July 2004

Posted by: Darth Spice | 31 July 2004 | 22:59 EDT
Sandtrooper Songwrtr Reports:
“Had a chance to get to the Ithaca K-Mart and Target over the past couple of days. K-Mart has the Galactic Heroes 2-packs as well as the remnants of the Saga wave that included brown-coated Hoth Han, Jedi Duel Luke, and Anakin. Target had been reset in the last day or so and had a few pegs with the VOTC Ben, Han, and Leia, the reissues of the Unleashed Ben and Leia, and various lightsabers and the first 4 glasses. There were also eight pegs for standard figures, empty but gray dotted. On the other side of that aisle (around back), they also had the Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon.

As indicated in the Most Wanted forum, I've got two each of the Unleashed Luke X-Wing and Chewbacca up for trade or $15 each plus shipping (my cost was more, but that seems to be regular retail). I'm in search of the handstand version of Dagobah Luke, Target's Leia with glass exclusive, and assistance picking up a pair of silver Sandtroopers. My Fan Club membership wasn't due to expire until March '05, so while I might be willing to spring for the difference between what I've paid and a Hyperspace membership, I'm not excited about paying the full cost of Hyperspace after having renewed so recently.”


Posted by: dustrho | 31 July 2004 | 17:02 EDT
r2dtoys.com -- Jedi Con 2004 Exclusive AND Giveaway NEWS
If you pre-ordered this EXCLUSIVE Jedi Con 2004 German set it is IN STOCK NOW!

You will also qualify for the 20% discount so your price is reduced to ?31.20 (approx $56 / 45 Euro), but ONLY if you order before 31st July (midnight UK time).

Coming next week are limited re-stocks of the hard to find Trash Compactor Sets from WalMart! Priced at ?16 for the Han & Luke, and ?14 for the Chewy & Leia. Add your name to the EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE link so you don't miss out.

Also coming next week are the Vintage OTC figures and regular OTC figures PLUS Galactic Heroes. Prices have been SLASHED from August 2nd for OTC basic figures to just ?6 (applies to most figures) and August will see free global shipping! Full details and promo updates being prepared over the weekend and will be announced on August 2nd.

REMEMBER YOUR 20% and 10% DISCOUNT ENDS THIS SATURDAY NIGHT AT 12:00 MIDNIGHT UK TIME (we are 5 hours ahead of USA Eastern Standard Time).


Kotobukiya Darth Maul ?45 incl discount
Saga and OTC basic figures ?5.60 incl discount
FX Lightsabers ?80.10 incl discount (Luke and Vader WITH display stand)
OTC Jedi Council Scene #1 and #2 LIMITED STOCK

Head on over to r2dtoys.com now!

Posted by: dustrho | 31 July 2004 | 16:49 EDT
This Week at Toy Fellas:
Star Wars OTC Vintage Style 12?:
2 More Cases to arrive on Monday.
Boba Fett $35.99
Luke Skywalker $35.99
Stormtrooper $35.99

McFarlane?s Sportspicks NFL Series 8:
Tim Brown Black Jersey $11.00
Ahman Green Green Jersey $11.00
Torry Holt White Jersey $11.00
Jamal Lewis White Jersey $15.99
Jamal Lewis Purple Jersey $11.99
Peyton Manning Blue Jersey $13.99
Steve McNair Blue Jersey $10.99
Lord of the Rings:
Only 3 Left
Deluxe Poseable Fell Beast $25.99
Includes Ringwrath Rider

Huge G.I Joe Sale until 8/5/04:
Valor vs. Venom all figures $5.99
Spy Troops all figures $5.00
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra all figures $5.00
Alpha Vehicles as low as $7.00
Serpentor Mini Bust $44.99
Snake Eyes Statue $47.99
Storm Shadow Artist Proof Mini Bust $29.99
Scarlett Mini Bust $24.99

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 31 July 2004 | 15:19 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #266:

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New in this week, Mexican Exclusive Luke Skywalker's Encounter with Yoda and 4 new Galactic Heroes. $9.99 each or you can get the set of 4 for $29.99. Wholesale case is also available. Great classic figures now in stock, Luke, Darth, Yoda, Han, Obi-Wan, and Leia.

Saga 12-inch now back in stock, including Biker Scout, Ewoks, Luke Jedi and Yoda. Also available, Master Replica Mace Windu Signature Saber. Prototype Dexter Jettster and 3 conditions of the Silver Darth Vader are currently in stock, check out our website for more details.

Lots of other great Star Wars featured items, we've got a Super Star Destroyer Boxed currently in stock and lots of Illusive concepts are featured this week. Be sure the check out our latest vintage item now available, AFA POTF Han Trenchcoat and Italian Warok with Glue Stick.

Lots of great G.I. Joe items this week, we just had a collection come back from AFA. We also just got in some great boxed vehicles including the Hydro-Sled, Ferret, Scorpion, and Cobra Stun.

New from NECA. Ghostbusters Series 1 now in stock including 4 great figures from the original movie. Slimer, Gozer, Zuul and Vinz Clortho all in stock. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will be available soon.

The Batman 10-inch Batman just in stock for $12.99.

Fuerza- T figures now in stock including Carnivor, Destructor, Felinor, Pantano, Platino, Shidoshi, Tekno and Titano.

Simpsons series 15 is still available. Don't forget to order protective cases for your card collection, from $2.15-$2.25 ea. Wholesale prices available.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 July 2004 | 17:30 EDT

20% OFF Vintage Sale: All vintage items are now on sale for 20% off their current listed prices. Please read the full sale details for how the sale works and be sure to check through the thousands of items on our vintage menus - there are some great items hidden away in there (discounts will show up only on the 'your order is shipping' email - neither the checkout total or first confirmation email will show it) Sale ends Monday August 2nd at 4:00 PM

Sports Picks - NFL 8 & Cooperstown 1: More great releases from McFarlane. Cooperstown series 1 features all time greats from a variety of decades. Figures include: Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Brooks Robinson, Bob Gibson and Tom Seaver. NFL 8 includes: Ahman Green, Tim Brown, Jamal Lewis, Torry Holt, Steve McNair and Peyton Manning. We have a relatively small supply of 5 different variant chase figures from the 2 lines.

BBTS AT OTFCC: Pre-Orders for Megazarak and Sentinel Maximus are still available! We'll be leaving in about 6 short hours for our trip to Chicago for OTFCC. For those of you attending - we have a small mountain of product and nearly 1000 different individual items - some in huge quantities and some in single quantities. We've also UPS overnighted a batch of #14 Re-Issue Hounds from Japan and will have them at the convention! Be sure to visit our tables first to pick one up! (Price not yet determined - we don't know how bad the Overnight shipping fees are yet, but it should be $40 to $45 at the show) Our normal shipment of #14 hound arrives in about a week and we'll fill pre-orders out of that.

Microman: The Takara Microman 'Lady' set of 4 is finally in stock! Each set is available for $59.99 and features an exciting base mold with many cool add on parts and weapons. The Masterforce and Acroyear sets of 4 are also available.
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Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 July 2004 | 17:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Div. Lake County, IL“I have a toy report for today so here we go:

Target (Waukegan, IL): “has VOTC Han, Leia, & Obi-Wan for $9.99 each. They also had 3 Unleashed Slave Leias & 3 Unleashed Obi-Wans for $14.99 each. The bottom left corners of the cards were bent which was probably caused by how they were packed inside the case.

K-mart (Zion, IL): “has Galactic Heroes 2-packs. The 12-inch VOTC Luke is still on the top shelf from last week.

TRU (Gurnee, IL):“has both Jedi Council 3-packs in OTC packaging & the OTC Millennium Falcon. I also saw our resident scalper asking employees if someone he knew was working today. I think he was asking for someone “named Jim.

Wal-mart (Gurnee, IL): I picked up the only VOTC 12-inch fig remaining on the shelf & it was the Stormtrooper. The scalper I saw at TRU probably bought the rest. Every thing else was old Saga figs.

Target (Gurnee, IL): “had the same figs from last week.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 July 2004 | 17:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Comic Con exclusive pen pod, comic con silver Sandtrooper C-10, vintage Darth Vader Kreig Der Stern plastic figure display, 12 Episode 1 figure cup toppers, R2-D2 telephone, trilogy VHS letterbox & THX widescreen video sets, 15 vintage Star Wars magazines & 50 more items added Click here for list of new items added.”
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Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 July 2004 | 17:05 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi-Hawk Reports:
Hunting 'em down in the Lone Star State“Well just reporting in for central Texas. My local Target has reset the toy aisles and now has shelf space for OTC vehicles $17.99, OTC Millennium Falcon $49.99, Unleashed $14.99, OTC 12-inch $29.99 and VOTC figures $9.99. They did put out 2 cases of VOTC Wave one with all Ben, Han and Leia this week. Also they have some Clone Wars Cartoon figs left for $3.48 each now. My TRU is the only OTC spot in town still for Ships; they have most of them all now. Got a case of Falcons last week. But still no OTC figures. Both my Wal-Mart?s are D-E-A-D, dead. Nothing new in those spots for quite a while. Maybe sometime soon. Well just wanted to give a report. Hunt'em down Troops.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 July 2004 | 17:00 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna Reports: Comic Con Report
The First Lady of Sandtroopers.com“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. First of all, a big Happy 4th Birthday to the best SW site out there. Well, something good has come out of me being temporary disabled for the past 4 months. I was able to attend Comic-Con last Thursday and Friday via a wheel chair and an awesome Disabled Services staff at the Convention Center. I had a 4-day pass but skipped Sat and Sun due to no hotel rooms at a reasonable price and to anticipated crowds where it was going to be hard to maneuver about. Also rooms were scarce because the USS Reagan was landing in San Diego that Friday. Here is my belated but extended post of my experience at Comic-Con.

First off, normally you have to wait in line just to get your badge for the show. By being disabled, I was escorted by a staff member to the Disabled Services Area inside the convention center right outside one of the exhibit doorways. They had a runner go upstairs to get my and my other half's badges. The door's to the exhibit hall was to open at 10:00 a.m. but they allowed disabled people to enter about 10 minutes early. Also what was cool is that a lot of the exhibitors allowed me to go in front for giveaways and purchases.

My first stop Thurs was to get the Silver Sandtrooper. They only allowed 2 per person for the show and they punched your badge noting the purchase. Next, I went for the SW giveaways (poster, unleashed backer card, and galactic hero biker scout). Again, they only allowed 1 each of the free items and marked your badge. As to the Unleashed backer card, you did not have a choice from the 3 available. Whatever box they opened, the whole box was just one character and distributed all before opening another box. Then in succession, I went to get the free Lego Mini TIE Fighter, Stormtrooper miniature fig, and Topps cards. For these last three giveaways, they did not punch or mark your badge so you could probably have gone back to get more.

Then for the rest of Thurs we checked out all the display booths and went for the raffle tickets to earn the right to purchase some of the Con exclusives. The Hasbro and Lucas booths were huge. The main highlight was the actual size X-wing fighter on display. They also had large size vehicles hanging above and large bust statues of Boba Fett and Animated Yoda. There were about 4 display cases showing a lot of the OTC stuff out or due to come out. Again, they had a booth where you could pose as an action figure with the OTC background card behind you. As to the raffles on Thurs, we had no luck.

Since on Thurs I obtained all my SW giveaways and my limit on the Silver Sandtrooper, I went for the raffles again. This time I got lucky. I won both raffles for Gentle Giant. I was able to purchase the Luke Stormtrooper Mini Bust and the Spirit of the Rebellion Bust-Ups. Even better yet, when I got home and opened the Rebellion Bust-ups, I discovered I had scored the variant glow in the dark set. As to non-SW raffles, I also won the raffle for Mattel and purchased the She-Ra and Batman exclusives. Lastly, I went by the Wizard/Toyfare booths where if you answer a trivia question, you get to spin a wheel for free stuff. They ask you what topic and of course I said SW. Then they asked me Original Trilogy or new movies and I said Original. They asked me to name 3 bounty hunters and I quickly answered Boba Fett, Bossk, and IG-88 and won a Toyfare exclusive 1/2 comic book. Did stop by Entertainment Earth and saw the EP3 t-shirt they were giving away for their trivia contest but I wasn't present for that contest. All in all we had a great time because we didn't waste a lot of time waiting in long lines.

As to store sightings, I finally found the Target glasses with Anakin and Luke X-wing. Still no sign of Leia. Also Target had the Lego Falcon and I finally scored my first 2 OTC figs. (Dagaboh Luke Up-right and Chewie) K-mart received the Ask Yoda. TRU also got the Ask Yoda and Beanies. Wal-Mart still is empty. OTC basic figs are very scarce. Happy Hunting to all.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 July 2004 | 23:03 EDT
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports: A Texas Scalper Nightmare
Texas Desert Sniper!“Well I'm back home and it's good to be here! Love the new look of the site, great work! Back in the big city of Killeen, TX, it looks like our TRU has been busy while I have been away.... they have the new OTC Falcon, the "Ask Me" Yoda, a bunch of the other OTC ships, but no OTC Figs yet, or they were all snagged up already! They also have some more SAGA figs out, the J'Quille wave to be exact. Target has nothing but stale Hoth Rebels and a few old HoF figs and a few Cartoon figs still at the reduced price. Wal-Mart still has about 25+ Zam Wessell from 2002 choking the pegs...that's all the new news from Central Texas, Starfox signing out....”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 July 2004 | 20:04 EDT
Sandtrooper Kevin Reports:
The NEW Swamptrooper!“The "New" Is back in Jersey. Stopped by Target in Marlton N.J. after work and picked up VOTC Leia. They had one Obi, and Han. They also had Falcons, Ties, and all three 12-inch Boba with his pretty blue suit and when I got home My VOTC Vader came from Alliance Collectibles. SWEET.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 July 2004 | 19:57 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude Reports:
SoCal Flamerthrower Squad!“Greetings again from a scorching hot SoCal! Was able to drop by the Rosemead K-Mart this morning before going to the gym and spotted some restocked VOTC this time with Luke and the rest of the cast of characters. There was one OTC (/) Ask Yoda and they were just stocking the Galactic Heroes as well. That's all for now so be good to each other and fight the good fight. Peace, out!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 July 2004 | 19:50 EDT
Sandtrooper Dom in the Deep Woods of Wisconsin Reports:
Deep in the woods, sights set on Scalpers!“It?s been a while. I?ve been on vacation with the wife and padawans. Anyway, went to the big apple and found some stuff at the TRU in Times Square. They had the Jedi Council scene 1, VOTC Ben, Han, and Leia and the OTC sabers. I passed on all of these, as they were priced too high. On the way home to Wisconsin we stopped in the town of Elyria, Ohio and found the new Falcon. I got one and it does in fact look cool although I haven?t opened it yet. They also had the usual stuff plus two RED Unleashed Clone Troopers. I didn?t pick them up, but they might still be there. Take care and MTFBWY!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 July 2004 | 19:39 EDT
This Just in from Action-HQ: VOTC Vader and Yoda!
visit Action-HQ below
Action-HQ has the new Vintage OTC Figures! Bringing the best to you first, weeks in advance are Darth Vader and Yoda. Also this week, Transformers SuperLink SC-08 Saber and Energon MM-01 Street Action Mini-Con Team. Plus Dragon Ball, Rockman, Harry Potter and more!

Posted by: dustrho | 29 July 2004 | 11:53 EDT
Hasbro Update: NEW Darth Vader Voice Changer!
Darth Vader Voice ChangerHow many times have you wished that you could sound just like Darth Vader? Hundreds of times as a kid and maybe even more so now as a grown adult. Well, now your dreams of sounding just like Darth Vader are about to become a reality. Hasbro has recently announced the new Darth Vader Voice Changer. It features a realistic helmet and chest plate, the ability to change your voice to sound like Darth Vader's, and it even does the famous breathing sound of him. This is something I am definitely going to have to pick up for myself. This is scheduled to be released in November 2004, and will be available for purchase at StarWarsShop.com. Read more about this here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 22:53 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports: United WE Score!
Greatest Tag-Team to come outta Michigan since the Steiner Bros.!“Well, after an exhausting 14-store toy and scalper hunt, RyantheHutt and I came up with some solid leads. Looks like everything is close to drying up in the Grand Rapids area. Targets however have seemed to gotten their act together and started pulling in the new stuff. I scored the 12-inch vintage Boba Fett at the Alpine Target. This is one cool fig! I don't get into the line, but this was worth the $'s. They also had the 12-inch Stormtroopers as well, along with the X-wing Luke and Anakin glasses. No Leia glasses as of yet. As mentioned earlier, they did have a bunch of the Han, Ben, and Leia VOTC's.... still no Luke's. On a side note, the Jenison Target had the Transformers Unicron on clearance for $19.99. For new stuff, Wal-Mart?s are as dry as a bone. Not only that, but it's beginning to get discouraging with seeing the same bent up Bar2 and Ultra C-3PO on the pegs week after week. The TRU's we hit had an abnormally huge amount of Darth TIE fighters. Between the two, I'd say we saw well over 20. Still some POTJ figs popping out of the cracks and making their way to the shelves. No OTC figs at all. Lots of the 4-packs and Jedi-Councils though. Our Kaybee has come up more than empty. Both the 3-packs and the 12-inch Gamorrean Guard is on clearance there. Buy one clearance item get second 50% off. There are still a lot of really old Saga figs on the pegs....just in case anyone is still looking. Meijers is standing firm, but barely. Found a few OTC figs (Wave I) at the Alpine Meijers including the Vader I needed to complete the first 11. Yoda, Han, R2, X-wing Luke, and Jedi Luke remained on the pegs. Yesterday, found some more VOTC Luke's at my local Meijers and hooked up some of the troopers who had been looking for these. As I find more, I'll try and contact those on my "waiting list" who had inquired about a trade when I had some available. All the stores had the cheapy OTC lightsabers as well. If anyone can hook a trooper up, I'm in serious need of a 300th Boba Fett as well as still looking for the vintage and POTF2 Y-wings. Maybe my only chance is the OTC Y-wing coming out? Anyway, hit me up if you have something! Sandtroopers Jetfire and RyantheHutt out!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 22:34 EDT
Sandtroopette Rogue Jedi Princess Reports:
“Hey Troops, We're back from Comic-Con and decided to make a few store runs. Target had the new Vintage look figures Han and Obi-wan. Target also had the new Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon. TRU had the Unleashed Emperor, Vader's Tie Fighter and Red Leader's X-wing. Suncoast had Unleashed Luke, Chewie and Clonetroopers but for $20.00 a pop! Hope this helps 'ya.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 22:09 EDT
Federation Toys Update: Eric Walker at Wizard World!
Hey Troops, for those of you gearing up for Wizard World Chicago, my friend Jim at Federation Toys will have a special guest this year for those stopping by booth #2631. Eric Walker will be on hand taking questions and signing autographs and discussing his excitement over the release of the Ewok movie DVD's that will be released. From the amount of people saying they will be, Wizard World is looking to be a great weekend of Unity.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 21:10 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett Reports:
Rocky River - Rapid Deploy S.C.A.L.P. Trooper!“Boba-Brett with a bounty report from nearby the Rocky River, Ohio system.

Wal-mart: “in Avon had about a dozen of Tanus Spijek, an OTC R2-D2 Dagobah swamp, a single OTC Chewie, and A lone OTC Darth Vader and older waves consisting of the Executor Wave and Jabba's palace wave and the HOF wave w/ black stands.

Target: “in Avon had the same old tired Animated clone wars figs.YAWN!

K-mart: “in Westlake had remnants of the HOF wave with clear stands and 2 OTC vintage 12-inch Luke. I passed on him though...too bad no Boba-Fett or Stormie. Boba-Brett out!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 20:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Ryan the Hutt reports:
“I found a TON of VOTC figures at TARGET today. 3 rows of the 4-inch figures. Also the 12-inch VOTC figures, TIE fighter, X-Wing, and Millennium Falcon. Strangely, the Lukes had already been bought up. This is the first I've heard of Target getting anything new lately so I thought I would let everyone know.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 13:35 EDT
VOTC: Vader, Yoda and more at Cloud City!
Cloud City now has the new Original Trilogy Collection Vintage-Style Darth Vader and Yoda in stock and ready to ship! Visit Cloud City today to purchase these new items.

Also, don?t forget to check out the new collection of Vintage Star Wars for sale. Included are buttons, patches, ceramics, posters, apparel, household items, and much more! If you purchase 10 or more items discounts may apply.
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Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 July 2004 | 12:45 EDT
Star Tours Wave IV Pictures at Galactic Hunter
Star Tours Wave IV pictures have been uncovered by our friends at Galactic Hunter. Once again what we thought was in the past comes back to bite us in the future. The ebay seller Overlord has come through again! The whole story is pretty interesting. They also put the Galactic Smacktic on the San Diego Comic-Con which is worth the time of dial-up loading in my opinion. Sandtrooper Nexus Attack, YOU are on point my friend, let us know when they surface!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 July 2004 | 22:50 EDT
Silver Sandtrooper Available to Hyperspace Members!
Got Hyperspace?The Silver Sandtrooper has been made available to Hyperspace members at StarWarsShop.com. My guess is memberships will be on the rise the next few days. Get bent over like the rest, and you too can score up to three Silver Sandtroopers.

Thanks to S.C.A.L.P. Trooper J Loud for the tip, and I won't print what you wrote about Hyperspace J, I'm sure everyone feels just like you!

StarWarsShop.com - More Product. More Exclusives.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 July 2004 | 22:10 EDT
Force of the Bay: YOU too could be One Bad Mutha!
Hey Troops, back from another excursion at ebay. I realize to many collectors it can be about as big a pain in the can as this guy. However, if you take the time to shop around for what it is you are dying to put into your collection, chances are you will walk away one happy Trooper. There are many great things littering the Star Wars section, and don?t worry there is always something cool to scope out. I have been doing this for quite a while and not a whole lot slips by my network of S.C.A.L.P. Troopers, we know what time it is. You can find awesome props that will have you rolling into the next big convention looking like one bad mother. There are some that may play games, but make sure to do a solid feedback check and most the time you will be all right. I will not guarantee anything bad won?t happen, but it hasn?t happened to me. Yet! I wouldn?t get all huffy puffy about it. I would be happy about all the rare and unique things I have had the opportunity to return to my collection. From your first figure, to the Halloween costume you sported in the third grade. It?s all there. In fact, I remembered why I kept pulling on that @!&# rocket after I got him in the mail! For those of you who think a vinyl cape Jawa is worth 5k, feast your eyes on this great lot! Maybe you can justify the rest being $1500 then. Whether it?s to score or to dare to dream, you can always have a great time at ebay. Sandtroopers.com neither endorses or authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your searches. Kick A#$ and take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 July 2004 | 20:56 EDT
Sandtrooper Dead Man Inc. Reports: Searching for VOTC!
“VOTCs and OTCs in Massachusetts: For the past three to four weeks, I have been on the hunt for these in Massachusetts. The only two I have found are: Han Solo and Obi-Wan. It is like Massachusetts is a big void when it comes to Star Wars products. After I purchased Han and Ben, I could not find them again. I am interested in the following at a reasonable price: VOTC Princess Leia Organa, VOTC Luke Skywalker If you know where I can find them in Massachusetts, or if you have an extra to sell, please email me. Thank You!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 July 2004 | 20:33 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dom Reports:
One of SoCal's Finest!“It has been some time since I last posted on the site, as moving creates such distraction and stress. Stores out here in So Cal are barren, or filled with the same stuff from last year. We have seen some of the new lightsabers, Jedi Council 3-pack, TIE, X-wing, and Vader's TIE, but not much else in the way of figures.

I did want to let everyone know that I have 4 of the new OTC figures that I have extras of, and would like to trade them, or sell at cost plus shipping. I have the Biker Scout, Lobot, Leia Death Star, and Cloud Car Pilot. All 4 in excellent C-9.5 condition. Each were $5.50 + tax. I was unable to make the trek to the Comic Con this year, so I missed the Silver Sandtroopers. According to the star wars shop, they are available through their site to hyperspace members only for $9.99. I was hoping someone out there could get me 2 of them since I am not a member. I would like to trade straight up if possible. Email me if interested.

Lastly, I have the 1st 20 OTC figures released and was wondering how many have been found to date. I was under the impression that there were 23 so far, but am hoping someone knows for sure. Email me if you know.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 July 2004 | 20:32 EDT

Takara Binaltech BT-09, BT-10, BT-11: Takara has announced that the BT-09 will now be a repaint/upgrade of BT-04 Hound called Swindle and features a brush guard on the hood, yellow paint job and other upgrades. The BT-10 is Grimlock - the newly redesigned Ford Mustang. Both items are available for pre-ordering at $54.99. The Mini Cooper has been renumbered to BT-11 (we will automatically update any pre-orders made when it was listed as the BT-09 before) the #17 Predaking re-issue is available for pre-order for $174.99 - don't miss out on this one!

Marvel Legends 6: The next wave of figures from Toy Biz has arrived! Wave 6 includes: Juggernaut, Wolverine, Punisher, Phoenix, Cable, and Deadpool. (All pre-orders will be processed tomorrow for the full set of 6 figures including Phoenix) We have single listings available for most of the figures, but have pre-sold-out of the sets of 6. Three chase figures are also available in very limited quantities - the Red Phoenix, Unmasked Wolverine and Brown cable figures were all packed as chase figures - so the vast majority of cases did not contain any of them.

Lord of the Rings: Deluxe Poseable Fell Beast and Ringwraith rider set is now in stock for $24.99. This set comes in a very large box and the Fell Beast has a 32-inch wingspan! The 20-inch 'Epic Scale' Aragorn and Legolas figures from NECA have also arrived and are available for $39.99 each - they feature real sound clips from the movies and are motion activated.

Vintage Department: The vintage department has listed hundreds of mid to late 90's Toybiz items and McFarlane items - a big variety of figures all Mint on Card. More Star Trek carded figures and a variety of Transformers and other figures have also been listed. We will be bringing all our 'high end' vintage transformer items to the OTFCC show in Chicago this weekend, and they will be removed from the website tomorrow so we can pack them up for the show. If there is anything you want be sure to order it by Tuesday morning or it will likely be going to OTFCC.

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Posted by: dustrho | 26 July 2004 | 15:42 EDT
r2dtoys.com -- New KOTOBUKIYA Darth Maul IN STOCK!
r2dtoys.com is now shipping the amazing new Kotobukiya Darth Maul in 1.7th scale! Priced at just ?50, you get a 10% discount IF you order in July! They have informed us at Sandtroopers.com that this item is in limited supply, so be sure to place your order right away with them if you want to add this to your collection.

Update 7/27/04:
- Darth Vader FX Lightsaber WITH stand ?89 -10% = ?80.10 (the version without the stand is not available, but with your 10% discount it's nearly the same price anyway).
- Luke Skywalker FX Lightsaber (ROTJ) ?79 -10% = ?71.10
- Coming very soon Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker (ESB)

Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 July 2004 | 22:30 EDT
Amazon.com Sales & Pre-Orders, and Teamed with Brian's Toys!
Sale Items:
VOTC - Princess Leia
VOTC - Han Solo
VOTC - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Unleashed - Clone Trooper
X-Wing: Red Leader $19.99 Clearance
Skirmish at Carkoon 4-pack
Jedi Warriors 4-pack
Garindan 12" Figure Saga
Jawa 2-pack 12" Saga
Obi-Wan Kenobi 12" Saga
12" Inch Leia Boushh Disguise

OTC - Millennium Falcon
VOTC - 12" Boba Fett
VOTC - 12" Stormtrooper
VOTC - 12" Luke Skywalker
Endor Ambush 4-pack
Jedi Council - Scene IV

Brian's Toys:
Exclusives 3-pack Sacul, Silver Boba, Silver R2-D2
Darth Vader - ROTJ Vintage Figure
Vintage Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight - Mint Original Return of the Jedi Package (1983)
Star Wars 12" Figures 4-Pack
Romba - POTF Vintage Action Figure
Power of the Jedi Series I 3-Pack
Vintage Tri-pod Laser Cannon
Sy Snootles & Max Rebo Band - Vintage
Acklay Beast - AOTC
Episode I Figures 11-pack
Death Star Trooper - Freeze Frame
AT-AT Driver - Freeze Frame Card
Set of 3 Mail-Ins: Obi, Mace & Han
Stars Wars Mail-In Set: Kabe and Muftak
Troop Builder Set: Sandtroopers, Rebel Troopers, Endor Troopers
Special Edition Return of the Jedi: Max Rebo and Doda Bodonawieedo
Scanning Trooper (Sealed to Yellow Card)
POTJ 300th Boba Fett
POTJ - Palm Talkers Complete set

Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 July 2004 | 15:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Rogue Jedi TJ Reports:
Help me Sandtroopers.com, you're my only hope“Can anyone help with VOTC Luke? Read all the reports of some fellow troopers finding the VOTC Luke at Meijers. Do not have a Meijers in My area, and was hoping a fellow trooper can help me acquire a VOTC Luke. Local Wal-Mart has about 5 lobot, 5 bespin leia, and a few others. TRU New OTC Vehicles except Millenium Falcon, no new OTC or VOTC though. If anyone can Help Please let me know. "Revenge of the Sith" How Awesome is that?”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 July 2004 | 22:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Jon Reports: Ann Arbor, MI - I'm Lovin' It!
“I found the OTC Millennium Falcon at a local Toys 'R Us today. 1) The light-up engines are really nice. They even turn different shades of blue. 2) The sound effects are great. 3) The redesigned cockpit also works well for the larger/newer figures. Overall, this is a great toy, especially if you don't have any of the older versions. I must say that I love Hasbro's OTC line. Good luck to all the troopers.”


Posted by: dustrho | 24 July 2004 | 22:06 EDT
Hasbro Packaging for EP3 Revealed!!!
Hasbro Packaging for EP3Just when you thought it was exciting enough to hear what the new title for Episode 3 is, Hasbro came to the plate releasing a new image of what the EP3 basic figure packaging will look like. Read more about this here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 July 2004 | 18:29 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #265:

- click above to enter -

Original Trilogy figures in stock this week include, Luke Dagobah Upside Down, Jawas, Leia ANH, Scout Trooper, Snowtrooper, Tusken Raider and the latest vehicle, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. All in stock and shipping immediately.

Some great Saga & Clone Wars figures still in stock. Many of the Animated figures are still available. Saga Ephant Mon and Clone Trooper Yellow Mini-Bust are both back in stock.

Lots of other great Star Wars featured items from the POTF2, POTJ and EP1 lines, be sure to view these selected items on our newsletter. This week's Vintage featured items now in stock. Also featured this week, in stock 12-inch vintage Leia MIB C-7.5 and C7.5/8.

Be sure to check our website this upcoming week for NEW G.I.Joe AFA items in our A Real American Hero Collection. New this week, the Valor Vs. Venom 12-inch Voice FX Duke and 12-inch Boxed Beachhead. Also back in the Pulverizer, Defense Mech and Thunderwing Jet. Newsletter special this week only - 15% off all Japanese Carded figures. Enter promo code JAF01 during the checkout process of our new website and the 15% will be deducted automatically. One week only!

40th Anniv. Wave 5 Set of 4 is now in stock! Set includes 1 of each: Action Soldier, Action Pilot Crash Crew, Action Marine Paratrooper Jumping, and Action Marine Paratrooper Helmet. We are also featuring some of the previous waves that are still in stock.

These featured Simpsons playsets are now in stock and ready to ship, Retirement Castle w/ Jasper, Police Station w/ Officer Eddy and Springfield Elementary w/ Principal Skinner.

Posted by: dustrho | 24 July 2004 | 18:21 EDT
EP3 Title Revealed -- "Revenge of the Sith"
Revenge of the SithRevenge of the Sith will be the official title for the third and final installment into the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Read more about this here, and be sure to talk about this in our forum.

Posted by: dustrho | 24 July 2004 | 17:22 EDT
This Week at r2dtoys.com:
r2dtoys.com is having a huge sale on several different Star Wars and Lord of the Rings items, and they're also having a huge giveaway as well! Read more about it here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 July 2004 | 13:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports: Desert Recon Tour
Aren't you supposed to be on vacation?“I have more news from the deserts of AZ, the Target on Hampton & Power in Mesa has some new OTC figs, there was holo Ben, Dagobah Luke, Yoda, Vader, Leia, Han and many more! All my other stops proved to be most fruitless?that's all for now, I'll post more when I get back to Texas...Starfox signing out...”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 July 2004 | 13:11 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports: United WE Patrol!
Greatest Tag-Team to come outta Michigan since the Steiner Bros.!“Sandtrooper Jetfire reporting in on last weekend's trip to Traverse City as well as what's going on down in the Grand Rapids Area: Sandtrooper Ryan the Hutt will be checking the Traverse City area out this weekend as well so we'll be able to see if there's been any kind of change at all over the past week.

The Traverse City TRU was the only place that really scored any type of VOTC or OTC toys. They had the Han, Ben, and Leia VOTC in very limited #'s. However, they were very plentiful with the Darth TIE's, regular TIE's, and the X-wing. The Wal-Mart had a J'Quille as well as a few of the Tanus Spijek. A lot of the Executor Wave and HOF Wave as well. Target was really disappointing. They seem to be getting plenty of the new lightsabers (both the hanging on a peg kind and boxed kind) but nothing else. Lots of Animated Clone Wars figs on clearance at just over $6, but how many Dookus, Anakins, and Maces could one really want? Also quite a few Hoth Hans (brown coat) as well. Meijers, which has been helping me out down in the Grand Rapids Area, was really disappointing? all R1-G4's and Hoth Rebel Troopers.

The Grand Rapids area has been fairing a bit better as of late. Meijers has been my main source for OTC and VOTC figs. Both the Holland and Grandville Meijers (thanks for the heads up Ryan the Hutt) have had a good supply of these figs. All 4 of the VOTC released to date have been found at Mejiers along with the first 11 of the OTC regular figs. The Holland TRU has had two of the VOTC figs, as well as the Darth TIE, regular TIE and X-wing, but also the new talking Yoda. He's kind of fun, but not really truly interactive (try that interactive Stich that I found at Kay-Bee if you want to have a fun conversation!). This TRU also had the new Jedi Council packs. Also lots of POTJ figs (BoShek, Teebo, R4) popping on to the shelves. On talking with my contact at this TRU, it seems that the TRU's on this half of the state ran out of the limited VOTC figs they had. He confirmed with both the computer and store manager that they wouldn?t be getting more anytime soon. The Alpine TRU has tame story with the POTJ figs as in Holland, but nothing really new except Darth's TIE and the Jedi Council packs. Wal-Mart?s have pretty well continued to suck...only exception was the one on Alpine that had 4 regular OTC figs. The guys I talked to there said that they only received 4 total! I begged and pleaded to see more were in back, but they said no. Four figs total? Don't these things come in a CASE? My guess is that they're in league with a local comic/toy store and they were gone before hitting the shelf. Local Targets continue to suck...same story as the one up in Traverse City. Did find a bent up Animated Yoda on clearance though...he now resides on my desk at work. The Holland K-mart, which usually has NADA scored me the Galactic Hero 2-packs. Three of the four were present (Luke & R2, Han & Leia, Obi-wan & Darth). Looks like the Jango one in later waves would be a killer. They also had two each of the VOTC Han and VOTC Obi-wan.

On a side note, I'm starting to notice that it is easier to find items farther away from the more traveled areas. Guessing this has something to do with the lack of comics/toys shops in those areas. So, you may want to try those out of the way retailers for hopes in snagging a score. Also, still looking for vintage and POTF2 Y-wings. Would also like some help on the remaining 26 OTC figs + #10 Vader and a OTC Handstand Dagobah Luke as it doesn't look like we are getting these in. Well Troopers, ROCK ON and keep up the good fight against the enemy scalpers!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 23 July 2004 | 20:56 EDT
Sithfather David Reports: Redemption!
“Hey Troops, Sithfather David here, just a small post to let you guys know that a certain "toy mafia" bubble mashing individual will no longer damage things that he doesn?t want someone else to have. Poor guy actually whimpered after being confronted by myself and a few fellow Sandtroopers (Marine buddies, back in from Iraq). Man it felt good. By the way, Devils Ewok, maybe next time I will try it the less painful way. Thanks for the advice though! The Dark Side is strong with this one! Semper Fi!!!”


That is great news, and take nothing lying down. Glad to hear one of ours made it back okay too, that is the best news of all.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 23 July 2004 | 20:52 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Div. Lake County, IL“I went on a figure hunt today & I didn't see much OTC stuff. Here's my
store report:

Kmart (Zion, IL): had 1 VOTC 12-inch Luke on the very top shelf near the pegs with the Teen Titans figs.

Target (Waukegan, IL & Gurnee, IL): still has pegs full of Clone Wars animated figs.

TRU (Gurnee, IL): has the Jedi Council 3-pack repack. This is the one with Yoda, Qui-Gon, & Ki-Adi Mundi.

That's all for now. Later.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 23 July 2004 | 20:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Larry Reports:
Mentor Ammuntion supplier Code Name: Trooper Lar!“Hey Troops,! I know it?s been awhile, but we haven?t had much to report about. TRU in Mentor has the OTC X-Wing and TIE fighters, but that?s about it. Wal-Mart in Mentor had OTC basic figures, but I missed them. Wal-Mart in Ashtabula also had some of the OTC basic. K-mart in Mentor had the first wave of the Galactic Heroes, which I picked up for my new Padawan Learner. Hope to get out soon, but sleep deprivation is kickin in. That?s about it troops. Keep kickin Scalper A$$.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 23 July 2004 | 0:07 EDT
Operation Sandblast II: Happy 4th Birthday to Sandtroopers.com!
Happy Birthday!!!Four years ago, two men joined forces to create the ultimate tool for Star Wars collectors around the globe and Sandtroopers.com was born. While Pat has moved his focus to his professional career, and George has moved on, their ways were taught to others and the legacy will continue. Sandtroopers.com uses a multitude of weapons to help the Troops stay on top of the collecting situation with the help of each other first and foremost, but if need be one of our many online sponsors. Many were very pleased to donate prizes to our cause to continue to help the Troops. I would like to thank each and every one of the sponsors who worked with us to make this one of the greatest, if not the greatest giveaway in Internet history. My only regret is we couldn?t get every Trooper a prize. I hope they at least feel like they get one every time they log on. We did our best and will continue to strive to make this the greatest collectors resource in the galaxy.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 July 2004 | 20:32 EDT
Sandtroopers.com Not at San Diego Comic-Con
I received an email this morning from a Trooper wondering if he would be able to run into any of the Sandtroopers.com staff in San Diego. Sandtroopers.com regrets not having a Staff member in positon to cover the San Diego Comic-Con. We feel bad that this is the only Exclusive we have not been able to be the first to share with our regiments. The gal I had in mind is still nursing a knee injury, so I scrapped the plan for S.C.A.L.P. coverage by a Trooper. Our friends at the Jawa.com will have coverage available in the near future, and many other sites have already posted pictures as well. However, tomorrow we will launch the second Sandblast Birthday Bash to celebrate our 4th Birthday on the Internet. We had a great time last year and the prizes were awesome, however I promise we have something even better lined up for this year! Stay tuned tomorrow, same Troop time, same Troop channel.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 July 2004 | 20:26 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Eddie Reports: Roanoke, VA Roundup
Roanoke S.C.A.L.P. Defence Specialist“While making a figure run at the largest of three Big K-Mart outlets in my area, I managed to score three of the brand-new VOTC figures (Ben, Han, Leia...no Luke?s, just as everyone else seems to be reporting) for only $9.99 each...a full fifty cents less than every other K-Mart report I've seen and two bucks cheaper than any VOTC scores at Toys 'R' Us. I don't have a scanner to post a picture of the receipt, but all three VOTC finds rang up for $31.32 total, VA sales tax included. They had only one apiece of each character, but the clamshells were-for the most part-free of any dings and nicks and the coffin blisters holding the figures seemed to be in near-pristine condition. The packaging on these VOTC figures has got to be some of the coolest I've seen in a long, long time, and the figures themselves are darn near close to excellent, although in retrospect the Leia isn't everything she could have been. Just a really good ANH Princess with a better head sculpt than we're all used to.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 July 2004 | 20:02 EDT
Sandtrooper Kevin Reports:
Bout time Kevin got one!“Love the new look. Went across the river today to help another store and saw pegs of Silver Clone troopers at the Toys R Us in Willow Grove, PA. Heading home I passed Wal-Mart in Bristol and picked up OTC dagobah R2. I can pick up Silver Clone Troopers for trade only. All I need is VOTC Leia,and OTC Bespin Leia.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 July 2004 | 19:58 EDT

Master Replica: We have received the Jango Fett LE Blaster Set and the Emperor Palpatine Cane and Clasp set. Both are very limited editions; the Jango Blaster set is available for $429.99 and the Emperor's cane is $189.99. Many other Master Replica items are available for pre-order and we'll continue to add more already released items to our selection.

Transformers: A variety of sold-out figures have been restocked: #10 Soundwave, #09 Starscream with DVD, #08 Inferno, JBW D-21 Sealed God Neptune!, New Year Prime, Sixshot, Ghost & Black Starscream, Tiger Sideswipe, Armada MD-02 Starscream, Prime vs Megatron mini-PVC set, Superlink SC-17 Wing Saber. Some of these items are available in very limited quantities and we'll continue to try to get more.

Masters of the Universe Snakemen: This popular line of figures from Mattel has finally been restocked. The Snakemen set of 4 includes: Two-Bad, Skeletor, King Hssss, and Cobra Khan - available for $39.99. We also have listed the Heroes set of 6 for $54.99 - including Zodak, Mekanek and more!

Jay & Silent Bob: The full lineup from View Askew/Graphitti Designs is now in stock. Figures include: Bluntman & Chronic, Jay & Silent Bob, Buddy Christ from Dogma, and a variety of Inaction figures from Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma - very cool figures from the classic movies.

- enter below -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 July 2004 | 19:46 EDT
This week at Action-HQ: DVD Exclusive 3-Packs
Available now at Action-HQ.com, bringing the Best to you FIRST with Walmart 3-Pack, Vintage Luke, Galactic Heroes & more!

Available Now:
-A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi Walmart
Exclusive 3-Pack! $26.95 each
-Trilogy Vintage Luke Skywalker at $15.95
-Trilogy Jawas, Tusken Raider & Snowtrooper for $13.95 each
-Galactic Heroes 2-Pack Wave 1! $14.95 each or Set of 4 for $44.95
-Jedi Council Scene Pack 1 and 2! $26.95 each
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 July 2004 | 22:55 EDT
This week at R2dtoys:
We hope you are enjoying the 20% discounts ! It continues until Midnight July 31st!
Saga Limited stock:
RED Battle Droid - rare and unreleased in Europe ?19
Boba Fett pit of Carkoon (both versions)
Imperial Officer
Rebel Trooper
Eeth Koth
Kren Blista Vanee

Clone Wars back in stock:
Geonosian Starfighter
Anakins Enhanced Jedi Starfighter
Hailfire Droid
Yoda Animated
OTC back in stock:
Boba Fett
Obi Wan Kenobi
?5.60 each inc. discount!

OTC news:
We will be offering the Millennium Falcon for PRE-ORDER this week for ?45 ! The regular price is ?49 and will be available mid-late August. We will be getting the Greedo wave very soon AND vintage as general release soon.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 July 2004 | 21:50 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Rarities Mint Star Wars 1 ounce coin, Episode 1 sealed party supplies, Darth Vader autographed plaque, POTF 12-inch figures in stock. Vintage Tusken Raider Don Post mask, Star Wars pop-up book, vintage Star Wars Starlog issues & magazines IN STOCK. Click here for list of new items added.”
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Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 July 2004 | 20:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Ryan the Hutt reports:
“I saw some of the new OTC figures at Meijers in Grandville, MI. this morning. Mostly just ANH repacks but they did have the new Dagobah Luke (on his feet) and Yoda as well as the Spirit Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. The packaging is super nice. I didn't buy any so they are there for anyone who wants 'em.”


Posted by: Dan | 21 July 2004 | 20:21 EDT
This week at K&C Collectibles: OTC 12-inch Figures!
New Vintage 12-inch Trilogy Collection:
Stormtrooper ? VOTC
Boba Fett ? VOTC
Luke Skywalker ? VOTC

Trilogy Vehicle Collection:
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter
X-Wing Fighter
Back In-Stock:
Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2
Pre-Order (deadline July 26th):
Jawa Sandcrawler ? EXCLUSIVE
Clone ARC Trooper Maquette
Heritage Topps Trading Card Box - Vintage Style
Chewbacca Statue
Bust-Up Series 2 - Case of 24

New Vintage Trilogy Collection:
Han Solo - VOTC
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - VOTC
Princess Leia Organa ? VOTC

Vintage Trilogy Collection 3 Packs::
Scene 1 - Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda and Ki-Adi Mundi
Scene 2 - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon and Eeth Koth

click to enter

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 July 2004 | 17:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Dead Man Inc. Reports:
“Well, they finally reached Southeastern Massachusettes. VOTC figures are trinkling into local Toys R Us. The following has been found: VOTC Han Solo, VOTC Obi-Wan, OTC TIE Fighter, OTC X-Wing, OTC Vader's TIE Fighter, and OTC Lightsabers. Wal-Mart and K-Mart do not sell any OTCs or VOTCs. There are a very few VOTCs, but in given time I am sure they will be storming onto shelves.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 July 2004 | 17:23 EDT
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
“Ann Arbor, MI: I found the new electronic "Ask Yoda" at the Toys 'R Us today. There is one left on the shelf (package is not mint though) if anyone in the area is interested. It's not bad a bad toy for $20. The only OTC/VOTC items in the store today were a bunch of the Darth Vader Tie Fighters. Good luck to all the troopers out there.”


Posted by: dustrho | 21 July 2004 | 12:49 EDT
Hasbro Update: NEW Cantina 3-Pack!!!
Hasbro has updated their website with a new picture of the upcoming Cantina 3-pack, which features Ponda Boba, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a new BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH figure (aka Zutton)! This will be a K-Mart exclusive item, and will be available sometime this Fall. Check out the write-up here!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 July 2004 | 0:27 EDT
Site Update: Back in Black
When we brought in dustrho, (S.C.A.L.P. Weapons Supplier) a few months back we had no idea the influence he would have on our Staff or the development of the many projects that were, and still are in the works. The first weapon was our very own Forum, which is growing daily and is helping Troopers help each other out. With the forum in place the next task at hand was an ?Extreme ST-Makeover? that was desperately needed. Sandtroopers.com turns 4 years old this Friday so we thought we would put on a new face before the festivities begin. Take your time to look around and enjoy some of the features we added to our new menu for your personal enjoyment. This is just the first of many changes, which we will use to bolster our forces. Our numbers grow everyday. Whether you have been around since the beginning or just logged on today. Welcome, we hope you can reach out to other collectors and fill the holes in your own collections. Stay tuned, the Sandblast is coming and it?s going to blow you away. United We Find.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 20 July 2004 | 22:24 EDT
The Sandtrooper with No Name Reports:
“I went to Toys R Us today and they had the Vader TIE, regular Tie Fighter, X-Wing, and Falcon. I picked up the Vader TIE Fighter. The Falcon cost too much for me today. Hopefully I will be able to grab one in the coming months. Wal-Mart still has some left over OTC figures from last week. Target only has Hoth and Jabba waves of Saga and Anakin and Leia glasses. Also I was wondering if anybody has a carded POTJ Sandtrooper figure. I missed out on them up here in Buffalo a couple of years back. I will buy or trade if anyone is available to help me please e-mail me. Thanks and happy hunting.”

Troops, We don't require you to give name, rank and file but please give us a name! Thanks!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 20 July 2004 | 17:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi-Hawk Reports:
Hunting 'em down in the Lone Star State“Well Troops the OTC has finally hit - sort of anyway. My local TRU seems to be the only place to pick up anything in a nice black and silver package. This past weekend I was able to pick up the first 3 VOTC figures, Ben, Han, and Leia. Also they have several Vader's TIE, TIE and X-Wing. Also they put out some of the new exclusive Jedi Council Scene 1 with Yoda, Ki-adi Mundi, & Qui-Gon Jinn. Not much else though around here in the way of OTC. My Wal-Mart?s are not as good as those I have seen reported to be overflowing with endcaps full of OTC. I think they put out one case a few weeks ago that I apparently missed. My Target has nothing new and its still trying to get rid of their Clone Wars Animated figures that are now marked down to $4.88 each. Nothing but HOF on their pegs for basic figures also. So times are slow. At one of my Wal-Mart?s an employee in the toy dept told me they are about to start inventory and will not be putting anything new out until after that, which will be August. So that may not be the best news. So here in Central TX it?s getting hotter outside and colder down the aisles and on the pegs. Let's hope the weather changes. Hunt 'em down troops.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 23:40 EDT
Chicagoland Entertainment: See Ad in Star Wars Insider
See page #29Star Wars Insider magazine has an ad featuring a Sandtroopers.com sponsored event. See page #29 in this months Insider for details! The Chicagoland Entertainment Expo will be host to a Charity Breakfast with help from Sandtroopers.com and Federation Toys. Come have Breakfast with Jermey Bulloch (Boba Fett) and seven other Star Wars personalites. We will also have a raffle for many prizes. Proceeds from this event will be donated to The Treasure Chest Foundation. If you were planning on attending the show but were waiting to buy the tickets, you may want to pick them up. My guess more than a few Star Wars fans will read the magazine and hopefully even more would like to attend the show. We'd really like to thank Paul from the Chicagoland Expo and Jim from Federation Toys for letting us be a part of such a noble and worthy cause. We believe in giving back, and so do the Troopers. We'll hope to see you all there. United We Find!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 21:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports: Sweatin' it Out in the Desert!
Aren't you supposed to be on vacation?“Hey Troopers, Starfox here coming to you live from the great state of AZ..... visiting my bro's in Phoenix and did a little toy run in the Mesa area. And I came up with jack! Went to 3 Targets and one Wal-Mart on Southern drive and did not find anything, just a bunch of old HoF waves and then some older SAGA figs from last year. I thought the western states got stuff first? Anyways, nothing new, but I will not give up hope...heading to the Grand Canyon and a few other side trips and I will post what I find, if anything! That's all from the Phoenix area, Starfox signing off?”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 18:17 EDT
Sandtrooper Champaign James Reports: How dry I am!
“Trooper Champaign James here. Just found the Super Wal-Mart in Savoy, I should have left it hidden. They had 1 old beat up Anakin figure. Nothing else, it was the saddest Wal-Mart ever. The TRU got some brand new POTJ figures in. R4-M9, BoShek, and Teebo. It is very dry here in Champaign and now I see Sandtrooper Tampa Bay Mike has found some stuff in my old stomping grounds. I have no luck. I will keep looking and MTFBWY.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 18:17 EDT
S.N.A.G. Trooper ESPN Eric Reports:
“Hey everyone, if anyone out there comes across an extra 12-inch Boba Fett at K-Mart, can they pick one up for me? There are not a whole lot of them in the Northeast. Thanks guys!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 18:16 EDT

Just a quick message from Big Bad Toy Store to let you know we are having a 10% Off Sale. All orders for 'in-stock' items placed between now and Wednesday 7/21 at 10:00 AM Central Time will be discounted 10%! (Pre-Order items are not included in this sale.) Please be sure to read the sales info page. This sale includes every 'in-stock' item we have as well as every item on the vintage menu, so be sure to take a look around our site.

BBTS at OTFCC Show- we will be packing up several trucks and trailers full of transformers and a variety of high-end imported Japanese toys to bring to the OTFCC show (Official Transformers Collector's Convention) OTFCC 2004 will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, IL this July 31 & August 1. If you are in the Chicago area or feel like taking a road-trip it?s definitely a great show with many discussion panels, guests, and displays and of course the impressive dealer room filled with an immense amount of items. We'll be setting up about a 70 foot long display of tables and 70 feet of shelving behind us, so be sure to stop by! OTFCC welcomes 'walk-in' guests and prices are only $20 per day or $30 per weekend per person. For those of you who can't make the show, we are pre-selling the OTFCC 2004 exclusives (Megazarak & Sentinel Maximux) on our pre-order menu.
- enter below -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 18:14 EDT
Sandtrooper with Sandtrooper DeadManInc.Reports:
“Southeastern Massachusetts only has OTC vehicles. No OTC figures in 100-mile radius of Mansfield, Massachusetts. If anyone in Mass. knows where to find them let me know... Wal-Mart (None), Kmart (We will not receive them), TRU (Sometime in August).”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 18:13 EDT
Rogue Jedi TJ Reports:
Help me Sandtroopers.com, you're my only hope“Hello Fellow Troops, Rogue Jedi TJ here with a request for a little help from the Troops. I am in search of the new 12-inch VOTC Boba Fett With Blue Outfit; if anyone can help, please let me know, will pay cash and also have some Goodies to trade, just let me know what you need. Also in search of the VOTC 3 ? Luke, but not sure if He is out there yet? Local stores 9 Wal-Mart) recently have a Good bit (10 or more cases) of the New OTC, but that is about it. Please email me if you can help. Keep on fighting the Good fight.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 July 2004 | 0:31 EDT
Sandtrooper Master Fett Reports: 1st time Trooper on the Line!
“Hey Troops, this is my first and probably last post, as there is never anything new here in Oregon. I usually have to travel 80 miles to find a decent selection and even then I don't find what I?m looking for. But this week Kmart of all places got a shipment of VOTC Ben, Han, &Leia for 9.99 there was only three of each I left with Ben still waiting for Luke? This site is great I just wish there were more sightings in my area more frequently.”

We are looking to Unite our Troopers in the Pacific Northwest. If you have to travel like that perhaps the Sandtroopers Forum is the place you need to be to help you fill holes in your collection, Begin Today.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 July 2004 | 21:46 EDT
Sandtrooper One Big K Reports: OTC for Trade!
S.C.A.L.P. Demolition Expert, Columbus,OH“Not much new here to report in Columbus Ohio a lot of clearance of the toy departments at Mejier - some 12-inch figures - mainly Obi-Wan and Garindan for $15.00. The Target had Clone Wars figures and some of the deluxe figures. At Toys R Us I found the new cinema scene set hopefully some new items will appear soon I have some of the OTC figures for sale or trade I ordered a couple of cases from an online retailer and the one box they sent was the same as the other - Hasbro stopped shipment of the one case and they substituted the same box I would like to help out some fellow troopers in need - I am looking to trade the figures listed below or sell at cost+ shipping and handling. Check out my list in the Forum under Onebigk?s wants and needs.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 July 2004 | 21:10 EDT
"Darth Spice, Prepare your men for Ground Assault"
Hey Troops, many of you have written in lately asking, ?Where is the General?? Since relocating to the Chicaoland area Jason has taken on a job with General Motors Corporation in LaGrange, IL and a manager position at night with another firm. Two full-time jobs have made no time for Sandtrooper activities. I speak with Jason nearly everyday, he still has not even found time to get Internet wired into his new loft apartment. Until further notice Jason will be on extended hiatus with us, and I hope he can come back to us well rested, stronger and greater than before. Until then, he felt it is time to take a break and allow myself and the rest of the staff to continue to serve you. For those of you who were very tight with J, and would like to contact him, drop me an email and I can get you contact info if needed. I personally would like to thank Jason for everything he did for me as a friend. You have been a great teacher and I thank you for everything you have taught me. We as a staff would like to thank him for keeping this site going on a day-to-day basis and always keeping things interesting and helping us crack a grin. It has been an honor to serve with Jason, and I wish him the best in his personal endeavors, we patiently wait for the prodigal son to return. God Bless you, my friend.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 July 2004 | 13:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Steven Peacock reports:
“I have some extra OTC figures for sale at cost $5.25 if anyone is interested. I've got Yoda, Spirit Ben, Handstand Luke, Vader, Luke Jedi, and Luke X-Wing. I also have a VOTC Leia as well for $10.50. Let me know if anyone would like to trade or buy.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 July 2004 | 23:00 EDT
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi reports:
Worcester, MA S.C.A.L.P. Operative“Hey Troops,, Picked up the VOTC Obi-Wan, and Solo today at the Auburn, Ma TRU. Very cool looking, and with the protector case, for $9.99 each. They only had 1 of each left. I did happen to find the Marvel Legends Wolverine ?Unmasked" today at the Bellingham, MA Wal-Mart, and MOC. I do not collect these but keep my eye out for the hard to find ones. I do want to trade this towards some of my wants, or may even consider selling this. Please take a look at my trade page in the forums and let me know if we can work anything out. Later Troops.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 July 2004 | 17:36 EDT
Sandtrooper K-Dogg Reports:
“Nothing in central Jersey/Philly. Even the Phils can't get a win!!! Is there anyone in the area finding anything? I have seen the HOF wave once minus Vader. And nothing since the Hoth wave. I have a Concept trooper straight trade for VOTC Leia. Also 12-inch Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike for sale. And register to vote!!! K-dog out!!!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 July 2004 | 16:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Operative“I went on a toy run today and I saw the VOTC 12-inch figs at Kmart (Zion,IL). They had 3 Lukes & 3 Boba Fetts, but no Stormtroopers. I passed on them because they were priced at $32.99.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 July 2004 | 16:32 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #264:

- click above to enter -

These popular 3 ?-inch trilogy figures now available, Tusken Raider, Jawa, Boba Fett and Snowtrooper. All only $19.99.

Disney Star Wars exclusives in this week, Boba Fett Anime Shirt & Cap, Darth Vader Anime Cap, Stormtrooper Anime Cap, Mickey and Minnie Coin, Mickey and Minnie Poster, Die Cast Parade Vehicle with R2-D2 and C-3PO and the 9-inch Plush Ewok. Lots of great featured Star Wars, many back in stock. All in stock Star Tours featured this week! Just in this week, Vintage Star Wars complete coin set! All coins including all the rarities, these are going extremely fast, get yours today!

Featured Joes include AFA, palisades and 40th Wave 1 back in stock. Lots of new carded and loose figures just added, be sure to check out what's new in stock on our new website.

Cute new Indy Disney exclusives just in! Plush Pooh, Tigger, Mickey and Eeyore all in Indy gear!Only $15.99 each or get the whole set for $59.99.

New low prices on featured MOTU New Series and Snake Men for this week only! Prices this low don't last for long, get yours today!

New in stock this week, NECA Lord of the Rings Epic Scale figures!

Vintage 1990 Simpson figures in stock now including Bartman, Maggie, Marge and Nelson!

Posted by: Dan | 17 July 2004 | 16:27 EDT
This week at K&C Collectibles: OTC Figures!
In-Stock (Original Trilogy Collection):
Luke Skywalker - Bespin-#01
Yoda - #02
Spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi - #03
R2-D2 - Dagobah - #04
Luke Skywalker - X-Wing Gear - #05
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight - #06
Han Solo - #07
Chewbacca - #08
Princess Leia - #09
Darth Vader - #10
Scout Trooper - #11
R2-D2 - #12
C-3PO - #13
Obi-Wan Kenobi - #15
Stormtrooper - #16
Wicket - #17
Princess Leia - Bespin - #18
Cloud Car Pilot - #19
Lobot - #20
Pre-Order (deadline July 26th):
Jawa Sandcrawler ? EXCLUSIVE
Clone ARC Trooper Maquette
Heritage Topps Trading Card Box - Vintage Style
Chewbacca Statue
Bust-Up Series 2 - Case of 24

New Vintage Trilogy Collection (very limited stock):
Han Solo - VOTC
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - VOTC
Princess Leia Organa ? VOTC

Vintage Trilogy Collection 3 Packs::
Scene 1 - Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda and Ki-Adi Mundi
Scene 2 - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon and Eeth Koth

Back In-Stock:
Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2

click to enter

Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 July 2004 | 12:58 EDT
Interview with Thomas Hodges LIVE at The Jawa.com
Our friends at The Jawa managed to have a nice little chat with the newly announced illustrator for the upcoming Clone Wars Daily Comic, Thomas D. Hodges. Check out what he has to say about this project, and SW in general.

Thanks to Super-Jawa Chris D. for the hot tip!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 July 2004 | 0:46 EDT
Legacy Trooper Young George Lucas Reports:
Legacy Trooper YGL - S.C.A.L.P. Veteran“Hey, folks. Young George Lucas reporting from the Kansas City area. We've had a dry spell here lately--but today I found the new OTC 12-inch (also known as "Large Size Action Figures" for those of us who were around in the late seventies) at my local K-Mart (K-Mart??). I passed on the Luke because...it's lame- sorry- but it is (they should have done a Luke X-Wing or Jedi Knight outfit). Anyhoo, I did pick up Boba Fett and he was in the blue (??) jumpsuit and really well done- unlike that 12-inch Boba Fett Hasbro did years ago which was...peeyousa! Also, the retro Kenner packaging is very cool! Have a better one. Only 305 days until the saga continues...”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 July 2004 | 20:09 EDT
Images Reload: Shot to the Heart, a Couple of Good Ol' Boys and a Cold Shoulder
Hey Troops, we have updated our Images Section with the latest from the Original Trilogy Collection. These figures are not Luke, Leia or Darth Vader. However they are sure to give you Troopers Deja-Vu. Tusken Raider, Jawas, and the Snowtrooper will fit right in to everything you have already, but there is something about buying something I already own that is starting to become an annyoing twist in Star Wars collecting. What do you Troops think? Drop us a line at news@sandtroopers.com. We are dying to hear what some of you are thinking. Thanks to our friends at Alliance Collectibles for the figures. They are in stock if you are looking to place an order.

     OTC # 23 Tusken Raider
     OTC # 24 Jawas
     OTC # 25 Snowtrooper

Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 July 2004 | 20:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Jeremy Reports: Working together, learning the way!
“More VOTC in Wisconsin! The K-Mart in Oconomowoc had the Han Solo VOTC (only one left when I was there) and the Luke and Boba Fett 12 inch figures this afternoon. Good luck fellow troopers.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 July 2004 | 20:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Milwaukee Mike Reports:
“Greetings fellow troopers. More VOTC news from Wisconsin. I stopped by the K-Mart in Brookfield to find not only the VOTC Han and Obi-Wan, but also the 12-inch Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker. They only had two of each so if you want them I would get there soon. United we find.”


Glad to see you're catching on, Mike. United WE find!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 July 2004 | 17:00 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude Reports:
Be good to one another, fight the good fight“Greetings once again from a sweltering 100-degree SoCal. Visited a local comic shop (Meltdown Comics in Hollywood) during my lunch break and spotted some of the new OTC figs. They had Vader, Scout Trooper, Leia, and I think Han. The TRU in Montebello had couple of the X-Wings along with tons of Jedi and Skirmish at Carkoon 4 packs...what a waste of plastic IMO. The Rosemead Target had the repackaged OTC lightsabers. That's all the news that's fit to be news. Remember to be good to each other and always fight the good fight! Peace, OUT!”


Posted by: dustrho | 16 July 2004 | 11:12 EDT
"Star Wars" Comic Strip for Hypserspace Members
Being a Hyperspace member sure does have its perks. Something new coming for all Hyperspace members is the addition of the "Star Wars" comic strip, which had actually run in newspapers from 1979 to 1984. The comic strip will become available online for all Hyperspace members this fall. For more information about this click here.

Posted by: dustrho | 16 July 2004 | 10:55 EDT
Master Replicas' AT-AT... COMING SOON!
Master Replicas' AT-ATRemember when you were a kid playing with your vintage-style AT-AT toy, thinking to yourself how cool you were because you were probably the only kid in town that owned an AT-AT?. Well, be prepared to experience that same feeling, again, with the selling of the Masters Replica AT-AT. There will only be 1,000 of these AT-ATs made by Master Replicas, so if you're thinking about getting one don't procrastinate. These will become available for purchase sometime this October. Read more about this here.

Posted by: dustrho | 16 July 2004 | 9:48 EDT
Star Wars: Clone Wars Nominated for Emmy Award
Image DescriptionThe animated series, "Star Wars: Clone Wars," was recently nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or More). The show, which aired ten episodes in November 2003 and ten more in March 2004, is already scheduled to come back for five new expanded chapters starting March 21, 2005. Read more about this here.

Posted by: Dan | 16 July 2004 | 9:09 EDT
Wausau Wisconsin Report:
Trooper Bob here in the Northwoods by me writes in to announce that our local K-Mart is the first store in Wausau to finally receive the Vintage OTC Obi-Wan, Han Solo & Princess Leia at $9.99 each. They also had the Galactic Heroes two packs Ben and Vader, Luke and Artoo, & Han and Leia. He also reports our local Wal-Mart is packed with the Hall Of Fame assortment. Thanks for the heads up Bob! That's it from the Northwoods of Wisconsin and good luck in your neck of the woods.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 23:52 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
I take no orders from you, I am an Autobot now!“Everywhere pretty much has the pegwarmers of Hoth Rebel Troopers, Cartoon Network Dooku's/Obi-wan's/Anakin's, General Dodonnas, and R1-G4. Think I'll scream if I see the little kid Jedi 2-packs ever again as well. Here's what else popped up on the radar screen though!

Alpine Walmart: “Picked up some extra OTC figs for trade. Besides that, all the other Walmarts in my area (Holland, Grandville, etc.) pretty much stink as they won't put anything out until the Bartoo's are gone...it'll be a long summer.

Meijers: “My local Meijers holds true for being my standby and hooked me up with the OTC Vintage Obi-wan and the Han Solo. Two days later they also hooked me up with eight out of the first eleven OTC figs! They only had one of each fig and that's been it. Been bare as bones since too!

Toys R Us: “Saw the VOTC Han Solo and Ben there. Already had them so I passed. The Vader TIE is still there as well. Got one already.... may get another if it ever goes on clearance. More POTJ came in here at Holland. Lots of BoShek and Teebo's.

Holland Target: “Scored a Cartoon Network Yoda on clearance. Card was beat up, but still a good opener. Discovering to check their Clearance area before leaving the store....some good finds there. The rest of the Targets in the area aren't bringing in much of anything. Did see the newer line of OTC sabers, but that was about it.

K-mart: “Our Holland Kmart scored me another OTC Vintage Ben and Han as well as three sets of the Galactic Hero/Buddy sets. Got the Darth/Obi-wan, the Leia/Han, and the Luke/R2 sets. Cool little deals. Even my wife fell for them!

That's about it folks! If anyone's looking to trade, let me know! I'm still looking for that elusive POTF2 Y-wing! Also looking for a lead on a Don Post Classic Action TIE fighter pilot helmet. LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! The empire of collecting that is!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 23:32 EDT

Takara BT-09: We've received word from Japan that the next Binaltech release will be the BT-09 Mini Cooper! No official pictures are available yet, but we have a Mini Cooper Robot graphic from the advertising campaign on their website. We do not know the name or color of the figure yet, but we'll post official pictures as soon as they become available.

Master Replicas: We've listed the full line up of Alien and Predator items from Master Replica. The lineup includes: Alien Motion Tracker, Predator Spear, Predator Helmet, AvP Ceremonial Dagger, and 1:1 Alien Grid Head. Many Starwars Sabers and Blasters are also available.

Street Fighter 1 AND 2: We've increased our order with Sota toys and restocked the pre-order for the very popular series 1 set of 5. We have also reduced the price of series 2 to $54.99 (all pre-orders previously placed will be adjusted automatically)

Transformers: We've restocked a variety of sold out items including: Mega PVC Starscream, Mega PVC Megatron, PVC Megatron vs Optimus, Yellow Tiger Sideswipe, Micromaster Sixturbo, Sixbuilder, Sixliner, Bumblebee & Cliffjumper Keychains

- enter below -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 23:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi-Hawk with a Request: Sand Diego Help!
Hunting 'em down in the Lone Star State“Just a little call for help to those troopers heading out to SD Comi-Con. I would really like to get my hands on one of those Hasbro VOTC figure posters and a set of those Unleashed cardbacks. For that matter the free playskool Biker Scout too, but the others I want first. If anyone would be willing to help, drop me an email. I will gladly pay for the shipping of the items plus a little extra for your effort.”

Posted by: Tyler | 15 July 2004 | 21:46 EDT
Store Report : Peoria, IL
Hey Troopers, I attended a family wedding last weekend in Peoria, IL and made time for a toy run while I was there. After a 15 hr drive from home this is what I found;

Wal-Mart (East Peoria): OTC Bespin Leia, Lobot, CC pilot, Stormtrooper, C-3PO, R2 and Wicket. I picked up one of each and there were a total of 10 OTC figures left. This was Friday night and by Saturday morning when I went back they were gone.

Wal-Mart (Peoria): nothing but some SAGA figures and remains of the HoF wave. Picked up a HoF Vader.

K-mart (Peoria): VOTC Han, Leia and Ben! I picked up one of each and there were still 2 of each left with the exception of Leia who is packed 2 per case. They also had the Galactic Hero's sets.

Target (Peoria): what a dissapointment. This was my first time in a Target store (they don't exist in Canada) and with all their past exclusives I was hoping to find something cool. All I came out with was a brown coat Hoth Han and 2 of the glass sets (Luke and Anakin).

Back home in North Bay, ON, Canada we have yet to see any VOTC or OTC for that matter. There are reports of the VOTC showing up at TRU. However there are no TRU stores here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 16:34 EDT
Cloud City Update: OTC Tusken Raider and more in Stock!
Cloud City has the newest OTC Figures in stock ? Jawas 2-pack, Tusken Raider, and Snowtrooper. We are also having a sale on many of the OTC Basic Figures. Check Cloud City for sale prices and information. In addition, Cloud City has acquired a huge Vintage Star Wars collection that is now available for purchase! These items are not posted directly on our website but a list can be found here.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 12:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking pre-orders on the AT-AT ILM Master Replicas model & the Sandtrooper/Dewback Gentle Giant statue. Green Clone Trooper bust Star Wars exclusive C-10, FAO Schwarz epic force 3 pack, loose vintage POTF A-Wing fighter, Star Destroyer fiber optic model kit IN STOCK. Click here for 85 new items added.”
click to enter

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 12:26 EDT
This week at Action-HQ: VOTC Luke Skywalker - New OTC
Available Now at Action-HQ.com, bringing it to you FIRST with Star Wars Trilogy Vintage Luke Skywalker and Trilogy Jawas, Tusken Raider & Snowtrooper. Why shop anywhere else when AHQ gets the Best to you FIRST months ahead. Available now are Walmart Exclusive 3-Pack: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi! Just $27.95 each & you don't even have to buy the DVD! Transformers - FIRST for Transformer fans with Japanese exclusive RobotMasters! Arriving tomorrow are RM01-09 which includes G1 Convoy, Beast Wars Megatron & 8 other transformables.
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 12:16 EDT
Star Wars Insider to get Extreme Makeover!
Back to BasicsStar Wars Insider magazine is getting a makeover - and its new look will be revealed later this summer. Many things about the magazine will be different, but one thing is definitely not going to change: Star Wars Insider will continue to provide all of the latest news direct from Lucasfilm about the making of Star Wars: Episode III.For more info click here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 July 2004 | 2:04 EDT
Sandtrooper One Big K Reports: OTC in Ohio!
S.C.A.L.P. Demolition Expert, Columbus,OH“I found the Target Leia with glass here in Columbus. Some of the OTC figures at Wal-Mart and Meijers - have extra OTC figures for sale or trade - check out my haves and wants in the forums under onebigk or email me. I also found some of the vintage figures at Meijers as well - still looking for the Luke Skywalker.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 July 2004 | 23:59 EDT
Area Report: No OTCheese for this Phat Rat
Commander of the S.C.A.L.P. ForcesHey Troopers, seeing how the rest of the world is finding OTC, I thought I?d give it a try seeing as Trooper Dennis came up short in Lake County, IL. I headed for cheese-land and the Kenosha Wal-Mart, and K-Mart both had the Yavin/Jabba?s Palace assortments with a little left over from the Hall of Fame. Target had all the Cartoon Network figures nobody wants anymore (everything but Yoda & Clone Trooper), marked down to $5.49. I knew I should have waited. KB on Greenbay Road in Kenosha had buy one get another worthless item you purchased back in ?01 for 50% off. So once again, either the scalpers are beating me to the prize or it?s not here yet. I did order 2 cases of OTC from swshop.com and I have to say I?m less than impressed. I placed my order on June 5th, only to receive the goods yesterday, one case beat to hell and if it weren?t for doubles one case would be going back. Thinking I could save on gas, I had found the easy way. I guess I?ll stick with YOU guys! Couldn?t have a better Legion to help me get the goods! Thanks again to Dom up there in WI, for hand delivering a Red Unleashed Clone to my very desk, you can?t get too much better than that. Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to hang out with me! I hope that rolling pin has been successfully removed from the back of you?re a$%! Until next time Troops! Fight the Good Fight

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 July 2004 | 23:35 EDT
The First OTC Exclusive Revealed at the Official Site!
You shall suffer for your lack of vision"The Emperor commands you make contact with him." - Admiral Piett An essential character from Hasbro's Original Trilogy Collection will be available exclusively through StarWarsShop.com. The mastermind of the dark plot that consumes the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine is presented as seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back as an action figure for the very first time. For more info click here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 July 2004 | 22:41 EDT
“Geonosian War Room & Ground eNforcer Armored Transport” Lego™ Diorama by ACPin:
Geonosian War Room“Inside the Geonosian War Room, the Separatist leaders show concern that the battle has turned in favor of the Jedi and the Clone army. Poggle The Lesser hands over to Count Dooku the cartridge containing the designs for the ultimate weapon. Count Dooku promises to take the cartridge to Darth Sidious and a retreat is ordered amongst the Separatist forces.

Also check out the Ground eNforcer Armored Transport - The rebels had remodeled the captured Imperial AT-ATs into the Ground eNforcer Armored Transport (GNAT). The GNAT features more cargo capacity and much faster in deployment of troops than the walker. The Battle of Endor provided a lot of salvaged walkers that the rebellion utilized to their advantage against the Imperials. This is an alternate model built from the AT-AT walker.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 July 2004 | 21:52 EDT
Sandtrooper Milwaukee Mike Reports: Back for the Attack!
“VOTC Hits Wisconsin! The K-Mart in Waukesha had the VOTC Han and Obi-wan. I think they look great. The $10.49 price point is a little much but they are nice. K-Mart also had Galactic Hero?s (Vader/Obi-wan, Luke/R2D2 and Han/Leia). I hope this helps this my fellow troopers.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 July 2004 | 18:02 EDT
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
“From southern Michigan: I've been searching Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for OTC/VOTC figures with little luck. I did find two OTC figures (both of which had what looked like intentional damage to the cards) at the Meijer in Ypsilanti, MI earlier this week and found the VOTC Ben Kenobi at the Toys R Us in Ann Arbor, MI this afternoon. Again the card (even in the clamshell) was less than perfect, so it's still on the peg if anyone is looking. The Toys R Us also has about twenty of the OTC Darth Vader TIE Fighter's if anyone in the area is looking for one. (I must say that the OTC and VOTC cards look awesome.) Good luck to all the troopers out there.”


Posted by: dustrho | 14 July 2004 | 11:23 EDT
LucasArts Gaming UPDATE!
LucasArtsLucasArts has just sent out their latest newsletter, and in it is a great deal of hot information. First up is an update to the upcoming "Star Wars Battlefront" video game (for XBox, PlayStation 2 and PC), scheduled to be released on September 21, 2004. You can view new screenshots and learn more about two new planets by going to the official Battlefront website. Next up is an update to another upcoming game titled "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords" (available for Xbox and PC), scheduled to be released sometime this Winter. A new character will be introduced sometime today (July 14) whose name happens to be Darth Sion, and details about this new villain of the Old Republic will be revealed at that time. Be sure to go to the official KOTOR II website for more about this new character!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 July 2004 | 0:10 EDT
Force of the Bay: Bitin' Kickin' and Scratchin' the Whole Way!
Hey Troopers, I was in my command center, looking for a new one for you. It is time once again to reload Force of the Bay. There were many items worth adding to your Star Wars collection, I was a little disappointed only 17k plus items in the Action Figure Section when I was there today. There are so many accessories to help build up your arsenal. I can tell those boots don?t belong to anyone around here judging by the white toes! There are so many different ways to clean up. Page after page, you can find many rare and unique items from the vintage era. You have to pay close attention or that thing you need could slip in under the radar. Take it from me, if you keep looking for it, you will find it. You never know what you could find on your next Patrol. The greatest collection tool in the world, you find many who play the game by the book. Just make sure you look around, the hard to find is easy to find at ebay. You look long enough you can find things that are not of normal protocol. Sandtroopers.com neither endorses or authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your searches. Kick A$# and take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 July 2004 | 14:36 EDT
Sandtrooper J-Loud Requests:
“Hey Troops, I need to make a plea here for a little help. I won't be able to make the Hasbro Comic-Con so maybe someone who is going can grab some of the goods available out there for me? Galactic Hero's Scout Trooper, Silver Sandtrooper, Unleashed cardbacks, and whatever other freebies are available. Thanks, J. Loud...”


Posted by: dustrho | 13 July 2004 | 11:17 EDT
"Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force" for GBA!
Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force for GBA!Another Star Wars game is in the works for the Nintendo Gameboy Advanced console. Scheduled to be relased on September 21, 2004, "Star Wars: Apprentice of the Force" will bring a new taste of Star Wars to Nintendo's handheld device. After looking at the graphics for this upcoming game, I was more than impressed at how clear all the screenshots were. The characters almost look too real, especially for a GBA. Read more about this exciting new game here, and see if you think it can meet up to your expectations. One thing is for sure... it will definitely be added to my Star Wars gaming collection!

Posted by: dustrho | 13 July 2004 | 10:28 EDT
San Diego Comic-Con UPDATE!
San Diego Comic-Con UPDATE!The Hasbro Star Wars website has revealed what you should expect to see at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. They will have some products on display (OTC, Galactic Heroes and Unleashed), first looks at exclusive merchandise scheduled to be released this Fall, the Comic-Con Exclusive Silver Sandtrooper, and lastly giveaways from Hasbro themselves. To read more about this click here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 July 2004 | 1:00 EDT
12-Inch Action Collection Blowout at KB Online:
Hey Troops, over at KB.com they have 12-inch Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia (ANH and Hoth), Han Solo clearanced to $9.99 with FREE SHIPPING! Make sure you take advantage of this, prices like this one can afford to go back and grab what was missed. Most of their entire Star Wars inventory is on SALE!

Shop by price at KBtoys.com

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 July 2004 | 23:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports:
Central Texas S.C.A.L.P. Heavy Weapons Specialist“Finally something new in Central Texas.... the Kmart in Killen received today one case of the new VOTC Ben, Leia & Han, all very nice. They also received the 3 new sets of Galactic heroes, if you are into these things. The Vader looked pretty darn cool and almost had me buying them, but after shelling out over $30 bones for 3 figs, I just couldn't pull the trigger on these lil' fellas! Wal-Mart is still choking on the 30+ Zam Wessle from 2 years ago, so no new OTC figs in the foreseeable future. Target has marked down their Cartoon figs to $5.84 and their SAGA figs are still full priced and all we have are crushed cards of HoF Anakin & Brown Coat Han Solo. Want to give a big thanks to Y-Wing Jager for the nice Unleashed Leia he picked up for me! That's what this site is all about, United we Find!!! That's all from Central Texas, Starfox signing out...”

Posted by: dustrho | 12 July 2004 | 15:40 EDT
R2doys Update: Red Unleashed Clone Trooper, OTC and More!
The first and latest Jedi High Council scene from the OTC range is now in stock and shipping today! These are only priced at ?19 each, and don't forget that you get 20% discount, so this brings the price down to just ?15.20 or 23 euro! ALSO arrived today is the rare & hard to find RED CLONE TROOPER UNLEASHED figure! Hurry up on that exciting piece, because we only have a LIMITED STOCK (?29 each minus 20% = ?23.20 or 35 euro)! There will be more OTC items arriving this week, and so does the Galactic Heroes sets (Playskool). Be sure to stop by our site (www.r2dtoys.com) to get in on these great deals!

Posted by: dustrho | 12 July 2004 | 15:30 EDT
Store Report from Boba Binks:
Galactic HeroesSandtrooper Boba Binks has reported spotting the new Galactic Heroes at his local K-Mart in Indianapolis. Of that first wave of figures he was able to pick up Han & Leia, Luke & R2-D2, and Obi-Wan & Darth Vader. They ring up $5.49 each. He also mentioned that the new Hallmark Star Wars ornaments are now out in Hallmark stores, and he picked up Anakin Skywalker (Episode 2) and Chewbacca with C-3P0 on his back. Both ornaments were selling for $14.95. Thanks for the update Boba Binks!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 July 2004 | 14:48 EDT
Sandtrooper Tampa Bay Mike Reports:
Staying cool in Tampa Bay“I can't remember the last time I had an update but here I am because this afternoon on my lunch break I discovered the OTC Vintage figures at my local Toys R Us. Located on U.S. Highway 19 N they had one of each figure except Luke when I left. They are also filled to the rim with OTC vehicles but no basic figures. For the record the Vintage figures are incomprehensibly amazing. I despise soft goods on figures but it works for these. Go get them! And please anyone in the Tampa Area come on and report what you find.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 July 2004 | 14:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi-Hawk Reports: Keeping the Lone Star Great!
Hunting 'em down in the Lone Star State“Well guys. Seems the OTC is popping up all over the state of Texas. Just not in my location. It figures. Well actually no figures. But anyway, Seems like I have read a lot of reports about the first 20 or so OTC figures being available at Wal-Mart?s. Too bad my Wal-Marts are overrun with peg warming SAGA stock. No chance of getting anything-new b/c the pegs is already full and overflowing.(And very dusty I might add) Target still has plenty of Clone Wars Cartoon figures on clearance for $5.94. And those are not moving at all. They are pretty low on Basic figures now, maybe something new soon. My TRU actually has some OTC ships in stock. This is funny since they still have POTJ figures on the pegs. But they have several of the OTC Vader's TIE in stock and had one case of the TIE & X-Wing this past weekend. So I am not tonally without OTC. But the figures are nowhere to be found. I am sure that these will show up in mass quantities pretty soon. It just makes it hard when everyone seems to be into the OTC. But patience is best in our game. Call for help: I only need 1 figure to complete my EP1 Collection. Amidala Battle (Ascension). If any of you troops can help me out, drop me an email. I will buy or trade. Thanks.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 July 2004 | 14:25 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna Reports:
The First Lady of Sandtroopers.com“Hey Troops,, Donna from So Cal here. Been incapacitated for the past week because of having knee surgery. Was able to get out this weekend via a wheel chair to do some hunting. The vintage OTC figs showed up at my local K-mart. Like most others reporting on this, the Luke was missing. TRU received the OTC Vader?s TIE Fighter, X-wing, and TIE Fighter. I had missed the Falcon. Staffer told me they got only 4 of them and were already gone. Also picked up the new Jedi Council set at TRU. Target only has clearance stuff out. Regarding the glasses, I have still only seen the first two (Maul, Obi) here in So Cal. No sign yet of the other three. Lastly, Wal-Mart has had nothing new in months. Have not seen any of the new OTC basic figs there yet. Happy Hunting!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 July 2004 | 14:16 EDT
This week at Action-HQ: OTC Jawa, Tusken Raider, Snowtrooper
Available Now at Action-HQ.com:
-New Star Wars OTC figures Tusken Raider, Jawas & SnowTrooper,
Jedi Council Scene Pack 2, Galactic Heroes 2-Pack (4 styles) and
OTC Beanies (5 styles)!
-Dragon Ball Magnetic Figures series 2
-Saint Seiya Aquarius Gold Cloth Action Figure
-Akira Kaneda Figure w/Die Cast Motorbike
-Transformer Energon basic OffShoot, StrongArm Blue Version, Arcee
& Insecticon and Deluxe HotShot Silver Version

Coming this month:
-Transformer RobotMasters
-12-inch Vinyl Star Was Boba Fett Kotobukiya
-Set of 3 Star Wars Vehicle Lego Japan Exclusive
-12-inch Vinyl Predator Kotobukiya
-Batman Series 2 Yamato Japan Exclusive
-Alien Relief models Japan Exclusive
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 July 2004 | 14:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Daxter Reports:
“OTC waves are hitting my local Wal-Mart, Galactic Heroes assorments are arriving at the K-Mart. My hometown is Mount Vernon, Illinois. If you're in the area. Stop in.”

Wow Daxter, I had no idea you lived in Illinois. Join the 24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Division and help lead the Sandtroopers to collecting glory!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 July 2004 | 20:56 EDT
Sandtrooper Baldrik Requests:
“Baldrik from Tucson here. Is there anyone out there in Trooper land that can snap me up the Luke and Anakin Target glasses? I can pay or trade for them. They just never seem to have landed here. Our Target stores are sadly lacking here in southern Arizona.”

I will check my neighborhood Target Store tomorrow Rik, pretty sure they had these clearanced the other day. If I can't I'm sure someone out there can, these things have been every where.

Posted by: dustrho | 11 July 2004 | 11:27 EDT
R2doys Update: OTC Restock
OTC will be at r2dtoys.com again this week. All new and most basic figures are ?5.60 in July (20% discount) OR cheaper! In August ALL new basic figures will be reduced to ?6. PLUS we will be starting the discount club so you get another 10% off that if you are a subscriber, ie ?5.40. That is the cheapest you are going to find ANYWHERE in Europe. Also the Millennium Falcon is confirmed by us at ?49 retail. Vintage OTC are confirmed at ?9 each and again, if they arrive in July you pay just ?7.20 for them! Or in August, if you are a discount club member, you pay ?8.10. Still the cheapest in Europe by far. So dont rush to spend big on these figures, we will get EVERY single figure that is being released, every ship, exclusive, 12-inch, you name it....we got it! Remember there is still 20% off ALL hasbro & Kenner and ToyBiz LOTR figures for ALL OF JULY! Do not forget about the Internet Birthday contest at R2dtoys. This contest will end July 31st!

1) r2dtoys.com Signature Edition Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber
2) sandtroopers.com Mcquarrie Stormtrooper Saga AND super articulated Clone Trooper Clone Wars
3) thejawa.com 12-inch Ewoks 2-pack Saga
4) thegd.com sideshow weta Orc Iron Cap Helm
5) mintinbox.net Unleashed Darth Tyranus
6) POTF2.com Jedicon 2004 2-pack

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 July 2004 | 20:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi reports: Back from the Dead!
Worcester MA, S.C.A.L.P. LEGEND“Yes Troopers, I am still alive! Hasn't been anything to report until this morning. The Oxford, a Wal-Mart had an end cap completely full of OTC figures this morning. Picked up a bunch, with hopefully getting more in the next couple of days. I would like to ask all of the troops for some help. I am still in need of the last 3 figs from the Endor wave MOC only, the General Madine, Lando, and Solo AT-ST driver. My stores never got these. I still have tons of the 12-inch figures still MIB for trade, the ones with the door flap. Please e-mail me for a complete list. I am going through some of my boxed stuff looking to get rid of some things soon. I will post here again once the search has been completed to what I will be parting with. Just think Troops, 9 months until E3. I AM going!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 July 2004 | 20:04 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis reports:
Doing the work, so Spice doesn't have to!“I did some searching around northern IL. However the OTC fever has not seemed to have hit Lake County.

Target (Waukegan, IL):“has the marked down Animated Clone Wars figs & 1 Anakin w/glass. The rest were Yavin/Jabba's Palace wave figs.

K-mart (Zion, IL):“had 1 of the following: HOF Obi-Wan, HOF Han, HOF Leia, HOF Chewie (mechanic), & Dengar. They also had a few Ultra figs.

Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL):“had the Hoth wave & OTC lightsabers.

Target (Gurnee, IL):“had mostly Anakins (Secret Ceremony) & Hans (Hoth Rescue). Their Animated Clone Wars figs are marked down, but the Luke glasses & Anakin glasses were still regular price. The also had the OTC lightsabers.

TRU (Gurnee, IL):“had the OTC vehicles except the Millennium Falcon. They even restocked more figs from the Teebo wave from the POTJ series. The rest were figs from 2002.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 July 2004 | 19:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Dom in the Deep Woods of Wisconsin Reports:
The greatest gift is to teach“Troops, I took the family on a trip to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL yesterday. I was excited to see Mr. Six in person! Mr. Six is the bald senior citizen in the red bow tie and tux in the Six Flags commercials. Sure, Mr. Six is cool, but he was small potatoes compared to whom else I met. I managed to sneak out of the park for a few minutes to go to Sandtroopers Central and meet Darth Spice himself. Spice and I completed a hand-to-hand trade saving S&H bucks from the evil postal empire. I got to see Spice's personal collection, which is impressive, very impressive, and meet his padawans. One wanted to tell me about his two lost teeth. Very cool kids. I found out that it's Spice himself who opens the packs for photographs for the new figures section of Sandtroopers.com. I even got to see a sneak preview of Sandtroopers.com new look, and let me say that it most definitely rocks! Got to speak to Amanaman Dan for a minute on Spice's computer. The best part of my little side trip was hearing about the upcoming Sandblast contest right here at Sandtroopers. I am not at liberty to give away any specifics, but let me say that it is going to be the biggest Internet contest I've ever entered and I've entered them all! Stay tuned to Sandtroopers for more info in coming weeks. I also want to say that the crew at Sandtroopers is passionate about what they do and are sincere in wanting to get items in the hands of collectors. Spice and I also talked a bit about our very tolerant wives who are Star Wars widows and about the formidable presence Sandtroopers will have at Celebration III. Spice, you're a great host and if there's ever any convention happening up here in Podunk, Wisconsin (HA!) you and the young Jedi are welcome to crash at my place. No Bothans died bringing you this posting, which I had in my rusty innards. Now I all need is a 12-inch Plo Koon, an Unleashed Leia, and a Mr. Six action figure to complete my collection.”

It was great to meet another of our S.C.A.L.P. Veterans that make this site so great and special. Our forces grow stronger everyday, thanks to guys just like Dom. Thank You for the kind words and the trade. Today the Midwest, Tomorrow the World!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 July 2004 | 19:43 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #263:

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Lots of great Star Wars items featured this week, lots of new low prices on The Original Trilogy Collection Basic 3 ?-inch figures. Princess Leia ANH and the Biker Scout are now also in stock. OTC Millenium Falcon is also ready for shipping. Master Replicas scaled Obi-Wan saber has arrived and is shipping now. All in stock Vintage Boxed Taun Tauns are featured this week, some great boxed playsets are also in stock. Don't forget to check out the great featured POTF2, EP1 and POTJ items on our on-line newsletter!

Tons of great exclusives in stock now from the Disney - GIJoe Con, these are HOT so get yours today. Just a sample, we've got in stock the Dreadnok Rampage 15 Figure Set loose and boxed which includes: Beachhead, Mutt & Junkyard, Hardtop, Zarana, Road Pig, Dreadhead Billy-Bob, Dreadhead Joe-Bob, Ripper, Buzzer, Dreadhead Otis, Dreadhead Cletus, Dreadhead Demolisher, Dreadhead Crusher, Dreadhead Roscoe, and Dreadhead Vance. We've got the Zartan - Hawk Morph Set, the Dreadnok Zanzibar and Thrasher Vehicle Drivers, the Dreadnok Edition STUN and Tiger Ray Hydrofoil. The entire Convention Set of All Vehicles and Figures is also available at a great bargain price! The 12-inch Indiana Jones Figure "Epic Stunt Spectacular" and the Palisade Mini Busts Exclusive Cobra Emperor Serpentor are also now in stock. New Valor vs. Venom classic 3-Pack with Comic Book Baroness, Cobra Commander, and Cobra Trooper, 3-Pack with Comic Book Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Tracker Kwinn, or 3-Pack with Comic Book Sgt. Stalker, Double Clutch, and General Abernathy are all available at $19.99 each or get the set of 3 and save. Popular Valor vs. Venom vehicles are also back in stock.

Indian Jones Disney figures are now all in stock. Order the whole set and save!

Now in stock The Batman figures including, Batman Aqua Attack, Batman Hover Attack, Batman Razor Whip, Batman Zip Action, Bruce Wayne to Batman, Joker Hammer Strike as well as these deluxe The Batman figures Batbot Batman, Battle Punch Batman, and Inline Attack Batman.

Lord of the Rings Life-Size Gollum now in stock an available for immediate shipping, order yours today!

All new Masters of the Universe NECA busts in stock including 3 micro-busts of Skeletor, Stratos and Tri-Klops. The much anticipated Evil-Lynn mini-bust and the Ram-man mini-bust are also both in stock for only $39.99 ea.

Simpsons series 9 all in stock now, select series 15 and 16 still available. Don't forget to pre-order your set of wave 1 figures from The Family Guy due out this fall!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 July 2004 | 1:06 EDT
Sandtrooper TK-33 Reports: Buffalo, NY OTC Fever
“I went to one of my local Wal-Mart?s on Thursday night and scored big time. They were just putting out 5 cases of the first two waves of OTC figures Bespin and Dagobah waves. They all look awesome in these new cardbacks. I picked up the Cloud Car Pilot, Stormtrooper, Luke Dagobah, R2 Dagobah, Spirit Obi, and Yoda. They also had tons of the Executor wave and I picked up Ozzel. Which I had a hard time finding previously. That?s it for now. Happy hunting.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 July 2004 | 22:24 EDT
Legacy Trooper Bobb Reports: They're Everywhere
“Our local K-Mart had the Han, Leia, and Ben VOTC figures. Also a friend found the Leia, Cloud Car Pilot, and very cool new Lobot at Meijers in Lancaster Ohio! In one day I bought 12 Star Wars figures! I strolled in our local Wal-Mart tonight to find 2 cases of wave 7.25 which had Yoda, Ben, Obi-Wan Spirit, and Luke upright in one and upside down in the other. I did not realize that these are two different figures "WOW" I also bought the non buckey beaver Luke X Wing which is a nice resculpt!”

Actually Bobb, it is the same figure only 2 sets of arms and heads, what you have is merely a package variant, not two different figures. Good ol' Hasbro!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 July 2004 | 21:23 EDT
Sandtrooper Milwaukee Mike Reports: Another FIRST Time Trooper on the Line!
“Shout out to WI Trooper Jeremy for introducing me to this site. This is my first time posting and I hope it will help our fellow Troopers. I wanted to let Trooper Jeremy and other Troopers in WI know that the Waukesha Wal-Mart put out 9 cases of the new OTC figures. Most seemed to be the Bespin wave (Leia, Lobot, Pilot) but they also had Vader (ROTJ), Luke (Jedi, Pilot & Dagobah), R2D2 (ANH & ESB), Leia (ANH), Yoda (ESB), Scout Trooper (ROTJ), C3PO, Obi-wan (ANH & ESB), Stormtrooper, Han Solo (ANH), Boba Fett (ROTJ), Wicket (ROTJ) and Chewbacca (ESB). I hope this helps my fellow troopers.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 July 2004 | 21:16 EDT
Sandtrooper "Darth" Reports: OTC Galore!
“Darth here, making my second report from central Wisconsin. Scored the first 20 OTC figures at the Super Wal-Mart this morning. I almost completely missed them because they had made space for them on one of the small racks in the middle of the main isle by the toy department. Not even close to where the rest of the Star Wars figures are normally kept. There were still at least one of every one except Bespin Leia left, not sure if she is short packed or what. I also wanted to give a special thanks to Brian at Brian's Toys. I was traveling through the western part of the state a few weeks back and dropped in at his store. Though it is set up for mail order, he greeted me with a handshake and let me wonder in amazement around the inventory. It was very neat to actually see some of the rare Star Wars items that I doubt I would ever be able to afford.”

Posted by: Dan | 9 July 2004 | 21:07 EDT
This week at K&C Collectibles: OTC Figures!

Original Trilogy Collection:
Luke Skywalker - Bespin - # 01
Yoda - # 02
Spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi - # 03
R2-D2 - Dagobah - #04
Luke Skywalker - X-Wing Gear - # 05
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight - # 06
Han Solo - # 07
Chewbacca - # 08
Princess Leia - # 09
Darth Vader - # 10
Scout Trooper - # 11
R2-D2 - # 12
C-3PO - # 13
Boba Fett - # 14
Obi-Wan Kenobi - #15
Stormtrooper - # 16
Wicket - # 17
Princess Leia - Bespin - # 18
Cloud Car Pilot - # 19
Lobot - # 20
New this Week:
K & C Collectibles has received the new Trilogy figures. Pre-Order the
Jawa Sandcrawler this month.

Pre-Order (Deadline July 26th):
Jawa Sandcrawler ? EXCLUSIVE
Clone ARC Trooper Maquette
Heritage Topps Trading Card Box - Vintage Style
Chewbacca Statue
Bust-Up Series 2 - Case of 24

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 July 2004 | 20:54 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth-Dallas reports: Paydirt!
Lean, mean, S.C.A.L.P. a#$ kickin' machine!“I finally scored some OTC figures! I can't think of a better way to start the weekend other than a 5'4 blond girl, surgically enhanced holding a 12-pack of beer showing up at the front door of my house asking to come in and watch some baseball! Sorry, just started thinking...I checked out the Wal-Mart at the Saw Grass today and found the pegs full of the ROTJ Gold Card figs; Tanus Spijek, J'Quille, Lando-Jabba's Sail Barge etc. They also had Gold Card Dengar, Bossk, and Admiral Ozzel etc. Not bad but I was looking for OTC! I then drove up to the Wal-Mart at Heron's Bay, (Saw Grass & Nob Hill) and found the OTC JACKPOT! The Pegs were full! I ended up getting; Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Cloud Car Pilot, Lobot, Leia-Bespin, Luke-Dagobah, Yoda-Dagobah. I found some more I wanted but the cards were not up to par. I will get them later when I find them again. For example the Darth Vader and Boba Fett figs were there. While I am talking about re-packs I wanted to ask why are people getting upset at repacks? Do you have to buy them if you don't want them? Not just that, my buddy at work just started collecting and he is glad he is being afforded the opportunity to get these at retail instead of through Ebay. I will buy some but it won't kill me to not have some re-packs in my collection. I am sorry but the fact we have soldiers dying in foreign places and then I read where people are so upset at re-packs it just makes you wonder. While I am trying to be Politically correct I wanted to tell Hasbro, THANKS! I love this OTC style. I then went to the Big Kmart on (Wiles Rd) in Coral Springs and didn't find a thing! I was determined to find the vintage OTC figs! I drove to the Davie Big Kmart (University and 595). When I approached the toy isle it was 1977 all over again. I complain about getting older (34) but I was glad today I was a kid (7) in Tampa, Florida in 1977. I remember being at the store and going to the register with my Mom. There was a whole isle with 12 backs staring me down. The figures looked cool and I remember hearing of the movie Star Wars but I hadn't seen it. My Mom then told me I could have one so I picked the coolest one (Darth Vader) off the rack and the next day was begging my Mom to go see the movie! Well, back to the year 2004 in Davie, Florida. I saw those Vintage Coffin Carded figures today and I felt like a kid again. Those things are great. I got Leia, Han and Obi-Wan. I will eventually collect two sets of these. One to pack away and one to display. That is how much I like these! I just got home and wanted to share that info with you (TROOPS)! I wanted to thank those who emailed me about the General's Madine and Lando. Thanks for hooking me up. I am also going to go through my Clone War cards this weekend to see what I am missing and how many extras I have. I hope I can help someone out there and vice-versa! Have a great weekend. Go to BIG K! I almost forgot. The Big Kmart in Davie also had the Galactic Heroes sets (Luke & R2; Han & Leia; Obi-Wan & Vader). They were only priced at $5.98 each, is that correct?”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 July 2004 | 20:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett Reports:
“Boba-Brett here with a long overdue reports from Rocky River, Ohio. Wal-Mart in Avon had Tanus Spijek, Executor wave & Tie pilot wave. Target in Rocky River had only Clone Wars animated on sale and too many of them. TRU in N. Olmsted had the OTC Darth Tie Fighter & the regular Tie fighter also. That?s it for now, Short & sweet! I can?t wait for the OTC figures to hit N.E. Ohio. Later troops!”


Posted by: dustrho | 9 July 2004 | 14:59 EDT
HUGE Sales at Toyfellas.com
Hey Troopers, Toyfellas.com has marked down all of their product for a 4-day sale. Star Wars basic figures only $4.25, Unleashed $11.99, Mini-Bust $33.99, Jedi Star Fighter $9.99, and much more. G.I. Joe 2-Packs are just $5.25 and Mini-Bust/Statues are $49.99 and below. Transformers Supercons have been reduced to $7.99 and Maxcons to $10.99. Simpson's Bust is only $14.99 and Lord of the Ring figures only $5.99. They have a lot more on sale, so be sure to stop by their website.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 8 July 2004 | 20:07 EDT
Sandtrooper Champaign James Reports:
“Trooper Tampa Bay James here. Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I just got married about 3 weeks ago and after the honeymoon, we moved to Champaign, IL. So I guess I am now Trooper Champaign James. Did a run today, not a whole lot of stores in the area to check. TRU: “seems to be the best place around, they had OTC Vader Tie, Tie and X-Wing, EXECUTOR wave, Tanus Spijek, Jabba Lando, Jango preview, Gunship, and Carkoon 4 pack.”

Target: “has about 6 Cartoon Dookus on sale for $6, and OTC lightsabers, Dengar and the Hoth Wave.”

Meijer: “has lots of Yoda and the kids, not much else.”

Wal-Mart: “has lots of Jango Pilots if anyone needs any let me know.”

K-Mart: “that is closing down has 2 Padme arena and Aayla for 25% off. That's all I have for now. I hope the OTC figures show up here soon. Take care and if there is anybody in the area drop me a line.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 July 2004 | 21:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Jeremy Reports: 1st Time Trooper on the Line!
“This is my first post, but I have been a fan of the site for a long time and have passed it on to fellow collectors. Wanted the troopers in the Wisconsin area to know that a fresh box of the OTC figures hit the Delafield Wal-Mart this afternoon. Sorry to say I was greedy and scored them all but the duplicate Scout Trooper, which I left on the pegs. The box I found (removed from the stock girl's cart when she had left) had the Dagobah Luke, Yoda, R2, Spirit Obi, and then it had Vader, Han, Leia, Chewy, Luke (Jedi and X-Wing) and the Scout Trooper. Also, over the weekend, TRU in Brookfield had 8 of the Vader TIE fighter.”

Welcome to Sandtroopers.com, and don't forget to register in our new forum and enjoy the community of this website. We hope you hang around. Glad to see our Forces in the great state of Wisconsin grow even stronger!!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 July 2004 | 16:21 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
And there you have it“JMC here again. Our TRU finally got the OTC Vader TIE fighter. After looking at it, I realized that it is the exact same one that came out in 1997.Although the packaging is a cool throw back to the vintage line. So, I passed. If Sandtroopers in the Huntsville Alabama are looking for this. Go get it. They had 8 of the things. I have a request. If anyone is going to Comi-con can someone get an autographed figure from Mark Hamill? I would pay the cost and everything. I hope this will not be a problem. Thanks.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 July 2004 | 16:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Devils Ewok with a Rebuttal: Take Action!
The Devil’s Ewok aka Satan’s TeddybearDateline: Let's just say he doesn't have to worry about fiber for a while! “Let Sithfather David know there IS something he can do about Mr. Bubble Crusher. I work as a Retail Loss Prevention Detective and I can and do charge people all the time with criminal damage to property (Here in MN State Statute 609.595 It is a $50+The cost of the item(s) fine) One of my partners had a case where a gentleman opened 15 boxes of Cheerios to find which Hotwheels were inside as prizes. He found the one he wanted and left the rest. At the checkout he was given a choice: Buy all 15 boxes or be arrested. Lets just say he won't have to worry about fiber for a while. Talk to the manager or Loss Prevention, tell them you are willing to make a citizens arrest if you witness it. If the store makes him purchase them make sure they write DO NOT RETURN on his receipt so he can't just take em' back to another store.” - Satan's Teddybear


Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 July 2004 | 16:10 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude Reports:
Fight the Good FightDateline: I must say it makes a great display piece “Greetings, Troops! Had to pick up a few supplies at the local K-Mart this morning and spotted the VOTC figs. Had Obi-Wan, Leia and Han I think. All that was missing was Luke. Very nice packaging I must say makes a great display piece. Didn?t pick any of 'em up, just waiting to get my grubby little hands on a VOTC Vader. If anyone spots one, gimme a holla please! Went to the Glendale Galleria with the wife in the evening and walked into the Suncoast and they had all the repackaged Unleashed figs, sans the Leia fig of course. Lucky I got her with the old school packaging. That's all for now... fight the good fight and always remember to be good to each other. Peace, out!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 July 2004 | 17:34 EDT
Sandtrooper Steve Reports: Live From the Desert!
“Just to let the troops know that Wal-Mart at Cortaro Rd. here in Tucson, AZ had 8 cases of the new Trilogy figures this morning. They had just put up 2 cases and I managed to get one of each figure so they put up another 2 to fill the pegs back up. The figures are pretty cool and the packaging is great. Good hunting.”


Posted by: Tyler | 6 July 2004 | 12:33 EDT
Sandtrooper Yuka-Suzuka reports: Kotobukiya Han Solo!
Super Festival 33 was held in Tokyo July 4th. There was a proto type 1/7 Han Solo of Koto. It will be released in September and the price will be 8190 yen (approx. $80 US).

Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 July 2004 | 22:55 EDT
Federation Toys Update: OTC Figures in Stock!
Hey Troopers, Jim at Federation Toys has received the first shipment of Original Trilogy Collection waves one and two. Plus Federation Toys is adding all previous lines to their inventory very soon. So if there was anything you were looking for drop an email, chances are it may be in stock but not added to the site yet. We'd like to thank Jim for letting us supply him with Images for their latest shipment.

Posted by: dustrho | 5 July 2004 | 21:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Shahbaz Reports: JACKPOT!
“Troops? I finally hit the jackpot! After over three months without finding anything, I walked into Wal-Mart here in the L.A. area on a VERY busy day and found more OTC figs then I could carry: Cloud Car Pilot, Luke X-Wing, Chewie, Yoda, R2, R2 Dagobah, Obi-Wan, Spirit of Obi-Wan, Luke Jedi, Han, Stormtrooper, Luke Dagobah (both variations), Boba Fett, Leia Bespin, Lobot, Wicket and C3P0. The only ones I didn?t find were the Vader, Leia, and Scout Trooper figures. There were still many figures left, some were damaged and some were fine. But I did pick up an extra Fett and Stromtrooper for anyone interested in trading. Keep your eyes open because the OTC?s are finally starting to hit the shelves!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 July 2004 | 20:57 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth-Dallas Reports: 6'6, 275 lbs Does have its Advantages!
Lean, mean, S.C.A.L.P. a#$ kickin' machine!“I have been busy lately with work etc BUT the Star Wars collection still continues to grow. I found the OTC Tie Fighter Saturday at the Toys R Us located (University & Atlantic Blvd) in Coral Springs, Florida. I can't seem to find the General's Madine & Lando hanging out at any of the stores! HELP! These OTC findings are killing me. I am getting up early tomorrow so I can hit the Wal-Mart in Coral Springs before I go to work. I have 3 Super Wal-Marts near work! Is that bad? Just a heads up, IF I SEE ANYONE DAMAGING the OTC figures I am going to "hurt you" (FAMILY SITE) and then make you go up to hot chicks in the store and tell them you are a Star TREK fan living with your Mother! I am a nice guy but being 6'6, 275 lbs does have its advantages! Well Troops let me know what you need I am always looking! I GOT YOUR BACK SPICE in South Florida!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 July 2004 | 18:18 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
I take no orders from you, I am an Autobot now!Target: “There were lots of Imperial Dignitaries and animated Dooku's. Enough of the Obi-wan and Maul glass sets as well. The Hoth rebel trooper makes a strong presence as well.”

Walm\-Mart: “Actually saw a Tanus Spijek here! Passed up on it. Lots of HoF figs too.”

Meijers: “Pretty bare. Just about the same as the Meijers down by us except they had plenty of the Achk Med-Beq.”

Toys R Us: “The new OTC Vader TIE, regular TIE, and X-wing all present. First time we've seen the OTC TIE and X-wing. Not that impressed with either and passed on them. Pretty much the same as far as regular Saga figs as everywhere else. But they did have plenty of the Red leader X-wings and the Command Gunships.

That's about it from the north end of MI. Still looking for POTF2 Y-wing, vintage Y-wing, ARC troopers, and Silver Fett's if anyone's looking to trade. Sandtrooper Jetfire out!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 July 2004 | 18:07 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithfather David reports:
“Hello Troops, Sithfather David from NC here. I happened upon an amazing shipment of the EXECUTOR wave, and the Jabba?s palace wave (minus the ever elusive J'QUILLE) yesterday at Target. Although as I told Trooper Drrob the other day most were damaged by a worthless slime ball. I watched him set there and mash up the bubbles on the majority of them. I proceeded to rip him a new one all to no avail as I found out yesterday. Where is the purpose in this? It makes me angry just to type about it! Anyway if anybody needs something let me know cause I?m gonna head back up there in a couple days. Take care and MTFBWY!!! Semper Fi!”

It is a shame, however what that person is doing can be determined as vandalism. I would suggest calling the attention to someone who works there, MAYBE you would have that person paying for the figures they destroyed. Take action Troops, take nothing lying down! However, I won't condemn you for not picking up an assualt charge. It may not be the case were he to do that in front of Troops like Jedimaster-C, Darth Dallas or Devils Ewok!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 July 2004 | 18:00 EDT
This week at Action-HQ:
Action-HQ.com -bringing the Best to you FIRST this week with
Galactic Heroes Wave 1
Choose from:
-Princess Leia & Han Solo
-Obi Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader
-Luke Skywalker & R2D2
-C3PO & Chewbacca
Each for $14.95
Or get the set of 4 for $44.95!

And get these figures for ONLY $4 each until the end of the week/
stock runs out:
Clone Wars: Army of the Republic
-Obi Wan Kenobi
-Anakin Skywalker
-Mace Windu

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 July 2004 | 1:14 EDT
Chicagoland Entertainment: Collectors Expo Update!
Hey Troopers, we have some great news for those of you who were asking about info regarding the Chicagoland Entertainment Expo this September 11th, 2004. For those of you looking to fly in we have some great news: American Airlines is our official airline. 10% discount on "most" round trip fares if booked 30 days in advance, 5% discount on "most" round trip fares if booked less than 30 days in advance.

Meeting Name: CEC EXPO
Meeting Number: AN*2094AT
Allowed Dates of Travel: Sept 3-19, 2004

Flights can be booked with American Airlines MEETING SERVICES DESK, 1-800-433-1790 or with their local travel agent. Either way, be sure the meeting name and number are referenced when making the booking.

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Posted by: dustrho | 4 July 2004 | 15:13 EDT
Happy 4th of July!
It's time to start up the grill, break out the lawn furniture, down a few cold ones, and spend time with your friends and family. Most people take this day for granted, but remember that our freedom is not free but is earned. We should be very thankful to all the soldiers out there (active members, reservists and retirees) for their hard work and dedication in keeping America free today. The staff of Sandtroopers.com would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!

Posted by: dustrho | 4 July 2004 | 12:24 EDT
Hot July Sales & a Special Promo Only at r2dtoys.com!
r2dtoys.com is having a bunch of sales on their Star Wars inventory, plus they're running a cool promotion. When a purchase is made on their website you are qualified to win a Master Replicas Anakin Signature Lightsaber (invoice #10,000 will be the lucky winner). This special promotion will run from July 3rd to July 31st. To read more about this special promotion click here.

1) r2dtoys.com Signature Edition Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber
2) sandtroopers.com Mcquarrie Stormtrooper Saga AND super articulated Clone Trooper Clone Wars
3) thejawa.com 12-inch Ewoks 2-pack Saga
4) thegd.com sideshow weta Orc Iron Cap Helm
5) mintinbox.net Unleashed Darth Tyranus
6) POTF2.com Jedicon 2004 2-pack

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 July 2004 | 23:48 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking pre-orders on the Princess Leia ANH signature blaster FREE SHIPPING $499. Vintage items: Wallace Berrie jewelry items, Obi-Wan 12-inch figure in C 9.5+ box, R2-D2 12-inch figure in C 9.5+ box, Stormtrooper 12-inch in box, C-3PO 12-inch in box, loose Vader TIE Fighter, 10 Legos & 50 more items added.”

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 July 2004 | 1:36 EDT
Master Replicas Update: Blasters NOW available for Pre-Order!
Now, you can be among the first to own one of our newest Star Wars collectibles - blasters! Imagine Princess Leia trying to defend herself from Stormtroopers while the Rebel Alliance battles furiously to save their Imperial Senator. Relive the excitement of a galactic fight to the finish with this unique collection of battle weaponry. Master Replicas has produced a very limited supply of these highly sought-after collectibles, so make sure you place your order now to guarantee delivery.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 July 2004 | 0:05 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude Reports:
Fight the Good FightDateline: I know that at Least One Employee there is In Cahoots “Hey Troops, it's been a while since my last post, mainly because there isn?t anything to post about! Anyhoo, stopped by the TRU at Los Feliz during my lunch and spotted 1 OTC Vader TIE, quite a few of the new packaging X-Wings and about 3 of the OTC TIE and a truck load of the Jedi Warriors 4-pack. No new figs on the pegs, not even the Saga carded ones. I know that at least one employee there is in cahoots with a "dealer"/scalper and it just burns me up every time I see that tool at that TRU. That's it for now and fight the good fight and remember to always be good to each other... Peace, OUT!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 July 2004 | 23:20 EDT
Dewback Patrol - Preview: Raining Hollywood
Troopers set your sights for Seattle, WA this August 28th and 29th for Raining Hollywood: Northwest Sci-Fi Convention and Collector Show. Many guests are scheduled to attend, as well as a complete schedule of events for those of you who wish to attend. Join Ray Park (Darth Maul), David Caradine (Kill Bill Vol. I & II, Kung-Fu), Daniel Logan (Boba Fett ?AOTC), Felix Silla (ROTJ, Buck Rogers), Mark Singer (Beastmaster, V), and many more! For tickets and news on the event make sure to stay tuned to the Dewback Patrol for coverage of this event.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 July 2004 | 21:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Sean V in Canada reports:
Ho, Canada!“Hey Troops, just picked up the Vader TIE Fighter up here in Canada at TRU in U.S. packaging! I always passed on this vehicle so I?m glad I waited cause it?s a nice one and you get a figure. I won't hold my breath for new figures. I have a friend who works there so he'll let me know. Aside from that I have about 30 to 40 figures for sale ranging from freeze frame, hologram, power of the Jedi and episode 1. I also have a 12-inch Obi-Wan and Battle Droid from Episode 1 as well I might put this in the forums as well.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 July 2004 | 19:44 EDT
Cloud City 4th of July Sale: Up to 30% Off!
Celebrating this 4th of July holiday weekend, Cloud City is having one of the biggest sales in its history with prices reduced up to 30%. Included are vintage and modern collectibles, as well as original Kenner photography. This is a terrific chance to pick up the newest assortments of OTC figures (both basic and vintage style) as well as the latest waves of Saga figures, which will undoubtedly become harder to find in the coming months. Don?t miss this great opportunity to purchase vintage items as well. This will be our last sale for quite a while on generation 1 Star Wars items. Take note: We also plan to add a nearly complete collection of Star Wars items produced between 1977 and 1992 (over 4,000 mint, packaged items) in the next 2 weeks. Visit Cloud City and take advantage of our great sale prices today.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 July 2004 | 19:40 EDT
This Just in from Action-HQ:
visit Action-HQ below
Action-HQ now has Jedi Council Scene I in stock and ready to ship! Features Yoda, Obi-Wan & Ki-Adi-Mundi with Council chairs from Ep 2 Phantom Menace! Also this week, Trilogy Mini Plush! Well you heard they were going to come out & you know AHQ will get them FIRST so get these 5 availble plushes for just $7.95 each! Choose from R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Yoda, & Ewok. If you missed them when they originally came out years back, here's your chance! Transformers Convention Exclusive Set: 2002 Convention Exclusive Generation One SCF Convoy Set! Comes with exclusive repainted silver deco Convoy in figure & truck mode. Limited supply at $39.95! Slightly damaged packaging. Plus Saint Seiya, McFarlane New Releases, and more! Visit A-HQ today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 July 2004 | 19:30 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #262:

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The latest releases from the Original Trilogy collection arrived this week including the Multi-figure Pack Jedi Council #1. Also in, the 5 Buddies released in this line so far including C-3PO, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Wicket and Yoda! Be sure to keep an eye on pre-order section as well, we will be adding for OTC figures soon.

Lots of other great Star Wars items featured this week, Illusive concepts, 12-backs, Vintage Micro-Collection, Saga Mini-busts and much more!

All new Masters of the Universe NECA busts in stock including 3 micro-busts of Skeletor, Stratos and Tri-Klops. The much anticipated Evil-Lynn mini-bust and the Ram-man mini-bust are also both in stock for only $39.99 ea.

New Transformers in this week, K-T Figures including Ai, Devastator, Frenzy, Optimus Prime and Rumble The Set of 5 is also available for a special set price. The Simpsons Series 16 is now in stock! Both series 15 & 16 came in this week and are still available in extremely limited quantities, don't delay, order yours today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 July 2004 | 21:21 EDT
Force of the Bay: Truth, Justice and the Sandtrooper Way!
Hey Troops, I have managed only a little time to play by the bay. For those of you new to the show maybe it?s time you earned your wings. For years I have searched ebay for the rare and unique. You could find many different groups to funnel your surplus cash into. There are many different ways to see the light. With over 15k listings in action figures alone, it gets scary to go into the other areas of collecting. With more than a few ways to outfit you for any of the various conventions around the country, be patient to look around. There is a good chance you could find that special thing to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Regardless of what you set your sights on, you have a good chance of finding whatever it could be you are searching for. Time and patience, the rest comes easy. Things can get hairy, but you can always find a safe solution to stay within one's budget. You can find millions of one or one in a million. The first could be an example of what not to remake, as the latter could be the template on what should. Hasbro someday may get wise enough to know the difference. It is nice to have a place like the bay to see the many treasures that could be a part of anyone?s collection, 24 hours a day! Sandtroopers.com neither endorses or authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your searches. Kick A$# and take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 July 2004 | 18:21 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Master-C reports:
And there you have it“ A while back I have said some nasty things on Sandtroopers.com. The reason is that it doesn't help me if people on in CA, TX and so on are finding everything. I can't drive all the way to California to find this stuff. For some reason it take an insanely long time for us in Huntsville Alabama to get anything new. A good example is the OTC Vader TIE Fighter. We have not seen that yet. Our TRU is the slowest bunch of morons on earth. I guess that I was jealous because the folks in the states I have mentioned have had easy access to the figures and other stuff they want where as it is somewhat difficult to find the stuff that I am looking for because our stores won't mark down figures and stuff like that. It is very frustrating. In closing, I would like to say that I apologize to everyone I have sent hateful emails to in the past. Again, it was out of frustration. I feel like a complete idiot. Thanks. ”

We understand Chad, it is very hard to keep your cool, good thing you are man enough to admit you were wrong, most people don't have the guts to do that!