letting me know the K-Mart Inc., is giving info out to all K-Mart stores to start a clearance sale on all Star Wars basic and deluxe figures, and also including all 12"s in stock. He said it should be happening within a few weeks, clearing out old stock for new arrivals for Christmas shopping.

    "A few reports have been popping up about some local K-Marts having sales on the Basic for $2, Deluxe for $3, and 12" for $10, including Zam, Dooku, and Sup Battle Droid. So, start calling or checking your local K-Mart's. I'm calling mine. A good guess is that Wal-Mart may follow suit. JediDaxter signing out... God Bless You All!


    Posted by: Jason | 8 October 2002 | 2:44 EDT
    Star Tours Wave 2 featured at TheBothanSpy.com
    That wicked cool shutterbug and scribe Ishi Tibb from TBS has created an exceptional image collage and review segment for the newest wave of Disney/Hasbro Star Tours figures (DL-X2, WEG-1618, and R4-M9). Visit TheBothanSpy.com to see more great features, and start off with this new Star Tours entry by clicking here. Now, I know some folks have been hesitant to venture into this series of figures, but after checking out Ishi's presentation you may find yourself becoming very interested!

    Posted by: Jason | 7 October 2002 | 21:23 EDT
    New Sandtroopers.com Feature:
    The Brutal World of J and Spice's Figure Reviews is back under our newly-dubbed Sandtroopers.com "SANDWATCH" segment. As always, expect honest opinions on the latest Hasbro product releases. We point out each item's foibles in addition to praising the positive aspects. Our own Sandtrooper James has captured the items in his SANDWATCH photography portion that you'll see alongside the Review.

    Here are the first SANDWATCH entries: Republic Gunship and Collection 2, Wave 7 (Tusken, Watto and Lott Dod). Access the SANDWATCH Review Gateway Portal Page here.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 October 2002 | 18:14 EDT
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has got In Stock Now Star Tours 2nd Release!!!
    Visit us at Brian's Toys

    Saga Exclusive Star Tours DL-X2
    These figures were only available at Disney World
    C-9 Price: $29.99 ea.
    C-7/8 Price: $27.99 ea.
    Saga Exclusive Star Tours R4-M9
    These figures were only available at Disney World
    C-9 Price: $29.99 ea.
    C-7/8 Price: $27.99 ea.
    Saga Exclusive Star Tours WEG-1618
    These figures were only available at Disney World
    C-9 Price: $29.99 ea.
    C-7/8 Price: $27.99 ea.

    Many More Toys at our Webstore, Visit us at Brian's Toys "

    Posted by: Steve | 7 October 2002 | 17:20 EDT
    Interview with Destiny's Way author
    Hey Troops, the Official Site has posted an interview with Walter Jon Williams, author of the latest NJO novel, Destiny's Way. Williams reveals a little insight into writing in the Star Wars universe and talks about the ups and downs of his endeavors. The interview was informative and interesting without revealing any major spoiler material for those who are spoiler conscious. Check it out by clicking here.

    Posted by: Jason | 7 October 2002 | 15:08 EDT
    Trooper Jedi Master Eric reports, and needs Death Star set:
    "Today at K mart in Niagara Falls, NY I saw 2 each of the new 12" deluxe battling Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. These are pretty cool scuplts and they say lines right out of the film. I passed on them, so they are still there. Also, they had quite a selection of the 2 packs(clonetrooper & hanger duel ani, ani & obi, etc.) I also hit Target and Walmart but there was still nothing new there. Is anyone finding the accessory sets? I still need the death star one. If someone could hook me up, I would be very grateful! LMK"


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 October 2002 | 9:42 EDT
    Bad news from Bowie, MD.
    It has been one HELL of a morning here in Bowie MD!. The 13 year old boy was shot just 2 blocks from my job and another person was shot at the Walmart just one block from my job! This is where I find my figures. There are like 4 choppers all over the skies with tons of police cruisers and I witnessed a police convergence on a white box truck at the Bowie Khols parking lot (plain view from our 2nd floor window). They pulled the man out and had him on the ground as they poured over his truck. This was NOT the guy though...BE CAREFULL Bowie troopers! VERY scary morning here so far....Looks like the police have moved over to the Bowie Target parking lot to check it as well.....

    *UPDATE*: The Walmart incident seems to have been a false alarm...

    Posted by: Tyler | 6 October 2002 | 22:54 EDT
    R2Dtoys Newsletter!
    PRE-ORDER NOW (guaranteed pre-order - will be shipped next Tuesday !)

    Clone Trooper Republic Gunship Pilot �6,Jango Fett Slave I Pilot �6,PRE-ORDER PRICE �5 !!

    Once the item is in stock, our regular �6 price will be introduced. So order now and save yourself some cash ! Also, we are offering ANY Ep2/Saga figure with a �1 discount, across the board, when you order these 2 products. There is no limit to your order quantity !! There are a lot of other great items arriving soon for pre-order, so please see the site.


    Massiff w/ Geonosian Warrior �5,Lott Dod �6,Watto �6,Tusken Raider w/ Massiff �6,Shaak Ti �5,ENDOR TROOP BUILDER SET �14,Stormtrooper Builder Set �14,Unleashed Anakin, Vader & Padme �14 each or all 3 for �40 !,Millennium Falcon �49,Power FX Electronic X-Wing Fighter �49,Royal Starship �89,Trade Federation Tank �39,Gungan Sub w/ Obi Wan �10,Sith Attack Speeder w/ Darth Maul �10,Light-up Qui Gon Jinn & Darth Maul �18 for both

    Plus many more items !!

    Next week is a BIG week for us and we will mail you again with the latest offerings......you will be VERY happy - especially with our monthly promo. Many thanks, and we hope to see you soon.



    Posted by: Spiceowan | 6 October 2002 | 16:03 EDT
    Force of the Bay
    Spiceowan reporting in from the outer rim of E-Bay. I discovered many foreign variants this week starting with a R2-D2 that still has a decent package for the age.Our friends at Cloud City give us this treat . I wish they would have offered that in the U.S. with our school supplies, I may have paid attention.Here is one for our vintage coin hunter friends.A costly item indeed, wanted by many carded collectors.Here is one for 21 and older Troopers now that football Sunday is in full swing. You may want to enjoy it with this. A POTF Freeze Frame that you won't find just anywhere. Now is your big chance ! Go for it !! Take notice neither the sellers or the items are sanctioned by Sandtroopers or E-Bay so Please LET THE BUYER BEWARE
    That is all for now stay tuned for upcoming reviews from J and Spice ! Spiceowan Out

    Posted by: Jason | 6 October 2002 | 2:12 EDT
    Troopette Donna reports:
    'Hi, Troopette Donna from So. Cal. I saw the Republic Gunship at two different TRU's today. Also starting on Saturday, you can pick up the next two Star Wars Ornaments from your Hallmark store. They are Jango Fett and Obi-Wan. Happy Hunting!"


    Posted by: Jason | 5 October 2002 | 23:48 EDT
    Latest Figure Petition from Jedi Daxter:
    Jedi Daxter has started a petition for a 3-3/4" Greedo from Episode One: The Phantom Menace (cut fight scene following the Podrace when he accuses Anakin of having cheated). Not only are you only signing for him, but also for a 3-3/4" Kitster and Wald (Anakin's best friend and skeptical Rodian friend, respectively).


    Please sign these other petitions:
    Moff Jerjerrod
    Archduke Poggle the Lesser
    New Ewok Village Playset

    JediDaxter@wmconnect.com - PetitionOrg

    There are many great characters like this Episode I Greedo that really do deserve to be made. This film still alone makes me want one all the more:

    Posted by: Jason | 5 October 2002 | 22:40 EDT
    Please Help Trooper Monkey Ambassador:
    "I need to hear from Jeffred5 and Jim Harrel. If anybody knows either or both, please tell them to contact me."


    Jeff has already been contacted, we would ask that if anyone at all can point Jeff and/or Jim in Monkey Ambassador's direction, please help! Thanks Troops!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 October 2002 | 21:06 EDT
    This just in from Brian's Toys
    "Visit Brian's Toys Today for EPI Life Size Figures!

    Life Size Jar Jar Binks - 7 Feet Tall
    Free Continental Domestic Shipping
    Offer good through October 11th
    Price: $1,399.99

    Episode I Life-Size Yoda (Blockbuster)
    This item is an Episode I life size item of Yoda, who is standing on a black stand.
    Free Continental Domestic Shipping
    Offer good through October 11th
    Price: $829.99

    Episode I Life-Size Watto
    This item is an Episode 1 life size item of Watto.
    Free Continental Domestic Shipping
    Offer good through October 11th
    Price $995.99

    POTJ Multi-Figure Pack Mexican 4 figure pack
    Includes a POTJ Darth Vader Dagaboh, Luke X-wing, Tantive IV Rebel Trooper, and Sandtrooper.
    Price: $89.99

    Latest Deluxe Saga Figures In Stock Now!!!
    AOTC Deluxe Clone Trooper with Speeder bike Price: $19.99
    AOTC Deluxe Flying Geonosian with Attack Pod and Blaster Price: $19.99
    AOTC Deluxe Anakin Force Flipping Attack Price: $19.99

    Vintage Loose Rare Blue Snaggletooth C-9.5 [Kenner Baggie]
    Price: $495.00

    POTJ Specials
    These & Many More Items in our POTJ Specials Section:

    POTJ Playsets boxed Carbon-Freezing Chamber C-8/9
    [reg. $24.99] Price: $19.99
    POTJ Deluxe Amanaman Price: $14.99
    POTJ Deluxe Darth Maul (Bare Chest) with Sith Attack Droid Price: $14.99
    POTJ 3 3/4" carded BoShek Price: $11.99
    POTJ 3 3/4" carded Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice) Price: $11.99
    POTJ 3 3/4" Carded Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Price: $6.99

    Visit Our Featured & Specials Section Today For the Latest in Reduced Prices.

    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys "

    Posted by: Jason | 5 October 2002 | 15:33 EDT
    Trooper Dennis has found a three-fisted Luke:
    "Dennis in Nashville, TN saying hello to fans worldwide. Around this town you have to be lucky and without a job to be able to find all the new figures. We just don't get much to start with and what does come in gets bought up fast.

    "I need some help if anyone knows about this. I came across a 3 hand SAGA Bespin Luke at TRU. That's right, a hand in it's proper place in the bubble, one attached to the stump and his regular left hand. I saw one on e-shmay(sic) 2-3 months ago and have not seen anything about it since. It's not a bloody stump version but it is the metal peg. I was wondering if anyone else has come across one? Does anyone think it's worth having graded?

    "I contacted our good friends at Brian's Toys and was told they have had a couple and sold them out for $50. I can't help but think that is probably not the price it would go for now. I don't want to sell or trade it but sure would like some help with my questions. thanks everyone and happy hunting."
    - Dennis


    Posted by: Jason | 4 October 2002 | 21:16 EDT
    Trooper MAC reports:
    "Greetings Fellow Troopers, KB (Coronado Mall - Albuquerque, NM) had some some of the newer figs when I got there, but it seems that they had already been ripped into, so I was unable to attain Ephant Mon or the "no beard" Rebel Trooper in Endor gear. TRU (Indian School) had two Republic gunships as of this morning, I was lucky to pick one up at Walmart, so two remained after my visit.

    "I checked out Sam Goody (Coronado Mall) while I was at the mall, and noticed that the Slave 1 was 1/2 off, approximately $14.00, not bad if you want to open it, they did have stickers on them, but they seemed to be fairly easy to remove and the boxes seemed to be in pretty good shape. A staff member said they were going to put the POTJ and EP2 figures on sale next week. (I'm hoping I'll be able to get one of the two Biker Scouts (dirty) that they have left for half-off)."
    - MAC


    Posted by: Jason | 4 October 2002 | 18:38 EDT
    Trooper Kevin selling loose figures:
    "Here's some figures that may make good custom fodder or complete a loose collection. There's some great deals here! I understand that money can sometimes be tight (hence this list), but I ask that you purchase at least 5.00 worth of figures to make it worthwhile. Unless noted, all figures are loose C9 or better and complete. In most cases, these came directly off damaged cards and right into a bag." Click HERE to view Kevin's list.


    Posted by: Jason | 4 October 2002 | 17:47 EDT
    Trooper Starfox reports:
    "The Target in Killeen, TX has the new action fleet wave in with the Solar Sailor & the AT-TE...pretty cool looking & KayBee toy store has the latest wave of figs with Padme Pilot & Clone Trooper pilots(very cool), nothing else new in the Central Texas area. starfox signing out..."


    Posted by: Jason | 4 October 2002 | 17:35 EDT
    Trooper Tim reports, and has items for sale:
    "Hello Troopers, Tim from Kansas City. The latest waves of Padme Pilot to Watto have arrived at a couple of KB’s in KC. It’s been around 2 � months since I’ve seen anything new! I’m also in the process of thinning down some of my collections with the following items for sale at a low price:


    "The prices do not include shipping (should be around $4-7 depending on the item[s]). If you’re interested in any of them, email me. USA only please. Thanks!" - Tim


    Posted by: Jason | 4 October 2002 | 16:57 EDT
    Trooper Larry reports:
    "Trooper Larry Reporting - Hey troops! Get to your KB stores. The manager at KB in Mentor, Ohio, said all stores should have received 1 or 2 cases with the new figures. How true it is, will be based on who finds the figures. Other than that, it has been pretty quiet in Northern Ohio. TRU had the new Luke and Tauntaun, and within 2 days all eight were gone. No sign of the Gunship, but the Manager at Wal-Mart was saying that they had Five containers of toys for Christmas out back. Thats the news from my front. Happy hunting troops."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 October 2002 | 11:44 EDT
    Sandtrooper/THEJAWA forums
    The forums are temporarily down and are being fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, they will be back up again ASAP.

    **UPDATE**: The forums are back online!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 October 2002 | 11:14 EDT
    UK Sandtrooper Darth LRG reports:
    "Hi UK Troopers!
    "Just some information for you to help you collectors out there. After a visit to the TRU in Swansea I have the following information. It seems that they have replaced the Store Front Displays with Harry Potter however they had a 3 for 2 deal on all the standard figures. (I picked Up padme pilot, Chewie (bespin escape) and Teemto Pagalies). They also had Endor Han, Darth Maul (Sith Training), Anakin Tatooine Attack, Orn Free Ta plus the normal saga figures.

    "On the Deluxe side they had the new c-3p0 (but no Yoda) and they had Anakin, Padme and Vader unleashed figures. On the 12 “ front they had Mace, Anakin and BOTH RED and YELLOW Clone Troopers!! Also on a trip to Bristol the TRU there had the 12” Mace and Obi Wan plus the deluxe Anakin with Geonosian Warrior.

    "No Sign of the Silver R2-D2 yet though..."
    - Gareth Blinkhorn (Darth LRG)


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 October 2002 | 11:07 EDT
    Sandtrooper Mike reports:
    "Greetings fellow troopers, If you are interested in the 12" 100th Edition Luke Skywalker with all the extras check out Toyzz.com. They have them marked down to $14.99!


    That sounds like a killer deal! Thanks Mike!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 October 2002 | 11:03 EDT
    Sandtrooper Jorge Perez reports:
    "Boston News!
    "KB at Arsenal mall in Watertown had a set of the new col. 1 figs. minus the clone pilots. KB in Newton had 2 sets of the new col. 1 figs (all 5) plus OB pilot w/ starfighter. TRU in fresh pond has the 3 exclusives only. Peace."


    Thanks for the news Jorge! Keep it coming...

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 October 2002 | 10:59 EDT
    Sandtrooper Orlando is ready to hook up some troopers!
    "Orlando from McAllen reporting new findings at KB, I was able to get all the new figures at the Harlingen & Brownsville stores Wednesday night except for Ephant Mon. I got a few extas for my fellow troopers. Please e-mail me if you need any of these at cost plus shipping. I will get back to you on Saturday. Also, I would like to thank the people at KB, they have never been so friendly and cooperative, they even open the door for me since I got there just past 9:00 PM after driving 55 miles to get there. The new figures are awesome, good luck!!!!!"


    Orlando, my man! Thanks for being a long time reader and for offering to hook up some needy troops! This is what it is all about folks! Keep those reports and news coming in troops...! United, We Find!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 October 2002 | 10:55 EDT
    Sandtrooper Jedichirp asks:
    "What's wrong with the forums?... I can't get in...are they down right now?"
    Chad McDonald (jedichirp)

    Chad, we are looking into this issue with our friends at THEJAWA, we will have the problem resolved ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience troops...

    Posted by: Tyler | 4 October 2002 | 8:51 EDT
    Trooper Ozziehihorse reports:
    "Hi troops! I have new SAGA figures for sale for retail.

    "Lott Dod x 2 ,Tusken raider w/Masiff,Padme Pilot,Watto x 3,Ki-adi Mundi x 2,Teemto,Darth maul(sith Training),Anakin Skyalker(Tatoine attack) x 3.$5.50 each and please only 2-3 figures each....I want as many people as possible to get a figure or 2.Shippping will be from $4.50-$6 depending on which Zone it is going to.LMK."


    Posted by: Jason | 3 October 2002 | 22:33 EDT
    Trooper Mike Selling Collection:
    "Hey Troops! I would like to thank everyone who replied to my post about selling off some of my collection due to $ issues. Right now I'll have to part with just about everything here is a list of what I have left and what I'm asking for each item. Any questions or offers please email me. Thanks!" - Mike


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 October 2002 | 20:00 EDT
    Stuff at Bowie MD Target
    Troops in and around Bowie, MD. The Target there still has plenty accessory packs (Scout Trooper, Hoth Survival, Battle droid arena, C-3PO and Battle droid head switch...ect...), They also had 1 interactive R2 left.

    To the troops around the country: KEEP THOSE NEWS BITS AND REPORTS AS WELL AS PICS coming in, we need your help to help others! UNITED, WE FIND!!!!

    Posted by: Steve | 3 October 2002 | 19:00 EDT
    News from Del Rey
    ---ON-SALE NOW---
    The next installment in The New Jedi Order series, on-sale: STAR WARS: THE NEW JEDI ORDER: DESTINY'S WAY by Walter Jon Williams
    Hardcover, $25.95, 0-345-42850-1

    In the war against the ruthless Yuuzhan Vong, the fall of Coruscant leaves the New Republic divided by internal strife, and on the verge of bowing to conquest. But those who steadfastly refuse to consider surrender--Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, and their children and comrades-in-arms--are determined to seize victory against overwhelming odds. And now, finally, there are signs that the tide may be turning in the New Republic's favor.

    For more details: CLICK HERE

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 October 2002 | 9:37 EDT
    Sandtroopers welcomes ...
    Please welcome Lex Wan to the Sandtroopers staff! His addition along with James (A.K.A. Lord Z) will help us finish off a solid year of faithful news and reports in service to you troops. Also with their addition to the Sandtroopers staff, we are gearing up for our biggest year yet in 2003! Stay tuned:
    -The Sandtroopers staff: "To Collect and Serve"

    Posted by: Count Matchew | 3 October 2002 | 9:34 EDT
    Cloud City News Update:
    "Cloud City Collectibles is listing hundreds of vintage Star Wars, Starting Lineup, and G.I. Joe items on eBay during the month of October. To view all of Cloud City's current auctions, check out Cloud City's eBay Store. For information about Cloud City, visit www.cloudcity.com, or email sales@cloudcity.com . With close to $1 million in vintage Star Wars inventory, Cloud City is sure to have something that fits your collection."

    Posted by: Jason | 3 October 2002 | 2:26 EDT
    Troopette Donna reports:
    "Hi, Donna from So. Cal. here. After reading numerous reports here on Sandtroopers about the new waves showing up at KB, I went by on Wednesday night. I scored Padme Pilot, Clean Endor Soldier, Watto, Lott Dod, and Tusken Raider w/Massiff. Did not see any Jango Pilots or Clone Trooper Pilots. Also remember to use the KB Toy Club card if you spend at least $25. Happy Hunting."


    Thanks again Tim and Lex-Wan for the hot KB tip!

    Posted by: Jason | 3 October 2002 | 2:11 EDT
    "Felons Attack" Diorama by ACPin

    Felons Attack (AOC) - click to enter ACPin SW

    " 'This isn't how it's supposed to be!' Nute Gunray fumes at what the three felons have done to the monstrous beasts which were their executioners.

    "Padme climbs back at the pole after knocking the Nexu down to the sand. Anakin rides the Reek with the chain around its neck and about to charge at the Massifs handled by a couple of Geonosian warriors. Obi-Wan tries to keep his distance from the Acklay with the spear taken from the Geonosian warrior that's been cut in two by the beast."

    Check it out at ACPin SW.

    Posted by: Jason | 3 October 2002 | 1:15 EDT
    Internet Headline: See Silver R2-D2 at Artoosnews.com
    You will want to visit the R2N Visual Guides area to see loose shots of the obligatory Silver R2 promotional figure! A loose collage as always, and an up-close look at the card backing narrative and artwork. Thank-you to Jedi Mike of ArtoosNews for assembling this new guide!

    And, remember troops that nothing is written in stone as of yet for the logistics on the release for this item. Pay attention to the Star Wars collecting sites for information as it is announced, and keep in mind that initial numbers suggest a run of approximately 100,000 pieces, maybe more.

    Posted by: Tyler | 2 October 2002 | 22:50 EDT
    Target Accesory Sets
    If anyone still needs the Target sets LMK. I have one complete set plus an extra Hoth and Death Star set. I'd prefer to sell the complete set as a whole. They cost me $17.17 CAN each ($11.45 US) and are on US cards. Take care.


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 October 2002 | 20:31 EDT
    Area Report
    Spiceowan checking in for N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin. Acting on a hot tip I read right here from New Super Trooper Lex-Wan, I decided to check out my local K-B Toys and while Illinois had nothing to offer, Kenosha Wisconsin had the same cases discussed in the previous reports from other troops. The drought for new figures appears to be over at long last Troops!

    Also, I am attempting to put together the Local Sandtrooper Div. 24/7 for all of you Troops in the Illinois/Wisconsin area. If interested contact me spiceowan@sandtroopers.com for details.

    I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Lex-Wan and James aka Lord Zahn. Lord Z is a charter member in the 24/7 and he and I will be working together to better serve you. Great to have some new faces to help us finish out 2002 Kicking A%$ and taking names ! Spiceowan Out !!

    Posted by: Jason | 2 October 2002 | 17:48 EDT
    Troper Drew reports:
    "Louisville, Kentucky finally got a shipment today of new figures! At the KB Toys in St. Matthew’s Mall, I was able to get Padme Pilot, Jango Pilot, Tusken, Watto, and Lott Dodd! There were no Clone Trooper Pilots left (manager said there were only 3 to start).

    "Whats left as of 4:15pm: 1 Padme Pilot and 2 Jango Pilots. I hid the only Padme Pilot and the best conditioned Jango Pilot on the top shelf, behind 2 12" Clone Troopers. Also had 2 Wattos, 1 Tusken, 2 Lott Dodds, 2 Ki-Adi's, 1 Teemto, and several Anakin TA and Maul ST. Also had 2 or 3 Yoda's and 1 Dooku!

    "That's my best haul in a long time! I hope someone hurries in time to get the Padme Pilot and Jango Pilot I hid!


    Posted by: Lex-Wan | 2 October 2002 | 14:29 EDT
    KB Getting Drop-Shipments of New Figures:
    Lex-wan (Jedi knight & friend to captain Solo) reports in from mid-east PA. Got the word from the troops about some of us finding all the new figs at KB, well, ol' Lex decided to call a KB. They told me they had got some new figs in. I no sooner hung up with him & rushed to the KB I called & sure enough they had Padme Pilot, new Endor Rebel soldier, Watto, Lott Dodd, Tuskin Raider w/Massiff, Anakin Tatooine Attack, Darth Maul, Teemto & Ki-Adi-Mundi. Now, as I had 42, 43, 44, 45, I only needed the others so I scored - yippee!!

    So get to your closest KB they are getting drop shipments in of these that means Airborne Express is dropping off cases of figs to them & not getting them in there regular shipment. I also called all the KB's in my area & only one store got in 1 case of the clone pilot wave & it was like pulling teeth to get just 1 of each for myself she really was even hiding the case behind the counter but all in all it was a good day for hunting, MTFBWY

    Posted by: Jason | 2 October 2002 | 14:14 EDT
    Help a Trooper to avoid 'Corporal' Punishment
    "Hey troops, Tim from So. Cal, here. The other day I posted about some figures that I came and got a good response, but there is one collector out there that needs our help. A Corporal in the Marines stationed in Japan has a few holes in his collection, I am more than willing to help him and wonder if other troopers out there would be as kind. He sent me a list of missing items, some easy finds, others not so easy. I am going to collect a couple of figures a week for him and when I get five or six I will send them to his home in PA.

    "If there are Any troopers that would like to help with this LMK. The Corporal is willing to pay for expenses, even out of the way expense. I am always looking for figures and it would never be out of the way, just as I wouldn't charge any tooper extra, that would be scalping. Anyway, enough babbling here's his list."

    1. Anakin Skywalker, Tatooine Attack
    2. Chewbacca, Cloud City Capture
    3. Clone Trooper
    4. Clone Trooper, Republic Gunship Pilot
    5. Darth Maul, Sith Training
    6. Darth Vader, Bespin Duel
    7. Destroyer Droid
    8. Ephant Mon, Jabba's Head of Security
    9. Han Solo, Endor Raid
    10. Jango Fett, Final Duel
    11. Jango Fett, Kamino Escape
    12. Jango Fett, Slave One Pilot
    13. Ki-Adi-Mundi, Jedi Master
    14. Lott Dod, Neimoidian Senator
    15. Luke Skywalker, Bespin Duel
    16. Luminara Unduli, Jedi Master
    17. Mace Windu, Geonosian Rescue
    18. Momaw Nadan
    19. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Star Fighter
    20. Padme Amidala, Coruscant Attack
    21. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    22. Teemto Pagalies, Pod Racer
    23. Tusken Raider w/ Massiff
    24. Watto, Mos Epsa Junk Dealer
    25. Yoda, Jedi Council


    Posted by: Jason | 2 October 2002 | 14:05 EDT
    Trooper Monkey Ambassador reports:
    "I have an extra Cantina Greedo (maybe 2 if Jeffred5 would contact me) for sale/trade. I would also like to contact the person who sent me the 1978 Holiday Special. I don't know your name, you live in Valdosta, GA. I would like to thank you and ask you something. It is very importaint that you contact me! Love ya" - MONKEY AMBASSADOR


    Posted by: Tracy | 2 October 2002 | 6:54 EDT
    Swamptroopers Report....
    TRU has several of the 12" Luke on Tauntaun and one Interactive R2-D2. Just about all the WalMarts have the new 12" figs and some still have the cantina figures. K-Mart has returned to its old ways and hasn't had anything new in for a long time. KB Toys has The Jedi Starfighter with Obi Wan Pilot but no sign of the Jango/Slave One. Still no sign of any of the Unleashed Figures since the release of Jango/Boba and Darth Maul.

    Nothing new in the 3 3/4 inch line since Orn Free Taa...what gives? I am a patient collector but this is getting ridiculas. Later

    Posted by: James | 2 October 2002 | 2:52 EDT
    Exclusive Sandtroopers Web Comic!
    Hey Troops! In the spirit of this site, we asked Ken Hedge, a comic artist that works with me on another project, to come up with a few original works to post here at Sandtroopers.com. With that said,I'm pleased to show you the first of hopefully many Exclusive Sandtroopers Web Comics.

    Much thanks to Ken for some great art!

    Posted by: Jason | 2 October 2002 | 2:29 EDT
    Trooper Steve with an Item Request:
    Hello, I am in need of the 1st version of the Padme Pilot figure with the uncorrected text or sticker. I'd greatly appreciate any help." - Steven


    Posted by: Tyler | 1 October 2002 | 23:20 EDT
    New stuff at DNSToys!
    D & S Sci-fi Toy World has the new Action Fleet Solar Sailer, At-Te & Naboo Starfighter. Also has the new Deluxe Figures and 12" Electronic Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. Also the new Padme, Clone Trooper Pilot & Jango Pilot figures as well as Lott Dodd, Watto & Tusken.

    D & S Sci-fi Toy World
    Click to Enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 1 October 2002 | 19:49 EDT

    TRANSFORMERS: Hasbro re-issue G1 Optimus Prime is now in stock for $59.99. Starscream Bust has arrived - $44.99. We have restocked the PVC Act 4 and have many other PVC acts.
    JAPANESE BEAST WARS: We have restocked quite a few figures: Longrack, Sling, Megatron, Heinlad, many versus sets in stock as well as many other figures.

    BANDAI USA GUNDAM: Raven Gundam, Walter Gundam, and the large Grand Gundam which combines with Raven, Walter, and Master Gundams (all in stock) to form 'Grand Master Gundam.' Also 11" Sazabi & Nu, Master & Zeus Gundam, and most Deluxe and Basic 4.5" Gundams
    MOVIE MANIACS & IRON MAIDEN: The Movie Maniac Line and Eddie - The Trooper figure from Iron Maiden.
    ALIEN STATUE & PREDATOR BUST: New from Palisades - very nice looking high quality statue and bust.
    MACROSS & ROBOTECH: 1/144 Scale YF-21 Die Cast Figure, YF-19 Model, Robotech VF-1D Trainer (San Diego Comic Con Figure) and Pre-Order on the Series 2 Super Poseable Figures. Many others in stock!
    PLAN B TOYS: Plan B Special Forces Mission Figures - Set of 6 for $49.99 - located on 'Intoyz & Plan B' menu (bottom of the menu on the left).
    BLUE BOX ELITE FORCE: 3 USMC Digital Camo figures and a French Foreign Legion Figure. 'Perfect Body' figures in stock as well as and many other bluebox items.
    MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Bashin' Beetle is now in stock, Castle Grayskull arrives soon and many other MOTU items are in stock.
    ARRIVING SOON: We have a lot of stuff arriving late this week: Transformers reissue Skids & Tracks, Yamato Strike VF-1S, Armada Optimus Prime & more new items.

    Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: James | 1 October 2002 | 19:23 EDT
    Wal-Mart in Racine, WI...
    Just a quick note to let everyone know that I happened to stop in at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Racine, Wisconsin today. When I got to the Star Wars section I found several of the new Cantina packs which were viciously mangled in a manner that I have never seen before. Every single one of them was crunched, no simple card-bending here, but totally mangled. The only other new item I happened to see was a 12-inch Super Battle Droid, which was also badly damaged, as the top of his box was ripped off. Unreal...

    Posted by: Steve | 1 October 2002 | 17:55 EDT
    Yestertoys checks in with the Endor troops builder set
    Hey Troops, Tom at Yestertoys just let me know that they have the new Endor troop builder 4-pack in stock. This is the POTF2 Endor rebel soldier pack for army builders. Yestertoys also has a lot of the unleashed figures in stock. I know these have been hard to find in some areas, so check them out.

    Posted by: Steve | 1 October 2002 | 17:51 EDT
    Review of Tales # 13 posted
    Hey Troops, just wanted to let you know that as promised, my review of Star Wars: Tales # 13 is up and ready for your reading enjoyment (hopefully). This is the all Mace Windu issue that Sam Jackson fans should check out. If you aren't sure, check out my review, maybe that will sway you. If you are sure, check it out and let me know if you agree/disagree with my take on the stories.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 October 2002 | 16:21 EDT
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    Visit Brian's Toys Today!

    POTJ Multi-Figure Pack Mexican 4 figure pack
    - This multi figure set includes a POTJ Darth Vader Dagaboh, Luke X-wing,
    Tantive IV Rebel Trooper, and Sandtrooper.
    Price: $99.99

    Deluxe Saga Clone Trooper & Speeder Bikes In Stock Now!!!
    Price$19.99 ea.
    AOTC Deluxe Anakin Force Flipping Attack
    Price: $19.99 ea.
    AOTC Deluxe Flying Geonosian with Attack Pod and Blaster
    Price: $19.99 ea.

    Saga Action Fleet AT-TE
    Price: $19.99 ea.
    Saga Action Fleet Naboo N-1 Starfighter
    Price: $19.99 ea.
    Saga Action Fleet Solar Sailer
    Price: $19.99 ea.

    Also we now have in the latest Joe vs. Cobra Figures.

    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at: Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Jason | 1 October 2002 | 14:25 EDT
    Trooper Mark reports:
    "Today at the Galleria mall in St.Louis, in the KB store they had plenty of the #40 and beyond figures with the exception of the Lott Dod and the Tusken Raider with Massiff, I picked up the last one of each, but as 11:00 am they had these figures. Jango Fett, Darth Maul, Anakin, Padme, Watto, Clone Trooper, Ki-Adi, and Teemto. They also had some Yodas and Count Dooku as well. Good day" -Mark

    Posted by: Jason | 1 October 2002 | 13:35 EDT
    Trooper "The Chad" reports:
    "I found the pilot padme and the Clone pilot this morning at KB(Alabama). So,I am happy on that front. I asked a manager at TRU about the silver R2 and he told me that they won't get those until November as a promotional deal. Well,it was a great day finding those figures. Thanks for the encouragement. Take care."


    Posted by: Jason | 1 October 2002 | 13:20 EDT
    Trooper Steve needs Teebo Wave:
    "Hi Troops, I just thought I'd add to the discussion about the bootleg original trilogy DVDs. A friend of mine actually ordered a set (for around $40 shipped) from Singapore. He took a risk, not knowing who he was buying from and what he would get - but he got lucky. He received bootleg copies of all three original trilogy episodes in wide screen. They were the original versions (not special editions).

    "To the best of our knowledge we figure that whoever made them used the laser disc versions of the movie, and copied them to DVD. They were compatible with US DVD players. However, I would agree with some of the other posts about waiting for these to be available in the US. Buying bootlegs from overseas seems risky and the US versions will hopefully be the new "special, special edition" with new footage/scenes.

    "Also, do any of you troops live near stores that might have the Teebo wave still on the pegs? I know there were a lot of stores a few months ago that had them collecting dust - I was waiting for the TRU near me to get them in, but they never got a shipment. Thanks for your help."
    - Steve


    Troops, please check out George's expert opinion and the technical side of this subject below:

    Posted by: George | 1 October 2002 | 13:07 EDT
    My little 2 cents on The Trilogy bootlegs
    Regarding the post about the trilogy's bootlegs from my buddy Jason. I'll add that these copies (DVD versions) are nothing but copies from the 1997 SE Laserdiscs, hence no quality control over picture and sound. They will make just good collectible items and nothing more than that, same goes to VCD's. Those patient enough will wait for the real thing. In the interest of bringing the BEST, Lucasfilm could come with a suprise on those movies for us.

    Lucasfilm of course will bring us in THX but, I personally hope for THX 6.1 instead of Dolby Digital 5.1. Over a year and a half ago. Dolby Labs presented this new format for home use along with Onkyo, Denon, Technics and other mayor brands. The demostration was done in a hotel in Las Vegas and 8 minutes of demo was presented with a NEW HOPE making the Star Destroyer opening feel/sound like it was passing overhead. For those wondering what is 6.1 sound, it is an extra channel (speaker) to be placed in the center of the right and left rear sorround speakers; Kind of a center channel for surround. Be prepared and don't be surprised if The trilogy is mastered with the extra channel. 6.1 also known as DTS Sound is in it's third generation for home use.

    Posted by: Count Matchew | 1 October 2002 | 10:18 EDT
    REPOST:Calling ALL MD Troops!!!!!!!
    Any troops living in the MD, DC, or VA area PLEASE contact Count Matchew or Darth Crypt if you are interested in getting together with your fellow troops. We hope to get a good number of troopers together for a little fun. We are open for ideas so PLEASE contact one of us with your suggestion...PEACE


    Posted by: Jason | 1 October 2002 | 0:50 EDT
    Trooper Lex-Wan (Sith Tailor) reports:
    "Lex-wan was just minding his own business today walking through a Target in Plymouth Meeting, PA (about 20 minutes west of Philly) & they had the new deluxe figures, and not the Yoda or 3PO. They had Clone trooper w/speeder bike (awesome), Anakin flipping (looks like he ate a whole lot of Bran), & flying Geonosian with pod. The Geonosian has a button on his back to make his wings flap.

    "...WAIT, WAIT before ya get all excited they also had 1 each of the new Wave 2 Micro Machines Solar Sailor, N-1 starfighter, & the spectacular AT-TE. They also had 3 each of the accessories packs and 2 of the interactive R2-D2. Also they had the Ackley & the Reek marked down to $11.96 & 25 each unleashed marked down so I say even though Targets are a pain in the butt about collecting (I can't go in the back to make sales for my company we don't like to sell), I say get to Target & ya might come home happy.

    "On a another note all Simpson's figs (at Target) were marked down to$4.18 each & the playsets were marked down to$ 13.18 each so don't delay and act today."
    - Lex-wan