March 2004

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 23:55 EST
A Fond Farewell:
I am writing this news post to bring the entire community some sad news. will be closing at midnight Wednesday, March 31, 2004.

It has been a great four years at this community, but, due to a few circumstances beyond our control, we will no longer be able to operate. As many of you know, Darth Crypt decided to leave the site about a month ago. He offered the site to me, but since then, we have not been able to transfer ownership of the site. We had plans to bring the entire site and its contents to a new domain name with the same staff, same community and same features, but the situation behind the scenes has worn on myself, Spice, and Dan to the point where we do not have the energy to continue on.

In addition, a new site has opened up that is run by former staff member and current top forum poster in the Forums, Master Yoda. This was done in secret and none of the current staff had any knowledge about these happenings. Needless to say, we are confused at this new site since his contributions to the forums were always welcome by all and he was an extremely active member.

I think I can speak for the entire staff when I say that I was most proud of this site and its contents. We may not have always been first on the block with the news, but we always made great efforts to see that we brought the same great content to you that we believed you expected, from the casual news post, to the most awesome dioramas to the best darn anti-scalper propaganda on the net!

There are many great Star Wars web sites out in the galaxy, and I am sure that you will all find great new communities to share you thoughts and ask your questions in. I am sure to see all of you in at least a handful of them.

On a personal note, I am honored to have worked with such a talented and energized staff during my time here and to have been accepted as a friend within the community. While the site will be here no longer, remember, the Force runs strong through us all and our love of the story of Star Wars will always keep this community together in one form or another.

May the Force be with you... Always...

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 23:55 EST
Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow
I wanted to go back and fix the Special EditionsDateline: Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con Hey Troops, I've posted a couple of recent updates to the Star Wars References Guide at The Simpsons Archive. Included are some recent Simpson Comics Star Wars allusions and the March 21st televised Episode Co-Dependence Day, in which the Episode I'ish Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow, Jim-Jam Binks, and the George Lucas-inpsired Randall Curtis appeared. This episode marks the most Star Wars references in a single episode since 1998's Mayored to the Mob guest-starring Mark Hamill. I've also recently taken over SNPP's Simpsons Comics Guide where you can see "what's worth reading" in the Simpsons Universe. Simpson Comic fans may want to "use the forks" and sign the petition urging Bongo Comics Group to provide a subscription-based service for their comics.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 23:18 EST
Big Sale until Sunday at TOY FELLAS:
Hello fellow collectors, we have dropped prices on many of our toy lines*. Save big on Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Lord of the Rings and more. Take a good look around because we have listed only a few categories below.
Star Wars:
Basic Figure $5.00
Deluxe $6.99 or less
Mini Bust $36.99
And more

G.I. Joe:
Figures $5.00
Mini Bust $39.00 or less

McFarlane’s Sportspicks:
All Sports Categories $9.99 - $5.99
Transformers :
Supercons $7.99
Maxcons $18.00

* Star Wars POTJ, Side Show Weta LOTR items excluded from sale
     Call Toll-Free: 1-888-273-5663
     Forget About It!
- enter TOY FELLAS below -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 22:38 EST
“Death Star Imperial Docking Bay” Lego™ Diorama by ACPin:
DS Imperial Docking Bay“The Death Star has strategically placed docking bays that can launch the various Imperial TIEs and shuttles when the need arises. The TIE fighters are launched from cycling racks of up to 72 ships in larger hangars and smaller hangars can contain as few as two ships.” - ACPin

Check it out at ACPin SW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 22:16 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
Bay Area report live from Sin City“Hey Troops, The newest thing to hit locally is the Target exclusive cup and fig. It looks like that only two are out at this time and they are in abundance right now. I have been scoping the TRU’s in my area and getting ready for Sunday. I’m going to try to pick up a few extra just in case but from all the reports coming in it looks like this one will be readily available just about anywhere. Also received my pack, can’t wait for that to reopen. I also wanted to mention last night’s episode of Clone Wars, Mace Windu finally kicks some serious butt! Watching him take out entire squads of Super Battle Droids was awesome! And then single handedly taking down the Clone Trooper squisher was spectacular. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode with Luminara and Barriss.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 21:18 EST

Vintage Star Wars: The vintage dept has listed hundreds of various loose figures and vehicles as well as some playsets and vehicles that come with the box.

New Takara Transformers: BT-04 Hound 1/24 Scale Jeep Wrangler with die cast parts, Wave 2 Smallest Transformers (Megatron highlights this wave along with Jazz, Red Alert, Prowl, Thrust, Optimus Prime and chase figures Bluestreak and Ultra Magnus). Boxes of 12 $54.99, single figures $4.99 and Sealed Master Cases for $209.99 (purchasing a master case is the only way to ensure a complete set with both chase figures). More Takara 20th Masterpiece primes are now available.

More Transformers: Hard Hero 12" Optimus Prime Statue, a variety of older and exclusive transformers including Clampdown & Deep Cover, Ghost & Black Starscream, # 22 first Re-Issue Starscream, Gold Jazz & Bluestreak, Nucleon Quest Prime, Heroes of Cybertron 4 & 5 and Black Leo Convoy. More Hasbro 20th Primes are available.

Skeletor Statue: Now priced at $174.99 - limited to 1250 pieces

Bandai USA Gundam: Brand new Seed figures (Deluxe Boxed Aile Strike Gundam and Skygrasper, Deluxe Launcher Strike Gundam and Buster Gundam), and twelve various G-Gundam Basic figures and Battle Scarred Deluxe figures including Scarred Rose, Shadow, Shining, Dragon, and Basic Rising, Burning, Hyper: Bolt, Rose, Maxter, Dragon.

Sports Picks NBA 6 & 3" NHL 1: NBA Series 6 figures including new to our site variants of Carmello Anthony, Peja Stojakovic, and Stephon Marbury. Others back in stock include regular Carmello Anthony, Pippen, Sonics Payton and more. The 3 inch NHL Series 1 figures have arrived and the set of 6 is available and individual 2-packs.

Knights of the Zodiac: The new Black Knights set of 5 has arrived and include a part of the bonus Gold Cloth Figure. We also have the normal Knights and imported versions.

More new arrivals and extensive listing of new arrivals.
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 20:21 EST
Sandtrooper Mike on the First-Time Trooper Line reports:
“How's it going? My name is Mike and I'm from Joliet, Illinois. I just thought i would fill you in on some news. The local Toys R Us has gotten their shipment of Silver Clone Troopers and actually had five of them for sale at $4.97 each. I'm guessing someone who did not know about the promotion put these up by mistake, so I grabbed two for me and two for my father. The best part is now I don't have to buy anything to get them!! Also, the local Wal-Mart has been great lately! They got five cases last week and five today, so I have been able to get the Yavin wave, Bossk, Dengar, and Admiral Ozzel!! Talk to you later.”

Thanks for writing, and for the Silver Clone Trooper sighting Mike! We're glad to hear things are looking good in Illinois.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 March 2004 | 20:04 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Hawk reports:
Jedi Hawk’s Pro Scalper 4Dateline: Newest Wave Hitting Retail in TX “Central Texas Report: Well, I actuallly have some new findings to report. My local Wal-Mart came through today with the new Ozzel, Dengar and Bossk wave today. I picked up those guys with a grin on my face. They are pretty nice looking. The Ozzel seems a little weak but still a good figure. There were some of the Yavin wave in with that case also. I left those since I already have them. Nice to see something new. Still no Glass (plastic) sets at my Target yet; they just put out Animated Wave 2 for the first time yesterday. My TRU got in the repacked Jango and Obi-Wan Kamino sets too, so it has been an active week so far. Not a whole lot that I needed, but still some new product showing up which is nice. Anyway just wanted to share the news of the newest wave hitting retail in TX. Hunt 'em down.” - Andrew

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 March 2004 | 23:46 EST
Force of the Bay: Many Needles in One Big Haystack!
Hey Troopers, there are over two thousand listings added daily and usually fifteen thousand every day of the year. This means my work is never done. Once again we will use my standard issue ST binoculars and focus on unique, interesting or is it something in particular you seek? Maybe you are looking forward to dressing up and hitting the convention circuit in your own costume? There are millions of things to choose from in the props section. If what you have been searching for has not been mass-produced, never fear some one will make it for you. Whatever the Star Wars character you are looking for, it will turn up sooner or later. There is no item too small or too old. You could start at the very beginning, or find obscure things from the very end of the Original Trilogy. Are you upset with Target offering you plastic instead of glass? The old saying "they don’t make them like that anymore" certainly does apply. For all of you big spenders, there is a new place to put your gold card. There is something for every fan, including the Droid with the plans in the rear of his can! It is all there for your taking. I saw this treat in our Forums a while back; looks like it is up for grabs again! It is sometimes just nice to browse and dream. Just be careful of the guy who thinks you owe him a new plasma screen. Power Suckas like these should be laughed at, and avoided at all cost! Let them find another way to send their children to an institute of higher learning; who cares if they beat you to the toy store. Take solace in the fact you have! neither endorses nor authenticates any of the items featured here. Thanks to Sandtrooper Raja for the Sucka, keep 'em coming! The healing power of laughter! Good luck to you great Troops on your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 March 2004 | 23:22 EST Update:
A lot going on at Amazon, with Jabba's Palace 4-pack relisted, the Original Trilogy DVD's available for order, and many of the items listed here on sale. A special free shipping promotion is also currently running (see items at right).

Red Leader X-Wing Fighter
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
Jabba's Palace 4-Pack
Master Replicas Signature Edition Count Dooku Lightsaber
12-Inch Han Solo with Magnetic Detonators
Fossil Star Wars Stormtrooper Watch
Star Wars Trilogy - Widescreen Edition
Star Wars Trilogy - Full Screen Edition
AOTC Spider Droid
Free Shipping on the Following:
TIE Pilot - Battle of Yavin
Lando Skiff Guard
Jabba's Court Denizens
Jedi Council Scene
Anakin's Starfighter
Geonosian Fighter
Hailfire Droid
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Durge with Swoop Bike
Droid Army
Clone Wars Saesee Tiin
Unleashed Han Solo
Unleashed Chewbacca
Unleashed Clone Trooper
Ultra Jabba the Hutt
Dutch Vander - Gold Leader
General Jan Dodonna
Silver Clone Trooper

Note the Silver Clone Trooper on the right for $5.99 with free shipping! Why wait 'til this weekend and spend $20 on stuff you probably already have?

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 March 2004 | 22:43 EST
Sandtrooper “Trooper Larry” reports:
Java the HuttDateline: Night Force “Hey Troops! Trooper Larry reporting in from a soggy Mentor, Ohio. Went on a recon mission to TRU so I could have an idea what to pick up this Sunday. They had plenty of Hoth and Bartoo waves to go around. Also found the repacked Obi and Jango deluxe figures. Other than that, there wasn’t anything notable. On a side note, for all you Joe fans, they had several of the Night Force 6 pack. I will have to say at least Hasbro made those right by using the old style rivets in the shoulders and elbows. That’s it for this report. Hopefully I'll find something good on my run on Sunday. Take care Troops.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 March 2004 | 22:18 EST
Sandtrooper Danny B reports:
Dateline - Codename: Sci-Fi Grand Slam; Filename: Danny B. “Danny B here from So.Cal. Found the Darth Maul with cup today at the Santa Fe Springs Target. They still had two Obi-Wans when I left. I proudly wore my Sandtroopers shirt on Saturday at the Sci-Fi Grand Slam here in So.Cal. Hope it cools down soon. I would like to say ’hello’ to all my California peeps and keep searching for the goods.”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 March 2004 | 21:29 EST
KB Clearance Sale on Obi-Wan Battle Worn MR Lightsaber!
General Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi: Jedi Knight and hero of the Rebellion. As mentor to Luke Skywalker, he assists the Rebels in destroying the Death Star and ultimately bringing an end to the evil Empire. In keeping with the realism prevalent in the Star Wars saga, this weathered version of the Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber shows the effect that decades of use in the harsh environments of the Star Wars galaxy had on his weapon. Master Replicas has diligently replicated the details of this lightsaber, including the scratches, dents, and battle scars evident on the original filming prop seen in A New Hope. Old Ben's lightsaber is one of the most widely recognized weapons from the original trilogy. Its antique design harkens back to an earlier time, or as Obi-Wan puts it, "a more civilized age."

- click to view at -
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 March 2004 | 21:19 EST
Sandtrooper Steven Peacock reports:
Dateline: Another Case of RTT* “Hi Jason, I too, much like Trooper Bobafred would like to thank John Poucher (aka Trooper Big JP) in Ohio. I posted about two weeks ago at Sandtroopers, looking for a Yellow Clone Trooper 3-pack. He contacted me and we ended up trading. John is a highly recommended trader in my book. Thank you!”

Sandtroopers SALUTE! to Troopers Big JP, Steven Peacock, and SoCali Bobafred on another round of scalper-slammin' trades.  Dateline: I Hope Your Research Skills are of Plenty  Today I also received in the mail an envelope containing Trooper Bobafred's Original Star Wars Cinema Shots in a booklet that he sent to my secret lair so that I could figure out just what this item was! It turns out that it is from the boxed set of Soundtrack and Story Of Star Wars (reel-to-reel tapes plus booklet and info sheet in black pebble finish box with gold embossed lettering) released by 20th Century-Fox Record Corp. in 1978 (No. RN-561). The photo booklet features sixteen 12 x 8 full color film and publicity shots. The best shot is on Page 5 Fred; thanks for putting on the armor! Begin Today. *Real Trooper Trust™

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 March 2004 | 21:43 EST
Sandtrooper Ian Brazee-Cannon reports:
No way out, whether you’re from New Zealand or mainland AustraliaDateline: New One Shots at The Imperial Officers' Club “It has been forever and day a since I last updated The Imperial Officers' Club, but I got around to it. My camera is not working very well so you get the Blurry One Shots. There are Episode III jokes that may be spoilers, so you are warned!”

The Imperial Officers' Club

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 March 2004 | 20:10 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
Current Alhambra, CA temperature: 92 degrees FahrenheitDateline: Tons of Ultra Jabba. “Greetings once again from a sweltering 90+ degree SoCal. Went to the ’Old Town’ Pasadena Target today after the gym and picked up the Fan's Choice # 5 figure of Capt. Antilles as well as the Ultra Wampa (finally!!!). There were TONS of the Ultra Jabba along with some of the repackaged deluxe Kamino Obi-Wans and Jangos. As an aside, they had 3 sets of the McFarlane Yao & Shaq 2 packs that I was hunting. That's it for now. Things are supposed to cool down the next few days; we'll see. Take care and be good to each other. Peace, OUT!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 March 2004 | 20:02 EST
Allentown Chase - My Rats Come in Packs like Dooku and Nute Gunray:
Allentown Terrordrome, Home (for now) of El GeneraleDateline: It's Always Funny Until Scalpers Get Hurt. And then it's Just Hilarious. I received a Sandtrooper Tip-Off from Upstate New York S.C.A.L.P. Trooper J-Loud about KB Toys likely receiving Screen Scene 3-packs from last summer's two wave release at $7.99 each. I had a feeling Southeast PA (South Allentown) may get these, and today was KB every-other-Monday truck day so I stopped in at the South Crown Mall location on Lehigh Street and scouted three fresh cases of these (1 each of the four 3-packs per case). Nearly twenty dollars paid out last year, but such is the nature of the hunt. Also had another case of the 2002 Senator Palpatine et al. TMNT re-armed with TCRI Mutations and Armored Turtles, but no removable helmet Oroku Saki (Shredder). The Prince Adams and Hulk Abominations have vanished, likely hastily making their way onto Cosmixx Toys' website where another Suckah tries to stick it to the true MotU collectors. Here's hoping I run into this clown next Sunday at Grape Street TRU; got my MG-34 loaded wiff 16 shots for ya!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 March 2004 | 23:02 EST
Sandtrooper Ben in L.A. reports:
Dateline: Clone Trooper Troubles “Hey there, haven't written in a long time, but had an anomoly that I had to report. In a lovely Los Angeles Target department store I found an Obi-Wan character with a Darth Maul glass inserted. It's factory sealed and the box is an Obi-Wan box, someone just screwed up and put the Darth Maul cup in there instead. Wondering how rare this is and whether anyone knows anything about it! Also, I may be out of town on April 4th. I know, right when the Silver Clone is going to hit. I made friends with a TRU employee and I asked him about this figure. He had no idea what I was talking about. I am starting to wonder whether only certain TRUs are going to get these. Thanks and good luck to you all!”

Thanks for checking in Ben. The mispackaged glass is a production error at best, but you may want to offer it for cost plus shipping, or try your luck on ebay. As for April 4th, every TRU should have the promotion in effect despite TRU associates not yet knowing about it. If you are out of town, check back here on April 5th and take advantage of some good will!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 March 2004 | 20:28 EST
Silver Clone Trooper Images:
The Terror of TRUTroopers, Spiceowan has obtained the Toys R Us retailer exclusive Silver Clone Trooper and we've added it to the 2004 Images Section. For those of you who don't live near a TRU that merchandised these on the pegs early, the drop dead date is April 4th (next Sunday). Thank you to Federation Jim of Federation Toys for the advanced copy.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 March 2004 | 18:01 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Mike reports:

click images to enter
“The Jedi Temple Archives is proud to add the 2nd wave of the Mos Eisley Cantina Sets to the Saga 2002 Visual Guide!! This never released set of figures that was cancelled by Hasbro includes our favorite bartender Wuher, the long awaited for smuggler Kitik Keed'kak and the famous evil Dr. Evazan. There have been rumors of the possibility of this set finally making its way to retail, however so far it looks like the Saga blue carded versions may just be a vision of the past.

“Also new this week is the Special Exclusives Visual Guide made specially so that all those releases that don't seem to fit into any particular section, like Silver Darth Vaders or Mexican Convention 25th Anniversary 2-packs have a home of their own! So stop in at and check out the latest sections and updates! It would be much appreciated.”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 March 2004 | 14:01 EST
New items at Yestertoys:
Hey Troops, Sandtrooper Tom over at Yestertoys has let me know about some new items available. Silver Clone Trooper is in stock, mint condition for Twenty dollars. They have received a decent amount of these and also have non-mint variety for a little less. They also have re-stocked the Silver Boba Fett in case any of you missed this Exclusive. Back in stock are both Holiday Sets. Choose from either C-3PO & R2-D2 or Holiday Yoda. Make sure to check out Yestertoys for much more. All of these can be found in their Star Wars Exclusives section. Please note: some of these items have not been added to the site as of this time, all will be added by Tuesday!
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 March 2004 | 12:48 EST
Army Building - Gushing Wampa Armpits Aplenty:
Discounted Wampas - $10.49 for mint or $8.99 for non-mint Wampas at KEBco Toys while supplies last.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 March 2004 | 12:30 EST
Sandtrooper Bobafred with the San Fernando Valley Edition™:
Gear Up and Flame OnDateline: SoCal Scalping at its Finest “Bobafred chiming in from the S.F.V. First and foremost I want to give a big shout out to Big John Poucher back east in Ohio for hooking me up with an interchangeable unmasked Unleashed Vader. This was a no nonsense trade. He by far leads by example and is highly recommended to deal with. He does not tease you with his haves, nor does he expect the world for his hard to find pieces. Orange shoulder Pauldron for this Sandtrooper! And if he responds to your e-mail request, jump at the opportunity to keep it sane! You're more than alright in my book and now have a set of eyes and a bankroll in California for Life!

“Going back to Cali ...
Jedi Dom (Chicanodom), it is good to see your post but sad to hear your collecting has abruptly halted due to scalping at its finest! You are another Santrooper that goes over and beyond the call of duty. As I recall, I could never find the Trash Compactor sets, and you made it a point to get these in my hand at cash value. Please forward your needs list, for I will replenish your collection with those hard to finds!

“Friday is the day (just prior to April 4th Silver Clone day) that all Toys R Us are receiving them in sporadic shipments. If you know the Manager, it is time to shmoooze him over to the Dark Side! If any one has Unleashed Leia and is looking to sell or trade give me a jingle at Bobafred signing out!”

Posted by: Dan | 28 March 2004 | 1:16 EST
When Jedi Roll Deep, It's 20 Sabers in the Club:
I'm fulla focus man, mitichlorians on my mindHey Troops, a few of you may remember a diorama I built some time ago called The Jedi Club Cantina. It was auctioned off on ebay and the new owner, Ray Candelaria, authored an interesting short story to go along with the new centerpiece of his collection. So if you will, please enter the Jedi Club and check out Ray's excellent adventure. Stay tuned for an upcoming project that I must keep Top Secret until it is completely done!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 March 2004 | 23:59 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter # 248

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For the week of March 28 - April 3

New in this week: Saga Kotobukiya Clone Trooper White C-8/9 $119.99

Saga Exclusives back in stock including Endor Soldier 4-Pack, Star Tours Carded R5-D2 & SK-Z38, and 12" Ki-Adi-Mundi. Also back in Saga Master Replicas Luke Jedi Lightsaber $899.99

POTJ and EP1 12" Now in stock including 4-LOM, Death Star Droid, Death Star Trooper, Luke Dagobah & Yoda, Luke & Speederbike, Battle Droid, Darth Maul, Jar Jar Binks, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Watto. 6" boxed Pit Droid (green stripe) and Pit Droid (red stripe) in stock. Episode I 3 ?-inch carded Naboo Royal Guard & Queen Amidala (Battle Fatigues) back in stock.

Finally back in stock: the Episode I Applause 22" Jumbo Plush Yoda! ONLY $199.99

Featured POTF2 items this week include CommTech R2-D2 with Holographic Leia, Riddell Boba Fett Helmet, Takara Plush Set of 5, and Action Fleet TIE Defender and E-Wing.
Great collection of C-9.5 Vintage loose POTF figures now in stock, you have to see them to believe how nice these figures are! Including Amanaman, Barada, EV-9D9, Han Carbonite, Imperial Gunner and more! Be sure to check out the great carded figures now in stock too like the POTF Ben Kenobi and Lando General.

New section of G.I. Joe Estrela (Brazil) just added, check out the selection of 3 ?-inch loose figures now in stock! Great orignal boxed vehicles now in: (1985) Cobra Hydrofoil (Moray) with Lampreys, (1987) Crossfire with Rumbler MIB C-8+ - Alpha 27, (1987) Crossfire with Rumbler MIB C-3 - Delta 49. Palisades Mini Busts back in stock: Roadblock, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow. New low price on Dreams & Visions 2002 Limited Edition The Blackhawk Deluxe Gift Set $169.99. Tons of new loose vehicles and 3 ?-inch Action Figures coming soon, check website for updates!

Featured Transformers from Energon, Armada and Takara PVC Act 1. New Low Price on Transformers Optimus Prime Statue $99.99.

Just Arrived: Marvel Replica Mask of Dr. Doom $279.99

Also new this week, the NECA Skeletor Resin Statue and new series MOTU back in stock such as Buzz-Off, Mekaneck, Orko, Prince Adam, Sy-Klone, Tri Klops and others.

Great Simpsons Playsets in this week including the Springfield Elementary and the Exclusive Boxed Treehouse of Horror 4: The Collector's Lair C-7/8!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 27 March 2004 | 22:53 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Jedi Dom Reports:
Dom, of Dom and Dommer“The Inland Empire has very little new of anything. I had a bit of luck finding the Yavin wave a few weeks ago, however that was in an area I rarely frequent. In my hometown of Hemet, we are blessed with a Wal-Mart, Target and a Kmart, all within a 5 minute drive of my house. I found out today that my Kmart will be resetting their shelves, and Star Wars will not be on it. I saw the schematic myself. My Wal-Mart has not had anything new since The Return of the Jedi was released, and my local Target has only had the Animated figs. Needless to say, my patience is running slim. For once I really need some help. I am looking for a C-9+ Tanus, J'Quille, and a holographic Luke, as well as the Jabba, Denizens, Kamino sets and the Ewok Ultras. I am hoping someone may have access to all of these, as I would really like to save on shipping. I know quite a few people are finding everything right about now, so hopefully someone out there can help me. I have an extra set of Animated wave 2 if anyone can trade me for them. Please drop me a line if you can!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 March 2004 | 22:13 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
Dateline: Dom and Dommer “Hey Troops, Here's the news around East Central Wisconsin: the weather's crummy. Also, found the Maul and Obi-Wan with glasses at Target. They also had a Kamino showdown Obi-Wan on a beat up card. I only mention it because I know some Troopers were looking for it. Is anyone interested in trading for an R1-G4? If not, he's going back. On a side note, I enjoyed seeing Rancho Obi-Wan on Cartoon Network. I guess you could say that Sansweet has a pretty good collection. Ciao for now.” - Dom, Jedi for Jesus

Posted by: Spiceowan | 27 March 2004 | 9:59 EST
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi reports:
 ... and knowing is half the battle. “What's up Troops? Found the latest Star Destoyer wave at my local Wal-Mart. Bossk, Dengar, and Admiral Ozzel. These look really good. The sculpts on Dengar and Bossk came out really well. Last week I found most of the Yavin wave as well as the Target cup deals with Maul and Obi-Wan. Does anyone have a Queen's Royal Starship loose or boxed complete for trade? I am really looking to get one for a diorama I'm working on. Thanks.”

Great to hear from you again, Jim! Pre-dawn attacks seem to be the factor in finding new scores! I'm sure somebody snatched up an extra Queen's Starship when they were on clearance at TRU.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 27 March 2004 | 0:17 EST
Cult TV Expo: Picture Gallery LIVE!
Hey Troops, over last weekend most of you are aware that I covered the Cult TV Expo: Celebrating Battlestar Galactica. I have put together a photo gallery with the help of General J, for your viewing pleasure. From Vintage Records, Trading Cards, fake 12-Backs to authentic ones, replacement stickers and repro capes, it was all there. Most of the photos were taken on Saturday with Sandtrooper Jim from Federation Toys. So if you enjoyed Battlestar as much as I did, visit the gallery and see what you might have missed out on!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 March 2004 | 18:37 EST
New Ultra and Basic Figures at
   (click to view)

   Ultra Jabba the Hutt
   Ultra Jabba's Palace Court Denizens
   Ultra Kamino Confrontation Jango
   Ultra Kamino Confrontation Obi-Wan
   Fan's # 5: Captain Antilles
   Dutch Vander - Gold Leader
   Sail Barge Lando Calrissian
   Tanus Spijek
   Holographic Luke
   General Jan Dodonna
   Yavin TIE Fighter Pilot

Tanus SpijekVintage Star Wars: The vintage department has just listed a variety of carded vintage SW items and has listed the first 200 items from a large loose vintage SW collection. Tons of figures, many with weapons are currently listed and many vehicles and other items will be listed Monday.

Muppets: Two great exclusive items are available for $28.99 - Adventure Kermit - dressed just like Indian Jones complete with hat and whip and The Ghost of Samuel Arrow Wizard World Exclusive. Series 7 Muppets figures have arrived, and we offer 3 different sets of 4 that each include a different variant version of Johnny - Gray, Pinstripe, and Purple Jackets.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 March 2004 | 23:14 EST
Federation Toys Update:
[Click to Enter]Hey Troops, Federation Toys just filled me in on some new arrivals to hold us over until the new shipments arrive. Check out their Master Replicas section for clearance on selected MR products, and be sure to visit their Exclusives Section for the Silver Clone Trooper, which has arrived but has not been added to the site as of yet. There is a small supply of the Celebration II Program in stock for the low price of $12 dollars. I remember these being ten at the event so not really a bad deal if you couldn't make it but would still like to have a piece of the greatest Star Wars event in history. Please check the site daily as new product has been ordered and is scheduled to arrive very soon! I had a blast with Jim last weekend at the Expo and we hope to bring you great Troops much more in the months to come. I would also like to thank Jim for helping spread the word about our event a mere six months from now. If you haven't heard about it please check out our Celebrity Charity Breakfast that we are Co-Sponsoring!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 March 2004 | 21:57 EST
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Taking preorders on the Star Wars F/X Master Replicas jacket, diecast Slave 1 signature series, Luke Empire F/X Lightsaber, Mace Windu AOTC F/X lightsaber, mini saber & F/X sabers display cases. Master Replicas Luke Jedi mini-saber, Clone Trooper Koto model, Luke & Leia Cinemacast statue, and Vader F/X saber in stock.”

click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 March 2004 | 21:27 EST
Force of the Bay: Shootin' From the Hip, Never an Empty Clip!
Hey Troops, another mission of reconnaissance at ebay and another mission accomplished. You never know what it will reveal but when you infiltrate the nearly twenty thousand listings you will feel the power for yourself. It amazes me to see things that I would deem worthless go for thousands of dollars. There is a little bit of everything, no matter what the Star Wars item you are looking for, you only need time and patience. AFA graded quality is so common, one can almost begin to take it for granted. Master Replicas are a pretty hefty investment, but a prototype? From old catalogues to the most common accessory, it is all right at your fingertips. Did you miss out? Forgot to bid? You’ll find it again. I featured a clock much like this one last week, but I believe this could be in better condition. So what ever your bounty, if you’d like to tell them to go fly a kite or you could find a guy with a lot of balls! As always you can find any type of customs you could dream of. I have to admit my favorite thing of all is the group lot. Sometimes you can clean up, but most the time I just like to see what they end at! Exercise caution when doing business, and research the sellers you deal with. neither endorses or authenticates the sellers featured here. Good luck to you great Troops in your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 March 2004 | 20:21 EST
Sandtrooper Forcehunter with the First Coast™ report:
Dateline: Jacksonville, FL “The Yavin wave has hit the first Coast. A few of my friends have found several of the wave at the San Pablo Wal-Mart. I myself just got back from the Target on San Jose and was able to grab Antilles, Dutch, and Dodonna. That was all they had. I did leave two Hoth Lukes if that helps anyone. Good luck and good hunting. Forcehunter signing off.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 March 2004 | 20:14 EST
Sandtrooper YQ-1 reports:
Dateline: Minnesota Gold “Hey Troopers, YQ-1 here back from my weekly scouting of the local Targets and Wally Worlds. Apparently scalpers have overlooked the smaller communities in their poaching of the good figs because Wal-Mart in Buffalo, MN was loaded. Picked up an extra Dutch Vander, General Dodonna, TIE Pilot and Captain Antilles for anybody looking. I am in desperate need of a carded Admiral Motti or a Captain Piett. Of all the rich characters in the Star Wars universe, why, oh why did Hasbro choose ’Holographic Luke,’ complete with lightsaber? My daughter Abbey and I still have our eyes peeled for an Admiral Ozzel, we’ll keep you posted. MTFBWY.” - Jim

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 March 2004 | 19:52 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Hawk reports:
Jedi Hawk’s Pro Scalper 4Dateline: Funny How Someone from the Cold Could Warm the Pegs So Much “Central Texas Report: Just wanting to report that things here are really slow. I can't complain all that much since I am all caught up to the Star Destroyer wave, but it has not been easy nor the product abundant. Anyway, just thought that I should share the news of no news. It seems that the toy world is slowing down before the Summer push of movie tie-ins and the like, the onslaught that is Spiderman 2. My local Target has dropped the price on the screen scenes down to $9.98, so you might want to check that out if you have a need for those. They also have about 15 Hoth troopers. Funny how some one from the cold could warm the pegs so much. My Wal-Mart did put out a case of the newest Unleashed with Chewie, Luke, and Clone, but nothing in the way of new figures. Then my TRU has got a lot of stuff, just it's all old and useless. I don't know what I will buy to get my Silver Clone. But I am sure I will find something. Well that sums up a useless report Troops. Hunt 'em Down (If you can).” - Andrew

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 March 2004 | 14:49 EST
Cartoon Network: Season 2 Begins Tomorrow!
Now I only need 1 more picture and I can make my own website!Cartoon Network is getting ready to launch the second season of the Clone Wars Micro-Series, Premiering tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time. For more information on Clone Wars follow this link. We have a schedule for Season 2. Note the first two dates, if you have missed the first season they will be airing it again. I hope the next installment is just as good as the first! I'm sure the Dewbacks will be parked and some take home beverages from the Cantina will be in full effect.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 March 2004 | 14:40 EST
Clone Wars Multi-Packs Restock at
   (click to view)

   Clone Trooper Army - GREEN
   Clone Trooper Army - Yellow
   Clone Trooper Army - Red
   Spider Droid - Clone Wars Packaging
   Clone Trooper Army - Blue
   Jedi Knight Army

The Unleashed 7 figures are now available individually for $15.99 each, or as a set of 3 for $44.99 each. And the Vintage Sale Ends Wednesday at 8:00 PM Central Time.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 March 2004 | 14:25 EST
Sandtrooper Leif with an ST Factor™ Follow-Up:
VA BeachDateline: Props Time Again “Leif Here. I just wanted to thank all the Troops who helped me land a Tanus Spijek figure at retail price.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 March 2004 | 14:13 EST
Sandtrooper Brian Lustig reports:
Coast to Coast“Hey Troops! I just get back from vacation in sunny California and I found that one axiom holds true out there as well as here in cloudy Indianapolis: Wal-Mart sucks!!! I made the drive from San Jose all the way to L.A. and of all the Wal-Marts I stopped at only one had anything at all on the pegs. Guess what was on that one? A package of Durex condoms (didn't know Hasbro made those)! Last night I did happen to score the Yavin wave at my local Keystone Ave. Wal-Mart here at home, so maybe they're okay, but just a little. That's all for now. MTFBWY and S.C.A.L.P.!!!”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 March 2004 | 10:24 EST
Area Report: The War Room is moving to Def Con 4
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINTI have found driving through the rain is better than snow, it just seems the action figures don't see it that way. Yavin assortments are starting to trickle in, Star Destroyer wave has also been seen in Wal-Mart at Gurnee Mills. I also uncovered a new shipment of Jabba & the Denizens sets as well as the Kamino Confrontation which have now been linked up to the 2004 Images page. Target has finally put the Screen Scenes on Clearance but they are all suffering shelf-shock, only good to loose collectors now. TRU had one lone Lando Skiff Guard and a sign in bold saying "Coming Soon: More Star Wars Figures." I also found the clerks clueless on the Silver Clone promotion, after I briefed them I hit up the K-B Toys in the mall, only to find a few red-dotted Tie Fighters and 12-inch Gamorreans beggging for a home. I had better luck last weekend at the Cult TV Expo. Seems the scalpers are not going away. It appears extreme times are going to call for extreme measures. I am assembling my team of S.C.A.L.P. commandos that will guide us into the future. Stay tuned on this one Troops, less than 3 weeks away! We will bury the boot deep within the scalpers' rear-sectors. Good luck to all of you great Sandtroopers in your searches! Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 March 2004 | 9:28 EST
New figures shipping next week at Action-HQ!
Hey Troops, Action-HQ is encouraging their customers to pre-order the newest release including Han AT-ST Driver, General Madine-Imperial Shuttle Capture, General Calrissian-Death Star Attack & Ultra Ewok available next week in limited quantities! Also this week they have Transformers Energon Wave 3, Transformers SuperLink Microman Set, and Saint Seiya Ikki Cloth Action Figure! Get the 4th installment of the hottest series of Saint Seiya figures, Dragon Ikki. These super-articulated figures come with attachable armor, multiple hands and tons of accessories! Shipping around Monday 29th! Find out why many are getting it first at Action-HQ!
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 March 2004 | 21:00 EST

Join the KEBco Toys One of Every Figure Club and buy Saga and OTC Basic figures for only $6.49 each. OTC Vintage are $10.49, Ultra figures are $11.99, Unleashed, 12 Inch and Vehicles are also available. Now you never have to worry about finding your figures again. There's no charge to join the Club, just sit back and your figures are added automatically. Visit today for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 March 2004 | 20:48 EST
Sandtrooper Bobafred with the San Fernando Valley Edition™:
Gear Up and Flame On“Bobafred chiming in from the S.F.V. Just want to let you Troops know that Kay-bees, Toys R Us, and Target are the places for 3 ? inch Yavin-Rappertunie-Hoth waves as well as 12-inch Ewoks and Biker Scout wave (at TRU). Keep in mind that Toys R Us is having Silver Clone day April 4th free with purchase of $19.99 or more ... so patience my Padawans! Bobafred signing out!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 March 2004 | 20:40 EST
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
Tampa Bay TroopersDateline: Props Time “I have to send a HUGE HUGE thank you to the team as well as Trooper James in Tampa. Because of all of you I have been able to get nearly every figure I needed. Still nothing new in Clearwater but as far as St. Pete goes, they seem to have all the latest. Lastly, If anyone has a J'Quille figure in any condition, I have an extra MOC Tanus Spijek I'd be willing to trade. Thanks.”

Thanks Mike, and keep up the good work. You and Trooper Tampa Bay James are truly the One-Two-Punch of Tampa.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 March 2004 | 20:27 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
Current Alhambra Conditions: OvercastDateline: ... And Jabba Himself “Greetings once again from a now overcast and chilly SoCal! Spotted the Jabba Denizens and Jabba himself at the Wal-Mart in Rowland Heights. They also had the new 12-inch minus the Jawas. By the way, any other Troopers out there have a c9 or better Ultra Wampa they would like to trade or sell? If so, give me a holla! Peace to all and be good to each other, out!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 March 2004 | 22:44 EST
Save Fifteen Percent Until March 26:
Check this out. From now until 3/26/04, you will receive 15% off all orders at TOY FELLAS (excluding shipping). - Forget About It!
Call Toll-Free 1-888-273-5663

- enter below - - Forget About It!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 March 2004 | 22:18 EST
Sandtrooper Vancouver Keith with Canada's ...
Land of the elusive Senator
Dateline: Try Living Here “I wanted to give you all an idea how things are up here in Western Canada. Did a major run of all the stores in Vancouver this past weekend and what do you suppose I found? Absolutely nothing! Nothing but Jar Jar at Toys R Us (five different stores), not even a peg at any of the Wal-Marts, and nothing worth mentioning at any of the Zellers stores. I can't understand why these stores are able to stock hundreds of Power Rangers, Transformers and Batman, etc., but not a single SW item. In fact, at some of these outlets you can still find scrap from Episode I and they are still at full price. What gives with that? I have to say it irks me somewhat to hear others complain they cannot find the latest few waves, and why is Hasbro treating them this way. Try living here. You need to think back to how long ago that elusive Senator came out as to when I last saw something new on the shelves. My only saving grace is this site where I can get the help I need to stock my own collection. Now that I have ranted, I am hoping someone can find me the green A-Wing (preferably at that reduced price I've seen mentioned), the Geonosis Starfighter and the Missile Launcher. I can pay outright for these or trade. Obviously don't have any current stuff, but have a number of Action Fleet vehicles that have not hit ebay yet, and pretty much all of the Micro Machines line that came out at some time. Other stuff also, but too much to list. If you can help let me know. Thanks.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 March 2004 | 21:43 EST
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
VA Beach“Leif Here (Va Beach), I keep finding the Jabba Wave at Wal-Marts with no Tanus Spijek, I am up to date with everyting else, so if any troopers out there have an extra they would like to part with for cost & shipping, please e-mail me, and openers are fine. Funny thing is that when it was mentioned that he was one per case, ebay only had maybe 10 for auction; right now there are around 65. Rare. Yeah. Sure it is. Thanks, and no sign of the Silver Clone Trooper yet.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 March 2004 | 21:05 EST
Sandtrooper Tampa Bay James reports:
“Did a short run here in St. Petersburg, FL. Target on 9th St. has all of the Yavin wave, Jabba wave and deluxe, and 1st and 2nd Wave of Cartoon minus Yoda and Clone. Kmart on 9th St. has 2 deluxe Wampas and Zam wave still. Wal-Mart on 34 St. had Deluxe Jabba and Obi-Wan and Jango. It was the first time I had seen Obi and Jango at retail but unfortunatly I had no cash to get them. If anyone has a spare SA Clone that they could spare for a decent price let me know. I have never seen it and would like to get one. Good luck everyone and MTFBWY.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 March 2004 | 20:59 EST
Sandtrooper Big Boy John reports:
Dateline: Caught Between the Bogden Moon and New York City “Hey dudes, check out this auction for the new Silver Clone Trooper. It's auction # 3183346725. Can you say ’here's your sign?’ Thanks.” - John


Don't let the frantic woman spotted by Troopette Lisette in NYC, and others like her pull the wool over your eyes.

Posted by: Dan | 23 March 2004 | 19:31 EST
Target Report:
Hi all you Troopers out there, all hope is not lost here in Wausau, WI. Our local Target finally stocked the shelves! They had the Jabba wave, Yavin Wave, Deluxe Kamino Showdown packs, and the new glasses with pack in figures. I must say it was nice to leave that store with something new for a change, including the elusive Tanus Spijek, the only one they had. It was a good day in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, good luck in your neck of the woods.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 March 2004 | 22:50 EST

   Clone Wars Deluxe and Multi-Packs back in Stock (click to view):
   Clone Trooper Army - Yellow
   Spider Droid - Clone Wars Packaging
   Clone Trooper Army - Blue
   Jedi Knight Army
   Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher
   Durge with Swoop Bike
   Droid Army
   Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike

The Unleashed 7 figures are now available individually for $15.99 each, or as a set of 3 for $44.99 each. And the Vintage Sale Ends Wednesday at 8:00 PM Central Time. A great opportunity to receive 20% off all items on the Vintage Menu (please read details of sale on that page) The vintage department has recently listed mint complete G.I.Joe 3 3/4" Figures, Beast Wars, and MotU items.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 March 2004 | 22:40 EST
Sandtrooper “Trooper Larry” reports:
Trooper Larry Reporting“Hey Troops! Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Ohio front. All stores in Mentor are empty. TRU is about the only place that actually has any figures. They don’t have anything past the bartoo wave though. Target and Wally World in Eastlake are pretty much the same. Target had the new retro glasses and figs. Other than that, nothing else to report. Wally World in Strongsville had the the Yavin and Jabba's palace wave. No sign of J'Quille or Tanus though. That’s it for this report. Keep hunting Troops.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 March 2004 | 22:03 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette (Times Square TRU Ambush™) reports:
A Dateline Follow-UpDateline: Follow-Up “Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I was able to check my e-mail today, and for all you Troopers who e-mailed me regarding the Silver Clone Trooper, I have no problems in picking him up for you when he shows up again at the TRU in Times Square. This time it will be me picking clean the pegs, but if that is what it takes to help you guys out, I have no problems with that. All for a good cause. Wish me luck and let's hope the TRU in Times Square has this little guy again.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 March 2004 | 21:43 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
Bay Area report live from Sin CityDateline: The Cardbender's Apprentice Returns to Las Vegas “Hey Troopers, spent the weekend in Las Vegas and found some new stuff. There was reminisce of the Luke Jabba Throne room with a very bent card of R2. Target on Maryland had the CarNet figs and not much else. TRU across the street had a couple Jabbas and Jabba court denizens. I also went to Wal-Mart on Eastern and found Gen Dodonna, Dutch Vander, TIE pilot, and one Capt. Antilles. However it looks like someone went through the majority of them and bent the cards. There were only a few good ones left. KB is in the same shopping center but didn’t have anything new, which reminds me, all KB’s in my area have been or will be shut down, bummer. Other interesting news that I haven’t seen yet was when a little Toydarian told me that FAO Schwartz is going to re-open their Las Vegas and New York stores. That’s it for now, MTFBWY.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 March 2004 | 21:13 EST
Sandtrooper David in North Carolina reports:
“Hey Troops, David from NC here. All is quiet down South, although I think Jedimaster-C has the right idea about the Silver Clone Trooper deal. The last report I got from the TRU store manager in my area, the Trooper was only a giveaway set for the 4th of April only if you bought 20 bucks worth of Star Wars stuff. If anybody has more detailed info then shoot me a SitRep at 'Til next time stay sharp and MTFBWY!!!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 March 2004 | 23:42 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
Times Square Madness with Hawkgirl’s purchase of 15 Silver Clone TroopersDateline: Tatooine Freezes Over as Jedimaster-C's Worst Fear Comes True “Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. The TRU in Times Square was selling the silver Clone Trooper for $4.99. I almost got knocked over by this woman who practically cleaned out the pegs. As I already had him, I moved a safe distance away and watched her frantic behavior as she grabbed at least 15 figures. Are other TRUs selling the Silver Clone Trooper as well? For those of you Troopers who are in need of this figure, do not pay more than $5 for him. I'm sure the TRU in Times Square will have this guy again ... I hope. Anyway, drop me an e-mail and I'll pick him up for you for either trade or at cost plus shipping. However, I need to let you know in advance, I may not be able to get to my email for a couple of days so if I don't response to your email right away, that's the reason why.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 March 2004 | 22:33 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
BROCA Realty has an extensive property listing available in Northern AlabamaDateline: Hopping Mad   “This is my take on the Original Trilogy DVD set of Star Wars. I am not hopping mad as a lot of people who wanted the original films on DVD. My opinion is that we should be happy that we are getting the DVDs in September and not in 2005 like Lucas said before. Ok, so there will be new scenes filmed for these movies to coincide with Episodes I and II. Remember that Lucas wanted these movies to be linked together. I admit that Episode I was a bit weak, and that Episode II was a lot better but still had some problems. I know these are the Special Edtions of the movies and not the originals we grew up with, but, again be happy we are getting them this fall. That's all I have to say about that. I do have a bad feeling about the Silver Clone Trooper. I can forsee the same problem with scalpers walking out of TRU with whole cases because TRU does not enforce the two per person rule. Take care.”

Many should and will be thankful about the DVD release this Autumn. And don't worry about the Silver Clone Trooper; the majority will go to honest buyers and I'm sure many out there in Trooperland will get an extra for trade or sale at cost plus shipping, that's United We Find!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 March 2004 | 21:36 EST
New This Week at
Do you want a free Ultra C-3PO Figure? All you have to do to qualify is order from us in March. Full details on our main shopping page.

Target Exclusive Collector Cup with Figure sets - final stock remains! Series 2 soon!
Sandcrawler OTC Pre-Order - Save now! ?34 ($60) pre-order price
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Ultra Jango Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jabbas Denizens & Jabba coming soon
Unleashed Chewbacca, Luke X-Wing (Hoth) and Clone Trooper coming soon
Gentle Giant Mini Bust Biker Scout, Greedo and Tarkin ?39 (56 Eur)
Saga Rappertunie, J'Quille, Lando & Luke plus most 2002-2004 Saga & Clone Wars figures
8 new Attakus statues: Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, & Salacious Crumb with pipe coming soon
MotU asst on green Snakemen card in stock
Hall of Fame 12 figure case pack ?79 in stock

Deal of the Week: Ultra C-3PO - ?10 (14 Eur / $18 approx)
Deal of the Month: Acklay & Reek Bundle - ?11 set (15 Eur / $20 approx)

More this week at the UK's number one shop.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 March 2004 | 19:25 EST
Saga Figures Back in Stock at K & C Collectibles:
Figure with Cup:
Darth Maul
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Saga Ultra Deluxe Figures:
Jango Fett - Kamino Confrontation
Obi-Wan Kenobi- Kamino Confrontation
Jabba the Hutt            
Court Denizens

Stormtrooper Watch
2004 Saga Figures:
Hoth Trooper - Hoth Evacuation # 01
R-3PO - Hoth Evacuation # 02
Luke Skywalker - Hoth Attack # 03
Luke Skywalker - Jabba's Palace # 04
R2-D2 - Jabba's Sail Barge # 05
Lando Calrissian - Jabba’s Sail Barge # 07
Rappertunie - Jabba's Palace # 08
J'Quille - Jabba's Sail Barge # 09
Holographic Luke Skywalker # 11

Clearance prices on Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I merchandise.
enter below

Posted by: Spiceowan | 20 March 2004 | 20:43 EST
A Cult Classic: Report from Cult TV Expo!
While Wizard World is going on out in L.A., I decided to hit the Cult TV Expo: Celebrating Battlestar Galactica, today outside of Chicago. While I was optimistic of a show based on a TV series that had a short run, I saddled up my Dewback and headed for Rosemont, IL. There were many vendors on hand. Much to my delight there was plenty of Star Wars collectibles to go around. What I enjoyed even more was conversations with Richard Hatch, Herb Jefferson Jr. and Jack “Lt. Bojay” Stauffer. I found some amazing similarities between these actors and the many I have had a chance to speak with over the years from Star Wars fame. While impressive as computer animation in film is, you can’t replace acting and great scripts with only that. Jack gave me the example of LOTR, “You have story and characters first, then came in the digital animation. It goes for the Star Wars Prequels as well. It is like they started with the computer animation, and then moved backwards.” I also was delighted to see a trailer that was produced back in 1999 for a possible comeback for Battlestar Galactica that was produced by Richard “Apollo” Hatch. I would encourage those of you that are Star Wars collectors, to check out this show. It was nice to see the actors take so much time with the fans! I also found a few of the local members of the 501st Midwest Garrison, and it was again nice to converse with fellow collectors, who love the hobby as much as I do. Once again, I found more Star Wars than my wallet could ever handle, at a place where I least expected it. The show will be open tomorrow and if you would like to attend the event. It was also nice to reminisce, seeing a lot of memorabilia always triggers those great memories of when you were a kid. The number one reason most people collect, because that is what you did and enjoyed as a child! United We Find Troops!

A dude sporting a Sandtroopers T-Shirt

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 March 2004 | 20:41 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Mike reports:
“This week,, has updated their Visual Guides with pictures of the TRU exclusive Red Leader X-Wing Fighter, Obi-Wan Collectors' Cup, Darth Maul Collectors' Cup, and checklists for the Vintage, Saga, and Clone Wars lines. Make sure to check back often as they will be updating more and more. To see this week's updates, please visit”

Mike, Pete, and Chuck are doing a kick-rectal job at the Jedi Temple Archives, Troops - one severed hand up!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 March 2004 | 23:58 EST
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
Va Beach Troopin’“Leif here with another one to share with the Troops: a custom burned Episode III Anakin found on ebay.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 March 2004 | 23:48 EST
Sandtrooper Dom J4J in Wisconsin with a Dateline Exclusive:
“Troops, the following is from, thought you might like to know:

And, now, here’s Stone Phillips’Yeah, we know this is going to get some people's undies in a bunch again ... but we can say with some confidence now that when Lucasfilm and Fox release the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD in September, the films ARE going to include new footage. We've confirmed 'unofficially' with three separate sources, each in positions to know, that at least SOME new footage is being added to the films, and that more special effects enhancements, tweaks and fixes are being done. We're also told that Lucasfilm MAY include additional deleted scenes for the Trilogy on the bonus disc, separate from the material added into the films themselves (rather like they've done with Episodes I & II). We've been told of at least a few changes that are being made, but we're going to wait to confirm them better before we post anything. Keep in mind that we have no idea how extensive or minor the whole of the additions and changes will be. Hopefully, we'll learn more from Lucasfilm in the near future. So, okay ... we're now officially intrigued. We'll post more when we can.’

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 March 2004 | 22:48 EST
Dewback Patrol Rides Again:
Coast to Coast - Left Coast EditionDateline: Mission Alert! So. Cali Sector Troops, gear up for Wizard World Los Angeles at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center all weekend long. With over seventy vendors, fifty exhibitors and special exclusive toys like the Gentle Giant Clone Trooper minibust that you would step over your own mother for, if you can't go then you'd better be in jail. And if you're in jail, break out! Ticket information and Convention details can be found at Wizard Universe. Saddle up the Dewback or Imperial Speeder and Begin Today.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 March 2004 | 21:43 EST
Cloud City Update: New Figures
Update: Cloud City now has the Battle of Endor wave including Han Endor, General Madine, and Lando General. Also available is the new Deluxe Ewok Warrior with Glider. These figures will be shipping the first week of April.

- click to enter -

Also, don’t forget to check out our auctions for even better prices on cases, carded figures, and more.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 March 2004 | 21:29 EST
Cult TV Expo this weekend!
Hey Troops, another friendly reminder for those of you in the Chicagoland Area this weekend to check out the Cult TV Expo: Celebrating Battlestar Galactica. The show will be in Rosemont, IL this Saturday and Sunday. Six guests from the original TV series will be in attendance and signing autographs. We hope to see some of you Troops at the event!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 March 2004 | 20:07 EST
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
Dateline: Nine Dusty, Dirty Boxes “Hey Troops, it's Michael in Florida again. I found something odd at the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Tampa Rd in Oldsmar. Nine dusty, dirty boxes of The Queen Amidala Collection dolls on clearance for $8 each. No idea where they came from as this Wal-Mart wasn't even open in 1999!!! If anyone wants one I'll grab it for you. Also, I need a Target exclusive Y-Wing in any condition. E-mail me if you can help out. Have a great weekend everyone.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 March 2004 | 19:53 EST
At Large™ with Sandtrooper RH2:
Dateline: That’s it for Now? “Greetings Fellow Troopers, I finally have time to report in on my finds. I got back from vacation from Panama City Beach a few days ago with my family. While I was there I visited several Super Wal-Marts on the way over and found a few things I figured were long gone. I found 3 Yoda and yellow Clonetrooper, and an ARC Trooper and Clonetrooper Value Pack at the Marianna Wal-Mart just off I-10. At another Wal-Mart I found 2 sets of the Yavin wave plus a few from the Jabba wave. At the Toys R Us there I finally found the 12-inch Jawas I was missing. Haven't seen anything new past those. At the Target there I scored my 2 Animated Yodas after a long search since the scalpers have been buying them up in Jacksonville. Also found 2 12-inch Leias on Speeder bike for $13.00. Yesterday I asked my wife to stop by our local Wal-Mart to see whether they had either Tanus Spijek or the R1-G4 droids, as these 2 have evaded me lately, and to my surprise when she got home she had found me 2 Tanus Spijek figures. Feeling my chances might be good today I proceeded to Jacksonville to make my rounds. Almost all the Wal-Marts had the Yavin wave and a few Jabba wave figures. I did find 2 more moc Tanus Spijek figures though, that I would like to Trade for 2 MOC R1-G4 droids if anyone is interested. I also have a few extra of the 2004 figures minus R2-D2 tray and Jedi Luke. At one Wal-Mart I did find the Kamino Confrontation deluxe packs that I had missed the first time around since there are no Value city stores around here. At our Toys R Us they had the remnants of the HoF series. At our Targets I found 2 Animated Yodas for any Trooper that might still need this one for cost plus shipping. On a side note, I also found the newest wave of LotR Armies of Middle Earth Riders (4) and the new Deluxe Packs (4) at the Targets. That's it for now? MTFBWY and keep up the hunt!”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 March 2004 | 19:33 EST
This just in from Action-HQ:
Hey Troops Action-HQ has added Evangelion SOC EVA-03 & 04 Figures, Transformers Energon Deluxe Demolisher, Rodimus, Astro Boy Set of Trading Figures Part 2! Pre-Orders are being accepted for Transformers, as well as the Batman Yamato Exclusives. New Star Wars product is expected at the beginning of the month. Yavin and Jabba waves in stock.

visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 March 2004 | 19:16 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter # 247

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For the week of March 14 - 20

New in stock this week: 2004 Exclusive Mini Bust Clone Trooper Pilot $274.99
Kubrick Carded Droids R2-D2 $159.99

Clone Wars Deluxe packs back in stock!
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike $7.99
Durge with Speeder Bike C-9 $14.99
Clone Trooper Army (green) $29.99
Droid Army $11.99
Jedi Knight Army $17.99

New reduced Prices on these Saga Exclusives!
Silver Boba Fett AFA Graded U85 $59.99
Silver Clonetrooper C-9 $29.99
Jorg Sacul Rebel Pilot C-9 $79.99
Jorg Sacul Rebel Pilot AFA 85 $109.99
12" Leia and Speeder Bike C-8/9 $79.99

Some POTJ vehicle back in stock in limited quantities
Han Solo & Chewbacca Death Star Escape $7.99
Luke & Leia Swing to Freedom $7.99

Lots of Episode I vehicles back in stock including Anakin's Pod Racer, Naboo Figher, Sneak Preview Stap & Battle Droid and more! Huge collection of POTF2 12" Dolls now in stock and available. Check website for the availablity of your favorite 12" Dolls. Some great items that don't come in often.

Illusive Concepts Admiral Ackbar Maquette COA #285 of 10,000 C-8/9 $174.99
Illusive Concepts Jabba the Hutt Maquette COA #750 of 5,000 C-9 $249.99
Legends in 3-Dimensions Gamorrean Guard $124.99
This week's Vintage Foreign and Rare featured items:
Creature Set AFA 80 $1,999.99
Droid Set AFA 80 $1,999.99
Japanese Popy Chewbacca MIB C-7 $174.99
Japanese Popy Rebel Soldier w/C-7 Box $109.99
Bib Fortuna C-8 Repro Red Cape $50
Boxed Cloud City Playset MIB C-7 $450

Exclusive Valor Vs. Venom Cobra Infantry 6-Pack $39.99
Joe Vs. Cobra Exclusive Snake Eyes and Agent Scarlett $19.99
Funskool Boxed Cobra Fang MISB C-8/9 $14.99
1984 Carded Scrap Iron C-8 $500
We just got in 2 G.I. Joe (1987) Boxed Defiant: Space Vehicle Launch
Complex - Check website for availabilty and condition on price.

New Transformers in stock:
20th Anniversary Optimus Prime $74.99
Alternators Side Swipe $24.99

New Collection of Vintage MotU 8-Backs and Carded figures now in stock including Evil-Lyn, Man-E-Faces, Mer-Man, Tri-Klops, He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor & Teela!

ROTK Electronic Talking Gollum $39.99

Latest Wave of Marvel Legends now in stock including Blade, Colossus, Nick Fury, Mr. Fantastic, Red Skull, Sabertooth and Silver Surfer.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 March 2004 | 22:18 EST
Force of the Bay: Stayin' in it to Win it!
Hey Troops, I was searching the thousands of listings and ran into some amazing things that I felt were worth a mention. For you foreign variant hunters, check out this R5-D4, or, if you need mainstream, this Luke is pretty interesting too. I would make sure to check out his other items as well for some impressive pictures of foreign vintage goods. I find the hard to find, very easy to find at ebay. I find there is just about everything in original condition, so you know all of the pieces are there. Some items can be in pretty good shape and you’ll find many that are not sure of what they have. I tend to find some of the basic promotions to be the most appealing. However this week is Holy Grail week, where we will feature two, YES two of the most coveted pieces in this hobby. First on the hit list is the only hand-painted portrait on a vintage card. Very costly indeed but there are some things that you just cannot put a price tag on. However, Brian's Toys will do that for us! You may also run into someone trying to push something that is not quite worth what the starting bid is. We call that a Power Sucka. I think the best way to save money is not to do business with this guy! Three Hundred to start!?! Stay away from that snow-job! Please exercise caution with the people you conduct business with on the bay. Conduct thorough feedback checks and try to stick with people with a solid feedback rating. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your searches. Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 March 2004 | 22:00 EST
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
Dateline: Getting Desperate “Hey Troopers, it's Michael in Tampa, Florida again. I don't even know whether my updates count as news anymore because so little is happening. But here's what is up. Every Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Target is stuffed with Ultra Figs, even the newer Obi-Wan and Fett re-releases. But as far as the basic figs go there is nothing more recent than Aayla Secura. If anyone has an extra set of the Jabba's Palace wave and / or Yavin wave, drop me a line as I'm finally getting desperate enough to buy them from someone plus a little extra for the trouble. Thanks.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 March 2004 | 21:39 EST
Sandtrooper Drizzit in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
A Coast to Coast Sandtrooper Hook-Up RequestDateline: Coast to Coast Sandtrooper Request “Anyone going to the Wizard Con this weekend? Would someone be willing to pick up a clone pilot bust for a fellow collector who lives in Wisconsin? I would be willing to pay well, but not as well as ebay.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 March 2004 | 21:18 EST
Sandtrooper “Solar” Bobafred reports:
MISSION ALERT!!!Dateline: So. Cali Sector Troops, Gear Up and Flame On! “Bobafred chiming in from the Hot as Hell, 95+ highs since Sunday (Burning up), Southern Cali Bounty report - Mission alert ... - Mission Alert ... All Troops Hit your Toys R Us, do not neglect them (the early bird gets the worm, all others get nothing). Shipments hitting including Yavin, Rappertunie waves, as well as, get this, 12-inch Ewok and Biker Scout Series. Wooow! 8 month hunt finally over, wheeew! Be mindful of HW Zamack this Sunday. Also, Kay-Bee shipments hitting with McFarlane Carmelo Anthony white Variant (Very hard pull, e-mail me for trades!), Marvel Legends Goliath Chase, Hulk with shirt Chase, White Lightning 'Nomads (look, 4 white tires!).'

“All Southern Cali Toys R Us hitting with multiple shipments, so hit them daily - AM.
'Gear up and flame on So. Cali Sector Troops!' I once heard a rumor of a Coast to Coast Sandtrooper looking for Jorge so Kool (sic) in exchange for Marvel Legends Wolverine Chase Figure in package. I have your George in hand! If you are that Troop, and still looking to make this happen, give me a jingle at On a lighter note, if one if you Troops can hook me up with an extra set of Ewoks it would be mighty kind of ya! Sandtrooper Bobafred signing out!”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 March 2004 | 20:54 EST
Do You Have an Idea For a Great Hasbro Toy?
Krelboyne ChallengeHey Troops, the Cartoon Network is teaming up with Hasbro giving you the chance to become a toy designer for a day. All you have to do to enter is submit your email address. For more infomation please read the whole story.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 March 2004 | 23:58 EST

Star Wars: Unleashed wave 7 Chewbacca, Luke X-Wing and Clone Trooper figures for $49.99 for the set of 3. Star Wars assortments on the way.

5 Day Sale - Ends Sunday: We have reduced prices on a large variety of great items. Many of the items are on sale only until Sunday and prices will be marked back up to normal then. We've also further reduced prices on a variety of items that were already on sale, so be sure to check out the entire sale list. Some highlights of the Sale include: Re-Issue Transformers, FIX Gundam, GI Joe, Superlink, HALO, Marvel Legends, Beast Machines - $8.99 Battle Unicorns!, Alien, Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers, Sports Picks, Spider-Man, $3.99 Armada Minicons, and much much more! Check out the Sale Menu.

Transformers Takara BT-07: Takara continues the Binaltech line with its first Decepticon! BT-07 Dead End is a black Dodge Viper with a mean paint job, red tinted windows and a large spoiler on the back. Available for pre-order for $54.99.

More to see, or visit BigBadToyStore below:

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 March 2004 | 23:37 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
Bay Area report“Hey Troops, not much to report other than that it’s hotter then Hades around here, some winter. CarNet figs are in abundance and that’s about it. The Jedi 4 paks are starting to collect dust on the shelves. It seems that all there is to wait for is the Silver Clone Trooper next month. MTFBWY.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 March 2004 | 23:21 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
Dateline: Mr. TIE Guy “Hey Troops, A new WallyWorld opened in the neighborhood and I was able to pick up an R1-G4 droid for a fellow trooper. Unfortunately, I deleted that trooper's e-mail. If you are the trooper who e-mailed me asking for one, I have it. Contact me. News: At TRU I found Jabba, Court Denizens, Jan Dodonna, TIE guy, Dutch, and they restocked with Hailfire droids and blue Jedi starfighters. That's it from East Central Wisconsin.” - Dom, Jedi for Jesus

Will the Trooper that had asked for an R1-G4 please e-mail Dom?

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 March 2004 | 23:19 EST
Sandtrooper Steve Peacock reports:
Dateline: A Little Help from Our Troops “Need help!! Hi Jason, I am in need of the Yellow Clone Trooper 3 pack. I have all the others, but this one has evaded me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.”

Please e-mail Steve if you are carrying extra yellow.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 17 March 2004 | 16:32 EST
Collectors Gallery Online News:
“Taking pre-orders on 2004 Star Wars Trilogy collection toys & figures, Code 3 diecast Slave 1 & Bossk Gentle Giant mini bust. Five Celebration 2 autographs added. POTF Snowspeeder, FAO Wedge & Biggs 2-pack, Target Emperor & Royal Guard 2-pack IN STOCK. 19 Dragon figures added.”

click to enter

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 March 2004 | 23:11 EST
Sandtrooper Grant from Pittsburgh reports:
“I still have plenty of Star Wars to sell and here it is Troops, and I hope my spelling was not too bad. I will try to be very fair and this collection is in extremely good condition. E-mail me with what you are looking for and I will get you the prices ASAP. After I know what products you want I will the get you a shipping price. Read the list carefully, there is a lot of stuff left. All figures you are looking for, just e-mail me what you want and I will let you know whether I have them. I will throw in extra stuff with your shipment. I accept money order and checks. All must go so just let me know! E-mail is and my name is Grant Matthews from Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks and enjoy.”

Take a look Troopers and see what you may need or want. I personally purchased a large lot of items from Grant nearly a year ago, so the General gives Grant one severed hand up! Begin Today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 March 2004 | 21:40 EST
Sandtrooper Kaper Jon JB reports:
“I got the following e-mail from today for Tanus Spijek, Dutch Vander Gold Leader, General Jan Dodonna, TIE Fighter Pilot, and Captain Antilles:

’We've recently learned from our supplier that the item you requested to be notified about, Star Wars 3 ? inch Basic Figure, will not be available in the foreseeable future. It's possible that someone may be selling this item through Auctions or zShops. We encourage you to search for it there if you're still interested in purchasing this item. We're sorry not to have better news for you.’

“What do you think this is all about? With the shortage of product on store shelves the past few months, I had been looking for alternative methods to find the new toys. This lack of product and now no way to get it from Amazon is concercing to me. I just thought I would let the best Star Wars site on the internet know. Keep up the great work.” - Jon

Jon, these e-mails are not only a problem for you and other collectors, but stand as an ongoing symptom of the nature of the business. This doesn't necessarily mean Amazon won't eventually offer these, or even that Hasbro is cutting back production, but is a sign that until Hasbro ships these in some bulk that they will be popular among the scalpers and harder finds for us. Remember that Amazon orders are not always failsafe, or even idiot-proof.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 March 2004 | 19:35 EST

KEBco Toys has case assortments for the OTC Vintage and OTC Basic figures and Ultra figures.

OTC Vintage cases $76.95, OTC Basic cases $64.95, Ultra cases $61.95.

For those that do not buy cases, they also offer individual figures and the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 March 2004 | 23:43 EST
“Geonosian Droid Machinery” Attack of the Clones Lego™ Diorama by ACPin:
Geonosian Droid Machinery Diorama“The Geonosian droid machinery inside the stalagmite city becomes a maze that the foursome has stumbled upon. Padme makes her way across the stamping machines and welders with Anakin on her trail as he fights off the creatures. C-3PO falls on the conveyor belt while R2-D2 flies toward Padme.” - ACPin

Check it out at ACPin SW

Posted by: Spiceowan | 15 March 2004 | 20:44 EST
New Episode III Villian Revealed at the Official Site:
“  Was he a creature that reconstructed itself as a droid? Or was he a droid that incorporated organic body parts in an effort to be truly alive?' asks Warren Fu, a concept artist that helped visualize General Grievous, the mysterious and deadly new villain of Episode III.” Read the whole story.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 March 2004 | 19:00 EST
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
The First Lady of“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. Target is the place to be again. Found the Obi and Maul figs with cups at Target. Also, the Ultra wave with Jabba, Court Denizens, Obi and Jango Kamino Showdowns. I never did find the first edition of the Showdown figs nor do we have any Value City stores here so these were a great find. Haven't bothered going by Wal-mart or TRU lately because they have had nothing in the past two months. Happy Hunting.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 March 2004 | 18:25 EST
Sandtrooper JC reports:
“Well, it's been a while for anything new in Western New York. The Battle of Yavin wave finally made its way to Target on Delaware Avenue on Thursday. Friday saw the HoF figures at TRU in Niagara Falls along with the Jabba Ultra wave. Today, I found the first figures with glass assortment at Target in Niagara Falls. I also heard of the latest Unleashed figures showing up a couple weeks ago at TRU in Amherst, but missed out on them. They have yet to show up in Niagara Falls. My contact at Target (Niagara Falls) also let me know that the Jango and Obi-Wan (Kamino Showdown) Ultra figures were there sometime last week, but again, I missed them. Well, that's about it for now. Saving my money for April 4th!” - John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 March 2004 | 23:20 EST
Sandtrooper Markus reports:
Dateline: Bauanleitungen “Here comes the new StarconstruX update, a big one! We start with a new section, called Construction Manual / Bauanleitungen. Here you can find easy instructions on how to build a diorama. This section will be updated and expanded regularly. Hopefully this helps to answer most of your questions. The first tutorial is for a small Escape Pod diorama. We have 15 new custom figures build by Harald Fl?a new diorama (Dock 94) built by Lars Intemann and a new member in our Visitors' Customs section. So hurry up and take a look around, there's a lot of new stuff to see! Thanks for your help.”
click thumbnails to enlarge

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 March 2004 | 19:11 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
BROCA Realty has an extensive property listing available in Northern AlabamaDateline: Scalper Walks Out of TRU with Case of Silver Clone Troopers   “Hey all, someone said he found the Silver Clone Trooper at his local TRU. Again, I talked to a TRU employee I know and he had no idea what I was talking about. I think we are going to have the same problem with the Silver Clone Trooper as with the Silver R2 and Boba Fett: Scalpers able to walk out of TRU with cases of the silver Clone troopers. I have seen whole cases of the Silver Fett on ebay for 1000+ dollars. So much for the limit of 2 per person. I have a bad feeling about this. Take care.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 March 2004 | 14:40 EST
Re-Stock of POTJ Figures & Vehicles:
We have restocked our Power of the Jedi Collection with many great figures and vehicles: Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, 300th Edition Boba Fett, Sandtrooper, B-Wing & More.

New In Stock! McFarlane’s Sportspicks NBA Series 6:
  Allen Iverson Black Jersey $10.99
  Carmelo Anthony White Jersey (Variant) $35.99
  Carmelo Anthony Blue Jersey $14.99
  Gary Payton White Jersey $10.99
  Karl Malone Purple Jersey $10.99
  Pete Stojakovic White Jersey $10.99
  Scottie Pippen Red Jersey $10.99
  Tim Duncan White Jersey $10.99

FREE SHIPPING for all G.I.Joe Mini Bust & Statue ONLY, Simply enter the coupon code: gibust. When you buy an item enter the coupon code option on the bottom of the page. After you click submit then click check out. The free shipping will not show until you’ve completed the check out. Free shipping applies only to G.I.Joe minibusts and statues

Star Wars Mini Bust In Stock:
  Biker Scout $45.99 only 3 left
  Greedo $42.99
  Grand Moff Tarkin $42.99
- enter TOY FELLAS -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 March 2004 | 13:55 EST
New this Week at K & C Collectibles:
Clone Wars Figures:     
Clone Trooper
Count Dooku
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Anakin Skywalker
Mace Windu
Asajj Ventress

Figure with Cup:
Darth Maul
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Saga Ultra Deluxe Figures:
Jango Fett - Kamino Confrontation
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Kamino Confrontation
Jabba the Hutt
Court Denizens
In-Stock 12" Figures:
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker

Repackage Figures:
Anakin Skywalker - Geonosis Hangar Duel
Darth Maul - Theed Hangar Duel
Yoda - Battle of Geonosis
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Coruscant Chase
Luke Skywalker - Tatooine Encounter

Unleashed Figures:
Clone Trooper

Non-Star Wars:
Yu-Gi-Oh Pharaonic Guardian Sealed Trading Card Box

Clearance prices on Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I merchandise.
enter below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 March 2004 | 13:41 EST
New Sandtrooper in Town:
Troops, I just received word from's Graphito Supremo and staff member Sandtrooper Dan on some outstanding news:

“Hi J, here is a picture of my new son Nickolas Stafford Eversdyk. He arrived at 2:20 this morning weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great!!”

Congratulations Dan, from everyone at Sandtroopers, to your family in the Woods of Wisconsin!

Posted by: J and Spice | 14 March 2004 | 1:23 EST
Section Update - Images Reloaded: Yavin Under Glass
Hey Troops, the General and I have updated our Images Section again. This rip we have finally unearthed the Yavin Assortment. Truly one of the best sets released this year. This is not only true because there is NOT a Luke Skywalker in this wave! We have also added the first two Target Glass (sic) sets, and the new Executor Wave featuring Admiral Ozzel, Bossk and Dengar. Although two are remakes, Admiral Ozzle is a welcome addition to any collector's Imperial Army!

`04|#12 General Jan Dodonna™ Battle of Yavin™ ( A New Hope™)
`04|#13 Dutch Vander, Gold Leader™ Battle of Yavin™ ( A New Hope™)
`04|#14 TIE Fighter Pilot™ Battle of Yavin™ ( A New Hope™)
`04|#15 Fans’ Choice # 5, Captain Antilles™ Tantive IV™ Invasion ( A New Hope™)
`04|#16 Admiral Ozzel™ Executor Assault ( The Empire Strikes Back™)
`04|#17 Dengar™ Executor Meeting ( The Empire Strikes Back™)
`04|#18 Bossk™ Executor Meeting ( The Empire Strikes Back™)
 Target Glass with Figure Obi-Wan Kenobi™ A New Hope™
 Target Glass with Figure Darth Maul™ The Phantom Menace™

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 March 2004 | 22:49 EST
Rebuilding What Was Lost - The Jedi Temple Archives:
Dateline: In the Spirit of Preservation Troops, an old friend from my former stomping grounds in Western NY, Jedi Mike Kelly, just sent me word about the opening of the Jedi Temple Archives. When Mike was staff at (R2N), he was in charge of the Visual Guides, doing over 300 of them just by himself. When Mike left the site, Pete Hauerstein took over the Guides, and he did a huge amount of them himself. A third individual by the name of Chuck Paskovics, did all the Vintage, and he was the person who originally came up with the format for the Guides. After the collapse of R2N, Chuck, Pete and Mike didn't want their work to just fade away, and to this end, the three got together and created a site containing the Visual Guides they had crafted. The address is

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 March 2004 | 21:53 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter # 246

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For the week of March 14 - 20

Clone Wars:
Anakin Starfighter Pilot $2.99
ARC Trooper (Red) $24.99
Yoda General $3.99
Wholesale Clone Wars Case Assortment 84851 A00E (includes 4 of each: Yoda, Anakin, red ARC Trooper) $79.99

Toy Fair Darth Vader $264.99
Silver Boba Fett AFA U90 $149.99 
Silver Boba Fett AFA U85 $79.99
12" Garindan $34.99
12" Jawas $24.99
12" Obi-Wan Kenobi $14.99

Master Replicas:
Yoda Lightsaber $699.99
Darth Maul Saber with Standard $249.99
Luke Jedi Scaled Saber - Gold Chase Version $299.99

Simpsons: Exclusive Mail-In B-Sharp Apu $50. Check out or selection of loose playsets and exclusives.

This Week's Vintage Featured Items:
POTF Yak Face AFA 85 92 Back $2,499.99
Loose ESB Yoda Orange Snake, POTF Amanaman, POTF Yak Face & Rare Blue Snaggletooth all in stock in a variety of conditions.
Foreign and American POTJ:
Darth Maul (Final Duel)
Leia Organa (General)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Mos Espa Disguise)

Wholesale POTJ Case Asst 84455092U (Canadian Tri-Logo cards) includes Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath, Han Solo Death Star Escape, Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot & Sandtrooper $39.99

Hard to find Episode I Action Fleet in this week in strictly limited quantities. If you are looking for these pieces do not delay! Wide selection of POTF2 12" back in stock. Green Card with Slide Mon Mothma is now back in stock.

Valor vs. Venom Wave 2;
Alpine & Swamp Rat, Beachhead & Cobra B.A.T. V4, Hard Drive & Baroness, Kamakura & Destro: all $14.99 each. Razor Trooper & Neurotoxin: $19.99. Set of 5 Wave 2 Valor vs. Venom Carded Figures $59.99.

DC Direct Exclusive Kubrick Batman Set $24.99

Transformers Collection (MISB C-9): # 1 Jazz, # 2 Prowl, # 3 Skids, # 4 Tracks, # 5 Smokescreen, or # 8 Inferno.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 March 2004 | 16:34 EST
Sandtrooper Tampa Bay Michael reports:
“Hey Florida Troopers! It's Michael again and after another exhaustive and disappointing sweep of my area I decided to just drive on over to Orlando where the Super Walmart had a ton of.... old figures! That's right. Still nothing new here but I will continue to search. On another note I am finally completing my collection but I am lacking in vehicles. I am looking for virtually every vehicle form PotF2 and up, aside from the Falcon, A-wing, TIE Fighter, and Slave 1. Let me know what you are willing to sell or trade before I turn to the dark side of ebay. Opened is fine. MTFBWY and have a fun safe weekend.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 March 2004 | 15:49 EST
Sandtrooper YQ-1 reports:
Dateline: Score in Minnesota “Hey troops, YQ-1 here. Dutch Vander, Captain Antilles, General Dodonna and the new TIE pilot, yeah right, $19.99 (each!) at some collector sites, but as I walked into Target in Shoreview, MN (694 & Lexington) there they were at a whopping $4.99 a piece! Oh yeah, Abbey and I were doing a jig in the aisle! Finally scored on an R1-G4, actually have found several and have an extra. Still on the hunt for a stormtrooper builder set, I’ll keep you informed on the hunt. Did I hear a rumor that Target was going to drop the Star Wars line? Oh boy. MTFBWY.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 March 2004 | 0:21 EST
Sandtrooper Sithryan reports:
Vegan staple[Click to View Images]Dateline: Finder's Fee “Hey J and Troopers, Sithryan reporting from Boise, Idaho. A long dry spell has hit Idaho. The only thing found recently is the Darth Maul and Obi-Wan glass sets at Target. I don't think a rehashed figure and a plastic cup are worth 10 bucks, but that's just me. Wal-Mart has had nothing new since Christmas, other than Ultra Jabba and Denizens. Coming up, I will be posting lots of toys as a friend started up a contract with Hasbro and will be ordering $5000.00 worth of figures in the 1st order and $2000.00 or so for future orders. Everything is still in the works so stand by for future updates. Also, I need 2 Animated Yodas. One for me, and one for my friend's birthday on March 26. I'd pay cost plus shipping if anyone can help. If you can get me 2, and they are both c-9 or better, I will pay an additional $5.00 finder's fee. Let me know!!! MTFBWY all!!!”

Thanks Ry, Spice too got a hold of these tumbler combo packs, and we've updated the images section to include these. Click the Obi-Wan thumb above to view.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 March 2004 | 23:54 EST
Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
Sacul the System“Hey folks, Young George Lucas here. I managed to score the first two of the Target glass and action figure sets today. They are pretty cool, but overpriced at $9.99 (we're paying $5.00 for a cup!). Anyhoo, whattaya gonna do? Also, If anyone happens to get, score, find one of the new exclusive Gentle Giant Clone Trooper pilots mini-busts, I'd be willing to trade for a mint MBNA Darth Vader mini-bust. Have a quality day.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 March 2004 | 20:35 EST
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett reports:
“Hey Troops! Boba-Brett reporting in with a local area report. Target in Rocky River, Ohio only had second wave of animated figures including Yoda. Wal-Mart in N. Olmsted only had 2 Bar-Too, 1 R-3PO, and second Imperial Dignitary. TRU in N. Olmsted had the best though, still not much, but out of the three stores. They had Jabba, Court Denizens, Ultra Wampa, Throne Room Duel Darth & Luke, Hoth Luke & Soldier, R-3PO, Anakin Secret Ceremony, Boba-Fett, Bail Organa & Elan. Also, on a side note, I'm looking for any vintage carded figures and wanted to give my cash to a fellow troop before some of the scum on ebay. Please e-mail me any offers. Thanks & MTFBWY!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 March 2004 | 20:12 EST
Sandtroopers Founding Father Uncle George ? reports:
The Uncle George ? character and likeness is ? and TM 2002-2004, a registered trademark of Extensive Enterprises and
The Uncle George ? character and likeness is ? and TM 2002-2004, a registered trademark of Extensive Enterprises and
The Uncle George ? character and likeness is ? and TM 2002-2004, a registered trademark of Extensive Enterprises and
“This is Uncle George ? with a Puerto Rican report, sorry I didn't send you the pictures from the Escape Pod but an unexpected trip to MN I had to make. I was really exited to see what the pegwarmers in the states are, are GOLD in Puerto Rico. However, I'd like to point out to my fellow collectors from Puerto Rico that the Wal-Mart Super Center in Cayey (50 minutes from San Juan) brought a load of 3- POs with Escape pod, Wampas, Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba's Palace Denizens. Along were hanging on the pegs the TIE Fighter pilot wave. This perhaps is old stuff in the states but here in P.R., it is like hitting the jackpot. Figures are marked at $5.77, and The Jabba wave for $12.11 each. I do frequent that particular store just for photo finishing but I can't resist a run through the toy aisles. The weird thing is that sometimes they have nothing and the next day when opening the store we could see that only half a case of a new wave is on the pegs, weird because obviously they have room to fill them up with more figures??? Things are so slooooow down here that KB Toys is ' new releasing '' the Watto and Lott Dod wave. That's all for now, I'll keep you posted. By the way, Toys R Us in Mayaguez is a fiasco ... don't spend a 2? hours trip from San Juan.” - George Collazo

Good to hear from you and thanks for the report George ? Let us know what other gold you find on the 135 mile Enchanted Island.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 March 2004 | 2:23 EST
The Power of Cloud!
Hey Troops, Cloud City is having their Spring Cleaning Sale where you can save 20% on Modern and Vintage Star Wars (except prototypes), and the discount applies to Acrylic Cases and Kenner Photography. What may be more interesting is the many pages of ebay listings that are now up for auction. Some of the most wanted 12-back figures are hard to pass up. Many have low Buy It Now prices. With grading from the AFA, you can weed out the real deal and the Fakers. Chances are you can find just about anything. IF not, take advantage of the sale at the virtual store if your Power Sniping skills aren't what they used to be! Star Destroyer Wave in stock and shipping!

- click to enter -

Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 March 2004 | 0:36 EST
This week at Action-HQ:
Hey Troops, Action-HQ has new Star Wars assortments in stock and shipping. AHQ is bringing it to you FIRST this week with 8-inch Hellboy figures for the upcoming movie next month! Now from Japan are these cute Toy Story 2.5-inch brick-style capsules ready for you collectors and unique gift givers. Now at last you can have the highly anticipated Shun in your hands for just $49.95! Plus Sonic, Dragon Ball Z and much more! See why many are getting it first at Action-HQ!

visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 March 2004 | 23:19 EST
Cult TV Expo in 10 days!
Hey Troops, another heads up on the Cult TV Expo: Celebrating Battlestar Galactica. Although you can no longer purchase advance tickets, they will be available at the door. I tried to get word on the ‘mystery guest’ but it is unconfirmed so it will not be announced. Six guests from the original TV Series will be in attendance and signing autographs. The show will be held in Rosemont, IL minutes from O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago. Many Sci-Fi Vendors will be set up and there is some great entertainment lined up as well. For information on event location click here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 March 2004 | 22:51 EST
Sandtrooper Satan's Teddybear (aka “The Devil's Ewok”) reports:
“Another venom-spewed report from the hell I call Minnesota:

Target: “They had the glasses and figure sets at every Target I went to today, not bad. I'll wait until clearance. Other than that one lone Holographic Luke (ugggh). On the non-Star Wars plus side I did find the 2nd series of Hulk Classics. It was the only thing keeping my from trashing the store screaming ' EWOK SMASH! '

Kmart: “The festering armpit of retail, I swear to God, I kept hearing "Dueling Banjos" from Deliverance. Any-hoo Kmart #1 yeilded a crapload of Dajh Purge (sic) (or whatever the hell his name is) at the bargain price of $6.99 each! And a crapload of Power Rangers. God I hate Power Rangers. Kmart #2: A Wampa!!!! Did I suffer a head wound? Did somone put acid in my Icee? Nope it was acutally a Wampa. It was the ONLY Star Wars toy in the entire store. Oh well a score is a score!

TRU: “I didn't go to TRU, I figure if I wanted to be near things I could never have, my money would do me more good at a Strip Club.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 March 2004 | 22:00 EST
Shady Soldiers - Back and Forth in Constant Battles:
Dream TeamDateline: Son of Return of the Gentle Giant - Sandtrooper J-Loud reports: “Jason, I'm not sure whether you remember the cries from disappointed fans at the conventions last year over the Blue Clone Trooper mini bust and how Gentle Giant didn't have enough to go around (We sure do, here's the report - ed). At first they were selling 2 per person then they actually started raffling so you might not have even been lucky enough to win the opportunity to buy one. Well, it makes me wonder why Gentle Giant then sold a full friggin' case to this guy!?! Man, he even states that the vendor 'Gentle Giant' had to open the boxes to insert the blue stickers. Please show the fans that Gentle Giant wasn't so gentle in handling the masses with their Mini bust exclusive. And, here's another bullspit artist. Sold out!?! Since when is what I'd like to know. Maybe the Target where he bought them all from!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 March 2004 | 19:52 EST
Sandtrooper “The Phil” reports:
“Troops, just got back from a local Target store here in So. Cal. I picked up both the Exclusive Obi-wan and Maul figures with retro glass. However, when I got home I realized the Darth Maul figure was packaged on an Obi-Wan card-back. I know this was factory, because the secondary bubble on the inside of packaging that secures the Maul figure does belong to Maul, and is different then Obi-Wan’s. Is this a variation or an error? Anyone else bump into this?”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 March 2004 | 14:41 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
Deep in the badlandsDateline: Analysts International “Star Wars Shop info, here's what's on their site this morning after yesterday's fiasco: ' As a result of the situation, we will not be processing any of the transactions placed Wednesday morning. You will need to place your order again when the shop reopens. All customers who placed an order before the site was taken down will be mailed a free set of Jedi movie patches and a $50 gift certificate to use for Star Wars merchandise on the site. We will give the entire Star Wars community sufficient notice before we relaunch the site.'  Lucky for those that were able to place an order: you get the bonus prizes, while the rest of us just sit back and sigh 'Aggh.' Anyway, other news from Central Texas: Target in Killeen has the new Obi-Wan & Maul glasses with figure sets and everything else is pretty dry around here. That's all from Central Texas, Starfox signing out.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 March 2004 | 14:27 EST
New This Week at
Do you want a free Ultra C-3PO? All you have to do to qualify is order from us in March. Full details on our main shopping page. New giveaway for March coming soon.

Deal of the Week Extended: Acklay & Reek just ?11 (approx $20 for both)

Just Listed:
Silver Sandtrooper - Comic Con exclusive for August 2004
Biker Scout Trooper 4-pack - coming soon
JediCon 2004 Exclusive Figure 2-pack - coming in April 2004
Sandcrawler available for pre-order at just $60 - coming in August

New Arrivals:
12" Ki Adi Mundi ?25 (approx $45)
X-Wing Red Leader Samples ?45
Episode I Naboo Royal Starshiip ?109
Target Collector Cup # 1 with Darth Maul and #2 with Obi Wan Kenobi

More this week at the UK's number one shop.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 March 2004 | 14:14 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Hawk reports:
Jedi Hawk’s Pro Scalper 4Dateline: Central Texas Reporting In “Well it has been a pretty long dry spell with nothing to report. But now there is some news, just not great news. My Target finally put out some new product. They put out 2 cases of the Jabba's Palace wave: Holo Luke, Lando Skiff, Bar2-D2, J'quille. Quite a few of the cards were pretty bent up from the case. Not much else, although the Geonosis War Rooms & Jedi Council scenes were on clearance for $13.98. Might check your Target if you want those cheaper. I wish they had some A-wings on clearance. My other stores have squat. It has been almost a month with nothing new at my TRU or Walmart(s), well, at least for SW. I am all caught up for '04 and wating for the Star Destroyer Wave and the rest. I guess my wallet is doing ok with the lack of new product. But it makes that Anniversary Optimus Prime look mighty tempting. Well that's all folks. Hunt 'em Down.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 March 2004 | 23:58 EST

Star Wars: Unleashed wave 7 Chewbacca, Luke X-Wing and Clone Trooper figures for $49.99 for the set of 3. Don't miss out on the Trilogy Pre-Orders for this summer's lineup.

20% Off Vintage Sale: Vintage orders placed until 12:00 Noon Friday March 12th will receive a 20% discount when we process the order (please note the discount will not be listed on the initial confirmation email you receive). Take advantage of the nice savings on thousands of differentvintage and single quantity items we have in stock - a huge range of figures.

US Transformers: The Hasbro 20th Prime version with Black Rifle - our initial early shipment all came with the Silver/Gray rifle, so this is a new version we've not sold before. Prime is priced at $69.99 each. More Commemorative Re-Issue Skywarps have arrived.

Transformers Imports: Micron Booster Wave 2 box of 12 has been restocked. The set of 12 repainted figures is available for $49.99. More Re-Issue #10 Soundwaves, Japanese Keychain boxes of 12, Tiger Sideswipe exclusive/repaint, Re-Issue # 09 Starscream and most of the other re-issues are also in stock.

Sports Picks: NBA 6 is now in stock - we have a variety of variants available MLB 8 has been restocked and we have received new variants we did not previously list. Another new group of items is the exclusive 2-pack versus sets. We have 3 different NHL versus sets and 2 NFL sets.

Jason vs. Freddy Staue: New and limited from NECA on the 'other' Menu.

Transformers and Cobra Flags and Stickers: A cool offering from Palisades, Car flags that mount by simply rolling up the window and static cling 'stickers' of the Autobot and Decepticon logo and Cobra Logo. These are available on the 'Other' Menu

GI Joe Busts: Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Cobra Commander Statue.

Much more to see, or visit BigBadToyStore below:

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 March 2004 | 22:14 EST
Sandtrooper NYC Jared reports:
Dateline: Let’s Fight the Good Fight and Beat the Scalpers “Hey Fellow Troopers. I’m following up on Troopette Lisette’s posting here in NYC and things are still a bit dry around here as far as the new figs go. More of the Cartoon Clone Wars are appearing but that’s about it. However, I do have an extra Lando Skiff and Luke Hologram from the new wave. Ideally, I would like to trade one of them for an R1-G4, the new droid from the Jabba Wave, but if any fellow troopers need either of them, I am willing to sell them for cost plus shipping. Any takers, e-mail me. Let’s fight the good fight and beat the scalpers.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 March 2004 | 21:21 EST
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
Virginia Beach“Leif Here. I've been following Kid Robot for a while, collector toys by Urban Vinyl, Michael Lau, etc. There is a new one, the AD-AT, a pretty cool figure based on SW; and Spandroid, a cute R2 interpretation. For some reason the two SW toys by Kid Robot are no longer on the site. Maybe they are sold out, or maybe those LucasSuits tracked them down for copywrite issues. You can still find image under the Gallery. Anyway, just some really cool stuff i wanted to share with the Troops.”

AD-AT FIGURE: From the imagination of Bill McMullen comes this CRAZY limited AdAt figure. Limited to 1000 worldwide, this figure features the combination of a classic sneaker and a terrorizing machine from a cult movie.These meldings of Star Wars and everyday objects are truly more than meets the eye. Troops, didn't you always think that if they'd make a Star Wars vehicle look like a kids' sneaker, that it would have been the Slave I which already foots the bill?

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 March 2004 | 19:07 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
“Troops, It's been awhile, but I read daily. What's the deal with all you West Coast Troopers and the warm weather?! I'm still wearing my winter duds! Anyhows, here's the news: local TRU has unleashed Chewie, Clonetrooper, and Orange Luke. And a special note to Michael in Tampa, they still have Unleashed Mace and Dooku. Slip me an e-mail if you still want them. They're going for about 17.00 Republic Credits each. Other than that, nada. That's it from East Central Wisconsin. One more thing, not SW related, if you haven't seen The Passion of the Christ, see it. It's an important movie (don't take the kiddies).” - Dom, aka Jedi for Jesus

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 March 2004 | 20:50 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
New York“Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I visited the Target store in Brooklyn and saw both waves of the Animated Figures if someone in Brooklyn is still on the lookout for these. No glasses as of yet. Also, I've come across several Hoth Han in brown coat at several TRU's. They're actually becoming peg warmers. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 March 2004 | 20:33 EST
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
Dateline: Florida Finds “Hey everyone! This is Michael in the Tampa area. Anyone still looking for the Jabba and Court Denizens packs can find one of each at the Toys R Us on Highway 19 in Clearwater. I just saw them at Noon today. I want to thank the Troopers out there again who have helped me fill in my Unleashed collection. I am now only looking for Mace Windu and Count Dooku. Please e-mail me if you're willing to trade, sell, or donate them to me! Keep up the good work Troops.”

Posted by: Steve | 9 March 2004 | 19:49 EST
Area report:
Aloha Troops! I just returned from Hawaii. Believe it or not, I was sent out there to attend a conference and give a couple of talks! And my employer called that work! My wife and I didn't do any Star Wars shopping while there, although it did cross my mind when we drove by a Wal-Mart. Anyway, I just got back in town here in Lafayette, IN. I stopped by Target and found the new Obi-Wan and Darth Maul glasses. These remind me so much of the glasses I had from Burger King when I was a wee lad. I really like these. Check out your local Target to see whether they are there.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 March 2004 | 16:48 EST
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi reports:
 ... and knowing is half the battle. “Hello fellow Troopers and Troopettes. Last week we had 60 degree weather, now it's 30 with snow showers. Bobafred, I am so jealous of you right now with your sunny Califonia weather. I am just sick of winter. On to the Star Wars scene. Took the advice of Donna, and Bobafred and found the Rappertunie and Yavin wave at the Milford, MA Target this morning. Now I am finally caught up with everything 3 ? inch. Still looking for an Unleashed Clonetrooper. Found most of the Hall of Fame figures at the Auburn TRU last week. These did not last long. I have decided to part ways with my 12-inch collection. I need the room. All are MIB. I am leaning more toward trades than selling these. Please take a look at my trade page for what I am looking for.”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 March 2004 | 3:20 EST
News from the Official Site: Archival Printed Goods at
In just two days, rare, hard-to-find, and previously unavailable Star Wars collectibles will be just a click away when opens for business. With more than 200 collectibles in store, Lucasfilm's online store will offer a wide variety of specially commissioned exclusives and a host of rarities culled from the archives at Skywalker Ranch. For more, click here, or visit the Pre-launch page.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 March 2004 | 3:05 EST
Force of the Bay: Fire in the Hole!
If there is nothing better to do in the times when you can’t find anything new in the stores, there are always great finds at ebay. It is hard to find a good Palitoy variant these days, let alone one the AFA would slap a 95 on. There are ways you could trade off the condition and acquire something a little more difficult. From some of the more common vehicles to some of the most obscure what the hells, there are thousands of items listed daily. There are big Kenner screw-ups and other ways to clean up your collection. From the smallest to the largest, you will find every aspect of Star Wars collecting. You find so many things that you wonder shipping will cost, let alone the ending bid. I even found a Pre-historic Power-Sucka, or perhaps the earliest rip-off in action figure history. Thinking back to my block growing up, your Mother may have been called some pretty fierce names had you showed up with something like that! Please exercise caution when bidding. neither endorses nor authenticates the items featured here. Especially that last one. Good luck to you Troopers on your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 March 2004 | 2:36 EST update:
Hey Troops, Dennis from sent me an update of what is new or back in stock. All Star Wars cases are back in stock including: Star Case, II, and Deluxe versions; Action figure stands for loose Vintage and POTF figures; Small and large action figure blisters; and loose action figure stand-up display cases. Now back in stock: Deluxe Acrylic Cases for both Star Wars and Masters of the Universe figures. If you need a protective case, chances are this is your place! Click the link for much more.

Protect your stuff with our stuff!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 March 2004 | 21:38 EST
Sandtrooper Steve Heim reports:
Dateline: Somewhere Out There - Maple Bros. Toys “I was at the Annual Tucson Toy Show at the fairgrounds yesterday (which was a pretty good show I might add) and observed a curious thing. Two guys (brothers I was told) from Calgary, Alberta, Canada were going around to all the Star Wars dealers attempting to buy them out of all their stuff, and I mean everything. I was told they have a store in Calgary and do this often. Are there any Canadian troopers out there that might know anything about these brothers and their store? They left the show with 2 Ford mini-vans completely packed solid with stuff. The reason I am trying to track them down is that they had expressed interest in my Star Trek collection and I have lost the piece of paper that had their address info. I would appreciate any help the Troops could give me.”

Steve, I'm rather certain that Trooper Jabba James in Alberta may know about this outfit. We'll investigate this and present the information obtained in a future segment of Canada's Coast to Coast AM™.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 March 2004 | 20:38 EST
Sandtrooper Bobafred in the Land of Sunshine reports:
ST Posse in effectDateline: Pedal to the Metal - United We Find and Assist “Bobafred signing in from Super Sunny So.Cali with the San Fernando Valley Edition with the temperatures hitting in the High 80's to Mid 90's in the San Fernando Valley! Must ... find ... shade! Well, troopers just wanted to let you know to stay on Target and hit your World's because I can confirm Sandtroopette Donna's Report on the Rappertunie and Yavin waves hitting Target on Sunday. New figs hitting. I also found the Ultra wave with Jabba, his Denizens, and Obi and Jango Kamino Confrontation / showdown at your local Wally World. Cali Dom if you're reading this you should have the pedal to the metal because the inland Empire should be saturated with product. I hope the virus didn't take you down, My deepest apologies!

“I just wanted to let you Troops know that those of you who encounter any employees who tell you
'I'm sorry we no longer will be stocking Star Wars product,' that you guys are falling for the oldest Jedi Mind Trick in the archives. Next time you get this response, don't walk away with your Saber between your legs (kick or shake some a$%), ask for a store Manager so he can confirm or negate this false statement, Have them run the DCPI with corporate headquarters to confirm, and leave them your name and number for future follow up. Periodically check in with this store manager because he will serve you well!

“Hasbro's # 1 toy seller has been the Star Wars line and will continue to be for quite some time. There will be no retailer foolish enough to cancel this line from their shelves. It all boils down to product and demand, and at this point it serves focus on Hasbro's other lines to gain the lime-light so to say! Also keep in mind the crap they pulled last year at this time when they sent a majority of us Star Wars followers online at a higher premium. Be wary of which on line vendors you toss your hard earned dollars, cause the fatter you get them, the more those vendors push for specials, exclusives, etc, and ultimately higher pricing! A juice card is what I would call it; scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, or what have you done for me lately? These Hasbro vending reps fill their pockets when there accounts produce. The fatter the vendor, the more Scooby snacks are thrown their way. I have done business with a majority of these online vendors and talked to a majority of owners first hand. I will at a later point expose those shady online vendors who just look to make the quick buck on our passion of collecting. I am sure everyone has a horror story and would love to share or throw tomatoes at these vendors. On the same token you have some really good vendors who don't try to price gouge you to death. I know you online vendors read this site to stay hip to your game so look out cause a very rock hard e-mail will hit soon exposing all those shady little business tactics, bait promotions, fricked-up shipping personnel (arggh!), credit card fraud, etc. Freedom of speech ... you've got to love it! Fight the Fight Troops United we find and assist.

“On a positive note, I still have a fresh case of MOC Clone Troopers, 2 sets of the Rappertunie wave, and Jabba and his Denizens for those troops still finding it difficult to find them. If interested give me a jingle. Still in need of Unleashed Leia, Vader with and without removable helmet, Darth Tyranus and 12-inch Ewoks”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 8 March 2004 | 11:08 EST
Season 2 of Animated Clone Wars: Less than Three Weeks!
NewsCartoon Network is getting ready to launch the second season of the Clone Wars Micro-Series. Premiers Friday, March 26th at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The trailers have been airing and seem to get longer and reveal a little more action each time they air. Thanks to Lil' Sandtroopers Tyler and Caleb Spice for the hot tips, that have me scrambling into the TV room to check it out! For more information on Clone Wars follow this link. We have a schedule for season 2, note the first two dates, if you have missed the first season they will be airing it again. I will be looking forward to seeing the first season, not being in three minute episodes.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 March 2004 | 22:12 EST
Sandtrooper Anthony's Anarchy in the UK™ report:
Dateline: Kit Fisto with no Shirt on is Much Better Anyway “I am a big Star Wars figure collector but get really annoyed when I go to the local shops and find either nothing new or Clone Wars and Expanded Universe Figures. It narks me when I hear people say 'Oh, I cant find Clone Wars figures anywhere,' or 'I cant find Expanded Universe figures or anything other than film related characters.' It's bad enough trying to find the figures I want in the first place without Hasbro messing us about (Oh, I keep forgetting though that Star Wars isn't popular in the UK, is it?). Yes, we won't supply the shops with figures like Rappertunie and Imperial Dignitaries and R2-D2 with drinks tray, we'll send Clone Wars stuff out instead. After all, who wants an R2-D2 with drinks tray anyway? Kit Fisto with no shirt on is much better.”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 March 2004 | 21:07 EST
Clearance Wars ST Style - Sandtrooper Mudaf3 reports:
“Hey Spiceowan, after reading the site for a couple years I decided to give it a try. I've posted a list of over 100 figures I must part with as I prepare to buy my first house and I thought I would give the Troops a shot before I try ebay. So I thought I would ask whether you could post something on the page letting everyone know to check out my list in the forum or at this page. Thanks a lot, and keep kicking scalper a$% on the bay!”

We truly appreciate getting first crack at the list, and for the thousands of you reading like Doug who have yet to 'give it a try,' Begin Today! Consider that last request done as well.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 March 2004 | 20:41 EST
Sandtrooper “The Corporal” reports:
Dateline: Semper Fidelis “Troops, I finally scored some new figs, the Targets in Valpo, and Merrillville, IN had the new Clone War wave: Dooku, Durge, and the Clonetrooper. No Yoda in sight. Made a quick stop at Toys 'R' Us and not one fig on the pegs. The guy said it's been empty for a couple of days. They did have the 12-inch Biker Scout and Luke, one of each. I'm hoping when that X-wing is released on the 15th, some new figs will be added to the pegs, new ones, not old ones (I bet they put out a case of Jango Pilot just to sit on the shelf til next year, everywhere I go that fig just screams 'buy me, buy me,' worst figure ever). Oh, all the Wally Worlds on Rt. 30 from Valpo to Scherreville are empty as well. I hope this saves you guys some gas, time, frustration. Semper Fi.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 March 2004 | 20:16 EST
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
Factor Follow-UpDateline: Props to the Troops “Well, Troops still nothing here in Tampa, Florida. I tell ya if there's a bright center to the Universe I'm in the city that it's farthest from. I did manage to find the Target Cups and Figures packs but that's it. If anyone needs them, let me know. I've seen Obi-Wan and Maul thus far. Thank you so much to the Troops that are helping me complete my Unleashed collection. I still need the first Vader, Padme, Yoda, Windu, and Count Dooku / Tyranus. If there is anyone else out there with these in any condition please don't hesitate to E-mail me.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 March 2004 | 1:15 EST
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
The First Lady of“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. After weeks of finding nothing and maybe dispelling the rumor of Target dropping the SW line, I found remnants of both the Jabba and Yavin wave at a local Target. Was able to score Dodonna (nice name), Antilles, Gold Leader , Holo Luke, and Rappertunie. I was also able to pick up two A-wings on clearance. Am willing to trade one for the following two figures: Tanus Spijek and J'Quille. If interested, please e-mail me. Happy Hunting!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 March 2004 | 0:36 EST
COBRA Report - Raise the FLAGG
G.I. Joe Cobra Logo Car FlagTroops, after the good news of some of the Valor vs. Venom Cobra Infantry Packs staying on shelves for longer than a microsecond, Cobra Forces are regrouping at If you have a Cobra Elite Trooper Uniform hanging in your closet next to that double-breasted suit, then why not equip your S.C.A.L.P. vehicle with a Cobra Flag (click picture)? If you get hungry while on your toy hunts, have heavy machine gunner, master chef, and jive-rhyming Joe Roadblock whip you up something at the Cobra Cafe and get his mini-bust. If you need a cunning female disguise artist to infiltrate the compound at Blackwater Prison, check out the Baroness mini-bust from the series. Need some extra firepower to pack as much ammo as 50 Cent's gang? Contact the military genious behind M.A.R.S. and Cobra's chief Weapons supplier, Destro. Pledge your allegience with a Cobra Logo Reusable Vinyl Static Cling Decal. If that armored SUV isn't enough, then take command of the Cobra Crimson Attack Tank (C.A.T.). Until Cobra makes a S.C.A.L.P. vehicle that you can take to the KB parking lot to launch stinger missiles at scalpers' cars, these will do!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 March 2004 | 23:59 EST
Sandtrooper Forcehunter reports:
Stay on TargetDateline: Is Target Still Getting These? “I read some info about Target dropping Star Wars from its toy sections. Here's the full report at Rebelscum. I am taking this with a grain of salt. They could easily be referring to the Clone Wars Toon line as it is supposed to have a limited run exclusively at Target. I just can't see them dropping a line that has sold very well and has a firm base with kids and adults.”

While Rebelscum is a very solid source for news, I myself called five local area Wal-Mart stores searching for new shipments the other day. I was told by one that “they probably would not carry the line anymore.” I believe this may be a thing chain store employees do to simply get you out of their hair for the time being. I wouldn't dismiss it but chances are that Target will not stop carrying Star Wars figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 March 2004 | 23:31 EST
Sandtrooper Satan's Teddybear aka “The Devil's Ewok” reports:
Solo“Hey Troopers, I found this from a guy on one of the Horror sites I frequent, thought I'd pass it along, I know I'm ordering one.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 March 2004 | 21:41 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys - Newsletter # 245

- click above to enter -
For the week of March 7 - 13

Admiral Ozzel $19.99
Bossk $19.99
Dengar $19.99
J' Quille $19.99
Captain Antilles $19.99
Dutch Vander $19.99
General Dodonna $19.99
Holographic Luke Skywalker $19.99 
Luke Hoth Attack $14.99
Lando Skiff Guard $19.99
R2-D2 Jabba's Sail Barge $19.99
Rappertunie $19.99
Ultimate Bounty 4 Pack $39.99
Star Tours G2-9T $19.99

Chewbacca $29.99
Clone Trooper $29.99
Luke X-Wing $29.99
Anakin Skywalker $19.99
Darth Tyranus $39.99

Biker Scout Mini Bust $54.99
Greedo Mini Bust $54.99
Master Replica Luke Jedi .45 Scaled Saber $34.99
Master Replica Obi-Wan ANH Lightsaber Weathered $329.99
Playskool Millenium Falcon $39.99
Kubrick 2" Set of 6 Series 2 Figures sealed $99.99

Episode I:
Epic Force Darth Maul Loose $12.99
Epic Force boxed Obi-Wan Kenobi $9.99
Epic Force boxed Qui Gon Jinn $19.99
Boxed Mos Espa Encounter $6.99
Boxed Watto's Box $29.99

POTF2 Classics now back in stock!
CommTech Admiral Motti $17.99
CommTech Stormtrooper $6.99
Mail-In B'omarr Monk $19.99
Leia Collection Set of 4 $29.99
Darth Vader TIE Fighter (European box) $36.99

Vintage Boxed Vehicles now in stock. Most available in multiple conditions, here are just a few:
ATL Interceptor MIB C-9+ $225
A-Wing MIB C-7 (decals unapplied) $299.99
Battle Damaged X-Wing Fighter MISB C-7.5 $165
B-Wing MISB C-7.5 $174.99
Cloud Car C-9 w/ C-7 Box $70
Ewok Battle Wagon C-9 w/ C-2 Box $210
Landspeeder MISB C-9+ Collectors' Series $129.99
Scout Walker MIB C-8.5 (ROTJ Box) $74.99
TIE Interceptor MIB C-7 $199.99
Y-Wing MISB C-7.5/8 $174.99
Power of the Jedi Palm Talkers:
Boba Fett $19.99, Case of 8 $59.99
Darth Vader $14.99, Case of 8 $59.99
Palm Talkers Set of 6 $59.99

G.I.Joe Carded and Graded Figures in stock!
Series 3 1984 Storm Shadow C-9 Unpunched $1,000
Carded 1985 Crimson Guard: Cobra Elite Trooper C-9 Unpunched $450
G.I. Joe Carded 1987 Jinx: Ninja/Intelligence AFA 90 $500
1987 Jinx: Ninja/Intelligence AFA 85 $350
1987 Techno-Viper AFA 85 $275
1988 Budo AFA 85 $175
1988 Lightfoot AFA 80 $100
1988 Toxo-Viper AFA 85 $125
1989 Gnawgahyde AFA 85 $125
1989 HEAT Viper AFA 85 $150
1989 Iron Grenadier AFA 85 $225

1989 Night Force Now in Stock!
Charbroil & Repeater C-8+ $199.99
Lightfoot & Shockwave C-8.5 $349.99
Muskrat & Spearhead and Max C-8.5 $209.99
Outback & Crazylegs C-8 $199.99
Sneak Peek & Lt. Falcon C-8+ $249.99
Tunnel Rat & Psyche-Out C-8+ Resealed $149.99

DC Direct back in stock:
Green Lantern Classic Hal Jordan $16.99
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner $16.99
Super Friends Aquaman and Black Manta $44.99
Super Friends Batman and Scarecrow $44.99
Super Friends Green Lantern and Sinestro $44.99
Super Friends Robin and Riddler $44.99
Super Friends Wonder Woman and Cheetah $44.99

American Boxed 1984 Starscream MISB C-7 $325

New Masters of the Universe:
Roboto $39.99
Evil-Lyn $44.99

Simpsons WoS:
Exclusive Mail-in B-Sharp Homer $60
Exclusive Mail-in StoneCutter Moe $60
Exclusives Loose Treehouse of Horror 1 Springfield Cemetery $90
Exclusive Boxed B-Sharp Centennial Playset connect all 4 B Sharp figures and hear them sing "Baby on Board" $70
Simpsons Series 10 Complete Set (Dr. Marvin Monroe, Resort Smithers, Scout Leader Ned Flanders, Stonecutter Homer, Sunday Best Marge and Maggie, and Wendell) $55

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 March 2004 | 1:02 EST
Master Replicas Update:
www.masterreplicas.comHey Troops, Master Replicas is having much success with some of the newer products this winter, many of which will soon be sold out. The Anakin Skywalker Signature Edition Lightsaber and the Medal of Yavin are on the endangered species list. Also nearly depleted: Jango Fett blaster set, and Limited Edition Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul and Vader Lightsabers. Also check out the .45 scale Lightsabers that are now on sale, for a very reasonable price. For more info, visit Master Replicas.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 March 2004 | 23:12 EST
New This Week at
Do you want a free Ultra C-3PO Figure? All you have to do to qualify is order from us in March. Full details on our main shopping page.

Deal of the Week: Reek - ?5 (7 Eur / $8 approx)
Deal of the Month: Acklay & Reek Bundle - ?11 set (15 Eur / $20 approx)

Target Exclusive Collector Cup with Figure sets in stock
Sandcrawler OTC Pre-Order NOW - Save now! ?34 (49 Eur) pre-order price, ?39 regular price
Attakus Salacious Crumb ?89 (Eur 129/ $160 approx)
Compulsion Gallery Vader, Boba Fett, R2-D2 and C-3PO
Gentle Giant Mini Bust BIKER SCOUT TROOPER ?39 (56 Eur), Also Tarkin ?39
Master Replicas .45 Luke Skywalker Mini Lightsaber IN STOCK ?29 (42 Eur)
Master Replicas - Anakin LE ?239, Medal of Yavin just ?70 (98 Eur), Jango Blasters ?299
Lifesize Bronze Yoda from Lawrence Noble Ltd 30 - ?11,999
Hall of Fame 12 figure case pack ?79 in stock LAST CALL
Saga Rappertunie, J'Quille, Lando & Luke in stock
Attakus - 7 new statues IN STOCK ! Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca
MotU Snake Mountain asst 'green SNAKEMEN card' coming soon
Hall of Fame 12 figure case pack ?79 in stock

More this week at the UK's number one shop.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 March 2004 | 21:44 EST

KEBco Toys has added the Original Trilogy Collection Vehicles for Pre-Order.

Choose from X-Wing, TIE Fighter and Millennium Falcon. All 3 will feature the new OTC packaging and will include new modifications.

The OTC Vintage figures of Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and more are still available. The first of the new basic OTC figures will be added soon. Stay Tuned!

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 March 2004 | 21:31 EST
Legacy Trooper Forcehunter reports:
Dateline: First Coast Patrol “Jacksonville, Florida report. The Hall of Fame wave came and went at the TRU by the Avenues. I had called to see if they had any Stormtroopers and the guy said “Yeah, we just got a case of the wave in.” When I arrived, they only had one Yoda and the rest went bye-bye and had found a pad with some one other than me. On a good note, it appears the COBRA excitement died down here as I found six Infantry packs just sitting there along with Night Force. Still no Tatooine wave yet.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 March 2004 | 20:56 EST
Sandtrooper Michael in Tampa reports:
Dateline: Unleashed “Hey fellow Sandtroopers. Not news but, I recently started collecting the Star Wars Unleashed figures and need a little help on the many that I have missed. If anyone has any of the following that they would be willing to part with in any condition, even opened, please let me know at: Anakin, Maul, Tyranus, Vader, Jango, Mace, Padme, and Yoda.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 March 2004 | 20:40 EST
Sandtrooper Bobafred in the Land of Sunshine reports:
Dateline: Ready to go Airborne “Bobafred signing in from Southern Cali with the San Fernando Valley Edition. As of late nothing new whatsoever on the Star Wars front. I guess I'll have to wait until April 4th to see what hits at Geoffrey's! A heads up to all the troops who collect Marvel Legends: K-B is starting to receive the Red Skull chase figure! I have 2 Blades (movie poster), Hulk Classic Abomination, Batmans, Mr. Freeze (with goggles), and Lebron James (red variant). If any Troops out there find The Hot Wheels Zamac (unpainted cars with emblems) on your hunts and are looking to trade or sell, shoot me an e-mail. To all serious Troop Collectors and Troop Builders: I have a fresh case of MOC Cartoon Network (12) Clone Troopers only. This is ready to go airborne! Still in dire need of Unleashed Vader (with or without helmet), Slave Leia, annd 12-inch Ewoks and Biker Scout. If interested give me a jingle. I also just wanted to give a late shout out to Julian H. Betancourt out in Gatorville, for hooking up with saga 12-inch Yoda. I dont care what they say, you're still all right! MTFBWY All!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 March 2004 | 21:56 EST
Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
Hazy Shade of Corvette SummerDateline: Cartoon Network Pegwarmers   “Hey, folks. Young George Lucas reporting from the Kansas City area. Not much new here. The toy aisles are as barren as the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine. All I've seen are peg warmers everywhere with even the second wave of Clone Wars cartoon figures clogging pegs at some Targets. I did score one of those McQuarrie Concept Stormtroopers (with lightsaber pointing up) so life ain't too bad. Later.” - YGL

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 March 2004 | 21:00 EST
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Taking preorders on the Gentle Giant Yoda maquette for $59.95. POTF Orange, Green & Freeze Frame figures in stock. Padme, Obi-Wan, Jango Fett, Clone Trooper, Jawa, Salacious Crumb & Han Solo Attakus statues now shipping. 50 Star Trek figures added. Thousands of vintage & classic Star Wars toys IN STOCK.

click to enter

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 March 2004 | 20:22 EST
Sandtrooper Drizzit reports:
From the Deep Woods of WisconsinDateline: Hard to Find Items at Kmart “Hey all, Just wanted to drop in with my second post of the week, must be a record. Found the Ultra Jabba wave at Kmart here in Waukesha. I thought they had stopped carrying figs. The only other thing they had was an Endor Trooper with beard. If anyone needs this hard to find item let me know. They were only asking $5.49 for it.”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 March 2004 | 19:09 EST
New figures available at Cloud City Collectibles:
Cloud City now has the Star Destroyer Wave in stock and ready for immediate shipment! This wave includes Bossk, Dengar, and Admiral Ozzel figures. The new Unleashed figures are arriving daily to Cloud City and orders are being filled as they are received. Place your order now to receive your Unleashed Chewy, Luke X-Wing, and Clone Trooper quickly.

Also in stock are the newly re-packaged Gold Card Obi-wan and Jango Fett Kamino Confrontation Saga Deluxe Figures.

If you collect other lines, check out the Power of the Force 2, Power of the Jedi, Shadows of the Empire, and Episode I series items. You will also find a huge assortment of vintage loose figures, carded figures, AFA graded figures, and Vehicles and Playsets.

- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 March 2004 | 16:48 EST
Sandtrooper Brian Lustig reports:
Dateline: A Long Summer of Pegwarming  “Hey Everyone! Not much new here in rainy Indy as far as the Yavin wave is concerned anyway. Wal-Marts have stocked up on the Luke throne room wave in anticipation of a LOOOOONG summer of pegwarming. Something in that says to me ' I really don't want to sell anything, I just wanna look like it. '

“Anyway, my real find was yesterday at Kmart! I was looking at yet another bunch of pegwarmers when I spotted a Gold Card Boba Fett Carkoon without the gold lines around the helmet! Upon closer inpection, I noticed that it was also missing the chest logo! So, looking through the rest of the figures, I found another Boba with no chest emblem! This one did have the yellow lines however. Has anyone confirmed either of these conditions as being a variant? Or is this just an error? I've seen a few others on ebay and one here on without the yellow lines but haven't seen anything about the chest emblem. Anyway, that's all for me. Keep the Faith! S.C.A.L.P. !!!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 March 2004 | 12:18 EST
This week at Action-HQ:
[Click to Enter Action-HQ]Troops, Action-HQ is receiving Star Wars newest Basic & Ultra Asst, MicroMachines and more. Available tomorrow are Dutch Vander, TIE Fighter Pilot, General Dodonna, Captian Antilles, Admiral Ozzel, Dengar, Bossk, Ultra Jabba, B'omarr Monk and New card Jango Fett & Obi-Wan! There is also the new old-stock MicroMachine Battle Star Playset & Bronze Collection Set. Also new for this week are Macross Sets of Trading & Capsule Figures, and Quadlandlow; Mononofu II 1/10 Scale Japanese Weapons; New old-stock Kabaya Japan Change Mircon Ver 2 mini transformable figures and STD Convoy; Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Candy Toy Figures; and Dragon Ball Z Set of Capsule & Finish Blow Figures. The best in Asian and American Pop Culture - FIRST! (click Jabba to enter)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 March 2004 | 11:38 EST
Sandtrooper Steve Heim reports:
Dateline: Cowabunga! “Howdy from Tucson, AZ. Just a note to let you know there is absolutely nothing Star Wars in any of the TRU's, Wallys, or Targets in this city. If you're into Teenage Turtles, Spidy 2, or Power Rangers, then you need to move here because you will be in heaven. I would like to remind any local troops that the Annual Tucson Toy Show will be at the Pima County Fair Grounds this Sunday the 7th, so you might be able to nail down some of the things you are missing. I filled a lot of my needs last year for not much more than I would have spent if I could have bought the stuff in the stores. If you're into MotU like me you might be able to fall into some Snakemen stuff (hope, hope). Anywho, that's it from the old Pueblo.

“Any Troops out there that might have an Unleashed Leia (loose, crushed, bent-up; doesn't matter because I open them) for trade please let me know as it was one that I never got. Thanks again.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 March 2004 | 22:20 EST
Sandtrooper “Trooper Larry” reports:
It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. We like Transformers ’cuz they’re more than meets the eye, YEAH!“Hey Troops! Trooper Larry reporting again with an Eastlake follow up. The new Wally World was just like our local Mentor store: completely empty. Maybe it's just me, but why is it that all other toy lines seem to be overstocked, yet Star Wars is always empty? So anyway, on to Target. Small find there. They had plenty of wave 2 Animated minus Yoda, but that was it for figures. Also had the A-Wings on sale for $9.98, which was a nice find. That’s it for this area, but hopefully I'll have something to report from the Strongsville, Ohio area when I go back to school Monday. Take care Troops.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 March 2004 | 21:57 EST

[Click to Enter]Star Wars Unleashed Wave 7: Part of our Unleashed 7 shipment has arrived and the rest is on the way! Three great new figures - Chewbacca, Clone Trooper, and Luke X-Wing are available in a set of 3 for $49.99.

Star Wars Trilogy Preorder: Hasbro has gone back to the roots of the SW line with these great new figures coming out this summer. We have listed pre-orders for: Trilogy Vintage Wave 1 set of 4 - the packaging on these is very similar to the original line, Trilogy Basic Wave 1 Set of 9, Trilogy Millenium Falcon, Trilogy 12" Set of 3, and Trilogy X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Unleashed Wave 8 and Wave 9 have been listed and each set is now a set of 2 figures.

Transfomers: We've finally received enough Takara 20th Anniversary Primes to fill all our pre-orders & list extras on the Website! Alternators Sideswipe, more Takara # 09 Starscream, # 00 Optimus Prime, and Heroes of Cybertron Wave 5 have arrived.

Transformers Arriving Soon: Takara has confirmed our order and given us a preliminary ship date for: BT-03 Silverstreak, BT-04 Hound, Smallest Transformers Wave 2. They will be arriving in late March with pre-orders available for all of them - $54.99 each.

Much more to see, or visit BigBadToyStore.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 March 2004 | 21:31 EST
Area Report: The Ball is Being Dropped
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINTI have completed a sweep through the North Shore here in Lake County, IL only to find next to nothing. Gurnee had only Kren Blista Vanee, Achk-Med Beq, the newer 12-inch Lando Skiff assortment, and stacks of Jedi four-pack and Ultra 3PO and Rieekan. TRU is really dropping the ball of late. The five Wal-Marts within 50 miles of my bunker have had very little activity as far as anything Yavin or newer goes. Target has been steady with the Snow Trooper, Throne Room figures, Han Hoth and Boba Fett. I’m just not seeing another $5 get away from me so easy. I just can’t believe I am at the point of saying 'no' to some of the garbage the big ‘H’ is spitting our way. I am seeing the same thing as Trooper Mat-Tambor was talking about yesterday: full pegs for everything but the line I buy. You try to ask a clerk about anything SW and it’s like you're docking them for an hour pay. If they only had what I was looking for more than 10% of the time, chances are I’d spend even more money than I already do in their stores. It cracks me up the way we are treated. I am just glad I have a place like this to vent, and knowing that if there is anything I’ll miss one of you will come to my rescue and fill that hole in my collection. I’ve heard of empty pegs being a nation-wide problem, very soothing knowing how long Hasbro has the contract locked up for Star Wars figures. Kick A$% and take names on your hunts Troops! United We Find!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 March 2004 | 20:37 EST
Sandtrooper Forcehunter reports:
“Forcehunter here with a Jacksonville, Florida report. I just came back from helping my mom get a new gazebo for the yard and I took the time to go look for some toys. The Target on Southside Blvd had all the Clone Wars figs minus Yoda. I was lucky that my mom could not find the gazebo there, but at Beaches Target, because I found the last Hasbro 20th Anniversary Prime and the last few A-Wings for 10 bucks each. That was the first time I had seen Prime here, so local Transfans keep a look out. I picked him up as a downpayment for myself, because guess who's putting that gazebo together this weekend? Adios.” - Dave

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 March 2004 | 23:29 EST
Force of the Bay: All Over Me Like a Cheap Suit
Hey Troops, in search of never-ending value I once again parked the Dewback and checked out ebay. Some of the first package variations are always available and even some lighting to help set the mood. There are literally thousands of vintage relics that are dime a dozen, twenty-four hours a day. I recall having one of these too; mine was in just as good condition as well. Perhaps it didn't get used much either! We were not immune to mass-merchandising in the age of excess either. It is always nice to find a lot of vintage figures. If your wallet will allow, you too can clean up at a respectable cost. I always find things I didn’t know they made or often things that make you say “What the *$&#?” or leave you speechless altogether. You can find custom creations or your favorite childhood toy in perfect working order. Pick up that old POTF lot you were looking for to fill in your collection. Some sellers use slick wording to get their point across. Many let the pictures do the talking. Just watch out for the guy that is looking to retire in one listing. While what you see there is rare and in great shape from what I can see, is an AM radio worth more than twenty dollars? I think the guy is treading a fine line of being a Sucka. Just watch yourselves and research the people you do business with. neither endorses nor authenticates the items featured here. Good luck to you Troops in your searches, Kick A#$ and take names.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 22:41 EST
Sandtrooper Larry Ramirez of the SWSSA reports:
“Greetings Friends, Larry here from SWSSA (Star Wars Society of San Antonio). Four years of fandom have come and gone and we are still here. Our site, has been redone and we are helping out with many more charities than before. We are now also starting something new. Schools across the Nation have a theme called Read Across America. SWSSA will be going to schools here in San Antonio, Texas to read stories to School Children, in Star Wars Costumes It should be fun. We are Also starting Star Wars at Toys R Us or, as it is known now, Star Wars Saturdays. Hopefully soon we will have more info soon about bigger events to come. But check out our site. Thanks and may the Force be with you always.”
Star Wars Society of San Antonio

Thanks Larry, we all appreciate your fan friendly action around the San Antonio area. We can't think of anything better than helping kids while at the same time having fun and involving Star Wars. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 21:58 EST Now Has Items from Brian's Toys!
Vintage Darth Vader ROTJ
Vintage Luke Skywalker ROTJ
Freeze Frame Darth Vader with Removeable Helmet
Vintage Tri-Pod Laser Cannon

Vintage Sy Snootles and Max Rebo Band
Set of 3 Mail-Aways: Han Stormtrooper, Mace and Spirit of Obi-Wan
Vintage Set of Four Baggie Items

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 21:36 EST
Sandtrooper “Trooper Larry” reports:
It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. We like Transformers ’cuz they’re more than meets the eye, YEAH!Dateline: Not a Jango in Sight ... Which is All the More Scarier! “Hey Troops! Trooper Larry reporting, sort of. Anyway, made the usual run tonight, and again walked away empty handed, and a few gallons less in gas. Wally World in Mentor has had nothing for the better part of 2 months now, not a Jango Pilot in sight, which is all the more scarier for that matter. KB had 2002 figs as usual, as so did Kmart. The only place that did show some kind of life in the toy section was TRU, which had an abundance of the Bartoo wave. Has anybody noticed that some of the Jabba Lukes have the cloak hood that is fully over Luke's head, and that others have the hood behind him, just wondered? Take care troops.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 21:23 EST
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett reports:
“Hey, what's up everybody?! Not a whole lot to report, but it's been awhile so I figured I'd pay my dues. Target in Avon and Rocky River DO HAVE about 8-10 each of the A-Wing for $9.98, Wave 2 Animated minus Yoda, and a crap-load of Jedi Chambers & War Rooms (still not on sale still). Kaybee in Rocky River, Ohio is one of them that's closing, but not a whole lot to talk about, just watching those Gamorrean Guards to see whether they get cheaper. Right now they're $17.99 but there is probably about twenty of them. And, if you need Djas, Orn Free Taa, or Han Endor ... they're just $1.79. On a side note, What is the deal with a bright orange and blue Skeletor at Kaybee? He's all the wrong colors but doesn't say anything on the package about the difference. Is this some sort of chase fig? Please let me know. That's all troops, may the Force be with you.”

Brett, the Skeletor you have been seeing is a repaint and it is very common actually. The orange face version of Skeletor had been thought by many to be a rare chase figure but you'll be seeing him everywhere, much to the astonishment and ultimate frustration of hardcore MotU collectors like Jedimaster-C and many other Troopers here!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 20:18 EST
Sandtrooper Drizzit reports:
From the Deep Woods of Wisconsin“Hey all, It's been awhile, but finally something to report. The Target in Delafield, WI had two A-Wings for $9.98. They are now gone, and Trooper Chuppernicus you know I got you one. How about finding me some new figs? They also had Animated Clone Figs wave two, no Saga figs. Wal-Mart out there had nothing. They have inventory this week, so maybe next week. That’s about it. Later.”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 19:49 EST
Sandtrooper Forcehunter reports:
“Forcehunter here in Jacksonville, FL. I thank you for keeping an eye out for the COBRA infantry packs, now I have plenty for my troops. Again, thank you. Only problem with the infantry pack are those damn SAW-Viper guns. Then, thank God for J and R Customs. The Infantry are well worth the price. I highly reccommend getting at least three. I was able to find a variant. They are supposed to come with one bBlack soldier. I got one with all white. I look forward to helping out the fellow troopers. My first sighting may not be Star Wars related, but MotU fans may want to know this: has the Masters of the Universe: Mutant Slime Pit on sale for $9.99. I know I'm going to grab it.” - Dave

Thanks for the “Sandtrooper Tip-Off” Dave. Forcehunter is a Legacy Troop who has been “Staying on Target” since the summer of 2001. Keep up the good work and keep the scalpers on the run in Northeast Florida!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 March 2004 | 19:29 EST
Sandtrooper Eric Aggson reports:
“Hey all, I have an Episode I collection for sale for three-hundred dollars. I can figure up the shipping based on your location if you are interested. Let me know and e-mail me!”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 March 2004 | 15:29 EST
Sandtrooper Mat-Tambor of the Kenosha, WI Techno Union Reports:
Trooper Mat Tambor (aka Mat Large)“There is not a whole lot shaking through Kenosha into Racine, WI this week. While hearing reports of the Yavin Wave, our Wal-Mart offers 3 empty pegs with possibly a Lot Dodd or Watto here and there. K-Mart had a few of the ‘Hall of Fame’ Figures, I am really glad these are not numbered so I can choose not to buy them like the Jedi 4-pack. My local Wal-Mart hasn’t even had the Jabba Waves yet. It makes me angry to see every other line completely stocked, even Spider Man 2, which will not grace the screen until July! My other complaint is: I have been collecting since just before the POTJ line caught steam, other than what is initially released for the films, the waves after sell very well. With the exception of Episode I, bottom line we all know they made too many of them. I just wish I could see a new deluxe figure other than a battle droid launcher! Perhaps the scalps are beating me there, I guess that is why I’m not seeing many reports. I bet that is because there is nothing to report!”

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 1 March 2004 | 23:22 EST
Greedo and Biker Scout Mini-Busts from Gentle Giant Studios, at
- enter above -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 1 March 2004 | 22:57 EST
Legacy Trooper Aaron Thompson reports:
“Newest finds (or lack thereof) in New Orleans:

TRU: “First wave of Deluxe figures, old Saga, Jedi Padawans, and the female Jedi.

Wal-Mart: “Hoth Han (brown coat), Snowtrooper, Hall of Fame collection, first wave of Deluxe figures.

Target: “Second wave of Clone Wars, first wave of Gold stripped figures.

“Still no sign of the Yavin wave or second wave of Deluxe figures. Found Rappertunie, but missed the rest of the wave. If anyone is interested, I found a Marvel Legends unmasked Wolverine that I would be willing to trade for a Jorg Sacul figure.”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 March 2004 | 20:59 EST
Cult TV Expo in three weeks!
Hey Troopers, I just received word about the Cult TV Expo: Celebrating Battlestar Galactica. Joyride Studios will be at the show previewing new Battlestar Galactica Figures. They will have graphic boards and hopefully a couple of sculpts to show off for us. Advance tickets are on sale now! 6 confirmed guests and perhaps a couple of mystery guests as well. To check out the hotel and location information click here.