September 2003

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 23:45 EDT
Adding Flavor to the Gallery:
Hey Troops, I am attempting to rebuild a section left defunct for quite some time. The Gallery has a couple new installments for our readers to view. My only regret is I could not display many of the goodies I have stashed in the closet! Let me know what you think. I'd like to thank the people who started this section and showed off their goodies and inspired me to shoot mine. Stay tuned, General J has given me my mission, and carry it out we shall Troops! Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 September 2003 | 23:08 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
"Greetings from a warm and sunny SoCal! The waitress droid wave was spotted at the Monrovia, CA TRU this afternoon. Picked up one of each. The Vader with the cloth cape looks SAH-WEET! Also snagged myself Anakin Skywalker's Swoop Bike. Have't seen these things in a long time. They also had the Battle of Hoth 4 pack with the "broken horn" Tauntaun. Picked up a butt-load of the new HotWheels as well. That's it for now, more later on in the week. OUT!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 September 2003 | 22:32 EDT
Sandtrooper Erich Fritz reports:
The BendsClick to enlarge.  "Hey, Trooper Erich Fritz checking in from the soon to be great white tundra of Minnesota. Not much new going on out here. I've seen the occasional sighting of the waitress droid wave. I did however want to post my latest painting for feedback. I did this one for my son who will be two on thursday. Let me know what you think. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 September 2003 | 21:15 EDT
Sandtrooper Steven P. reports:
"I am looking for a little help from the Troopers. I am in search of a Saga Eeth Koth and a Saga Teebo. I've got the POTJ versions but haven't been able to locate these two. I'd appreciate any help! Thank you."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 20:46 EDT
Master Replica Update:

Pimp cane and what looks like birth control pill boxMaster Replicas is now offering the Cane and Clasp of Emporer Palpatine. Don't lose out on this chance to claim a limited edition prop replica of the cane and cloak clasp, symbols of the malefic Emperor Palpatine, who plays a prominent role in Star Wars: Episode III, the last installment of the Star Wars saga now in production! Our artisans painstakingly handcrafted this limited edition collectible of unparalleled precision and detail that will be the highlight of your Star Wars collection! We're talking about Emperor Palpatine's Cane and Cloak Clasp, originally from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. As warped and evil as the Emperor himself, this crooked cane has a shiny black glassine finish and is identical to the prop used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

The set also includes the distinctive clasp with which Palpatine fastens his flowing black cape. Crudely shaped and molded in resin with the same glossy finish as the cane, the clasp is one of the very first pieces of Star Wars jewelry ever offered by Master Replicas.

The cane comes with a numbered metal plaque, plaque holder, certificate of authenticity, and on a wall plaque with a gunmetal texture and machined aluminum support posts covered in rubber coated silicon, to display the replica to its best advantage.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 16:58 EDT
Sandtrooper Garr Fett Reports:
"I just wanted everyone at Sandtroopers to know that I will be away for a short time. My computer crashed and it may be a short time before I can raise the money to get another one. I will check in most of the time from the computer at the gas station. Take care and tell Steve I said hi! Later, Garr!"

Thanks Garr, You're a real Trooper and we will be awaiting the gas station reports! Sorry to hear about your system, it's unfortunate some people do not have lives and have to create things to destroy your computer!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 13:42 EDT
Force of the Bay-Proper Dopper like a BK Whopper!
With October upon us and Halloween at our doorstep, I decided to take a stroll through the ebay prop section and see what they had to offer for Star Wars items. It is a good time to list and a good time to buy. I find it hard to believe someone would ask such an outrageous amount for an opening bid. You couldn't wear this, but to own a piece of R2-D2? Is it just me or does this mask look nothing like Chewbacca? Some look great others are very weak, one must use caution. You may think I'd never find that at ebay but you will. You do not need to have the whole costume, buy it in pieces and slowly put it together. You could also go out and find more than one of a great deal and not compete for only one item. You can go the cheap route, but why? Looking good is feeling good. I recall my Mom making several of my Star Wars costumes as a kid, I remember them being so much better than the cheap Ben Cooper plastic suits! There is also a way if you are a 501st member, to make your armor 10 times cooler. You have to love the Buy it Now option. STOP the press, I have found another one Troops. Yes indeed, a power sucka has been found. With such a fabulous feedback rating and superior garbage picking skills, you managed to unveil a stellar first listing. I'm sure Lucasfilm throws stuff like this away all the time! I'm sorry to sound off for really no reason. I just do not see how you could actually prove it. Anyone Down Under with a High School Metal Shop Class could produce this. What do you guys think? Until next time Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 10:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"Today I went out to get some gas for my car. Then I decided to stop by the Waukegan, IL Target to check out the figs since I live near there. They only have 1 Clone Wars Anakin. Probably the same one I saw last week. They also have 1 Geonosian Starfighter with pilot. The rest are all 2002 pegwarmers, the very same ones you can get at KB for $2.00. Not to mention the Clone Wars multi-packs are all Destroyer Droid Launchers. Hasbro needs to stop making these things and instead make more Clone Trooper packs and Jedi armies. That's all for now. I'm going to hunt for figs again on Friday. If I find anything, I'll report it."

Target usually gets trucks on Tues. around here, Thursday is also a good day for Targets. Keep it coming guys!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 9:37 EDT
Collectors Gallery Update:
Collectors Gallery Online has new stock and some pre-order merchandise available.
Emperor cane & clasp set Master Replicas preorder Free Shipping $199.95
Clone Wars Anakin, Yoda & ARC trooper set of 3 In Stock $23.95
Clone wars Geonosian starfighter In Stock 29.95
Clone Wars Hailfire Droid In Stock $29.95
Figures and Classic Star Wars toys in stock!

Empire metal lunchbox $67.95
Star Wars metal lunchbox $47.95
Episode 1 Jar Jar mug $14.95
Episode 1 R2-D2 mug $14.95
Vintage Star Trek Spock Decatur bust $49.95
West end games Battle for Endor adventure game $29.95
West end games Heroes for the Rebellion collectors set $14.95
West end games A New Hope collectors set $14.95
West end games empire strikes back collectors set $14.95
West end games Return of the Jedi collectors set $14.95
West end games Imperial Troopers adventure set $14.95
West end gamed Bounty Hunters adventure set $14.95
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Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 September 2003 | 0:49 EDT
Wholesale cases restock:
Just a quick reminder that has restocked many of their top selling items. Whether it's the standard Star Case, Star Case 2, Deluxe or any of the other products, check out how you can protect your stuff with their stuff! They also have a limited supply of the Deluxe Acrylic Cases for Star Wars figures. For those of you who "Have the Power" they also have a Masters of the Universe Acrylic Case perfect for protecting your collectibles from the elements. Loose collectors check out the action figure stands and the Loose Action figure stand up display cases. Very reliable, friendly customer service.
Protect your stuff with our stuff!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 September 2003 | 21:43 EDT
Sandtrooper Lowerside Mark reports:
I'm looking for Trilogy DVDs and was planning on ordering the set from and have now found that the website is inaccessable. If anyone has news on where I can order the same set in DVD's, not VCD, please let me know, thanks." - Mark from lower MI

Posted by: Steve | 29 September 2003 | 20:46 EDT
NJO release
Hey Troops, first let me thank trooper Jake Nichols for the excellent trade! He is a fine troop. I wanted to remind all the literature fans that The Final Prophecy is being released tomorrow. This book by Greg Keyes is the 18th of 19 books in the New Jedi Order series. I know I am looking forward to seeing how this series is wrapped up. The Unifying Force by James Luceno is being released on November 4th, and will conclude the series. Also, I was in Walden books the other day and noticed a book called Jedi Shadow by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebeccas Moesta. This is actually the first three books from the Young Jedi Knights series. If you are at all interested in the twins and their friends, I highly recommend this series. Don't let the fact it was written for young audiences fool you, it really is pretty good. And since a lot of the books are getting hard to find, let's hope Berkley books releases the entire series in a similar format.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 September 2003 | 20:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Kelts Sith reports:
"I found all four sets of the Screen Scenes this morning at Target in Auburn Hills, MI (SE Michigan). Looks like they are shipping the new case asst. with all four sets. Saturday at Target I found WA-7, Lt. Faytonni, new Emperor and re-fresh Vader and Luke. I have an extra carded WA-7, Faytonni and Emperor i would like to trade straight up for the 3 Wal-mart Clone Wars bonus 2-packs (Anakin, Yoda, ARC Trooper with bonus clone troopers) if anyone has any extras."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 September 2003 | 10:44 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #222
Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER
For the week of September 28th to October 4th
Icons X-Wing Price: $1,999.99
Clone Wars Durge w/Speeder Bike Pre-Order Arriving this week."

Brian's Toys!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 September 2003 | 9:22 EDT
Sandtroopin' Rai reports:
"Target in Columbia, Maryland had Clone Wars figures, including Anakin, ARC Trooper, and Yoda. They also had plenty of Geonosian War Room #2 (of 2) and Jedi High Council #2 (of 2) cinema scenes to go around.

"TRU (also in Columbia) had the same four single carded figures they had last time, and the new Unleashed figures I saw there are long gone. They did get some nice LOTR:ROTK swag in. They had two Pelennor Fields Aragorns left (Dave, if you're reading this, I had a senior moment and forgot to pick one up for you, sorry), and they also had horse & rider sets with Aragorn & Brego, Shaku & Warg, and Legolas & 'Horse' (that's what it said on the package). That's all for now, folks. Peace!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 September 2003 | 20:54 EDT
Anime Dave's World Update:
NEW ITEMS: RARE Vintage Star Wars 12 back/21 backs The Power of the Force, Tri-Logo and Foreign, Droids & Ewoks Animated Series, Empire Strikes Back 31 backs, Original Mint on Sealed Cards Action Figures. NOW IN STOCK.

FREE GIFT WITH EVERY 80's GI JOE ORDER RESTOCKED: Vintage G.I. Joe Playsets & Loose and Sealed Vehicles & More. Starting at $10 ea.

Vintage Mattel Heman Masters of the Universe Action Figures & Vehicles Originals from the 1980's Starting at $5.

Japanese Anime DVDs: Mazinger Z VS. Great Daiser, Dragonball Z Boxset & Many More New Titles to Choose from. Starting at $12 ea.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: If you like GI Joe you will love Bandai Rockman / Megaman X Mega Armor Series Action Figures Misb $12 to $14 ea. IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.
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Japanese Headmasters

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 September 2003 | 20:13 EDT
Sandtrooper Tom Fett reports:
"Tom Fett here, just wanted to let you know that they will be doing something with those Jedi Master Points. Hasbro has not said what yet but this link will bring you to the page that they will tell all, in time! I hope this helps, also hope it works, still did not get to bed yet, so if anything is spelled wrong you know why!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 September 2003 | 22:25 EDT
"Toyfellas is back up and running better than ever. Our shopping cart has been updated and many other aspects of the site. Please feel free to look around at all the new items we have in stock and the new items, which will be arriving shortly. Please be sure to book mark the new site." -

New In Stock
Star Wars Scene Packs Wave 2
Saga Basic Figures WA-7, Wat Tambor, Lt. Faytonni, Coleman Trebor, Ashla & Jempa, SP4- & JN-66
Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
The Emperor

Please Re Subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter - If you subscribed to our Monthly Newsletter before please do again because we do not have your email address do to the upgrade.
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Posted by: Dan | 27 September 2003 | 21:24 EDT
Northwoods Report Update:
Acting on a tip from a local site reader, Trooper Robert D., I was able to score two of the three Clone Wars Value Packs at our local Wal-Mart in Wausau, Wisconsin. I had completely missed this display when I was there the day before. Be on the lookout for these Value packs in strange places, for ours were placed in the Matchbox Car aisle. Good luck, and happy hunting.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 September 2003 | 19:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
"Hey folks, I have chosen to let a few pieces go and thought I might see who is interested. Right now, I have a Deluxe Don Post Studios (fiberglass) Darth Vader helmet, an Attakus Darth Maul and Attakus Boba Fett statue. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks." - YGL

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 September 2003 | 19:03 EDT
Sandtrooper RogueAce2000 reports:
"Trooper RogueAce2000 reporting in with a little non-Star Wars related news. I know that there are many GI Joe fans and collectors out there as well. Just to let them all know that tonight (9/27) on Cartoon Network - 'Home of the Clones,' they will be airing a brand new GI Joe computer animated cartoon. It ties in with the new action figures that Hasbro is pushing called 'Spy Troops.' I believe that this may be the 44 minute DVD version that is shipping with the new 12-inch Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow 2 pack, which I've seen gracing the shelves at Walmart for $17.97. So, if you want to see a kick butt fight between ol' Snakes and Stormy, check it out. Also, you can check out Hasbro's site for pics, trailers and a music video. They also have an offer for a FREE figure. Go to the link or check your TV Guides for the time of the show in your zone."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 September 2003 | 18:52 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
"Happy Saturday fellow Troops! ARC Trooper wave spotted at the Alhambra< California Target this morning along with some Droid Army Builder packs. Of course, how could I forget the peg warming Droid Launcher? Not much new, but will have an update in the coming days. Late!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 September 2003 | 18:43 EDT
BigBadToyStore - Get these new items NOW!
Click Product to view and/or order:
Geonosian War Room
Jedi Council
Droid Army
Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher
Clone Trooper Army - Yellow
Durge with Swoop Bike
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
**Note Oct 10 Pre-Order above for Bikes if they are sold out now.

Jedi Knight Army

Lama Su with Clone Boy
Red Battle Droid - Arena Battle
SP-4 & JN-66 Research Droids
Imperial Officer
Rebel Trooper

Visit the Star Wars page for pre-order details (if shipment sells out, you may pre-order for many of the same items arriving again approx. 10-7). Read about many other new entries in this week's newsletter.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 September 2003 | 21:45 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi with Philadelphia Chase:
"Only got to stop at one TRU today, but they had the Geonosian Starfighter and the Hailfire Droid. I passed though. At $21.99 each, I'll wait until I find them for $19.99 at Target. Nothing else new at TRU, still a couple of Screen Scenes 2 laying around." - Joe

Posted by: Dan | 26 September 2003 | 19:20 EDT
Northwoods Report:
Hi Troops, I went scavenging for new figures around town today, and this is what Wausau, Wisconsin had to offer. My first stop was our local Wal-Mart, and all they had was some Chewie Mynock Hunts, Hoth Hans, Boba Fett Carkoons, and Anakin Secret Ceremony. Very disappointing that was, but it was expected. Next stop was the local Target, and they came through again. I was able to score the Trade Federation Battle Tank, and one half of the Geonosian War Room set, the half with Nute Gunray. As for figures, they had the same as Wal-Mart, but throw in some red battle droids. My last stop was our local KB. Toys. There I found a whole bunch of $1.99 figures, sure they're doubles, but I picked up a whole bunch for customs, army builders, and accessories. I thought I made a good haul out of there. I did not bother going to Shop-Ko because they want $7.99 for the same figures I bought at KB for $1.99, you figure that one out. Well, that's the report from the Northwoods of Wisconsin, good luck and happy hunting in your neck of the woods, PEACE!!!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 26 September 2003 | 18:01 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I went to hunt for figs today. The Target in Waukegan, IL had only 2 Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Pilot figs. I passed on them. They probably had a lot of CW figs yesterday. Then I went to Target, Wal-Mart, and TRU in Gurnee, IL. TRU had one Hoth 4-pack with broken horn Tauntaun and Anakin & Dooku speeder bikes. That's the only new stuff I saw. Well, maybe the speeder bikes aren't new, but they are to me. The peg warmers are as follows: Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony and any figs released in 2002. That's all for now, I'll go again tomorrow and see whether I see any new SW figs, and I'll report it."

Here I thought I was the only one that Target Store ticked off on a regular basis. Great to have another Trooper in the local sector, perhaps another member to enlist in the local 24/7 Div.! Keep it rolling Troops.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 September 2003 | 12:09 EDT
Brian's Toys special of the day!
Brian's Toys Special of The Day!
AOTC Carded R2D2 Droid Factory Flight * $2.99

Brian's Toys

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 September 2003 | 22:20 EDT
Sandtrooper Erich Fritz reports:
"Hey Troops, My Dad is working on cleaning out tons of old stuff. In his efforts, he came across quite a few items that he wants to get rid of. He has the complete set of Simpsons Dolls that was released to Burger King about ten years ago. They all have plastic heads and fabric bodies. The collection consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. they are all still in their original bags and just waiting for someone to buy them. I have no idea what they are worth and neither does he, so if you're interested drop me a line and make an offer. He also has several original Cabbage Patch Kids still in their original boxes. They are about 20 years old if anyone is interested. Make an offer on these too.

"Please put either 'Simpsons' or 'Cabbage Patch Kids' in the Header. I have a filter that puts every e-mail that doesn't come from my mailing list in the trash can. I can then sift through the trash and keep the ones worth keeping. I hope this helps someone out there. Good luck with the collecting and thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 September 2003 | 21:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Marboba reports:
"Gotta like the help these Sandtroopers are giving me ... John in Niagara Falls was able to locate me a Jedi 3pack and clone blue 3 pack, plus was able to get me today a yellow clone 3 pack. Just would like to take this time to see whether some fellow sandtroopers can help me out again. I am visiting my mother inlaw's in Kentucky the week of Oct 13th. and it would help me on postage if I could get some stuff shipped there. I am looking for the following: 1 x 3 pack clone white, 1 x 3 pack clone green. Thanks." - Marc

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 September 2003 | 21:23 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"More Star Wars in WNY. Today I was able to find the yellow Clonetrooper 3-pack at K-mart in Kenmore, NY. After the sighting at the Niagara Falls K-mart last week, I knew it was just a matter of time before they landed at this store. Snagged one for myself & one for fellow trooper Marc in Hamilton.

"Yesterday had the first wave of Clone Wars figures showing up at Target in Kenmore. KB Toy Works in Kenmore did not get a truck this week, but finally marked down their rather LARGE assortment of basic figures to $1.99. KB Toy Outlet in the Falls continues to get in the first waves of Ep. 2 figures, along with 4-packs & the lightsaber 3-packs. More Clone Wars Jedi Starfighters & ATT's are showing up at Targets. Still too early to know what's on the truck at TRU.

"I would also like to extend my thanks back to Sandtroopette Donna for hooking me up with the Anakin & Dooku speeders. Both arrived in perfect shape. As 'J' mentioned earlier in Donna's post, I have never seen these in the stores & I'm happy to finally have them in the collection."
- John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 September 2003 | 20:10 EDT
D & S Sci-fi Toy World Update:
New Items Just in today:
    Deluxe Clone Wars Durge with Swoop & Clone Trooper with Speeder
    Clone Wars Yoda, Anakin Skywalker & Arc Trooper
    Hailfire Droid
    Geonosian Starfighter with Pilot Figure
    Saga Screen Scenes War Room 2
    Saga Screen Scenes Jedi Council 2
    Anakin & Dooku Speeders - Back in Stock
- Enter Below -

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 September 2003 | 1:43 EDT
Star Wars Books Clearanced at
Hey Troops, I hit hoping to find a ray of light or just to flat out amuse myself searching for Value Packs. I ran a search at, although no figures of any worth, they did have many books clearanced for cheap. There were 440 matches for Star Wars books. If you are not sure whether it's worth reading, why not check if our resident expert Steve Hart has it reviewed? Many visual guides and encyclopedias there as well. Perfect for fantasy reading or basic fact finding, you can find it all at
Logo WM234x60

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 September 2003 | 1:02 EDT
Force of the Bay - Vintage loot and pillage
Hey Troops, my never-ending search to see it all continues and once again I discovered many treasures like that wonderful creature there. I also found a unique ageless wonder, and the starting bid is a little high for something that will only rattle your head! Anything you have missing in your collection, I am sure you could find it at ebay. Now how do we know Ruben Goforth isn't really Ruben Bendover and printed that up himself? You just have to chance it sometimes. There was also the playset that didn't come with the Blue Snaggletooth. What freaks me out is the great condition that many of the items are in. How would you know, sure that was ROTJ era and people were starting to catch on, but really, how would you know? You could virtually take your entire wardrobe to 1977 with ebay. Whatever it may be, that special part your mother vacuumed up because you were having a ball and didn't pick up your toys! If searching for parts, check that particular sellers other items, he had many. With Star Wars Celebs like Gerald Home hitting the convention circuts, you may want to pick that figure up. I found that out this weekend in my encounter with Dermot Crowley who unfortunately has not been remade 400 times like Chewbacca. For those of you who have had the displeasure of meeting Mr. Mayhew you'll know what I am talking about. Dermot was very fan friendly and they only made his figure one time! Go figure. Keep searching for whatever it is your looking for, chances are you'll be able to put on quite a show when it's all said and done. Take caution when using ebay, please reseach the person you are buying from. Conduct feedback checks to see what others have said about them in the past. Good luck to you great Troopers out there, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Dan | 24 September 2003 | 22:39 EDT
Code Name: Sneak Peak, File Name: Classified
Hi troopers, I wanted to give you a second taste of what my friend Troy and I have been working on. This dio is going to be cooler then Hoth, and slicker then an oil bath in Luke Skywalkers garage. I hope G.I. Joe fans are paying attention ... PEACE!!
You are a fool to tangle with an Arashakage Ninja!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 September 2003 | 22:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
"Not much news from Central Texas recently, although the TRU in Killeen finally received the Battle of Hoth pack and the Tauntaun is sharp looking, but the new R2 unit in it rocks!!! Target has the 2nd cinema scenes in, about 4 of each. Wal-Mart has not received the Clone Wars value packs in yet, and when I talked to the toy manager, she did not even have a clue what I was talking about. Anyways, that's all from central Texas, starfox signing out ..."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 September 2003 | 20:36 EDT
"Jundland Wastes Danger" Diorama by ACPin:
Look out behind you!"The R2 unit has wandered from the sand dunes into the rocky borders of the Jundland Wastes. Unaware of the danger that lurks in the rocky pass, every move that the R2 unit makes has been closely watched." Check it out at ACPin SW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 September 2003 | 19:56 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal with my weekend finds. The Hoth 4-packs have finally hit TRU. All six had the Tauntaun with broken horn. Again, Target still the place to find new basic figures. Scored Lt. Faytonni, Darth Vader Clash, WA-7, and Emperor. Still no sign of Bonus Packs at local Wal-marts. Lastly, would like to shout THANKS to John in Niagara Falls for our recent trade. Happy Hunting!"

You bet. Thanks to Sandtrooper JC 'John' in Niagara Falls, NY, and thank you Donna for helping him find those speeders he'd been searching for now for months!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 September 2003 | 19:32 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Hey Troops, Wisconsin Dom reporting in from East Central. TRU has lots of Bounty Hunter and Hoth 4 packs, Lando wave 12-inch figs, and some 12-inchers from the Dengar Legacy wave, lightsabers (not the new ones), and as far as 3-3/4 inch figs, they had Snowtroopers, Lukes (corrected hand), Vaders, Tatooine 3POs, Chewie Mynocks, and older stuff such as red Clone Troopers and preview Zams. They also had Action Fleet Solar Sailers, Unleashed Dookus, Unleashed Maces, and both Saga Scenes 1. Walmart had the new lightsabers, Ani Seret Ceremony, Han Hoth, Darth Tyranus, and lots of Lotts. No sign of the Hailfires or the Geo fighters. Keep your hair on and fight the scalpers."
I am glad to see you holding down the fort up there Dom, the Hailfires and Fighters are coming, they were here this week but the Scalping B&^%$$#^% got them before me!-Spice

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 September 2003 | 18:58 EDT
S.C.A.L.P. report - 'Power of the Bay' 2 Minute Drill:
Sandtrooper Jason is no chump love sucker, but he appreciates the effort ... Dateline - Sandtrooper Chris DAGOBAHCOOKIE "CWA" reporting:  "Hello my fellow Sandtroopers! I have recently found a first of its kind Star Wars variant and I thought I would share it with all of the Sandtroopers out there. What I have found is a STAR WARS SAGA IMPERIAL OFFICER with THE LEFT SHOULDER IMPERIAL INSIGNIA MISSING. This is the first version head sculpt. The Imperial emblem is completely missing. I'm not a huge variation collector, so I'm parting with it on ebay under my user name DAGOBAHCOOKIE. I know there is someone out there that would appreciate this variant! The ebay item number is 3146815750 under my name 'dagobahcookie.' Thanks Jason for the e-mail, and, yes, I have already put the figure up (last Sunday night), but it doesn't end until this Sunday. Thanks again guys and you rock as always!"

Use the tool that is ebay for what it was meant for. Remember Troops, you can do it the easy way, or the hard way, and the hard way will make you feel like that kid whose eyes were bigger than his stomach when he went in the candy store. So bid intelligently so you don't look like a chump at auction close.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 September 2003 | 18:01 EDT
Sandtrooper Dustin the Desert Fox reports:
"I have 4 Silver Boba Fetts, all in near mint condition. I got them at the San Diego Comic Con. Three of the four are signed. The fourth one isn't. Is anyone interested in buying them? I'm trying to get rid of my Star Wars stuff. I also have 2 different red Clone Trooper variants, 2 Luke bloody stumps, and lots of other mint figures still in box. Thanks."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 September 2003 | 10:26 EDT
Sandtroopin' Rai reports:
"Target in Bowie, Maryland had CW figures (I picked up Anakin and ARC Trooper), and they still had some cinema scenes. Pickin's is pretty slim though. And they finally have some Unicrons on the shelf. How about that?!

"TRU in Annapolis, MD had all three SW multipacks: Bounty Hunters with Swoop bike, Battle of Hoth with Spilt Belly Taun Taun (and what looked like Tauntaun guts too...eyyeew!), and the older Imperial Forces sets. These look pretty nice, and though they're mostly repacks and slightly retooled toys, we get some nice "new" droids with the Imperial and Hoth sets. Gotta love droids. As for single carded figures they had four: Lott Dod x2, Watto, and POTJ, in other words, not much, though they have AOTC Destroyers & launchers (big surprise). Looks like they have also received newer waves of ROTK toys (though naturally, nothing I was looking for was on the pegs, gotta move faster!). They had one Pelennor Fields Aragorn, and bunches of non-bendy Smeagols (peg warming fodder if ever I saw it, though not like those poor bendy guys). They also seem to have a bunch of Anime toys that I don't recall having seen elsewhere (though perhaps I'm not looking that closely as that sort of thing doesn't interest me much). They've made a new section for their Elite Forces 1:18 scale military line. That line actually includes some nice accessory packs. Obi Wan needs a new M-16, baby! That's all for now. Take care troops!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 24 September 2003 | 8:35 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Collectors Gallery Online has updated this weeks inventory:

Darth Vader Kotobukiya statue $99.95
Clone Trooper Kotobukiya statue $99.95
Biker Scout mini bust $44.95
Saga Scenes 1 & 2 IN STOCK. $29.95 each.
Escape from the Death Star West End games set $29.95
7 different West End games adventure figure sets sealed $14.95 each
Classic Snowspeeder model kit $14.95
Jedi NPR radio drama cassette boxed set $49.95
Classic Y-wing model kit $14.95
Vintage Gamorrean Guard Ben Cooper mask $44.95
Jabba the Hutt Cheinco mini tin $19.95
AT-AT Structors windup model sealed $34.95
click to enter

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 September 2003 | 22:57 EDT
Sandtrooper Parkay Margarine reports:
"Finally had some luck at a local Kmart in South Carolina. Picked up Clone Trooper Armys (both white and blue versions) and a couple Jedi Armies. I'm looking to trade a Jedi Army 3-pack (in ex cond). I'm in need of a silver Fett, clone trooper army (green or yellow), new Snowtrooper, C-3PO Tatooine Ambush, new Maul , Leia and Han on Saga cards, Fett Pit of Carkoon, Anakin Secret Ceremony, Throne Room Vader, Ashla & Jempa, Yoda & Chian, Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, Padme Secret Ceremony, Barriss, Aayla, clone war value packs, or anything from the new WA-7 wave. Any reasonable offer considered."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 September 2003 | 22:46 EDT
New Items at D & S Sci-Fi Toy World:
Dave from D & S has sent word on new arrivals. Please go to the website for prices on new arrivals. They have had a website facelift to make things easier to navigate. They also have had a massive inventory count adding many items to the website. Come check your favorite category! A lot of items added to the discount list too. Please e-mail D&S if you have any questions.
    Clone Wars Yoda, Anakin Skywalker & Arc Trooper
    Armada Unicron
    Transformers Universe Striker & Blackarachnia
    Saga Screen Scenes War Room 2
    Saga Screen Scenes Jedi Council 2
    Clone Wars Tank & Jedi Starfighter - Back in Stock
    Anakin & Dooku Speeders - Back in Stock
    Action Fleet Gunship, Slave I & Troop Transport Wave
    Trek Exclusive 3-Pack - Back in Stock
    Enterprise Trip Tucker
- Enter Below -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 September 2003 | 21:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi with Philadelphia Chase:
"And yes, it's pouring here too! I did a mini-run today.
    Target: Earlier 2003 figures (Padme, Obi-Wan, etc), no Hailfire droids or Geonosian fighters.
    Toys R Us: POTJ figures... sheesh!
"That's all for now ... at least until I dry out."

Posted by: Tyler | 23 September 2003 | 18:52 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #36
In this week's newsletter:
Silver Clone Trooper Giveaway (first on the net)

Arrivals this week and next week:
Silver Boba Fett
Saga Scenes part 2
Geonosian fighter & Hailfire droid
Unleashed Yoda, Fett and Han
Clone Wars lightsabers
Hoth 4-pack

To read the remainder of this newsletter click here.

And to check out their ebay auction for a carded Silver Clone Trooper "in hand" click here.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 September 2003 | 12:52 EDT
Special of The Day!
Saga Acklay Beast C-7/8 ONLY: $14.99
Brian's Toys!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 September 2003 | 2:03 EDT
Area Report
Hey Troops, been hitting up my usual strip of N IL and SE Wi, and it has been hit and miss now for weeks. Miss on the Hailfire Droids but a hit on the Geonosian Starfighters. Now the Han Hoth and Chewy Mynock are beginning to become the new Lott Dod and Jango Pilot of the next six months. The repainted stuff isn't selling well, or at least that is my opinion I see many newer Gunships. The Wal-Mart value packs are an elusive item, Agent Tweeny was told in Gurnee IL, that they had them but a man took the entire display to the layaway section. I will be dispatching S.C.A.L.P. Troopers to that location on the double! You would think you couldn't do that with an exclusive item. Have yet to see Coleman Trebor, Padawans, Yoda & Chian or Wat-Tambor on the shelf. I printed up a few extra copies of Devils Ewoks Poem. I admire the slimeball who wrote in his opinion. You're a cool guy, is the real problem you just couldn't hack a real job? Most real jobs drug test now, that is horrible, so go sky jacking collectibles. Some of us have many of those very things you told Ewok to go find, maybe what you should search for is an honorable profession. Say it with me, C'mon, Welcome to McDonalds May I please help you? There now say it with a smile on your face and Mom can drop you off in that mini-van instead of you burning up 3 tanks of gas to make 35 dollars. Good luck to you Troops, don't subject yourself to the slime who "wake up early for the prize." Kick A$% and take names, Spiceowan out.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 September 2003 | 1:46 EDT
Amazon Shipping Screen Scenes:

Plus Geonosian Starfighter,Hailfire Droid, Luke Throne Room Duel, plus many other new Saga/Clone Wars figures, Anakin & Darth Tyranus Swoop Bike, Hoth 4-packs, 50% off Luke & Taun taun 12 inch (if you were waiting for it to clearance here you go!Plus so much more!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 September 2003 | 22:04 EDT
Sandblast Blowback and Poetry Unappreciation:
Ugggh, HERE we go ... Dateline - Sandtrooper The Devil's Ewok reporting:  "A Scalper saw my poem on the SANDTROOPER.COM site and sent me this little nugget of intelligence:
    'Actually, that sounds like all the Star Wars collectors I have ever had the occassion to run into (unfortunately I did not have an MI Abrams tank when I ran into them). You must be a sub standard little toy monkey. Get up earlier and get the prize cry babie. No one owes you anything. You are self absorbed in your worthless hobby. Get a life. Get a girlfriend (or boyfriend if that's your scene) and stop bitching about the little pieces of plastic crap you can't find. You have made your world so small and trivial. Hot Wheels are forever!!!'
    (e-mail hidden to protect writer)
"He bashes us SW collectors? ... UNLEASH THE HOUNDS!!! DESTROY HIM!!!"

This person is obviously a freak. References to a microcosm lifestyle of toy collecting, getting a girlfriend, and Hot Wheels, all point to a maladjusted and desperate individual. Don't let this tragedy happen in YOUR home! That being said, a wood-paneled S.C.A.L.P. station wagon has been dispatched to suppress any similar rhetoric.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 September 2003 | 12:44 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Master-C reports:
"Hey guys, my parents are on my case to sell some stuff that I have from my collection: POTF 12-inch IG-88, 12-inch Episode 1 Darth Maul, POTF2 Tusken Raider, 2 Silver R2-D2's, 2 R2-Q5, Star Tours R3-D3, DL-X2 and REX, 1 POTJ Imperial Officer. Let me know whether you're interested. Thanks."

Own a piece of Chadobilia today!

Posted by: Steve | 21 September 2003 | 22:34 EDT
Report and Trade Offer:
Hey Troops, I rolled from Lafayette, IN to East Lansing, MI this weekend. I stopped at several Wal-Marts along the way looking for the Value packs. I managed to find them today at the Wal-Mart in Wabash, IN. I never even heard of Wabash, IN until today, but right now it is my favorite place in the state! I found all three. Sorry, I wasn't able to get extras for trade, just didn't have enough money on me. However, my Silver Fetts arrived on Friday before I left and I do have an extra one available. I am looking for the Jedi Knight Army, Clone trooper army with yellow or green trooper or any of the Wave three Star Tours figures. Let me know whether you are interested in a trade.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 September 2003 | 22:25 EDT
Sandtrooper The Devil's Ewok's Poem of Protest:
"I've been pissing off some people at a (scalper) message board because I keep posting this poem. I thought you all might get a kick out of it.
"Feel free to print it up and slip it in a Scalper's cart at TRU ... make 'em cry!" -Satan's Teddybear aka The Devil's Ewok
WWJDFAKB? - What Would Jesus Do For A Klondike Bar?

His cadence and alliteration bring to mind the work of tortured soul Edgar Allan Poe. I can hear printers firing-up all through Trooperland.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 September 2003 | 21:07 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Skellington with an ST Factor Exclusive:
Now, Bill O'Reilly in the STONE PHILLIPS interview! No Bothans died to bring you this story.Dateline - Fan Club EXCLUDES members from buying Holiday Yoda!  "Sorry for the leading headline (ed note - to the contrary, a banner headline is half the battle). I found out when buying my Silver Fett's back on 9/2 that the Fan Club only accepts Visa or Mastercard. No American Express, no Discover. I know many collectors have multiple credit cards, but I only have Amex, and found my order came to a screeching halt. (Luckily a friend with a MC helped me out).

"Rather unhappy with this news, I e-mailed customer service inquiring why the Fan Club would choose to exclude some members from buying its exclusives. They finally replied over two weeks later, stating that they had NO plans to accept anything other than Visa or MC.

"So anyone without those cards will not be able to purchase the upcoming Holiday Yoda, resubsribe online, nor make any other online Fan Club purchases. To add insult to injury, they then sent me a generic e-mail reply informing that they still had the Silver Fetts in stock and that I could still buy them now (unless, of course, you don't have Visa or MC!)."

"Their first e-mail is as follows:
'Hi, We have no plans to accept any cards but VISA and MasterCard in the near future. The other cards are just too expensive for a small business like us to accept. Sorry. : (  Thanks,'- Jeff Alvarez,, Customer Service, Paizo Publishing, LLC"

Posted by: Tyler | 21 September 2003 | 19:58 EDT
Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse reports:
"Hi troops! More $4 SAGA 2003 figs!! Free shipping on 7 or more figs bought or $28 or more of items bought: Lt Faytonni, Emperor, Research Droids x 4, Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon x 5, Luke Throne Room corrected x 3, Snowtrooper x 2, C-3PO gold card, Rebel Trooper x 3,Imp Officer, Red Battle Droids x 4,Darth Tyranus x 3,Lama Su with Clone x 3, Chewy Mynock x 3, Obi-Wan Acklay x 3, Padme Chase x 3, Hoth Han x 3. Also have 12" Gammorean $20, KB TIE fighter $22, Unleashed Sidious $18, Unleashed Luke $18, Action Fleet Republic Assault ship $24, Deluxe Clonetrooper w/speeder bike $15."

"In trades I need new speeders, Spider Droid, new 12" Yoda, Biker Scout, Green clone 3 pack, 12-inch Plo Koon, Unleashed Leia and Vader unmasked, wave 2 and 3 of Star Tours, Barriss Offee, Teebo Saga, Hoth Han brown jacket."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 September 2003 | 18:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Master-C with a Dateline Exclusive:
Now, for Rob Vaughn, Stone Phillips, and John Stossel, here is Trooper Jedimaster-C with a Dateline Investigative Report ...Dateline - Strange Things at Amazon  "Hey Jason, I wanted to show you something that I found on Check these out. A company called Distibutoys have these 'vintage Star Wars sets.' I wanted to pass it on. Also, check out this latest find. Take care."
c-ryan@mchsi.comWe'll be back with more coverage on this in a future ST Factor or Dateline follow-up.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 September 2003 | 17:51 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Here's a wrap-up of the week's activities in Western New York:

"Tuesday saw the first shipment of the screne sceens wave 2 sets at Target in Kenmore. By Friday, they had received another shipment of those, along with the Geonosian Fighter and the Hailfire Droid. Target in Niagara Falls got the screen sceens on Thursday. KB Toy Works got 3 cases of the Clone Wars basic figures on Wednesday, but nothing else. KB Toy Outlet in Niagara Falls continues to get in the first wave of Saga figures with backgrounds. Finally, after a bit of a drought, TRU gets back in the action. Saturday morning they had the Hoth 4-pack, Geonosian Fighter, Hailfire Droid and a case of multi-packs including the blue Clonetrooper.

"Like Sandtrooper BOBB, I was caught up in the Hot Wheels craze at K-mart (in Niagara Falls) yesterday. I stopped by early in the morning to see what was going on. While there, I went back to the Star Wars area. I noticed that there were 2 more Droid launcher multi-packs to join the other 2 that had been collecting dust there for the last month. Looks like Sandtrooper Jedi Master Eric beat me to the yellow Clonetrooper multi-pack! Anyway, ended up with 80 new Hot Wheels including one Treasure Hunt. Not a bad week, except I have no money left!!

"Basic figures seem to be building on the pegs a bit. The more "popular" ones are the red Battle Droid, red Clonetrooper, Hoth Han & Obi-Wan (spear). No new basic figures, yet. I'm sure this week will change that."
- John

Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 September 2003 | 15:52 EDT
Update from Amanaman Dan's latest project:
He's at it again, that's right the Amanaman Dan builders has started a hot new diorama. This project is not Star Wars but people who love this hobby will really dig. Take a look at some of the latest still from the deep woods of Wisconsin. This is only the first phase and it is amazing. I can't wait for the finished product to roll out. Yo Joe!
They’re under attack, under attack, the G.I. Joe Headquarters is under attack! With more to come like the Johnny Carson Show!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 September 2003 | 15:35 EDT
K&C Collectibles News:
New this Week:
Geonsian War Chamber (#2 of 2) figure include: Nute Gunray, Shu Mai and Passel Argente
Jedi High Council (#2 of 2) figures include: Yarael Poof, Depa Billaba, and Yaddle (female Yoda)
The Battle of Hoth 4 Pack includes: R3-A2, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Tauntaun
Clone Trooper Army 3-pack – includes Yellow trooper
Anakin Skywalker's Swoop Bike
Darth Tyranus's Geonosian Speeder Bike
Hailfire Droid
Geonosian Starfighter with figure

Back in-stock:
Geonosian War Chamber (1 of 2) figures include: Count Dooku, Poggle the Lesser and San Hill.
Jedi High Council (1 of 2) figures include: Oppo Rancisis, Even Piell and Mace Windu.
Imperial Officer - A New Hope - #55 - Brown hair
Imperial Officer - A New Hope - #55 - Blond hair
Rebel Trooper - Tantive IV Defender - #54
Boba Fett The Pit of Carkoon #8
Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt - #14
Han Solo - Hoth Rescue #13
Snowtrooper - The Battle of Hoth - #19

Limited stock left:
Yoda and Clone Trooper Commander value pack
ARC Trooper and Clone Trooper value pack
Anakin Skywalker and Clone Trooper Lieutenant value pack

Pre-Order: The deadline for pre-orders is September 27th
Darth Vader Vinyl Figure by Koto
Greedo Mini Bust
Jango Fett blaster Limited Edition replica set
Anakin Skywalker Mini Bust

Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini Bust
Billy Dee Williams signed photo
Alan Ruscoe signed photo
Amy Allen signed photo
Jerome Blake signed photo
Julien Glover signed photo
Peter Diamond signed photo

click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 September 2003 | 15:30 EDT
Sandtrooper Rougueace2000 reports:
"Just wanted everyone to be aware that Hallmark is putting out thier Christmas ornaments. So far I've see the TIE fighter, C-3PO and the Clone Trooper (2 pack). These are two mini-clone trooper ornaments, one white and one red. Yoda and Padme are scheduled for October release, although the Yoda ornament has already been spotted in the Twin Cities. Hurry, because these ornaments usually never stay on the display past Halloween in our neck of the woods."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 September 2003 | 0:58 EDT
Dewback Tracks: Coverage of Midwest Non Sport Card Expo from Tinley Park, Illinois
Hey Troopers, Agent Tweeny and I spent this Saturday afternoon covering the Midwest Nonsport Card Expo in Tinley Park, Illinois. We have done some of the smaller shows in the area and this was really cool versus something like Kane County. While not as large there was a steady roll of people throughout the day. I was surprised to see how many of the vendors had complete sets of the "wax packs" from the Original Trilogy. I nearly bought them all remembering the stickers from them all adorning my headboard as a child. The highlight of the day was talking to Dermot Crowley and Eric Walker about their Star Wars experiences. I didn't know the Ewok Adventure was a feature film overseas. Having some laughs with the General and getting him to sign my minty vinty carded figure, Sandtroopers T-shirt and as a bonus he threw in a copy of the Revenge of the Jedi call sheet. Dermot also plans to keep Lord Spiceowan advised when he does future appearances. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. Agent Tweeny purchased a rockin shot of Madine with Mon Mothma, which now he is in mad pursuit of her John Hancock. I also purchased Eric Walker's personal photos from his experience from Skywalker Ranch when he was the chipper age of 14. I really dig obscure collector stuff like this and the call sheet. Worthless to many, priceless to a collector like me. Soon to brighten the walls with a frame here in the Spiceanosian War-Room. I also filled some holes in the loose collectoion, picking up Sy Snootles and a Imperial Attack Base in excellent complete condition.

I learned that even smaller shows could benefit your collections. For a mere $5 cover it was a relaxing day and a laid back show. After Wizard World was kind of nice. So don't go to sleep on these smaller venues Troops, you may wind up getting a great score. Without thousands of people you also get more chances to talk with the actors. Dermot and Eric again were very fan friendly, and if you were planning to go tomorrow, Dermot will not be there. The General will be flying out of O'Hare Airport back to Europe. He, unlike many Star Wars Celebs, still has a career beyond the greatest Sci-Fi films to ever grace the Silver screen. He also stated how amazed he is that a project he thought not very much of (at the time he filmed it, turned out to be one of the greatest jobs of his career. "I can't believe how many people are interested in me over playing General Madine," he said. So the moral of the story Troops, is don't be afraid, hit the convention circut and see what is waiting for you.

Good things come in small packages! Planet of the Apes no longer rule! Agent Tweeny trying to run game! Non-Sport Cards are a big hit on a smaller scale! Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head!?! You now realized Sandtroopers may have been a better offence to attack that big bad Death Star don't cha! Hooking up CWO Lord Spiceowan with a copy of the Revenge of the Jedi call sheet, what a cool cat! Making friends with yet another General, A$% kicking! Even Stars of the Ewok Adventure were very interested in the Sandtrooper Unity! Obi, why haven’t I seen you before? Any way Leia the blue paint at Wizard World was stunning, however you had a nice answer for a subtle change! YO JOE! A wonderful ride home, what a beautiful Country we have and Thanks to George W. Bush we can sleep knowing places like this will have F-15’s to protect and be all over terrorists like a cheap suit! would like to also thank Paul Maiellaro of the Midwest Non Sport Card Expo for allowing us all access to the event to bring this coverage to you.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 20 September 2003 | 23:11 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #221 Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER

Saga Multi-figure Pack Geonosian War Room 2 C-9, Price: $24.99
Saga Multi-figure Pack Geonosian War Room 2 C-7/8, Price: $22.99
Saga Multi-figure Pack Jedi Council 2 C-9, Price: $29.99
Saga Multi-figure Pack Jedi Council 2 C-7/8, Price: $27.99

Vintage SW 12-Back C-3PO AFA 85, Price: $699.99

Saga ROTJ Carded Ephant Mon AFA 85, Price: $119.99

Clone War 3 3/4" Value Pack ARC Trooper & Clone Trooper (white)
Clone War 3 3/4" Value Pack Anakin Starfighter Pilot & Clone Trooper (blue)
Clone War 3 3/4" Value Pack Yoda General & Clone Trooper (yellow)

Back In Stock!!
Clone Wars Vehicles Boxed Armored Assault Tank C-9 IN STOCK!!!, Price: $39.99
Saga Unleashed Darth Vader Unmasked C-8/9, Price: $39.99

Greatest Saga Price Reductions Ever!!!
These Listed and Over 30 More Saga Cards Reduced as low $2ea.
Visit our Website today.

AOTC Carded Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony C-9, Price: $14.99
AOTC Carded Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony C-7/8, Price: $8.99
AOTC Carded Mace Windu Arena Confrontation C-9, Price: $4.99
AOTC Carded Mace Windu Arena Confrontation C-7/8, Price: $2.99
AOTC Carded Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) C-9, Price: $5.99
AOTC Carded Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) C-7/8, Price: $2.99
AOTC Carded Dexter Jettster, Price: $2.99
AOTC Carded Dexter Jettster C-7/8, Price: $1.99

Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at NEWSLETTER
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 20 September 2003 | 22:39 EDT
Brian's Toys DEAL FLASH!
Brian's Toys!
Special of The Day!
Saga MISB Landspeeder C-8/9 ONLY $9.99!

Brian's Toys!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 September 2003 | 18:25 EDT
Sandtrooper BOBB reports:
Dateline - The Fun Continues at K-Mart "K-Mart seems to be stuck in the Twilight Zone. After finding the New Emperor, Danni Faytonni, and WA-7 wave on Thursday at the South Zanesville, Ohio K-Mart. I went this morning for the Wacky Hot Wheels dazes and found the Clone Trooper 3-pack with yellow trimmed Clonetrooper."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 September 2003 | 23:18 EDT

NEW VINTAGE & SINGLE QUANTITY SECTION AT BBTS: We've just opened a new vintage and single item section on the website. We will now be selling single item vintage Transformers, GI Joe, and Star Wars. We plan to expand to many other product lines in the future as well. There is only one of each item available on these new menus and as soon as an item sells it is automatically removed from the menu. We will be adding new items continuously (including loose GI Joe and G1 TF's tomorrow) - so be sure to check back often for new items. Many great items have already sold and been removed from the menu, but many more are coming soon! There will be more than just vintage items - for transformers we will be listing single quantity items from G1, G2, Beast Wars all the way through Armada, so it's not just the old items. Recent re-issues, imports, and hard to find domestic items will be listed.

See what else is new!
click to enter:

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 September 2003 | 22:50 EDT
KEBco Toys has a few more Cinema Scenes.
We have a limited supply of the wave 1 and wave 2 Jedi High Council and Geonosian War Room Cinema Scenes in stock. Also, we have a few non-mint packs if you like to open them.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 September 2003 | 22:40 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Master Eric reports:
"Here is the scoop!! After what seemed like forever, Western NY is finally starting to get LOTS of new stuff. Yesterday at the Clarence Target I found WA-7, Faytonni, Tambor, Trebor, Both New Lukes & Vaders, Snowtrooper, Hoth Han, Mynock Chewie, plus most of the earlier '03 figs. Also, they had the Hailfire droid, Geonsian Fighter, War Room 2 and Jedi Council 2. Then today at Niagara Falls K-Mart I found the Jedi Knights 3 pack and yellow Clonetrooper 3 pack. I also found the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 4 at TRU in Amherst. Then I got home to discover that Paizo had sent me my 2 silver Fetts!!! What a great day. Hope you all have the same luck this weekend and as always MTFBWY!!!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 September 2003 | 22:24 EDT
Sandtrooper So Cal Jedi Dom reports:
"Jedi So Cal Dom here. I just thought I would extend an offer to all the Sandtroopers out there. I have an extra set of Danni Faytonni, Emperor, WA-7, and Luke Tatooine Encounter. I should also have an extra Hoth 4-pack, Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, and Darth Vader Death Star Clash within the next week. I am looking to trade for the following: Clone Troopers 3-pack (all white, and green), Acklay Unleashed Slave Leia, Holiday C-3PO & R2, and Clone Wars Yoda. If I cannot find a trade, I will sell, but at $6.99 each, which was the cost I paid for them. Anyway, e-mail me with any offers."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 September 2003 | 23:31 EDT
Illinois Toy Show this weekend!
Hey Troops another friendly reminder about this weekend's Toy Show in Tinley Park, Illinois. Head over to Illinois Nonsport Card Expo website for details. One major SW guest appearing is Dermot Crowley (Gen. Madine), making his first announced U.S. appearance. The price wasn't too bad and if any of you are in the area it may be worth checking out.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 September 2003 | 22:55 EDT
Slammin' Sale at K-B Online:
Hey Troops is having a sale on the following items at blowout clearance prices!
Star Wars Episode II: Clone Commander with Yellow Trim 12" Action Figure

Star Wars Episode II: Clone Trooper with Red Trim 12" Action Figure

Star Wars Bounty Hunter: Dengar 12" Action Figure

Star Wars Bounty Hunter: Zuckuss 12" Action Figure

Star Wars: Imperial Officer 12" Action Figure

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Plus ALL pegwarming figures for $2.49 and deluxe figures are a whopping $3.99!!!

From Lee Middleton to G.I. Joe, find all of your f

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 September 2003 | 20:59 EDT
Master Replica Test Drive Program:
Master Replicas has a great program to help some of the not so wealthy collectors (like me), to obtain their awesome Replica Props. What does it really look like? How does it feel in my hand? Is it well made? Is it worthy of being displayed? They have what they call a Test Drive Program where you choose any of the follwing Lucasfilm props. No money down and yours for 30 days and no payments until you decide if you do want it, if not simply return it. The offer is good on these items:
Count Dooku Limited Edition for $199 or 4 installments of $49.75
Darth Maul Limited Edition for $249 or 4 installments of $62.25
Darth Maul Signature Edition for $299 or 4 installments of $74.75
Luke Skywalker Limited Edition for $199 or 4 installments of $49.75
Darth Vader Limited Edition for $199 or 4 installments of $49.75
Jedi Training Remote for $139.36 or 4 installments of $34.99

How does it feel in my hand? You don’t want to know

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 September 2003 | 20:16 EDT
Sandtrooper BOBB reports:
"The sun must be getting ready to supernova because I found the Emperor, WA-7, and Danni Faytonni at the South Zanesville, Ohio K-Mart. I also picked up the Darth Vader, very nice scuplt from the Masters two pack!"

After the Southeast PA K-Mart situation, it's good to see that being one state over can make a difference. K-Mart has red-shifted.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 September 2003 | 20:09 EDT
Sandtrooper Jason is broadcasting Trooper waves through the entire Lehigh Valley.
Allentown's South Mall KB across from Burger King got truck Monday, but I had already seen the shipping manifest and knew nothing of real value was coming in. They did come up with a set of Playskool Star Wars, and more wave 2 TMNT including brick bat-wielding maniac Casey Jones (buy $15 TMNT and get a free poster). Two TIE fighters remain, amidst a pool of $1.99 figures from last year and Jango's blasters role play. They are also giving away some reprinted Rhino/Claster GI Joe videos with $15 GI Joe or other military toys purchase.

CARD BENDERS step it up a notch in the Lehigh Valley!: The Card Bender's Apprentice has been putting a bend on the cards all over the valley. Victims included MotU Buzz-Off and Man-E-Faces, Transformers Armada Supercons, TMNT Shell cycles (even though they are boxed items), and yes, even two, yes TWO red Clone Troopers just for kicks. Most of the damage has been spotted at K-Marts and TRU's in the Lehigh Valley. To escalate the situation, a local moron put the bend on the General's own Dreamwave GI JOE/TF #1 Comic, this Power Sucka will be administered 'General' Punishment for mail tampering.

Imagine my shock after having already ordered these online when I saw what I thought was the Throne Room Vader, only geting closer to see that it was more 2002 Bespin Vaders clogging the pegs in the latest salvo of old figures to hit K-Mart. Trooper Joe in Philly noticed a bunch of Bespin Vaders and Lukes at the local K-Marts too. The case contains Mace, Jango, Han Endor, and a red Clone too. Walgreens got more Wave 3 HoC (Heroes of Cybertron), including Soundwave this time around (no 'me Grimlock' however), and are carrying TMNT now instead of MotU. I won't waste your precious time with Hurricane reports, if you need that you will find your way to the Troopers' area of the Weather Channel.

Posted by: Tyler | 18 September 2003 | 18:27 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #35
Get ready ! We have some superb new lines due very soon ! Checkout BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE NEWS !

1. NEW Kotobukiya Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise - November
2. NEW Kotobukiya Darth Maul - November
3. NEW Master Replicas Jango Fett Blasters - November
4. NEW Master Replicas Thermal Detonator - November
5. NEW Master Replicas Emperor's Cane - November
6. NEW Unleashed Yoda, Han Solo & Boba Fett - September
7. NEW Clone Wars Lightsabers: Yoda, Obi Wan, Anakin & Count Dooku - September
8. NEW Battle of Hoth 4-pack - September
9. NEW Cinema Scenes: War Room #2 and Jedi Council #2 - September
10. NEW Hailfire droid and Geonosian Fighter w/ pilot - September
11. NEW Attakus Jawa, Salacious Crumb, Yoda, plus more to be confirmed soon...October +
12. NEW basic figures Anakin Pilot, Yoda, ARC Trooper, Dannl Faytonni, WA-7, Luke, Emperor, Vader ++

That's a total of at least 28 new lines for September, October and November ! Plus lots more yet, Durge, Asajj Ventress, deluxe sets, etc, keep watching.

To read the remainder of this newsletter click here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 September 2003 | 18:19 EDT
Sandtrooper YGL reports:
"Hey, folks. Young George Lucas reporting from the Olathe / Spring Hill, Kansas area. It seems that Target is really the place to be these days if you are looking for STAR WARS. Yesterday I found the SAGA Teebo wave and the new Clone Wars figures. Also, for those who haven't seen this yet, it is the first photo of Anakin from Episode III. Everything I've heard about this movie makes me think that Lucas has really nailed it this time, and that the third time will be the charm."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 September 2003 | 18:09 EDT
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM with Sandtrooper Lin Que:
"Lin Que here with an overdue Omaha report. Things are finally picking up around my way. Wal-Marts got their value packs in BUT since I didn't realize they were around the corner I missed them all except Anakin. I think this is a great thing for Hasbro to do seeing as how difficult things this year. They've also kept a pretty decent stock of '03 figs and newer GI JOE figs. Target I found lots of Eowyn in armor and the new cinema scenes. No sign of Clone Wars stuff yet.

"I wanna thank Sandtroppin' Rai for the tip, as yesterday I was able to snatch an Elrond from I'm seriously considering raiding ebay and emailing those poor souls who are paying 60 and 70 bucks to a scalper and telling them to hit KB for a steal on a 'rare' or 'HTF' fig. No new Clone Wars vehicles yet but hopefully soon. I have some items I'd like to trade for either a Jorg Sacul or a Toy Fair Vader. If any one has one to trade please email me. Scalper couldn't touch me if they gave me a massage."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 September 2003 | 18:03 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi with Philadelpia Chase:
"Pretty much the same as all week, except now all the Screen Scenes are gone from Target. One Target did have the Clone Wars single pack figures (Anakin, ARC Trooper, Yoda). Found another Clonetrooper three pack with the green Trooper at TRU. TRU had the same stuff as yesterday, plus one gold card Darth Maul, and a ton of Droid Launcher 3 packs. I guess somebody beat me to rest of the Maul & 3 pack assortments. Kay-Bee had more of the same old $1.99 Saga figures. This one gets a truck tomorrow, and they said they are expecting a lot of Star Wars figures, even though they don't have any room for them.

"The best score of the day was not Star Wars related. I was in Wal-Mart and found no new Star Wars stuff, but noticed a Justice League box on the floor. It was open, but complete. I went through it and found the just released Hawkgirl figure! My daughter is a huge fan of the cartoon, and Hawkgirl is her favorite character. She's been waiting for this figure for months! It got even better though. When the cashier scanned the figure it came up "item not found". The cashier said 'well either this is really new, or it's been clearanced out of the system. How much was it?' I told her I didn't know what the price was (which is the truth, I never even looked). She said 'okay, I think it's clearance then, and the price is $1.00 sound fair to you?' Whoo hoo!!! A hot figure at a bargain price!!! Depending on what the hurricane does, I'll check back with another report later tonight or tomorrow."
- Joe

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 September 2003 | 17:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Spawn VI reports:
"I did some hunting today and found Lt. Faytonni at Target for $2.99. What's even more incredible was the fact that I also found the library droids WITHOUT a crushed bubble!! I also picked up a Darth Tyranus variation (I think) he has a smooth belt, no pouches at all, it looks pretty cool. Has anyone else come across one of these yet? At the TRU they had the Slave 1 on clearance for $7.90 and Star Fighter for $6.90 in pretty decent boxes. Since they already got my money at the inflated price I passed on these. Thanks!!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 September 2003 | 9:42 EDT
Sandtrooper TK-1086 reports:
"I found new figs of War Room and Jedi Council, library droids, and hail fire droids at Target, and War Room and Jedi council, new Boba Fett, and new Snowtrooper at TRU. Finally some new stuff in San Antonio. TK-1086 out."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 September 2003 | 8:34 EDT
NEW Luke Stormtrooper KOTOBUKIYA 1/7th Scale!
Sandtroopers' own Tyler sent this in:
Here are the 1st pics! 2 heads included, Stormtrooper head AND Luke in one great set ! You can pre-order from R2 DToys!


Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 September 2003 | 20:52 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Zack reports:
"Hello troops, here's my latest installment from NW Indiana:
Target: Cinema scenes the second installment of both
TRU: Cinemea scenes the first installment of both
Walmart: NADA!
KayBee: Tons of old stuff going for $1.99. Nothing that everyone else in the world can get.
Meijer: Droid launchers, so at least they are getting something
Kmart: oooohh, that was just too bad for words.

"At least the cinema scenes are landing, but be sure to get to Target first due to the $2 price hike at TRU. Good luck."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 September 2003 | 19:59 EDT
"Sandtroopers Patrol" Diorama by ACPin:
S.C.A.L.P.s Landing, starring Donna Mills and Ted ’Rusty’ Shackleford.;"The crash site of the escape pod has been spotted by the Imperial forces. A unit of sandtroopers scours the site looking for the survivors or any evidence of their existence." Check it out at ACPin SW

Can you dig it? If you look really hard, you can see some of the legacy Troopers.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 September 2003 | 18:17 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
"Jedimaster-C here. I was off today and I made my rounds in Northern Alabama. The big find was at TRU. I found the Hoth 4-pack as well as the Transformers Gen 1 Commemorative Hoist. If there are any Transformers Gen 1 collectors out there, this one is very nice. He is out there folks. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 September 2003 | 18:14 EDT
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
"Anyone in Jersey? The Target in Burlington has both screen scenes, the Clone Wars figures and the library droid wave. I didn't get any because all I want is Darth Vader Death Star Clash, but I can check back to get some if anyone wants to trade for that one. I also get a discount"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 September 2003 | 18:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Hitch reports:
"Hi Troops! I had some extra time today to hit a few stores in Spokane, Washington (Valley) and came up with some good finds. Wal-Mart stocked some older 2003 figures including the Saga Imperial Officer and Rebel Trooper. They also had Lama Su, red Battle Droid, and the Han Hoth wave. Toys 'R' Us had a few Hoth 4 packs left, and for Lord of the Rings fans they had lots of the ROTK Horse assortment. Target scored the new Arc Trooper and Anakin figures, the series 2 Screen Scenes, and several Clone Wars 3 packs including the Clone Trooper 3-pack Yellow Version and the 3-pack Jedi Army. Still haven't found the Waitress Droid wave. Hopefully these will show up soon. Take care Troops!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 September 2003 | 18:09 EDT
Sandtrooper Satan's Teddy Bear (aka The Devil's Ewok) reports:
"Minnesota news! FINALLY we're seeing new SW out here in the land of 10,000 scalpers (don't worry at the rate I've been giving them the "Shovel to the back o' the head and free ride in my trunk" program it will be around 500 by Christmas!).
Wal-Marts: We are seeing the Fett Carkoon wave, Secret Ceremony Anakin, Hoth Han, Snowtrooper, New Luke and Vader and Spinal Tap Mace Windu, No new 2 packs though.
TRU: SUCKS (Do they even CARRY anything besides Yu-Gi-Oh anymore?)
Target: Little better, mostly new C-3P0, Leia, and re-package Jango (why?). Good Luck!

"I also have my collection up on Yahoo, let me know what you all think!!!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 17 September 2003 | 8:55 EDT
Sandtroopin' Rai addresses the troops with:
"I did a little more toy shopping. TRU, Laurel, Maryland still has some of those exclusive Imperial multipacks, and has truly prodigious amounts of Saga Slave I's, plus several Saga Jedi Starfighters, and a Saga Republic Gunship. They also had a few AOTC packaged things (a Republic Gunship, for example). Nothing exciting there, but with all those Slave I's, I hope they'll hit the clearance bins sometime. Like other TRUs in the neighborhood, they also have several Unicrons, and LOTR wave I figures. I also saw some of the new-ish SW Unleashed figures (Throne Room Luke, Obi Wan, and Emperor Palpatine with Sith Lightning). They also have a lot of nice "Elite Forces" 1:18 scale action figure and toys (has anyone seen their Black Hawk Helicopter toy, nice, huh?).

"Target in Laurel, MD had about jack and squat. Some older SW figures (the most recent being a Hoth Han). They had some TF offerings (including a few Galvatrons with bonus mini-cons). Like most Targets, there's shelf space for Unicron, but none to be seen (a sore spot with me since I was checking the Bowie Target several times a week for him for several weeks and never finding him. I mean, why make shelf space for non-existent product? Anyway.).

"Target in Columbia, MD had several of the next set of SW Cinema Scenes (Genosian War Room set 2 of 2, and Jedi High Council set 2 of 2, though seemingly more of the former), so get 'em while they're hot! This is a Target that seems to handle the toy section well because, in addition, I also found Unicron, their exclusive Muppets Koozebane Kermit (and a couple of Swedish Kitchens), and the new LOTR:TTT Warg with Rider sets. As for the Cinema Scenes, I thought it was rather cheap looking when I discovered that the half of the Genosian War Room table that comes with the 2nd set is the same as the one that comes with the 1st set. I suppose it's understandable, but still doesn't sit quite right with me.

"TRU in Columbia, MD had all of 4 SW single carded figures on the pegs (one being Ketwol from POTJ). There were a few LOTR:ROTK leftovers (just more bendy Gollums and Smeagols, like last time). All in all, pretty unremarkable, though there are a decent amount of TF stuff (even Unicron). TRUs in the area also seem to be getting in 1:18 scale diecast Humvees made by Maisto.

"KB Toys in Columbia Mall has older SW figures marked down to $2.99, figure multipacks and roleplay stuff. This is where I first saw McFarlane's T3 Arnies with "variant" non-sunglassed heads. They look only somewhat like the man himself, but I was hoping for at least one non-battle damaged head among them, and for $12.99, I can wait for them to show up somewhere cheaper. Hope I'm not making a mistake. Sometimes I do that, and I never see certain products again *cough* Elrond *cough* ! GameStop at the same Mall had a bunch of those super poseable Robotech Alpha figures, bunch of McFarlane stuff that you see everywhere these days, and a few Anime style toys. They also had a few Stikfas kits (Delta Boy Extreme, Alpha Male K-9 officer, and Mechana the Segmented Robot), including the Omega Male and Horse sets marked down 30% (about $12.60). EBGames at the Mall seems to be getting rid of their toy section, ain't much there, a few Soul Calibur II toys, and Muppets mini figure sets (both 1 and 2).

"Suncoast at Columbia Mall has quite a selction of toys (though those that you can find elsewhere cheaper). The toys are also scattered all over the store. They have a decent amoount of Anime imports, which is nice to see (they even have some of those Japanese Gummi candies that I love, but have previously only been able to get at Oriental groceries), Gremlins toys (from NECA, which look really nice), Thundarr the Barbarian and Micronauts (still), as well as a pretty decent Simpson's section near the back. They also have many Marvel Select figures, and they have the Muppets mini figure sets (and Swedish Kitchens, B�rk! B�rk! B�rk!). I came upon their LOTR:ROTK rack. They had a few I'd never seen before: Pelennor Fields Super Poseable Aragorn (though I think he could have done with some cut joints in the thigh, but I guess I can't complain too much , he really is quite articulated, though the cape always gets in the way), the long-rumored canceled Uruk-Hai Crossbowman, and the non-bendy Smeagols (with climbing action). I've seen reports that Suncoast / Sam Goody is the place to look for the newer ROTK waves, and the kind gentleman behind the cash register said they receive their new shipments on Fridays. It's $3 more than at Target (who has the best prices at $6.99 when you can find a Target that actually sells them), but if you've got to be the first on your block to get them...

"And speaking of LOTR, I also noticed the had some older and harder to find figures in stock (like Galadriel, Eowyn, Arwen with Asfaloth, *AND*, the former chase figure Twilight Frodo). Most are now gone, but Elrond was there yesterday. Picked him up along with a Prologue Elven Warrior. Hope you've enjoyed this edition. Take care!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 17 September 2003 | 7:29 EDT
New Items at Collectors Gallery Online:
Saga scenes Geonosian War Room $29.95
Saga Scenes Jedi High Council $29.95
Biker Scout mini bust pre-order $44.95

Vintage Darth Vader Don Post mask $249.95
Vintage Stormtrooper Don Post mask $249.95
Vintage Revenge of the Jedi promo 1982 button $18.99
POTF Luke & Wampa beast figure sealed $49.95
Han solo Hamilton mug $14.95
Imperial Walkers Hamilton mug $14.95
Star Destroyer commemorative model kit $14.95
Luke Skywalker vinyl model kit $29.95
Han Solo vinyl model kit $29.95
Luke Skywalker polydate 1/6 scale prepainted model kit $24.95
click to enter

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 22:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi with Philadelphia Chase Follow-Up:
Now, for Rob Vaughn, here is Trooper Joe in Philly ..."Jason, I did manage to stop at another Wal-Mart & Kay-Bee, but didn't see anything newer than Boba Fett Carkoon, and no more value packs.

"I have a question for you. I've seen reports of the Wal-Mart Cantina sets hitting the clearance racks (one report has them at $1 each). I've never even seen these on the shelf, possibly due to my hiatus from the hobby. If you, or any Troopers you may know can pick up a set for me, I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!"
- Joe

I haven't seen these at clearance at Whitehall Wal-Mart on Seventh Street, can anyone out in Trooplerland locate the 'Baba Bunch' for a dollar a pack and help Joe catch up?

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 22:21 EDT
Sandtrooper Aaron Thompson reports:
"I've finally started seeing new figures arrive in the New Orleans area!
    Target: Second set of Saga Scenes and part of the waitress droid wave.
    TRU: Hoth 4-pack
    Wal-Mart: Clone Wars 2-packs
"I picked up an extra set of the 2-packs that are MOMC for trade if anyone is interested. I'm looking for the Yoda & Chian, Snowtrooper, Padme Wedding Dress, 3 pack of Clone Troopers with green trooper, or George Sacul figure. I know the Sacul figure is a long shot!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 21:50 EDT
Sandtroopette PR Princess Ariel reports:
"First of all, I want to let everybody know that I'm happy that a lot of people are finding the toys they are looking for. This report is for the ones that are not finding anything yet, because when they read this they will know they are not alone. I live in Puerto Rico and things down here, when it comes to Star Wars collecting, are pure Hell (Uncle George and RMS live down here so they know what I'm talking about).

Target: "We don't have Targets in Puerto Rico, period. If we want the exclusives they sell, we have to ask a sibling or a friend to look for them in the States or Internet (retailers, exchanging with fellow collectors, etc.).

Wal-Mart: We have Wal-Mart, but they don't carry any star wars merchandise, period. I asked Mr. Rodriguez, the Toy Dept. Manager at W.M. in Carolina, and he told me that Star Wars just didin't sell, so they decided not to carry any SW. in Puerto Rico. This decision was made locally (P.R.) and they won't change it. Last thing they sold was the Republic gunship (Saga) and the Han Endor Bunker Wave.

K-B Toys: "They opened the 4-Packs and are selling them individually at 1.99 each. Meaning we have about 3,000 figures warming the pegs. I have never seen to this day any figure of the 2003 line. They do have the 12-inch Gamorrean Guard and exclusive TIE Fighter and the Clone Wars 3-packs (the four of them).

Toys R Us: "They Have the 3 Repackages of Clone Wars (AAT, Jedi Star, Republic Gun) and the Imperial 4-pack. Just once saw clone wars 3-pack (the 4 of them). I have never seen to this day the last figures of the 2002 line (including Ephant Mon) or any of the 2003 line. All that changed today, for the worst of course. I got there at about 6:00 pm and when I got to the section and I looked around there was 1 Jango repack left. When I left I bumped with the security guard who I know and he told me that when they opened today, a person took the 2 boxes they were taking out and took them all except for about 4 or 5 figures. Apparently, these people woking here don't know what a Scalper is or they are accomplices of this Mafia. Either way I'm screwed.

"I am writing this for 2 reasons:
    1) I had to take this out of my chest and write it to people that I know have been through this and know how I feel.
    2) For all of you out there who have not been able to find anything, don't worry you are not alone.
Take Care Troopers."

We appreciate it Ariel. And thanks for the latest from the Enchanted Island, and home of Uncle George.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 21:05 EDT
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
"Aaahhhh, ask and you shall receive. In my journeys today I managed to find a Jedi 3 pack AND the first wave of Clone Wars figs: Anakin, ARC trooper, and Yoda, all at Target! I made quite a few stops so get out there and look because they are there. That’s it for now."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 21:01 EDT
Sandtrooper Jorge Perez reports:
"Hello! Jorge Perez from Boston! Target in Watertown has the Cinema Scenes part 2, about 6+ of each at $19.99 and also lots of 2003 figures (no Waitress droid yet). I finally found a Tusken Ambush figure; Hasbro is doing very good shipping older 'hard to find figures.' Stopped in Wal-Mart today, but thay have not even one Star Wars figure, and no sign of the Value packs. Anybody that has an extra Silver Fett that wants to sell or trade let me know, also the value packs. Thanks very much!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 20:53 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi with Philadelphia Chase:
"Here's what I saw today:
    Target #1: Tons of Screen Sceens Wave 1, Blonde Imperial Officer, Teebo, Eeth Koth, Library Droids, Padme Droid Factory.
    Wal-Mart: A wall of Jango Fett Pilot! Nothing else.
    Toys R Us #1: Hoth 4-pack with Luke's (broken horn) Tauntaun. Screen Scenes Wave 1.
    Target #2: Library Droids, Lama Su.
    Target #3: Screen Scenes Wave 2! Anakin Secret Ceremony.
    Toys R Us #2: Hoth 4-pack with Luke's (broken horn) Tauntaun. Screen Scenes Wave 1.
    K-B: 2 Clonetrooper 3-packs, both with green stripe Trooper. At $14.99 each, I passed on these.
"I may stop at another Kay-Bee, TRU, and Wal-Mart later, and I'll send an update if I do." - Joe

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 19:31 EDT
Sandtrooper RH2 reports:
"Hello fellow troopers, RH2 reporting. Here is a news update from northeast Florida. At one Target I found the second wave of the screen scenes at only 1 out of 5 stores. No new figures at any Targets except reissue cases. At Toys 'R' Us I scored 2 blue Clone Trooper packs and one 1st version Jedi Knight 3-pack. They received the gold stripe carded figures which included the Snowtroopers, which I picked up for my Hoth army. Kmarts have been getting in the Padme secret ceremony wave as well as the gold stripes. Plus I also found another jedi 3 pack plus blue clone troopers there as well. So do not count Kmarts out of the game. KB toys has been getting new stuff sporatically here lately.

"At Wal-Mart I found the bonus packs (all 3) plus the Emperor, WA-7 droid, Lt. Dannl Faytonni and Luke Tatooine encounter. No sign of Achk Med-Beq yet. I do have some extra figures to trade or sell for cost plus shipping. Just e-mail me for wants and needs. Also I would like to send out a big thanks to Trooper Adrian Villegas for hooking me up with a Jorg Sacul figure for a fair price. Thanks again. MTFBWY and keep on hunting."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 19:17 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"Hey troops! Sithryan reporting in. Found WA-7, Emperor, Rehash Luke, Vader Death Star Clash (which is the Vader from the Masters of the Dark Side pack from a while back), Coleman Trebor, Padawans, the new Clone Wars Anakin, Yoda, and Arc Trooper, as well as the 2nd half of both the Geonosian and Jedi Council cinema scenes at a local Target here in Idaho, and found the Bonus packs at Wal-Mart on an endcap. In my opinion, the Jedi council sets are poorly done. Yaddle is cool, but that's about it. The Geonosian sets are great. You can't beat Dooku holding a Death Star holograph and Poggle the Lesser is cool as well. With a rehashed Nute Gunray which is poorly painted. Thanks to Spice for my T-Shirt! I wore it with pride hunting today. May The Force be with You all while on the hunt. ALSO - A big THANKS to Julian Betancourt for hooking me up with MINT Star Tours Droids. This guy rocks, feel safe trading with Julian. He's a great guy!!!"

Thanks for the kind words Ry' and may your Sandtroopers' T-shirt be stained by the blood of many scalps. By the way, Spice and Julian and I think you are one of Trooperland's finest as well! Keep up the good work fighting the good fight.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 September 2003 | 19:10 EDT
Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
"Hey, folks. Young George Lucas reporting from the Olathe/Spring Hill, Kansas area. After months and months of nothing,- the floodgates seem to have opened, for now. Today at my local Target I found the new Emperor wave and last Saturday I found the (slightly overpriced) Screen Scenes at TRU. Still no sign of the Wally World Clone Wars Value 2-Packs or the Hailfire Droid (whick looks awesome!). Have a better one. Episode III will rule!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 September 2003 | 8:30 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys:
"Great unleashed figures in Brian's Toys Latest Shipment.
Back in stock Darth Vader Unmasked. Also for all of our customers with Leia unleased Backorders, your orders will ship out tomorrow and arrive at domestic locations within 3 to 4 days.

3 3/4" figures back in stock.
Anakin Secret Ceremony's
Mace Windu Arena Conflict
Obi Wan Ackley
Han Hoth Rescue
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter

Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 September 2003 | 20:10 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi with Philadelphia Chase:
"Here's what I saw on my rounds today:
Target: Rebel Fleet Troopers, Imp. Officers, Boba, Tusken with fall off head. Screen Scenes 1, no sign of the Hailfire droid yet.
K-B: Clone Wars single pack figures, only Anakin, Yoda, and ARC Trooper - $5.99 each! Glad I got the Value Packs at Wal-Mart!
Wal-Mart: Value Packs are gone, nothing else new.
Toys R Us: Ultimate Bounty 4-pack, Screen Scenes 1, nothing else new.

"Tomorrow I'll have some time to expand my search, so hopefully I'll find the newest wave!" - Joe

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 September 2003 | 19:43 EDT
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
"Hey Troopers, on the tail of fellow Trooper Donna in So Cal, Hailfire Droids and Geonosian Starfighters have landed in the San Francisco area. Target is the place to go! The hailfire droid is super cool and is the best apology Hasbro can give us considering that piece of c@#% four legged spider droid they put out earlier. Get this droid, you won’t be disappointed. Still waiting on the Jedi 3 pack and blue, green, whatever color is out right now for the clone troopers. MTFBWY."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 15 September 2003 | 19:38 EDT
Force of the Bay:
Hey Troops, just got back in from a run through ebay. I get lost looking at the thousands of items, so lost in fact I even found a couple of old maps. From Power of the Force to A New Hope, they have everything, it is almost like Kenner is still in business. There are items that were a rough score when they were in the marketplace over twenty-five years ago. Whatever you are searching for, if Ankle-grabber Comics has you pulling your hair out and it's something the online guys don't carry, just when you think you are at the end of your rope, give ebay a try, I guarantee it's there. If it is not, try back in a few days. Items go up thousands by the minute. Every figure, every card variant, it's all right there at your fingertips. Toys aren't the only avenues one can explore. Make sure you hit the props section for some off the hook Star Wars replica items. Either factory or custom created by a collector, you can bet you will walk away impressed. You can also get a good laugh too, but I will again refrain from the Power Sucka award. They haven't been coming in, only Trooper Garr has been delivering consistent Suckas for months, are they still out there? Just remember a great way to clean up and add marvels to your collection, in a cost effective manner. All paths lead to ebay. Remember neither endorses ebay sellers nor in any way guarantees the authenticity of any of the items. Do thorough feedback checks and beware who you do business with. Good luck out there Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 September 2003 | 18:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Ahawk12 reports:
"Well just a quickie to let you guys know that I was able to pick up the Clone Wars Value packs at my local Wal-Mart in Central Texas over the weekend. They only had one case of them, but they were all there when I got to them. I picked up all three figures, Anakin, Yoda and ARC Trooper, each with a bonus clone. Also I noticed a litte thing, that the extra "free" figures have no Jedi Point value. It has no UPC code either. It has a basically partial insert with a blank bottom. Not that this makes it any less cool, just FYI. These packs are a great deal and nice to be seen. Like many people have been reporting they are not always with the normal Star Wars figures. They are made for a special "end cap" display. So look all over the toy section if you have to. Later, MTFBWY."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 September 2003 | 17:09 EDT

KEBco Toys has the new Unleashed. The new Unleashed wave with Han Solo, Yoda and Boba Fett are now in stock at KEBco Toys. Order yours today. Limited quantities remaining.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 15 September 2003 | 16:52 EDT
Jedi Points Update:
Hey Troopers, I received word today from an official source at Hasbro about the Jedi Points program. Here is a copy of the mail:

"The final details for our Jedi Master Points program are almost in place! We expect the program to launch the beginning of October and we will get back to you shortly as to when the information will be posted on our website , stay tuned."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 September 2003 | 16:40 EDT
Sandtrooper Scott J. reports:
"Hello troopers, here's an area report for Flint, Michigan. I've seen Jedi Council and Geonosian War Room cinema scenes (both waves) at Target stores in Flint and Pontiac Michigan. Also, if anyone is interested in a couple of harder-to-find figures for sale or trade, I have Imperial Officer (dark hair version), Library/research Droids, and Clone Troopers 3-pk (blue version). Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 September 2003 | 12:01 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. Target is the place to be again. Went by 3 Targets over the weekend and found the Geonosian Starfighter, Hailfire Droid, both Cinema Scenes Wave 2, and one lone WA-7. Went by 3 Wal-Marts and no sign yet of the Bonus Packs. Happy Hunting to all!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 15 September 2003 | 10:39 EDT
Sandtroopin' Rai reports:
"I managed to get a little toy shopping in this weekend (hopefully more today). TRU Annapolis, Maryland has a SW section so small that I walked past it twice before I found it. They still have a few Clone Wars Destroyer Droids with launcher. For TF fans, they got in some Unicrons. No new Stikfas though. Rats! Also had many ROTK Wave 1 figures. GameStop Annapolis doesn't seem to have anything new. They still have a rack with discounted McFarlane stuff. 40% off, but this time I noticed that the prices marked on many of the figures already indicate a markdown, so 40% off on toys marked down to as low as $6.99 isn't all that bad. If you're on the hunt for that Ichiro figure on the cheap now's the time.

"KB-Toys at Bowie Town Center in Bowie, MD has some SW figures. They are older ones marked down to $2.99. Not too exciting otherwise, but you can pre-order your President George W. Bush figure for $39.99. EBGames in the same center has no SW (never has to my knowledge), but got in McFarlane's Twisted World of Oz figures. They had all of them. They're in a heaping mistreated pile of stuff (including shortpacks). I guess they didn't want to waste the shelf space. They're not terribly impressive if you ask me. I kinda dig the Cowardly Lion, but as for the rest, 'meh.'

"For LOTR fans, the Barnes & Noble in Bowie Town Center has exclusive Legolas the Elf toys from the small scale Arimes of Middle Earth Series. For $1.99, it's not a bad price since the figure 3-packs are like $10, right? I know they can't be as cheap as $6, so if that kind of thing interests you, have at!

"KB-Toys at Collington Plaza in Bowie, MD also has a lot of SW figs. They are also the older ones, and they are marked down to $1.99. Oh, get this, they are selling Clone Wars deluxe sets (I saw the ever so available Destroyer Droid and launcher sets) for $14.99 (if memory serves). Sheesh! They also had Lord of the Rings Sauron figures in blue ROTK packaging, and a little FOTR and TTT clearance stuff. Wal-Mart in the same place doesn't have much in the way of SW, but has gotten in a whole bunch of new Transformers Armada stuff (some of which is pretty tempting). They also have Unicron for $49. Hardly any SW. They also had like two LOTR toys on the pegs. For troops with kids, they've got tons of Rescue Heroes figures for $7.88. Also had a bunch of MOTU figures with free videos if you dig MOTU (mostly Orko). That's about it. Mad props to Darth Crypt and Dawn for being the *insanely* cool people that they are. Thanks for the toys and the Sandtroopers tee! You da man! Peace!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 September 2003 | 21:52 EDT
More Vintage Star Wars and Takara Transformer Reissues at AnimeDave'sWorld:
CHECK THIS OUT: Vintage Kenner Star Wars Action Figures: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia & Many More. Originals from the 1970's and 1980's Starting at $5.

Hehe. Huffer. Gunna hafta jettison some weight guys...
JUST ANNOUNCED: Takara Transformers Reissue Collection # 11 Autobot Mini Bot Team & # 12 Astrotrain Misb $35 ea. PREORDER NOW. LATE DECEMBER 2003 / EARLY JANUARY 2004. (ed. note - I hope this means that e-hobby will be doing a Diaclone colors Astrotrain exclusive next year too!)

- enter Dave's World -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 September 2003 | 21:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Markus of StarconstruX reports:
Efficient German Creations"You will find now inserts for all Star Wars figures of the vintage series in our download-area. On this insert you will find a picture of the figure on card and all infos about variations of this figure. Just print it, fold it, ready to go! We hope to improve your collection with this little gimmick! Best wishes." - Markus

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 September 2003 | 20:21 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi reports:
"The past couple weeks have been really good hunting around here. I actually stopped picking up new stuff for several months, most of this year in fact. About two weeks ago, I helped a friend do some display construction work at Toys 'R' Us in Times Square, and got hooked again! We were in the store an hour before it opened, and when I looked at the wall of Star Wars figures I saw all of the 2003 figures (#06 - #27). I picked up everything, except the last two (Princess Leia Organa Imperial Captive and Han Solo Flight to Alderaan, don't care for reissued figures on different cards).

"Since then, I've managed to find the Obi-Wan, Padme, Mace, and library droid figures at Target and/or Wal-Mart. I haven't seen Tyranus though. I've also seen Luke Tatooine Encounter, but passed on that one too. I also got two of the Clonetrooper 3-packs (one with the green stripe kneeling and a regular clone with macrobinoculars, the other 3-pack were all-white clones). I did see the Jedi Knight 3-pack at TRU Times Square, but didn't pick it up because the 3-packs were $12.99 there. I found my 3-packs locally at Boscov's for $9.99 each. TRU Times Square also had Anakin from Clone Wars, but I passed at the time and of course found him in value pack form at Wal-Mart. Oh, I also got the cinema scenes (first set) at Target for $19.99 each. So that's the extent of my hunting for the past few weeks. And, Jason, ready for this for your guys' figure reviews? I was arranging some of the newer figures on my shelf. I was having trouble getting wedding Padme's foot on the peg of her balcony. So, I look under her dress (only to see if her legs were jointed of course) and I notice she's got a garter on her right thigh! At that point, I had to take a closer look of course, and noticed that she has some fancy panties on too! The sculptor must have had a ball with this one! I wonder if they "real scanned" Natalie's whole body? Heh heh heh. I'll have to look for another one of these figure so I can make a custom 'Honeymoon Padme!' I know ... I'm a sick pup!"
- Joe

Trooper Joe is 'South of Heaven' in Philadelpia, PA. When I told him the scene in the Lehigh Valley sucked, he said he probably wouldn't be stopping up anytime soon! Smart move Joe. And, don't feel guilty, I still think the guy who produced all the 'commando' Padme's in the PotJ line was certainly a sicker pup!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 September 2003 | 19:38 EDT
Sandtrooper TROOPER Larry reports:
"Hey troops! Just wanted to let everyone know that the value packs have hit my Mentor, Ohio Wally World. I personally want to thank the stock boys for not putting them with the regular Star Wars figs. Stopping scalps from getting these makes me smile. Also, for $4.77 a piece, they are well worth it. Found Boba (Pit), new Vader, uncorrected Luke, R2 (flight), repack Jango, Snowtrooper, Hoth Han, new C-3PO, and Mynock Chewie at the Mentor TRU, and some of the same at the Ashtabula Wally World. That's it for now troops. Happy hunting."

I want to thank Trooper Larry and his main squeeze Troopette Sarah for some 'General' S.C.A.L.P. work, making me smile, getting me a set of these along with a figure of my old guitar instructor, Mr. Dewey Largo.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 September 2003 | 19:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
"I was really down on Target. I had yet to see any of the Cinema scenes at Target and didn't know whether Hasbro was still making these. Well, things are starting to look up for us in Huntsville, Alabama. Here is the stuff I found this morning (9/14): The Geonosian Fighter and the Hailfire Droid at one Target. I got the Hailfire droid. I like that one better. I also found them at another Target the Jedi Council 2. That's all for now. About the past posts that I made on Sandtroopers; it was all out of frustration. Keep in mind they were not directed at anyone. They are out there my friends. Go get them! Thing are really looking up, I found stuff aplenty. The Hailfire droid is incredible. I don't buy the Geonosian fighter. I just wanted to let you know. Keep your eyes open for them. Also, I got my t-shirt form Spicey and it is a nice shirt, very good job."

That's good news! And, for those Troopers who heard bells ringing at the mention of Huntsville, Alabama, and wondering whether Hasbro is still making something, yes, Jedimaster-C is the new handle of long-time Trooper THE CHAD. So, in the spirit of Hot Rod becoming Rodimus Prime, we give you 'Jedimaster-C.' And, speaking of Transfomers: The Movie, Trooper Larry (who posts above) was the first Troop to get the reference from yesterday about Starscream shooting himself in the foot in that film; "he pointed his lasers at his trapped leg and fired. 'Ow... my foot!' he cried."
| Image 1 | Image 2 |

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 September 2003 | 18:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse S.C.A.L.P.'s the Scalpers:
"H Troops, I have for Sale $4 SAGA figs PLUS FREE SHIPPING if 7 or more figs or $30 or more of figs are bought! HAVE FOR SALE (all figs are $4!):

ARC Trooper x 3, Yoda Clone Wars x 3, Anakin Clone Wars x 3, Research Droids x 2, Lama Su w cone x 3, Wat Tambor x 2, Aayla Secura x 2, Red Battle Droid x 6, Rebel Fleet Trooper x 1, Obi Wan Acklay battle x 6, Darth Tyranus x 4, Hoth Han x 5, Tusken Raider x 4, Mace Windu x 4, Chewbacca Mynock x 4, Padme Factory chase x 3, Luke Skywalker throne room corrected version x 2, Snowtrooper x 2, Darth Vader throne room x 2, Anakin Sky secret cermony x 4, 12-inch Gamorrean Guard $20, KB TIE Fighter $22, Republic Assault ship $25.

ARC Trooper and Clonetrooper x 10, Yoda with Yellow Clonetrooper x 10, Anakin with Blue Clonetrooper x 10.

"E-mail me for needs, or for buys."

Thanks for the slammin S.C.A.L.P. hook-ups!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 September 2003 | 15:07 EDT
Sandtrooper JimsJedi reports:
"I found a couple of new things this weekend. Found the Value Packs at Wal-Mart, only got the Yoda, and Anakin Packs. Also found the Hoth 4 Pack at TRU. Other than that everywhere else is pretty dry. I'm still looking for all of the screen scenes. Drop my a line if you're looking to trade them."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 September 2003 | 9:20 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #220 Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
New Clone Wars Multi figure packs:
Jedi Knights
Clone Troopers (white)
AOTC Carded Coleman Trebor C-9, Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Padme Secret Ceremony C-9, Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Wat Tambor C-9, Price: $19.99
Saga ROTJ Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon C-9, Price: $16.99
Saga Master Replicas Luke's ESB Lightsaber Artists Proof
- Limited.....Extremely Rare
- Display Case Included
- Signature Edition
Price: $999.99
Saga Master Replica Obi-Wan ANH Lightsaber IN STOCK
- Shipping in Summer
- Limited to 3,500
- Display Case Included
Price: $329.99
Special of the Day is POTF2 Han Storm Trooper Mailing for $7.99 Lowest Price ever!*
*limit one per customer (be sure to check our website for the special of the day) Changes
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett AFA Graded 90, Price: $159.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett AFA Graded 85, Price: $79.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-9, Price: $39.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-8, Price: $44.99
Saga Exclusives Death Star Trash Compactor with Leia & Chewy C-9, Price: $34.99
Saga Exclusives Death Star Trash Compactor with Han & Luke C-9, Price: $34.99
Illusive Concepts Rancor
This item is a prop of the miniature Rancor that was used in ROTJ.
# 605 of 9500
Includes Certificate of Authenticity
Price: $899.99
Vintage Carded Rare SW Villains Set 3-Pack
MISB C-7/7.5
Will ship in two weeks.
Price: $2,999.99
G.I. Joe Combos - Joe Vs. Cobra Assortments
Visit our news letter for a list of low priced sets.
Latest Vintage 3 3/4" G.I. Joe carded figures posted on our website.
1985 Tomax & Xamot C-9 Carded, Price $199.99
1985 Crimson Guard C-8.5, Price $199.99
1986 Low Light C-9+ , Price $99.99
1986 Bats C-8.5, Price $199.99
1987 Jinx C-9, Price $149.99
Indiana Disney 3 3/4" Figure Indiana Jones w/ Jacket, Price: $19.99
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Steve | 13 September 2003 | 22:20 EDT
Trooper Drizzit reports
"Just wanted to check in with my latest find. Found the clone two packs at the Delafield, WI Wally World early this morning. Didn't see them there yesterday, but they were on a side cap hanging from a pretty purple cardboard backer. Was able to pick up the arc trooper and the GI Joe Anakin. The Yodas were gone. Also scored one of each for my man Chuppernicus. They are not cleared out. Target out there is sitting on the red battle droid wave. Later"

Posted by: Steve | 13 September 2003 | 22:17 EDT
Area report and big non-Star Wars news
Hey Troops, I drove down to the Castleton area in Indianapolis today. I stopped by Target, Toys R Us and KayBee. Kaybee had most of the Playskool sets (including the Falcon), TIE fighters, the Clone Wars tank and also the Gamorrean Guard (pretty impressive, but I don't collect the 12" line). Toys R Us had jack squat. Target had the Clone wars gunship and Jedi Starfighter as well as a ton of the destroyer droid launchers (I obviously arrived too late to find anything of value from that wave). Now for some big LOTR news. If any of you collect the LOTR figures, currently has the Twilight Frodo in stock. If the scalpers are beating you to this one, here is your chance.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 21:05 EDT
Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Hey Troops, the local Wal-Mart in East Central Wisconsin had the Han Hoth, Secret cceremony Anakin, Droid Factory Chase Padme, Boba Carkoon, Chewie Mynock, and wind-up Mace. Also, the newly revamped TRU had a Jedi Council #1. Heartbreakingly, I passed on this. 22 bucks was just out of my range today. They also had command Gunships and a stack of 12" Luke and Tauntauns."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 20:52 EDT

STAR WARS BASIC PRE-ORDER: Scheduled to arrive in October/November
84715.0000 Set of 3 - Hoth Trooper, R-3P0, Luke Skywalker Hoth

84715.0007 Set of 12 - Barriss Offee, Twilek, Yoda with Padawan, Alien Padawan x2, Night Club Alien, concept Storm Trooper, Bail Organa, Imperial Dignitary, Padme Tatooine, Cantina Alien, Imperial Dignitary 2

84715.0008 Set of 6 - Contains 1 each of these existing figures with new packaging: Throne Room Luke, Throne Room Darth, Snowtrooper, Han Solo Hoth, Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon, Anakin Secret Ceremony

See what else is new!
click to enter:

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 20:05 EDT
Sandtrooper Jowa6 reports:
"Jowa6 here. The goods have landed in Austin, TX. I scored the new Hailfire droid vehicle and Geonosian Starfighter today at Target in Round Rock; I had no idea these were even supposed to be out yet. They also had tons of Hoth Han, Lama Su, Red Droids, 1 Boba Fett and Red Clone Troops. TRU has the Bounty Hunter sets and Clone 3-packs. I have an extra set of Jedi Knights and Droid 3-packs for trade. Drop me a line if interested, I have tons of other stuff to trade as well. Keep the Force alive."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 19:55 EDT
Sandtrooper BIG Mike reports:
"Hey guys, big mike hodge here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Big scores here this weekend. Yesterday I found Cinema Scene wave 2 at Target. This morning I found the Clone Wars value packs at Wal-Mart. Then I went to another Target and found the new Emperor wave. Guys keep looking, the new stuff is showing up, so keep out there hunting. Good luck!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 19:51 EDT
Sandtrooper Songwrtr reports:
"Good hunting this weekend in the greater Ithaca, NY area. Cortland Wal-Mart and K-Mart were fairly dry Friday night, though K-Mart did yield the Destroyer Droid Launcher. Ithaca Target received the latest Saga wave (Faytonni, Waitress Droid, et al.) as well as Screen Scenes Wave 1 (from what I'm told, only one remains). Ithaca K-Mart remains overrun by Mace Windu figures, though Lot Dodd and compatriots have joined him on the pegs.

"Big Flats (Elmira) TRU had the Hoth 4-Pack, as well as a decent supply of the Imperial and Bounty Hunter packs. They had a lone remaining Destroyer Droid Launcher, as well as the Clone Wars Gunship. They continue to have a glut of Jango Pilots. A helpful staffer there noted that they hadn't gotten the multi-packs in for a while, but that he'd been told to expect a large shipment in November in time for the Big Book (which he said should take effect around November 21). Whether that shipment will materialize is anyone's guess, but it's nice to be given that hope. Horseheads (Elmira) K-Mart had Destroyer Droid Launchers and the Hoth Han wave.

"Big Flats KB has an interesting assortment of $1.99 figures (nothing new, but a wide range of older stuff), plus a couple of cases of both the 12" Gammorean Guard and Tie Fighter exclusives. Big Flats Wal Mart had one lone Value Pak left, so I made the extra trip to Painted Post (Corning) and was able to pick up the rest. These are coming in fairly low quantities at the moment, and the displays end up at the corners of aisles which may or may not be the action figure aisles, so keep your eyes peeled. Neither Wal-Mart had anything of note in standard 3 3/4 inch figures, unless you consider the Jango Pilot to be notable.

"It's nice to see the exclusives making their way to the shelves in reasonable quantities. Hopefully the TRU gossip will play out and we'll see more than just the trickle of new figures and multi-packs that have been the norm pretty much everywhere for the bulk of the year."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 19:43 EDT
Sandtrooper TomBossk reports:
You're next Osama!"Hey Jason, I know it's well after September 11, but what gets me are the people that don't think we should be in Iraq or Afganastan. I spent three (3) Months working at Ground Zero. If these people could have seen what I did every day they would know what it's all for !!! Right now a bunch of my friends are over in Iraq. How do you think all this B.S. plays with them? I know this is not the place for this I just had to get it off my chest. Thanks for letting me rant. P.S. the site is great, keep up the good work."

What is more frustrating? Driving around aimlessly looking for toys, or cleaning up the debris of fallen skyscrapers? Of course we can relate!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 19:18 EDT
Sandtrooper Marboba with COAST TO COAST A.M. Follow-Up:
"Toys 'R' Us in Canada are getting the Hoth 4-pack now. I just got one from a fellow member and he dropped it off to me last night."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 September 2003 | 19:13 EDT
Sandtrooper Last of the Jedi reports:
"The Clone Wars value packs have hit Philadelphia, PA Wal-Marts. I saw 2 cases at one Wal-Mart yesterday morning and bought one of each. A friend asked me to go back for more later in the day, but by then the display boxes were all empty. The first series of the Geonosis & Jedi Cinema Scenes have also hit local Targets and TRU's. Happy hunting!"

Posted by: Steve | 12 September 2003 | 23:44 EDT
Hey Troops, I stopped by the comic shop today to pick up some news books. Empire #11 is out. That was the only new Star Wars title to hit shelves. I have to say, Image comics has done a much better job getting new issues out with their GIJoe line than Dark Horse has ever done with Star Wars. Not only that, the stories have been pretty good too. For any of you who grew up in the 80s and loved GIJoe almost as much as Star Wars, you should check out the Image line of comics. On another note, stopped by Wal-Mart and Target and still nothing new around Lafayette, IN. If anyone has some extra value packs or army packs, I would be interested in a trade or purchase.

I'll have to second that Steve-O! The new G.I. Joe comics rock and I too would encourage anyone who loved the awesome work of Larry Hama and co. to check out the Image version of G.I. Joe - Spice

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 September 2003 | 21:46 EDT
Sandtrooper Songwrtr with a Sandtrooper Observation:
"Here's some stuff I thought I'd share. Hasbro has apparently been shorting some of the on-line e-tailers recently. The larger ones tend to be getting at least partial shipments, but many of the smaller ones have been getting 0% fullfillment. One that I order from regularly received none of the Wave 1 Multi-Packs they pre-ordered, a partial shipment of the Wave 2 Multi-Packs, and none of their Wave 1 Cinema Scenes. And they're doing better than most in that regard from the sounds of it.

"With so little product actually seeming to hit the usual retail outlets (TRU, Wal-Mart, Target, KB), at least in the greater Ithaca area, it makes me wonder whether there's really been as drastic a drop in production as there seems to be on recent waves, or if perhaps Hasbro (or the brick and mortar retailers themselves) is holding out until the launch of the Clone Wars cartoons in November to unleash an onslaught of product. I'm really hoping for that second alternative; I'd love to know that the scarce-seeming multi-packs are going to be plentiful in the coming months (if only so I can be sure that I'll get them). I always expect the initial flow of any new wave to be slow, especially in this area, but it's odd to see reports that fairly large e-tailers are having their orders cancelled or only partially filled. Still, I've got to believe that Hasbro's promise that everyone who wants a figure will be able to get it is still in effect. 2003 will certainly go down as a bad year from a supply point of view."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 September 2003 | 21:20 EDT
Sandtrooper THE CHAD reports:
"Hi all, I went to Wal-Mart this morning before work and what do I find? The Clone Wars 2 packs. Not a bad deal for $4.77. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 September 2003 | 21:03 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"More news from WNY. Today, Wal-Marts in the area got the Clone Wars bonus packs. I can confirm 2 cases at the Niagara Falls location and at least 2 more cases in Amherst. How can you go wrong with this deal? For $4.77 a 2-pack, it's the best deal Hasbro's had in a long time. Sandtrooper Marboba will be stopping by tomorrow for his 2 sets, along with his Emperor figure. Picked up 2 sets for myself, a set for another collector friend in the area and one set remaining for a possible trade I'm working on.

"Also, Wednesday I got a call from my insider friend at KB Toy Works. She told me they received 1 case of Clone Wars figures (you heard me right, they're at KB!) & she was going to set aside an Anakin, Yoda & ARC Trooper for me. I stopped at lunch to pick them up & she told me that after she got off the phone with me, a scalper from the Great White North came in & bought the rest. Now a note to troopers who frequent KB. While I was there on Wednesday, I was told that their truck day has been moved to Wednesday now (from Thursday), and that they will now be getting a truck every week. So, if there's one in your area, better start checking weekly now.

"Lastly, I'd like to thank Sandtroopette Donna for being the only one to respond to my plea for the Anakin & Dooku speeder bikes. Donna, I have a set of the Clone Wars bonus packs (mentioned above) for you if you're interested. That's it for now. We'll see what TRU has in the morning."
- John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 September 2003 | 19:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Marboba with Canada COAST TO COAST A.M.
Somewhere out there"Jason, I'd just like to say that this site works. It's been great dealing with these guys posting finds and helping me out, a poor Canadian collector, that just wants to keep his collection going. John C. in Western NY was able to snag me a new Emperor Throne room. Sith Lord let me know that I am the proud owner of 2 blue Clone Trooper packs today (ed. note: I hope his apprentice didn't leave a BEND on the cards. And, before I get any phone calls - I'm kidding of course! I wouldn't want to be like Starscream and shoot myself in the foot - a Sandtrooper SALUTE will go out to anyone in Trooperland who can tell me where that reference is from!). And, another person just let me know that he got me 1 each of the Clone Wars value pack. All I gotta say is that these guys are great, they go out of their way to help others in need, not asking for anything else but what they paid. I just wish there was some way to return the favour but I am not sure that people understand the problem Canadians have had with the Star Wars line. We have actually not seen any of the regular figs since the Chewie Bespin wave for 2002, and, for 2003 we have only gotten 6 out of now released 28 figs to date, and that's only due to Toys 'R' Us shipping some stuff from the U.S. No deluxe, no nothing! Now that's really bad. Once again, a big THANKS!!!!!! to all." - Marc Boyd aka Marboba

If you're not getting anything from, then you aren't using Big thanks to John C. (JC), Sith Lord, and all the Troops stepping it up a notch! Now, 'Git sum!


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 September 2003 | 12:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Bill reports:
"Hello all troops in the Conyers, GA area. I went to the Super Walmart and they have the Clone Wars Value Packs. They had 5 of each pack. I got one of each. Total was 15.74. They also had reasearch droids. Good hunting."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 September 2003 | 8:16 EDT
Goodbye JACK TRIPPER ...
In memorium of the passing of one of my favorite childhood stars: John Ritter (age: 54, from an unrecognized flaw in his heart), who will always be JACK TRIPPER to me. We will miss ya' John!

Country star Johnny Cash (age 71), died due to complications from diabetes. Both will be missed.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 September 2003 | 0:23 EDT
Jango Fett Blaster Set now on Sale at Master Replicas
Hey Troops over at Master Replicas they are now offering the Jango Fett Blaster set. This limited run is already half way sold out so if you were procrastinating you better not wait. I have a feeling these may sell out faster than the Master Yoda Lightsaber did. They look awesome, click through and take a look at these stunning high quality replicas.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 September 2003 | 21:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse reports:
"Hi Troops, got ARC Trooper x 3, Yoda Clone Wars x 3 ,Anakin Clone Wars x 3, Darth Vader Throne room, Snowtrooper, Republic Assault ship - $25. All figs are $5.50 each plus shipping. Would like to trade first, if not, will sell."

Posted by: Steve | 11 September 2003 | 20:51 EDT
Yestertoys still offering special
Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys let me know they are still offering the special on the POTF2 Death Star Trooper and AT-AT Driver. They are being offered at $5 non-mint and $6 mint. If you are looking for some army builders, check them out.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 September 2003 | 18:54 EDT
Sandtrooper RASH reports
"Well, Troops, I was hoping this day would not come, but a financial strain combined with new parenting responsibilities is forcing me to part with some of the treasures (I like to call these "irreplaceable") of my collection. Here's what I am (painfully) letting go of: C-9+ Toy Fair Vader, C-9+ Jorg Sacul, C-9+ Theater Edition Luke Jedi, C-9 "Re-tooled" Vader on green card (the one originally from the Shadows 2-pack), C-9 .01 Leia Boushh (only purple carded figure with Collection 1 on card), C-6 U.S. carded Weequay with freeze frame, C-9 Mexican exclusive POTJ 4-pack, C-9 3 3/4 scale Han & Tauntaun beast pack, C-9 Eopie & Qui-Gon beast pack (foreign packaging), C-7 1997 Hong Kong Heroes 3-pack, C-7 1997 Hong Kong heroes 3-pack, 2002 R2-D2/C-3PO Holiday 2-pack, Japanese Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Mos Eisley Cantina 10-pack.

"Some of you will not be familiar with some of these items and their rarity, others with feel my pain as I prepare to let go of these items. All carded figures will be in a Star case, and in the case of the Leia, Weequay, and re-tooled Vader, acrylic cases. I want to sell as a lot only, but will at least entertain offers on individual pieces. Best offer over $700 by Sunday midnight eastern, or they go to the Bay. MTFBWY."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 September 2003 | 18:47 EDT
K & C Collectibles has received 3 new value pack Clone Wars figures
New this Week:
Yoda and Clone Trooper Commander value pack
ARC Trooper and Clone Trooper value pack
Anakin Skywalker and Clone Trooper Lieutenant value pack

Darth Vader Vinyl Figure by Koto
Greedo Mini Bust
Jango Fett blaster Limited Edition replica set

Anakin Skywalker Mini Bust
Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini Bust
Billy Dee Williams signed photo
Alan Ruscoe signed photo

Amy Allen signed photo
Jerome Blake signed photo
Julian Glover signed photo
Peter Diamond signed photo
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 September 2003 | 17:31 EDT
Sandtrooper Ahawk12 reports:
"Just another note here from Central Texas. My Target put out the Emperor and WA-7 Wave and they were all beat up like they fell off the truck. I talked to the guy who was stocking, and he said that the box was just crushed when it came off the truck. Well they were out anyway. My TRU had the Hoth 4 Pack out today also. Not much else. I wish my Wal-Marts would get some of those Clone Wars Value packs. But I am not going to hold my breath on that. Thanks to those who replied for my Freeze Frame Slide requests. I am still looking for them if any one else has some extras. Later!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 September 2003 | 0:00 EDT
Today we remember ...
Today Troops, we take the time to remember and honor those we lost that horrible day two years ago. If you know someone who has been affected directly by this tragedy take an extra moment to think about that person and their family. You may want to try a prayer if you so believe. Remember that they did not die in vain and all they did was make America that much stronger. Keep an extra cautious eye out as well because you never know when these cowards will cheap shot us again. They try to make us feel like our efforts are nil by having Al-Jazeera air video of this fool walking around. Just remember what happened to the Husein boys not too long ago. While many of us will be feeling sorrow, I can not help but to feel anger. Many people are questioning the war efforts, I hope today everyone will remember why. I like many Americans, will never forget the tragedy that befell our nation two years ago. Keep running Osama, that mountainside looked real cozy, and don’t worry soon they’ll pull up the rock you are hiding under and then your little video tapes will come to a halt and we’ll be doing a Sandtrooper Observation on your sorry A$%! God Bless America and the dream for which she lives.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 September 2003 | 23:37 EDT
"September 11, 2001 Tribute" Diorama by ACPin:
REAL heroes"Through the darkness of the night, the rescue workers have fanned out in long lines and incessantly move the buckets filled with debris hand to hand from one person to another. A special tribute to the heroes and their families of September 11, 2001. God bless America!" Check it out at ACPin SW

And, now, a Sandtroopers and Legacy Troopers moment of silence ...

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 September 2003 | 23:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Ash8 reports:
"Hello. Can anybody help??? I haven't seen any of the newer figures all the troops are reporting in with and was wondering whether any of you can help me. I am looking for: Jedi Coucil Screen Scenes 1 and 2, Saga Throne luke Glove on Left hand, Ashla and Jempa, Yoda and Chian, Imperial Officer Blonde Version, Wat Tambor, Waitress Droid, Unleashed Vader No Helmet, Unleashed Leia. If anyone can help, please let me know, I will buy and I also have many Star Wars items for trade. Thank you and keep up the good fight."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 September 2003 | 22:56 EDT stocks new figures:

They have in stock, Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon, Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker Throne Room Duel, Snowtrooper Battle of Hoth! Also Geonosian War Room and Jedi Screen Scenes in stock!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 September 2003 | 22:50 EDT

The M.A.S.S. Device ...DREAMWAVE: The Transformers & GI Joe first issue is now in stock on the Dreamwave menu

GI JOE: 40th Anniversary Timeless collection has arrived. Remakes of the classic GI Joes - Action Sailor, Marine, Pilot, and Sailor. More Spytroops wave 3 have arrived as well.

TRANSFORMERS: The Korean Big Convoy has been restocked (on the JBW menu) and the TF2000 Black Convoy is also back in stock

UNICRON: We expect Unicron to arrive around 9/22 give or take a few days. We'll be processing pre-orders in the next few days - let me know asap if you need to cancel

NEW ARMADA: More new Armada has arrived - 4 new Supercons: Powerlinx Cyclonus, Hot Shot, Thrust and the new Cheetor. Also new Gigacons and Maxcons: Powerlinx Red Alert, Predacon, Powerlinx Jetfire, Tidal Wave and Overload (Tidal Wave and Powerlinx Jetfires will ship soon)

PRE-ORDER PERFECT GRADE GUNDAM RX-78 GP01/FB: A brand new 1/60 perfect grade kit coming out this November or December comes packed in the largest box released so far by Bandai - about 1/2 again as big as the Zeta box! The kit comes with parts to make the GP01 or the GP01fB as well as parts for a hangar. Pre-Order available for $234.99

SPORTS PICKS: MLB 7 - Another new wave of nice looking figures from McFarlane. All the standard figures are in stock as well as several variants!

STIKFAS: More of the K-9 Unit, Mechana Segmented Robot, Delta Boy Extreme and Beta Dragon have arrived.


Posted by: Tyler | 10 September 2003 | 21:52 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #34
In this week's newsletter:
- Silver Fett Giveaway
- Silver Fett arrives very very soon for just �15 ($23)
- Silver Clonetrooper comes this year, waiting list already available online
- Jedi Army 3-pack in stock �12
- MR Luke Lightsaber in stock (both versions, SE and LE)

To get the full details click here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 September 2003 | 21:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Zack reports:
"Woohoo! I am pleased to report from Northwest Indiana, for once. Quick toy run today and it definitely paid off.

"In Valparaiso: stopped at the Kmart - nada, big suprise. Target - nabbed Wat Tabor, and Lama Su with Clone child (big fat happy face here). Super Wal-Mart - Scored all three bonus packs - Anakin and blue trooper, ARC Trooper and white trooper, and Yoda and yellow trooper. What fun. I really got lucky because they were not even out on the floor yet. I noticed that a large box was on a pallet and it has 'SW bonus pack' on the side. I ask a lady if I can look in the box and received a resounding 'no.' Deflated and defeated, I look down and walk away. Contemplating what is she going to do if I open it anyway. Well, I didn't have to worry because a nice Wal-Mart associate came by and said, 'Hey, let's see what we've got.' It was great to open the box and to know that everything that I saw was new, new, new. Anyway, it was good.

"In Portage: Walmart and Kmart - nada, but I didn't care because I actually found something. Finally a successful day. Good luck guys and gals and keep looking. Because as my father says, 'Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.' Today was my day."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 September 2003 | 21:28 EDT
Sandtrooper BOBB reports:
"Hey Troopers, Found the 2nd wave of the Cinema Scenes at Target on Brice Rd, Columbus, Ohio today! Thank you Hasbro for completing the Jedi Council!!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 September 2003 | 21:22 EDT
Sandtroopette Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers. Lisette from NYC reporting. I went to the TRU in Times Square today where they had at least 20 each of the Cinema Scenes. It was the first wave only, but at least they finally made it to this TRU. Unfortunately, due to prime real estate, and, as a result, high rent, this TRU is selling these scenes for $23.99. Manhattan TRU's usually sell things a buck or two more than the outer boros. These same scenes are selling in a Brooklyn TRU for $21.99. At one time the Manhattan TRU's would honor the prices from the outer boros, but they eliminated that practice some time ago. That's all for now."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 September 2003 | 19:08 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online Update:
Collectors Gallery Online has updated their site for this week.

Master Replica blueprints preorders:
Darth Vader Master Replicas blueprint $28.95
Count Dooku Master Replicas blueprint $28.95
Darth Maul Master Replicas blueprint $28.95
Sith set of 3 Master Replicas blueprints $99.00
Luke Skywalker F/X Lightsaber $129.95

Vintage Star Wars items added:
Loose 3" Tusken raider with inverted breathing tubes $124.95
Loose 3" Luke skywalker brown hair $94.95
Biker Scout Bradley time stopwatch/timer $199.95
Vintage Empire wallpaper sealed $74.95
Ewoks English coloring book $14.95
Wicket the Ewok watercolor painting set sealed $19.95
Empire Han and Leia acrylic paint by number sealed $29.95
Darth Vader acrylic paint by number sealed $29.95
Luke Skywalker acrylic paint by number sealed $29.95
Yoda acrylic paint by number sealed $29.95
Loose Adam Joseph wicket bank $19.95
C-3po cake pan $39.95
Episode 1 Watto applause plush with background $24.95
Loose Darth Vader nightlight $14.95
Return of the Jedi lee belt $39.95
Star Wars Rose art pencils sealed set of 6 (classic item) $9.95
Yoda Adam Joseph wallet $19.95
Darth Vader domed nightlight $19.95
R2D2 Adam Joseph nightlight $14.95
Yoda Adam Joseph nightlight $14.95
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Posted by: Darth Crypt | 10 September 2003 | 9:05 EDT
Sandtrooper LOWER SIDE MARK reports:
"News from lower MI. Ann Arbor Toys 'R'Us has gotting Hoth 4packs and snowtrooper wave. Target has had newer figures but have not check lately. Was Wondering whether anybody else found Bounty hunter 4pk with paint missing on Boba's visor? Is this rare?"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 10 September 2003 | 8:58 EDT
Sandtrooper Sith Lord reports:
"Greetings To all my fellow Sandtroopers. Here is today's news in So. Cal. I went out today to see whether there were any new items out. First at Target In Cerritos on Del amo & Bloomfelid I'm happy to find Clone troopers 3 Pack (blue), the Jedi Council (Yaddle, Yarael Poof & Depa Billaba), and The Geonosis War Room 3 Pack (Nute Gunray, Passel Argente & Shu Mai), all in good shape, 6 each, and 8 blue Troopers. And Again at Target Cerritos South St & Gridley, the Same. Nothing at TRU Cerritos.

"As far as figures go, I'm happy to say plenty. Picked up the Emperor at Target Cerritos. Now To Paramount. I got lucky and got the Clone Wars 2 Pack Anakin & blue Clone Trooper for $4.00, not bad. Six lightsabers: Darth, Luke & Yoda. At K-Mart Bellflower, plenty of figs like Dooku Escape, Han Hoth, Chewie Mynock, and Mace Battle. So the new stuff is coming in slowly and no SCALPERS! TOGETHER TROOPERS WE WILL WIN THIS WAR TO BEAT THE SCALPERS. MTFBWY"

SITH LORD??? W.T.F.??? I thought I was the only Sith Lord on the Outer Rim!!! Was Empress Mom wrong? She said I was one of a kind when she was dressing me this morning ... BAH!!!! By the way, GREAT report Sith Lord! Try not to say things like finding FIGURES A PLENTY, you will no doubt incure the wrath of THE CHAD!!! -Darth Crypt

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 September 2003 | 22:50 EDT
Sandtrooper TROOPER Larry reports:
"I found Luke Throne room (uncorrected version), Vader, and Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon) at Mentor, Ohio Target. That's it for this report, keep up the hunt Troops. And, who keeps hiding all the new Star Wars behind the G.I.Joe Spytoops stuff? It's not like we're not going to look there!"

Posted by: Julian H. Betancourt | 9 September 2003 | 22:21 EDT
The man Himself - JHB

Like many out there, after hearing the news about the release of the Star Tours figures and vehicle, the new toy line based on characters shown at the Disney's Theme Park ride, I headed up north, taking the long 4 hour drive from Miami to Orlando. In my pocket a huge list of requests from different collectors wanting the exclusives and in my wallet a credit card willing to take a big hit once I would find the "sacred plastic sculpts"...

Come join us on a journey across the Star Wars galaxy to a planet named Orlando, located in the Gamma sector of Florida. Board the Starspeeder 3000 as takes you there, to the Disney spaceport and right to the Star Tours exclusives!

enter below or through left menu icon

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 September 2003 | 21:06 EDT
For My Apprentice Will Leave a Bend on the Cards:
Uhhhhh, hear we go ...Sandtrooper DannyB reports:  "This is DannyB in So. Cal with some news. The Walmart in Pico Rivera had, had Clone Trooper two packs for $4.77 today. I was lucky enough to get Anakin with Blue Clone, ARC Trooper with White Clone and Yoda with Yellow Clone. I was lucky to get these that they had put away because the girl said two guys came in just before I did and bought like fifty of these and filled up their shopping cart. They were scalpers no doubt. I was so happy that I got mine but enraged that these two guys bought everything and now nobody else will get these. If it is your intention to stand up against the Anti-heroes of our time, then I ask all of you to stand with me and combat scalping. Always good to hear from Donna and the Sith Lord in So. Cal."

Actually, here he is now:
"Thank you for concern on what I have said. My Apprentice and I wanted to express and wanted to send a message to all scalpers that there are other people out there trying to find that special figure, and all what we are asking is to leave some for the little Troopers out there. But i WILL NOT TAKE ANY ACTION ON BENDING ANY CARD'S Nor WILL MY APPRENTICE like all of my fellow troopers. I LIKE MY CARDS MINT. SCALPERS LEAVE SOME ON THE PEGS ! I will continue to support my fellow Troopers in the war on SCALPERS, because I said it once and I'll say it again, I will NOT pay $19.99 on any figures (new ones) but I WILL help my Troopers." - Sith Lord

And there you have it!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 September 2003 | 19:40 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Here's the latest from WNY. First off, I'm happy to say that my 2 silver Fetts arrived today. I have to tip my hat to Piazo for taking some time to package these things the right way. Both arrived in great condition. On the other hand, I have to say I'm disappointed in Hasbro. Did they catch a deal on Krylon silver paint? Compared to the silver versions of Vader & R2, this one really looks cheap, but I AM glad to have it.

"Targets continue with a steady flow of SW figures. As stated elsewhere around the country, the early '03 figures are making a return. I was lucky enough to score the WA-7 waitress droid wave at Target in Niagara Falls yesterday. Late last week this wave was also at the Target in Kenmore, although someone beat me to it. This assortment is coming packed with the earlier '03 figures, so if you see Padme (droid factory), Library Droids, etc., then this latest wave has been at your store. Even Walmart in Niagara Falls has finally gotten into the act with figures. For the first time in over 5 months they had the early '03 figures, too. Plenty of Boba Fetts, Anakin (secret ceremony), Obi-Wan (Acklay), Mace (arena), etc. to go around now between Target & Walmart. TRU has dried up the last couple of weeks. Still a couple of bounty hunter 4-packs lingering around, along with a couple of Republic Gunships. KB Toy Outlet continues to get in 4/23/02 figures (with background cards).

"Still looking for the Dooku & Anakin speeder bikes. I would entertain any offers in getting these 2 items into my hands. I have many extra figures including bloody Lukes, Ephant Mons & silver R2's. Any help would be appreciated. That's it for now."
- John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 September 2003 | 19:20 EDT
Sandtrooper Ahawk12 reports:
"Just wanted to make a little post about the newest case that my local Target in Central Texas put out this morning. It seems that Hasbro is trying to put out some more clones for the new season. But it was an interesting case assortment. Here was the breakdown: 2x Boba Fett - Carkoon, 2x Han Hoth Blue Coat, 2x Anankin - Secret Ceremony, 1x Chewie - Mynock, 1x Obi Wan - Acklay, 1x Darth Tyranus - Geo Escape, and 2x Red Clone Troopers from '02!! (not a repack, still in the '02 packaging).

"So I guess that Hasbro is trying to put Clones back into circulation? Who knows, but that is what was out and I also noticed that the last case they put out had at least one Red Clone Trooper in it also. But that is all that is going on around here. Target is STILL the only place to find any new basic figures. My Wal-Marts are jokes and the TRU is OK, but not for basic figures. They are way behind on those.

"Anyway that is all for now. I am still looking for a Unleashed Slave Leia. Also I am now trying to put together a set of loose freeze frames. Anyone who has some extras they would be willing to part with can drop me a line."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 September 2003 | 19:06 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal. Stay on 'Target.' They seem to be the only ones getting new product. Found the new single carded Clone Wars figures over the weekend. Was able to snag all three figures which are Anakin, Yoda, and the ARC Trooper. Nothing at the other retailers. Happy Hunting!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 September 2003 | 20:27 EDT
Sandtrooper THE CHAD reports:
"TRU has received the first Cinema Scenes, unfortunately they where completely smashed up. Take care."

That's right. Lieutenant L.T. Smash strikes again with bent cards, crushed Leia on Speeder, and completely smashed Cinema Scenes in California and Alabama.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 September 2003 | 20:20 EDT
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
"Hey Troopers, two things – first, the good news is the Secret Ceremony Anakin wave is hitting Targets along with Droid Factory Chase Padme. The bad news is the packaging is damaged one way or another. Second, wave 2 of the Cinema Scenes have hit as well, the bad news, same as above. There was only one good war room and jedi chamber. If you prefer to open yours here’s your chance. KB still has there fig’s selling for $1.99. TRU has nothing, qu’elle surprise. That’s it for now."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 September 2003 | 19:43 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Night reports:
"I just received my Target Web exclusive Leia on Speederbike. Much to my dismay, the item came in poor condition. The item is crushed in the front to the point that the bubble on top of the box is protruding upwards. It was packaged with air pillows but they proved to be useless. Additionally, the box it was packaged in seems to small for the item. Anyway, I know others have suffered from the same fate so I am wondering if anyone returned the item and received a replacement and, if so, was the replacement any better or is this a hopeless cause? On a side note, the A-Wing I ordered came in mint condition. Anyone have any suggestions regarding shipping the item back for a replacement or calling someone instead…? Thanks troopers."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 September 2003 | 18:56 EDT

TRANSFORMERS: LANDCROSS: new pre-order, Takara will release the vintage Landcross combiner set as a part of their Micromaster line. 12 figures per box and there will most likely be 2 sets per box with possible chase figures. $44.99 per box of 12 and cases of 120 also available;  HEROES OF CYBERTRON: OTFCC Exclusive Sunstorm is in stock for $19.99 - Wave 3 and Wave 4 sets of 6;   DREAMWAVE: G.I.Joe and Transformers No. 1 Comic;   UNICRON: Hasbro has finally allocated a mountain of Unicrons to us and we should have them in about 2 weeks. Pre-Orders will be processed in the next few days - if you need to cancel your order for Unicron please let me know as soon as possible.;  JAPANESE ARMADA: The show accurate paint scheme Tidal Wave (Shockwave) has just arrived as well as the Japanese Hoist, Sideswipe, Wheeljack with minicon set, and 4 more Minicon sets including space repaints. Don't miss out on the many US Armada items that have recently arrived;  JAPANESE TRANSFORMERS: MyClone Wave 3 has just arrived - Boxes of 12 and Cases of 120 are available. Each box contains either 2 full sets of 6 or 1 full set of 6, 5 normal figures + 1 bonus Chase Figure (The Chase figures are Dirge and Red Alert). 2 new Mega PVC Armada figures have arrived: Starscream and Optimus Prime with Sword. The series 2 Kabaya minicon repaints have arrived - all the items above are towards the bottom of the main Transformers menu: - More re-issue Starscream and Inferno have also arrived.

TRANSFORMERS PRE-ORDER: ALTERNATORS BT-02 SIDESWIPE: Sideswipe returns as a Dodge Viper and is the 2nd figure announced so far in the highly detailed Alternators Line;    SMALLEST TRANSFORMERS WAVE 2: Takara continues this popular line of tiny TF's - Prowl, Jazz, Megatron, Tracks, Skids & More.

GI JOE: PRE-ORDERS: Spytroops Wave 5 has been added to the pre-order menu. Don't miss out on Wave 4, the Crimson Guard 3-Pack and the BBTS Exclusive Crimson Guard Python Patrol Statue!

See what else is new!

click to enter:

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 September 2003 | 9:39 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #219 Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER
Saga Battle of Hoth 4-Pack
-Includes Leia Hoth, Luke Hoth, Chewy, R2-D2, and the Tauntaun
Price: $44.99
Saga Star Tours Carded G2-9T C-9 - IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $21.99
Saga Star Tours Carded SK-Z38 C-9 - IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $21.99
Saga Star Tours Carded R5-D2 C-9 - IN STOCK
Price: $21.99
Saga Exclusive Star Tours Set of 3 figures G2-9T, R5-D2, SK-Z38 C-9
These figures were only available at Disney World
Price: $59.99
Saga Exclusive Star Tours Set of 3 figures G2-9T, R5-D2, SK-Z38 C-7/8
These figures were only available at Disney World
Price: $54.99
Special of the Day!!! Special Limited Time Offer!
Starting this week we are going to be promoting specials of the day limited 1 to 2 days.
This offer will be limited to one per customer and only availible for a short time. (about 24 to 48 hours) Once it is off our website this offer is gone. Please take advantage of this while it is Availible.
Our first special of the day is the Saga Exclusives Sandtrooper (4 Pack) Price: $12.99*
Regularly priced at $24.99
*regular shipping rates apply. Limit one per customer
Discounted Master Replicas Close out are all back in stock ready to ship within 12 to 24 hours of order.
Saga Master Replicas Luke's ESB Lightsaber Signature Edition - Close Out Deal
Limited Time Offer!
Price: $299.99
New Regular Price without Close Out Rebate: $349.99
Saga Master Replicas Darth Vader's ESB Lightsaber - Close Out Deal
Close Out Special Price: $199.99
New Regular Price without Close Out Rebate: $229.99
Saga Master Replicas Jedi Training Remote - Close Out Deal
Close Out Special Price: $129.99
New Regular Price without Close Out Rebate: $159.99
Saga Master Replicas Darth Maul Saber - Close Out Deal
Close Out Special Price: $199.99
New Regular Price without Close Out Rebate: $229.99
Back In Stock!!!
AOTC Vehicles Darth Tyranus's Speeder Bike
Price: $24.99
AOTC Vehicles Anakins Swoop Bike
Price: $24.99
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at NEWSLETTER
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 September 2003 | 9:31 EDT
Sandtroopin' Rai does an ST intel recon sweep in MD!
"TRU in Laurel (Maryland) had nothing exciting (but they got more Unicrons in!). Target in Bowie, MD actually had *some* figures (miracolo!!) including Hoth Han, Mynock Chewie, Genosian Escape Darth Tyranus, and a whole bunch of Red Clone Troopers (??). Still no Unicron. Good thing I already found it somewhere else. GameStop in Crofton MD has rearranged the store during my vacation (nothing changes unless I go away), and got in some neat looking Samurai Jack toys ($7.99 per). They also still have a few Soul Calibur II toys, and a bunch of Marvel Legends. TRU Annapolis (MD) also rearranged their store during my absence, and they had about six or so Clone Wars Battle Droid with launcher sets. I did manage to score a Return of the King 8" Treebeard (cute little bugger). They also had the requisite bendy Gollums and Smeagols indicating that there was other ROTK booty to be had, but that I missed it. Oh well, I did manage to pick up a Star Trek: Enterprise "Shran the Andorian" figure. Never had I EVER seen this at retail since the line's release all those months and months ago.

"GameStop Annapolis doesn't have much. They got in some of those new Halo figures that just came out, and they have a bunch of McFarlane Spawn and Sports toys on 40% off clearance. Someone finally picked up the Matrix Twin #1 that had been sitting there for months and months. Too bad for the rest of the toys that are still sitting there, like everywhere else ... Babbage's at Annapolis Mall doesn't have much either. They do seem to be swamped with Marvel Legends toys. They also seem to have a few Matrix and Terminator 3 toys left over. Still no sign of the sunglasses-less Arnie variant heads for those T3 figures yet. They've been sighted elsewhere, so I imagine they'll make their way here eventually.

"Sam Goody at the Annapols Mall had nothing new that caught my eye. And I forgot to hit EB Games, oops! Worst thing of all, KB at the Mall closed for renovation (until October). Nothing ever changes unless I'm away. That's about it. Sandtroopin' Rai out."

Posted by: Tyler | 7 September 2003 | 22:41 EDT
Sandtrooper 4-pack for $12.99 at Brian's Toys
For anyone that doesn't have this yet (like me). This is their first "Figure of the Day" offer and will only be available for 24 to 48 hrs. So, if you want one, act quickly. There is a limit of one per person.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 September 2003 | 19:12 EDT
The Flikhicubano Mountaineers with a Dateline Follow-Up:
Uhhhhh, hear we go ...Follow-Up to Sith Lord's Story:  "I have not seen any new figs yet and I bet those danm scalpers are getting them, this angers the Sith Lord, so for those scalpers, don't expect to find any mint cards, for my apprentice will leave a bend on the cards so scalpers leave some figs on the pegs for the little Troopers because the sith lord REFUSES TO PAY $19.00 for a fig" - Sith Lord

Dear Sith Lord, please, allow us to give a reply to you. Us, the Flikhicubano Mountaineers from the Snowy Florida Mountains would love to pull your ears on this one! After our nice black beans and rice meal last night and relaxing on our recliners, Sony laptops on our laps, of course, we decided it was time to read Sandtroopers, our daily feed of Star Wars information.

Much to our dismay, we were stroke by this incredibly selfish comment you made! Why in God's world will you bend the cards??? Ahhhhhhhh, 'cause you are so upset 'cause you can't find any new figures???!!! What about the REST OF THE FRIKKIN' COUNTRY? Do you think it is any easier for others to find new figures? YET! we do not go around bending cards and saying it is done to stop the scalpers from getting mint ones? Sir, PLEEEEEEEEEASE! you are stressing us out! If you want to keep the scalpers away from getting something you could help by doing this:
    A) Why not hide figures somewhere in the store?
    B) Why not putting them on lay-away, if you already have them, and offer them to others?
    C) Why not buy those figures you're willing to BEND! and bring them here and offer them to others?
GEE!, GEE!, GEE! bending cards will only upset and frustrate the next collector, that insignificant one YOU! have seemed to ignore; you know, the one who will walk into that same place you did and find nothing but the trail of bent cards you left behind! Please, use your head... not your emotions. Act on facts not on speculations! I know you are a frikkin smart dood. I know you have it in you to do the right thang, Bruh! DO IT, there is no try! NO MORE BENDY BENDY, OKEE DOKEE?

On another note, Where in God's world is THE CHAD? Dood, us Flikhincubanos Mountaineers miss all your crying, desperate notes and so forth. Did you get upset at us due to our last post mentioning you? Dood, we even made you honorary member of our local club and have made a few dart boards having THE CHAD at the bull's eye. You are famous within our mountain community!

Truly, are you finding all your little plastic men , o.k? Are you realizing everything is still in production? No, no, no ... Hasbro hasn't stopped making Clone Wars!

We bet that Target store you work at is hooking you up with some juicy deals! Right? RIGHT! How about picking up some extras and sharing your good fortunate. Remember the motto here is: United we Find! it isn't United we cry! We rather hear from you saying you are ready to hookup someone than seeing your tears fill up buckets! Keep that in mind, CHATTY CHAT!

Well, as a final note we have a quick Florida update on the state of the hobby. The Flikhincubano Mountaineers have found squat! That is correct, stores are packed with vast amounts of nothing. Peg hooks are falling down from the dust accumulation, shelves are caving in due to so much air circulation BUT, we do not cry. We fight the good fight, never letting our pants down!

Cigars in hand, sling shots ready, residue of our last meal still sticking to our teeth we attack! Deep in the night we get what we want, our figures! We, the toy liberators! We the Flikhincubanos!

And as for our good bye now, here is our pray:
    May La Force Este With Contigo! Remember Que United Nosotros Find! Ustedes Are La Force Que we Necesitamos For Combatir Those SCALPEROS!!!!

    Mismo di ahora dei juguetes di nuestros di queremos! Fretta in su! uniamo in modo da possiamo ottenere di che cosa abbiamo bisogno!
Flikhincubanos Mountaneers - Maker of famos cubanos cigars and cubanos Star Wars Bootlegs -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 September 2003 | 22:31 EDT
Sandtrooper Brad P. reports:
"I was at the Wal-Mart in Harleysville. Not much there ... as usual. BUT, I found some of the new Saga Yoda and Luke sabers. I have one of each for anyone interested in trading (cost only, trading means we both pay shipping). I am looking for a wrong handed Luke Throne Room, and the Bounty Hunter pack. I also have a 10% discount code for FAO Schwartz online. It saved me the shipping on the Shuttle a few months back. Also e-mail me for the code (free of course) always looking to help out when I can."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 September 2003 | 22:24 EDT
Sandtrooper RogueJediPrincess reports:
"Target in Simi Valley, California has a few Han Solo Hoth figures (blue coat version) in stock. Hope this helps someone." - RJP

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 September 2003 | 22:21 EDT
Sandtrooper Sean V. reports:
"Hey Troops, wanted to know from anybody out there who ordered the 12 inch Leia Speederbike, in what condition it was in when it arrived and how sturdy the box was. Still waiting for mine. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 September 2003 | 22:18 EDT
Sandtrooper Sith Lord reports:
"Greetings to all Troopers, not much news to report but here it is. Let's begin. I found the 12-inch Han Solo, Lando Skiff And the AT-ST Driver at La Mirada so I picked all 3, and at Target Cerritos i got Clone Trooper army (blue) & Jedi Army sets. I have not seen any new figs yet and I bet those danm scalpers are getting them, this angers the Sith Lord, so for those scalpers, don't expect to find any mint cards, for my apprentice will leave a bend on the cards so scalpers leave some figs on the pegs for the little Troopers because the sith lord REFUSES TO PAY $19.00 for a fig. On a lighter note, I will keep in touch and will be watching UNITED WE STAND! NO ON SCALPERS! MTFBWY."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 22:56 EDT
And, Now, An ST Factor Follow-Up with Sandtrooper THE CHAD:
Reach Out and Crush Someone:  "Hey guys, if you are having trouble ordering the Silver Fett from their site, the easiest way to order the silver fett is by phone (unfortunately it's not toll free). The number is 1-425-289-0060. I had a problem with my order and I called them and they fixed me right up. Just want to pass it on."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 21:07 EDT
Sandtrooper Chuppernicus reports:
"Chuppernicus in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stopped at the local Toys 'R' Us looking for the new Gamecube Rouge Squad 3 demo disk with game preorder, while they didn't have it in yet and Gamespots do, they did have one set of screen scenes in if someone is looking. Stashed them below the ultimate Bounty hunter 4 packs (ed. note: hiding figures would we? wink-wink). They also had loads of Power of the Jedi figs, if someone is still looking for 2 year old product at regular retail price. 'Toys' is great isn't it? My local Target had remnants of the library droids wave. I ordered 2 A-wings from Target and had one ship in keep-able condition.Thats it from this neck of the woods."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 20:07 EDT
"Boonta Eve Deadman's Pass" Diorama by ACPin:
That’s tight"The three leading podracers negotiate Deadman's Pass through the rugged desert wilderness. Exposed to the elements, each racer fights off not only themselves but also the hidden dangers beyond the rocks." Check it out at ACPin SW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 19:53 EDT

KEBco Toys has added 12 new Saga 2003 figures for Pre-Order: Obi Wan Night Club, Elan Sleezbaggano, McQuarrie Stormtrooper, Bail Organa, Padme Tatooine, Ay Vida Night Club, Hoth Trooper and more.

Now offering FREE Shipping on all In-Stock orders of $40 or more. Many items available, including Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Lord of the Rings and much more. Offer expires 09/14/2003 and is only good for In-Stock items. Pre-Orders do not qualify for FREE Shipping.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit "

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 19:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Danny B. reports:
"Danny B here from So. Cal with some news finally. The Target in Santa Fe Springs put out the Han Solo Hoth case as of Friday at about 1:00 pm. If you hurry you can catch them. This is an area that is very scalper heavy so I would like for my So. Cal peeps to get out there and get what they need. I hope we are winning the war on scalping, and I refuse to pay $19.99 for brand new figures that are not even out yet. Good luck Troops."

Yes! We ARE winning!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 19:10 EDT
Sandtrooper ESPN Eric reports:

"How cool is it when your wife finds you a Saga Snowtrooper out of the blue at Walmart after you've checked every store for the last few weeks? The card was pretty banged up but who cares!! I open them anyway. My wife ROCKS (ed. note: now we're sorry that she's taken)!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 September 2003 | 18:40 EDT
Sandtrooper Tim in the Bluegrass of Kentucky reports:
"Tim from Florence, KY here with some store updates. TRU in Florence has tons of Droid Launchers, 1 Red Battle Droid (finally they got new figs), and a few Cinema Scenes. Target had Boba Fett, Han-Hoth, Chewy, Anakin-Ceremony, and 5-6 Clone Troopers from last year. Wal-Mart had the usual peg warmers. Meijer had a ton of Droid Launchers, a few figs from the Snowtrooper wave, and peg warmers. Still have not seen the new wave around here yet. I am also looking for the brown haired Imperial Officer and the Silver Boba Fett. I would pay cost plus shipping or we could make a trade. That's it from around here. Good luck troopers and MTFBWY."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 September 2003 | 16:40 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys just received the latest Star Tours figures.
Saga Exclusive Star Tours Set of 3 figures:
G2-9T, R5-D2, SK-Z38
These figures were only available at Disney World, but you can NOW get them from Brian's Toys!
Visit our site today for the latest release of Hasbro Star Wars toys.
Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Steve | 4 September 2003 | 22:59 EDT
Yestertoys update
Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys let me know about a special they are having on some POTF2 figures. On special this week for $5 non-mint and $6 mint are the AT-AT Driver and Death Star Trooper. Anyone who missed out on these, here is your chance to get them at a great price. Yestertoys also has a lot of older POTF2 and POTJ figures in stock. Take the time to browse their online catalog.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 22:12 EDT
Sandtrooper TROOPER LARRY reports:
"I managed to score some more new figs at my local TRU on Monday. Found the first installment of the cinema scenes. Not bad, but for 21.99, I don’t really think they are worth it. Just my opinion. Also found the new Vader, and the repack Jango (sucks, and yes I know, again my opinion)."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 20:39 EDT
Sandtroopette Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I went to my local TRU that NEVER has anything new (by the time they have it, I've found it someplace else) and was surprised to find the Geonosian Cinema Scene. Granted, there was only one cinema scene left, but I was happy to find it anyway. I've been looking for the multi-packs for a fellow Trooper from Canada, but haven't had much luck. I'll keep on looking! Until the next report!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 20:15 EDT
Jedi Knight and Green Clone Multi-packs at BigBad:
They also have the new Vader, Luke, and Snowtrooper, and recarded Jango and C-3PO in stock. Visit the Star Wars page here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 20:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Troops, I want everyone out there to know that So Cal Dom was able to get me a Bounty Hunter 4-pack at cost plus shipping. This guy is aces in my book and not just because he has a great name. Fight the Scalpers." - The Other Jedi Dom
Knock you out with the right or left

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 18:46 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
"  'Sup fellow Troops! Found a couple Anakin Secret Ceremony, Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon and couple of the Mace Windu (Arena Confrontation?) at the Los Feliz/Glendale K-Mart. More to report later on. Out!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 18:37 EDT
And, Now, A Dateline Exclusive with Sandtrooper THE CHAD:
Bad News:  "Hey guys, I want to let you know that canceled my order for the Jedi Council Cinema Scene 2. Do you guys know when these are supposed to hit retail? Is this set even out yet? Is Hasbro still making this? I have only seen the first too, once at Target (they had one of each). Also, what did you think of that 12-inch Chewie that I sent you a pic of. Take care. Thanks."

This one is Amazon-related Chad, check your other retailers for availability third-quater. Hasbro is still making this. And, yes, that vintage Chewbacca 12-inch was downright decent!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 18:17 EDT
The News that Gets you the News

Broadcasting Trooper Waves through the entire Lehigh Valley via the Clone Phone, I ran into new toys this week in Southeast PA. K-B in South Mall across from Burger King was my first stop, where I was confronted by two, yes two!, new cases of Star Wars Figure four-packs. After Manager "Jabba" Tom threw up his hands conceding, he asked me whether the single TIE Fighter they had gotten in was a cool item. After I righted myself from almost, mind you, almost laughing, I told him that it wasn't worth my money, being a re-issue of something they made back in 1995. Next stop was Walgreens on South Fifth where Star Wars figures were on sale for $3.49 each, your choice - Mace Geonosian Rescue or Jango Final Battle (flame pointing down in bubble). They also got in more HoC Series 3 (Heroes of Cybertron), the whole set was present except Soundwave and Grimlock (Grimlock having appeared there a few weeks ago). They had 3 Ironhodes, 3 Hot Rods (sic), 2 Cyclonus, and one paranoid schizophrenic Galvatron. These always go fast at $2.99, so maybe Series 4 will make its way in with the next Thursday truckload of skin lotion and contraceptives.

A lot of action at the South Fourth Street Big K-mart this week. On Tuesday, Ninja Turtles Series 2 showed up at $6.99 each. With bat-wielding psycho vigilante Casey Jones, April O'Neil with Mousers, and lard-butt Hun being short-packed, I gave in and picked those three up. I didn't get the four redo Turtles, but I will in time because they look dope with their extreme sports gear. The Mousers are super slick - straight outta "A Thing about Rats," if anyone out there in Trooperland was around to see that back in 1988. Hey, maybe we can dispatch Casey Jones to upstate NY to find the dude stealing Clone 3-packs and rearrange the thief's organs with his graphite seven-iron.

Today, the same Big K had 2 Man-E-Faces, one Buzz-Off and a few of snowball throwing He-Man. I still need an Evil-Lyn, and I won't be stupid enough to say that I'll only pay cost plus shipping. Did I mention that they sold their single Unicron? Orson Welles would be proud, I'm sure. They also had more Maxcons from Armada: Rhinox, Terrorsaur, and Airazor. I already bought these back in 1998 in the Beast Wars Transmetals series, and they never even appeared in the TV show at that! Do you even have to ask whether they sold out of the Transformers universe Optimus Primal and Tigerhawk repaints?

After all that confusion, still no new Star Wars, although K-Mart had the two Droid Launchers if buying more of those butters your toast. I also received a question from Trooper Scott J. He said: "Okay I guess I am out of the loop or just plain blind! But what are others talking about the different color versions of the new clone trooper packs? I do not know about this, the only ones I have seen are all white with black details! Thanks." You're more likely just out of the loop, because these things are being snatched up quiclky by loose collectors and scalpers too.

Well, the first set was all white, the second had the same sculpts but the standing Troop had blue rank trim, the third set sees the prostrate troop replaced by a newly-sculpted binocular boasting Clone and has the kneeling Troop decorated in green markings. The next will feature yellow Clone (binoc boaster), and I believe the last one has the prostrate Trooper returning, but this time with red trim. As Spice said, Hasbro was a day late but not a dollar short on these multipacks, now will some outlet puhh-lease get the Jedi pack in!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 September 2003 | 17:16 EDT
Sandtrooper JEDI COR with the EMPIRE State report:
"I visited Walmart (Corning, NY). They have the new Vader, Luke, Yoda Lightsaber for $19.99. Some of the new Action Figures (mostly Anakin Ceremony) mixed with the older figures. A lot of the mini legos from X-wing to AT-AT. Very low quality store for Starwars. TRU (Horsehead, NY) had the Droid Launcher for $11.99, Council Scenes for $21.99, Old Action Figures, Clone Gunships, 12-inch Figures, and other Star Wars items.

"K-mart (Horsehead, NY) has some new Action Figures, Droid Launcher, and DID have 2 Clone Troopers 3 Pack. But the problem with the Clone Trooper 3 Packs was no figures inside of the package. I thought I had to worry about the scalpers, but not about people too cheap to buy the items. I know we live in hard times right now and having stress not finding the items in the stores, but this is starting to be ridiculous that people have to steal the items and not wait until they have the money. I am trying to be patient with Hasbro and all the Stores that sell the Star Wars Toys, But am I ready to quit buying? MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL and KICK A$$."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 September 2003 | 15:43 EDT
Area findings:
Hey Troops, just got back from an extensive search. I can say I am in shock. Almost every location I went to had remnants or new stock in today, mostly Saga figures. in Vernon Hills, Illinois they had a ton of the new Boba wave, although most were in horrible shape around the bubble. This seems to be a nasty trend here and S.C.A.L.P. Troopers made note today. Agent Tweeny and I then made a run for the border where we discovered the new G.I. Joe Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow 12 inch figures with the new Spy Troops DVD! What a score man, for less than $20, I was really happy. In Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin they had the Imperial Officer/Lama Su Cases in the Target. The Red Battle Droid seems to be the one warming pegs now. How the tides turn. Only one sighting of the new gold cards and that was in Kenosha, Wisconsin at Target. So head out today and maybe, there seemed to be quite a lot around here, and this area is notorious for having jack. Good Luck to all you great Sandtroopers all over the globe. Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 September 2003 | 10:29 EDT
D&S Sci-Fi Toy World: New Shipment
New Armada Powerlinx, Overload, Tidal Wave, Hot Shot, more...
Bounty Hunter 4-Pack with Swoop
Classic Star Wars T-Shirts
Indiana Jones Toys
Trek Exclusive 3-Pack
Gold Shirt Kirk Exclusive
Enterprise Trip Tucker
Classic Enterprise
Classic Phaser
Jango Fett, Clone Trooper, Boba Fett, Biker Scout Masks for Halloween
Star Tours G2-9T, Disney Star Wars Parade Vehicle
Throne Room Vader & Luke
12" Leia & Speeder Bike, A-Wing
Unleashed Padme, Tryanus, Luke
Simpsons Series 13
TIE Fighter with Figure Exclusive

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 September 2003 | 1:36 EDT
A-Wing and Leia Speeder Bike in stock: is still shipping the internet only A-Wing Fighter and 12 inch Leia on Speeder bike. I purchased a A-Wing several weeks ago and it really didn't come beat like I had imagined. I'm still in shock these will not make the brick and mortar establishments. If you still haven't ordered these exclusives you may want to.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 September 2003 | 1:22 EDT
Toys R info:

Imperial Officer, Dengar and Zuckuss 12 inch figures on clearance for $9.98! Also they are taking pre-orders on the new Hoth 4-pack and Screen Scenes. Attention army builders:12 inch Super Battle Droid for $6.98! WOW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 September 2003 | 21:51 EDT
Sandtrooper CORPORAL Punishment reports:
"Hey troops, what's up? I don't believe I'm able to post some info two weeks in a row, anyway I went to the Valpo Target in NW Indiana and I got Han Solo Hoth, Mace arena, and Tyranus escape, the rest of the figs like Chewie, Anakin ceremony, Fett Carkoon, and Obi-wan Ackley were damaged so I passed on them. Then I was off to the Target in Merrillville and they had the same wave, all MOMC, so I was able to get the rest of the wave. There were plenty on the pegs. I know everybody scored these months ago but they are new to me, seems like everytime I've been making the rounds I've come home empty handed. It's good to see some new loot out there.

"Now for the kick in the nuts. I went to Cal City Target and they had the new ROTJ Emperor and the WA-7 waitress droid and somebody had bent the cards right down the middle. The figs were too high for kids to get and it didn't look like a shipping error to me. I hope I'm wrong on this. As dry as things are here, I'd really hate to think somebody is doing this, and, if I catch somebody messing with our hobby they going to have a big ol' former U.S. Marine to deal with, now can you dig that (ed. note: Corporal punishment? We can dig it.)? Thanks for letting me post. Hope to post soon again. Semper Fi."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 September 2003 | 20:37 EDT
Force of the Bay:
Once again on my never ending search to see it all, I set down my binoculars and park my Dewback and bring some of the joy back to you. I'll bet you don't have this Slave I for $19.95. There is everything and then some if you were reconstructing a vintage collection. If you do not like bidding and you feel the Bob Barker in you, buy it now and don't get beat by me at the last second. There are things that variant hunters would die for. So you don't need the whole thing, just that part I broke when I was little? It may also be that particular weapon you are searching for as well. If it's Star Wars you'll find it. How could one not stop? They start at a dollar and often slip by way below market value. Often if you find something you like, check the sellers' other items. You may find something else you are looking for, while shipping in the same box. I call it spending more to save later. When I said everything I meant everything. I just couldn't bring myself to sleep on someone's used sheets, and I don't care if Boba Fett is on them! You can also just find the whole collection and put yourself out of your misery. You could even find the art of a Sandtrooper for you to own and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I have seen that one for myself Troops, and it is indeed a work of art. Is it all fun and games? No, beware Troopers there are forces at work to rip you blind and laugh all the way to the bank. Research the people you are doing business with and conduct solid feedback checks. There are many who have purchased items like these. Add a little rubber cement and a digital picture you can't see. Brand new 12-back. This guy at least comes off collector friendly so we will not hand him the golden lollypop this week Troops. Good luck to you in your searches at ebay. Kick A$% and take names.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 September 2003 | 20:29 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett reports:
"Boba-Brett reporting in. NEWSFLASH! Spotted TWO Clonetroopers w/ blue trim, BOTH Cinema Scenes (2 each), 12" Lando, AT-ST & Han (ed. note: where?). Also, Can anyone help me get a silver Fett for cost plus shipping. I do not have an Insider Subscription and this is my favorite character. By the way, got my Sandtroopers T-shirt and want to say THANKS SPICE! It's awesome! MTFBWY!"

Thanks for sporting the Sandtroopers "Armor," now THAT is awesome!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 September 2003 | 8:38 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal here. Went on my usual run this past weekend and all Targets and Wal-marts I hit had the reissued wave. This consisted of Obi Acklay, Dooku Escape, Flex Mace, Boba Fett Pit, Anakin Ceremony, Han Hoth, and Chewie Hoth. KB still has some TIE Fighters and G. Guards. TRU has been getting cinema scenes. My best score was at K-mart. Found the Jedi Army and Blue Clonetrooper packs there. Happy Hunting to all."

Posted by: Dan | 2 September 2003 | 21:56 EDT
The Cantina and Mos Eisley Streets:

- click to enlarge -

Ed. Note: Series Two from Graphito Suprema Dan's Mos Eisley Diorama. - Jason

Posted by: Steve | 2 September 2003 | 20:09 EDT
Silver Boba Fett
Hey Troops, I just placed my order for two Silver Fetts from Paizo at 5 PDT. I was able to log right in and attach my Insider Account to the online account. It was pretty easy. I am going to go to my local comic shop and laugh at the owner who was charging $150 for this figure! I just bought two for $27. Anyway, I hope everyone else has as good of an experience buying these. Send in you news and let us know. There should be plenty for all the troops to get one.

Posted by: Tyler | 2 September 2003 | 18:37 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #33
In this weeks newsletter: Boba Fett giveaway, supersaver 10%, pre-orders (Hailfire etc).

Watto's Box - Deal of the Week - �12 (17 Eur/$18 approx) good until Sept 5th. Marmit AT-AT Driver - Deal of the Month - �55 each (70 Eur/$80 approx).

Also: The Silver Boba Fetts are already in hand! However they are not allowed to ship them because of Hasbro rules. They will ship late September or before.

To read this week's newsletter click here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 September 2003 | 18:19 EDT
Sandtrooper Markus of StarconstruX reports:
Aryan fabrication"StarconstruX is back in business. After a break of 1/2 year we present a page update and a new strategy. There are new figures made by Lars Intemann and Harald Fl�gge for example 3 different Rancor Keeper, AT-AT Driver, Ewok and Clonetrooper. Markus Gerlach made Jabbas Throne Room and the Arena from Episode2 and there are new "Visitors Customs" (for example "Arrival of the Emperor"). And, finally, our new strategy: After a rest period of 1/2 of a year the StarconstruX team created a new concept for the internet appearance of StarconstruX.

"Finally, after a lot of requests, we will open the "Material" section of our site. This part of the site will introduce to you the materials that we use for our dioramas and we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions on the basis of samples.

"The biggest change is the fact that you won't be able to order dioramas anymore! We know that some of you will be pissed about that, but we would like to create dioramas that we want to build (not the 16th Executor XXL diorama nor the 12th Mos Eislay diorama). Of course all open orders and confirmed request retain their validity.

"All single steps of the building phase of our new dioramas will be shown weekly (update every Sunday) on our site. Of course you will be able to buy all finished dioramas. You will find more info about that with every new diorama on our site. We think that this new concept is going to be an add-on because we will have the time for completely new dioramas and we will be able to answer your questions, solve your problems and take care of your wishes. Thanks for your help!"
- click below to visit StarconstruX -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 September 2003 | 17:34 EDT

KEBco Toys is offering FREE Shipping on all In-Stock orders of $40 or more

Many items available, including Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Lord of the Rings and much more. Offer expires 09/14/2003 and is only good for In-Stock items. Pre-Orders do not qualify for FREE Shipping.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit " today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 September 2003 | 17:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Erich Fritz reports:
"Trooper Erich Fritz reporting in from the soon to be white tundra of Minnesota. I went out to the local Wal-Mart today and scored a Mace Windu Arena Confrontation (slight ding in the bubble), Chewbacca Mynock Hunt (mint), Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon (slight ding in the bubble) and Han Solo Hoth Rescue (mint). I'd like to either sell them for cost ($5.25) + shipping or trade. I'm looking for Padme Secret Ceremony, The Jedi Troop builder pack and the Clone Trooper builder packs both blue and green. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 September 2003 | 17:24 EDT
Sandtroopette RogueJediPrincess reports:
"Just a reminder for anyone who still needs their Fett fix to visit the SW Insider to get your Silver Fett. Two per person at $10.00 plus $3.50 shipping. Also, you need to be a subscriber."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 September 2003 | 8:03 EDT
Wizard World Gallery Live:
Hey Troops, the General and I have just completed the gallery from Wizard World Chicago 2003. Click on the Wizard Convention button and check out some of the fun, excitement and memories. Also, shipment # 3 of the Sandtrooper T-Shirts were deployed on Saturday and should be reaching most of the Troopers this week.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 September 2003 | 7:45 EDT
K&C Collectibles Info:
K & C Collectibles received a few of the new Clone Trooper Bust and Star Tours R5-D2 figures.

New this Week:
Clone Trooper Mini Bust - Yellow
Clone Trooper Mini Bust - White
R5-D2 - Star Tours Figure

Back In-Stock figures - Mint and non-mint version:
Boba Fett - The pit of Carkoon - #08
Luke Skywalker - Throne Room Duel - #17
Darth Vader - Throne Room Duel - #18
Snowtrooper - The Battle of Hoth - #19
Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt - #14
Han Solo - Hoth Rescue - #13
Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony - #07
C-3PO - Tatooine Ambush - #21
Battle Droid - Arena Battle #11 - new version
Darth Maul - Theed Hanger Duel - #25
Mace Windu - Arena Confrontation - #02
Princess Leia Organa - Imperial Captive - #26 - Very limited supply
SP-4 & JN-66 - # 05 - Limited supply
Imperial Officer - #55 - Limited supply
Rebel Trooper - #54 - Limited supply
Padme Amidala - Droid Factory Chase - #04

Jedi Knight Army - Very limited supply
Clone Trooper Army - with Blue trooper
Droid Army
Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher

3-Pack Diorama:
Geonosian War Chamber - Very limited supply
Jedi High Council - Very limited supply

Unleashed In-Stock figures:
Luke Skywalker
Darth Sidious
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Trading Card Game:
Jedi Guardians Box
Battle of Yavin Box
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 1 September 2003 | 19:24 EDT

TRANSFORMERS: VINTAGE ACTIONMASTERS: The first 3 waves of Actionmaster figures are all in stock - ranging from $24.99 to $39.99 - all Mint on Sealed Cards and the cards are in great shape!;   HEROES OF CYBERTRON: OTFCC Exclusive Sunstorm is in stock for $19.99 -Wave 3 and Wave 4 sets of 6 are back in stock in what will probably be our last shipment from Hasbro unless they decide to produce another run.;   DREAMWAVE: 3 new Dreamwave Transformer comics have arrived.

TRANSFORMERS PRE-ORDER: ALTERNATORS BT-02 SIDESWIPE: Sideswipe returns as a Dodge Viper and is the 2nd figure announced so far in the highly detailed Alternators Line;    SMALLEST TRANSFORMERS WAVE 2: Takara continues this popular line of tiny TF's - Prowl, Jazz, Megatron, Tracks, Skids & More.

GI JOE: CRIMSON GUARD 3-PACK: Coming in early to mid 2004 - the Infiltrate Cobra Island 3-pack is attractively priced at $10.99.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Mutant Slime Pit, Sy-Klone, Mega Punch He-Man, Ram-Man, Buzz-Off, & More.

LORD OF THE RINGS: We have received more Two Towers figures from ToyBiz - Gollum and the updated Smeagol figure, King Theoden in Armor, Helms Deep Legolas, Grima, Eomer, Saruman, King Theoden, Aragorn, 12" Fellowship, Horse Sets and more.

Faster E-Mail Replies: We've implemented a new email system to better serve you! Starting Tuesday, emails will now be answered by Ken, Dan, Lynn and Joel.

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