November 2004

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 November 2004 | 21:54 EST
Sandtrooper ACPin Reports: Triple Play!
Sandtrooper ACPin has sent some links to his great Lego works, check two of his latest scenes from Hoth and a bonus of some heavy fire-power which is always held in high regard around here.

Echo Base RescueRescue Mission: Rescue Mission - The protocol droid C3-PO seeks out Han to inform him that Luke has not returned to the base. To find his friend, Han sets out on a Tauntaun in the Hoth's snowy wastes, heedless of the dropping temperatures, which is likely to kill him.

Command CenterCommand Center: The nerve center of Echo Base was its darkened command center where alliance scanner operators carefully monitored incoming data from the scattered sensors placed by Rebel scouts in the Hoth wilderness.

R.H.A.A.TR.H.A.A.T: The Republic Heavy Amored Artillery Tank was one of the first in the series of larger and more imposing armored vehicles that the Grand Army of the Republic built as a much more versatile craft to overcome the immense firepower of the Separatist ground vehicles.

If this has you Lego fans wondering how much you really can do with Lego products, see more work from ACPin here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 November 2004 | 20:28 EST
Update from Master
Master Replicas has all of the new Blasters on sale now. The one nearly sold out is of course, the Stormtrooper Blaster. Maybe if you beg Santa, he'll come early! The Rebel Trooper, and Princess Leia Sporting Blasters are near 50% sold out as well. Also in stock, but not for long are the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker F/X Lightsabers, .45 scale replica lightsabers. Rebel Snowspeeder (Limited Edition) is also available for Pre-Order. Visit Master today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 November 2004 | 20:02 EST
Force of the Bay: Any way You want it.
As long as I have been searching the world of ebay for rare and unique Star Wars items, it never gets old. With an average of 20k listings seven days a week you can always find something new or interesting that you may want to add to your Star Wars collection. You may think I?m off my rocker, or out of my tree, but I?d say do some browsing before you make that assumption. For those of you with a deep pockets or an extra thick wallet, you will enjoy the trip that much more. For the modern wonders that escaped you, for those of us who still beat to a vintage drum, it?s all there and then some Troopers. For all of you So Cal Troopers out there you may want to try hovering over the pool with your next cold one. I always seem to find something from the past, I knew nothing about and wish so badly I had! Maybe you don?t want to toy around if you?re a new collector, just buy a collection complete! There are several collections that are simply to die for. (They could keep the figures, just give me the video game!) From the smallest parts, to perhaps owning a piece of Star Wars History, make sure you visit the bay for all of your drooling needs! neither endorses nor authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you Troopers in your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 30 November 2004 | 18:18 EST

Star Wars: We've received more of the POST OTC figures including: Rab鬠Sly Moore, Yarua, Pablo Jill, Queen Amidala and very limited stock of some newer Post OTC figures. The OTC #38 Imperial Trooper and #32 Lando Skiff figures have just arrived, many other OTC figures are in stock and we've also restocked and lowered the pricing on a variety of OTC Vintage figures. Vintage Lando, Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader are in stock, prices have been lowered on Vintage: Boba Fett, Chewbacca, R2, Yoda, and Obi-Wan.

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and Return of the King Collector Wave 4 figures have just arrived! These waves feature more obscure figures from the movie as well as more versions of the main characters. ROTK Wave 4 sets of 5 include: Denethor - Steward of Gondor, Gorbag with webbed Frodo, Minas Tirith Citadel Guard (very cool), Smeagol - Stoor Fisherman, and Shelob Attack Frodo. We have limited stock of the Two Towers sets of 8 and have these 4 figures available separately: Gate of Mordor Sam, Legolas ? Arrow Launching, Shagrat - Mordor Uruk-Hai, and Prince Theodred.

McFarlane - Animated Beatles: The latest music figures from McFarlane have arrived. John, Paul, Ringo and George have been released as figures from the Beatles Animated cartoon that ran for a few years in the 60's. The sets of 4 are available for $41.99. We also have Yellow Submarine sets of 4 and a variety of other music figures including Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy.

Other Items in Stock
Macross: Queadluun Rau - Millia - Back in stock for $109.99
Gundam: PMX-003 The-O - MSIA figure - $34.99
Beast Machines: Items restocked
Xevoz: Cryo-Katana & Predacrawler and Moon Stalker & Hemo Goblin
Full Metal Alchemist: Minifigure Set of 4 - $22.99
Dark Crystal: Uryod the Numerologist Bust
Kabuki: Doppleganger and War Torn versions
Witchblade: Golden Kenneth Irons

Holiday Shipping: There is plenty of time to receive orders in time for the holidays. The 4.99 rate shipping will get your orders delivered on-time throughout the next few weeks and International Orders through express mail will arrive with plenty of time to spare. For international customers, now is a good time to take advantage of the favorable exchange rates! We've hired additional warehouse employees to move packages through faster and we look forward to providing great items to friends and family who'd enjoy a few nice toys and figures as gifts for the holidays.

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Posted by: dustrho | 29 November 2004 | 15:33 EST
Episode III Books on the Horizon
ROTS BooksI have always been fond of the various books that come out in relation to a Star Wars movie, and I will be looking forward to purchasing some of the visual guides and other reference material. The Official Site has recently released a list of all the EP3 books that will soon come out, and you can view that list of books by clicking here.

Posted by: dustrho | 29 November 2004 | 15:12 EST
Artwork of KOTOR2
KOTOR 2The video game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, The Sith Lords, will be released on December 7, 2004, and that happens to be just around the corner. The first KOTOR video game was one incredible ride, where you could choose the path of either the Light or Dark Side of the Force. The audio and video were out of this world, but creating the environments is really one of the hardest tasks in creating a video game. KOTOR2 has many new worlds and environments, and heading the artwork of KOTOR2 is the Lead Artist, Aaron Meyers. Aaron has recently written up his own "diary" of working behind-the-scenes of this upcoming game, and if you'd like to hear what he has to say then click here.

Posted by: dustrho | 29 November 2004 | 9:42 EST
Lucas Wants First Sequel Banned
Digital Spy has reported that George Lucas wants his first sequel, "The Star Wars Holiday Special," to be banned, because he isn't thrilled with the performance of this movie. The special was broadcast in 1978 on the CBS network, and followed Chewbacca's journey home with Hans Solo to celebrate Life Day with his family.

Posted by: dustrho | 29 November 2004 | 9:36 EST
"The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy"
The Chicago Sun-Times recently wrote up an article about "The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy." In this article the 30-year-old Charles Ross, a Canadian actor, does a performance in which Ross squeezes George Lucas' original trilogy movies into 55 minutes, and the show comes complete with character impressions, key dialogue, sound effects and battle re-enactments. He is currently performing at Chicago's Apollo Theater through February 14 (Fridays at 10:30 pm and Sundays at 6 pm). For more information call (773) 935-6100.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 29 November 2004 | 8:28 EST
Sandtroopette SoCal Donna Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Costal Defender“Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal here. First off, a big Shout Out to fellow So Cal Trooper Dom for hooking me up with the Scanning Crew fig. Even though I had to work on Black Friday, I was still able to find some new stuff after work. Went to TRU and scored all five of the Post-OTC wave one with Sly Moore. They all rung up for $5.99 and there was a sticker on the pegs noting Pre-EPIII figs priced at $5.99. Also able to pick up the Naboo set. Then on Sunday, went to Target and found the re-issued Unleashed Darth Vader wave, the Jedi Force including the elusive Darth Vader and the Slave I. The Slave I?s are slowing trickling in and the one I bought still does not contain his missile. Nothing at Wal-mart and K-mart. Happy Hunting to all!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 November 2004 | 21:08 EST
Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews: VOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi
Hey Troops, Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews have been updated. We continue with our third review from the VOTC Collection, Obi-Wan Kenobi. See if this old fossil is worth adding to your collection. We would say if you are a selective collector, this could be the one to pass up, if you are the person who has to have one of every figure, prepare for some more deja-vu. Would you rather have your vintage Obi-Wan with a lightsaber jammed in his arm still? Give us knee joints or give us death! See if you agree with us. Feel free to offer your own feedback about the VOTC collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 28 November 2004 | 20:47 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Rod Reports:
“SoCal Rod reporting in and not much on the Star Wars front in southern California. KB did put out the new 15-inch VOTC Chewie as the Hemet KB had about (4) of the fury beast as of Sunday. Target in Hemet put out new figures, if you can call it that. They put out a case of the hall of shame.... ah..I mean.... hall of fame assortment. The Toys "R" Us in Murrieta had a whole platoon of OTC Lobot. If one was looking for an army of Lobot this is the place to be. Very little new product anywhere! Hope you guys are fairing better than me!”

Posted by: dustrho | 28 November 2004 | 20:22 EST
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In!
Hello fellow Troopers! After hitting several different Target stores over the Thanksgiving break, the thing I noticed most is that stores are stocking up their shelves with plenty of gold-carded Saga figures. Now tell me this... who needs them!? I know I don't need to see any of those figures on the pegs, because I would rather see some of these new Post-OTC figures that I haven't seen yet in any store. Something I did see quite a few of are many different Unleashed figures, including the new re-carded Count Dooku (not Darth Tyrannus like its previous version) and Mace Windu, plus a few Chewbaccas, Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) and Red Clone Troopers. Every Target store that I stopped at had at least three of the new OTC Slave-I ships, and these look pretty sweet in the new packaging. Lastly I've seen a lot more VOTC figures showing up in Target stores (Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2), but I haven't seen a VOTC C-3PO figure in a store before.

So, if you're looking for some gold-carded Saga figures, Unleashed or VOTC figures, then go out to your local Target stores now. It sounds like these stores are trying to fill their shelves/pegs with anything Star Wars related that they can get their hands on for the holiday season.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 November 2004 | 23:01 EST
Sandtrooper Mark Reports:
“There is not much to report from the north side of the Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN area. The Target in Shoreview, MN had lots of OTC Madine, Lando, AT-ST Has, Lobot, and Bespin Leia Basic OTC figures. They also had many VOTC Stormtrooper, Fett, R2-D2, and Chewbacca figures. The TRU in Roseville did not have much unless you are still looking for the Naboo multi-pack or the Y-Wing. I have not seen the post OTC wave yet. If there are any G.I. Joe collectors out there I am looking for the KB toys Crimson Sabotage H.I.S.S., the Ice Sabre, and Quickstrike.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 November 2004 | 21:42 EST
Video Game Section now LIVE:
Hey Troopers, we are using our binoculars to once again look ahead to some of the great video games that are being released so very often by this hobby. Staff Members Rob Amid and Adam Silva Jr. will be handling the review of Video Games here at Sandtroopers. From time to time we may employ a special S.C.A.L.P. Operative to lend them a hand. However we begin with two Star Wars titles that received much praise from gamers around the globe, see what are team had to say about these great games.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 November 2004 | 16:54 EST
Sandtrooper Ox Reports:
“Hello fellow Troopers. I would like to know if anyone has a Jedi costume pattern including rode that can be sent to me. I want to dress up for the Ep.III as a Jedi went the movie comes up in May. Can anyone help me? If so, please let me know, much thanks.”

Ox, I'd check out our Forums and also seek out advice, someone there is sure to help you out.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 27 November 2004 | 16:48 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys Newsletter #283
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We have posted our latest Newsletter #283. The new Holiday Jawa is now available for Pre-Order! Our shipment will be arriving next week just in time for the holidays. Order now for only $24.99. Also in stock Basic Carded General Madine, Han AT-ST Driver, Lando General and Leia Bespin. New Set of 12 Classic Carded Figures makes a great gift for the new collector, available for $179.99! The Clone Wars Yoda Maquette is still in stock for only $59.99. Other Star Wars featured items this week include Clone Wars Boxed Geonosian Fighter, CW Boxed Hailfire Droid, Saga Star Tours G2-4T and R4-M9, Saga carded R1-G4 and Stormtrooper Death Star Chase. Saga 12-inch Wholesale Case is available including: Biker Scout x 1, Ewoks x 1, Luke Jedi x 2, Yoda x 2 for $129.99 per case. If your order 5 or more cases they are only $114.99 per case. POTJ carded Anakin with Droid,

Aurra Sing and Ben Kenobi (Episode IV) are featured along with the EP1 Ki-Adi Mundi, Mace Windu, Naboo Royal Security and POTF2 Commtech Wuher, EU Darktrooper, EU Imperial Sentinel, EU Kyle Katarn and Boba Fett Riddell Helmet.

This weeks featured vintage includes carded ESB Bossk C-9.5 German, ESB Bossk C-9+ Palitoy 45-Back (no logo on front), ROTJ Boba Fett C-9.5 (Palitoy Card, Tri-Logo Figures, Space Scene), ROTJ Luke Skywalker C-9 (Desert Scene, Yellow Hair, Palitoy) and Tri-Logo IG-88 C-8.5/9. Please see our website for more details. 12-inch Darth Vader MISB C-7.5 just in for $375.00.

New Reduced Prices on 2 great in-stock 2004 Convention Exclusives: Mattel Batman Exclusive 2004 Convention Batman (Standard) now only $39.99 and MOTU Wizard World Exclusive She-Ra Princess of Power MISB now only $39.99!

Featured Valor vs. Venom items now in stock: 12-inch Spirit Iron Knife, Cobra Venom Cycle with Cobra Viper and Operation Crimson Sabotage with Three Crimson Guard Figures. These are the latest G.I. Joe items now available for pre-order: Wave 6 Set of 6 including Frostbite & Snow Wolf,

Sergeant Bazooka & Dreadnok Torch, Cobra Slice & Cobra Slash, Tunnel Rat & Razor Claw, Shipwreck & Electric Eel, Wild Bill & Coil Crusher; Desert Coyote with Figures, Desert Striker Humvee with Rollbar, Jungle Striker Humvee with Rollbar, Night Adder with Wild Weasel Repaint, Sky Sweeper Jet with Sgt. Airborne, and the Venomition Chamber with Figure.

Many loose Simpsons figures now back in stock! Also just in the Celebrity Series carded Hank Scorpio and Boxed Exclusive Family Christmas!

Posted by: rob | 27 November 2004 | 1:07 EST
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
Deep recon from the Great Lakes state!?This trooper started at 5 AM to run the gambit in Northern Indiana to bring you a store report on the busiest shopping day of the year. Here's what I found when rubbing elbows with the all the Notre Dame fans.

Wal-Mart (Plymouth): Wal-Mart was a mad house when we walked in at 5:15 AM! People were jockeying for position to snag the early bird sales on DVD players, kids learning keyboard, TV's, and computers. However, this Trooper made his way back to the action figure aisle to scope out if anything had been brought out since Wednesday night. I was rewarded with finding a single VOTC Stormtrooper where just over 24 hours ago, there had been nothing at all. They also had the OTC Slave Leia wave, but I passed as I already had most of these in my collection.

K-mart (Plymouth): There was nothing for Star Wars toys here except a Saga Dengar or two. Quite disappointing for a store that in the past has offered up some HTF figures.

K-mart (US-31 South Bend): Not much here besides a few OTC Lobot and the Blue Snaggletooth Cantina. However, they did have some nice 4-shelf bookcases on sale for under $13. These are perfectly sized and priced to display your collection!

Target (US-31 South Bend): This Target had all the VOTC, including R2-D2, C-3P0, and Chewbacca, as well as a single Slave-1. I snagged a few VOTC Stormtroopers from here to add to the growing collection guarding my Imperial shuttle.

Meijers (US 20 & 331): The Rabe wave of the Post OTC wave was lingering here. A lot of the Celebration Amidala figures while only a few of the others in that wave. The Unleashed X-wing Luke Skywalker also answered the roll call and was keeping the recently released Unleashed figures company.

Meijers (Main St. Mishawaka): Nothing present except some older Saga figures. No sign of any Post OTC figures that had been seen at many Meijers lately.

Buy Me Toys (University Commons Mishawaka/South Bend): A cool comics and collectibles store that has something for everyone. From figures and Gentle Giant busts to comics and posters, this place was packed full of goods! I was informed that they would be bringing out even more Star Wars stuff as they were still unpacking it all. They did have quite a few of the Exclusive Sandcrawlers at the very reasonable price of $55. None of them appeared to have the droid arm errors that we've seen pop up in other areas. If you are into the statues and busts, definitely check this place out as they have quite a selection of busts, bust ups, Clone Wars Maquettes and Kotobukiyas! All in all, a nice opportunity to grab whatever you need to fill in the gaps in your collection!

KB Toys (University Park Mall): Unless you're looking for old blue card Saga figures or trying to pick up the new Cobra H.I.S.S/A.S.P multi-pack, then I wouldn't waste your time here. It took me longer to find a parking spot than to go through the pegs to discover that this was a wasted trip.

TRU (Mishawaka): While it was crowded with parents and children alike, this was definitely the place to be if you were looking for the VOTC figures. They must have received multiple cases of each wave because I saw no less than half a dozen VOTC Stormtroopers, five VOTC R2-D2's, five VOTC Chewies, and three VOTC C-3P0's. They also had plenty of the Falcons and the new Naboo Final Conflict multi-packs in stock. I walked out with more Stormies for my collection, but left plenty behind for my fellow collectors.

Wal-mart (Mishawaka): Only a few ANH VOTC figures and a lone VOTC R2-D2 were on the pegs in this store. Every time that I've stopped in here, it's been very disappointing. Save your time and go elsewhere to try and score the toys you are looking for.

That's it for me on this wild and crazy day. All I can say is it's time for some leftovers and a nap. If anyone out there's interested in trading to me a loose Naboo Royal Starship playset, Gentle Giant busts, or Imperial AT-AT's, please contact me. Also still looking to get hooked up with that awesome display for the Sam's Club Falcon (see through oval with the ship and figures inside.) Remember, United We Find! Sandtrooper Jetfire out!"

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 November 2004 | 20:39 EST
Sandtrooper Forcehunter Reports:
“I love Black friday, which was a good friday for me my fellow Troopers. I went to TRU (Jacksonville FL): “at 6:30 am and scored: VOTFC Stormtrooper and VOTC Yoda (finally) 1 left, 1x Y-wing fighter. They also had the transitional figures, Pablo Jill and Amidala. I checked in with Wal Mart next and discovered a lone VOTC 3PO and found the Jabba Wave (OTC Bib, Gammorean, Leia) I find it noteworthy that they had a lot of Hoth Vaders. Very unusual.

As for non-SW, TRU: “I picked up two Spiderman 2 Doctor Octopus figures for only 9 bucks total. They also had two SMC Rhino figures. Found a Transformers Energon Shockblast (Shockwave for all of us old guys)

Wal-Mart: “Marvel Legends series 6 Phoenix, she's mine baby, at long last! Transformer Alternators Silverstreak, Hound and Dead End. Big haul for a day to clear out peg warmers. Hope you boys had some fun.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 November 2004 | 20:38 EST
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
“Since K-Mart was open on Thanksgiving, I decided to see if they had any Cantina Scene #2, and I was rewarded with some case fresh stock at the K-Mart on Reynolds Rd. in Toledo, OH. Awesome. My OTC collection is now complete. The K-Mart in Ann Arbor, MI did not have any of the Scene #2 late in the day. K-Mart otherwise had slim pickings. I hope they stock tonight; otherwise, there are hardly any figures on the pegs for Black Friday. Trooper Jon out.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 26 November 2004 | 20:36 EST
This week at Action-HQ
visit Action-HQ below
Action-HQ now has the four newest Star Wars figures in stock. Choose from Feltipern, Myo, Dannik, and of course the observant Sandtrooper! Also this week, Batman Figure Set from Kia Asyamia JAPAN! Another FIRST from! Get Batman in his detailed best done the Japanese way from Kia Asyamia. Get the set of 4 including Penguin, Catwoman and Two-Face or get 3 out of the 4 sold separately. Plus Marvel Legends 8, Devilman, Evangelion, Transformers, Godzilla and MORE!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 November 2004 | 18:26 EST
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“OTC Millenium Falcon exclusive with figures & Naboo final combat 4 pack. Empire Luke Hoth attack & Empire R-3PO figures, vintage Y-Wing, X-Wing Fighter snap model kits & Boba Fett Ben Cooper costume. OTC Empire Lando Calrissian, X-Wing fighter & Darth Vader hang-ups in stock.”

Click Here

Posted by: Julian | 25 November 2004 | 17:55 EST
Thanksgiving: Not just the Turkey!
The first Thanksgiving observance in the United States was purely religious, not involving a feasting. This took place on Dec. 4, 1619, when a group of 38 English settlers arrived at Berkeley Plantation, on the James River near what is now Charles City, Virginia. The charter of the group required that the day of arrival be observed yearly as a day of thanksgiving to God.

Thile the Revolutionary War was taking place, eight special days of thanks were observed, celebrating victories and being saved from dangers. President George Washington in 1789 proclaimed November 26 as a day of national thanksgiving. The Protestant Episcopal Church, the same year, announced the first Thursday in November would be a regular day for giving thanks every year.

Although some states had a yearly Thanksgiving holiday, for many years the United States did not have a regular national Thanksgiving Day. It was in 1830 that New York had an official state Thanksgiving Day, and soon other Northern states followed New York's example. By 1855, Virginia became the nation's first Southern State to adopt the custom as well.

In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln gave an official formal announcement that the last Thursday in November would be a day to thank and praise our Father. After Lincoln's public declaration and for the next 75 years, the President formally proclaimed Thanksgiving Day to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, wanting to help businesses by lengthening the shopping period before Christmas, set the special day to be celebrated one week earlier. Congress ruled that after 1941 the fourth Thursday of November would be observed as Thanksgiving Day and would be a legal federal holiday, remaining this way ever since.

Today, Thanksgiving is usually a family day, celebrated with delicious dinners and happy reunions. Mentioning Thanksgiving often calls up memories of kitchens and pantries crowded with good things to delight our tastes with.

But besides the deliciously prepared bird at the table, accompanied by grandma's unforgettable secret stuffing and sweet yams, Thanksgiving isn't just about the turkey. It is primarily a time for religious thinking, when those of us involved in the spiritual faith pray and thank the Lord for all the good we've been allowed to receive and enjoy!

From our families to yours:

Posted by: dustrho | 25 November 2004 | 11:26 EST
Target: Wake Up Call
Who needs an alarm clock to wake you up for Black Friday, when you can have your favorite Sith Lord, Darth Vader, do a wake up call for you? Target is running a special service where you can choose one of ten different people who can call you, so that you don't miss out on any of the early Black Friday sales. This is the first I've heard of any company doing this, and to have stars like Ice T, Cheech, Heidi Klum and Darth Vader calling you is a pretty cool marketing strategy. Interested? Go to to sign up for this service!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 November 2004 | 11:00 EST
NEW Jawa Sandcrawler - CHEAP!
Happy Thanksgiving troops!
Long to no hear (from me, that is...).
Anyway, I have an extra Sandcrawler I am offering on Ebay. Chances are you can pick this one up very cheap! Email me if you have any questions. Thanks!
-Emperor Crypt (Formerly: Darth Crypt)


Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 November 2004 | 0:52 EST
Happy Thanksgiving:
The Staff at would like to wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. With the Holiday Season upon us, take a moment to reflect on the things that are more important than Star Wars collecting and enjoy your families. God Bless America and United We Find!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 25 November 2004 | 0:46 EST
Update from
Here are a few Sale items at Toys R
Silver Darth Vader -Free Shipping
Asajj Ventress Maquette
OTC Millennium Falcon
OTC Sandcrawler
Red Y-Wing - Gold Leader
Jedi Council - Scene IV
Jedi Council - Scene III
Naboo Final Conflict 4-Pack

New items.
Post OTC- Pablo Jill
Post OTC- Rabe
Post OTC - Yarua
Post OTC- Queen Amidala
Post OTC- Sly Moore

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 November 2004 | 23:42 EST
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Ranger“Ann Arbor, MI: Went on a toy run today hoping to get lucky with some pre-Black Friday new stock. The Post-OTC wave is hitting Meijer stores in the area. I saw them in Toledo, OH yesterday and Ann Arbor today. (No ANH figures though.) I picked some up for a fellow trooper in the area. The Target in Ypsilanti was stocked with full pegs of VOTC ESB/ROTJ and OTC General Lando, Madine, and Han AT-ST. I have yet to see one Slave I at any Target store.

No signs of Cantina scene #2 at any of the five K-Mart stores that I've hit in the last two days. Plus, their pegs are nearly empty. I wonder if K-Mart is going to stock on Thanksgiving since their stores are open. I may need to hit them in the morning. The Wal-Mart stores in the area have nothing. I've stopped at the one in Belleville, MI almost daily for six weeks and haven't seen one new OTC figure. There must be major scalping at that location (or they just hate me). The Toys "R" Us in Ann Arbor had full pegs today, but it was all older OTC stuff. Plenty of Y-Wings though. I'd like to wish all the Troopers a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day. Gobble, gobble!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 November 2004 | 23:39 EST

Happy Thanksgiving from Big Bad Toy Store! Here is a quick udpate about a few new arrivals.

Sentinel Maximus: The figures have arrived and Hasbro has done a nice job packaging them. The windowless box features artwork and actual photos of the figure, Sentinel Maximus is packaged in a form fitting inner plastic bubble that encases the figure and holds it in place without any annoying twist ties! We have limited stock available for $74.99 each.

Transformer Predaking and Pre-Order Update: We will be processing Pre-orders for Predaking this weekend to prepare for their December arrival. Other items also arriving soon are: Robotmaster RM-15, RM-16, RM-17, Macross Koenig Monster, Gundam Perfect Grade Strike Gundam, BT-10 Grimlock, Alternators Grimlock, Swindle, Meister, Unleashed Wave 12 Re-Releases. All these pre-orders will likely be processed between Friday and Sunday.

Gundam: We've listed a pre-order for the upcoming March shipment of the awesome FIX 0013 Deep Striker. This figure has been very hard to come by in the past and Bandai is finally making more of them - available for preordering for $119.99. A few Seed MSIA figures are back in stock as well - #02, #03, #04, #06.

Sideshow/Van Helsing/Friday the 13th: Anna Valerious from Van Helsing has just arrived and is available for $34.99. Also in stock for $34.99 is the new Friday the 13th Part 2 - Jason Vorhees complete with the sack he wears over his head and a pitchfork.

Lord of the Rings: A variety of products from different manufacturers -

--Master Replicas - Sting Sword FX - now in stock for only $74.99.
--Barbie/Mattel - The new Ken as Legolas Doll is now in stock for $33.99.
--Sideshow/Weta - Legolas Statue is back in stock for $99.99.

Other Cool Items in Stock
Movie Maniacs 7 - Robocop back in stock. TX Chainsaw Set - $34.99
Moore: The Darkness and Golden Witchblade
Marvel Select: Spiderman and other Deluxe Marvel Select figures in stock.

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Posted by: Julian | 24 November 2004 | 14:48 EST
Thanksgiving Special at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles would like to give ?Thanks? this Thanksgiving holiday weekend by offering 15% off all in-stock merchandise. To qualify for the 15% off discount all orders must be placed on-line or by phone between Friday November 26th starting at 6:00am CST and ending on Sunday November 28th, 2004 at 6:00pm CST. Total merchandise order must be at least $75.00 or more.

Discount code is THANKS

The discount code must be placed into the on-line order form during the check out process. This offer does not apply to pre-order items or to any previous orders. No rain checks. Offer valid while supplies last. Some items by sale out which would cause your order to fall below the minimum in which case the discount code would be invalid. Insure you order more than the minimum. Pre-Order deadline is November 29th.

Episode II - European Kellogg Figure Set
C-3PO Giant Pez
Chewbacca Giant Pez
Darth Vader Giant Pez
R2-D2 Giant Pez
Yoda Giant Pez
C-3PO Limited Edition Pez
Darth Vader Limited Edition Pez
Yoda Limited Edition Pez

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 November 2004 | 14:12 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Trooper“Here's a little store report for today.

Target (Gurnee, IL): “had every VOTC fig except C-3PO & the Stormtrooper for $8.84. They also had old HOF figs, not to mention the OTC Slave I & Unleashed Count Dooku in the new packaging.

Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL): “had 2 VOTC ROTJ Boba Fetts & plenty of VOTC ANH figs except Luke. The rest were old figs.

TRU (Gurnee, IL): “still has a VOTC C-3PO as well as the VOTC ROTJ figs & plenty of Y-wing Fighters.

KB Toys (Gurnee, IL) “still has the 2 VOTC ESB C-3PO, ROTJ Boba Fett, & ROTJ Stormtroopers.

Target (Waukegan, IL): “had a couple of VOTC ROTJ Boba Fett to go with the old stuff. That's all for now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 November 2004 | 14:07 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports:
Bleeds Armor“Pre-Turkey day toy run netted me the elusive OTC Scanning Crew Trooper from Target in Killeen, TX. I picked up 2 one to keep and one to trade. The card has a small bend on the bottom corner. All other stores are getting ready for Black Friday, except Kmart, which is open on Thanksgiving! Poor, poor, poor employees that have to go in. That?s all from Central Texas. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Troopers out there! Starfox signing out.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 24 November 2004 | 14:04 EST
Sandtrooper Jedihawk Reports:
Texas S.C.A.L.P. Border Patrol“I just wanted to drop a note in before the holiday. There is not much going on here in Central TX. Here is a current break down:

Target: “Full Pegs of VOTC ROTJ waves. Lots of Boba, Stormtroopers, R2, and Chewie. A few of the ESB one also. No C-3PO. Also they have not put out any basic figures in a while. They have a few TIE, X-Wing and Falcons also. Also this is the only place I have seen the Jedi Force line. They have all of them except the Vader. They have not restocked the Galactic Heroes in a while. Lots of Unleashed, but still no Slave I. I can't believe that. I am just not sure what is going on there, granted they have no shelf space for it anyway.

Wal-Mart #1: “What can you say besides choking on VOTC ANH. I mean they have those things stacked up all over the toy section. Also still sporting the 2004 Saga figures with a few early OTC figures in the mix. Not much to speak of basically. I have not seen anything new here is quite some time. Well since they put out all of those VOTC figs. They also have tons of the Galactic Heroes waves 1 & 2.

Wal-Mart #2 “Almost the same story. Although they have had peppering of new OTC figures every now and then. But right now it full pegs of VOTC ANH and some early OTC figures mixed in with SAGA 05 figures. So not much news there either.

TRU: “Wow, what interesting mess this place is. Not real sure what is going on here. Unfortunately I missed the POTC wave they put out last week but it was only one case. The week before I picked up the last OTC figures I needed from the one case they got. They have pegs full of old figures. They have tones of everything else that is OTC. I mean everything, except basic figures. I?m not real sure why this is. But it has been this way for a long time. They have and overload of Unleashed also. Chewie, Hoth Luke and Clones. So if you are not there the day they open the case you are out of luck for basic figures. They still have some Silver Vader figures left also. Well that about sums it up for this locale. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Troops out there. And as always...Hunt'em Down!”

Posted by: dustrho | 24 November 2004 | 11:19 EST Newsletter
Master Replicas' AT-AT Walker shipped to you yesterday and will arrive today (if you are in the UK). All allocation is taken and fully sold out. We doubt more stock will ever arrive because this piece was the most anticipated MR product to date! A fantastic piece so enjoy...

IN STOCK & SHIPPING NOW: OTC #38 Imperial Trooper (Scanning Technician) ?12
This figure is at a premium price due to very bad case-packs/assortments from Hasbro leaving us with 9 figures from 12 that don't sell! Yet we had to pay the full price for all 12 of them. Sorry for this but its also unclear at present if this figure will even re-ship in another assortment later.

Darth Vader Voice Changer Mask ?30
All 12 VOTC figures and 34 of 39 total OTC basic figures

Head on over to now!

Posted by: dustrho | 23 November 2004 | 20:08 EST
AT-ST: Revisiting an Old Release
The reappearance of one of the most desirable vehicles from that galaxy far away, the infamous "Chicken Walker" took place back on April of 2002 under the Power Of The Jedi Line. The Vehicle had been previously released for modern era Star Wars back in 1995, packaged in the red and yellow starburst box common at the time and, as part of the Power of the Force 2 Line.

Was this 1995 version really worth getting? Was its price considered fair? Has your "Chicken" become victim of poor plastic use?

Take a look at the detailed pictures and read a new review of this POTJ release. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 23 November 2004 | 19:32 EST
Sandtrooper Jack Reports:
“Hey Troopers, there is not and new product worth mentioning in my area, it seems we are all plagued with the same bad retail luck of late. I am in need of some assistance, I?m looking for R2-D2 interactive Droid Easter Eggs (I lost my sheet) and won't come up. Thanks in advance.”

Posted by: dustrho | 23 November 2004 | 9:31 EST
Lucasfilm Ltd. is Moving
LucasfilmLucasfilm Ltd. is planning on moving 1,500 employees from their current base of operations in Marin County to San Francisco in July 2005. George Lucas will be moving his visual effects and video game units to the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco's Presidio. Unfortunately local officials of Marin County are not too thrilled with this decision. Read the full story here.

Posted by: dustrho | 23 November 2004 | 8:56 EST
Anthony Daniels Played ANOTHER Role in ANH?
Anthony DanielsDid anyone here know that Anthony Daniels played another role in Star Wars: A New Hope, besides playing the role of C-3PO? I sure didn't until I checked out his personal website. He played the small role of CZ-3. I think it's pretty cool learning about this now, especially after ANH has been out for almost 30 years. It's just one of those things you learn about from the actors, and not from George Lucas or Lucasfilm. I would never have known about this, had I not gone to Anthony Daniels' personal website. Want to learn more about Anthony Daniels? If you do then check out his site here, and feel free to talk about this in our forums.

Posted by: dustrho | 22 November 2004 | 21:48 EST
Dewback Patrol: Boston's Super Mega Fest Staff Member Jimsjedi took his Dewback and surveillance equipment out to Boston's Super Mega Fest, a convention that had celebrities like Vern Troyer, Virgil, Kenny Baker, and Anthony Daniels. Jim did a great job covering this exciting event, so be sure to read his coverage and see the photos of the event here. If you have any comments or questions about this event feel free to post them in our forums.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 November 2004 | 19:25 EST
Force of the Bay: Diggin' like Sallah to make You Holla!
Ebay is like one big goldmine, the deeper you dig, the better the find. There are so many vintage relics to choose from, the possibilities are simply endless. So grab yourself a cold one, and let?s take another journey on our Dewback to the world of ebay. Sometimes you come across something that is almost impossible to believe, I mean how could you authenticate such a thing? Perhaps this auctioneer took a page out of our Halloween Contest Winner RJP?s playbook and decided to turn it into a paycheck! There is just about anything you can imagine from the good ol? days. Last time we ran into one of those things, some old geezer pulled a fast one on the squad. However, just when you think you?re licked there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You could end up flat on your back with some of the amazing things you can find. I swear you can take it to the bank, I guarantee it. You?ll find things that will make you wonder, you?ll find things to make you drool, make sure to check the sellers feedback or you may be the fool. You can even find something new to wear. Those look a lot like mine, except mine have scalper brown decorating the toe. Whatever the treasure is, just make sure you put it on your list, Santa will be here next month. I?m sure we?ve all been good Troops and Troopette?s! neither endorses nor authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers in your search. Kick A#$ and take names!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 22 November 2004 | 19:11 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports:
Bleeds Armor“A few footnotes from Central Texas. Sun Coast has the Yoda Maquette and the Sandcrawler. The Sandcrawler is a lot shorter than I imagined and definitely not worth the $59.99 they were asking for it. I?ll wait until they go on clearance somewhere before I drop some hard earned cash on this baby! .... Starfox signing out... ”

Posted by: Julian | 22 November 2004 | 17:30 EST
Sandcrawler's RA-7 Droid: What's up with the Arms?
Recently, our friends over at The Jawa posted pictures of an error found dealing with the Sandcrawler's RA-7 Droid. The figure shown at their site was mistakenly packed with TWO RIGHT ARMS, making the droid look extremely awkward.

How could they?Well, I have some news. I have just come back from Orlando, Florida and visited Downtown Disney's Once Upon a Toy, the store operated by Hasbro and where the exclusive Sandcrawler is being sold. On their shelves there were about 12 Sandcrawlers and out of those twelve, three had the error shown at The Jawa. On the other hand (or should I say arm), the one I picked (the one in the picture you'll see) has two LEFT arms, instead ... TWO LEFT ARMS ! This was the only one the store had and was pulled out of a brand new case for me.

Click the thumbnails to see both frames. 

Two attempts, still not right!After seeing the poor quality of the plastic used for the "new version" of the Sandcrawler, the lack of electronics and even the lack of movement as it has NO wheels, these errors come to accent even further how little attention to quality control Hasbro paid to this toy. Instead of improving on its design and pack-ins, seems rather an effort was made to strip it off from any collectible value, yet charging a premium due to its "justifiable" Exclusive status. For collectors gathering variants and errors toys, like myself, it is a cool deal. However, I can understand the rest of you out there getting upset. After all, the figure being a rehash and inaccurately painted gold, now shows up with wrong arms. Way to go big H! Check out the detailed pictures of the error and ... Enjoy?

Note:  Look for a complete review, past and present, with over 20 pictures of the Sandcrawler very soon.

Posted by: dustrho | 22 November 2004 | 12:37 EST
Mark Hamill Not Happy with the Prequels
Mark HamillIt has been reported that the 53-year-old Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the first three Star Wars movies, is not very happy with how the prequels have gone, stating that they are "too serious." Hamill said, "To me, they are just too serious. So orderly and almost religious. Like The Ten Commandments." He also mentioned that he is furious the new series has turned the saga into a lesson in Christian morals. This information was reported on's website.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 November 2004 | 20:07 EST
Sandtrooper Snipe Reports:
“Hey it's Snipe from So Cal! I just went to my local TRU and they got some pretty cool stuff. They just got a shipment of Darth Vader voice changers, which this is the first place I've seem them. They are also getting in Star Wars buddies. They have a ton of Falcons, TIE Fighters and X-wings, it seems they are too expensive right now. TRU also has the new Hoth and Naboo TRU exclusive packs. The 12-inch OTC figures aren't selling at all here, so there's a ton of them. They are way to expensive. Snipe signing off!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 21 November 2004 | 17:11 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys Newsletter #282

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Four great new figures now in stock including Dannik Jerriko, Feltipern Trevagg, Myo and Sandtrooper all for $19.99 each. Other great figures back in stock in new packaging including Chewbacca, Han Solo, Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper and Yoda Dagobah. Tons Reduced Prices on OTC AFA Items! See the newsletter to see just how much you are saving! Reduced prices on almost every figure from Bib Fortuna and Boba Fett to Darth Vader to Leia to Luke to R2 and too many more to list! Not only are the carded figure reduced but the 12-inch AFA items as well, new low prices on Boba Fett, Luke and the Stormtrooper.

Select classic OTC figures now back in stock, new wholesale case of 8 availale including Boba Fett, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, Stormtrooper & Yoda for only $99.99 per case. Discounts if you purchase multiple cases.

In other Star Wars featured items we have the Clone Wars Clone Trooper Army sets in all colors in stock, the Saga McQuarrie Stormtrooper in back in stock, Kotobukiya Darth Vader in only $99.99, Boba Fett Mini-Bust is still available for only $349.99. Master Replicas Luke Jedi Elite Saber now in stock for $999.99. POTJ 25th Anniversary are featured this week along with some EPI Vehicels and Loose Action Fleet Sith Infiltrator, POTF2 assorted carded figures, Bantha and Tusken Raider, 12-inch Biker Scout and Slave I.

New low price on Vintage loose Vlix and Vinyl Caped Jawa Cut Card! Leia MISB C-8.5 only $400.00.

G.I.Joe Christmas Special, the following items are reduced until Christmas! 2004 Exclusive Dreadnok Stun, Tiger, Zanzibar & Thrasher, Zartan & Hawk Morphing Set, 12" Indiana Jones Adventurer Black (Disney exclusive and 40th Anniversary Wave 5 Set of 4: African American. Lots of other great G.I. Joe still in stock in Joe vs. Cobra, Collector?s Edition, Spy troops and other exclusives! Many loose vintage 1982-1994 figures have been reduced!

Posted by: Julian | 21 November 2004 | 12:09 EST
This Week at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles is offering 50% off on all Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and selected Saga Collection 1 & 2 action figures now through Wednesday November 24th. Offer valid while supplies last.

OTC Figures:
Darth Vader #29
Gamorrean Guard #30
Bib Fortuna #31
Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard #32
Princess Leia #33
Darth Vader #34
Han Solo #35
General Madine #36
Lando Calrissian #37

5-Pack of Figures:
Naboo Final Combat ? 5 figures ? Naboo Palace Guard, Battle Droid, Captain Tarpals, Gungan Soldier and Kaadu
Endor Ambush ? 5 figures ? Wicket, Logray, Rebel Trooper, Han Solo and Bike Scout on Speederbike
Episode II:
Super Battle Droid Builder
Yoda Deluxe figure - Force Powers
C-3PO with Droid Factory Assembly
Arena Conflict with Battle Droid

Episode I:
Darth Maul with Sith Speeder ? This item marked ? price
Queen Amidala 2000 Portrait Edition ? This item was very hard to obtain. (Limited Stock)
OOM-9 (Battle Droid Commander) ? (Limited Stock)

Episode II - European Kellogg Figure Set
C-3PO Giant Pez
Chewbacca Giant Pez
Darth Vader Giant Pez
R2-D2 Giant Pez
Yoda Giant Pez
C-3PO Limited Edition Pez
Darth Vader Limited Edition Pez
Yoda Limited Edition Pezk

click to enter

Posted by: Darth Spice | 20 November 2004 | 15:10 EST

Master Replicas: Three new M.R. items in stock. The very cool Sauron One Ring Limited Edition prop replica - it comes in in a nice covered display box and features the one ring still being worn by the lone finger of Sauron. The .45 Scaled Darth Maul Battle Damaged and Count Dooku Lightsabers have each arrived and are available for $34.99.

OTFCC 2004 Exclusives: Hasbro has just confirmed that our shipment of Sentinel Maximus will be arriving within a week! We have a limited number of pre-orders left on this figure for $74.99. We still have limited stock remaining of the Megazarak exclusive for $64.99. Pre-Orders will be processed soon for Sentinel Maximus.

Robotech: The brand new Masterpiece Alpha Volume 2 - Rook Bartley has just arrived and is available for $79.99. The Alpha Masterpiece figures contain quite a bit of die-cast metal and are nicely done overall. It comes packaged in the 'forever mint in box' packaging that Toynami has used on all their Masterpiece releases. Pre-Orders will be processed soon.

70% Off Vintage Sale: We are getting to the end of our remaining vintage department inventory and the discount level is now 70% off our posted pricing! There are still some nice items left throughout the vintage menu - take a look before everything is gone!

Also this week are products from Sideshow, Lord of the Rings and Hasbro Re-Issue Transformers!

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 20 November 2004 | 14:29 EST
Update from Star Wars
ROTS Theatrical Banner Available Now! has recently added a new Theatrical Banner to their already huge inventory of Star Wars posters. We are all awaiting the upcoming movie Revenge of the Sith. They are adding more Exclusive merchandise to the shop every week. The Theatrical Banner, Exclusive Framed Poster and much more are only available for purchase at They are also taking Pre-0rders for the Kotobukiya Yoda! Visit Star Wars today!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 November 2004 | 18:20 EST
Images Reloaded: 9 "New" Figures Added!
Hey Troops, I have once again reloaded the 2005 Hasbro Figures by adding the second wave of figures from the Post-OTC Transition Figures. You can see all nine entries in the 2005 Figure Images left menu. You may also click any of the thumbnails below to enter the galleries. We have added some of the rehases as well that I'm sure many of you will be so thrilled to continue wasting your money on. We'd like to thank our sponsor Action-HQ for the figures which they have in stock right now, IF you just can't wait! However here are the highlights of the update:

We started off with too much cargo, so I'm glad we got rid of Benedict Arnold

                   Feltipern Trevagg™ - Cantina Encounter (ANH™)
                   Myo™ - Cantina Encounter (ANH™)
                   Dannik Jerriko™ - Cantina Encounter (ANH™)
                   Sandtrooper™ - Tatooine™ Search (ANH™)

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 November 2004 | 18:17 EST
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Ranger“Ann Arbor, MI: The ROTJ and ESB VOTC are at the local Toys "R" Us today in a big way. There must be at least two cases of each out since there were a couple of C-3PO figures. They also had 4-5 of the OTC Lando Skiff Guards. The Wal-Mart stores in Bellville and Ypsilanti had a couple of the ROTJ VOTC. No K-Mart Cantina Scene #2 anywhere in the Ann Arbor or Toledo area. There is enough Cantina Scene #1 to build a small section of the Great Wall though. I did spot some of the post OTC wave at the Toys "R" Us on Central Ave. in Toledo a few days ago. Also, the Meijer stores that I have stopped by this week have cut back on their Star Wars toys big time. There is less than 25% of the space devoted to the toys compared to a week ago, which stinks because they have been a great place to find toys over the past month. Until next time, keep on keepin' on. Trooper Jon out.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 November 2004 | 18:16 EST
Sandtrooper Dom Reports:
Anyone have a 12-inch Plo Koon?“Hey Troops, Wish I had some real news, but here's the FAO Schwarz catalogue today and noticed that the write up for the 15-inch Chewie statue states that he has "a disassembled 3CPO on his back." That's right 3CPO. Boy, you'd think for $185.00 a pop, they'd get golden rod's name right. Anyway, still looking for a 12" Plo Koon and a saga card Lando Death Star Attack.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 19 November 2004 | 13:39 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Trooper“Here's my report of some findings in Gurnee, IL:

TRU (Gurnee, IL): “had the VOTC ROTJ figs. There was one of each. They also had 2 VOTC ESB C-3PO. Not to mention plenty of Y-wings.

Walmart (Gurnee, IL): “had VOTC ROTJ figs as well. There was one R2-D2, one Chewie, 3 Boba Fetts, & 4 Stormtrooper.

Target (Gurnee, IL) “had 2 OTC Lando (Skiff Guard) & 2 OTC Slave Leia.

KB Toys (Gurnee, IL): “had 3 VOTC ROTJ Boba Fett, 3 VOTC ROTJ Stormtrooper, & 2 VOTC ESB C-3PO.

Suncoast (Gurnee, IL): “had 3 of the Diamonds/Previews exclusive Sandcrawler. They also had one of each of the VOTC ROTJ wave minus R2-D2. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 November 2004 | 20:21 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C Reports:
Are they still making these?“I wanted to tell everyone that I received an email about the 12-inch Chewbacca from KB's website. It has been pushed back to 12/17/04. So, anyone who ordered, it has been delayed. All quiet figure-wise here in Huntsville, Alabama. Take care Troopers.”

Posted by: Rob | 18 November 2004 | 19:58 EST
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
Deep recon from the Great Lakes state!“Troopers, it looks like the Post-OTC waves are starting to pop up in West Michigan at the local Meijers stores. Both the Holland store and the Grand Haven store had two sets of the first five figures. I'm not real thrilled about the $6.99 price though. However, a Wal-Mart down near South Bend, Indiana had this wave marked at under $5! My awesome wife, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law snagged these up for me. Unfortunately, when they got to the cashier, they rang up as $5.83. Well ask a few questions to the right people and you not only get them for the price on the peg, but also some small compensation for them ringing up incorrectly. What a country! That about covers it on my end. I am still looking for someone to hook me up with that awesome display for the Sam's Club Falcon (see through oval with the ship and figures inside), more VOTC Stormtroopers, VOTC C-3P0, or the Costco X-wing/TIE dogfight 2-pack. Please help a Trooper in need of these items! Sandtrooper Jetfire out!”

Posted by: dustrho | 18 November 2004 | 13:41 EST
Update from TOYFELLAS
New In Stock:
McFarlane's Sportspicks NFL Series 10 $11.99 each.
Ricky Williams 2
Terrell Owens 2
Ladainian Tomlinson 2
Adam Vinatieri
Jake Delhomme
Randy Moss 2
Roy Williams
Trent Green

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 November 2004 | 13:35 EST
Sandtrooper Sithryan Reports:
The Pride of Boise, Idaho!“Hello! I am looking for someone who would be interested in an F/X Saber trade. I have an Anakin F/X, and would like the Vader F/X. Mine is in perfect shape and has never been dueled with. Just turned on for show. I would throw in a bonus also. Let me know!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 18 November 2004 | 13:27 EST
This week at Action-HQ
Action-HQ bringing the Best to you FIRST this Holiday with NEW Star Wars Asst & Die Cast Vehicles, Transformer BinalTechs & Exclusives, Holiday Kiddy Packages & lots more!

Additional Holiday Offers:
- $10 Rebate Offer Set of 2 Dragon Ball Z 12 inch Figures Songoku and Trunks. $10 per HUGE figure after Rebate!
- Kiddy Packages: Get set of 2 items of Doraemon, Hamtaro & Hello Kitty for just $8.95 each! Great for kids stocking stuffers!
- Holiday Bi-Monthly Specials include Transformer Energons, Star Wars Galactic Heroes & Rockman figures w/slot chip!

New Items:
- Star Wars newest asst including Myo, Dannik Jerriko & Feltipern Trevagg! Also just released are new Vintage figures plus 3 months ahead of the US is the set of 4 die cast Titanium Vehicles!
- Transformers Alternator Swindle and BinalTech Swindle and Blue Tracks available now! Also is Figure King Mag w/Exclusive KT Silver Convoy Bust! And available next Monday is newest asst of RobotMasters!
- G.I. Joe figures available now on Special at 25% OFF till November 30!

Pre-Order Nov-Dec:
- Alien VS Predator Snap Kit Figures from Japan!
- Batman set of 4 Kia Asamiya Figures, set of 5 trading figures & movie Kubricks series 1!
- Battlestar Galactica set of 5 ships from Konomi Japan!
- Dead or Alive series 2, Devil May Cry series 2 and Helsing trading figures!
- Mickey and Minnie Hidamawari solar bobbing head figures!
- Evangelion Xmas figures!
- Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Godzilla, Spawn 19 (Asia Re-Issue), Saint Seiya, Star Trek, Trigun and lots more!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 November 2004 | 17:58 EST

BT-06 Blue Tracks & BT-09 Swindle: The latest Binaltech releases have just arrived to us from Japan! The BT-06 Blue Tracks features a 'Special Seal' sticker similar to the Autobot symbol & flames found on the G1 Tracks figure. The BT-09 Swindle finally adds another Decepticon to the Binaltech Lineup. Each is available for $54.99 and features die cast metal parts.

Inuyasha 2: The new Kikyo and Sesshamaru from InuYasha series 2 have just arrived. Series 1 was immensely popular and sold out immediately ? we fortunately received a large quantity of series 2 - figures are available for $10.99 to $11.99. Pre-Orders will be processed shortly on these figures.

Spider-Man Classics: Wave 11 Spider-Man Classics have just arrived. We are offering the figures in a set of four featuring Tail-Strike Scorpion. All the remaining Spider-Man figures are available singly for $8.99 each.

Sideshow-Weta Lord of the Rings: The new Haradhrim Soldier Statue has just arrived - this statue is limited to only 4000 pieces and features a mortally wounded Haradhrim Soldier impaled on a sword. The Ringwraith Bust has been restocked and we still have a variety of other LotR Statues and Busts.

Sideshow Toys - Buffy & Van Helsing: Two nice new figures from Sideshow have arrived. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 'The Master' figure is now available for $34.99. The first figure from the Van Helsing line has arrived ? 12-inch Hugh Jackman as Gabrial Van Helsing is available for $37.99 and comes with two pistols and his nifty crossbow.

Other Cool Items in Stock
Masters of the Universe: Exclusive She-Ra figure - $24.99
Barbie Lord of the Rings: Barbie as Galadriel - $33.99
Sports Picks: 12" Wayne Gretzky - Oilers and Kings - $29.99
R.O.D. the TV: Michelle 1/8 Scale PVC Statue - $24.99
Blue Box 1/18: Huge Hornet Jet and the new Sherman Tank

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 November 2004 | 17:44 EST
Sandtrooper Milwaukee Mike Reports:
“Greetings fellow Troopers from Wisconsin! Wanted to let area collectors know that I found Pablo-Jill at TRU in Brookfield. It rang up as $5.99 until I told her the tag said $4.99. She gave it to me at the $4.99 price. The next wave seems to be hitting the Milwaukee area. Happy hunting.”

Posted by: dustrho | 17 November 2004 | 8:50 EST Newsletter
Regular prices prevail for our full stock allocation of all 12 VOTC figures that are now in stock! ?10 for most (some have increased from the originally planned ?9 because of canceled Hasbro case assortments that now mean we won't have overstock of certain figures) and ?12 for Chewbacca and C-3PO due to case quantity shortages. This is still the best deal we have seen in the UK and Europe and with capped ?5 maximum shipping fee in the UK a full set of 12 figures will cost you a total of just ?129 shipped (180 Euro approx).

There are more items to follow very soon including the Darth Vader voice changer and the new Myo and Feltipern wave on pre-release.

Head on over to now!

Posted by: dustrho | 17 November 2004 | 8:41 EST KOTOR 2 Preview (Updated) KOTOR 2 Preview has updated their preview of the upcoming Star Wars game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which is scheduled to be released on December 6, 2004 for Xbox and sometime in February 2005 for PC. To read the updated preview click here, and talk about it in our forums.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 November 2004 | 7:56 EST
Sandtrooper Jimsjedi Reports:
Worcester, MA S.C.A.L.P. Operative“What's going on Troops? Found the first 5 post OTC at the Auburn,Ma TRU yesterday, and was told more should be put out by the end of the week. Anyone in Mass going to the Supermegafest Collectible Show this Saturday and Sunday in Framingham? I will be there on Saturday and would like to meet any other Troopers that decide to go. Shoot me an email if you plan on going. I will be taking pix and will have them posted. Take Care.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 17 November 2004 | 7:54 EST
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“Rubies Yoda bust, Chewbacca Attakus statue; Clone Wars Anakin, Yoda & ARC trooper 3-inch figures; Estes R2-D2, TIE Fighter & X-Wing fighter model rockets; 4 vintage Star Wars Coca-Cola tumblers, Slave I re-issue model sealed & loose radar laser cannon in stock.”

Click Here

Posted by: Darth Spice | 16 November 2004 | 18:05 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox Reports:
Bleeds Armor“Hot news from Central Texas! Even though my beloved Cowboys got the horse snot beat out of them by the Eagles last night on MNF, I'm still in a grand mood! Here's how lucky my day has gone, stopped by Wal-Mart in Killeen and was lucky enough to stumble upon (not one, but 2) fresh cases of VOTC just being opened and to my surprise I found a VOTC C-3PO, woo hoo! I also picked up the Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Lando, R2 and Chewie. WOW! I finally score big in Central Texas. Next stop, Target, and they are still bone dry. Just a few VOTC Solo's handing around and old SAGA Hoth Han & Han AT-ST. Are we detecting a pattern here? Kmart still has a few of the Blue Snaggle Cantina sets hanging around and a bunch of the talking Ask Yoda. Then I stopped by TRU, which has not ever had one single OTC figure in this store yet, just a bunch of old SAGA figs, although we do have the Y-Wing. As I walked down the aisle at 9:58am, almost a full hour after the scalpers hit, I see some black-carded figs in the distance. I eagerly speed up my step to see what I might find, and WOW! A whole case of the Pablo Jill wave! I almost soiled myself (maybe I should not have said that). I grabbed a set for myself and made to the counter to get my free Silver Vader to go along with my new score, and then I was told they are all out, bummer! The first time this store has anything new and they're all out of Vader. Well that's all for now, keep checking your stores, it eventually pays off. Starfox signing out...”

Posted by: dustrho | 16 November 2004 | 9:32 EST
Lucasfilm Selects Ten Charities
LucasfilmThe final installment into the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, will premiere on May 12, 2005, at ten different cities across the country. Lucasfilm Ltd. will use these premieres to raise money and awareness for issues that affect children and families, and they will accomplish this by working with ten different charities. Some of the charities will include the Children's Memorial Hospital, the Alliance for Education, and The Children's Health Fund. Read the full press release here.

Posted by: dustrho | 16 November 2004 | 8:58 EST
Star Tours Section Updated!
Sandtrooper Julian (aka Desert Rat)Fellow staff member Sandtrooper Julian (aka Desert Rat in the forums) has outdone himself again, by updating our special Star Tours section here at Julian is a master at creating some of the most incredible visual guides on the Internet, and with this major update to the Star Tours section it just goes to show how valuable this Trooper is to our site. Please take a look at this stunning display of Star Tours figures, read the great article he wrote, and he'll take you for a ride on the Star Tours ride. If you have never been to Disneyworld to see this ride in person, this will be quite an experience for you!

Posted by: Boba Binks | 16 November 2004 | 1:46 EST
Buy It Now! Limited Jedi Force X-Wing
Right now you can Buy It Now to purchase the Limited Edition Star Wars PlaySkool Jedi Force X-Wing, exclusively available on eBay. Limited Edition STAR WARS JEDI FORCE X-WING FIGHTER including LUKE SKYWALKER with his helmet and light-up lightsaber and R2-D2. Luke Skywalker fits into the cockpit and R2-D2 into the pod behind the cockpit. The X-WING FIGHTER features working lights and sounds, and a push of the button located on the engine activates memorable phrases from the original film. This special edition includes decals that will not be available anywhere else. The exclusive X-WING FIGHTER is available for purchase at the fixed price of $30.00. Only 5000 pieces have been made and each package is specially labeled to denote the eBay exclusivity making it a must-have collectors item.

Posted by: Rob | 15 November 2004 | 22:01 EST
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
Deep recon from the Great Lakes state!“It's opening day of deer season here in the Midwest so I went hunting for some new figures for my collection. The Holland Target was a nice surprise with a half a dozen or so OTC AT-ST Han Solo. They also had a few General Madine and General Lando plus a beaten up Greedo. No Slave-I's in the vicinity though. K-mart was bare bones just a day after finding the Handstand Luke. I blinked and they were gone. I'm glad that I at least got one before they vanished. While Meijers had a ton last week, there's not much left. The Hoth Vader/Slave Leia wave hit hard at the end of last week to only vanish today. At first glance one would think that they had all been taken to an endcap or elsewhere, but none to be seen. That's it for now. Please keep this Trooper in mind if you are up for trading/selling the display for the Sam's Club Falcon (see through oval with the ship and figures inside) or the transitional OTC figs These are all high on my wish list. Sandtrooper Jetfire out!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 November 2004 | 21:41 EST
Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews: VOTC Princess Leia
Hey Troops, Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews have been updated. We continue with our second review from the VOTC Collection, Princess Leia. See if her royal worship is up to par, and perhaps how she compares with other Princess Leia figures of the past. Is this the greatest 3 ? inch Princess Leia figure ever? Let us know your comments too! Feel free to offer your own feedback about the VOTC collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 15 November 2004 | 21:24 EST

Street Fighter Round 1: This highly anticipated line from Sota Toys has just arrived and does not disappoint! The figures come with alternate fists and heads and are very well done overall. Ryu, Chun Li, Sodom, M.Bison, and Sagat are available as a set of 5 for $54.99. The alternate paint versions of Ryu and Chun Li are each available separately for $10.99. We have a pre-order listed for the Round 2 set of 5 as well.

Sports Picks: NHL Legends 1 and NFL Series 10 have arrived. NHL Legends features Wayne Gretzky in both Oilers and Kings uniforms - also included are Frank Mahovlich, Gerry Cheevers and Yvan Cournoyer. NFL 10 features 8 normal figures and a variety of chase pieces and away jersey figures. Most common figures are $9.99 to $10.99 and the chase figures vary in price. NFL 10 includes Terrell Owens, Ricky Williams, Randy Moss, and many other big names.

Sideshow-Weta/Morpheous: The Mouth of Sauron Bust, which is limited to 4000 pieces has just arrived and we have limited stock left after filling our pre-orders. Sideshow has offered us a package deal of LotR King Elessar Statues with the purchase of the spendy Giger Spell 1 piece. Spell 1 is limited to only 666 pieces and has a MSRP of $750! We've made a purchase of both pieces and are splitting apart the set as a short term pre-order. King Elessar is available for pre-ordering for $249.99 and Spell 1 is available for just $389.99! Which is $360 off the suggested price!

Transformers Pre-Orders: The new E-Hobby repaint has just been put up for pre-order - Blitzwing has been repainted with a dark gray color scheme and is named 'Overcharge' - available for pre-order for $49.99 Hard Hero has announced the new Cyclonus Bust - pre-orders available for $44.99 and be sure not to miss out on our exclusive Metallic Bumblebee Statue from Hard Hero.

Robotmasters and BT arriving soon: Our distributors in Japan have informed us that the Robotmaster RM-15, RM-16, and RM-17 will be arriving in early December. Pre-Orders are still available for Star Saber, Victory Leo, and the Victory Saber RM-17 Gift set. The Bt-06B and BT-09 Binaltech figures will be arriving later this week - pre-orders will be processed very shortly on the BT's and later November on the Robotmasters.

Super Clearance Items: Thanks to all of you who have purchased items on our Super Clearance menu! Our inventory levels are moving towards a more desirable level on most of these items. We've added 2 new figures to the section - Desert Hound - $36.99, and Insecticon Clone Army - $42.99 ? we don't have too big excess on these so the prices won't be staying this low for long.

Other Cool Items and Pre-Orders
Blue Box Elite Force: 1:18 Scale Sherman Tank - another great BB vehicle
Muppets: The huge Backstage Super Playset - $59.99 - Palisades Menu
Lord of the Rings - Barbie: Barbie as Galadriel - Main LotR Menu - $33.99
Good Charlotte: Rotocast figures of the band - 'various items' menu
Microman: Military Force Set of 8 - Arrives early December - $84.99
Adult Swim: A new pre-order from Palisades ? all of your favorite late night cartoon characters on cartoon network!

- Click to Enter Big Bad Toy Store -

Posted by: Boba Binks | 15 November 2004 | 15:08 EST
More figures hit Indy:
Hello fellow troopers. Here in Indy this morning I made a quick stop at the Avon Wal-Mart. They stocked a bunch of the Post OTC figures. They have Pablo-Jill, Yarua, Queen Amidala, Rabe, Sly Moore, Feltipern Trevagg, Myo, and Dannik Jerriko along with some repacks like the Sandtrooper. The tag on the pegs are marked $4.88 but the figures ring up $5.88. I told the cashier the tags are marked at $4.88 and she adjusted the price. The Target down the street had one Slave I (beat up box). Someone laid it on the end cap with all the Ninja Turtles items. Happy Hunting Troops.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 November 2004 | 23:20 EST
Sandtroopette Lisette Reports:
“Hi Troopers: Lisette from NYC reporting. My husband and I went holiday shopping this weekend. In the KB's in the Jersey Garden Mall I found a couple of Ephant Mon for $2.99. I picked up 2 as gifts for friends. Be on the look out for this one at the KB stores. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Julian | 14 November 2004 | 23:13 EST
This week at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles has a very special item this month for pre-order, the Episode II - European Kellogg Figure Set. This rare Figure & View Master Set features six 2 ?? tall figures featuring your favorite Episode II characters including Anakin Skywalker, Padme, Obi-Wan, R2-D2 & C-3PO, Boba Fett and Darth Vader!

Pre-Order (Deadline is November 29th):
Episode II - European Kellogg Figure Set
C-3PO Giant Pez
Chewbacca Giant Pez
Darth Vader Giant Pez
R2-D2 Giant Pez
Yoda Giant Pez
C-3PO Limited Edition Pez
Darth Vader Limited Edition Pez
Yoda Limited Edition Pez

OTC Figures:
Darth Vader #29
Gamorrean Guard #30
Bib Fortuna #31
Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard #32
Princess Leia #33
Darth Vader #34
Han Solo #35
General Madine #36
Lando Calrissian #37
5-Pack of Figures:
Naboo Final Combat ? 5 figures ? Naboo Palace Guard, Battle Droid, Captain Tarpals, Gungan Soldier and Kaadu
Endor Ambush ? 5 figures ? Wicket, Logray, Rebel Trooper, Han Solo and Bike Scout on Speederbike

Saga Items:
Top Trumps Collectible Cards
Topps Heritage Card Singles

New 3-Pack of Figures:
Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 ? Zutton (Blue Snaggletooth), Ponda Boba and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Episode I:
Darth Maul with Sith Speeder ? This item marked ? price
Queen Amidala 2000 Portrait Edition ? This item was very hard to obtain. Very few left in-stock
OOM-9 (Battle Droid Commander) ? Only a few of these 12? figure left in-stock

click to enter

Posted by: dustrho | 14 November 2004 | 20:12 EST
Congratulations to RJP!
RJPCongratulations to Sandtrooper RJP who won by a landslide in our 2004 Halloween Costume Contest. Out of ten contestants she came out victorious with the majority of the votes, and she will be receiving a Hasbro OTC Holographic Emperor figure. To see her in her full costume click here. Again, congratulations RJP for having such a great costume!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 14 November 2004 | 11:54 EST
Sandtrooper One Big K Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Demolition Expert, Columbus,OH“I would also like to thank Jorge Perez also for the trade of the Costco ship 2-pack exclusive he found for me since I do not live near a Costco - I found him both of the 2 GI-Joe exclusives since he does not have any Meijers near him. United WE Find.

Found some of the Jedi Force Playskool figures today at the Polaris Target - They had several C-3PO/ R2- D2 and Luke Skywalker. No Darth Vader or Chewbacca. Recently found some of the last wave 29-38 of the OTC figures at Meijers. No signs of the EP3 preview wave yet. I?ve seen about 2 dozen Silver Vader hanging on the pegs at Toys R Us today for $9.99 - to bad there was nothing new to buy to get it for free. If anyone still need one let me know and I can run back and get them - either trade or will send for cost-plus shipping. That?s it from here in Columbus, Ohio.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 November 2004 | 21:34 EST
Sandtrooper Jorge Reports:
“Hi! Jorge Perez from Boston, just a big thanks to trooper Kevin "One Big K" for a great trade. He is a reliable trooper! MTFBWY and United WE Find!”

From my experience Jorge they ALL are pretty much reliable Troopers, we're glad to see everyone sticking with the motto and helping one another out!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 13 November 2004 | 20:02 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys Newsletter #281

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Just in this week, the latest edition to the Clone Wars animated series Maquettes, General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also just in is the OTC boxed Slave I, Jedi Council 3 and Jedi Council 4. Also back in for only $79.99 is the Mexican Luke & Yoda. New with 2nd cards, we have Mace Windu, Darth Vader and Count Dooku Unleashed now in stock all for $29.99 each.

We also have the Rubies Yoda Bust in stock for only $199.99. AFA graded Holiday Yodas are still available just in time for the holiday season. We also have many of the Saga and Clone Wars Clonetroopers and Multi-pack Clonetroopers in stock now, build your forces for the winter season. 12-inch POTJ and EP1 figures are also featured. POTF2 carded figures from Red Cards, Shadows and Expanded Universe along with select playsets are also featured.

Lots of vintage just in including Vintage carded ESB, ROTJ, Tri-Logo, Droids and some AFA figures. New loose Darth Vader Double Telescoping C-8 currently in stock. Also 2 rare Droid Light Sabers both MISB. Three great boxed 12-inch dolls including IG-88, Han Solo and a Stromtrooper. Some great boxed playsets also in including an MISB C-9+ Ewok Village, Rebel Command Center and many more. Be sure to check out the POTF Glasslite TIE Fighter MIB C-6 also in stock.

New G.I. Joe Kubrick Set of 5 just arrived. Set includes: Action Marine, Action Pilot, Action Sailor, Action Soldier, & G.I. Nurse for only $49.99. Also in stock a Vintage 1984 Storm Shadow AFA 85 for $1,495.00.

Featured Valor vs. Venom includes the Anti Venom Task Force 6-Pack, the Desert Patrol Squad 6-Pack, the Ninja Cobra Strike Team 6-Pack, the Tiger Storm Copter w/ Wild Bill, Recondo& Sand Viper, the Smoke Screen Transport & Cobra Ringneck 2-pack and VAMP with Twin Battle Gun.

The newest Simpson playset now in stock the Next Century playset featuring Future Burns, Future Smithers, and Bobo Smithers! Only $29.99!

Posted by: Boba Binks | 13 November 2004 | 18:08 EST
Post OTC Wave 1 Figs at Toys-R-Us.Com
Hey troopers. If you go to Toys ?R Us and search for Star Wars Episode III Basic Figure you can order Pablo Jill, Yarua, Sly Moore, Queen Amidala, and Rabe for $7.99 each. Don't forget if you order $19.99 or more you get a Free Silver Darth Vader by entering this promotional code RTBBVADDARTH. All are listed as Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours from

Posted by: Boba Binks | 13 November 2004 | 11:05 EST
Post OTC Wave 2 out
Error on Feltipern Trevagg CardHey fellow troopers. With all the news of people finding the new Post OTC figures at Toys-R-Us I decided to hunt for them myself. Though I did not find the first wave of figures that has Pablo-Jill, Yarua, Sly Moore, Rabe and Queen Amidala. I did find Feltipern Trevagg, Myo, and Dannik Jerriko for the new higher price of $5.99 each. With this wave of figure there was also a clean Biker Scout, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and a Sandtrooper on the pegs. I am in Indianapolis, Inidana, in case you were wondering where in the USA the figures were found.

PS -- For those of you who like to collect carded / error figures here is a new one for you. The new Feltipern Trevagg figure has an ERROR on the back of the package. The little picture of Myo on the back does not have his '05# it is just an empty red block with the little '05 but not his number which is #6. Click here to see a larger image of the back of this card.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 November 2004 | 22:01 EST
Update: Sandwatch Figure Reviews - the ol' one, two punch!
Hey Troops, Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews have been updated. We move forward into the VOTC Collection and begin with Luke Skywalker. I enlisted the help of Sandtrooper Rob to give Sandwatch the ol' one two punch it used to have what seems like ages ago. Rob and I had a great time critiquing our favorite crop duster. We hope to expand Sandwatch to an even further consistent basis, once again giving you an extra something to read. See if Rob and I gave a thumbs down, up or maybe even that finger in the middle one, that many of us would like to express to Hasbro on occasion. Feel free to offer your own feedback about the VOTC collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 November 2004 | 19:41 EST
Sandtroopette Lisette Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Counter Intelligence“Hi Troopers: Lisette from NYC reporting. I found the first wave of the '05' figures at the TRU in Times Square today. I found Pablo-Jill, Yarua, Sly Moore, Rabe and Queen Amidala. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 12 November 2004 | 15:40 EST

60% Off Vintage Menu Items: Every item listed on the vintage menu will now be discounted 60% off the listed price! Please be sure to read the sales details and help us to clear out the rest of the vintage items!

Transformer Statue Pre-Orders: We have just listed a pre-order for a BBTS shared exclusive - Metallic Bumblebee Statue from Hard Hero! We are selling only 125 pieces of this statue at $59.99 each. The Palisades 6-inch Wheeljack statue is also now available for pre-order at $59.99.

DC & Marvel: The awesome Jim Lee Signature Series Batman Hush boxed set has just arrived, we've priced it $25 under the MSRP of $250, its limited to only 1500 pieces and comes with a prototype, test shot, and paint variant Batman Hush figure - each figure has an individually numbered paper label around its leg and the box also comes with a signed drawing and numbered certificate. Pocket Superhero Superman and Marvel Select Green Goblin figures are also in stock.

Sideshow & Weta: The 1/4 Scale Hellboy figure has just arrived ? the figure is over 21 inches tall and limited to only 2000 pieces. We have it priced $25 under the MSRP at $224.99. Sideshow Bob Simpsons Bust is in stock along with many other Sideshow items. Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai Berserker Statue and Galadhrim Soldier Busts are back in stock.

More Super Clearance Items: We've added the Python Patrol G.I. Joe Statue to the clearance menu - it was limited to only 350 pieces and is now on sale for $24.99 (1/3 the original price!) Marvel Legends 7 Weapon X Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Centurian Iron Man have each been reduced to $4.99! Be sure to take advantage of the $34.99 Binaltech sale and clearance priced Microman items.

Other Cool Items in Stock:
McFarlane - Elvis Las Vegas - The best Elvis figure so far - $13.99
Ren & Stimpy - Commander Hoek Bust - Palisades Menu
Living Dead Dollies - very creepy - 4 varieties for $21.99 each
Plus MUCH more!

- Take advantage of the 60% Off SALE! -

Posted by: dustrho | 12 November 2004 | 9:36 EST
What Hasbro is Hoping For
DescriptionThe Chicago Sun-Times recently wrote up an article about Hasbro, mainly about their history and future with the Star Wars product line. Eric Hyman, director of marketing of Hasbro Inc. for the Star Wars product line, said something that was very interesting to me. He mentions, "We are working on products that are appropriate for girls and boys." Whatever happened to the collectors, who are probably their number one target audience? Why is it so hard for Hasbro to understand that it's the collectors out there, the ones who have the greatest love for the Saga, who are the buying all of these Star Wars products, and that it's not children (or their parents) spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their products?

Posted by: dustrho | 12 November 2004 | 9:12 EST
Star Wars RTS Game Coming in 2005 recently posted on their site that LucasArts will be coming out with a real-time strategy video game sometime next year. This information was gathered during an interview with LucasArts' company presiden Jim Ward, and you can read the full article here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 November 2004 | 20:37 EST
Happy Veterans Day
Got Freedom? HELL YEAH WE DO!On behalf of the entire Staff at we?d like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the Veterans out there. Without you, we?d be nothing. We appreciate everything you have done to make our nation strong, and free. We now realize more than ever freedom isn?t free. We?d also like to say a special thanks to the men and women fighting the current war on terror. It is the right war, the right place and the right time. We will never forget the tragedy that took place on September 11th, 2001. So if you love your freedom, thank a Vet!

Posted by: Julian | 11 November 2004 | 19:49 EST
UNLEASHED UPDATE: Detailed Pictures & short review -WAVES 10 and 11
Finally, after two consecutive Waves of rehashed figures, August, 2004 treated us to a brand new array of Unleashed sculpts with Wave 10. It was also the first time for the characters in this group to appear as part of the Line, becoming instant additions to our collections.

Noteworthy is the fact that these figures were given smaller, not too elaborate bases, being more on the simple side and lacking the intricate design seen before for other Unleashed stands.

Soon to follow is Wave 11, which again, will be bringing us another bunch of rehashed sculpts. This time around Hasbro has revisited 2002, reissuing some difficult to find characters.

The Unleashed Update is LIVE. Enjoy!

Posted by: dustrho | 11 November 2004 | 19:02 EST
Update from TOYFELLAS:
New In Stock are the Gentle Giants Luke X-Wing Pilot Mini Bust & Sideshow Weta LOTR King Elendil Bust. Remember save with our discounts until 12/12/04!

Luke X-Wing Pilot Mini Bust $44.99
LOTR King Elendil Bust $49.99

- Click to Enter TOYFELLAS -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 11 November 2004 | 18:56 EST
This week at Action-HQ
Action-HQ bringing the Best to you FIRST with Special Bust Ups Rebate Offer, Episode III Figures, Vintage Figure, Titanium Vehicles and Special Holiday Offers!

Special Bust Ups Rebate Offer:
Only to the end of November 2004 or while stock last is AHQ super rebate offer on the most unique set of Gentle limited edition Giant Bust Ups anywhere! Get set of 6 Bust Ups Series 1, Set of 4 Spirit of the Rebellion Convention Exclusive and Chase Transpartent Yoda, both limited to 5,000 pcs, for just $49.95! As a bonus you will get a FREE $12 Gift Certificate off anything on your next order! In respect, you are getting each one for just over $4 each!

New Items:
-Vintage Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Lando and R2-D2 for just $14.95 each!
-Set of 4 Titanium Vehicles Series 1 for $35.95!
-Next Monday Episode III Myo, Dannik Jerriko, Feltipern Trevagg, Sandtrooper, Scout Trooper and Stormtrooper starting at $9.95 up!
-Jedi Council Scene Pack 3 and 4 for $26.95 each!
-Kubricks Series 3 set of 6, singles, chase and Series 2 are still available!
-1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Han Solo Kotobukiya at $79.95!

Special Holiday Offers:
AHQ is running a Special Holiday Offers starting November 12 - January 31, 2005. Everything 2 weeks, a new group of previous released products will be selected a discounts up to 50% off our normal prices! In addition to some of the current items we have on special, AHQ is kicking off the first with selected Jedi Force items on discount ending November 21. Hurry up while supplies last! Every 2 weeks there will be a new batch of current Star Wars items on special.

Posted by: Rob | 10 November 2004 | 20:44 EST
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
Deep recon from the Great Lakes state!“With deer hunting season approaching and college football ending, this trooper took to the streets in search of some new figures. The Target on Alpine had a few of the OTC Slave-1's, but not much else. It was pretty much the same down at the Target in Benton Harbor/St. Joe. They had a dozen of these beauties just hanging around waiting to be bought. Most of these were in pristine condition, but were located up on the high shelf. The Toys R Us in my town was notified via computer that they would not be getting anymore of the VOTC figs. That's a bummer as the people there have always been extremely helpful when looking for the goods. The TRU on Alpine had a huge amount of OTC stuff ripe for the picking. If you are in the area and looking for some stuff you may have missed earlier, it would be worth the stop. The Meijers in Holland just got in a case of OTC figs and I was able to score the Hoth Vader wave minus Skiff guard Lando. Granted that this may not be too exciting for some who have already found these, but it's been the first time we've seen them around here. While some of these were at normal eye level, the rest were neatly stacked up high. Plenty of Hoth Vaders and Bib Fortunas to go around! But the biggest score came at the KB Toys in Grandville's Rivertown Crossings' Mall.

A huge Sandtrooper salute to my man Joe who let me know that a fresh case of VOTC had come in and that it was stocked with Stormies! The odd thing was that it was a mixed case containing Lando, Stormtroopers, Vaders, and Yodas. I definitely snagged a few of the Stormies, as this is probably the coolest figure I've seen in a long time. My local Wal-Mart has continued to drag as they still have their pallet-size display full of Falcons and VOTC pegwarmers. However, the Benton Harbor Wal-Mart had a large number of the OTC Bossk wave hanging out near the register. Only the second time I've seen this wave, yet alone the IG-88 figure. Besides that, keep checking your Meijers clearance aisles for the Master Replicas Force FX lightsabers. The Grand Haven Meijers had a bunch marked down to $75 each. Last of all, a big round of thanks to all the troopers I've been trading with lately who have help me fill in some holes in the collection! That's it for now. Please keep this trooper in mind if you find a way to snag the display for the Sam's Club Falcon (see through oval with the ship and figures inside) or the Costco X-wing/TIE dogfight 2-pack. Both of these are high on my wish list. Sandtrooper Jetfire out!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 November 2004 | 18:21 EST
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Ranger“Ann Arbor, MI: For anyone who missed the Wal-Mart DVD Commemorative 3 packs, the ESB and ROTJ versions are available at as of 3:30 PM this afternoon. They are each only $9.96. The new OTC stuff continues to trickle in but is still hard to find, especially if looking for MOMC. Meijer is the only consistent place to find stuff. I have found about a half dozen of the OTC ANH and ESB Vaders at a couple of Meijer stores in the area in the past few days, but only two MOMC. I did finally complete my OTC figure collection with those two though. It's about time. At a local Target, I found some of the ESB and ROTJ VOTC, which had been absent in the area for the past few weeks. No Cantina Scene #2 though despite hitting a bunch of K-Mart stores, and the only Slave 1 that I have seen is the one a fellow trooper found for me. I hope as the Holidays approach, more new stuff is going to hit the shelves. (It seems a little too bare lately for X-mas being so close). I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Keep on Sandtroopin' my friends.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 10 November 2004 | 18:18 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dom Reports:
One of SoCal's Finest!“I have quite a few extra C-9+/9.5+ OTC figures for any of you trying to fill up the gaps in your collections. I will sell them at cost-plus shipping. I will return them on Friday if I have not received any offers by Thursday night. Here is what I have: #11 Scout Trooper, #18 Bespin Leia, #19 Cloud Car Pilot, #20 Lobot, #29 Hoth Darth Vader, #30 Gammorean Guard, #31 Bib Fortuna, #33 Slave Leia, #34 Darth Vader, #35 Han Solo AT-ST Driver, #36 General Madine, #37 General Lando, #38 Scanning Trooper.

Update 11/11  All of the figures listed in my post have been sold or traded. Thanks for all of your email and offers. I wish I had enough for everyone. Keep replying to all my posts. I am glad I can help you with your collections.”

Posted by: dustrho | 10 November 2004 | 0:13 EST
Q&A with LucasArts' President Jim Ward
LucasArtsThe Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with LucasArts President Jim Ward in a one-on-one interview, and obviously the majority of their conversation was related to Star Wars. Some topics of discussion was about the upcoming Star Wars games Revenge of the Sith and Republic Commando. Want to read the the Q&A in its entirety? If so, then click here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 9 November 2004 | 17:03 EST
Sandtrooper Collector Gallery Kurt Reports:
“POTF orange & green cards, 12-inch figures, Sam?s Club 3 packs, remote control R2-D2, Millennium Falcon, X-wing Fighter, talking C-3PO carry case, gunner stations, plush buddies, complete galaxies, cinema scenes 3 packs, beast figures, coin figures and more in stock. Illusive Chewbacca maquette in stock.”

Click Here

Posted by: dustrho | 9 November 2004 | 11:46 EST
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In!
It?s been somewhat of a slow couple of weeks for me, but with the help of some friends and online retailers I?ve been able to add a lot of great things to my collection. One of the biggest things to be added to my collection is the OTC Sandcrawler, which a friend of my purchased from a no-name online retailer. He bought twelve Sandcrawlers because a lot of guys wanted to get this, and with buying it in bulk the price of it went down to $40 with shipping for each person. I thought that was a pretty good price.

Next up my wife had gotten me the OTC Y-Wing Fighter almost two weeks ago, and it?s the first Y-Wing I have ever owned in my entire life. I love the paint job on it, but it?s unfortunate that you cannot remove the astromech droid from the ship. That shouldn?t bother me too much since I?ll more than likely end up leaving it in the box anyway. On that same toy run she brought me home the latest edition of the Silver Darth Vader figure. Granted it?s just silver spray paint on a POTF2 figure, but I still like the figure quite a bit. Actually, I think I like the card back better than the figure!

Recently I received two Gentle Giant busts from the Stormtrooper and Bossk. Both items arrived in mint condition, thanks to the help of the great packing job done by Toyfellas. I placed the order on a Thursday (in the late evening) and my package arrived on a Saturday morning, and this was a package that was shipped from California to Illinois. I was most impressed by the great service, and I was even more impressed at the quality of these Gentle Giant Busts. I know I had sworn to never buy a single product from Gentle Giants after the Wizard World Chicago 2003 Blue Clone Trooper Bust fiasco, but I can?t pass up the great quality and accuracy of these busts. Plus, my Stormtrooper bust came with a free C-3PO Bust-Ups figure, so that was a nice surprise!

Lastly, with the help of fellow Sandtrooper Julian (aka Desert Rat in the forums), my OTC carded figure collection will become complete. He is hooking me up with seven figures that I haven?t been able to find yet, and I couldn?t be more appreciative of him running out to three different Toys ?R Us stores just to find these figures for me. He even found me the hard-to-find Imperial Scanning Trooper!

Many thanks go out to Julian, and to all the other Troopers here who have helped me build up my collection to what it is today. That is what is all about... Troopers helping Troopers.

United We Find!

Posted by: dustrho | 9 November 2004 | 11:45 EST
Halo 2 Out in Stores Today!
Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Star Wars, but Halo 2 was released today in stores across the country, and this could very well be one of the best video games of all time! If you enjoyed playing the first Halo game then you?re going to want to go out and pick up this game today! One of the newest features in this game is that you can now equip yourself with two weapons instead of just one, and this can be a great advantage when you?re pinned in a corner by several Elite Warriors and you can just shred them to pieces with gunfire! I know I?ll be picking this game up today, so if you don?t see me online for a while you?ll know what I?m doing.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 8 November 2004 | 21:14 EST

Star Wars: Two brand new case assortments of OTC basic figures have just arrived. The following figures are in stock - the majority are $6.99 to $7.99: #29 ESB Vader, #30 -Gamorrean Guard, #31 - Bib Fortuna, #33 - Slave Leia, #34 - Darth Vader - ANH, #35 - Han Solo - AT-ST Driver, #36 - General Madine, #37 - Lando Calrissian. We've also received the Y-Wing Fighter Exclusive and an older Imperial Forces 4-Pack. More OTC Vintage figures have arrived including Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, C-3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, and Obi-Wan.

Super Parts God Ginrai: This custom made hobby kit has just arrived, the Super Parts 'add-on set' is limited to only 120 pieces worldwide -available only at BBTS. It features a variety of semi-hard vinyl pieces that add on to the regular C-310 God Ginrai re-issue to give it a much more accurate look and poseability. Please be sure to read the notes about this item listed right below the Super parts listing (on the main Transformers menu under the 'Takara Earlier Re-Issues' heading) The parts set requires assembly and some modification - so please see the notes on our site. The super parts kit comes with a C-310 God Ginrai re-issue and the two items are priced at $99.99 as a set.

McFarlane: We've received more of the very popular Spawn 26 sets of 6. They are now priced at $54.99 for the set of 6 that includes a variety of very well done figures based on the cover art of various Spawn comics. More of the HR Giger Li II statues have arrived McFarlane is basically sold out on these so we won't be able to get anymore.

Transformers Robotmasters: We've listed some very cool exclusive black R.M. figures - these figures are limited to only 3000 pieces each and were exclusives to a variety of hobby magazines in Japan (available only if you fill out the offer from the ~$10 magazine and mail it in - our distributor was kind enough to fill out a LOT of these) The black exclusives include: RM-01 Optimus, RM-02 Beast Megatron, RM-11 Beast Convoy and RM-12 Starscream - they all look very cool. We've also listed new pre-orders for the RM-20 to RM-23 - which are Delta Seeker & X-Gunner cyberjets, Beast Convoy with DVD, Lio Convoy and Lio Convoy with DVD. Please note Lio Convoy was previously listed as RM-20 - its now RM-22 - we've adjusted all automatically so you don't need to re-order the Lio Convoy, but would need to put an order in for the cyberjet RM-20 set if you want them.

Transformers Galaxy Force: Takara has announced the March releases for the very promising Galaxy Force line. GD-04 through GD-08 and GC-09 through GC-14 + GX-01 have all been listed. There are a variety of cool looking vehicles and also a few figures with Beast Wars roots that look to be improved overall from the typical Beast Wars release.

G.I. Joe: A few new 12" Joes have arrived including: Desert Operations Seal, National Guard Security Force, and Rooftop Surveillance Police Officer. They are each priced at $11.99 and we have a variety of other 12" and 3 ?" Joes in stock.

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 8 November 2004 | 21:08 EST
Force of the Bay: Join Me and together...
Hey Troopers, once again I found many ways to trace the history of my old Star Wars collection using ebay. If you have to go the route of the bay, don?t worry we here at Sandtroopers have your back. Should anyone jack you around, we will take aggressive action on the slime. There is no way we would stand for this. We are here to help collectors world wide, to help one another fill the respective gaps in their collections. There are many high-end items you may want to invest in, some may be as close as you can get to mint condition. Hopefully no one will walk all over you. If they should happen to, just give us a ring. We?ll be sure to set a course for the sucka, and unleash our technological terror upon them. So whether it?s something truly rare or hard-to-find or you just feel like playing old games, make sure you explore the wonderful world of Ebay. You just never know what you could dig up, maybe what was left after we put it on the poor little guys. Remember neither endorses nor authenticates any of the items feature here. Good luck to you great Sandtroopers on your searches, Kick A$% and take names.

Posted by: Julian | 8 November 2004 | 20:45 EST
This week at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles has received the following new items this week.

OTC Figures:
Darth Vader #29
Gamorrean Guard #30
Bib Fortuna #31
Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard #32
Princess Leia #33
Darth Vader #34
Han Solo #35
General Madine #36
Lando Calrissian #37

5-Pack of Figures:
Naboo Final Combat ? 5 figures ? Naboo Palace Guard, Battle Droid, Captain Tarpals, Gungan Soldier and Kaadu

Endor Ambush ? 5 figures ? Wicket, Logray, Rebel Trooper, Han Solo and Bike Scout on Speederbike
New Figure with Glass Collection:
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker
Darth Maul

Vintage OTC Figures:
Boba Fett
Luke Skywalker
Darth Vader
Lando Calrissian

New 3-Pack of Figures:
Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 ? Zutton (Blue Snaggletooth), Ponda Boba and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Power of the Force:
Endor Ambush
Luke?s T-16 Skyhopper

Episode I:
Theed Generator Complex
Gungan Assault Cannon w/Jar Jar
Armored Scout Tank w/Battle Droid

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 8 November 2004 | 18:40 EST
Update from Cloud
Cloud City has just received in stock and ready to ship the following:

Post-OTC Screen Scenes:
Jedi Council 3
Jedi Council 4

Original Trilogy Collection:
All 12 OTC Vintage-Style Figures

Unleashed Revised Cards:
Count Dooku
Mace Windu
Darth Vader

Plus ? look for new Vintage Star Wars items around Thanksgiving! We are acquiring hundreds of new items during November and will be adding them to the Cloud City Website and our eBay Store in time for the holidays!

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Posted by: dustrho | 8 November 2004 | 11:50 EST
Ewan McGregor to Debut in London's West End
DescriptionEwan McGregor, the famous actor who played the role of a younger Obi-Wan Kenobi, will make his music theater debut in the remake of "Guys and Dolls" in London's West End. This will be the first time McGregor has ever done a musical performance, and is also the first time in 23 years that London has done a new production. The musical is scheduled to to premier in June 2005. Read the full article here.

Posted by: dustrho | 7 November 2004 | 18:45 EST
Halloween Costume Contest Ending Tonight!
We have a total of eight costume submissions as of 5:40pm (CST), and we will not accept any more submissions past 7:00pm (CST) tonight. The voting will commence all throughout this week and will end on November 14 at 7:00pm (CST). The winner will be announced Monday night (11/15). You can vote by either sending me an email or by replying to this thread. One vote per person, so make your vote count! To see the submitted photos click here. Best of luck to all the Troopers who participated!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 7 November 2004 | 18:11 EST
Sandtrooper Dom Reports:
Anyone have a 12-inch Plo Koon?“Hey Troops, checked out the local TRU in East Central Whisky. Found four handstand Lukes - picked up one, left the other three. They had lots of the newest OTC waves, which was very surprising. There must have been some sort of scalper repellant sprayed recently. Also picked up the Naboo conflict 4-pack, which looks like the only one worth getting besides the old bounty hunter 4-pack. Got my free silver Vader with it.
Now how 'bout that trailer? Is it rockin' or what? Saw it on the website and thought it was sweet, then I took the wife and padawans to see The Incredibles (which is also very cool) on an ultra-screen and the trailer just blew me away! I can't decide which image is the best: C-3PO aboard the Tantive IV, Palpatine wielding a saber (if it was Palp.), X-Winglike ships, Starfighters with TIE influences, Yoda, Mace, or Anakin trying to kill Obi-Wan. This one's going to be good folks. May is not going to get here soon enough.”

Posted by: Julian | 7 November 2004 | 18:06 EST
Area Report:
Outta my way, or you'll get rolled over!Hellooooooooo America! Live from the appendix of the Nation, the "no need to recount the votes this time" State of Florida and its ever drinking Expresso city of Miami, here are the latest toy finds at retailers within our boundaries:

Toys R Us: Well, well, well, not too shabby to the giraffe this week. Kendall Dr. Toys R Us has gotten the Y-Wings, and although the boxes have gotten the usual "smash me all you can" treatment, the ships are intact. Best news is the fact the pilots haven't been switched for other figures! Toys R Us in International Mall DOES have immaculate specimen of the ship, thus for those wanting MOMB, that is the place.

Continuing with Geoffrey and his latest offerings, the Toys R Us on US 1 (right in front of Dadeland Mall), the one in Hialeah (103rd Ave), and the one in Cutler Ridge (US 1 near Homestead) have gotten a truck load of VOTC ROTJ figures. There are plenty of C3-POs, at about 5 or 6 per each store! Also the harder to find OTC figures such as Gamorrean Guard, Bib Fortuna, Slave Leia and Scanning Crew Member are doing the rounds at these places.

Definitely pay TRU a visit, but do not expect to find the Naboo Final Conflict 4-pack with Kaadu at any of the South Florida stores, they haven't received them just yet.

Target: Yeah, baby! Armies of Scanning Troop Members showing up here. Are they shipping this figure in solid cases to the stores? Target on Bird Road (S. W 40th St.) has about 12 of them, as well as the store on 147th Ave and Kendall Dr and the one in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Fort Lauderdale. I went crazy looking for this figure a week ago only to find them now in record numbers! Target has also gotten plenty of VOTC Chewies, Artoos, Fetts, etc. but no Threepios, though.

Take my word for it and look up. That's right! If your wondering around their toy isles looking for the OTC Slave 1, allow your eyes to focus on what's above your head. Although some stores have tagged and provided a bottom shelf space for the vehicle, they are placing the Slave 1 with rocketless Boba Fett on the top shelves instead. I picked up one of these yesterday, MOMB, at the Target on Bird Road. Their shelf space was empty, yet they were six of them (now five) placed on the top shelf

Wal-Mart: Not much here. They've gotten the latest Unleashed Wave (Aayla & Co.), but as far as OTC figures is concern, they are still "parked" a couple of waves back having the Dagobah Artoo and Cloud Pilot heavily warming up the pegs. They do have plenty of VOTC 12" Boba Fetts, all gray suit, no blue suits at all.

K-Mart: Speaking of 12" VOTC Fetts, the K-Mess(Mart) on S.W 8th St. and 122nd Ave has three BLUE suit Fetts on their top shelf, right over the action figures. If you are in my area and you are reading this, . there before the usual scalper readers get to 'em.

Once Upon a Toy: Don't forget guys, this store located in free admission Downtown Disney in Orlando has the Sandcrawler at a very reasonable price of just forty bucks. Pay them a visit if you are or are going to be in the area.

And this brings us to the end of this week's report. From the nominated world worst drivers capital of Miami, Florida this has been a live report brought to you and sponsored by Kaadu-atol, for that stomach relief your body needs after overdoing it on Mastiff fritters. Kaadu-atol on sale at your nearest Tusken store. Until next week, hoping to bring you better news ... Desert Rat,

Posted by: dustrho | 6 November 2004 | 21:23 EST
LucasArts' Revenge of the Sith Video Game!
Are you still excited about viewing the recently released teaser trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith? Well, there's more viewing pleasure just around the corner! Head on over to the LucasArts website to see a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith video game. The site isn't what I would call a completely finished website, but there are a few exciting things there that will make it worth your while. You can download a trailer and see five screenshots of the game, and seeing Anakin Skywalker creep closer and closer toward the Dark Side of the Force is intoxicating! Go over to the site now to check it out for yourself, but remember that this could possibly be spoiler material.

Posted by: Julian | 6 November 2004 | 20:58 EST
This Week at K&C Collectibles:
K&C Collectibles has received the following new items this week.

5-Pack of Figures:
Naboo Final Combat ? 5 figures ? Naboo Palace Guard, Battle Droid, Captain Tarpals, Gungan Soldier and Kaadu

Endor Ambush ? 5 figures ? Wicket, Logray, Rebel Trooper, Han Solo and Bike Scout on Speederbike

Vintage OTC Figures (Back in Stock):
Boba Fett
Luke Skywalker
Darth Vader
Lando Calrissian

New 3-Pack of Figures:
Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 ? Zutton (Blue Snaggletooth), Ponda Boba and Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 November 2004 | 20:44 EST

Star Wars OTC, Kubrick, Bust-Ups: We've received more Vintage OTC figures including: Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Obi-Wan - many are priced in the $11.99 to $13.99 range! Star Wars Kubricks wave 3 figures have just arrived. Boxes of 12 figures are available for $99.99 and contain assortments of: Jawa, Wicket, Han in Carbonite, Lando, AT-AT Driver and C-3PO. If you order 4 boxes we'll send you a sealed Master Case, which will contain the all the chase figures! (Which are Han Solo - 'out of carbonite / sleeping' - and an Ewok repaint) The Gentle Giant brand Star Wars Bust-Ups series 1 have just arrived. These busts are about 2 - 3 inches tall and are surprisingly detailed for their small size - available in boxes of 24.

Justice League of America: The set of 5 JLA figures from DC Direct is available for $59.99. The set includs: Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman. Many other DC and Marvel figures are also in stock. A new pre-orders for Batman Hush Series 3 has also been listed - this line continues to be impressive.

Godzilla: We've finally received more Godzilla vinyl figures from Bandai Japan. The new Godzilla 2005 lineup we've received so far includes Fire Radon, 9" Godzilla, 15" Mothra and Angirasu. We've also restocked a few previously sold out figures and received some additional 2002 to 2004 figures we did not previously carry. These figures include: Space Godzilla, Gaigan, Destroyer, Kingidora & Mecah Kingidora. The new 2005 figures have even better detail and painting than previous releases, but they all are very fun and fairly inexpensive.

Overstock Super Clearance Pricing - 12 Items: We have over 2500 total pieces in stock of the 12 Binaltech and Microman items now listed on the top of the clearance menu. That ends up being a bit more inventory than I like to carry on these items so we are selling it off below cost! Our upcoming new website will help me forecast order quantities much more accurately so this situation isn't likely to happen in the future, so take advantage of my error and stock up on items below wholesale costs! Binaltech: BT-02, 03, 04, 05, 06 are all $34.99! Microman Catwoman, Batman & Batgirl, Devilman, and Bio Machine Sets are up to 50% off! These prices will be increased once the inventory levels go down to a more desirable level.

Macross: The Macross Valkyrie Display Stand has arrived and is available for $54.99. This stand will work on both 1/60 and 1/48 scale valks. The quality is impressive and it has a weighted base to help keep your valks in the air instead of tipping over. The 1/60 Scale Battle Suit Queadluun-Rau - Max figure has arrived and is available for $99.99

Other Cool Items in Stock:

Transformers: Korean Big Convoy - Mammoth - $25.99 on JBW Menu
Sports Picks: 3" NFL Series 2 - All figures available individually
Sports Picks: 12" MLB - Sammy Sosa & Nolan Ryan - $29.99
South Park 3: Mr. Garrison, Chef, Wendy, and Mrs. Cartman
Dark Horse - Shi: Shi and Tomoe figures - $14.99 each
Stikfas: Cowboys & Indians Stikfas - arriving mid/late November!
Lord of the Rings: Barbie as Galadriel - $33.99
Talking Presidents: Ronald Reagan - $29.99

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Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 November 2004 | 19:40 EST
Sandtrooper Lin Que Reports:
Aisle KingdomDateline: Scalpers are weak, like Clock Radio Speakers “Sandtrooper Lin Que reporting after a loooonngg absence. OTC and VOTC are pretty common now (found the ROTJ) wave over a month ago. Lately I've been able to grab OTC Slave I, SMC Scorpion, Energon Bulkhead, and yesterday I was able to get the Jedi Force Luke and Vader (more there if anyone is interested). I could use some help with Marvel Legends 7 (Hawkeye, Ghost Rider) and TF Alternators Miester. I saw him ONCE but lacked the funds and have never seen him again. Take care troops and it's great to be back! Scalpers are weak like clock radio speakers.... Lin Que out!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 November 2004 | 18:28 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C Reports:
Are they still making these?“TRU is the place for new Star Wars stuff. The had the wave that included the Scanning trooper and some other figures. They are also jam packed with the ROTJ and ESB VOTC figures. TRU is the place. I was told by a friend about a website and I was able to see the Episode III trailer for free! It is called The Toilet This preview was incredible. All heck is going to break loose.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 November 2004 | 18:23 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Sith Reports:
“Hey Troopers, So. Cal Sith here with a store report. The Thousand Oaks TRU has 4 cases of the VOTC ROTJ wave, each case had 1 3po, 1 R2, and only case that I opened had no Chewie. The one my friend opened had only 1 Chewie. We left the other two cases alone. So if you?re in the areas get over there now.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 November 2004 | 18:19 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Rod Reports:
“Had a heck of a week on the collecting front in the Jundland wastes of Southern Cali. Had I found a few more OTC's and a VOTC 15" Kay-Bee Chewie I could have been done for 2004. Went to Toys "R" Us Murrieta to get my Silver Vader. They had a healthy supply of say 10, but most were beaten up pretty good. Managed to find a good one. Next was the hard part. I had to find $19.99 worth of worthwhile Star Wars stuff. The Y-wing was out, none on the shelf. Did find a Scanning Trooper and a Lando Skiff, but the rest of the figs were the old saga collection and a few beaten up OTC's mixed in. To draw closer to $19.99 I picked up the lone VOTC fig on the shelf, Han (Yawnnn). To top off over $19.99 I had to breakdown and actually buy a Star Wars buddy, Wicket the Ewok (It takes a real man to admit to buying something like this). Checked the brand new super Wal-mart in Hemet, nothing. Huge store, but I think it would be safer to commandeer the Death Star Trench at Mock 3 then spend too much time in this Wal-Mart parking lot. A real mob scene!

Got to K-mart at 8:20 to score some figures for $3.26 and Galactic 2-packs. Got in the store, got to the toy department, and saw the sign "figures $3.26" with only one thing missing-stock. Sure, they had a few basic, basic OTC's on the shelf, but 90% of the area for figures was barren and 100% of the areas for Galactic Heroes were empty as well. Did a scalper beat me, I doubt. The limit was three only on the figures plus Hemet doesn't have a real scalper trade unless it's Hot Wheels. I asked an associate if they had more Star Wars stock in back. As a true professional, she barked "no", glared at me, and walked off. Where do they get these people? Oh yah, its K-mart. Cinema Scene 2 piled in about three spots already overstocked beyond belief.

Hit Hemet Target and hit a mini jackpot. Picked up the Hoth Vader, Gamorrean Guard, Slave Leia, the other Vader, and Bib Fortuna. Dang, I like hitting hauls like that. It sounds SoCal Targets are all getting the same assortment as JediDom hit pretty much the same assortment down the road at the Menifee Target.

Got home to see my Sandcrawler from had arrived. The integrity of the box was good, the plastic was nice, but the box had a creased corned with a little bit of cave in. So here is my dilemma. Do I keep it or return it and take my chances? The box is very displayable, but that corner, that corner, that corner. Troopers how are your Crawler boxes? Finally, a big thanks to the collecting master himself JediDom for getting me a Y-wing. I swear this guy could find a carded Yakface for $4.99 at a "scalper convention". He has got southern Cal dialed in, thanks JediDom.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 6 November 2004 | 18:16 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys Newsletter #280

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There is lots of great stuff back in stock this week plus a few really awesome new items. Series 3 Kubricks are now in stock. This wave includes Han Carbonite, a Jawa, Wicket, C-3PO, Lando and an AT-AT Driver. We also have the 2 chase figures in stock, the Han Solo from Carbonite Block and the Vinyl Cape Jawa.

We still have the Sandcrawler available as well as the OTC Cantina Scene #1. Lots of Galactic Heroes back in stock as well as some AFA graded ones. Lots of Saga Mini-busts back in stock including some of the rarities. We have the Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White and Pilot Clonetrooper busts all in stock now along with the original Darth Vader, Yoda and the latest busts, Luke X-Wing and the Stormtrooper.

We are highlighting our Autographed figures that are currently in stock. We also got quite a few Hamilton Plate in this week so if you need 1 or 2 to complete your collection be sure to check out what we just got in stock. We also have some 12-inch Marmit Dolls feature this week.

Quite a few Vintage carded figures arrived this week as well, from Droids Tig Fromm to ESB Walrusman, ROTJ Lando Skiff C-9+, Tri-Logo Boba Fett and some vintage TIE Fighters including a MIB C-6 Glasslite Boxed TIE.

This week only 40th Anniversary Wave 5 Set of Four (African American) Newsletter Special price of only $129.99! Lots of loose figures featured this week including items from Valor vs. Venom, Spy Troops and Joe vs. Cobra. The loose Joe vs. Cobra Polar Blast and Cobra Venom Cycle is also featured.

Now back in, Toys McCoy Indian Jones MISB C-9. We also have a opened box Indy available as well as a opened box Arabian Horse opened box.

The latest Transformers Alternators are in stock now including Hound, Meister, Dead End and Tracks.

Lots of great Super Heroes back in stock, JLA Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are all back in. We also have Marvel Legends Apocalypse, Weapon X Wolverine, Vision, Goliath, Iron Man Silver Centurion, Hawkeye and Ghost Rider all in stock.

This week's featured Simpsons include Celebrity Fat Tony, the exclusive Family Christmas, New Year's Eve and Treehouse of Horror 3.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 5 November 2004 | 21:40 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Trooper“Hey Troopers, I did a minor sweep this a.m. but I did find a few newer figures. The Scalpers must be slackin'!

Target (Gurnee, IL): “had 1 VOTC ROTJ Boba Fett, 2 ROTJ Stormtroopers, 1 ESB Lando, 2 ESB Vaders & 2 ESB Yodas. No sign of Chewie, R2-D2, or C-3PO.

KB Toys (Gurnee, IL): “had 1 VOTC ROTJ Boba Fett, 2 ROTJ Stormtroopers, 1 Lando, 4 Vaders & 4 Yodas. No sign of Chewie, R2-D2, or C-3PO there either.

TRU (Gurnee, IL): “had a few OTC Y-wings in stock. They also restocked with more old SAGA figs from the Bespin Duel Luke/Vader wave.

Walmart ( Gurnee, IL): “had the OTC Jawas & Tusken Raider waves.”

Posted by: dustrho | 5 November 2004 | 8:47 EST
Collections at
dustrho's CollectionWhat could possibly be a better hobby than collecting Star Wars toys and memorabilia? Absolutely nothing! That?s why you?re here, isn?t it? In this day and age Star Wars fans and collectors are primarily adults who actually grew up watching the Star Wars films on the big screens when they were first released back in the 70s and 80s. Hasbro believes that their number one target audience are children, but they obviously don?t know what they?re talking about since most Star Wars toys are purchased by adults. With that some of these adults have small collections of Star Wars items, whether that is a small focus geared to say high-priced items as replica props, and then there are the collectors (such as myself) who collect anything and everything related to Star Wars.

dustrho's would like to show off your collection in our section devoted entirely to Collections, whether your collection is small or big. If you would like to shoot an email to with pictures of your collection (which we can host for you if you don?t have them hosted somewhere already), or we can simply add the URL to our Collections page where you have the pictures of your collection already hosted. Either way, we would like to show the world what your collection is all about. And if you feel like it, you?re more than welcome to write up a paragraph or two about your collecting habits, how you got into collecting Star Wars, and what your goals are that you?d like to meet in the near and distant future.

dustrho's CollectionProbably the biggest reason why I like looking at other people?s collections is to see how they have their items displayed. I?ll sometimes run out of ideas on how to set something up, or I?ll want to get fresh ideas on how to display my Star Wars collection where it will blow people away when they see it in person. One time someone saw this Yoda piece that I had in my collection (a couple years ago), and he contacted me about it because collecting Yoda items was his main collecting focus. He had said to me that this piece I had in my collection, an item that honestly meant nothing to me, was something he had been trying to find for a long time. After communicating back and forth we ended up doing a trade, and everything worked out wonderfully in the end.

So, there are many reasons to show off your collection, and we at would like to show yours off here. Check out the current list of collections here.

Posted by: dustrho | 5 November 2004 | 0:14 EST
Staff's Reaction to ROTS Teaser Trailer
The Staff of wanted to share our thoughts, emotions and feelings about the recently released Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer. As you can tell (after reading our comments) we were all pretty much psyched up about it, so we hope you enjoy what we have written here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 4 November 2004 | 17:48 EST
News from the PSWCS: Annual Toy Drive
The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society, in association with Toy Cave, is holding a Star Wars toy drive to benefit Garrison Carida of the 501st Legion. Garrison Carida encompasses much of the mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. They are a truly service-oriented chapter of the 501st, dedicating the majority of their efforts to helping children. They visit Children's Hospitals 6 or 7 times a year where they pose for photos with the patients and hand out Star Wars toys. The toys collected through this drive will be given to the children during these visits. If you would like to donate a toy to the drive, please visit them here. Please join PSWCS in supporting this fine organization and their efforts to brighten the days of children who need it most.

Posted by: dustrho | 4 November 2004 | 16:22 EST
Review of ROTJ DVD on
Star Wars has written up a nice review on the Return of the Jedi DVD from the new Star Wars Trilogy DVD set, in which they have compared video screenshots and audio clips from the new DVD set to past Star Wars versions (original and Special Edition). This is Part 3 of 3 of their reviews on the new DVD set. Read the review here.

Posted by: dustrho | 4 November 2004 | 9:29 EST
ROTS Teaser Trailer Description! has recently written up a description of the soon-to-be released teaser trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I won't give anything away, but it has been stated that the description of the trailer that has been flowing around the Internet is 99.9% correct. So, click here if you want to read about what is in the teaser trailer, but be forewarned that this is possibly spoiler material.

UPDATE: The trailer has now been released to the public for our viewing pleasure (you must be an AOL or Hypserspace member to view this), and I've just finished seeing it for the first time. Let me tell you this is looking to be the BEST Star Wars movie ever made, and I've always thought Empire Strikes Back was the best movie to date. If you haven't seen the trailer yet then you don't know what you're missing! Read all the comments and write your own in our forums!

Posted by: dustrho | 4 November 2004 | 9:14 EST Preview of Republic Commando recently wrote up a great preview of the upcoming first-person shooter video game, Star Wars: Republic Commando. The focus of this game, as described by the game's director Tim Longo, is on the military forces that only have supporting roles in the Star Wars movies. As an elite Clone Trooper in the Republican Army, you are in command of a squad of other Clone Troopers, and you are assigned several different missions to help fight the Republican cause. The game takes place between Episodes II and III, and some of the planets you will fight on are Geonosis and Kashyyyk. This game is scheduled to come out next February, and will be released only on Xbox and PC. Read the preview of this game here.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 4 November 2004 | 9:11 EST
Sandtrooper ACPin Reports:
Theed CourtyardThe Neimoidians randomly change the location of their residence in the city of Theed during the occupation of Naboo to counteract any possibility of raids by the rebels. A contingent of battle droids are deployed around the residence for protective measures.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 4 November 2004 | 8:52 EST
This week at Action-HQ
Action-HQ bringing the Best to you FIRST with Jedi Council 3 and 4 plus Convention Exclusive Spirit of the Rebellion Bust-Ups!

Available NOW:
-Jedi Council Scene Pack 3 and Jedi Council Scene Pack 4. Only
$26.95 each!
-Convention Exclusive Spirit of the Rebellion Bust-Ups set of 4.
Transparent and limited to 5,000 sets. Just $24.95!

Recent Release:
-Unleashed Bossk, Tusken Raider, Bossk and Red Storm Trooper!
-Playskool Exclusive X-Wing and Luke with Speeder Bike!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 November 2004 | 17:19 EST

50% Off All Vintage Items: We've raised the discount to 50% off all the items in our vintage department. Many items have sold already, but we still have a lot of good stuff left. Please be sure to take a look through the vintage dept and take advantage of the 1/2 price sale. All prices listed are 'full price' and we'll take 50% off of that.

McFarlane: Movie Maniacs 7 has just arrived - we are offering the Robocop and Cpl. Hicks (from Aliens) figures individually and the set of 4 Texas Chainsaw Massacre figures as well. The 12-inch Leatherface figure is available for $32.99. Jimi Hendrix 2 is in stock for $13.99.

Energon - The 'super' sized Galvatron has arrived as well as the Powerlinx Battles packaging Optimus Prime. Many other basic, deluxe, mega, and ultra figures are in stock.

Predaking: Takara has confirmed an early December ship date on these, so we will have them around December 13th. We will be able to ship all pre-orders out in time for delivery before 12/25. This would be the ultimate holiday gift for any Transformer fan!

Binaltech: BT-06b Blue Tracks and BT-09 Swindle will arrive in about 2 weeks - pre-orders are available on each for $54.99.

Ultra Magnus Statue: We've received a restock of the exclusive Ultra Magnus 6-inch Statue - we have limited availability and the statue is priced at $79.99.

Superlink: More stock of the SD-19 Starscream Reverse, SD-20 Galvatron General, and SD-21 Bruticus gift set has arrived!

Other Cool Items in Stock:
Star Wars: OTC Millennium Falcon
Star Trek: Bandai Enterprise 'E' model kit
Toynami: Inuyasha Series 1 figures

- Take advantage of the 50% Off SALE! -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 November 2004 | 15:40 EST
Sandtrooper and Forum Member Jfrog2002 Reports:
“Hey Troopers! Two TRU stores in town got in the Naboo 4-pack with the Kaadu this week. I got the second to last one and another guy I know got the last one on Sunday at the store nearest me. I later heard another store had them on Thursday or Friday and was already sold out by the weekend. The manager said they?d restock very soon though. It's a really cool set!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 November 2004 | 15:35 EST
Sandtrooper Sithryan Reports:
The Pride of Boise, Idaho!“Hey troops! Anyone have an extra Silver Vader? My TRU got them but scalpers cleaned them out before I got there. They had 1 smashed one left. I'd be interested in purchasing one if at a fair price. Let me know! I still have one C-9 Sandcrawler available for cost plus shipping with a free C-9 OTC Jawas to go with it! E-mail me!”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 3 November 2004 | 15:23 EST
Sandtroopette Donna Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Costal Defender“Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal here with some luck over the weekend. Target has received the VOTC ROTJ figs, the Galactic Heroes Bounty Hunters including the double Stormtrooper pack, and more of the last OTC figs including the Gamorrean Guard I missed before. Have not spotted the Scanning Crew fig yet nor anymore Slave I. The Cantina set II has landed at K-mart. Went by TRU on Sunday and picked up the Vader Voice Changer plus my free Silver Vader. Wal-mart has had nothing new in the last two weeks. Happy Hunting to all.”

Posted by: dustrho | 3 November 2004 | 9:51 EST Newsletter
It has been a very hectic quarter for us and with Christmas just around the corner we are gearing up for an even busier period than before. With the advent of the transitional OTC (or post OTC) figures arriving very soon, preview Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith figures, plus tons of recent new arrivals and re-stocks that are shipping to us now, we wanted to tell you what we have done to help cope with the demand in light of recent shipping delays.

Possibly the best Gentle Giant creation to date...
GAMORREAN GUARD MINI BUST ?39 (55 Euro / $70 approx)

Yes this fantastic mini bust is a limited edition of just 4000 pieces as we are going to sell out just as fast as we did with the Stormtrooper (some re-stocks coming soon by the way) so please hurry!

Still in stock BUT very lmited... Asajj Ventress and Yoda from Clone Wars. Coming this year is the ARC Trooper! Also, the incredible statue of Obi Wan Kenobi as seen in the Clone Wars cartoon series is in hand! Limited to just 2500 pieces worldwide, this is a fantastic statue and will sell out very fast...we are first again!

We still have some new Gold Leader Y-Wing Fighter left in stock PLUS there are tons of Vintage OTC figures on the way and will hit our warehouse late this week. We still have the lowest price in Europe for VOTC and urge you to buy them while we still have stock because they are selling VERY fast!

Sandcrawlers are also coming back to stock again soon.

For Christmas we have taken on another 2 people to help with packing and order processing. Our advanced Order Processing System is still in its final stages of construction, and when it is complete, there will be a wealth of difference with the communication and delivery speed for all orders. This has been very long anticipated, and expensive, but its worth the wait i assure you. You will have full control of existing orders, pre-orders, subscription and discount clubs, plus shipping data.

As you know, we were heavily SPAM attacked daily for the past 6-8 weeks and at last we have nearly got through the many thousands. This brings us almost back to normal in terms of email and telephone contact which we know has been pretty sparse for you lately, for which we are sincerely sorry. It wasn't a fault of ours but we have been putting our heads down and having certain aspects of the site re-written to stop it happening again in future. We expect that by Friday this week, all emails will be complete, phones will be back to normal, and any backlog of orders will have been completed and shipped. We were just very unlucky, and with members of the team off work and so many new items arriving AND my being away at international shows, it was a bit of a nightmare coping. But we are

So we offer our thanks to all of you during this period and we fully appreciate your patience, understanding and continued loyalty. You will be rewarded with great items at great prices with so many new figures arriving before Christmas (18 we think).

Have a good week and we will inform you when new items arrive.

John & the team from

Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 November 2004 | 17:39 EST
Sandtroopette Lisette Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Counter Intelligence“Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. The new Target in Brooklyn finally got the Slave I. There were 4 of them on the top shelf. I bought one and at last sighting before I left the store, there were 3 left. This Target also had the OTC Endor wave: Lando, Han & Madine. The silver Darth Vader has also hit the TRU in Times Square with the Darth Vader voice changer and Y-Wing. That's all for now.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 2 November 2004 | 17:31 EST
Sandwatch Action Figure Review: Going somewhere OTC?
Hey Troops, Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews have been updated with figures #22 & #23 from the OTC collection. We are near the end of the OTC Reviews and I am happy the basic line is almost done. Did we really need Greedo? What about the constant rebirth of the Tusken Sniper? Do we deserve more than darker paint and a weapon with a little more detail? Feel free to offer your own feedback about the OTC collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Posted by: dustrho | 2 November 2004 | 16:06 EST
Update from TOYFELLAS
Receive the following discounts until December 12th 2004.
10% Off All Orders $30.00 or More.
15% Off All Orders $60.00 or More.
20% Off All Orders $100.00 or More.

- Click to Enter TOYFELLAS -

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 November 2004 | 18:47 EST
Update from Federation Toys:
Just wanted let you know that we have a lot of new items in stock. (see below for the list). We are taking Pre-Orders ON NEW Master Replicas items that are coming soon. We are also clearing out some other Master Replicas items check site for details. We have a limited number of the Star Wars celebration II souvenir program collector's books still in stock.

This is going to be a busy year, we will have information on our booth at Star Wars Celebration III, in April 21 - 24, 2005 Indiana convention Center Indianapolis. We hope to have the Sandtrooper Garrison set up at our booth to distribute literature and give you chance to meet the Staff at as well as get more info on future Star Wars related events.

We are looking to restock the VOTC waves in the very near future. We have a lot of new figures on the way and some older ones, along with a lot of new pictures. Also Master Replicas has a lot of new very cool items coming out, make sure to stay tuned for details.

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 November 2004 | 18:45 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster Eric Reports:
“Hello troops, just want to give a heads up to the Troopers in Niagara Falls and that area. I just scored the new Y-wing at TRU for $29.99 and they even kicked in a free Silver Vader. However, I did have to ask for the Vader because the employee had no clue what I was talking about. Still no OTC Slave I anywhere. All the other stores had pegwarmers. That is all, good luck guys.”

Posted by: Julian | 1 November 2004 | 18:37 EST
Sandcrawlers at Disney
Hey troops, if you happen to live in Florida near Orlando or wouldn't mind taking a little drive to get there, Downtown Disney's "Once Upon A Toy" (the store operated by Hasbro in conjunction with Disney) is currently carrying the exclusive Jawa Sandcrawler for the very low price of $40.00. I've just gotten off the phone with a customer service representative and as of 3:00 p.m. today, the vehicle is on the sales floor, waiting to be purchased. Tatooine Trader located inside MGM Studios next to the Star Tours ride is also carrying the vehicle.

This is truly a good deal if you can pick it up yourself. Definitely it beats unscrupulous Ebay prices, plus you won't even have to pay for shipping! As for the troops in California, better check out Disneyland's Star Trader, chances are they might have it there as well.

Again, if you are near Disney World here in Florida and want to "hit the Mouse" go get your Crawler today. Remember, there is no admission fee and parking is free at Downtown Disney!

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 November 2004 | 18:33 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C Reports:
“I posted that I found the Y-wing last Friday. They had 12 of them. I went back to TRU today and they completely sold out of them. These things went fast.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 November 2004 | 11:01 EST
Sandtrooper One Big K Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Demolition Expert, Columbus,OH“I was able to get my Silver Darth Vader today at Toys R Us. I was outside the store early figuring there would not have to many and scalpers would get them all. Much to my surprise a manager and employee were putting some clearance carts out front of the store and I over heard them telling a couple of guys that came up asking for the Vader and they said they hadn?t got them. But when the store opened at 10 am and I went inside the Vader were at the counter to be put out on the shelf - nice to see they were looking out for the normal collector. The store had lots of the Darth Vader voice changers but not much else that was new. There is not much else to report from here in central Ohio.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 November 2004 | 10:58 EST
Sandtrooper Darth Zack Reports:
“Just wanted everyone to be aware that in Sunday's circular for Kmart there is a special one-day sale. Friday is our day, all SW action figures are to be sold at $3.26, but there is a limit of 3 according to the ad. I almost missed this special sale ad, so I wanted to make sure the rest of the garrison didn't miss it either.”

Posted by: Darth Spice | 1 November 2004 | 10:55 EST
Sandtrooper Jon Reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Ranger“Ann Arbor MI: The last wave of OTC figures has been trickling into the area for about the past week. There's no consistency to where they have been hitting. Meijer seems to be the best place, but I also found General Lando at the Target on Carpenter road today, and most of a case at a K-Mart in Toledo a few days ago. Most of the time, the new wave of OTC figures on the pegs are very incomplete though. Also, stores in the area have very different stock. Some stores have nearly empty pegs, the Target on Ann Arbor-Saline road stocked up eight pegs full with SAGA figures (idiots), and other stores just have older OTC stuff. The ROTJ VOTC has disappeared after having been all over the place a week ago. In addition, the Toys "R" Us in Ann Arbor had plenty of the Silver Vader as of about an hour ago but none were really mint. Their stock of Y-Wings has dwindled down over the past few days, and there are only about three left. Still a ton of Voice Changers though. Finally, I would like to give a shout out to a fellow trooper in the area who hooked me up with a Slave I in a mint package. I really appreciated that. He was a super good guy, and I hope to get together on more exchanges. Until my next update, keep on Sandtroopin! Oh and by the way: Go Wolverines!”

Posted by: dustrho | 1 November 2004 | 10:00 EST
Star Wars Icons in ESPN Commercials?
ESPN's Sportscenter will be showing seven different commercials starting this week and will continue to run through the end of this year. Surprisingly a few Star Wars icons will be in some of these commercials, and these icons include C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper. I'm not entirely sure why there would be Star Wars icons in an ESPN commercial, but I'm sure these commercials will be worth watching. Read the full article here.

Posted by: dustrho | 1 November 2004 | 8:55 EST
What Are Your Three Most Wanted Items?
We are currently working on creating a single web page that will list our fellow Troopers? three most wanted items they?re currently searching for. Now these aren?t items that they would love to have some day (like a life-size Han Solo in Carbonite or a Master Replicas? AT-AT), but these are items that are reasonable in price but unfortunately impossible to find. If you would like some help in acquiring those three items please send an email to with a list of three items you?re looking for and your email address, and we will post that information on a single web page. I?m more the certain that another Trooper or two will be able to help find those hard-to-find items for you. We are here to help each other out, and like our slogan says... United We Find!

Posted by: dustrho | 1 November 2004 | 8:50 EST
Sandtrooper dustrho Reporting In!
Yesterday while I was at home sick watching NFL football on TV, my wife went out on a toy run for me. Darth Spice called my house, she answered the phone, and he told her that Toys ?R Us had tons of Y-Wing Fighters and Silver Darth Vaders in stock up in his area. So, she got off the phone, informed me about what Darth Spice had said, and she headed out to Toys ?R Us. About thirty minutes later she came home with a Y-Wing Fighter and two Silver Darth Vader figures. She paid the $9.99 for the second Silver Darth Vader figure, but I?m thinking I might open up the second one to be displayed with my other silver figures. I have to give two big thanks out to Darth Spice for informing my wife about his finds, and then a really big "thank you" to my wife for running out and getting me those items. Without her help my collection wouldn?t be what it currently is today.