July 2003

Posted by: Spiceowan | 31 July 2003 | 23:26 EDT
Master Replica Update:
It's official Troops; the Mace Windu Signature Edition has officially sold out, but there is still a chance to order the Luke Skywalker Lightsaber. There are still some signature editions available along with Darth Maul. I see they are expanding the line to Star Trek, but the new Star Wars items look to be extraordinary. They are looking to add both Luke and Darth Vader working F/X Lightsabers, the Jango Blaster set and three new Sith Lightsaber Blueprint lithographs. Impressive, most impressive I'm sure.


Posted by: Jason | 31 July 2003 | 20:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Jorge Perez reports
"Hi! Jorge Perez from Boston; I have the following figures for the troops that I found at K-B: New Luke, New Snowtrooper, New Han Hoth, New Mynock Chewie, and New R2. Each was $5.99 plus MA tax. So it will be for cost plus shipping. Also K-B has the new TIE fighters and new deluxe. Let me know. Peace."

Trooper Jorge heard the call! Slammin' hook-ups Jorge!

Posted by: Jason | 31 July 2003 | 20:18 EDT
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM with Sandtrooper Lin Que:
"Lin Que with another Omaha report. I stopped by Target today to pick up some stuff and on my customary stop to the toys I was happy to see a grip of new stuff. They had ALL the new Clone Wars vehicles. I picked up a Republic Gunship. They also had some recent figs ... Hoth Han, Chewie, C-3PO, Snowtroopers, ROTJ Luke and Vader. I was pretty pleased with myself when I saw UNICRON. Like Cube said "Today was a good day." That bad boy there is NICE!!! There was only one left and it's sitting here looking at me as I type this. I have some Jedi Points if anyone is interested. I would like to add to my offer for the Silver Boba Fett. I would also be willing to add these if someone is willing to sell me a Secret Ceremony Anakin or Jedi Knights 3 pack. Holla back."

Posted by: Jason | 31 July 2003 | 20:05 EDT
Sandtroopette RogueJediPrincess reports:
"Hey Troops! Target (in Simi Valley CA) had some of the new gold trim packaged figures, Han and Leia, but I passed on them. Poorly packaged and painted. They also had the Death Star and Hoth Acc. sets marked down to $6.98. Hope this helps someone."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 31 July 2003 | 18:50 EDT
They are here ... finally!
With never-ending assistance from Agent Tweeny, I have received new figures from Target stores in the Lake Co. Illinois area. They have finally received new shipments. Again, after the reports trickle in from others on the coast, two weeks later it's safe for me to go out and waste gas. Luke, Snowtrooper wave and rehashes along with the last of the Saga cards. Most of which were beat beyond belief. I only received Luke, Snowtrooper, and three of the redo-do's. Still, something is better than nothing. Again, way to go Hasbro, it only took you nearly 8 months of '03 to pass before you restocked the shelf. How about that for customer service. I wish we only had to service our customers that often in my line of work. Good Luck to all of you great Troopers in your finds. Kick A$% and take names.

Posted by: Jason | 31 July 2003 | 13:46 EDT
Sandtrooper Garr Fett reports:
"Garr here, big score in St. Joseph, MO today at K-B Toys. I was checking out the 1.99 clearance figures, looked up, and to my surprise there were 4 K-B TIE fighters, 2 AAT's and 2 new Jedi Star fighters - WOW!!! This is the first of anything new I've seen in 6 months! TIE Fighter - $30, AAT - $25 and Jedi Starfighter $25. I'll bet when the new figures hit, it's gonna be a big wallup on the wallet. Well take care troopers the vehicles are out there. MTFBWY!!!"

That's good news! Now, a Dateline Follow-Up: since K-B is famous for repackaged vehicles having a figue included (e.g. Starfighter with Obi-Wan), does this mean that in several months when K-B is saddled with unsold Shuttles that we will see a $150 version with Imperial Dignitaries packed-in? Will they even bother to paint the dark stripe on the cockpit? And why didn't Hasbro issue one simple mold to improve the "K-B" TIE Fighter's wings? Hasbro says "My money on my mind ... "

Posted by: Jason | 30 July 2003 | 21:41 EDT
"Death Star Modules Level Three" and "Rebels Escape" Dioramas by ACPin

DSM Level 3 (Lego Diorama) - click to enter ACPin SW

Fourth in a Four-Part Series: "The Imperial troops try to thwart the escape of the rebels heading to the captured vessel. On the other side of the hangar bay, the final duel between the master and the apprentice is about to come to an end.

The Third level of the merged Death Star Modules is comprised of the Control Room, Detention Sentry, Detention Block, Firing Range and Gunner Station Level 2. The internal modules are connected by the standard Blast Doors and the levels by the Elevator Shaft."

See it all at ACPin SW.

Posted by: Steve | 30 July 2003 | 21:31 EDT
Yestertoys still has Wat and friends
Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys let me know they still have the newest wave of figures in stock. This includes Darth Maul, Han Solo, Princess Leia (all three of which are old molds in new packaging), Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor and Wedding Dress Padme. They also have a ton of other Saga figures in stock. Check them out by hitting the link below.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason | 30 July 2003 | 20:20 EDT
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDON with Sandtrooper Lin Que:
"Lin Que here with the Midwest report. I went out last weekend and had a good time. Target had the Clone Wars 3 packs but no Jedi Knights. I was suprised to find the new Mattel Batman figs. These bad boyz kick @$$ and I picked one up. Toys 'R' Us and K-B each had CW vehicles (Jedi Starfighter, AAT). I went to a K-B in Iowa and found the TIE fighter which looked hella kool. Pick this up Troops if you want it cuz the way they're being stocked there's no telling when they'll vanish for good. I am wondering whether anyone has a spare silver Boba Fett for sale/trade. I will pay cost plus shipping and a little extra for the hook up (ed. note: You mean you will not 'ONLY pay cost plus shipping!'?). If you wanna trade email me with what you want and if I have it, it's yours. Please give me a shout out and let me know. Thanks!"

Posted by: Jason | 30 July 2003 | 20:04 EDT
Sandtrooper jedidad reports:
"Greetings, my name is Brian (jedidad), am I the only one who has noticed the the new Luke RotJ action figure has his glove on the wrong hand, or am I just late? All the photos on the box including the figure photo show it on the correct right hand. Just thought I would express a thought. MTFBWY."

Actually, we noticed too. You're a day late, but not a dollar short, because Hasbro has unofficially declared that this will be a 'run change' during production to set things right once again, and, at the very least, offer a sense of symmetry.

Posted by: Jason | 30 July 2003 | 19:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Sergio de la Cruz with a Dateline 'Exclusive'
Now, a Dateline Exclusive from Sergio ... K-B TIE Fighters: "Hi, I just found and purchased the new, KB Toys exclusive TIE Fighter with pilot at a KB toys in El Paso, Texas. There were four, yes, four of them, and it was kind of hard to find one in minty mint condition due to the windowed display of the box it comes in. The price was $29.99 plus tax."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 30 July 2003 | 10:05 EDT
Sandtrooper California Tim reports:
"Hey troopers, I wanted to give Donna a big thanks for trading with me for a Silver Boba Fett! The figure is awesome and I can’t thank you enough. I would also like to ask if there is anyone going to Wizards in Chicago whether someone could pick me up a blue trooper bust. I’ll pay for everything, even extra for your troubles. Please let me know. Oh we’re also back to being very dry here in the SF Bay Area."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 July 2003 | 23:37 EDT
K-B Kids Clearance Sale:
Hey Troops there is a killer savings at KB kids.com. They have deals on the following:

Star Wars Episode II: Clone Commander with Yellow Trim 12" Action Figure

Star Wars Episode II: Clone Trooper with Red Trim 12" Action Figure

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

Star Wars "Return of the Jedi": Gamorrean Guard 12" Deluxe Action Figure

Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Imperial Shuttle Tyderium Deluxe Vehicle

Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter with TIE Pilot

Note Free Shipping and $12.99 on the 12 inch Clone Troopers!

KBtoys.com Large Logo

Posted by: Jason | 29 July 2003 | 22:19 EDT

Hey Troopers! I would like to take a minute of your time to thank all of the great Troopers out there who have been more than willing to help out some less fortunate collectors (in terms of finding the goods). Yesterday's news alone has quite a few posts about Troopers who are parting with HTF items like Silver Boba Fett, Wat Tambor and Snowtrooper, etc. for nothing more than cost and shipping!! Awesome work Troops, this is what it is all about! Believe it or not, but you are making a difference out there. Hopefully this will rub off on others and more can pick up on the "goal." Thanks guys and gals! Remember if you can afford it pick up some extras. UNIFY! This is what I call Sandtroopers Global Takeover, join S.C.A.L.P. today (Sandtroopers. Com's Auxilliary Long-Range Patrol)!

Troops, if you are NOT getting anything from Sandtroopers.com, then you are NOT using Sandtroopers.com. It is why we are here!

The Legend of Sleepy Collazo - Don"t lose your head trying to find the newest Star Wars toys - get them here at Sandtroopers.com

Sandtroopettes ...
PS. What is the deal with Sandtroopettes? You ladies afraid to be heard or something? I ran into 2 troopettes at the Whitehall, PA Wal-Mart Monday and they were talking about Star Wars collecting being a "dude's" deal and they'd rather not post. What the hell kind of talk is that???? Come on troopettes, we need to hear from YOU!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 July 2003 | 15:19 EDT
Sandtrooper Jake reports:
"Hello all - taking a trooper's advice, I have some extra figures that I thought I would offer to all of those troops out there having a tough time. All of the following figures are on C8.5+ cards (most have small creases on the back) and the bubbles are mint. Each is $5 and regardless of how many you buy, shipping will be $4 for USPS Priority Mail. I have a Han Solo (Hoth Rescue), Lama Su (with clone youth), Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon), Wat Tambor (Geonosis War Room), Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel), Snowtrooper (Battle of Hoth), and C-3PO (Tatooine Ambush). First ones to email me gets them. Good luck!!!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 July 2003 | 11:22 EDT
Sandtrooper Code Name: DUSTY reports:
"I have a Kotobukiya Clone Trooper Commander kit that I am looking to sell. This is the yellow version that was limited to 1,000 pieces. It is still in it's sealed box. I thought I would post it on here and help a real collector before letting the sharks snatch it up on eBay. Hopefully someone who missed out on this can grab it. Email me if you are interested." - Dusty (Crash1207)


Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 July 2003 | 10:14 EDT
Force of the Bay - Training Camp Edition
The sights were endless and the deals are steals and that nasty Power Sucka we will take on later. We can go right ahead and get to it. It appears one does not have to be Canadian to be a Snowtrooper with ebay. This piece is rare but I would hate to ask what kind of freaky stuff you are doing with something like that. Getting back to non-bondage Star Wars items, there were many variant lovers' delights. Many of the so-called "hard to find" figures are easy to find. Now, am I saying that low price will hold? Of course not, but you wouldn't pay half of what you would at Anklegrabbers Comic and Toys. What I am getting at is if you had to go back for something, finding a deal is very likely. There is some great custom work out there on the bay too, I found this Jorg Sacul variation that I'm sure none of you have. There was also some history from the Original Trilogy that I'm sure many of us are lacking in our respective collections. I found a nostalgic item as well, one that takes you back. I remember terrorizing the neighbors' dog with this vintage relic. Note the sellers name, I would feel the same way about his starting bid. This was not our big winner Troops. Our Power Sucka award goes out to this fool. Great starting bid sure, but do you honestly think anyone would be that hard up for a 3 centimeter gun that they would give you that kind of cash to have it "right now?" There must be some other way to get that tire fixed on the house! Good luck Troops, remember to research the people you do business with on the bay. We do not support or endorse these sellers or ebay. Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 July 2003 | 0:16 EDT
Wizard World Chicago:
Hey Troops, another reminder for anyone attending Wizard World Chicago. We would like to remind Troops to stop by the Federation Toys Booth and chat with myself, Lord Crypt, Count Matchew and Amanaman Dan. We will be getting the full 3-day Wizard World experience in and I have noticed that C2 Ventures has updated the guest list. This is a great opportunity to get figures and other collectibles signed by Star Wars celebs. Also, the Fan Club is offering breakfast with Wicket. Check out how you can chow down with Warwick Davis and score a Silver Fett that same morning! We'll be looking forward to seeing many of the "United" Sandtroopers who help make this such a great place to find collecting news.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 July 2003 | 23:43 EDT
Collectors Gallery News:
Collectors Gallery Online has added the following to their website this week.

Regal Canadian plush Jawa $399.95
Episode 1 set of 40 Pepsi bottle toppers $299.95
Legends in 3-D Tusken Raider $179.95
Legends in 3-D Emperor Palpatine $179.95
Paploo the Ewok plush sealed $64.95
Leeni plush Ewok $24.95
Wiley plush Ewok $24.95
Loose Ewok talking telephone $39.95
Princess Kneesaa plush Ewok loose $44.95
Latara plush Ewok loose $44.95
Nippet plush Ewok $24.95
Dagobah playset sealed C-10 $119.95
Sigma Luke X-Wing pilot mug $24.95
Sigma Yoda mug $24.95
Sigma Chewy mug $24.95
Sigma Wicket the Ewok mug $24.95
Loose battle damaged Tie Fighter $44.95
Cap-2 mini rig $22.95
Desert Sail Skiff boxed $14.95
Darth Vader mirror mib $49.95
Star Wars vintage belt buckle 24.95
Star Wars bumper sticker $4.95
Episode 1 set of 8 blowouts $9.95
Episode 1 set of 8 cups $9.95
Episode 1 R2D2 pizza hut box $9.95
Darth Vader classic t-shirt $14.95
Imperial Walkers classic t-shirt $9.95
POTJ Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi training gear $16.95
Expanded Universe Dark Trooper $24.95
Jedi sleeping bag $39.95
Jedi bedspread $34.95
POTF Han Solo Hoth gear 12" $29.95
POTF Slave Leia $29.95
POTF Luke Stormtrooper with Dianoga Tentacle $29.95
Return of the Jedi metal tray $34.95
Vintage Jabba the Hutt pillow $49.95
click to enter

Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 21:12 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"Troops, I was at Target today and of course they didn't have squat. I asked a guy whether they were going to get any more Star Wars figures. He said "Probably not, Star Wars is going out." I don't know what he meant by that. A big thank you goes out to Garrfett or Gary Scott. He got me the Silver Fett. Thanks buddy."


Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 20:51 EDT
Sandtrooper TK-1086 reports:
Dateline: Lack of Figures - "I guess San Antonio is the farthest place from center of the Star Wars toy collecting universe now. I have found nothing. TRU, Target, Wal-Mart and K-B are peg-warmer central in San Antonio. Has anyone found anything new in South Texas? So much for the Spurs putting San Antonio on the map. Maybe it is retaliation for winning the championship. LOL. TK-1086 out."


Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 20:44 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"Hello Troops! I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Mayhew yesterday at the "Shock and Awe Sci-Fi Convention" in Boise, Idaho. Also in attendance for those of you who like Star Trek, I also met Robert Picardo (The Holographic Doctor) and Ethan Phillips (Neelix) from Star Trek Voyager. Peter was extremely cordial, and I even had the opportunity to take a smoke break with him! It's not every day you get to smoke with a Wookiee. Got Peter to sign my Mynock Hunt Chewie for me, and also got the others' autographs as well. The Voyager actors performed an hour long play (in character) in which the Doctor took a "digital journey" to visit Neelix to help his ailing son. Pretty cool to see them perform live (Star Wars is cooler, but, hey, I like Star Trek too!).

"Peter told a story about filming the Hoth scene (which was filmed in Norway by the way) where he was all snowy, as the snow there was real, not hollywood snow, and he went into a hut for the actors to warm up, and took off the chewie costume, and he described it as a huge wet rat. A rare experience I will always remember. Also, Wal-Marts in the Pacific Northwest received Star Wars shipments!!! Gold card and Padawan waves. MTFBWY!!"


Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 20:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Clone Trooper Commander reports:
"Clone Trooper Commander from K.C. here. Got some leftover 2003 figures from Kebco for sale to fellow Sandtroopers, since findings are scarce. I have 2 Aayla Secura's, 2 Barriss Offee's, and 1 Lama Su for sale. These are $6.00 each, since they came from Kebco. First come, first serve. E-mail me. Thanks and keep hope alive!"

Thanks for the help with a stable fulla figures back in the O.K.C. !

Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 20:31 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Zack reports:
"Hey troopers, it's been a long time since I have reported anything, but I have enjoyed reading all the news from across the country. Anyway, here's what I have. NW Indiana's KB also has come up with the troop builder packs that TRU was touting earlier this month. And now I see on the KB Website that they will be releasing a Shuttle Tyderium for only $99.00!!! It is set to ship on the 15th of August. So those of you who have missed it at FAO Schwartz, here's your chance. Good luck to all, and, scalpers ... duck!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 July 2003 | 15:21 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"Hey all, well, here in Huntsville, Alabama we have 2 Target stores. One in a place called Jones Valley and on University Drive. The Jones Valley one had the ATT and Jedi Star Fighter rehashes. If there are any troops out there who live in the Huntsville, Alabama area please let me know. Our KB gets shipment in on Thursdays. It is very hard for me to get to KB since I have to work during the week. This past Thursday they had gotten in some new figures. If anyone who lives in the Huntsville Area stops by KB, let me know. Thanks."

Well, there you have it!

Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 13:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Garr Fett reports:
"This is for all you troopers out there. I have my web site up, so I can share pictures of my Star Wars collection. Go to garrfett.tripod.com and enjoy!"

Posted by: Jason | 28 July 2003 | 13:20 EDT
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
"Last chance. From my previous post, I have Gold Vader, Luke, Snowtrooper, Han Hoth, and Mynock Chewie. I'll trade any one for Gold Maul or all five for Masters of the Darkside. If not, I got to put them out on the pegs in my store to sell."
My appearance may seem comicial to some of you with lesser intelligence, but I assure you that I`m a real devil with the ladies. I once had a girl with a pig nose ask me out, and I even scored with an older woman. She was even hotter than Xena and She-Hulk put together. So if you must, take a look at my various pictures, but be quick. I have to meet my Dungeons and Dragons club online to discuss this weekend`s upcoming battle royale.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 July 2003 | 8:13 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal here. Went to TRU on Saturday hoping to find the Clone Wars Army Packs. Got there just a bit too late as I was only able to find one Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher. But I found the Clone Wars Vehicles AAT and Jedi Starfighter and lastly was able to nab the new Ultimate Bounty Hunter 4-pack. Happy Hunting!"


Posted by: Jason | 27 July 2003 | 20:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Observation:

Creative concept by Jason Meyers, digital imagery by Daniel Eversdyk - enjoy (all rights reserved, copyright 2003 - Extensive Enterprises)
Rally the Troops

Posted by: Jason | 27 July 2003 | 17:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Kevin in Columbus reports:
"Some new Star Wars figures are showing up here in Columbus, Ohio. The new 12-inch Luke and Ewoks are at Meijers. Toys 'R' Us has a lot of the Imperial Forces 4 pks and did have some of the new Unleashed figures. Plenty of the 12-inch Gamorrean guards at K-B Toys in Polaris, but not much else to report.

"I'm looking for help from fellow troopers too. I'm looking to trade for a Silver Boba Fett and I have a lot of extra figures for trade, just e-mail me. Some figures for trade include the R2-D2 & C-3PO Holiday 2 pk, and some freeze frame and Ep 1 figures."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 July 2003 | 21:22 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has posted their latest Newsletter #212.
Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
NEW!!! Clone Wars Multifgure Packs. Selected items available now.
Another shipment will be arriving this week!
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Set of 3 - PRE-ORDER Domestic
Shipping $6 - Includes Clone Troopers, Battle Droids and Destroyer
Droids. Price $44.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Clone Troopers C9- PRE-ORDER
Domestic Shipping $6 Price $24.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Clone Troopers C7/8 Price $23.99 -IN STOCK!
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Destroyer Droids w/ Launcher C9-
PRE-ORDER Domestic Shipping $6 Price $11.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Destroyer Droids w/ Launcher C7/8
Price $10.99 - IN STOCK!
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Battle Droids C9- PRE-ORDER
Domestic Shipping $6 - Price $12.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Battle Droids C7/8 - BACK ORDER
Domestic Shipping $6 Price $11.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Jedi Knights C9- PRE-ORDER
Domestic Shipping $6 Price $29.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Jedi Knights C7/8- BACK ORDER
Domestic Shipping $6 $28.99
WA-7, Lt. Danni Faytonni and Darth Sidious ROTJ are available for
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Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Luke Jedi NEW REDUCED PRICE!!! Price: $14.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed EwoksIN STOCK NOW!!! Price: $44.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Yoda IN STOCK NOW!!! Price: $29.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-9 [Mexican Convention]- Includes
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Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-8 [Mexican Convention]- Includes
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Six New Saga Lego Pens IN STOCK NOW!!!
AOTC Lego Pen Paploo $14.99
AOTC Lego Pen Luke X-Wing $14.99
AOTC Lego Pen Obi-Wan Kenobi $14.99
AOTC Lego Pen Stormtrooper $14.99
AOTC Lego Pen Tusken Raider $14.99
AOTC Lego Pen Yoda $14.99
POTF2 Super Star Destroyer [Electronic] - New Reduced Prices!!!
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C7/8 [OpenedBox] - Price $199.99
Almost All Illusive Concepts Figures IN STOCK NOW!!!
Illusive Concepts Admiral Ackbar C-8/9 - Includes Certificate of
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Illusive Concepts Jabba the Hutt Maquette C-8 - Includes Certificate
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Illusive Concepts Jabba the Hutt Maquette C-8 - No Certificate of
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Illusive Concepts Yoda (Life-size) (Slight Wear to Base) C-8/9
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Illusive Concepts Yoda (Life-size) (Slight Wear to Base) C-8/9 - No
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MOTU Commemorative Series Teela MISB C-9 $32.00
MOTU Commemorative Series Trap Jaw MISB C-9 $35.00
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Posted by: Jason | 26 July 2003 | 20:50 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett reports:
"Boba-Brett here, long time nothing to report. First off! HAPPY B-DAY SANDTROOPERS! I was checking your site out back before it got revamped. I met a lot of cool people and made lots of trades thanks to you and all the troops. Second, I saw Clone Wars Starfighter & Battle Tank today at TRU. Target had new Maul, Han and red Battle Droid. Those were the only places I could hit today.

"Third, I'm in desperate need of Boba Fett Carkoon Pit. He's obviously my favorite character, but I have not been lucky enough to find him. Please, anyone with an extra one, or finds one, let me know and I would greatly appreciate it. MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Jason | 26 July 2003 | 20:44 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Chris MacD reports:
"Well it's been quite awhile since I have reported here on Sandtroopers because there hasn't been anything new since the Palpatine wave. It has been quite awhile, but finally something new. We got in the Haon Hoth wave at our local TRUs. However, if you didn't get to them right away they were all sold out within days of being on the pegs. In some cases they went within hours. This week the big thing here in Canada is the Bounty Hunter 4 pks. Which are running @ $30 Cdn each. Those are in short supply as well and more than likely will not be restocked.

"There are also rumors circulating around that Canada will get cut off from the Star Wars lines. The only thing we might get lucky to see around here will be the Clone Wars figures. Even then, those will more than likely be like our current situation where our shelves are littered with Jar Jar Senators, Battle Droids, and the like. We even still have POTJ Ketwol, Duros, Shmis and Aurra Sings kicking around. Hmm, someone doesn't know what Star Wars is all about, and just exactly how many Canadian collectors there really are. It's a sad day for Canadian collectors out there. One last note: Happy B-day Sandtroopers and I look forward to receiving my Imperial Four Pack in the mail."


Posted by: Jason | 26 July 2003 | 20:31 EDT
Sandtrooper Madeus' Project:
"Alright troopers! Here is a picture of my finished Vader. However, if you look closely, I was missing the codpiece at the time the picture was taken (now I have 2). Was a huge hit last Halloween and you can tell why I took time off from hunting for toys when this was a costly little adventure. Proud member of 501st and the StarGarrison as well. Have upgraded some of the parts already and in the process of finishing out a Boushh for the wife for this Halloween. Can't tell you how nice it is to have a better half who at least is a trooper in her own way with my 'fascination' in the SW Universe. She said she would dress up as a character as long as she had a mask and no one could tell it was her! Just another hobby for me! Feel free to ask any questions about the Vader or hints if you see some improvements needed."

How am I supposed to feed my family with a CODPIECE?!?

Posted by: Jason | 26 July 2003 | 20:21 EDT
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
"HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! To the best and only Star Wars site to be in my favorites file. A special shout out to Marc Boyd from the great white north ... eh. A great trader and he has a nice collection, you should check it out. Just a small note on the condition of new figures. We got a case in of new figures and the box was not damaged in any way but some of the bubbles were compressed. It looks like hasbro needs to adjust the size. And, on that note I have Gold Card Vader, Snowtrooper, Hoth Han and Mynock Chewie, and possibly green jumpsuit boba for trade. All I need is any one for Gold Darth Maul, or, all four for Masters of the dark side. If not, I will keep for future trades for the next Vader and Sith Witch. MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Jason | 26 July 2003 | 20:16 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Just wanted to give a heads-up to the troops that I have a confirmed sighting of the Clonetrooper 3-pack with blue Clonetrooper at an area Target in Western NY. This assortment also includes the Jedi Knight 3-pack (1 per case). I myself did not see them, but I did find this information out from a Target employee, who also confirmed to me that a scalper came in & bought the entire case along with an entire case of basic figures. So anyway, stick close to your local Targets. More new stuff is out there.

"I also want to jump on the bandwagon & send best wishes on Sandtroopers' 3rd anniversary. I stumbled on this site by accident while it was still in it's infancy. I realized soon enough that the information passed on by the troops was invaluable and gave me the insight to know what stores to watch for new products. I still find this site an invaluable resource in helping me find the toys. In fact, I remember meeting up with a fellow trooper (from Lockport, NY) the day he scored the Ketwol wave at his local K-mart. Remember that, J?? Anyways, here's to many more years of helping the troops get the toys."


Thanks much for the birthday wishes John. And, yes, I fondly recall that day we met up to trade some stuff after I had found the POTJ Sandtrooper wave and ended up getting us a case of Ketwol wave to split on the way there. John hooked me up with some Simpsons figures I had needed and some Star Wars goodies too. That's what it's all about Troops - UNIFY! As for the blue Clonetroopers - you must be over 21 for the ten o'clock ... it gets a little blue, stay on Target troops!

Posted by: Jason | 26 July 2003 | 20:10 EDT
Sandtrooper Ray Fillet reports:
"Hello from Ray! Can someone please tell me what is going on with the Star Wars Fan Club? It seems like there has been nothing new over the last 9 months or so. Other sites are advertising items such as the builder sets as Fan Club items yet as far as I know only one builders set has been offered or did I miss something. It seems like I have waited almost all year for something new and there has been nothing. It seems like ever since the management change or what ever happened thing have just stopped. This is almost as bad as what the Wal-Marts and etc. stores have not had for the past six months or so."


Posted by: Jason | 25 July 2003 | 21:43 EDT
SANDWATCH - Clone Wars Multi Packs:

Reviewed by Sandtroopers.com's Chief Warrant Officer Lord Spiceowan. Included are the Separatist Forces Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher, Army of the Republic Clone Trooper Army, and Separatist Forces Droid Army. SANDWATCH Figure Emphasis contains 14 images within the review.

" One can never have too many Clone Troopers, or any other Trooper for that matter. Unless of course it is the Tantive IV Rebel Trooper again, and I don’t care what color his hair is. " - That is a heck of a thing about Hasbro; they use every mold at least three times.

- click on the images to enter SANDWATCH -

Posted by: Jason | 25 July 2003 | 19:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Patrick reports:
"Happiest 3rd Birthday to an all-around great and one-of-a-kind site! It wasn't too long ago that I received generous advice from Uncle George himself!

"I've got a great offer that may be of interest to my fellow Canadian collectors: New, MISB INTERACTIVE R2-D2 for $90.00 Canadian plus shipping. Of course, this offer is open to collectors worldwide, not just Canadians. Just that unlike in the States where this lil' guy went on sale, he never went on sale here in the Great White North. So if anyone's interested, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks and here's to another 3 more successful years!"


Thanks for the offer! We here at Sandtroopers.com have also received great advice from Uncle George through the years. The best advice he gave me was 'Sheila will be this Saturday at The San Juan Hotel from one to three PM and The Conquistador Hotel from five to eight PM promoting Bacardi' and most important ever 'I just met this beauty over at Big-K in Cayey while buying some off the shelf FUJI film. ALWAYS CARRY A CAMERA or Custom business card from Sandtroopers.com.' I want to take a time-out also to give props to Uncle George himself for being one of the main reasons I got involved with this great website. George, Mi Casa es tu casa. Big HUG in absence to you in Puerto Rico. - Jason

Posted by: Steve | 25 July 2003 | 19:32 EDT
KB TIE Fighter:
Hey Troops, my KB exclusive TIE Fighter arrived today. I have to give credit, they packaged the box very well, so there were no dings. However, one big complaint for those of you who keep your toys in the box, they put a huge sticker right on the front of the window. It did peel off fairly easily, and I am sure you could use nail polish remover to get rid of the rest of the sticker goo, but come on! Doesn't KB realize that collectors are their main customers for this item? Oh well, I like the new design and the packaging is pretty cool in my opinion. Too bad Hasbro couldn't get the wings right.

Hasbro made a big mistake by not investing in just one single mold for a new accurate larger size wing (one mold, not two, because they are identical parts, either right or left). With all the internal excitement at Hasbro surrounding the accurate POTF2 FX/Saga X-Wing (which was ALL NEW tooling back in 1998), it seems the most obtuse of corners are now being cut here in 2003. Steve ended up missing out on a discounted Saga TIE Bomber, but may just be better off having not gotten it. - Jason

Posted by: Jason | 25 July 2003 | 19:17 EDT
Sandtrooper So Cal Jedi Dom reports:
"So Cal Jedi Dom here: I guess I need to differentiate myself from the other Jedi Dom from (Minnesota was it?) I wanted to also extend a happy birthday to the one site I can rely on most! I have been up to date with this site for almost 3 years now, and I have made a dozen or so trades in that time, as well as made a new friend in So-Cali Rod. As a matter of fact, I want to shout out to him for yet another successful trade. In addition to the trades, I have read many posts that would report news of finding new figures, which would prompt me to look the same day and find them as well.

"As for me, I have come across a Bounty Hunter 4-pack today in my searches. I want to trade this 4 pack, for a 4 pack of any 4 (C9+) of the following: Boba Fett (Carkoon), Aayla Secura, Yoda & Chian, Ashla & Jempa, Luke (ROTJ), Vader (ROTJ), Snowtrooper, Padme Wedding Dress, Wat Tambor, or Coleman Trebor. In addition, I still have a Silver Boba Fett C-9.5+ that I would like to trade straight up for a Toyfair Vader C-9+. I figure, hey, both were originally priced @ $10, even trade. Or, I will trade for any of the 8 figures listed above. Or lastly, all three of the last wave of Star Tours figures (G2-9T, R5-D4, & SK-Z38). Any takers please email me."


Posted by: Jason | 25 July 2003 | 19:04 EDT
Sandtrooper Madeus reports:
"Hey fellow troopers! It's been a long time since I posted, and I have relocated from Fort Worth to Houston so I am getting my feet wet down here in finding the stores that tend to carry more SW stuff. I have not bought action figures since I began my quest to acquire a full Vader outfit which is now complete (just ask to see pictures of it).

"I totally missed many figures but am now more curious in finding the Unleashed figures for a display. I have found that all of the Vaders are hard to find (or not out yet and I don't know that). I'd appreciate any help. Hopefully many of you will recognize me from a while back. And by the way, Happy Birthday Sandtroopers.com!"


Good Morning! Of course we remember one of the great Texan Troopers out there in Trooperland! Welcome back, and we'd be happy to post your costume here for all to see.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 July 2003 | 8:31 EDT
Sandtrooper JediHitch reports:
"Hi Troops! I am finally caught up with the current figures! After finding the Yoda and Padawan gang at Target as well as the Vader wave at Wal-Mart, I am now up to date. I have been noticing that the figures at Wal-Mart have been banged up lately. Shameful that figures should be damaged like that. Toys 'R' Us has gotten in more of the deluxe Clone Wars figures as well as the Wat Tambor wave. Also, if you have a Fred Meyer in your area it might be worth checking out. They have been getting the Spider Droid deluxe wave as well as the new Jango and Obi-Wan Deluxe wave.

"I would also like to throw this out to all the Troops who are finding new figures: I think everyone knows how frustrating it is to not find anything on the pegs for a long time while others are getting the new stuff right away. Some may even think it might be people using an "I found stuff that you can't find" attitude. There are still lots of Troops out there who are not having any luck finding newer figures. Therefore, I would encourage everyone who is finding new figures to maybe get just one extra new figure and post it on this site for the Troops who are still looking. You might just make someone's day. That being said, I have an extra Red Battle Droid for any Trooper who doesn't yet have this figure. I ask only cost + shipping. Okay, I'll get off my soap box. Good luck Troops, and remember: UNITED WE FIND!!!!!!"


AMEN! - Crypt

Posted by: Jason | 24 July 2003 | 20:24 EDT
S.C.A.L.P. Trooper THE CHAD reports - Silver Fett Fears:
"I refuse to pay a scalper 100 bucks for the Silver Bounty Hunter. I don't know whether there will be enough of the figures for the Fan Club to put on their site. When the Fan Club makes the Silver Fetts available for sell on their site, it will be like the TF Vader. Their servers will be overloaded by folks trying to get their hands on this figure. I need assistance with the Silver Fett. I don't know if a lot of people have requested the same. I did enter the contest you guys are having but I know I won't win. I am not accusing anyone of rigging the birthday bash contest you guys held, but out of the 6 or so prizes you had listed I didn't win a thing. I am also unable to go to the Wizard Con, so I will miss out on that. I don't want to miss out on this figure but it looks like I will. Oh well. I guess I an not worth enough to own this figure. So I am up the creek. I hope someone gets me one. I will only pay cost plus shipping. Thanks."


Posted by: Jason | 24 July 2003 | 13:37 EDT
Discounts until Sunday, July 27, at TOY FELLAS:
Take 8% off all orders $20.00 or more or take 16% off all orders $50.00 or more & take 20% off all orders $100.00 or more. This excludes shipping.

- enter below -

Posted by: Jason | 24 July 2003 | 13:26 EDT
Sandtrooper Larry reports:
"Hey Troops!!!! Happy B-day to ST.com. Its been awhile since my last area findings, but there hasn’t been anything to report, until now that is. At TRU, I found the Imperial 4 pack, Clone Wars AAT, and Jedi Star Fighter. They also had the new Maul and Han (Flight to Alderaan). KB has the new Star Fighter as well, along with the red Battle Droid, Maul, and Han. They also had the the Destroyer Droid Launcher deluxe figs. Gamorean Gaurds aplenty. I think at 30 dollars, they may sit there for a little while, but, hey, what do I know. Happy hunting troops!!!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 July 2003 | 9:39 EDT
Props due:
Just wanted to take this op to say it has been a GREAT 3 years overseeing Sandtroopers.com. MANY happy memories and a few tears/fights/slander/mutiny/controversy... and that was just with the crew! LOL! Anyway, this site would not be here without you troopers (first and foremost) and the unending efforts of General Jason (webmaster, madman, stairdiving friend), Spiceowan (The Enforcer, you know.. the Tim Robbins of the Sandtroopers staff), Amanaman Dan (Graffito Suprema), BIG Steve (Mr. Bookman), Count "GQ" Matchew and LONGTIME staff member and loyalist Tyler (who has been with me the longest). Special mention to my GREAT friend George "Mi Hefe" Collazo (with whom I started Sandtroopers 3 years ago and hope to work with again...). I would also like to thank THE JAWA.COM, BIG Steve Palmer and staff. You guys rock and have ALWAYS supported us from day 1. We appreciate that VERY much.
Thanks for reading/reporting and your loyalty, UNITED, WE FIND!
- Darth Crypt

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 July 2003 | 8:56 EDT
Sandtrooper froelich reports:
"Hello troops, I have an extra Darth, Luke, and Snowtrooper for $22.00 shipped if anyone is in need?"


Sandtrooper Bobb has been with us since the beginning, his internet service probably costs about 15 bucks a month, his monthly trips searching for Star Wars toys may cost him 20-25 bucks in gas, he chooses to send his reports to Sandtroopers.com: PRICELESS!
Thanks Bobb, from the whole Sandtroopers crew!!!!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 July 2003 | 8:46 EDT
The Queen of Sandtroopers reports:
"Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest SW site out there. Sorry I haven't posted lately but I recently started a new job and have been working overtime. During the past two weeks I have found the Darth Vadar Final wave at both Wal-mart and Target and the Wat Tambor wave at Target only. TRU's here still have nothing new as well as K-mart. KB's still have G. Guards floating around. I have to agree with sandtrooper "The Phil". Mostly all the figures I have found lately are not in mint condition. Lastly, I did make it to Comic-Con, got my Silver Boba Fett and got to meet Jeremy Bulloch. Happy Hunting to all."


Sandtroopette Donna, thanks for the birthday wishes from the whole Sandtroopers crew! You have been a longtime reader and loyal to the site, we really appreciate that. To all the other longtime readers and contributors to this site, we know who you troops are and that is why we keep going. Thanks everyone ...

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 July 2003 | 8:41 EDT
LONGTIME Sandtrooper Jedi-Dom reports:
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST STAR WARS SITE ON THE NET! Sandtroopers has kept us going through the dry times (like right now) and I feel we all should send this site our best wishes. Three years old? Why you don't look a day over two.
Troops, MTFBWY,"


WOW! Now that is news!!! The BEST??? Man, the ole' eyes are welling up wiff' tears Dom.... we LOVE you all... Ok, group hug! Seriously, thanks to ALL you troopers, you make the site, NOT us. We are just a few schmoze here to collect and serve, that is it. Come see us in Chicago at the Federation Toys booth on Saturday to cash in on that hug :)

Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 July 2003 | 21:24 EDT
AND the winners are:
This party is over

Silver Boba Fett courtesy of Federation Toys: oceanrocko@hotmail.com
MR F/X Saber courtesy of Brians Toys: xzd5bp@prodigy.net
Star Case Package courtesy of Wholesalecases.com: itzfitz@prodigy.net
Imperial 4 pack courtesy of D&S Sci-Fi Toy World: chris_melissa@shaw.ca
Saga Tantive IV Rebel Trooper courtesy of Toyfellas: wvanwink@bellsouth.net
Clone Trooper 3-pack courtesy of R2-DToys: bricynnel@msn.com
Red Card Luke Long Saber courtesy of Collectors Gallery Online: TheDevilsEwok@aol.com
Unleashed Palpatine courtesy of Cloud City Collectables: chicanodom@email.msn.com

Lord Spiceowan will be in contact with all of the winners to acquire contact information. We'd like to thank all of the entrants for the support and hope to bring you the best in Star Wars Collectable News and Entertainment. It has been a great start and hopefully this is only the beginning! - Staff

Posted by: Jason | 23 July 2003 | 20:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-fred's Birthday Manifest:
"Boba-fred here - I just want to give a big shout out to the Creators of this web site and to all who keep it running.

HAPPY BIG THREE ANNIVERSARY SANDTROOPERS! - That goes to all of YOU Sandtroops as well!

"I still remember way back then ... when I accidently stumbled on this site when it first fired up, it went from upgrade to fangrade with a fan base in the making. I remember the Collazo Bros. on-line store offering assistance on what you could and, could not find (I scored the last 12" Han & Taun Taun from them). From Day One I knew this would quickly become my main site and now is my Community, 'cause UNITED WE FIND! There is no other site that comes close. This is the site for all of us coming together on common ground MTFBWY ALL!

"I also apologize if some of you had to much Hatorade. I really wasn't trying to brag, I've been in misery for 7 months, with 5 more in the wait, SO DONT HATE! It's my birthday and I feel like shaking my A$$ , Shaking my A$$! SHAKIN' MY A$$!"


Word. And, as for the haters, no one said there'd be boasting, so we can go upside your head with a bottle of bub. By the way, those are fond memories for me as well, especially those early days almost three years ago when I too happened upon a Sith Lord called Crypt and a guy who had previously not used the 'net, but instead looked at the card backs to figure out what figures were coming out next - and that was Uncle George! Remember Darth Trip, Julian, Darth Sinister, General Vaughn? The Troopers who have written in over the years is perhaps the coolest part of all. Here's to three more years of Star Wars toys and controversy.

If I ain

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 July 2003 | 14:25 EDT
Sandtrooper jedichrip Extends Birthday Wishes:
Happy Birthday Sandtroopers.com

Dang, you got us straight blushing boo! Thanks jedichirp! - Crypt and crew

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 July 2003 | 14:23 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE PHIL" reports:
"Troops, Hello from So Cal! For the past four weeks I have found lots of the new figures, mostly at Target, but at K-Mart also. However, I am out of my mind FRUSTRATED because every figure I have found has been damaged. Regardless of where I have found the figures, the bubbles have been dinged and smashed. Yesterday at K-Mart I found a bunch of the figures with the new packaging... Luke, Leia, Vader, C-3PO, Snowtrooper, Jango, and many newer saga figures including Han, Chewie, R2, Boba, et. al., all with severely smashed bubbles. Yesterday's find was by far the worst I've seen in the past four weeks. Does anyone know what's going on? Is Hasbro sending them this way? Is it the retailer? Is somebody doing this? Why can't we find mint figures??"

I see a pattern here ...

Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 July 2003 | 1:31 EDT
Master Replica Mace Windu:
Hey Troops, if you want to get in on the hottest Master Replica item perhaps ever, you may want to check out the Master Replica home site and see how you can get in and score one of these very limited pieces. The signature edition will not last I'm quite sure. Don't miss out!


Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 July 2003 | 1:17 EDT
Tie Fighter in stock at K-B Kids.com
Hey Troops, over at www.kbkids.com, the new Saga Tie Fighter with exclusive pilot is in stock and shipping. Thanks to Trooper Vindicator with this hot tip. Keep them coming in.


Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 July 2003 | 0:13 EDT
Area Report:
Hey Troops, I made a quick swoop of Southeast Wisconsin this evening with the "Younglings," and, needless to say, they brought in a little luck. Dooku and Anakin Speeder Bikes at Target in Kenosha. Also hit the KB toys up on Green Bay Road where there were MANY Gammorean Guards along with new wrap AAT's and Jedi Starfighters. Also were remnants of 3-pack Army builder sets, mostly Battle Droid Launchers. This store is hot and cold, but if they are receiving inventory maybe the worm is starting to turn. That is it from this neck of the woods. Good Luck to all of you Troopers, Kick A$% and take names!

Stay tuned tomorrow Troops we will be unveiling the winners of the Sandblast Birthday Bash! United We Find.

Posted by: Jason | 22 July 2003 | 22:34 EDT

STAR WARS: Sandtroopers four pack is back in stock!

There is much more news, including the newest Takara series of Transformers and all the T/F Collection vintage re-issues back in stock too. Here are details on ALL New Items.

click to enter:

Posted by: Jason | 22 July 2003 | 21:27 EDT
"Death Star Modules Level Two (Third of a Four Part Series)" and "Scanning Crew" Dioramas by ACPin :

DSM Level Two (Lego Diorama) - click to enter ACPin SW

"The Imperial troops go back to their designated stations after Darth Vader's visit to the Hangar Bay. Scanning crews have been called to roam the captured vessel for any sign of life forms. Hidden in various compartments of the vessel are a couple of droids and four passengers.

The Second level of the merged Death Star Modules is comprised of the Briefing Room, Elevator Chasm, Fleet Display, Officers' Lounge, Conference Room and Gunner Station Level 1. The internal modules are connected by the standard Blast Doors and the levels by the Elevator Shaft."

See it all at ACPin SW.

Posted by: Jason | 22 July 2003 | 21:11 EDT
Sandtrooper ESPN Eric reports:
Car dealers in our next life
"I know it's July but it is FREEEEZING up here in New England (CT) as far as figures go. I saw one Clone Wars 3-pack at a TRU a few weeks ago and now the space on the pegs for them is gone already. That's about the most exciting thing I've seen up here. Pretty sad considering that I'm only collecting 3-3/4" figures from the Original Trilogy. Is there anybody up in CT that is finding stuff that can help a brutha out? I had teamed up for a while with Darth William a while back with a lot of success. That's the way to find what we want I guess. You out there Bill??? E-mail me if you can. Anybody else out there that I can team up with to find the goods??? Strength in numbers!!!!"


Posted by: Jason | 22 July 2003 | 21:02 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-fred reports:
"Boba-fred here. The Clone wars have begun and I unleashed the Silver Fett and all I can say is 'wow!' This fig is awesome! This is not the same plastic utilized for the R2-D2, it is a little on the soft side. I was wondering whether any one was able to remove the blaster from his side holster. Oh yeah, I brought back 9 Silver Fetts from Comic Con. Could you imagine a cloned Mandalorian army of Silver Fetts? 'Super Wow!' Let the Hunt Begin! I'm still sorting through all your e-mails, I will respond shortly."


Posted by: Jason | 22 July 2003 | 20:52 EDT
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM with Sandtrooper Lin Que:
"Lin Que here. Man I just saw the auction for all those Silver Boba Fetts. I just left a nice little e-mail for our scalper friend to digest (let em know how you feel: boamagic@hotmail.com). The sight of that makes me ill. 32 figs going to ONE person to do God know what. I shudder to think. Take Care troops and don't forget to join my petition for Quinlan Vos, Re-issued E-wing, and revised Jedi Points. Thanks!'"

Petitions, and hate mail directed at an enemy of Sandtroopers' S.C.A.L.P. Forces - how can you go wrong there? Start today.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 July 2003 | 18:37 EDT
D&S Sci-Fi Toy World Update:
Dave from D & S has sent word on new arrivals. Please go to the website for prices on new arrivals. They have had a website facelift to make things easier to navigate. They also have had a massive inventory count adding many items to the website. Come check your favorite category!. A lot of items added to the discount list too. Please e-mail D&S if you have any problems with the site, ordering, or other issues.

Spawn 23
Micronauts - Ser.2 & Red Falcon
Enterprise Trip Tucker - Coming next week
Anakin & Dooku with Speeders
New Han, Yoda & Boba Fett Unleashed - Pre-Order
New Waitress Droid & Sidious Wave - Pre-Order
New Spychanger G.I Joe Wave, Transformers & Other Beast Wars, R.I.D.
12" Gamorrean Guard, Imperial Forces 4-Pack, Acklay Beast
Deluxe Super Battle Droid & Commerce Guild Spider Droid, Obi-Kamino
Showdown & Jango Deluxe
Rebel Fleet Trooper Army Builder Set
Enterprise Broken Bow Figures - Back in Stock

- Enter Below -

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 July 2003 | 17:41 EDT
A Great Day for America
Troops, it was seriously a great day for the war effort. It has been a long time since we have given our Troops the respect they deserve and that is not to say we have forgotten about them for one minute ...

The death of Uday and Qusay Hussein comes as the best news we have had since the start of this terrible war. Although the President was quick to claim victory, let us not forget to take a minute to think, for some prayer and thanking the Real Troops that give us the liberties to live the life we do. Today is truly a victory for America's future.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 22 July 2003 | 16:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Danny B reports:
"Danny B. here from So.Cal back from Comic-Con. It's been a couple of days and still trying sort out everything I learned there. I got my Silver Fett after about a two hour wait listening to scalpers complain and broker deals in line for Fetts and Keldor figures. I was at Hasbro's presentation on Friday and when the point thing was announced there was a low grumble from the crowd, I don't think a lot of people are happy about this. They really had no answer to what happened to all of the figures except to say that they have been shipped. We also learned that Wal-mart will not be a place to look for figures because the buyer is not interested. I think it is time for retailers to start shouldering some of the blame in all of this. I actually saw people carrying flattened boxes of the Silver Fett, no doubt to put them on ebay. A great weekend in all and I wish I could have seen everything."


Thanks for the report Danny B! Speaking of Comicons, any troops going to Wizard World Chicago, make sure to hit the Federation Toys booth on Saturday so Spiceowan, Amanaman Dan, Count Matchew and I (Darth Crypt) can meet you guys in person. The Federation Toys booth is the official Sandtroopers.com crew booth for that show, so don't be bashful, come on out and "jaw it up" wiff' your humble Sandtroopin' staff!
PS: There is a rumor going around that FREE Sandtroopers T-Shirts will be given out while supplies last... Did I just say that out loud just now....$#!T...!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 22 July 2003 | 11:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedichirp is up against it:
"Jedichirp from Indy reporting. If anyone is having any luck with finding any 2003 figs in Indy, let me know where (if you want to help out a fellow trooper). I have hit the drought, like many other collectors, and it isn't fun. Thanks and good luck."


Posted by: Tyler | 21 July 2003 | 21:48 EDT
Saga Scenes In Stock at R2Dtoys!
The new Saga 3-pack cinema scenes are now in stock at R2Dtoys for 25.00 lbs each (approx $40 US) (pre-release price). VERY limited supply!
Geonosis War Chamber #1 with Poggle the Lesser, Count Dooku, San Hill and war table.
Jedi High Council #1 with Oppo Rancisis, Mace Windu and Even Piell.
Full shipment is due in August at 20.00 lbs (approx $32 US).

To find out what else they have to offer, read this week's newsletter here.

Posted by: Jason | 21 July 2003 | 19:39 EDT
Sandtrooper California Tim reports:
"Hey Troopers, It has been way too long since I have posted anything. But I know that you all know that there hasn’t been anything to post because there hasn’t been anything new for a long, long time. Well the driest spell has finally broken thanks to Wal-Mart and Target, even TRU! I managed 11 new figs at Wal-Mart, a few at Target, Clone Wars vehicles and multi packs at TRU. Unleashed have also hit TRU. I have to say that I think Obi-Wan and Sidious look the best. Too bad I’m not collecting them anymore, not enough room. I have an extra Droid Army multi pack that I am willing to trade for an Action Fleet Republic Gunship. Alright, stop laughing! I know it sounds like the impossible but I’m optimistic. Let me know whether this sounds like a deal to you."

Good Morning! And for another trade, read below for a Boba Fett feeding frenzy.

Posted by: Jason | 21 July 2003 | 19:32 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom reports:
"Jedi Dom here. I went to the Comic Con yesterday, man, what a bit of work going after a single figure! My main goal yesterday was to get a silver Boba Fett, and maybe get a chance to see Angelina Jolie. My buddies and I got there at 7 am, only to greet a line about 300 yards long! When the doors opened at 10 am, that same line became over a mile and a half long! I felt so sorry for those at the end of that one. Once we got inside, it became every man for himself. After we got into another line to purchase tickets, we jammed downstairs to the Paizo Publishing booth, only to greet another line of about an hour and a half worth of wait. Eventually (half day gone by) we were able to score what we came for, but not until all that we went through to get it. Otherwise, a pretty fun day and got to meet Mark Hamill and Jeremy Bulloch, who signed my silver Fett figure.

"Which leaves me to my extra C-9.5+ Fett that I have for trade. Seeing that I never had an opportunity to score a Toy Fair Vader from the East Coast convention, I would trade for that. Or, since ebay has these things going between $35 and $55 each, I thought this may be of interest to some. I am still in need of the following SAGA figures: Boba Fett, Aayla, Barriss, Han Solo, Chewy, Ashla & Jempa, Yoda & Chian, Luke ROJ, Vader ROJ, Snowtrooper, Padme Wedding Dress, Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor. I would be willing to trade for any combination of 9 (C-9+ mint) figures listed, but the first offer for a Vader trade will be accepted. I think this is fair, only because of the time in line, the $25 entry fee, and the rarity of the figure only being in So. Cal. Those figures are being found all over the US, so anybody could have a shot at those, in some instances at 2-for-1. Thanks."


Posted by: Jason | 21 July 2003 | 19:16 EDT
Sandrooper Brian - S.C.A.L.P. report:
"Okay, I just have to comment on Spice's latest Force of the Bay. Great article as always, but I absolutely MUST comment on the complete jack off who listed a complete sealed case of Silver Bobas on ebay. This piece of galactic crap transcends the 'power sucka' label. And who is the scumbag family member of his from Paizo who sold him FOUR entire cases! When I was at C2, Wizards of the Coast would only sell you two Jorg Saculs at a time. Once you got your 2, if you wanted more you had to chance going to the back of the line so everyone else had a chance at 'em, which I thought was more than fair since I had to sit through 3 days of listening to people brag in line about how much they got for their Sacul on ebay the night before (Ultra PUKE!). Let 'em wait in line for 2 at a time!

"This sort of practice makes my blood boil. That's 4 cases of figures that will not end up on the Fan Club website later this fall for people that can't go to ComiCon or shell out whatever these slimebags are asking for them on ebay. I'm still trying to decide whether it would be cheaper to buy a plane ticket and hotel room in a ComiCon town this summer rather than buy from these losers. It's gotta be a toss up. Grrr !!! I hope no one is crazy enough to shell out $2100 for this. I hope this slimeball gets stuck with them and chokes on them! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Have a nice day! (Except you: the eBay powerscalper) MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 July 2003 | 16:24 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Collectors Gallery Online has sent information on this weeks new arrivals. In stock and shipping are:
Clone wars Clone Trooper army 3 packs sealed C-10 $14.95
Jedi Knight army 3 packs sealed C-10 $14.95
Droid army 3 packs sealed C-10 $14.95
Destroyer Droid battle launcher sealed C-10 $14.95

Legends in 3d Greedo bust $179.95
Legends in 3d cantina band member bust $179.95
Jar Jar pez handler $24.95
Loose POTF tie fighter $8.95
Episode 1 R2-D2 roller skates $49.95
Episode 1 Darth Maul roller skates $49.95
Episode 1 podracing youth roller skates $39.95
Loose Adam Joseph Darth Vader bank $29.95
Darth Vader Suncoast vinyl figure $24.95
Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker sleeping bag sealed $29.95
Jar Jar binks inflatable chair $24.95
Toys R Us Tie Interceptor & Millennium falcon classic duels 2 pack sealed $39.95

click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 20 July 2003 | 22:52 EDT
Trooper Larry joins the S.C.A.L.P Movement:
Trooper Larry writes in with this interesting report:

"Hey troops!! New figs are starting to role in. I’m a little salted about being beaten to them by a scalper. Our local mall here in N. East Ohio held a sports card and toy showcase. Thought I'd check it out. As I was walking by K-B toys, I saw a gentleman walk out with a huge bag. Then, I realized he was a SCALPER. I watched him walk to a booth, and take out all the new figs. Everything from the Research Droids wave through the Wat Tambor wave. I walked up as he was putting new price tags over the KB price tags. I also noticed a Silver Fett he had sitting out. I waited until he put the new figs out, and to my dismay, he wanted 10 to 15 dollars per fig. I asked about the Fett, and he wanted 100 dollars even. At that point, I lost it. Several other people walked away after seeing the prices, and several others joined me in giving this scum a piece of our mind. The moral to this story? Take it to these scumbags, and let them know that we will no longer stand for it. Happy Hunting troops!"

I have asked Trooper Larry to become one of my S.C.A.L.P. agents (Sandtroopers. Com's Auxilliary Long-Range Patrol) we are putting the finishing touches on this movement that will stick it back to the people who make our collecting lives a nightmare. S.C.A.L.P. Troopers will do exactly what Larry did here, tell em to stick their $100 Boba Fett straight, um nevermind, United We Find, more details will follow.

Posted by: Jason | 20 July 2003 | 20:54 EDT
Sandtrooper brainiak76 reports:
"Hows it going troops? It's brainiak76. I was just wondering whether anyone has an extra MOMC Aayla, Yoda/Padawan, Ashla/Jempa, red Battle droid? If anyone can help out a fellow collector PLEASE EMAIL ASAP.

"And I have ONE extra MOMMMMC c10+ silver fett from Sand Diego ComiCon! I hand picked this particular Fett. There are NO stressmarks, creases, dents, bends; it's practically flawless!! I can send you as many pics as you want from any angle!! I'm that confident that this piece is perfect (Ed. Note - no one said there'd be boasting!)! I'm a picky collector myself so I would only accept a great fett!!

"I would like to trade the silver Fett for a MOMC Celebration 2 Jorg Sacul! Please let me know whether you can help me out! THANKS TROOPS & THANKS SANDTROOPERS!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 20 July 2003 | 19:54 EDT
New Arrivals at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles has received more of the newer case assortments. Supplies are limited and will sell out fast.

New Items:
Jedi Guardians - Trading Card Game
Battle of Yavin - Trading Card Game
Luke Skywalker - Unleashed
Darth Sidious - Unleashed
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Unleashed

Back In-Stock figures:
Luke Skywalker - Throne Room Duel - #17
Darth Vader - Throne Room Duel - #18
Snowtrooper - The Battle of Hoth - #19
C-3PO - Tatooine Ambush - #21
Padme Amidala - Secret Ceremony - #22
Wat Tambor - Geonosis War Room - #23
Coleman Trebor - Battle of Geonosis - #24
Battle Droid - Arena Battle #11 - Red or rust color version
Princess Leia Organa - Imperial Captive - #26
Darth Maul - Theed Hanger Duel - #25
Han Solo - Flight to Alderaan - #27

In-Stock Clone Wars Multi-Pack Figures:
Clone Trooper Army - Army of the Republic
Droid Army - Separatist Forces
Destroyer Droid - Battle Launcher - Separatist Forces

In-Stock Clone Wars Vehicles:
Armored Assault Tank - AAT - Separatist Forces
Jedi Starfighter - Army of the Republic

click to enter

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 20 July 2003 | 18:37 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #212
Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
Vintage Loose Droids Vlix (Glasslite) C-8
Price: $4,999.99
Vintage Foreign and Rare Brazilian Glasslite Droids Vlix
AFA Graded 70
Price: $10,999.99
Several Carded Brazilian Glasslite figures Reduced in price!
Visit our News Letter for a Large Selection of Loose Glasslite Figures just arrived!
Wizard World Show in Chicago!
August 8-10th, 2003
Make plans, see everybody at the show!
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Ewoks IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $34.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Luke Jedi IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $19.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Yoda IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $29.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Biker Scout IN STOCK NOW!!!
Domestic Shipping $6.00
Price: $49.99
AOTC Deluxe Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike C-9
Price: $19.99
POTF2 Limited Edition Luke and Leia Cinemacast
-reduced price-
Sale Price: $249.99
12" Vintage Loose Han Solo [Lily Ledy] C-8
Price: $299.00
Vintage Miscellaneous R2-D2 Talking R2-D2 MISB C-8.5/9
Made by Palitoy
Says 4 different Phrases and Sounds
Price: $599.99
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 20 July 2003 | 16:30 EDT
Force of the Bay
Hey Troops, just completed another vintage run through the realm of ebay. There were so many different things to drool over as usual. Many people (myself included) complain about old figures being re-issued on new cards. It appears that this is nothing new. They also did figure variants as well. So while being the loudest protesters over re-issues, it appears it is done so new collectors can keep up. The difference is back then the figures were out of the market place for years before the return of old figures on new cards. I really love digging up good ones like these. You just have to hope somebody like me doesn't come along in the last 10 seconds and, well you know. There are also the not so common items made very common by ebay. Also there are things that look very cool. However, if one was lacking moderate modeling skills, it could be a financial disaster and divorce in most cases.

That is not half as bad as something like a ankle grabbing power sucka. A good Trooper turned this laughing stock in to me. I just do not see what is so special about that offer? What was he doing cleaning up after a garage sale? Really are those figures worth a hundred dollars to start? I hope you have other means of employment other than a e-seller! Is this what they mean by the dog days of summer? What a moron, don't worry dogzero, nobody is going to steal your picture! That's it from here Troopers, until next time keep turning in slimeballs like this to me at spiceowan@sandtroopers.com and I will try to get them out here on front street for our laughing pleasure. Good luck Troops, kick a#$ and take names!

Update: Seems we have a 2 for 1 Jag Bag this weekend on Force of the Bay. Loyal Trooper Chad Ryan sent in this to make all of us puke. I will not add the comments Chad wrote in on his view of the sellers character. There You have it!

Posted by: Jason | 19 July 2003 | 21:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Steve P. reports:
"I've acquired some more Deluxe Clone Troopers and would like to offer then to some Sandtroopers for $10.49 each plus tax. I sold the Lego set, but still have the FAO Shuttle available. Thank You!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 July 2003 | 20:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Lin Que bellows to the troops:
"Lin Que here. Things are going okay here in the Midwest. New Hasbro stuff is trickling in ( I saw the new Armada Tidal Wave) but that's not the reason I'm here so please bear with me. I love Star Wars and I love collecting but after reading the Hasbro's post for their Jedi Points plan all I have to say is f@$k Hasbro. 2003 has royally shafted Star Wars collectors. Think about it; Hasbro refuses to step in and ensure cases are delivered to stores. This is a multi-million dollar company, do you think they got there by letting whatever happens happen? I don't think so. I've seen Hasbro reps before at stores clearing stock so why ignore us now? I've called Hasbro several times and got excuses for each conversation I had. So now as we all know, to get stuff that SHOULD be readily available I have to go to E-rape or a high priced Internet store. I refuse to believe that Hasbro is ignorant to all this...they just don't care. The final straw came yesterday with the Jedi points announcement. So we can bid on figures that cost two kidneys and a spleen huh?? How is that any different from E-rape or Internet store? The way I see it a large percentage of those figures will probably end up in the hands of scalpers and then straight to E-rape and the cycle begins again. Don't believe me? Look at the chrome R2...that was supposed to be a "free" figure with enough for everybody and some people got screwed because they a)ended up in the hands of scalpers be) Toys R Us played stupid and either "didn't have them" or put them out months later so TRU trash found 50 R2s for like a penny and scalped them. I know there are many fans who are openers and do have alot of points...I wish you good luck. I'm not much of an opener so I don't have many points. How does this help me?? Do I go to KB and buy all their discounted merchandise so I can compete? No matter what Hasbro wins because I give them more of my C.R.E.A.M. Hasbro has the molds to these figures so I don't think it would kill them to make a larger amount. They would win in the long run....I want a Jorg Sacul and a Toy Fair Vader. But I would be sleeping on the couch if I bought 200 figs just to get either one. The Jedi points should be fair to everybody and right now it's not. I know this is a "trail run" but I bet that 85% of those figs will not be displayed in a happy fan's collection. Hasbro is getting sloppy with reissues as well, raise your hand if you'd rather have a new Mara Jade, a Quinlan Vos, or a E-wing. Hasbro has the mold for two of those and has anyone seen how much the E-wing goes for the secondary market?? You can't tell me people wouldn't pick that bad boy up. I'd pay twenty bucks for it..that's still cheaper than what I've seen. I'm gonna start a petition for Hasbro to reissue the E-wing, Mara Jade, and make a Quinlan Vos and to reevaluate the Jedi Master points. If you agree please shoot me an email. Please specify which one you want to support and I'll put your name on the appropriate petition. Thanks for you time. Lin Que out."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 July 2003 | 20:37 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba Fred reports:
"Boba-fred here-
I just got back from Comic-Con with the 300TH silver plated Fett MOMC & Star case(Convention exclusive, so it says on the card) I am looking for an even exchange for Toy Fair VADER or Holiday Two pack w/ 3po & 2d2. From the West Coast to the East Coast lets make this happen! If you are in possesion of my Dark Lord..... then i just might release the prized Bounty Hunter!
Give me a Holler at orozco91331@yahoo.com
I would like to get a shout out to all you troopers
"Waaaz Happening!"
I know it has been a while since i have posted, But all i can say is that i hate misery. I heard of all those dry runs from way back in December, and up to two weeks ago. All i can say is this.......
Comic Con had a lot of great new figs on display Sith Witch, Imperial Dig.,12"... Old Ben, Jawas!!, and the Snitch.......just to mention a couple.
I would like to Thank Hasbro for 6-7 month, Test Pilot Program they stuck to us which sent all our fan base online with an upcharge. How far can we go if we never Know. They leave us with Wal-mart, the # 1 Toy retailer to fill our demand?(Yeah Right!).
So now lets feed Toyz r Us, Target, and Kay Bees with inventory....
Well in protest i refuse to purchase any of the new figs now, i know some fellow collectors who have stopped collecting period. Did you all notice the 12" had game and 3 3/4 did not? Well I've been very seasoned in the waiting game now, and don't mind waiting another six months to pick up my figs at $1.99. Thank You Hasbro!"


Great report Boba Fred, and your enthusiasm is well accepted! Post more... -Darth Crypt

Posted by: Steve | 19 July 2003 | 19:59 EDT
Latest NJO book is out
Hey Troops, the latest New Jedi Order book is on shelves. I have been on vacation so was unable to pick it up until today. This book marks the third and final in the Force Heretic series, titled Reunion. Once again authored by Sean Williams and Shane Dix. I am personally hoping this book is better than the first two in the series, which have been a bit of a let down as far as I am concerned. Only two more books to go in the NJO. Oh yeah, if you haven't read Shatterpoint yet, what's taking you so long?

Posted by: Steve | 19 July 2003 | 14:03 EDT
Yestertoys has new figures again
Hey Troops, looking for some new figures? Yestertoys has the newly carded versions of Leia, Han and Darth Maul, as well as the all-new figures Coleman Trebor, Wat Tambor and Padme Amidala wedding scene. They also have a lot of the newer figures still in-stock.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 July 2003 | 12:28 EDT
TRU Green A-Wing Spotted in UK:
Our Sandtrooper ally Pete from the Private Universe writes: Hey Troops, we have confirmed sighting of the Green A-Wing at TRU in the United Kingdom.The price was �29.99! Thought this may be of interest to you all.
So you can imagine they will be showing up soon. More repainted vehicles to clutter your closets or shelfs.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 July 2003 | 21:55 EDT
Finally a use for Jedi Points?
After years and many ziplock bags Hasbro announced today plans to use your Jedi Points. For years now people have kicked around what exclusive they will be used for ect., however it appears they will be used in a auction like format for hard to get figures such as Toy Fair Darth Vader, Commander Jorg Sacul, and the Automated Astromech R2-D2 (you know, the $100 one nobody bought!). For the entire story click here. I personally can't believe it. I have thousands of points saved up I can't wait to see what they will end up doing.

Posted by: Jason | 18 July 2003 | 21:22 EDT
Bow Down and Tremble, Why Don't You?

Palisades Toys Cobra Commander Mini Bust $34.99

Back In Stock Unleashed Wave 5
    Luke Skywalker Mint $19.99, Not Mint $15.99
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Mint $19.99, Not Mint $15.99
    Darth Sidious Mint $19.99, Not Mint $15.99

- enter below -

Ed. note: The Palisades Cobra Commander bust with battle helmet is a must-have for CC freaks, especially if you already own the Palisades statue of the Commander in his ceremonial cowl (aka Hooded Cobra Commander)

"I, of course, am the ORIGINAL inimitable COBRA COMMANDER! Bow down and tremble, why don't you?" - G.I.Joe #98
"Circumstances are NEVER in your favor if you are weak-willed namby-pamby SECOND GUESSERS! -G.I.Joe #108 (Tip o'the hat to Lord Spiceowan)

Posted by: Jason | 18 July 2003 | 20:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"Hi Troops, I need a Luke Throne room, Vader Throne room and Snowtrooper for a buddy of mine who's having a birthday soon. Our Target hasn't had anything since I found mine. If you Troopers can help, I'd appreciate it. I will pay cost plus shipping plus a 5 dollar finders fee, or trade. I have Ephant Mon (x2) and an Extra Aayla Secura. They could have an Ephant, and an Aayla, or both Ephant Mons. Thanks, I am a Bounty Hunter ... without a fee. Thanks again!"

And, remember Sithryan was also selling some items to make room for Saga and Clone Wars stuff? Read on ...

Well, here it is. Not huge, I know, but some good stuff nonetheless. I priced fairly, as I am looking to make space, not profit. I'm no scalper scum!!!! The figures will go first come first serve, shipping is 4.00 for 1-2 figures, and add 1.00 each additional figure. They will be sent priority mail, well packed and padded. All figures are in great shape, (cards bubbles, etc, unless otherwise noted.) When placing an order, please put TOY PURCHASE ORDER in subject line, as I got sooooo many emails about this list, it will help me keep them straight. Also include your address for shipping. Money orders or cash only please. Thanks!!!!!

    Greedo, no hologram 5.00
    Bib Fortuna (slight crease bottom corner) 5.00
    Admiral Ackbar with slide 5.00
    2-1B Medical Droid 5.00
    Gammorean Guard with slide 7.00
    Snowtrooper no hologram 5.00

    Chewbacca 5.00
    Boba Fett dots both hands, chest emblem present 8.00
    R2-D2 5.00

Episode I
    Qui Gon Jinn Naboo (brown cloak) 4.00
    Obi Wan Kenobi Naboo (brown cloak) 4.00
    R2-D2 booster rockets- 5.00
    Queen Amidala Coruscant- 5.00
    Ki Adi Mundi 5.00
    Senator Palpatine 4.00

Power Of the Jedi
    Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi- 5.00
    Tusken Raider Desert Sniper- 5.00
    Sabe 4.00
    Bespin Guard 4.00
    Mas Amedda 7.00
    Shmi Skywalker 5.00
    Queen Amidala Theed invasion 7.00
    Rebel Trooper 5.00
    Zutton (snaggletooth) 5.00
    Mon Calamari Officer 5.00
    Battle droid boomer damage 5.00

    25th Anniversary pack Vader vs. Obi Wan Kenobi 10.00 (4.00 shipping)
    Episode 1 Sebulbas podracer 15.00 (7.00 shipping)
    (both of these are also in great shape, and in package never opened)


Posted by: Jason | 18 July 2003 | 20:34 EDT
Sandtrooper Sceb reports:
"Troopers, I just got back from Comic Con and it was a blast! I could only afford to go for one day, but wish I could have stayed for at least two since there was so much to see. I bought the "Blue" Clonetrooper bust and they "scan" you after purchase for a contest for your image to be on a "clonetrooper" bust. That was cool!

"I've got an extra Silver Boba Fett that was signed by Jeremy Bulloch himself up for trade. That's right, the man was there, which I didn't realize until I got there. But the autograph cost extra and the line for "Fett" took me over 3 hours to get him, not to mention travel time, expense and cost of the ticket; basically he was very hard to get. I'm looking to trade Fett for either a Toy Fair Vader or a Jorg Sacul figure on a C-8 or better card. I'd say that's the condition of my card. So, email me and let me know!"

Fett Feeding Frenzy

Posted by: Jason | 18 July 2003 | 19:47 EDT
Sandtrooper John J. reports:
"Just wanted to say that I found the new Vader, Luke with glove on wrong hand, C-3PO, Han Hoth, Snowtrooper and recarded Jango pilot figures at the Delafield, Wisconsin Wal-Mart. They had one case and they were in mint condition. This is my first find in over three months. Take care and keep the faith."


Posted by: Jason | 17 July 2003 | 22:27 EDT
New Sandblast Prize Added - Clone Troopers:
Added tonight is a Clone Wars Clone Trooper Army three-pack from r2dtoys. Click the SANDBLAST BIRTHDAY BASH button above for more details. Good luck!

Birthday Prize #7

Posted by: Jason | 17 July 2003 | 21:32 EDT

KEBco Toys has listed more new Clone Wars products for Pre-Order, including : Clone Wars Durge, Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Wars Asaii Ventress, Clone Wars Mace Windu, Durge with Speeder Bike, Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike, Jedi Council Cinema Scene and Geonosian War Room Cinema Scene. Individual Figures and Cases are available.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure.

Be sure to enter the July Giveaway for a $250 shopping spree. Visit www.kebcotoys.com today!

Posted by: Jason | 17 July 2003 | 15:36 EDT
Sandtrooper jedijaybird reports:
"I finally found some of the latest figures Tuesday at my local Plymouth, Minnesota TRU store. They also had the Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter and Droid Tank, so I picked those up as well, though they aren't pictured here. They also had a few Aayla Securas, Yoda with Padawans and Clone Kid with Taun We. Here, too, is a link to some of my toyroom photos."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 17 July 2003 | 10:37 EDT
Sandtrooper mcmbkc reports:
"Once again I have to part with my collection. I guess it's not meant to be. Oh well! I have a bunch of loose figures up for sale. MOST of them I'd be willing to part with for $1.50 ea. If you are looking for something specific or want a list please email me Have a good one!"

Leaving the hobby? NEVER!!!!!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 16 July 2003 | 23:28 EDT
Trooper Darth-Dallas Reports:
"Troops I found what were left of a new shipment today at the Super Target on Commercial Blvd and University Dr. in Lauderhill, Florida. I was able to pick up a mint Barriss Offee, a mint Ashla & Jempa and a corner dinged Lama Su and Clone Youth. I have noticed that it is almost impossible to find these MOMC. I NEVER buy figs unless they are truly mint but I am bending the rules on the last of the Blue Saga cards. I have a bad feeling about their availability in the long run now that the new Gold cards are out. If I am wrong then good, I can buy a second set that is mint. Speaking of Gold cards am I the only collector in the galaxy that has the new Gold card Luke, Vader and Snowtrooper that still hasn't found the new Tusken Raider, Padme Amidala Droid Factory Chase and Darth Tyranus figures? Just checking. Well keep looking troops. I am still hunting for some more Snowtroopers. 10 days till the Boys open training camp, MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 16 July 2003 | 23:20 EDT
Wholesalecases.com Update:
Attention all REAL Troopers, check out Wholesalecases.com for Deluxe Acrylic Star Wars. This super high quality item has been out of stock for some time and will be in stock Friday July, 18th. They will ship out soon after, so those of you who pre-ordered they will go out the following Monday. This item will go fast so don't miss out on the absolute best way to store your high dollar treasures. Enter below.

Protect your stuff with our stuff!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 16 July 2003 | 23:08 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Collectors Gallery Online is now taking pre-orders for both Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader F/X Lightsaber for $129.00 and will be shipped in October. Also huge sale on Master Replica Jedi Training Remote for $169.95, Darth Vader Lightsaber $189.95, Darth Vader Saber w/ case $214.95, also Darth Maul Lightsaber $299.95

Many reductions on Action Fleet:
R2D2/jabbas palace transforming playset $24.95
Yoda/dagobah transforming playset $24.95
Chewbacca/Endor transforming playset $24.95
Jabba/Mos Eisley transforming playset $24.95
Classic character figure pack $11.95
Imperial shuttle action fleet $14.95
Galoob Twin pod cloud car alpha series $34.95
Galoob Y-wing alpha series $34.95
Star tours mug $14.95
Case of 24 poly bagged Star Wars Pez with counter display $119.95
Galoob battle packs #6 Dune Sea $14.95
Galoob battle packs #8 desert palace $14.95

click to enter

If you haven't entered the Sandblast Giveaways, what are you waiting for?

Posted by: Jason | 16 July 2003 | 18:46 EDT
"Death Star Modules Level One" Diorama by ACPin, Second of a Four Part Series:

DSM Level One (Lego Diorama) - click to enter ACPin SW

"The Imperial troops have assembled at the Hangar Bay with the arrival of Darth Vader, who is interested in the whereabouts of the passengers in the captured vessel. Oblivious to the happenings in the Hangar Bay, other Imperial techs and troopers go about their business in the lower level.

"The first level of the merged Death Star Modules is comprised of the 3-Way Hallway, Elevator Chasm, Incinerator, Trash Compactor, Transports Bay and Hangar Bay. The internal modules are connected by the standard Blast Doors while some have open access to the Hangar Bay."

See it all at ACPin SW.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 July 2003 | 14:10 EDT
Sandtrooper HOTJEEP reports:
"News from Lower MI. New stuff is starting to show. KB got 1 Tambor and 1 Amidala. Both were held for somebody 3 times over. 4 Gamorrean guards sitting guarding AOTC figures for 1.99. A2 Toys R Us received the new Clone Wars ships and figures but no 3 packs to be found, with Imperial packs all over the place."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 July 2003 | 10:01 EDT
LONGTIME Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
"Here's some good news and bad news. The Target in Killeen, TX received the Wat Tambor Wave, to include: Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, Ceremony Amidala, Han Solo Alderaan, Princess Leia, Red Battle Droid, Darth Maul, Aayla Secura, Bariss Offee, Lama Su w/ Clone Youth, Yoda & Chian and Ashla & Jempa. This adds up to a BIG score. Now the bad news. They were all damaged, and I mean severely. All the cards were bent beyond recognition with some of the bubbles being separated from the cards. Needless to say, they are still sitting on the pegs. It is a theme lately and takes all the pleasure from finding the newest figs on my daily hunt! starfox signing out."


Posted by: Jason | 15 July 2003 | 22:25 EDT

HEROES OF CYBERTRON PRE-ORDER: BBTS has negotiated another shipment of HoC Wave 3 and Wave 4 with Hasbro. These pre-order items will be arriving in late August. Instead of hitting every Walgreens in a 50-mile radius this Fall, maybe finding one or two figures from the assortment, get them from BigBad in full sets this August! I saw Grimlock and Hot Rod once and they didn't last!

There is much more news, including 'BOTCON 2003' info and many other items. Click for Details on ALL New Items.

click to enter:

Posted by: Jason | 15 July 2003 | 20:08 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"The last couple of weeks have been pretty good in Western NY. Targets (mainly) seem to be the place to load up. Over the last 2 or 3 weeks, they've gotten every new figure that's available. So, the area reports stay consistent. Last week saw the Luke, Vader & Snowtrooper wave on Monday & Saturday saw the Wat Tambor & Coleman Trebor. TRU had the Wat wave, albeit briefly, a week ago. Friday they received a single case of the new Jedi Starfighter & AAT vehicles. So, I think the troops can rest a little easier knowing that new figures are out there.

"Regarding Targets & when they put their stuff out, I can only add this. On any given day, I usually hit 2 different Targets. One always has their shelves stocked by the time they open. The other one usually does not stock toys until later in the morning. The reason is that they got tired of the Hot Wheels collectors killing themselves trying to be the first ones in the doors & down the aisles. Whenever the doors opened, it was always a sprint (literally) to the Hot Wheels display. Believe me, I've been there. Man, these guys are nuts!

"So, to rectify the problem, no toys are put out at that Target prior to the opening of the store. As far as deliveries go, each Target seems to be a bit different as well. I know for a fact, by talking to one of the stock guys, that the Target in Niagara Falls will have 4 trucks this week. Most times they will get either 2 or 3 in a week. Think that's consistent with most Targets. Obviously by the holiday season, these stores are getting trucks every day. Just my two cents, for what it's worth. Hope it helps."


It's worth A LOT, believe us JC, thank you! Any other Troops have any more "Truck Day" information, whether it be Target, Wal-Mart, TRU, et al? Is anyone out there in Trooperland intentionally being mislead by store managers? I had a K-B manager give me faulty leads as far as when trucks come in just to throw me off the chase!

Posted by: Jason | 15 July 2003 | 19:39 EDT
New Sandblast Prize Added:
Try this one on for size, added tonight is a Power of the Force orange card long saber Luke. Contributed by Collectors Gallery Online. Click the SANDBLAST BIRTHDAY BASH button above for more details. Good luck and thank you!

Posted by: Jason | 15 July 2003 | 19:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"Troopers! Hit your local Fred Meyer or Kroger stores, as I found Spider Droids at 4 Fred Meyers today for 9.99 each. I opened one, and they RULE!!! Keep ypur eyes open!!!!! They are out there! Feel the FORCE!!! It is getting stronger!

"I have also decided to sell quite a few of my POTJ, EP1, and POTF orange and green cards to make room for all the new saga booty out there. I am selling most for 5 bucks each plus shipping. No scalper markups. Could you post this info and my e-mail on the main page, and I will e-mail a list to anyone who wants it? I've got some good stuff, just no room. My bedroom walls are wallpapered with Star Wars toys, and I can't hang anything new. Time to clean house. I will hook up some troops with cheap toys. Thanks!!!"


Give Ryan an e-mail response, he's a good Trooper and trader. His loss of room can be your gain!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 15 July 2003 | 18:48 EDT
Force of the Bay-Giving Props:
With Wizard World Chicago on our doorstep, I was browsing the props section of ebay. There are some amazing replicas for sale but pack that intergalactic credit card. Take aim with this bad boy. For that kind of dough I'd expect it to fire blaster rounds. There were many accessories for the Stormtrooper costume. The boots were a previous hit and since featuring the blaster I thought we'd give you a place to hang it. Again very costly but very authentic looking, you get what you pay for I guess. There are many avenues to take in putting together the ultimate Darth Vader costume. I found a great head start to create the perfect Sith Lord. Another cheap idea would be to throw together a Han Solo (ANH) costume or a ragged old Members Only Goldenrod jacket and one of these and you should be good to go. I have seen many different life sized props. There have been some good and some that we all have gotten a pretty good laugh at. I found this professor was more impressive, the price was a little funny. Just makes you wonder what they actually put into it, material and time-wise. Impressive to say the least. You can find it all and then some 24 hours a day. Please take caution of who you are dealing with and try to review their feedback rating before doing business with them.Sandtroopers.com neither endorses ebay or the sellers featured in this column. Good luck Troops, Kick A$% and take names.

Posted by: Jason | 15 July 2003 | 18:28 EDT
Update from the Guys at Toyfellas:
Back In Stock Unleashed Wave 5
    Luke Skywalker Mint $19.99, Not Mint $15.99
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Mint $19.99, Not Mint $15.99
    Darth Sidious Mint $19.99, Not Mint $15.99

Items Coming Soon
    We will be getting many new exciting Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers,
    McFarlane’s Sportspicks, Stikfas & Matrix Revolution figures.

- enter below -

Posted by: Tyler | 15 July 2003 | 15:44 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #26
3.75" SILVER BOBA FETT Convention Exclusive Figure
�15 (approx $25) includes a Star Case - BOBA FETT arrives October 2003 - preorder now before we pre-sell out !!

We will receive the following items VERY soon as pre-release ! Pre-order them NOW, we will only get a few !
Bounty Hunter 4-pack �32
Republic Command Gunship �45
Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter �29
Armoured Assault Tank �29

Special TOMY Japanese Exclusive Mini-Statues:
Luke Jedi w/ sail barge, Boba Fett w/ Han in Carbonite, Qui Gon w/ Darth Maul, Yoda and Han w/ Chewbacca. These are VERY limited and will not be sold in Europe. Full sets available only.
�29 per set includes ALL 5 packs !!
ALMOST SOLD OUT !! For a few closer images please check our homepage
Kubrick Boba Fett, IG-88 & Bossk (and full Bounty Hunter sets, almost sold out) from �8 each
16" Plush from Tomy Japan, these are awesome ! Re-stock arrived. Yoda, Jawa and Wicket the ewok. �33 each FINAL STOCKS REMAIN !!

To read the remainder of this newsletter click here.

Posted by: Jason | 14 July 2003 | 18:35 EDT
Sandtrooper Brainiak reports:
" 'Sup everyone? Keep your collecting heads up!! NEWER FIGS FINALLY HIT North Cal! I went to Wal-Mart today and found Throne room Luke and Vader, snowtrooper, rehash C-3PO and Jango, Hoth Han, Mynock Chewy, Boba POC, Flying r2! And at TRU no new signs of CW stuff, just the ships! The new Marvel Legends seies 4 is pretty much everywhere here also! Later TROOPS!"


Posted by: Jason | 14 July 2003 | 18:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"Hey, wanted to drop a transmission to all the troops out there in the Badlands who are getting miffed at not finding those toys! Follow the Bantha tracks to Target on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. According to a local Trader, Target gets trucks on these days, and stocks in the morning hours, like 8-10 am after they unload their Star Wars goodies! No guarantee Star Wars will be on every truck, but maybe this is standard for all Targets to stock on these days. If nothing is stocked at opening time, check back in a couple of hours, as I did, and maybe you'll get some new booty. Found Vader, Coleman, and Luke today . . . remember Master Yoda's training . . . 'You must be calm, passive . . .' Good advice. Feel the Force!!!!!!!!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 July 2003 | 15:46 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"This is for the Troops that live in Huntsville, Alabama. TRU got in a load of Imperial 4-packs. I wanted to pass it on. In other news, I was about to give up the SW collecting biz because of no new figures being out until today. Now, before people start e-mailing me "I told you so's," My Target got in these guys:

Thrown Room Luke
Snowtrooper - bought him
Thrown Room Vader - bought him
Red Battle droid - crash as usually
the new C-3PO
Coleman Trebor

"I took a while but we now have them. I thank everyone for their support and encouragement. Not to mention some slaps in the face. Take care. If you are having trouble finding figures, take it from me, I almost gave up and I still found what I was looking for."


THE CHAD, "Never give up, Never surrender!" - Crypt

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 July 2003 | 15:19 EDT
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM with Sandtrooper Lin Que:
"Lin Que with another Omaha report. Things have beem odd the past few days with Target having a HUGE blowout of old stuff. Lots of Deluxe packs and AT-TE wave Action Fleet marked down. I even saw Prince Adam wave MOTU and Simpons marked for clearance. Friday on a hunch I went to a Target and saw Aayla Secura!!! She was sitting there all by herself begging me to liberate her. Sunday I received an e-mail of a fellow Omaha trooper scoring big. I cursed my luck because I had put in order for a case just last week with the same figs he found. Today on a funny feeling I stopped into my local Target at 9:25 in the morning and was suprised to see new figs!!! They had Aayla, Bariss and the new gold card wave with Coleman and Wat. I grabbed Coleman and Bariss for openers and left the other stuff there (I still have to laugh because this is the wave that now I'll have to wait until August to receive. Had I not ordered the case I wouldn't see anything). I'm not gonna start celebrating yet because I don't know whether this is a fluke or folks finally getting their act together. A local comic book store had some Clone Wars stuff (Droid Army deluxe pack and AAT). Wal-Mart still has their thumbs up their butts so Target is the place!!! Keep hitting your Targets and you will find the figures!!!"

Posted by: Jason | 14 July 2003 | 11:30 EDT
Sandtrooper starfox reports:
"The Wal-Mart in Killeen, Texas had the new Throne Room Vader & Luke, Snowtrooper, C-3PO, Flying R2, Jango Fett Kamino Escape and a few others. Now the bad news, many of the cards were severely bent and had some bubble damage. Nothing else new here. Target dry, K-Mart dry, Toys 'R' Us did have the new Jedi Fighter & Battle Tank, but no new Clone Troopers yet. Thant's all from Central Texas. Starfox signing out."


Posted by: Jason | 14 July 2003 | 11:23 EDT
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi reports:
"More Star Wars found in the last 4 days in Auburn, Massachusetts. On Thursday, I found the new Leia, Maul, and Han rehashes at Target. On Friday I found the Luke/Vader Throne rooms and the C-3P0 and Jango rehashes and Wal-Mart. Today at Target I found Padme, Wat, and Coleman. And at TRU I found the new Clone Wars Ships of Armored Assault Tank, and the Jedi Starfighter, both marked at $21.99. The only new figure I need now is the Snowtrooper. Hope your finds are as good as mine. Later Troops."

Might I recommend Trooper Darth Dallas to help you find that Snowtrooper figure?

Posted by: Jason | 14 July 2003 | 11:14 EDT
Sandtroper Jedi Dom reports:
"Hey Troops, It's good to hear that fellow troopers around the nation are finding all these great SW figs. Here in East Central Wisconsin - nada. To top it off, the local TRU is remodeling and won't get any new stock until late August. I know, cry me a river. I am in need of just about everything from the flying R2 wave on.

"Anyway, I thought I'd report on the new Hallmark ornaments since that's all we have around here. So far three ornaments are out. C-3PO, TIE Fighter, and mini Clone Troopers. 3PO is cool, although his silver shin isn't metallic like the rest of him. He will go well with the R2-D2 ornament that came out awhile back. The TIE Fighter is great and makes movie sounds when the battery is installed. I passed on the mini Clone Troopers. There is a standard all-white trooper and a red trooper, but they are really tiny and for ten bucks I'll wait for the regular size ornament to come out (some day). In October, Hallmark will be releasing Padme in her torn arena ensemble and Yoda with his lightsaber drawn. Both look very nice if you trust the catalog pictures. Hey Spiceowan, pick me up a clone trooper multi-pack, will ya? That's all for now. MTFBWY."


I have dispatched Lord Spiceowan and his S.C.A.L.P. agents (Sandtroopers. Com's Auxilliary Long-Range Patrol) on a mission against the Lake County toy hoarders and 'black market' enemies to track down Clone 3-packs. More on S.C.A.L.P. and how YOU can join next ish.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 13 July 2003 | 21:45 EDT
New Arrivals at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles has received the following new Star Wars items. Supplies are limited and will sell out quickly.
In-stock figures:
Luke Skywalker-Throne Room Duel-#17
Darth Vader-Throne Room Duel-#18
Snowtrooper-Battle of Hoth-#19
C-3P0-Tatooine Ambush-#21
Padme Amidala-Secret Ceremony-#22
Wat Tambor-Geonosis War Room-#23
Coleman Trebor-Battle of Geonosis-#24
Red Battle Droid-Arena Battle-#11
Princess Leia Organa-Imperial Captive-#26
Darth Maul-Theed Hangar Duel-#25
Han Solo-Flight to Alderaan-#27
Chewbacca-Mynock Hunt-#14
Han Solo-Hoth Rescue-#13

In Stock Clone Wars Multi-packs:
Clone Trooper Army-Army of the Republic
Droid Army-Separatist Forces
Destroyer Droid-Battle Launcher-Separatist Forces

In Stock Clone Wars Vehicles:
Armored Assault Tank-AAT-Separatist Forces
Jedi Starfighter-Army of the Republic

In Stock 12-inch Figures:
Gamorrean Gaurd
Lando Calrissian-Skiff Disguise
AT-ST Driver
Han Solo-A New Hope

click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 13 July 2003 | 18:46 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Dallas reports:
"Hey troops, I found some new figs at the Wal-Mart on Oakland Blvd. and University today in Sunrise, Florida. 'Wow' is all I can say. I checked several Super Wal-marts last night and they had new stock in the aisle's but no Star Wars figures. Today I go to a regular Wal-mart to pick up some ant killer and found Two Darth Vader Throne Room Duel as well as Two Luke Skywalker Throne Room Duel and my favorite figure, the Snowtrooper. I bought one of each accept for the Snowtrooper. I had to have two of those. They also had Jango Fett Kamino Escape and C-3PO Tatooine Ambush. I left those for the children.

"I want to warn the Broward County area collectors that I am not a scalper. When you see my cart full with the new Snowtrooper figs please don't give me bad looks. I am obsessed with the Snowtrooper. The Snowtrooper was my favorite fig as a kid when ESB came out and now that I have bought a new home and have a room to fill I am going to have a whole wall devoted to, you guessed it, the Snowtrooper. Could someone explain to me why my Luke I bought today has his black glove on the left hand instead of the right? The picture on the back and the movie itself portrays Luke's right hand with the glove. How could Hasbro mess that up. Well I like these new cards, I will say that. Life is getting better. New figs on the shelves and the Dallas Cowboys open training camp in 13 days! Now I need to find that new 12 inch Biker Scout. Take care troops and MTFBWY! Now get your hands off those Snowtroopers and put them in my cart!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 13 July 2003 | 15:46 EDT
Area Finds:
Hey Troops, no sign of new figures in this area. The Clone Wars Multi-packs are still at the Gurnee, Il Toys R Us, along with not new Tantive IV Rebel Troopers but old POTJ cards! Go figure. Also in stock were the "new" AAT and repainted Jedi Starfighters. I found what Hasbro did with all of the Starfighers that were boxed up and sent back last summer. They could have at least painted the AAT for cryin' out loud. I still didn't really see any new figures on the new cards. Good luck to you Troopers in your finds.

We'd like to say thank you to the hundreds of people entering the Sandblast Birthday Bash Contest. The Staff felt it necessary to give back to the people who make this site as great as it is. Thank You to all of our readers who make the site a good read and pleasant to collect with. We would also like to thank our sponsors for making this such a great party. We hope to add more prizes leading up to the drawings on the 23rd of this month. Happy Birthday Sandtroopers, kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason | 12 July 2003 | 22:23 EDT
Sandblasting Continues - New Prize Added:
Added to the prizes tonight is the Master Replicas Anakin Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber. Contributed by Brian's Toys and Brian Semling, proprietor and author of "Everything You Wanted to Know About Star Wars Collecting." Click the SANDBLAST BIRTHDAY BASH button above for more details and best of luck to all the entrants, and thanks for entering!

Posted by: Jason | 12 July 2003 | 21:38 EDT

RE-ISSUE: Hasbro Optimus Prime, Nucleon Quest Prime, Starscream
VINTAGE: Star Saber, Landcross & more
BEAST WARS: TM2 Blackarachnia
Japanese BEAST WARS: Sealed Seacon Sets, Leo Convoy, C-1 Optimus & more
MEGA PVC: Starscream, Optimus, Metallic Megatron
ARMADA: Star Saber and Dark Saber Swords
JAPANESE ARMADA: Jetfire and Starscream

LORD OF THE RINGS: We have the hard to find Prologue Elven Warrior for $11.99 as well as the previously sold out Gollum for $9.99
MICRONAUTS SERIES 2: The 2nd retro series of Micronauts has arrived. The quality is much improved over the first series. Series 2 sets of 4 and sets of 16 are available as well as the boxed Red Falcon figure

Click for Details on ALL New Items.

click to enter:

Posted by: Jason | 12 July 2003 | 20:54 EDT
"Death Star Modules Lower Level" Diorama by ACPin

DSM Lower Level (Lego Diorama) - click to enter ACPin SW

"The lower level of the merged Death Star Modules comprises of the Power Station and the Biker Scouts Facility. Both modules have common access to the lower open hangar bay used by the TIE Bombers and Biker Scouts with their speeder bikes.

The first in a four part series of Lego Death Star Modules featured level by level. The different modules have been built separately over the course of three months. The modules have been merged by level to create four levels of the Death Star."

See it all at ACPin SW.

Posted by: Jason | 12 July 2003 | 20:22 EDT
Sandtrooper XbrandonX with a Dateline Follow-Up:
Now, a Dateline follow-up12 Inch Biker Scouts:"Hi, XbrandonX here. I posted a few days ago that I'd have an extra Biker Scout and an Extra Yoda. I got the case, and ended up with only 1 Biker Scout, but 2 Lukes and 2 Yodas. I still have the two extra if anyone wants them. Apologies to those who e-mailed me about the Biker Scout. Please e-mail if interested!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 July 2003 | 20:00 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #211 Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Biker Scout BACK ORDER Domestic Shipping $6.00
Price: $49.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Ewoks IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $44.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Luke Jedi IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $29.99
Saga ROTJ 12" Boxed Yoda IN STOCK NOW!!!
Price: $29.99
Saga Ultimate Bounty 4 Pack - IN STOCK!!!
Price: $39.99
Saga Star Tours Carded R5-D2 C-9 - IN STOCK
Price: $21.99
Saga Star Tours Carded R5-D2 C-7/8 - IN STOCK
Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Wat Tambor Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Colman Trebor Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Padme Wedding Dress Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Aayla Secura Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Ashla & Jempa Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Barriss Offee Price: $14.99
AOTC Carded Lama Su & Clone Boy Price: $14.99
AOTC Carded Yoda & Chian Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Jango Fett (Kamino Escape) 2nd Card Price: $19.99
AOTC Carded Battle Droid (Arena Battle) Red Price: $9.99
-ANH Carded C-3PO Removable Arm Price: $19.99
ANH Carded Han Solo Flight to Alderaan Price: $19.99
ANH Carded Leia Organ Imperial Capture Price: $19.99
-ESB Carded Han Hoth Price: $14.99
ESB Carded Chewy Mynock Hunt Price: $14.99
ESB Carded Snowtrooper Price: $19.99
-ROTJ Carded Darth Vader Throne Room Duel Price: $19.99
ROTJ Carded Luke Jedi Throne Room Duel Price: $19.99
ROTJ Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon Price: $16.99
-TPM Carded Darth Maul Theed Hanger Duel Price: $19.99
Saga Master Replica Luke's ESB Lightsaber Domestic Shipping $12 - IN STOCK!!!
Limited to 3,500 - Display Case Included
Price: $329.99
Saga Master Replica Luke's ESB Lightsaber Signature Edition- IN STOCK!!!
- Domestic Shipping $12
- Limited to 1,500
- Display Case Included
Price: $439.99
Saga Exclusives Double Deal Silver Boba Fett C-9 & C-7/8
- Includes Free Star Cases
Price: $149.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-7/8
- Includes a Free Star Case
Also includes a free 12" Han Endor
Price: $74.99
Please inquire if you have recently purchased a Silver Boba Fett from us to take advantage of these great offers.
You can purchase the C-9 or C-7/8 for the difference in cost of the combo deal. Have your invoice number availible. Just refer
Clone Wars Vehicles Boxed Armored Assault Tank C-9 IN STOCK!!!
Price: $34.99
Clone Wars Vehicles Boxed Jedi Starfighter (Green) C-9 IN STOCK!!!
Price: $24.99
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Jason | 12 July 2003 | 19:57 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"On another note, my local Target lied to me today when I called to ask if they had figures (they have been bare). The employee told me they didn’t have any at all, and I found out they had 2 cases of the gold card wave TODAY! He must have mistaken me for scalper scum. I can't believe it. Thanks for the help. It is appreciated. I haven't gotten a new toy since I ordered my Aaylas from ebay. Thanks!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 July 2003 | 9:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
"Target in Norfolk, VA has marked down the big Jabba Lego set to $20.89 from $29.99. Not sure if other Targets share the markdown."


Posted by: Jason | 11 July 2003 | 21:39 EDT
SANDWATCH - Barriss Offee
"Where was this figure when I was standing in line at Celebration 2? If I ain't rap 'cause I huntin' droids on Tatooine, would you be ashamed to tell your friends, you feelin' me?" Sandtrooper 50 Cent guest-stars in tonight's edition of SANDWATCH. Up for review is Barriss Offee, with all the usual analysis and rhetoric, and SANDWATCH FIGURE EMPHASIS thumb gallery. Enter here.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 July 2003 | 20:50 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"We just received the new 12" assortment of Ewoks, Yoda, Luke Jedi, and Biker Scout; though the Biker Scout is already sold out.
Also, we just received the Star Tours R5-D2 figure today."

Brian's Toys

Posted by: Jason | 11 July 2003 | 20:02 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Hitch reports:
"Hi Troops! Well, Star Wars is smiling here at Target in Spokane, WA. I picked up new figures of Coleman Trebor, Wat Tambor, Wedding Padme, and Darth Maul. They also had the Red Battle Droid, as well as Aayla and Barriss. Also, Target has clearanced ALL of their Deluxe packs, Accessory packs, and the Action Fleet vehicles to $6.98. Toys 'R' Us chimes in with the Clone Trooper and Droid Army 3 packs, as well as more of the 12" Lando Wave. Also, I don't know how far across the nation Fred Meyer is but I have noticed the deluxe Spider Droid and Super Battledroid Builder at two different Fred Meyer locations in the Valley. That's it for now! Hang in there Troops!"


Posted by: Jason | 10 July 2003 | 21:17 EDT
Sandtrooper Jimmy1236 reports:
"Hello to all. I found the Clone Wars packs at the Toys 'R' Us in Poughkeepsie, NY. I picked up the Clone Troopers and one of the Destroyer Droid packs, there are still a few of those left. Also, has anyone found the different colored Clone Troopers like those that have been shown online in the past months? Thanks a lot!"


Posted by: Jason | 9 July 2003 | 23:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
"I am looking for the new Gold card Vader, Luke, and Coleman Trebor. I have for trade Ephant Mon (x2) and Aayla Secura, both c-8.5 or better, carded. If you could help me with this, I'd be much obliged, and thank you!!!"


Posted by: Count Matchew | 9 July 2003 | 22:21 EDT
New at Cloud City:
Now in Stock at Cloud City:

Ultimate Bounty 4-pack, Clone Wars Jedi Star Fighter (Green), Clone Wars Trade Federation Tank, 12" Biker Scout, 12" Ewok, 12" Luke Jedi, 12" Yoda.

The Gold Card Han, Leia, and Darth Maul figures are still in stock. The rest of the new case assortment will be back in stock on July 22nd. We will also have the newly released Waitress Droid, Cantina Alien, and Darth Sidious figures at that time.

Visit www.cloudcity.com to place your order while supplies last.

- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason | 9 July 2003 | 19:16 EDT
AnimeDave'sWorld UPDATE:
We have updated our vintage Star Wars page and loose figures.

Takara Transformers Gen 1 Reissue #8 Inferno $33.50 ea & #9 Starscream includes: Bonus DVD & Megatron hand gun. $37.50 ea.
NEW PREORDER: Takara Collection #10 Soundwave w/ Laserbeak Cassette Reissue Misb $50 ea. THE LOWEST PRICE ON THE WEB WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

enter below

Posted by: Jason | 9 July 2003 | 17:11 EDT
Sandtrooper JIMSJEDI reports:
"Found some of the newer waves of figures today at my local Target. I found the new Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Darth Maul. I was looking over the packaging and noticed a possible misprint. On the back card of the Han figure it's numbered #27, but on the both sides of the bubble it is numbered #25. The same with the Darth Maul figure. The back is numbered #25, but both sides of the bubble are #23. The Leia figure is fine. That's it for now. Hope everyone is starting to find some figures out there.

"Also, to The Chad, I'm glad you are finding some stuff out there as well. This is a very addicting hobby and not finding stuff sucks while others keep finding everything. Glad to see your area is getting stuff in. Later Troops."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 July 2003 | 16:56 EDT
Force of the Bay: It Figures
After not finding any figures on any pegs in my local system, I find solace in cyberspace at ebay where there are thousands of figures. Now I never said get your new figures there, but for vintage figures ebay is the place to get value. Getting tapped out at the local comic store? He'll fix you up in a jiffy. From common vintage figures to obscure treasures, I guarantee you will find what you are looking for. Loose collectors are the ones I see making out good. You lose all that packaging and cardboard it saves a ton on shipping. Why did it take Kenner so long to make this figure? I always wanted that variation, and another the old comic shop guy would attempt to retire on. There are many ways to go back and hit that one you missed. On occasion you will find them paired together for you. It is a great thing until you get, you guessed it Troops, Power Sucka sighting. You see books on people trying to stay at home and "live off of retail" with ebay. It makes me sick, get a job and sell things you have laying around for fun. That is how it was started. Instead you go out slapping full price on things everybody and their momma saw on clearance for $9.99. Great job on getting the little red clearance stickers off, ya sucka! Work overtime instead of trying to rip off collectors like me. Until next time Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 9 July 2003 | 16:19 EDT
Sandtrooper XbrandonX reports:
"Hi, nothing to report around Richmond, VA, really. All of the Targets got the Vader/Luke wave, but sold them almost instantly. The main reason I'm sending this is that I'm getting a case of the new 12" (Luke/Biker Scout/etc) from EE. I will have it by the end of the week. Since I'm getting a whole case, I'll have an extra Luke and an extra Biker Scout that I'm willing to sell for $20 each plus shipping. If anyone wants, email me."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 July 2003 | 8:18 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Saga Jedi Hunter 4 Pack Ultimate Bounty - IN STOCK!!!
The latest release of Saga Figures you can't find in any store. Here Today!
AOTC Carded Wat Tambor
AOTC Carded Coleman Trebor
AOTC Carded Padme Wedding Dress
AOTC Carded Aayla Secura
AOTC Carded Ashla & Jempa
AOTC Carded Barriss Offee
AOTC Carded Lama Su & Clone Boy
AOTC Carded Yoda & Chian
AOTC Carded Jango Fett (Kamino Escape) 2nd Card
AOTC Carded Battle Droid (Arena Battle) Red
ANH Carded C-3PO Removable Arm
ANH Carded Han Solo Flight to Alderaan
ANH Carded Leia Organ Imperial Capture
ESB Carded Han Hoth
ESB Carded Snowtrooper
ROTJ Carded Darth Vader Throne Room Duel
ROTJ Carded Luke Jedi Throne Room Duel
ROTJ Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon
TPM Carded Darth Maul Theed Hanger Duel
Also Preorder you Clone Wars Jedi Star Fighter & Armored Assault Tank (AAT) today. We have just filled out first wave of back orders on these items.
12" Gamorean Guard is back in stock as well.
Visit us for these listed toys at Brian's Toys!
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Jason | 7 July 2003 | 20:32 EDT
Sandtrooper Steve P. reports:
"Hi Troops, I have some stuff for sale at or below cost plus some extra stuff for trade:

    1 UCS Lego Tantive IV MIB - $149.99 plus shipping
    1 FAO Shuttle MISB - $127 plus shipping
    3 Deluxe Clone Trooper w/ speederbikes - $9.99 plus shipping.

"I also have some extra Stormtrooper Builder sets which I would like to trade 1:1 for other Builder sets. Plenty of references available. Thank You."

UPDATE: (10 July 2003) Thanks for the support. I wanted to inform everyone that the Clone Troopers are gone, but the Shuttle and UCS Lego Tantive IV are still available. I'm also still looking to trade some Stormtrooper Builder Sets.

Posted by: Jason | 7 July 2003 | 13:32 EDT
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"I've had some pretty good luck finding figures lately. Looks like the looooong drought may finally be over. The past couple weeks have seen the Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee & red Battle Droid wave come through our Targets. They did not last long. On the 4th, TRU in Niagara Falls, NY put out 1 case of the Padme (secret ceremony) wave. Yes, it's true that TRU is actually getting something new. Unfortunately, by the time I saw them (Saturday morning), Leia & Han were the only figures left. First new basic figures I've seen there (TRU) since Christmas.

"And, just today, I found the Luke, Vader & Snowtrooper wave at Target. Again, they did not last. I have noticed that all the figures have suffered some amount of damage, either on the card or the bubble or both. But, since we are getting limited amounts of product, I'm not complaining. Still have not been able to get my hands on the Dooku & Anakin speeders or any of the new unleashed for '03."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 July 2003 | 2:25 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online Update:
Collectors Gallery has updated their Star Wars inventory this week. In stock and shipping are:
POTJ Snaggletooth $44.95
POTJ Battle Droid Security .00 $13.95
POTJ Qui-Gon Jinn Mos Espa Disguise .00 $11.95
POTJ Obi-Wan Jedi .00 $13.95
POTJ Gungan Warrior .01 $21.95
POTJ Mon Calmari Officer .01 $7.95
POTJ Tusken Raider Desert Sniper .00 $17.95
POTJ R2-D2 Naboo Escape .00 $13.95
POTF 12 inch Stormtrooper $39.95
POTF Sandtrooper Orange Shoulder pad $59.95
POTF Admiral Ackbar $39.95
POTF Snowtrooper $29.95
POTF Ponda Baba $29.95
POTF Han Solo Trench Coat $59.95
POTF C-3P0 Epic Force $13.95
POTF Falcon Figure maker $29.95
Episode 1 R2-D2 container $39.95
Episode 1 Electronic Naboo Fighter $49.95
Episode 1 Mace Windu Sneak Peek figure $27.95
Episode 1 Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan lighted sculpture $74.95
Episode 1 Darth Maul talking bank $49.95
Episode 1 Naboo Pistol water blaster $19.95
Episode 1 Battle Mauser water blaster $19.95
Episode 1 Electronic battle mauser $9.95
Episode 1 Electronic Battle Droid rifle $9.95
Star Tours Plush Ewok $24.95
Star Tours candy case $9.95
4 classic Star Wars 220 piece puzzles @ $9.95 each!
Plus much more!
click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 6 July 2003 | 22:18 EDT
Area Report: New Figures
That is right Troops. I hit up a couple Wal-Marts this weekend and almost threw in the towel after seeing the usual offerings of Lott Dod and Jango Pilot. I stopped in Toys R Us on a whim to find to my delight all 3 of the new packaged Clone Wars 3-packs! Plenty of them in Gurnee, Illinois. I am sure if they have hit there they are everywhere else in the area. I am just glad I have found the third shipment since Christmas '02! It's about time they got to work! Good luck to you Troops out there in your finds, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason | 6 July 2003 | 17:45 EDT
Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse reports:
"Hi troops! I need some serious HELP! I need almost every Saga figure since the Ephant wave release. Can I buy them from a fellow Troop for cost plus shipping?

I also need Silver Boba Fett, 12" Plo Koon, 12" Lando Skiff guard wave, 12" Jedi Luke wave, and the Speeders (Anakin's Swoop and Count Dooku's Speeder), Unleashed Slave Leia, Vader unmasked, Darth Sidious, Luke Skywalker and Obi-wan. I need some help troopers, HOOK ME UP!! Thanks!"


Posted by: Tyler | 5 July 2003 | 22:36 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #25
Sandtrooper, Rebel Trooper, Stormtrooper 4-pack �18 (25 euro) each
Endor 4-pack �9 SPECIAL DEAL !!
Imperial Forces 4-pack �24 (34 euro)
Ashla & Jempa, Yoda w/Chian, Chewy Mynock Hunt, Han Solo Hoth Rescue, Barriss Offee, Aayla Secura, Lama Su, Obi Wan Acklay Battle, Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape, Rebel Trooper (both hair colours) all �6 each (8,50 euro)
Jedi Training Interactive Lightsaber �20
Anakin Swoop Bike �15
Darth Tyranus`s Geonosian Speeder Bike �15
Imperial Shuttle Tyderium - last call !! �89
12" Gamorrean Guard KB exclusive �35 ($56 / 49 euro approx) - non mint only
Deluxe: Spider Droid �9, Super Battle Droid Builder * �11, Jango Kamino �9, Obi-Wan Kamino �9 NON-MINT only for deluxe.

There's a lot more including the Silver Fett for only $24! To read the remainder of this newsletter click here.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 July 2003 | 21:39 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys hopes everyone had a GREAT 4th of July and we have just posted our latest Newsletter #210 Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER
Saga Master Replicas Mace Windu's Lightsaber
- PRE-ORDER Domestic Shipping $10
Limited to 1,750 World Wide
Price: $379.99
Saga Master Replicas Mace Windu's Lightsaber Signature Edition
- PRE-ORDER Domestic Shipping $10
Limited to 750 World Wide
Price: $599.99
Hottest Figure out this Summer!
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-9
Price: $124.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-8
Price: $109.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-7
Price: $99.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-9 & POTJ Palm Talkers Factory Sealed Case of 8
Buy this Great set for Limited time
- Special Price -
Price: $159.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-7 & POTJ Palm Talkers Factory Sealed Case of 8
Buy this Great set for Limited time
- Special Price -
Price: $134.99
Saga Accessories Electronic Darth Vader Lightsaber - IN STOCK! Price: $39.99
Saga Accessories Electronic Luke Jedi Lightsaber - IN STOCK! Price: $39.99
Saga Accessories Electronic Yoda Lightsaber - IN STOCK! Price: $29.99
Vintage Foreign and Rare Creatures 3-Pack MISB C-6
Price: $1,299.99
Kubrick 2" Early Bird set MIB, 2" Set of 6 Figure, and 2" Chase Boba Fett Figure [ROTJ] (open Box)
This set includes 4 figures Luke, Leia, R2-D2 and Chewy.
The figures come in a white mailer box
. Also included is the Early bird certificate (as seen in photo).
Kubrick 2" Set of 6 Figure (set includes an unopened box Boba Fett)
This set includes 4-LOM, Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, IG-88, and Zuckuss.
Kubrick 2" Chase Boba Fett Figure [ROTJ] (open Box)
come with a different gun & different color markings
Price: $319.99
Buy this set of 3 Unleashed Figures
Save over $20.00 and get these figures.
Saga Unleashed Emperor Palpatine Price: $29.99,
Obi-Wan Price: $24.99, and Luke Jedi Price: $29.99
All in C-9 condition
Price: $69.99
POTJ Palm Talkers Factory Sealed Case of 8
- Closeout Special Price -
Price: $79.99
Purchase 5 or more cases $64.99 ea.
Purchase 30 or more cases $59.99 ea.
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at NEWSLETTER
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 July 2003 | 13:48 EDT
Sandtrooper Big Mike Hodge reports:
"Hey troops! Big Mike Hodge in Cincinnati here. I found the remnants of the Padme Ceremony wave at Toys 'R' Us so gets to checking. Talk to you later! Mike out."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 July 2003 | 11:49 EDT
Sandtrooper Steve reports:
"Carrie Fisher will be making her 1st EVER European Signing appearance in London, UK on Sunday, August 3 at a special event. This is a major coup as she has never been to Europe to make an appearance! Hopefully this will give fans from Europe a chance to meet Carrie as well as the Fans in the USA. The details are as follows:

Jurys Hotel
16 - 22 Great Russell Street
London, WC1 UK

More information at LONDON EXPO With other guests also and select dealers. Thanks!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 July 2003 | 9:55 EDT
Happy 4th of July Troops from everyone at SANDTROOPERS.COM!
Be safe tonight and remember why we celebrate this holiday! SPECIAL thanks to those troopers that serve in our military, we appreciate you very much!!!! Have fun troops ...

Posted by: Steve | 3 July 2003 | 18:58 EDT
Yestertoys has new figures in stock
Hey Troops, Yestertoys has several new figures in stock. They include Hoth Han, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, C-3PO (new packaging), Jango Fett (new packaging), Snowtrooper, Darth Vader Throne Room Duel and Luke Skywalker Throne Room Duel. They also have many other figures still in stock including Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee and the Red Battle Droid. Click here to view the new items.

Posted by: Jason | 3 July 2003 | 12:23 EDT
- New Collection 1 Cases In Stock:
The brand new Star Wars Saga cases Wave A00B in stock, with 1 x Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon, 1 x R2-D2 Droid Factory Flight, 1 x Han Solo (Hoth Rescue), 1 x Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt), 1 x Jango Fett, 1 x C-3P0, 2 x Luke Skywalker (Throne Room Duel), 2 x Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel), and 2 x Snowtrooper (Battle of Hoth) - Action Figure Xpress - http://www.actionfigurexpress.com

Click Image to enter Action Figure Xpress:

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 July 2003 | 11:16 EDT
Sandtrooper big mike hodge reports:
"Hey guys, big mike hodge in Cincinnati, Ohio here. The Western Hills Target got in the Darth Vader Throne Room Duel wave of figures today. They got one case. I got one of each that I needed and left the rest. Hopefully a fellow Trooper can get there and get what they need."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 July 2003 | 23:20 EDT
New Arrivals:
Federation Toys has a new shipment of Master Replica Luke Skywalker Signature and Collectors Edition Lightsabers. Along with the Darth Vader Signature and Collectors Edition Lightsabers. Please take advantage of our free domestic shipping on Master Replica products. We apologize for the rapid sale of the last Saga figure shipment, and steps are being put in place to better service you. We do still have stocked Deluxe Jango and Deluxe Obi-Wan Kenobi plus many of the newer deluxe figures. We will be receiving shipment of the newer vehicle assortment sometime next week. Plus more new Saga figures and coming soon Master Replica Mace Windu Collector and Signature Editions. Thank You Sandtroopers and we look forward to celebrating your 3rd birthday this month! Stay Tuned Troops it's going to be huge.

Posted by: Jason | 2 July 2003 | 20:49 EDT

HEROES OF CYBERTRON 4: Sets of 6 for $29.99 Each of the 6 figures contains 1 extra part to make Fortress Maximus. Autobot Espionage Team - Bumblebee and Spike (with yellow boots), Wheeljack, Jazz, Dirge, Gigatron Powermaster, and Perceptor
DREAMWAVE: Transformers Volume 2 #3 - $4.99, Transformers 'More than Meets the Eye' #3 $5.99

SPAWN REBORN & LEGEND BOXED SET: full sets of Spawn Reborn for $53.99, Legend Boxed set for $19.99, and Spawn 23 Mutations

SPORTS PICKS - MLB 5: MLB 5 series including most of the normal figures and new variants
MARVEL LEGENDS 4 PRE-ORDER: 4th series is Gambit, Beast, Elektra, and Punisher, to arrive in August at $41.99
MACHINE ROBO: the 8th set of figures is a shuttle set. The 3rd large figure is a large and quite heavy dumptruck set called GearDumpRobo, from Bandai
EVANGELION: EVA 02 Red Movie Version, and the White Mass Production Model - with and without wings

SCARLETT BUST: Back in stock on the GI Joe menu
LOTR: Gimli Statue from Two Towers
Import Panzer World Galient figure - Metallic and Normal versions
Fist of North Star - Kenshiro (this and Galient on the 'other menu')
SIDESHOW: Platoon set of 3

Please note that orders placed on July 2nd and 3rd will ship after the holiday weekend. We are shutting down for the holiday weekend on July 2nd - email replies will be delayed during the holiday.

BBTS Newsletter

click to enter:

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 2 July 2003 | 20:41 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just received the new Silver Boba Fett exclusive figure. They are in stock and shipping immediately!
The prices are as follows:
Silver Boba Fett C-9 $124.99
Silver Boba Fett C-8 $109.99
Silver Boba Fett C-7 $99.99
This is a very cool figure and sure to be in extremely high demand!
Click below to see pictures and order (you will have to scroll down
just a bit):
All pre-orders for this item will be shipping out tomorrow.
Unfortunately, we never received a pre-release shipment of this
figure, so any pre-orders for pre-release Boba Fetts are being
filled at this time for $124.99.
We also have in stock the following Saga figures at reduced prices:
Barriss Offee $14.99
Lama Su and Clone Boy $14.99
Battle Droid Red $9.99
Click below for our Saga EPII 3 3/4" section which includes the
above 3 figures: CLICK HERE
Also, we will be shipping the new Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, Padme
Wedding, Snowtrooper, Darth Vader Throne Room Duel, Luke Jedi Throne
Room Duel, C-3PO(Tatooine), Aayla Secura, Ashla and Jempa, and Yoda
and Chian on Tuesday July 8. Place your pre-orders now!
Click below for our Saga Pre-Order section:

Brian's Toys

Posted by: Jason | 2 July 2003 | 18:37 EDT
Sandtrooper brainiak reorts:
"How's it going Troops? It's brainiak from CA! And I'm still in need of some Saga figures before the Clone Wars stuff comes out!! If any troops have extra of these or can pick these up for me I would owe you one BIG TIME!! Aayla Secura, Yoda / Padawan, Padawan 2pk, red Battle Droid, Han Hoth, and new ones - Wat Tambor, Secret Ceremony Padme, Throne Room Vader, Throne Room Luke. I have stuff to trade or I can buy. I collect them on card so MOMC is preferred! Let me know PLEASE!!! THANKS EVERYONE!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 July 2003 | 16:49 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Attention Troopers Collectors Gallery Online is now taking pre-orders for both Collectors Edition and Signature Series Master Replica Mace Windu Lightsaber.
Mace Windu Collector Series Saber w/ case & Free Shipping $399.00
Mace Windu Lightsaber Signature Edition $549.00 w/ Free Shipping

Vintage Items added:
Jabba the Hutt Playdoh set sealed $34.95
POTF Attack the Death Star Playdoh set sealed $74.95
ESB Burger King Darth Vader Glass $11.95
Sail Barge Skiff Burger King Glass $9.95
Yoda hand puppet MISB $74.95
Yoda Jedi Master Kenner board game $49.95

Classic Star Wars added:
Classic Trilogy Darth Vader video store display in original box $99.95
POTF Speeder Bike w/ Biker Scout C-10 box $24.95
POTF Speeder Bike w/ Luke Skywalker Endor C-10 box $12.95
Boba Fett 1998 Hallmark Ornament $39.95
X-Wing Fighter 1998 Hallmark Ornament $47.95
Darth Vader 1997 Hallmark Ornament $49.00

Plus many G.I. Joe, Alien and Predator busts and statues in stock and shipping.
click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 July 2003 | 21:58 EDT
Force of the Bay
In these times of Summer drought, there are plenty of ways to quench your thirst to fuel your Star Wars collection. The scum and villainy of ebay has thousands of items waiting for you. One can take several paths. You could look like a straight dork by showing off one of these to your friends. To another extreme you could woo them with this limited edition wonder. What I really like is to dig up lost vintage mail-aways. On several occasions I have been stumped on how much was released that I never knew about. Now on to some of the fake goods that litter ebay. At least this guy admits it. I have seen better replicas too, but it scares me to think about how many Vintage Carded are on fake or replica cards. This makes me wonder whether this guy is serious! Was he just playing around with his printer? I consider myself to be a student of this game. Great collectors and sites like Sandtroopers help educate us, so I will never consider myself a graduate. I also found another great Stormtrooper Kit and another listing for footwear to go along with it. Remember Troops, ebay is a tool and the world isn't a completely honest place. Research your sellers and try to communicate well with the person you are doing business with. Good luck to all of you Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

Stay tuned Troopers for upcoming installments of Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews. Coming Soon: Barriss Offee, Han Solo Hoth, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt and many more! Thumbs up? Thumbs down? You'll have to wait and see if these survived the assault we call Sandwatch!

Posted by: Jason | 1 July 2003 | 19:48 EDT
Sandtrooper THE CHAD reports:
"Hey guys, I saw the Silver Fett at Cloud City Collectibles. Check this out. I hope that this will be on the FC website.

"I also wanted to give a big thanks to Richard Smith AKA Hitch Buddy for Barriss and Aayla Secura. I welcome the help! Thanks."


Posted by: Jason | 1 July 2003 | 18:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Garrfett reports:
"Hey, is everybody still having a hard time finding the new figures? Well, it's been 5 and a half months and still no sign of any new figures in my town of St. Joseph, MO. This is ridiculous. Come on Retailers get your heads out of your nerfhurder and pull those figures out of the back of the store where we all know where they're at!!! Wal- Mart, K B, K-Mart, get off your nerfhurders and get to work. If I don't find new figures soon, well, you know!"

And there you have it, making THE CHAD look mild by comparison! And it FEELS SO GOOD!

Posted by: Count Matchew | 1 July 2003 | 16:14 EDT
What's up my fellow troops and troopettes? The Jawa-Sandtroopers Forums are back up and running. So come in and join the fun. PEACE.