April 2003

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 April 2003 | 22:32 EDT
Force of the Bay Anniversary Edition!
Hey Troops, ebay is really the place to be for vintage figures this week. I found some incredible dusties for the kid in all of you. A double dip of Han please! The pictures are fuzzy but you can still see this little one still makes the grade. I also found the old man he was searching for. I also uncovered some rare finds from the Driods cartoon series, I'd still say if you only had Vlix would you be in the house. As seen here in the "other" cartoon series. Let's just hope the new Clone Wars Cartoons aren't that sorry! I also discovered this creepy thing, had it only been that scary in ROTJ. Another good thing is the way you could piece together an authentic costume in pieces. I really thought that was price efficient too. It has almost been 1 year since I began doing this for Sandtroopers.com. I have really enjoyed finding rare and unique items, as well as exposing Power Sukkas for all of you. Keep sending em in to CWO Spiceowan if you find someone you would like Court Marshaled. I have enjoyed doing Force of the Bay, just last week we featured a Darth Vader prop that ended at $100,000 dollars and for you nay-sayers, the TC-14 we had up ended at under $12.00 so if you still doubt ebay is the most reliable tool for filling your collection holes you must be crazy. I highly doubt you'd find TC-14 for under $15 dollars anywhere. As always Troopers, use caution when making your bids and research your sellers! Good Luck out there Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason | 30 April 2003 | 17:57 EDT
Sandtrooper THE CHAD reports:
"Hello, well, the new Boba Fett, Hoth Han and Chewie Mynock hunt wave has finally hit our Target store in north Alabama. It seems like they are the only ones that are getting them. Our TRU has sent back their non-selling figures but they drastically reduced their Star Wars section. I hate when they do that. Also,I must apologize for my comments that I made in the past. They weren't directed at anyone, they were made out of frustration. So there you have it."


Posted by: Tyler | 30 April 2003 | 9:31 EDT
R2Dtoys Birthday Giveaways
GIVEAWAYS for our 1st Birthday 2003 extends to 8 websites !
Here are full details of what you can win and where....

r2dtoys.com 12" Princess Leia w/ Speeder Bike NEW !!!
r2dtoys.com Cantina Bar Packs WAVE 2 !!!
r2dtoys.com B-Wing Fighter !

To win the 12" Speeder Bike your invoice number when buying ANY product from us must be 5000 !
To win the cantina bar packs (wave 2) you must spend at least �50 and your name will be drawn at random !
To win the B-Wing fighter you must name the most expensive and the least expensive items on our website on your order page when buying any product (special instructions area) ! The first correct answer will win the prize.

http://www.artoosnews.com ---Imperial Forces 4-pack NEW !!!
http://www.thejawa.com ---Rebel Trooper 4-pack NEW !!!
http://www.sandtroopers.com ---Ashla & Jempa PLUS Yoda w/ Chian NEW !!!
http://www.teekay-421.be ---All 3 x wave 2 Star Tours droids !!
http://disc.server.com/Indices/157067.html ---Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon !
http://www.jundlandwastes.com ---Holiday figure set C-3PO & R2-D2 !!
http://www.bejedi.com ---Obi-Wan Kenobi Kamino SHowdown Deluxe NEW !!!

Visit the websites and see how you can win! All winners will be announced on our weekly newsletter # 20. If you do not subscribe to the newsletter then sign-up now ! See the main index page and hit ENTER OUR SHOPPING PORT HERE. The mailing list icon appears at the top of page, and its also located at the end of each checked-out order you successfully place.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 April 2003 | 8:43 EDT
Trooper Kevin Reports:
"Droids and Guards! Before I put them on the auction block, I have MOMC TC-14, R2-B1, R2-Q5, K-3P0, R4-M9, Naboo Royal Guard, Naboo Security Guard, and Admiral Motti all up for sale. Things have been dry in South Jersey for quite some time. I have had to limit my collecting and turn to ebayfor Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon)."

Update: "I am selling off some of my collection due to time and money. I did stop by a Wal-Mart today and low and behold there were new figures. The bad part was they were all completely damaged, this is ridiculous. If you are a scalp trying to make it so people can't find new figures, GROW UP! Leave them there like so many good Sandtroopers do, if you can't afford to buy them all, simply leave them alone! I was disgusted, I have worked in retail for 16 years and I could tell this was a deliberate act. Let us get rid of the scum of the Galaxy, United WE find."

Posted by: Jason | 29 April 2003 | 19:37 EDT
Reduced Prices & 5% off on all orders at Toyfellas:
Reduced prices on Star Wars Deluxe $7.99, Sneak Preview Figures $5.99, All Saga EP II Vehicles, Reek Mint $9.99 or Not Mint $6.99. Our Transformers Armada Maxcon Scavenger Mint $19.99 & Not Mint $17.99. All Supercons Mint $9.99 & Not Mint $8.00. Also take 5% off all orders.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 April 2003 | 19:31 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online Information:
Collectors Gallery has sent info on new items for this week. In stock and shipping:
Darth Vader Rubies Lifesized Replica $7995.00 (Free Shipping)
Power of the Force Epic Force 3-Pack $99.95
Applause Vader Meditation Chamber resin $179.95
Applause Han in Carbonite resin $179.95
Applause Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker Statuette $95.00 each
Kabe & Muftak 2-pack $24.95
Loose Power of the Force Electronic AT-AT $74.95
Boba Fett Room Alarm $74.95
Wicket 12 inch sealed POTF $19.95
Freeze Frame Slide holder $19.95
Episode 1 Dancing Jar Jar sealed $39.95
Episode 1 Dinnerware Set sealed $49.95
Episode I Applause figurine gift set $24.95
3 Episode I puzzles $19.95 each
Also in stock Terminator 3 busts, Monty Python, Monsters, and Horror film figures. These products plus much more!
click to enter

Posted by: Steve | 29 April 2003 | 18:25 EDT
Yestertoys has new deluxe waves
Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys let me know they have the 4 new deluxe figures in stock. They are being offered in pairs. The Spider Droid and Super Battle Droid Builder can be found here and Obi-Wan and Jango Fett can be found here.

Posted by: Jason | 29 April 2003 | 18:08 EDT
Sandtrooper 'After Mannix' with Toy Con Diorama Contest Info:
"Toy Con is having its first Star Wars Diorama Contest in the Chicagoland area May 4, 2003 at the Oremus Community Center, 7900 S. Oketo Ave. Bridgeview IL. Call 1-708-237-1645 if interested in competing, ask for Terry! There will be cash prizes for best Diorama. If you have any questions call or e-mail us. Thank You!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 April 2003 | 16:44 EDT
PRE-orders from Brian's Toys!

CLONE WARS: Recon Clone Trooper, Durge & General Yoda. Here is the link.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 April 2003 | 9:16 EDT
Sandtrooper Clonetrooper Commander reports:
"Clonetrooper Commander from Kansas City, Mo. here. Just wanted to let you know that I found the latest Star Wars book, NJO: Force Heretic II:Refugee, tonight at my local Wal-Mart. The price was $4.88. The release date is May 6th, so it was surprising to find this over a week early. Other than that, the Han and Chewy wave hit last week, but the Yoda and Padawans have not shown up. Thanks and UNIFY!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 April 2003 | 22:30 EDT
Thanks to Toy Shop Magazine:
I would like to send out a big thank you to the people at Toy Shop Magazine for the article they featured about our Imperial Shuttle contest in their May 2nd issue. I had an opportunity to meet Tom Bartsch this weekend in Kane County and thank him in person. I wanted to show you Troopers what a great publication this is. They have limited features, but they do have many, many ads to find new places to fill those nasty holes in your collection. We have adjusted the link on the Shuttle Contest for those of you having trouble entering. If you hit the first link, it will bring you straight to the donation page. Make sure you mark Star Wars Contest in the subject box of your emails. Since cash is required to enter, multiple entries are permitted to increase one's chances for winning. Good Luck to all of you, and please make sure to enter, time in running out. May the Force Be With YOU!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 April 2003 | 22:29 EDT
New Arrivals at Federation Toys
Hey Troops, Federation Toys wanted me to let you guys know that they have finally received their shipment of Master Replica Darth Maul autographed sabers. These are signed by the great Ray Park and are in a very limited supply. Also in stock are the Jedi Training Remote and Anakin F/X Lightsabers. Federation Toys also has free shipping with all Master Replica orders (U.S.A. only). Also in stock and shipping are some Older Power of the Jedi figures. They will soon be restocking their selection of Saga figures. They had limited supplies at the Kane County Toy Show but they sold out quickly. They still have in stock Life-Sized Displays including an amazing Darth Maul. They also have a limited supply of Silver Anniversary R2-D2, mostly non-mint condition, very good for you loose collectors. Be sure to mention Sandtroopers.com in your order to receive an additional savings!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 April 2003 | 22:28 EDT
Kane County Toy Show Follow Up Report:
Attention Troopers, if you missed the Kane County Toy Show this past weekend in St. Charles Illinois, you missed a great time. I never went to this event before and it was spectacular. I couldn't believe the amount of people or Star Wars collectables that were on hand at some really great and not so great prices. The buildings were huge, and had many other cool things, such as that Spiderman with the Trade Towers in his eyes. I was amazed how many dealers were on hand with much more to offer than your local TRU. There were Theatre Edition Lukes, Red Cards for $3.00, Green Cards (both Freeze Frame and Hologram), Shadows of the Empire, Vintage Carded, Star Tours, everything. I was really impressed. I found a vendor that was offering these wicked prototypes, however the prices were not for the weak. It was amazing for a local Toy Show, I would encourage you Troopers to start hitting conventions as an alternate route to ebay. The deals when it was near closing time were very impressive as well. The only complaint I had was some of the buildings had dust floors, which made for some dirty goods. Overall a great experience and I'd like to thank all of the Troopers I handed out flyers to, and especially Jim from Federation Toys for letting me set up my Sandtrooper Garrison at his booth. I had a great time. I would also like to apoligize to some of the Troops from the forums that I just seemed to be missing all day long. I was out trying to haggle goods for my own collection! Hope to see you guys all at Wizard World in Chicago this summer.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 April 2003 | 22:22 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"In Stock Today!!!
Brian's Toys
The Unbreakable
Series 1 Bounty Hunters
We have 4-LOM, Boba Fett, The Rare Boba Fett,
Bossk, Dengar, IG-88, and Zuckuss.
priced about $13.99 and up.
Visit Brian's Toys

Imperial 4-pack, IN STOCK!!! - Price $39.99 each.

Sandtrooper 4-packs are Back In Stock!!

Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at NEWSLETTER
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Tyler | 28 April 2003 | 19:26 EDT
R2Dtoys.com 1st Birthday Giveaway
R2Dtoys.com along with Sandtroopers is giving away a carded Yoda w/Chian and Ashla & Jempa in celebration of their first internet birthday! To enter go to r2dtoys.com and figure out how much it would cost to buy the above mentioned figures from their site (without shipping). Once you have the correct total send it along with your name and e-mail address to r2dtoys@sandtroopers.com. Contest closes May 5th at midnight EST. A winner will be chosen from the entries with the correct answer. One entry per person only please.
To find out how you can win more free prizes courtesy of r2dtoys.com and read about their Birthday Week Specials, click here.

Posted by: Jason | 28 April 2003 | 19:16 EDT
Sandtrooper JediDaxter a new Contest and 'Project Sith:'
"Hello, JediDaxter here. I have my other site, Project Sith, complete enough for visitors. The site is based upon the new LucasArts video game 'Knights of the Old Republic.' I am not entirely done with the site, but you will see progress on it soon. I will be completing the datalinks and will get some new images on the site.

"I also have a brand new contest at Special Realm. I am looking for a winner in my new contest to create a banner for my site, JediDaxter's Special Realm. It may contain anything Star Wars. It can have images from video games, action figures, trading cards, hand drawn images, it's up to you! It must say Special Realm in the banner. Besides that, it's your creation. Thanks, and MTFBWY!"

1st place - Fan Club Exclusive Stormtrooper 4pk Trooper Builder Set.

2nd place - 4 carded Candian POTJ Bespin Guards Custom Troop Builder Set.

Contest begins today and ends May 28th 2003. Up to four banner entries per person. Read entry guidelines here

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 April 2003 | 15:10 EDT
Sandtroopin' Rai reports:
"I happen to have a SANDTROOPERS NEWS ALERT! SW toys found in MD!!! I just got back from Target in Greenbelt (at Beltway Plaza). They had the following new SW: Obi-Wan Acklay Battle, Arena Mace Windu, Hoth Han, Mynock Hunt Chewie, Droid Factory Chase R2, Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett, and Secret Ceremony Anakin Skywalker. And here I was complaining about not finding any new SW toys in the state of MD! Anyway, I think there are still some figures left. I didn't hoard them all."

That is GREAT news Rai! If you live in MD, then you know we have been under a Star Wars figure drought since Christmas. In a tip O' the hat to Sandtrooper THE CHAD: "Hasbro doesn't want our money either and the scalpers have won in MD!"

Posted by: Steve | 27 April 2003 | 20:41 EDT
Area update:
Hey Troops, I made some toy runs this weekend, and trust me, Lafayette, IN is having the same problems as just about everyone else in the country. However, I did manage to find the new Unleashed Leia, Vader with Removable Helmet and Mace Windu. I picked up the last Leia, but there were plenty of Vaders left if someone would like me to go back and check to see whether they are still there. Just send me an e-mail if you are interested. I also managed to find a Helm's Deep Legolas. Now I need a Helm's Deep Gimli and a Fellowship of the Ring Legolas. If anyone has extra of these, I would be interested.


Posted by: Jason | 27 April 2003 | 20:14 EDT
Sandtrooper Daytrip903 reports:
"I haven't seen anything new here in Kansas City since the Ephant Mon wave. I am sure I am just missing out but it appears few people are finding new product. I preordered a Shuttle from FAO here in KC. I was number 15 on the list, or so I was told. I never received a phone call from them when they came in. I called them and they said they would try to transfer one in for me. Guess what? No phone call. I e-mailed the KC store and they told me to call the store in NYC. What a lack of customer service this shows!"


Posted by: Jason | 27 April 2003 | 20:02 EDT
Sandtrooper RH2 reports:
"I went to my local Wal-Mart in Jacksonville, Florida this past Friday and scored the new Han Solo, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, Carkoon Boba Fett, Flying R2-D2, Secret Ceremony Anakin, and Mace Windu Arena. They were in good C9+ shape except that the new Han and Chewbacca were slightly creased on the top sides of the bubbles. I will just open these when I find ones on a mint card since I collect one on the card and one to open. My friend scored an Aayla Secura and Bariss Offee for me a few days earlier at another Wal-Mart. It has been a long slow year but I am almost up to date with the new releases,looking for Yoda with Padawan, Padawan 2-pack and the Red Battle Droid. Keep up the search, they will eventually warm the pegs. United we find! MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 April 2003 | 18:47 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #199 at Newsletter
Master Replica Jedi Training Remote IN STOCK!, Domestic Shipping $12, Limited to 2,500 World Wide, Price: $239.99
Master Replica Darth Maul Saber IN STOCK!, Domestic Shipping $12, Limited to 3,000 World Wide, Price: $449.99

Reduced Prices on the Latest Saga Cards, Cheap C-7/8!
AOTC R2D2 Droid Factory Flight C-9 Price: $11.99, C-7/8 Price: $3.99
AOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) C-9 Price: $7.99, C-7/8 Price: $3.99
AOTC Mace Windu Arena Confrontation C-9 Price: $11.99, C-7/8 Price: $5.99
AOTC Destroyer Droid C-9 Price: $6.99, C-7/8 Price: $4.99

Latest Saga Cards Back in Stock!
AOTC Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony C-9 Price: $14.99, C-7/8 Price: $9.99
Saga ROTJ Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon C-9 Price: $19.99, C-7/8 Price: $12.99
Saga ESB Chewy Mynock Hunt C-9 Price: $14.99, C-7/8 Price: $9.99
Saga ESB Carded Han Hoth C-9 Price: $14.99, C-7/8 Price: $9.99
Saga Prototype 12" Plo Koon, Price: $299.99
Attakus Collection Emperor's Royal Guard, Price: $299.99
Attakus Collection C-3PO, Price: $299.99
Vintage ROTJ Boba Fett C-9+ [Palitoy] w/ Tri-Logo Figure, Price: $675
AOTC Darth Tyranus's Speeder Bike PRE-ORDER, Domestic Shipping $6, Price: $29.99
AOTC Anakins Swoop Bike PRE-ORDER, Domestic Shipping $6, Price: $29.99

Comming Soon: Kubrick Bounty Hunters
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Tyler | 26 April 2003 | 21:46 EDT
R2Dtoys 1st Internet Birthday!
R2Dtoys' website will have been up and running one year tomorrow. To celebrate this they are launching a new website, offering some great deals and giving away prizes. Here is what will be happening;

For one week, starting April 27, until midnight May 4 (UK time), EVERY order gets a 10% discount on ALL in-stock lines (not inc. shipping). New website and new clubs: 1 of every figure club, pre-release club, discount club, and loose collector club.
Here are the prizes they will be giving away and where you can find them:

R2Dtoys-------------12" Leia w/Speeder, Cantina Wave 2, B-wing Fighter
Pegwarmer---------POTJ Clean Biker Scout
The Jawa------------Rebel Trooper 4-pack
Sandtroopers------Ashla & Jempa, Yoda & Chian
Teekay 421--------Star Tours Wave 2
The Bothan Spy--R2-D2 C-3PO Holiday Set
Galactic Senate--Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon)
Artoosnews--------Imperial Forces 4-pack
4-Inches-------------EP 1 Jedi Braid
BeJedi---------------Deluxe Obi-wan (Kamino)

Posted by: Jason | 26 April 2003 | 9:08 EDT
Sandtrooper Fenwick reports:
"You Troopers might appreciate this information, especially considering the recent drought of new stuff. A store called "Hollywood Treats" at 6513 1/3 Hollwood Blvd, between Wilcox and Las Palmas is going out of business. Right now discounts are 30%. There is some decent stuff, especially if you need diorama figures. A good assortment of POTF and POTJ, cases of the "Fan Club Four," cases of Battle Droids, a limited selection of 12", and even some Classic Figures.

"It might be worth checking out. For the most part, prices are better than Frank and Sons and you can score some cool stuff. I just added a bunch of Battle Droids to my army, plus I got a couple of Bounty Hunters for a diorama. All cheap, not too shabby."


Posted by: Jason | 26 April 2003 | 0:05 EDT
That's Good News - Lama Su and Clone Youth:

General Jason and Lord Spiceowan pull no punches

I am amazed we aren't doing a Chewbacca or Darth Vader review, but Lama Su, a new figure, is up for review in Sandwatch Figure Reviews. Prepare your brain for razzle-dazzle, because here they give you two, YES TWO new figures.

A world of constant rain, now that would be depressing, that or another batch of POTJ resculpts. Here's a new figure, Lama Su with another new figure, Clone Youth. You will not get your average assault in this installment of Sandwatch.

- click to enter SANDWATCH -
Entertainment is changin’, intertwinin’ with gangsta’s, In the land of the thieves, a Sandtrooper’s mind is a sanctum, It’s like these kids hang on every single statement we make, From standin’ in the store lookin’ for figures, To havin’ a fortune, no more kissin’ a$%, Now copy-cats all want a turn at me, To get they hands on every dime I have, they want me to lose my mind every time I’m mad, So they can try to make me out to look like a loose cannon, Any dispute won’t hesitate to produce illegal hacking, That’s why these prosecutors wanna convict me, strictly just to get me off of the net quickly, But all they kids be listenin’ to me religiously, so I’m signin’ reviews while suckas unix finger me, If I’m such a menace, this doesn't make sense, You’re full of it too, Geppetto, that was a fist that hit you, You never had an original thought in your life FOOL

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 April 2003 | 23:41 EDT
Kane County Toy Show Info:
Hey Troops, this weekend there is a Toy Show in Kane County, Illinois. Many collectibles and toys for sale, from what I hear it's a really large show. Federation Toys will be there (Booth #622) and I am sure some of our other sponsors will be in town as well. I will be in and out at the Federation Toys booth on Sunday. I am hoping to meet some of you loyal Troopers out there and spread some of the Sandtrooper Unity. The show starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m., cost is $5.00 and parking is free. This is in St. Charles Illinois, Randall Road (1/2 mile south of Rte. 64 [North Avenue] ), Southwest corner. Again hope to see some of our loyal Troopers there!

Posted by: Jason | 25 April 2003 | 21:47 EDT

SPRING CLEARANCE SALE: A wide selection, 150+ great items that we are overstocked on or just need to move out: Star Wars, Korean Transformers, Japanese Transformers, Armada, Gundam, Power Rangers, GI Joe, Hard Hero TF Busts, Robotech, Macross, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Legends, Soul of Chogokin, Spawn, Tortured Souls 2, KISS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Muppets, Mezco, Dragonball Z, Stikfas and more
BOTCON 2003 Exclusive pre-order: The identity of these figures is unknown at this point and will not be revealed until the show (July 25 - 27 in Chicago, IL)
GI Joe: B.A.T. Troop Builder 6-Pack, we are the first US company to offer them, available now for $16.99 per set of 6 figures
Lord of the Rings: 10" Electronic Sauron, Gandalf and Shadowfax, Aragorn and Brego, Ringwraith and Steed, and Series 3 & 5
Marvel: Marvel Studios Daredevil figure, Marvel Select Black Widow & Captain America, and the new Marvel Select Wolverine: The Origin figure is in stock (Wolverine is on the 'other' menu)
click to enter:

Posted by: Jason | 25 April 2003 | 21:00 EDT
Sandtrooper Lin Que with Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM:
"Hey troops Lin-Que, the Aisle Phantom, here with ... NOTHING!!! Yeah that's right, it is now almost May and the ONLY new Star Wars figs I've found in Nebraska are a crushed Library Droid and a dented Darth Tyranus. I bought the Darth Tyranus to be opened but still, what the heck!?! Oh, but I do have a spare LEGO Mini TIE Fighter, so if anyone has any 2003 figs to trade, let me know. Until then I shall wander the aisles in sorrow, for my Star Wars figures are not to be found."

And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow
Until then I shall wander the aisles in sorrow
For my Star Wars figures are not to be found.

My ~linque~ isn't working.  I won't stand for chump love, I am no chump love sucker.

Posted by: Jason | 25 April 2003 | 9:50 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedijaybird reports:
"Jedjaybird here. Wednesday night I was able to score the Unleashed Vader (version 2) and Leia Unleashed figures from my local TRU in Minnetonka, Minnesota. They only had the one Leia but 2 or 3 Vaders. After a long drought, it was nice to see some new stuff, although I still haven't seen any of the newer waves of 3.75" figures. Later."


Posted by: Jason | 25 April 2003 | 9:47 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"Well, New figures are FINALLY showing up in north Alabama. I was at a Wal-Mart today and was greeted by the new Mace and R2. Still no sign of old Fett. So they are starting to trickle in. A little apology for the comments that I made in the past few weeks. when I was frustrated. I am concerned about the Carkoon Fett though. Is Hasbro still making him? Thanks."

Boba Fett is still shipping, keep checking the north 'bama retail outlets for sightings.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 April 2003 | 8:11 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Just wanted to let the troops know that we have the Master Replicas Jedi Training Remotes in stock for $239.99, which we believe is one of the lowest prices on the web. The Jedi Training Remote is limited to 2500. Alink to it is provided below:

We also have the Master Replicas Darth Maul Standard Lightsaber in stock for $449.99. This price is the lowest price that Master Replicas will allow retailers to sell this item for. The standard edition of the lightsaber is limited to 3000 units. The link that was provided for the Jedi Training Remotes will also work for the Darth Maul Lightsaber."

Brian's Toys

Posted by: Steve | 23 April 2003 | 21:13 EDT
Yestertoys sale
Hey Troops, Yestertoys has the Unleashed Vader and Leia back in stock. They are also offering 20% off their Episode I stock. This is a great opportunity to get something like the Falumpaset or some army builders. Click here to check it out.

Posted by: Jason | 23 April 2003 | 17:58 EDT
Sandtrooper Brian L. reports:
"Okay, I'm getting irritated now! Of all of the new figures that are hitting everywhere but here, I have seen only the new Mace Windu, and in a package so crushed that I couldn't recognize that it was in fact a Star Wars figure. TRU in Castleton, IN has gotten a TON of figures in but they are all figures that were due out LAST April 23rd. Yep! The pegs are choked with 1st wave Yoda, Red Clones, Count Dooku, and Jango (escape). The TRU on the east side of Indy has 6 figures total: 4 Obi Wan pilot and 2 Amidala pilot figures. Wal-Marts here are choked with Jango Pilots. Target has decided to replenish their pegs with Qui-Gon figures??? WHAT'S UP!? Are there any buyers for these stores that have a brain? I can't even get decent MOTU stuff as the pegs are either empty or stuffed to the gills with Spin Blade Skeletor and Smash Blade He Man! Somebody at these places wake up please! Okay, I feel a little better now. Just had to vent a little. I know this is a little early, but if anyone is going to the show in Mexico this June, I'd love to have an exclusive if someone can be kind enough to pick one up for me! There's obviously nothing new going on here in Indy! Thanks, MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Jason | 22 April 2003 | 20:55 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Daxter from SPECIAL REALM reports:
"Jedi Daxter here letting everyone know that the sponsored contest on Special Realm ends on the 28th, for a boxed Saga Acklay beast. Please send in your entry to have a chance to win!

"As for the site, I also want to inform everyone to enter their signatures in the new petition petition for a new Saga Empire Strikes Back Cinema Scene with 2 new sculpts of Imperial Officers (General Veers and Admiral Ozzel) and a newly sculpted Captain Piett action figures with Star Destroyer Base. MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Jason | 22 April 2003 | 19:50 EDT
Sandtrooper TK 1086 reports:
"Spiceowan was right about K-B Toys. I ordered an F/X Anakin Lightsaber for $79.99. That is the cheapest I have heard of. I am glad I was patient. It seems that some of the stuff that is overpriced (i.e. over $129) is finally catching up to retailers. Maybe the shuttles will ultimately come down in price. TK 1086 out."


Posted by: Jason | 22 April 2003 | 19:39 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"I just read a post on your site about a guy who found all the new figures in New York. You see? We are being left out in the cold again in Northern Alabama. I don't get it. We will not see any of these figures. I am really starting to get annoyed with Hasbro as well as the stores here in the north Alabama area. I know these figures just came out but why is it that some places have such an easy time getting new stuff and others take a year? I have only seen the Anakin and Dooku with their rides once. And as far as Aayla Secura goes, I have lost all hopes in finding this figure. The scalpers have won. Now I will have to fork over 20 buck for a single figure. Actually, I have given up. The scalpers have won. Thanks a lot Hasbro."

Posted by: Jason | 22 April 2003 | 19:14 EDT
Reuters - Your Source for News and Financial Intelligence Sandtrooper Obi-Dad asks:
"I was hoping to order the 2nd wave of the Cantina Aliens ex-Wal-Mart exclusive. Is there a good way to buy them? I have found them on the web for $20.99 each, but I was hoping to do better than that. Thanks."
Streaming Video
Try r2dtoys.com's pre-order, listed at in their "Coming Soon" section. Or, if you'd like, you can opt for an e-mail notification from them when the items arrive at their warehouse. Another venue is ebay, where you may be able to find a seller within the U.S.

Posted by: Count Matchew | 22 April 2003 | 16:55 EDT
Venting frustration
This just in from our contest winner: "No new figures in Killeen, TX. The Target ad was a bust last week, their pegs were empty and they never received anything during the whole week, plus they wouldn't even do a raincheck."

Hang on there Dave and hopefully soon those pegs will be full again.

Posted by: Count Matchew | 22 April 2003 | 9:19 EDT
And the WINNER is:
The WINNER for the Sandtroopers and Cloud City Scavenger Hunt contest is ... Drum roll please ... Dave Demel from good ol' Texas. I will give Cloud City your info and you will have your new carded Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon soon. Thanks to everyone who entered, and, who knows, next time it could be you ... PEACE

Here are the solutions to the Scavenger Hunt questions:

      from Sandtroopers.com:
Question No. 1 - What is Spice’s favorite version of the unlicensed import Clone Troopers?
Solution: Marching Style Clone

Question No. 2 - What is Darth Crypt’s favorite Star Wars quote? Solution: Stay on target

Question No. 3 - What was Steve’s major problem with "Tatooine Ghost?"
Solution: Leia able to discover so much about her father's & grandmother's histories

Question No. 4 - What day did Amanaman-Dan join the Troopers?
Solution: March 27, 2003

Question No. 5 - What choice got the most % in Jason’s first Extensive Poll?
Solution: Choice # 2 - Yes, I collect the whole series (in response to us asking whether you would be buying the Saga reissued Power of the Jedi figures).

      from Cloudcity.com:
1. This is the only Character to be produced in the Power of the Force 2 Green Carded line that is also due to be produced as a Star Tours figure.
Solution: R5-D4 #MSW-POTF-GCH-R5-C78

2. This Officer has the same name as a seafood dish.
Solution: Mon Calamari Officer #MSW-POTJ-AF-MC-C78

3. This character was played by Temuera Morrison in Attack of the Clones.
Solution: Jango Fett #MSW-SC-AF-AOTC-JFFB-C9

4. He uttered those famous words, "He's no good to me dead."
Solution: Boba Fett #VSW-PHO-35MM-495

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 April 2003 | 7:44 EDT
Collectors Gallery Info:
Hey Troops, Collectors Gallery Online has featured over 20 new Applause vinyl figures this week for $14.95. Featured are:
      Luke Dagobah
      Chewbacca w/ C-3PO
      Han Solo as Stormtrooper
      TIE Pilot
      Spirit of Obi-Wan
      Obi-Wan Kenobi
      R2-D2 w/ Senorscope
      Tusken Raider
      Prince Xixor
      Boba Fett
      Dash Rendar
      Slave Leia
      Darth Vader
      Lando Skiff
      Leia Endor outfit
      Wedge Antilles
      Out of character vinyl dolls also at $14.95 each, R2-D2, Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Jedi
      Also, 34 G.I. Joe figures and vehicles added.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 21 April 2003 | 10:53 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #199, at http://www.brianstoys.com/NL/
This week we have in the latest Deluxe Saga figures - IN STOCK!
Deluxe Super Battle Droid Builder - Price: $14.99
Deluxe Commerce Guild Spider Droid - Price: $14.99
Han Hoth C-9, Price $19.99
Chewy Mynock Hunt C-9, Price: $19.99
Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon C-9, Price: $19.99

Vintage 12" Prices reduced on Loose & Boxed IG-88's, Check website's vintage 12" section.
12" Vintage Boxed Leia MIB C-6/7 [Lily Ledi] Price: $499.99
12" Vintage Loose Darth Vader [Lily Ledy] C-8 [no saber] Price: $195.99
12" Vintage Loose R2-D2 [Lily Ledy] C-8 Price: $195.99
12" Vintage Loose Tusken Raider [Lily Ledy] C-8 Price: $599.99

The Cheapest Figures Availible. These POTJ Items are on European cards. More POTJ Euro cards availible at our website.
Bespin Guard, Price: $2.99
Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath, Price: $5.99
Ellorrs Madak (Duro), Price: $3.99
Han Solo Death Star Escape, Price: $2.99
Sabe (Queen's Decoy), Price: $4.99
Sandtrooper (Tatooine Patrol), Price: $11.99
Scout Trooper (Imperial Patrol) Clean Version, Price: $17.99

Wholesale POTJ Case Asst. #84455092W of 12 POTJ figures (European cards)
3 X Shmi Skywalker, 3 X Obi Wan Jedi Training, 2 X Ketwol, 2 X Ellorrs Madak, 1 X Bespin Guard, 1 X Sabe, Price: $39.99

Wholesale POTJ Case Asst. #84455092U of 12 POTJ figures (European cards)
4 X Luke X-Wing, 4 X Darth Vaders Emperors Wrath, 3 X Han Solo Death Star Escape, 1 X Sandtrooper, Price: $39.99

Pre-Order These great items today:
Clone Wars Federation Tank C-9, Domestic Shipping $8, Price: $34.99
Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter (Green) C-9, Shipping $8, Price: $24.99
Clone Wars Hailfire Droid C-9, Domestic Shipping $8, Price: $29.99
Clone Wars Geonosian Fighter C-9, Domestic Shipping $8, Price: $29.99

MOTU Commemorative Series Skeletor with Panthor MISB C-9, Price: $75, C-8 Price: $70
Transformers Commemorative Series Starscream MISB C-9, Price: $70
Transformers Commemorative Series Thundercracker MISB C-9, Price: $70
New Spy Trooper Vehicles - IN STOCK!!! :
G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra Cobra Tread Fire with Cobra Coils, Price: $14.99
G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra Missile Storm Copter with Wild Bill, Price: $14.99
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Count Matchew | 20 April 2003 | 19:54 EDT
Time is running out:
Hey Troops time is running out for your chance to win a new carded Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon. Remember we need your entries by 9am Tuesday morning so don't delay. Click the link at the top of the page for details. PEACE.

P.S. I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!!!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 20 April 2003 | 10:45 EDT
Force of Easter-Bay:
Hey Troops, Spiceowan with a special Easter edition of Force of the Bay. First up is this Awesome Stromtrooper Costume, with what appears to have everything you need. There were many vintage values like C-3PO here, check sellers' other items as well. I wonder whether these records are in the Jedi Archives? Again ebay proves to be the ultimate hole filler for your collection, TC-14 is sought after by many but often slips through for much less than you'd want to pay for her. Sometimes while searching I come across some true rarities; this item blew me away and only a well paid collector will own this bad mamba jamba! I am scared to see what that ends at. I almost fell off my Dewback when I ran into that! Good Luck Troops and exercise caution when using ebay. Research your sellers and don't pull the Michael Jackson. Pay for your items!

Posted by: Jason | 20 April 2003 | 0:01 EDT
Happy Easter Troops!

... From the crew at Sandtroopers.com!

He was crucified, died, rose again the 3rd day and we believe it.

Posted by: Dan | 19 April 2003 | 23:19 EDT
Area Report (New Figures):
Believe it or not, because I didn't. I went to my local Wal-Mart here in Wausau, WI for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks and almost fell over. They had all the new figs!!!! I'm talking about Boba, Padawans, Library Droids, Yoda with Chian, Barris Offee, Aayla, New Mace, Anakin Ceremony, Imperial Officer, man they had them all. I was shocked to say the least.

I was also at Disney World recently and can report that there is a store in Downtown Disney called Once Upon A Toy and they had 12" Red and Yellow Clones, TIE Bombers, Saga Luke with Speeder, Republic Gunships and, of course, the Star Tours figures (sets 1 and 2 that is). That is all people, Happy hunting.

Posted by: Jason | 19 April 2003 | 22:58 EDT
"Two Lost Droids" Diorama by ACPin

Two Lost Droids (ANH) - click to enter ACPin SW

"Two droids get lost in the Death Star hallways. The two droids get lost in the hallways of the Death Star in search of the rebel heroes trying to rescue the princess."
View it at ACPin SW.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 April 2003 | 22:56 EDT
Area Report:
Hey Troops, I covered an extensive area of Illinois today and the good news is that the Target 2 for $5 sale has really wiped out the figures there, so hopefully they will finally get something new. Also, K-B Toys' big clearance sale is moving out many of the pegwarmers there. Their online sale is still going on too! So let's hope K-B can help us out soon. The most recent figures I found were Darth Tyranus and Padme Droid Factory, both in Cook Co. Wal-Marts (Wheeling and Arlington Heights). The stores I hit were in desperate need of refilling the pegs. So we shouldn't be impatient here, I know Star Wars toys are the worst distributed in America, but we have to be patient. I remember looking for Lott Dod and Chancellor Palpatine high and low, pretty soon we'll be saying "will they please get these Boba Fetts and Yoda with Padawans off the shelf?" Keep the faith Troopers, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason | 19 April 2003 | 9:36 EDT
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal. Finally found some new figures but all had crushed bubbles. Wal-Mart had Obi Acklay Battle, Tyranus Geonosian Escape, Mace Arena, Flying R2-D2 and Anakin Ceremony. No sign of Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon. They also got the 3rd wave of Action Fleet Vehicles again. I picked up the Republic Gunship I missed earlier. K-B still had their 50% off selected SW items so I picked up the 12" Electronic Obi-Wan for $9.99. They also received another shipment of Playskool Falcons but were not included in the sale. TRU has had nothing in months. Finally I went by Target to see if I would be lucky enough to find new figs for $2.50. Didn't find new figs but I did find an Ephant Mon. It has a long crease on the right front of the card so I would probably rate it C7/8. I would be willing to trade it for the following: Boba Fett Pit, Yoda and Chien, or Ashla and Jempa or partly towards Unleashed Unmasked Vader, Unleashed Leia or Action Fleet AT-AT. E-mail me if interested. Happy Hunting."


Posted by: Jason | 18 April 2003 | 23:50 EDT
Go out and buy it when they get the thousands of Figures No. 1-57 off the shelves:

Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura is featured in our SANDWATCH review segment this week. For all of you who know that Spice and I do not sugar coat anything, you will not get your average assault in this installment of Sandwatch.

They did a good job for a change, so let's let them have their day in the sun! I notice on the upcoming product list that they are putting out existing figures on new cards, so it doesn’t appear Sandwatch Figure Reviews are running out of ammo anytime soon either. In the meantime, this figure was flat out great.

A cult favorite character, hot female actress, a first time figure that doesn't have to be resculpted later to get done right, in the latest edition of SANDWATCH.

- click to enter SANDWATCH -
Not coming soon as a well-made film

Posted by: Jason | 18 April 2003 | 21:41 EDT
R2DToys Newsletter # 15:
Limited Stock, Shipping Now:

Shipping soon for pre-release:
     12" Gamorrean Guard
     Rebel Trooper 4-pack
     12" Leia on Speeder Bike
     Deluxe Commerce Guild Spider Droid
     Deluxe Droid Factory
     Imperial Forces 4-pack

Shipping soon for �4:
     Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon
     R2-D2 flying
     Mace Windu
     Anakin Secret Ceremony

Read more, and visit R2DToys to see what else they have to offer.

Posted by: Jason | 18 April 2003 | 21:22 EDT
Update from Anime Dave's World:
JUST ARRIVED: Takara Transformers Reissue Collection #1 Jazz, #2 Prowl, #3 Skids, #4 Tracks, & #5 Smokescreen $35 ea.

JUST ARRIVED: Japanese Anime DVDs: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Macross Zero, Many New Titles, & More. Starting at $12.

2 WEEEK SPECIAL: Takara Transformers Limited Edition Megaplex Megatron $110 ea.

Star Wars 21 Back Vintage Carded Figures Chewbacca RARE $200.

Empire Strikes Back 31 Back Vintage Carded Figures Bespin Leia RARE $175.

Bandai Macross VF-1A Rick Hunter Red Valkyrie $45 ea. Limited Time Special Price

Yamato 1/48 Scale VF-1S Roy Focker Valkyrie $135 ea.

Transformers Takara Limited Edition Reissue Chrome Bluestreak Misb $45 ea. Limited Price.

NOW RESTOCKED: Yamato Diecast 1/60 Scale VF-1D 2 Seated Valkyrie $70 ea
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason | 18 April 2003 | 20:33 EDT
Sandtrooper Tex Mex reports:
"Wal-Mart in Houston, TX at 10-East / Freeport exit had the Jedi Starfighter for $5. There were at least 16 of them. The 12" figures were at $10. About 6 mixed sets. No new Saga figures at other Wal-Marts and Targets."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 April 2003 | 10:51 EDT
Troops: BEWARE of PAYPAL scam!
If any troops receive the following message in an email, forward it to Paypal. This email LOOKS LIKE IT CAME FROM PAYPAL and the links at the bottom of the email actually go to PAYPAL. THIS IS A SCAM! The letter has the following text on it:

"Dear valued PayPal member,
It has come to our attention that your eBay Billing Information records are out of date. That requires you to update the Billing Information If you could please take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and update your billing records, you will not run into any future problems with eBay's online service. However, failure to update your records will result in account termination. Please update your records in maximum 24 hours. Once you have updated your account records, your eBay session will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Failure to update will result in cancellation of service, Terms of Service (TOS) violations or future billing problems.

Please click here (LINK REMOVED FOR YOUR SAFETY) to update your billing records.
PayPal Billing Department team"

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM TROOPS! Here is Paypal's response to this "official" looking email:

"Thank you for contacting PayPal. That email was not sent from PayPal it was sent from someone else trying to gain access to your account. If you clicked on the link in that email and put in your password. Then please log into your account and change your password as soon as you can. We appreciate you bringing this suspicious activity to our attention. We have included instructions below on how to report any suspicious or unauthorized activity involving your PayPal account. If your email program does not support embedded hyperlinks that are listed in this email, you must copy and paste the entire link into the address bar. To report a suspicious email:
� If you are able to access your PayPal account, click HERE
� If you cannot access your PayPal account, click HERE
We at PayPal work hard to protect our customers, and have many security measures to help ensure your protection. For this reason, we provide our customers with 'Security Tips', which allow us to work together to protect against fraud. To view PayPal's 'Security Tips', click https://www.paypal.com/securitytips or copy and paste the entire link into the address bar. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.
Sincerely, PayPal Customer Service"

Again troops, if you ever encounter anything that looks a little odd to you, contact that service or company directly before you believe THIS kind of crap!

Is anyone getting sick of the phrase ~Beyond Belief~ yet?

Posted by: Jason | 18 April 2003 | 0:43 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedichirp deals with the cold reality of competitive reatailing:
"Hey Troops, I went on an all-out hunt today with my Target ad in hand ready to spend some cold cash. But I ran into something that I have never run into before. I was at a Toys 'R'Us and asked whether any new Star Wars figures were in the back room. I wanted to buy anything remotely new at a price match. An employee told me that he was instructed to leave the figs on the pegs that were already there and not replenish them until Monday! I asked him why and he said that his manager didn't want to get "Price matched" on all the figures by collectors and he wasn't putting them out on pegs. The manager had told him that if he waited until Monday that the main collectors would still buy them just as fast at full price.

"I just about fell over because I am a regular, probably like many of you, to a lot of area stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys 'R' Us. I hope this was an isolated incident, but still very disturbing. I didn't push the issue because I guess if the store really doesn't want to put them out then they really don't HAVE to. But is that really the right thing to do? I mean we are talking about a multi-million (billion) dollar operation and this manager is worried about cutting the price from $5 down to $2.50. I mean, if you think about, how many figs would get sold at his store this week anyway. They usually don't get but a case or two or three a week. So maybe 30 SW figs?!? So he is going to gain a WHOPPING $75 by holding them back until next week. But now he has lost me as a customer at that particular TRU.

"Collectors are where the money is, so why tick us off by doing this. I will still buy the figs, just not from his store."


Doesn't smell good, 'shady, way shady.' But, just as any retailer reserves the right to limit quanities, they also control the stock rotation and which products are put to market and when they are put to market. The manager was wise to do this in a business in which 'every penny counts,' even though he has the personality of a cold fish. Be glad that Target has the sale and that other stores are honoring a price match. The store truly has more to lose than we do and it really isn't the 'Red Cross.' Who out there would feel lucky enough finding new figures at regular retail? The employee, the inside man, in this case is the person at fault here, who may have even been lying in a delicious ruse. Don't take MY word for it - SOUND OFF in the Forum, and it feels SO good!
Is anyone getting sick of the phrase ~Beyond Belief~ yet?

Posted by: Jason | 17 April 2003 | 23:46 EDT
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
"Probably not big news to many of you, but for the first time in the Tampa area, a large selection of new figures have been found. At the Wal-Mart on Alderman Rd and Highway 19 there was an abundance of Mace Control, Obi Acklay, Padme Factory, R2 jets, Tyranus Lightning, and Anakin - Robotic hand. I've been searching several stores for months and finally they have arrived. Keep your eyes open guys! If they're here they will be with you soon!"


Posted by: Jason | 17 April 2003 | 21:21 EDT

Star Wars: Marmit Stormtrooper kit, Naboo Royal Starship, Interactive Yoda, older green card POTF figures

Generation 1: Clamp Down & Deep Cover Exclusive sets (Sideswipe/Red Alert repaints), Re-issue Takara Starscream and Sixshot have been restocked
Japanese Beast Wars: restock of Magmatron, Leo Convoy, X-9 Jaguar Ravage (as seen on 'Beast Wars' series), Versus Sets, Moon, and many more

G.I. Joe: Cobra Commander Statue & Baroness Bust, Spytroops wave 1 & 2, and Mission Disc Sets
Macross: pre-orders for the YF-21 and VF-11B Fastpack for $74.99
Two Towers: Series 3 and 5 including Galadriel, Prologue Elven Warrior & more
Bandai USA Gundam: new deluxe figures Master, Raven, and Dark Gundam Final Mode. 7.5" Burning, Shining, and Shadow Gundams. Arch Enemy Wing Zero Custom and Tallgeese
Bandai Japan Gundam: Advanced MSIA action figures, 1/100 High Grade Gundam Seed Kits, and many Master grade kits
Bluebox: Elite Force figures and the Cy Com Colossus figure
Other Items: Battle Damaged NX-01 Enterprise, End of Evangelion Action Figure, DC Direct 2-packs: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (on the 'other' menu), Mezco - Hobbled Ozzy exclusive, Armada #10 Comic

click to enter:

Posted by: Count Matchew | 17 April 2003 | 19:07 EDT
Cloud City Contest:
Hey Troops don't forget to enter the Sandtroopers and CloudCity "Scavenger Hunt" contest for your chance to win a new carded Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon. Just click the contest button at the top of the page for details, this could be your lucky day!!!

Posted by: Jason | 16 April 2003 | 23:07 EDT
Sandtrooper Kevin in Columbus reports:
"Not a lot of new news to report in Columbus, Ohio. I did find the new 12-inch Han Solo and AT-ST Driver at Meijer - still looking for Lando. I used my Target ad to get some destroyer droids and yellow Clone Troopers for $2.50 each. The Easton K-B had lots of the old stuff for 50% off, and Morse Road Toys 'R' Us has lots of the 12-inch Leia with Han in Carbonite. I also posted some of my new haves and wants on the trade page in the forums."


Posted by: Steve | 16 April 2003 | 22:35 EDT
Latest review posted
Hey Troops, I just had my latest review posted. Tonight I bring you a summary and my thoughts on Empire # 7. Everyone's favorite Mandalorian suited bounty hunter plays a major role in this single-shot edition of Dark Horse's ANH era series. Click here for my review.

Posted by: Jason | 16 April 2003 | 22:24 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedichirp reports:
"I stopped at the Target on US 31 near I-465 (Indianapolis, IN) to get an ad and price match at Wal-Mart and TRU. But, not only did I go in and get the add, but I checked to see if they had any of the new figs. Nope. No new figs. But hanging on the pegs with all his might was Ephant Mon!! Not one, but two, yes TWO of them!!

"And I got them at the 2 for $5 prices. Both are near mint with only small dings on the bottom corner of the bubble. As a carded collector, I can now replace my creased Ephant with one of these. The Target also had the clean shaven Endor Trooper and some other peg warmers. But keep checking your pegs. Ephant is still showing up. I also went next door to KB Toys and found the Deluxe Nexu and Slice 'Em Up Anakin with Warrior for $4.97 each. Clearance prices are what I was waiting for on these. They had about 4 of each left. They also had the 4pack figs for $9.97. Good luck"


Posted by: Jason | 16 April 2003 | 18:18 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"Troopers, instead of my occasional rants about not finding anything, I happen to have an extra Silver R2, and some extra Star Tours figures (the R3-D3, R4-M9, and G2-4T). I would like to trade for the new Boba Fett, mainly because I can't find him. Thanks."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 April 2003 | 8:22 EDT
Tis just in from Brian's Toys!
"We have our new Catalog #42 ready for download at:
And a list of over 300 Reduced prices,
http://www.brianstoys.com/Reduced_Prices/ "

Posted by: Steve | 15 April 2003 | 21:52 EDT
Force of the Bay
Hey Troops, I'm coming at you again with another comic and novel version of Force of the Bay. If you are in the market for building a comic collection, now is the time to do it, and ebay is a good place to start. The collectible value of comics is lower than ever! For example, here is a huge collection of Dark Horse comics for a great price. For those of you not interested in comics, don't worry, large collections of books can be found too. For the reader who has it all, these 14 tales could fill a hole on your bookshelf (although I recommend a new bookshelf). For the more discriminating collector who may have missed out on an older item, this could be for you. Good or bad, Shadows of the Empire was the first expanded universe, multi-media marketing campaign for Lucasfilms. Finally, for those of you who have everything, perhaps this is a somewhat obscure item. Sandtroopers.com and ebay neither endorses or supports the sellers featured in this column. Use good judgement and research the sellers you buy from.

Posted by: Jason | 15 April 2003 | 21:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom reports:
"Jedi Dom here. I just thought I would let everyone know that I was able to get an extra Anakin, R2 and Mace today in So Cal. They are in C-8.5+ condition, but if you open them, the figs themselves are perfect. I am still looking for the rest of the new waves that are out right now. If I do not get any offers to trade, I will be open to cost plus shipping. Please e-mail me as the first e-mails to purchase them will be honored should there be no offer for a trade. Good luck everyone."


Posted by: Jason | 15 April 2003 | 20:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Vacation reports:
"I found the Micro Machines Action Fleet AT-AT and the Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder at the Wal-Mart off of Palm Avenue in S. San Diego at $9.97 each. They had one more AT-AT and two Snowspeeders left on the shelf, happy Hunting!"


Posted by: Jason | 15 April 2003 | 7:50 EDT
Sandtroopers.com and Cloud City Collectibles' Scavenger Hunt:
Here's Another opportunity for everybody out there in Trooperland to get a hold of the new Saga Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon figure. Either by clicking the button at the top of our page, or by following this link, you may start our Scavenger Hunt.

Both Sandtroopers.com and CloudCity.com each have Scavenger Hunt Clues hidden within their sites that you will answer and follow to the next until you have answered all nine (9) questions (five here at Sandtroopers, and four at Cloud City). Once you have located and answered all nine questions, simply e-mail your responses to scavengerhunt@sandtroopers.com, making sure that the SUBJECT LINE of your mail matches the "Winning Phrase" Statement found along with the fourth question at CloudCity.com. Of all the entrants to e-mail all nine correct responses in the e-mail body and the "Winning Phrase" within the e-mail subject line, one random contestant will win a carded Saga BOBA FETT - Pit of Carkoon action figure, compliments of Cloud City.

Start here with the first Sandtroopers.com question. When you find the answer to this question, be sure to write down your answer then follow the nearby image link to the next clue screen. When you have finished all five questions within Sandtroopers.com, continue on from the final screen to Cloud City to complete the four clues within their site. Contest ends at 9:00am EDT on April 22, 2003, and all decisions by the staff of Sandtroopers.com and CloudCity.com concerning accuracy of submitted answers are final,winner will be announced by April 30, 2003. Good luck and MTFBWY!

Posted by: Jason | 14 April 2003 | 23:34 EDT
Additions to the Simpsons Star Wars References Guide at SNPP.com:
I've just updated my Star Wars References section at The Simpsons Archive - SNPP.com, with some new Episodic references, such as "Joe-Six Packs" Lenny and Carl duking it out with lightsabers in a recent episode. Also, here are some recent Star Wars-inspired Simpsons custom figures. Thanks to Sandtroopers.com reader 'Trooper Larry' for help on the recent references - you are watching FOX.

Customs (l-r) by Deagley, Alex M., Alan Montanelli, William Hu, and Alecia Gulley

Posted by: Steve | 14 April 2003 | 23:28 EDT
New Classic Marvel reprint available
Hey Troops, the long awaited but much delayed, Star Wars: A Long Time Ago ... Fool's Bounty was released last week. This is the 5th volume of Marvel's classic run of Star Wars comics reprinted by Dark Horse. This volume covers issues 68 through 81 as well as the 3rd annual.

Posted by: Steve | 14 April 2003 | 23:18 EDT
Yestertoys update
Tom from Yestertoys wanted to let you know they have the Saga TIE Bomber for $25. Yestertoys also has some really interesting older stock. Browse through their POTF section and find some great older figures like Mara Jade or Admiral Motti. They also have a lot of POTJ and Saga action figures in stock. Pay them a visit to get those hard to find figures.

Posted by: Jason | 14 April 2003 | 21:02 EDT
Sandtrooper Dennis J. reports:
"Nothing new to report in the Jacksonville, Florida area for Star Wars. The Wal-Marts have been getting the new figures in sporadically but I keep missing them. I went to Valdosta this past weekend, but still nothing new. I did pick up the Saga TIE Bomber at the Waycross, Georgia Wal-Mart for $18.00. There are plenty of these in Jacksonville but they are all still full price.

"On a side note I have a request. I am going to be collecting the new Play Along Toys 'Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle Earth' figures and Playsets. The San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World are going to have an Exclusive 3 pack of figures. I was wondering whether someone who is going could pick up a set of these for me. I am a completest and do not want to miss this set. If you can help me out E-Mail me, thanks."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 April 2003 | 19:06 EDT
Collectors Gallery Newsletter:
Hey Troopers Collectors Gallery has added some new items to their inventory.
New and in stock:
Episode 2 Yoda Lightsaber $29.95
Chewbacca Radco Ornament $49.95
X-Wing Pilot Riddell Helmet $74.95
Ephant Mon C-10 Sealed $19.95
Bossk PVC figure $4.95
Han Solo FAO keychain $24.95
Speeder Bikes logo $11.95
Death Star Trash Compactor #1 $29.95
Darth Vader AH Prismatic hologram watch $24.95
5 Episode 1 micro machines sealed $7.95 each
Slave I die-cast sealed $7.95
Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony $7.95
R2-D2 Droid Factory Flight $7.95
Mace Windu Arena Confrontation $7.95
Obi-Wan Kenobi Acklay Battle $7.95
Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon $7.95
Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape $7.95
Ki-Adi Mundi $7.95
Watto Junk Dealer $7,95
Tuskin Raider w/ Massiff $7.95
Teemto Pagalies $7.95
Lott Dod Neomoidan Senator $7.95

Also shipping this week:
Two Towers Saruman the white 6" figure $9.95
Two Towers Eomer 6" figure $9.95
Two Towers Aragorn 6" figure $9.95
As well as Dragon figures in stock:Buzz Aldrin, Kurz, Yuri, Reggie, Willi, Max, Liam, Sonny, Sasha, Craig,Lang, Georg, Jurgen, Wiley.
Plus much more!
- click to enter -

Posted by: Count Matchew | 14 April 2003 | 17:51 EDT
News From Cloud City:
Cloud City still has limited quantities left of Saga Collection 3 3/4" Han Hoth, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, 12" Lando Skiff, 12" Han Solo, and 12" AT-ST Driver figures. Remember that the next assortments may have a different Han Hoth vest variations so get yours today!

Also, take a moment to browse the Original Vintage Kenner Photography. There are thousands of photographs to choose from at incredible prices.

Visit Cloud City today just click below
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Posted by: Jason | 14 April 2003 | 13:12 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedisearch reports:
"Hey guys, Hudson Valley, NY with some brand new finds. Found at my local Wal-Mart store: Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee, Lama Su, RED BATTLE DROIDS!!!, Hoth Han, Mynock Chewie, Yoda and Chian, Ashla and Jempa. However, nothing left on the shelves now."


Posted by: Jason | 14 April 2003 | 13:05 EDT
Sandtroopette RogueJediPrincess reports:
"I found the new Boba Fett figure at Wal-Mart in Simi Valley, California. It was a crushed bubble, but still very nice to see new figures!"


Posted by: Jason | 14 April 2003 | 0:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom reports with a So. Cal Follow-Up:
"Jedi Dom here, this post is a follow up to Southern-Cali Rod's report. I also live in the Hemet area and know Rod. We look out for each other's collections, but for the last 2-3 months, we have not been able to help each other out. I don't want to report the same info again, but I have to vent as well. I also went to the same Target, only to find the same stuff that has been there for months. I even went to the Wal-Mart & Kmart in the area, hopefully to price match but it was even worse. Wal-Mart has two deluxe figures, and a new case of Action fleets with the AT-AT & snowspeeder. Nothing else! Please, I know somebody out there got lucky today. I know someone found all the newly released figures at 2 for $5 and has access to more of them. Please help the both of us out. We can work out some sort of deal that would involve more than two people in one transaction or trade! Hope everyone is having better luck than we are out here. Rod, I am still looking out for you man!"


Posted by: Jason | 14 April 2003 | 0:04 EDT
Sandtrooper Jeffred5 reports:
"Hey Troopers, I almost didn't send this in because this is a place for news and I have none. But, I read all the others and thought I would let everyone else know that there has been nothing new in MI since the week after Christmas. I check the Detroit Northern Suburbs area Wal-Marts, TRUs, Targets, and Meijers stores about once a week and the week after Christmas I found a bunch of the Destroyer Droid/New Yoda wave and by the end of the first week of 2003 they were all gone and nothing has come in since, except the 12" Leia (bounty hunter) which also came and went in about a week or two. I have faith that if we wait long enough it has to get here eventually, right? MTFBWY."


Posted by: Steve | 13 April 2003 | 23:49 EDT
Ephant Mon available
Hey Troops, I still have a carded Ephant Mon available. The card is in excellent condition. The only flaw I can find is a small crease on the upper right hand corner of the bubble. I would rate this as a C-9. I would like to trade for one of the following: Barriss, Aayla, blond Imperial Officer or any of the newest figures just released. Email me with an offer. If I can't work out a trade I will sell for cost plus shipping, but I will consider trade offers first. Thanks,


Posted by: Tyler | 13 April 2003 | 22:55 EDT
R2Dtoys Newsletter #14 2003
This week we concentrate on some of the more expensive collectibles for serious Star Wars enthusiasts! As well as expensive and rare items, we also list a lot of more readily available items at down-to-earth prices, including some older and more difficult to find lines. Happy hunting!

To read this newsletter click here and pre-order your wave 2 Cantina Bar figures (very limited supply).

Posted by: Jason | 13 April 2003 | 18:59 EDT
New Yoda Lightsaber and More at K & C Collectibles:
New Items: Yoda Lightsaber

Ephant Mon Jabba’s Head of Security
Trash Compactor Set
SP-4 & JN-66 - Research Droids
Padme Amidala - Droid Factory Chase
Tusken Raider - Tatooine Camp Ambush
Imperial Officer - A New Hope
Eeth Koth - Jedi Master
Rebel Trooper - Tantive IV Defender
Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Acklay Battle
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason | 13 April 2003 | 17:23 EDT
Sandtrooper Southern Cali-Rod reports:
"Collectors, it looks like the scalper trade is alive and well in Hemet, CA. The local Wal-Mart had literally shelves of the Trash Compactor 2-packs yesterday. Lo-and-behold today nothing. Watch for them on ebay. The same Wal-Mart had, count 'em, zero figures on the pegs, zero!!! Not a Palpatine, not a Djas Puhr, nothing, zero, zilch.

"Too bad there was not a contest going on for the most poorly managed Wal-Mart toy department. I think this place would win. I went to the local Target with the 2 for $5.00 figure add in hand. Left the store with a crumpled up Target 2 for $5.00 figure add in hand with no figures. Looks like they got all of KB's and T "R" Not Us reject figures to try to push off on any willing suspects. I'll keep you posted troops ... if anything new ever comes around!!! Do not hold your breathe."


Posted by: Jason | 13 April 2003 | 17:17 EDT
Sandtrooper Chris in Alberta reports:
"This will be a short report. Why? Because there is nothing. Canada has not seen any new figures since Palpatine and even then that was a major fluke to find him. All we have in our local TRUs are endor solider with beard, Bespin Lukes, Geonosians, etc. Wal-Mart either has the same or squat. Welcome to Canada. Fortunately, I am hooked up with a Trooper from here to get some of the stuff I need as well as one of my local action figure stores. I may pay a little more this way but at least I'll get caught up with my American friends. For Now!"


Posted by: Steve | 13 April 2003 | 13:25 EDT
Sandtrooper Garr reports
"Garr reporting from St. Joseph, MO. I just got back from the South Belt Wal-Mart and got the figs before the scalper this time. They only had 1 case of figures and 1 case of Action Fleet. I picked up 1 of each. I picked up Boba, Tyrannus, Obi-Wan, Mace, R2, and Anakin. Good luck troops. I will keep you all updated on my area in MO. MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Jason | 12 April 2003 | 22:18 EDT

Star Wars: restocked the recent Unleashed & Action Fleet, Playskool Millenium Falcon Adventure, X-Wing and Darth Maul sets, and new Boba Fett, R2-D2, Mace, Anakin, and Darth Tyranus

Generation 1: Devastator Bust, Act 10 PVC, Act 9 PVC's on sale, reissue Sideswipe and Sixbuilder, and Choro-Q items
Armada: Thrust, Sideswipe, 3 new Minicon sets, Supercon Optimus, Blurr, Jetfire, Galvatron, Street Speed & more

GI Joe: Spytroops wave 2, Spytroops single pack figures with mission discs come with a CD that has cartoon episodes and other features

Sports Picks: MLB Series 4 and the Detroit Red Wings 3-Pack, a few variants for Series 4 as well as the normal figures
Kingdom Hearts: set of 12 figures (6 - two packs) assortment of Disney based figures for $79.99 on the Toycom Menu
Stikfas: Samurai & Fireman wave available singly or in cases
TOY BIZ - Hulk, Spiderman, Marvel, X-Men: The next series of Hulk movie figures, 13" Battle Action Hulk, 8 new Spider-Man Classic Figures, 2 X-men 2 13" Figures, Marvel Studios Daredevil, Legends 1 figures, figures from Two Towers
Living Dead Dolls: Series 5 (5 figures and a bonus 'closed casket' 6th figure, The second series of LDD Minis
click to enter:

Posted by: Jason | 12 April 2003 | 20:42 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedichirp reports:
"Indianapolis, Indiana Target had no new figures, just pegs full of Dexter, Rebel Troop with beard, Yoda, and some others. Toys 'R' Us still had a lot of Zutton but all 5,000 figs of Chancellor Palpatine had disappeared. I don't know what happened to them, but the only figs they had were Zutton and some Deluxe Flipping figures for $6.97. Still nothing new, but I'm hoping the empty pegs is a step in the right direction."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 April 2003 | 9:40 EDT
In response the "THE CHAD" post:
Chad, chill out dude, if you lived in Maryland you would have already hung yourself, honestly. We HAVE NOT received half of what you are already tired of seeing in 'bama. Remember there ARE those less fortunate, but "Keep the faith!"

I have to agree with Crypt, Chad. Most everybody nationwide is experiencing the same thing as the heart of Dixie. It's like EI all over again with the mass-produced figures. Just be glad you are in this hobby for YOU and not the investment purposes! - Spice

Let's keep it going with the great store reports and I want to thank the great Troopers who have helped out the folks who are having problems, like Chad is, finding newer figures - this is THE proven method to put the figures where they belong, in the hands of fellow Troopers! I have to emphasize not letting yourself feel distressed over this, because by hook or by crook, we will all get through this seemingly slow Star Wars year! - Jason

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 April 2003 | 9:34 EDT
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"We just received from Hasbro the Deluxe Jango Fett Flying $16.99 (C-7/8 $15.99) and the Obi-Wan Force Power $12.99 (C-7/8 $11.99)."

Posted by: Jason | 12 April 2003 | 0:27 EDT
Secret Ceremony - Somewhere Anakin is One-Fisting It:

Got a comment? Contact Lord Spiceowan - Our Chief Warrant Officer, or Jason - Our Brigadier General and Field Commander

Spice explains why this is the most decent version of Anakin yet, while I thought it was worse than Saga Qui-Gon Jinn. We look at the seventh version of Anakin from Episode II in the SANDWATCH review of Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony.

Included with this figure is a robotic hand and forearm, also included with this figure is another lightsaber blast effect - something you pay for in every purchase. Find out whether you should blow five bucks on the latest version of 'The Chosen One.'

- click to enter SANDWATCH -

Posted by: Jason | 11 April 2003 | 23:40 EDT
Sandtrooper Brainiak76 reports:
"NOTHING, AND I MEAN NOTHING HERE IN North CA!! I'm very, very frustrated also!! 'THE CHAD' is lucky that he at least saw the Aayla wave! All the stores in my area have not even gotten in the Padme chase wave!! I'm in desperate need of some new figs also!! Some lucky Troopers with access to these new figs please help me out! I have stuff to trade, or I'm always willing to pay cost + shipping! I still need SECRET CEREMONY ANAKIN, BOBA FETT, FLYING R2, LAMA SU, AAYLA!! All momc please. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! THANKS!"


Posted by: Jason | 11 April 2003 | 22:18 EDT
Sandtrooper Lin Que with Mutual of Omaha's Aisle Kingdom:
"Hey this is Lin Que from Omaha, NE. I have to concur with THE CHAD, HASBRO SUCKS!!!!! I went to Wal-Mart and was happy to see the Star Wars figs had been restocked. I run over and what do I see? CRAP!!!! Qui Gon ... Padme ... Clone Pilots ... Djas Puhr ... give me a frickin' break!! If I ignored these when they came out last year, what makes someone think I'll buy them now?!?! I know some Troops have been getting lucky so let's make a deal! I've tried to be patient and understanding but I WANT MY FIGS! What the heck is going on?!?!?! I'm looking for Bariss Offee, Aayla Secura, Anakin Secret Ceremony, and the Library Droids. Anyone interested in helping a frustrated collector out, please email me!!! Thanks!"

Posted by: Jason | 11 April 2003 | 21:19 EDT
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"I am at the point where I believe we in North Alabama aren't going to get any more Star Wars stuff. The latest wave I have seen is the Aaycla (sic) (you know who I am talking about). I have seen it only once. I have not seen the new Fett, what the heck?! Toys 'R' Us is a joke. They will not get anything new in, even though I did find the new 12" Padme there, big whoop. A couple weeks ago I asked an employee about when they will get more figures. He told me probably when the next movie comes out! I went by Target and they put out more figures from the first run back on April 23 of last year. Wal-Mart is just jammed with old product. This is starting to tick me off. Hasbro loves other states, not Alabama! I have lost all patience; it is almost May."

Try to keep the faith Chad! Seeing the Aayla Secura wave was a good start and we hope you come across more newer figures in your travels. I'd like to know what other areas in the U.S. are seeing similar situations. Let us know. And, Troops who are having better luck can always offer some figures here for cost + shipping, let's keep it going guys!

Posted by: Steve | 10 April 2003 | 23:06 EDT
Sandtrooper Garr reports
"Garr here in MO. I came across the oddest thing in the food section at Wal-Mart, I was shopping for groceries and picked up some small chocolate donuts, it just so happens that the container they came in is clear and looks like a protecto pack. It works almost perfect for everyones favorite figure Ephant Mon!!! The one that no one could ever find a protecto pack for. The name on the lable is Master Chocolate Frosted Donut Gems. The donuts run about 3.50. Take care and I hope everyone finds this information useful, MTFBWY!"


Posted by: Jason | 10 April 2003 | 22:44 EDT
Toyfellas 1-Year Anniversary Sale:
"We would like to thank all our customers and collector sites we do business with for making our first year great. For our one-year anniversary we are offering the following Discounts:"

      On all orders receive 10% off
      Orders $30.00 or more receive 15% off
      Orders $90.00 or more receive 20% off
      Orders $100.00 or more receive 25% off

- click to enter -

Posted by: Tyler | 10 April 2003 | 9:27 EDT
Silver Boba Fett:
As reported here in late February, there will be a special convention figure released at Mexicon in Mexico City this summer. The figure will be a 25th Anniversary Silver Boba Fett. For more information on this event click here.

Posted by: Jason | 9 April 2003 | 23:35 EDT
Who made this thing, Hasbro or Duncan?

Got a comment? Contact Lord Spiceowan - Our Chief Warrant Officer, or Jason - Our Brigadier General and Field Commander

J and Spice get 'NSYNC' in the SANDWATCH review of R2-D2 - Droid Factory Flight. Read why this one joins "New Kids in the Ditch" and why conspiracy theorists summize that Hasbro ran out of paint.

Hasbro has had its ups and downs, but there is absolutely no reason to unload so many versions of the same character time and time again. This one just screams "Is Qui-Gon around? I'm lonely."
- click to enter SANDWATCH -

Posted by: Jason | 9 April 2003 | 22:16 EDT
Sandtroper Jedi Dom reports:
"H� des troupes, je me suis arr�t� par les jouets locaux 'R 'USA dans le Wisconsin central est et ai trouv� la vague de 12"Zuckuss et la vague d'Anakin de main de robot de 12". Alors je suis all� au Wal-March� local et ai trouv� cinq sabers l�gers �lectroniques de Yoda. Non mauvais. Alors je suis all� � la maison et torched mes b�rets et ai rinc� mon Yoplait. Voici un peu de trivia que j'ai trouv� int�resser: Dans la langue hollandaise, une langue pas g�n�ralement parl�e en France, "Vader" signifie le "p�re." Huh frais? Pour n'importe qui qui s'inqui�te: mon vieil email dsoll@execpc.com a chang� en dsollitto@new.rr.com. MTFBWY"

Hey, Monsieur, aidez-moi! Vous avez obtenu de m'aider. Ces deux types me travaillent nuit et jour. Ils ne me nourrissent pas. Ils me font le sommeil sur le plancher. Ils ont mis l'antigel dans le vin, et ils ont donn� mon chapeau rouge � l'�ne.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 April 2003 | 21:22 EDT
Support America:
Hey Troops, Over in the Forums I started a thread that I feel most of you should read and attempt to practice. We need to back our Country and our Troops! See how YOU can help.

Posted by: Steve | 8 April 2003 | 23:50 EDT
Yestertoys update
Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys let me know they have a special going on. The Saga TIE Bomber is on sale for $25.00. The price will show up as $33 0r $35, but they will only charge discount price. Click here to look at the bomber. Yestertoys also has most of the Sage figures in-stock, including the Boba Fett wave (I'm still in shock that J and Spice both gave that one a thumbs up! They never agree on their reviews).

Posted by: Jason | 8 April 2003 | 20:34 EDT
Sandtrooper starfox reports - "Dad Taun weee's heee-agggh:"
"Nothing new to report in Killeen, Texas unless you missed some older waves: Wal-Mart has Clone Trooper Pilots & Taun We, Toys 'R' Us has Destroyer Droids & Jango Pilots, Target has the old Chewbacca & Han Solo wave."


Posted by: Jason | 8 April 2003 | 20:28 EDT
Sandtrooper Lord Jedi reports:
"I just stopped by KB Toys in the Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg, PA. I've been out of the game for a while due to college loan payments, but I'm getting back now. Today my findings were: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Watto, Lott Dod, Rebel Trooper (clean shaven), Jango pilot, Padme piliot, Teemto, Tusken Raider with Massiff, and Anakin Tusken Camp. I'm still looking for Yoda."


Posted by: Jason | 8 April 2003 | 20:16 EDT
Sandtrooper 'Code Name: DUSTY' reports:
"I stopped by the Wal-Mart in Clinton, Illinois on Saturday on a tip from a friend. This is a very small Wal-Mart with a very small Star Wars section. But they did have a large amount of the Trash Compactor scenes. They had about 7-8 of each one. I was able to score a set for myself and one for someone I know who is having trouble finding them."


Posted by: Count Matchew | 8 April 2003 | 19:43 EDT
News from Cloud City:
Cloud City has just added thousands of new Star Wars items from both the modern and vintage realms of Star Wars. There are still thousands of one-of-a-kind articles of original vintage Kenner photography available for puchase. This week we have added the following for sale; Han Hoth, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, additional Boba Fett Pit of Carkoons, 12" Lando Skiff, 12" Han Solo, 12" AT-ST Driver. We are also expecting Yoda and Chian and Ashla and Jempa within a week. And coming next week; over 1,000 new Star Wars, GI Joe, Batman, and Transformers items. Visit Cloud City today at www.cloudcity.com

Posted by: Jason | 8 April 2003 | 19:20 EDT
Sandtrooper Hotjeep360 reports:
"Toys 'R' Us finally got the POTJ wave with Rebel Trooper, Imperial Officer and Queen Decoy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Boy what a joke!. But I guess better later then never. Still no sign of new AOTC."


Posted by: Tyler | 8 April 2003 | 9:02 EDT
Saga Figures "Non-Replenishable" at Canadian Walmarts:
Hey Troopers, Just a tid-bit of news here for all my fellow Canadian troopers out there. I asked one of the toy ladies I know at Wal-Mart to see whether it was possible for them to order a case of figures (since they hadn't gotten any in a while and few left except for Endor Han). She told me the computer said they are "non-replenishable." It appears the same thing will happen to the Saga line that had to the other card designs. Canada never gets the last waves of figures before the card change.
Zellers may get some new figures by summer. That is if they get rid of all the pegwarmers (e.g. Nikto Jedi, Mace, Jar Jar). They were the only store to get Target accessory sets and deluxe past the first 4. There aren't many deluxe left, but the pegs are still full of accessory sets and Reeks, Jedi Starfighters and Slave I's at full price!
I don't have a TRU in my area (North Bay, Ontario) but from what I hear they are in the same boat. They have tons of pegwarmers but are 10% more expensive. Time for a clear out sale there!
We may see the 2003 line by summer. But will it be like the POTJ figures with a select few characters from the first waves? I am not taking the chance this time. I have a friend in the US who can pick up figures. I don't want to be chasing down those figures months from now that never made it to Canada.
If any Canadian troopers see anything new on the shelves at retail, be sure to drop me a line!

Posted by: Jason | 8 April 2003 | 7:51 EDT
Sandtrooper Gerald Needs Help in NC:
"Hi, can any of the North Carolina Troopers help me? The weekend of April 19 there will be a con over there. I collect Star Wars autographs and was wondering if anyone can help with a couple from this show. Thanks."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 April 2003 | 19:14 EDT
Private Universe Update:
Troopers, Pete over at the Private Universe has informed us of some site updates, featuring the new Hoth Rescue pack and some additional information on newer figures in 2003. Take a look.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 April 2003 | 12:46 EDT
KB Toys Clearance Sale:
Hey Troopers, over at www.kbkids.com, they are featuring 20 to 50% off all Star Wars merchandise. Included are, Jedi Starfighter, Republic Gunship, Speeder Vehicles (Zam and Anakin, not bikes), Anakin interactive Lightsaber, or Action and Electronic Figures. Thanks to our friends at the Jedi Defender for the heads up. Visit www.kbkids.com to clean up on the pegwarming clearance sale!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 April 2003 | 12:08 EDT
Force of the Bay:
Hey Troops back to our regularly scheduled program but helmets off to Steve for switching the format over the weekend and adding his expertise to Force of the Bay. I was in the prop section at ebay and found this Bib Fortuna life-sized mask. It would take the Jedi mind trick to get me to shell out that kind of money for a character that ugly, check out their other auction for everybody's favorite snitch. Now, I'm not saying go after this one but look for items similar to this, they do slip in under the radar sometimes and I know many Troops looking for these figures. Makes for a good chance fill those holes in your collections. Another prime example of what I am talking about. That beastpack was available in very limited quantities and I never saw it in stores. Also, if you search Vintage auctions you can find a Teebo you would actually want. They could have given us a better picture with that accurate description. I also was digging up some rarities that never graced the shelfs of the U.S., check out the mullet on that kid. Yikes! I also found a cool vintage poster featured in this dutch auction. Probably homemade, but really cool. I also found these banknotes, in the Star Wars section at that! While not a Star Wars item, you coin/money collectors may want to pick these up seeing as they will soon be replacing this currency. Sandtroopers.com and ebay neither endorses or supports the sellers featured in this column. Use good judgement and research the sellers you buy from.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 April 2003 | 11:32 EDT
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Troopers, over at Collectors Gallery Online they have in stock and shipping the following:
Master Replica Darth Vader Lightsaber $199.95
Attakus Statues: Storm Trooper $299.95, Slave Leia $279.95 and Han Carbonite $199.95
Count Dooku Topps Cardbinder $39.95
10 Rawcliffe Pewter mugs $14.95 each
Rancor and Jabba the Hutt Applause statuettes $59.95 each
Also shipping this week:
Lord of the Rings Two Towers set of 5 waves 4 and 5 six inch figures $49.95

Update 4/09: We are taking preorders for the new Obi-Wan ANH, Luke Skywalker ESB, and Darth Vader ESB Master Replica Lightsabers, all are $349 also included are Display Cases and Free Shipping, Please order now, at this price these are sure to sell out fast.

Two Towers Ringwraith & horse, Gandolf & Shadowfax, Aragorn & Brego deluxe horse sets $24.95 each
Two Towers Gollum, Helms Deep Legolas, Berserker Uruk-Hai, Grishnakah, Ringwraith, Ugluk six inch figures $9.95 each
See these and many more unique Star Wars items at their site:

- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason | 7 April 2003 | 11:18 EDT
Sandtrooper Dave reports on Memorabilia Birmingham NEC UK:
"Hi, Trooper Dave from the UK. I just got back from a 450 mile round trip to the show Sunday (it ran this weekend, April 5/6). This is the best UK show we have, in my opinion, with about 900 dealers on both days. Loads of guest signings from Dave Prowse, Femi Taylor and Ken Colley from Star Wars, Marina Sirtis from Star Trek, Scott F. Schwartz from Buffy to name but a few.

"On the collecting side, I thought it was great, quite a few dealers had the Imperial Shuttle priced at about �100 ($150), Geonosian Battle Arena �17 ($25), Acklay was a bargain at �7.50 ($11), loads of new figures: Barriss Offee, Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape, Anakin mechanical arm, Aayla Secura, R2-D2 booster rockets, Boba Fett, Ephant Mon, new Mace and many more at round about �6 ($9) which is about the going price in the UK. Vintage figures prices I thought were a little steep on some of them. I saw a blue Snaggletooth on offer at, wait for it, �153 ($225), I passed on that one. All in all, I had a great day. I like the site very much, keep it up, you're doing a great job."


Posted by: Jason | 7 April 2003 | 10:57 EDT
Sandtrooper Jedi Hitch reports:
"Hi Troops! Time to chime in from the Spokane, WA area. One lone Lama Su figure at the Valley Wal-Mart tells me the newer figures are starting to show up around here. The Library Droid two-pack and the earlier 2003 waves are showing up in greater numbers all around different Wal-Marts. They have also been getting in the Wave 4 action fleet on a regular basis. Target is a great place to pick up ... Jar Jar Binks?! They put out a bunch of the older figures, probably for the upcoming sale I've been hearing about next week. But Target DID have Yoda's Lightsaber as well as the new speeder bikes. Toys 'R' Us is still a disaster, but for any Lord of the Rings fans I did find the new Gollum figure there. That's it for now. Good luck and happy hunting!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 April 2003 | 10:36 EDT
New look in the Forums:
Hey Troopers, the forums are getting a facelift, with more new tools being added weekly. So what are you guys waiting for? Head over to the Forums and check out what's new. For the regulars you will love it, for those of you who have never been, I encourage you to have another laugh on us. You can almost feel the love oozing from the pages of the Jawa/Sandtrooper Community Forums!

Posted by: Jason | 7 April 2003 | 1:05 EDT
Sandtroopers Award - No One Said There'd be Boasting:
The Star Wars Super Site - Galactic Voyage has named Sandtroopers.com it's Star Wars Site of the Month for April. We are honored by this award and I would like to thank all the great Troopers out there in TROOPERLAND for making this a great place for everyone. This also wouldn't have been possible without my Master and Sandtroopers.com benevolent landlord Lord Darth Crypt, or my partner in crime, Chief Warrant Officer Spiceowan. Many thanks too, to the site staff.

We enjoy bringing you the Trooper News Reports, Force of the Bay, Sandwatch Reviews, What's Worth Reading and Lando's Marked Deck, and have some more features planned for 2003 as well. If you are one of the Galactic Voyage regulars, thanks for visiting, and send in a Trooper Store Report to get involved and have some fun! Welcome! Any way you look at it, Sandtroopers.com is where you need to be!

Millions and Millions served, or something like that

Posted by: Jason | 7 April 2003 | 0:31 EDT
Uggh... Situation Normal. We're fine. How are YOU?
I thought it was time to bring back TROOPER CHAT as you readers from the beginning may remember here at Sandtroopers.com. So here is the relaunch of CLONE PHONE, the same Sandtroopers Chat, but with no phone taps here, we aren't spying on your private conversations, poised to steal your ideas. Chat transcripts are not logged, so speak your mind and there's no need to take these factors into consideration when collaborating with others. And don't worry, that annoying Carrot Top won't be cutting in telling you to dial down the middle either.

Stop in and chat with fellow Troopers, make a new friend, or visit us during one of our weekly chat events (check listings posted on the Chat page, coming soon). I'd also like to know what days/times work for all of you, so send me an e-mail and we'll consider the feedback when scheduling these events.

Reach out and CRUSH someone

Posted by: Jason | 6 April 2003 | 23:38 EDT
I can hear Beavis screaming 'FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!"
Got a comment? Contact Lord Spiceowan Our Chief Warrant Officer, or Jason Our Brigadier General and Field Commander
SANDWATCH reviews the new Boba Fett. This one WON'T make for a dull read.

Some Fett nostalgia and even some acknowledgement of a small victory in here to the toy freaks at Hasbro. We thought this big hunk of red plastic that you pay for in every purchase would straight suck, but upon cracking the bubble you will see that it was the right choice.

We won't hit you in Huttese so that you fall asleep while reading, have a laugh on us with Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon.

- click to enter SANDWATCH -

Posted by: Jason | 6 April 2003 | 21:19 EDT
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
"Leif Here. BigK and regular Kmarts had the following SW Lego Sets marked down in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA areas. Nice way to catch up on any you may of missed.

BobaFett Slave1 $25
Obiwan Starfighter $10
Dooku & Yoda $5
Anakin Speeder & Tuskens $5
Coruscant Speeder Set (Zam, Obi, Ani) $15.
Ewok Glider Set $6
Cloud Car $6

"K-B also had the regular Jedi Starfighter marked down to $12.99. I also arrived at Lynnhaven Walmart at the perfect time. All new SW figures were still in cases. I walked out with one of each of the new lines (Secura, Barriss, Mace, Padme, Anakin, Lama Su & Clone, Tusken, Boba, Analysis Droids, Teebo, R2), plus all the head variants (both of the new Imperial Officers and the 2nd Rebel Soldier). They also had the new Action Fleet waves. Interestingly, Out of 6 cases there was only One Secura and One Bariss, same with the head variants, one of each. All the other figures had at least 2 per case."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 6 April 2003 | 19:50 EDT
Corporal Hritz reports:
"Hey Troopers, haven't reported anything for awhile but I was at www.kbkids.com and they have the new Saga TIE Fighter for $29.99 for preorder. It looks like the POTF2 version, with only different packaging and a different new hull design. The item # is 120489. I hope this helps you guys out. Thanks."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 April 2003 | 22:37 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #186, visit at NEWSLETTER

AOTC Carded:
Aayla Secura C-9, Price: $19.99
Ashla & Jempa C-9 BACK ORDER Shipping $6, Price: $19.99
Barriss Offee C-9, Price: $19.99
Battle Droid (Arena Battle), Price: $14.99
Lama Su & Clone Boy C-9, Price: $19.99
Yoda & Chian C-9 BACK ORDER Shipping $6, Price: $19.99

Kotobukiya Darth Vader C-8/9 Shipping $12, 1/7 scale pre-painted soft vinyl kit, Price: $174.99
Illusive Concepts Yoda (Life-size) C-8/9, Plaque # 3185/9500 Missing Certificate, Price: $795.99

Master Replicas Jedi Training Remote, Domestic Shipping $8 by UPS/FedEx Ground, Sug. Ret. $249.99, Lowest Price Guaranteed, Price: $239.99
Master Replica Obi-Wan ANH Lightsaber, PRE-ORDER - Domestic Shipping $12, Shipping in Summer, Limited to 3,500, Display Case Included, Price: $329.99
Master Replica Luke's ESB Lightsaber, PRE-ORDER - Domestic Shipping $12, Shipping in Summer, Limited to 3,500, Display Case Included, Price: $329.99
Master Replica Darth Vader's ESB Lightsaber, PRE-ORDER - Domestic Shipping $12
- Shipping in Summer
- Limited to 2,500
- Display Case Included
Price: $329.99

Wholesale Case of POTF2 Beast Assortment items, this case includes:
2 Luke & Tauntaun, 2 Dewback & Stormtroopers
1 Ronto & Jawa, 1 Han & Jabba
Price: $49.99

Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at NEWSLETTER
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Jason | 5 April 2003 | 20:31 EST
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi reports:
"Auburn, Massachusetts area Wal-Mart (Oxford) had the new R2 and Mace along with Tyranus this morning. They only had one of each so I grabbed them up. All on mint cards as well. Only missing Boba and Anakin Ceremony, should be seeing those shortly."


Posted by: Steve | 5 April 2003 | 17:21 EST
Sandtrooper Garr reports:
"Garr here, last night at Wal-Mart I found what was left over with the newest wave to hit St. Joseph, MO. Finally, the rehash Teebo wave hit. I found 1 Teebo that was hidden, I'm afraid Scalpers have hit my town, the lady in the toy dep. told me that some guy came in and took almost every new figure they put out. This is the first time that I've noticed that I've had to deal with scum like this. All I want are my figures for my collection, I've been waiting for a long time just to get something new in my collection. If I do encounter this scalper, I will reveal his identity and deal with him accordingly. Nothing else to report other than my town is several months behind the rest of the Star Wars world! Take care and Down with the Scalpers!!!

Hey Troops, I don't think this is unique to the MO area. The Target here in Lafayette, IN just put up the Qui-Gon wave! What a joke. That will be warming the pegs for a long time.

As did the Target in Kenosha, Wisconsin, what are they thinking? Qui-Gon Jinn? How fast can you flush $5.48?!? -Spice

Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 April 2003 | 16:25 EST
News from Federation Toys:
Hey Troopers Federation Toys has advised us of thier latest shipment. In stock are the new Lego Pen sets with unique Star Wars figures which can be removed from the pen and exchanged with the building blocks included with the case, 14 different figures in stock. Also in are the Master Replica Darth Maul and Count Dooku limited edition lightsabers. The signature editions are on the way of both of these wonderful products very soon, along with many more Master Replica items. All Master Replica items have free shipping and handling with the prices featured (sorry U.S.A. only). In stock too are some of the older Power of the Jedi figures. Also shipping are the FAO Imperial Shuttle and Saga Tie Bomber. Recently added is the Life-sized Darth Maul Soon be re-stocking all Saga figures for those of you who can wait for a decent price and quality customer service. Thanks and May the Force Be with You!

Posted by: Jason | 5 April 2003 | 8:04 EST
Sandtrooper Hotjeep360 reports:
"Hotjeep360 here reporting from lower Michigan. Meijers had the new 12" Lando, Han and 1 of the 3-3/4" raider and Amidala. Other wise nothing new. I did find some Playskool Arena sets and Endor sets at K-B. This is the first Arena sets that Ive seen. I bought extras for a friend who is passing them on to a 20 month old nephew who just loves the Playskool Star Wars seris. His mom is very excited because she was getting ready to buy these two sets off of Wepay as Easter presents. Happy Hunting "STAR WARS" and GOD BLESS our TROOPS"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 April 2003 | 23:38 EST
Area Report:
Hey Troopers, Spiceowan here after a long tri-county sweep of Northeast Illinois I found only a few new figures. Vernon Hills Wal-Mart had the Padme Droid Factory, Library Droids, Red Headed Rebel Trooper and Headless Tusken. These were also used for batting practice in Wrigley Field I think, quite simply beat to hell. There was an Ephant Mon that looked like someone ran him through a garbage disposal. Then I found the Teebo and Eeth Koth at the Wal-Mart in Wheeling, Illinois. Seems everywhere else I went had usual pegwarming stuff that is littering the entire country. Calling all Hasbro reps, pull it, it's never going to sell if it hasn't yet! Geez Louise, you'd think they would have pulled it and had them ready to re-card and sell back to us next year by now. Huntsville, Alabama has nothing on Northeast Illinois! We have to be patient, they will come Troops. Good luck to all of you in your finds, Kick A$% and take names!

Stay tuned in Troops, coming very soon to Sandwatch figure reviews: Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon, R2-D2 Droid Factory Flight, Anakin Secret Ceremony and Mace Windu Arena Confrontation! So sit back and have a laugh on us!

Posted by: Jason | 4 April 2003 | 21:35 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom reports:
"Jedi Dom here, well, I spent the better part of the last 2 days looking around for the new figures everyone on the East Coast seems to be finding. I have visited 3 Targets, 4 Wal-Marts, 2 Toys 'R' Us stores and a K-B, and came up short just about everywhere. I did find the Action Fleet Gunship which took over 2 months.

"As for new figures, forget it! A few library droids and Padme, but no Aayla, Barriss, Lama, Boba, R2, Mace, Chewy, Han, Yoda & Chian, Anakin. I am starting to think that it will be a while. The reason being because they keep putting out cases from last year, the same ones that everyone has already had the chance to pick up. Now they are just sitting there! Is there anyone out there that can help me? Please, e-mail me if you can! I have been able to make a few trades here and there, but nothing for quite some time. Good luck to everyone else."


Posted by: Jason | 4 April 2003 | 21:20 EST
Sandtrooper Brainiak76 reports:
"How's it going everyone? I'm just curious whether anyone wanted some stuff that is in great condition, as is from my collection. E-mail what you want and what you have to trade or make me an offer! Thanks Troops & Thanks SANDTROOPERS.COM!!"

Mail away Han Solo in Stormtrooper outfit & Spirit of Obi-Wan
AOTC Luke's crashed X-Wing MIB
5 Cinema Scene LOT (ALL MIB)
POTF2 Jedi Final Duel
Death Star Escape
Jedi Spirits
Rebel Pilots
EP I Tatooine Showdown

Posted by: Jason | 4 April 2003 | 21:10 EST
New Arrivals at D & S Sci-Fi Toy World:
Yoda Electronic Lightsaber
Unleashed Vader & Slave Leia
New Tomy Japan Plush Yoda, Ewok, Jawa
Boba Fett Pitt of Carkoon Wave
Jango, Stormtrooper, Vader, Boba Fett & Clone Trooper Hard Vinyl Masks

New April/May/June Star Wars Figure Case Pre-Orders
Acklay - Back in Stock!
Deluxe Yoda, C-3PO, Clone Trooper, Geonosian and Anakin
Jedi Electronic Lightsabers

Indiana Jones Micros & Figures
Aliens vs Predator Figure - Re-Stocks of most all
Rare Queen Hive Playset

New G.I Joe Figures with Mission Discs
- Enter Below -

Posted by: Jason | 4 April 2003 | 20:55 EST
Sandtrooper Jabba James reports:
"I can't believe what came in the mail today. Ephant Mon AND BoShek! What a sweet surprise! When I suddenly had to sell off a huge portion of my Star Wars toys, I decided to keep a few keys scenes that had a lot of different and unqiue characters and creatures in them: Jabba's Palace and the Mos Eisley Cantina. Now thanks to JediJaybird they are totally up-to-date. Thanks again. This truly is such a cool fan group to be a part of. May the Force be with you!"

I know this is going to sound boastful, and that no one said there'd be boasting, but you guys flippin' RULE! Thanks to JediJayBird and ALL the great Troops out there in Trooperland - truly SLAMMIN'!

Posted by: Jason | 4 April 2003 | 20:08 EST
Sandtrooper Jedichirp reports:
"Indy (Greenwood, Indiana) Wal-Mart had some of the Destroyer Droid, Yoda wave in stock Wednesday. They also had some red Clone Troops and some Clone Troops with turrets. Nothing else new."


Posted by: Jason | 4 April 2003 | 0:40 EST

STAR WARS: Marmit AT-AT Driver is now in stock for $94.99

RE-ISSUE: Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Prowl, Skids, Tracks and Smokescreen are all in stock
NEW ITEMS: Micromaster Sixbuilder , the new assortment of recolored Spychangers from Takara, set 5 of Kabaya Armada PVC style figures for $24.99, and Mega PVC Armada Hot Shot

GUNDAM: Gundam Fix 0013 action figure is in stock for $144.99, also Master Grade Kampfer, God Gundam, Master Gundam, and new MSIA God Gundam and Shining Gundam
MACROSS / ROBOTECH: Yamato VF-1D 1/60 scale figure, 1/48 Roy Fokker, Masterpiece Volume #4. 1/48 Scale Max Pre-Order is now available for $139.99
BANDAI MACHINE ROBO: #05 Blue Sirens Gyro and Blue Sirens Transport 'Garry' and 5 other Machine Robo items are in stock

click to enter:

Posted by: Steve | 3 April 2003 | 23:04 EST
Force of the Bay comic and novel edition
Hey Troops, tonight we are bringing you a different type of Force. We are interrupting your regularly scheduled Force of the Bay for a chance to open into new areas of Star Wars collecting and enjoyment. Just by utilizing the wonder that is ebay, you can find some great comic book and novel deals. For instance, here is a great way to start an instant collection of novels with a little bit of everything. These were separated by 105 issues, but are two of the hardest classic Marvels to find. You can imagine how horrified I was when I pulled my old Marvel collection out of storage and found it had made a family of mice a very nice little home! Here we have the quintessential series of novels by the man I consider to be the best expanded universe writer to ever grace the GFFA. Here are a couple of auctions that would be great for your kids (or if you are like me, you’ll love to read them yourself): Golden Books and Junior Jedi Knights. If anyone else out there thinks Wedge Antilles is the coolest SW character (I named my cat after him and made a custom figure) ever, here is a bundle of Rogue Squadron comics that should make you drool. Finally, here is the newest SW novel offering for anyone who wants to pick it up for significantly lower than shelf price. If you feel the need to buy it, I would definitely try to get it as cheap as possible. I recently posted a not so favorable review for it, but hey, that is just my opinion. One trooper’s crap is another trooper’s treasure. Well, that is it for the first comic and novel edition of Force of the Bay. Don’t forget, use ebay to your advantage and while I try to research these sellers, Sandtroopers nor ebay endorses or supports these sellers.

Posted by: Tyler | 3 April 2003 | 22:58 EST
R2Dtoys Newsletter #13 2003
This week we are attending the biggest and best show in the UK - Memorabilia. Over 900 dealers and thousands of other SW fanatics and guest signings, you have to come or miss out ! Located in hall 12 at the Birmingham NEC on Saturday and Sunday from 10am.

MASTER REPLICAS *** Anakin FORCE FX Lightsaber just �80 (119 euro)**
Coming soon....Luke ESB and Vader ESB Lightabers.
We will receive, to order, Obi-Wan Lightsaber and new Signature Vader. Please email us for details.

To read the remainder of this newsletter click here

Posted by: Jason | 3 April 2003 | 20:50 EST
Sandtrooper Thundahcrackah reports:
"Troops, Monday I got a 'heads-up' from manager 'Jabba' at my South Mall K-B in Allentown, PA. He told me that he got a case of figures in his shipment but would have to dig through what the truck brought in. It took him until Wednesday to dispatch a crack team of hot girls that work there to get them to the pegs.

"The bad part here was that it was last Summer's Djas Puhr/Chancellor Palpatine/Teemto Pagalies/Ki-Adi-Mundi case with, of course, the obligatory Geonosian Warriors and Emperor's Royal Guards rounding it out. Now, I don't think 'Jabba' will ever be giving up his favorite wall decoration - the oodles of Saga/AOTC figures that this store has amassed over the last six months. This is the status quo at K-B's nationwide, but if things change like they did last November then you might be in for a treat. Remember last April when the big bonus was that K-B got late cases of Zutton and FX-7 POTJ cases at an $8 premium? I hope not! Other than that, situation normal, with more TMNT figures, TMNT Shell Cycles and older Simpsons figures (Series 9, some Series 11 figs and some older environments) on the shelves there."


Posted by: Jason | 3 April 2003 | 20:33 EST
Sandtrooper Jedisearch reports:
"I found the Aayla wave with Barriss Offee and Lama Su at Newburgh, NY Wal-Mart, and they are now cleared out of new figures."


Posted by: Jason | 3 April 2003 | 20:23 EST
Sandtrooper JuvyD reports:
"The new 12" wave of figures is showing up at a lot of local Meijers stores around the Detroit, MI area. The Lando doesn't look too bad but the head on Han is terrible and the head on the AT-ST Driver is marginal at best. These look like the worst wave of 12" figures yet in my opinion. Good luck on the hunt!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 April 2003 | 17:01 EST
Sandrooper Dan reports:
"Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that Trooper Rick in Spokane, WA came through for me in a big way by sending me a carded Ephant Mon. I was never able to find it here in Tampa, and he kept me in mind weeks after I had mailed him that I was looking for one. Thanks again Rick!"

That is what this site is all about guys, helping each other out!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 April 2003 | 9:10 EST
That face says it all
Okay Guys, jokes over

Am I the only one that thinks this figure looks like SCREECH?

Posted by: Jason | 2 April 2003 | 21:31 EST
This One Isn’t Frozen in a Permanent Right Guard Commercial Pose:

Shameless was the way they produced a zillion of the Padme Arena Escape. SANDWATCH reviews the first of probably many versions of Padme for 2003.

This one has great features but also drops the ball in some areas. Spice and I diasagreed on some points but will make you think about this one.

Grab a sports bottle and jump on the treadmill, you balls of pan-drippings! Bring along this review of Padme Amidala - Droid Factory chase to get your pencil moving.

- click to enter SANDWATCH -
Shameless Tramp

Posted by: Steve | 2 April 2003 | 19:27 EST
Yestertoys has the Boba Fett wave
Hey Troops, Yestertoys has let me know that they still have the new Boba Fett wave in stock. If you don't have these yet, visit http://www.yestertoys.com today.

Posted by: Jason | 1 April 2003 | 20:56 EST
"JediDaxter here with an update. First of all, I am running a drawing for a sealed AOTC Acklay that ends on April 28th. So, for those who haven't entered, now is the time to do so. I have also added a new entry to Hasbro's Incorrect. Go check it out.

"And, I have added a link on my page for the new petition I've created. It is for a Classic Cinema Scene from The Empire Strikes Back Star Destroyer Base with three newly sculpted Imperial Officers. If you haven't signed yet, then do so today."


Posted by: Jason | 1 April 2003 | 19:58 EST

KEBco Toys has the new Saga Cinema Scenes, Clone Wars Army Builders and Vehicles available for Pre-Order. The newest 13 basic 3.75" figures are still listed for Pre-Order along with Factory Cases.

Cinema Scenes : Jedi High Council and Geonosian War Room
Army Builders : Clone Troopers, Federation Droids, Jedi Knights, Destroyer Droid Launcher with Figure
Vehicles : Jedi Starfighter, Anakin Starfighter, Federation Tank, Hailfire Droid, Geonosian Fighter with Pilot

Be sure to ask about the ongoing "One of Every Figure" Club in which you may order one, two, even ten or more of each figure as it's released! And don't forget to enter the Figure A Day Giveaway at the site. Visit www.kebcotoys.com for all of your Star Wars action figures.

Posted by: Jason | 1 April 2003 | 19:25 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
"Hi, I have some of the newer Saga figures MOC that I would like to trade or sell. I put a post in the forums, so I thought I might be able to have you post it on your website. What I have is:"

Boba Fett-Pit of Carkoon, Flight R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony, Darth Tyranus-Geonosian Escape, Mace Windu Arena Confrontation, Tusken Raider Camp, Padme Droid Chase, Tantive IV Rebel Soldier, Destroyer Droid, Jedi Council Yoda, Imperial Officer, Library Droids, Clean Shaven Endor Soldier, Count Dooku & many POTJ & Green Carded figures.

"Thanks for your help, Starfox signing out."


Posted by: Jason | 1 April 2003 | 18:56 EST
Sandtrooper Tex Mex reports:
"Target in Pasadena, TX has Ephant Mon. There were two. I picked up the damaged card since I am going to open it, and left the one in very good condition. The bottom right corner had a slight curl but no crease. Also, new speeders are hitting Targets here in Houston. I have seen them in 3 stores already. Good Luck."


Posted by: Jason | 1 April 2003 | 18:34 EST
Sandtrooper Danny B. with Grand Slam Coverage:
"Danny B here from So. Cal with news from the annual Star Trek Grand Slam which featured Star Wars for the first time this year. The Photo op with Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch,David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Silas Carson and Maria De Aragon was great. The Q and A with Carrie Fisher was bizzare. Scott Bakula got booed and he wasn't even there. James Marsters of Buffy had the biggest line for autographs go figure. I almost got run over by Nicholas Brenadan and his entourage but he was cool. I still can't figure out why Lorenzo Lamas was there?!

"The 501st escorting the SW actors in was one the highlights. The most touching part of the weekend was James Doohan of Star Trek on stage, he is not doing very well these days but God bless him for staying up there and answering questions. I wish him the best. I never thought I would see the day where Star Trek and Star Wars fans stood side by side but we did, Klingon with Stormtroopers, Jedi with Starfleet. In all one the greatest weeknds of my life.

"One thing to report the Walmart in Santa Fe Springs, CA has quite a few Clone Trooper pilots as of Tuesday Morning."


Posted by: Jason | 1 April 2003 | 7:00 EST
Sandtrooper 'THE CHAD' reports:
"This is not related to Star Wars but I need help in finding the Generation 1 Thundercracker Transformers Hasbro Commemorarative Edition. For some reason my Toys 'R' Us will not get them in, why? I need assistance. Thanks for any help!

"I know I have asked you this before but does Hasbro favor certain states. All the reports of people find the new figures are coming from out west(they always get everything first), up north and now in Florida. I am wondering if we in Huntsville, Alabama are being over looked. For instance, I have not found the new Boba Fett. Is he still being made or did Hasbro make a limited number of him? Where in the hell is he? I told you about the Speeders with Dooku and Anakin. I am starting to lose patience with big H.

"Here is the score:
  • Wal-Mart - Some Wal-Marts will keep the same old figures on the shelf forever. One Wal-Mart did get the Aayla wave. One case.
  • TRU will keep the same old figures forever and not get any new ones. The Speeder, I tripped over.
  • Target - They have not gotten anything new but the Darth Tyranus and Obi-wan
  • KB - don't even go there.

    "That's what I am up against. Thanks."


    Thanks for the updates and the Thundercracker question Chad. I think you answered your first question about why your TRU isn't getting the re-release seeker jet in your second comment about overlooked States. As always, try ebay, but don't resort to paying the going scalp rate for him, wait until he filters into TRU's nationwide when the demand goes down. Also try BigBadToyStore, Brian's Toys, and Dave's World for online sightings of the Hasbro reissues.