May 2007

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 31 May 2007 | 23:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Rojo Reports:
“Hey Troops, Rojo is back in Houston from C4 in LA. I volunteered most of the time. I had a great time. I met two of the Troops waiting outside the Fan Club Lounge. I worked in the Family Room most of the time. The Star Wars Families were really great. The artists were really great to work with. We had Lego Star Wars, Lightsaber fights, and crafts all day long. I went around to the Fanfare Hall. I loved the X-Wing. The exhibitor hall was very cool. I liked the Artist Alley. It was always exciting. The Full size Jabba was amazing. I was able to pick up my Luke and Droids. The Darth Vader Helmet Exhibit was cool. The archives were stunning. I was able to check out the Clone Wars Animated Trailer, which looks amazing. There were lots of great fans and costumes. I served cake to the Mayor and City Council of LA. It was great. I was able to talk with Bonnie Piesse and Alan Ruscoe in the Fan Club. I had a great time. By the Monday I was running on pure force fumes.”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 31 May 2007 | 22:22 EDT
Update from R2dtoys:
This week we have added the new Celebration IV Exclusive Luke Skywalker for only £15 and the R2-D2 & C-3PO for only £18! Both in stock in hand now. Place your order now to avoid disapointment, remember these figures were only available at Celebration IV Toy Convention in LA between 24th - 28th May 2007. Also we have added several new items to our inventory for Gentle Giant including: Darth Malak, Yoda Spirit, Jango Fett and Zuckuss mini-busts and the Stormtrooper Animated Maquette. For more browse our website today!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 31 May 2007 | 22:21 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna Reports:
The First Lady of!“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal after C4. Had an awesome time at Celebration IV especially since I had a chance to meet Commander Spice at the Hasbro Panel. Also, if you ever get a chance to catch the stage show Star Wars in 30 minutes, you have got to go. This show will have you laughing out of your seat. Was able to pick up some exclusives for trade. I have an extra Darth Malak and Light up Yoda Mini Bust. Will trade either one for an Emperor Mini Bust. Also I was able to snag 10 of the 12 Medallions from the collector panels. If any fellow troopers out there have an extra Luke or Leia Medallion, I have a Sand People and Stormtrooper Medallion to trade. On store finds, K-mart has gotten the latest wave of Titanium Vehicles with the V-wing. Target and Wal-Mart has gotten in VTAC. Happy Hunting to all!”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 31 May 2007 | 22:21 EDT
Sandtrooper Bob Reports:
“Found the 30th wave 3 this morning at my local southern Ohio Wal-Mart. Luke looks like Richard Nixon. Start the hunt. United We Find!”

We've also received another report of Wave 3 in Baltimore, MD from Trooper Steven Peacock!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 May 2007 | 22:40 EDT
Pre-Blast Giveaway: Celebrate Good Times!
Getting ready for a blast!We all know that Sandblast 2007 is right around the corner but I just couldn't wait to kick off the party so starting June 1st we'll begin our McQuarrie Celebration IV Giveaway! Since my cache of goods has returned from Los Angeles in once piece we will be pulling a winner every two weeks for one Luke Skywalker CIV Exclusive and two weeks after that we'll pull the winner for the CIV Exclusive R2-D2 & C-3PO set. Registered Forum members only, if you are already in the ranks you need to do nothing. United We Find and best of luck to you all!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 May 2007 | 22:33 EDT
I.T.L.O.F.: What 30 means to Dustrho
Not without my Star Wars!Our S.C.A.L.P. Weapons Supplier has compiled his own tribute of what the 30th Anniversary means to him. As most of us he can trace his love of Star Wars back to the days of early childhood. It is everything that has happend afterwards is what is so special. Check out the article that outlines his journey and the latest edition of In the Line of Fire!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 May 2007 | 22:27 EDT
Dewback Patrol: CIV Kotobukiya & Force Unleashed Commentary
The party is winding down!Our coverage of Celebration IV is near complete as Sandtrooper Odiewan has complied two separate articles. The first comes from the Force Unleashed panel he attended and the second is a small commentary on the new Kotobukiya X-Wing diorama model. Stay tuned to for the conclusion of our coverage.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 May 2007 | 21:51 EDT

T.A.C. Wave 5: This is one of the best new waves we've seen in a long time. Each case is stuffed full with nine all-new figures and the duplicates are desireable as well! Cases are $89.99, Sets of 9 are $79.99 and nearly all singles are $7.99 to $8.99.

Gentle Giant: We have also added another round of pre-order to our Gentle Giant menu. Choose from the following: R2-D2 statue, Chewbacca animated maquette and the Kustomz TIE Fighter. We also have a variety of other mini-busts and maquettes in stock and shipping.

Transformers Devastator: This awesome boxed set from the Classics series is now in stock for $59.99. The set features 5 different figures.

DC Superheroes: Assortment G has just arrived, this one features six different superman figures including the hard to find Silver & Black Version. Cases of 6 are
in stock for $59.99.

Corgi Batman & Marvel: Our first round of Corgi items has just arrived and we now have a variety of Marvel Die-Cast Statues as well as Batman Die Cast vehicles in stock.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 May 2007 | 20:13 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C Reports:
“Hey Troops, one of our Targets had the VTAC figures. Though I had to get a Teammate to get them from the back. I grabbed the IG-88, Bossk and of course the Snowtrooper. Fantastic figures. I found the Comic packs a few weeks ago and that's about it. The shroud of the darkside has fallen begun the figure hunt has.”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 May 2007 | 20:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Bobafred Reports:
The S.C.A.L.P. SoCal Patrol!“Bobafred chiming in from southern Cali home of Star Wars Celebration IV in the city of retaking thy treasures by way of the force. Along with little Jangofred in tow we got to witness one of the greatest conventions ever put forth, it was the utmost incredible display of our Star Wars fan base community (unbelievable!). I have to give Mr George Lucas & Mr Steve Fan-sweet their props on putting on one of the greatest shows in our vast universe. But lets leave the reporting to the interrogators and let Bobafred do what I do best for our Sandtrooper Community, as we do in good faith... Cause United we find! On a Trooper note I forward to our Sandtrooper Community a convention Promo exclusive by way of CIV. To all of you Troopers who could not make the Star Wars Celebration IV Convention. I bring you an access code for the Hasbro Ralph McQuarrie exclusives via at a discounted rate. Enter Promo Code: CELEBRATION (enter promo code at check out) for a 10% discount on all Hasbro product/action figures/collectibles.” For more log into the forum for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 29 May 2007 | 22:27 EDT
Dewback Patrol CIV: Day 5 Patrol
Odiewan and Fence securing the perimeter!With the near week that was, Sandtrooper Odiewan was able to get some recon work done from day 5 at Celebration IV and grab some hi-rez photos of the upcoming Kotobukiya X-Wing Fighter model. Stay tuned to for a few more small articles from the event.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 29 May 2007 | 21:37 EDT
Hasbro Q & A: By Dewback if Necessary!
Latest Q&A from HasbroIt seems our last round of Hasbro questions were lost in the shuffle but Sandtroopers can be very resourceful and have managed to dig the lost set right out of the sand. 3 versions of Quinlan Vos? A McQuarrie box set? Another vehicle request? Take cover and head for the forums and take a look at what they had to say. Do you have a question for the Hasbro Q & A Team? Log-in and leave your question in the forums. United We Find!

Posted by: dustrho | 28 May 2007 | 15:15 EDT
Celebration IV: Thoughts from SoCalRod
SoCalRod has written up a summary of his final thoughts about Celebration IV, and for only being at the show for one day he sure had a lot to say. It sounds like he was able to visit every vendor's booth, checked out all upcoming products, hung out with some of the Star Wars celebrities, and much more. It's good to hear that he was able to meet up with Darth Spice and other troopers during his brief visit at CIV. Check out his full mission report here.

Posted by: dustrho | 28 May 2007 | 14:49 EDT
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In:
S.C.A.L.P. Weapons SupplierHey troopers! It was a successful morning for me as I scored some of the new VTSC figures at the Target by Fox Valley Mall in Aurora. They had all six of the figures there in duplicates, but I chose to pass on the ESB Bespin Luke Skywalker and ROTJ Princess Leia (Endor Gear). I thought the Leia one was pretty good but not worth the $11.99 price, and I definitely passed on the Bespin Luke because it just didn't look right to me. The face looked poor in accuracy and what's up with the sprayed on paint for his fatigues? So those VTSC figures are finally in my area!

Stopped at the TRU there by Fox Valley Mall, and I kid you not there must have been about thirty Endor AT-ATs on the highest shelves there. Now if TRU would clearance those I would easily add another one of them to my collection, but because they're still $90 I'm going to have to pass. They had several TAC figures, but nothing I was in need of. And lastly, there were several Sith Infiltrators, V-Wings, Bantha with Tuskens and the Dagobah X-Wing in stock, all of which I passed on.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 28 May 2007 | 10:40 EDT
Dewback Patrol CIV: Forward March
Thank YOU Troopers!The sights and sounds of Celebration IV didn't utilize Sunday as a day of rest and there was plenty of festivities left to explore. Even though my party had to cut the day short and head back to Chicago, you can see the day 4 coverage and stay tuned to for Odiwan's final report from today! United We Find.

Posted by: dustrho | 27 May 2007 | 16:18 EDT
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete SagaLucasArts has recently announced that they're combining both the original LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Star Wars II into one video game, which they will it LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. In this game you will be able to play Episode I through VI in continuous order. You'll also be able to play several new levels, unlock new hidden secrets, and much more! Check out the new trailer, and then visit to LucasArts' site to learn more about this new game. The game will be available for most gaming platforms in the Fall of 2007.

Posted by: dustrho | 27 May 2007 | 16:07 EDT
Animated Clone Wars Trailer Out Now!
If you thought the original animated Clone Wars series was really good, then you'll be pleasantly surpised at how mind-blowing the new three-dimensional animated series looks! Just recently added to the Official Site's video section is a first-time trailer of the series, and after seeing it I'm more excited about seeing this than about a recently rumored new Star Wars film. The graphics, sound and special effects are wonderful, and the looks of all the characters are dead on for the original actors and actresses. The series seems much darker than the first, and when it's all said and done I think most people would like to see Star Wars continued in this format. So, sit down in your chair, fasten your seat belt if you've got it, and be prepared for the ride of your life!

Posted by: dustrho | 27 May 2007 | 15:58 EDT
Unleashing the Force, Part I
The Official Site has added a new behind-the-scenes movie trailer of the upcoming and highly anticipated video game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and the clip is titled Unleashing the Force, Part 1: The New Beginning. Did you know that the original key character that was to have been a Wookiee warrior? Up until George Lucas said that he couldn't have the key character not be able to speak English, then it was back to the drawing board for the developers at LucasArts. And what ended up being LucasArts' key motto for the making of this game? You'll have to check it out for yourself.

Posted by: dustrho | 27 May 2007 | 15:42 EDT Gets New Look Gets New LookThe Official Site has gotten its first major site update in more than two years. One neat little update is the ability to change the background, by choosing four different planets including Coruscant, Naboo, Mustafar and Tatooine. Navigation hasn't changed much, but instead of the links being on the left-hand side of the screen they're now on the top. The overall experience makes it feel as if you're looking at the site from space. Very cool update! Check it out for yourself here, and then cast your vote if you like it or not over in rself the forums.

Posted by: dustrho | 26 May 2007 | 23:31 EDT
Celebration IV: Talk About a Busy Day!
Nobody messes around with Sandtroopers!Darth Spice and the rest of the Sandtrooper crew were busy all day long, as they successfully completed several missions today. The first mission was to sit in on the Kotobukiya and Sideshow Collectibles presentations, and learn about the future of their Star Wars products. The second mission was to enjoy the show as a Star Wars fan, to share the excitement with family and friends. Both missions were successful. Before you know it Celebration IV will be over, but that doesn't mean Star Wars is close to being over. Star Wars is forever.

Posted by: dustrho | 25 May 2007 | 22:07 EDT
Celebration IV: Hasbro Presentation
Celebration IV: Hasbro PresentationDarth Spice had the pleasure of sitting in on the Hasbro presentation this afternoon, and learned a great deal about Hasbro's future with the Star Wars line. We mentioned earlier about the General Grievous fighter and the Katie Johnson astromech droid, but there's much more in store for us. Check out his entire report with lots of photos of Hasbro's slideshow here.

Posted by: dustrho | 25 May 2007 | 22:01 EDT
Celebration IV: The Siege Continues
Celebration IV: The Siege ContinuesCelebration IV isn't just a place for grown-ups to have fun, but it's also a great place for kids to enjoy Star Wars in the most ultimate way. Darth Spice and his young Sith apprentices were all over the Convention Center, buying new Star Wars collectibles, checking out new products that will soon be available, and most importantly meeting all sorts of celebrities. The most shocking of them all was how they met C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels! Looks like everyone had a great time today, and to think there's still more than two days left. Read the full mission report including several photo galleries here.

Posted by: dustrho | 25 May 2007 | 17:50 EDT
Breaking News: New Hasbro Products Revealed!
Breaking News: New Hasbro Products Revealed!Just received word from Darth Spice about a couple new items Hasbro will be releasing this year. First up is that General Grievous will have something to fly, as his fighter will become a reality sometime this year. Hopefully it will be a bit more to scale when compared to Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator. The other bit of news is that Hasbro and Lucasfilm will be donating $100,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation in memory of the 501st Legion's founder's daughter, Katie Johnson, and will be making a special astromech droid in her memory known as R2-KT. Katie's astromech will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con and online in late July. It sure is nice knowing that Hasbro will be coming out with another new vehicle and something special for a special cause.

Posted by: Jimsjedi | 25 May 2007 | 9:24 EDT
Where Are They Now?
Where Are They Now?ABC News takes a look back to those that starred in the original film, and what they have been up to. From Harrison Ford (Han Solo) to Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) to memories of Sir Alec Guiness (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin) whom have passed on since the original film premiered. Take a short stroll down memory lane from the film that started it all.

Posted by: Jimsjedi | 25 May 2007 | 9:21 EDT
Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed
Star Wars: The Legacy RevealedThis Monday (Memeroial Day), the The History Channel will be airing it's tribute to Star Wars: A New Hope and how it conquered the world. This two hour special that begins at 9:00pm and will be exploring why the emotional impact of the Star Wars Saga remains as relevant as ever. There will be interviews from all walks of life for this special including comments from Filmmakers J.J. Abrams, Kevin Smith and Peter Jackson, journalists Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather, and many more. So as you try to finish off the long extended weekend in style, sit back Monday night and relive it all once again.

Posted by: Jimsjedi | 25 May 2007 | 9:15 EDT
30 Years Back In Time
30 Years Back In TimeAs the staff sets up camp for CIV and enjoys all things Star Wars, various news outlets over the next few days will be talking about a little film that only opened on 40 screens worldwide, and how it changed the world. Check out CNN's coverage here.

I was just a little padawan (actually four years old) when A New Hope was released. I don't remeber much about the film other than all the toys my 8 year old brother was playing with. Eventually I took these over, and remember getting punched a few times for taking them, but looking back now it was so worth it. So weather you are enjoying the festivities in California or just hanging out at home this long Memorial Day weekend, take a second to thank the maker for making all of this possible, and on another note if you support the war or not, pray that our troops over there get home safely.

Posted by: dustrho | 24 May 2007 | 23:53 EDT
Celebration IV: Sandtroopers Invade Los Angeles
Celebration IV: Sandtroopers Invade Los AngelesHey troopers! Darth Spice and Starfox have just finished transmitting their mission report and photos of Day 1 coverage from Celebration IV. After reading Spice's report, it's pretty apparent that the show is turning out to be a big hit, possibly even better than the previous Celebration event. Of course all the main Star Wars vendors were there, but what stood out the most (to me anyway) were the custom Darth Vader helmets. Some of the artwork is absolutely fascinating, and even our very own Starfox must've been extra happy seeing the pink Vader helmets. Keep tuning into for more Celebration IV coverage throughout this Memorial Day weekend. United We Find!

Posted by: Julian | 24 May 2007 | 23:42 EDT
Sandwatch Guides: Gentle Giant B&W C-3PO and Jawa Maquette
Continuing with the series of Black & White Animated Maquettes, exclusive versions of regular releases of this popular style of collectibles inspired by the films and the design of the Clone Wars animated TV show, Gentle Giant offered in 2007 a very limited run of the C-3PO and Jawa Maquette. Read the review and see detail images of this set where the witty Protocoll Droid and its not so amicable scavenger companion get a well deserved resin treatment for many years to come. Enjoy!

Posted by: dustrho | 24 May 2007 | 23:39 EDT
Sandwatch Guides: Gentle Giant Bust Update
Sandwatch Guides: Gentle Giant Bust UpdateThe Gentle Giant Busts guide has been updated tonight with two additional busts, which include the bounty hunters Zuckuss and Jango Fett. The latter of the two includes two interchangeable heads, one that has his helmet on and the other doesn't. Very nice pieces to be included in anyone's Star Wars collection.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 May 2007 | 22:31 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Motor City Comic-Con
Master Vos is moving the Troops!With all the hype surrounding Celebration IV we nearly over looked the Motor City Comic-Con in Novi, Michigan this past weekend. There were several Star Wars personalities on hand including Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew and Doug Wangler. The Midwest Garrison was in full force as the very formidable Michigan Squad put on quite an exhibit for attendees. For more check out the photos and summary prepared by SL9965. United We Find!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 May 2007 | 22:20 EDT
Update from Master Replicas: Former Exclusives to be sold online
Due to recent events, Master Replicas has had to scale back their participation at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration IV convention in Los Angeles. And that means, unfortunately, that they will not be selling their two 30th Anniversary Convention Exclusives - the Wedge Antilles X-wing Scaled Replica Helmet and the Medal of Yavin Scaled Replica - at the show... BUT, the good news is that they are making these two exclusives available exclusively through their website. For more log in to the forum for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 May 2007 | 21:55 EDT
Update from Collectors Gallery Online:
This week we have slashed prices and all of our Master Replicas F/X Lightsabers are now on sale. New galactic heroes 2-packs, Transformers & Titanium vehicles are in stock. Click here for a complete list of our latest sales.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 May 2007 | 23:53 EDT
Update from
On Friday May 25, 2007 the new commemorative Star Wars stamps will have a special unveiling during Celebration IV. This will be your chance to get your special first day stamps of your favorite characters. Just who might be on these new 41 cent stamps? Well, none other than Yoda, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan battling Anakin Skywalker from ROTS, Emperor Palpatine, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, and and many more. So make sure you do whatever you have to so these special Star Wars items make it into your collection. - More Product. More Exclusives.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 May 2007 | 21:46 EDT
Dan Madsen to Sign with A Force Among Us:
Get with Dan the Man!Former Star Wars Fan Club president and Star Wars Insider founder Dan Madsen will be signing autographs at the Pacific Fan Force table in the fan hall. People that stop by the designated signing area will be able to meet Dan Madsen, along with film makers Cristian and Cortney Macht as well as receive a free autographed The Force Among Us promotional poster. Be sure to stop by the Pacific Fan Force area on Sunday May 27th between the hours of 9:30am - 10:30am and on Monday May 28th, between the hours of Noon - 1:00pm. And don’t forget The Force Among Us FREE t shirt day on Thursday May 24th at the Pantry Café and The Force Among Us Q & A panel on Monday May 28th at 2:30 at the Fan Stage. For all the up to date info check out their website.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 May 2007 | 22:17 EDT
Update from K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles will be closed in order to attend CIV. We hope to see you at the Los Angeles Convention Center. All order placed after Tuesday May 22nd will be processed after May 30th, 2007. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We have received the following new items this week.

New Vintage 2007:
Bossk - Bounty Hunters
IG-88 - Bounty Hunters
Luke Skywalker - Bespin Fatigues
Leia Organa in Combat Poncho
Imperial Stormtrooper - Hoth Battle Gear
Han Solo - Hoth Outfit

New Comic 2-packs:
Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk
Obi-Wan Kenobi & ARC Trooper
Luke Skywalker & R2-D2
New Titanium:
Plo Koon Jedi Starfighter
Clone Trubo Tank
B-Wing - New Paint
ARC-170 - New Paint
Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter
Republic Gunship - Ultra
X-Wing - Battle Damage - Ultra
Jedi Starfighter - Ultra
TIE Fighter - Ultra

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Posted by: Dave Castle | 20 May 2007 | 11:56 EDT
TAC Wave 5 Image Surfaces
Thanks to one of our readers, General Grievous, we have a new picture of the Fifth wave of TAC figures up for viewing in our forum, that included in the latest newsletter. They look pretty amazing if you ask me, check 'em out!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 May 2007 | 23:51 EDT
Sandwatch Action Figure Review:
Hey Troops, with the conclusion of Wave 2 our Sandwatch Action Figure review page is looking forward to the next wave. We might have enjoyed the figure with the CD Rom playset or any of the other versions of Han Solo that they could have thrown our way but for some reason we've been lucky enough for one more superior version of the old smoothie. Are you Troopers tired of seeing Han and Vader saturate every wave? Feel free to offer your own feedback about the T.A.C. collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Please Spice, don't hurt 'em!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 May 2007 | 23:34 EDT
Update from Red-5 Collectibles:
This week at Red-5 Collectibles we have added the new Comic Book 2-packs. Choose from Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk, Obi-Wan & Alpha Trooper and Luke Stormtrooper & R2-D2. Please make sure to browse our pre-order selection for items coming soon such as the Probe Droid from Attakus. For all of this and so much more, Stay on Target and head for the trenches of Red-5 Collectibles today!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 May 2007 | 20:54 EDT
Darth Vader: Flying High Again!
Darth Vader to all new heights!We've seen toys, clothes, stamps and just about every other form of collectible to date from Star Wars so why not a hot air balloon? The thirtieth anniversary continues to soar to new heights as an 80-plus foot Darth Vader hot air balloon took off from a town in Belgium today. The massive craft needed two men to pilot the most famous Sith Lord and you can read the full story at the West I don't know if I'd want to add one to my collection, but I couldn't think of a better way to show up to Celebration Europe!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 May 2007 | 23:29 EDT

Vintage Limited: Our shipment of this year's retro style will be arriving around Tuesday or Wednesday. We have sets of 6 priced at $65.99, and cases of 12 at $129.99. If you purchase the entire set of 6, you can mail in the UPC codes to Hasbro and receive a special set of 7 coins that fit into the handy coin holder that comes with the 30th Anniversary Darth Vader figure.

Interactive R2-D2: The ultimate R2-D2 collectible will be arriving on Monday or Tuesday. This 15-inch tall droid features complex interactive electronics, cup-holder, rotating dome and much more. We have a limited number arriving and restocks take months to ship from Hong Kong, so don't miss out on R2-D2 -only $99.99!

Titanium: The third wave of Titanium figures for 2007 will be arriving Tuesday or Wednesday. We've listed this as a case as well as singly. Figures include: Clone Turbo Tank (snow variant, ARC 170 Starfighter - green version, Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter w/ Hyperspace Ring, Imperial Attack Cruiser, B-Wing, Classic Cylon Raider, Obi Wan’s Jedi Starfighter, and V-Wing Fighter. New Titaniums never last long so get preorders in soon.

Spider Man 3 R.A.H.: A big shipment of Medicom's high-end RAH figures will be arriving in 7 - 10 days. Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Suited Spider-Man are each priced at $94.99 and a limited number are left for preorder.

Fantastic Four: The first wave of 8 F4 figures from Hasbro will be here early next week. Sets of 8 figures are available now at $77.99 and we have a limited number remaining.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 May 2007 | 23:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Bobafred Reports:
The S.C.A.L.P. SoCal Patrol!“Bobafred chiming in from So Cal with the following DCPI numbers for Star Wars Vintage 087-06-1856 and for the Comic two packs use the following 087-06-1991. These have a official release date of 5/27/07. (yeah right!) If any of you Troops would like a private escorted tour of So. California please fill free to email me your itineraries with what your looking to do. I will set your agenda for a night or more. Please R.S.V.P. your request A.S.A.P. I will schedule my nights of the conventions for troops with or with out a significant other and or kids. Jangofred gets along with infants on up! West Coast climate in and around Los Angeles Convention Center hits 95 to your hi 100's 4-7 days out of your seven day forecast with brisk nights. Celebration IV has crept up on us... So pack your Dewback with due diligence...Bobafred clearing your landing upon your arrival for the hunt!”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 May 2007 | 23:28 EDT
Update from White Wizard Toys:
This week our special is the Rebel Trooper Blaster from Master Replicas for only $199.99. We've also received the 212th Attack Battalion Helmet as well. For those of you who missed out the last time we have the Interactive R2-D2 for the competitve price of $99.99. For some of our other items like Terminator, Revoltech, and Lord of the Rings please visit White Wizard today!
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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 May 2007 | 23:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Trooper“The Toys R Us (Gurnee, IL) has the new comic packs in stock but still lacking the basic figures. Target (Gurnee, IL) has an end cap of Order 66 figures marked down to $6.98 & Darth Vader coin albums marked down to $2.98 at the clearance racks. The Target in Waukegan has a few pegwarmers from Wave II and the Sith Infiltrator & V-Wing. No sign of the Vintage figures. That's all for now. United We Find!”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 May 2007 | 23:03 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #411

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Celebration IV is just under a week away, and Brian's Toys will be there! Come meet us at booth #701, right near the main entrance, and browse our huge selection of toys! If you are unable to attend, you can still order many of our great products through our website, such as the Interative R2-D2's, finally back in stock! Along with a release of a new movie trailer, Transformers fans will be equally excited to know that Brian's Toys is carrying many new Movie Deluxe Figures in-stock, which include Bumblebee, Jazz, Brawl, Bonecrusher, and MEGATRON! Be sure to check back on June 2nd for Transformers the Movie Voyager Class, Leader Class, Voice Changing Optimus Prime, Cyber Stompers and much more! As always, swing by out website for the latest and greatest selection of Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and other collectible toys.

Posted by: Julian | 18 May 2007 | 2:31 EDT
The M & M's Star Wars Mpire:
We are all very aware of the appetizing phrase "They will melt in your mouth, not in your hand" However this familiar M & M's slogan doesn't seem to properly fit here. The candies we are bringing on to the plate aren't exactly the kind that will melt in our mouth and an attempt to ingest any of them, except for a goat, most likely will make them one hard snack to swallow.

Come with us to a world where a fusion of entertainment, sugar and chocolate flavored candies gave birth to a new kind of Star Wars collectibles. It is all a bite ... ahem! click away. Enjoy!

Posted by: Dave Castle | 18 May 2007 | 0:32 EDT
Insider's Guide to Celebration 4
The Official Site is back with another update to it's Insider's Guide to Celebration 4, with updated schedules and event information. Looks like they have a lot of great events planned for the weekend, so if you're going to the show, check out more details at the official site. Here is part 2, and in case you missed it, the first part can be found here. Looks like they will have one more segment, and we'll post it here for you when they do.

Posted by: Dave Castle | 18 May 2007 | 0:23 EDT
New Clone Wars Animated Series Poster Debuts at Celebration 4
Next week's biggest Star Wars party ever, Celebration IV, not only commemorates the past 30 years of the saga, but looks forward into the exciting future of Star Wars. Fans at the event will finally get a behind the scenes look at the forthcoming CG-animated television series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, produced by Lucasfilm Animation. As announced earlier, Producer Catherine Winder and Director Dave Filoni will be on hand to discuss the making of the series. As an extra treat, attendees will get a chance to take home the first ever keepsake of the animated series, a limited edition poster created just for Celebration that showcases some of the stars of the new show. Check out more details here at the Official Site.

Posted by: Josh | 17 May 2007 | 20:24 EDT
Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars News
In this week's Sideshow Newsletter they've announced announced the sale date for the Medicom VCD Blackhole Stormtrooper. This awesome collectible will go up for sale next week on Thursday 10am PST for Attendees and Friday at the same time for Non-Atendees. Sideshow has also announced next week in their podcast fans will find out the next Lord Of The Rings Diorama. If you're wanting to know when the next Star Wars piece is about to ship you will find that out as well? All you got to do is read the Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter.

Posted by: Dave Castle | 17 May 2007 | 9:23 EDT
Dark Horse: Are You Reading?
I posted a poll in our forums about the new Dark Horse Star Wars comics. Check it out and let us know what you think. Are you a faithful reader? Casual reader? Don't care for them at all? We want to hear from you.

Posted by: Dave Castle | 16 May 2007 | 23:57 EDT
Celebration 4 Attendee Tarkin Key Cel On Sale Tomorrow
Just a reminder that the Celebration 4 Exclusive Grand Moff Tarkin Animated Character Key Cel for attendees will be going up for sale tomorrow at some time. Considering that 200 were posted for sale on Monday for non-attendees and sold out in about 12 minutes, I would keep my eyes focused on Acme Archive's website and be ready at any time!

Posted by: Dave Castle | 16 May 2007 | 22:47 EDT
Kotobukiya Q & A at Celebration 4
Frank from Kotobukiya emailed us recently to let us know that aside from some killer exclusives being sold at Celebration 4 (the awesome Spirit Yoda ArtFX statue and the very cool R2-D2 Traditional Japanese Kiriko glass), there is going to be a Q & A panel presentation on Saturday, May 26th at 10 am. We have a thread in our forums where you can post questions you'd like to have answered. Even if you can't attend the show, post your questions and ask away!

Posted by: Josh | 16 May 2007 | 19:52 EDT
Meet The Stars Of The Force Unleashed
Get your sign on!One of the most anticipated games on the next gen consoles is of course The Force Unleashed. The game will be finding it's way to our homes in early 2008. However, we don't have to wait that long to get some more taste of what's to come. At Celebration 4 fans will get the chance to meet two of the stars from the game. Nathalie Cox who plays Juno Eclipse and Sam Witwer who plays the secret apprentice will make an appearance to share their thoughts being apart of this game. Check out the Star Wars.Com to get to know these two important cogs of The Force Unleashed a little more.

Posted by: Reconsgt | 16 May 2007 | 19:01 EDT
2007 Star Wars Weekends: Merchandise revealed!
Not that you didn't just buy 5 Cantina Band members!Disney-MGM Studios and Star Wars are once again offering fans and collectors a fun filled experience and a chance to pick up some exclusive Star Wars merchandise. Starting June 1st and running till June 24th. Some of the limited offerings are four Disney, Star Wars character maquettes featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck, action figure collectors can try to drum up some sweet music with 5 cantina band members that each plays a different selection of cantina band music. Read the story at the official site and let your fellow collectors know your opinion here in our forum.

Posted by: Darth Aussie | 16 May 2007 | 18:59 EDT
Vote for Your Favorite Fan Movie!
On Sunday, May 27th at Star Wars Celebration IV, The finalists are in for the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. Uncle George will reveal his winning pick but you get to to choose your favorite who wins the Audience Choice Award. There were 19 official selections in this year's crop of Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge challenges and this year the Fan Movie Challenge received a record-breaking number of submissions from five continents between March and May 2007.

Posted by: dustrho | 15 May 2007 | 22:21 EDT
Sandwatch Guides: Master Vos is Here!
Sandwatch Guides: Master Vos is Here!The Sandwatch Guides get another great addition tonight with the second wave of Hasbro's comic 2-pack sets. Included in this wave are the following: Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk, Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise) & R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi (with Sith Torture Mask) & ARC Trooper. It's been a long wait for so many EU fans who have so desperately wanted their very own Quinlan Vos figure, and their wait is finally over. Hasbro not only created the figure, but they did a really good job at doing so. Check out the visual guide of these three great comic 2-packs, and make sure you pick these up to add to your collection.

Posted by: Dave Castle | 15 May 2007 | 18:45 EDT
No More Master Replicas Star Wars Products in 2008?
Corgi International Limited today announced that it has notified Lucasfilm Ltd. that the company has withdrawn its offer to secure a new license agreement for Star Wars products starting January 1, 2008.  The company's existing license with Lucasfilm Ltd. for Star Wars products expires on December 31, 2007.  Lucasfilm Ltd. had previously notified the company that it was not willing to provide a new license on the terms proposed by the company.  Corgi believes that it is not in the best interest of its shareholders to accept a new license on the terms proposed by Lucasfilm Ltd. Read the entire press release here.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 May 2007 | 7:48 EDT
C4 NEWS - The Force Among Us : Free T-Shirt Day
The Force Among Us will be giving out 1,000 FREE t-shirts on Thursday May 24th at the Original Pantry Café located at 877 S Figueroa Street in Los Angeles just a few blocks from the convention center. The t-shirts will be handed out by the film makers between the hours of 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. If you register as a forum member you will have the opportunity to get your t shirts before 5:00 pm. Be sure to visit their website for more details and don't miss their Q & A panel on Monday May 28th at 2:30pm at the Star Wars fan stage.

Posted by: Dave Castle | 14 May 2007 | 22:27 EDT
Dark Horse This Week
This week Dark Horse gives us a bit of a break from the regular issues... just two collected works are shipping on 5/16. The Knights of the Old Republic Volume 2: Flashpoint TPB, which collects issues 7 through 12, and the 30th Anniversary Volume 3: Darth Maul hardcover, which collects the mini series. The 30th Anniversary hardcovers are really great books for those that have not seen them yet, and I greatly reccomend them to anyone that may have missed out on these stories originally, or to anyone that wants a nice hardcover for the shelf.

Posted by: Josh | 14 May 2007 | 22:27 EDT
Robot Chicken To Honor Star Wars
Get your sign on!As many fans know Robot Chicken will be honoring Star Wars with a special show. Well, tonight on Star Wars.Com you get a chance to find out a little on the creators of Robot Chicken. Seth Green and Matthew Senreich met when Green was still on Buffy and Senreich worked for Toy Fare Magazine. Since then these two have made some of the funniest Star Wars skits around like Vader calling the Emperor. Check out the Star Wars.Com to get to know these two creators a little more.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 May 2007 | 22:04 EDT
Update from the Action Figure Authority:
We'd like to announce the arrival of our newest sponsor the Action Figure Authority. The team from the AFA will be at Celebration IV (Booth 609) and will be accepting all submissions. They will have a show special that you will want to make sure to stop by to hear about. You can also access the long awaited free Beta version of AFA's population report is now up on the website. To access the population report, login or sign up for a free account.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 May 2007 | 18:20 EDT
Happy Birthday George Lucas!
Happy Birthday to the MAN!We’d like to take the time out to say a Happy Birthday to “The Maker” George Lucas. Without his dream, vision and ultimately the greatest pictures in the history of film we would not have the hobby of Star Wars collecting. We can only appreciate the privilege to pop in any of the six DVD’s and go back a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Happy Sixty-three Mr. Lucas and to many, many more!

Posted by: Starfox | 14 May 2007 | 18:09 EDT
Star Wars: The Best Special Effects Ever
Just a confirmation to what we knew back in 1977, the Visual Effects Society declared "Star Wars" is the most influential special effects film in motion picture history. From the original Tantive/Star Destroyer opening scene to the battle around the original Death Star, these images have captivated our minds and imaginations. The Society is comprised of over 1500 men and women in the special effects field and they have come up with the top 50 films of special effects significance. However make sure you make the jump to read the rest of the list.

Posted by: Starfox | 14 May 2007 | 18:06 EDT
Obi-Wan For Hire?
No exactly, but Ewan McGregor is taking a severe pay cut to work at the Donmar Warehouse in London for minimum actors wage of $790 per week. He will be stariing as Iago, the heinous villian in Shakespeare's "Othello" under the stage direction of Michael Grandage and will co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor as Othello and Kelly Reilly as Desdemona. The show opens December 4th and runs through February 23rd. For more info check out the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 May 2007 | 13:36 EDT

25% Off & 40 Bonus Item Sale: From now until Wednesday May 16th, you can save 25% on everything except new and preorder / backorder items! Thousands of items are on sale including many vintage department items. To sweeten the deal we've also added 40 bonus items to the list, many of them have never been on sale before. There are some great values in the list below and be sure to browse through your favorite menus to take advantage of the 25% Off sale. There are many Star Wars items on the list!

R.A.H. Troopers: We have recently restocked our supply of the Real Action Heroes Clone Trooper, Stormtrooper, as well as the Shadow Stormtrooper. Our pre-orders have been filled but we do not expect the remaining supply to last long.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Armor: This fantastic piece from Gentle Giant features General Obi-Wan in a striking action pose. This is competitively priced at $139.99 and is available for collectors grade.

Nintendo Monopoly & More: A wide variety of Monopoly games from USAOpoly have just arrived. All of them are available for $29.99 including: Family Guy, Bond, Nintendo, Simpsons, Snoopy, John Deere, Pirates, Shrek and more.

Aliens Snap Kits: These cool mini model kits come packaged in mini alien eggs, each box of 12 should contain a full set of 10 figures as well as a few duplicates. Both aliens and the crew are included.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 May 2007 | 22:58 EDT
Sandwatch Action Figure Review:
Hey Troops, we're getting down to just a little bit of Bantha Fodder after this review from wave 2 is added to our Sandwatch Action Figure review page. With a little bit of old and new they have finally created a Biggs Darklighter that we can all be proud to own. It's pretty safe to say he will be at M.V.P. status by the time the T.A.C. line is through, but is this the best way to stick us with a rehash? Feel free to offer your own feedback about the T.A.C. collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Please Spice, don't hurt 'em!

Posted by: Taurs | 12 May 2007 | 22:57 EDT
Update from Celebration Europe: Warwick Davis is Master of Ceremonies!
It's about to get Wicket!Fan favorite Warwick Davis a.k.a. Wicket the Ewok has been made the Master of Ceremonies on the Main Stage this coming July at Celebration Europe. Warwick has been well known to Star Wars fans since the beginning of his career starring as Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi, and he returned to the star wars franchise with several roles in The Phantom Menace. Over the course of the three days, Davies will be the host in the 2000 seat theatre of the Celebration Europe Main Stage. Events will include an extensive line up of celebrity guest interviews, shows, and question and answer sessions as well as insight into his very extensive career. For more visit the official site for the full story.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 May 2007 | 3:14 EDT
Update from White Wizard Toys:
This weekend we are at the Anime Central convention in Rosemont, IL for those of you into Anime & Magna. We invite any and all out to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this event. We have a couple of new mini-busts in stock from Gentle Giant including Zuckuss and Jango Fett. We also have many new items from other lines such as Dr. Who, Living Dead, Pokemon and much more!

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Posted by: Starfox | 12 May 2007 | 3:05 EDT
Battlefront Goes Renegade:
The fight continues!Coming this fall, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron will debut on Sony's PSP. The game traces a new story line, following Han Solo and a ragtag squadron of rogues and scoundrels, your kind of people. The game will include all new battles and missions that span the galaxy and allows you customization levels never before presented in this format. Do you have what it takes? To see if you do, check out and and get your sabotage, rescue and dogfighting skills ready.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 May 2007 | 2:59 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #410

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Brian's Toys has finally received 30th Anniversary Basic Carded Wave 2, and they are now shipping! All customers who have placed pre-orders, should expect their orders to ship by May 16th. Master Replicas Clone Trooper 212th Battalion LIFE-SIZE Helmets are now in-stock--get one and wear it today. We are also still taking pre-orders on G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures, which include Cobra Officer, Flint, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, and Cobra Commander single-packs. As always, make sure to check our site for all the latest Star Wars products and other toy collectibles. Please go to the following link to view Newsletter #410.

Posted by: Darth Aussie | 12 May 2007 | 2:58 EDT
Update from the Official Site: Ben Burrt to appear at Celebration 4
A real Saga Legend!The Sound Master of the Star Wars Saga will be appearing at Celebration 4 in Los Angeles. Ben Burtt is an innovative legend in sound editing and design, and his work has been copied by other sound artists and editors for years. A man who has worked on countless other films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and nominations for many more will have a panel on stage where he'll be doing special interviews plus question and answer sessions.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 10 May 2007 | 20:25 EDT
Welcome Gemo Display Cases:
We’d like to announce the arrival of our latest sponsor Gemo Display cases. Are you Troopers tired of feather dusting your high-end collectibles once a month? There are alternatives to fighting as an old fossil used to say, but I’d suggest taking a look at some of the options Gemo has to offer. I’m sure there are plenty of things you could do with your collections, make sure to visit the gallery to see what is best for you!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 10 May 2007 | 20:07 EDT
Update from Gentle Giant: CIV Exclusives going Fast!
It has just begun!It’s crunch time and don’t forget to pick up your exclusives that will be available for pickup at the Gentle Giant booth at Celebration IV. Commander Gree, Darth Malak, and the Spirit of Yoda are still available but I wouldn’t think for very long. Don’t forget to browse the forum if you are attending and see if you can’t help a Trooper out that isn’t so fortunate. Good luck to all!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 10 May 2007 | 19:58 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Pharoah Reports: I want my Star Wars TV!
Goes down Souf!“DarthPharaoh here with an interesting tidbit. My wife takes surveys with an online survey place called Today she got an interesting one. It was a Star Wars survey. Much of it was basic, such as "Did you see it in the theater in `77, etc. However, it was also asking questions about if there was a TV show would you be interested in watching it and so on. Lucas surveying about Star Wars...hmmm, is he nervous? Hard to believe from the man who does things his way. The same man who gave us Jar-Jar Binks and Howard the Duck. I say let’s let our voices be heard. Go to, sign up and take the Star Wars survey. Let’s fight for a TV show and let "The Maker" know we want our SWTV.”

Posted by: Josh | 9 May 2007 | 23:21 EDT
Star Wars Artists To Sign At Star Wars Shop Booth
Get your sign on!If you have the chance to stop by the Star Wars Shop booth during Celebration 4 you will be rewarded for it. Some of your favorite artists will be there to sign items for fans at no charge. Just who might you be seeing if you stop by the booth? None other than Drew Sturzan, Jan Duursema, John Ostrander, and several others. Do not pass up this chance if you will be at Celebration 4 to get that prized item signed the artist that created it. Check out the Star Wars.Com so you know what booth you MUST hit to get that item signed.

Posted by: Starfox | 9 May 2007 | 22:24 EDT
Surrounded by Star Wars:
It surrounds us!Since that one summer day in May of 1977, Star Wars has infiltrated every part of society. It surrounds us, in the TV, in the magazines, in the movies, it binds us together. During CIV in LA in a few weeks, a new program will be launched called Star Wars in Pop Culture. The show will include an assembled collection of film clips, cartoons, commercials, trailers, and more into hours of entertaining footage for all to enjoy. This event will run all day long during the convention in the Pop Culture room starting at the show opening each day until late at night, so there should be time to squeeze in some viewings, even given all there is to do at Celebration IV. Members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club can enjoy Star Wars in Pop Culture on Fan Club-Only Day, Thursday, May 24. For more details, visit the official site.

Posted by: Josh | 8 May 2007 | 23:13 EDT
Sandwatch Update: Endor Sergeant from Sideshow Collectibles
Three is company!The last figure of the three Endor Troopers to be reviewed is the Endor Sergeant. This figure has something a little different though from the rest of the troopers. He seems to resemble a certain production manager from Sideshow. This item was sold as a Sideshow site exclusive so get on the wait list now if you don't want to miss him!! Not sure what to do? Check out the review and summary the great work done by the team of Boba Binks and yours truly.

Posted by: Taurs | 8 May 2007 | 22:22 EDT
Gentle Giant World Tour 2007: Stops at Blister Japan
Next stop, piefaceville! has updated thier site with news of their stop on the Gentle Giant World Tour. The event is to be held at their brick and mortar store in Japan on Jun 16, 2007. Collectors will be pleased to hear that there will be yet more exclusives at this event. Alongside the already announced Commander Neo Mini Bust, Yoda/ Artoo maquette and Han and Luke Stormtrooper bust ups there will now also be a Lego Blackhole stormtrooper maquette and a Luke Skywalker Black & White maquette. For more visit the webpage for this event.

Posted by: Josh | 8 May 2007 | 22:19 EDT
Dan Madsen To Be Special Guest At Celebration 4
Get with Dan the Man!Dan Madsen the former Star Wars Fan Club President and Founder of "Insider" will be a "Special Guest" at Celebration 4. Madsen will be a guest during the presentation of "The Force Among Us" along with directors Cortney and Cristian Macht. Madsen can be seen in the Highlight Reel section of the documentary! One major thing you will want to check out in this film is our very own Sandtrooper team! We are counting down the days to CIV and this is just another reason why. All the info you need can be found in our forums so hit it up and get the scoop!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 8 May 2007 | 21:24 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi M Cor Reports:
The Empire of the Empire State“It’s been a while since my last report. My local NY Southern Tier stores are slow in getting T.A.C. Wave I Figures in large quantities, if at all. I finally finish Wave I, but no sight of Wave II. Most stores are restocking Wave 8 & 9 of 2006 Figures (Wal-Mart mostly). Why? 2nd Wave of Comic Figure Packs has showed up at TRU, I grabbed one set for myself so far. Target does have a large quantity of Order 66 Figure Packs. Also some sad news from myself, I will not be going to the CIV Convention in LA this time. It will be the 1st one I will miss. So if there is a Fellow Sandtrooper out there that could hook me up with the Hasbro CIV Exclusive Action Figures and CIV T-Shirts. I have items listing in the CIV Forum. United We Find and May The Force Be With You All!”

Posted by: Starfox | 8 May 2007 | 20:58 EDT
Do you Wii?
Do you Wii?You will be able to this holiday season with a special Star Wars twist. Coming this winter will be LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Imagine being a jedi and swinging your wii-mote like a lightsaber, sounds like tons of fun to be had. Also coming to the Wii will be the Lucas Arts carniaval and rides game Thrillville. No pricing available at this time, but to see more info check out Worth Playing so you can know when to get your Wii on.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 May 2007 | 23:41 EDT
Sandwatch Action Figure Review:
Hey Troops, I'm nearly done blazing through wave 2 on our Sandwatch Action Figure review page and I'm really enjoying the party that is the thirtieth anniversary. With only one or two other attempts at this outfit, there wasn't a more solid choice for any other version of Luke Skywalker that they could have done. Aren't you glad they saved the farm boy for a later wave? Feel free to offer your own feedback about the T.A.C. collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Please Spice, don't hurt 'em!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 May 2007 | 21:50 EDT
Sandtrooper Barve Reports:
“Sandtrooper Barve here and it has been awhile since my last report, but things here are worth reporting. TRU has the Bantha set in stock with 5 or 6 of them. 1 V-Wing, 3 Dagobah X-Wing's still left, 5 each of the Dagobah and Tantive IV BPS, 4 each of the EP VI, EP IV, and EPIII Tins. A mixed sort of wave 8 figures, and lots of the Galactic Heros BPS. 30th line nothing but the R2-D2's. Target had little more with 3 vehicles, more wave 8 figures, and the newest Galactic Heros figures. Wal-Mart Supercenter is still plagued with Tatooine/Naboo wave figures and the Tarkin/Stormtrooper comic pack. That's all from my neck of the woods, United We Find!”

Posted by: dustrho | 7 May 2007 | 9:04 EDT
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In:
S.C.A.L.P. Weapons SupplierTo say the weekend was busy as far as scoring new Star Wars toys is concerned, would be a major understatement. Thanks to my wonderful wife I added three new Galactic Hero sets from the Target in Plainfield on Route 59: Emperor Royal Guard & Imperial Gunner, Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader, Leia in Boushh Disguise & Han Solo in Carbonite. I'm also lucky to have a friend like Darth Berger, who helped snag the new V-Wing and Sith Infiltrator vehicles for me (thanks Jeff!). If you read my latest mission report, you'll know that I scored that 12" POTF2 Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper and lots of other great items. And lastly, I scored two of the newest comic 2-packs last night at the TRU in Joliet: Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise & R2-D2, Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk. It was a most successful weekend for me, and I hope it was for you too.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 May 2007 | 7:49 EDT
Update from K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles has received the following new items this week.

New Battlepacks:
Bantha with Tusken Raiders – Version 1
Bantha with Tusken Raiders – Version 2
Treachery on Saleucami
Pre-Order May 25 Deadline:
Classic Boba Fett Mini Bust
Classic Kit Fisto Mini Bust
Classic TIE Fighter Pilot Mini Bust

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Posted by: Josh | 6 May 2007 | 23:52 EDT
Sandwatch Update: Nik Sant from Sideshow Collectibles
Check Into HistoryThe second figure from the new Militaries of Star Wars line is Nik Sant. Sideshow Collectibles did a fantastic job of nailing Nik aka Gramps as his fellow Endor companions would call him. This item was sold as a Sideshow site exclusive so get on the wait list now if you don't want to miss him!! Not sure what to do? Check out the review and summary and stay tuned for the last figure from the set later this week.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 May 2007 | 23:25 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Beating the Bay with $3.20 Gasoline!
Always take the time to haggle!Our S.C.A.L.P. Weapons Supplier has once again saddled up and blazed yet another trail before his blaster has even had time to cool. Whether it is something as huge as CIV or a local event, you can always find something worth the inflated fuel prices of making the drive! Why spend $100 on Ebay for an item you might find for a mere $35 dollars! For more check out the summary and photos from Dustrho's latest carnage. United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 May 2007 | 13:28 EDT
Sandtrooper PSA: Troopers hope to Avoid THIS!
Have you Troopers ever gotten the shaft from a courier service such as Fed Ex or United Parcel Service? Have you ever paid for a package to be sent cross-country only to have it arrive appearing as if you’d drug it from the bumper with a chain? I recently had a nasty experience with Fed Ex and I really think all you Troopers should login to the forum and take a look and please sound off and let us know your worst experience. I can't complain about the customer service from Sideshow but what Fed Ex did was disgusting. Take aim for the forum for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 May 2007 | 1:12 EDT
Dewback Patrol: The Best things in Life are Free!
Not much is free these days!Our Dewback Patrol is coming to you from Wheaton, IL this weekend for free comic book day. You really have to take your bucket off to the comic book industry for this great way to lure in new readers. Sandtrooper Dustrho donned his Imperial hardware to lend support for those who came out to take advantage of the once per year festivities! For more check out the summary and photos from Dustrho's latest excursion.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 May 2007 | 22:52 EDT
Sandwatch Update: Rebel Infantry from Sideshow Collectibles
Nothing regular about this!One of the first figures from the new Militaries of Star Wars line is the Infantry Soldier. Sideshow Collectibles is taking the 12-inch line to all new heights with the three pack of Endor Soldiers. While this figure was only sold in regular format, find out why this is now sold out at Sideshow. However if you are in the market for this piece it is on sale this week at White Wizard Toys for the low price of $39.99. Still undecided? Check out the review and summary provided to us by Sandtroopers Boba Binks & Longshot!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 May 2007 | 14:44 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Trooper“Hey Troops, here's my store report for May. TRU (Gurnee, IL) has the Bantha packs in stock, but they barely have figures on the pegs. Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL) has Wave 2 figures minus the concept Boba Fett. Target (Waukegan, IL) has the Vader/Coin Album marked down to $4.98 while Target (Gurnee, IL) are well stocked with Order 66 figures. No sign of the new comic packs, Sith Infiltrator or V-wing. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 May 2007 | 14:43 EDT
Sandtrooper Rojo Reports:
“Hey Troops! If your area doesn’t have any new Star Wars offerings on the pegs don't miss out on Free Comic Book Day! There is a Conan/Star Wars Book and a Star Wars Mini Clone Trooper. Happy Hunting!”

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 May 2007 | 3:39 EDT

Star Wars Transformers: The new wave of 30th Anniversary packaged SW-TF figures has just arrived. We have both repackaged versions of the older figures as well as all the new figures in stock now from $12.99 to $19.99 and also a case of 6 for $94.99.

Sideshow Rebel Infantry: Yet another cool new 12-inch figure that has already sold out from Sideshow. Get yours now for $57.99 as our supply is very limited after pre-orders have shipped.

Battlestar Galactica We are proud to announce our first exclusive with Diamond Select Toys - the Caprica Six Bust - limited to only 750 pieces worldwide! Caprica Six is up for preorder at $49.99 by itself, and we've also bundled it with the Red Dress Six Bust for a $10 savings at $89.99, and another bundle with the Wave 1 Set of 4 figures at $89.99 - a $24 savings.

Transformers Monopoly: This cool new game set from USAOpoly features six different die-cast mini-figures, a completley TF themed board, and pictures of your favorite figures on the currency. This game was just released days ago and is in stock now for $29.99.

South Park Series 5: Mezco Toyz puts together a great mix of characters taken from newer episodes as well as some never-before-released fan favorites including: Hippie Exteminator Cartman, Tweek, Damien,and the fan favorite, Mephesto who comes with his trusty sidekick, Kevin. Sets of 4 are priced $10 under MSRP at $49.99.

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Posted by: Dave Castle | 4 May 2007 | 23:06 EDT
Dark Horse Comics - Star Wars: Panel to Panel Volume 2

As far back as most fans can remember, Dark Horse Comics has been pumping out some truly awesome expanded universe tales. Great writing and artwork has become synonomous with the DH books, and they have even been the creative force behind some of the greatest characters never to be seen on film (Quinlan Vos, anyone?). Set to release at the end of this month (May 30th, to be exact) is the second volume in the Star Wars: Panel to Panel series of trade paperback (or tpb) books. In this all-new companion to the first Star Wars Panel to Panel volume, they've spotlighted not only the stunning work of comics' greatest artists, but also the legion of characters Dark Horse has contributed to Star Wars' Expanded Universe - characters who have not only carried the romance and adventure of the galaxy far, far away far beyond the events in the films, but those who have made the jump from the pages of comic books to television and the silver screen!

Posted by: Josh | 4 May 2007 | 21:02 EDT
Lucas Honored At Film Festival
Check Into HistoryThis past Thursday at the 50th anual San Francisco film festival they honored none other than George Lucas. He received the Irving "Bud" Levin for his vision and impact on cinema. This is sure to be a year of awards for Lucas and the Star Wars family being the 30th Anniversary. Lucas also mentions something interesting about the upcoming Indiana Jones film. Make sure you read the enitre article to see who all else was honored during this prestigious event.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 4 May 2007 | 19:51 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #409

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Brian's Toys has received some great new products in stock, such as 30th Anniversary Expanded Universe Wave 2, Saga 2 Galactic Heroes, and Sideshow 12-inch Rebel Commando Infantryman. 30th Anniversary Basic Carded Wave 2 will be arriving soon and are expected to ship within the next week! If you have not pre-ordered these figures yet, there is still time to do so! We also have dozens of items available for pre-orders, which include Master Replicas Stormtrooper Helmet, Marvel Minimates Series 12 and 13, and GI Joe 25th Anniversary Single-packs. If you are an aspiring vintage collector, you may be interested in Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors by John Kellerman, a difficult-to-find book that is sold out at most stores, including the publisher's, but is available at Brian's Toys for $49.99!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 4 May 2007 | 18:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Tamer Reports:
Don't mess with the Tamer!“Tamer here reporting in that wave two has finally shown up in my area. I have also seen a glut of old saga figs on the pegs from AT-AT drivers to first run Boba Fett, Endor Luke, etc. Hasbro must be flushing out their final saga figures. I still have yet to see the two new ships, the V-Wing and the Sith Infiltrator, but I have a good trooper on the case. I also want to thank those troopers who so graciously volunteered to look for a few things for the ole tamer at CIV. I am sure going to miss not getting the chance to meet the Troopers. Make sure to toast the Tamer while you guys and gals are enjoying yourselves. United We Find”

Posted by: Josh | 3 May 2007 | 23:43 EDT
Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed
Check Into HistoryWhy did Star Wars touch so many people 30 years ago? Why does it continue to have an emotional impact on so many people today? Why is it so fun? The History Channel is set to do a Star Wars special on this very topic to unravel the shroud of mystery surrounding our favorite films, set to debut on May 28th 9pm ET/PT. There will be a wide variety of guests on the show to include: Kevin Smith, Peter Jackson, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, politicians Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi, and author Carl Silvio. The show will also look at parallels between the movies and modern politics, juxtaposing film clips with speeches made by George W. Bush and other leading public officials, which should be quite interesting.To unravel the mystery check out Animation Magazine and PR Newswire.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 May 2007 | 23:24 EDT
Sandwatch Action Figure Review: Never has there Been a perfect Ten!
Hey Troops, we're getting into the thick of wave 2 on our Sandwatch Action Figure review page and it's about time I got started on the Signature Series. I think Ralph McQuarrie would be most proud of the Concept Boba Fett that is hotter than noon at Mos Eisley. What do you think about this being initially one per case? Feel free to offer your own feedback about the T.A.C. collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Please Spice, don't hurt 'em!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 May 2007 | 23:23 EDT
Update from Red-5 Collectibles:
This week at Red-5 Collectibles we have restocked our supply Battle packs including Treachery on Saleucami. Also this week we are shipping the new Stormtrooper animated Maquette from Gentle Giant. We have a small supply in stock, priced at $71.95. Please make sure to browse our pre-order selection for items coming soon such as the latest Han Solo animated Maquette from Gentle Giant. For all of this and so much more, Stay on Target and head for the trenches of Red-5 Collectibles today!

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Update from R2dtoys:
We have some great new products available to pre order including Animated Han Solo Maquette by Gentle Giant, a Han Solo Statue also from Gentle Giant you can now place your pre order for the Kotobukiya CIV Exclusive Yoda Spirit figure. Check out our latest Deal of the Week and Deal of the Month!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 May 2007 | 22:17 EDT
The Force in the Flesh: Got Ink?
Got INK?For the past 30 years, Star Wars fans have been going to great lengths to express their passion for the Saga. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than with the large group of people who have chosen to celebrate Star Wars through tattoo art, forever marking themselves with the captivating imagery found throughout that galaxy far, far away. Now, collectors and fans of Star Wars tattoo art have a book of their very own: The Force in the Flesh - the first publication to delve into the world of Star Wars tattoos and elegantly showcase the finest Star Wars body art the world has to offer.

Posted by: Josh | 1 May 2007 | 19:52 EDT
The Force Among Us DVD Hits Stores
The brother and sister team that put together the documantory "The Force Among Us" have some big news for us. The dvd will be hitting stores here very soon and is up for pre-order on their site right now. You can get this DVD in a regular standard format or a special 30th Anniversary edition. The special edition is limited to 1977 copies and you get a tube of sand from Tunisia. Check out the their site so you can get your copy today!

Posted by: Josh | 1 May 2007 | 19:42 EDT
Star Wars Television Series Going Slow
We need hyperspeedAs we all know George Lucas and Rick McCallum have said they will be doing a live action series on the events between Episodes III and IV. Well, today according to an aritcle on IGN Rick McCallum says there are lots of delays. These delays range from getting the right actors to getting the right script. Make sure you check out the article on IGN.COM and know just how long the wait will be.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 May 2007 | 7:47 EDT
Update from Kotobukiya: CIV R2-D2 Kiriko Glassware Exclusive!
Like Ginsu there is MORE!Combining ancient Japanese craftsmanship with the Star Wars universe, Kotobukiya produces one of the most unique exclusives to be found at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles - Kiriko Glassware. Traditional Japanese glass etching technique, known as Kiriko, has been in existence since in Edo (present-day Tokyo) since 1824, when artisans first began experimenting with emery powder to produce glassware engraved with patterns. As Kiriko developed during the Meiji era (mid-19th century), the craft went through many revisions, such as utilizing new equipment introduced from the west, while still retaining the time-honored Japanese techniques utilized until this day. For the entire release, log in to the forum for a few photos and the