December 2003

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 December 2003 | 23:51 EST
Happy New Year from!
This is it Troops, 2003 is done and we want to thank you for your readership and involvement over the last twelve months once again. We still have the memories from the past year and CWO "Hitman" Spice has assembled a golden disk of 2003 Highlights at the site. 2003 - A Spice Odyssey, The Year in Review by Lord Spiceowan makes sense out of the chaotic world of S.C.A.L.P. and Sandwatch and lets us remember what was going on in the world of Star Wars Collecting all year. Thanks again everyone out there in Trooperland, and 2004 will be even better! United, We Find!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 December 2003 | 22:36 EST
If Star Wars Is Not No. 1, I'm Not Fighting The Al Quida!
Tonight on the Phil Hendrie Radio Show (reprise): This evening Phil opens the program with a phone call from Cadet 'Padawan' R.C. Collins of the Bradley Military Academy. Collins, along with a group of fellow cadets, is calling from in front of the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA holding his place in line to see the next chapter in the highly anticipated Star Wars series, Attack of the Clones. Though he's not officially a member of our country's military yet, RC explains to Phil and the audience that Star Wars is like a metaphor for the war on terror that America is going through with Afghanistan. Brigadier General Wireman joins the conversation and wants Phil and the callers to refer to him as Yoda!

Check your local AM radio channel for airtimes, or find details on the show's site.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 December 2003 | 21:45 EST
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
"Don't forget the 'FAN CLUB' store closes tonight. Anyone have an extra Asajj Ventress cartoon figure? The only thing new at Zany is the Han 12-inch wave."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 December 2003 | 21:35 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I visited Target today and was lucky enough to find the animated Clone Wars figures. They're absolutely awesome. Happy New Years to all of you."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 December 2003 | 21:25 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest StateDateline: Big finds in Central Texas.   "This morning In the Killeen Target, they had all the Cartoon Clone Wars figs available plus the Hoth Luke wave with new Imp Dignitary, Achk-Med guard dude & Brown coat Hoth Han Solo plus the Ultra fig wave. Bigger score at Wal-Mart: the Jabba wave with Jedi Luke, R1-G4, and R2-D2 with serving tray, plus the Luke Hoth wave. That's all from Central Texas. Starfox signing out"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 31 December 2003 | 20:54 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay reports:
I can’t believe it’s not SandtroopersDateline: ANIMATED FIGURES have hit Columbia, SC.   "I saw 3 of each on the pegs when I was there. I grabbed one set and left the others. They also had all 3 ultra figs and the entire recarded Barriss Offee wave. There wasn't anything left for clearance figures, as I was there just three days ago and they had probably ten each of CW Fisto and Saesee, Night club Obi-Wan and Bail Organa."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 31 December 2003 | 16:31 EST
End of the Year Blowout at Cloud City Collectibles:
This includes Gift Certificates for future purchases, Modern Star Wars items, Vintage Star Wars items, Toy Cases, basically everything in the Star Wars store.

Please note that Cloud City has recently received the Animated Clone Wars figures in stock and additional quantities of the new Saga Ultra/Deluxe Wampa, C-3PO, and General Rieekan. We are also restocking our vintage web inventory on December 31st and January 1st. Over 500 boxed vehicles and playsets and 1000 carded figures will be added to the Vintage Star Wars inventory. Continue checking the website to get the most-up-to-date stock information and newly added items!

This is the largest sale in Cloud City history and will last until Monday, January 5th at 6p.m. EST.

Posted by: Steve | 30 December 2003 | 22:56 EST
Timothy Zahn
Hey Troops, if you haven't received your copy of the Insider yet, or you don't subscribe, there is an announcement of a Timothy Zahn and Barnes & Noble signing tour coming up early next year. I was excited to see that he is making an appearance in Carmel, IN. I am going to try to make it to that one. Check your copy of the Insider to see whether he is coming anywhere near you. The way I see it, any Star Wars news is good news considering the shelves here are completely bare. Let's hope for some post-Christmas restocking. Good luck!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 December 2003 | 19:15 EST
Sandtrooper Chuppernicus reports:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin"Trooper Chuppernicus reporting in with a shout out to trooper Drizzit. He scored a set of the animated figs for me. What a guy! Nothing else new in the fine city of Milwaukee. Was lucky enough to have my sister score the hoth wave for me at a Walmart in Illinois. What a way to end the year! I feel lucky. Happy New year to all!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 December 2003 | 17:43 EST
Sandtrooper Sean V reports:
Coast to Coast AM with Sean V"Hey Troops, I have a mint on card Unleashed Slave Leia as well as a Loose Unleashed Mace and Anakin that I want to trade for a set of Clone Wars cartoon figures. I also have a c-6 silver R2. Peace out."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 December 2003 | 11:10 EST
Sandtrooper Jay Loud with a rebuttal:
"I'm really glad you got that post up about the Super Sucka. Now while I feel there's really nothing wrong with running an honest to goodness true auction this guy made the hairs on my eyebrows curl in anger. I mean like you said it is just trying to take advantage of new collectors. You actually caught his auctions a little late as he had way more of the Jar-Jars at more ridiculous prices. Oh well, thank you for giving collectors a place to vent and help others. Take care and enjoy your New Year!"

Thanks for the kind words Jay, and I am sorry I didn't get the story up sooner. I'd rather avoid this guy like the flu. Making a little extra dough is one thing but flat out ripping people off is unacceptable. Calling himself save-on-toys! What a sausage! United WE Find! Even Suckas!

Posted by: Tyler | 30 December 2003 | 9:44 EST
R2Dtoys Update
Silver Clone Trooper with Star Case �19 (approx $32 / 27 Euro)
Silver Clone Trooper BUNDLE with Interactive R2-D2 �69 (approx $117 / 97 Euro)

Animated Clone Wars Figures Series 1 �35 (approx $59 / 49 Euro)

NEW Saga: Achk-Med Beq, Imperial Dignitary # 1 and # 2, Hoth Trooper, R-3PO, Luke Hoth, McQuarrie Stormtrooper, plus many more, all �7 each (approx $12 / 10 Euro)

Master Replicas Emperor's Cane & Cloak Clasp �135 (approx $229 / 189 Euro)

COMING NEXT WEEK Jedi Warriors 4-pack �20 (approx $34 / 28 Euro)

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 December 2003 | 0:09 EST
Special Edition Force of the Bay: The Sucka-thon
Hey Troops, on occasion some of you are kind enough to drop an ebay seller on me that is in direct violation of being a good Troop. Now I realize some of us are not collectors and there are more people trying to make a good buck than collect these action figures. However, when you cross the line and make a jacka#$ of yourself and try to get rich off our hobby, WE take offence. Sandtrooper Jason Loud sent me information on a seller that deserves to be put out on Front Street to entertain YOU, our loyal readers. Why not have a laugh and let new collectors know to avoid jag-bags like this at all costs? First up he features a rough find for a price that would make some e-tailers cringe. I just couldn't figure out why that one was more than this one. This is a perfect example of a scalping slime ball trying to prey on uneducated collectors, and it makes me sick. With more than one figure he attempts this little prank. I'm sure he is just like the lollypop that bought up all of these 'rare' figures when they were on clearance at TRU a couple years back. I'm sure everyone has one in their area. These things were $1.97 for crying out loud! What I find suspect is how many of these figures they have up for bid. This could be one sick puppy who hoarded all of these figures and now will have his ultimate payday and retire down there in Orlando, FL. Trying to stick it to collectors like this and like this is completely disgusting. Watch our for morons like this Troops, that think they have plastic gold. If you'd like to laugh some more, go see the vast amount of figures this moron has for sale. Seems a little shady, such an endless supply of hard-to-find figures. Be careful out there Troops, research the sellers you do business with and conduct thorough feedback checks so you don’t end up bidding on some ridiculous auctions like these. Kick A#$ and take names Troops, and if any of you have any more to turn in for our amusement feel free to drop me a line. Thanks again to Jason Loud, WE read you loud and clear buddy! 10-4, S.C.A.L.P. Units have been dispersed. Until the next Sucka-thon Troops!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 December 2003 | 21:36 EST
Sandtrooper Steve P. reports:
"I have 2 extra sets of the White 3 pack of Clone Troopers to offer at cost ($10) plus shipping. I also have a few of the Blue packaged Clone Troopers with speederbike for the same price. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 December 2003 | 16:05 EST
Legacy Trooper Brandon T. reports:
"Hey Troopers! Happy Holidays. The animated figures have hit in the St. Louis, MO area, but boy were they gone fast. However, I am hoping to find some this week so I can help some fellow troopers out. I wanted to thank the Troopers for the kind words on my last post. I haven't been around for quite some time now, but at one time I was very much into this site, and I owe my collection to and the Troopers out there reading this. My collection has grown to the point of ridiculous, and that's why it's time to do a little trading and make some room for new stuff. I just posted a HUGE list of my extra goodies and my needs in the forums and I am hoping for a lot of replies, so please check it out. It's a Huge Listing of Extra Goodies for Trade. Maybe we can help each other out. You can reach me at Thanks to all. Have a Happy and safe New Year."

You bet Brandon! The fact that you both owe your collection to those out there in Trooperland and that it's grown to a ridiculous level means that you're using Sandtroopers the way it's meant to be used! Troopers, take a look at Brandon's new list, he may have something in you need, or you may have something he needs.
Always has been, always will be.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 December 2003 | 1:26 EST
Section Update - Images Reloaded: We're Characters in a Cartoon! How Humiliating
Hey Troopers, are you worried about the Animated Clone Wars figures, mainly the availability of them? I read somewhere that Target is doing a short run of these guys. Screw finding these for now, because I have intercepted CWO "Hitman" Spice's Animated Clone Wars Basic figure images transmission and we've set up a section dedicated to these in the 2004 Hasbro Figures section. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace and Asajj are listed together under the Clone Wars Animated heading, right below Basic figures. Catch the Frenzy and Begin Today.

                   Anakin Skywalker™ as seen on Cartoon Network™ ( Clone Wars™)
                   Obi-Wan Kenobi™ as seen on Cartoon Network™ ( Clone Wars™)
                   Asajj Ventress™ as seen on Cartoon Network™ ( Clone Wars™)
                   Mace Windu™ as seen on Cartoon Network™ ( Clone Wars™)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 December 2003 | 20:22 EST
Sandtrooper ' Trooper Larry ' reports:
Dateline: All the Stores Have Been Decimated, but Jedi Luke Wave Hit.   "Hey Troops, Trooper Larry Reporting. Just a quick note. Wally World in Mentor, Ohio had the Jedi Luke Wave hit. I was able to grab him, but that was all that was left. All stores in my area have been decimated, and there is nothing on the pegs. Take care troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 December 2003 | 19:46 EST
Sandtrooper Kevin in Columbus, Ohio reports:
"Found some new items today on my toy run. The West Broad Street Toys R Us had the new Unleashed Yoda, Han and Boba Fett for $14.99 each (Media Play on Morse Road has the Han Solo figure, but 19.99 each). Also, The West Broad Target had the new cartoon network figures at $6.99 each. Also found the new Hoth Luke, the one that goes with the Wampa figure, also at Target on West Broad. The Easton Target still has the Saga and Clone Wars figures at $3.25. K-B toy works at easton had red dot clearance on the Gamorrean Guard - 25 % off original price, and some of the older deluxe figures at $3.99 each. The normal shelf warmers, they'll probably never sell them. All for now. Thanks to the fellow troopers who have helped me get the toys I needed. I hope this info helps out some other folks. United We Find."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 December 2003 | 19:24 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
Bay Area Music Scene - Remember Faith No More?Dateline: Most of the Stores Have Been Wiped Out.   "Happy holidays and here’s to a great new year. Most of the stores have been wiped out and it doesn’t look like anything will be coming in soon. I did however find the ultra 3PO, Wampa, and G. Rieekan at Talbot’s Toy store in San Mateo, and in my travels up North I found the green clone trooper 3-pack. TRU had two so I picked them both up. I also found four yellow trooper 3-packs at KB in Roseville mall but they wanted $15 for them, so I left them. That’s it for now. Happy New Year and MTFBWY."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 28 December 2003 | 18:58 EST
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
The First Lady of ST’s.comDateline: The Best Find of the Day was at Toys R Us.   "Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays. The Ultra figs have hit KB, Target, Wal-mart and TRU. I kept missing the Wampa but got a nice surprise when my friend gave me one for X-mas. Target has all their basic figs on clearance which is mostly the Bail Organa wave and CW waves 1 and 2. If you are into Legos, there are some nice deals at Target. I picked up the large AT-TE for $42. They also had the TIE Bomber for $20 and Hailfire Droid for $35. No sign yet on the animated figs. My best find was at TRU. I went there looking for the new 12-inch figs but instead found the new Jedi Warrior 4-pack. Happy Hunting to all!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 December 2003 | 15:28 EST
Area Report: Ready, Aim, FIRE!
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINT“Hey Troops, after a little hiatus and some Holiday cheer I decided it was time to get back to "fighting the good fight." Refreshed and reloaded I decided to hit up some after Christmas sales. Target in Waukegan, IL offered many recarded Saga figures and Clone Wars wave 1 for the nice low price of $3.54 a piece! Also hitting the clearance shelf was the newer Republic Gunship, Unicron (Transformers), and the Patriot Grizzly Tank (G.I. Joe). I am very happy I waited on these. I decided to push my luck and hit up Southern WI, after not hearing from Matt Tambor for several days. Must be that Kenosha eggnog. Every store I hit in Kenosha was wiped out. K-Mart, Wal-Mart (no figures at all), K-B, nor Target had anything of major significance. K-B did have the TIE and Gamorrean Guards marked down but nowhere near the slash the online store did in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I hope everyone enjoyed his or her Holiday as I did mine. Watch out for scalping slime balls and other evils that may join forces to try to gyp you. I look forward to helping Gen. J kick a$% and take many names this year. Hopefully by relying on each other we can defeat these clowns head on. Good luck to you Troops in your searches and take it easy this New Years Eve! I promise I will Lord Crypt. I also promise this year will be as good or better than '03! C.W.O. Spice out…”

Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 December 2003 | 15:05 EST
Test Drive the Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker Force F/X Lightsaber today!
www.masterreplicas.comHey Troops, over at Master Replicas they are offering the Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker Force F/X Lightsaber for FREE for 30 days while you decide if you indeed wish to purchase. It's easy, and it's free! There's no money down and no interest or finance charges. May the Force be with you ... for 30 days and beyond! Once you've held a Star Wars Force FX lightsaber, you won't want to give it up! You'll come to appreciate the fine workmanship and the electronic functions, including four motion-sensor controlled sound effects: power-up, idle hum, clash, and power-down. So, take a Test Drive today and take the Force into your own hands. Once you've felt the Force FX, you'll never want to let go! The December monthly Sweepstakes winners are: Bill Morales and Ragheed Al-midani. This month's sweepstakes winners have each been awarded a finely crafted Artist Proof of the Yoda Lightsaber, valued over $200. You could be next! Enter the Master Replicas Sweepstakes once a day, as often as you like, to win a free trip to Sand Francisco and a chance to assist with the design of a prop replica!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 December 2003 | 8:52 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys!
"Happy New Year from everyone here at Brian's Toys!
Dec. 28 - Jan. 3
Vintage Boxed PALITOY Cantina C-8.5 w/C-6.5 Box with Special Offer
Sticker $799.99
Foreign and Rare Japanese Poppy Stormtrooper MIB C7.5 $329.99
Loose Rare Bib Fortuna C-9 Repro Red Cape $60.00
Loose Rare Boba Fett Mint in Mailer Box $159.99
Vintage POTF Romba: conditions from C9+ for $75.00 to C-2 for $38.00
Vintage ROTJ Boba Fett C-7.5 (Space Scene) $500.00
Vintage Beast Assortment Boxed Rancor MISB C-7 $100.00
Shipping in about 1 week:
Kubrick Carded 21-Back Boba Fett $799.99
Kubrick Carded Luke Skywalker $249.99
Clone Wars Multifigure Packs Boxed Clone Trooper Army with Yellow
Clone Trooper C-9 $29.99
Newly Reduced Prices on many Saga Figures now in stock!
Now In: Master Replicas Stand for F/X Sabers $19.99
Back in Stock: Master Replicas Darth Maul Saber w/ Stand $229.99
*available for $199.99 when you purchase $100 of regularly priced
items, click here for details
Pre-Order: Darth Maul Battle Damaged Lightsaber $289.99

Saga 3 3/4" figures now available for Pre-Order:
ANH Carded Captain Antilles $19.99
ANH Carded General Dodonna $19.99
ANH Carded Dutch Vander (Gold Leader) $19.99
ANH Carded TIE Fighter Pilot $19.99
ROTJ Carded Rappertunie $19.99
ROTJ Carded Lando Skiff $19.99
ROTJ Carded J' Quille $19.99
ROTJ Carded Tanus Spijek $19.99
ROTJ Carded Holographic Luke Skywalker $19.99

For more from Brians click HERE"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 December 2003 | 23:10 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay reports:
I can’t believe it’s not Sandtroopers"Went on a store run in Columbia SC today, saw white and blue clone trooper army 3pks marked for clearance for $6.98 at target. At TRU I found the reissued Barriss, Aayla, Yoda and Chian, and Ashla and Jempa. I scored big at Walmart, they must have cleared out everything from the stock room. I found Star wars stuff in 5 different locations in 3 different aisles. I guess they were just filling space with whatever they could. Anyway, I picked up all 3 of the value packs, entire Hoth wave, all 3 Ultra figs with 3 or 4 of each left behind. Saw Unleashed Boba, Han and Yoda, plus 12-inch Jedi Luke, Yoda, Ewoks and Scout Trooper. Even though I've stopped collecting 12-inch, I picked up the Scout Trooper hoping to find a trade. Would like to trade for a set of animated figs, but I also need brown coat Hoth Han, Death Star Clash Vader, Tatooine Ambush 3PO and SA Clone Trooper (facing right). Let me know whether you're interested."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 December 2003 | 23:01 EST
Two Minute Drill - Allentown Chase:
Good news and bad news: South Allentown KB had a lone Luke Hoth which either meant they had put out a case late Christmas Eve and someone swooped in before their shoulders had a chance to touch, or someone made a return from another area KB. Either way, that means more Hoth Wave in SE PA (update - 12/30 - confirmed by the store that this WAS a return). Remember Troops that the tail end of December just after Christmas and the first few days of January can be a great time to score on large shipments, especially at Wal-Mart. Begin Today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 December 2003 | 22:49 EST
Sandtrooper Oozark reports:
Dateline: Jedi Luke Wave Rolling in Hard (or, National Help Request for Deluxe Kamino Showdowns at Value City)   "Hello Fellow Troopers, A big favor I have to ask of all out there on the Eastern side of the Country. Those of you fortunate enough to have a Value City in your neighborhood: I was wondering whether you would be willing to check and hopefully pick up a set of Deluxe Jango and Obi-Wan Kamino Showdown figs? I would be willing to compensate you for your troubles plus cost one at $5, get the second at $2.50 (excellent cost structure if you ask me). I live in Phoenix and have been hunting for this set ever since it was never distributed nationally, and shipping from Europe is multiple times more expensive than the original cost of the Deluxe sets. Please ... Help a fellow Trooper. The Jedi Luke Wave has been rolling in hard here, maybe I can help a willing collector as well. Please let me know what you can do. Thanks."

Guys, let's add some East-Coast Trooper flavor and help Trooper Oozark on the Value City front!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 December 2003 | 22:37 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
Alhambra ROOLS!"Greetings from a sunny, but very cold SoCal! Hope y'all had a great Xmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc. Dropped by Target Saturday moring before work and the Star Wars figs are on clearance. Saw the new Ultra sets, 2 General Rieekan, 1 3PO, 1 Wampa with bent card (shoot, really wanted it mint, but I guess I'll have to wait!) That's it on the Star Wars front. As always, be kind to each other and remember, give and ye shall receive back ten fold. Happy New Year to one and all and may it be a prosperous and healthy one!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 December 2003 | 22:26 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Is Hasbro still making these?Dateline: Strange Things in Strange Places.   "Hey guys, I went to a Walmart and what do I find? The Unleashed Yoda, Han, and Fett. This is the first time I have ever seen that at a Walmart. Maybe the 12-inch Saga Scout will be there. I am desperately looking for this figure. I will only pay cost and shipping, period. At the same Wally World I found the whole Hoth wave. TRU had the SA Clone trooper wave and that's about it. Will we in the US see the Silver Clone or will we have to shell out 50 bucks for him? This is another figure I will never have. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 27 December 2003 | 22:04 EST

Always has been. Always will be.Our shipment has arrived a bit ahead of schedule and the awesome 20th prime is now available. Pre-Orders will be processed this weekend and shipped next week. The Hasbro prime is basically the same as the Takara prime. The main differences are the lack of a cardboard trailer, shortened smokestacks, and some minor battle damage style paint. Available now for $74.99 and as far as I know BBTS is the only store in the country to currently have this item in stock!

Our exclusive 6" Python Patrol Crimson Guard Statue has arrived from Palisades for $74.99 and limited to 354 pieces worldwide! The normal red Crimson Guard 6" Statue is available for $59.99. More re-issue #10 Soundwaves have arrived, and BT-01 Smokescreen # 7 and # 8 are in stock.

There are MORE great arrivals too, take a look.

- click to enter -
Python Patrol Elite Trooper

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 December 2003 | 22:28 EST
Post-Christmas Sale at TOY FELLAS:
"Save at Toyfellas with 30% off all orders (excluding shipping). We have many items to choose from: Star Wars, McFarlane’s Sportspicks, G.I. Joe and more. We hope everyone had a great holiday."
- enter TOY FELLAS -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 December 2003 | 22:15 EST
Sandtrooper Kevin in Columbus, Ohio reports:
"No new finds today at Target here in town, but the 3 3/4-inch Star Wars figures were on clearance for $3.25 at the Easton store on Morse Road. I am looking for the Yoda, Han Solo and Fett Unleashed figures, as well as the Clone Wars cartoon figures. I have a wide array of stuff for trade. Thanks."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 26 December 2003 | 14:21 EST
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
"Darth Maul Master Replicas Lightsaber $299.95, Darth Maul Signature Lightsaber $499.95, Darth Vader New Hope Lightsaber without case $189.95, Darth Vader New Hope Lightsaber with case $214.95 all IN STOCK. Lord of the Rings Return of the King super section. Thousands of vintage and classic Star Wars toys & figures IN STOCK."
click to enter

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 December 2003 | 23:06 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC wishing everyone a Happy Holidays. This time around, I'm putting in a request for a set of animated Clone Wars figures at cost plus shipping. If anyone can help me out, I'll greatly appreciate it. Have a happy and safe holiday."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 December 2003 | 20:12 EST
Winner of the Silver Clone Trooper:
Believe us, the honor is all yoursIt's Christmas Day Troops, and the winner of the Clowntroopin' Contest at has been chosen. It is Alberto Zannol out there in the boot on the map of Trooperland. Alberto, please contact us via e-mail so that we may have your prize shipped out to you. Thanks to all the Troops who entered, R2Dtoys, and Michael Jackson.

Don’t waste your time, because the doggone Clone is mine

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 December 2003 | 1:19 EST
Seasons Greetings from
COBRA’s C.L.A.W.S. are Coming to TownMerry Christmas Troops! Big Christmas Wishes to all of you out there in Trooperland. We hope you find all the figures not yet marked on your checklist and many more under the tree! I want to thank all of you great Troopers who read and report in faithfully and hope you have the happiest of Holidays. Sandtroopers SALUTE to Troopers Larry and JC for the thoughtful trades and shipments. A special wish to Sandtroopers' Hitman / CWO Spice, benevolent Sith Lord / Land Lord Darth Crypt, and the talent at Sandtroopers. May the tree bottom in the War Room be bristling with Star Wars and G.I.Joe. Take this day to relax and be with loved ones, then it's back to name-taking and the scalpers' shoulders touching! Seasons Greetings today, Seasons Beatings to scalpers tomorrow! United We Find!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 December 2003 | 22:44 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Ohio front. First, to all the troops and crew from ST, I wish you all Merry Christmas. OK, on to the report. Not a whole lot of news, but did find some odds and ends. At Wally World in Mentor, found a lone Ultra Wampa. All other SW figs were gone. There wasn’t a Jango Pilot to be found. K-mart had the remnants of the Bail wave, and wave 2 CW figs. TRU seemed to be stocked mostly with the bar wave and wave 1 CW figs. I managed to find a Target store a couple counties over, and they had the 12-inch Leia and Speeder Bike, CW wave 1, and a few of the recarded figs. I found the 12-inch biker scout yesterday, so I was pretty stoked about that. Other than that, most, if not all stores in my area have been demolished. The pegs for Star Wars, Joes, and Hotwheels are none existant, yet everything else is over stocked. That’s it for this report. Have a safe and Happy Holidays troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 December 2003 | 20:53 EST
Legacy Trooper Brandon Triplett reports:
"Hey to all Troopers. I haven't posted in at least a year. I've been out of the loop. But there is so much new cool stuff out it's pulling me back in. Anyone with an extra Silver Fett out there? I would love to do some trading. I have an unlimited supply of goodies. Whatever you need, I probably either have or can get. I have been seeing tons of the new animated figs, as well as a lot of the latest waves. I would really like to find a Lars' Homestead Padme, Secret Ceremony Padme, Throne Room Luke and Vader, Luke from Jabba's Palace, the Fan Choice Stormtrooper, Yoda Christmas Edition and the Death Star Clash Vader. If anyone has any of these figs please e-mail me. Merry Christmas to all, and to all some great figures."

Good to see you back in the Troop-loop Brandon! Brandon is a great trader from Sandtroopers' early days, so if anyone out in Trooperland can help him out, please don't hesitate!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 December 2003 | 19:40 EST
Coast to Coast AM with Sandtrooper Winston in Calgary:
And, now, here's Geroge Noory

Dateline: Somewhat Delinquent Canadian SW Market   "And a very Merry Christmas to you and all at Sandtroopers! Thank you for keeping tabs on the somewhat delinquent Canadian SW Market! On a side note I managed to find the LEGO MINI Wave 3 and Mos Eisley just in time for Christmas morning! (G&Gs in Calgary, AB). So much for TRU being the first to carry new SW LEGO. First it was Zellers for the X-Wing (4502) and Snowspeeder (4500), and now G & Gs (a small independant!). Regards."

Posted by: Julian H. Betancourt | 23 December 2003 | 23:57 EST
Holiday Edition - Detailed Pictures and Reviews for Christmas at Sandtroopers
If there's one thing Hasbro has done which very much fits right into this time of the year, it's the Holiday Edition series of action figures based on original post card artwork created by renown artist Ralph McQuarrie.

The sets, although only two so far, have authentically immortalized into plastic the work of the artist and have given the Holiday Season a very special Star Wars touch. Whether as presents under the Xmas tree or already proudly being displayed on a shelf or wall, this series are a unique, well embraced offerings, celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

Come take a look at the Holiday Gallery where you can read the reviews and see the detailed pictures of a certain golden Santa, its mechanical white and blue reindeer and a tiny green Santa, yet more powerful than any other, holding a sack full of toys. Enjoy and ... Merry Christmas !!!
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Seasons Beatings

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 December 2003 | 20:24 EST
Contests for Transformers Month:
To get notified of new items at AnimeDavesWorld, sign up for their newsletter and you will automatically be entered to win a FREE Takara Transformers Limited Edition Reissue Megaplex Megatron. This Giveaway will end in January 2004 and the Winner will be announced then. For any additional details on the offer please EMAIL US.

Enjoy your journey flesh creature.DW'S TRANSFORMERS COMIC BATTLE SCENE CONTEST: Pick any battle scene from the GENERATION ONE issues and reenact it with all of your Transformers toys! Mail in a picture of your battle scene along with a description of the battle scene you created, which issue and page number of where it came from, ends January 21, 2004. There is also an ad-lib lettering contest, and CREATE A TRANSFORMER VILLAIN CONTEST in which your creation willed be penciled by TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE penciller, Joe Ng. Win Hasbro toys and Dreamwave merchandise. Visit Dreamwave for rules and guidelines.

January is Transformers month. Also just over one day left to enter Sandtroopers' contest for a Silver Clone Trooper for Christmas. Click the contest banner at the top of the page to enter.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 December 2003 | 14:12 EST
Sandtrooper Xush Mark reports:
Dateline: Left in the Lurch in South Alabama   "After a real dearth of figures down on the Gulf Coast, they seem to be showing up now. Guess they waited 'til I was just about to give up on them, might not be big news, maybe they're showing up everywhere lately? It's just the first time in quite a while that I've seen anything new. Found all the Ultra figures, Han Unleashed, A-Wing, and pretty much all of the last wave of basic figures. I wonder whether they're just stocking for the holidays, and then I'll be left in the lurch down in South Alabama again? Still looking for these from the last rounds though: Darth Death Star Clash, C-3PO Tatooine Ambush, Teebo, Leia and Vader (revealed) Unleashed, and X-wing. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 December 2003 | 1:01 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Is Hasbro still making these?"Hey guys, today I just found the Animated Clone Wars figures. I got Anakin, Ventress and Obi-Wan. I didn't think much of Mace. Spice may want to hear this: I went to KB as well and stumbled over Evil-Lyn. I would like to trade here for maybe a 12-inch Saga Scout Trooper. Thanks."

Thanks for the North 'bama update Chad. That's what you get when you 'stay on Target.' I too stumbled over Evil-Lyn at the South Allentown, PA KB, along with that entire villains assortment. The same store got another case of Star Wars. The clerk said "It's the two packs; one of them's Yoda with the ..." At this point I thought I had stumbled over the value packs, but he ended the sentence with "... robot." So just more $3.99 Deluxe from 2002.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 December 2003 | 2:44 EST
Force of the Bay: The most wonderful time of the year!
We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday shopping and hopefully everyone is getting everything squared away for this week. Nothing is slowing down at ebay, but instead of featuring the usual high dollar items some of us only dream about, I decided to go for the odd or off the wall items from way back. First up is another seller featuring many parts to help you restore what you lost as a child! Here is one of the only great marketing props from Episode I. I may also suggest the latter beverage example there. How about old school animated film cells? Running across anything with Chad in the listing, I had to take a peek! There are also ways to heat up your wardrobe. If sick of seeing Janus Greejatus, why not hunt down the real hard-to-find Dignitary? You never know, ebay could help light up your life. Maybe you just need to clean your act up and start taking this hobby seriously! I am still consulting with our own Steve Hart about this ancient comic book, what a difference a nickel makes. Also available are some great tools for storing your collection. Nice to go back and see all of the great memories of Christmas past. So regardless of how you celebrate the Holidays, make sure you stop by ebay for a look-see Troops, you never know what you'll find. neither endorses or supports the sellers featured here. Conduct feedback checks on anyone you are thinking of doing business with prior to bidding. Kick A$% and take names Troops! Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 December 2003 | 2:19 EST still dropping prices:

Plus, Clone Wars Kit Fisto & Saesee Tiin,12 inch Bounty Hunter Assortment at $9.98, Anakin or Padme' 12 inch figures $14.98!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 December 2003 | 23:22 EST

BT-01 Smokescreen is now in stock! We have guaranteed stock arriving around New Year's for Takara 20th Masterpiece Prime, BT-02 Sideswipe Viper, #11 Re-Issue Astrotrain, and Micromaster re-issue Landcross. The third Hard Hero Insecticon statue, Bombshell, has arrived for $49.99. Hard Hero's long awaited 12" Megatron Statue will be arriving soon. Sports Picks NBA Series 5 and NFL Series 7 have arrived with a variety of variants in stock from $15.99 to $24.99. Many Star Wars, Marvel, Batman and Matrix Kubricks, Matrix box sets and rotocast soft plastic Godzilla & Mothra items are also in stock.
click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 December 2003 | 19:47 EST
Animated Clone Wars at Action-HQ:
STAR WARS Set of 4 ANIMATED Figures! Get these unreleased EXCLUSIVE Star Wars Animated figures from Cartoon Network's new SW cartoon! Includes Obi-Wan, Asajj Ventress, Anakin Skywalker & Mace Windu! For the special Star Wars Fan that has to have it NOW! Limited supply.

TRANSFORMERS 20th Ann. Optimus & LOTS MORE! Available now are a whole slew of Transformers including Takara 20th Ann. Masterpiece Optimus Prime, BinalTech SideSwipe, Re-Issue AstroTrain & MicroMaster LandCross with lots more available in the coming weeks. See why Transformers are the Hottest gifts this Holiday Season!

SPAWN Series 24, Cover 64 Figure at 50% OFF! Now get this recently release Comic Cover 64 Figure of Spawn in leather commando wear at an amazing 50% discount! Just $6.45 for figure which comes with base, card, pistol and knife accessory. For a limited time only.

MATRIX RELOADED Short-Packed Figure - NIOBE! Niobe only came 1 to a case so if you missed getting her in your local toy store, here is a chance to get it now for just $13.95! 30% off our normal price for this great figure with brick wall base and set of pistols poised ready for any Agent action!
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 December 2003 | 18:47 EST
This Week at K and C Collectibles:
Cartoon Anakin Skywalker - quantity very limited
Cartoon Obi-Wan Kenobi - quantity very limited
Cartoon Mace Windu - quantity very limited
Cartoon Asajj Ventress - quantity very limited
General Rieekan with Tactical Screen
Luke Skywalker - Hoth Attack - # 03
Hoth Trooper - Hoth Evacuation - # 01
R-3PO - Hoth Evacuation - # 02
Imperial Dignitary - Kren Blista-Vanee - # 41
Yoda & Clone Trooper Commander (yellow) Value Pack    
Anakin & Clone Trooper Lieutenant (blue) Value Pack
12" Yoda
12" Luke Skywalker
Spider Droid - Clone Wars
Wampa with Hoth Cave
C-3PO with Escape Pod
Achk Med-Beq - # 37
Clone Trooper Army - White
Clone Trooper Army - Yellow
Clone Trooper Army - Red
Durge with Swoop Bike

Obi-Wan Kenobi Kotobukiya Figure Pre-Order (deadline 12/27)
enter below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 December 2003 | 18:29 EST
Sandtrooper Lin Que reports:
Finding more rare stuff than Marlin PerkinsDateline: Hitting scalpers in they chest so hard they shoulders touch.   "Lin Que with a Midwest report after a MASSIVE influx of new stuff, CW wave 3, remnants of the Hoth wave and 1st Imperial Dignitary wave things have slowed to a crawl. No sign of Alternators or Animated figs but my ears are to the ground. I stopped by Target today and found the aisle bare ... like Jedi Master C, I'll keep JC's advice in mind and hit Target everyday cuz I want my animated figs. Energon has hit pretty hard around here. A trip to Council Bluffs Iowa showed me a new pallet of Energon basic and deluxe figs. I picked up a Skyblast for openers a week earlier but didn't see a decent carded one nor Starscream. After stopping at the Wal-Mart by my house I did find Starscream. He's in the cases, but only comes like one or two for a WHOLE pallet leaving the crappy Hot Shot and Inferno figs to rot. I made a call to Mattel to complain about my sorely missed MOTU figs (big up to ALDI's for the Snakemen figs). They said they are aware that secondary characters are gold while Tundra Assault He-man and Jamaican Vacation Skeletor become eye-sores. I was told more figs are coming. A rare trip to K-mart showed me the Roboto wave and of course no Roboto. Maybe Mattel will realize that MOTU appeal most to collectors my age and we are plain giddy to see the vast improvements the Horsemen did on the He-man line. New Year's weekend will see me going to one of those little isolated Iowa towns to visit the in-laws. I often tend to find some gems due to the low collector population. Anybody got any requests?? E-mail me if you do and I'll see what I can do. I MAY even be able to snag some bonus packs. Hitting scalpers in they chest so hard they shoulders touch." - Lin Que

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 21 December 2003 | 10:07 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"We have posted our latest Newsletter #234. Visit our newsletter
We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday!
ANH 12" Garindan C-9 $34.99
ANH 12" Jawas C-9 $34.99
ANH 12" Obi-Wan Kenobi C-9 $19.99
Grand Moff Tarkin Dark Horse Mini Bust $54.99
Saga Kotobukiya Darth Vader C-8/9 $129.99
Code 3 Millenium Falcon with Display Case $499.99
Clone Wars Boxed Anakin's Starfighter C-9 $29.99
Clone Wars Boxed Command Gunship C-9 $49.99
EP1 Mail-In Mace Windu $7.99
Vintage ROTJ Boba Fett C-9.5 (Palitoy Card, Tri-Logo Figure, Space
Scene) $899.99
Vintage ROTJ Princess Leia AFA 85 77 Back NM 3888366 $999.99
Sears Cantina Adventure Set MIB C-8.5* $1,099.99 * All figures
sealed in Kenner Baggies. Includes: Blue Snaggletooth, Greedo,
Hammerhead and Walrusman
Sears Cantina Adventure Set MIB C-2 No figures $225.00
Vintage Loose Rare Blue Snaggletooth C-9.5 [Kenner Baggie] $799.99
Vintage Loose SW Greedo C-9 [Kenner Baggie] $30.00
Vintage Loose SW Hammerhead C-9 [Kenner Baggie] $30.00
Vintage Loose SW Walrusman C-9 [Kenner Baggie] $35.00
For more from this week's newsletter click HERE
Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 23:28 EST
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Western New York has been busy the last couple of weeks. Almost all the new waves have been spotted at various locations. The 2nd & 3rd waves of Clone Wars figures have come & gone at Walmarts, Targets & TRU stores in the area. I was lucky enough to score all of these figures including both variations of the S.A. Clonetrooper. The Hoth wave made an appearance at KB in the Blvd Mall (Amherst) last week, but with a $6.99 price tag on them, I left them for someone more willing (or desperate) to pay that price. These new figures showed up again on Thursday at KB Toy Works in Kenmore, again sporting a $6.99 price tag. TRU answered back with 4 cases of the Hoth wave at a more reasonable $4.99 yesterday, along with a case of the Ultra figures.

"Finally, this morning, I found the first wave of the Clone Wars animated series figures at Target in Niagara Falls, along with some of the gold recarded figures from earlier in the year. For anyone who has not seen these figures yet, I was informed by my 'insider' friend that our Taget store is getting 6 trucks this week. Make Target a daily stop & I'm sure you'll find them. For anyone that can help me out, I am in need of a Hoth Han with brown coat. That's it for now. Season's Greetings to all from WNY."
- John

Troops like Jedimaster-C in North 'bama, remember now to 'stay on Target.' Thanks for the WNY news John!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 23:19 EST
Section Update - 2003 Saga Images Reloaded:
Hey Troopers, CWO "Hitman" Spice and I have added the final basic figures for 2003 in the 2003 Hasbro Figures section. Kren Blista-Vanee and Achk Med-Beq round out the 41 Basic Saga entries for this year. The 2004 section has also been initiated with the first three figures for the coming year.

    `03|#37 Achk Med-Beq™ Coruscant™ Outlander Club ( Attack of the Clones™)
    `03|#41 Imperial Dignitary™ Kren Blista-Vanee™ Death Star™ Procession
              ( Return of the Jedi™)

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 22:27 EST
Almost There! Seasons Beatings to Scalpers!

Seasons Beatings to Scalpers

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 22:23 EST
Don’'t you ever say my name again in your area reports, people will think I hoard stuff
Two-minute drill Troops. Following up on Troopette Lisette's tip from the NYC, I spotted a lone JLA Hawkgirl at South Crown Mall KB on Lehigh Street in Allentown, PA, but the bottom card corner was dinged and crushed. The same store also had the new Transformers: Energon basic wave 1 assortment of four new toys. Picking up where Armada left off, and basically the same stuff, so I'd urge Trooper Lin Que Droma to wait it out for Alternators, or, better yet, the Takara Binaltech versions. Kmart on South Fourth still has wave 2 Clone Wars available. I received some samples of the 'ART' Trooper from Joel at BigBadToyStore, and I have to say that Hasbro was a day late, but not a dollar short this time. Folks out there like my friend Jedi Daxter of Special Realm, who boycotted the unlicensed marching and shooting poly-bagged Clones imported last year, were right in their belief that Hasbro would come through this time. Happy Holidays Troops, and Trooper SoCal Dude said it best: give this season! You'll be glad you did. United We Find.

A good Trooper in Southeast PA also told me of his find of six brown coat Han Solos at the TRU in Exton, and alerted me to the Stormtrooper watch at, just search 'Star Wars.' This would have to be the official timepiece of too.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 21:53 EST
Sandtrooper Kaper Jon MD reports:
Dateline: New 12-inch Figures Found  "The Meijer on Reynolds Road in Toledo, Ohio had 2 of each of the 12-inch Garindan, Jawa 2-Pack, and Obi-Wan Kenobi this morning. I am not a 12-inch collector, so I left them there if anyone in the area wants to try to get them (they are pretty cool, but in my opinion did not quite look as good in person as the preview pictures on the Hasbro website). Happy Holidays to all the Troopers."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 21:53 EST
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
Va Beach Report"Sandtrooper Leif in Va Beach, VA here. One of the other collecting sites reported that the Deluxe Kamino sets were at Value City. I went and found only the Jango one. If anyone has an Obi-Wan one for sale or trade, please e-mail me. More importantly, Value City also has the Imperial Shuttle Lego set for $19.99. Happy Hunting."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 21:52 EST
Sandtrooper Seattle Jeff with 'Live from Kamino:'
"For those of you in the Seattle area and have a chance to stop at the FAO Schwarz downtown, they have several of the Unleashed Padme figures for sale. After tax, it came to a whopping $12.23! Most of them are in fair shape, and I did pick up an extra. So if anyone is interested but can't make it down there, please e-mail me to work out a deal. Happy Holidays to all!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 21:52 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
California’s Toy Capitol - Alhambra!"Went to the Alhambra Target this Friday morning before work and found the Ultra 3PO. They probably had other ones, but that was the one that was left. I really wanted the Wampa though, that bugger looks COOL! There were also two Imperial Dignitaries and I left them on the pegs as well. That's it for now kiddies. 'Tis the time for giving ... give now and receive ten-fold. Take care, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc. Peace to all. OUT!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 21:52 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Is Hasbro still making these?"Hey all, I ordered an extra Holiday Yoda. I would like to trade him for two of the animated Clone Wars figures, Ventress and Obi-Wan if possible. How limited are these figures going to be? I read somewhere that the Animated Clone Wars figures are going to be a limited run. Are Targets going to get one shipment and that's it? Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 December 2003 | 20:50 EST
In Stock and New at
Bail Organa
Ultra C-3PO
Hoth Trooper
NEW Kubricks
Achk-Med Beq
Dannl Faytonni
Luke Hoth Attack
Ayy Vida Twi'lek
Obi-Wan Nightclub
Elan Sleazebaggano
WA-7 Waitress Droid
Emperor Throne Room
Padme Lars Homestead
Ultra Wampa with Cave
Ultra General Rieekan
McQuarrie Stormtrooper
Luke Tatooine Encounter
Darth Maul Theed Hangar
Darth Vader Throne Room
Darth Vader Death Star Clash
Ultimate Bounty Hunter 4-pack
Han Solo Hoth Rescue BROWN coat
Luke Throne Room (left hand glove)
Imperial Dignitary #1 Janus Greejatus
Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon green plastic
Imperial Dignitary #2 Kren Blista Vanee
Anakin Secret Ceremony NEW Saga Gold card
Luke Throne Room CORRECTED no glove left hand

There is also much more to see in this week's mailing issue.

ADD YOUR NAME TO THE WAITING LIST AND BEAT THE LINE WHEN THESE NEW PRODUCTS HIT OUR WAREHOUSE, click 'EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE' on our website and you will get an INSTANT email the second we receive the delivery!

GIVEAWAY FOR DECEMBER 2003 - Holiday Yoda, see our mainpage for details. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL OF US AT R2DTOYS.COM!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 20 December 2003 | 18:52 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"Here's a report from my Saturday morning round-up:

Target (Waukegan, IL): "had the Hoth wave, Ultra wave, and only one Animated Clone Wars Anakin.

TRU (Gurnee, IL): "had 5 Hoth Rescue Han Solo on the new gold trimmed cards but they were the blue jacket versions.

Value City: "in the Gurnee Mills mall (Gurnee, IL) had the elusive Deluxe Kamino Showdown Obi-Wan and Jango Fett figs. That's it for now Troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 December 2003 | 22:32 EST
Sandtrooper Sean V reports:
Coast to Coast AM with Sean V"Hey troops, I have a loose Unleashed Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker for sale. Both are in excellent condition and still have the playing cards that came with them. Thanks."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 December 2003 | 1:54 EST
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
"I am taking preorders on the Star Wars Unleashed figures wave 7 set of 3, Ultra figures wave 1 & 2. Clone Wars collection 1 wave 6 case of 12 figures in stock for $64.95 a case. Cases now $64.95 per case. Thousands of vintage and classic Star Wars toys, figures and loose figures in stock."

click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 December 2003 | 20:18 EST
Sandtrooper JimsJedi reports:
 ... and knowing is half the battle."Huge finds today at the Target on Lincoln St. in Worcester, Massachusetts. Found the Luke Hoth wave and also 4 Brand spankin' new Clone Wars Animated Figures. They had Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace, and Asajj Ventress, all for $6.99 each. A little expensive but worth it. These are very cool looking. Happy Holidays to everyone."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 December 2003 | 19:10 EST
"Mos Eisley Cantina" Lego Diorama by ACPin (two part series)
Terminix"The wretched hive of scum and villainy becomes the destination of Luke and Obi-Wan in search of a ship that would take them to Alderaan. The cantina has been a well known hang-out of the best freighter pilots visiting Tatooine. Deals of all kinds are made in the shadows -- most of them dangerous and nowhere near legal." Check it out at ACPin SW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 December 2003 | 18:25 EST
Sandtrooper Eric reports:
Dateline: POTJ set   "Hey troops!!! I am thinning out my collection and would like to sell my complete POTJ figures collection (no ships just figs). I am asking $300.00 plus shipping. Let me know if you're interested."


Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 December 2003 | 18:08 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
"Hey Troops, yesterday was a good day for hunting. On the way home from a business trip I decided to stop off at the new Sprawl-Mart in Dixon. Made a bee line for the toy department and found one single peg with half a row of figures. It was Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, metaphorically speaking, a sad sight with a feeling of wasting my time with W-M, again. Luckily I searched the upper shelves behind me and found a bunch of the new stuff I had seen already AND the RM Stormtrooper. Then another customer showed me another stash on the shelves further down and I found a few ART Clone troopers along with the new K Fisto and S Tiin. I then found two more pegs loaded with the ART CT, Kit, and Saesee in another area. What I’m getting at is since these stores are crunched for space, make sure you look all over. Leave no peg unturned and no shelf searched, you may just find what you’re looking for. But then you already knew that. 'You must unlearn what you have learned.'  "

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 December 2003 | 22:31 EST
Saga 2004 Images Locked and Loaded to Kick-Off The New Year:
Troopers, I've started a New Gallery for Hasbro 2004 products and CWO "Hitman" Spice has captured images of the first three figures for the coming year. Available too are the latest and tail-end entries of 2003 Hasbro Figures, along with the rest of the year's characters. We also have the few remaining 2003 figures coming soon to complete the collection. After a slow start, 2003 turned out being a decent year for product and Hasbro will keep things moving in 2004. Click on any of the thumbs below to view all the images.

    `04|#01 HothTrooper™ Hoth™ Evacuation ESB
    `04|#02 R-3PO™ Hoth™ Evacuation ESB
    `04|#03 Luke Skywalker™ Hoth™ Attack ESB

For those who haven't entered yet, we've added an e-mail link above for the Silver Clone Trooper Giveaway. This one ends on Christmas Eve at midnight, brought to you by our chappys at

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 December 2003 | 18:47 EST
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, whoever left the Concept Stormie at the TRU in Burlington, NJ. They had the wave at two WALLYS but no stormie. Also keep an eye on your local Zany Brainys or closing FAO'S. They are cleaning out the deep dark corners of the DC (distribution center) and we are getting things I've never seen, or haven't in a long while. I'll keep my eyes open, by the way does anyone know where I can get a job? Happy Holidays and keep the REAL TROOPS in your thoughts and prayers."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 December 2003 | 18:39 EST
Sandtrooper Sergio de la Cruz with an AP Wire:
"Today at a TRU in El Paso, TX, I found the new 12-inch Yoda with Council chair and the new 12-inch Luke Skywalker. According to the employee I talked to, the ( case contains ) 2 Yodas, 2 Lukes, 1 Ewoks, and 1 Scout Trooper. I had given up any hope of finding these figures at stores, but they are out there."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 16 December 2003 | 21:45 EST
Last Call:
Is a broken saber worth getting your teeth kicked in?Master Replicas is announcing last call on the Battle Damaged Darth Maul Lightsaber and the Signature Edition Thermal Detonator autographed by the princess herself - Carrie Fisher. This piece is limited to 750 worldwide. Both items have sold very fast; there is less than 10% of the stock left on the Detonator. Master Replicas also announced an extension on all Holiday offers until December 31st! This includes the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker F/X Lightsabers. They are also spreading the holiday cheer with free shipping on select items. For more information and a look at some really kick a$% prop replicas check out Master Replica today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 December 2003 | 19:46 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
Dateline: Swooping in on Hoth Luke and Hawkgirl   "Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I made another morning run to the TRU in Times Square and was able to pick up the Hoth Rebel Soldier, Achk Med Beq, R-3PO and Imperial Dignitaries 1 & 2. Although I missed out on Hoth Luke, I was able to pick him up in the TRU in Union Square. On a non-SW related note, I was able to find a Justice League Hawkgirl. I tried finding another one since I've read from other Troopers that they were also on the look out for this hard-to-find figure, however, I had no luck in finding another. I'll keep looking and if I happen to find her again, I'll pick her up and let you know."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 December 2003 | 19:00 EST
Dropped my good side on the South side of Allentown, PA today after a consumer shopping weekend that left retailers tired and confused. Following a lead from Sandtrooper Leif, I stopped into South Fifth Street Walgreens. In a perfect world, there's Walgreens with newer waves; at my Walgreens there is a lone Clone Wars Yoda, more Geonosian Rescue Maces and the '02|#17 pink-trimmed Clone Trooper. They did restock though and that's always good news. They also had more of the import quasi-Predacon transforming robots.

Shoplifters - BEWARE!A block away, Kmart on South Fourth Street was a more rewarding stop. Remnants of the Outlander Club wave were present: one each of Obi-Wan, Jimmy Smits with Clear Eyes, and McQuarrie Stormtrooper. Remembering Trooper jor_supersid's haunting warning about paint aps, I picked these up because they paint was well-done on the figures. The Trooper's lightsaber was pointing down in the bubble, and the Outlander Bar portion was crushing the side tab of the insert.

Big K also had at least one full case-worth of Clone Wars wave 2. I spotted a gradeschool kid eyeing up a CW Mace, better than a messy aisle full of Yu-Gi-Oh!. I also saw the newer Spytroops from G.I.Joe, including old Chrome Dome himself Cobra Commander, Zarana and Televiper. Speaking of Joes, last night on ebay, I nabbed Iron Grenadiers Destro with Despoiler and bonus Cobra Ferret with boxes, and the Cobra Sea Ray , both from the same seller who had mistakenly listed these under 12-inch. Makes us wonder what else slips
in under the radar at mad low prices. Jedimaster-C stumbled over this and brought it to my attention: BEHOLD - the ESB carded Fett, and for a fair price at that. The best part is that after winning it, you can have a celebratory drink in the bonus Boba Fett figural mug. Get out there and get some Troops, and, on your next toy run, remember these words:

One day the wind will come up
And you'll come up empty again
And who'll be laughing then?
You'll come up empty again
There's no reason, no explanation
So play the violins

United We Find

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 December 2003 | 1:04 EST
Sandtrooper Leif reports:
"All the recent waves seem to be hitting Wal-Marts and Targets in the Virginia Beach, VA area: Super-Posable Clones, Hoth Rebel Soldier, Hoth Luke, 1st and 2nd Dignitaries, Bail Organa, Achk Med-Beq, Drunken Obi-Wan, Red T'wilek Girl, Elan Sleazebaggano, Concept Stormtroopers, Tatooine Padme, Red ARC Troopers and more of the second wave of Clone Wars. I did manage to find one store with the 3rd wave CW Fisto and Saesee Tiin. The new Deluxe waves of Wampa, Rieekan and C-3PO were in short supply, one case a store. Also, Walgreens Drug stores seem to be carrying the latest waves too at $7.99 a figure, steep but cheaper than a lot of the Online Outlets.

"Last, a couple Targets finally marked down the Lego TIE Bomber to a reasonable price of $20.89. Happy Hunting."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 December 2003 | 0:59 EST
Sandtrooper jor_supersid reports:
Dateline: Another Day at the X-Mas Front   "Well Troops, another day passed, another of toys (or lack thereof). Today I hit Swanssea Mall area, and among the packed parking lots full of parents with their children's wishes of yet more Power Rangers and Spiderman hunks of plastic.

TRU: "Restocked a lot since last trip and seemed to receive a lot of Clone Wars wave 2 and Durge deluxe wave. There were 3 Durge, 5 Obi-Wan, 4 Yoda and Chian gold package and 4 of the Padawan 2 pack in gold as well, a single Mace General, 3 Padme wedding, 1 WA-7, 1 Coleman, 3 Darth Maul, 4 deluxe Spider Droid, 1 Durge with bike, 6 or so Anakin Jedi starfighters, a bunch of non-broken-horned Hoth 4-packs, 2 of each of the Screen 3 packs, and a 12-inch Luke Tauntaun for 30 or so bucks, and the usaual peg warmers. I knew the Yoda General was just going to stick around. Also of note, they had plenty of all 3 new Unleashed and older 12-inch for 10 bucks. I took none of this, left it for other troops.

Wal-Mart: "Nada. A Watto, 2 Clone Yodas and an Anakin. This place really is very sorrowful. I mean there were hardly any toys at all for any brand, but I did notice 3 pallets of toys awaiting to be shelved, a few Hasbro logos among them. So maybe there's hope.

Target in Seekonk: "Also on a whim I stopped by and they had gotten a case of Bail wave in, but all that was left was a single Bail and Padme as well as 2 Dignitaries. The paint jobs were so bad though that I just grabed a Dignitary. They had a bunch more Geo Fighters and Hailfire droids too.

"Hey, is it just me or does every figure I find these days seem really messed up, both in package or paint aps? Hey, I guess that's what I get for not being able to wake up and drive to stores the second they open. Keep scout'n troops."

Posted by: Steve | 15 December 2003 | 19:06 EST
Yestertoys news
Hey Troops, Yestertoys has rearranged their site. They now have Clone Wars, Saga, Episode II and Exclusive sections. The site is a little easier to navigate. Also, new in stock is a lot of the new Saga figures as well as CW figures, including the super-poseable clone trooper. Click below to ..
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 December 2003 | 11:57 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay reports:
I can’t believe it’s not Sandtroopers"I finally found new stuff at my local Wal-Mart here in Sumter, SC. They had R-3PO, Hoth Trooper, Achk Med, Imp Dig number 2, CW Wave 2 & 3, and some remnants of the Organa wave. No sign of Ultra figs though. I have an extra Super posable trooper (pointing left), Fisto, Saesee tiin, Organa, Padme homestead, Imp Dig number 1, Durge, CW Obi-Wan and Ashla and Jempa (blue card) for $5 each or trade. I can use super posable trooper (pointing right), Death Star Clash Vader, Tatooine Ambush C-3PO, brown coat Hoth Han, gold card Barriss, Aayla, gold card Ashla and Jempa, Yoda and Chian, Wampa or General Rieekan. Let me know."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 15 December 2003 | 9:02 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys:
"We have posted our latest Newsletter #233. Visit our NEWSLETTER
Dec. 14 - Dec. 20
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Anakin Animated C-9 $19.99
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Asajj Ventress Animated C-9 $19.99
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Mace Windu Animated C-9 $19.99
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Obi-Wan Animated C-9 $19.99
Saga Exclusives Imperial Forces 4-Pack: Back In Stock! $24.99
Kubrick 2" Cantina Band Member Sealed in Box $9.99
Kubrick 2" Cantina Band Member Opened Box $7.99
Kubrick 2" Han Solo Sealed in Box $9.99
Kubrick 2" Han Solo Opened Box $7.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper Orange Patch* Sealed in Box $11.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper Orange Patch* Opened Box $9.99 * This Sandtrooper has an Orange Patch and a Short Gun.
Kubrick 2" Set of 6 Series 2 Figures ALL SEALED $99.99 Includes: Sandtrooper Orange Patch, Cantina Band Member, Han Solo, Greedo,
Tusken Raider & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kubrick 2" Set of 6 Series 2 Figures* $89.99 *Includes: Sandtrooper Orange Patch OPEN BOX, Cantina Band Member
OPEN BOX, Han Solo OPEN BOX, Greedo, Tusken Raider & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper White Patch Sealed in Box* $39.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper White Patch Opened Box* $29.99 * This Sandtrooper has a White Patch and a Long Gun.
Kubrick 2" Indiana Jones Chase Figure Sealed in Box $159.99
Kubrick 2" Indiana Jones Chase Figure Opened Box $119.99
Star Wars 12-back Vinyl Cape Jawa AFA 80 $3,999.99
Saga Master Replicas Han Solo Blaster $999.99 *No shipping carton,
opened box.
Saga Master Replica Obi-Wan ANH Lightsaber $329.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator Weathered $189.99

Boba Fett Bobble Head $99.99 Darth Vader Bobble Head $69.99
2003 Convention Exclusive Blue Clone Trooper Mini Bust $349.99
Attakus Collection Boba Fett $1,399.99
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500 for $99.99!
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Valor Vs. Venom
12" Action Figure Agent Faces $14.99
12" Action Figure Dreadnok Ripper $14.99
12" Action Figure Hi-Tech $14.99
12" Action Figure Sand Scorpion $14.99
Wholesale Valor Vs. Venom: Case of Wave 1 3 3/4" Figures $99.99
Wholesale Valor Vs. Venom: Case of Wave 1 (Alpha) Vehicles $49.99
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G.I.Joe vs. Cobra 3 3/4" Wave 3 & Wave 4 Now Back in stock!!!
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MOTU New Series Dragon Walker MISB C-9 New in Stock! $29.99
Transformers Commemorative Series Smokescreen MISB C-9 $50.00
Transformers Alternators Smokescreen MISB C-9 $34.99
The Simpson's Mini-Bust 'The Collector' Now in stock $70.00
Matrix Revolutions Deluxe Boxed Mifune's Last Stand $34.99
Please request FedEx 2nd Day shipping for Christmas Delivery if you
order after December 15th."

Brian's Toys!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 December 2003 | 23:37 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey Troops, Trooper Larry from the snowy Mentor, Ohio front. My local Wally World got the Hoth wave in, including the recarded figs, and I got the Luke this time. Also had remnants of the Clone Wars wave 3 figs. No Ultra figs though. TRU had nothing of any significance. KB and K-mart had nothing as usual. Also want to send out a thank you to all the allied armed forces overseas for their efforts to keep our world safe and free. Take care troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 December 2003 | 22:17 EST
Sandtrooper Markus of StarconstruX reports
"Today, StarconstruX, The Amazing Custom Area, had its last update for the year. There are 20 new figures made by Lars Intemann and Harald Fl�gge, for example: Klaatu, Fozek and Danz Borin. StarconstruX wishes to all our fans a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks"
- enter StarconstruX -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 December 2003 | 21:01 EST
Sandtrooper jor_supersid reports:
"Well, the snowy world of Route 6 Mass. has come up with few finds for myself, but here's the run down troopers:

Wal-Mart "Two lone Dignitaries, grabbed 1 off the floor. So I guess that means I missed all his pals to another trooper (I hope). The toy aisle was a complete mess: Spiderman and yo-geo (sic - ed.) crap all over the place. Tere were a few Ultra figs - 3 3POs and 2 Majors, but they were in the worst shape I've seen SW toys in a long while. I mean I'm an opener but I wasn't even going to touch these puppies, they were totally thrashed so I left them. On the way out I spied a 'not so bad' 3PO and grabed it. Boy,, what a mess. I think these things are going to be messed up at Wal-Marts, it's the 3rd time I've seen them like that.

Target: "They had nothing, same Clone Wars wave 1 junk, 2 wedding Padme, a single 12-inch Leia with bike, and about 4 of each of Geo. fighter and Hailfire droid. The only good thing was that the LOTR stuff was on sale, only if I collected it though. Keep search'n troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 December 2003 | 20:23 EST
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal here. Found the Hoth wave at Wal-Mart. Picked up R-3PO, Hoth Luke and Hoth Trooper. TRU had remains of the Bail Organa wave but I was able to pick up Achk Med and Kren Blista. They also had the Unleashed figs but only 3 Hans left. At KB, I was able to find an all white clone 3-pack. Target seems to be getting the Wat Tambor wave again. Have not seen Clone Wars wave 3 nor Ultra Figs yet. By the way, are there any troopers out there with access to the new MotU figs? I am looking for The General, King Hsss, and Kobra Khan. Can trade with SW figs or will pay cost plus shipping. If you can help, please e-mail me. Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 December 2003 | 20:21 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
Dateline: ARC (Advanced Recon Troopette)   "Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. The TRU in Times Square has gotten the newer figures: Bail Organa, Kit Fisto, Padme Lars' Homestead, etc. I woke up extra early on Friday in order to make a stop at TRU before heading for work. I was able to find the super poseable Clone Trooper and the McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper. I was glad I stopped in the morning instead of during my lunch time. I don't think I would have been as successful."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 December 2003 | 15:47 EST
New items at K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles has received the following Star Wars items. We are still offering free UPS shipping until December 15th to all customers who order $70.00 or more. Your shipping address must be within the continental USA. Free shipping does not apply to pre-order items.

New Items:
Clone Trooper Army - Army of the Republic - Red
Luke Skywalker - Hoth Attack - # 03
Hoth Trooper - Hoth Evacuation - # 01
R-3PO - Hoth Evacuation - # 02
Imperial Dignitary - # 41
Achk Med-Beq -# 37
Special Holiday Figure Yoda

Back In-Stock:
Wampa with Hoth Cave
C-3PO with Escape Pod
General Rieekan with Tactical Screen
Clone Trooper Army - Army of the Republic - White
Clone Trooper Army - Army of the Republic – Yellow
Durge with Swoop Bike

Clone Wars - Kit Fisto - Army of the Republic # 49
Clone Wars - Saesee Tiin - Army of the Republic # 51
Yoda Unleashed
Boba Fett Unleashed
Han Solo Unleashed
Ayy Vida - # 38
Imperial Dignitary - Janus Greejatus # 35
Obi-Wan Kenobi Outlander Nightclub Encounter # 39
Elan Sleazebaggano - Outlander Nightclub Encounter # 40
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike

Pre-Order: The deadline for pre-orders is December 27th. Obi-Wan Kenobi Kotobukiya Figure. Look for our non-mint figures for the kids or for yourself to open and display. Check out our stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section or just use the search function of the site.
enter below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 December 2003 | 11:20 EST
Saddam Hussein - Outland Peasant Disguise:
Been Caught Stealin’

Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 December 2003 | 11:20 EST
It's a Beautiful Day!
Lookin’ good beardo!Most of you already know that Saddam was captured by U.S. forces outside of his hometown of Tikrit. This is a very significant move by our President for his bid for a deserving re-election. The only stone left unturned is the one Bin Laden is hiding under. We're going to get him too; it's just a matter of time. God Bless America and all of our "real" Troops over there laying it on the line so we can continue to live our lives the way we do! Kick A$% and take names boys! We are very proud of you all.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 December 2003 | 22:14 EST
Clowntroopin' Contest - Silver Clone Trooper:
Trying to run some gameGrab your lightsaber, Fedora, and flood pants for a chance to win the exclusive Silver Clone Trooper. With this one still not available to consumers in the domestic market, you can get it here first simply by entering the Clowntroopin' Contest from via e-mail. Beginning now and continuing right through until the stroke of midnight Christmas Eve (EST), we are accepting e-mail entries. Simply send an e-mail with the subject heading Silver Clone Giveaway to before the contest deadline. Anyone may enter (one submission per household), whether you're a veteran Trooper or new to the fold. Thanks to R2Dtoys, 50cent and Michael Jackson. We'd also like to give special thanks to our good friends at the UK's Number 1 Star Wars outlet -, who procured a mint on mint card sample for the lucky winner. I'm giving you the count of three ...

Posted by: Spiceowan | 13 December 2003 | 22:00 EST
Follow up on Distributoys Vintage Figures at
Hey Troops, a quick follow up on the story I had a few weeks ago regarding the vintage figure sets from Distributoys offered at While web surfing the other day I ran into an article about the same subject at Galactic Hunter with a detailed photo of what a reader sent in. This photo is the "Good Guys" set. I wasn't too impressed personally. I also had notification e-mails sent from Amazon because this particular product interested me. However, this morining I received this e-mail from regarding all three sets.
    "We've recently learned from our supplier that the item you requested to be notified about, Star Wars Vintage Collectible Action Figures: Bounty Hunters Collection, will not be available in the foreseeable future. It's possible that someone may be selling this item through Auctions or zShops. We encourage you to search for it there if you're still interested in purchasing this item."

They sent me the same e-mail for the other two sets as well. From the fine photo Galactic Hunter produced, it appears they are merely vintage figures with a coat or two of lacquer. The nice sleeves are available at So these do not appear to be something of major significance to your collections. Hit up ebay for the figures (if you do not already own), the local hobby store for the lacquer and for the cases. You could probably produce the sets cheaper yourself. Overall the hype did not live up to the final result. We welcome your views on this subject if you have anything to add or vent drop an e-mail at We'd love to hear what the "Ground Troops" have on this subject.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 December 2003 | 20:52 EST
Scalper Sighting by Sandtrooper TG:
S.C.A.L.P. has the scalper on the run!"Hello all, I need your help on a few figures I am looking for. I am looking for: R-3PO, Hoth Luke, Kren Blista Vanee, and McQuarrie Stormtrooper, and, if these are out: R1-G4, Luke Jedi, and R2 with Drink Tray. I have plenty to trade or I would also buy.

"As for store reports, I am in Eastern PA and stopped in Wal-Mart this morning, some Yummer was standing there with the 4 pegs of Star Wars Figures when I got there and he had about 10 to 12 figures in his hands falling all over the floor and stood there searching for more for about 10 minutes. I waited him out and all that was left was 3 Ack Meds and a Hoth Trooper (a very weak looking figure in my opinion [agreed! - ed.] ). After all that he comes back like 30 seconds later waiting behind me to look for some more. I know we all enjoy when we find new figures but I find it hardly necessary to hoard everything new. All I have to say is add another Scalper Jackass to the list. If you can help me, please let me know. Thank you all and Happy Holidays."

Don't worry TG, cost plus shipping from a fellow Troop will help. In the meantime, a S.C.A.L.P. crack team of enforcers led by me will execute a 'clean and sweep' over all of Eastern Pennsylvania. Tip to the scalpers: when you see a gang wearing Sandtroopers shirts, run! We'll make sure they drop more than an armful of figures next time TG. Is getting your teeth kicked in worth those few extra dollars on ebay?

Posted by: Steve | 13 December 2003 | 18:33 EST
Area report, Lafayette, IN
Hey Troops, as I said in my post the other day, I knew I would find the new super poseable clone trooper, and I did. Today at Wal-mart in West Lafayette I found a couple, all facing left. I have an extra and would like to offer to another troop. I am looking for the new Hoth wave or the corrected Luke Throne Room Duel. I will also sell for cost plus shipping if I receive no trade offers. Let me know.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 December 2003 | 16:19 EST
Sandtrooper Stein's Clear Eyes reports:
"I had some good luck at the Fairlawn, Ohio TRU. They had full pegs of the Ultra Deluxe figures, Clone Wars Spider Droid, Clone Wars Wave II, and the Outlander Nite Club assortment. For you variation hunters: Elan had covered ears, the Concept Stormtrooper's Saber was packed down, and the Clonetrooper three pack was yellow. Stopped by the Walmart on Brookpark Road and picked up a pair of Clonetroopers, a Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, MOMC General Mace Windu, and a General Rieekan Ultra figure. The Clonetrooper is a phenominal figure! Hope to see a few other army-builders done like this. I found the Hoth wave and the new Saga Gold Card reissues like Aayla, Boba Fett, and Han Hoth blue coat at the Stow and Macedonia Walmarts."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 December 2003 | 13:29 EST
Sandtrooper Songwrtr reports:
"I made a run through Ithaca, NY and the surrounding area last night after work. Glad that I did because today's forecast didn't call for the snow that's falling now, and this is but a precursor to what's supposed to be a big one coming through tomorrow. Here's what I saw:

Ithaca: "Target has a varied selection. Remnants of the WA-7, Bail Organa, and first Clone Wars waves; a couple of remaining Cinema Scenes; 12" Leia Speederbike; Gunship; Anakin's Starfighter; and, in the first sign that the multipacks arrived, a pair of Destroyer Droid Launchers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, K-Mart has pegs of the first AOTC Mace Windu figure.

Big Flats/Horseheads/Elmira: "K-Mart has some remnants of the second Clone Wars wave, Durge and Clone Trooper Speederbikes, the Bail Organa wave, Teemto Pagalies and a Massiff. Toys R Us has the Imperial, Bounty Hunter, and Hoth 4-packs; Coleman Trebor and Wedding Padme; pegs of Jango pilots; Bespin trooper wave POTJ; Leia and Amanaman POTJ deluxe; Arena playsets, and other assorted older goodies (12-inch Hidden Amidala, that sort of thing). KB has pegs and pegs of '02 collection 2 figures (Bearded Endor Trooper, Massiff, Orn Free Taa, etc.), 12-inch Gamorrean Guards, and a supply of at least most of the Playskool sets (including the Millenium Falcon). A sign there billed these as "KB Exclusives," which (despite some finds over a year ago at K-Mart) is essentially true. Wal-Mart has a good supply of the Bail Organa wave and the Outlander Nightclub Wave, with full pegs and overstock on the shelf above. Pretty sure they had every figure from those waves when I was there.

Painted Post/Corning: "Wal-Mart has exactly three figures. Don't remember what they were, and you probably won't either. The toy pallets that were out there didn't show signs of imminent restocking, but it was still early.

Watkins Glen: "Wal-Mart has pegs overflowing with waves 2 and 3 of Clone Wars and the Bail Organa wave, as well as the Gold Carded Collection 2 repacks (Yoda & Chian, et al.). They may also have had the Outlander Nightclub wave; by then I'd been driving around for nearly four hours and (having neglected to eat dinner) was kinda fading.

"I've added a list to the Most Wanted area of the forums; having recently moved, I can't really pull an accurate trade list together. With all this snow, though, maybe I'll be able to get unpacked to that point a bit more quickly. Happy Hunting!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 December 2003 | 13:24 EST
Sandtrooper Matt in Duluth reports:
"Hey Troops, Matt from the great white north here (Duluth, MN). The new waves of figs are coming in up here finaly. Wally world had a ton of the super trooper, Durge, concept Stormtrooper, Tinn, Fisto and Ventress. I picked up two of each for myself, but if any of you are looking for some of these let me know, cost plus shipping as always. I am still looking for the Silver Vader and Ephant Mon, any help would be great, maybe we could work out a trade. Happy Holidays and good hunting."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 December 2003 | 13:22 EST
Sandtrooper Inked Jedi Knight reports:
"Hey everyone, I'm having trouble finding any Super Articulated Clone Troopers. If anyone can find an extras I'd love to have a few for cost plus shipping. I'm looking for four or five. Thanks!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 23:22 EST

Just in, click on figure to go to online catalog view:

Super Articulated Clone Trooper $6.99  
McQuarrie Stormtrooper $7.49
Bail Organa
Ayy Vida
Lars' Homestead - Padme Amidala
Imperial Dignitary - Janus Greejatus
Elan Sleazebaggano
Nightclub - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Durge - Separatist Commander
Clone Wars AOTR: Kit Fisto
Clone Wars AOTR: Saesee Tiin
Anakin Secret Ceremony
Boba Fett (green plastic)
Hoth Evacuation - Hoth Trooper
Hoth Attack - Luke Skywalker
Hoth Evacuation - R-3PO
Imperial Dignitary - Kren Blista-Vanee
Achk Med-Beq

Update: (Saturday) A full mailing update with additional Star Wars, Transformers, and more is now available.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 20:53 EST
New this Week at R2Dtoys:
Want a free Holiday Edition Yoda? All you have to do is order from in December. Full details on the main shopping page.

Interactive R2-D2 - very cheap
Silver Clone Trooper bundle - in stock
Gift Vouchers - ideal gift for Christmas
Boba Fett pit of Carkoon with green plastic
Anakin Secret Ceremony with NEW Saga Gold card  
Imperial Dignitary #1 Janus Greejatus
Ayy Vida Nightclub
Elan Sleazebaggano
Padme Lars Homestead
Obi-Wan Nightclub
Bail Organa
New Kubricks

More to see, read this week's issue.

Posted by: Steve | 12 December 2003 | 19:43 EST
Area report, Lafayette, IN
Hey Troops, I made a run today. Stopped at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys 'R' Us in Lafayette, IN. Wal-Mart must have received 7-10 cases of the Greejatus wave and CW wave 3. Of course someone beat me to the store and picked out every single super-articulated clone trooper. I was kind of disgusted by this. There were probably 30-40 each of Saesee Tiin and Kit Fisto, but not a single clone trooper. Usually I don't begrudge people when they beat me to toys, but this was ridiculous. I can just picture some fat guy running out of the store with 40 clone troopers and visions of online auctions in his head. Oh well, enough complaining, I'll find one eventually. It looks like Greejatus is going to be the next pegwarmer. Target has the same Bail wave, but none of the new figures like Kren, etc. Finally, Toys 'R' Us had the same waves as Wal-Mart and Target. They also had a peg marked for the new ultra figures, but someone beat me to all of those too. So all in all, not a very fruitful day. Good luck to everyone on their weekend hunts.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 19:07 EST
Sandtrooper Darth Zack reports:
"NW Indiana report. The new waves of CW figs have hit with both versions of the super poseable clone trooper at Wal-Mart. TRU is sporting the latest action scenes of Wampa, General Rieekan, and C-3PO. Otherwise it is a sad situation around here. Good luck and may your Christmas be White and Force be with You."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 19:03 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest State"News from Central Texas. Just a brief update today. Target in Killeen, TX has the Clone Wars deluxe: Clonetrooper with speederbike and 3 packs of Clone Troopers (all white). No sign of the Hoth wave yet. That's all from Central Texas, starfox signing out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 18:41 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey Troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Ohio Front. I stopped at the Wally World on my way to school tonight, and found most of the recarded figs. Also found Achk-Med Beq, Klen Vista, R-3PO, Hoth Trooper. No Luke though. That's it for this report."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 December 2003 | 16:04 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I went to the TRU (Gurnee, IL) and they had the Secret Ceremony Padme wave which included Death Star Clash Vader and Lt. Danni Faytonni. TRU also had the Ultra wave figs back in stock.

Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL): "Wal-Mart had the Clone Wars wave 3 figs but no Clonetroopers. They also had the reissued gold trim carded Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett, Padawan 2-packs, Barris Offee, and Aayla Secura. I see these figs as peg warmers already.

Target (Gurnee, IL): "Target had Clone Wars wave 3 with a couple Clone troopers and a few Imperial Dignitary Janus Greejatus figs. That's it for now Troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 0:29 EST
Now’s your chance to get those Christmas gifts at great prices. Now unit December 15th receive 20% off all orders - any total. December 15th is the last day we can guarantee items will arrive before Christmas. If you are in need in the last minutes we can always send your items UPS Next Day, 2 Day, or 3 Day. If you prefer Express Mail or Priority, please let us know. We have many great gift ideas: Simpsons Bust, Lord of the Ring Bust, many Star Wars items & Matrix Series 2 and others.

    New Items
    NBA SERIES 5 - Including LeBron James & Yao Ming
    NFL SERIES 6 - Including Mike Vick & Bret Favre

We have also reduced the price of many hard to find McFarlane’s Sports to $17.99.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 December 2003 | 0:23 EST
Sandtrooper RWT in Texas reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest StateDateline: Power of the Bay   "Well, Troops, it seems that less-than-ideal financial matters are forcing me to part with the bulk of my collection. I'm going to keep my loose, opened, and autographed items, but have had to sell some things already. What is left I've put on ebay. My items include: a POTF green carded "Shadows of the Empire" sculpt Vader, a set of 7 Millenium Mint Coin figures, a set of three orange carded figures with foil hologram (Obi-Wan, Yoda, Stormtrooper), orange card Tan Vest Luke Jedi, orange carded Boba Fett with stripes on hand, Episode I Yoda with Episode I logo, 12-inch Darth Maul with Speeder, 12-inch Cantina Band set, Episode I STAP (red box), set of 3 Mega POTJ figures, set of 4 POTJ deluxe figures, complete set of 58 POTJ figures, complete set of 45 Episode I figures, 12-inch Luke and Bib Fortuna set, 12-inch Electronic R2-D2 and C-3PO set, 12-inch electronic Boba Fett, 12-inch Emperor Royal Guard set, 12-inch Chancellor Valorum and Coruscant Guard set, POTF Y-Wing, and some foreign carded figures like the Mexican POTJ 4-pack and the Hong Kong 3-packs. Hope someone can help find them a new home. Please search under seller rwtintx. Hope everyone has a great holiday season!" - Robert

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 December 2003 | 23:45 EST
Sandtrooper JimsJedi reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest State"It has been a great week for collecting. I haven't seen this many figures in one week for a very long time. If you live around the Worcester area of Massachusetts you are in luck. Here it goes:

TRU (Auburn): "Spider Droids have been everywhere, same with Durge with Speeder.

KB-Toys (Auburn Mall): "Deluxe wave in, along with Clonetrooper 3-pack (white) and Clonetrooper with Speeder Bike.

Wal-Mart (Oxford): "Wave 2 and 3 of the Clone Wars, the Deluxe figures, and the Hoth Luke, Achk Med-Beq, K-3P0, Imperial Dignitary #2 wave, along with the repacked figures on the Gold Trim Cards, Boba Fett, Snowtrooper, and Hoth Solo (Blue Coat).

"I have plenty of figures for trade: Clonetrooper 3 pack (red and green) and a lot more. Please take a look at my trade page, and let's get some trades going."

Posted by: Tyler | 11 December 2003 | 22:05 EST
R2Dtoys News Update
We have just received word that our Interactive R2-D2 figure will arrive next week! We are selling them for just �55 (RRP in the UK �129.99). It is the cheapest offer for this item EVER in Europe! Also, silver clone trooper replacements HAVE arrived and have already shipped to those people that were waiting. Thank you for your patience.

John and the team at R2Dtoys

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 December 2003 | 22:00 EST
Gallery Update:
Hey Troops, I have updated the Sandtrooper Gallery with the collection of a couple of our youngest Troopers, Tyler and Caleb Spice. It is great fun passing on the hobby to the next generation of Sandtroopers. If any of you would like to feature your collection in the Gallery, drop me a line to talk about your submission. We are interested to see how some of you display your collections.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 December 2003 | 21:47 EST
Collectors Gallery Online News:
Featured this week:
Hailfire droid & Geonosian fighter set of 2
Interactive R2-D2
Dewback with Sandtrooper 12"
Vintage Death Star Space Station & AT-AT walker boxed
Darth Maul Master Replicas lightsaber $299.95
Star Trek carded figures

click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 December 2003 | 21:10 EST
Jedi Club Diorama now up for bid at Ebay:

Our own Sandtrooper Dan has listed his latest diorama, the Jedi Club, at ebay with no reserve and a five-dollar starting bid. Features custom working lights but you would need some accessories that you probably already own. For more details check out the listing. Also on the auction block and ending soon is the G.I. Joe Cobra Chemical Factory built by one of Dan's associates Troy Koestler. This item is also well built and would provide an excellent way to display your collection.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 December 2003 | 12:10 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay reports:
I can’t believe it’s not Sandtroopers"Hey troops! Well I got tired of not finding any new product in my area, so I ordered a couple caes of figs. So now I have some extras to sell or trade. I have an extra CW Fisto, CW Tiin, CW super trooper, CW Obi-wan, CW Durge, Saga Bail Organa, Imperial Dig No. 1, Homestead Padme, and Nightclub Obi-Wan. I'm asking $6 per fig, that's my cost of the case divided by the 12 figs inside, or, I'm in need of Death Star Clash Vader, Tatooine Ambush 3PO, or any of the new gold card re-released figs. E-mail me if interested, thanks."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 December 2003 | 11:11 EST
Jedi Warrior 4-pack in stock at Action-HQ:
Hey Troops, if you were looking to score early, Action-HQ has the new Jedi Warrior 4-pack in stock and ready to ship, and Kubrick Minority Report and Marvel Kubrick figures. Also featured this week is the EVANGELION EVA-01 PS2 inspired model. Plus much more. Check out Action-HQ, bringing you the BEST in Asian & American Pop-Culture merchandise FIRST!
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 December 2003 | 23:21 EST
S.C.A.L.P. Works:

Global Domination - A Call for Help from the Other Side of the World (Part II)

Global DominationDateline: Trooper Shaun's New Zealand HQ (continued from Nov. 5)   "Greetings from NZHQ. I would like post a very special, very late thank you to Trooper Drizzit from Wisconsin, who answered the call for help from another Hemisphere, to help me get a Red ARC in time for my son's Christmas. Although I could not track down the figure he wanted to trade, Drizzit agreed to sell me the ARC at cost, posted it off to me here in New Zealand and it only took about 6 days to get here. Hope you all have an excellent Christmas and New Year. Thanks again Drizzit!"

Further proof that works. Whether it's a brother from another hemisphere, a troop across the Canadian border, or reading the SoCal Troops' latest reports, if you're not getting anything out of, then you aren't using Begin Today. A lot of Troops out there have also asked "Why should I send in store reports?" What the hell kind of talk is that? By all means, no matter how trivial your find may seem, the printed word on this page is invaluable to at least one Trooper out there, so put pen to paper and start your own Global Invasion. Big thank you to Drizzit for sharing the wealth.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 December 2003 | 21:31 EST
Sandtrooper Jor Supersid reports:
"South Mass. has been few and far between lately, unable to find many a star wars toy or few and far between. Target Seekonk has been a hopping place the last few weeks, seeing a guy score the Outlander and Clone Wars 2 wave 5 minutes before I got there, leaving only the
crapy paint jobs. There have been a sea of Screen Scene 3 packs flying through there, as well as a bunch of Ani Starship, Hailfire Droids and Geo Fighters. But Wal-Mart had received a single case and I was able to pick up 2 figs and find a lone 3PO with pod, but left for someone else, a little banged up for my taste.

"Toys 'R' Us Swansea has been good lately finding, left-overs tonight of Clone Wars 2 and 3 as well as a lone Spider Droid in new packaging, something I've been unable to see even at collecter (scalper) shops. The shelves were pretty cleaned out, probably due to the 20% off coupons, got the last redux Gunship though. Lastly, the shopping season is here troops so don't get too agravated there should be enough for all entering stores for the kiddies. Don't give up."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 December 2003 | 19:32 EST
Answers to the Age-Old Import Question:
To the Troopers who wondered whether Takara Japan would issue a die-cast metal parts Alternators Hound within the Japanese Binaltech 1:24 scale series, your prayers have been Fl-answered. and have announcements indicating that Hound (transforms from robot to Jeep Wrangler and back) will be released as an import this coming April as BT-04 in the series. This is a relief to staunch supporters of die-cast parts who didn't want to have to settle for a Hasbro USA all-plastic version. Another cool twist to this story is the appearance of Silverstreak (formerly Bluestreak) as BT-03, transforming from robot to Subaru Impreza WRX and back. A C5 Corvette is also in Wal-Mart computers as a likely update on the Autobot narcissist Tracks. The Takara versions run around $55 (vs. $17-25 Hasbro versions). My advice is to wait until you've gotten caught up on Star Wars before you blow $55 a pop on oversized Transformers.

Posted by: Steve | 10 December 2003 | 19:09 EST
Area report, Lafayette, IN
Hey Troops, I stopped by Wal-Mart in West Lafayette today. They restocked the Outlander Club wave and also received the Clone Wars Wave 3. Someone beat me to all the super-articulated clone troopers, but I did score Kit and Saesee. Nothing else new to report.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 December 2003 | 18:34 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest State"Big score in Killeen, TX at Target. They have the Clone Wars wave 3 with Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin & Super Articulate (sic) Clone Trooper (all very cool), plus the Bail Organa wave with corrected Sleazboy, Ayy Vida, Imp Dignitary & Concept Stormies. Wal-Mart still has a few of the Ultra wave. That's all from Central Texas. Starfox signing out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 December 2003 | 18:25 EST
Sandtrooper Drizzit in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Hi, this just in: I went on a run last night and hit the mother load out here in Wisconsin. I found clone wars waves two and three at Waukesha Target, about 50 figs on the pegs. Wal-Mart had the Bail wave and clones 2 and 3. The only single fig I couldn't find was Asajj, but on a whim I stopped at Kmart and found her. No sign of the Deluxe or new saga figs. I have a few extras of the super articulated clone and concept trooper if anyone is looking to trade send me an email."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 December 2003 | 18:16 EST
Yestertoys News:

    Star Wars Saga Outlander Club Wave
    Clone Wars Wave 2
    Clone Wars Wave 3

Also available are the Clone Wars Clone Trooper three packs and Jedi Knights. Look for some more great additions in the near future like the Fan Club silver Boba Fett, Holiday R2-D2 & C-3P0, Holiday Yoda, and the silver Clone Trooper! We've added some new faces in the shipping department and turnaround time is running between 48-72 hours now.
- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 23:11 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
"Hey troopers, we are starting to see a lot of new figures coming in now from the Bail Organa wave to the Yoda Unleashed set. Practically any store you go to has these on the pegs. Also, be sure to drop in on Suncoast Video if you have one as they are starting to carry more figures. I managed to find two red ARC troopers at my local store. I was also perusing the web and found the Imperial shuttle for $59.99 and the LEGO Rebel Blockade Runner for $134.00 at These prices sound pretty good to me. MTFBWY!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 23:07 EST
Sandtrooper Carl Harley reports:
"Christmas came early here in Las Vegas, NV. I went to my local Walmart early this morning and they had every new figure. The entire Bail Organa wave, the entire Clone Wars wave 3, the entire Hoth wave, and they even had 1 Achk Med-Beq, and 1 Kren Blista-Vanee. Then I went across the way to Toys 'R' Us and scored the Ultra wave. Las Vegas is packed with new Star Wars figures, so if you're planning to come here for a quick trip, you can probably find every figure you need!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 22:30 EST
Sandtrooper Marboba with a Canada COAST TO COAST A.M. report:
West of the Rockies, dial 1-888 ..."Hey Jason, just wanted to drop a line to thank Sandtrooper JC (John Coleman in WNY) for helping me out these past months in helping me keeping my collection going. He has certainly saved me a lot of money over the past few months, most noteably with the Imperial Shuttle even with its hefty price tag in the U.S. I was still able to save over $100.00! Anyways, a big salute to this Sandtrooper definitely!!! I have taken a little break for now with Christmas and all, but hope to be back in the game in the new year. Regards." - Marc

That's the true meaning of Christmas AND Sandtroopers, guys. Helping your buddy out there across the nation or across the border fill in the holes in his or her collection without spending an arm and a leg, a square deal, fair and square. John, in addition to hooking up a brother across the Horseshoe Falls, also shipped the Simpsons THOH IV set to WNY expatriot General Jason, kudos. Thanks to JC and all the real 'SOOPER TROOPERS' out there waving the S.C.A.L.P. banner to defend human freedom against scalpers, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule ebay.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 22:21 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey Troops, Trooper Larry reporting from Mentor, Ohio. Our local TRU got a shipment of the Ultra figures in. All they had left was the General Rieekan. In my opinion, that’s the best one out of the bunch. That’s it for now troops. Take care, and Happy Holidays."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 22:15 EST
Just in Time , More Price-Slashing at KB:
Star Wars Imperial ShuttleIf you held out until now, visit KB-Online to take advantage of a $60 Imperial Shuttle. You may also pick up the 12-inch Legacy wave of Bounty Hunters or Imperial Officer figures at $9.99 each or $1.99 basic figures. True 12-inch freaks will want to grab the 12-inch Gamorrean Guard for a mere $9.99.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 21:04 EST
New This Week at R2Dtoys:
Want a FREE Holiday Edition Yoda? All you have to do is order from us in December (full details on our main shopping page).

NEW series 2 KUBRICK in stock now, Limited supply! - Set of 6: Greedo, Cantina Alien, Obi Wan, Han Solo, Sandtrooper and Tusken Raider. We are trying to secure some of the Chase 'Indiana Jones' Han Solo ! Series 1 Boba Fett, IG88 and Bossk still in stock, very limited.

Clone Wars 3-packs still in stock: Clone Troopers, Jedi Army, and Separatist Forces. Clone Wars Anakin Pilot, Yoda with hoverchair & ARC Trooper.

Boba Fett pit of Carkoon with green plastic and NEW Saga Gold card
Anakin Secret Ceremony with NEW Saga Gold card
Ayy Vida Nightclub Twi'lek Patron
Elan Sleazebaggano
Padme Lars Homestead
Obi-Wan Nightclub
Imperial Dignitary #1 Janus Greejatus
Bail Organa
Fan's Choice #4 McQuarrie Stormtrooper

More new items available, view the complete newsletter.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 December 2003 | 21:02 EST
Happy Holidays from Sandtroopers
The Staff at Sandtroopers would like to wish each and every one of you a happy and safe Holiday Season. If you've had too much eggnog please park that Dewback! Remember, he's making that list and checking it twice.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 19:56 EST
Sandtrooper Darth G-Man in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Darth G-man here on the north side of Milwaukee. Miraculously, Target and especially Wal-mart have been getting in small but steady shipments of new figures: The Bail Organa wave, Clone Wars 2 and 3. I find it absolutely amazing how fast they come in and how fast they sell out, half a day tops. Still no sign of the ultra figures yet. Happy Hunting."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 19:38 EST
Scoop Corbin
Had a good talk today with Asst. Manager Brian at South Crown Mall KB Toys on Lehigh Street in Allentown, PA. A miracle happened there last night, with one new case of basic Star Wars arriving on the truck. This was the "Darth Rehash" case (2x each Gold card Snowtrooper, Anakin Secret Ceremony, Luke Throne Room, Vader Throne Room, green machine Boba Fett, and black leather jacket Han Hoth). Not in 24 hours being on the pegs had anyone so much as bothered looking at these; all 12 pieces were still there. I'd just ordered the green Boba from BigBad, but I wanted to have two of that one, so I took two figures off their hands - the Boba and the Elton John Leather Jackets Han. You know how the system works - maybe they will reorder in a week or two with another case. The only other change I had seen there was the appearance of bells and whistles R2 from last year.

Dismemberment of a PlanetBrian had just been to Temple Super Wal-Mart in Reading, PA where he saw the remnants of the Ultra wave. Just Rieekan and 3PO at that location, I guess some of the brothers of the PASWCC missed out on the POTF2 Wampa sculpt back in '98. As always, we had a discussion on Transformers: Binal-Tech (aka Alternators) from Takara, and Unicron past and present. The big thing this month was the announcement of US Alternators Hound as a 1:24 scale Jeep Wrangler. The question is "Will Takara issue him as well as a die-cast metal and plastic Binal-Tech?" I'd say it's a fair bet, Hasbro is likely simply more desperate than Takara to create a lot of hype. Alternators, even the all-plastic US releases, could be the best thing that happened to TF's in some time. The Smokescreen (2003 Subaru Impreza) and Sideswipe (Dodge Viper) will make you drool. My problem is that the import tag of $55 and the huge 1:24 scale make these less appealing. Brian already got Smokescreen from BigBad and was floored. The Masterpiece Optimus Prime is also going to be in scale with these, over a foot tall in robot mode. I'm sure Trooper Jedimaster-C at the Academy in Alabama will get this one. But watch out Chad, the US release has been stripped of its metal and had its smokestacks shortened for US toy safety standards. For $25 more, you've got to go with the import release. A lot of Troopers out there were clamoring for Unicron last summer. And, why not? Fourteen years overdue. I still haven't gotten one for only one reason: it can't hold a candle to the 1986 prototype toy that fit in with the classic TF line. Brian says that I am simply wrong in my thinking, that the Armada Unicron is the biggest achievement for collectors in years. I know most would agree and further support the aesthetics and articulation and function of the new Unicron. I can't help but think how cool it would be to burn the tooling to make the Unicron prototype from 1986 to swat at Galvatron. Stranger things have come down the pike - removable helmet Vader, cut-in-half Maul and others. If you dream it, they will build it.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 December 2003 | 15:34 EST
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound:
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINTHey Troops, made a brief sweep through Gurnee, Illinois yesterday and found tons of Clone Wars Wave 3 at Wal-Mart in Gurnee. TRU Gurnee also had just received a new stock of the Bail Organa Wave. I have seen Clone Wars Wave 3 in Shopko stores in S. Wisconsin, thanks to Mat Tambor of the Kenosha, WI Techno Union for the heads up! Everywhere I went yesterday there was either new product or the remains of. I also bought too many toys yesterday! It is that time of year. It is also nice to go out and not have to waste $20 in fuel to get nothing. It is a shame they can't cater to collectors year round. I usually sit back when hearing our S.C.A.L.P. reports (from Troopers Dom, Sand Fransisco Tim, many others) because it doesn't hit for a couple weeks. Lately this does not seem to be the case. If you are looking I'd say hit your hunting spots daily, you never know. I'd like to also thank Troops SoCal Dom and Mat Tambor for their efforts in helping me keep our images section near current. Good luck to all of you great Sandtroopers out there. Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 14:21 EST
Sandtrooper Sean V. reports:
From the Academy in Alabama"Hi Troops, I've posted before but I'm desperate for the new ulta figures. If anyone can help me out that would be great. We'll never see them here in Canada. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 14:12 EST
Sandtrooper Ahawk12 reports:
"Well, not much going on here in Central Texas for the past few weeks. Odds and ends really. But yesterday and today were great!! Blew my wallet out the window. Yesterday at my local TRU, They had out one case of the first 2004 ULTRA Wave. Picked up one of each, Wampa, Rieekan, and 3PO. Those are some big and sturdy cardbacks. Then this morning, I went to my local Target (as usual) and hit the motherload.

"The pegs were overflowing. They had the Bail/Elan Wave (I have missed it a few times already) and Clone Wars Wave 3. So needless to say, I walked out of there with an armful of toys. Christmas came a little early. They had about 2 cases of the Clone Wars Wave three. The Super poseable Clone was available in both pose variations. Anyway, just a note to keep th heads up for the new stuff. I have seen a lot of Walmart reports, but both of the Walmarts here have no figures or early 2002 figures. So nothing from them in a while. Good luck out there."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 December 2003 | 14:04 EST update:
Hey Troops has restocked their entire line of products that help protect your collectibles. In stock and ready to ship are:
Star Case
Star Case 2
Deluxe Star Cases
Loose Action Figure Blisters (Large and Small)
Loose Action Figure Stands (Both Vintage and POTF)
Loose Action Figure Display Cases
Masters of the Univers Acrylic Cases for Carded MOTU figures!

Simpsons, Starting Line-Up, Hot Wheels and more! Whatever your collecting pleasure. has you covered.

Tis' the Season to protect your stuff with our stuff!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 13:27 EST
Section Update - Saga Images Reloaded (Ultra):
Spiceowan has reloaded the 2003 Image Section with the new Saga Ultra series, featuring Rieekan with radar, C-3PO with pod halves, and Wampa with gushing armpit action. Find the Ultras listed just below this year's Basic figures within the 2003 listing.

Wampa™ Hoth™ Attack ESB
General Rieekan™ Hoth™ Evacuation ESB
C-3PO™ Tatooine™ Escape ANH

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 13:11 EST
New Star Wars Figures - $6.49 to $6.99
Just received at BigBadToyStore:
Anakin Secret Ceremony
Boba Fett - Green Version
Hoth Evacuation - Hoth Trooper    
Hoth Attack - Luke Skywalker
Hoth Evacuation - R-3PO
Imperial Dignitary - Kren Blista-Vanae
Achk Med-Beq
Throne Room Duel - Darth
Throne Room Duel - Luke

Read today's ish for more Star Wars, Transformers, and more!
- enter below -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 December 2003 | 0:30 EST
Sandtrooper Jorge Perez reports:
"Hi Troops! I have a Death Star Trash Compactor set No. 2 Leia and Chewie for sale at cost (Wal-Mart $16.87 plus tax) or trade. Also the Clone wars two packs of Yoda and Anakin with clones for trade. Looking for the clone trooper 3 pack in red, yellow and green, and maybe the newer figures. Also for trade is a Max Rebo set of Barquin D'an and Droopy McCool. Let me know whether we can work something out. I haven't spotted anything recently, only the A-Wings and Leia speederbike at Target. Bests."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 December 2003 | 21:15 EST
Section Update - Clone Wars and Saga Images Reloaded:
CWO Lord Spiceowan has reloaded the 2003 Image Section with Clone Wars Wave 3 and the Saga Concept Stormtrooper. K and C just received these figures. The two troopers captured here go deep with a rectal kick. Next up will be the first wave of the new Ultra series within the Star Wars brand line. Enjoy the photos and we encourage anyone out in Trooperland finding the new releases to help out a fellow Troop in need with cost plus shipping or trades. Otherwise, remember Troops, December is the month, so start today!
`03|#34 Stormtrooper™ McQuarrie Concept EU
`03|#49 Kit Fisto™ Army of the Republic CW
`03|#50 Clone Trooper™ Army of the Republic CW
`03|#51 Saesee Tiin™ Army of the Republic CW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 December 2003 | 19:22 EST
Sandtrooper Brian L. reports:
"Hey Everyone! Hope the holiday season is finding everyone in good spirits (and short checkout lines!). Not much new in Indy lately, I found the new repack Boba Fett and wedding Anakin at Wal-Mart on E. Washington St. today. That's about all for the past week. My real news is that I just did something that felt GREAT! My daughter's girl scout troop is putting together a package of toys to send to Iraq for our soldiers to pass out to Iraqi children this holiday season. I had a bunch of duplicate figures that have been on my trade list for a LOOOOONG time and have been contemplating posting them on ebay just to get them out of my house, but if any of you know me, you know my explicit feelings about selling Star Wars on eBay, not my most positive subject. Anyway, this seemed the perfect situation! I boxed up about 20 figures (mostly POTF2 and SAGA stuff) and sent them off with my daughter to her meeting! That felt great!

"If you have extra stuff lying around that you know you don't need and are having trouble trading it, this is definitely the thing to do. Now hopefully a child on the other side of the planet will have a brand new SW toy this season, and maybe a little brighter day in what has got to be an incredibly sucky existence right now. Anyway, that's my take on the subject! Have a great holiday season and MTFBWY!!!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 December 2003 | 19:01 EST
New Figure Alert:
From the Academy in AlabamaDateline: Amazing North 'bama Finds.   "Hey guys, amazing news. I found the super articulated Clone Trooper today at Target. They also had Ventress and Durge, as well as Saesee Tiin and shirtless Kit Fisto. I bought an SA Clone to take off the card and he is very poseable just like the packaging says. TRU had Durge and Ventress as well. They also had the Bail Organa wave. Suncaost got in 2 cases of the Deluxe Clone Wars figures with Durge, the blue Clone trooper pack and the Jedi Army. December is the time folks. Oh, on a side note, I found the vintage figure of vintage figures on ebay. Behold. A MOC 21 back Boba Fett from ESB for the incredible price of $145. That's all for now. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 December 2003 | 18:24 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey Troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Ohio front. Found the Unleashed Boba Fett wave at TRU. Also had a bunch of the Anakin Star fighters, Clone Wars wave 1 and 2, along with remnants of the bar wave (mostly Elan with and without ears). Stopped at the Wally World in Mentor and found C-3PO with Escape pod, but that was about it. Wally World in Strongsville had Clone Wars wave 3 with Fisto, Tiin, and articulated Clone trooper. That's it for this transmission."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 December 2003 | 15:50 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"We have posted our latest Newsletter #232. Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER
Dec. 7 - Dec. 13
Vintage Foreign and Rare Creatures 3-Pack MISB C-9 $1,999.99
Vintage Foreign and Rare Droid Set MISB C-9 $1,999.99
Vintage Foreign and Rare Android Set AFA 80 $2,999.99
Vintage SW Boba Fett 12 Back AFA 85 #6979859 $3,199.99
Vintage POTF Anakin AFA 70 92 Back #4704375 $2,799.99
Vintage Carded SW 12-Back Luke C-9 $899.99
Kubrick 2" Indiana Jones Chase Figure Sealed in Box* $159.99
*Includes letter from Brian's Toys certifying the authenticity.
Kubrick 2" Indiana Jones Chase Figure Opened Box $119.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper White Patch Sealed in Box* $39.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper White Patch Opened Box* $29.99
*This Sandtrooper has a White Patch and a Long Gun.
Kubrick 2" Cantina Band Member Sealed in Box $9.99
Kubrick 2" Cantina Band Member Opened Box $7.99
Kubrick 2" Han Solo Sealed in Box*$9.99
Kubrick 2" Han Solo Opened Box $7.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper Orange Patch Sealed in Box* $11.99
Kubrick 2" Sandtrooper Orange Patch Opened Box $9.99
*This Sandtrooper has an Orange Patch and a Short Gun.
Kubrick 2" Set of 6 Series 2 Figures ALL SEALED BOXES $99.99
Kubrick 2" Set of 6 Series 2 Figures* $89.99
*Set Includes:
-Sandtrooper Orange Patch with a short gun Open Box
-Tusken Raider
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-Cantina Band Member Open Box
-Han Solo Open Box
Saga Master Replicas Emperor's Cane and Clasp $189.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator Weathered $189.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator As First Built $239.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator Weathered Signature $279.99
Saga Master Replicas Jango Fett Blasters $399.99
Master Replica Sith Blueprint Collection* $79.99
* Includes Count Dooku, Darth Maul & Darth Vader.
New Saga 3 3/4" Figures Now In Stock!
ROTJ Carded Luke Jabba's Palace C-9 $19.99, C-7/8 $17.99
ANH Carded R1-G4 C-9 $19.99, C-7/8 $17.99
ROTJ Carded R2-D2 Jabba's Sail Barge C-9 $19.99, C7/8 $17.99
Saga Exclusives Jedi Warrior 4-Pack $44.99
New Saga ULTRA Figures Now in Stock!
ANH Carded Deluxe C-3PO w/ Escape Pod C-9 $12.99
ESB Carded Deluxe General Rieekan C-9 $15.99
ESB Carded Deluxe Wampa C-9 $19.99
New Saga 12" Figures Now In Stock!
ROTJ 12" Boxed AT-ST Driver $34.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Biker Scout $49.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Ewoks $39.99
ANH 12" Boxed Han Solo $29.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Lando Skiff $39.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Luke Jedi $14.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Yoda $29.99
R-3PO, Luke Hoth, Hoth Trooper, Imperial Dignitary Kren Blista-Vee,
and Ach-Med Beq all back in stock with reduced prices!
Saga Unleashed Darth Vader Unmasked C-8/9 $24.99
Saga Unleashed Princess Leia C-8/9 $34.99
Saga Multi-figure Pack Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2 $39.99
Saga Exclusive Holiday Edition Yoda $24.99
Episode I Vehicles boxed Scout Sub with Obi-Wan $24.99
POTJ 12" Captain Tarpuls and Kaadu C-8/9 $29.99
POTF2 TIE Fighter Tri-Logo w/Stormtrooper C-7/8* $69.99
* includes special offer sticker for stormtrooper figure
POTF2 Mos Eisley Cantina 10-Pack [Toys R Us Japanese Exclusive]
C8.5/9 $259.99
POTF2 Epic Force 3-Pack Ben, Chewy, and Han [FAO Schwartz Exclusive]
C8/9 $199.99
12" Vintage Boxed Boba Fett C9 w/ C5 Box$299.99
Vintage Repro Weapon Packs Back In Stock!!!
Pack of 16 $15.00, Pack of 41 $25.00
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G.I. Joe Valor vs. Venom: Alley Viper II & Cobra Viper $19.99
Duke & Cobra Commander $11.99
Heavy Duty & Razorclaw $11.99
Hi-Tech & Doctor Mindbender$11.99
Scarlett & Sand Scorpion $14.99
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow $14.99
Valor Vs. Venom Wave 1 Set of 6 $69.99
DRAGON Action Figures SOLDAT Peter Schmidt Wehrmacht-Heer Schutze
1939 Item # 70296 $74.99
G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra Vehicles Desert Coyote with Double Clutch $14.99
Disney 3 3/4" Figure Series 2 Indiana Jones (w/ jacket) C-8/9 $24.99
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Disney Micro Action Tank $19.99
Vintage Kenner Indiana Jones Loose Marion Ravenwood C-9* $199.99*
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Transformers Energon Battle Ravage MOC C-9 $9.99
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Transformers Energon Strongarm MOC C-9 $9.99
MOTU Snake Men Series Figures Back in Stock!!!
King Hssss MOC C-8/9 $29.99
Khan MOC C-8/9 $29.99
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Check out this week's featured Simpsons items in stock now:
Simpsons Celebrity Series Carded Fat Tony $25.00
Simpsons Playset Boxed Aztec Theatre with McBain $30.00
Simpsons Exclusive Boxed Main Street Playset $90.00
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"The Collector" Mini-Bust will be arriving next week. [Limited to
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Brian's Toys!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 December 2003 | 20:10 EST
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Here's the latest from Western New York. The Ultra figures have made their appearance at Wal-Mart in Niagara Falls. There was one case yesterday & 2 more this morning. Non-openers will appreciate the heavy cards these things are on. Really durable. Toys R Us (Niagara Falls) chimed in earlier in the week with the re-packaged Spider Droid along with a couple more cases of the Unleashed Fett wave. They also had some green clonetrooper 3-packs and one yellow one. The rest of the stores in my area seem to be idle, with many figures sitting on the pegs - primarily the first wave of Clone Wars figures. Also, area Targets have tons of the screen scene sets.

"I'm looking for a trade. I have a McFarlane series 7 Brett Favre figure with the white jersey variation. I am looking for an Unleashed Leia (MOC), a Drew Bledsoe (NFL series 6) with white jersey, or several other harder-to-find SW items. Drop me a line if you're interested in this figure. I'll hold onto it until next weekend."
- John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 December 2003 | 19:29 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest State"Great News from Central Texas. At the Killeen Toys 'R' Us today, I scored all of the ultra wave: Wampa, General & C-3PO with escape pod. Also, the Kmart had the Durge wave plus 1 yellow Clone Trooper 3 pack. Wal-Mart got another case of 12 Zam Wesells (sic -ed.). That's all from Central Texas, Starfox signing out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 December 2003 | 19:11 EST
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM with Sandtrooper Ln Que:
From the Academy in Alabama"Lin Que with the Midwest report. I saw the Ultra SW packs at Wal-Mart earlier this week. They look nice but to me a Wampa, old guy, and a droid aren't my thing. Energon is also starting to show up and I was able to get a good look at 'Power Ranger Prime.' What a letdown. If I wanted zords I'd by zords. Haven't seen any basic assortments yet but I am waiting for those. A trip to TRU allowed me to see the remaining Imperial Dignitary wave, some trout mouthed heathen tore up the ENTIRE SW section and snagged all the Stormtroopers. I was able to see both versions of Elan although he won't be part of my collection. A trip to Suncoast allowed me to catch a glimpse of Matrix series 2 Niobe and that is a nice looking fig. Last sunday I thought I was lucky enough to find an unopened case of Marvel Legends V. The store clerk was nice enough to open it and I had visions of Blade dancing in my head. Much to my disgust I found it Bladeless. Today they put out another case of series V. Still no Blade (unless someone beat me to him) but I did get the Red Skull chase fig. If anyone sees a Blade please pick one up for me. I am willing to buy or trade for it. Lin Que out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 December 2003 | 0:33 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
From the Academy in AlabamaDateline: Ultra Figures.   "Hey all, I spotted the Rieeken, C-3PO and the Wampa sets at one of our Wal-Marts in Huntsville, Alabama. I left the Wampa, but Rieeken and the Escape pod that comes with 3PO are very cool. Finally we have the head of Echo Base. Also saw the new Hoth Soldier (big whoop), R-3PO (red 3PO) and the recarded Fett and Anakin Secret Ceremony. Thats about it. Oh, I need to thank the Lone Star Wars Lady Donna for hooking me up with Asajj Ventress. That all for now. Take care all."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 6 December 2003 | 19:37 EST
Federation Toys Holiday Specials:
Hey Troops, Federation Toys has slashed prices for the holiday season on their inventory of Master Replicas. Save on Count Dooku, Darth Vader (ANH) LE & SE, Darth Maul LE & SE, Luke Skywalker (ESB) LE & SE and the Jedi Training Remote. All marked down for Holiday Clearance, check back frequently for more Holiday price slashing.

Posted by: Tyler | 6 December 2003 | 10:05 EST
R2Dtoys Update
We need to advise those of you waiting for your silver clone trooper that some of you will unfortunately have to wait a little longer. Over 90% of the stock has been returned as they were not in saleable condition. Some orders have already been shipped to you without any problem but some are on backorder until we get good c9+ cards! We are sorry for the delay in advising you, however this is the first chance we have had, having taken us most of the week to not only ship them, but also measure the damage and re-order level for quality cards. This has also meant our Newsletter will follow on SUNDAY 7th. Again we are very sorry for any disappointment, this is clearly beyond our control. Onto some GOOD NEWS!

Kubrick Wave 2 (all 6 figures) �59! Very limited supply available!
Clone Wars Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, Durge, Obi- Wan Kenobi, �7 each
Clone Wars Clone Trooper �7 (+ variant pose �10)
Plus many other new and popular Clone Wars toys!


Many thanks for your attention and understanding. We will issue a full newsletter to you soon, again with a lot of great news for Christmas releases (around 15 new items!).


Posted by: Spiceowan | 6 December 2003 | 2:29 EST
Force of the Bay: High Dollar Extravaganza, or More @#$! I'll Never Own
Hey Troops, I was searching through the props section of ebay and was really impressed with some of the finds this week. I found this prop replica looking very close to the real deal. I would say a pretty good job for someone who doesn't work for Master Replicas. Now this thing sounds like it could excel in getting you in trouble. I hope it could actually save the universe for that kind of money. I would also watch out for one of "those suits." You want to make sure you would bid on one of these suits! Now I ran into TWO, YES TWO 30k Darth Vader Helmets. This was a rough choice for me, I couldn't figure out whether to refinance the house for this one or divorce papers and all go ahead and make a push for this one. There are always ways to just go the cheap route and drop 6k on an action figure. Of course that isn't just ANY action figure Troops! Bottom line, you must use caution when using ebay. Research the people you do business with via feedback checks. Even if you don't register and bid, you can just browse and drool. Good luck to you good Troops in your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 6 December 2003 | 1:19 EST
YO JOE! Army builders clearanced at K-B Online:

G.I. Joe Cobra 3 3/4

Hey Troops, the G.I. Joe Cobra B.A.T. 3 3/4" Six-Figure Set has been clearanced to the low price of $9.99! To hell with Dr. Mindbender, with a price like this you could build your own army of androids cheaper with K-B Online. Also on sale is the KB exclusive Cobra Crimson Attack Tank (C.A.T.) for the price of $9.99. Looks like the old M.O.B.A.T. with a new paint job. The exclusive figure looks like a nice touch however.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 December 2003 | 21:40 EST
K & C Collectibles Update:
December 1st to December 15th we are offering Free UPS ground shipping (within the Continental US) to all customers who order $70 or more.

New this Week: 3-Pack that includes: Wampa with Hoth Cave, C-3PO with Escape Pod and General Rieekan with Tactical Screen

Yoda Unleashed
Boba Fett Unleashed
Han Solo Unleashed
Clone Wars Value Packs
Obi-Wan Kenobi - General #45
Mace Windu - General #48
Ayy Vida - #38
Imperial Dignitary Janus Greejatus - #35
Obi-Wan Kenobi Outlander Nightclub Encounter - #39
Elan Sleazebaggano - Outlander Nightclub Encounter #40
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Coleman Trebor - Battle of Geonosis #24
Wat Tambor - Geonosis War Room # 23
Padme Amidala - Secret Ceremony #22

Check out our stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section or just use the search function of the site.
enter below

Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 December 2003 | 17:09 EST
It's a Lightsaber to Die for!
Is a broken saber worth getting your teeth kicked in?Now you can re-experience the tension of the climactic duel in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace between Darth Maul, the minion of evil, and his Jedi rival, Obi-Wan Kenobi, with our Darth Maul Battle Damaged Lightsaber. Complete with battle scars and burns, this replica was carefully fashioned to look like Darth Maul's severed lightsaber when Obi-Wan cleaved it in half during their fight to the death. Master Replicas has interpreted the intricate inner workings of a lightsaber in this unique replica. The severed end exposes wiring and a complex array of ruby red crystals that give you a sense of what a "real" lightsaber might like look like on the inside. It's devilishly daunting, still smoking from battle! And it comes with a numbered metal plaque, plaque holder, Certificate of Authenticity, and custom crafted display case.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 December 2003 | 16:52 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I'm back from my toy run today. TRU (Gurnee, IL) had a few Clone Wars wave 2. Target (Gurnee, IL) had one exclusive A-wing and five exclusive Leia with speederbikes. The Gurnee Mills Suncoast video store (Gurnee, IL) had Clone Wars wave 2 for $6.99 and Unleashed Han, Yoda, and Boba Fett for $19.99."

I also saw more of the same at the Target in Waukegan, IL: 5 A-Wings and 5 Leia 12-inch on Speeder both on sale.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 December 2003 | 20:24 EST
New figures available at Cloud City Collectibles:
These NEW items have arrived, ready to be shipped.
Jedi Warrior 4-Packs
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
R2-D2 w/ Serving Tray
R1-G4 Tatooine Droid

Plus these new Pre-Order Animated Clone Wars figures have been added to the website.
Anakin Skywalker
Asajj Ventress
Mace Windu
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Deluxe/Ultra Saga Collection
Jabba the Hutt
B' Omarr Monk
Wampa Hoth Cave Attack
C-3P0 with Escape Pod

In addition these items were sold out, but are now restocked.
Clone Trooper Army packs in Blue, Red and White
Boba Fett-Greenish Armor
Han Solo Hoth-Brown Coat
Luke Throne Room-Right Hand Glove
Ayy Vida Twilek
Elan Sleazebaggano
McQuarrie Stormtrooper
Asajj Ventress
Durge Commander

Don't forget collector toys and Gift Certificates make excellent gifts! We have over 600 unique items in stock that are $5 or less!
Update 12/06: Free Ashla & Jempa figure with orders over $50, also all orders placed by December 16th are guaranteed for X-Mas Delivery!

- click to enter -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 December 2003 | 20:14 EST

TAKARA TRANSFORMER RELEASE SCHEDULE: Takara will be releasing the Masterpiece Prime, BT-02 Sideswipe, and #11 Astrotrain in a little over a week. We will begin to process these pre-orders over the weekend. Our suppliers have confirmed that we will receive 100% of BT-02 & Astrotrain we ordered, and at this point will receive about 70% of our Masterpiece Prime Order (They are working on the final 30% as well). We have more Masterpiece Primes on order with other suppliers and do not yet know how many we will be receiving in total, but we anticipate we will be able to fill current pre-orders with little or no delay. This is all the information we currently have and would greatly appreciate anyone with pre-orders for MP Prime refraining from inquiring about more specific info (due to an already huge workload during the holiday rush and these items on top of that). We will email you with specific info on your pre-order when we have specifics from our suppliers (Thanks for your patience!) We do not anticipate pre-Christmas delivery of these items to customers, but we will do our best to get them in, processed, and out the door in time to give them a fighting chance.

HASBRO USA 20TH ANNIVERSARY PRIME: We will be receiving these right at the end of December and anticipate being the first store in the country to have the US 20th Prime available in quantity! (because we are air shipping our entire shipment over instead of waiting the 4 - 5 weeks needed for a sea shipment) So place your pre-orders with confidence that we'll get them to you before anyone else - Pre-orders available for $74.99!

NEW TRANSFORMER PRE-ORDERS: We have listed the new Hasbro USA Alternator Hound for $24.99 - an awesome new rendition of Hound as a Jeep Wrangler. We anticipate Takara will release Hound as part of their BinalTech (BT) Line with die cast metal parts, but they have not announced it yet - as soon as they do, a pre-order will go up for an estimated $54.99 The new exclusive set of 6 repainted mini-cars has been listed for $49.99.

We appreciate your orders very much and look for more newsletters from us soon - we have a ton of new items arriving next week!

Update 6 December 2003 | 23:59 EST
STAR WARS KUBRICKS: The first series of SW Kubricks was very hard to find on the wholesale level. We were lucky to receive a large quantity of the Series 2 release. We are offering sealed boxes of 12 for $94.99 buy 4 boxes and we'll send a sealed master case of 48) Opened sets of 6 for $49.99, and opened Sets of 8 with the rare Indiana Jones 'Hidden' figure and Stormtrooper 'Hidden' figure included. The normal set of 6 includes: Sandtrooper, Han Solo, Greedo, Obi-Wan, Cantina Band Member and Tusken Raider. Available on the new Kubrick Menu. Sealed Master Cases guarantee the 'Hidden' Indiana Jones Figure.

INCOMING HASBRO ITEMS: We have a huge shipment of Hasbro Items arriving on Tues. or Wed. - Energon Optimus, Basics, Megas, 5 different Star Wars Case assortments, New 12" GI Joes, New BeyBlades, GI Joe Venom vs. Valor & more.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 December 2003 | 20:06 EST
Sandtrooper "Trooper Larry" reports:
"Hey Troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Ohio front again. Found the Unleashed Boba and Han, but no Yoda. Did spot the Spider droid, but other than that, all of the stores are still bare. The stock boy at TRU said that they can't keep the Star Wars figs on the shelves. I'm not sure why, at least in my area, it seems only Star Wars figs are hard to find. Good luck Troops!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 December 2003 | 19:39 EST
Collectors Gallery Online Information:
New Star Wars figures $64.95 per case. Clone Wars Coll 1 wave 6 & Coll 1 wave 14 IN STOCK $64.95 per case. Pre-Order Saga wave 16, Saga Coll 2 wave 15, Basic figures wave 2, all $64.95 per case. Ultra figures wave 1 $39.95 & wave 2 $59.95. Unleashed Figures wave 7 $59.95. Thousands of vintage & classic Star Wars toys in stock.
click to enter

Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 December 2003 | 19:06 EST
Action-HQ New Products Available: - Bringing the BEST to you FIRST this week with Star Wars Series 2 Kubricks, Episode I C-Watch & Japanese PreOrders!

Shipping from Dec 1st is the 2nd series of the Star Wars Kubricks. Get the Set of 6: Sandtrooper, Han Solo, Cantina Band Member, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Greedo and Tusken Raider or as singles including the chase White Sandtrooper. Starting at $9.95 and up! Get the brand new 1998 Star Wars Episode I C-Watch. This watch won the Innovative Toy of the Year Award given by the British Toy Association. For the super great price of $9.95! Originally, 5 years ago, it went for $29. See what makes this Watch so HOT!

Available for PreOrder this Dec 03/Jan 04:
  1/7 Pre-Painted Vinyl Figure Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper by Kotobukiya for $89.95!
  1/72 Slave I Model by Fine Molds for $59.95!
  1/72 Tie Interceptor Model by Fine Molds for $59.95!

Also at a special price of $36.95 is the Set of 3 - Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin & Articulated Clonetrooper! While supplies last!
visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 December 2003 | 17:40 EST
Sandtrooper Kevin in Columbus reports:
"Kevin in Columbus reporting, not much new to report, No new items lately. I do have an Unleashed Obi-Wan for trade or sale."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 December 2003 | 17:32 EST
Sandtrooper "Trooper Larry" reports:
"I found the new Tatooine Luke out at Wally World in Strongsville, OH. Other than that, every store around me has been ransacked. My TRU has nothing left except the Cinema Scenes."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 December 2003 | 15:50 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just received Kubricks Wave 2, the Jedi Warrior 4-Pack, new Saga 3 3/4", and more Holiday Yodas (which have been going very quickly!). These will all be posted on our website and ready to order by early evening!"
Brian's Toys

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 December 2003 | 22:17 EST
Section Update - Saga and Clone Wars Images Reloaded:
CWO Lord Spiceowan has reloaded the 2003 Image Section with Clone Wars Wave 2 and the Outlander Club Wave of the ongoing Saga series. The 2003 series wraps up shortly with just a few figures left for release, then it's on to 2004. Enjoy.

`03|#38 Ayy Vida™ Outlander Nightclub Patron AOC
`03|#39 Obi-Wan Kenobi™ Outlander Nightclub Encounter AOC
`03|#40 Elan Sleazebaggano™ Outlander Nightclub Encounter AOC

`03|#45 Obi-Wan Kenobi™ General of the Republic Army CW
`03|#46 Durge™ Commander of the Separatist Forces CW
`03|#47 Asajj Ventress ™ Sith Apprentice - Separatist Forces CW
`03|#48 Mace Windu™ General of the Republic Army CW

Posted by: Tyler | 3 December 2003 | 21:46 EST
Sandtrooper Yubyub with an update on Kubricks:
"There are only two colour variations of the Sandtrooper: orange and white. White is rare. Indy is in a Han box, rate is only 1/96. The Cantina band member has two variations of instruments. Three instruments in each box."

Thanks again to Sandtrooper Yubyub for the inside report on these Japanese exclusives.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 December 2003 | 21:38 EST
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Clearance! continues to clear out their warehouses just in time for Christmas. Also slashed were 12-inch Legacy wave Dengar and Zuckuss, Zam, Super Battle Droid, and Count Dooku. A very limited supply of newer Saga and Clone Wars items.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 December 2003 | 20:09 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Brian's Toys has just received the latest Master Replicas, Saga
Ultra Figures and 12" Waves. They are in stock and shipping immediately!
Latest Master Replicas:
Saga Master Replicas Emperor's Cane and Clasp $189.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator Weathered $189.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator As First Built $239.99
Saga Master Replicas Thermal Detonator Weathered Signature $279.99
Saga Master Replicas Jango Fett Blasters* $399.99
*additional shipping charges apply
Master Replica Pre-Orders will be shipping on Thurs. Dec. 4th.
Check out our entire MR selection:
New Saga ULTRA Figures Shipping NOW!
ANH Carded Deluxe C-3PO w/ Escape Pod C-9 $12.99
ESB Carded Deluxe General Rieekan C-9 $15.99
ESB Carded Deluxe Wampa C-9 $19.99
New Saga 12" Figures Shipping NOW!
ROTJ 12" Boxed AT-ST Driver $34.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Biker Scout $49.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Ewoks $39.99
ANH 12" Boxed Han Solo $29.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Lando Skiff $39.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Luke Jedi $14.99
ROTJ 12" Boxed Yoda $29.99
All of these great Star Wars deals can be found at
Star Wars featured
Also New: GIJOE Valor vs. Venom Figures Shipping NOW!
Valor Vs. Venom Carded Alley Viper II & Cobra Viper $19.99
Valor Vs. Venom Carded Duke & Cobra Commander $11.99
Valor Vs. Venom Carded Heavy Duty & Razorclaw $11.99
Valor Vs. Venom Carded Hi-Tech & Doctor Mindbender $11.99
Valor Vs. Venom Carded Scarlett & Sand Scorpion $14.99
Valor Vs. Venom Carded Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow $14.99
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Valor Vs. Venom Wave 1 Set of 6 $69.99
Valor vs. Venom:
Check out our weekly NEWSLETTER at NEWSLETTER for
these and loads of other great deals.
All these great items can be found at your #1 online resource for
Star Wars toys, Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 December 2003 | 20:05 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay reports:
I can’t believe it’s not SandtroopersDateline: Holiday Yoda News   "Just wanted to let everyone know that the Fan Club is now letting non-members place orders for the Holiday Yoda. Price is still $12.95 with a limit of 4 figures. Shipping for one figure was $6. I don't know how many are left in stock, so if you still need this figure for your collection, get it now!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 December 2003 | 19:50 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I visited the Kids World TRU in Elizabeth NJ and found the Ultra Wave General Rieekan, C-3P0 and Wampa figures. Very cool toys. I also found Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter. I'll be visiting the TRU in Times Square some time this week. Hopefully I'll be able to report more good news. That's all for now."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 December 2003 | 19:28 EST
New Items at D & S Sci-Fi Toy World:
Clone Wars Kit Fisto, Sae Sae & Super Articulated Clone Trooper
Christmas Yoda
Anakin Starfighter
R-3PO / Luke Hoth Wave
Sandtrooper Army 4-Pack - Back in Stock
Clone Wars - Durge, Asajj , Mace, Obi-Wan Wave
Hong Kong Early Bird R2-D2 with Drink Tray, R1-G4, Jedi Luke - Wave next week!

Back in Stock! - Action Fleet Republic Gunship, Slave I & Troop Transport

Indiana Jones Series 2 Figures:
  Indy with Idol
  Cairo Swordsman
  German Soldier

Venom vs Valor 3 3/4" Joes!

D & S Sci-Fi Toy World

Posted by: Steve | 2 December 2003 | 22:50 EST
The Unifying Force review is up for your enjoyment
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order - The Unifying Force, Book 19, Written by: James LucenoHey Troops, it is finished. Yes, the final book in the NJO has been released. I quite honestly don't know what I am going to do with myself now that it is over. This series has spanned 5 different years and now it all comes to conclusion in The Unifying Force. Well, click here to check out my review.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 December 2003 | 20:16 EST
Sandtrooper Brian L. reports:
"Hey Everyone! Made a few toy runs and turned up a few finds. Target in Castleton, IN. has about a dozen A-Wings on sale for $18.88. I picked one up yesterday. Also, the Meijer in Fishers had a new shipment of clone 3 packs, about 5 green troop packs and one yellow trooper pack. I picked up the yellow since it was the last one I needed, but the greens were still there when I left. They also had the new Red Master Chief from the Halo series if anyone is looking for those. That's about it for now! MTFBWY."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 December 2003 | 19:09 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
The rootinest, tootinest, pollutiest State"News from Central Texas. The Toys 'R' Us in Killeen, TX has the new Clone Wars deluxe wave. I saw the Durge with Speederbike, Clone Trooper with Speederbike, 3 pack Jedi Army, 3 Pack Clone Trooper with Blue Leader and an Unleashed Yoda & Han Solo. Target has the 12-inch Leia with speederbike & a few A-Wings. Wal-Mart still has about 20 Zam Wesells from the '02 wave and Kmart is a total bust. That's all from here, starfox signing out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 December 2003 | 18:57 EST
Additional Coupon Code Savings at TOY
Christmas is almost upon us and the last day we can guarantee items arrive before Christmas is December 15th. We have many discounts running until December 15th and have added a Coupon Code: moretoys. Just add this coupon code when submitting your orders and receive an additional 5% off all orders.

Current Discounts
  10% off all orders.
  15% off all orders $30.00 or more.
  20% off all order $90.00 or more.

For an additional 5% off all orders use the coupon code: moretoys when submitting your orders.
We will be receiving more 2 more cases NFL Series 7 & 3 cases of NBA Series 5, and G.I. Joe Crimson Guard Statue 6”.
- Enter Below -
TOY FELLAS - Forget about it!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 December 2003 | 2:16 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay reports:
I can’t believe it’s not Sandtroopers"Checked out my local Kmart here in Sumter, SC. Much to my suprise I was able to pick up Bail Organa, Imperial Digniary, Tatooine travel Padme, Nightclub Obi-Wan, Clone Wars Obi-wan, Mace, Durge and Asajj Ventress. So if you're still looking for the newest releases make sure you check Kmart on your runs. Now if my Wal-Mart here would just stock something newer than the Jango pilot wave, I'd really be happy."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 December 2003 | 1:15 EST
New Sponsor Added:
Hey Troops we are proud to announce our new affiliation with Action-HQ is based in Hong Kong which puts them at a great advantage when it comes to new product. In stock and shipping:

Achk Med-Bek
Super Articulated Clone Trooper    
Clone Wars Saesee Tiin
Kren Blista-Vanee
Clone Wars Kit Fisto
McQuarrie Stormtrooper
Hoth Luke Skywalker
Ultra C-3P0 with Escape Pod
Ultra General Rieekan

Check out their specials and check back often for updates. The stock of new product is very impressive indeed. For those of us who just can't wait!

visit Action-HQ below

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 December 2003 | 0:55 EST
Sandtrooper Ozziehihorse reports:
"Hi TROOPS! I got 2003 GOLD CARDS Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, Aayla Secura, Darth Maul Theed Hangar Duel,Padme Secret Cermony, Princess Leia Imperial Captive, Han Solo Flight to Alderaan and Barriss Offee FOR SALE $40 delivered! If you buy them all I will throw in a FAST THROUGH the FOREST for FREE!!!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 December 2003 | 0:21 EST
"Mos Eisley Checkpoint" Lego Diorama by ACPin:
Subject to scrutiny by the Sandtroopers"Every vehicle passing through the checkpoint has been subject to scrutiny by the Sandtroopers alerted by the Imperial command for the missing droids. The old hermit uses mind tricks to get past the security check."- ACPin

Check it out at AC Pin SW.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 1 December 2003 | 23:30 EST

KEBco Toys has more of the latest Saga figures In-Stock. Choose from Obi Wan Night Club, Elan Sleazebaggano, McQuarrie Stormtrooper, Bail Organa, Imperial Dignitary, Padme Tatooine, Ayy Vida Night Club and more. And be sure to enter KEBCO25OFF for your Coupon Code.

25% OFF all In-Stock items until Dec.10th, 2003 (Pre-Orders do not apply).

Also, check out the new GI Joe Valor vs Venom figures available for Pre-Order. Or join the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 1 December 2003 | 12:50 EST
Sandtroopette Donna in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. Didn't get to go shopping on Black Friday since I had to work but went on Saturday. The CW wave 2 have hit Target, Wal-Mart, and TRU, but I have yet to see a red ARC Trooper. From Target's ad, I only saw 12-inch Leias. Most of my cool finds were at TRU. Ran across Unleashed Han and Yoda but missed Boba. Also found all the latest mini lego sets. Got the last AT-TE. This one seems to be the one everybody is buying. TRU had a bunch of the Deluxe Durge and Clonetrooper with bikes and one red Clonetrooper Army 3-pack. Happy Hunting!!!"