May 2004

Posted by: Darth Spice | 31 May 2004 | 20:09 EDT
Sandtroopette Lisette From the Heart of NYC Reports:
A little luck never hurt anyoneDateline: I've Been Moving so I have Been Out of the Loop “Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I hope everyone was able to find the Silver Clone Trooper. I've been moving so I've been out of the loop for a while. I was able to find J'Quille at the Target in Brooklyn today. Although the store was busy, I guess there were no Star Wars fans there, since it was just hanging there. I guess I lucked out. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 31 May 2004 | 13:50 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Jedi Dom Reports:
Dom, of Dom and Dommer“Just thought I would send out another notice that I still have an extra C-9+ Tanus Spijek that I am trying to trade for J'Quille which I need to complete my SAGA collection. Any others out there find a Red Unleashed Clone Trooper? Need this one as well. I don't have much to trade, but I only need two items. Would pay additional for either. Please email me. Wanted to give a shout out to Boba Brett who purchased some figures off me. Guys, he's honest, and he pays for what he wants quickly. I would highly recommend trading, selling or buying from him!”

Dom, you may want to check out Dommer in the Woods a few posts down, he may still have that Red Unleashed Clone. Also, the buzz in the collecting world is J' Quille is hard to find. Reading you will see that is not the case!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 31 May 2004 | 10:57 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett Reports:
Dateline: They had lots of Ancient Pegwarmers “Hey Troops! Boba-Brett reporting in with a weak area report from N.E. Ohio. First, stopped by the TRU in N. Olmsted and they had lots of "ancient" pegwarmers along with many Bartoo, R1-G4, R3-PO and skirmish at carkoon. Another multi-pack waste in my opinion. Then, Wal-Mart in N. Olmsted also had about five figs. They were the cantina wave and one Leia captive. Last, I stopped at Target in Rocky River. They had Tie Pilots, Gen. Dodonna, Dutch, and full assortment of Clone Wars(YAWN). Also they had Anakin, Darth Maul & Ben collectors glasses. SO that's all for now and hope everyone is having a fun & safe holiday weekend.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 May 2004 | 2:36 EDT
Reduced PricesStar Wars Unleashed Jedi Luke & Darth Sidious in New Packaging only $17.99 each. We'll be receiving many new items in June such as Star Wars OTC, OTC Basic and 12-inch, G.I. Joe Valor vs. Venom Wave 3, Marvel Legends Series 6, Lord of the Rings and G.I. Joe Artist Proof Storm Shadow Mini Bust. It is the same as the previous Storm Shadow mini bust, but without the number on the bottom. So be sure to check back often and if you have not please subscribe to our Newsletter to be notified of sales, new items and promotions.
Forget About It!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 May 2004 | 2:21 EDT
Sandtrooper TK-1086 reports:
Dateline: You Never Know When You Get Lucky “Last Tuesday my buddy TK-433 and I were out scouting TRU near Round Rock in Austin, TX. I thought I would never see this but we found a Clone Wars 3-pack with the rare green clone! I let him have it since I traded for a set on here several months ago. Hey trooopers, you never know when you get lucky. If anyone has an Ephantman to sale or trade some items for let me know at Together we can stop the scalpers. God Bless our Troops and remember what Memorial Day is for. Freedom is not free. TK-1086 out.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 May 2004 | 2:02 EDT
Sandtrooper John Powers reports:
Dateline: We Don't Need to See Your Identification “Hello, quick question: In order to post something to trade do you have to be a member or ’Sandtrooper’ at your site? I have an extra J'Quille that I thought about selling on ebay but then got to thinking he would make a better trade for something I need (McQuarrie Stormtrooper). Do I need to register or anything? What is the safest way to not get ripped off in a trade?”

No John, it doesn't work like a Country Club that you need to become an exclusive member of. By writing in with your offer to trade and help out a fellow collector, you've already done all you need to be a “member.” As for the safest way to not get ripped off, hang around in the forum and get to know people; you will see that many traders have been around for years and you'll feel confident in your trade once you've taken a look at feedback. Begin Today!

We don't need to see your identification

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 May 2004 | 1:45 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
Live from the Boise Bunker“Hey Troops,! I have a KB TIE fighter available for $25.00, minty fresh. Prices are plus shipping. Let me know!!! I also have available 1 POTJ TIE Bomber for $25.00 shipped! My landspeeder sold. Thanks!!! Near mint never opened (this is the rarer green box not the shelf warming blue box)! Let me know!!!” - Trooper Sithryan (Ryan Matthews)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 May 2004 | 1:30 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #257:

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For the week of May 29 - June 5.

Wave 1 of the Original Trilogy 3-?" Basic Collection has arrived in stock, 9 figures in all and these look great. They are going fast so get yours today!

We are taking pre-orders on the first 2 animated Clone Wars Maquettes of Asajj Ventress and Yoda. More Saga figures are back in stock including Darth Throne Room Duel, Dutch Vander, Captain Antilles and General Dodonna. Check out this week's great POTF2 featured items including the Flashback figures and Expanded Universe figures. Lots of POTF2 Millenium Falcons in stock and ready to ship.

Vintage Mint in sealed box Imperial Shuttle just arrived this week, this is a very nice piece, don't let this one slip by. Lots of loose vintage 12-inch Boba Fetts in stock, from $19.99 - $149.99.

We are featuring all the instock G.I.Joe 40th Anniversary figures. We have also put together a special Wave 3 set just for this newsletter, be sure to check it out!

Four new LOTR ROTK Trilogy figures are available immediately. You've see the movie, now get the toys. The new four includes Faramir, Morgul Witch King, Merry in Armor and The King of the Dead.

New Transformers have arrived this week including 3 new Energon figures and a Japanese Armada figure. Select Mega SCF figures are also back in stock.

Simpsons Exclusive Treehouse of Horror 1 now in stock, both loose and boxed. Moe's Tavern also available right now for only $20.00! Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! Thanks a lot! We appreciate your business!!!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 May 2004 | 18:43 EDT
Sand Diego is the First Place to Score Silver:
Tickets are scheduled to go on sale Thursday, June 3 for the first Official Star Wars Fan Club event to take place since the Club returned home to Lucasfilm. Members of the Fan Club are invited to purchase tickets at for the premiere 2004 Fan Club Breakfast, slated for Saturday, July 24 during San Diego Comic-Con International. For more on this event check out the official site.

Also check out the ILM Models that are on display at the Mueseum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL. Stay tuned to for exclusive pictures of the props and models!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 May 2004 | 16:12 EDT
Sandtrooper OKC Reports:
Live from the Boise BunkerDateline: I Picked up an Extra One for Trade “I found J'Quille today at Target on Brice road. I picked up an extra one for trade, check out my trade page under onebigk's haves & wants in the forum. The Hall of Fame wave showing up everywhere here in central Ohio - Meijers, Wal-Mart and Target. No sign of any OTC figures.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 May 2004 | 13:20 EDT
Memorial Day Sale at Cloud City:
Cloud City is having a 20-30% off sale on most items through Tuesday, June 1st. Visit Cloud City to take advantage of our lower Memorial Day prices. Also, keep in mind that the second wave of OTC figures, the Bespin wave, is expected to arrive next week. Place your pre-orders now to reserve these figures.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 May 2004 | 13:15 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
“I picked up another Unleashed Red clone trooper for one of the troops. Who's gonna get it? I'd prefer to trade, but will sell if it comes to that. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out. I do NOT want to use ebay. I also have a loose 12-inch Emperor, a no-dots 3?-inch red clone, and an autographed Aurra Sing (with photos). Talk to me. I'm still looking for a 12-inch Plo Koon. God Bless the real troops.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 May 2004 | 1:39 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Adventure Con 3.0 Next Weekend
Ten-Hut Troops, if any of you are in the Knoxville, TN area next weekend you may want to check out the Adventure Con 3.0 for what is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular event. This is Tennessee's largest toy/comic collectors event! Some of the guests will be; David Prowse (Darth Vader), Anthony Daniels (C-3P0), Eric Walker (The Ewok Adventure), plus many more! I see even Daisy Duke will be making an appearance on Saturday. I smell a Darth Crypt sighting! If any S.C.A.L.P. Trooper is interested in covering this show, please contact General J or Commander Spice for mission details.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 May 2004 | 1:19 EDT
Continue to Support the Troops!
The Staff at would like to wish each and every one of our Troopers a Happy Memorial Day weekend. Please take the time to not only enjoy the Holiday but also remember why we celebrate. It is more than a day off work. Remember those fallen in the War on Terror and in the liberation of Iraq. We continue to pray for the safe return of all of our Troops, and their families while they wait. Stay safe and God Bless this Holiday weekend.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 May 2004 | 0:34 EDT

10% Off Sale: Sale ends Memorial Day - Monday 10:00 AM (C.D.T.) Our last sale was such a success we decided to have another 10% off sale to offer some nice summertime savings to you. To avoid confusion, please read the sale details to see how the sale works and how the discounts are applied to your invoice. All in stock items are included in this sale - including all new listings and all vintage menu items along with the rest of our normal inventory.

Spider-Man Classic & Movie Figures: The Classic Wave 9 figures have arrived, Ultimate Rhino, Black Costume Spider-Man, Cyber-Spider-Man and Secret Identity figures are available as a set of 4 and Cyber & Secret Identity Spider Man are also available singly. Wave 2 Movie figures are also available.

Coming Soon: Superlink & Microman We've found pictures for a few of the recent Microman Pre-Orders (the BM01 through BM04 and Devilman), 12 new Transformers Superlink Pre-orders have been listed - the SC-17 through SC-25 and SD-17 through SD-20 are all available for pre-order. No pictures yet, but they are a nice assortment of figures. The RobotMasters #14 figure - Dread Wing is also available for pre-order.

Pre-order: Takara Binaltech BT-09 Wheeljack We've received preliminary info about the BT-09 release. Wheeljack will be a white repaint of the BT-06 Tracks release. Takara has not officially announced this release yet, but we are confident based on past pre-announcement info that has leaked out that Wheeljack will be announced soon. BBTS should be the first place to offer this new Binaltech figure for pre-order.

Marvel & X-Men: A nifty set of 4 Marvel Movie Twistem mini-windup figures has been listed. Set of 4 figures includes Blade 2, Nightcrawler, Daredevil and Wolverine - available for $21.99. Also back in stock are more X-Men figures inclucing Cyclops and the set of 5 with Archangel. More new arrivals and sale details.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 May 2004 | 0:19 EDT
This Just in from Action-HQ:
Action-HQ has the new OTC figures in stock. Luke, Spirit Obi-Wan, R2-D2 and Yoda Dagobah are ready to ship. They are also accepting pre-orders on the OTC Bespin Wave. New this week, Transformers: Energon Omega Supreme! Remember how much joy we had playing with Omega Supreme in our younger years? Well time to live it up again with this new & improved Energon version of this humongous Transformer. The actual size rivals Unicron himself! Also in stock this week; Elvis McFarlane '68 Comeback Special, Captain Harlock, Dancouga, Kikaider.

visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 May 2004 | 3:53 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
Dateline: Quick Change “Troops, apparently this pic is going to appear in the new DVD of Jedi. To me it is akin to Greedo shooting first and makes this Trooper a tad miffed. You decide.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 May 2004 | 1:02 EDT
Images Reloaded: Something Old, Something New, is OTC for YOU?
Hey Troops, we have updated our Images Section once again. The wait is finally over and the Original Trilogy Collection has been updated for your viewing pleasure. We have obtained nine of the first figures many will soon be seeing on the shelf. These figures will have you feeling pretty good about the direction the line is going. The sad thing is by the time you view the entire reload you'll see something very familar about some of these 'new' figures. Grab your cantina, and ankles and check 'em out!

OTC # 01 Luke Skywalker
OTC # 02 Yoda
OTC # 03 Spirit Obi-Wan
OTC # 04 R2-D2
OTC # 05 Luke Skywalker
OTC # 06 Luke Skywalker
OTC # 07 Han Solo
OTC # 08 Chewbacca
OTC # 10 Darth Vader

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 May 2004 | 1:00 EDT
New Arrivals K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles has received the new Skirmish at Carkoon 4 pack. We have just a few of the Saga repack figures left in-stock. Pre-order Episode II pewter ships and figures from Rawcliffe.

New this Week:
Skirmish at Carkoon ? 4 Pack
Unleashed Clone Trooper ? red
Ultra Ewok with Glider
Han Solo AT-ST Driver # 19
General Madine # 20
General Lando Calrissian # 21
2004 Saga Figures:
Tanus Spijek - # 10

Back In-Stock ? Very limited Stock:
Stormtrooper - Death Star Chase
Darth Vader - Death Star Clash.

- more -

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 May 2004 | 1:18 EDT
Force of the Bay: Move Along, Move Along...
With area retailers short of new product, I made my way to ebay where you can always find something to add to your collection. There are thousands of last minute deals to snipe, but it is always nice to look ahead, if not to dream. Some sap selling off what he found cleaning out his garage with Ma last week could make a loose collector very happy. No matter what you may have broken, or what rod you could have thrown where you can no longer find it, you?ll find your replacement on the bay. Chances are you?ll run into someone who has been waiting years to cash in on something forgotten in an attic. You could also run into someone trying to soak you for something that is hardly worth the opening bid. I recall scoring the same thing for a hot twenty, a few months ago. I like to browse the zillions of variations that litter the 15k plus Star Wars listings. The impossible vintage bounty, take aim and ready the DSL. Don?t fall asleep on the treasured modern line, which suckered every one of us back into collecting! Once again I have found the ultimate Star Wars Collector Pimp My Ride, or the load my old lady won?t roll with me in. The paint job would be certain to turn heads, but could use a Dewback or one of the good guys with the shoulder pauldron. neither endorses or authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your searches. Kick A#$ and take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 May 2004 | 0:24 EDT
Area Report: Stompin' a Mudhole and Walkin' it Dry
Eh, can a brother get some more Sand bags over heeeaagghhh?Hey Troopers, it has been straight hell over the past week. Forget collecting, the town once known as Gurnee has been temporarily named Atlantis. Rains have pounded the Midwest, but not to the point where I couldn?t saddle my Dewback and see what the Lake County, IL area had to offer. Floods may be national news but my focus is always sticking it to the scalpers. TRU had what I initially thought was the HoF wave. Leia and Han (ANH), looking on the back of the package I discovered that these were the '03 figures, or the third time in 6 months we are getting this figure. Padme wedding, Red Battle Droids, Lama Su with Clone Youth. So perhaps some of these cases thought to be H.T.F. may be sitting in TRU warehouses. Emperor, WA-7, and Danni Faytonni have not been shelf warmers; perhaps they will land for the guys that missed. I passed on a few myself. Target had the newer cups and the Yavin/Hoth repack cases. The vehicles still have not hit clearance yet, again the waiting game. I look forward to the liquidation of the Saga line, and the rebirth of the OTC assortment. Hopefully they will hit us this last time, and then create the figures that have not been immortalized in plastic. Too much of the core characters have been spewed out over and over. I know some of you Troopers are with me when I say to hell with Tatooine Luke for the 18th time. Good luck to you good Troopers in your searches, Kick A$# and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 May 2004 | 3:05 EDT
Sandtrooper Aantmanntooine reports:
Location: Southwest Virginia, Status: Bleak “Target got a case of Yavin wave last week and I am starting to envision that Captain ’bout to get choked’ Antilles is going to join his friends Hoth Trooper and ’Elk?s Lodge Grand Poopah’ Kren Vista BlahBlahBlah as the permanent peg-warming residents. Wal-Mart has been pretty dry since the big HoF boom of two weeks ago and the three cases of smashed-up Unleashed Luke and Sidious last week. I did actually find and pick up a Marvel Legends Red Skull in case anyone is interested. E-mail me if you are. I?m still looking for the Fury Twins among others.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 May 2004 | 3:00 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
I take no orders from you, I am an Autobot now!Dateline: How Many Times Can You Type “Hoth Trooper” before you get sick? “ West Michigan retail stores seem to have more Hoth Troopers than the Echo Base morgue! Things are beginning to look bleak with nothing but Hoth Luke, Serving Tray R2, and Skiff Guard Landos on the pegs. The Executor and Generals waves dried up amazingly quickly and left only Destroyer Droid launchers and Spider Droids to keep those mentioned above company. But lo and behold, I came across a treasure today when I found 2, count 'em, two of the clone trooper three packs with green clone trooper. These are definitely up for trade, so let me know if interested! Nothing much else going on. My local Wal-Mart had a quick burst and then nothing while the Target out on Alpine Ave. has a bunch of Hoth Hans (brown coat), Imperial Snowtroopers and a Jabba's Denizens. Besides that, the local TRU boasted a bunch of the Sneak Preview figs. All were there except the little astromech droid. Also available was the Reek, TRU exclusive X-Wing, Pit of Carkoon Skirmish 4-pack, and a Command Gunship. The TRU on Alpine was pretty well bare as was the Walmart on Alpine. Still looking for the POTJ Y-wing and the Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene, so help a Trooper out! Sandtrooper Jetfire out!!!!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 May 2004 | 2:50 EDT
Sandtrooper YQ-1 reports:
Dateline: Ewok with Glider Made out of Bacon “Hey Troops,, YQ-1 here up in the snow-capped valleys of western Minnesota reporting in. If I find any more Hoth Troopers, I think I am going to go postal. Trooper Bruce and I have joined forces? Always two there are, a master and an apprentice, so if you are looking for any hard to find figs, let us know. Stocked up on a bunch of R1-G4's, a ton of POTJ and POTF figs and the Saga wave too. Wally worlds in St. Cloud area seemed to be full of General Rieekans and Hoth troopers (argh), but did find an Ewok with glider. My daughter Abbey says that the glider looks like it is made out of bacon. Picked up the new X-Wing with Blue (sic) Leader at TRU (X-Wing = good, fig = bad). Otherwise, not much else around. Still on the hunt for that elusive Y-Wing. MTFBWY.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 May 2004 | 3:40 EDT
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett reports:
Dateline: Squeeze One Out “Hey, what's up everybody?! It's been very dry here ... at least as far as Star Wars toys go, otherwise the weather has been horrible. Rain, rain, rain!!! My Basement was getting wet and my collection was in imminent danger, but it is out of harm's way now. Crammed on a high ledge in our basement was the only place I could quickly put my stuff. Oh well, it's not pretty but at least it's not wet. Anyway I was able to stop by the Wal-mart in Avon, Indiana last night and they had been fully stocked; the only problem was that it was Hoth wave. They did have Jabba, Denizens and a dozen of the Ewok glider. If you ask me the ewok looks like he's trying to squeeze one out. BOMBS AWAY! I think I'll pass on getting him, at least for full price that is. One interesting thing thereis that there was one Bartoo there but packaged at about a 45 degree angle instead of straight forward. Well, that's it. Please let everyone know I'm looking for the Executor & Endor waves and Tanus & J'quille. Later Troops and MTFBWY!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 May 2004 | 3:34 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
Live from the Boise Bunker“Hey Troops,! I have a Luke's landspeeder with Luke and a KB TIE fighter available. Landspeeder $15, and TIE Fighter $25, both minty fresh. Prices are plus shipping. Let me know!!” - Trooper Sithryan (Ryan Matthews)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 May 2004 | 3:28 EDT
Sandtrooper jor_supersid reports:
Dateline: Go to Wal-Mart Seekonk You Must! “Hey Troops,, it's been awhile since I have seen anything. As usual I guess. But I have big news! Walmart Rt. 6 Seekonk, Massachusetts just put out around 12 cases! Of hall of Fame, Star Destroyer, Jabba, and Endor battle wave, and all the Ultra figures produced. The Ewok is cool man. I have not seen this many figures at a store since, well, I don't know when (except KB of course). There is plenty to go around, enough for anyone who wants some, something that never happens. So if you collect and if you need these go there and they're waiting for a new home. The last thing is that I want to actually thank my local Wal-Mart. I almost shed a tear at the sight and it had been so long I had almost given up collecting. 'Til later, keep scout'n Troops!”

Posted by: dustrho | 22 May 2004 | 18:49 EDT
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In!
dustrho in the Windy CityHey troopers! I ended up stopping at a local Target in Wheaton, IL, and made a pretty good find there. Lo and behold I picked up two LEGO AT-ATs for only $25 a piece! I've heard of other people across the country finding these for this price before, but I have never seen any Targets by me selling them for this low price. I initially paid $100 for it when it first came out! Unbelievable! These will make a nice addition to my collection.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 May 2004 | 16:01 EDT
Sandtrooper SoCal Jedi Dom Reports:
Dom, of Dom and Dommer“There is not much to report out here in sunny So Cal. Inland Empire has nothing new, unless you call the Executor wave new. My Toys R Us has the new Carkoon Squirmish (plenty at that), many X-wings, and the newly-re-packed Unleashed Luke and Emperor. I was able to find three extra Tanus Spijeks at a local Target. Two are in a C-9+ condition with very minor dents in the bottoms of the bubbles, but the cards are in excellent shape. The other is in about a C-8+ condition, but if you are an opener, no problem. I am looking to trade for J'Quille. I have one but his card and bubble are pretty beat up. So if you have an extra J'Quille in near-perfect condition, email me. I am also in need of the Red variant Clone trooper Unleashed. These are all that I need to be fully caught up,; can someone help? E-mail me your offers.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 May 2004 | 12:16 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #256:

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For the week of May 23 - 29

Just Received Back in Stock Saga 12-inch ROTJ Figures. This includes the hard to find Biker Scout and Ewoks figures as well as Luke Jedi and Yoda. Kotobukiya Luke Stormtrooper and Darth Maul also back in stock this week.

Original Trilogy Figures will be arriving on Monday so be sure to check our website or Pre-Order your items right away.

We have some new lower prices on Clone Wars Items. Riddell Helmets from POTF line are back including Boba Fett and X-Wing Pilot. Also Legends in 3 Dimesions Boba Fett, Emperor and Greedo back in.

We just received a complete set of 12-Back vintage figures and a complete set of ESB figures including ESB Boba Fett C-9+/9.5. We also received dozens of new POTF, ROTJ and Tri-Logo Figures. Android 3-Pack and a Carded Wind-Up R2-D2 just arrived as well as Sigma R2-D2 Cookie Jar and Bank.

Lots of Marvel Legends just arrived. The hard to find Series 1 figures are now in stock: Captain America, Iron Man and Toad. Chase Doom Bot and Iron Man Gold are now in stock.

Be sure to keep checking our G.I.Joe sections, we've been working hard at getting some new items in stock with pictures. Even though the MOTU line from Mattel has been canceled there are still some great new items from MOTU. NECA has some great Statues and Busts in stock like the awesome Skeletor Statue. We also have the very hard to find Keldor Exclusive in stock.

Be sure to keep watching the website as some great new items should be arriving soon! Thanks a lot! We appreciate your business!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 May 2004 | 11:54 EDT
Sandtrooper Corporal Mike Hritz reports:
Clip-on TIEDateline: Gotta Get My Fair Share “Hey-hey Troops, long time, no post. Just got back from a run and same ol’ same ol’: nothing new to report in the NW Indiana area. TRU has lots of X-Wings, Wally World had Hoth wave with Icee Luke, and didn't even stop at Target. Hey, has anyone seen a Darth Vader TIE Fighter at TRU? What's the stats on this? Hey, I've got to give a big SEMPER FI to Trooper Sithfather David Jones on a trade that went through. Marines lead the way! Gotta make it short, Walleye are biting in the lake, and crappie are taking off, gotta get my fair share. MTFBWY.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 May 2004 | 8:59 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Wizard World Philadelphia
[Click to view Coverage]Cuz I get Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound! [Click to view Coverage]S.C.A.L.P. Trooper PFC Shade, who is a Sandtroopers Agent west of Philadelphia and way south of Heaven, steered his Imperial landing craft toward some Philadelpia Freedom to cover Friday's segment of Wizard World (East) yesterday. Star Wars guests included Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti), Ailsa Berk (Amanaman), Will Conrad of Star Wars Comics, and Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti), who looked like he just ran into Darth or a bottle of Jack Daniels. Trooper Shade came to represent just as Trooper Jetfire did last weekend, and did a fine job reporting on the convention. View the coverage and Begin Today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 May 2004 | 18:20 EDT
Cloud City Update: OTC Now Shipping - Biker Scout & Leia too!!!
Cloud City is now shipping all orders for Original Trilogy Collection Dagobah wave! In addition we received the Princess Leia Organa and Biker Scout for immediate shipment. The Bespin Wave is now available for Pre-order and will ship the first days of June. For more on these new arrivials click here.

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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 May 2004 | 14:34 EDT
Saga In-Stock at KEBco Toys:
Limited supplies of: Luke Jedi, R2-D2, Luke Hoth, Hoth Trooper, R-3PO, Lando Skiff, Hologram Luke, Rappertunie, Dutch Vander, TIE Fighter Pilot, General Jan Dodonna, Captain Antilles, Ozzel, Bossk, Dengar, Unleashed figures, 12 Inch figures and more. Ultra figures: Wampa, General Rieekan, C-3PO, Jabba the Hutt, Ewok Warrior, and Obi-Wan. All are in stock and available at very reasonable prices. Pre-Orders are available for OTC Vintage and Basic, Vehicles, 12-Inch, Galactic Heroes 2 packs and the newest Unleashed wave with Aayla Secura, Tusken Raider and Bossk. Visit to order and to ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 May 2004 | 0:39 EDT
BigBadToyStore Update:
Unleashed Wave 8:
Luke Skywalker
Darth Sidious
Unleashed Wave 9:
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Princess Leia

Star Wars:
TIE Pilot
Ultra Ewok
Trilogy Basic Wave 1 Set of 9
Trilogy Vintage Wave 1 Set of 4
Trilogy Vintage 12" Set of 3
Trilogy Millenium Falcon
Trilogy X-Wing & TIE Fighter
Unleashed Wave 10 Pre-Order: Aayla Secura, Bossk, Tusken Raider
Unleashed Wave 11 Pre-Order: IG-88, Stormtrooper, Aurra Sing

Alternators Silverstreak

Vintage Department: The Vintage Department has listed a variety of G.I.Joe figures and vehicles this week along with some more loose transformers. A few cool items are the 1/12th scale G.I.Joe convention exclusives. As always, if you have a collection of Transformers, G.I.Joe, MotU, Star Wars, or other types of toys, please contact us! We are especially interested and can pay top price for late G1 complete transformers: Headmasters, Targetmasters, Pretenders, and others from the late 80's.
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Posted by: Darth Spice | 20 May 2004 | 23:31 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Darth Vader ANH & Darth Maul Master Replicas lightsabers in stock. 66 Vintage, POTF & Episode 1 Star Wars items added to site. Thousands of vintage & classic Star Wars toys in stock. Click here for listing.”
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Posted by: Darth Spice | 20 May 2004 | 18:41 EDT
This week at Action-HQ:
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Action-HQ has the new Star Wars 2004 Dagobah & OTC Figures! Bringing the best to you first, weeks in advance are Star War Original Trilogy Collection figures. Get the new re-sculpt Dagobah series of 4 figures including the exceptional Luke training figure & electronic R2-D2 or the newly painted re-issued figures on the new retro OTC card. Don't have a Toys R Us near you? Well now is the best time to get this exclusive Skirmish in Carkoon 4 pack for just $21.95! Plus, Transformers Energon, Macross, Gundam and more!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 May 2004 | 0:43 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithfather David reports:
“Hello Troops. Sithfather David here from good ole NC. As of right now, nothing to report except that I have a son due to deploy in ten days, and I am just as excited for the third time as I was for my first and second. Now, on to the boring stuff. The Wal-Mart here in Hickory still has a YT-1300 cargo bay full of the R1-G4, R2-D2 (bartender), Luke (ice cave), R-3PO, Hoth Rebel Trooper (Guy Smiley), Jabba with water bong, Wampa (ice cave), and a few General Rieekan. If anybody needs some of these then let me know . I need to give a big UHRAH!!! to Trooper Cpl. Mike Hritz for the awesome trade ! Thanks a lot man. Also, to Trooper Drrob: I haven't forgotten about you; things just dried up real fast but I am still looking for ya! Troops take care and be careful out there, and, as always, when Darth Vader said ’No Disintegrations, Vhe was just kidding! Unload the full magazine into ’em then ask them who they are workin’ for! MTFBWY, Semper Fi!!!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 May 2004 | 0:35 EDT
New Arrivals K & C Collectibles:
New this Week:
Ewok with Glider
Han Solo AT-ST Driver # 19
General Madine # 20
General Lando Calrissian # 21

Pre-Order (deadline May 30th):
Stormtrooper Mini Bust
X-Wing Pilot - Luke Skywalker Mini Bust
Bust Up - Series 1 Case
Asajj Ventress Maquette

New 2004 Saga Figures:
Tanus Spijek # 10
Captain Antillies # 15
Rappertunie # 08
Luke Holographic # 11
Bossk # 18
Dengar # 17
TIE fighter Pilot # 14
Gold Leader Dutch # 13
General Jan Dodonna # 12
Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack # 03
R2-D2 Jabba?s Sail Barge # 05
Hoth Trooper Hoth Evacuation # 01

Episode II Pewter items:
(Click this link)
Episode II Pewter Figures
Episode II Pewter Ships
Episode II Pewter Key chains
Back in Stock:
Clone Trooper ? Republic Gunship Pilot (limited Quantity)
Stormtrooper - Death Star Chase
Darth Vader - Death Star Clash
R2-D2 - Tatooine Mission
C-3PO - Death Star Rescue
Chewbacca - Escape from Hoth
Darth Maul - Theed Hangar Duel
Han Solo - Flight to Alderaan
Princess Leia Organa - Death Star Captive
Luke Skywalker - Tatooine Encounter
Yoda - Battle of Geonosis
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Coruscant Chase

Collectible Figure with Glass:
Anakin Skywalker
Luke Skywalker

Contest rules: NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY to enter contest. Send an e-mail before May 31st, 2004 with your E-mail address, Name, home address, daytime phone number to One winner will be selected from all eligible entries after contest deadline. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries received. The prize must be used on the K & C Collectibles web site. The prize winners will be notified by e-mail after contest deadline.

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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 May 2004 | 4:44 EDT
BigBadToyStore Update:
Cheesy MouthIf you are still looking for that crazy Ewok on the glider, BigBadToyStore has the Ewok with Attack Glider listed in their Ultra series section along with more stock of the Jabba's and Kamino Ultras at $9.99 each. Visit BBTS for more arrivals.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 May 2004 | 4:36 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
Dateline: Newsflash! Scalpers Must Not Be Americans! “One year and 2 days to go and I got two, yes 2, red variant Unleashed Clone Troopers. They're both already spoken for as fellow Trooper Rogue Jedi TJ from Northeast PA and I had a pact that if either of us found 2, we'd pick up the second one for each other. TJ and I have traded before and he truly lives by the United We Find motto. That's the way to fight scalpers. Anyway, the big news is where I found them. They were hanging on pegs at the Suncoast Picture Company in the Mall of America in Minnesota (I was visiting family). Either there was a hologram of a deluxe Barbie doll projected in front of them that only scalpers could see, or scalpers don't like going to places with "America" in their name. The moral of the story is check out your local Suncoast. AND does anyone have a need for a ?" red clone trooper with a no-dots picture? These are hard-to-find variants. Let me know. Dom, Jedi for Jesus, signing out from East Central Wisconsin.”

Now that's what you call the true meaning of "S.C.A.L.P." and "United We Find!" Scalp the scalpers and help your collecting brother inside the armor! There's two figures that are making it into the hands of real collectors and out of Ankle Grabber Comics' store front, Begin Today!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 May 2004 | 4:16 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Motor City Comic Con
[Click to view Coverage][Click to view Coverage]Trooper Rob Amid (aka Trooper Jetfire), who is a S.C.A.L.P. Agent and a real Troop who I've traded more Star Wars and Transformers with than you'd want to know, rode his dewback across Michigan's lower peninsula to cover the Motor City Comic Con on Saturday 5/16. This was a show we had been talking about here for the past couple of weeks and Rob heard the call and landed his Imperial landing craft in Novi, Michigan for the event. Star Wars guests included Ailsa Berk (Amanaman), Daniel Logan (AOTC Boba Fett), and Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti). Along with photos, Rob reported on the convention. View the coverage of this event and Keep on Troopin'!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 May 2004 | 0:57 EDT
And the Winner is...
Sometimes my work here at Sandtroopers is hard, some days it is very easy. Guys like this make it easy. This guy isn't ripping you off, no I think twenty for 10 figures isn't too bad. I've heard of playing dumb but that guy is really trying to act dumb, praying not to get sued selling the infamous taboo Clone Troopers! Could the Chinese Language Translation Program be that bad? We had a couple guys that were a good runner-up, but William Hung's brother beat him out by a narrow margin! It seems the wave 2 canceled Wal-Mart Cantina sets have dropped in price. Seems we are Winning the War on that front!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 May 2004 | 23:31 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #255:

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For the week of May 16 - 22

Free shipping promotion going on now for orders over $50! Restrictions do apply, please see details on our website. Just arrived, the re-release of Unleashed Leia and Obi-Wan!

Lots of 3 ?-inch Saga back in this week, many at newly reduced prices including some of the most recent releases like Han AT-ST Driver and Lando General. All 12 of the Hall of Fame figures are also back in stock and now available as a set. Don't miss out on other new wholesale assortments just added to the Saga section.

Episode I in stock Life-Size items are featured this week! Sets of Expanded Universe figures, all in stock now including the tough-to-find Darktrooper and Spacetrooper! 12-inch Leia, Han and Stormtrooper. and newly reduced prices on select coins now in stock. Reproduction telescoping sabers are now back in stock and the repro Amanaman staff!

Reduced prices throughout the Vintage ROTJ AFA graded figures! Over 30 great figures in stock and in exceptional condition including AFA 80 Yoda Brown Snake, an AFA 85 Princess Leia, a Luke Jedi Green Saber AFA 85 and so many more I just can't list them all. Don't miss this great selection!

Great Prototypes and Artist's Proofs are on this week's Master Replicas featured selection. Also in stock, the hard-to-get AOTC Obi-Wan Lightsaber!

The huge collection of boxed G.I.Joe vehicles has now been updated on the website. Many still need photos but it would be hard to find a better selection of boxed original vehicles than this. If you have been waiting for that one piece to come along, be sure to check us out! Great new items also in stock from Valor vs. Venom, Alpha Series 12-inch and Palisades.

Nice collection of vintage Generation 1 Boxed Transformers just arrived this week from 1985- 1987, and selection of MotU Vintage loose figures in this week, check it out. Extremely limited quantities of the Exclusive Faker and Keldor in stock now!

Series 14 Simpsons are all in stock, save if you buy the set! Don't miss out, series 16 is available for pre-order, save by ordering now, don't wait until it's too late! Treehouse of Horror 2 & 4 are both in stock now.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 May 2004 | 22:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Ebay TodayDateline: What's it Worth Without the One-Eyed Monster? “Hey guys. Check out this latest find on ebay. Take care (Item No. 3192363881).”

Jedimaster-C at the end of his rope

Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 May 2004 | 3:26 EDT Sales & Pre-Orders - OTC Preview!
Check out these pre-order items at Toys R
OTC - X-Wing Starfighter
OTC - TIE Fighter
Red Y-Wing Gold Leader
Naboo Final Conflict 4-Pack
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
Endor Ambush 4-pack
In addition to the items listed, browse for Ultra Jabba, Jango and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other sale items.
Rogue Squadron III - Gamecube
12-inch Leia Boushh w/ Han Carbonite
Jedi Warriors 4-pack

Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 May 2004 | 2:32 EDT
Federation Toys Update: Hall of Fame, 12-inch and more!
Hey Troopers, Sandtrooper Jim from Federation Toys has informed me that they have received more of the Hall of Fame assortment, including the Darth Vader Death Star Clash and the Stormtrooper. They also have the Ewok & Combat Glider, and Jabba the Hutt Ultra in stock. Plus Garindan, Obi-Wan and Jawa 2-pack 12-inch figures all in stock and ready to ship. Medal of Yavin Master Replicas, Celebration II Souvenir Program, and the Silver Clone Trooper Exclusive plus much more. World-class customer satisfaction and service, visit Federation Toys today!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 May 2004 | 3:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
I take no orders from you, I am an Autobot now!Dateline: Jetfire Soars into Detroit City “I guess the griping about certain stores helped a little. Perhaps Sandtrooper Jason sent a copy of my store report right to the executives at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us ... one can only speculate. Well, for whatever reason, these two local stores have gone from not much to a whole lot. Wal-Mart went from a measily Ultra C-3PO to supplying me with the Jabba Denizens as well as most of the HoF wave (needed the Rappertunie and Stormtrooper to round off my wants). Toys R Us got in most of the HoF wave too including the Secret Ceremony Amidala and a bunch of R1-G4. Meijers is still running strong with the Executor and Generals waves. Even saw a AT-ST Han that had a painting error (black strip across torso under right arm). Well, that's about it. I'll be hitting Motor City Comic Con tomorrow as well as some Toys R Us and Wal-Marts in my trip across the state. Remember: JETFIRE SOARS SUPREME!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 May 2004 | 2:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Darthvraider reports:
’Awakenings’ staring Darthvraider“Darthvraider holo-ing in from super sunny Cali. Wow game 5 in our pocket. sorry Texas wish upon on a star or spur, but just not the lone star. Lakers! Whoop! Whoooop! Whoop!

“Call it the med withdrawals, or call it Sally; just don't say I'm losing my mind, but I still can't get this new e-mail right so here it goes. If you have responded to the last two postings, my deepest apologies but I finally figured it out so here it is: please re-jingle me at

“Still having trouble finding Unleashed Leia, white Clone, red Clone, HoF Stormie, and Vader, all three Generals (Han, Madine, Williams) If you can assist please drop me a jingle!
Super Troop Luke, did you get it? Darthvraider holo-ing out!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 May 2004 | 1:14 EDT
Force of the Bay: Chompin' at the Bit, with a Nasty Bite!
Lately the lack of figures has had me a little blue, so I made a visit to ebay to see what could cheer me up. With the Saga collection wrapping up I guess looking at things I can?t afford will appease me until they hit us with 25 figures through 60 days. You can find items that make you wonder how someone could part with something so exclusive. Make sure to check out some awesome duds for that next convention you park the Dewback at. Whether it is one figure in particular or blowing the entire tax check in one fatal swoop, you will find whatever it is you are searching for. Fifteen thousand items ranging from vintage Japanese variants to things Matt Tambor would nose-crawl through throrn bushes naked for, it is to be had at the bay. Looking to make an entrance at the next convention? Well if you have an extra 10k and AAA membership and/or jumper cables you could stop this joker and ask him for his identification! I am thinking of heisting Sandtrooper Dan's Buick and doing my own version of 'Pimp Dan's Ride.' neither endorses nor authenticates the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers on your searches, Kick A#$ and take them names!

and if Spice slicks Dan's Buick he will be scuurrrd!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 May 2004 | 23:59 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking pre-orders on the Clone Wars Obi-Wan maquette, Skywalker Ranch Pierce pumper, Star Wars Hasbro chess set and Monopoly game. Vintage items just added: Bespin World micro collection, Jedi trash can, Slave 1 model kit. POTF Falcon, Boba Fett Applause mug & more. Click here for more.”

click to enter

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 May 2004 | 23:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis reports:
Dateline: I'm Guessing He Was Returning Figs He Couldn't Sell Kmart (Zion, IL): “still has the Star Destroyer / Yavin waves in stock.

Target (Waukegan, IL): “still has the HoF figs in stock which we'll see again on OTC cards. Also, there was the usual exclusives.

Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL): “has Hoth Han (brown coat), Anakin (Secret Ceremony), and Luke (Throne Room) to go with the Tatooine / Hoth wave. They also had only 1 Ultra Ewok with glider. The rest of the Ultra figs were all previous releases.

TRU (Gurnee, IL): “had a few figs from the Tatooine / Hoth wave, but they also had a huge load of figs from '02 hanging on their pegs. I'm talking Vader (Bespin Duel), Chewie (Cloud City Escape), Han (Endor Raid), Jango (Arena Battle) etc. What gives? I also saw our area scalper at the service desk there too. I'm guessing he was returning figs he couldn't sell.

Target (Gurnee, IL): “had more Anakin AOTC glasses and Luke ESB glasses. I'd like to see an Episode III glass made. Also they had Darth Maul (Theed Hangar) and Leia from HoF hanging on the pegs with the rest of the figs I saw there last week.”

Dennis, I intercepted a transmission to the General from R2Dtoys that mentioned a rumored EIII figure after the release of the Slave Leia with Collector Cup. Stay tuned.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 May 2004 | 22:30 EDT
Sandtrooper Satan's Teddybear, aka “The Devil's Ewok” reports:
The Devil’s Ewok aka Satan’s TeddybearDateline: I'll Mail Ya Some Wedding Cake with the $$$ “Help save my soon to-be-married butt! I'm getting married June 11th and have got my wife sold on the idea of a Padmé ·edding gown and secret ceremony Anakin wedding cake topper, seeing as they were all over at the time of my idea. Now I can't find either of these figures anywhere. Is there anyone out there that can pick me up this bad boy / girl at cost? I'll mail ya some wedding cake with the $$$!” - Satan's Teddybear

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 May 2004 | 22:17 EDT
For a Limited Time Only at TOY FELLAS:
Reduced PricesAll in-stock Star Wars items have been reduced in price for a limited time. Reduced prices last until Thurday, May 20. Everything from Unleashed $11.99, Basic figures $4.99 & Mini Busts only $33.99. Take a look around.
Forget About It!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 May 2004 | 20:32 EDT
SNAG Trooper ESPN Eric reports:
“To all you troopers in Connecticut, try going to your local Stop and Shop. I've encountered the Star Destroyer and Yavin waves there. It seems that some of the stores are remodeling a bit and adding larger video and entertainment sections, and those stores seem to be getting some good waves in. I'm finding more lately at these Stop and Shops than I am at Target and Wal-Mart combined. As long as these figures fly off their shelves, I'm sure they'll restock them with new waves. Good luck guys. By the way, they're a little more expensive at $6.99 (ouch). Better than not finding them!”
ESPN Intelligence

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 May 2004 | 16:21 EDT
This week at Action-HQ:
visit Action-HQ below
Action-HQ has finally received the Megatron Exclusive, plus Evangelion premium set of 4 highly detailed 4-inch trading figures based on the Evangelion video game. Also shipping this week Microman Volter Action Figure and the newest Gundam products available. Many Star Wars items are on sale and many new figures and assortments in stock. See why many are getting it first at Action-HQ!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 May 2004 | 2:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
I take no orders from you, I am an Autobot now!“Here?s the West Michigan Store Report:

“Everywhere has the Destroyer Droid with launcher; it?s taking up room on the pegs, enough said. Lots of Spider Droids too.

Target (Holland): “Just a bunch of the Cartoon Network Anakin, Mace, Dooku, and Obi-wan. Did pick up the Hailfire Droid on clearance for $10. They had one more and then a bunch of Anakin Starfighters and Geonosian starfighters at same price. Besides that they had some General Dodonna, Barriss Offee, Aayla Secura, and Han Solo (Flight to Alderaan). The C-3PO and General Rieekan Ultra figures were in attendance as well as the Obi-Wan and Maul glass sets.

Target (Jenison) : “A bunch of Dutch Vanders sitting on the pegs. Grabbed an R1-G4 for an opener. Pretty much the same stuff as the Holland Target.

Kmart: “One Ultra Wampa and then some Ashla and Jempa, Hoth Troopers, Obi-Wan General (this is in my notes, but can?t for the life of me remember why), and Aayla Secura.

Kaybee Toys (Holland): “CLOSED! Missed my chance at the TIE Fighter I saw on clearance a few weeks back.

Kaybee Toys (Grandville): “I picked up the two Geonosian War Chamber sets here. They had the two Jedi Council sets too, but I passed. The 12-inch Gamorrean is sweet and was on the top shelf. Also had those cool Playskool. One R1-G4 was shining, but besides that mostly old figs on the pegs.

Meijers (Holland): “SWEET!!! Picked up a Dutch Vander and a bunch of TIE Pilots for a diorama. Also got the Executor wave and Endor Generals wave. There was an extra AT-ST Han and a few extra General Lando?s when I left. They only had one each of the other figs total which is a shame because I wouldn?t mind having an opener Executor wave. Also saw the R-3PO, General Dodonna, Hoth Chewie, Hoth Trooper, Spider Droid, R2-D2 Sail Barge Server, Lando Skiff Guard, Luke Tatooine Encounter, Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase, Darth Maul Hangar Duel, Hailfire Droid (full price) and the Geonosian Starfighter (full price) Overall, Meijers seems to be the place for figs this year in my area. Update: lots of AT-ST Hans and General Madines today (13 May), only one Dengar and one Ozzel though. Still a few General Landos.

Meijers (Grandville): “Same as Holland Meijers, but they had a Hoth Han (brown coat) and a C-3PO.

Meijers (Grand Haven): “Same as Holland Meijers, but more of the HoF wave figs.

Toys R Us (Holland): “AotC Slave 1, a ton of various 12-inch figs, and quite a few of the Spider Droids. The Red Leader X-Wing has come in, but doesn?t look like many takers. Some of the Command Gunships left (trying to find a way to get 1 or 2 for openers / dioramas). Also had the Ultra Jango, Obi-Wan, and Jabba, a bunch of the Jedi Warrior 4-packs, some Reeks, AotC Speeders and the old Han and Chewie and Luke and Leia Death Star Escape deals. General Dodonna and Capt Antilles seemed to have everything in order there, but of course all the Silver Clone Troopers were pretty much dinged up.

Toys R Us (Alpine) : “Almost exactly the same as Holland Toys R Us except that I picked up the Clone Trooper 3-pack (yellow) on clearance for just over $7. Also saw the Federation Droid 3-pack.

Wal-Mart (Holland): “One stinking Ultra C-3PO. Wal-Mart used to be the place to find stuff, but no more.

Wal-Mart (Grandville) : “NOTHING! Not even peg warmers. Rolling back prices and selection!

“Still looking for Silver Boba Fetts, Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon, POTJ TIE Interceptor, Gentle Giant Boba Fett bust, and POTJ Y-Wing. Also looking for a vintage Boba Fett on authentic card. Help a Trooper out! Was also wondering whether there is going to be anyone else from the Sandtroopers site at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI endorsed by Kid Rock. I'm looking to go Saturday morning with some friends and am curious whether anyone would be in attendance.”

Many of you may know Jetfire as WedgeWannaBe from the early forums. We would like to get as many Troops (in or out of armor) as possible to the Motor City Comic Con, so do plan on attending this one, because not only will it have much to offer, but you will probably run into a fellow Trooper!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 May 2004 | 20:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Aantmanntooine reports:
“ Working on a tip from a fellow collector I made a trade with, check closely those HoF wave figures hanging on the pegs. Apparently, some are being shipped with the black / grey figure stands and others (most) have the new clear stands. I dug around through the wall of HoF figs today at Walmart and came out with a Darth Maul and a Han Solo with the dark stand. Not all HoF actually have stands: only Maul, Solo, Leia, R2, C-3PO, Vader and Luke. Good luck, Happy hunting!”

Posted by: dustrho | 12 May 2004 | 20:35 EDT
Original Trilogy Collection Checklist
Original Trilogy Collection ChecklistHey Troopers! Hasbro has released images and a checklist of the upcoming Original Trilogy Collection on the official website. These figures will start selling sometime this fall, so be sure to save up some money so you can buy the entire collection when they come out. They're bound to sell out fast.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 May 2004 | 17:49 EDT

10% Off Sale: We are offering 10% off every item in-stock on our site excluding pre-order items. Here is a chance to pick up any item we have on our normal menus and our vintage menus for 10% off. Please read the sale details for more info. The sale ends Thursday Night.

Vintage: The Vintage department has recently listed a variety of mint complete later G1 transformers,Japanese G1 boxed and carded transformers, Japanese Beast Wars and more recent Japanese Transformer releases.

Coming Soon: Star Wars Unleashed wave 8 and 9 are in transit to us along with Transformers Alternators Silverstreak. A variety of other cool items from Hasbro are also on the way and we'll update you on those when they arrive.

Transformer Pre-order: We have listed a pre-order for the new Desert Hound Exclusive tan repaint of the upcoming #14 re-Issue for $49.99. Smallest Transformers 'Convenience Store Wave' features a new Black Hot Rod figure and a variety of existing figures from Wave 1 and Wave 2. Boxes of 12 and Cases of 48 available for pre-order.

Hasbro Transformers: More Hasbro 20th Primes have arrived. We've received Energon Megatron and Optimus prime, Energon Deluxe figures Inferno, Prowl, Hot Shot, Snow Cat, Starscream and Rodimus.

More new arrivals and sale details.
- enter below -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 May 2004 | 17:19 EDT
Sandtrooper Bobafred with “San Fernando Valley Rumorville Special Edition:”
Pacoima, California“Bobafred chiming in from the big S.F.V. with a trooper alert: my correct e-mail address is; I apologize for leaving off the ’s.’ So if you have not heard back from me, please understand why! So if you Troops can assist with an Unleashed white Clone, red Clone, Slave Leia, and HoF Storm Trooper and Vader, just give me a jingle. Lots to trade or cash you straight up!

“On a level of commitment I plan on attending Celebration III in Indianapolis. I should be locked in for my exclusive figure, right? Well, just in case I have to cancel my travel plans, I need a little contingency plan (gotta have back up!) For whatever reason, I would like to make a pact with any troop in the vicinity of this great event. I would cover the San Diego Comic Con Star Wars Exclusive in exchange for Celebration III figure exclusive. If interested drop me a line. Don't reply unless you really have that level of commitment and are definitely driving into the convention! Indy will be our docking bay. Is there going to be a Trooper posting camp? A Trooper head count before we bounce in? What will they think of us when we roll in in platoons or packs? What will they say about them ’United We Finders?’ Will George Lucas utilize all of his Sith restraint on inviting us over for cocktails or dinner (declassification, debriefing or plain old brain picking!)? Only time and Celebration III will tell! Can't wait!

“As you all should know, the San Fernando Valley is 10 minutes from Hollywood / Hollywierd California. Rumors of late from Rumorville central are that Harrison Ford said he ’ ... would not really want to do Han Solo again." But Indy would perk his heart beat? Can you say ’ka-ching?’ Jedi mind tricks run wild with the Force! Carry Fisher will hit the gym for instant slim, and Mr.Hamill should soar with his comic strip revival of the last Jedi! Peter Mayhew should have a strong back and the only way Mr.Lucas will ever get to work on anything other than Star Wars movies he so profusely talks about, is if he takes a long two-three year sabbatical in filming central, taking a note out of
Lord of the Rings approach on filming all three episodes at once! This should be one to two years after the release of Episode III, giving Mr. McCallum enough time to prepare for this tenacious event. One more time can we say Academy Awards to the umph power!

“Many Bounty's and Bothans were given up for this crucial note. And, no, Mr. Lucas, Attorney's at Law, or do-good getters, for the last time I don't have any family working at Skywalker Ranch! But I do feel a disturbance in the Force every now and then. Mr. Lucas' cronies, you gave away game by announcing certain EIII role players signing in their contracts for e7-9 (oooops!). And one more note for thought, EIII should or better have at least three to three and a half hours of running time, you know? Because every new Star Wars fan wants to really know, you know! Well now you all really know? You know! Can you sincerely here us talking Mr.Lucas? Bobafred signing / running out!”

Posted by: dustrho | 12 May 2004 | 16:14 EDT
Star Wars Battlefront UPDATE!
Star Wars Battlefront UpdateAttention all Troopers! LucasArts has released a movie trailer of their upcoming game, Star Wars Battlefront, and you can view it by going to their website. I had to take a look at it, and let me tell you, it will blow you away! Make sure you cover your mouth, because after watching this trailer you'll be screaming with excitement! This is going to be one incredible game, and hopefully it will be as much fun as it was to watch this trailer. Only time will tell.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 May 2004 | 23:09 EDT
Sandtrooper John from rd2toys reports:
“Hot arrivals: Han Solo Endor Attack (AT-ST driver) ?7, General Madine ?7, Lando Calrissian as General Death Star Attack ?7, Skirmish at Carkoon 4-pack ?19 (very limited supply, with more arriving in June). Also added to the site: Sideshow Weta statues and busts. We are adding more as they become available to us. Most pictures are not available yet but they will be by the weekend! We have in stock: Treebeard, Bilbo Statue, Frodo Statue, Lurtz Statue, and more. Visit r2dtoys for more information.”

Posted by: dustrho | 11 May 2004 | 19:55 EDT
New Unleashed Coming This Summer!
Great news troopers! Hasbro has released pictures of the new Unleashed figures that will be out this summer. Up on the plate are Aayla Secura, Bossk and a Tusken Raider. Hasbro has also released information on the next wave of Unleashed figures set to come out in Fall 2004: IG-88, Aurra Sing and a Stormtroper. This is fantastic news! Read more about it.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 May 2004 | 0:45 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Mighty Mini-Con Postponed
Hey Troops, I received this news regarding the rescheduling of an event that was slated for June 5-6th. The Mighty Mini-Con has been moved to the weekend of October 24th, 2004. Hopefully this gives our 501st brothers a chance to gear up for the event this fall. We wish Ric Olney a speedy recovery and we will keep you updated on this event. We'd also like to extend our condolences to the family of 501st UK Garrison CO Graham Campbell who died Sunday, May 9th as the result of a car accident. For more info on Graham, visit the 501st official site.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 May 2004 | 16:38 EDT
Area Report: New Pegwarmers vs. Nothing
With great power comes great responsibility!Hey Troopers, it has been a hit and miss in the Lake County, IL / Southern Wisconsin area lately. Seems like the place you want to be is K-Mart. Zion and Waukegan in IL, and Kenosha and Racine in Wisconsin, have all had shipments of Ozzle and Yavin waves. The only holdouts in the area have been Madine, Gen. Lando and Han AT-ST disguise. Kenosha Target was sporting a fresh Ultra case with 1 Ewok that the General snagged for his personal collection. Plenty of Jango and Obi to go around. I also hit the Target and Wal-Mart in Wheeling, IL only to find the pegs replenished with Hoth and first Jabba wave and the Hall of Shame assortment. I still have better things to do with my money so I passed on these. However, the Stormtrooper did come with me; you can always use another. So after months of nothing, Wal-Mart reloads with crap that most already own. TRU offers stacks of the Red Leader X-Wing, the Screen Scenes that others were smart enough to clearance last month, and many 12-inch figures. Does anyone buy these anymore? There are regular shipments, which is a big step up from jack squat that has been offered since February. I also would like to thank Troopers Chicano Dom and Boba-Brett for recent trades that are in progress. United We Find fellas! Good luck to all of you great Sandtroopers on your reconaissance and plan your attacks wisely. The choke-hold on the Windy City has begun, General J and myself to the north, Dustrho to the southwest. We are taking control. Join the S.C.A.L.P. Invasion. Begin Today.

Posted by: dustrho | 10 May 2004 | 13:08 EDT
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In!
Hey Troopers! I made a quick run in the Aurora/Naperville (IL) area yesterday, and was fortunate to find a couple new figures. I was lucky enough to pick up my first TIE Fighter Pilot and Dutch Vander Gold Leader at the Target near the Fox Valley Mall. There were several other figures there, such as (all gold carded) Darth Maul, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Bossk, Dengar, Admiral Ozzel, R2-D2, and Captain Antilles. All 4 glass sets were there as well. I haven't seen any Target in my area with shelves that stocked in a very long time. I also made a run over to Toys R Us by the mall, and they had about ten of those new X-Wing Fighters with Red Leader. Other than the X-Wing Fighter, there wasn't anything new there at all. The pegs were pretty much bare, but there were a couple of those hot-selling Lott Dodd figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 May 2004 | 12:13 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
The First Lady of“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. A big thanks to a local friend of mine who hooked me up with some new figs from the Star Destroyer and Endor waves. He found me Dengar, Bossk, Ozzel, Gen Lando, Gen Madine, Han AT-ST driver, and a lone Jabba Palace Lando which I was also missing. Made another trip to TRU where they had about 6 X-Wings and a couple of Deluxe Jabbas and Ewoks. Still in need of J'Quille and Tanus Spijek. If any troops have either available, Let me know what you need or willing to buy. Happy Hunting!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 May 2004 | 22:15 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter #254:
[Click to Enter]Lots of Saga back in stock this week and here are just a few of the hot items you won't want to miss out on: Unleashed Yoda, Darth Vader Death Star Clash, C-3PO Tatooine Ambush, Tanus Spijek, McQuarrie Stormtrooper. Master Replica's Battle of Yavin medal is now in stock and shipping immediately. Enormous G.I.Joe collection in this week, check back for updates. Lots of Vintage carded and loose MotU also in. New and old Energon back in and the Hard Hero Optimus Prime Bust. For more details on all these great items check out our featured section and Brian's Toys Newsletter #254!

Posted by: Dan | 8 May 2004 | 23:20 EDT
A Sneak Peak at What's Coming Next:
Troopers, the latest diorama is moving along and I created a Super Sneak Peek at what's next. Look for a cameo from custom figure patron Daniel Fontana and a member of Slayer among the myriad offscreen personalities. Begin Today.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 8 May 2004 | 22:53 EDT
Dewback Patrol: Motor City Comic Con Next Weekend!
Hey Troopers, Kid Rock won't be at the show. However, I'm sure some form of white trash will make the voyage from Detroit to Novi, MI at the Novi Expo Center for the Motor City Comic Con next weekend. Some of the guests will be original Charlie's Angel Kate Jackson and Margot Kidder of Superman fame. Some great comic book talent will be on hand from Jim Shooter to the great Dave Dorman. Star Wars guests will include Ailsa Berk (Amanaman), Daniel Logan (AOTC Boba Fett), and Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti). Many more guests are on what is shaping up to be a very complete list. So if you are in the area next weekend make sure to check this one out, it has been a huge event for years.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 May 2004 | 22:20 EDT
What's Worth Reading™:
[Click for full story][Click to visit Darkhorse]Star Wars Tales #19, in this ish a hyperdrive malfunction sends the Millennium Falcon massively off course trapping Han Solo galaxies away from his home system. This Star Wars Tales features a crossover cameo that will leave scalpers and sandtroopers readers alike confused. See a cursory preview at

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 May 2004 | 21:53 EDT
New Arrivals K & C Collectibles:
Pre-Order (deadline May 30th):
Stormtrooper Mini Bust
X-Wing Pilot - Luke Skywalker Mini Bust
Bust Up - Series 1 Case
Asajj Ventress Maquette

Episode II Pewter items:
(Click this link)
Episode II Pewter Figures
Episode II Pewter Ships
Episode II Pewter Key chains

New this week:
Anakin Skywalker Collector Glass with figure
Luke Skywalker Collector Glass with figure

Darth Vader with Interrogation Droid $4.99

New 2004 Saga Figures:
Tanus Spijek # 10
Captain Antillies # 15
Rappertunie # 08
Luke Holographic # 11
Bossk # 18
Dengar # 17
TIE fighter Pilot # 14
Gold Leader Dutch # 13
General Jan Dodonna # 12
Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack # 03
R2-D2 Jabba?s Sail Barge # 05
Hoth Trooper Hoth Evacuation # 01
2003 Saga Figures:
Princess Leia Organa Imperial Captive # 26
Han Solo Flight to Alderaan # 27
Darth Maul Theed Hangar Duel # 25

Back in Stock:
Clone Trooper ? Republic Gunship Pilot (limited Quantity)
Stormtrooper - Death Star Chase
Darth Vader - Death Star Clash
R2-D2 - Tatooine Mission
C-3PO - Death Star Rescue
Chewbacca - Escape from Hoth
Darth Maul - Theed Hangar Duel
Han Solo - Flight to Alderaan
Princess Leia Organa - Death Star Captive
Luke Skywalker - Tatooine Encounter
Yoda - Battle of Geonosis
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Coruscant Chase

Contest rules: NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY to enter contest. Send an e-mail before May 31st, 2004 with your E-mail address, Name, home address, daytime phone number to One winner will be selected from all eligible entries after contest deadline. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries received. The prize must be used on the K & C Collectibles web site. The prize winners will be notified by e-mail after contest deadline.

enter below

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 May 2004 | 23:24 EDT
Cloud City Update: OTC Now Available for Pre-order!
Cloud City is now taking pre-orders on the Original Trilogy Basic Figures. Choose from Luke, Yoda, Obi-Wan or Yoda Dagobah. As well as Luke X-Wing, Jedi, Han Solo, Darth Vader and Chewbacca. You will also find the OTC Vintage Style Figures, featuring Luke, Obi-Wan, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Also choose from thousands of AFA graded and vintage carded figures. Visit our friends at Cloud City today!

- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 May 2004 | 19:36 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
Dateline: J'Quille at Shopko  “Hello Troops! Store report for the Great Northwest! Wal-Mart showed up with the Hall of Fame wave once again. I have to admit, the Yoda looks cool on the Gold card, as well as the Stormtrooper. Toys R Us had yellow variant clone army, Durge with swoop, Spider Droid, and various other pegwarmers. Target had nothing new at all, not even any Animated other than Anakin and Mace. Found a J'Quille at Shopko, but for the outrageous price of $7.68 plus tax. I will be posting some various ships in the coming weeks for some pretty good prices, so stay tuned! MTFBWY always!” - Trooper Sithryan Matthews

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 May 2004 | 19:29 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithfather David reports:
Dateline: Punish Scalpers with Extreme Prejudice  “Hello fellow Troopers, Sithfather David here. I took a run to the big three yesterday and here is the run down:

Target (Hickory, NC): “Maul & Obi-Wan cups

TRU (Hickory, NC): “peg warmers. Some Hoth Wave , and some old 2002 saga (Taun We, Jar Jar Senator, and Imperial Gua+
rd) , Red Leader X-Wing (1).

Wal-Mart (Hickory, NC): “a lot of the R2-D2 (Sail Barge), R1-G4, Luke (Ice Cave), R-3PO and Hoth Rebel Trooper.

“I lost Drrob's Email, if you could shoot it to me, so I can give him a Sit. Rep. on what's going on! PUNISH SCALPERS WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!! MTFBWY!!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 May 2004 | 13:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Hawk reports:
Jedi Hawk’s Pro Scalper 4Dateline: Hall of Lame “Central Texas Report: Well it's been a while since I sent in any news. Mainly because there has not been much in the way of news or anything new! So I will give a short run down of my local shops.

Wal-Mart: “Not much to note. About 4 figs from the Hoth Wave hanging on the pegs, but they have been my hot spot so far this year. The last wave I found there was the Star Destroyer wave, but nothing since then.

Super Wal-Mart: “JOKE - They still have the first 23 Saga Figures on the pegs. Well, if you can get all the dust off of them anyway. But they get other items. They have gotten in the Ultra sets and Unleashed, they just have not gotten a basic figure in a long, long time.

Target: “They were the place to be in 2003. Not the same thing in 2004. THey have had bare pegs and now pegs full of Hoth Troopers, R-C3PO, Barriss gold, Aayla gold, and misc Hall of Lame. I mean they had those repacks on clearance for $1.18 in late Jan '04. What the??? So now they have full pegs but of junk. And they have not restocked in a long time. They do have the first wave of the exclusive glasses. They also got a decent supply of the CW animated, but lacking in the basic figure department.

TRU: “Ahhhh, the most pegs and the most warming. They have not had a basic figure restock since Dec '03. They have plenty of the CW Wave 1, not to mention Saga '03. They have not gotten in a single 2004 figure? Granted they also have some POTJ Zuttons & Bespin Guards on the pegs for $4.99. But they have been prety good for other items. They did good with the newest waves of the Unleashed and they always have vehicles. They have quite a few of the new Red Leader X-Wing. Also of note they put out (just this week) another case of the Silver Clone Trooper. Same beat up condition as last time? What gives on that?

“So to sum up: times are slow. Did I mention
slow? Anyway Troops, I am still looking for a mint to near mint Silver Clone and a CW Clone Army with red Trooper. If anyone can help me out, Holla. I have some '04 stuff for trade. Hunt 'em Down!!!” - Andrew

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 May 2004 | 1:09 EDT
More Saga 2003 and 2004 figures at KEBco Toys:
Luke Jedi, R2-D2, R1-G4 Droid, Luke Hoth, Hoth Trooper, R-3PO, Lando Skiff, J'Quille, Hologram Luke, Rappertunie, Tanus Spijek, Dutch Vander, TIE Fighter Pilot, General Jan Dodonna, Captain Antilles, Ozzel, Dengar, Bossk, Ultra General Rieekan, Ultra Jabba the Hutt, Ultra Obi Wan and Ultra Ewok Warrior. All In-Stock and available now at very reasonable prices. Visit to order.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 May 2004 | 1:00 EDT

OTFCC Exclusive: The 2nd OTFCC exclusive Sentinel Maximus, a repainted version of Armada Overload is available for pre-order for $74.99. Megazarak is available for $64.99.

Sports Picks - MLB 9: Another shipment of MLB 9 has arrived and we have restocked the variants. Normal figures for the most part have been dropped to $8.99 each and all of them are in stock.

Vintage Dept: A variety of Star Trek, Power Rangers, and misc movie and TV items from a recent collection we purchased. Many of these items are listed under the 'TV & Movies' category, in the 'Misc' heading. The vintage department will be listing on either Friday or Monday - a wide variety of late G1 items including Headmasters, Targetmasters, Micromasters and Pretenders - all mint complete. Be sure to check back for these great mint & complete items.

Older Transformers Restock: We've received a few hard to find items in limited quantities: Sunstorm & Hauler, Cross Cut & Road Rage, Sixshot, New Year's Prime, C307x Nucleon Quest Convoy, JBW Versus 16, Black Leo Convoy and Black Big Convoy. All these items are on either the main TF menu or the JBW menu.

More new arrivals listed.
- enter below -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 May 2004 | 0:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis reports:
Dateline: I'd Buy these Glasses if they Didn't Cost Ten Bucks  Target (Waukegan, IL): “still has the usual peg warmers and the usual exclusive Maul and Obi-Wan glasses. I'd buy these glasses if they didn't cost ten bucks.

Target (Gurnee, IL): “had 1 Lando (Skiff Guard), & 1 repackaged Anakin (Jedi Duel) to go along with their peg warmers. They also had 1 Anakin glass as well as 1 X-Wing Luke glass.

Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL): “restocked their pegs with the Tatooine wave. This is the wave with the Jedi Luke with soft goods cape, R2-D2 with tray, & R1-G4. Also on the pegs were figs from the Hoth wave.”

Thanks for making that mid-week sweep Dennis, keep them scalping sleaze bags on their toes. I notice a great increase in the activity of IL, WI Troopers. Keep 'em coming in boys; today the Midwest, tomorrow the world! United WE Find!!!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 May 2004 | 0:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking pre-orders on the Gamorrean Guard mini bust & Hasbro Galactic Heroes set of 8 figures. Vintage Star Wars 6 filled Omni Cosmetics bubble bath & shampoo figure bottles, Bradley time Droids watch, set of 5 Pepperidge Farm cups, loose Vader Sigma figure & Episode I widescreen video boxed set added.”
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 May 2004 | 23:29 EDT
Sandtrooper Forcehunter reports:
?Hey all. I have some updated info on the convention premiums from Master Collector:

From QKTheatre: Toys: From Morgardee: ’Other news [about the convention set] is [that] there will be 2 other figure sets and 2 vehicle sets. Brian [Savage] at Master Collector was saying if you budget around $50.00 for each piece, you'll be in the right area, and there will be 750 of each figure set and one vehicle piece and the other vehicle (the more expensive and desirable) will have 1,000 made.’

“So, if you want them, it's fifty each, or $200 total. My offer still stands.? - Dave

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 May 2004 | 20:34 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Dateline: More Old Stock “ Well, all of our Wal-Marts have been flooded with cases that contain Yoda with Padawan, Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee, which means we will not see anything new for a good while. Our Wal-Marts are so damn stupid. I mean all pegs are filled with these.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 May 2004 | 19:47 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
Live from the Boise Bunker“Greetings Troopers! I have another ship for sale for anyone who needs it: A Dagobah X-Wing with R2-D2! It is c-9, I'd say, and never opened. It was $39.99 on the shelf, and I will sell it for $40.00 shipped. Insurance extra if you want it. Let me know!!” - Trooper Sithryan (Ryan Matthews)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 May 2004 | 17:59 EDT
Sandtrooper Droid JP-1C reports:
“Trooper Droid JP-1C reporting in from cloudy Wisconsin again with some more finds on lunch today. Boy, two great days in a row. Brookfield Square Toys R Us put out several cases of new SW figs today which included Hoth Luke, Hoth Trooper, R3-PO, Luke Jabba Palace, R2-D2 Sail Barge, and the one I have been looking for, R1-G4!! I got one for myself and two for any trooper out there who needs one. Still looking to trade for the concept Stormtrooper but also some others, so let me know. The Luke Jabba Palace was a placement variant with his hood pulled off his head and his robe pulled back so that you could see the body of the figure. The one I have had for a while has the hood pulled forward on his head and his body is completely hidden from view. If you're into variants it is a nice looking figure but I passed on it. They also had two each of the repackaged Unleashed Darth Sidious and Luke Jedi. Still lots left on the pegs so get there if you need them. That's it for now. Enjoy the hunt and good luck to all.?

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 May 2004 | 17:37 EDT
Sandtrooper John from rd2toys reports:
[Click to Enter]“New in stock and shipping today is the brand new Master Replicas mini .45-scale Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber! We are first in the World to offer this item as an in hand product and priced at just ?29! Hurry, we have very limited supply!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 May 2004 | 17:11 EDT
New Star Wars Figure Magnets and More at Action-HQ:
[Click to Enter]Action-HQ brings you 2" Star Wars Figure Magnets from Japan. Random single magnets for $7.95 or the set of 8 that includes include Vader, Stormtrooper, TIE Fighter Pilot, Tusken Raider, Jawa, C-3PO and the revealed Boba Fett, and the secret version for $54.95. Limited supply so act fast! Also new is a G1 & G2 Transformer color Encyclopedia featuring 159 pages of every licensed Transformer figure ever made. It also includes time lines of shows, comics, super-deformed toys and sketches of unreleased figure designs. Another arrival is Collection 2 "Springfield Elementary" exclusive capsule figures from Japan including Willie, Kabappel & Skinner. All 8 for just $22.95! Gundam 1/4 Scale Electronic RC Haro, super-deformed Dragon Ball figures with tube case and 6 interchangeable backgrounds, collection of 7 Gashapon capsule figures from Bandai Japan are all in stock. For more info, check out Action-HQ for details!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 May 2004 | 23:52 EDT
Sandtrooper Droid JP-1C reports:
?Trooper Droid JP-1C here in beautiful scenic southeastern Wisconsin with a local report on a day's search. I ran to Brookfield Square Toys R Us on lunch today to find the same old thing that has been hanging on the pegs for weeks. Then a short jaunt to the Target store in Waukesha which yielded the HoF wave minus Vader and the Stormtrooper. I am not collecting the repackage wave so I left them there for another Trooper that needs them to find. I did find a HoF Stormtrooper the day before and pick him up so if anybody needs him let me know, I would like to trade for either the R1-G4 or the concept Stormtrooper I missed. After work I went to watch my son's track meet in Grafton (took first place in the high hurdles) and stopped at the Target there to check after the meet. To my amazement I found three of the deluxe Ewok with attack glider all in mint condition. I will keep one but have the other two for trade. Please let me know if anyone wants to make a deal. Good hunting to everyone.?

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 May 2004 | 23:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Aantmanntooine reports:
?After months of nothing, the fountain flows again. Check your local Target, as backwoods Virginia just got a case of the Star Destroyer Wave (Bossk, ’poopy-diaper ’ Dengar, and ’Dr. Strangelove Hand’ Ozzel) AND the Battle of Endor Wave (General Lando, ’jumpsuit’ Solo, and ’comb-over ’ Madine). Wal-Mart still stocked with ’disco shine’ 3PO and the others from the HOF wave (minus Vader).?

Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 May 2004 | 22:22 EDT
Coming Soon: Knights of the Old Republic II
Something wicked this way comes!The team at Lucasarts is at it again with the follow-up to the smash hit KotoR with Knights of the Old Republic II. XBOX systems around the world will be a buzz with this certain blockbuster. Five years after the events from the award winning Knights of the Old Republic, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. With the Jedi Order in ruin, the Republic?s only hope is a Jedi Knight struggling to reconnect with the Force and is faced with the galaxies most dire decision: To follow the light or succumb to the dark side?

For more information on this product visit the Official KotoR II site.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 May 2004 | 2:03 EDT
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
Good for shoving up the tailpipe of an enemy’s vehicle“Hope a Trooper can hook me up. I need the GOLD CARD BLUE COAT Han Solo. I missed this one. I found the regular card but want a Gold card version with blue coat. If anyone has an extra available for cost plus shipping, I'd really appreciate C-8.5 or better please! Thanks!!! MTFBWY always!” - Trooper Sithryan (Ryan Matthews)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 May 2004 | 1:27 EDT Sales & Pre-Orders, and Teamed with Brian's Toys!
Sale Items:
Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike
Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX
Clone Wars - Gamecube
Imperial Forces 4-pack
Jabba the Hutt - Ultra Figure
Jabba's Denizens - Ultra Figure
Spider Droid - Clone Wars
12-Inch Leia Boushh Disguise
Master Replicas Signature Edition Count Dooku Lightsaber
Master Replicas Count Dooku Limited Edition

Red Y-Wing Gold Leader **
Episode III: Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet
Naboo Final Conflict - 4-pack
Jedi Council - Scene I
Jedi Council - Scene II
Jedi Council - Scene III
Jedi Council - Scene IV
Jabba's 4-pack
Endor Ambush 4-Pack

Brian's Toys:
Darth Vader - ROTJ Vintage Figure
Vintage Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight - Mint Original Return of the Jedi Package (1983)
4 Sealed Kenner Baggie Items 1982-1983
Romba - POTF Vintage Action Figure
Vintage Tri-pod Laser Cannon
Sy Snootles & Max Rebo Band - Vintage
Acklay Beast - AOTC
Darth Vader - Freeze Frame
Death Star Trooper - Freeze Frame
AT-AT Driver - Freeze Frame Card
Set of 3 Mail-Ins: Obi, Mace & Han
Stars Wars Mail-In Set: Kabe and Muftak
Troop Builder Set: Sandtroopers, Rebel Troopers, Endor Troopers
Special Edition Return of the Jedi: Max Rebo and Doda Bodonawieedo
Ammo wagon and Falumpaset * Euro box
POTJ 300th Boba Fett
POTJ - Palm Talkers Complete set

** Don't neglect to order this or else you might later be saying “Thanks Target” like Trooper Jedimaster-C does to this day about the 1999 Y-Wing!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 May 2004 | 23:48 EDT
Sandtrooper Bobafred with “San Fernando Valley Edition”:
Pacoima, CaliforniaDateline: Gorilla Nipplers “Southern Cali Bobafred chiming in from the Big San Fernando Valley, home of the San Fernando Valley Tiger's Wrestling Program ’All State Champions’ Yes! We did! We took it from them, we man up't them, it was not given to us. Over 3500 wrestlers and numerous Programs from Perennial Power Houses from across San Diego via L.A. to Redwood City to the San Francisco Bay, with powerful farm communities such as Watsonville, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Ventura California, the great Golden State competed in this tenacious event. You had your Midgets, Novice, Schoolboys, Cadets,and Juniors Divisions respectively. So a big shout out to the 2004 All State of California Wrestling Champions, home of the San Fernando Valley Tigers All-State Wrestling Champs!

Pacoima, California“Hey Troops, I just feel like shaking my ass a little if you know what i mean! I was in San Jose just 2 hrs from San Francisco and Oakland, about 4 hrs from L.A.,and 7 hrs from San Diego for a three day weekend All State Wrestling Tournament with my 9 year old son and 36 of my wrestling Champs. I was hoping to hit some stores (and beat Trooper San Fran Tim aka A-Wing Ace) on the way up or down, but time was tight, and still is. I can't even respond to all my e-mails, so if you're waiting for a response, practice patience i will get to it A.S.A.P. I now have two e-mail accounts and it's a little hard to handle! I am also still recovering and cycling off the meds from my jet pack accident for flight with out a helmet! So please understand! Also to Trooper Mr. Watson, did you fall off of the face of this earth? I am still waiting for my reply to your e-mail sent! You have me a little worried kid!’ Oh help me Mr. Elementary, your my sorely needed help!’

“Luke. Luke. A big shout out to Trooper Luther Boggs aka Luke for hooking me up with Jango blasters and Holiday Yoda. I really want to get your Cartoon network figs x 3 + Spijek or "Gorilla nipplers" if i may, out to you A.S.A.P. So please understand Mr. Georgia or peaches, just kidding. I also am in need of an Unleashed white Clone, red Clone, Slave Leia if you can assist please reply to my new e-mail, Sandtroopette Donna, if you need more meds, valium, etc., give me a Jingle; I know what you're going through! And lastly but not leastly, Darth Dallas Achoo ... ’Losers.’ Wait, we will see if we don't have a better record, loose you will a figure of choice! And any Texas Troops on San Antonio vs. Laker's game II, drop me a jingle for a figure of winner's choice. ’Just do it!’ To every action there is a re-action. Are you out to lunch? So handle it! Yours Truly, Bobafred, Signing out!”

Thanks Fred, and I thought for a moment I had Trooper John Madden reporting. For those wondering why Bobafred aka Darth-Vraider is displaying two Troop Tags this post; it was a special request! We will also try to produce that XXL Sandtroopers shirt for you.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 4 May 2004 | 23:24 EDT
Update from Alliance Collectibles:
Hey Troops, Paul from Alliance Collectibles has sent me an update of their weekly specials. So if you're tired of giving your hard earned dough to the gas pump, maybe Paul can help you out with your collecting needs. Tell him Darth Spice sent you and he'll be sure to crease your cards extra, and perhaps smash that bubble so the UPS man doesn't have to.

  Wave 5 (Executor Wave) US re-stocks
  Wave 6 (Endor Wave) US re-stocks
  Hall of Fame Assortment
  Unleashed Wave 8 new package Luke Jedi & Sidious

The following will be Re-Stocked by the end of the week:
  Unleashed Wave 5 Luke Jedi
  Clone Wars AAT - Armored Assault Tank
  McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper
  Tanus Spijek - Jabba's Sail Barge
  J'Quille - Jabba's Sail Barge

Also check their OTC Early Release pre-sell page. 

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 May 2004 | 23:00 EDT
Sandtrooper Aantmanntooine reports:
Creative concept by Jason D. Meyers, Design and Layout by Daniel Eversdyk [Click to Enlarge]Dateline: Part of Your Complete Breakfast “Long time listener, first time caller. The Troopers have been helping me stay on top of the game for more than a year now, and even gave me a ’United We Find’ shirt last August at Wizard World. I?m eternally grateful, and would like to give something back. I?ve got a trade in the works helping out another Trooper with a red variant ’target practice’ Clone Trooper Unleashed, super articulated clone trooper facing left (and running like a fruitcake), and Silver Fett. He?s helping me fill some holes in my collection. See attached pic. Thank you all for giving the collectors a great place to hook up with others for fair trades!

“That having been said, allow me to call myself Aantmanntooine, and here is the latest from Southwest Virginia: Feast or Famine. After months with trickles here and there, Wal-Mart went from 8 figures on the pegs on Saturday to 8 FULL PEGS with 4-6 cases of the HoF wave by today. We?re talking 4 to 6 Stormtroopers, Vaders and the lot. Not wanting to complain about the plentiful bounty, I just have a feeling I?m going to be seeing ’Check, Please!’ Solo and ’Candlelight Vigil’ Leia for the rest of the summer. Take care, and thanks again!”

[Click to Enlarge]Thanks for writing in and sharing the wealth - megadittos! We're glad the site has helped you this much so far and that you got one of the shirts last year! Welcome to the Troop Loop, Begin Today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 May 2004 | 21:50 EDT
Dewback Patrol Preview: Mighty Mini-Con!
Hey Troops just a friendly reminder to gear up, load those Dewbacks and head for the Mighty Mini-Con that will be held June 5th & 6th. They have many guests lined up for the event including Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Sean Crawford (Yakface), and Tim Dry (Whipid). There is also Free admission to any 501st Member who shows up to the event in an authentic Star Wars Uniform. Make sure if you are in the Syracuse, NY area to hit this event.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 May 2004 | 19:55 EDT
Imperial Shuttle Tyderium - By Julian H. Betancourt
First appearing in Return of the Jedi and briefly in The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition, the fantastically designed Lambda-class shuttle bears an elegant yet fearsome presence. Its huge wings, wide body and slenderly crafted cockpit makes this vehicle one of the most recognizable ones within the Star Wars Saga. The Imperial Shuttle's first release took place around February of 1984, becoming part of the last line of vehicles that Kenner produced in ROJ packaging, along with other late releases, such as the B-wing and TIE Interceptor. The realistic design along with the scarcity of the toy, made the Shuttle one of the hardest and most highly priced vehicles in Star Wars collecting, present and past ... until now?

See the detailed photography layouts and read the review.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 May 2004 | 17:09 EDT
Sandtrooper Shahbaz reports:
Dateline: For All Those Still in Search of the Silver Clone Trooper “Troops, I stopped at the TRU in Manhattan Beach, CA the other day. They were not able to give away that many Silver Clone Troopers because they had nothing on the pegs to sell. As a result, they pulled out all their Clone Troopers and are selling them for $4.99 each. When I left they had five pegs full. Some mint, others not. I picked up an extra one on mint card if anyone is wants to trade.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 May 2004 | 11:41 EDT
Sandtrooper Satan's Teddybear, aka “The Devil's Ewok” reports:
The Devil’s Ewok aka Satan’s TeddybearDateline: Figures Stocked by a Gorilla on Speed “MN report! The lakes have thawed, and so has the flow of Star Wars toys! Went to TRU and found the new Jabba and Jabba's court 3 pack (although they looked like they had been stocked by a gorilla on speed, every bubble crushed). At Wal-Mart I found not only Dengar, Bossk and Admral Ozzel (which I bought), but I also saw Madine, AT-ST Han and General Lando. Sadly, due to me getting married next month I couldn't spend as much as I wanted (on the plus side I did win out on the Anakin and Padme cake topper; I'll send a pic when I finish it!).” - Satan's Teddybear

Posted by: dustrho | 3 May 2004 | 10:07 EDT
Kane County Flea Market Report:
Even after the big score of Star Wars goodies from the Kane County Toy Show (in Illinois) that happened on 4/25, I decided to saddle up the Dewback and head on out to the Kane County Flea Market. Unfortunately, there weren't many toy dealers there after being there in mass numbers the previous week, but one would think there would be at least a couple of dealers. This wasn't the case. There wasn't even one dealer who sold only toys. Normally I walk away from there with bags full to the brim with cool Star Wars toys, but this time I walked away with two vintage figures (Bespin Han Solo & Luke Skywalker, both in C-9 condition), one Jedi Starfighter, and a Pepsi promotional cardboard standup of Watto. Total amount of money spent: $27. It wasn't a bad day for me, but I was hoping to have found more items to add to my collection.

The next Kane County Flea Market will take place on June 5-6, and the next Kane County Toy Show will take place on June 26. For more information please visit the Kane County Fairgrounds' website.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 May 2004 | 1:00 EDT
A Sandtrooper Observation™:
[Click to Enlarge] Creative Concept by Daniel Eversdyk, 2004Best known for being notably vague, this is the man who not only wants to make it even more expensive to go on gas-wasting toy runs, but he voted against supplying the troops with more body armor in 2002. You can see why Sandtroopers would be opposed to these stances when we need both armor and gas on a daily basis. General Carlist Rieekan, on the other hand, was a capable commander who ensured the Rebellion's survival. Not only would we like to take this time to remember the actor who portrayed Rieekan, Bruce Boa, who passed away a week ago and will always be remembered for his role in The Empire Strikes Back, but again pay tribute to the real troops, men like Cpl. Patrick Tillman who showed selflessness and true sacrifice to our country. Support the Troops. Click image above to view the full-size version.

Posted by: Julian H. Betancourt | 2 May 2004 | 23:57 EDT
Riddell Star Wars Helmets: Short Lived, Long Remembered
[Click to Enter]

Although considered a flash in the pan, since only five different pieces were mass produced, the Star Wars mini helmets offered by Riddell in 1996 set a statement in spectacular craftsmanship with lots of attention to detail and exact miniaturized reproduction.

The meticulous design of these pieces should be attributed to none other than a designing company and its terrific designer. There were truly no shortcuts on their road to excellence. Perfect transferring from original props can be appreciated the minute we hold in our hands one of these magnificent pieces.

Despite the fact the helmets are no longer produced, they have become most wanted collectibles and interest on them grows stronger with every passing day. They haven't only become "necessary" but they have gained a well deserved place as classic Star Wars collectibles.

We can only dream of a come back of these Mini Helmets. We can only hope to see one day the announced TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet at a store shelf near us. Until then, farewell to one of the shortest, yet greatest prop lines in modern Star Wars memorabilia.

Here, in an effort to honor the Line, are a Visual Guide and Reviews of all 5 helmets produced, plus an exclusive, Sandtroopers only, view at the never available TIE Helmet and commentaries by the helmets' designer himself, Chris Reiff. Read the article here or click the Riddell button on the left hand side oif the homepage, enjoy!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 21:38 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
Dateline: Sissy Scalpers in My Wake “Hi Troops, Whisky Dom reporting in from East Central Wisconsin. Found Bossk, Dengar, and Ozzel at the local Wal-Mart. They only had one of each and I snagged them leaving a trail of weeping, cry-baby, sissy scalpers in my wake. They also had Skiff Landos, Jabba tongues, and denizens. Target had Maul and Obi glasses and cartoon Maces, Obis, Asajjs, Anakins, and Dookus. TRU had tons of the flying nun dignitary and the Red Leader X-wing, also the Jedi 4-pack. When's that puppy gonna go on clearance? Wish I had more to say. MTFBWY.” - Dom, Jedi for Jesus

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 19:14 EDT
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
Clone Trooper [Click to Enlarge]Dateline: Black and White and Red All Over “I found the Unleashed red Clone Trooper today at Wal-Mart on Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio. Still looking for the J'Quille figure, also the Mexican 4 pack and the Wal-Mart figure poster, maybe a fellow trooper can help me out. E-mail me.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 17:51 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
“Hey all, this time a little good news from North Alabama. I found the Endor wave yesterday (that would be May 1) at Wal-Mart. They had the Han AT-ST Driver, Madine and General Lando. I bought Madine and Lando. I took the Lando off the card and stuck him in the Falcon. He fits perfectly. Just wanted to pass it on. Thanks.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 17:40 EDT
Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
Kansas CityDateline: I Don't Mean to Brag, but I Like to Boast “Hey folks, Young George Lucas reporting from the Kansas City area. I have to brag right off the bat. My wife and I are proud to announce the birth of our newest Padawan learner, William. We are very proud of him and have already introduced him to Star Wars via some Star Wars Buddies. Storewise, it's as barren as the Jundland Wastes. I haven't seen much, if anything, at Target, Wally World or TRU. Still looking for wave 2 of Target glasses, Battle of Endor wave and the red Unleashed Clone Trooper. Later.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 17:26 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
The First Lady of“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. Still on crutches so doing very limited toy runs, mainly to TRU. Did find the new X-Wing. After reading SoCal Jedi Dom's report, I sent my other half to Wal-Mart. He was able to find the Ultra Ewok and more cases with the Jedi Luke. He picked up the Luke with the hood down as I picked up the one with the hood up about a month ago. He also stopped by Target and found the HoF case there. He was able to snag a Clash Vader and Stormtrooper. Happy Hunting to all.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 17:16 EDT
$100 Shopping spree at K & C Collectibles:
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Sandtrooper Vindicator reports:
Canada’s Coast to Coast“Hey again Troops! A quicker than usual follow up report from Vindicator up in Canada: 2 more basic figures have been found in the north (via 2 different case assortments shipping for the Yavin and Jabba's Palace waves) raising our total to 14 of the first 15 released this year! The only 2004 basic figure NOT found in Canada so far is R1-G4. If you have extras available, keep the Canuckleheads in mind!”

Thanks again for the heads up. Remember our friends to the North. Guys like Vindicator are good people. People like this are why I enlisted here at Sandtroopers. UNITE, and help one another out! That's an order!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 3:09 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Northern Alabama MayhemDateline: A Great Disturbance in the Force: “Hey all, there is a tremor in the Force. According to some websites I have seen, Target has dropped the Sandcrawler. Now, Target has done some stupid stuff before like not ordering enough Y-Wings to meet demand (I am still bitter over that mess). Now they are canceling the vehicle that eveyone is wanting. Oh well, I guess I will have to pay 79-100 bucks for it online. Thanks Target.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 2:27 EDT
Sandtrooper Lin Que Droma with Mutual of Omaha's Aisle Kingdom:
Aisle KingdomDateline: A New Target for My Wrath “Lin Que here with a long overdue update. Things have been pretty slow around the Omaha area. I did manage to snatch the new wave of LotR figs and to my surprise, a PEW. The new Teen Titans figs have made their debut and I discover a new target for my wrath... the God awful Red Leader X-wing. The less said the better, but believe me it will be kicked each time I see it. Wal-Mart has been dry as of late but yesterday I found the HoF wave, except some ^%$#^*@ took all the Stormtroopers. Army Builder or scalper I wonder?? On that same note I was stoked to see the new wave of Energon basic figs, but my smile became a frown upon realizing that all the Arcees were gone!!! I left with the same question I had about the Stormies and a headache. Oh well nothing to report now and that plain sucks. I hope others are having better luck elsewhere!! Treat a scalper's jaw like the law ... tap and wire it up. Lin Que out.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 2:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Steven Peacock reports:
Dateline: Ahh, the Frustration Mounts... A Plea for Help “Hi Jason, I was up very early this Saturday morning so I decided to make some Wal-Mart toy runs. I have 5 Wal-Marts within 30 minutes of my house so I decided to hit 'em all. Well, I found a total of 1 General Dodonna Figure, TOTAL. I think I'm going to quit collecting, seriously; this is rediculous. Each had 4 empty pegs of figs, no vehicles, no lighsabers, no nothing. I am asking for some trooper assistance here. I need any of the newer waves of figs, plus a red Unleashed Clone. Thank you Troops!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 May 2004 | 1:30 EDT
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter # 253

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For the week of May 2 - 8

New this week Saga Exclusives Jedi-Con 2004 The Holocron-Adventure Set, includes a red Clonetrooper and Super Battle Droid. Also new, extremely rare high quality piece, the FAO Schwarz Porcelain Queen Amidala. More Unleashed back in stock including Boba Fett and Mace Windu! Saga Ephant Mon, Emperor and loose Interactive R2-D2 are back in. The full set of EP1 carded figures and set of POTJ Carded figures are also featured. POTF2 items back in stock include CommTech Leia, Cantina Band Member mail-in, Illusive Concepts Boba Fett and Illusive Concepts Jabba the Hutt.

Featured Vintage this week includes all AFA graded Star Wars and Ewoks carded figures. Also in a Vintage Boxed Action Display Stand C-9 with C-8 Mailer Box for only $175.

Tons of great G.I.Joe carded figures and boxed vehicles: 1982 Mexican Boxed Snake Eyes AFA 80, 1982 Carded Snake Eyes C-8+ - Unpunched, 1984 Carded Storm Shadow C-9 - Unpunched, 1985 Carded Dusty C-8, 1986 Air Chariot with Serpentor MISB C-8+, 1986 Tomahawk with Lift Ticket MISB C-9, and 1989 Thunderclap with Long Range MISB C-8+ Check out our current Ebay auction for the super rare 1967 Loose G.I. Nurse Action Girl with Green Bag C-9+. Do not miss your chance to bid on this extraordinary collectible.

40th Anniversary Wave 4 is also back in stock! Sets with the Caucasian and African-American soldier is available. Dragon's SOLDAT 101st Airborne Paratrooper Private James "Jim" Gordon also just arrived. Check out the Palisades Resin Statue Snake Eyes with Timber; it looks great. Two new 12" Valor vs. Venom dolls just arrived this week: Coil Crusher and Spirit Iron-Knife. We are taking Dreams and Visions Pre-Orders for 2004 Limited Edition items! Over 10 great items will be coming out this year!

20th Anniversary Optimus Prime still available in limited quantities. Alternators Side Swipe and Smokescreen are featured this week. Huge collection of loose Generation 1 figures just arrived with lots of items from 1984, 1985 and 1986. Please check the website for these pictured items and more great items now in stock!

Featured Indiana Jones items this week include the original Kenner figures loose Arabian Horse C8.5, Marion Ravenwood C-9 and Ceremonial Belloq. Also in stock, Disney Exclusive Indiana Jones Series 1 and the set of Series 2 for only $99.99.

Vintage carded MOTU in this week, the hard to find Vintage Carded C-8+ Sorceress and a carded Hordak! Now back in stock: exclusive Faker, exclusive Moss Man, and the Dragon Walker. New in stock, Castle Grayskull in the 2nd Box with Evil-Lynn, Roboto, Two-Bad and Whiplash on the front, only $24.99.

Simpsons full series 10 back in stock including Dr. Marvin Monroe, Resort Smithers, Scout Leader Ned Flanders, Stonecutter Homer, Sunday Best Marge and Maggie, and Wendell. Series 16 featuring Agnes Skinner, Artie Ziff, Benjamin and Gary, Devil Homer, Doug and Squishee-Bender Bart is now available for pre-order. The KBBL Exclusive playset is only $15.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 1 May 2004 | 1:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Darth Eddie reports:
Take them to the Iron MaidenDateline: Valley View Mall Super Wal-Mart in Roanoke, Virginia “Yesterday afternoon I got wind of new cases of Jabba and Yavin wave figures being restocked. Upon arriving and finding a pair of the Holographic Lukes I've been missing (I missed out on a J'Quille by about half an hour), I discovered that the toy department had also restocked its usually dead or near-dry Unleashed pegs with ESB Lukes, Chewbaccas and the new red variant of the Clone Trooper! There appeared to be at least two of each, so I grabbed the better of the two Red Clones as well as the Chewie I didn't own and was thankful about that even though I still can't seem to snag an elusive J'Quille, I more than made up for it with my awesome Unleashed scores!!!”