March 2002

Posted by: vaughn | 31 March 2002 | 19:42 EST
Trooper John reports:
I have (2) sets of the Teebo wave and 2 R4-M9's and 2 Teebo's extra also,I got them for $7.32 each at Kmart.Shipping is $3.50 a figure or $4.50 for a whole wave. LMK at

Posted by: vaughn | 31 March 2002 | 19:41 EST
Trooper chabibby reports:
Hey troopers. I want to start off by wishing everyone a happy easter. I have a question for those who managed to get the Toy Fair Vader. Has anyone recieved a damaged vader besides me? Does anyone know if the Fan Club has a stash of Vaders to replace for dameged ones? I would appreciate any info. Thanks, and once again happy easter.

From what Ive heard the FC does NOT have replacements for damaged figures. Someone in the PA club received a damaged vader and they offered him a refund, since apparenly they had no replacements, but it wouldnt hurt to contact them and find out. If that doesnt work, then your best bet would be to find someone who has one carded but wants to open it and trade...

Posted by: vaughn | 31 March 2002 | 19:38 EST
Kevin from K&C Collectibles writes:
Dear Star Wars Collector,

The newest Episode 2 Attack of the Clones product has arrived.

Now In-Stock
Episode 2 - Collection 2 - set of 6 figures - Includes:
Boba Fett - Kamino Escape
Tusken Raider - mother with child
Captain Typho - Padme's Security
Shaak Ti - Jedi Master
Battle Droid - Arena Battle
Plo Koon - Arena Battle

Your last chance to pre-order the Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones Trading Card boxes is April 1, 2002 at 5:00pm CST.

Come visit our site at and get the latest Star Wars collectible.

Posted by: Jason | 31 March 2002 | 16:50 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"This place can get a little rough" - High Quality image of Cantina Alien and soon to be SWS 3.75" figure Djas Puhr over at RebelScum.

(Jawa sentence fragment) - Check out this latest giveaway from the Jawa: an opener set of Sneak Preview figures. Just post on this topic at the Jawa/Sandtroopers Forums. Follow this link or use the link on our the left side of our home page (See yesterday's Daily News for even MORE contest opportunities).

For $200, the answer is sleeping - User Poll - Where will you be midnight April 23rd?

Super Troopers - Which Episode II soldier is cooler? Super Battle Droid or Clone Trooper? Take the poll at

Men in Black - News at features AT-TE (AOTC walker vehicle) Technical Details and Jedi Dress Code revealed (sort of).

Anyone who wants a modified shopping list for your April 23rd AOTC toys, including Collection, Wave, and case packs, just send me an email

Posted by: vaughn | 31 March 2002 | 13:13 EST
Trooper YGL reports:
Hey, folks. First, and most importantly, Happy Easter to everyone! Not much new here in Kansas City in the past few days. We had the very cool BoShek wave a few days ago at Wal-Mart- but I still haven't seen the Snowspeeder or TIE Bomber in stores yet. Can you guys believe we are just about six weeks away from what looks to be the definitive "STAR WARS" movie? This one looks to be a "STAR WARS" fan dream come true! In addition to all the toys and collectibles, we also have the clash between good and evil, droids, bounty hunters-a-plenty, monsters, plot twists and turns, speeders, epic space battles, hundreds of Jedi in combat, treachery, an evil ex-Jedi, Obi-Wan and Anakin at the beginning of the end, a battle in the asteroid field, Yoda in action, the Fett boys, and clones, clones, clones! -and this is just the beginning! This movie will rule! All the so-called "fans" who jumped ship after "The Phantom Menace" are already returning in droves!
See everybody at "Midnight Madness II"!

Posted by: vaughn | 31 March 2002 | 13:07 EST
Trooper Dan reports:
I was looking at the AOTC Collection 1 figures I picked up this morning and noticed a true figure variation on the R2-D2 figure. There are 2 different legs molds as the picture shows. I have 3 R2-D2 figures:
2 of the figures are the figures on the left
1 of the figures is the figure on the right
All the figures have the same date stamp. I am not sure which is harder to get since I only seen 3 AOTC R2 figures, but as time grows closer to the real release date it should be easier to tell.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 31 March 2002 | 7:57 EST
Happy Easter Troops!
...From the crew at

He was crucified, died, rose again the 3rd day and I believe it.

Posted by: Jason | 30 March 2002 | 20:56 EST
Teebo Wave for a Trooper and E2 stuff on the way?
Hey Troops, I have a set of Teebo wave figures MOC for cost + shipping and I'm in the process of getting my mitts on the E2 figs with hopes of posting some Figure Reviews here on next week. Happy Easter to you all.
UPDATE: the Teebo wave set is gone as of 3pm on 3/31 - thanks everybody who needed them, glad I could help - until next time!

I'm certain that the eBay auction mentioned in the post below is legit! The only misleading aspect is that the auction title mentions "Toy Fair" Vader; and, even this, is true since the mold was re-used for the toy. It is a prototype of the 1998 Cinema Scene Vader and the seller just happened to choose an opportune time to sell it when fervor is high because of the HTF Toy Fair version ;)

Posted by: vaughn | 30 March 2002 | 20:47 EST
Toy fair proto?
Hey Troops,
Trooper Spiceowan directed me to this ebay auction saying:

Check out E-Bay Item # 1716776317 for the latest in Bogus auction work. It claims to be the Toy fair Vader prototype. I think it is a customizer at work with the Vader that came in the Cinema Scenes "Final Jedi duel" . I think this cat took apart ol' Darth and hit him up with a little primer and named it prototype. To top it off people are bidding on it. If I'm sounding off wrong let me know . I have the loose Cinema Vader and the capes match perfect, I have the Toy Fair vader packaged and I noticed they both have the same stamp 1997. Is this guy the real deal or a fake? If he's fake Post this and expose this Idiot for the Sandtrooper community.

What do you troops think? I compared the two and the only real difference I saw was the detail on the belt...

Posted by: Jason | 30 March 2002 | 20:44 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"That old man's just a crazy old wizard." - Take the Star Wars psychological profile test and see which Star Wars characters you are most like. Darth Crypt took the test, now it's your turn - Find Your Star Wars Twin.

"...Already becoming the greatest of Jedi." - High-quality images of the upcoming Anakin Skywalker - Hangar Duel figure at; very cool Loose and Carded

Toy Fair Vader images online - has a nice loose image gallery of the Silver Anniversary Darth Vader.

Force File Easter Eggs Online - Browse through the ForceFiles section at the Hasbro Jedi Quest Kids' Club area, for some images of AOTC carded figures.

A convenient collage - Sir Steve has catalogued some of the aforementioned carded pictures imaged in one web page.

"...a quart of milk, a loaf of bread, and a stick of butter..." - originally came up with this nice April 23rd Hasbro product list. You can use as a 'shopping list' of sorts. I rather believe that there is going to be a Mace Windu Basic Figure as well. If you'd like to know which figure is part of which Collection and Wave, just e-mail me at (btw, the opening quote I remembered from an animated segment from an early 1980's Sesame Street sketch in which a kid goes shopping for his mother, keeps repeating the three items out loud on the walk to the grocer, and STILL ends up screwing up the list - Gah! Don't end up like that kid!)

"Utini!" - That Jawa is at it again! Join the frenzy for a free AOTC poster (Contest ends 4/6)

Giveaway - 2 minute drill - Take advantage of the latest and greatest stuff for free out there!
Win a Final Duel Silver Anniversary Set at The Bothan Spy. is holding a giveaway for an ULTARAMA display system AND you may win a Toy Fair Darth Vader by posting at their "Yak Bak" Forums.
Three giveaways at The right now! First up is the poster giveaway (see above in this news), then, of course, is the Jawa/Sandtroopers Forum giveaway for a Jedi Starfighter, and yep, that's right, Wolf Guy Jack himself, Lak Sivrak MOC from POTF2 Freeze-Frame series. Get on over there!
At Power Collectibles you can enter a drawing for the coveted TRU-exclusive AT-ST (contest ends March 31st).
American Dream Comics still has a Toy Fair Silver Darth Vader up for grabs until April 1st.
"Only a Master of evil..." - Head on over to before April 5th for a chance to win the 25th Anniversary Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader. Then try to answer all 5 questions in the "Primary Target" challenge, also at You'll need some knowledge, skill and a bit of luck here! Go NOW because the first question could disappear real soon and it WON'T be back - hurry!

Something to do until April 23rd - Here is the PC emulated game version of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. IT'S TOTALLY FREE and I think you'll enjoy it - it is still one of the best Star Wars game out there! This vintage game captures the adventure of Episode IV and offers some fun and very challenging play - believe me, it is tough and very well-done and true to the story! Here is what you'll need:

1. A Windows/DOS PC with preferrably >8MB RAM
2. The Sega 8-bit emulating software (plays tons of free Game ROMS), file is less than 1/2 Meg.
3. The Game ROM. Click on the "handshake" at the bottom of the page, go to "S," then click "Star Wars" to download (btw, this is a Spanish site).
4. Grab the Game Help File and walkthrough. This file will explain the game for you.
5. Have fun and give me some feedback or ask a question; next to Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, this is my favorite Star Wars game.

Posted by: vaughn | 30 March 2002 | 20:33 EST
Trooper Giancarlo reports:
Hi troopers:
It seems that Tampa has been getting a lot of new stuff lately. On TRU (Dale Mabry) I ran across 6 AT-STs as well as a shipping cart full of preview figures. No kidding, the thing was completely full of preview figures. On Walmart I ran across quite a few
Lego sets: Jedi Starfighter, Jedi Duel (Yoda/Dooku), Tusken Encounter, Technic Jango Feet and Super Battle droid, Jango's Slave 1, and last but big, the Republic cruiser set (includes some blue super battle droids, and clone troopers). I had not heard of some of these sets until I saw them last night and this morning. I
almost bought it this morning but did not because it did not ring a price in the price checker and since Slave 1 is $50, I'm assuming this close to $100. The KB in International Plaza has about 6 Jedi Starfighter for 21.99, this are the real thing not the lego one.

Posted by: vaughn | 30 March 2002 | 20:31 EST
Jim from Federation Toys writes:
We have the Tie Bombers and Snow Speeders in stock, and AT-ST also. We will have ALL EPISODE 2 Related 4 inch figures and ships, playsets, Beasts, deluxe and 12 inch, for sale on April 22nd at Midnight on our website. We have info up now. Thanks we will also have TEEBO wave, EETH KOTH wave, and Preview figures back in stock very soon. WE WILL ALSO BE AT CELEBRATION II, Booth # 503 for any one wanting any Exclusive Items for sale there come and stop by Thanks have a great day and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: vaughn | 30 March 2002 | 16:21 EST
Trooper Boba_brett reports:
Boba_Brett reporting from Rocky River,OH.
I found an AT-ST this morning at TRU! AWESOME! There was another one but while I grabbed mine, a mother and her teenage son grabbed the other with a huge GASP! Tons of 25TH Anniversary packs warming shelves everywhere here. Also pre-view figs everywhere mainly Zam & R3. Also saw LEGO Jedi Starfighter but thats it. Have fun finding the figs!

Posted by: vaughn | 30 March 2002 | 16:20 EST
Trooper John reports:
hi there,
is it just me or have you noticed the increase in the toyfair vaders on ebay? it seems that in the past day or so the number of them appearing has increased, can you say scalpers no wonder regular fans like myself couldn't get though to the fan clubit was overrun by money hungry scalpers? I just wanted two of them one to open and one to keep carded hell right now I settle on just one sorry about the rant but stuff like that just P***** me off

thats a distinct possibility, but keep your eyes open for contests and trade offers. I think I read jundland wastes will be giving one away soon.

Posted by: vaughn | 30 March 2002 | 16:17 EST
Troopette Donna reports:
Hi Troopers, Donna from So. Cal. After finding nothing at Wal-mart last weekend, I went to three other Wal-marts today and had a very Good Friday. The first Wal-mart had nothing but the 2nd Wal-mart had all the Preview figures so I picked up a few extra Jango Fetts for trade. The last Wal-mart is where I found some new EPII figures. I was able to pick up the Battle Droid, Boba Fett, Captain Typho, Plo Koon, Shaak Ti, and Tusken Raider. However, there was no sign of the Tie Bomber or Crashed Snowspeeder. To top the day off, I got home and received my Toy Fair Vader today. A very sweet piece except for minor paint chip on the lightsaber. Hunting Hunting to all and have a Great Easter.

Posted by: Cheryl | 30 March 2002 | 14:38 EST
Heads Up for all you Lego Maniacs!
Hey Troopers!
Report from Trooper Bill and Cheryl! We went to Wal-Mart in Fairlawn,OH today and picked up some Episode 2 legos that weren't supposed to be released Until April 23rd. We got the Technic Super Battle Droid and the Jedi Duel set #7103 that includes Yoda and Count Dooku. They had plenty. So get`em while they're hot!

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 21:12 EST
Trooper jeffred5 reports:
Hey troopers,
I have a comment and a question. Someone posted that they got their TF Vader today and that the Fan Club could have saved us some money and just shipped the figure in a "Star" case. I don't have any Star cases but I do have the Protect-O-Pack cases and the cases aren't quite deep enough to close them with the TF Vader carded figure in them. Has anyone tried them in a "Star Case" yet? I'd like to know because I have a few other figures with the same problem. It's not to small by much but if you force it closed it will crush the bubble a little and that kind of defeats the purpose. Does any one know of a case that is a little deeper? So far there are about 5-6 figures that won't fit the Protect-O-Pack like the Destroyer Droids and the pit droid 2 pack. If anyone knows a good solution please let me know because I'm moving soon and I need to protect my figures. I know I can put them in a box with packing material but I'd like a case to put them in for lone term display and protection.

Jeff, when I got my vader at toyfair, he went right into a GENUINE protech star case...fits perfectly. I saw on RS today that protech is introducing a case thats 3/8" deeper...nice for the Flashback figs, destroyer droids, and other "Plus-size" figures. Hope that helps

Since people keep asking me, here are pictures of the front and back of my cased vader...

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 21:07 EST
Trooper jeffred5 reports:
Hey Fellow Troopers,
I just wanted to let you know that K-mart is selling Jedi Starfighters for $22.99. I know when things first come out we will generally pay almost anything (within reason) because we are just so excited that we found whatever it is. It's like we think if we don't get that one right now that they might not ever get any more or we will never find another one. I know, I'm as guilty and susceptible to this "New Toy Fever" as kids (I won't tell you how old I am, but I no kid any more). Then when the toy has been out for a while we act as if the toy is crap and want them to just be taken of the shelf and make them go away. Then, when they all have been clearance priced and are all gone, we start wanting them again and pay "collector's" prices. This is insane, but I guess it's just human nature to want what we can't have. Anyway I just wanted to let fellow troopers know that even though they aren't floodi! ng the stores, the Jedi Starfighters are showing up more and more so we can actually shop for the best price not just the first one we can find and the K-mart $22.99 price is the best retail store price I've seen or heard of. Also, I'm not very good at giving reviews of things because I thing most things, especially collectibles, are very subjective and I thing everyone should decide for them selves if they like something or not, who am I to tell you weather something is good or bad. But, I do think it's fair to "rate" something on how durable or how long it will last under normal conditions or other tangible things like that. So, (yes, there is actually something relevant to all this) I wanted to tell you all that out of the three Jedi Starfighters I bought; the first one I opened could not keep one of the "detachable" wings on at all and the front landing gear was bent enough to see the white plastic stretch mark at first I thought it was paint and ! it was supposed to look like that, until I opened the second ship and compared them. So, I (sadly) had to return it. Of course they didn't have any more to exchange it with. The second one is better. I can get the wings on, but some times I have to try to get it to stay on several times and they don't always both come off when I press the button. So I just wanted everyone to know about the defects. Who knows, these may have just been some early production bugs or just a couple of lemons. I have only seen these two out of the box, and two out of the hundreds of thousands they will make is hardly a fair sample. So, I'm asking if any other troopers have had any problems with their Starfighters?

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 21:06 EST
Trooper Dennis reports:
Just wanted to let you guys know to keep checking those Wal-Marts. Today at the Wal-Mart here in Fernandina Beach, Fl. I found two complete sets of Collection II (Episode II) figures (all 6) and at the 103rd street Wal-Mart in Jacksonville My friend and I found four complete sets of collection I (Episode II) figures (all 8). Still no Exclusive Tie Bomber or Luke Snowspeeder. And also no Episode II 12" or ships to be found yet, but all hope is not lost. My friend and I both collect one on the card and one loose but if I find any more I'll pick them up and post it here incase any fellow troopers need them.

I also found the Koth and Zutton wave at Kay-Bee toys at Regency Mall in Jacksonville, Fl. and the Bo Shek wave at Kay-Bee toys at Orange Park Mall in Jacksonville, Fl.

Just a few things I'm still needing. Qui-Gon w/ Eopie, 12" Luke Speeder, Tatooine Skiff, Bantha, and (2) Scanning Crew Troopers. They can be loose because I'm just going to open them anyway. So if anybody wants to trade Let me know what you need or I'll buy them for a fair price.

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 21:03 EST
Trooper Orlando reports:
Hello troops, Orlando from McAllen TX reporting; yesterday TRU had 5 ATST, three damaged, one okay, the other one couldn't tell. No more signs of the Bo Shek wave and the preview figures. I got my TF Vader, it's very nice!!!! a good job done on this figure. I also
got two ATST from in case I never got to see them at the local TRU, I was not impressed by the way they were packaged. Although they were not damaged or dinged, the box was too big for the two packages.

I anyone going to Celebration II in Indiana? I have never been to an event like this and would like to hear from other troopers recomendations as what to expect, what to take and what not to take. If I should stay for the whole three days? Is any of the staff from attending? meeting? etc., etc..

PLM at

Im going to celebration. I think we'll be putting together a list of mail contacts and stuff for celebration soon (maybe through our joint forums. Keep checking back for more information. Also FYI, today is the last day to purchase advance tix and have them mailed to you. They have extended the deadline for purchasing advanced tickets til late april, but you have to pick them up there.

Posted by: Tracy | 29 March 2002 | 19:32 EST
Toy Fair Vader
Hello Troops!
Well, it indeed has been a Good Friday for me, today Fex-Ex delivered my Toy Fair Darth Vader I ordered from the Fan Club Way back on Feb,23rd. It has been a long time since anticipation has gotten the better of me but it did this day. All I can say about the figure is "WOW"!!! or maybe "WOWEE"!! This is by far the best looking figure I have EVER seen and the RETRO black and silver card is perfect for the figure. I don't want to go on and on about it because of those less fortunate who have been unable to get one. Only advise I can give is keep on trying...The figure is well worth it. Also, I have to give the fan club two thumbs up for the packing!! The figure is mint on Mint card, definately collector grade. While I'm Posting, the Teebo wave has finally hit Baton Rouge at all the Wal-Marts and KB Toys, still $6.44 each down here. Also, I was told by my good friend Mike, the new 12" ATOC figs are at Wal-Mart on Perkins so I am on my way to get them as soon as I finish this post. The Jedi-Starfighter was seen at K-Mart and Wal-Mart, but at $20-$25 each I think I will wait for a sale, that is too much for a vehicle without a pilot!! That's about it, for those who were lucky enough to place an order the first time, your package sould arrive soon!! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!
Keep the faith Troops!

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 18:55 EST
Updated Pix and Holocron
Hey Troops,

I finally got a set of "banged up" Teebo wave to open. Pictures of R4-M9 have been posted...finally (here).

The holocron has been updated...this weeks item is the VINTAGE imperial shuttle. Drop in and see the pictures here.

Vader and clan arrived from the fan club yesterday and today. Im not exactly sure what we got for an extra shipping charge. They coulda saved a bunch of trouble by shipping it in a star extra packing necessary! All of the vaders had some small damage to the sticker on the front and most had creases on the back from the attachment of the bubble. collector grade my ***. Anyway, hope everyone who wanted one, got one. If not, they will be floating around...prices SHOULD come down.

Posted by: Jason | 29 March 2002 | 18:23 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"Prices so low, you'll think they've suffered brain damage" - Sir Steve's Guide has more hard info on a $.56 price drop at Wal*Marts from $6.44 to $5.88. Take that Mega-Lo-Mart.

More Salt 'N' Vinegar Jar Jar Potato Chips on the Way - Frito-Lay mass merchandising AOTC promotional information on

"I'll take Billy Dee Williams to block" - Yup, that's right, Billy Dee Williams, Lando Calrissian himself, is set to be on Hollywood squares next week (Monday & Tuesday); check your local listings.

Online Star Wars information resource - has updated their Episode II database with more droids and tools & technology.

Rundown of current Giveaways; Hurry, most current contests end soon! - is holding a giveaway for an ULTARAMA display system.
Three giveaways at The right now! First up is a set of AOTC Sneak Preview Figures, then, of course, is the Jawa/Sandtroopers Forum giveaway for a Jedi Starfighter, and yep, that's right, Wolf Guy Jack himself, Lak Sivrak MOC from POTF2 Freeze-Frame series. Get on over there!
Still time to enter the giveaway for Sneak Preview set of figures over at The Bothan Spy.
At Power Collectibles you can enter a drawing for the coveted TRU-exclusive AT-ST (contest ends March 31st).
American Dream Comics still has a Toy Fair Silver Darth Vader up for grabs until April 1st.
"Only a Master of evil..." - Head on over to before April 5th for a chance to win the 25th Anniversary Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader. Then try to answer all 5 questions in the "Primary Target" challenge, also at You'll need some knowledge, skill and a bit of luck here! Go NOW because the first question could disappear real soon and it WON'T be back - hurry!

Posted by: Jason | 29 March 2002 | 16:05 EST
Sandtrooper Jason reports:
Hey gang, I have a set of Teebo wave available for someone who needs it and I can get Jango Fett & Clone Troopers for anyone who needs them - just let me know real soon.
Our Lockport, NY K*Mart that's closing has Darth Fix-it wave figures and the Episode 1 lightsabers at some steep mark-downs.
At Ames today, a lady was stocking toys and there was a case of E2 Jedi Starfighters on the pallet, I could have snatched it, but don't really want one right now, anyhow there was a stamp saying "not on shelf before April 23," so it was taken to the back room until then.
When the 6'7" 350 lb. inbred toy clerk at my Wal*Mart saw me looking around today, he asked what I was looking for. I mentioned the exlusive Star Wars vehicles. With glazed over sardonic expression, he said "(...) April 23rd (...)." I told him that these vehicles were starting to go to retail around the country right now, he said in the most cruelly slow and condescending tone he could muster "I Should CERTAINLY HOPE so." And they think I'M strange. Anyway, antagonize your local store clerk and staff today and it will feel soooo good, so stick it to the man.

Posted by: Steve | 29 March 2002 | 13:53 EST
New Review
Hey Troops, I have posted a review of the Stark Hyperspace War series from Dark Horse. Click here to check it out.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 March 2002 | 12:13 EST
What is MORE stupid then some Jack@$$ selling a new SAESEE TINN EP2 figure on e-pay with a bid starting at $125.00???
The idiot that bid on it! Check it out......I can't believe this crap. Troops, EP 2 figs will be warming the pegs soon. PATIENCE pays!


Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:57 EST
Trooper Flip55 reports:


Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:16 EST
Kevin from K&C Collectibles writes:
Dear Star Wars Collector,

The newest Episode 2 Attack of the Clone product has arrived. Jango Fett, Jango Fett's Slave 1 and Jedi Duel legos.

Now In-Stock
Jedi Duel - with Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jango Fett
Jango Fett's Slave 1

Still Available:

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter

The set of 3 New POTJ figures include:
Bo Shek

The set of four Episode 2 figures include:
Jango Fett
Clone Trooper
Zam Wesell

Come visit our site at and get the latest Star Wars collectibles.

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:15 EST
Trooper YGL reports:
Hey, folks. Young George Lucas reporting from Overland Park, KS (Kansas City area). Tonight, my local Wal-Mart received the BoShek wave and the Vader/Obi-Wan "25th Anniversary" wave. If you are still in need of any of these, check WallyWorld. Also, today I received my Toy Fair Vader shipment from the Fan Club- they arrived in great shape. I know a lot of people were steamed that they couldn't get through to order these- but at least the Fan Club did try to make these available, and at a fair price. I hope they can also make the Celebration II exclusive figure available also.

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:14 EST
Trooper Madeus reports:
Have been out of the 'hunt' the past few months but decided to catch up this weekend on missed figures. Not much in the ft worth area except at TRU in the HEB area...nice gold mine...lots of Ep II early edition figures and quite a few sandtroopers from POTJ line. Found 5 at-st at TRU in east ft worth off of I-30. I guess I totally missed the Boshek wave - Any help on that line would be good!

Also, anyone know where I can get a full list of POTJ
action figures produced?

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:12 EST
Trooper Philly Dave reports:

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:09 EST
ACPin writes:
Luke listens intently to the Jedi Master Yoda for guidance and wisdom as the whole meaning of the Force unravels before him.

head on over and see the rest of the diorama at ACPin Star Wars

Posted by: vaughn | 29 March 2002 | 11:06 EST
Trooper jedichirp reports:
I stopped at the Greenwood, Indiana Walmart this morning and found the sneak preview figs. I picked up Zam and the droid for myself. They had about 5 Zam's and 5 droids and 1 Jango left on the pegs for $5.88. Also, the TRU in Greenwood received a shipment of the EP II Starfighter for $24.99. I saw it last week at Walmart for $19.96. Good luck.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 March 2002 | 8:18 EST
MARYLAND troopers,
I had a chance to stop by and check out the new Toys R Us in Clinton Maryland yesterday after getting a really fun root canal at my dentist. I had a little trouble looking for Star Wars stuff at TRU because I had to keep pulling my left eyebrow back down from the back of my head due to the nerve the doc hit when he was doing a Roto-Rooter in my ole canals. He hit that nerve and WHAM, I stood straight up in the chair yelling "I never touched the babysitter!"
AnyHoo- They have PLENTY of the ATST in stock as well as a bunch of Lego Tie Interceptors on clearance. No new figs though. The E.T. stuff they had was pretty cool. The ATST's are closer to the back wall on the action figures side. A little tricky to see, so look a little more carefully there.
Later troops...
Ps. my eyebrow is back to normal this morning...and no charges have been pressed in the babysitter incident! A good day to all...

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 March 2002 | 8:07 EST
Sandtrooper AndyVW reports:
Hey Troops! Finally a good day in Huntsville, AL. The ToysRus has 5 AT-STs, 2 Jedi Starfighters and a full end cap of Snealk preview figs as of 3:00 PM Today! Just when I had almost given up on collecting here!
Hope this helps some fellow troopers in the area.


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 March 2002 | 10:43 EST
2 funnymen leave this world...
"Uncle Miltie" Milton Berle (July 12, 1908 - Mar 27, 2002)
Dudley Moore (1936 - Mar 27, 2002)

Posted by: vaughn | 28 March 2002 | 8:59 EST
Trooper Dennis reports:
more on the toyfair vader
I talked to a person at the Fan Club on Tuesday and he told me to keep checking the web site. They will put them up on the site if they have any returns or declined credit cards. They will not be receiving any more though. He said Hasbro only had license to produce a certain number from Lucas Films and that production was done. Luckily I got mine today when they reappeared on the site. Just keep checking and maybe they'll show up again.

Posted by: vaughn | 28 March 2002 | 8:56 EST
Trooper Marks reports:
I found the Jedi star fighters at a TRU in Atlanta, GA. but the salesman refused to let me purchase them, saying that they were not to be put out untill the 23rd. there were about 10 of them all MIB... Also found the Lego Fetts "Slave One" at a Wal-Mart but they were not in the system to be sold...If any one has a "extra" Darth Vader toy fair exc. that they want to trade, Please let me know... I have a Vallourm/ Guard 12" and a set of MOC sneak preview figs. and alot of other good stuff , to trade for the Darth Vader... Please let me know what you want for a trade, I might be able to help...

Posted by: vaughn | 28 March 2002 | 8:55 EST
Trooper Greg reports:
Walmart In Oshkosh WI Just put out a ton of Episode II Figures.
Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Kit Fist, Plo Koon, Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid.12-14 in all I believe. Jedi Starfighters as well. I have yet to see the preview figures or the Boshek wave or Zutton or Eeth Koth for that matter but it was pretty sweet to walk in to see something new.

Posted by: vaughn | 28 March 2002 | 8:54 EST
ACPin writes:
Remember the email I sent the FC last Friday? I didn't think much that the FC would respond to it anyway. Just thought I'd vent my frustration about it. But yesterday I got this email from the FC.

We know that the site was severely overburdened last Thursday night and was unable to process many people's orders. You will have one more chance to purchase this item, though. We will have a very limited number available for members only by phone only on Wednesday 3/27/02 at or slightly after 9:00 AM Pacific time, Wednesday. We do not recommend telling anyone about this as there are very limited numbers available and this is intended for people that missed out on ordering through no fault of their own.

Hope that helps,
Star Wars Fan Club

This morning I was on the phone for about 30 minutes before I got through. Yes! I did get my order in. Kudos to the folks at the FC for responding to my email. I hope that the other Sandtroopers who also sent the FC an email similar to what I did also got theirs.

Posted by: vaughn | 28 March 2002 | 8:51 EST
Trooper Kent reports:
I've been following all those posts regarding WalMart employees putting SW AOTC merchandise out a month early. Well it's true, I picked up two sets of the first 12" figures - Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Clone Trooper today.

Here's the deal - I don't collect 12" figures - my main interest is the SW 3 3/4" action figures. I'm willing to trade for POTF2 Death Star Troopers, POTF2 Ree Yees, POTF2 Gammorean Guards, POTJ Rebel Troopers (Yavin), and POTJ Imperial Officers, POTJ R2Q5 (black R2 units), or even any new non-preview SW AOTC 3 3/4" figures. I also have two AOTC Jedi Starfighters for trade as well.

Trooper Kent from the Central Coast, California

If you are interested in trading with Kent, just post to the site

Hello Kent I have a bunch of what you are interested in and I am Very interested in your new 12" figures, Please contact me @ or

This is for Trooper Kent from the Central Coast, California (or anyone else who's interested). I have R2-Q's, among other things to trade. LMK if you still need one.

Posted by: vaughn | 28 March 2002 | 8:38 EST
Trooper R4-M9 reports
According to people have been finding the tie bomber and snowspeeder in their local walmarts (san diego, CA). Collectors might want to take an extra trip to walmart in the next few days to see if there walmart has them in.

Also, if anyone needs preview figures that are willing to trade for the jedi starfighter or older POTJ figures like IG-88 and security droid, let me know. I just went to my local walmart and they had about ten of each.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 March 2002 | 8:19 EST
*NEW* EP2 fig pics at Rebelscum
Pics from the new EP2 collection are being shown over at Rebelscum has posted a few more pictures that link back to RS.
Highlight to read:

Jar Jar (Gungan Senator)
Genosian Warrior
Saesee Tiin
Nikto Jedi Knight

Posted by: Tyler | 27 March 2002 | 22:53 EST
Stormtrooper Guns Anyone?
Hey Troopers,
My Walmart here in North Bay, Ontario just put their POTJ figures on clearance for $1 CAN. They only had 4 Bespin Escape Leia's left but I picked them up for anyone who may want the Stormtrooper guns that come with her (2 per card). If anyone's interested LMK. Cost would be $3 US tax inc for the eight guns plus shipping. Still no sign of the preview figures here yet :(

Posted by: Jason | 27 March 2002 | 22:43 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"Part three in a fifty-seven episode saga" - has the latest installment in the 57 part web-documentary "The Making of Ephant Mon." This time it's the figure after being painted (pause ) (cough).

"Wal*Mart exclusives showing up in U.S." - Action Figure Times Chat has a tidbit on the Crashed Snowspeeder and TIE Bomber showing up at Wal*Marts in Ontario, CA. They were found in San Diego, CA also, by one of the folks over at SirSteve's EVEN MORE reports at pegging these down in Arizona and So. California. See you all at Wal*Mart!

"Old man with a lightsaber" - New AOTC screenshots, just scroll down to the article from 3/26 entitled "EPISODE II - 3 WEITERE NEUE PICS" to see Zam, Dooku and Dooku FIGHTING Obi-Wan! Get over there before LFL pulls these from the 'net!

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 21:34 EST
Trooper Raja reports:
Redwood City CA, TRU had 9 AT-ST at 4:00 on 3/27/02 as well as the Lego Jedi Star Fighter.

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 21:21 EST
Chris from writes: now has all new forums. The server was changed about a month ago and the old forums would not integrate with the new server. We had to start over but think it is for the better. We want a fresh start with all new Star Wars disscussions. Stop by and check them out. Thanks!

Posted by: Bill | 27 March 2002 | 19:56 EST
Sandtrooper Dark Steve Reports:
Hey Troops OHIO'S DARK STEVE here with a report...I went to Wall-Mart this morning and found the new Jedi Star Fighter out on the shelf (Way too cool)I had to buy 2 of them! They still have 4 left.I talked to the toy manager there he said they are thinking of opening select Wal-Marts at midnight if there is enough interest by collectors & kids out there.So stop in your local Wally Worlds and let them know we want our toys at midnight April 22. My Wal-Mart also lowered there price on all the figures to $5.88 (must be the new price point) MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ALL OF YOU!

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 19:02 EST
its baaaaack....probably only for a few minutes
Hey Troops,

TF vader is making another cameo appearance at the fan club... stop by and experience the frustration of trying to order another one :)

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 March 2002 | 14:09 EST
Sandtrooper custom
A VERY cool Sandtrooper custom by Sandtrooper Yamada!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 March 2002 | 12:26 EST
Sandtrooper Steve reports:
"Hello Everyone.
I found the Jedi Starfighter at a K-Mart Yesterday. They still had a few left at 23 dollars. If anyone would like me to go look, let me know via email and I will go look and see if there are anymore left. I did not see any figures however."

Denver Colorado

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 12:06 EST
Trooper Jeidchirp reports:
i found the teebo wave at the greenwood walmart in indiana. all they had was one teebo that had been crushed/opened on the bottom. hopefully more will be put out for us because i still need this wave. they had also marked the prices down for their figures from $6.44 to $5.88.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 March 2002 | 10:18 EST
Ok troops!
If you want to be able to participate in a bigger way for the opening of EP2, build one of these and get with your local movie theatre about an appearance. Most everyone loves Boba Fett (even though I HATED the way he bit the dust, WEAK.. WEAK I say!!!). Not everyone can become Boba Fett...until now! Stand out...BE Boba Fett!


Posted by: Tyler | 27 March 2002 | 8:33 EST
Bobbleheads at the Fan Club!
Hey Troopers,
Want something to put on the dash of your car while driving to the Star Wars Celebration? Well the Fan Club has a set of 3 Star Wars bobbleheads for presale. They include Vader, Boba Fett and a C-3PO/R2-D2. They're a little pricey at $74.97 ($69.99 for members)but look pretty cool. Better hurry though, there's only making 4,000 of these available. Take care Troopers.

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 8:31 EST
Trooper Tim reports:
Hey Troopers,
Just wanted to say I received my movie poster from the Fan Club and it looks spectacular. Looking at just Portman and Christensen, I am reminded of a young Taylor and Clift. It's a great piece and I recommend to others not to let this pass them by.

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 8:30 EST
Troopette Donna reports:
Troopette Donna from So. Cal. checking in. Went to 3 Targets and 1 TRU over the weekend and all had remnants of the EPII Preview wave. All the Jango Fetts were gone and only one Target still had some Clonetroopers left. K-Mart and Wal-Mart still have nothing new. Heard from a local toy dealer that Wal-mart was holding everything back until April 23. The only new item I did find was the Jedi Starfighter at KB Toys which I passed on because I don't collect vehicles unless they have a figure included. Has anyone seen the Playschool toys anywhere yet? Happy Hunting to all.

I heard reports last month of playskool toys hitting one of the department stores in PA (Boscovs). I never heard anything abouut TRU or walmart or target, though. I think some of the online retailers have them.

UPDATE: Trooper joeyjoejoe reports finding these at Boscovs in Scranton PA

Posted by: vaughn | 27 March 2002 | 8:28 EST
Russ from Power Collectibles writes:
Power Collectibles is also now giving away a FREE, on hand random Episode II carded figure with every order of Star Wars items total $50 or more.

Posted by: George | 27 March 2002 | 5:03 EST
AOTC collection 1 hits our troopers in Chile:
This comes from Sandtrooper Chicken the magnificent in Chile:
''Attention collectors from Chile and Sandtroopers around the globe. I want to report that this week (March 25th) in my country (Chile) Hasbro has released officially the AOTC figures collection 1 a month before the USA; Also looks like this is the ''official'' release before any other country. It is not known the motive or opinion from Hasbro in Chile but all the figures are on pegs at all mayor toy stores. It is a real pleasure being part of the primice and communicate it with the rest of the WORLD. I will have more info regarding this subject in my home page @

Posted by: vaughn | 26 March 2002 | 22:58 EST
Trooper Bruce reports:
Today I picked up two extra AT-ST's for any trooper who DOESN'T have one already. The last two went fast, and with so many emails, I decided to pick up two more. Cost is $32.00 + shipping. I am Leaving for Florida on March 30th and will be back on April 17th. All transactions must be completed before I leave. I will sell to Paypal Buyers before people with checks...sorry for the inconvenience. I deleted all the old emails (sorry) so If you need one, Email me at: Thanks!, and I hope this helps out any fellow troopers!!

Update: One to go...

Posted by: vaughn | 26 March 2002 | 22:56 EST
Trooper Tim reports:
Hey Troopers,
The Jedi Starfighter has arrived at the TRU in Foster City, Ca. They are $25 (hack!) 99, there were six when I left, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Posted by: Zack | 26 March 2002 | 18:02 EST
Attention troopers with feedback at the Tatooine Traders Guild...
I am working on transferring everyone's feedback from the Tatoonie Traders Guild to the trader ratings section at the new community forums. If you have feedback at the traders guild and are a member of the community forums, please email me your name and user name and I'll get your feedback moved for you. I'll give everybody a few days to get their info in, so sign up at the forums if you haven't done so already. We are planning on archiving all feedback that isn't moved, so make sure you let us know! I can be reached at

Posted by: Jason | 26 March 2002 | 15:06 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
Wal*Mart caught putting Episode II figures out early - has a West Coast report of some Episode 2, Collection 2 figures showing up early. On April 23, expect 8 new figures in Collection 1, Wave 1; 6 new figures in Collection 2, Wave 1; 5 new figures in Collection 2, Wave 2; and possibly a Collection 1, Wave 2 case assortment. This means at least 19 different figures, with no more than 2 of each per case.

"I hate flying." - is giving away a Jedi Starfighter. You have until March 28th to enter. Read on how you can enter more than once at their homepage.

"Set as Wallpaper." - Rogue 3 has updated his galleries with over a hundred Kenner Vintage Figure wallpaper motifs for your PC. Take a look!

"You have learned to control your fear" - has put up photos of the upcoming Bespin Duel Darth Vader. It does look like this figure is very much different than the prototype we saw a year and a half ago. Make sure to look at this awesome loose image! This looks like it could be THE BEST version of a 3.75" Vader to date!

"(Jawa sentence fragment)" - Three giveaways at The right now! First up is a set of AOTC Sneak Preview Figures, then, of course, is the Jawa/Sandtroopers Forum giveaway for a Jedi Starfighter, and yep, that's right, Wolf Guy Jack himself, Lak Sivrak MOC from POTF2 Freeze-Frame series. Get on over there!

"Star Wars - Episode X" - Only 50 days left until Episode II! Check out Episode-X's 138 screenshot rundown of the Clone War trailer.

Posted by: vaughn | 26 March 2002 | 13:40 EST
Bespin Vader???
Apparently the Germans ( had it right...(click here) What we initially dismissed as the "unleashed" vader shortly after the toyfair showing IS apparently a new Bespin Gantry Vader figure. The guys over at RS have posted carded and loose pictures of the figure. Apparently Hasbro believes this is a VERY pivotal moment in the saga if they are releasing the figure in 2 different scales (6" and 3 3/4"). Head on over and check it out. It will be nice to get a new accessory that would be useful in a dio or display, plus (magnetic) force action.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 March 2002 | 12:35 EST
Early EP 2 teaser poster?

"Attack of the Clones Teaser Poster?
Both Coming Attractions and Dark Horizons have recieved what is allegedly a teaser poster concept image for Attack of the Clones. While the spy who sent it says it is not the actual poster, it was a concept piece in designing it. It features a character not officially described by Lucasfilm yet, so you may want to consider it a spoiler."

This is fairly old news, but for those that haven't seen it yet...

Posted by: Jason | 26 March 2002 | 12:25 EST
1 more set of Teebo Wave for a fellow Sandtrooper
Hey Gang, this is J and I have ONE set of the TEEBO wave left for a 'trooper for $26 to get it delivered, or I'll trade in-kind for TRU AT-ST, Security Battle Droids, Naboo Royal Guard, or ToyFair Vader.
Daily News from Around the Web will be back today after a two-day hiatus. Yesterday, I got a crown for my molar and for a while I believed I was a hummingbird of some type !
I'll add an update to this post once the Teebo Wave set is gone :)

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 March 2002 | 11:47 EST
MGM studios park in Florida- AOTC opening weekend...
Here is the official word on the usual Star Wars celebration at MGM in Florida (Mother's Day weekend)...

"3/20/02 -- As announced in the 2/22/02 Orlando Sentinel, Star Wars Weekends, normally held at the Disney-MGM Studios in May, will NOT take place this year, even though the new installment of the movie series will debut May 16. A Star Wars event called Celebration II will instead be held in Indianapolis on the first weekend in May.

However, the Disney-MGM Studios will celebrate the nationwide release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones during the film's opening weekend, May 17-19, with additional Star Wars characters in the theme park, limited-edition pins, and additional Star Wars characters in the Stars and Motor Cars parade. In addition, Star Wars movie fans will have the chance to mingle with more than 20 camera-friendly Star Wars characters who will be circulating in the theme park.

Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World may resume in 2003, according to a Lucasfilms Ltd. spokesperson."

Click HERE for more info.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 March 2002 | 8:36 EST
Carbon Freezing chamber for $10.99??? is reporting...

"The Fan Club has marked down the Carbon Chamber with exclusive Bespin Guard down to a paltry $10.99. Less the $10 coupon you get with a membership, it's a buck and shipping..."

Head on over and get the details...

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 March 2002 | 8:30 EST
Trooper William reports: AOTC on Access Hollywood tonight...
"Tonight, Access Hollywood has a report on attack of the clones. might be cool..."

I know what I'm watching tonight!

Posted by: vaughn | 26 March 2002 | 8:14 EST
Trooper Jeffred5 reports:
Hey Phoenix Troopers,
I went to the PV Toys'R'Us and the Camelback TRU today (Monday) and they both had several AT-STs and some EPII Preview Figs. The PV TRU had all 4 of the preview figs 4-6 of each the Camelback TRU only had Zam And R3-T7. If you don't see any out look up on the top shelves of the isles near the main Star Wars end cap. If you don't find any out on the floor, ask for the boys toys Mgr. they would know if there are any hidden or in back. The only Jedi Starfighters I could find was @ the K-Mart on Cactus @ 32nd St. and they only have one left. The starfighter was $22.99 which is almost the best price I have seen or heard.

Posted by: vaughn | 26 March 2002 | 8:12 EST
Trooper Sergio reports:
Hey troops. I managed to put an entire Teebo wave on hold at a local
KBToys. If someone needs it let me know. Would prefer to trade for older POTJ figs but I am willing to sell at cost plus S&H

Posted by: vaughn | 26 March 2002 | 8:11 EST
Trooper Shawn reports:
It's been dry here for a while but all that changed last week. I actually got the AT-ST at TRU.(I had ordered one from Amazon thinking I would never see one on the shelf) If anyone would like to trade for the Tie Interceptor let me know, I don't think they ever made it to any TRU around here. Sneak previews are everywhere. 1 full set(all 4)and 1each extra Jango & Trooper available for trade. I tried to post my haves/wants list to the forum but I kept getting an error? Teebo wave has also been at Wally worlds, Targets, Kmarts, and TRU. If anyone still needs anyone from the Tessek wave they have been showing up lately(better late than never) If anyone is interested feel free to e-mail me at

P.S. My birthday is April 23 (I'll be 27 and this is the first birthday I've looked forward to since I turned 21) feel free to send gifts...JK

Posted by: vaughn | 25 March 2002 | 22:44 EST
Trooper Philly Dave reports:

Posted by: vaughn | 25 March 2002 | 22:43 EST
Trooper Mark reports:
Well I thought I would let everyone know whatz going on in SE MI Walmarts had and are gone Sneek peeks but Kmart in Adrian had a complete Sneek peek set on the pegs for $6.99 but they may not last long. Stock lady was in the process of packing all the toys for shipment out. I Do have a Jango Sneek peek for Trade looking for POTJ latest waves. Email me at

Posted by: vaughn | 25 March 2002 | 22:42 EST
Trooper Bruce reports:
I got a call today from a salesman at and he asked if I still wanted any Toy Fair Vaders!!?? I had tried to order one online last week and couldn't log in as a member. I called their 800 number and after being on hold 1 hour and 10 minutes, He (Steve) updated my info. I then asked if I could just place an order with him since I had him on the phone, but his system was backed up and he couldn't place any orders. He told me to keep trying online. He did say that he would hold 2 figures for me and call me back when he could get in and take the order. (Yeah ....right! I thought). I gave him my phone number and "held my breath". On Sunday, my wife told me that on friday, "some Star Wars guy called the other day". I asked who, and she said that she saved the message on the voicemail. Frantic, and two days after, I listened as Steve from the fan club says, "I have a couple held for you, if you still want them, call me back A.S.A.P as I can't hold them long. I called all day Sunday with no response. Low and behold, I got the call tonight at 6:00 pm CDT and he still had them. So he took my order.
Even though I have my complaints about the Fan Club/Insider, This was an example of a salesman going the extra mile for a customer. I thank him.

Hope we hear more stories like this...glad you got good service!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 March 2002 | 17:06 EST
Cool stuff at Brian's Toys!
"We have just added EPII items by NECA to our website and are taking
pre-orders now. Items will ship in early May.

The items include the first ever Star Wars Snow Globe. The Globe is limited to 5000 pieces. I was a little skeptical about carrying "Snowglobes," at first. But I personally saw the prototype at the New York Toy Fair, and this is a very cool piece. It is about 8 inches in diameter and weighs nearly 10 pounds. Once collectors find out about this item, it's sure to go fast! The other items are an EPII R2-D2 Bank and an EPII Wall Clock both limited to 5000 pieces.

We have pictures of all 3 items on our website at the following link,

We also have added NECA Tron items, which can be viewed at

Brian's Toys

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 March 2002 | 16:56 EST
Build a better Backpack! (For Sandtrooper)
Want to build a wicked butt-wollapin' Sandtrooper backpack? Hit the link below and get started. This is a fairly easy "how to" and your friends will find it "IMPRESSIVE, MOST IMPRESSIVE!" Use it to carry your lunch to work or join a garrison on Tatooine. Ice box is optional as well as the beer tap.


Posted by: Steve | 25 March 2002 | 15:29 EST
New Jedi Order Book 11
Hey Troops, I just wanted to remind everyone that Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, Book 11) by Aaron Allston is being released tomorrow. Personally I am going to wait a couple of weeks to get it because the new Star Wars novels almost always end up on Barnes and Noble's best seller list within a week or two. When they do get on that list, they are always marked down 30%. Add in my 10% off for membership and that is a deal too good to pass up.

Posted by: Steve | 25 March 2002 | 15:23 EST
Hey Troops, I thought I would let you know to check out your local Wal-Marts. I stopped by the Wal-Mart in Lansing, MI this morning and they had an entire pallet of Episode 2 LEGO and TECHNIC sets waiting to be opened. Of course the boxes were all marked do not display until at least 4/23, but I could have easily opened every single box as there wasn't an employee in sight. I could care less about LEGOs so I just passed it by, but for those of you who are interested, you may want to take a look.

Posted by: vaughn | 25 March 2002 | 14:49 EST
Trooper Jeidchirp reports:
Jedichirp from Indy...I found the Jedi Starfighter at the Greenwood Walmart on Sunday for $19.96. They had 2 of them. I also went and saw the Star Wars exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum on Saturday. It is a much smaller exhibit than I thought it would be, but worth seeing. It has the Naboo Starship(yellow) that was used in Episode I. It is about 35 feet long. I think this was just to get us ready for the much larger Celebration II in May. If you are in Indy, make sure to check out the Children's Museum and definately in May for the Celebration II.

Posted by: vaughn | 25 March 2002 | 14:48 EST
Trooper Rich reports:
You can now some how order vader toyfair online!! Good luck to all. I just completed an order myself.

This one is really hit-or-miss. Ive stopped by a few times. Today its said available, sold out, and they've removed it from the database. Who knows whats going on at the FC...

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 March 2002 | 11:33 EST
Sandtrooper Will reports:
"I have several items for trade or possible sale, an eopie mint in a tri logo bogo tc-14 mint on card, swimming jar jar mint on card... billy dee williams evolution card auotograph mint and a 1996 deluxe boba fett with one circle on the left hand in a mint package.
will kirby
Im looking for vintage items moc"

PS: How about that Halle Berry acceptance speech....Goll Blimey!

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 19:30 EST
Trooper Baldrik reports:
Went to TRU at Tucson Mall today and they had roughley 3 cases of Sneak Preview figures, 2 to 3 cases of the Bo Shek stuff , about 8 to 10 of the AT-ST's and around 6 or so Jedi Starfighters in the way cool blue retro box. Drove over to the other TRU in town and they had nothing. The Oracle Road store has all the new stuff.

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 17:41 EST
Trooper Erik reports:
In regards to the Fan Club fiasco, well thats why i stopped being a member. It is kind of ridiculous, though, for us to go totally BS about it. I didn't get one....and i tried the first time they were offered. But i got over it and went on with life. There are way to many other things in life to worry about. Like George said folks "lets give this time for our loved ones". I've seen some of you people come into stores with your kids/wives/husbands and you act like not the kids in awe, but spoiled children. Believe me i'm not singling any one individual out. But i sense in some of you that this is all you care about.

I want these things a.s.a.p. also but sometimes i just have to wait. Its o.k. though because someone else got theirs. I'm not jealous of those people. I also don't know if it even was a "scalper" that made off with all of them. I simply choose not to get worked up about it. Too each his (or her) own. When I log onto Sandtroopers i see that in some way shape or form we always end up with what we want. Whether its Trooper Donna in So. Cal. telling us what was out where or BOBB F. hooking me up with the Sandtrooper. It simply gets done. By the way, I still have never ever seen a Sandtrooper on a peg. Catch my drift?

SO, my point is hug someone you haven't hugged in a long time. Hug the stockperson who went the extra mile for you. Hug your dog, they love it. Be nice, be well, and don't go driving like a lunatic in the mall parking lot because you HAVE to get to Target. There are other people living on this rock besides you. Any of you ever think about kharma? Thats the "force" i sense. On that note i'll stop my rambling.

P.S. My intent wasn't meant to anger anyone. GOOD TIMES!!!!!! UNIFICATION

I agree with your sentiments Erik... I think we're gonna start directing posts like this to a thread in the forum and save the front page for "info". Hope I dont offend anyone by doing this...

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 17:36 EST
Trooper Garr reports:
Garr reporting from MO. I have been looking for a Darktrooper "Mint" in Pkg. for quite some time and no luck. It seems everyone wants a lot for it, I am willing to trade straight over a Mint in Pkg. Hasbro Jedi Starfighter for one mint Darktrooper, I need some help filling in this hole in my wall. Thanks !!

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 14:43 EST
New Reviews
J has posted some great new reviews of the Teebo Wave (last of the POTJ). Check them out here or click on the picture of Boshek in the left sidebar.

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 13:20 EST
Trooper jedimastereric reports:
Just thought you'd like to know that has Boshek and Teebo for $5.99 and R4 for $7.99. These will go quick, they always do.

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 13:19 EST
Trooper Orlando reports:
Hello troopers,
Orlando from McAllen, TX reporting, I have 4 Amanaman and 4 Zuttons for sale at cost plus shipping. If interested e-mail me at

Does anyone has an extra Eeth Koth, I have not seen this one anywhere. I also have one set of the preview figures for sale.

Found the Jedi Starfighter but are reserved for some of my friends already, if I run into more of them I will let you all know.

Enjoy your hunting....

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 13:15 EST
Trooper Jarasen reports:
Hello fellow troopers,
I finaly found some thing good down here in GA! I was at the mall in Agusta and found (and bought) a Obi-Wan cold weather gear pakaged with out a lightsaber! I examened it closely and it was not stolen, Hasbro made a mistake! Dose anyone else know of this variation?

Note: This is an ERROR, not a variation.

Posted by: vaughn | 24 March 2002 | 13:12 EST
Trooper Tim reports:
I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been looking for the Masterpiece edition of Ms. Sing and to no avail cannot find one. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it. Please drop me a line.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 March 2002 | 7:52 EST
Sandtrooper Ian reports:
"At my Wal-Mart we got a case of the Jedi Starfigthers in, but it had the shelf date stamp of April 23rd. The department manager would not listen when I tried to explain to her that that was a mistake. She wouldn't listen. I got on the pipeline, which is a Wal-mart system of information, and found the information saying clearly that they can sell this vehicle. I recommend you go to your local Wal-Mart and ask if they have any in. If they say they do, but they can't be put out due to shelf date, tell them to check the Pipeline and look up Episode 2 info. Hopefully they will do this and put the vehicles out for you."

Posted by: vaughn | 23 March 2002 | 20:29 EST
Trooper Bruce reports:
For those troopers in the Twin Cities area of MN, TRU in Roseville Just got in eight AT-ST's today (Saturday) and they will be off the truck tonight. My "informant" said that they will be on the shelf tomorrow. If you don't see them, ask!! They were not going to put all of them out for fear of someone grabbing all of them. Hope this helps...
...if you scalpers are reading'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead... Well you know. See you tomorrow!!

Posted by: vaughn | 23 March 2002 | 20:29 EST
Trooper cplhritz reports:
hey troops.
the last few months here in NW Indiana things have been really dry,and almost Star Wars free. Anyway I was making my rounds and had one of the best outings in months, I started at TRU in Michigan City, when I was about to leave two cashiers asked if I was finding everything ok, I asked if there was any new Star Wars stuff, they said we'll be right back we have what your looking for and came back with the AT-ST, case fresh and the last one they had. No preview figs there yet. Went on to Super K-mart in Porter IN and they had the preview figs.there except Jango Fett. Made one more stop at the Hammond WM and got the Teeboo wave there for $3.00 each. Thats the most of anything I've seen here in a long time. Never saw the fx-7 or Eeth Koth wave or the Tie Interceptor come through. Anyway I hope that helps some troopers out. MTFBWY

Posted by: Jason | 23 March 2002 | 18:34 EST
Will drop Teebo wave for AT-ST
Fellow Troopers,
I still have the highly-coveted Teebo wave up for trade (either 1 or 2 sets) for the following wants: TRU AT-ST w/Paploo and POTJ Security Battle Droids (make up a combination!). I'm looking for the Silver Toy Fair Vader too - so shoot me a line if you will have an extra to trade/sell.
Thanks to the Troopers who e-mailed me to get the Teebo wave and extra-special thanks to "BRANDONARATH" in El Paso (Outer Rim) for hooking me up with the Carbon Freeze Chamber in exchange for a set of Sneak Preview figures. Also I want to say "hi" to Unca George, Crypt and Lex-Wan. I feel a vergeance in The Force here at Troopers; I think we're the strongest ever and on April 23rd, it will be US who take home all the new Episode II toys and other goodies and not the greedy hoarders and scalpers - BEWARE! Unify and "let's, let's, let's keep it going."

Posted by: Jason | 23 March 2002 | 18:03 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
E-mail me with any suggestions on what kind of news YOU want to see more of!

''Are the speeders ready?' 'Not yet. We're having some trouble adapting them to the cold.'" - Sir Steve's Guide reports that orders for the Wal*Mart exclusive Snow Speeder & Tie Bomber are "on order" and might be showing up sooner than we thought.

"... now. Vote now. Vote now. Vote..." - Go on over to the Official Star Wars web site to vote for your favorite Episode II Sneak Preview figure. Jango leads the pack with my number two pick R3-T7 poised for a late surge. Exercise your right to vote, even if you've been left jaded by recent political races.

"Qui-Gon's defiance I sense in you. Need that, you do not." - Qui-Gon OnLine is a great fan site that explores every aspect of this Master Jedi - he's like, totally venerable. Is Qui-Gon just a drunken gambler? - find out in the page FAQ. If you like to compose music, like me, you'll love the Qui-Gon's theme analysis area that picks apart the musical structure of his theme and compares it to both The Force Theme and the Emperor's theme. Again, Killer Site!!!

"Contains 23% new footage." - has some additional info concerning the April 23rd Wal*Mart AOTC Trailer. In a related topic, it looks like order numbers for April 23rd product at Wal*Mart have been boosted.

"'You're part of the mining Guild then?' 'No...'" - pulls together a comprehensive listing of Hasbro's 2002 Retailer Exclusives (Well, at least my town has ONE of those stores. Guhh?).

"...It's a hard life." - Rundown of current Giveaways: is giving away a Jedi Starfighter. You have until March 28th to enter.
Have a "double-deuce" and enter's Jedi Starfighter giveaway (just post to the new Forums! Go! Go!).
At Power Collectibles you can enter a drawing for the coveted TRU-exclusive AT-ST (contest ends March 31st).
American Dream Comics still has a Toy Fair Silver Darth Vader up for grabs until April 1st.
"Freeze. Bounty hunter." - Head on over to before March 29th for a shot at Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing. Hubba-hubba.
Hopefully, no Bothans died to get these, but our buds at The Bothan Spy have a Sneak Preview Jango Fett and Clonetrooper for you to win!

Posted by: Zack | 23 March 2002 | 16:09 EST
Attention troopers with lists at the Tatoonie Trade Guild...
In our effort to make all the trade and wants lists more accessible, the old lists from the Tatooine Traders Guild have been taken down. However, you can now post a new trade list here, and your "most wanted" lists here. This is connected to both the Traders Guild and the community forums to make updating and maintaining your list easy for everyone. This is just the first round of changes for the Trader's Guild. There will be even more exciting updates, including a new way to get those toys. So what are you waiting for? Check in and make some deals!

Posted by: vaughn | 23 March 2002 | 11:19 EST
Major announcement from the General
Hey Troops,

We've upgraded our communication system thanks to parts recovered from those little scavengers we wasted back on Tattoine. Actually, we've decided to jump into the world of FORUMS with a little help from our friends over at the jawa. Click on the FORUM link in the left sidebar to drop by and join the community... Thats an order!

Posted by: vaughn | 23 March 2002 | 11:13 EST
Trooper ejhalsted reports:
I've been thinking alot about the whole Toy Fair/Fan Club fiasco and I've come to an epiphany... The frustration, pain and woe is all a part of what has made STAR WARS figure collecting so great (if not addicting). For as much frustration that I've had (and I've been collecting since I was 10 (31 now)), I've had 50 times more joy and exhilaration!

We get up early to stop by Wal-Mart on the way in to work and get home 20 min late because we stop by on the way back... We surf the multitude of websites to find that rare figure or great deal. We've all spent our tours on the front lines of eBay. Our wives think we're looped and our kids look at us like we're nuts. We've harassed clerks and stock people from every store that sells what we "need"! When we order online, the best part is the anticipation of the package's arrival.

Its the rarity and finiteness that make collecting so great. This website and ones like it would probably not exist if the darn things were distributed in infinite amounts. But then it probably would not be so fun to collect.

I completely understand everyone's frustration because I was there clicking and refreshing all night too. I also understand the frustration with the Fan Club website because I've had an order of 3 Mara Jades (at $6.99 ea. mind you) dropped when they told me (after the order was placed for 4 days) that they were out of stock... it was a mistake... etc.

The best feeling in the world is when you find those figures sitting on the peg when you didn't even know they were out!

Enjoy the Pain

Thanks for your perspective...I think you enjoy the pain too much :). This hobby is supposed to be fun..not painful!!!

The fan club has been really hit-or-miss for me. Ive gotten incredibly lucky at times and incredibly unlucky at times. I wish their prices were better...and their website should be able to handle more than 10 users at once. I wish they "served" the community a little better. Hopefully we will see some changes as a result of their recent troubles

Posted by: vaughn | 23 March 2002 | 10:16 EST
Jedi Aries of Jedi Aries' Alien Cantina writes:
A brand new Episode II POLL is now up at Jedi Aries' Tattoine Alien Cantina! The POLL focuses around Episode II villains. Please go and cast your vote today! The site address is

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 March 2002 | 7:59 EST
Win Win Win-but you have to enter- Win Win Win...
"Pegwarmer is giving away a Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing this week. Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da on over and enter now!!!"

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 17:04 EST
Trooper Figer reports:
Trooper Figer here....just wanted to express my disappointment with the new Fan club. I also spent a good 3-4 hours last night with now luck of getting the Vader. I feel like they were very unprepared to handle the Fan club important transactions. I would be very appreciative of anybody who has an extra. I can not afford to pay too much over cost, but I do really really want one.

Also, I was wondering if anybody out there is interested in Trading figs for XBOX games?? I have two that are new and unopened that I need to get rid of from Christmas. Email if interested

Posted by: Jason | 22 March 2002 | 15:52 EST
Trooper Lex-Wan reports:
here's the 3:00 pm news I went to my Wal (Allentown PA) today at 7:30am they had 2 cases of the Jedi starfighter I got mine out of the open box on top of a pallet of boxes, it did have a shelf date of 4-23-02 so I thought I might not get any if I didn't take my ship and leave and I was right I went to 2 other Wal's and called 1 they have gotten in star wars "stuff" but they said no sale till 4-23-02; later the pallet was there but the cases were gone and they weren't purchased so I guessed I lucked out I'll keep an eye out anyway. Get to KB toys my kbtoys around here get there shipments on Fridays once a week and this week is the first S W items in a while 1 KB got 1 case of eeth koth wave and thts it another got 1 case of boshek wave and R2-Q5 wave his the kicker every single one of the boshek wave all 12 figs were smashed beyond all recognishing they were fubar big time, the manor in which it probably wasn't a scalper, and at $7.99 + tax what rip I don't think I've ever seen such damage to a figure and I've seen some doosies anyway the moral of the story is the early bird gets the Jedi starfighter and what ever else is mistakeningly left on a pallet (oh lets just say AOTC figs) Ican dream can't I. Oh and chek your Kb's I also found a R2-Q5 variation his middle leg has the peg reversed in his foot (ala R2-D2 w/ holo leia).
e-mail Lex Wan

Posted by: Jason | 22 March 2002 | 15:50 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"It's an older code sir, but it checks out. I was about to clear them." - FAO Shuttle info from the source (FAO) over at

"You must be over 18 for the 10:00. It gets a little blue" - SirSteve' has a neat variant of the Sneak Preview Jango Fett.

"Your eyes can deceive you: don't trust them" - Trade has some inside info about the stuff coming out this year from Hasbro that we didn't get to see at Toy Fair. Standouts are 25th Anniversary Landspeeder with Luke and podracer Teemto Pagalies.

"Something Wicket this way comes." - Yes, Warwick Davis, Wicket the Ewok himself, will be at Celebration II. See the whole story at The Official Star Wars site (BTW, I don't feel guilty for the parody of the Bradbury novel title since I'm a huge fan).

"There will be no bargain, young Jedi. I shall enjoy watching you die. Oh, no! The Rancor!" - Cinescape has a nice tidbit about a cut scene from ROTJ from the Rancor Pit.

"I pity the fool who doesn't... phone home" > - Check out for another E.T. ~ Star Wars connection.

Posted by: Jason | 22 March 2002 | 13:44 EST
Trooper Dave reports:
I have 2 MOC sets of the sneak figs and 6 Fetts, (one is a opener 2 clones & 1 R3 openers) and a lego Jedi fighter. maybe this will help someone out.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 22 March 2002 | 10:29 EST
Stuff @ Brians Toys:
"We have been sold out of the below items
for quite a while and have just received a shipment":

Featured Items:
Expanded Universe Leia $34.99
Spacetrooper $34.99

Below is a link to our Expanded Universe section:

Also, we just added 9 extremely rare vintage carded figures on French
Meccano cards to our "Foreign and Rare" vintage carded section. For most of
these this is the first time we have had these in stock ever. (We will be
posting pictures this afternoon):

The figures include:
C-3PO C-8.5 $395
Chewbacca C-8+ $695
Darth Vader C-7.5/8 $595
Greedo C-8.5 $495
Luke C-7.5 $595
Power Droid C-8.5 $495
R2-D2 C-8.5/9 $395
Tusken Raider C-8.5 $400
Yoda brown snake C-8.5 $750

Below is a link to the section these are in:

C-3PO Japanese Green Tint Green Card $11.99 (reg. $19.99)

Below is a link to the POTF2 Specials page


Brian's Toys

Posted by: Steve | 22 March 2002 | 10:11 EST
ACPin writes a fan letter to the fan club!
Here's the email that I just sent to the Fan Club. I'm sure that there are other Sandtroopers like me that were unable to order in. My
advice is to send the FC an email like what I did to voice your opinion about giving every member the opportunity to get this figure.

To whom it may concern,

After hours of trying last night to get through to order the Toy Fair 2002 25th Anniversary Darth Vader, I find out that it has been out of stock again! This is frustrating and is totally unacceptable. I'm pretty sure some members have already doubled up on their orders from the first batch. Why can't you guarrantee that every member get this figure? Those that have already ordered before should not be able to order again until all the other members have been able to do so.


This is a great point, why don't more of us do this to let the fan club know we aren't happy.

Posted by: Steve | 22 March 2002 | 9:54 EST
Dark Horse news
Hey Troops, I checked out Dark Horse Comics page today and there were some interesting things I wanted to pass along to you. First of all they are offering a pre-order for some full color busts of Padme, Mace Windu, Anakin and Obi-Wan. These were all made using real-scan technology and they look amazing. They are regularly $45 each, but are 10% off for a limited time making them $40.50. They can be ordered through Things From Another World. They should be available in June. I also thought I would let you know that Tales #11 and Star Wars #40 were both released this week.

Posted by: Bill | 22 March 2002 | 9:10 EST
Celebrities Confirmed to be at Celebration II
Hello Troopers. Here is a list of Celebrities that i heard from a reliable source that are going to be attending the Celebration II Confirmed:
* Anthony Daniels, Master of Ceremonies (C-3PO)
* Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian,)
* Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)
* David Prowse (Darth Vader)
* Kenny Baker (R2-D2)
* Warwick Davis (Wicket, Wald, Weazel, and then some)
* Shannon Baska (Decipher¹s Mara Jade)
* Phil Brown (Owen Lars - OT)
* Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett -OT)
* Michael Sheard (Admiral Ozzel )
* Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti)
* Paul Blake (Greedo)
* Kenneth Colley (Admiral Piett)
* Michonne Bourriague (Aurra Sing)
* Mike Edmonds (Logray)
* Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter)
* William Hootkins (Jek Porkins)
* Ian Liston (Wes Janson)
* Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader)
* Rick McCallum
* Steve Sansweet
* Aaron Allston ­ author
* R.A. Salvatore ­ author

Rumored (Unconfirmed):
* Leeanna Walsman (Zam Wessel)
* Joel Edgerton (Owen Lars)
* Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)
* Christopher Lee (Count Dooku)
* Temeura Morrison (Jango Fett)
* Hayden Christensen (Anakin Ep2)
* Jake Lloyd (Anakin Ep1)
* Daniel Logan (Boba Fett - PT)
* Bonnie Piesse (Beru Whitesun - PT)
* Andy Secombe (Watto)
* Lewis MacLeod (Sebulba)

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 9:02 EST
Trooper GenXjedi reports:
I just want to chime in and share my experience to fellow Star Wars nuts who can relate and share my pain. I lost 6 hours of my life yesterday! After checking my email and seeing that Darthy was back in stock, I rushed over to the fan club site only to find miles and miles of Darth Vader hungry fans in front of me, with the checkout no where in sight. I was ready to quit but then gave me some hope. Vaughn it seemed, got his, and others were stuck like me. Well, after another 3 hours of trying to submit my Credit Card info wasn't I shocked, at 2:30 AM EST, to see "thanks for your order" in front of me! Thank goodness I had today off from work. They still got a huffy E-mail from me, but Darth is mine!!!!!! Thanks in part, to the Sandtroopers. Keep up the good work guys

Glad we could "inspire" you. Sorry it took so long...we were all in the same boat, it seems. I think the FC is going to get some nasty mail about the quality of their website from angry collectors

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 8:48 EST
Jim from Federation Toys writes:
We have the AT-ST back in stock and we have pictures of the TIE BOMBER and SNOW SPEEDER...they are COMING SOON.

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 8:46 EST
Trooper Andy reports:
Hey Troopers!,
Sandtrooper AndyVW here. I know its been a long time since I have posted but Im reaching out for help here. I tried all night to get the Toyfare 2002 Vader last night. (my wife thought I was nuts!) When I finally got to the last billing page, they removed the vader with an "out of stock" message. Noooooooooooooo! If anyone who successfully ordered some could spare one to sell me, I would be one happy star wars camper! ( I was out of town the first time they sold :-(

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 8:44 EST
Trooper YGL reports:
Hey, folks- Young George Lucas reporting from the Kansas City area. I hope everybody finally got in to order a Toy Fair Vader. If you're not an Official Fan Club Member to get one- you should be! One of the Fan Club perks is getting the "STAR WARS Insider" earlier than the newsstand release date. The newest issue arrived the other day- and it's incredible! Lots of stuff on "STAR WARS" 25th Anniversary and a little something called "Attack of the Clones". This movie WILL rule!Also, regarding the FAO Schwarz exclusive Imperial Shuttle: I e-mailed the local FAO in K.C. and they told me a release date has NOT been confirmed- and that it could be an end of the year release. What the...? Anybody have any different info on this?

RS posted a bunch of good info yesterday. Looks like "the deal isnt doesnt done yet". According to their information this could be a NOVEMBER release and apparently theyve stopped taking names...

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 8:22 EST
Trooper Jorge reports:
Just wanted to Thank Trooper Mike, he found me a Sansweet book at Walden Books; a true devoted trooper. Thanks Mike! Peace! MTFBWY!

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 8:21 EST
Happy Ending(s):
Well Troops,
All was not lost. Tyler, Zack, and I got in late last night...persistence paid off (4 hours for me). Hope you were able to get through as well. I think this will still be a pretty hot item. I heard that they were still going for 1-200 bucks last night on wepay. Here's what some of your fellow troops had to say...

Trooper Eric reports:
Hey All:

If you're on and are stuck in the mire of trying to order the Toy Fair Vader/Sneak Preview figs, watch your email at the same time. I was REFRESHing like a "mad-man" and decided to check my email and noticed that my order had been placed 6 minutes before... KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EMAIL.

Have fun staying up late...

Trooper Jeffred5 reports:
Hey Troopers,
I just wanted to give you an update on The Fan Club Members only,
25th Anniversary "Toy Fair" Darth Vader. I guess the SWFC website is
slowing down a bit. I logged in after only a few minutes and I was able to complete my order in about ten minutes. So, good luck, fellow Fan Club Members and ma the force be with you.

UPDATE: As of 4:00am Friday, the Toy Fair Darth Vader offered by The SW Fan Club is all sold out again.

Posted by: vaughn | 22 March 2002 | 8:14 EST
Trooper Daytrip reports:
I have one set of preview figures for $30 plus s/h if anyone wants a set of them send me an e-mail at

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 22:47 EST
Kevin from K&C Collectibles writes:
Dear Star Wars Collector,

The newest Episode 2 Attack of the Clone product has arrived. Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter from Hasbro. Limited quantity on hand.

Now In-Stock
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter

Still Available:
The set of 3 New POTJ figures include:
Bo Shek
The set of four Episode 2 figures include:
Jango Fett
Clone Trooper
Zam Wesell

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 19:32 EST
Toy Fair Vader in stock (members only)
Go ahead...try to order (another) one. Lets see if their site can handle the traffic

Members Only: Toy Fair 2002 25th Anniversary Darth Vader Returns!
The Official Star Wars Fan Club Online Store just wanted to let you know that the Toy Fair 2002 25th Anniversary Darth Vader is in stock for Fan Club Members only! We will have an extremely limited number of these amazing collectibles available, so act quickly.

This Darth Vader figure was created especially for the 2002 New York Toy
Fair to commemorate twenty-five years of Star Wars magic from Lucasfilm and
Hasbro, and to celebrate the upcoming release of Episode II. May the Force
be with you!

Note: Due to special packaging requirements of these items, all orders that contain one or more Toy Fair 2002 25th Anniversary Darth Vader action figure will incur an adjusted shipping fee and will not qualify for any other regular, discounted, or promotional shipping fees.

UPDATE: well, here we are more than 3 hours later and Im still on the "last stage" of trying to buy the figure. Looks like the Fan Club needs to work on their website a little bit more. They cant handle the traffic they generated...totally unacceptable if you ask me.

UPDATE#2: Well after four hours I got in. I hope Zack and Tyler can get lucky. We sat there hitting refresh all night while chatting.

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 17:27 EST
Trooper Brandon reports:
do you think you can find some extra preview figs for me? i would pay cost plus shipping or i have a couple of ct stormtroopers for trade.

Posted by: Jason | 21 March 2002 | 14:42 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"Honk if you love cookies" - Jedi Mike over at is holding a giveaway for a new Episode II Jedi Starfighter. Only one entry per person, unless you take a picture of yourself standing on a street corner. Sound bizarre? See their news section: I Brake For Starfighters.

"Turn it up. Turn it UP!" - reports that there will be a Wal*Mart exclusive AOTC Trailer shown in-store on April 23 to get you to bag your Episode II toys and other merchandise there. The trailer will reportedly be played on a loop on those sales floor closed-circuit monitors (scroll down this page about 1/3 of the way to find the article).

"How you get so big, eating food of this kind." - Star Wars Cereal details revealed at

"Say 'Hello' to Germany's favorite four-incher" - Germany's 4-INCHES Star Wars site has a bunch of nice new figure photos and extensive listings of figures to be released this year. Just look under the "Previewlisten" section and browse around from there. Nice shots of Chewbacca with C-3PO in a sack.

"No eyeshadow for R4-M9" - I was just all set to paint over the silver area around R4's "eye" with the correct white color, when I found this 'error' reported at Sir Steve's Guide. has anyone else seen this version? This is actually the way R4-M9 is supposed to look - see the film still or picture from his card-backing! Unbelievable stuff!

"Behind the Laughter" - Forbidden Pics of some behind the scenes AOTC stuff! Standouts are the Jedi training, Palpatine with Mas Amedda and Jedi Council chamber - go over there RIGHT NOW!!! - before these are yanked off the Web (btw, you can download a .zip right at the site!).

"My son got killed by a blind guy with a stick" - The Official Site has a small article on Boba Fett "falling" into the Sarlacc Pit.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 21 March 2002 | 12:23 EST
Sandtrooper Ian reports:
"A couple more parts to the Star Wars Action Figure Humor Webring Event, Death Star 2, have been added. This starts the build up to the big finish."
Click HERE!

Ian Brazee-Cannon

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 8:34 EST
Trooper John reports:
I have 1 Teebo wave left plus,an extra Bo Shek figure for sale $7.50 each plus $4.50 shipping.I also have the AT-ST for $32.50 plus shipping LMK at

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 8:33 EST
Trooper Eric reports:
I heard a rumor awhile ago regarding Hasbro not shipping much new items (Imperial Officer, Bo, etc.) to Northern California. I thought it was collector BS but it seems to be true. TIP: Electronics Boutique receives all shipments (including STAR WARS figs) at an East Coast warehouse where they divide the figures between all stores often breaking up cases for a better selection. If you get there at the right time... and are willing to spend the extra $1.00 ea... you can find a wide selection.

I cant imagine something like this being true...keep hunting!

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 8:32 EST
Trooper Marks reports:
I have seen alot of preview figs, and can get them for cost plus shipping. I only have one spare set on hand now, but will try to get 2 or 3 more sets if the demand is there. (or you can pay $50.00 for the set on E-pay) Also, I might be willing to trade for other POTJ or Red card figures.

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 8:31 EST
Trooper Mike reports:
Hey troops I'm in need of some help. I lost the guns that went to 4 commtech Stormtroopers. I can't find them anywhere, I think that they were accidentally thrown out in the baggie that I had them in, so I wouldn't loose them. If anyone has any extra guns for them or has any loose commtech stormtroopers (complete) that they will be willing to sell me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Posted by: vaughn | 21 March 2002 | 8:31 EST
JediDaxter reports:
JediDaxter here. Yah, that's right. It seems that the Big K will be carrying the E2 AOTC figures. And at $6.99, that's not a bad price. I also got the R4-M9 and Teebo wave there too. The store is is Rogers, Arkansas. So check out your local K-Mart.

Also, i'm adding some more things to my site.

Posted by: vaughn | 20 March 2002 | 23:06 EST
Trooper Bruce reports:
Trooper Bruce Here...I have an extra AT-ST all boxed up and ready to ship to anyone needing one. It was going to a fellow trooper in Canada, didn't end up happening. I had thrown in a MOC Wuher that is already packed in the box so you get that as a free bonus!!! Cost is $32.00 plus shipping. ($29.99+ 6.5% sales tax) Anyone interested...

Posted by: vaughn | 20 March 2002 | 23:03 EST
Hey troops,

Just wanted to give you a heads up about Bill and Cheryl's latest update to the holocron (channel 9 of the sith channel). This week's feature...the TRU Millennium Falcon. Check it out here.

Posted by: vaughn | 20 March 2002 | 22:57 EST
Trooper John reports:
Hey Troops,
For those of you in Southern Mass, the TRU in Dartmouth has 16 AT-ST's sitting on the shelf. TRU in Kingston has the FX-7 wave and the 25th anniversary figures, all three sets.

Posted by: Zack | 20 March 2002 | 20:31 EST
Your fellow troopers need your help!
The preview figures that I put up for sale Monday are sold. I got such a tremendous response that I went out and bought another case at Wal-Mart for the troops, but it's now sold too......and I'm still getting emails from people who need them! I'm working on scrapping up some more money to help some more troops.

Here's where you can help. If you have some extra preview figures hanging on your store's pegs, pick them up for your fellow troops! If you can't pick up any figures, send us a report of where you have seen them.

If you can help out the troopers or need help yourself in finding these figures let me know and I'll see if a can get you in contact with the appropriate party. Unify!

Posted by: Steve | 20 March 2002 | 14:43 EST
Star Wars Insider # 59
Hey Troops, I just received my copy of the Insider, Issue 59. The Attack of the Clones update with Rick McCallum is my favorite part of the issue. There are some great photos in here. There are also some interesting articles on Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. For the expanded universe lovers there is an article on pilots who have served with Rogue Squadron since its inception. One thing I did find a little disappointing with this issue was the size of the Jawa Trader. It has been cut down to a couple of pages. I guess this should be expected since the advent of internet shopping has pretty much made catalog ordering obsolete. Too bad though, the Jawa Trader was always one of my favorite things to look through. One more note, for those of you wondering where the Ishi Tib in a Rebel uniform was located on the freeze frame pack-in, your question is now answered. The Rebel Alliance Briefing Room on pages 86-7 shows a larger image of that freeze frame pointing out highlights on the page, including the location of the Ishi Tib. Pretty cool.

Posted by: Jason | 20 March 2002 | 14:38 EST
More sets of Teebo Wave for cost + shipping
Yo Troops,
If you still need the Teebo wave, I still have just a few - so send me an email ( I'll post an update to this post in BOLD print when they're gone!

Hey Guys, I'm out as of early Thurs. I'm still hoping to trade a set or two for the TRU AT-ST and Security battle droids - Peace

Posted by: Jason | 20 March 2002 | 14:34 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"If that's what they cut out, what they leave in must be pure gold." - It looks like the comic adaptation of Episode II will contain cut scenes according to a brief article at which sums up some info in the latest Star Wars Insider. It's a very good bet that the Episode II novel will have even more (remember the Episode I novel?)

"An elegant weapon for a more civilized age." - Synicon takes a look at Mace Windu's lightsaber's color and style. A great site featuring all you ever wanted to know about sabers.

"I want that ship!" - Still time to enter the giveaway for a FREE POTJ B-Wing over at The Bothan Spy.

"Chewie! Get down here! She's wounded! No, wait.... I got an idea." -
Power Collectibles is giving away a free TRU POTJ AT-ST or you can choose Monty Burns bowling at the Bowlarama.

Posted by: Jason | 20 March 2002 | 13:43 EST
Toyfare Issue 57 on the stands and in your mailbox now
Hey gang,
Toyfare No. 57 is on newsstands now and I found mine in my mail yesterday. They have some good coverage of Toy Fair 2002 Hasbro Star Wars on Pages 36-37. Here is cover 2/2 featuring Jango Fett along with a scan of Count Dooku to get your pencil moving. Lots of other good Toy Fair 2002 coverage as well.

Posted by: vaughn | 20 March 2002 | 11:16 EST
Tom from Yestertoys writes:
We have the jedi starfighter in stock.

Posted by: vaughn | 20 March 2002 | 11:15 EST
Trooper Jorge reports:
Preview figs. and ATST are back at, get yours!
Order HERE for AT ST

Posted by: vaughn | 20 March 2002 | 11:15 EST
Trooper Jeff reports:
Hi Troops
I found the Episode II Preview Jedi Starfighter (not Lego) at the Laramie Wal Mart. It was still in a box sitting on a pallet but a nice employee opened the box and let me have one even though there was a stamp on the box reading "not to be on the shelf earlier than April 23" A very cool toy-reminds me of the vintage A-wing fighter.
On another note I have some Vintage Star Wars toys for sale. Please email me if you are interested or want more detailed descriptions:

ROTJ Hoth Snowtrooper MOC-unpunched, clear perfect bubble, card is very nice but has a surface crease that goes diagonally across the front of the card-can only be seen when turned into the light and a spot of price sticker wear (no tears) in the upper corner ($70)

POTF Sand skimmer mini rig MOC-unpunched some light surface creases, creased lower corners, slightly yellowed bubble ($55)

Star Wars 12 back Leia MOC-punched card is very nice, no creases, bubble has a crunch in the upper right corner, with a crack but displays very nicely from the front, figure has some light frosting ($275)

Radio controlled Jawa Sandcrawler- comes with C5/6 box pop cut out. Comes with all paperwork and carboard insert-stickers applied. Toy is nice, complete and in working condition ($375)

Please email me if you would like more details. Thanks!-Jeff in Wyoming

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 20 March 2002 | 10:19 EST
ATST on today!
Want to order the ATST at Amazon? Click below!
Order HERE

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 23:50 EST
Trooper Dennis reports:
Just a heads up for all you Troopers. The has a post stating the street date for the FAO Exclusive Imperial Shuttle is April 23rd. Mark your calendars and keep checking their Web site. I haven't heard anything on a price yet. But with FAO it's bound to be pretty high at first, But this one may not go to clearance like the Faamba. Too bad it's not coming with any figure pack-ins. Happy hunting.

Also,Has anybody seen the Koth and Zutton wave showing up anywhere. I am still looking for these two. I have found the Bo Shek and FX-7 waves but no sign of these. I hope they are not going to be like the Amidala, Naboo Security wave that showed up briefly and then no more. LMK if anyone has any info. Thanks.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 23:47 EST
ACPin writes:
I've just added our latest works, the Gungan and Battle Droid armies before they clash for the battle of Naboo. In addition to these two dioramas, I've also added the Jedi Starfighter to the opened 2002 sets.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 21:41 EST
Trooper Jay reports:
Hi Jay from South Mississippi here. I need help from any UK troopers. If anyone from the UK are planning on attending JediCon please contact me at . I would like to talk to you. Thanks

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 21:40 EST
Trooper sbg reports:
hi i never posted here before but my wal-mart has the vader wave and plenty of it for $5.00 canadian which is like $3.15 american, if anyone needed these. there on tri-logo cards. that's EW Vader, han, and luke.

Posted by: Jason | 19 March 2002 | 20:51 EST
Any answers on the upcoming Exclusives?
Hey Troops, in response to Jeff's post from earlier tonight -
I understand that the X-WING for this summer/fall will be a Dagobah X-WING from Empire Strikes Back; and that the IMPERIAL SHUTTLE willl see an analagous release date with it.
The TIE BOMBER and SNOWSPEEDER might hit Wal*MART and online sources by MAY. A lot of the online sources say that the production on these has been DELAYED. Since none have popped up on ebay from the Far East sellers, it's safe to say that at least 8 weeks wait.
Last I heard on the 4-PACK STORMTROOPERS was a release right after the Episode II premiere - we'll see.
Any takers on more info about these???

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:23 EST
Jedi Daxter reports:
Hello, JediDaxter here,
I have started a new, very detailed site. It is still under construction, but it is going along perfectly. I am nolonger Detention BlockAA23, so that site is nolonger around, cancelled. This one actually outdoes DBAA23.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:21 EST
Trooper Jorge reports:
Hello troops!
Jorge Perez from Boston MA, It has been a while since my last post, I've been out of town a whole lot, any way; yesterday I spotted 3 of the preview figures at K Mart Brighton (All but Clone troopers) @ $6.99 each; also Newbury Comics have them for $10.99 (?), I ordered my online but still waiting... Also got the Deluxe figures (wave 1) @ KB for $7 each. On the other side I'd like to get the Sansweet SW action figure book ($5 at Walden Books, etc.) if any body can help me out PLMK.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:20 EST
Trooper Chad reports:
Hey guys,
The Jedi StarFighter has finally crashed in North Alabama. It was 19.74,not a bad deal.Have not seen the Teedo wave and I probably never will. I am the pessimist when it comes to some of this stuff.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:19 EST
Trooper Tim reports:
I just wanted to let the community know i am trading a swimming jar jar or battle damaged destroyer droid for a sneak preview jango fett. If any one wants to trade for one of these for a jango please email me at please note i come from the uk.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:18 EST
Trooper Jeff reports:
Hey Troopers,
I've been hearing a lot of rumors lately and I'm hoping someone out there can tell me if they have any info from a reliable (at least info you are pretty sure is true) source 1) The Imperial Shuttle, 2) Stormtrooper 4 pack troop builder, 3) an LTD 25th anniversary X-Wing, 4) The Wal-Mart Tie Bomber/Snowspeeder. Any info would be appreciated. Either Post it on Sandtroopers website or E-mail me DOCJ45@AOL.COM . I welcome any other news that I did not list and is pretty new.

ok... The Shuttle will be an FAO exclusive coming out later this year. I dont think anyone has heard about the FC troop builder 4 pack lately. As for the x-wing, tie-bomber and snowspeeder keep your eyes open. Anyone have better intel?

Posted by: Jason | 19 March 2002 | 20:16 EST
Trooper Eric B checks in with some good updates
Lancaster, NY (near Buffalo) - anyone looking the borders on walden ave. across from the mall has 8 of the aurra sing and 10 of the C3-P0 masterpiece figs. 20 bucks, thats a good deal some guy at the flea market wanted 40. also wal-mart just started to get the teebo wave in they had a few of each fig.,k-mart had the preview figs. nothing new at KB except luke in bacta tank. thats all for now i'll keep you updated.

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:10 EST
Trooper Lexwan reports:
Lex-wan reporting from the Allentown PA area I went to about 5 Kmarts(there are way to many in a 25 min radius) today 3-19-02 they all had 1 or 2 cases of preview figs except the Easton PA Kmart they 4 cases of preview figs unbeliveable it's probably gonna be Big K's only shipment (speculation only) I wonder whose teeth they had to pull to finally get some new items. Too bad over the last 2 weeks Wal's (wal-mart) have got the preview and boshek wave, well better late than never huh. Just for the variation hunters although I don't need to buy any preview figs I couldn't help buy this Jango Fett, I'm sure everyone knows about the 5 spots on his backpack with writing well this Jango has no trace of any writing at all not even a dab just thought I'd leteveryone know what they might wanna take a look for. Happy hunting and may the forks be with you - hey look out behind you!!

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:07 EST
Trooper Philly Dave reports:

Posted by: vaughn | 19 March 2002 | 20:06 EST
Trooper Tim reports:
"This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Episode 1 and will soon see the end of the Power of the Jedi." Well then send in the Clones! Figures are now starting to show up in the Bay Area, namely Foster City. A big thanks goes to fellow trooper Raja for tipping me off on where to get them! I also checked on some of the other Targets but didn't find any. Finally, something to hang on my barren walls....

Posted by: Jason | 19 March 2002 | 17:03 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
"1, 2, 3... B!" - Our good buds over at the Bothan Spy are giving away a POTJ B-Wing Fighter (one entry per person!).

"It's the only newspaper not afraid to say that everything is just fine." - Holonet News is back online! If you ever wondered what it would be like if you lived in the Star Wars universe, the newspaper would be just like this.

"We'll be no match the battle-hardened Trade Federation army." - Sir Steve's Guide has a comparison picture of AOTC Battle Droid Plain & Brown-colored version, check em out and get ready to build up your Trade Federation army next month!

"It works just like regular money, only it's more, uggh, fun." - has a brief report about General Mills' cereals running a promotion wherein the boxes will contain AOTC "checks" that can be used toward movie tickets. I can see it now, grocery store management having to drag a crazed SW fan out of the middle of the breakfast aisle covered in o-shaped oats after opening hundreds of Cheerios boxes and pulling out the certificates - Hoiy!

"I prefer to listen to Cheap Trick." - !!!Spoilers!!! AOTC Soundtrack Full Track Listings at

"Chewbacca here is first mate on a ship that might suit us." - head over to our Collection 2 POTJ section later on for my reviews of BoShek, Teebo and R4-M9, right alongside our figure images.

Posted by: Jason | 19 March 2002 | 15:13 EST
I have Teebo Wave sets for fellow Troopers
Hey Gang!
I have a bunch of Teebo wave sets to sell for cost + shipping. I even have a couple "double-sets" for you collectors who either just want to have 2 of each character or open 1 and keep 1 in package. E-mail me ASAP to snap your set now! $21 per set + applicable shipping! UNIFY!!!

UPDATE: Hoiy-Vey Glaven. They're all gone as of 8:00p est. If you already e-mailed me, I'll try to find more for YOU!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 March 2002 | 12:45 EST
The hottest new items from Brian's Toys!
"EPII Sneak Preview Figures Jango Fett, Zamm Wessel, Clone Trooper, and R3-T7 IN STOCK!!
We also have the new Playskool vehicles X-Wing and Naboo Fighter in stock and are taking pre-orders for the Master Replicas sabers and the new POTJ Scout Walker.
You can also preorder the following:
AOTC 12" Clone Trooper

Brian's Toys

Posted by: Bill | 19 March 2002 | 7:40 EST
Teebo wave for trade!
Hey Troops Ohio's Dark Steve Reporting in...I have 1-Teebo 1-Bo Shek 1-R4-M9 for Trade. Check out my Trader Page here on Thanks,Let the trades begin!Or email Dark Steve

Posted by: Zack | 18 March 2002 | 22:17 EST

I picked up some extra Preview figures today. I have available R3-T7, Jango Fett, and possibly Zam Wesell. I'm selling them for $6 each plus whatever shipping ends up being to you. Hope this helps some people out!

Posted by: Jason | 18 March 2002 | 21:11 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
Hey Troops,
As always, I'm working hard to find the latest toy news, free offers and Prequel updates. Let me know what you want to see more of!

"He's got that "ski-slope" nose." - Hasbro has added the next installment of Fans' Choice Figure #3 - Update: Ephant Mon (Unpainted Hard Copy). Can't wait to add him to my diorama of Jabba's palace (or dance him around to the tune of "Baby Elephant Walk")

"Take care sir." - Okay, okay, I know that 2-1B actually said that. But, hurry on over to between now and Friday, March 22 for a shot at winning a free POTJ FX-7 and Deluxe Luke with Bacta Tank (Just post to one of the Pegwarmer forums! You can register there too if you're a first-time user). Tell 'em Darth Crypt sent ya!

"I'll never join you" - Remember to post at American Dream Comics for another shot at the exclusive Toyfair 2002 Silver Darth Vader. You're automatically entered every time you post there for increased odds.

"Look. A Scout Walker" - You still have until March 31 to enter to win a FREE TRU exclusive AT-ST w/Speeder Bike and Booboo (I mean Paploo) the Ewok. Go to Power Collectibles for the details.

"I sense something... a presence I haven't felt since... " - LAST DAY!!! Get on over to The and enter the drawing for the FREE CommTech Darth Vader.

"You were banished because you're clumsy?" - The Matt Drudge Report spills the beans as an "internet spy" sneaks a view of a rough cut of Episode II. Get the first hand report at Ain't It Cool? News ***WARNING*** Flagrant Jar-Jar bashing here (just leave him alone already. He SAVED Naboo! gheesh!)***

"Agree with you the Council does not" - has a mock-up from the last scene in the CLONE WARS trailer in which the members of the Jedi Council are attempted to be identified. I can't solve this mystery. Can YOU?

Posted by: Jason | 18 March 2002 | 18:45 EST
AMES stores continue getting Preview Figures
The Ames store in Lockport, NY has the right idea. They put out a case of E2 Sneak Preview figures last week, and now that those pieces are nearly gone, they've re-stocked with another case. Any toy manufacturer and retail store will agree that a total sellout is the best thing they could expect, even if it means they need to take time and catch up with the demand. By not flooding the pegs and monitoring inventory closely, retailers are winning and we can too.

Posted by: Jason | 18 March 2002 | 18:32 EST
Trooper Eric from WNY checks in
I found the AT-ST at TRU in amherst over the weekend, they had 2 cases of them but I only had enough $ to get 1. It's the same thing as the POTF version except for the forest-worn paint job. The speeder bike is also the same and the Paploo is a little bit of a let down after getting Teebo. The price on it was $29.99 + tax.

Posted by: Jason | 18 March 2002 | 18:17 EST
Trooper John C. reports in from Niagara Falls, NY
Storefront News:
I picked up the AT-ST at TRU in the Falls on Friday. This TRU is going through a major re-shelving right now. I spoke with the manager, gave him the SKU # and it turns out they had 8 (2 cases) in the back. He took me back & pulled one fresh from the case. So, just because they're not on the shelf, doesn't mean they don't have 'em. A little courtesy goes a long way. As of yesterday, they still weren't on the shelves. I'm assuming that once the re-shelving is done, they'll put them out. Saturday was a bust for preview figures. Checked 2 Walmarts, TRU & 2 Targets. Nothing. Still no sign of the Teebo wave either.
News on the Toy Fair 2002 Vader:
I spoke with someone at the Fan Club today. The exclusive Vaders have not shipped out yet. They will ship them out when they arrive at the club. The club will wait until all orders have been filled/satisfied. Then, IF any extra Vaders remain, they will notify Fan Club members only (via newsletter email) and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Even though I don't belong to the Club, I'm glad they're doing right by the members first, one to grow on!

Posted by: vaughn | 18 March 2002 | 18:09 EST
Trooper Jedijaybird reports:
jedijaybird here, I wasn't sure if anyone has posted this, but I noticed that the laser blast that attached to Jango's pistols can also fit on the protrusions from Jango jetpack for added action...

Actually Jay, we did notice...

Posted by: vaughn | 18 March 2002 | 18:03 EST
Trooper Eric reports:
Hi Troopers,
The wedding is quickly approaching!! Woo Hoo!!! Anyway, enough about me. I feel like I've been talking about myself for hours.....Anyway, I've posted quite a few e-mails selling my unwanted toys lately and I appreciate each and every one of you for responding to them. I'm glad I had some things that people were looking for. But to put aside Star Wars for a second, I'd like to quickly address some other thing that I'm very passionate about. Helping people. Here's the deal (I've cleared this with the guy). I work with a faith based charity called HOPE Worldwide. April is the time of year where we do our fundraisers and me and some of my close friends are going to be having a bowl-a-thon. Basically, I'm asking friends, workmates and family members to sponsor me in this bowling event by donating .10 cents for every pin I bowl. I usually bowl between 150 and 200 per game so that would work out to be $15-$20 per donation. I will put the website at the bottom so you can check out the awesome things that this organization is doing in the world. I could go on for days about this but I don't want to take up all the space on the website. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me with this, please e-mail me and I can give you more information. Thanks in advance for the hearts of those who are going to sponsor me! I know you guys will come through for a good cause. The website is:

Troops, when we're not busy opressing the people of the empire, its our duty to help the less fortunate... So go ahead and check out Eric's cause

Posted by: vaughn | 18 March 2002 | 17:55 EST
Trooper Baldrik reports:
Would you please warn the troops that if they order the sneak preview figures from KBToys online they had better want them for openers. I ordered mine ASAP but when the Airborne driver handed them to me the box was rattling like it was full of tennis balls. Needless to say there was no packing material (just 4 almost carded figures) floating around in a big empty box. I could not have stomped up and down on them and made them look any worse. I do not know if this is a common thing with them because it was my first time ordering with them.

SEND THEM BACK...and let KB know that shipping with no packing is NOT OK!

Posted by: vaughn | 18 March 2002 | 17:51 EST
Just in from the Fan Club
Online Exclusive: Attack of the Clones Movie Poster!
Now is your chance to order the Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones Movie Poster. For a limited time, the poster will be only available online.

This new one-sheet poster, illustrated by Drew Struzan, places Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala's forbidden love in the larger framework of the galactic turmoil tearing the Republic apart. Struzan's signature style continues the look initiated with the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition release posters and The Phantom Menace.

Hurry! Limited quantities mean that this amazing collectible will not last long.

Order Online Now!

NOTE: Due to special packaging requirements of the Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones Movie Posters, your entire order, including non-poster items, will not begin shipping for 3 to 5 business days.

If you have any questions or comments you can always email us at!

Thank You!

well theyre currently being bombarded with thousands of hits... so much that its overwhelming the website. The poster is selling for 20 bucks PLUS 6 bucks for shipping (even if you go over 30 bucks). I think I'll just wait and get it at SUNCOAST

Posted by: Steve | 18 March 2002 | 14:18 EST
Yestertoys checks in again
Hey Troops, I announced last week that Yestertoys had the new Sneak Preview figures available on their site. Well, if anyone went over there and tried to find them, they couldn't. Be at ease, they are not sold out. They just weren't up yet. They are now up and on their main catalog page. Check them out here.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 March 2002 | 12:52 EST giveaway!
" is giving away a FX-7 and Bacta Tank Luke
set this week"

Great contest troops! head over and toss in your entry! ...Don't cost nuffin'.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 March 2002 | 12:40 EST
Sandtrooper SK asks:
"I just found the preview figs and the Teebo wave at the Wal-Mart in Texas City and had a question regarding the Jango Fett fig. In every pic I've seen of the character, the metallic pieces of his armor are silver. However, looking at the figure itself, the metal parts seem to have a purplish hue. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a variant, or just a bad paint job?"

SK: Hopefully one of the troops can answer this question for you bro. I haven't seen the new figs in person yet. Good luck!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 March 2002 | 12:38 EST
Borders Aurra Sing 12" and book.
Bowie Maryland troops:
I was able to pick up the Borders exclusive Aurra Sing 12" figure (which is awesome!) and Bounty Hunters book set at the Borders in Bowie MD (Sunday 17th). The cost? A measley $20!!! That is a GREAT deal...! They have one left, so you may want to call ahead and have them hold one for you if you want to pick it up!
Borders: Bowie MD PH# (301) 352-5560

Posted by: Bill | 18 March 2002 | 12:09 EST
Sandtrooper Steve Reports
Hey Troops Ohio's Dark Steve here with a report.
I want to wish a BIG WELCOME to Bill & Cheryl to SANDTROOPERS. Because of this Site back a year and a half ago I had the chance to meet them and we have become very good friends. Bill's Collection is so LARGE it blew me away the first time I seen it and every time I see it. It's Good friends like them that make me glad I'm in this hobby! Saturday I found the Teebo wave in Erie Pa. Check your Local K Marts I found the Preveiw Figures here in Ashtabula Ohio on Sunday. I also need your help Troops I'm Looking for a pair of Greedo latex hands made by Don Post a few years ago.If anyone can help me drop me a email.

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 22:01 EST
Trooper Chad reports:
I am looking for a vintage carded ROTJ Boba Fett. I was wondering if someone on this site could help me find one at a reasonable price. I am willing to pay 75-100 for him.If any one could help me give me a holler. Thanks.

Posted by: Jason | 17 March 2002 | 19:45 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
Sunday, Cruddy Sunday - not a lot going on in cyberspace today, so have some fun with these tidbits:

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme - Last day for a shot at a FREE Ultarama Display courtesy of Rebelscum
At Power Collectibles, You have until March 31st for a chance at the TRU AT-ST (or a Mr. Burns figure wearing that bowling shirt - your choice)
Post at American Dream Comics for another shot at that Silver ToyFair 2002 Vader has added a whole slew of fan-produced wallpaper backdrops for your PC, including a few for the 25th Anniversary of Star Wars. Does this mean I'll be able to find something to replace my Ninja Turtles wallpaper?

Episode-X has done it again! They've got a listing of tracks on the Episode II soundtrack (including narratives)

More excellent info on the groups & organizations of Episode II - who's side are you on?

As Episode II gets closer and closer, check out these fan pages that characterize The Phantom Menace:
I'm all about Maul - a nice site about the mysterious attacker; check out the image galleries
"Uhh, That does not compute" - a site dedicated to Battle Droids:

My stupid Star Wars quote of the day (from Volume I - Kids Say Such Stupid Things)
"Whoa! Hey, look at fatty! Ha ha ha, bwah-hah ha hah" - a ten year old pointing out the POTJ Jek Porkins figure to one of his pals at Wal*Mart

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 19:42 EST
Trooper Eric reports:
went to 5 different tru in the western new york area and only one had the AT-ST, one on the shelve but the case was all smashed on it so hopefully they get more in wal-mart had the sneak preview figs, just r3t7 and zam wessell. dealer at the local flea market want 10 bucks a peicefor those and 15 for jango and the clone troopers. Nothing new at target still have alot of the 25ann. figs. Media Play in the area also has figs, the darth maul sith apprentice wave. I'll keep you updated when new items come in.

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 13:57 EST
Trooper Lexwan reports:
Lex-wan commenting on Jedi brain's report. J B mind what you have learned, save you it can listen to obi -wan. Yoda has said some really cool stuff in the past and hopefully he will again in EP2 and EP3. Please don't give it another thought to what some slack-jawed yocal says or does, you will get Jango fett Pre-view and if you can't find it in a store I've a great feeling someone on can help ( I have foreseen this). Everyone knows that the PV figs are not done I have seen the actual case that the PV figs came in, last sat at my Wal-mart they had 2 empty cases on the floor there's no release date on the cases and I believe that there is at least one person in management in every district across the U.S. that takes their job way to seriously and should have never been givin the chance to play god with the toys maby they weren't loved enough as a child who knows, the fact is that there is a repack of these PV figs coming out Wal-mart will put more out TRU is starting to put theirs out and target will make up their own date to put them out so have patience's and when you talk to these idiot's (believe me I know these people) loose your conscious self let go of your hate and feel the flow of the force smile and tell them to have a nice day because just like han leia and Luke had the rebel alliance you have Sandtrooper' with it's garrison of troops behind ya. Anyway on a different note last sat the Pv figs came out early morn and today sat 3/16/02 early morn at 2 different Wal-marts in the Allentown PA area the Boshek wave has hit at least 2 cases at each Wal-mart on the pegs so head on over 2 your local W.M. & and snag your set and I also want to say a hello to Jay Meyers.
Lex-wan P.S. may the forks be with u

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 13:54 EST
Troopette Jenafer reports:
Is anyone going to sell or know anyone that is going to sell the Star Wars Celebration 2 exclusive figure? I am unable to go due to finals. So if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 13:50 EST
Trooper kmclark reports:
The sneak preview and Bo Shek wave are at Wal-mart in Lumberton NJ and going fast...

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 13:49 EST
Trooper BOBB reports:
Howdy, picked up several sets of the Boshek wave at Wal-Mart today. I am in need of the Target Skiff or Y-Wing if anyone would be interested in a trade?

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 13:48 EST
Trooper Jimsjedi reports:
I'm going to ask all of you again. Can anyone please let me get my hands on a Clean Biker Scout figure. It has to be complete, in a sealed card, in near mint condition. This is one of the last ones I need to complete the POTJ collection. My trade page is still up at the Trade Federation. If you need sneak preview figures, Zutton, Eeth Koth we can make a trade using these. Or, if something else you need, ask me, and we'll see what deal we can make. You can e-mail me at Help me Sandtroopers, you're my only hope!

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 10:56 EST
Trooper Ryan-the-Hutt reports:
I picked up the preview figures today at Wal-Mart in Holland MI. There was one set left waiting for me. I also recieved the Teebo wave today from an online source. Both sets are impressive most impressive. The Clone Trooper has sort of a strange stance though. Almost as if he'd eaten a little too much cheese. Anyway, I was looking over my new treasures with awe and admiration when a feeling of sadness fell over me. I had at that moment realized that this is the end of POTJ and the end of an era. Now, I have to say that I am immensily excited about Episode II and all of the great toys that will come with it. It is indeed a great time to be a Star Wars enthusiast. However, being a collector since the early 80's I have been around for all of the ups and downs and for me. Each new era has brought with it a feeling of nostalgia. In the 80's when we had POTF I, in the early 90's when we didn't have anything, in the mid 90's when we were reintroduced to the Star Wars line with POTF II. Even with Episode I there are toys that I will cherish always. And now with the end of POTJ drawing near, I realize that I might in the long run treasure these toys most of all. In fact I think that POTJ was a golden age of sorts. Despite the Anakin Mechanic and General Leia (it still floors me that Hasbro would put a Leia head on a body sculpt of Hillary Clinton), we got some of the best quality Star Wars toys that have ever graced the pegs of a toy aisle. I know damn well this feeling of sadness I have will be long forgotten when I walk into target and see half of an aisle lined with vibrant, all new, blue packaged Star Wars figures. I guess its time to say farewell Power of the Jedi! May the Force be with you always!

Posted by: vaughn | 17 March 2002 | 10:45 EST
Trooper John reports:
I ran across 3 Teebo waves today(that's right 3!!) at Kmart and bought them all so I could hook up the Sandtroopers. They are $7.50 per figure and shipping is $4.50 for an entire wave or $3.50 for 1 figure. Contact me at Hurry!! These will for surely be gone fast.

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 21:41 EST
Trooper John reports:
I have just bought the NEW Jedi Starfighter and picked up 3 more for anyone here needing this FANTASTIC piece! They were $25(tax included) at TRU and I will sell them for retail also! Plus shippping around $5.LMK at I also have an extra AT-ST w speeder bike and Paploo for $32.50 plus $5 shipping.Hope I can hook up the brotherhood!

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 19:57 EST

Sandtrooper Orlando reporting form McAllen TX, the preview figures arrived at WM and were gone fast, didn't get any. I got the BoSheck wave at a WM, no sign of Eeth Koth. Target and TRU have nothing
regarding the last POTJ waves & Preview figures. They have had the ATST but scalpers get them so fast and they are for sale at a local Mall for about twice as much. That's why I need help from a fellow trooper to get me one and I will send a MO to cover for cost +
freight. PLM at .
PS. It's great to see getting more staff and more postings lately. I am very glad to see this happening and people unifying to get each other the toys we all like. Welcome back Uncle George Tio!!!!!!

Posted by: Zack | 16 March 2002 | 18:45 EST
Ben, Vader and "ultimate networking".....
I spotted some Ben/Vader 25th anniversary packs at the Walmart in West Little Rock AR today. No preview figures, but they did have some of those elusive sets out.

Also you my have seen that Vaughn mentioned "ultimate networking" today. What is it and how does it work? That'll all be explained in the relaunch of the tatoonine traders guild. I tested out this new thing with some of the troopers, and I have gotten back quite a few positive comments. Be prepared! This could change the way you find your toys...........

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:20 EST
Trooper BJK reports:
Hi to everybody at First time posting. The TRU AT-ST w/ ewok just arrived in Valdosta, Georgia today. Three on the shelves at $29.99 each. It really is one of Hasbro's best vehicle combos and the packaging really sets it off. TRU doesn't appear to be putting out any other new S.W. items currently, but they have fantastic clearance prices on 12" figures (as low as $4.97.) Regards to all.

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:17 EST
Jedi Daxter from Detention Block 23 writes:
JediDaxter here (no longer Scout David) with some names of figures comming out during the beginning of E2 AOTC figure line.

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Qui-Gon Jinn w/ 'deflecting laserblast'

Episode 4: A New Hope
"Djas Puhr" (Mos Eisley Cantina Patron)

Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
'Bespin' Chewbacca w/ 'blasted' 3PO
"Bespin Escape" Luke Skywalker
"Bespin Gantry" Darth Vader (German Toy Fair)

Episode 6: Return of the Jedi
'Endor' Han Solo w/ 'Thermal Detonator'
Endor Soldier (2 different head sculpts)
"Fan's Choice" Figure #3 Ephant Mon

I have a thought that the Bespin Escape Luke Skywalker maybe the one that was to be the POTJ CD ROM packaged one, and the Darth Vader, maybe he's the other Bespin Darth Vader POTJ CD ROM figure package. We'll have to see these when they come out!

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:13 EST
Trooper Daytrip reports:
I found it at the Bannister TRU in KC,MO yesterday. They had four on the shelves and I only grabbed one so someone else may get one. Good luck. Also looking for Bo Shek wave.

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:12 EST
Trooper Tim reports:
Hey Troopers,

So much for the "official" release date. I started at 930 this morning at the Redwood City TRU and there was nothing. I then went to the Foster City TRU, zip there. Driving back into the City I went to the TRU on Masonic and Geary and managed to grab the last AT-ST they had, however no AOTC figures. If there are any Sandtroopers who live in San Francisco and are interested in setting up a network please drop me a line. Let's stay United!!

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:12 EST
Trooper Eric reports:
I noticed a site at xxxxxx where they're selling all of the AOTC figs (not the sneak peeks) for ungodly amounts of money. They say they got them from overseas. I'd like to know where.

Troops, dont pay outrageous prices for things that will be VERY available after the OFFICIAL launch in april. Watch for Zack's relaunch of "ultimate networking" through the tatooine traders guild... We can all help each other get what we need!

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:04 EST
Trooper Tony reports:
Hey troops I need some help.

For a long time now I've been trying to get my hands on mint or near mint cardboard backgounds for my original Creature Cantina & Hoth Ice Planet Playsets.

Does anybody know where to find these? I've been to 2 major collectors shows here in Orando as well as waiting to find one on E-bay with no luck. Its making me crazy.

Please help me troops, You're my only hope!

Posted by: vaughn | 16 March 2002 | 18:00 EST
Kevin from K&C Collectibles writes:
Dear Star Wars Collector,

The newest Power of the Jedi figures have arrived at K & C Collectibles. Teebo (Ewok), R4-M9 and Bo Shek.

Now In-Stock
The set of 3 New POTJ figures include:
Bo Shek
The set of four Episode 2 figures include:
Jango Fett
Clone Trooper
Zam Wesell

Back in-stock:
Watto's Box - Episode 1 - 3 pack

Still Available:
Darth Vader & Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Dual 25th Anniversary.
Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia Swing to freedom
Han Solo and Chewbacca Death Star Escape
Princess Leia with Sail Barge Cannon - Deluxe
Amanaman with Salacious Crumb - Deluxe
Luke Skywalker in Echo Base Bacta Tank - Deluxe
Darth Maul with Sith Attack Droid - without Shirt - Deluxe

Posted by: Jason | 16 March 2002 | 13:55 EST
Daily News from Around the Web... by J.
Here's the latest from around the internet

More narrative on the CLONE WAR trailer, this time at

Our buddies over at The have posted a short interview with Christopher Lee about Episode II (originally from

For Die-Cast gurus: A Cheerios promotion this Spring will feature a mail-in offer for 1:64 scale versions of the new Cheerios/Star Wars SuperMod Nascars

Scroll on down to my News Report from yesterday (3/15) for the instructions to get and play the FREE Star Wars PC Game

Posted by: Jason | 16 March 2002 | 11:52 EST
My good bud Lex-Wan reports in
Lex found the Bo Shek wave today at the Allentown PA Walmart early this morning.

Glad to see the scalpers didn't get that batch Alex!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 March 2002 | 8:11 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Brian asks:

Sounds like a case of "constipation" to me Jedi Brian! We happen to stop by the Toys R Us in Annapolis MD last night and an employee there stated that "their" official figure release date was next week...he also laughingly admitted that figures had already come in but the store "vultures" had consumed them faster than an F22 hitting mach 2. He also went on to "claim" that Toys R Us is getting an EXCLUSIVE figure, and that will be available next week (starting in small quantities) as well. Take ALL the info with a grain of salt, these guys collect also and a lot of them put this stuff on e-bay long before we actually see product on the shelves.

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 22:40 EST
Trooper Jimsjedi reports:
Hey Troopers,
Jimsjedi here with a report from Auburn Mass. The Walmart in Oxford has the sneak preview figures, 5 pegs worth for $6.44. The Auburn TRU has a ton of them @$6.99. The TRU in Belingham has the AT-ST. These are so cool looking. Great job on this one. Still can't find the BoShek wave yet, but should be showing up soon. Don't know if this is happeneing anywhere else, but I've been to 3 different TRU's and all of them are using the end shelve displays for the figures. This area is alot bigger than they have been. It just goes to show that they'll be getting more and more figures as the movie gets closer. I hope everyone has a good weekend of hunting. Talk to you soon. See Ya!

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 22:38 EST
Toybliss writes: Star Wars special runs until 3-22-02!

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Sneak Preview Jango Fett, Clone Trooper, Zam Wesell and R3-T7 action figures only $7.99 each through 3-22-02 (regularly $9.99)

Power of the Jedi BoShek, Teebo and R4-M9 only $7.99 each through 3-22-02 (regularly $9.99)

100's of Star Wars figures available! Sebulba, Plo Koon, Fode & Beed, Seasee Tiin, Dagobah Vader, Eeth Koth, Zutton, Rebel Trooper and more are shipping today. Also check out our huge selection of Power of the Force and Episode 1

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 22:36 EST
Trooper Steve reports:
hey, this is steve from canada. not sure if this is old news or not. i was sw shopping today, at Markville mall in Markham. Walmart had their potj figs for 5.00 and tru had Zam Wessell and R2 (american
packaging)(7.98) They also had the 25th anniversary 2 packs (24.99)

i'm not sure if all walmart stores have the figs on sale so have a look around. hopefully this helps some canadians out...

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 15 March 2002 | 22:35 EST
ICE AGE and the EP2 trailer.
I just got back from seeing ICE AGE. Forget everything that you hear and go see this film! What a GREAT time it was!!!! 2 paldrons up! I liked it better than Shrek and Monster Inc.
The story is pretty fast paced and the SKRAT steals the show. I'm sure we will have a sequel to this film. Oh, and what can I say about the new EP2 trailer on the BIG screen??? IT RULED!!!! Looks like another "EMPIRE" is coming..........May 16th, 2002

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 22:35 EST
Trooper Erich reports:
Hi everyone,
My name is Erich Fritz otherwise known as darkravenef. I am selling off a good portion of my Star Wars collection. If anyone is interested in what I have for sale, please feel free to e-mail me at . I will be happy to send you my list. After you get the list, let me know what you are interested in and I will let you know what I'm asking for. Thanks and good luck with the collectiong. I look forward to dealing with you.

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 22:27 EST
Trooper Manuel reports:
Hi there everybody,
This is the first time I report news to so please bear with me. Sandtroopers is the main site I use to keep up with news about my hobby. I figured that it was about time to start contributing news to my fellow collectors in the city of Albuquerque, NM. I've been pretty insistent on keeping up with the arrival of the new ATST vehicle at TRU, and it finally paid off. I passed by this evening around 6:15 P.M. and found three of those buggers sitting on a shelf. I'm not sure if there are more in the back, but there were two more waiting for a new home. Well, thanks for all the help Sandtroopers, and keep up the hunt.

Posted by: Jason | 15 March 2002 | 21:32 EST
It Pays to Shop at AMES stores
Hey Troops, if you live in the Northeast, give your local AMES department store a try in your runs. Today the Lockport, NY AMES had some of the Sneak Preview figures (looks like they had gotten a case). Three weeks ago, the same store got a case of the Lando wave after a nearly three YEAR dry spell of Star Wars there. If anyone still needs Sneak Preview figures, e-mail me and I'd be glad to hook you up! I'd still like to here from someone ordering the discounted Carbon Freeze Chamber from the Fan Club to share cost on two. Happy Hunting

Posted by: Jason | 15 March 2002 | 21:23 EST
What is thy bidding, my... Sandtroopers?
Hi Fellow Troopers!
For all of you I haven't corresponded with or traded with in the past, my name is Jason Meyers and I just wanted to say "Hi." I live in Lockport NY (Western NY) and I've been reading and posting to Sandtroopers since August 2000, right after the site was launched. I've been collecting new Star Wars toys since Sept. 1997. I'll be working hard here at, interrogating the Web for the latest Star Wars news and giveaways so you don't have to. Make Sandtroopers your daily one-stop Star Wars site and collecting site. Let me know what kind of information is most important to YOU and I'll put it here!!
Feel free to send your store reports my way and I'll get them posted fast to get the news out there. Remember, wouldn't exist without YOU! It's all about what you're running into out there in the collecting world on a daily basis - check 'Troopers daily to reap the maximum benefit.
I hope to keep you informed with the news from around the web and with my REVIEWS of new toys. I'll be throwing in some goodies just for fun, like Star Wars games and other stuff.
I've made some great friends through this site and I hope to get to know all of you! I'd also like to welcome new 'Troopers Bill Varner and Zack Hudson to the fold. Let's keep it going guys. I want to thank Unca George (glad to have you back dude), my man Tyler, and buddy Vaughn for making this happen. See you all next time!

Posted by: Jason | 15 March 2002 | 20:58 EST
Daily News from around the Web... by J.
Enter to win a free ToysRUs Power of the Jedi AT-ST w/Speederbike NOW at Power Collectibles. you have intil March 31st! And, don't forget, you still have a shot at the ToyFair 2002 exclusive Silver DARTH VADER figure over at American Dream Comics. Rebel Scum's offer for a free ULTARAMA display is open until the 17th.

If you can't wait to see some loose and in-package shots of the Sneak Preview Jedi Starfighter, go over to Rebel Scum for a good first look. Want even more pics? Take it to the Yak - see Yak for even MORE images!

"But mom, I just wanted a Pepsi" - An initial report at suggests that there won't be soda cans with pictures of Sam Jackson & Co. on them this time around. Awwgh, maybe I'd be happier with the nickel anyway...

Hey Gamers! LucasArts Newsletter No.19 has announced the release of JEDI STARFIGHTER on all the major console platforms. Upcoming in May is JEDI KNIGHT II: JEDI OUTCAST, featuring the adventures of Kyle Katarn. If you play GALACTIC BATTLEGROUNDS, there is a contest going on right now to design your own battleground level! Head on over to to find out more and get some free screensavers.

Now, as I promised yesterday, here are the links you'll need to play the PC emulated version of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. IT'S TOTALLY FREE and I think you'll enjoy it - it is still one of the most praised and best Star Wars game out there! This vintage game captures the adventure of Episode IV and offers some fun and challenging play, the music is killer and you'll run into some psychotic Tusken Raiders. Here is what you'll need:

1. A Windows/DOS PC with preferrably >8MB RAM
2. The Sega 8-bit emulating software (plays tons of free Game ROMS), file is less than 1/2 Meg.
3. The Game ROM. Click on the "handshake" at the bottom of the page, go to "S," then click "Star Wars" to download (btw, this is a Spanish site).
4. Grab the Game Help File and walkthrough. This file will explain the game for you.
5. Have fun and give me some feedback or ask a question; next to Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, this is my favorite Star Wars game.

Posted by: Tyler | 15 March 2002 | 20:35 EST
Trailer 4 Pics at DEATHSTARPLANS
Hey Troopers,
If you're like me and weren't able to download the large version of the new EP II trailer, has some great stills from it in their forums. Actually they have 63 in total! Well worth a look.

Posted by: Zack | 15 March 2002 | 19:46 EST
Trooper Jeffred 5 reports....
Hey Troopers, first I'd like to thank Trooper Hans, for the FAO Fambaa tip. I called FAO LasVegas immediately and got through right away and they said it is no problem to ship any thing they sell. So, the Fambaa is $37.50 + $15.00 shipping. They have only five (5) left as of 2:45pm MST. When you call tell them you are a collector and they will try to give you the best of what is left, they are not in mint condition, but he said they aren't beat up they just have some ware from being in the store so long. Good luck!

Posted by: Zack | 15 March 2002 | 13:49 EST
Trooper Hans reports:
Still need a Fambaa?
Fellow trooper and good friend Hans just got back from Vegas and had some interesting news on the Fambaas........

I was in Las Vegas for my brother’s wedding and the FAO on the strip had many fambaas left! I shipped one home and didn’t have to pay tax because the address was out of state. The number for the store is (702) 796-6500. The associate at the time was named Ron. Shipping, no matter how much you purchase is 14.99. I am not sure you can order these over the phone but it is worth a try. They had around 40 of these in great shape. Tell them that you are a collector and they will pack them well. The price for each was 37.50 but they may have discounted them further.

Good to hear since they kept selling out on the website at that price. If anybody trys this out, please let us know how it goes. Thanks Hans!

Posted by: Zack | 15 March 2002 | 12:49 EST
Sergeant Zack reporting in.......
Hey troopers! My name is Zack and I'm the newest addition to the staff. (You may know me as redleader on some of the collecting forums.) I'll be working on revising the Tatooine Traders Guild (sith channel 8). We are planning some exciting changes so that everybody will have a better opportunity to get the toys they want. A whole new idea on trading is being discussed that will greatly improve your chances finding and getting that HTF item. Some freebies and other great things are also being planned. If you have any suggestions or reports, feel free to send them in to me. I also want to thank Vaughn for all the help he has given me. We are in for an awesome ride. Stay tuned!

Posted by: Steve | 15 March 2002 | 9:25 EST
Walden Books strikes again
Hey Troops, I just learned from a member of the Michigan Collectors Club that Walden Books has put the Star Wars Scrapbook by Steven Sansweet on clearance for $7.99. This book has reproductions of many stickers, posters, cut-outs, invitations, and general Star Wars history. Walden Books also has the Aurra Singe and C-3PO
Masterpiece Edition sets on clearance for $19.99. These are some great deals.

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 8:17 EST
Trooper Steve reports:
OK troops,
There is something finally new to report in Aurora, Colorado. TRU has received the Zutton and FX-7 waves. Horrah for something new! Target is still playing with the Kewtol wave, and walmart is still doing inventory on the Tessek wave. I also received my AT-ST from is perfect, case fresh condition. SO not every one is having trouble with amazon. Good luck in the quest.

Posted by: vaughn | 15 March 2002 | 8:16 EST
Trooper John reports:
I am selling POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper x 1 $7.50 Imperial Officers x 2 $7.50 each and Commtech Stormtrooper $7.50. Plus $3.50 shipping. LMK if you need one or all at

Posted by: vaughn | 14 March 2002 | 22:51 EST
Trooper monkeyambassador reports:
I'm an inexperienced online shopper. Can someone give me an opinion on Kebco Toys? Do they send in good condition? I've bought from Brian because I knew his name (best place I've ever shopped at). How do they compare to him? Please reply at

Posted by: vaughn | 14 March 2002 | 22:35 EST

To All Phoenix area Star Wars Fans/Collectors,
I am fairly new to the Valley of the Sun, so I haven't had the chance to make many friends yet. I left my home state of MI after 24 years of spending 4 months a year feeling like Luke just before Han saved his frozen butt on Hoth. You don't have to crawl into too many dead taun-tauns to want to get the heck out. Anyway, since all my friends that I grew up collecting Star Wars with are now 2000 miles away so I'm fending for myself trying to find all the toys, and great deals, Ect. I know I'm not the only one who gets frustrated having to run all over town trying to find stuff and the more pairs of eyes looking the better chance of finding things. After all, isn't that what Sandtroopers is all about? So I'd like to hear from anyone in the Phoenix, AZ who would like to get together a form an alliance. I don't know how far this should or could go, we could just lookout for hard to get stuff and good d! eals and E-mail each other. Or we could actually meet each other and have meetings/parties and play the CCGs or RPGs or Video Games or just Star Wars Trivia and watch the movies on video once and awhile. Anyone who is interested can contact me at DOCJ45@AOL.COM. I'd be glad to hear any suggestions about anything like this from anyone. In these scary times we should remember that "We must all hang together, or we will surely hang apart." Thanks, and May The Force Be With You.

Posted by: vaughn | 14 March 2002 | 21:38 EST
Trooper John reports:
Hi Troops,
This is John in Southern Mass. Just letting you know that the AT-ST has finally arrived at the Kingston TRU with the sneak peak figures to boot! Finally something new. I also was wondering how many sandtroopers would be attending Celebration II and is there any sort of plan to have a sandtroopers get together? I hope to meet some of you there.

Posted by: vaughn | 14 March 2002 | 19:11 EST
Daily News from around the J.
A variation of the current SNEAK PREVIEW case assortment 844550015 is on the way; it will be packed with 4 each of Jango Fett & Clone Trooper, and 2 each of Zam Wesell and R3-T7 (a smart move considering how fast those Jangos and Clones are vanishing off the shelves)

Lots of updates overnight at on the Episode 2 Vehicle, Droid, Character & Location (Planet) areas. Just go to the main page and scroll down near the bottom and take a look at the SECTION UPDATES ( ). As usual, the tops of these pages are classified "No/Mild Spoilers," while the bottom is reserved for "Stronger Spoilers." While there, vote for the sexiest Star Wars male character (if you feel a fruity voting yourself, the site suggests letting a wife, girlfriend or sister cast the ballot - Hoiy!!), Lando still has my vote - no one can deny the man just oozes charm.

"These facilities are crude..." - the Fan Club's Online Store has discounted the POTJ Carbon Freezing Chamber from $24.99 to $18.99 (Hey, if someone who belongs to the club is interested in getting one, e-mail me if you'd like to split costs on two!)

Rebelscum currently has a giveaway for a free Ultarama action figure display system. You may enter once daily to increase your odds. Check it out at

Check out some of my favorite Star Wars posters at . Posters include AT-AT, Millenium Falcon and X-Wing vs. Tie

Troops, tomorrow I'd like to start work on some Star Wars Multimedia links, including emulated Star Wars games for your PC. Check for updates!

Posted by: Steve | 14 March 2002 | 14:29 EST
Yestertoys checks in again!

We have plenty of the sneak peak figures in stock, we also still have the bo shek wave and we have discounted the Han and Luke anniversary 2 packs to $11 each. Do a search for the figures. Click here to check it out.

Posted by: vaughn | 14 March 2002 | 12:53 EST
Trooper Jeidchirp reports:
Jedichirp with info from Indy,
I just stopped at the Greenwood Walmart on the way to work this morning(Thurs) and found 2 Clone Troopers and 2 Jango Fett. I picked up one of each, the other 2 were badly crushed. I have already picked up the AT-ST at the Greenwood TRU, but I know that they received 6 more on Wednesday if anyone is in the area. Good luck

Posted by: vaughn | 14 March 2002 | 12:52 EST
Trooper Flip55 reports:

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 March 2002 | 12:28 EST
Trooper Jeditree reports:
"Hey guys just to let you know I was at the TRU in Reno and they just got the truck from hasbro, the pegs were filled w/ Imperial Officers, Queens Decoy, FX-7, and rebel troopers and such.
Looking through the boxes I found an AT-ST I grabbed one, get them while you can, and May the force be With You..."

Posted by: Steve | 14 March 2002 | 11:31 EST
Looking for some vintage guns
Hey Troops, I was hoping someone could help me out. I am looking for some vintage Han Solo style blasters for the 3-3/4 inch line. I have looked all over ebay for some and I can't find anyone just selling the guns. I am looking for 2-3 of the original black guns (not the blue ones). If anyone can help me I will be willing to buy or trade for them. Just email me if you have an offer. steve

Posted by: Steve | 14 March 2002 | 11:26 EST
New Expanded Universe Info at the Official Site
Hey Troops, the Official Site has added some new images and information of expanded universe characters, droids and ships. There is some cool stuff. Especially the images of Guri and Dash Rendar. I don't know if these images came from the CCG (which I know nothing about) or if they are brand new, but wherever they came from, they are really cool. There are a total of 11 new additions to the EU files, check them out here!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 March 2002 | 8:49 EST
Sith Channel 9 is a must see! For troopers like me that have only been collecting since EP1, getting the chance to see the early Star Wars toys with a history of them is a real treat. Sandtroopers own Bill & Cheryl are collecting experts and the acumen they bring to Sandtroopers is amazing and VERY informative. Take a look and see for yourself, whether seeing these classic toys is a first time around for you or just take a trip down memory lane...this section is a MUST SEE!

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 22:23 EST
Boshek at the fan club...
Hey troops,
A little steep at 8.99 (7.99 for members)...Price went up. Get 'em while they're hot:


Move out!

Posted by: Bill | 13 March 2002 | 22:17 EST
The Holocron
Hey fellow Troopers! This is Bill and Cheryl. We have recently joined the Sandtrooper Staff as the Holocrons. I have been collecting since 1978 when I was just 7 years old, and when Cheryl and I met 6 years ago, she learned to appreciate and love it like I do. So join us every Wednesday when we post new pictures and stories about unique and interesting items we have accumulated over the years.Located in Channel 9 of the sith channel or click here-> The Holocron
Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions,comments or constructive criticism you may have about the Holocron.
Bill & Cheryl

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 21:31 EST
Trooper Baldrik reports:
I live in the wastelands of Arizona so by the time the sneak preview figures show up here ( the Ketwol wave is the latest thing here) I will probably be dead and buried. I would like to obtain a set of these so if one of my more fortunate brethren troops would consider a trade I would greatly appreciate it. I have 300th Fetts, R2/holo Leias,pre- Ketwol POTJ figures, some Episode 1 stuff like Wattos box's, or just let me know what you would need for a set. Thanks again.

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 21:29 EST
Trooper Dark Steve reports:
Hey Troops, Ohio's Dark Steve reporting in from Ashtabula Ohio.
It's been dry here until I found the pre view figures over last weekend they are cool! ZAM ROCKS! I need your help TROOPS, I'm looking for a pair of Greedo Latex hands made by Don Post a few years ago If anyone can hook me up with a pair I would really appreciate it. I Will buy or trade for them.

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 18:04 EST
Daily News from around the J.
To see even MORE Photos from Toy Fair 2000, visit Hasbro's four-part tour of the event at their site , if you aren't a registered user there, sign-up here:
Registering lets you navigate through a much larger area of the site, than if you're not registered!

With all the buzz regarding the possibility of an Imperial Shuttle this Fall, stop by at Gus Lopez's collecting site to see patents (yes, US patents!) for the original ROTJ toy shuttle with artwork and descriptions

Get the real "play-by-play" of the CLONE WAR trailer at, complete with 88 image stills to go along with the scene breakdown

Hungry for more AOTC eye candy? Check out the pictures posted here in the bothanspy's forum from a Polish website.

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 17:55 EST
Trooper John reports:
hello fellow troopers,
I looking for a needle in a haystack I'm in need of the 12" euro Han Solo w/quick draw action the figure can be loose as long as it's complete.

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 17:53 EST
Trooper WookieWoods reports:
WookieWoods Reporting from beautiful San Fernando Valley. Saw the AT-ST at TRU in Woodland Hills they had about nine. They also had some Security Battle Droids along with a load of Coruscant and Bespin Guards, also had allot of the 25th anniversary Two packs. No Preview figures. If any one needs any of the mentioned item let me know. United we collect!!!

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 17:51 EST
Dianoga from ragingdianoga writes:
Hey Troops,
Just sent an email to let you know that I’ve posted images from the front cover of the Star Wars Episode 2 Attack Of The Clones Graphic Novel, whether or not this is the final cover only time will tell. If you would like to check out pictures there at

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 March 2002 | 11:38 EST
Planet Action Figure deals:
I found some goodies over at
Here is the skinny on dem' bizzatches:

FX7 wave (including the Imperial trooper) in stock for $39.99
Darth Vader palm talker in stock for $10.99
POTJ 12" Death Star Droid & Death Star Trooper in stock for $12.99 EA.
POTJ Eeth Koth & Zutton in stock for $19.99
Tell them sent you and we "packin"!

Posted by: Steve | 13 March 2002 | 10:57 EST
Celebration II news from Indianapolis Star Wars Fan Club
Hey Troops, someone in the Michigan Star Wars Collecting Club pointed this site out. Here is a rather complete synopsis of what will be taking place at Celebration II. I have my ticket and can hardly wait! Celebration and Episode II 2 weeks after that! What a month, and Spider Man on top of that!

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 8:59 EST
ACPin writes:
Luke is fed and sheltered by the mysterious little creature he has met in Dagobah, but he grows impatient. Eventually, however, the creature reveals that he is, in fact, the Jedi Master Yoda.

Check it out at

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 8:54 EST
Trooper TG writes:
I was wondering if anyone coud help me out. I am looking for the TRU Exclusive AT ST and Boshek Wave, I would pay or trade, have a MOMC French Card Sio Bibble and other goodies. Tried the Toys'RUs closest 35 minutes away, manager said won't receive them till April. All I want is one of each. Did find preview wave though, Thank God!!! Good Luck to you all!!! and if you can Help please email and Big Thanks to Eric Aggson, and Steve Daniels, Super Troopers!!!!

Posted by: vaughn | 13 March 2002 | 8:52 EST
Trooper Alex reports:
A really good Toy Show will be holding its spring show for the Year.

(All Santa’s shows are held four times a year):


WHERE: In a south suburb of Chicago: DOLTON, ILLINOIS

WHEN: March 17, 2001 (SATURDAY) and March 18, 2001 (SUNDAY).

Show Hours:

March 17, 2002 Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and
March 18, 2002 Sunday from 9am – 2pm.

Tickets are $3.50 for adults and kids from 13 and up!
Kids under 12 are free with adult

For more info call: 708-895-1502

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 22:47 EST
Trooper Don reports:
The preview figs have finally begun to hit the Houston area Walmarts @$6.44. But it appears some old bad habits are returning as well. Both Walmarts that I visited today had tons of figures - but every one had bent corners on the top right side of the card.

I have also found the FX-7 wave at several Target stores (after considerable digging behind GI-Joe and Harry Potter Boxes).

No luck with the AT-ST at Toys-R-Us. They did have a huge wall of the POTF Luke X-wing asst. - Just can't move those guys at $6.99

sounds like the case got crushed OR one of the enemy scum has been hard at work...your orders are to disintegrate them...take no prisoners!

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 22:45 EST
Trooper Garr reports:
Thank you for the AT-ST information, I live in St. Joseph , I shot down there and picked up one AT-ST and one EETH Koth , still looking for Snaggletooth and R4-M9 wave if I can help you find anything , let me know! Thanks a-lot from the GARR!!!

Posted by: Tyler | 12 March 2002 | 20:53 EST
Star Wars in Canada
Hey Troopers,
After a dry spell of a few months, it looks like us Canadians up here are finally starting to get some new stuff. The last wave we saw on tri-logo was the Shmi and EW Vader waves before Christmas along with the deluxe Luke and Maul. Lately however, all 3 Anniversary 2-packs and the Preview figures have been showing up at TRU. TRU only though! Not at Walmart where the price is $3-4 cheaper per figure. TRU wants $11.99 CAN ($8 US) for the preview figures and $24.99 CAN ($16 US) for the anniversary packs. A far cry from what our US neighbours are paying at Walmart. Plus the Canadian TRU are not carrying the new AT-ST. Hopefully things will pick up a bit more on April 23rd when the EP II figures arrive.
On a side note, most of us Canadians were also unable to see the EP II trailer Sunday night. I had my VCR set and got nothing but a commercial for Ice Age between the Malcom in the Middle and the X-files episodes (BTW, the X-files episodes are incredible lately). I'll hopefully be seeing the new trailer soon enough though when I take my kids to see Ice Age.
Take care troops and don't forget to pick up an extra set of figures if you can for those who are unable to find them. Together we are stronger! Unification!

Posted by: Tyler | 12 March 2002 | 20:21 EST
R2Dtoys Grand Opening
Hey Troopers,
R2Dtoys will officially open for business (website and UK store) on April 20th! Jeremy Bullock (aka Boba Fett) will be opening up the store for them. There will also be a Slave Leia there (not Carrie Fisher) to help out. EP 2 figures can be ordered that day for $7 US but will not be shipped out until the 23rd. Also as a promo competition they will be giving away a 12" Euro Luke & Han (swing and quick draw actions), Eopie and Tie Interceptor to a lucky Trooper. Stay tunned to Sandtroopers for more updates as they come available.

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 16:23 EST
Trooper Eric reports:
In the buffalo area tru has the 25 anniversary figures,no AT-ST yet hopefully soon. Walmart just got the preview figures in, alot of them but only a few jango fetts were on the shelves, may be hard to finds. Target had deluxe leia and amanaman.

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 16:21 EST
Trooper John reports:
I have (2) POTJ Imperial Officers and 1 Sneak Peek Clonetrooper MOMC to trade for the Boshek wave MOMC.If anyone wants to trade for these(I also am willing to buy the wave) contact me at

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 16:20 EST
Troopette Donna reports:
Hi Troopers, Donna from So. Cal. finally checking in again. I did find all the Preview Figures this past Saturday but at Target. Wal-Mart's shelves are still empty except for the Lego Jedi Starfighter. I have not seen any of the Teebo wave yet. Because of reading posts from various sites like, I was able to find out about the SW Action Figure Archive Book at Walden Books. This is the greatest picture book I have ever seen on SW Toys. A must have for all collectors. I can't wait for the next edition for 1999 and beyond. Also wanted to shout a big Thanks to fellow trooper, Dom, for our recent trade. Lastly, wanted to say glad to hear that Uncle George will be back with us soon. Happy Hunting to all.

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 16:19 EST
Trooper Jeff Red 5 reports:
I thought I remembered hearing about a company that has a subscription service for Star Wars figures where you sign up and tell them how many of each figure you want and then whenever new figures come out they automatically send them to you and charge you account. Does anyone know who it is and their address?

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 16:17 EST
Trooper Jason reports:
Scalpers aplenty in Lockport (NY) today. WALMART put out the earlier reported 8 cases of PREVIEW Figures today, along with 2 cases of the TEEBO wave. The associate there told me "a collector (sic) came in and they (Teebo wave figs)were all gone within seconds at the $3 price tag." These individuals make me SICK. This maladjusted aversion to hoarding has got to stop somewhere; I bet the same guy bought out all the local markets' toilet paper in anticipation of Y2K and is, as we speak, standing in a room full of McDonalds Beany Babies up to his knees! Gah!! I can get Preview Figs for fellow Troopers who can't wait or would like to trade.

Posted by: vaughn | 12 March 2002 | 16:13 EST
Daily News from around the J.
Anyone wanting a first look at the Episode II Movie poster, go on over to the Official Star Wars site

"I'll be played by Jimmy Smits," see eight of the Senators to be seen in Attack of the Clones, and which ones are "on the take" here

Rebelscum has some very nice photos from The Western States Toy and Hobby Show (Pomona, California), including shots of a great-looking ZAM WESELL with removable veil and mucho articulation, and up-close shots of the Geonosians here

Follow this link for detailed commentary on the CLONE WAR trailer

Posted by: Steve | 12 March 2002 | 15:15 EST
New Summer Comics
Hey Troops, the Official Site has just updated a new list of summer comics. Some of what we will see is the continuing adventures of Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura in the series Rite of Passage, part of the continuing series, Star Wars. We also will see a new Star Wars Tales with stories about characters like Wedge Antilles, Aurra Sing, Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Tag and Bink. The Hunt for Aurra Sing will also be released as a trade paperback. Finally the 2nd issue of Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago trade paperback will be released. This series covers the entire vintage Marvel series reprinted and re-colored! I can hardly wait for it! Check out the Official Site for more information. Official Site

Posted by: Tracy | 11 March 2002 | 22:07 EST
Whasssup everyone? Well, finally something to report here in Baton Rouge, La. Preview figs at all Wal-Marts in and around Baton Rouge as of 03-11-02. Wal-Mart on O'Neal and on Perkins has plenty to go around so everyone reading this should be able to pick up a set. TRU has finally gotten the AT-ST but they only had four of them so you better hurry. Thats it!! I know its not much but considering how long it has been since we have seen anything new down this way, its something!!! In regards to the post about the "v" on the back of some of the preview cards just before Lucasfilm, I noticed its on all of the sam wessel figs only, what that means I have no Idea but I checked every Preview fig I found and thats the only fig with that variation (if you want to call it that). Anywho, thats all from down da bayou!! Waiting on the midnight madness sell at TRU in April!!
Later Troops.

Posted by: vaughn | 11 March 2002 | 22:07 EST
Trooper Qui-George reports:
Qui-George from Kansas City here. First the preview figures hit on Thursday, and now the AT-ST's hit TRU today. Great piece. Looks great in the box.Independence TRU had 6 of them left as of 5:00 today. And if that wasn't enough FOX debuted the new AOTC trailer last nite. WOW!!! That's the only word to describe. Thanks and only together can we beat the scum and villany of We-Pay and the evil scalpers. UNIFY!!!!!

Posted by: vaughn | 11 March 2002 | 22:05 EST
Trooper Bruce reports:
Walmarts here in MN have all of the Sneak Preview Figures popping up around the Metro Area. I picked up two sets today (one for openers). I saw many many today at tree different Walmarts. A manager at a Local Target said they have them, but cannot release them for another few weeks!! He didn't believe me when I told him that Walmarts had them out. I brought them into the store and showed him. I had to throw in that by the time they put them out, they will be old news and he might as well put them right on the clearance rack with all the other clearance POTJ figs they have. HMMM...he didn't laugh. Anywhoo, I'm in need for a couple POTJ Imperial Officers if anyone would like to trade for any Sneak Preview Figs. Thanks!!!

Posted by: vaughn | 11 March 2002 | 22:01 EST
Trooper Mike reports:
Hey Troops!
I live in Denver,CO and I had to go to Oklahoma for a funeral so I decided after to go to TRU on I-35 by Crossroads Mall to kinda get my mind off of things. And there we go I found the AT ST. Actually there was three of them there so I picked up two and left one. Man these things look AWESOME! I'm glad I found them, it did kinda help to cheer me up! Still no sign of the Preview figs or the Bo Shek wave. I can't wait to get my hands on these figs.

Troops, sometimes we do some crazy stuff for these toys. Spend too much $, be gone all day to travel all over searching, and so on... Just remember these are just toys, no matter how cool they are, Make family the #1 priority!!! Guys as much time and $ as you spend on Star Wars, spend the same on your wife! She will appreciate it!!!

Also us Troops that live in the city need to keep in mind that there
are Troops that live in rural areas of this world that don't have the same access to diffrent stores like we do. We need to look out for those fellow Troops. They are a part of us! Unify!

Hey Marc Jouin,
I lost your email address will you please email me: I wanted to talk to you about something. Thanks!

Troops have a great day and God bless!

Posted by: vaughn | 11 March 2002 | 21:58 EST
Trooper Boba_brett reports:
Hey Sandtroopers!
This is Boba_Brett. I'm from the Cleveland Ohio area.
I've seen tons of 25TH anniversary sets, Deluxe but nothing else at all! I'm wanting to see if anyone is willing to trade? I have the fx-7 wave to trade for the EP2 previews. I'm too anxious to wait! It's a long shot but I thought I'd give it a try. MTFBWY!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 March 2002 | 17:58 EST
Sandtroopers co-founding father: George Collazo.
I just talked with Sandtroopers main man George Collazo (Uncle George for those that remember him). He will officially be coming back to the site in a few weeks! For those that want to contact him now, send your e-mail to His masteryoda9990 account has been fully closed. He has had a VERY rough time guys, so PLEASE grant him a warm Sandtroopers welcome back and keep him in your prayers! Thanks everyone...

Posted by: vaughn | 11 March 2002 | 17:31 EST
Daily News from around the J.
Want another shot at winning the Toy Fair exclusive Vader (or some other
great collectibles), check out American Dream Comics and post on their Forums

For a comprehensive showcasing of the planned Episode II books, take a look here

Head on over to for a first look at Hasbro's imposing
multi-limbed hatchet-wielding Dexter Jettster 3 3/4" figure for Episode II

For an exhaustive image gallery of Toy Fair 2002 Attack of the Clones toys, check out Artoos news

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 March 2002 | 14:50 EST reports:
"We have now just lowered our preorder case section and added some specials
for retailers, customizers or just people who like
certain figures a whole lot. Solid pack cases of 12. Available right now
packed 12 to a case are the following as low as $48.00 per
Not to forget the following case assortments are available at wholesale
price.POTJ Collection 1 Assortment 000 R $60.00
POTJ Collection 2 Assortment 000 T $60.00
POTJ Collection 2 Assortment 000 W $60.00

We will also be the lowest on the net for Episode 2 figures at only $6.25 per
figure and we continue to be the lowest for Power of
the Jedi Figures at only $5.50 per figure."

A C T I O N - F I G U R E S
Find us on the Internet at

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 March 2002 | 11:16 EST
Episode 2 Trailer.
I hope everyone got to catch the Episode 2 trailer last night! I am more excited about the release of this film than any other Star Wars film before. The CGI looks to be extremely extensive and hopefully well used! I'm sure the trailer has to be seen on the BIG screen in full THX sound to be fully appreciated, so be sure to get out there and see Ice Age and get a look at what is fast becoming another one of the biggest anticipated sequel films in history!

Posted by: Steve | 11 March 2002 | 9:45 EST
Yestertoys checks in with the new wave
Yestertoys has the newest wave of POTJ in stock. The Bo Shek wave is available for order from their online catalog. Just search for the figures you want. They offer mint for $8 and non-mint for $7.

Posted by: Steve | 11 March 2002 | 9:39 EST
Action Figure Archive and From Star Wars to Indiana JonesHey
Hey Troops, just another reminder that Walden Books has the Action Figure Archive by Steve Sansweet and Josh Ling on discount for $3.99 (normally $30). They also have From Star Wars to Indiana Jones by Mark Cotta Vaz and Shinji Hata on discount for $4.99 (normally $23)! These are both great books that are worth a lot more than their current price tags. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones is a neat book that gives a good look at Lucasfilm archives. It tells a lot of the secrets where props and FX come from and it has some great photos. Well worth $5! The Action Figure Archive is almost essential for the action figure collector. There are great full color images of the entire Kenner/Hasbro line from vintage figures to the EU figures from late 98/early 99. I am secretly hoping the reason for the discounted price is because an updated version will be coming soon, but that is just speculation on my part (and a lot of wishful thinking). I am fortunate enough to have several Walden Books in my area and I have already hooked 3 people up with the Archive. If some of you troops are lucky enough to be near a Walden do the same for those who are not. I have noticed that a lot of these have been popping up on ebay lately. As is typical with people trying to make a quick buck, all of them I have seen are charging way more than the discount price. Help stamp out these practices! Help out your fellow troops.

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 22:20 EST
Trooper Ryan-the-Hutt reports:
I thought I would let everyone know that the AT-ST showed
up at TRU in Holland MI today. They only had six (five after
I got mine). They were on the end cap with the 25th
anniversary two-packs away from the regular Star Wars
section which makes them easy to miss for someone in a
hurry. Good luck all!

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 22:16 EST
The guys from write:
Got some stuff up on my site, DETENTIONBLOCKAA23.
THE E2 AOTC WISH LIST: Hurry, and make your entries now!

Also, an E2 AOTC Petition is up.

Here is my last chance to add more names to my SOTE Game Cube Petition. I have been hoping to have recieved over 200 names, but didn't work. This petition needs all the name it can get.

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 21:43 EST
new trailer!
Hey Troops,

FYI, the new (best yet) trailer has already been posted by apple. here's the link... (may be down)


Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 19:42 EST
Trooper Brandon reports:
I finally found the Episode 2 preview figures at my Wal-Mart in Smithfield, North Carolina today. I was reading the back of my Zam Wesell, and noticed a " v " in front of the Lucasfilm Ltd logo on the bottom left hand corner. I checked the other 3 figures, and there is no " v " in front of their Lucasfilm Ltd. I was wondering if anyone has noticed this, and is this the same on all of the Zam Wesell's.

Yep, I see it now. Good Eye.

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 19:18 EST
New Pictures of EP2 Sneak Preview Figures
Hey Troops,

Pictures of the four Episode 2 sneak preview figures have been posted in channel 2 of the sith channel. Enjoy!

Update: Great Reviews by Jason Meyers have been added to the page

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 18:35 EST
Trooper YGL reports:
Hey, folks. YGL reporting from the Kansas City area. Wednesday night most area Wal-Marts had about 4 cases of the "Sneak Preview" wave- and if you blinked- you missed 'em. They have already jacked the price up to $6.77 each, but what are you gonna do? These figures rule- especially Jango Fett (duh!). Also at Wally World were bunches of the Lego Jedi Starfighter. If you want to pre-order the incredibly cool Hasbro Jedi Starfighter go to - they have them available to pre-order for $19.99- as opposed to Entertainment Earth's hefty price of $31.99!

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 18:34 EST
Trooper Jeff Red 5 reports:
Hey Troopers,
I just wanted to let the other Jaws, Tusken Raiders, and Moisture Farmers out in the Dune Sea (Phoenix) know that the AT-STs are hitting the TRUs all over the valley. The problem is they only seem to be getting 4-8 of them per store so far. And they are only lasting a few hours on the shelves. I have been calling 8 stores in the valley every day for the last five days and 4 times so far a store has said they did not have them in yet on one evening and by noon the next day they said they had some in the morning and now they are all gone. I went to the PV (Tatum&Cactus) today and the had 7. They still had 4 as of 5:00pm Sat. The Camelback TRU has gotten Eeth Koth and Zutton in but not the rest of this wave. Good luck

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 18:33 EST
Trooper Lexwan reports:
Lex-wan reporting from PA Phila, Allentown I know there have been alot of posts about finding pre view figs and this will be no exception. I called Wal-mart in Easton PA at 6.45AM sat 3-9-02 the clerk said yea we got in S. W. figs but there not from the new movie they're the old one's, gag cough cough gag what.Ithanked her for checking and said goooooodby now knowing how intelligent these workers are I felt I didn't need to go to Wal-mart to check up on her-sarcasm- I new there was something just not stirring the coolaide. I was at a closer wal-mart in the next 15 min's they had 3 cases of pre view figs on the pegs at $6.44 and every WM in the hole eastern side of PA had anywhere from 2 to 4 cases of Jango and his friends on their pegs I know this by going to 4 different wal-marts and calling about 8 others I never once saw a scalper I had to travel anyway on an unrelated business from Delaware to half way up PA stopping at wal-marts on the way and also found a clone trooper variation his T facemask is a larger T than normal it connects the top black line on the helmet to his T mask sorry not able to send pic. So to the scalpers in this area anyway better luck next sike. there is just one more thing to say AHHHHHHHHHH. Happy hunting and may the forks be with you (he he he).

Posted by: vaughn | 10 March 2002 | 18:29 EST
Trooper Jason reports:
I've found a variation already on the E2 Clone Trooper - in
the "frown" portion of the face mask, one of my figures DOES NOT have the black, Grey/blue strip pattern. It is SOLID black. This is the more rare version. All my Clones are 13651 date stamp.

thanks for pointing that out J. Both of mine have the striping... Be sure to look before opening!

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 23:47 EST
New Look
Hey Troops,
As you can see we've launched a brand new Comments are definitely welcome... send them to me. All of the links should be functioning... Take a few minutes and take a look around. The sith channel has been completely reorganized. Heres the breakdown:
Channel 1: All figure images (red card, SOTE, commtech, flashback, etc)
Channel 2: Episode 2 figure images
Channel 3: Episode 2 Info
Channel 4: Episode 2 LEGOs
Channel 5: ST coverage of Toy Fair 2002
Channel 6: Pictures of readers' collections (send them in!)
Channel 7: Make your own Sandtroopers Special Edition POTJ sandtrooper
Channel 8: Tatooine Traders Guild Trading site
Channel 9: The Holocron: featuring rare and unique collectibles
Channel 10: Comic and Novel Reviews by Steve
Channel 11: Erik's customs
Channel 12: Current Giveaways around the web by Tyler
Channel 13: George's Custom "how-to"
Channel 14: Review of the Ultarama display
Channel 15: Meet the staff of sandtroopers

Hope you like what you see.

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 23:21 EST
Trooper Brian reports:
Hey everybody,
Well after seeing everyone's success stories with the Preview figures yesterday, I went out to Wal Mart in Indianapolis last night at around 11:00 PM and found one case of the preview figs! Picked up a set and another guy there took a set leaving one on the pegs. I was at another Wal mart (E. Wahington st.) this morning and saw a complete case's worth on the pegs there! It looks like the case assortment is pretty much balanced between all of the figures. I also picked up the POTJ AT-ST earlier this week. I wasn't planning on buying this one, but it was so cool when I actually saw it, I had to have it! No news yet on the Bo Shek wave yet, but the new stuff is out there! MTFBWY!

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 23:20 EST
Trooper RFC83701 reports:
Just wanted to let you know that the Preview Figs also showed up in Newport News, VA!! I was lucky enough to snag all four!!!

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 18:51 EST
DSDroid of Death Star Plans writes: is proud to annouce a vintage carded figure giveaway. This time DSP is offering a POTF General Lando a new home straight out of Deathstardroid's personal collection. Anyone can enter. This figure is mint on a mint card. The bubble is super clear and is in perfect codition. The card is unpunched and is in excellent condition.

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 16:10 EST
Trooper Flip55 reports:

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 15:56 EST
Trooper Jason reports:
I had a funny feeling today to check Walmart in Lockport again, so I left the house early and a pallette was out with 8 cases of Preview Figures. One had been opened with one set remaining in that case. I grabbed 2 more cases and my key and grabbed some extra CLONE TROOPERS. I planned on putting a few sets on layaway, but the girl there found me and told me they COULD NOT be sold until WEEK 9 (starts Sat. March 23) at Walmart. I took my foot and moved the case I had filled up with my stuff and tapped my nose ala Principal Skinner and she didn't protest; she did, however immediately take the whole pallette back to the stockroom. This was a brief window of opportunity (10-15 minutes) and I ALMOST felt guilty, but hey, the staff there I wouldn't trust to run a Nuclear Panner Plant, so the end justifies the means. If I see any scalpers grabbing these I will step in in some way. Attached is receipt scan with the codes (BTW, in-store scanners did not register these, but the check-outs did). Unify and don't relent.

Posted by: vaughn | 9 March 2002 | 15:46 EST
Trooper Brian reports:
Hey Troops,

Scored the Preview figs today at my local Target here in Albuqerque, NM. Unlike some other lucky people, the figs were in the computer so I paid $6.44 a piece for them. There was only one case out on the shelf, I got one set and another guy took the other two. They are great - tons of detail in each of them! I can't wait for the rest of the AOTC figs in April. Also, if anyone has an extra set of the FX-7 wave, Zutton wave, or Teebo wave, and is willing to sell, please email me at Thanks, MTFBWY, and Unify!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 9 March 2002 | 8:30 EST
Sandtroopers global invasion continues...WAR on scalpers!
Sandtroopers own General Vaughn is rallying the troopers for a MASSIVE news blast that will ensure that everyone gets EP2 preview figures as well as the latest POTJ figures. Sandtroopers needs YOUR help! Only by sharing news and offering to help out the unfortunate troopers in the outer rim territories (you know, like Yuma Arizona, ect...) can this be accomplished. As America continues it's war on terrorism, Sandtroopers continues it's war on scalping. Start your own fight today and show some love! (Yeah, something like that...)

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 20:35 EST
Trooper John reports:
I am selling 2 POTJ Zutton's(1 Dark face,1 white face) for $7. Shipping is $3.50. LMK at if you need him.

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 20:33 EST
Trooper Mike reports:
The new AT-ST at the TRU in Holyoke MA.
they only had 4 in stock, so get there quick.
has anyone seen the sneak preview in MA or CT ???
email me if u did

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 20:30 EST
Trooper Tony reports:
Hey Troops,

All 4 of the ATOC preview figures hit the Walmart in Lakeland FL. today. They weren't even in the computer yet.

BIG thanks to Sean for replying to my posting a few weeks ago and setting up a sweet trade.

I'm still looking for a carded long lightsaber Luke Dagobah training. If anyone is interested in trading one for a Disney Exclusive Indiana Jones figure please let me know.

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 19:37 EST
Chris from jundlandwastes writes:
I'm giving away a POTJ Preview Jango MOC on my site. All you have to do is register (if you haven't already) and post in the forums. The deadline is Saturday, March 16th.

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 19:34 EST
Trooper Tony reports:
BIG thanks to John Jakab who, after discovering that his girlfriend didn't send his part of a trade that we worked out went out and spent over $15 for overnight shipping to get it here today.

I've traded with people in the past who would've said F#*K it.

Thanks John I got your back any time you need something. Just make sure you take it to the Post Office next time.

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 19:26 EST
Trooper Eric reports:
no new figures in the buffalo/amherst area,at tru the pegs are bare,walmart only has shmi skywalkers,target does have alot of the leia deluxe figures. just waiting for the new wave of figures to hit the area. will report again

Posted by: vaughn | 8 March 2002 | 19:18 EST
Trooper Jason reports:
Hey troops remain vigilant. I went to my local Wal-Mart yesterday and found many preview figs on the pegs. I picked up 1 set because they are retailing for $6.44 each here in Bremerton WA (sorry no scan).