June 2004

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 June 2004 | 21:37 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth-Vraider reports:
Back in BlackDateline: And to all you hater-aids “Darthvraider helloing in from the San Fernando Valley, Hoping June gloom runs into July so we can avoid the scorching heat as much as possible! Well Troops just hitting the turbo thrusters today and finally came across a fresh case of Unleashed Leia's. I have to say that it is really getting worse keeping up with the Unleashed line due to store/ebayer employees. I have hit Glendale, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Porter Ranch, Van Nuys, and Valencia, and let me tell you it isn?t a joke. I have tracked shipments, made numerous calls were Unleashed are a plenty.... only to come up empty handed, well that all changed with today?s Van Nuys shipment (wont get into detail). I have an extra slave Leia for trade of a Unleashed Vader, 12-inch Black Travel gown Amidala, or in need of 12-inch Boss Nass, or EI electronic C-3P0 -email your trades!

And to all you hater-aids.... a BIG SHOUT OUT TO WHISKEY DOM for hooking up Unleashed red clone, and Tyrannus! United We Find! The REAL Troopers do anyways!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 June 2004 | 23:50 EDT

STAR WARS - ORIGINAL TRILOGY COLLECTION: We've just recieved 18 new OTC Basic figures. These figures are truly impressive - the best looking items we've seen from Hasbro for quite some time! The bubble has been redesigned to be a bit more sturdy and the overall packaging quality and design is excellent! A variety of figures are available including Bossk, IG-88, a variety of Luke figures, Yoda, Wicket, Obi-Wan, Cloud Car Pilot, and many more - 18 total in stock.

MEDICOM STAR WARS KUBRICKS WAVE 3: We've listed a new pre-order for Wave 3 of the SW Kubricks. Boxes of 12 are available for pre-ordering for $99.99 and Cases of 48 (which will contain any chase figures) for $369.99 - these will be arriving in October.

Bandai USA Gundam: Duel, Astray Red and Blue, Strike Gundam Active and Deactive and a variety of Deluxe figures including Seed Buster and Launcher Strike Gundam, GP-02A, Wing Gundam, Wing Gundam Custom, GP-01Fb, 7.5" Launcher Strike Gundam, and more new Arch Enemy figures. Also the mobile suit Zakrello and Bigro. We plan to carry as many of the upcoming new Seed figures as we can from Bandai USA - so stay tuned for more Gundam.

McFarlane's 6 Faces of Madness: The latest release from McFarlane is now available for the low price of $59.99 for the full set of 6. This gruesome set features Elizabeth Bathory, Rasputin, Billy the Kid, Vlad the Impaler, Atilla the Hun, and the very cool Jack the Ripper figure. These historical figures are all very nicely done and quite bloody.

MISB & MIB G1 Transformers: We've just listed an awesome collection of G1 Transformers - all of them are either MISB or MIB unused with sealed inner bubbles. Also in stock is an AFA Graded Japanese G1 Predaking - all 5 boxes are MISB in beautiful shape and each box graded AFA 85 = NM+. These items are all available on the vintage menu and a sampling of the MISB/MIB/MOC items are: Jetfire, Shockwave, Soundwave, all 6 Jets, 16 Autobot Cars, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Astrotrain, Insecticons, Megatron and more!

Master Replica Sting: Sting Sword FX Collectible is now available for $113.99 on the new Master Replica menu. The One Ring and several Star Wars items are also available for pre-order.

Unicron.com Energon Cubes: We've just received the Unicron.com energon cube accessories to be used with Transformer items. Available now for $22.99 for a box of 10 and $104.99 for a 50-pack (5 boxes of 10).

Please note that we'll be shutting down our warehouse for the 4th of July holiday from July 2nd to July 5th - orders placed from July 1 - 5 will begin to ship on July 6th. Email replies & Order processing will be delayed during that time period as well.

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Posted by: dustrho | 29 June 2004 | 23:32 EDT
r2dtoys.com -- Mace Windu .45 Scale Lightsaber IN STOCK!
Yes! You heard correct. The long anticipated 3rd and final .45 scale mini lightsaber of Mace Windu is shipping now for just ?29 (44 eur / $53 approx) The display case will be available SOON for around ?10 each. We also have in stock the FX display stand for just ?14!

Check out r2dtoys.com now!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 June 2004 | 22:08 EDT
Images Reload: OTC - Vintage Style Figures
Hey Troops, I have updated our Images Section with the first three figures from the Vintage Style Original Trilogy Collection. These figures are simply amazing. 2004 OTC thus far has been somewhat of a let down. Look no further, these figures are the mold in which all Star Wars figures should be made. From the stunning cards, the protective case, and G.I. Joe-like articulation, these figures hit a home run in every way. While most of us feel Hasbro decision makers should be put in front of a firing squad for the 234th incarnation of ANH Han, you may not feel so angry after freeing one from the double layered plastic prison! Will you pay the additional fees to make these part of your collection? Let us know at news@sandtroopers.com. Begin Today

     OTC Obi-Wan Kenobi
     OTC Princess Leia
     OTC Han Solo

Posted by: dustrho | 29 June 2004 | 20:24 EDT
This just in from Toy Fellas!
New In Stock! Star Wars OTC Basic Figures and receive 10% off all orders $50.00 or more. ALL CARDS ARE C-9!!!
Boba Fett $9.99
C-3PO $7.99
Cloud Car Pilot $7.99
Leia (Bespin) $7.99
Lobot $7.99
Obi-Wan Kenobi(A New Hope) $7.99
R2-D2 (A New Hope) $7.99
Stormtrooper $7.99
Wicket $7.99
Forget About It!

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 June 2004 | 19:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi-Hawk Reports:
Jedi Hawk’s Pro Scalper 4Dateline: Nothing New on the Pegs or Shelves “Well it has been a while since I reported in from the middle of the big hot, humid state. And it?s been a while for good reason, nothing new on the pegs or shelves here in quite some time. Everyone is keeping the same inventory as they have had for about 1 month or more. The only place getting anything new is TRU. They have put out some of the Unleashed wave of Repack Leia & Obi. Not much else anywhere else. I was able to pick up an Ultra Set for $2.98 at my local Target. They have so many HOF figures that they may never see anything else, unless it?s more cartoon figures. Wal-Mart is not even in the game right now. So, as you can see, still no OTC sightings of anything. Maybe some day soon? But right now, I am not holding my breath. At least I am able to save up for when it all hits! (Let?s hope anyway). Hunt'em down troops!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 June 2004 | 19:03 EDT
Sandtrooper Dom Reports:
“Hey Troops, Just want to let you know that the TRU in East Central Wisconsin has the new OTC vehicles in stock. They had Vader's TIE, the TIE Fighter, and Luke's X-Wing. I passed on all of these. They seemed to have nothing new to offer besides the box. Wowee. They didn't have the M. Falcon. Has anyone seen pictures of it? Do the rear engine lights really light? They also had pegs and pegs of old saga cards and Unleashed Lukes and Chewies. No Leias. Where is that girl? I still have an Unleased Tyrannus on a non-mint card, if a trooper needs one. Morely2020, are you out there? Your figure is waiting. Hope everything's okay. That's all from the warm, sunny beaches of Wisconsin!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 June 2004 | 22:57 EDT
Action-HQ Update: OTC Falcon and Jedi Council Scene 1
Action-HQ.com is bringing the Best to you FIRST with Jedi Council Scene Pack 1, Trilogy Millenium Falcon & more!

Available Now:
-Jedi Council Scene Pack 1 now at $26.95!
-Trilogy Millenium Falcon for $74.95!

On Special:
-Trilogy Tie Fighter & X-Wing only $22.95!
-Trilogy Darth's Tie Fighter only $27.95!
-ONLY $3.00 each for 2004 figures: Dengar, Bossk, Ozzel, Lando as
Skiff Guard, Luke Hoth and General Jan Dodonna!
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 June 2004 | 22:52 EDT
Sandtrooper Orlando Reports: Ultra Figures on Clearance to $2.98
“Hey troopers, after a visit to So. Padre Island on Saturday, I stopped by the Brownsville, TX Target and found the General Riekkan for $2.98! Beats $9.99, too bad they did not have more of the Ultra figures. If somebody sees the Wampa, Denizens and 3PO, at this price; please get me one, I will trade or pay cash for it. Drop me a line.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 June 2004 | 1:05 EDT
New Sci-Fi Novel from Dorman Art!
Boba Fett in PursuitThe Uninvited. This new Wasted Lands tale is created by Dave Dorman, authored by Del Stone Jr., winner of the International Horror Guild Award, and illustrated by the award-winning Jon Foster. For those of you looking for a great new Sci-Fi novel other than Star Wars this may be worth a read. If you have an Adobe Reader, click here if you would like to read a sample of the book. For more info, including how to obtain a signed copy visit dormanart.com today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 June 2004 | 23:03 EDT
Master Replicas Update: F/X Mace and Luke Bespin NOW Available!
Hey Troops,, over at Master Replicas they now have available the new F/X Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker Bespin Lightsabers. These will probably go fast and ship for $119.00 w/ the Force F/X display stand included. While these are not exact replicas, they have been slightly modified with a larger handle for the electronics. Feel the force with the flick of the thumb, and you will hear the crack and lightsaber hum! Also don't forget about the .45 scale Lightsaber Trio set w/ display case. It is nice to see Master Replicas making some of these things a little more affordable. For more info, visit Master Replicas today!


Posted by: Tyler | 27 June 2004 | 22:37 EDT
OTC $4.50 Deal Cancelled
Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse reports:
I must CANCEL THIS DEAL for $4.50 and FREE SHIPPING. I have gotten many emails from people reporting my post and getting moderators** involved. They call me a liar and say I am gonna screw people over. They are also saying that I am asking for money upfront for basically a "pre ordered". I understand the concerns. However I am not being made out to be a person that shouldn't be questioned for what I am trying to do which is get people CHEAP figs and FREE SHIPPING. Instead I am getting made out to be shady.
I am sorry for the inconveinence but I wont put my reputation on the line over something I am getting slung through the mud with for being nice. I am sorry but after the heat I got for putting this ad up I am cancelling THE ENTIRE ORDER. I hope we can do business in the future. I will NEVER let anyone down.

Your collecting friend 4-LOSW

So there you have it troops. It seems people are having a hard time understanding that there are still those out there who are willing to help others with no thought of reward. I guess this is just part of our modern day attitudes of "trust no one" and "nothing is free". Well you have my word that this guy is a true trooper. I myself have dealt with him before and he is true to his word. It's sad that it has come to this.
** NOT Forum Moderators from Sandtroopers.com, other websites we will not name.

Update: Once Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse has the figures in hand he will offer them for $4.50-5.00 each. However he can no longer do the free shipping. Still a great deal with the cost of gas these days.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 June 2004 | 19:04 EDT
This week at K&C Collectibles: OTC Vader TIE!
New this Week:
OTC Darth Vader's TIE Fighter with Exclusive Darth Vader figure

Pre-Order (Deadline July 26th):
Jawa Sandcrawler ? Exclusive
Clone ARC Trooper Maquette
Heritage Topps Trading Card Box - Vintage Style
Chewbacca Statue
Bust-Up Series 2 - Case of 24

Power of the Jedi:
Tan Vested Luke Jedi Knight
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper outfit
Jawa ? 2 pack
Long saber Vader, Luke and Obi-Wan
Pre-order the Jawa Sandcrawler and much more this month. The Jawa Sandcrawler is a Diamond Comic EXCLUSIVE. Only those companies with contacts with Diamond can offer you this item. We have added some older orange carded, green carded, freeze frame, and green hologram merchandise to our web site.

If you order $100.00 or more of Power of the Jedi, Power of the Force, or Episode 1 action figures we will give you free shipping until July 2nd, 2004. The free shipping will be deducted upon processing of the order since some items may sale out by the time we process your order. Your shipping address must be within the continental U.S.A. to qualify for the free shipping.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 June 2004 | 1:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
I take no orders from you, I am an Autobot now!Meijers: (Grandville, Holland, Eastern, Cascade, Lowell)
“Not much here. While Meijers has been the source of all that is good in West Michigan, they are falling short. Definitely no signs of OTC. A few of the Executor wave and Generals wave appearing every once in a while. Still a bunch of Hoth Troopers, Dodonna's, Hoth Luke, and R1-G4. The Lowell Meijers (which I found by accident) supplied me with the Death Star Clash Vader and the C-3PO. Did find a bunch of the newer Heroes of Cybetron PVC's at the Eastern Ave "Spooky" Meijers. Omega Supreme, Megatron w/Laserbeak and Devastator rock!”

Target: (Holland, Alpine)
“Nothing. I found the General Riekkan for $5 and that's about it. Mostly flooded with Cartoon Dooku and Barriss Offee. They had a few other Ultra figs for $5 as well. Pretty much the same as Meijers too.”

Toys R Us: (Holland, Grand Rapids)
“Found a lot more of the Executor wave in Grand Rapids. The Holland one has had a lot of repeats.Holland TRU has supplied me with a few of the green trooper 3-packs....savings have been passed on to a few troopers. Also had a Jedi 3-pack if anyone's interested in a trade. They did receive in a huge lot of Episode II preview figs. Amazingly, the Zam Wessels seemed to go first. Been checking for the new OTC Vader TIE, but nothing yet. Good selection in all here if you missed some of the earlier figs.”

Wal-Mart: (Holland, Grandville)
“Bunch of Rappertunies. Also had a bunch of Hoth Troopers, Hoth Luke, Dodonna's, and R1-G4. Very little optimism in seeing anything OTC here.

All in all, with West Michigan's selection, I'm thinking of doing the ultimate diorama. This will make the AOTC battle look wimpy! Picture this.....three great armies converging on one another. It'll be R!-G4's versus Hoth Rebel Troopers versus General Dodonnas! Any calls on who'll win? Still looking for a bunch or ARC troopers, a POTF Y-wing, vintage Y-wing and a bunch of TIE pilots...maybe even some TIE armor/helmet to join the 501st. Hook a trooper up!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 June 2004 | 22:16 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Kane County Toy Show - Summer Classic
[Click to view Coverage][Click to view Coverage]S.C.A.L.P. Weapons Supplier, dustrho and I made our way to St. Charles, IL. to check out the semi-annual Kane County Toy Show. It was a strange occurance, in the mid 70's and a clear day. We got to the show late, however to our surprise there was still a decent amount of collectibles to inspect. The dust was a little strong but what Sandtrooper can't handle a little dust? While many of the vendors were the same from the spring, the inventory they had to offer was new. It was also fun to storm the grounds with one of our own, if for nothing else to get another point of view on a good deal! Unite, and take the good fight to the local events in your area, and let them know the Sandtrooper Army is growing stronger. There is more than one way to dirty the toes of your boots. Another great aspect of this event is every dealer is on the haggle, and most the time if you are as crafty as dustrho you can beat them down five dollars or so. View the coverage of this event and Keep on Troopin'!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 June 2004 | 19:30 EDT
Legacy Trooper Young George Lucas Reports:
Legacy Trooper Young George Lucas“Hey, folks. Not a whole lot of new stuff here in the Kansas City area. TR'U did get in the Original Trilogy Collection Darth Vader TIE Fighter. The packaging looks very cool---but why did they package that 1990's He-Man-ish Vader figure with it. That figure is lame---period. They couldn't modify one of the more recent Darth Vader resculpts to have him fit in the cockpit? If they had a decent Vader figure to go with his TIE Fighter in the cool new retro packaging, now that would have been home run! They olso had the OTC X-Wing, but it looks a little goofy compared to the X-Wing they re-did (which TR'U also had in the Saga packaging). Have a better one. Only 326 days 'til THE GREATEST SPACE FANTASY OF ALL!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 June 2004 | 19:22 EDT
KB Online Update: 12-inch now in Stock!
Hey Troops, over at KB.com they have 12-inch Boba Fett, 12-inch Princess Leia in Hoth Gear , and the 12-inch Han Solo. Also in stock are the Hall of Fame figures many of you are seeing on the pegs, perhaps they have the elusive one in stock. Check out the Mace Windu Collector's Edition Lightsaber Prop Replica. Many online retailers as well as the official Master Replicas site are sold out of these. Also check out some of the clearance prices on all many Star Wars video games. Thanks to reader Jedimaster-C for the hot tip!

For those of you who missed outFor any who missed

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 June 2004 | 18:44 EDT
Sandtrooper Orlando Reports:
Hey troops, Orlando from McAllen TX, first of all a kudos to Donna Wong for our recent trade; I have traded with her for several yrs now. She is highly recommended. The stores here have nothing new, TRU does not even show the OTC Vader's fighter in their system. I was able to score a couple of unleashed Leias on C-9 condition, they are up for trade and I am looking for the last wave of the SAGA, Han Solo, and Madine; from the CW I am looking for Asajj, and the articulated clone trooper. Also a McQuarrie stormie. Let me know if interested drop me an email. Happy hunting and good luck!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 June 2004 | 18:38 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #261:

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Some great Saga and Clone Wars items have come back in this week, some great items added to the pre-order section as well. Be sure to pre-order the Original Trilogy 12-inch Classic collection set of 3: Boba Fett, Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker!

Unleashed Aayla Secura, Bossk and Tusken Raider Pre-Orders are now being taken.Darth Tyranus and Mace Windu Unleashed are currently in stock and shipping immediately!

Some great vintage 12-backs in stock this week, also in a AFA Droids Boba Fett. Definitely worth taking a look at!

Pre-Order your Master Replica Mace Windu F/X and Luke ESB F/X sabers today for only $119.99, if you have seen the previous F/X sabers you know how cool these are, be sure to get your order in early! Stands are also available for displaying your saber for only $19.99.

New Valor vs. Venom vehicles still in stock but going very quickly, get yours today! Dreams & Visions Sgt. Rock and the Men of Easy Company are now back in stock. The new price for the set of 5 is $179.99.

HOT! MOTU items just in, the Iron-Cross Variant Chase Skeletor and the 2002 Comic-Con Exclusive He-Man!

Marvel Legends original release Goliath is now in stock for only $99.99. Also just in, DC Direct First release figures including Batman, The Flash, Shazam! and Wonder Woman.

This weeks feature Transformers includes some Micro Change series mega SCF and the 1987 Goldbug w/ Decoys which were $50, now only $35.00! 9 different ones in stock!

Series 1 of The Family Guy action figures is now available for pre-order at Brian's Toys. The figures slated for the debut release are Brian Griffin, Chris Griffin, Lois Griffin, Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin Blue PJ's, and Stewie Griffin Yellow Shirt.

Simpsons playsets back in stock this week including Nuclear Power Plant with Radioactive Homer and the Comic Book Shop.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 June 2004 | 17:00 EDT
Sandtrooper Logan 5 Reports:
“Hey Guys, Sandtrooper Logan 5 reporting from NE Ohio. I went out on a run today even though it's been dry for weeks. I started at Willoughby Target where I saw some Hall of Fame, Dodonna's, Dutch Vander's, and then I noticed a Holographic Luke. I know he wasn't there last week so I scanned it on the price checker. I don't know how many of you guys out there have this in your Target but my local Target's price scanner will tell you if more figures are in the stockroom. It said yes there were some in the stockroom so I asked an employee for help. This employee called over another employee who scanned the Holo Luke with his computer-gun and said "Ok there's some in the back what are you looking for?" I've encountered this question in the past from toy store employees and I generally find it to be scalpertalk for "Oh so that figure's hot, thanks for the tip off!" Anyhow I pointed to J'Quille and said "This one!" A couple minutes later he came out with the Holo Luke and LO AND BEHOLD J'Quille! This was such a refreshing change from the years of anti-toy collector policy of not helping anyone at any time, that it's all just luck of the draw. So Thank You Mr. Red Shirt for getting me that elusive figure for my collection before OTC hits. Every other place I went on my run had the same old same old. (and if you post this) A shout out to BobaBrett, did you get your Rebel Fleet Trooper from me back in 1997 at Mentor Wal-Mart?”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 June 2004 | 16:57 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Danny B reports:
“DannyB here from So. Cal with a West Coast report. The TRU in Montebello had just put out a new case of figures before I got there and was lucky enough to get a couple. I found Endor Strike Han Solo and General Madine. When I left at 12:45 p.m. this is what was there. Lando Death Star Attack, General Madine, Dengar, Admiral Ozzel, Bossk, Lando Skiff Guard, Han Solo Endor Strike, and Ack Med Beq. These were so new they were not even entered in the store system yet and did not ring up at the register until they looked them up. Good luck Troops.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 June 2004 | 19:54 EDT
Sandtrooper Vindicator reports:
Standing Loud, Standing Proud“We've found the complete Madine wave up here, bringing our Canadian total to 20 out of the 21 Saga figures for 2004 found at retail. Scattered reports of the last 3 new Ultra figures (Ewok, Jabba, Denizens - not new to you guys) at selected TRU stores, but they haven't made wide release yet so many of us are still looking. The TRU exclusive OTC Darth's TIE has shown up, as has the Carkoon 4 pack - both in good numbers - but they haven't yet struck me as worth the money. "If I wanted POTF2, I'd buy POTF2!", so to speak. No sign of any OTC basics up here yet of course. Good luck with the hunt troops, and as always - if you find an R1G4, hook up a Canadian brother!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 June 2004 | 19:47 EDT
This Just in from Action-HQ:
visit Action-HQ below
Action-HQ will have the new Star Wars 2004 OTC Millenium Falcon next Friday! Bringing the best to you first, Transformers: Set of 5 Micron Booster Ver 2 Wave 3, Superlink Grand Convoy PKS-01 Model Kit & Set of 6 20th Ann History Collection Figures! At last shipping on Monday 28th are Alternator Hound & SilverStreak! Can't afford the Japanese die-cast BinalTech version or just want both? Plus Blythe, Evangelion, Onishuma and more!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 June 2004 | 19:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Brainiak Reports:
“How?s it going fellow Troopers, its been what seems like a few light years since I?ve been on this site or even on anything Star Wars lately. Collecting has been a very rough, tough, and rewarding hobby but it is not for me anymore! I?ve decided to sell my whole (small, humble) Star Wars 3 ? figs collection!

All were stored in a pet free, smoke free, childfree home! They were stored in my closet and were never displayed or hung! All are MOMC (mint on mint card) and will arrive to you in the same way! All are c-9 to c-8 at least!!! If you would like pics of any of the figs, variants, etc. please email me.

I know it?s a decent size collection and I?m willing to sell as one whole lot or would be willing to part it out in sub categories ex: one lot of all POTF, or only POTJ, or POTJ and SAGA, or POTF green card and POTF2 red card, feel free to mix and match lots etc! Lastly, but I?m not willing to break up the sets I have, I can?t piece it out figure by figure! Also I have a huge discount on shipping so please take this into consideration and rest assured that this will not be an issue at all! Well here?s what I have to offer, if there are any questions at all or for more pics please don?t hesitate to email ASAP. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH FOR READING THIS VERY LENGTHY POST EVERYONE, AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO SANDTROOPERS FOR RUNNING SUCH A GREAT AND HELPFUL SITE TO COLLECTORS EVERYWHERE...MTFBWUA!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 June 2004 | 18:48 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking pre-orders on Chewbacca Gentle Giant statue, set of 6 bust ups asst. #2 & Clone Wars ARC Trooper Captain maquette. Adam Joseph set of 12 stamps, Empire set of 6 micro tins pill boxes, Burger Chef fun meal boxes, Empire paint by number sets, set of 6 Oral B toothbrushes & 54 more items. Click here.”

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Posted by: Tyler | 24 June 2004 | 16:29 EDT
Medicom 12-inch Jedi Luke Exclusive!
Sandtrooper Yuka-Suzuka reports:
I saw the magazine Figure-oh #78 which has a photo of the 12-inch Jedi Luke Skywalker prototype. It's painted well. Medicom has done a good job! There is no price and release date as of yet. It will be released in Medicom's RAH(real action hero) line.

Thanks for the news from Japan Sandtrooper Yuka-Suzuka. We'll have more info on this as it becomes available. Hopefully this won't be too much of a nightmare for you 12-inch collectors to get as Medicom has a habit of making low production runs of their exclusives. Still it's good to see that the 12-inch line hasn't been forgotten.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 June 2004 | 14:19 EDT
Sandtrooper starfox reports:
Lone Star Scalper Sniper Codename: Starfox“Nothing new in Central Texas, just a bunch of old figs hanging on the pegs, but I did see 2 new OTC Lightsabers at the Killeen Wal-Mart, nice packaging. But that is it, nothing else going on. At TRU.com, they have dropped the price of the Red Leader X-Wing down to $19.98! Wait for it; stay on target, it might come down some more! That's all from Central Texas, starfox signing out.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 June 2004 | 14:13 EDT
Sandtrooper Songwrtr reports:
Dateline: Sandtrooper Summer Tour Continues - Trooper Songwrtr on the Road “Hi Jason, I made one of my semi-regular trips to the Philadelphia area to visit some college friends and managed to fit in a bit of toy hunting on the side. My toy budget has been a bit low lately due to unexpected bills, so it had been a while since I'd been out hunting. Most interesting find was that Mapes Toys in Ardmore has the OTC X-Wing and TIE Fighter. At $25 each, I passed for now, but it's the only OTC I've spotted in stores. They also had several pegs of Aayla Secura, Yoda and Chian, and other assorted figures from around the same time (the Gold Carded repacks, mostly), the first round of E2 Speeders, and other older items. Next up was Dickson City (near Scranton). Target was picked fairly clean aside from some earlier Ultra (not yet marked down), a few Gold Card repacks (Anakin, Hoth Han with brown Coat, etc.), and the first two glasses. Wal-Mart and K-Mart barely merit mentioning. I was able to pick up the Skirmish at Carkoon set and three of the four Ultra repacks at the Toys R Us (all but Sidious).

“The Ithaca Target still has wave II of the Animated figures, wave I of Ultra (minus Wampa, all marked down), and wave II of the glasses. Getting to the K-Mart here has become hazardous due to construction, but last I was there they'd finally reduced their army of Geonosian Battle Mace Windu figures and added more recent waves.

“I'm mostly in search of repacks at this point, which is hardly maintaining my enthusiasm. When my list is basically the Hall of Fame wave, the repacked Unleashed Sidious, and two Ultra Red Clone Troopers, plus an Ewok with Glider and the new OTC ships (also repacks), it's hard to get excited about hunting. ’Ooh, look! Something I already have but in different packaging!’

“Speaking of which, I'll have an extra of each of the repacked OTC figures available for trade or cost plus shipping once KebCo starts sending them out. I get two of each but with these (31 of the 38 OTC are repacks) I really only want one. If anyone is interested in setting this up ahead of time for the whole group, let me know and we'll work out details. KebCo charges about $6.50 per figure if I recall correctly, but it's saved me lots of frustration. I may have more to report in a week or so as my summer tour continues.”


Posted by: dustrho | 22 June 2004 | 23:32 EDT
Artwork by Joe Corroney
Artwork by Joe CorroneyThere's a nice documentary about artist Joe Corroney over at the Official Site. Joe has done artwork for various Star Wars expanded universe book titles and for roleplaying games. His resume also includes artwork he had done for Lucasfilm. Read more about him and his accomplishments here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 June 2004 | 13:19 EDT
Sandtrooper Satan's Teddybear™ aka The Devil's Ewok™ reports:
The Devil’s Ewok aka Satan’s TeddybearDateline: I Ran into a Couple of Scalpers Yesterday ... Then I Threw it into Reverse and Finished the Job! “It's gotten warmer here in MN and the toy aisles have been thawing (at 1 store at least) ...

Toys R Us: “When a horse is no longer useful, if it breaks a leg, you shoot it right? Well, it's about time to take Toys R Us out to a grassy field and put 2 in the back of the head. I visit the TRU a couple miles from my house twice a week, and you know what changes? NOTHING! Need an Episode 2 figures that went in the clearance bins 2 YEARS ago at Target and wanna pay full price? TRU. It's not just Star Wars either, it's Marvel toys (Anyone want some HULK movie figures? Anyone? Ok, Hulk fists? Hello?).

K-Mart: “See TRU.

Target: “If it wasn't for the abundance of Target stores in my area, I'd have been in a clocktower with a bottle of Jack and a sniper rifle long ago. Some are better than others (Anyone needs Clone Wars Animated series 1 and lots of 'em come to MN). Tanus Spijek, J'quille and the rest of Jabba's crew are showing up en masse along with the Yavin wave (new peg-warmers anyone?). I also saw the new OTC Vader TIE and OTC Lightsabers (Luke Jedi and Vader), and as a non SW personal toy victory I found the 10" Roto-Cast Dock Ock yesterday too!.” - Satan's Teddybear


Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 June 2004 | 0:52 EDT
More Star Wars guests added to Chicagoland Entertainment Expo:
Hey Troops, I have received word from our friends at the Chicagoland Entertainment Expo that we have added two, yes two more guests to the show. Dalyn Chew - Lyn Me/Jabba's Dancer and Felix Silla -Ratah the Ewok. Make sure to get your advance tickets for the Charity breakfast for the morning of Saturday, September 11th 2004. I am told that tickets are 30% sold out and there is no longer any table space available. I am told maybe one or two guests may still be added, in addition to the 8 confirmed!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 June 2004 | 22:19 EDT
Area Report: With a Little Help from my Friends
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINTWith no rest for the wicked or rainfall, I made way through Gurnee, IL today on a hot tip from Trooper Dennis and scored the OTC Vader TIE Fighter. I passed these up in the green box back in the clearance wars of 98? because I was really into collecting just the figures back then. I was so surprised to find the last one without any ?shelf ware? on it. These things have a lot of window; the card bending sissy girls will have their share of bubble crunching with these things for sure. Also, there was the same crap reported by Trooper Dennis figure-wise with the exception of Clone Wars Sneak Preview figures, Zam and Clone Troopers. Never one to have too many Clones, I picked up a couple. I spoke with a Hasbro Vendor today briefly at the Waukegan, IL Target store. I asked when OTC would be showing up on the pegs and I was told somewhere around August. I guess we will have to just look at these nice Hall of Fame figures and R-3P0 for now! I can?t wait for the Sandcrawler to arrive. I went the easy route and ordered through a neighborhood comic shop, I have gone to the shop since I was a boy so it was nice to keep the money close to home. I am looking forward to the summer Kane County Toy Show this weekend. At least then I can don my Sandtrooper standard issue binoculars and peep out some of the vendors that little the aisles of the show. I hope you Troopers are having better luck with your searches. I took the last TIE and the only figures I could find that I would actually buy were two years old!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 June 2004 | 21:37 EDT
*Receive 10% off all orders $50.00 or more.* New In Stock are G.I. Joe Valor vs. Venom Wave 3 & Palisades Toys Serpentor Mini Bust.

G.I. Joe Valor vs. Venom Wave 3, Agent Jinx VS. Cobra Slice $8.99. Duke VS. Cobra Commander $8.99, Dusty VS. Zartan $8.99, SGT. Stalker VS. Firefly $9.99, Shipwreck VS. Electric E.E.L $8.99, Snow Wolf VS. Cobra B.A.T. $9.99, Wild Bill VS. Coil Crusher $8.99

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 June 2004 | 21:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
And there you have it“Amazon.com has the Star Wars Trilogy DVD Trailer that Hyperspace had on thier site. Now you don't have to pay to view it. Also, take a look at this. Is the Unleashed Leia that Hard to find? Why do people have to put everything on Ebay? Take care.”


Posted by: dustrho | 21 June 2004 | 19:14 EDT
Boba Fett in Pursuit
Boba Fett in PursuitThe baddest bounty hunter of all time is making another book appearance. The book, "Pursuit," scheduled to be released in December 2004 and written by Elizabeth Hand, will be the sixth novel in the Clone Wars series. Read more about this here.

Posted by: Dan | 20 June 2004 | 21:53 EDT
This week at K&C Collectibles: Unleashed Leia!
New this Week:
Princess Leia Unleashed - New Package

Pre-Order (deadline June 27th):
Gamorrean Guard Mini Bust
Obi-Wan Kenobi Maquette
Jawa Sandcrawler Vehicle

Power of the Jedi Freeze Frame:
R2-D2 with “Shutting down the Imperial Trash Compactor” Freeze Frame ? Rare
Emperor Palpatine ? Flashback
Aunt Beru ? Flashback
ASP-7 Droid
Luke Jedi Knight
Back in Stock:
J'Quille - Jabba's Sail Barge #09
Tanus Spijek - Jabba's Sail Barge #10

The winner of our $100.00 shopping spree is Joe Bonidie. Congratulations to him. Are you still missing some Power of the Jedi figures? We have some older freeze frame, flashback, green card, green card with hologram figures.

enter below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 June 2004 | 22:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis reports:
Dateline: Target had the same figures mentioned in my last report 
Target (Waukegan, IL):
“restocked their pegs with the Yavin/Holo Luke wave.

K-Mart (Zion, IL): “has HoF clear stand versions, Jabba's Palace and Yavin Waves. Ultra Jabba and Denizens in stock.

TRU (Gurnee, IL): “has the exclusive OTC Darth Vader TIE Fighter in stock.

Target (Gurnee, IL): “had the same figs I mentioned in my last report. More Anakin AOTC glasses and Luke ESB glasses. I'd like to see an Episode III glass made. Also they had Darth Maul (Theed Hangar) and Leia from HoF hanging on the pegs with the rest of the figs I saw there last week.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 June 2004 | 1:26 EDT
Federation Toys Update: Hall of Fame, 2003 Saga Restock!
Federation Toys has received shipment of the Hall of Fame assortment including Death Star Clash Darth Vader. Also if you missed Elan Sleazebaggano, Aay Vida, Padme Amidala (Lars Homestead), or Obi-Wan Nightclub Encounter, this assortment has been restocked as well. Yavin, Hoth and Jabba's Palace and Executor Waves are IN STOCK. Also in stock and shipping: 12-inch Garindan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Jawas 2-pack. Deluxe Ewok and Jabba the Hutt added as well. Federation Toys will be accepting pre-orders on the Leia Sporting Blaster, Rebel Trooper Blaster and the Stormtrooper E-111 Blaster. Excellent Service and Customer Satisfaction.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 June 2004 | 22:26 EDT
Master Replicas Update: Last Call
Hey Troops, over at Master Replicas is now shipping the .45 scale Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsabers. The Mace Windu is scheduled to ship later this month. Also it is last call for the following Limited Editions: Anakin, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the Thermal Detonator. As first built version is almost sold out as well. Coming soon for all you F/X fans, Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker. The Luke F/X will have a blue blade for you Empire lovers! For any of you who pre-ordered the Star Wars FX Jacket, they were canceled probably due to lack of interest or they could have been the worst looking jacket since the silver Atari jackets from back in the 80's. For more on the greatest Star Wars prop collectibles available, visit Master Replicas today!


Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 June 2004 | 20:15 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #260:

- click above to enter -

Just in this week! The newest Original Trilogy classic figures, Han, Leia and Ben. Each of these great figures comes on a retro card in their own protective plastic case similar to a Star Case.

Original Trilogy basic figures 2nd shipment just arrived, if you missed the first round, get yours today! Includes C-3PO, Cloud Car Pilot, Princess Leia Bespin, Lobot, Luke Dagobah, Obi-Wan ANH, R2-D2 Dagobah, Wicket and Yoda Dagobah.

Saga Code 3 Slave 1 just arrived. Select Saga action fleet is also now back in stock! McQuarrie Stormtrooper and Eeth Koth are also back!

Be sure to check out our POTF2, EP1 and POTJ featured products. Wide assortments this week, some 12-inch, some 3 ?, a new store display in stock and lots more.

Lots of Vintage featured items this week all in stock. 12-inch boxed Ben Kenobi, 12-inch loose Boba Fett & Stormtroopers and well as Dewbacks, Dagobah Playsets, Millennium Falcons, B-Wings and all in stock plush Ewoks.

Four brand new Valor vs. Venom vehicles arrived this week, don't miss out on these cool vehicles from the popular line. New assortment includes Night Force Grizzly Tank with Wild Bill, Neutralizer with Backblast, Battle Hornet with Neo-Viper and Thunderwing Jet with Slip Stream.

New DC Direct Action Figures Hush Set just arrived. The set includes Batman, Huntress, Hush, Joker and Poison Ivy.

Simpson Playsets Boxed Power Plant Cafeteria with Frank Grimes just arrived in stock. Series 14 set still available!

Posted by: dustrho | 17 June 2004 | 22:56 EDT
Q&A with Hasbro
Q&A with HasbroThere's a nice little Q&A over at Hasbro's website regarding 12" figures at retail and more information about the Jedi Council Scene Packs. Read more about this here.

Posted by: dustrho | 17 June 2004 | 22:49 EDT
UPDATE: San Diego Comic-Con International
UPDATE: San Diego Comic-Con International!Hey troopers! The official site has just posted a great wealth of information relating to the San Diego Comic-Con International, which will take place on Friday, July 23. The day of Star Wars for the great 3-day event starts at 10:30am and will run until 5:00pm. Representatives from Hasbro, Del Rey, Dark Horse Comics, Lucasfilm, LucasArts and staff from the Official Star Wars Fan Club, will all be there awaiting your arrival. To read more about this here.

Posted by: dustrho | 17 June 2004 | 22:20 EDT
New Books on the Star Wars Trilogy
New Books on the Star Wars Trilogy!Scholastic Inc. will be releasing a new set of books coming out this fall, based on the original Star Wars trilogy. However, writer Ryder Windham will adapt the original Star Wars trilogy with a new perspective brought on by the almost complete six-part Star Wars saga. Read more about this here.

Posted by: dustrho | 17 June 2004 | 8:56 EDT
MR Anakin Saber in Stock plus OTC, Rorworr at R2DTOYS!
Master Replicas
- Signature Edition ANAKIN SKYWALKER Lightsaber ?319 SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE!
- FX Lightsaber stand ?14
- Jango Blasters ?319
Next week on Ebay we will be listing many Master Replicas that are returns at discounted prices

- Blue Box TIE Bomber ?32
- X-Wing Fighter w/ R2-D2 ?39
- Stormtrooper 4-pack ?20
- C-3PO Tatooine Ambush ?7

- Tatooine Skiff ?39
- 12-inch Darth Vader Electronic (14-inch tall actually) ?29

POTJ and EP1
- Biker Scout Trooper (clean AND dirty vesions) from ?8
- Rorworr the Wookiee (Invasion of Theed game included FREE) ?9
- Sio Bibble US card & TriLogo card
- Naboo Royal Guard US Card & TriLogo card

- Arriving on Friday will be the new OTC Darth Vader TIE Fighter Priced at ?25 each. Still in stock are a VERY limited supply of a few figures at just ?7 each!

So, hop on over to R2DTOYS.com NOW!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 June 2004 | 23:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Steven Peacock requesting assistance:
“I am need of some trooper assistance. I am trying to get together a set of the "clear" stand HoF (Hall of Fame) assortment. So far, I have only managed to locate the Leia figure. If anyone has any extra, please drop me a line.”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 June 2004 | 23:39 EDT
Force of the Bay: Run for Cover
The never-ending Sandtrooper search for Star Wars treasures continues, although some of you may need a permit to dock your ship. If the retail chains have you down and out, look to the bay for a quick fix. You can find the most impossible variants; if you look hard enough you may even dig up the first one. It is good to see Hasbro stick with the old Kenner policy and do plenty of re-issue with the figures, much like they do now. However, I don't remember that one being pushed three times in a calendar year. You may find the answer to a reliable seller among the clouds. There is no such thing as hard to find, when you can look anywhere in the world. Perhaps you have the first, maybe you were have been trying to get your hands on the last. I guarantee you will find it, not once but several times over. So kick back and grab a snack. You never know what you will find, or who will give you a good deal. The impossible is made possible. There is anything you ever had, maybe exactly like the one you opened under your tree. One thing for sure, your legs won't hurt from walking all day. The clerks are never rude. The wallet and your gas tank will also be kind to you as well. Sandtroopers.com neither endorses or authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers on your searches. Kick A#$ and take names!

Posted by: dustrho | 16 June 2004 | 19:59 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba Binks Reports:
OTC Darth Vader TIE Fighter Found!"Today here in Indianapolis I picked up the Darth Vader TIE Fighter for $29.99 at Toys-R-Us. The stockers said at the time that they were still unloading the truck, and one of them said they believed there might be more Star Wars stuff on the truck."

Posted by: Tyler | 16 June 2004 | 19:05 EDT
Canadian Store Report
Hey Troopers, I picked up a lone J'Quille on tri-logo card yesterday for anyone that still needs him. Cost was about $8. There are still many figures from the Yavin, Jabba's Palace and Star Destroyer waves warming the pegs here at Wal-Mart. If you need any of them just LMK and I'll see what I can do for you.

Other than that not much new up here in North Bay, Ontario. I was able to visit Silver Snail Comic Shop in downtown Toronto on the weekend. As always they had plenty of goodies on display including; a Code 3 Falcon and X-wing, Master Replica Thermal Detonator (as first built), F/X Luke and Vader sabers and a few other Master Replica sabers. No OTC stuff however other than the TIE Fighter and X-wing. Aside from Star Wars they did have a very impressive store front display which had me wishing I'd taken my camera. It was a diorama of the scene from LOTR:ROTK when Sauron's army battles the armies of Middle-earth at the fortress. Very Impressive with at least 50-100 Uruk-hai (some half dead with arrows stuck in their heads, etc) and a mountain that stood over 6 ft high. This was all done with 6 inch figures. There was plenty of LOTR stuff inside as well including a few life sized busts. Well worth the visit if you live in the Toronto area. Take care troops. Be on the lookout for those OTC figures. They should be hitting retail soon. And remember "United We Find"!

Posted by: dustrho | 16 June 2004 | 9:06 EDT
"Star Wars: Battlefront" UPDATE!
Upon opening up my email's Inbox this morning I was surprised and excited to see a newsletter from LucasArts, which contains updates to the upcoming "Star Wars: Battlefront" due for release on September 21, 2004. In the email it has links that will show you videos and pictures of the different planets you will be able to play on, pictures of some of the Separatist Droids, and most importantly pictures of the exclusive included figure... the Scout Trooper. Be on the lookout for this exciting newsletter, and feel free to talk about this great-looking game in our forum.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 June 2004 | 20:28 EDT
Dewback Patrol - Exclusive Report : ILM Models at Museum of Science and Industry
[Click to view Coverage][Click to view Coverage]I commandeered the Imperial landing craft yesterday and set my sights on the Windy City. The official site dropped word last week about ILM Models on display at the Museum of Science and Industry. Never one to squander an opportunity, I packed up my family for downtown Chicago. Greeted by a nasty thunderstorm upon arrival, it was nice to grab a parking spot in the underground garage. I purchased tickets for the Museum and Action: An Adventure in Moviemaking and made way through a nearly empty exhibit. My advice for things like these is to try to get a day off during the week, versus a busy weekend. Less people will give you more time to enjoy it. It was really cool to see how tiny the model of an AT-AT was, how beautiful the Arc of the Covenant is. Running a camera up and down the belly of an Imperial Star Destroyer, having my padawans with me was nice. (I could play off making battle sounds!) I also saw how dead I would be if I had to choose the cup of Christ because I sure would have picked one trimmed out in gems. This exhibit reminded me much of the Magic of the Myth tours that Ret. Gen. Vaughn Whisker covered for us years back. However, it did not appear to have as much on display. I would encourage any Trooper in the immediate area to check this thing out. I had a great time taking part in filming our own movie as part of the tour. FAO is closed but there is still plenty to do in the Windy City. There is so much more to this great hobby than going store to store, and looking for card benders to beat. Take the time to enjoy every aspect, and remember to fight the good fight. Enjoy the coverage of this event and Keep on Troopin'!

Update 6/17: I found the information on the interactive exhibit Action: An adventure in moviemaking. If any of you would like to see a sample of the trailer that you get to volunteer for. Enter group number 1746. The people in our group did a great job. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 June 2004 | 18:39 EDT

10% Off sale & 15% off orders over $200: We are preparing for the onslaught of new product coming out in the 2nd half of 2004 by offering up a 10% off all 'in stock' items in our current inventory. (No pre-orders are on sale) As an added incentive, we will boost your bonus to 15% off the entire order if you order more than $200.00 of 'In-Stock' items at our current list prices! *Please read the sale info for details on how this sale works, link available on our main page. This sale is good for all items on the vintage menu as well as our normal in-stock items. The sale ends Thursday morning at 10:00 AM Central Time.

Batman Hush Series 2: This great set is now available for pre-ordering for $59.99. The set of 5 includes: Superman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, and Nightwing. Series 1 Hush is currently in stock as well!

Energon Omega Supereme Our shipment of these should be here in a week or less - pre-orders are available for $57.99 each.

G.I. Joe Valor VS. Venom 3: Our shipment arrives in about a week - pre-orders are available for the full set and a partial set as well.

- enter below -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 June 2004 | 18:30 EDT
This week at Action-HQ:
Action-HQ has the new OTC Vintage style Obi-Wan, Han Solo, Princess Leia for $15.95. These are in stock and ready to ship. Also available: OTC Dagobah & Bespin figures starting at $9.95 up. OTC Darth Vader Tie Fighter, X-Wing & Tie Fighter at $25.95 up. Skirmish at Carkoon 4-Pack at a Special price of $21.95! Tomy Japan Diorama Part 3 Set of 5 only $29.95!

visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 June 2004 | 1:26 EDT
Images Reload: Keeping You Guessing!
Hey Troops, we have updated our Images Section with round three from the Original Trilogy Collection. These figures are sure to draw in the three people who missed them. Bespin Wave II makes you wonder why you purchased the TRU Bounty Hunter 4-Pack. Also is was good to see Hasbro was so kind to re-release Bossk, TIE Pilot, and clean some paint off Luke to cram him down our throats once again! How do you Troops feel about the new OTC line? Let us know at news@sandtroopers.com. We are dying to hear what some of you are thinking. Begin Today

     OTC # 21 TIE Pilot
     OTC # 26 Luke Skywalker
     OTC # 27 IG-88
     OTC # 16 Bossk

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 June 2004 | 0:24 EDT
Cloud City Update: 'New' Figures
Cloud City now has in stock and ready to ship the Original Trilogy Collection IG-88, Bossk, TIE Fighter Pilot, and Luke Bespin. Visit Cloud City today to place your order.

- click to enter -

Posted by: dustrho | 14 June 2004 | 23:00 EDT
Working With George Lucas
Working With George LucasHave you ever dreamed of working side-by-side with the man who invented Star Wars? Hyperspace members have recently seen George Lucas working with one of the employees in the Animatics Department of Industrial Light & Magic. That employee, Chris Edwards, reveals to us all some insight as to what it's like working with George Lucas. Read more about here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 June 2004 | 22:51 EDT
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
Virginia Beach“Leif in Va Beach here. Slave Leia Glasses finally hit the Target on PA. They had 4, so it looks like an entire case of Leias; no Lukes or Anakins. They also had the Rieekan, Ewok and Jabbas marked down to $6.98. Also found those Green Clone Troopers at Toys R Us on Military Highway; of course they were in the back of the bins on top. Not on the Shelf. The Jabba Skirmish packs were also available. Nothing else new. Wal-Marts are stocking up on the Throne Room Luke and Snowtrooper waves.”


Posted by: dustrho | 14 June 2004 | 22:14 EDT
NEW Star Wars Screen Themes!
NEW Star Wars ScreenThemes!The Official Site has added new two new Episode I galleries to their ScreenThemes collection. Some of the artwork include various black and white concept sketches of podracers, battle droids, droidekas, and vehicles such as STAPs, MTTs and more. To read more about this click here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 June 2004 | 22:12 EDT
Sandtrooper OKC Reports:
Live from the Boise Bunker“ Hall of fame wave filling the pegs at all stores around here. Unleashed Obi-Wan and Leia hitting the area - but I keep missing the Leia. If a fellow Trooper can help me out, I would appreciate it. Luke and Anakin target glass sets also showing up - but no Leia yet. Still have some the Jabba Palace wave for trade including J? Quille, Lando Skiff guard, Holo Luke, Dutch Vander and General Dodonna plus other stuff. Check out my trade page in the forum.”


Posted by: Tyler | 13 June 2004 | 20:14 EDT
Courtesy of a friend of mine, here is what was at this year's Medicom Toy Exhibition in Japan;

Series 3 of Star Wars Kubricks: C-3PO, Jawa, Ewok, AT-AT Driver, Han Solo Carbonite, Lando.

And a box set as follows: Spirit Obi-Wan, Han Solo, Ewok, R2-Q5, R5-D4.

The box set will be a TRU Japan exclusive. There is also a Droid anime carded Boba. And if that wasn't enough here is the exclusive of the MEDICOM TOY EXHIBITION'04. This would make a nice addition to any Sandtrooper's collection.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 June 2004 | 15:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Is Hasbro still making these?“Does any know whether Hasbro is still making the Unleashed Slave Leia on the new card? I have yet to see her. It looks like everyone is snatching her up as fast as possible. The only ones I have seen of the new waves are the Luke Jedi, Darth Sidious and Obi-wan. I have not seen the Clone Trooper with the red trim either. Thanks.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 June 2004 | 13:31 EDT
From the Depths of Hell with the Sound of a Wedding Bell:
The Devil’s Ewok aka Satan’s TeddybearDateline: Thanks to all who offered help “The new Mrs Ewok and I would like to thank all of those who offered help with finding an Anakin and Padme for our cake topper, we ended up going a diffrent route. (Due to we saw the movie 5 times together early in our relationship, and I'm Ogre sized) I just wanted to thank everyone again and send a wedding picture.” - Satan's Teddybear


Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 June 2004 | 13:28 EDT
The First Lady of Sandtroopers Reports:
The First Lady of Sandtroopers.comDateline: Thank God for Sandtroopers “Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal here. Not much to report. The only new item I found recently was the TRU Skirmish 4-pack. Thank God for Sandtroopers. Things have been so slow here in So Cal that I had a couple of holes to fill and was able to fill them by trading with fellow troopers. A big shout out to Dan Rinaman, Orlando Alejandro, Robert Amid (Jetfire) and Jedi Dom in WI. Happy Hunting!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 June 2004 | 13:11 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking pre-orders on Star Wars Unleashed wave 10 set of 3 figures. Wave 7 Unleashed & interactive R2-D2 in stock. Screamin' 1/4 scale model kits, FAO Tarkin & DS Gunner 12-inch, vintage Lee Wards sun catchers, Leia Boushh Sigma figure, Slave 1 model, books & die cast ships. Please click here for more.”

click to enter

Posted by: dustrho | 12 June 2004 | 13:00 EDT
New EP3 Video At StarWars.com!
This Weapon is Your LifeThe Official Site has created a behind-the-scenes movie titled "This Weapon Is Your Life." In the movie we get to see a sneak peek at some of the weaponry that will be used in Episode III. To read more about this and to see the movie please click here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 June 2004 | 23:46 EDT
Sandtrooper Bobafred with a Tribute to the Greatest Man of our Generation:
Pacoima, California“Bobafred chiming in from So. Cali in the San Fernando Valley neighbors to Simi Valley...on this National Day of Mourning all Americans have been glued to the tube paying their last respects to our late Great President Ronald Reagan, taking final flight from our Nation's Capitol Homeward bound to Southern Cali, for his final resting place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on the hill top in Simi Valley...Hats off to one of the Greatest Negotiators/Communicators in World History!”

I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.”....R.R.

“I had the pleasure of meeting, and kicking it with his Grandson Cameron. I know we will all fill that void in our hearts with the free Love, self worth, and drive he instilled in our Great Nation...sound off Troops! Just wanted to give all our SANDTROOPERS a big shout out cause we can, and will continue to do so on our great site! Stay hard and continue our great fight, in our passion of piecing together our greatest collection of all time! Take it to them for the Gipper! God Bless America!”


Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 June 2004 | 22:12 EDT
Amazon.com Sales & Pre-Orders
Check out these pre-order items at Toys R Us.com:
Star Wars Trilogy - (Widescreen Edition)
Star Wars Trilogy - (Full Screen Edition)
Red Y-Wing - Gold Leader
Jedi Council - Scene IV
Jedi Council - Scene II
Jedi Council - Scene III
Endor Ambush 4-pack

Naboo Final Conflict 4-pack and Jedi Council Scene I are also available.
In addition to the pre-order items listed, browse for these sale items.
X-Wing: Red Leader TRU Exclusive
Darth Vaders: TIE Fighter
Master Replicas-Count Dooku Limited Edition

OTC Vehicles, Ultra Jabba and Court Denizens, Jango and Obi-Wan, and many 12-inch figures clearanced.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 June 2004 | 21:00 EDT

Vintage Menu Sale - 20% OFF: ALL the items on our many vintage menus are available for 20% off the listed prices. This sale will end at 8:00 PM Sunday 6/13. Please be sure to read the sale details on how the discounts will be applied to your order (they will be listed on the 'your order is shipping email as a reduced or negative shipping fee, and the discount is not listed on the initial order confirmation email) We have literally thousands of items on the vintage menus - the vintage department is starting to take over too much room in our warehouse so please help us make some space!

Star Wars: The Trilogy X-Wing and TIE Fighter have just arrived and are available for $22.99 each. More Unleashed wave 9 figures have arrived - Leia and Obi-Wan - both available separately. We've also restocked some of the soldout Saga figures including Holographic Luke, Rappertunie, Tanus Spijek, and Sail Barge Lando. We've also cut prices on some other recent releases including Bossk, Dengar, Admiral Ozzel and others!

DC Direct - Batman Hush: This is a truly awesome set of figures - extremely well done molding and design. The set of 5 is available for a competitive price of $59.99. Included in the set are Batman, Huntress, Poison Ivy, Hush, and The Joker. The set is listed on the DC Menu along with Return of Superman, and a variety of Pocket Superheroes including the just restocked JLA Pocket Superhero set.

Pre-order: Transformer Energy Cubes by Unicron.com - The 3rd accessory pack is now available for pre-ordering - only at BBTS! Energy cubes are a 'must have' item for diorama builders or anyone looking to make their collection look a bit more G1 show accurate. The cubes can be assembled to look empty or full by leaving out or including the sparkly/shimmering/translucent cardboard insert. A great nostalgic item that does a great job of capturing the look of energon cubes from the G1 cartoon. Available now on the Pre-Order Menu in packs of 10 cubes or super packs of 50 cubes.

G.I. Joe: We've received more of the 40th Anniversary figures #14 Command Post (both Caucasian and African American) #15 Action Sailor Shore Patrol, #16 Action Sailor with 4 weapon sets, and #17 Action Marine Beachhead.

- enter below -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 June 2004 | 20:48 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
“Hey Troops, I left a trail of sniveling, ignorant, and none too pretty scalpers at the local TRU as I snatched up yet another red Unleashed Clone Trooper. It?s for whoever can make a good trade. To the troopers who I?ve already promised Red Unleashed Clones: don?t worry; this one?s a new one. I?m still looking for that 12-inch Plo Koon among other things. Jedi Dom from wet, wet, Wisconsin. (We actually had 2 days without rain this week. WOO HOO)!”


Again proving the hard to find, is not so hard to find, if you UNITE! Hope it dries out enought for you to keep up the hunt Dom. Take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 June 2004 | 20:37 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #259:

- click above to enter -

New reduced prices on Unleashed figures, R1-G4 and Stormtrooper Death Star Chase now back in stock. New Saga wholesale case available, check it out! Acklays still available, wholesale pricing is also available. Lots of Saga exclusives in stock now, different sets are available to fit any collectors need and budget. Both the set of EP1 and POTJ figures are featured now as well as some deluxe and life-size items. Check out these great prices! This weeks POTF2 includes some great 12-inch dolls and vehicles as well as all the Illusive Concepts we currently have in stock. Just in the hard-to-find Rancor! Lots of Vintage 12-back figures in stock right now and featured this week. Some great Master Replica items also currently available such as the Yoda Artist's Proof.

Lots of sale prices right now in G.I. JOE from Palisades mini-busts to 2003 toy show exclusives, collectors edition, vintage and more. Be sure to check out these great deals. Also just in a 1984 AFA Storm Shadow. Valor vs. Venom wave 3 arrived last week and are going fast. You can now sign up to pre-order the wave 4 Valor vs. Venom set of 7.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 June 2004 | 2:22 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Adventure Con 3.0 Coverage Live at the Jawa
Ten-Hut Troops, Jawa Rod has coverage of the Adventure Con 3.0 last weekend. Knoxville,TN had some great guests and what appeared to be a great time. Make sure you stop by theJawa and hit up that Sandcrawler for some fine coverage of this landmark event.

Posted by: dustrho | 10 June 2004 | 20:46 EDT
Bantha Tracks: Online and in Print!
Bantha Tracks: Online and in Print!

If you're a Hyperspace member, you're going to be in for another exclusive treat. The Official Star Wars Fan Club will have biweekly online updates about anything related to Star Wars fandom. Some things which will be included are:

  • Special Bantha Tracks features and news "by the fans, for the fans."
  • Tips, tricks, and how-to lists for everything from costuming to starting your own local club
  • Calendars, updated online every other Thursday, with schedules for conventions, special events, and local fan events.
  • News from local and regional fan clubs.
  • Fan Galaxy Scrapbook, featuring your best Star Wars snapshots.

    Want to learn more? Click here.

    Posted by: dustrho | 10 June 2004 | 20:31 EDT
    Coming to a Casino Near You!
    Coming to a Casino Near You!Have you ever wanted to play a Star Wars slot machine while on vacation in Las Vegas? Your dream is about to come true, thanks to the partnership of Lucasfilms and International Game Technology (IGT). Plans for the first slot machine, based on "A New Hope," will include a full stereo sound system and video clips from the movie. Read more about this here.

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 June 2004 | 17:07 EDT
    This Just in from Action-HQ:
    Action-HQ is bringing it to you first once again with Transformers: Superlink Destron SD-12, Dinobot & SD-13 Shadowhawk limited Comsmo versions starting at $14.95. Saint Seiya: Ready for the next capsule set of the Saints? Cygus, Dragon and 2 previously unfeatured characters Posideon & Taurus! Alien & Predator: Get your taste of these Sci-Fi icons before the summer release of Alien VS Predator with these 4 figures. 2 Aliens & 2 Predators, where else can you get it FIRST? Also, OTC Dagobah, Re-issues and Bespin Waves in stock as well as OTC vehicles. Pre-Order the OTC vintage figures so you too can get it first.

    visit Action-HQ below

    Posted by: dustrho | 10 June 2004 | 15:51 EDT
    Hasbro Update!
    Hasbro UpdateWanted to let everyone here know that Hasbro has released some information about a couple of things...

    1. The OTC Millennium Falcon will be in stores sometime this fall, and will not be an exclusive item. For more information click here.

    2. The new Jedi Council Scene packs will be available only at Toys 'R Us this summer. For more information click here.

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 June 2004 | 22:00 EDT
    Sandtrooper SoCal Danny B reports:
    “Danny B checking in here from So. Cal. Just got back from the TRU in Montebello. No OTC but they did have some other figures in case you live in the area. They had R1-G4, Hoth Trooper, R2-D2 with the serving tray, Kren Blista-Vanee, Jedi four-pack and Skirmish at Carkoon. Finally found General Dodonna over the weekend in Anaheim at Target. They did had Lando as Skiff Guard but somebody bent the cards on all three of them. It looks like TRU and Target are the place to go right now.”

    Thanks for the update from the coast Danny; many are waiting for the OTC line to hit retail. United We Find, and keep the reports coming in Troops. Together, we can win!

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 June 2004 | 21:52 EDT
    Sandtrooper Sean V in Canada reports:
    From Coast to Coast“Hey Troops, looks like were getting some good stuff finally here in Canada. My friend who works at Toys R Us said were getting the first wave of OTC figures as well as the Vader TIE Fighter. Also the Play Skool sets will show up in July. Good stuff ahead! If anyone?s looking I have some 12-inch figures from Episode 1 and 2. Genosian Warrior and Mace as well as Battle Droid. If anyone is interested in a trade, drop me a line.”


    Posted by: dustrho | 8 June 2004 | 23:19 EDT
    MORE Clone Wars Cartoons!!!
    Clone Wars CartoonTroopers! Are you ready to hear some REALLY good news? Cartoon Network will be bringing the Clone Wars Cartoon back to its station with five new chapters, each of them running at 12 minutes instead of three minutes. I think I can speak for a lot of Star Wars fans, that the Clone Wars Cartoon series was a huge success. This was one of the few shows on TV that I HAD to watch. Unfortunately, we won't be able to watch it until March 21, 2005. It'll definitely be worth the wait.

    Read the full story here.

    Posted by: dustrho | 8 June 2004 | 23:05 EDT
    Kotobukiya Boba Fett
    Kotobukiya Boba FettDark Horse Comics will be bringing the most feared bounty hunter of all time to the States on September 15th. Coming in vinyl form is the Kotobukiya Boba Fett, which will retail at $99.99. This fascinating figure stands at a whopping 13". So, do you want to add him to your collection? I know I do!

    Posted by: dustrho | 8 June 2004 | 22:56 EDT
    Star Wars Galaxies... 14-Day Free Trial
    Star Wars GalaxiesHave you ever wanted to play Star Wars Galaxies for the PC, but were too afraid that you were going to get addicted to it? Or did you think it might not be worth the monthly charge to play the game? Well, it's now the perfect time to give it a test run. LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment are offering you to play Star Wars Galaxies for free for 14 days. Interested? Read more about it here.

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 8 June 2004 | 21:48 EDT
    Silver Clone Trooper: $10 at Yestertoys!
    Hey Troopers, my friend Tom at Yestertoys wanted me to pass along the info that they have dropped the price on the Silver Clone Trooper to $10.00. Also they will have a complete restock of OTC very soon. If you are still looking for some of the older Saga 2004 or Clone Wars figures you may want to check out that section as well. Excellent service and customer satisfaction.

    - click to enter -

    Posted by: dustrho | 8 June 2004 | 19:59 EDT
    This week at r2dtoys.com:
    With the advent of OTC (Original Trilogy Collection) upon us, we expect to receive our first major shipment on Friday. To help you realize the impact of OTC we have already added every product that is due for release this year to our website! There are no images or item specifics, but there are figure names and prices. Please note; we will receive all items from OTC including vintage, re-issues AND 12-inch.

    Next year sees the long anticipated Episode III and to mark the occasion there will be a series of preview figures available, these are also listed on our site.

    You can see the full O.T.C. range of figures and ships simply by searching under the `OTC Trilogy` category. It's very easy. Our new index page will also display the OTC logo as soon as possible.

    To mark the launch of OTC, the official Star Wars shop is releasing a store exclusive EMPEROR figure and we are going to receive them in limited supply for the regular price of just $12.25! We don't have a date yet, sorry.

    So head on over to the site now, hit the "Email Me When Available" button, and be the first to get this special exclusive figure at the regular price!

    Click here to learn more.

    For all Lord of the Rings fans we have 2 ultimate statues for your collection!

    LIMITED EDITION 20" PEWTER LEGOLAS FIGURE - Just 100 pieces worldwide! Priced at $1275.75 - available now for pre-order. This is a dead-cert investment!

    LIMITED EDITION GOLLUM STATUE - IN STOCK Shipping NOW! Prices at $785.75 this is 2.5 feet tall and looks real! Gollum stands on a stone-effect base an is made by Rubies.

    Coming soon we have the new LOTR Sideshow Weta Berserker Uruk Hai statue.

    Posted by: dustrho | 7 June 2004 | 21:41 EDT
    Hyperspace Membership & StarWarsShop.com
    Hyperspace and StarWarsShop.comGreat news to everyone who has Hyperspace membership! You can get discounts at the StarWarsShop.com website for a limited time, plus have access to purchase exclusive Star Wars collectibles. Now I personally don't have Hyperspace membership, but with a cool perk like this I might reconsider getting membership. Being a diehard collector, I need to get my hands on everything I possibly can that is related to Star Wars. To read more details about this click here.

    Posted by: dustrho | 7 June 2004 | 13:32 EDT
    Sandtrooper Dustrho Reporting In!
    dustrho in the Windy CityHey troopers! I did a little toy run over the weekend, and it seems that a lot of the Toys 'R Us and Targets are getting shipments of the Hoth & Tattoine waves. I say that because I saw several of the following figures filling up the pegs... Hoth Trooper, R-3P0, Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight & Hoth Outfit), R2-D2 with serving tray, R1-G4, and a few others. Also found one Toys 'R Us in Gurnee that had SEVERAL re-released Unleashed figures of Luke Skywalker (in X-Wing Pilot outfit) and the Emperor. When I was at the Target stores I stopped by the LEGO section, and at several different stores the LEGO AT-AT was at $99.99. So, it was just a lucky chance that I was able to snag a couple for myself at the low price of $25. I wonder if that will ever happen again.

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 June 2004 | 1:04 EDT
    This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #258:

    - click above to enter -

    The biggest news of the week is of course the arrival of Original Trilogy Wave 2 including such popular characters as Boba Fett, C-3PO, Leia Bespin, Stormtrooper and the long awaited Cloud Car Pilot and Wicket! All priced at $19.99. The set of 9 is available as well as a few other smaller sets that we just added. Some great new Saga items just in as well as some golden oldies back in stock including the Exclusive Red Leader's X-Wing, Exclusive Clone Trooper Sergeant (green) bust, Unleashed Red Clone Trooper and more!

    Now in stock, a vintage Boxed Millenium Falcon C-8.5 with C-8 Star Wars. Also various conditions of boxed speeder bikes and b-wings all in stock and available now.

    Master Replica Luke Jedi .45 Scaled Sabers back in stock, both the original version for only $24.99 as well as the 18K Gold plated chase edition!

    New Kubrick 2-inch Speeder Bike w/ Luke Endor & Leia Endor just arrived in limited quantities, do not delay!

    New reduced prices on Kenner Indiana Jones vintage vehicles. 12-inch dolls and Well of Souls playsets are also featured this week.

    Valor Vs. Venom Carded Wave 3 now in stock, sets available! These are awesome as usual! Also back in stock the Defense Mech, Pulverizer and the 12-inch Spirit, Cobra Commander & Coil Crusher.

    Four New Justice League in this week, others back in stock!

    MOTU New Series Mer-Man, Trap Jaw Repaint & Exclusive Autograhped Moss Man all in stock and available now!

    New Transformers Mixmasters in stock this week, three different sets!

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 June 2004 | 0:51 EDT
    “Techno Guild Carrier & Coruscant Hauler” Lego™ Diorama by ACPin:
    Techno Guild Hauler“The Techno Guild provided carrier spacecraft to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which had an auspicious start during the Geonosian conflict. The carriers ranged in size depending on their purpose; whereas the medium types carried fewer Battle Droid Units, they were deployed faster than the larger core ships.

    Also check out the Coruscant Hauler - The Coruscant skyline teems with air traffic with vehicles that ferry the population around the planet. Apart from the passenger vehicles, there are also cargo vehicles like this medium-sized airship that carry loads of supplies to different destinations. Every now and then, stowaways have been caught trying to get a free ride.”

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 June 2004 | 0:43 EDT
    Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
    Live from the Boise Bunker“Hey Troops,! I have another POTJ green box Tie Bomber available for 25.00 shipped. It's in good order and never opened. Also, I have a Tie Fighter (KB) also near mint available for $23.00 shipped. Let me know!!! Also- I am in need of a blue coat Han Solo on the Gold card. If someone has one of these, I'd be interested. C-8.5 or better please!”


    Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 June 2004 | 23:17 EDT

    Star Wars Sandcrawler: Coming in November - This large vehicle comes with 2 Jawas and a Droid and is available for $58.99. This is the first Sandcrawler vehicle available for decades!

    Master Replicas: We've lised Sabers & Blasters from Star Wars, and Rings, Swords & Staffs from Lord of the Rings - all at the lowest price Master Replica allows retailers to pre-sell them at!

    Transformers: A variety of sold out transformer items have been restocked including: #0 Prime, #03 Skids, #07 Sideswipe, #08 Inferno, #09 Starscream, #10 Soundwave, #11 Astrotrain (Prices are a bit higher than our original prices due to supplies running out in Japan and becoming more expensive) Also back in stock are the Transformer Generation Book, Transmanual volume 1 and 2, Hasbro re-issue Ultra Magnus, Tiger Sideswipe, Mega PVC Optimus Prime Anime, Mega PVC Megatron Metallic, Myclone 2, and C-16 White Leoconvoy.

    G.I. Joe VS. Cobra: We have completed an inventory count of some old stock of Wave 3 to Wave 5 GI Joe vs. Cobra figures and vehicles. About 20 items are now back in stock for these items. Also don't miss out on the Valor Vs. Venom pre-orders for Wave 3 and 4.

    Halo Wave 4: The latest Halo figures have arrived, this set includes the white Master Chief, Grunt, a very cool Warthog vehicle with 3 mini figures, and Covenant Elite Red Version. The Grunt and White Master Chief are available separately for $12.99 and the set of 4 is available for $49.99.

    - enter below -

    Posted by: Dan | 6 June 2004 | 22:43 EDT
    This week at K&C Collectibles: Jedi-Con 2-pack!
    New this Week:
    Jedi-Con 2004 2-Pack

    Pre-Order (deadline June 27th):
    Gamorrean Guard Mini Bust
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Maquette
    Jawa Sandcrawler Vehicle

    New 2004 Saga Figures:
    Han Solo - AT-ST Driver #19
    General Madine #20
    General Lando Calrissian #21
    R1-G4 #05
    Luke Skywalker ? Jabba?s Palace #04
    Captain Antillies #15
    Rappertunie #08
    Luke Holographic #11
    Bossk #18
    Dengar #17
    TIE Fighter Pilot #14
    Gold Leader Dutch #13
    General Jan Dodonna #12
    Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack #3
    R2-D2 Jabba?s Sail Barge #04
    Back in Stock:
    Mynock Hunt
    Final Jedi Duel
    Death Star Escape
    Cantina Showdown
    Purchase of the Droids
    Jabba?s Dancers
    Jedi Spirits
    Cantina Aliens
    Jabba?s Skiff Guards

    Collectible Figure with Glass:
    Anakin Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    The winner of our $100.00 shopping spree has been contacted but has not claimed his prize. We have received some older Power of the Jedi items this week. Pre-order the Jawa Sandcrawler.

    enter below

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 June 2004 | 23:46 EDT
    Images Reloaded: Round Two OTC Bespin Wave
    Hey Troops, I have updated our Images Section with round two from the Original Trilogy Collection. These figures show promise, but once again other than the Bespin Wave you probably will again notice something you have seen before. The Cloud Car Pilot, and even Lobot will remind you why you collect. Boba Fett and the Droids will have the carded collector pretty upset, once again. However, the flashy packaging will draw in that new blood. These should be hitting retail any day now, in the mean time enjoy the show!

    OTC # 12 R2-D2
    OTC # 13 C-3P0
    OTC # 14 Boba Fett
    OTC # 15 Obi Wan Kenobi
    OTC # 16 Wicket
    OTC # 17 Stormtrooper
    OTC # 18 Princess Leia
    OTC # 19 Cloud Car Pilot
    OTC # 10 Lobot

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 June 2004 | 23:46 EDT
    Sandtrooper SoCal Danny Reports:
    “Danny B here from So.Cal found the Death Star Chase Stormtrooper and not much else. Universal City Walk will be showing Star Wars on it's outdoor big screen on June 22 at 7 p.m. but get there early for a good seat. Good luck in the toy hunt troops.”


    Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 June 2004 | 23:46 EDT
    Father's Day Sale at TOY FELLAS:
    Father?s Day is June 20th and we are offering free shipping on all orders $50.00 or more until June 15th. Simply enter the coupon code: fathertf and the coupon will automatically apply to orders $50.00 or more. June 15th is the last day we can guarantee items arrive before Father?s Day.

    Free Shipping only applies to U.S.A. customers

         Call Toll-Free: 1-888-273-5663
         Forget About It!
    - enter TOY FELLAS below -

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 4 June 2004 | 1:24 EDT
    Force of the Bay: Take Up Arms and Fight the Enemy!
    Always looking to add another trophy to my arsenal, I found myself searching through the thousands of Star Wars items that are available to anyone 24 hours a day. I guess after a long day of finding nothing in the stores, to sit in your boxers and shop, a testament to this great country in which we live. I can think of a half dozen people that wouldn?t want to see me on the other end of this! I really enjoy browsing the props section, still don?t know if I?m going to put it together piece by piece or buy it all at once. That armor seems a little too hot for you? Maybe you will find something in your size. The greatest thing about ebay is finding auctions that would make an army builder as powerful as dustrho look down the scope with 15 seconds to spare. If you worry about Shady Grady burning you, find a seller with a decent reputation that has something your looking for. For those of you that go by the beat of a different drum, try finding that old part you lost. You could find yourself living, breathing and eating Star Wars. Any card, variation or figure will be found, if not today, try searching every other day. I may have to pick up a half dozen of these and ship them off to a good friend in the Jersey swamp. I?m sure he?ll put them to good use. Anything and everything, if not to buy stop in to look around. Sooner or later you may just hit the jackpot! Another good thing to try is checking out any sellers other items, chances are if they have one thing that is pretty cool, there will be another. Sandtroopers.com neither endorses or authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your searches, Kick A$# and take names!

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 June 2004 | 21:08 EDT
    Cloud City Update: OTC Bespin Wave in Stock!
    Hey Troops, I have just received word that the new Bespin Wave is in stock at Cloud City. Leia Bespin, Cloud Car Pilot, Lobot, R2-D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, Stormtrooper or Wicket. Also shipping this week are the OTC Vehicles. X-Wing and TIE Fighter available! Also don't forget to check their Ebay store. You may want to check out the pre-order page for the newest in new!

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 June 2004 | 20:55 EDT
    Sandtrooper Tyler Reports:
    “What's happened lately with offering cost plus shipping? It's been a while since I've seen anyone offer this. There hasn't been much to offer here in North Bay, Ontario, Canada lately with us only getting the odd case here and there at our Wal-Mart store. But we finally got the mother load the other day of the Star Destroyer wave. Now we have more than 4 pegs full! So here's what I can get for you; Ozzel, Bossk, Dengar, Tie Pilot, Dutch, Antilles, Dodonna, R2-D2 w/tray and Hoth Luke. There's also a Rappertunie and Lando sticking around from the Jabba's wave assortment, which included the elusive, J'Quille that I offered here and nobody wanted. Anyhow LMK if any of you need these. Cost is $10.26 CAN (almost $8 US), which is a bit higher than US retail I guess, but all are on mint tri-logo cards. On a side note here are some links to some cool pics of some Star Wars candy Lego and standees courtesy of Sandtrooper Yubyub in Japan. Take care troops.”


    Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 June 2004 | 20:48 EDT
    This Just in from Action-HQ:
    Action-HQ is bringing it to you first once again & this week with Bespin & OTC figures! Available are newly molded figures Bespin Princess Leia, Cloud Car Pilot & Lobot and re-carded OTC R2-D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, Stormtrooper & Wicket. Prices start from $9.95. Get your Star Wars OTC vehicles weeks & months ahead of everyone else. Now shipping are Vader's TIE Fighter, X-Wing & TIE Fighter! Also this week: Saint Seiya, Spawn Reborn 2, Monsters III and more!

    visit Action-HQ below

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 June 2004 | 20:07 EDT
    Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
    “Star Wars Unleashed figures wave 7 in stock. Star Wars Trilogy DVD set preorder. 50 Vintage & Classic items added including loose Imperial shuttle, boxed Tie Interceptor, Imperial attack base MIB, POTF Tatooine Skiff MIB, vintage buttons, plush ewoks, school supplies, household items & more.”

    click to enter

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 June 2004 | 23:32 EDT
    Sandcrawler Pre-Order at Alliance Collectibles:
    Just wanted to let the Troopers know that we've gotten in the Original Trilogy Collection Wave 8. We are also happily taking pre-orders on the just announced Diamond Exclusive Jawa Sandcrawler at the competitive price of $49.99.

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 June 2004 | 20:26 EDT
    Sandtrooper Ian Brazee-Cannon with an Update from the IOC:
    “It has been a while, but there is now a new episode. Episode 39: Being Diplomatic is up. Enjoy. Hopefully updates will become more regular now.”

    Nobody appreciates original Star Wars entertainment more than the crew here at Sandtroopers! Keep 'em coming in Ian.

    Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 June 2004 | 19:19 EDT
    Sandtrooper Jedi-Hawk Reports:
    Jedi Hawk’s Pro Scalper 4Dateline: The Toy Aisles are Cold as Ice “Central Texas Report: So troops. Just thought I would check in from the ever-warming central Texas. Temp is going to hit 98 today. Heat index 110. But that is the only thing heating up around here. The toy aisles are cold as ice. But I keep checking them just to stay cool.

    Wal-Mart: “Just stocked up on the 2nd half of the hall of fame (Hoth Han, Snowtrooper, Anakin Ceremony) And they still have a few of the basic Hall of Fame. Only carrying basic figures here. Tricked me by enlarging the SW section one day, only to shrink it the next back down to 4 pegs.

    Super Wal-Mart: “ Not much going on here either. They do get in the Ultra waves often and have had the flying ewok set. Also they finally put out a new wave of basic figures last week. The Endor Generals wave. Not too bad. Also they have the Emperor & Luke Unleashed repacks. Nice looking, but I have the originals. Hopefully this store will have some of the OTC waves.

    Target: “Choking on the Hall of Fame. Well that along with Hoth Troopers and R-3PO. They do not have any room on the 8 pegs that they have for SW due to the glut of this product. Also they have 4 pegs full of CW Cartoon figs. A few Collector Cups w/ Ben are there too.

    TRU: “Well sort of good and bad. They have a lot of product that is for sure. Just that none of it is very new. Have been getting their own exclusives regularly. Lots of Red Leader X-Wings and 4 packs. Also keep on putting out those CW multi packs. Just put out some Clone Army w/ green trooper. If you need one give me a shout. I have them already but can go and pick them up. They had 2 today while I was there. Also had a Jedi 3 pack. Plenty of Driod 3 packs and Spider Driods also. Not much in the way of new basic figure though. They have not had any 2004 basic figures. Not one. Kinda sad.

    “Well that is about all from the hot humid land of Central TX. Hunt 'em down troops.”