November 2003

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 November 2003 | 20:28 EST
Interview with the Empire: A Exclusive
Choking it through Vader’s TV screenOn a hot tip from reading, I decided to check out a local Dr. Who convention that was hosting Micheal Sheard (Admiral Ozzel). The Chicago Tardis is a Dr. Who show that has been going on annually for the last 15 years. Among the many things I learned about Michael were his website and a couple of books he has written like Yes, Mr. Bronson and Yes Admiral. Both were on sale at the show but sold out by the time I was able to conduct my interview. If you are interested in purchasing either of these titles, check out his site for details. The Admiral had much to say regarding the Prequels, Hasbro and the release of his upcoming action figure. For more of my exclusive interview with Micheal Sheard, click here.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 November 2003 | 20:27 EST
New This Week at K & C Collectibles
December 1st to December 15th we are offering Free UPS ground shipping (within the Continental US) to all customers who order $70 or more.
Yoda Unleashed
Boba Fett Unleashed
Han Solo Unleashed
Clone Wars Value Packs
Obi-Wan Kenobi - General #45
Durge #46
Asajj Ventress #47
Mace Windu - General #48
Ayy Vida - #38
Imperial Dignitary Janus Greejatus - #35
Obi-Wan Kenobi Outlander Nightclub Encounter - #39
Elan Sleazebaggano - Outlander Nightclub Encounter #40
Darth Vader - Death Star Clash #32
Bail Organa - Alderaan Senator # 33
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Coleman Trebor - Battle of Geonosis #24
Wat Tambor - Geonosis War Room # 23
Padme Amidala - Secret Ceremony #22

Check out our stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section or just use the search function of the site.
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 30 November 2003 | 20:05 EST
Sandtrooper Sean V. reports:
"Hey troops, Sean V here. Was wondering whether anyone out there could hook me up with the new ultra Wampa or Rieeken if they come across it. We'll never see them here in Canada. Thanks"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 30 November 2003 | 9:59 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Jedi Dom in the Land of Sunshine Reports:
"Had a little luck this weekend, and scored an extra McQuarrie Stormtrooper Fan's Choice #4. I would like to trade straight up for a red ARC Trooper. The only other things I need are Ackh Med-Becq and Klen Blista-Vanee, as well as the last 3 Clone Wars figs: Fisto, Tiin and the Clone trooper. I don't know whether it is out yet, but I am also searching for the Han Hoth Rescue with brown vest. Please e-mail me if interested."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 29 November 2003 | 23:17 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER
For the week of Nov. 30 to Dec. 6.
All Clone Wars Value Packs IN STOCK NOW!!!
Anakin Starfighter Pilot w/ Clone Trooper [BLUE] $24.99
ARC Trooper w/ Clone Trooper [WHITE] $29.99
Yoda General w/ Clone Trooper [YELLOW] $24.99
New Clone Wars Deluxe figures in stock!!!
Clone Trooper Army with Yellow Clone Trooper C-7/8 $28.99
Clone Trooper Army with Green Clone Trooper C-7/8 $28.99
Spider Droid C-9 $14.99
Spider Droid C-7/8 $13.99
Check our the latest Clone Wars deals!
ARC Trooper C-9 $14.99
ARC Trooper C-7/8 $12.99
Asajj Ventress C-9 $16.99
Asajj Ventress C-7/8 $15.99
Durge C-9 $14.99
Durge C-7/8 $13.99
Kit Fisto C-9 $14.99
Kit Fisto C-7/8 $13.99
Saesee Tiin C-9 $14.99
Saesee Tiin C-7/8 $13.99
Super Articulated Clone Trooper C-9 $14.99
Super Articulated Clone Trooper C-7/8 $13.99
Obi-Wan General C-9 $5.99
Obi-Wan General C-7/8 $4.99
Lots of New SAGA deals this week!!!
Saga Multi-figure Pack Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2 $39.99
Saga Kotobukiya Luke Stormtrooper C-9 $129.99
Saga Kotobukiya Luke Stormtrooper C-7/8 $119.99

For more from Brian's click here

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 November 2003 | 22:52 EST
Sandtrooper Lin Que with Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM:
Begin Today"Hey troops, Lin Que from Omaha, NE with a request for help. I am a collector of Marvel Legends figs. I am looking for Series V Blade and was wondering whether someone finds one if they could pick me up one. I will pay or trade for the effort. I also have access to Masters of the Universe vs the Snakemen Figs if someone is interested. Lin Que out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 November 2003 | 22:36 EST
Sandtrooper Daytrip reports:
I pity the fool who responds to these for’jareesDateline: Power of the Bay   "Hey, wanted to give all a heads up that these people are still out there trying this crap again."
Membership Authentification! Dear Member, we regret to inform you that eBay will suspend your account if you do not solve your problems. With this protect account form you can secure your information on eBay against illegal purposes. We are investigating frauds and improving security, ebay in association with Yahoo! Mail protects your account now.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 November 2003 | 21:57 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim reports:
"Hey Troopers, just a quick note to say that CW figures are coming in quickly. I went to my local Target and found most of them on the pegs in large quantities. They also had a couple of the Leia speeder bikes. I have an extra Asajj V. for trade, I’m looking for a Red ARC trooper. I want to give a big thanks to Jason for hooking me up with the Red CT 3 pack and to those who responded to my request. MTFBWY!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 29 November 2003 | 21:52 EST
Sandtrooper Baldrik747 reports:
"Stopped at Walmart at Foothills (Tucson, AZ) this morning and found the new deluxe figures (4x C-3PO with escape pod, 4x Wampa, and 4x general Rieeken with tactical screen). They also had the Sportspicks wave 7 (Vick, Portis, Shocky, etc). Still can't find the Holiday Yoda."

This one isn't a brick-and-mortar release, so look to the 'net to score and probably pay a premium.

Posted by: Tyler | 29 November 2003 | 10:19 EST
New Kubricks
Next chase figure is rumored to be Alex from A Clockwork OrangeThere are at least two chase figures in this new assortment. The first is Indiana Jones. The other is the Sandtroopers. They have different coloured shoulder paldrons and weapons (rifle/blaster). Only the orange and white are shown but there may be other colours as well. We'll keep you informed. Thanks to Sandtrooper Yubyub for the info.

Here is the regular case breakdown:

Posted by: Steve | 29 November 2003 | 8:29 EST
Area report, Lafayette, IN
Hey Troops, I stopped by Toys R Us yesterday to see what was available. They had more Anakin's starfighters and they had the remains of the newest Unleashed wave. Only Han and Boba were left, Yoda was gone. I guess the early bird gets the worm. I left them on the pegs because those lines were way too long. I have to say I like the new Unleashed packaging better than the old style, they look pretty cool.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 29 November 2003 | 0:15 EST
Collectors Gallery Online Sale of Master Replicas:
Master Replicas items on sale:
Jedi Remote $169.95
Darth Maul lightsaber $299.95
Vader SW saber w/o case $189.95
Vader SW saber with case $214.95
Vader ESB saber $219.95
Clone wars figures IN STOCK. Thousands of vintage and classic Star Wars items IN STOCK
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Posted by: Spiceowan | 28 November 2003 | 14:38 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I just got back from my toy run today. TRU (Highland Park, IL) had the Durge with swoopbike wave. Target (Highland Park, IL) had the 12-inch Leia with speederbike on the overstock shelf. Target (Waukegan, IL) also had the 12-inch Leia with speederbike on the overstock shelf. There were no deals, markdowns, or new waves of SW figs. Bummer. I stayed away from the stores in Gurnee, IL because those places are always packed. Good luck to anyone who's going to shop at Gurnee today. I'm going to check Gurnee, IL tomorrow."

Update 11/30: "I went to the stores in the Gurnee, IL area today. TRU & Wal-Mart hardly had any SW figs. I can see Wal-Mart not having SW figs. TRU on the other hand only had 2 Chancellor Palpatines and 2 Orn Free Taa figs. I wonder whether TRU's Star Wars figs section was empty like that when they opened on Black Friday. If so, then that is very pathetic. However, Target had the second wave of Clone Wars figs, but no Red ARC troopers. Target also had the Nightclub Obi-Wan wave. Nightclub Obi-Wan was the only one available from that wave. That's all for now."

Posted by: Tyler | 28 November 2003 | 9:56 EST
Clone Wars figures in Canada!
Hey Troopers, we finally got something new here in Canada! After reading Sandtrooper Sean V's report I went to Wal-Mart the next day and lo and behold the Clone wars figures were there. I picked up 1 Yoda, 1 Anakin, 2 Obi-Wan, 2 Mace and 8 red ARC troopers! I only need one of each so I'm willing to trade the rest. All I need is 2 Saga Imperial Officers (one of each hair colour). If I don't receive any offers then I will sell them at cost which was $9.11 CAN ($7.11 US). There were still plenty of Yodas and Anakins on the pegs when I left so I can get those also if needed. All were on US cards. Take care troops.

Update: Found Asajj, Durge, Mace and Obi at Zellers today. Only one case though. Same price as Walmart.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 November 2003 | 8:03 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Greetings from Sunny SoCal once again and hope y'all had a happy Turkey Day out there in Trooper-land. Had nothing to do this afternoon and went driving around with the wife. Passed by a Super K-Mart in Diamond Bar and decided to droop in. Saw the new Bail Organa wave along with Durge, Asajj, CW Obi-Wan and Mace. Only had 1 Concept Stormie with the lightsaber held downward. That's it for now fellas, take care and always remember to be good to each other, Peace OUT!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 27 November 2003 | 10:15 EST
Happy Thanksgiving:
The Staff at would like to wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. With the Holiday Season upon us, take a moment to reflect on the things that are more important than Star Wars collecting and enjoy your families. God Bless America.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 November 2003 | 20:08 EST
Sandtrooper Duluth Matt with 'Explore Minnesota:'
From Minnetonka to the Twin Cities"Hey Troops, Matt from Duluth, MN checking in. I would like to give a quick thanks to Spice and to Tammy, who sent me some info for my Darth Vader costume, it was helpful. We finaly have the new waves in stock up here and from searching all the local stores I have just about ALL the new figs, what a great week. I would like to ask for some help again. Is there anyone who has a Silver Convention Vader for sale or trade? I have been trying to get this figure for some time but just cant afford the $130 price tag on ebay. In return I could hook you up with just about any figs from the Clone Wars or Saga collection. I am willing to trade as many figs as you think would make a fair trade due to the price of this item. I would like it to be carded, and all of the figs I would trade are MOMC. If you have this item up for trade please e-mail me with you choice of figs and we can work something out. Thanks again and Happy Holidays."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 November 2003 | 19:44 EST
Sandtrooper Sean V. with a Canada COAST TO COAST A.M. Report:
East of the Rockies dial 1-888-526-5436, Talk to George on the First-time caller line at 1-888- ..."Hey Troops, Sean from Canada here. I have three red ARC Troopers from the Clone Wars line. Our local Wal-Mart got the entire wave in. If anyone wants to trade or buy, I'm looking for the new Emperor, Ayy Vida, Dignitary and anything else new. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 November 2003 | 19:13 EST

Don't forget about the 25% OFF sale at KEBco Toys that will last until Dec. 10th, 2003. The 25% OFF applies to all In-Stock items. Pre-Orders do not apply. Enter KEBCO25OFF to receive your 25% discount.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 26 November 2003 | 18:59 EST
25% Off Sale at K & C Collectibles - Runs 12 Hours Only!
K & C Collectibles would like to say “Thank You” this holiday season by offering 25% off all in-stock merchandise. To qualify for the 25% off discount all orders must be placed online or by phone between 6:00am and 6:00pm Central time on Friday, November 28th, 2003. The order must total $60.00 or more. The discount code is “THANKS” and should be placed into the online order form during the check out process. This offer does not apply to pre-order items or to any previous orders. Check out our older stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section of our website.
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 November 2003 | 23:10 EST
Saga Gold Card Reissues and Variations at R2Dtoys:
SAGA (Gold Card) RE-ISSUES (limited stock):
  Ashla & Jempa
  Yoda & Chian
  Barriss Offee
  Aayla Secura

Still in stock (VERY limited supply):
  Han Hoth with brown coat
  Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon (green plastic)
  Luke Skywalker Throne Room CORRECTED hand
  Anakin Secret Ceremony
  Durge Clone Wars
  Obi Wan Kenobi Clone Wars
    ALL $11.20 each

POTJ figures:
  US Version CLEAN Biker Scout �15
  Aurra Sing �10
  Sandtrooper �10

Update: Silver Clone Trooper in stock NOW, shipping next week. �23 each (32 Eur / $38 approx) - LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER, INCLUDES free star case!

If we have sold out of the single figure we also have a BUNDLE package which includes the Silver Clone Trooper, star case and Ep II Jedi Starfighter. �29 per bundle (40 Eur approx / $48 approx), still a great price and NO ORDER LIMIT!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 November 2003 | 22:32 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Greetings again from the land of sunshine, fellow Troops! Went to the Los Feliz TRU and saw remnants of the Yoda Unleashed wave. There were 3 Hans, no Yodas and, of course, no Boba Fetts. Saw 1 Sidious and 3 Obi-Wans though. That's it for now, y'all. Take care and remember to be good to each other... Peace OUT!"

That's good news from the Land of Sunshine. Do scalpers push you around? Figure hunting is a dashing bold adventure. Sing and rejoice, Hasbro is smiling upon you. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake, because Unleashed Boba is not yet lost. Here's how to order.

Posted by: Tyler | 25 November 2003 | 22:04 EST
Saga Variants:
Hey Troopers, I put this list together for a friend of mine and thought I might post it for all you variant collectors.

#7 Anakin (robotic hand) - blue & gold cards
#8 Boba - blue & gold cards (blue has grey jumpsuit while gold has green)
#11 Aayla - blue & gold cards
#12 Barriss - blue & gold cards
#13 Han (Hoth) - blue & gold (blue has blue jacket while gold has brown)
#15 Yoda & Chian - blue & gold cards
#16 Ashla & Jempa - blue & gold cards
#17 Luke (throne room) - blue & gold (blue has left hand gloved while gold has right)
#40 Elan Sleazebaggano - with and without ears

I hope this is useful to someone. I'm also still in need of both Saga Imperial Officers if anyone can help me.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 November 2003 | 17:58 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
"I found some more Red ARC Troopers, Durge, Mace & Asajj at the Target in Killeen, TX. I would like to trade for some Unleashed or other figs, please see my trade list.

"Wal-Mart still has about 20 Zam Wesells, TRU still has the original figs back from 2002, although I finally saw a new Unleashed Han Solo, first Unleashed I've since since the original Jango. Kmart is a bust and KBToys had the value packs several weeks ago, but nothing since. That's all from Central Texas, starfox signing out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 25 November 2003 | 17:19 EST
Sandtrooper JediCor with an Empire State report:
"My local Walmart (Corning, NY) is getting the latest Action Figures and Lightsabers, so I picked up a few figures for my son. TRU (Henrietta, NY) has the new Vehicles and has tons of the 1st wave of Clone Wars Action Figures, Droid 3 Packs and Launchers. Target (Henrietta, NY) also has the 1st wave of Clone Action Figures and the new Vehicles. Maybe these stores are waiting for Black Friday. EVERYBODY HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL."


Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 November 2003 | 0:43 EST
Area Report: It's starting to feel like X-mas!
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINTHey Troops, the mercury is starting to stay south here in Northern Illinois and due to a tight work schedule I have needed much assistance in the covering of my area. Trooper Matt-Large (a.k.a. Matt Tambor of the Kenosha, WI Techno Union) had discovered the remains of the second Clone Wars wave at the Wal-Mart in Kenosha, thus claiming the lone Gen. Obi-Wan as his prize. Agent Tweeny uncovered some of the new Unleashed assortment at the Gurnee, IL Toys 'R' Us. I had a day of an extensive run last Friday and I have come up with jack. However much to my delight when I got home from a rough day at work I found all 4 new Clone Wars and 3 from the Outlander Nightclub encounter laying on my War-Room floor! Finally I have converted her to the dark side! My wife found them at the Zion, IL K-Mart. So with much assistance to Lord Spiceowan, I am finding stuff at ease. With exception of the McQuarrie Stormtrooper and Kran Blista Vanee, I have seen just about every new release the past two weeks. Kind of nice, even the buster stores like the "K" are starting to come around. Also they had the pegwarmers clearanced to $5 dollars, how about that for some humor. Good luck to you good Troops out there. Kick A$% and take names.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 November 2003 | 0:19 EST
Another Slammin' Sale at Master Replicas:
Pick your poisonHey Troops, at Master Replicas from now until December 15th they are offering the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Force F/X Lightsabers for the low price of $99. Order by December 15th to insure holiday arrival. Also, don't forget about the contest at Master Replica to win a trip to Sand Fransisco to help design an upcoming release and more. Also in stock are the Jango Fett Blasters. The Thermal Detonators (both signature and limited editions) should ship this month and shipping next month are the Emperor Clasp and Cane set. For top of the line authentic replica products visit Master Replicas today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 November 2003 | 23:53 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay Margarine reports:
"Hey troopers, I have 2 extra green clone trooper 3 packs to trade off. I picked these up at the military base exchange where I'm stationed. Can anyone help me out with any of the following: Holiday Yoda, Death Star Clash Vader, Tatooine Encounter Luke, Tatooine Ambush C-3PO, red ARC Trooper, yellow Clone 3 pack, or a Jedi Council Yoda? I'm looking for trades, but if nobody can help with my needs I'll sell at cost ($11 ea)."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 November 2003 | 23:34 EST
'Off the Record,' with Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C :
Dateline: Anakin Hopeful Dead   "Hey guys, saw some sad news. I saw this on Yahoo's News site. This is not related to Star Wars sort of. Seaquest DSV actor Jonathan Brandis has died. I read somewhere that he was an Anakin hopeful for Episode II. Just wanted to pass it on. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 November 2003 | 23:07 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Troops, greetings from a snowy, cold Wisconsin. With the snow came my Holiday Yodas. I'd like to trade one for an Unleashed Leia or Unleashed Unmasked Vader. The Christmas Yodas look great and come with a Yoda Christmas card. MTFBWY."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 24 November 2003 | 22:49 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Ohio front. Today was a good day in the local area. At Mentor TRU, found the new Unleashed Han, but no sign of Yoda, or Boba. A lot of 1st wave of the Peg (Clone) Wars figs. New Anakin Star fighter, and plenty of Hailfire and Geo fighters also. Much to my surprise, they had 1 GREEN Clone Three pack. That was it for there.

"Stopped at the Wally World on the way back home, and hit the jackpot. New Bail, Dignitary, Obi (Night club), Ayy Vida, and Elan. Missed the Concept trooper, and Padme (homestead). Troops, the new stuff is hitting, just stay after it."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 24 November 2003 | 22:33 EST
Sandtrooper Darth-Dallas with a request:
"Troops, does anyone have an extra Darth Vader Death Star Clash (03-32) MOMC and a Princess Leia Organa Imperial Captive (03-26) MOMC I could buy or trade for? I will pay for the cost of the figure and Priority shipping. Shoot, if Dallas wins Thursday I might throw in some extra cash for your holiday shopping fund! I look for figs all the time so I can always try to find what you need. Heck, even if you don't have these figs and need me to help you out just drop a line. Thanks and May the Force Be with you! Did I mention Spice is the man?"

Thanks Darth, but not half the man as Bill Parcels! There you have it Troops, you could score IF the Dallas Cowboys score. Drop Darth Dallas a line and see whether you can help each other out.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 November 2003 | 22:05 EST
Sandtroopers Editorial - "Star Wars: Capitalist Corruptor"
Troops, our friend Julian H. Betancourt of put pen to paper recently and scribed a story of suppression and Star Wars subversion in a world that would squelch the spread of the Force. We invite everybody out there in Trooperland to submit their own short non-fiction to us at for consideration as future editorial entries. Get started by enjoying a good read with STAR WARS: SOCIOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE, One collector's true story by Julian H. Betancourt.
    Born in a communist island, Cuba, whereas a child only to mention the name "Star Wars" or "Guerra de las Galaxias" was considered by the regime "An infiltration of the capitalist Yankees up north," I lived until the age of 12 in such place not being able to see, wear nor have anything related to Star Wars.

    The year was 1977 and preconditioned Cuban news radio and television talked about A New Hope by calling it a "Capitalist flick corrupting the minds of millions of young people." The film was never publicly shown and of course no merchandise related items were ever made available. Only those with strong government connections got to watch the film in private screenings, where the film was enjoyed by the elite and then "analyzed" to later on "educate" the public on television reviews, where it was pointed as being "destructive with mind deforming capabilities."

    The reason for such censure and harsh comments was clear. Star Wars its the triumph of good over Evil, the termination of a totalitarian regimen, very much like a communist dictatorship. To the government's eyes it meant rebellion, subordination and naturally they avoided any possible contact of the youth with the film, a contact that possibly would had inspired "public disobedience." ...   CONTINUED

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 November 2003 | 20:43 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Greetings once more from a now chilly and windy SoCal. Decided to waste some time after work today (yes, I have to work weekends, which blows) so I went driving around. Went all the way to the Altadena / Pasadena area. Stopped by a Sav-On Drugs and low and behold what do I see before my eyes? Three Asajj Ventress figs on the peg along with a Clone Wars Yoda. After all this searching I finally have one in my possession! Dropped in on a Rite-Aid a few miles down, but saw no new Star Wars figs, just some dusty left over figs from the POTF2 line. As far as non-SW figs go, saw a Zip-line Bats, Eowyn in Dress and a Spidey Classics Hobgoblin. Oh, to top that off I picked up a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt from 2002 of the Porsche 959 right on the pegs, not a bad night. That's it for now and remember ... take care and be good to one another. Peace out!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 23 November 2003 | 20:35 EST
Sandtrooper Jeffred5 reports:
Dateline: TRU report   "Hey Troopers, it's been a long time since I have sent in any reports. I got very sick this spring with double pneumonia and went into a coma for almost the whole summer. It's been a long recovery and I am still not ready to live on my own yet, so I don't have a lot of computer access. I am also still working on getting my memory back correct, so if there is anyone out there that I was working a trade with that just stopped hearing from me, I didn't stiff you. Please e-mail me and we can work it out.

"I went to a TRU in E. Lansing, MI on Grand Blvd yesterday and found something very cool. In the back of the store, where the have the young children's toys, I found a bin full of figures packaged together with three figures and an Elect. Light saber, all for just $9.98. Almost all of them had Luke Skywalker (Bespin), Chewy (Bespin), and a Red Clone Trooper plus the Light Saber (colors varied). The really cool part was that the LUKE (BESPIN) was the BLOODY HAND VERSION. So anyone still needing this version check the back of your TRU and look close. Good luck. MTFBWY."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 November 2003 | 16:54 EST
New items at K & C Collectibles:
We will have a special announcement this Wednesday, November 26th.
New this Week (limited stock)

Boba Fett – Unleashed
Han Solo – Unleashed
Yoda – Unleashed

Clone Army 3 pack - Yellow
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Stormtrooper - McQuarrie Concept - Fan Choice 4 - #34
ARC Trooper - Red Version
Ayy Vida - #38
Imperial Dignitary - Janus Greejatus - #35
Obi-Wan Kenobi Outlander Nightclub Encounter - #39
Elan Sleazebaggano - Outlander Nightclub Encounter #40
Darth Vader - Death Star Clash - #32
Bail Organa - Alderaan Senator # 33
Durge - #46
Asajj Ventress - #47
Mace Windu - General - #48
Obi-Wan Kenobi – General - #45

Check out our older stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section of our website.
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Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 November 2003 | 1:59 EST
Sandtrooper Darth-Dallas Reports:
"Troops, Toys 'R' Us is a place I don't ever have any luck with, but today a visit to two of them in South Florida changed all of that, making my collection grow and hitting my wallet hard (as hard as a Roy Williams hit, #31). The first stop at the Toys 'R' Us on Pines Blvd in Pembroke Pines, Florida was ugly (nothing new) until I looked up, way up. Being six-foot-six helped. I saw an unopened box of the new 12-inch figs, the Biker Scout wave! I pulled it down and opened it and took out the only Biker Scout in it plus a 12-inch Yoda! I have to say I wish I bought the other Yoda to open. Hasbro has made the best Yoda to date with that one! Luke was ok but the face was, well, you will see. I just couldn't justify buying it at regular price.

"Being that I was on a Star Wars high after I walked out of the store I decided to check the Toys 'R' Us in Coral Springs, Florida on Atlantic and University which is by the house. I figured that at 11:00 am on Saturday there was no way anything new would be there, WRONG! New figs stacked full and they looked like they were straight from the case. I found and bought the following: 2 McQuarrie Concept Stormtroopers, Bail Organa, Elan Sleazebaggano, Padme Amidala - Lars Homestead, Obi-Wan Kenobi - NightClub Encounter, Imperial Dignitary -Janus Greejatus and Ayy Vida! Then to top it off I found one Han Solo Unleashed fig, WOW! I still have the stuff spread out on the floor in my Star Wars room, I can't believe it. You never know. That is the most stuff I have ever bought since April 23, 2002. I will check there again tomorrow night after my Boys play the Panthers. Need anything, drop me a line I will try to help you out. Take Care!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 November 2003 | 20:53 EST
More deals at for Count Dooku Master Replica Lightsabers: still has both the Signature ($399.99) and a clearanced Limited Edition Master Replica Lightsaber ($124.98). With prices like these it is very tempting. Master Replica and many other online retailers have been sold out of these for a while. I guess they are collecting too much dust in the warehouses.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 November 2003 | 19:37 EST

STAR WARS: More Unleashed 6 sets of 3 have arrived

COMIC: 3H's exclusive cover GI Joe vs. Transformers #3

CLEARANCE & SALE ITEMS: We were planning to do a clearance sale in January, but decided to move it up to November so you can take advantage of the lower pricing for the holidays! There are literally hundreds of overstocked and older items we've cut prices on. 25% to 50% discounts on many items! We hope this sale will help to stretch your holiday toy budget, and, be sure to look through the entire list, it is quite extensive. We have not set a definate end date for the sale, but it will likely be early December.

20% OFF VINTAGE MENU ITEMS SALE - ENDS MONDAY: Order any items off the vintage menu and receive 20% off all the vintage items in your order (regular store items do not receive the 20% off). A great way to pick up some cool vintage items for less. Please read the full details on the vintage menu.

Plenty of new items available, including Star Wars.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 November 2003 | 19:11 EST
KB Clearance Sales continue:

Star Wars Episode II: Clone Trooper with Red Trim 12

Hey Troopers, is having a sale on the 12" Clone Trooper with red trim as well as 12" yellow trim Clone Commander
for the low price of $9.99. Some other items were the Interactive R2-D2 clearanced to $49.99, and the TIE Fighter and 12" Gamorrean Guard are still at $14.99.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 22 November 2003 | 18:38 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Dateline: Yuletide Damage Control APB  "Hey all, My Yule tide yodas have arrived on Saturday, November 22. These came in great shape. No damage seen. These are really nice. On another note. I was at TRU today and found the latest 12-inch figures. Luke Jedi and Yoda, with the exception of the Scout Trooper. Jason, can you put an APB out on the Scout for me? New figures are popping up in good numbers now in northern Alabama. Get back with me. Take care."

An APB has been issued and a crack team of S.C.A.L.P. ground troops are on their way to Alabama on a mission to seize this 12-inch figure.

Posted by: Tyler | 21 November 2003 | 23:32 EST
Help for a Canadian Trooper?
Hey Troops, I need a little help. I have seen nothing new in Canada since the Palpatine/Djas Puhr figures from 2002. Remember those? Anyhow I have been lucky enough to have a good friend in the US who has been able to get me almost every figure since then. However he has not been able to find any Saga Imperial Officers (#55). Can anyone out there help me get these? I need one of each hair colour. It's not that we aren't getting any new figures up here. It's just that the only place carrying them at retail is TRU and they don't get many (only Coll 1). And unfortunately the nearest store to me is a four hour drive!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 November 2003 | 22:30 EST
20% Off All Vintage Items at BigBadToyStore - Ends Monday:
Vintage Toy Sale
- Enter Above -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 November 2003 | 22:14 EST
New Items and Early Bird Program at D & S Sci-Fi Toy World:
New Star Wars Toy Early Bird Program. Get those toys first! - See Website for details
  Early Bird Clone Wars Wave 3: Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin & Clone Trooper

Christmas Yoda
Anakin Starfighter
Wampa, Rieeken & C-3PO with Escape Pod
Sandtrooper Army 4-Pack - Back in Stock
Clone Wars - Durge, Asajj , Mace, Obi-Wan Wave
Clone Wars Durge with Swoop & Clone Trooper with Speeder

Back in Stock! - Action Fleet Republic Gunship, Slave I & Troop Transport

Many Star Trek Plates back in stock!

Indiana Jones Series 2 Figures:
  Indy with Idol
  Cairo Swordsman
  German Soldier

Transformers Universe Autobot Ratchet - Machine Robot Rescue
Transformers Universe Inferno - Machine Robot Rescue

D & S Sci-Fi Toy World

Posted by: Spiceowan | 21 November 2003 | 21:55 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I went hunting for figs today. TRU (Gurnee, IL) had RED ARC Troopers, but with Wave 1 Clone Wars figs. No Clone Wars Wave 2. They also had repackaged Han, Leia, and Darth Maul. Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL) barely had any figs on the pegs. It almost looks like the Star Wars figs are being phased out or something. Target (Waukegan, IL) had more old figs from 2002. By the way, I'm staying away from TRU (Gurnee, IL) on the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). Every year people always crowd that place on Black Friday. I know because I used to work there. Once you walk in, you can't get out. Let's hope new figs show up instead of more old ones this holiday."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 21 November 2003 | 21:53 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
"Greetings once again from the the 'Happiest Place on Earth!' The wife and I had a few hours to kill today so we decided to head on down to Disneyland before our annual passes expired. Had to go to the Star Trader store that's at the end of the Star Tours ride. Had the Asajj Ventress wave along with Durge and his bike. Also saw the Unleashed Boba Fett wave as well, along with a few Mace Windus thrown in for good measure. Thought about picking up the Jedi Sith 'Be-yotch' but looked and the price and moved on. $12 for that piece of plastic!!! No thanks, I'll wait for my luck to turn better at a Target. Saw a load of the Star Tours droids too. That was all I could take a look at, my better half was getting impatient so we took off. Sigh... Oh well. I also saw the Clone Trooper Bonus Packs as well, with the strawberry, blueberry and lemon flavored variety. Take care and remember to be good to each other, Peace out!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 21 November 2003 | 13:13 EST
Sandtrooper Brian reports:
"Hey Troopers, I made an extensive toy run in and around Indy today, there were a LOT of WA-7 wave figures out there. Target in Fishers had the new Padme Tatooine wave, Wal-Mart in Noblesville had 3 each of Durge and Asajj Ventress. I passed on these because the cards looked like someone sat on the case. Is there some weird translation of the phrase "Star Wars" that means "Ottoman" to stock room people? I keep seeing this, almost every time I spot a new wave they are crushed. Usually I have to wait until I see them for awhile before I can get decent ones! Anyway, K-Mart in Noblesville had the new deluxe Durge and Clone Troop. I also picked up the red Trooper 3 pack there. Everywhere else seems to only have the WA-7 wave laying around. Has everyone been watching Clone Wars? I'm really starting to like this! We finally get to see, albeit in animated form, what a complete bad@$$ Obi-Wan really was. We also got to find out what Durge is made of too!!(yeah yeah, bad pun eh?). I was let down by his 2 minute duel and defeat by Dooku in AOTC. This makes up for it. Hopefully we'll get to see Ewan Mcgregor show off some more skills in Ep3!!! Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth on the subject. Keep up the great site!"

Thanks Brian, this site is only as great as the troopers that send in news. BIG thanks to you and all the troopers that make what it is.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 21 November 2003 | 13:08 EST
Sandtroopette Rogue Jedi Princess reports:
"Hey guys. TRU over in Porter Ranch, CA has a couple of the 12-inch Luke and Tauntaun for $30.98. They'd be great for some openers as they're pretty banged up. Also found the Hoth pack over there for $20."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 November 2003 | 21:36 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. Unleashed Han, Yoda and Boba Fett arrived at the Times Square and Union Square TRU. The Times Square TRU also had the Durge & Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike Wave."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 November 2003 | 20:53 EST

K-Mart on South Fourth Street in South Allentown, PA received another case of Clone Wars Deluxe Asst. 84851 with Durge on chopper, Ben Stein Clear Eyes spokesman Clone Trooper with speeder, and ALL WHITE Clone Army pack. At first I thought this was an anomoly, maybe a merchandise return by a local scalper who didn't cash in on ebay. But I made sure to check the date stamp, and every figure indicated 1st shift on 251st Julian day of 2003 (32511). One of each on the shelf for any Lehigh Valley troops yet in need of these. They also got a buzz, restocking the MotU heroes assortment with Ram Man and Buzz-Off. Meanwhile, EB Games on Lehigh Street in South Crown Mall had a sell-out success event on the Future Burns exclusive WoS set due to the popularity of the product, or, did the local Ankle Grabbers Comics proprietor abscond with both cases worth? Only time will tell. East Coast S.C.A.L.P. sleeper agents have been dispatched around the area.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 November 2003 | 13:33 EST
"Yavin IV Rebel Ceremony" Lego Diorama by ACPin:
Crowd ride at Mr. Bungle concert"The rebel heroes have been awarded with medals for their uncommon valor in the destruction of the Death Star. The great hall of the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV was utilized for the ceremony." - ACPin

Check it out at ACPin SW

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 20 November 2003 | 12:30 EST
Twenty New Star Wars Items and More Added at Collectors Gallery:
Michael Myers Halloween 12" figure preorder 39.95
TIE Interceptor limited edition gold model kit 24.95
X-Wing Fighter limited edition gold model kit 24.95
B-Wing Fighter limited edition gold model kit 24.95
X-Wing Fighter commemorative model kit 14.95
Episode I Snapfast mini model Republic Cruiser 9.95
Episode I Snapfast mini model large transport 9.95
Episode I Snapfast mini model Sith Infiltrator 9.95
Episode I Snapfast mini model landing ship 9.95
Speeder Bike flight display model kit 24.95
Salacious Crumb plush buddie 14.95
Epic Force Stormtrooper 19.95
AT-AT windup model 14.95
X-Wing snapfast model 9.95
POTJ Capt Tarpals & Kaadu 124.95
Max Rebo plush buddie 14.95
Yoda soap 9.95
R5-D4 12" figure 19.95
AT-AT action fleet 19.95
Twin Pod Cloud Car 19.95
- click banner to enter Collectors Gallery -
CG Kurt’s World

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 November 2003 | 22:23 EST
Visit ALDI for Masters of the Universe Snakemen and 68 lb. cases of potato chips"Lin Que with a Midwest report. Found the Clone wars wave 2 and the Anakin Starfighter. I also was able to pick up wave 2 of the Halo action figures. They look great but the price tag is kinda pricey. Due to a tip I was able to find a great deal of the new Masters of the Universe vs The Snakemen figs. Anyone living in the Midwest and East Coast head to your local Aldi store. They have limited quantities for 6.99. Yesterday I picked up the new Stratos and The General. Today on a hunch I stopped back in and snagged a Zodak. They had a bunch left and even a few Fistos. I hope this info helps other collectors out there. Wal-mart does not seem to be carrying He-man anymore. Lin Que out."

Visit ALDI for Masters of the Universe Snakemen and 68 lb. cases of potato chipsSome Troops wrote asking what ALDI is. ALDI is a discount grocer that began in Germany and introduced the limited assortment concept to the U.S. in 1976 when the first stores opened in southeastern Iowa. Today, ALDI has 671 stores in 25 states from Kansas to the eastern seaboard. Here is a store locator map so you'll know whether ALDI lies within your toy run stretch. Begin today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 November 2003 | 22:19 EST
Sandtooper OKC reports:
"Found the new unleashed the past two days at Toys R Us. Well, only Han. They also had the Sidious wave. No new Clone Wars or Saga. Anyone have an extra Fan Choice Trooper for sale? There are only some figures I collect and it is always the hardest to find."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 November 2003 | 22:14 EST
New In Stock! At
We received the New McFarlane Toys Matrix Series 2 figures and McFarlane’s Sportspicks NFL Series 7. Receive 10% off all orders or 15% off all orders $30.00 or more or 20% off all order $90.00 or more (excluding shipping). Discount until 12/15/03.

  The Matrix Series 2
  Agent Smith $12.99
  Morpheus $12.99
  Neo $12.99
  Neo New World $12.99
  Niobe $14.99
  Trinity $14.99
  NFL Series 7
  Brett Favre Green Jersey $12.99
  Chad Pennington White Jersey $12.99
  Chad Pennington Green Jersey $30.99
  Julius Peppers Black Jersey $12.99
  Clinton Portis Blue Jersey $12.99
  Jeremy Shockey Blue Jersey $12.99
  Jeremy Shockey White Jersey $30.99
  Michael Vick Red Jersey $35.99
  Hines Ward Black Jersey $12.99
  Hines Ward White Jersey $30.99

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 19 November 2003 | 19:20 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Greetings once again from an 80+ degree SoCal. Dropped by a few Targets these past few days and found quite a few 12-inch Leia with Speederbikes. If you've missed your chance to pick one up, now's your opportunity. Didn't see any A-Wings though. Haven't seen any of the newer Asajj wave (still looking for her by the way, if anyone would like to trade), although I did see a Clone Wars Obi-Wan and Mace a few days ago, again at Target; seems like the place to go for the newer figures. Take care and be good to each other, peace out!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 November 2003 | 11:40 EST
New Figures Unveiled at the Official Site:
Star has announced the next line of new figures due out in the Spring. Going back to A New Hope for this line, it appears they are finally listening to us Troops! These look great, and read the whole story. We'd like to know your opinions on these figures. If you are not a forum member, you can register.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 November 2003 | 11:17 EST
Sandtrooper Veteran Starfox reports:
"Clone Wars wave 2 found at Target in Killeen, TX this morning. They had only 1 Durge & Asajj, no Mace Windu, but there were 4 red ARC Troopers. When I was done there were 2 Red ARCs left. That's all from Central Texas. Starfox signing out."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 November 2003 | 11:12 EST
Sandtrooper Duluth Matt reports:
"Hey guys, Matt from Duluth, MN here. I used to report to this site quite often but for the last year there has not been anything to report, I sometimes wonder if Duluth is still on the map for Star Wars items. I did manage to find Durge with bike at the most unlikely of places this week (Suncoast pictures), but not much else of anything good. I would like to ask your help on something, I am putting together a Darth Vader costume for next halloween and would like to know whether any of you have any advice on the best place to buy my items from. I don't know where to go besides e-bay, so any web address or online stores that sell these items would be great to know. I want the costume to be movie perfect and money is not a problem, just need to know where to go. Any help you all could give me would be great. Thanks for the help, Matt"

Matt, check with Spice about your Vader costume needs. I thought he had a source for Sandtrooper armor and maybe they can help you.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 November 2003 | 2:18 EST
Force of the Bay - Joining Forces - A Cloud City Collectibles Exclusive:
Hey Troops, I recently received some emails stating ebay is pretty cool but it is just too risky for "my money." So I had to prove you wrong non-believer and come up with a way to do so. We have some pretty reputable sponsors here on this site, Cloud City Collectibles is one of them. From overseas exclusives to A.F.A graded Holiday Exclusives they have a complete line of new Saga and Clone Wars figures, but you COULD wait for those in a store. Okay, so if you weren't one that has to have it now, perhaps something from their vintage line would better suit you. From the weak-minded to the big little chief they are all there for your bidding. You could walk away with an old smoothie or a low-ranking ground Troop you will find they have it all! If it is not for bid, you can always visit the website to see whether they have what you are looking for. However, a way to possibly to get it cheaper is at ebay. Use caution when using this auction service but when using a reputable seller such as Cloud City or many others you really can't go wrong! My point is you can use ebay to your advantage and find really great Star Wars collectibles like the examples I used here from just one seller. Good luck to you Troops in your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 November 2003 | 23:03 EST
Sandtrooper JimsJedi reports:
"Hey Troops, tons of new finds in the last week here in Massachusetts. Found the new wave of Saga figures (Bail, Concept Trooper) last Friday night at the Target in Millbury, MA. Found a Yellow CW 3-Pack at TRU in Auburn, and tonight found wave 2 of the CW figures and the new Unleashed (Yoda, Boba, and Han) at the same TRU. It's good to see stuff hitting at a decent rate. Are there any Troops that are planning to make it this weekend, the 22nd and 23rd, to the Super Megafest Toy and Collectible Show at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel? Star Wars guest include Jeremy Bulloch and Kenny Baker. Non SW guests include Adam West (Batman), and Kane Odder? I plan on going on Sunday morning and am hoping to meet up with some fellow troopers. Send me an e-mail if you're thinking about going."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 November 2003 | 22:29 EST
Saga and Clone Wars Images Updated:
CWO Lord Spiceowan has personally delivered new images for some of the latest Saga and Clone Wars figures:

`03|#33 Bail Organa™ Alderaan™ Senator ( Attack of the Clones™)
`03|#35 Imperial Dignitary™ Janus Greejatus™ Death Star™ Procession ( Return of the Jedi™)
`03|#36 Padme Amidala™ Lars' Homestead ( Attack of the Clones™)
`03|#43 ARC Trooper™ Army of the Republic ( The Clone Wars™) RED

Thanks to Spiceowan, Jimmy Smits, and Agent Tweeny, who absconded with some of these releases from his local Target, much to the distress and aggravation of the employees there. Begin Today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 November 2003 | 22:29 EST

Although not Star Wars, I found 'Future Burns' Electronics Boutique/Newforce shared exclusive sets at the EB Games in South Crown Mall in Allentown, PA tonight (8 sets). They also have Rainier Wolfcastle with M-16 and Theatre, and 'Oh Yeah' Duffman with Moe's Tavern on clearance for $21.49. The 'Future Burns' set is great for everyone who has wanted to hear Burns say "Have the Rolling Stones Killed" and "Destoy him," whilst dispatching a Stormtrooper army to squelch the attendees of his own birthday party.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 November 2003 | 21:05 EST
Area Report: It's all about the game
Nametaker, Code Name: FLINTHey Troops, had some time off today so I hit a quick sweep through N. Illinois. The Target in Vernon Hills had Ashla & Jempa etc. but a good supply of Hailfire Droids and Geonosian Fighters. The TRU (Vernon Hills) also had a fresh assortment of WA-7, Coleman Trebor and Wat Tambor. I got a call from Agent Tweeny last night confirming he had found the remnants of the Bail Organa wave that is hitting hard elsewhere. I was happy he was able to score me a few of those. Also BIG thanks to Matt Tambor of the Kenosha, WI Techno Union for the hook up on TWO YES TWO Red Arc Troopers last week. Very cool and again proving "United We Find!" It seems that there will be plenty to go around this holiday season Troops. My guess is the McQuarrie Stormtrooper will be the pain in the a$% for at least a bit. I'm still seeing Fan's Choice #3 so I'm not going to sweat it for now. Good luck to all you Troops in your searches. United We Find!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 18 November 2003 | 20:17 EST

KEBco Toys has more Army Builder Clone Trooper 3 packs (Red and Green), Federation Droid 3 packs, Jedi Knight 3 packs, Durge Swoop Bikes, Clone Trooper Speeder Bikes and Clone Wars figures of Durge, Obi-Wan, Asajj and Mace Windu. All of these items are In-Stock.

Enter KEBCO25OFF for the 25% OFF Sale on IN-Stock items only. Pre-Orders do not qualify for the 25% OFF and the Sale ends December 10th, 2003.

Ask about the "One of Every Figure" Club in which you can buy one, two, even ten of each figure at $5.99 per figure. Visit today and the entire year for all of your action figures.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 November 2003 | 17:27 EST
More Early Holiday Savings at

Another one that proves if you waited you may be in luck. At $19.98 it is getting difficult to pass up. Amazon also had many newer Saga figures in stock such as Coleman Trebor and Wat Tambor, but from what I am reading lately these are becoming easy scores.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 18 November 2003 | 17:02 EST
KB Online Has Slashed 12" Gamorrean Guards in Half! is having a sale on the Exclusive 12 inch Gamorrean Guards for the sale price of $14.99. So, if you waited NOW is the time. Also the Star Wars Imperial Shuttle is shipping for the low price of $69.99 and the Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter with TIE Pilot for $14.99. Lego sets and Video games have made the clearance list too. You can also get $10 off ($49 purchase) using coupon code SEARSKBTOY when you check out.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 November 2003 | 12:53 EST
Beware of PAYPAL Scamming WORM.
"The Mimail worm has taken on dangerous new characteristics. The latest variant, Mimail.I, contains an executable attachment that attempts to induce the user into entering credit card information.

"Mimail.I does no system damage, antivirus experts say, but it harvests potentially sensitive information if the infected attachment is executed and acted upon, and it spreads itself, via a self-contained SMTP engine, to e-mail addresses found on a victim's hard drive.

"Mimail.I arrives via e-mail on Windows systems with a subject line that reads: 'Your account expires.' PayPal is an offshoot of online auctioneer eBay. The service enables users to securely send and receive payments online.

"A lengthy, urgent text message is included that explains that the user's PayPal account is about to expire and failure to act upon the notice will result in the user's account being deactivated."

Be careful out there troops!

Posted by: Steve | 17 November 2003 | 22:02 EST
Area Report, Lafayette, IN
Hey Troops, I stopped by Toys 'R' Us today. The Cinema Scenes look to be the newest official members of the Shelf Warmers Elite. Toys 'R' Us had at least two dozen. One new find was Anakin's Starfighter. This looks pretty cool. Not much else to report, but they did have Aayla and Barriss. These are the first new figures I have seen at Toys 'R' Us in over a year.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 November 2003 | 21:42 EST
PRE-CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Takara Transformers Korean Brave Fortress Maximus $105 ea. while supplies last, limited stock!

Enter to win a FREE Takara Transformers Limited Edition Reissue Megaplex Megatron by signing up for our newsletter.

NEW ITEMS: Vintage LJN Thundercats Loose Action Figures from the 80's: Panthro, Mumm-Ra, Tygra, & more. Starting at $5 ea

NEW ITEMS: RARE Vintage Star Wars The Power of the Force, Tri-Logo and Foreign, Droids & Ewoks Animated Series, Empire Strikes Back, Original 70's/80's Mint on Sealed Cards Action Figures. NOW IN STOCK

To get notified of new items Please sign up for our newsletter and you will automatically be entered to win a FREE Takara Transformers Limited Edition Reissue Megaplex Megatron. This Giveaway will end in January 2004 and the Winner will be announced then. For any additional details on the offer please EMAIL US.
- enter Dave's World -

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 17 November 2003 | 20:41 EST

STAR WARS: Clone Wars Obi-Wan and Mace Windu Army Generals, Asajj Ventress and Durge have also arrived. Many other recent figures are in stock for $4.99 to $5.99 and the Swoop Bike and Speeder bikes are in stock. Several Boba Fett Keychains in stock at the bottom of the Star Wars menu.

NEW PRE-ORDERS: Heroes of Cybertron Wave 5 - Hasbro's final wave of HoC figures and GI Joe - 6" Snake Eyes Statue.

TRANSFORMERS: OTFCC Exclusive figures now available unboxed - single figures starting at $26.99. Hasbro Commemorative Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime and Skywarp back in stock. Demolisher and Smokescreen Built To Rule action figure kits and more Unicron Stands have arrived.

TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE: 5 deluxe figures now in stock; the new Inferno, Autobot Ratchet, Blackarachnia, Snarl, and Dinobot Snarl.

More new items have arrived, with more new Star Wars available. Read this week's newsletter.
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Posted by: Darth Crypt | 17 November 2003 | 9:20 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
"We have posted our latest Newsletter #229. Visit our Newsletter at NEWSLETTER
For the week of Nov. 15 to Nov. 21
Three NEW Clone Wars figures now in stock:
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Saesee Tiin C-9 $14.99
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Kit Fisto C-9 $14.99
Clone War 3 3/4" Carded Super Poseable Clone Trooper C-9 $19.99
Saga Master Replicas Darth Vader F/X Saber* $129.99 In Stock.
Hundreds of New Vintage SEALED Vehicles, Playsets, Beasts and
Boxed Imperial Shuttle MISB C-8.5 $499.99
Boxed Tatooine Skiff MISB C-8.5/9 $599.99
Boxed B-Wing MISB C-8+ $219.99
Boxed AT-AT Walker C-9 w/ C-7.5 ESB Box - decals applied $199.99
Boxed AT-AT Walker MISB C-8 ROTJ Box $349.99
Boxed AT-AT Walker (Palitoy) MISB C-8 ROTJ Box $349.99
Boxed AT-AT Walker (Palitoy) MISB C-7 ROTJ Box $250.00
Boxed Landspeeder MISB C-9+ - Collector's Series $129.99
Boxed Landspeeder MISB C-9 - Collector's Series $99.99
Boxed Landspeeder MIB C-8.5 MECCANO box - decals unapplied $349.99
Boxed Landspeeder MIB C-8 MECCANO box - decals unapplied $299.99
Boxed Millenium Falcon C-9 w/ C-8.5 Box ESB - decals unapplied & all
parts sealed in factory bags $200.00
Boxed Millennium Falcon MISB C-7.5 ROTJ Box $250.00
Boxed Scout Walker MISB C-8.5 ROTJ Box $109.99
Boxed TIE Interceptor MISB C-7.5 $129.99
Boxed Speeder Bike MISB C-9 $50.00
Boxed Speeder Bike MISB C-8.5 $40.00
Boxed Y-Wing MISB C-7.5/8 $174.99
Boxed Y-Wing MIB C-7 (decals unapplied) $134.99
Boxed Patrol Dewback MISB C-8.5 - Original Star Wars box $249.99
Boxed Patrol Dewback MISB C-9 - Collector's Series box $109.99
Boxed Rebo Band MISB C-8.5/9 $174.99
Boxed Taun Taun Open Belly MISB C-9 $180.00
Micro Collection Bespin World MIB C-8 - decals unapplied $155.00
Dozens of more new in stock Vintage items on our website!
Vintage Miscellaneous Star Wars X-Wing Aces Target Game MISB C-7
French MECCANO Vintage Vehicles Boxed TIE Fighter MIB C-8.5 (decals
unapplied) $599.99
Saga Exclusives Star Wars Silver Anniversary R2-D2 C-9 $29.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Boba Fett C-9 $29.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Clonetrooper C-9 $69.99
Saga Exclusives Silver Anniversary Toy Fare Darth Vader C7/8 $229.99
Set of 3 C-9 Silver Exclusives: R2-D2, Boba Fett & Clonetrooper
Saga Exclusive Dagaobah X-Wing Back in Stock! $39.99
Toys 'R' Us Millenium Falcon Store Display* $1,799.99
Hundreds of Reduced STAR WARS Prices! Click here for a list of over
400 reduced prices. Click HERE
Vintage MISB and MIB Kenner Indiana Jones Playsets New In Stock!
Over 20 New G.I. JOE AFA American and Foreign Graded figures In
Stock Now!
Check out this week's featured Simpson's items in stock now:
Simpsons Vintage 1990 Mattel Series!
Simpsons Exclusive Boxed Family Christmas C-9 $80.00
Simpsons Exclusive Boxed Treehouse of Horror 2 Alien Spaceship C8/9
The Simpsons Series 14 Now In Stock!
Transformers Armada featured this week:
Transformers Armada Nemesis Prime w/ Run-Over MOC C-9 $16.99
Transformers Armada Powerlinx Demolishor w/ Blackout MOC C-9 $14.99
Transformers Armada Hoist w/ Refute MOC C-9 $14.99
Transformers Armada Powerlinx Jetfire w/ Comettor MISB C-8/9 $34.99
Transformers Armada Tidal Wave w/ Ramjet MISB C-8/9 $34.99
Transformers Armada Overload w/ Rollout MISB C-7/8 $23.99
Transformers Armada Powerlinx Red Alert w/ Longarm MISB C-7/8 $24.99
Transformers Armada Predacon w/ Side Burn & Skid-Z MISB C-8/9 $24.99
Vintage MOTU figures featured this week:
Masters of the Universe Carded Zodac C-7.5 $75.00
Masters of the Universe Carded Evil-Lyn [European Card] C-7 $55.00
Masters of the Universe Carded Rotar [European Card] C-7 $65.00
Masters of the Universe Accessories Carded Stilt Stalkers MOC C-8
Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at NEWSLETTER
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our
Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 November 2003 | 22:41 EST
Clone Wars Wave 2 and more at BigBadToyStore
Click on an item to enter and view the item:
  Holiday Edition Yoda
  Clone Trooper Army - Blue

  Obi-Wan - General
  Mace Windu - General
  Asajj Ventress - Sith Apprentice
  Durge - Separatist Commander
  Imperial Captive: Leia Organa
  Flight to Alderaan: Han Solo
  Tatooine Encounter: Luke
  Death Star Clash: Darth Vader
  Theed Hanger: Darth Maul
  Secret Ceremony: Padme Amidala
  War Room: Wat Tambor
  Dexter's Diner: WA-7
  Lt. Dannl Faytonni
  Coleman Trebor
  Yoda & Chian
  Ashla & Jempa
  AotR - ARC Trooper

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 November 2003 | 22:27 EST
Sandtrooper Kevin reports:
Dateline: Finds   "Have found a lot of new items here in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. 12-inch Saga Yoda, Ewoks and speedbiker at Meijers on Hamilton Road. 3 pack red and blue Clone Trooper Army at Meijers on Cleveland Ave. Have an extra red set for trade. I'm looking for the green 3 pack Clone Trooper Army."

"Red ARC Trooper at Toys 'R' Us on Morse Road.

"Clone Wars Durge , Asajj Ventress, Mace and Obi-Wan at Walmart at Easton.

"I'd also like to thank a couple of fellow troopers for helping me find some hard to get items: Matt Goldie, Sithryan, Jimsjedi and Mewdude86."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 November 2003 | 21:26 EST
Sandtrooper Erich Fritz reports:
"Hey guys, Trooper Erich Fritz here again. I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and support, and also let you all know that my wife and I are working it out. I did however decide to continue the liquidation of my stuff so here is the deal. My list is enclosed and I'm asking $450 + shipping or best offer for the lot. They are all in excellent condition with the exception of the notes on the list and are packed in Star Cases.

"I also have for sale a Don Post Boba Fett helmet that is not in a box. I'm asking $15. And I have the Topps trading cards from 1983. The red card set is complete with the exception of cards #29 and #47. The blue cards are missing #'s 140, 150, 153, 156, 158, 166, 170, 172, 180, 181, 182, 189, 190, 194, 198 and 207. Make me an offer on these. They are all in protective sleeves. Please use the heading 'SW Stuff' when you e-mail me. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 November 2003 | 21:03 EST
Sandtroopette Donna in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal. 'Stay on Target.' Found nine new figs between two Targets. Picked up Dignitary Janus, Bail, Elan, Padme Homestead, Obi Nightclub, Ayy Vida, Fan's Choice Stormie, CW Mace, and CW Obi. Missed out on Ventress and Durge. Also A-wings and Leia with Speeder Bikes are showing up again probably due to them being advertised in their X-mas toy book. The CW value packs have finally shown up at KB. I never saw these at Wal-mart. Speaking of Wal-mart, they have had nothing new except the CW first wave for the last couple of months. Ditto for TRU. Happy Hunting!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 16 November 2003 | 20:48 EST
Sandtrooper JediCMACD from Canada's Rocky Mountain Playground reports:
East of the Rockies ..."Well it has been a long time since I have made a report here because overall here in Canada there hasn't been a lot happening. The only new things that we have had in the last couple of months has been the Han Hoth and Chewy Mynock wave and then in recent weeks we got a few gold cards (Vader and Luke Throne, C3P0, Snowtrooper, Jango Kamino). Of course those have all been sold because we in Canada never know when we will get new stuff. Rumour is also circulating here in Canada that we may be getting some Unleashed figures later on this month. Which ones? Nobody knows. TRUs are not sure themselves. From what I can see everyone down in the US is having no trouble keeping up with figures. Send 'em north please. I'm also looking for some fellow troopers that I can hook up with for getting figures. Any and all help is needed, Thanks. I'm almost always on (CMKMACD) so you can come check things out or drop me a line in the Alberta forum (provincial sections)." - Chris

Posted by: Spiceowan | 16 November 2003 | 17:44 EST
New items at K & C Collectibles:
Stormtrooper - McQuarrie Concept - Fan Choice 4 - # 34
ARC Trooper - Red Version
Ayy Vida - # 38
Imperial Dignitary - Janus Greejatus - # 35
Obi-Wan Kenobi Outlander Nightclub Encounter - # 39
Elan Sleazebaggano - Outlander Nightclub Encounter # 40
Darth Vader - Death Star Clash - # 32
Bail Organa - Alderaan Senator # 33

Durge - # 46Asajj Ventress - # 47
Mace Windu - General - # 48Obi-Wan Kenobi – General - # 45
Coleman Trebor – Battle of Geonosis # 24         Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Wat Tambor – Geonosis War Room # 23Padme Amidala – Secret Ceremony # 22
Barriss Offee - # 12Ashla & Jempa - # 16
Yoda & Chian # 15Aayla Secura - # 11

Check out our older stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section of our website.
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Posted by: Steve | 16 November 2003 | 12:26 EST
Area report, Lafayette, IN
Hey Troops, I hit the proverbial jackpot at Wal-Mart in West Lafayette. Newly stocked on the pegs were Janus Greejatus, Bail Organa, Elan Sleazebaggano, Tatooine Padme, Drinking Obi-Wan, Funky Stormtrooper and naked Twi'lek. I was quite amazed! Also, I am 2/3 of the way through Unifying Force. So far, so good. Look for my review when I am finished.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 November 2003 | 22:00 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C with an ST Factor Follow-Up:
Words from the Master"This is an answer for Jimmy1236. I have realized that the rants that I made in the past where unproductive and new stuff has come to my area, slow as it may. Things are looking up here I am glad to say, judging by my find Saturday the 15th with the Unleashed figures. I apologize if I offended anyone but I was frustrated. It seems that every state except for mine was getting loads of stuff. Back when TRU had their clearance sale we didn't see any of the cool stuff like Wuher and the Fan Club 4. We got stuck with the lame Ep I crap. Target never got the Y-Wing. Things are looking up here. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 November 2003 | 20:42 EST
The ST Factor with Sandtrooper Jimmy1236:
The porn-loving perv who Phil Hendrie calls ’Forehead boy’"Hey all, any idea whatever happened to Chad? I just realized today that I haven't seen a post from him in a lo~o~o~ong time ... so I checked the archives. The last time I saw a post for him was September 12, any idea?"

This will make sense to you in Trooperland who've seen the film "Transformers: The Movie." Troopers who heard bells ringing at the mention of Huntsville, Alabama, and wondering whether Hasbro is still making something, yes, Jedimaster-C is the new handle of long-time Trooper THE CHAD after a Matrix of Leadership-related accident that happened on September 14 in the archives.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 November 2003 | 20:07 EST
Extensive Poll # 7 Results ( 01 October - 15 November 2003 )
"How about a three-pack (bundling the Tonika sisters) with Han?" - Quote from a Trooper on October 19, 2003.

That's what Trooper pim said, here is what you said:

Which Should Hasbro Make Next?
Qui-Gon Jinn - TPM 8%
Tonika Sisters - ANH 44%
General Madine - ROJ 21%
Warok the Ewok - ROJ 12%
Darth Maul - TPM 4%
R2-Q2 - ANH 9%
Jango Fett - AOC 2%

The man who hung with canned tunaWith Hasbro making Imperial Dignitaries, Lt. Dannl Faytonni, and even Jimmy Smits, it's only a matter of time before some of the choices above get tackled by the mold-makers in China. Tonika sister three pack with Han? Sure, or that General Crix Madine you guys want to see get remade. Darth Maul and Jango Fett? Hasbro's catalog will be bristling with those two characters for years, despite any cries of "enough." And even though Hasbro has made dozens of versions of Qui-Gon Jinn, it's time for a plastic apology for the glandular disorder Saga Qui-Gon. Now, remember last month presented a Lando-esque "Double Deuce" of polls to vote in? Here are Extensive Poll No. 8 results:

Extensive Poll # 8 Results ( 02 October - 15 November 2003 )
"Best Idea ever! I love it! Especially good since (ticks) off some of the geeks of our hobby so bad they raise bids up to a trillion. Whaaa, don't cry little baby." - Quote from a Trooper on October 3, 2003.

That's what Trooper Jimbo said, here is what you said:

Poll Double Deuce - The Jedi Points Auction
The Hasbro Auction - Great idea! 10%
Worst concept ever 25%
Would work if a set amount of pts. for items 22%
Disgusted and outraged 23%
Designed to look cool but insanely stupid 16%
I'm there right now bidding 1,000,000 pts. 3%

The Jedi Points Questionnaire Drop-Dead Date at was today, so let's put this one to bed too. I'm only going to say that we have a nine-to-one margin of votes opposed to this Auction business. What were they thinking? Who'd pay 600,000 points for a toy for a box? Do a real mail in like Playmates does with Simpsons or just go back to your own old-school robot point and flag point booklets from GI Joe and Transformers. We Care a Lot about Transformers 'cause they're More Than Meets the Eye. The 1980's, an era of greed and pomp, in-effect actually saw Hasbro being kinder to kids and collectors.

GO GREEN MACHINE!Get a little blueNext up, let's gauge the true scarcity of so-called "hard to find" Clone Trooper Army variant packs. Were some harder to find than others, or, did a scalper swoop in, creating an extra unwanted step in this equation? Vote in Extensive Poll No. 9 above.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 November 2003 | 15:27 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Dateline: Huntsville, Alabama - 'New Unleashed ... well, unleashed'  "Hey guys, TRU unleashed the new Unleashed Yoda, Mr. Fett and Han Solo. They had all three of them. The Yoda and Fett are sweet. The Solo was ok in my opinion. Donna, if you are reading this, don't worry about getting the Fett. I found him. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 15 November 2003 | 0:10 EST
New This Week at R2DToys:
7 NEW SAGA FIGURES IN STOCK! Sleazebaggano + McQuarrie Trooper, Ayy Vida, Bail Organa + more. Holiday Edition Yoda IN STOCK ! Silver Clone Trooper & Boba Fett in stock!     More information ...

Begun the Clone War has - NOW IN STOCK! Durge with swoop, Clone Trooper with Bike, Clone Trooper deluxe 3-pack RED rank. Asajj Ventress, Durge, Mace General coming     More information ...

Comprehensive Newsletter with ALL the details on products coming in and currently in-stock     More information ...

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 November 2003 | 23:31 EST
Sandtrooper 'Trooper Larry' reports:
"Hey troops, Trooper Larry reporting from the Mentor, Oh area. Found Secret Ceremony Padme, and Wat Tambor at TRU. Newly stocked shelves of the Cinema scenes. Hailfire droids, Geonosian fighters, repainted star fighters and Gunships. Most of the figures were the January wave of Padme Droid factory chase. Walmart in Mentor, and down in Strongsville havent had much of anything. I did manage to stumble onto the Red ARC trooper, but things have been quiet for over a month now.

"Much to my dismay, K-mart has had the yellow and red Clone three packs, along with Durge with swoop, and the repacked clone and speeder bike. That’s all for this report. Hopefully with the holidays coming up, we might see the stores stocking a little more. Keep your fingers crossed."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 November 2003 | 23:26 EST
with Sandtrooper ESPN Eric:
"Hey troops, where the heck are all the A-wings??? They haven't landed in Connecticut as far as I know. Has anyone seen any? Also, can anyone get me a silver Fett? I hear the fan club still has some left. Can someone score me one? I would really appriciate it!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 November 2003 | 22:21 EST
Amanaman Dan is at it again!
Sandtroopers' own Amanaman Dan is in production stages of his next work: the slave quarters and home of Anakin Skywalker. Looking to be another amazing work. Persistence pays Dan, and your work is better every time. We can't wait to see more!

Waiting to be beat down by common street thugs

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 November 2003 | 17:46 EST
Sandtrooper Bobafred in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Bobafred here from So. Cali. I just wanted to let the Troops know that Durge, Assajj, Obi, Windu, Fan choice, Imp. Dig. waves are hitting all Targets hard! Porter Ranch Toys 'R' Us received the new Unleashed Yoda, Han and Boba Fett, as well as the new Clone wave. For those variant collectors, who run into the SLEEZE wave, grab both of him cause he is shipping with and with-out rabbit ears! Dear Donna ... I have not forgoten you! Keep in mind S.F.V. Tim's (Wookiewoods) Star Wars yard sale! If you can help out a fellow trooper, see you there! MTFBWY-ALL, late."

While you SoCal Troops are at the Yard Sale, remember to check out the slammin' deals at table five.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 14 November 2003 | 17:40 EST
Sandtrooper Zycaarr in Florida reports:
"Hello Troops, never have posted before this. As of 11-13 the K-Mart in Orange City, Florida had the Durge with speeder bike, clone troop with speeder bike, and the red 3 pack clone troopers. Also the Target has Anakin's starfighter, numerous Younglings, ARC Trooper (not the red version), General Yoda, and the Clone Wars Anakin. Hope this helps someone!"

Thanks for writing Zycaarr, and, yes, absolutely this helps someone!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 November 2003 | 17:30 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I went to TRU (Gurnee, IL) at 9:00 a.m. and they had the Deluxe Durge with Swoop Bike wave, but no Red Clone Trooper 3-pack. They did have one Blue Clone Trooper 3-pack though. I thought that was weird. Then I went to Target (Gurnee, IL) at 9:15 a.m. where I picked up the only Secret Ceremony Padme there. There was one WA-7, one New Emperor Palpatine, one Aayla Secura, and two Ashla & Jempas when I left. When I was at checkout, the cashier told me there was a man who bought a lot of the new SW figs earlier this morning. I'm not sure if it was our resident scalper (Jabba the Hutt) who bought them because I didn't see him at all today. I usually see him all the time. Hopefully they'll get more in for the holidays.

"The rest of the stores had nothing but the usual figs including the
newest members of the peg warmer family: Clone Wars Anakin & Clone Wars Yoda. I'm already tired of seeing them. I hope these figs are not reissued in Wave 2 & 3 in the Clone Wars assortments. That's all for now. Later Troops."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 November 2003 | 20:37 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay Margarine with a Sandtrooper Tip-Off:
"Hey Troopers, just wanted to get the word out for anyone interested. I was just checking out and they have the GREEN clone trooper 3-pk in stock for $12 plus shipping. Being that finding these in stores is almost impossible, you probably won't find a better price."

Visit Fed Toys and give Fed Jim a Sandtrooper Holla if this is something you are interested in. Thanks for the tip off.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 November 2003 | 20:04 EST
Sandtrooper William in Charlotte reports:
"Any Troopers from North Carolina and Oregon interested in a free Toys R Us $10 giftcard (the giftcard promo is just for these 2 states)? Hey, thats 2 free figures. Just call Allstate (1-866-405-1282), you don't have to get an insurance quote. Just tell them you want the FREE Toys-R-Us giftcard and write down the info from the voice mail. You just send a 3x5 card with the info on it. Anyone have a deluxe Spider Droid they would trade for 1700 Jedi master points? Let me know, thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 November 2003 | 19:55 EST
Sandtrooper SoCal Dude reports:
"Greetings from a Sunny SoCal once again after the hailstorm. Went to the K-Mart in Temple City this morning and picked up the strawberry flavored clone three pack. Will trade or sell at cost. Also saw Durge with speederbike. Also saw clone trooper with swoop. That's it for now, be good to each other. Peace Out!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 13 November 2003 | 19:34 EST

Lehigh Street KB Toys in South Mall, Allentown, PA has stocked up on Playskool Star Wars, with many of each set, and Manager 'Jabba' Tom and Asst. Mgr. Brian have put out the reduced $4.99 Deluxe Yoda and C-3PO Droid Factory figures as reported elsewhere at KB's around Trooperland. TIE Fighters and Gammorean Guards have been replenished here too. K-Mart on South Fourth Street now has displays of TF Unicrons (sale $42.99) and MotU Heroes Asst. with Ram Man. Stopped at SOLAR Rai's favorite haunt, EB Games, also in South Crown Mall, where Manager (and friend to Sandtroopers) Tammy held a fresh set of Simpsons WoS Series 14 for me ($5.99 each). This set has Grinskeeper (sic) Willie with Axle Rose kilt, Sarcastic Raphael with 'quote-unquote Ultimate medium sized belt,' Luigi with Vin De Chateau Mason, Louie with Squeaky Farms milk, Miss Hoover with Spirokete, and Ms. Lucille 'Botz' Botzukowski with 'America's Most Armed and Dangerous' t-shirt.

For you Troopers who ordered Be-Sharp Barney from Playmates Series 13 WoS Mail-In, expect yours any day, because mine arrived Wednesday and that white mailer box GROANED with this huge fig packed inside. Playmates provides a stellar example of how a toy company can execute a proof-of-purchase promotion; they steer clear of auction-based transactions and instead let you smoosh upcs in an envelope and call it good. And it is good. Thanks to S.C.A.L.P. Troopers of the week - Lisette in NYC, Brad in the Commonwealth, Dom in the Deep Woods, and Darth Crypt in the Sniper's crosshairs for truly going above and beyond with cost + shipping hook-ups and flat-out goodwill work!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 12 November 2003 | 20:59 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
"Hi Troopers: Lisette from NYC reporting. I visited the TRU near the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn and picked up an extra yellow Clone Trooper 3 pack and the Jedi Knight Army 3 pack for trade. I'm in need of 2 Red Clone Trooper 3 pack. Anyone interested?"

Thanks Lis', SOMEONE most assuredly will be!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 November 2003 | 19:19 EST
Force of the Bay: I pity the fool who don't use Ebay!
I pity the fool who don't read, I pity ’emHey Troops I have been scavenging the depths of ebay again digging up some very cool things to add to your collection. Some may want to sit back and drool. The first stop I made was in the custom section to check out some great work. That one in particular may have General J bidding tonight. The custom work is great but the bay is also the home of the hard to find variant. There are also many replica items up for sale, many would make the owners of Ankle Grabbers Comics be in tears when they see the prices things slip by at. I have noticed how things that seem to be unique are a dime a dozen here. From cool posters, to directions, to build your own Gonk Droid. The things people create and think of never ceases to amaze me. There are also many props that are up for grabs as well. Make sure to hit the seller's other items featured here, some real gems. IF they are indeed real. Up again for grabs also is the holy grail of prototype collectibles brought to you by our friends at Cloud City Collectibles, thanks for the tip on the re-listing. I was also able to find an example of a Power Sucka, or a listing you could use as an example. This Clown is trying to be slick and avoid the issue that it is a homemade card. He doesn't come out and say it but you just have to see that the card is from the famous CD and the figure appears to be a "bendie." You have to watch out for smooth talkers like this. Be careful Troops, research the people you do business with. Good luck to all of you in your finds. Kick A#% and take names!

Thanks to Jawa Chris Kelso on listing tips and some research assistance.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 November 2003 | 14:17 EST
Repost: New Figures in stock at Cloud City Collectibles:
Shipping Nov. 12th
Deluxe Wampa Hoth Cave Attack
Deluxe General Rieeken
Deluxe C-3PO Tatooine Escape
Clone Wars Super Articulated Clone Trooper
Clone Wars Kit Fisto
Clone Wars Saesee Tiin

Expected to ship end of Nov.
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
R2-D2 with serving tray

Update: Cloud City has received a re-stock of Unleashed Leia Slave Girl and Unleashed Darth Vader with Removable Helmet figures. The price is $24.99 for a C/9 condition figure or $23.99 for a 7/8 condition. These are in stock for immediate shipment.

Ad was reposted due to the early arrival of Super Articulated Clone Trooper and Kit Fisto/Saesee Tiin Clone Wars figures! All are in stock and ready to ship.

- click to enter -

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2003 | 10:47 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Dom in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Hey Troops, I have a Yoda and Chian and an Ashla and Jempa I'd like to trade for an Unleashed figure. I'm looking for a Han, Boba, Leia, or Unmasked Vader. Any takers?"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 November 2003 | 23:15 EST
Sandtroopette PR Princess Lisette reports:
    Dateline: 'On Target - No Longer Wiff the Family'   "Hi Troopers, Lisette from NYC reporting. I visited my local Target yesterday where to my surprise I found several A-Wing Fighters and Leia on Speeder Bike. Unlike other Targets, this one never has anything new. Since I'm sure this Target gets Star Wars just like all the others, I have a strong feeling that someone from the inside is hooking up a friend or family member because in all my visits to this store, I have never found anything current."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 November 2003 | 16:29 EST
Sandtrooper WookieWoods reports:
Dateline: Yard Sale   "This is going out to all the So. Cal Troopers. I have come upon hard times and the Empire is not letting up. I must depart with a lot of my collection and want to offer it up to you first. I will be holding an exclusive Star Wars yard sale this Saturday Nov 15 Starting at 7:00AM (at my home in West Hills, CA). I have hundreds of figures open and unopened as well as ships and play sets. Most of the opened figures will go for 2 bucks but it is a yard sale so we can always work a deal. After the sale I will post a list of all the remaining items for our cross country troopers, It will be a virtual yard sale. E-mail me if you are interested in attending. I would really like to hear from you. Until then keep the faith. Sandtroopers forever!"

We here at Sandtroopers all like Tim very much, so make his loss your gain and help out your brother Trooper in the Land of Sunshine.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 November 2003 | 16:25 EST
Sandtrooper Jowa6 reports:
"The new figures just keep rolling in here in Austin, TX. The new TRU has the Durge and Clone Speeders and Unleashed Jedi Luke, and the Target next door still has the WA-7, Coleman Trebor and Barriss Offee waves. I also wanted to let everyone know that I am selling a set of 60+ Saga figures from my collection. Contact me for the list figures and price. Thanks, MTFBWY."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 November 2003 | 16:22 EST
Mutual of Omaha's AISLE KINGDOM with Sandtrooper Lin Que:
West of the Rockies dial 1-888-826-9236 ..."Sandtrooper Lin Que with the Midwest report. Just got back from Target and found Clone Wars wave 2. I was able to pick up Mace, Durge and Obi Wan. No Asajj Ventress which sucked because they just put the case out this morning so somebody beat me to them!!! I found the new speeder-bike clone and Durge with swoop in Council Bluffs, Iowa last week. Stay with your Targets folks!!! That $3.99 sale was to make room for more cases!!! Lin Que out."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 11 November 2003 | 16:17 EST
Bay Area Sandtrooper Brainiak76 reports:
"Not much to mention, its been pretty dry here, not really anything new except wave 1 of the Clone wars figs! I've seen the Emperor Throne Room wave but every time the cards are ripped and the bubbles are severly smashed. I hope this isnt the work of a local scalper (ed. note: and, hopefully not the card bender and his apprentice! - J)!!

"Anyway, I was wondering if any of you great troops have an extra Clone Wars Clone Trooper 3-pk to sell or trade me! I'm still looking for the blue and yellow clone variants and all three value packs. I collect on card so MOMC if its possible!!! Please let me know whether you have or can sell me these. THANKS SO MUCH & MTFBWU ALWAYS and happy hunting!!"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 November 2003 | 11:07 EST
With HONOR and RESPECT to those who serve this great country:
J, You Old WILDCARD You!It is the VETERAN, not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the VETERAN, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the VETERAN, not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

      -Author Unknown

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 November 2003 | 9:25 EST
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett reports:
Dateline: KB Toys News   "I went to KB Toys at Westgate mall in Rocky River, OH area and found the following: Dexter's waitress droid, Padme wedding, Giant hood Emperor, Wat Tambor, Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee Dozens of deluxe Yodas & C-3PO's for $4.99 each, Gamm Guards. Also, still needing help with the Jolly Holiday Yoda. If anyone can help, email me. MTFBWY!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 November 2003 | 22:02 EST
Sandtrooper Sand Francisco Tim in the Land of Sunshine reports:
"Hey Troopers, it’s been a while since my last report. I hate moving but this should be the last time for quite a while. I really need some help with some holes that I have in my collection. I am looking for all variant 3 pack clone trooper, red, green, yellow. I have yet to see any of them here in the San Fran Bay Area. However, I would like to report that Durge with Swoop Bike and Clone Trooper with Speeder bike have been found at SunCoast Video. They are starting to get a lot of their Xmas retail in so .. I also found the CW Anakin Starfighter at Target today so be on the look out. If anyone can help me with my request I would greatly appreciate it. I’m willing to do cost plus shipping, maybe even throw in some extra for time and gas. Let me know, MTFBWY’all."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 November 2003 | 21:53 EST
Sandtrooper S.M. Watson from West of the Rockies on the First-Time Caller Line:
West of the Rockies dial 1-888-826-9236 ...Dateline: TTT (True Trooper Trust)  "Hello Troopers. Long time reader, first time poster, S. M. Watson, here from Los Angeles, Ca. I scored a number of new Clone Wars pieces this past evening, as well as a 'basic line' vehicle. Target seems to be getting in the exclusive A-Wings. They had about seven and I grabbed one. My next stop was K-Mart, and a more fruitful stop it was. This is where I hit the S.W. C.W. jackpot. I found two mint packs of the new version of the Clone Trooper with Speederbike, a Durge with Swoop and 3 red variation Clone Trooper 3-packs. I only needed two of the latter item, so with the best of intentions decided it's time to join the teamwork here and offer up the 3rd Red CloneTrooper 3-pack in trade. I'd like one of any other color scheme in even trade, or a combination of items to come up to equal value. It cost $11.99 + tax. Since I need many of the new single carded items, I'll leave it in a trusty Trooper's hands to put an offer out on whatever you may have. I still need two of the blond version of the rebel trooper as well, if that's any easier. Not to mention the Jedi Knight 3-pack or any of the three Clone Wars Value packs (with bonus trooper). Although I am new to the fold, I offer my 100% positive feedback on ebay as verification of my validity as a Trooper trader. You can look me up there under yratnemele. I look forward to somebody gaining from my find, as I hope to do the same from one of yours. My e-mail:, make the header 'Sandtrooper Trade.'  "

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 November 2003 | 21:35 EST
Sandtrooper Brad in the Commonwealth reports:
"Target in Montgomeryville, PA had Anakin starfighters and the Geonosian fighter. I picked up 2 starfighters if anyone is interested in a trade. I am looking for the clone troopers packs. I have blue but need yellow, red, green and white. Let me know. Thanks."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 10 November 2003 | 21:25 EST
Sandtrooper Brian L. reports:
S.C.A.L.P. Enforcer"Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but things have been coming into Indy at such a slow trickle that it's not really worth reporting! A figure here and there, ho hum. I did find the concept stormie last Friday at Target on E. Washington St. BUT ... Here's the thing, I was looking around on ebay for a new candidate for Spice's 'Power Sucka' award and came across several 25th anniversary Silver Clone Troopers. When did the big 'H' slip this one past me? There are several listed, but they are all overseas. Does anyone know whether these will hit our shores and when? Personally, I'm getting tired of all of these 'silver edition' figures. They're getting a bit overdone. Maybe next we'll see a silver Jar Jar (Oh the horror!), but I'll buy one anyway if I come across one. I'm just too much of a completist I guess (see Jar Jar comment above, I really would buy one. I know, it's kind of sick. Anyway, if anyone else has heard of these let me know what the deal is on them! Thanks and MTFBWY!!!"

Lord Spiceowan, Jonathan Frakes, the Flikhincubano Mountaineers, and the S.C.A.L.P. Enforcer have been dispatched to monitor the situation from afar. That being said, there is no definitive word yet on the vendor or release status of this figure.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 November 2003 | 18:18 EST
Collectors Gallery Online Information:
Master Replicas Darth Maul battle damaged lightsaber Free Shipping pre-order $299.00
Medal of Yavin Master Replicas preorder $99.00
Ultra figures wave 1 pre-order $39.95
Ultra figures wave 2 pre-order $59.95
Unleashed figures wave 7 set of 3 figures pre-order $59.95
Clone Wars Mace Windu 3" In Stock $7.95
Clone Wars obi-wan kenobi 3" In Stock $7.95
Clone Wars Asajj Ventress 3" In Stock $7.95

Dragon figures, uniform sets & tiger tanks replicas IN STOCK.
Barney USMC bunker buster, 4th Marine $39.95
Fernando special ops southern Iraqi $39.95
Hunt & Peck U.S. Army M1919 Guam 1944 $64.95
Doc Peterson U.S. Army medic $49.95
Lothar LSSAH Panzerfrenadier Kampfgr $39.95
Cody special ops southern Iraqi $39.95
Wehrmacht Heer M-36 field uniform set $14.95
Wehrmacht Herr M-40 field uniform set $14.95
Tiger 1 Michael Wittman Eastern Front 1944 1:72 scale tank $11.95
Tiger 1 summer 1943 1:72 scale tank $11.95

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Posted by: Darth Crypt | 10 November 2003 | 16:53 EST
Sandtrooper BIG Kevin reports:
"FAO out of money!!! Another one bites the big one. Anyone have a fan choice # 4 they would be willing to sell at cost, as I may be out of a job soon?"

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 10 November 2003 | 14:23 EST
Sandtroopin' SOLAR Rai reports:
"Stopped by the Chrisitiana, Delaware TRU on the way up 95 for a wedding. The place was packed because of the circulars TRU has been releasing with coupons and savings, and offers, etc. The SW section had some nice gems. Included were Anakin & Dooku Speeder bikes, Jedi Luke, Darth Sidious, and Obi-Wan, and other older Unleashed figures. They also had the Battle of Hoth multi packs (non-cracked tusk Tauntaun). Also had a bunch of Cinema Scenes. Other cool stuff I saw included Spawn 24, lots of LOTR stuff (except 6-inch single figures other than the typical pegwarming death, I mean), Predator Mez-Itz. Wwhoever thought they could be cute? They still aren't as cute as the upcoming Alien(s) line though, at least not in my opinion. Also managed to scope out the new 1:18 Ford Mustang GT die cast (albeit in model kit format), looks sweet! I was pretty close to picking it up, but remembered I need to stay focused and not pick up extraneous stuff, unless it's worthwhile, and more importantly, really cheap. Speaking of which, Star Trek Enterprise toys are on deep clearance with carded figures selling for $2.90, and Deluxe Bridge Sets selling for $8.90. Unicron could also be had for $39.99 after using the $10 off coupon in the TRU circular. That's all for now." - Rai

Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 November 2003 | 0:46 EST
Deluxe Images added:
Hey Troops the 2003 Images have some new shots of Durge and Clone Trooper with Speeder bike. We plan to have some updates for the basic line by week's end. Thanks again to General J for showing me there is always something to do.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 November 2003 | 23:40 EST

NEW STAR WARS: The Holiday Yoda figure is now in stock, as well as the Clone Trooper multi-pack with with BLUE Clone Trooper. New pre-order for Unleashed wave 7 and 8. Wave 8 figures are not officially announced yet, but wave 7 has Chewbacca, Luke X-Wing, and Clone Trooper.

VINTAGE: More Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man and Star Wars In Stock.

More new arrivals, read more info here.
- enter below -

Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 November 2003 | 19:55 EST
15% off sale at K&C Collectibles
K & C Collectibles is offering 15% off all orders placed between 6:00pm CST today until 6:00pm CST Wednesday November 12th, 2003. All orders over $50.00 will qualify for this discount. The discount does not apply to any pre-order merchandise or any previous orders. The discount code “novsale” should be placed in the “Discount Code” field during the check out process.

Durge - #46
Asajj Ventress - #47
Mace Windu - General - #48
Obi-Wan Kenobi – General - #45
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Coleman Trebor – Battle of Geonosis #24      
Wat Tambor – Geonosis War Room # 23
Padme Amidala – Secret Ceremony #22
Barriss Offee - #12
Ashla & Jempa - #16
Yoda & Chian #15
Aayla Secura - #11
Princess Leia – Imperial Captive #26
Han Solo – Flight to Alderaan #27
Darth Maul – Theed Hanger Duel #25

Check out our older stock of Star Wars figures in the Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I section of our website.
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Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 November 2003 | 19:19 EST
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
S.C.A.L.P."Hi Troops, Donna from So Cal here. Was not able to take advantage of the Target sales this week with any new figures. Mostly all they had was the first wave of Clone Wars figures. Same for Wal-mart and TRU. K-mart had the Deluxe Durge wave, as did KB. But I also found the red Clonetrooper 3-pack at KB. Lastly, I need to shout a 'HUGE THANKS' to Jedimaster-C. After failing to complete a trade with him, he was awesome enough to sell me the green Clonetrooper 3-pack at cost. Because of him, I now have the complete set of the five colored 3-packs. Happy Hunting to all!!!"

Thanks Donna and Jedimaster-C for the slammin' S.C.A.L.P. involvement. I'd like to also personally thank Troopers John 'JC' Coleman in NY, Larry in OH, Sith Ryan in ID, and our CWO Spiceowan for the recent successful trades. Begin today.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 November 2003 | 19:03 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Dateline: Organa wave in Huntsville, AL   "Hey all, an incredible find today (11-9-03). I found the Bail Organa wave. I bought the Imperial Dignitary, Senator Organa and the concept Stormtrooper (in my opinion, this one is nice). Haven't seen the second wave of the Clone Wars figures. Take care."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 9 November 2003 | 18:58 EST
Sandtrooper Chuppernicus in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Trooper Chuppernicus reporting in from milwaukee. Found two yellow trooper 3 packs at Toys R Us in Milwaukee, one goes out to my man Trooper Drizzit. They had nothing else but the Power of the Jedi figs cloggng up the pegs. Also scored one red trooper at the k-mart in Waukesha. Nothing else to report. United We Find and Trade!"
Fair and Square

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 November 2003 | 22:08 EST
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Once again, Target is the store that keeps on giving. Yesterday saw the arrival of the red ARC Trooper as well as Anakin's Jedi Starfighter at the Kenmore store. On top of that, I caught the #12 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt. This particular Target has put stuff out almost every day. Like I said in my earlier post, now is the time to start those daily runs, you never know what you'll catch! Later in the afternoon, I scored another red Clonetrooper 3-pack at the Niagara Falls Kmart (pulled it straight from the case). I have not gotten any responses for help in getting an Unleashed Leia, so I'll offer up the 3-pack, if anyone needs it, to get the Leia figure. Has anyone seen the first wave of Unleashed figures for 2004? Wow, that Chewy figure is awesome!

"Finally, I would like to say thanks to fellow trooper Erich Fritz. I picked up a few figures that he had offered up here. They arrived yesterday in perfect condition."
- John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 November 2003 | 19:00 EST
Sandtrooper Jimmy from Yestertoys on the Toy Show Circuit:
"On Nov 16th check us out at the long running Knights of Columbus Toy Show in S. Attleboro, MA. This is just one of the many upcoming shows that we will be attending. More info is available at One of the longest running shows in the area with many dealers and of course mucho Star Wars to offer the hungry collector. Watch for news on more shows we'll be attending in the coming weeks. Thanks"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 8 November 2003 | 18:10 EST
What did you think?
News"Last night the Cartoon Network aired the first of many weekly installments for the new Clone Wars series. After months of my own children screaming at me to "come see" every time a commercial was shown for the last 2 months, I have to say I felt a little let down. For all the hoopla you'd think they could have put on at least a half-hour show. Did this really merit a countdown? What I did see was really cool but only left a sour taste in my mouth even though what I really wanted was to see more. I was curious as to what some of our great readers thought. Check out this thread in our forums and let us know your opinion.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 8 November 2003 | 17:54 EST
Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
News"Been trying to get here all day to make this report, the Target in Killeen, TX, Friday, had the Bail Organa wave and the new Concept Stormtrooper. All of the figures were pretty darn impressive, the dignitaries, Padme and the holo Obi-Wan with Bail Organa is awesome. Nothing else here to report from Central Texas. Starfox signing out."

Three days after Jedi Hitch's sighting in Washington State, Starfox spots Wave 15 in Texas, watch it happen next in your home town to add some Mid-West and East Coast flavor to the reports.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 November 2003 | 10:03 EST
Mid West Sith Lord: Darth Zack reports:
"Quick report from Northwest Indiana. Not a whole lot going on here. I did find the Durge with speederbike, Clone with speederbike, and the red trooper set at Super K in Portage. I had all but given up on the big red K, but had to stop in anyway so I decided to look. Glad I did. Hope everyone else is doing well."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 7 November 2003 | 22:09 EST
Sandtrooper Parkay Margarine reports:
"Went out on a store run in Columbia, SC today, decided to check Target first. Was hoping to find some new figs and take advantage of the ongoing sale this week. Didn't get to take advantage of the sale but did score Durge with swoop bike, Clone Trooper with speeder bike and a red Clone Trooper 3pk. I don't recall hearing these being found at Target, so I thought I'd mention it. I was able to grab an extra red Clone Trooper 3pk that I'd like to maybe trade for a yellow or green Trooper 3pk or any 2 of the following: Vader Death Star Clash, Luke Tatooine Encounter, C-3PO Tatooine Ambush, Jedi Council Yoda, red ARC Trooper, Clone War Obi-Wan or Mace, Durge, Asajj Ventress, or any of the latest Bail Organa wave."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 November 2003 | 21:06 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
"I went hunting for figs today as usual. TRU (Gurnee, IL) had Imperial Officers & Rebel Troopers for anyone who is still looking for them. I'm pretty sure all of the troopers have them already, but these figs don't show up a whole lot around here. Target (Gurnee, IL) had a Han Solo - Flight to Alderaan, a Barriss Offee, and an Ashla & Jempa. I'm assuming that Secret Ceremony Padme, Wat Tambor, & Coleman Trebor etc. were snatched up by the scalper.

"Speaking of scalpers, I just want to say that I don't think the word 'scalper' is harsh enough a word for these pseudo wannabe entrepreneurs who buy figs from retail stores and resell them for a higher price on E-bay to make a profit and if they don't make a profit, they send the figs back to the stores for a refund. I'm going to call scalpers JABBA THE HUTTS from now on in my reports because they're slimy, gross, and evil just like Jabba. I'm not angry or anything, I'm just telling the truth."

I think a Jabba is too nice of word for guys like that, I'd suggest one but I promised Darth Crypt never to say those words on the front page again. So I guess it's like Mom taught me, "If you can't say anything nice ..."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 November 2003 | 21:27 EST
Sandtrooper TK-1086 reports:
"I received a survey from Hasbro yesterday concerning the raw deal about the Jedi point auction. For some reason they said not send it to anyone (ed. note: read 'damage control!'). Has anyone else received the survey on their e-mail. I let them have it, saying how they shafted us. If you get this survey, let them know! TK-1086 out!"

Thanks, and I received the e-mail yesterday too Mark, and I was salient in letting them know that a set price point mail-in or online offer would have been much more approapriate. Being one to polemicize on the topic of Jedi Points, I even went as far as suggesting a promotion series similar to the Robot Point and Flag Point redemption programs that Hasbro offered during the 1980s. Let's hope that a more fan-friendly use of Jedi Points is developed now that Hasbro has solicited opinions from us the fans.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 November 2003 | 19:26 EST
DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club:
"The DCSWCC will hold its monthly meeting this Saturday November 6th at the Dolley Madison Library in McLean, VA from 1pm-5pm (location information is on our website). If anyone in the DC Metro Area is interested in joining the group or attending the meeting please check out our website at

"We will be collecting canned food items this weekend for the Great DC Metro Area Food Bank this weekend. If you are interested in contributing please bring one or more canned items. We will also be having our monthly raffle, a Star Wars Weekend Presentation, Star Wars Comedy Theater show and discussing our upcoming Winter Social Event on Dec 6th. Thanks."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 6 November 2003 | 10:24 EST
Sandtroopin' Rai reports:
"Being a die cast nut, I received a note from one of the e-stores I shop at concerning Code 3 Star Wars diecast starships. Here's some links (1, 2, don't think there are any pix, just pricing info). And, more info on these unusual die cast collectibles, and how to get an X-Wing signed by Mark Hamill, check out. That's all for now!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 6 November 2003 | 0:23 EST

In-Stock Now:
  Holiday Edition Yoda

  Unleashed 6 - Han Solo
  Unleashed 6 - Yoda
  Unleashed 6 - Boba Fett
  Unleashed 6 - Set of 3

  Swoop Bike & Speeder Bike Set
  Durge with Swoop Bike
  Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
  Jedi Knight Army
  Clone Trooper Army - Blue
  Droid Army
  Imperial Captive: Leia Organa
  Flight to Alderaan: Han Solo
  Tatooine Encounter: Luke
  Death Star Clash: Darth Vader
  Theed Hanger: Darth Maul
  Secret Ceremony: Padme Amidala
  War Room: Wat Tambor
  Dexter's Diner: WA-7
  Lt. Dannl Faytonni
  Coleman Trebor
  Aalya Secura
  Barriss Offee
  Yoda & Chian
  Ashla & Jempa
  Boba Fett - Pit of Carkoon

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 November 2003 | 23:58 EST
Sandtrooper JC reports:
"Looks like red is the color of the week in Western New York. Yesterday saw the arrival of the corrected (???) ARC trooper at Walmart in Niagara Falls. Today I was finally able to score the red clonetrooper 3-pack at Kmart in Kenmore. As a side note, the Wal-Mart in Niagara Falls has price matched Target, reducing their figures to $3.83. All stores seem to be clogged with Clone Wars (wave 1) figures, although I did manage to find 1 Vader (Death Star clash) and 1 Luke (Tatooine encounter) at the Niagara Falls Target last Saturday. All Targets are loaded with screen scenes, Republic Gunships and lightsabers. KB Toy Works in Kenmore still has the usual crap lingering around along with the KB Toy Outlet in the Falls, however they DO have some good deals right now on SW Legos. Nothing new at TRU as of yet, but their truck should be coming any day.

"Since we're now entering the holiday season, trucks should be coming more frequently. This was confirmed to me last week by my insider friend at Target. He told me they will be getting trucks almost daily until Christmas. I'm sure the other stores will follow suit. KB has gone from 1 truck every other week to once a week. After Thanksgiving, KB and TRU, I believe, go to 2 trucks a week. All this means is that any day could be a good day to make a run.

"Finally, I'm looking for a little help from the 'Troops. I'm in need of an Unleashed Leia (MOC). Never saw this figure in my area & hopefully someone can help me out. I still have a Lord Of The Rings ROTK Eowyn (in armor) and a Prologue Bilbo, both in excellent condition, along with plenty of SW goodies. Email me if anyone wants to set up a trade. If I don't get any responses for the LOTR figures, I will need to return them fairly soon."
- John

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 November 2003 | 23:28 EST
Sandtrooper Erich Fritz reports:
"Howdy Troops, Erich Fritz here with an updated list of items for sale. Things are not going as well as I'd hoped. I still have quite a few figures if anyone out there is looking for some older and even newer figures. For the most part they are in C-9+ condition although there are a few that have some minor dings. They are also all in Protech cases for added protection. Whatever I can't sell here, I'll list on ebay, although I'd rather sell to someone on Sandtroopers. I have had nothing but good luck with this group and count you as friends. I did take six and send them to the Toy Heaven toy drive. I only hope the kids enjoy them as much as I did.

"Anyway, here is my updated list of items for sale. If there is anything on it that you'd like to look in to, e-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Use the heading 'SW Figures,' because I have my junk mail filter set to ultra high and every e-mail address I don't have on my list gets put in the trash can. I can then go and look through them for as many as 7 days before they are removed for good. Thanks and may your search be fruitful."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 November 2003 | 22:55 EST
Global Domination - A Call for Help from the Other Side of the World:
Global DominationDateline: Trooper Shaun's New Zealand HQ   "Hi Jason, I am a collector from New Zealand and we will not see these red ARC Troopers for at least 3 months, if ever. My son is almost 5 and is collecting as well. Hasbro NZ only brings in limited stocks of all the Clone Wars & new Saga waves. To make it more difficult, the web-based retailers in NZ and Australia buy up all the stock, and, what little makes it to retail is about 2 or 3 times the price you pay at retail in the US. I would dearly love to give him something very unique like one of these New Red Arc Troopers for Christmas (that he doesn't know exists). Can anyone at help?

"I already have a blue ARC trooper for him but a red one would blow him away. Can anyone at help if he's able to find more Red ARC Troopers or is willing to part with one. I could send money via Western Union or Pay-pal or directly into a bank account or maybe find something you need over here to trade for, Star Wars or otherwise. A call for help from the other side of the world, best regards" -

Dig deep Troops, and help our brother from another hemisphere.

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 5 November 2003 | 21:36 EST
Sandtrooper Drizzit in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Just wanted to send this report from SE Wisconsin. I found the deluxe Durge with speeder and the clone with speeder at my local Kmart. They were priced at $11.99 each. Are these things going up in price, or is it just Kmart trying to stay afloat? Trooper Chuppernicus, you know I got you a set also. Keep fighting the good fight. Later."
Fighting the good fight (i.e. pulling teeth)

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 November 2003 | 10:12 EST
Sandtrooper OKC reports:
"I thought today was supposed to be the BIG anouncement day from Lucas. There has not been any chatter about it. Did I miss something? Also has anyone had luck finding fan choice no. 4? You would think since we voted for it we should be able to special order it."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 November 2003 | 23:19 EST
S.C.A.L.P. report from Deep in the Woods of Wisconsin:
More than Meets the Eye!Dateline: Jedi Dom reporting.   "Hey Troops, Here's a true Scalper-fighting report. After finding nothing at Wallyworld and Big K, I went to TRU. They had lots of stuff such as Sec. Cer. Padme, Wat Tambor, Padawans, Yoda and youngling, Bariss O., WA-7, Emperor, Trooper with bike, and Jedi 3 pack. BUT out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy carrying 3 Clone Wars deluxe packs. From a distance I couldn't tell what they were. Immediately I thought: SCALPER. When he saw me loading up, I'm sure he thought the same thing about me. As he came closer I got brave enough to ask if he had any Durges with bikes. He said, 'Sure do, I already have one, but I picked up one for a friend. Want it?' And he handed it to me! I couldn't believe it. After explaining that my pile of figs was only one of each, I thanked him profusely. Now that's what I call a true, blue scalper-fighting sandtrooper. He also let me in on the fact/rumor that the red-trimmed ARC Troopers are coming out to tie in with the Clone Wars cartoons and that they should be widespread soon. Anyway, thanks for letting me go on about someone who believes in 'United We Find.'

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 November 2003 | 22:51 EST
New In Stock at TOY
Hello we received some great new product from Palisades and Sideshow Toys, and, remember, receive 10% off all orders or 15% off all orders $30.00 or more or 20% off all order $90.00 or more (excluding shipping).

Palisades Toys
G.I. Joe Zartan 6" Resin Mini-Statue $59.99

Sideshow Toys - Lord of the Rings
  The Two Towers Uruk-hai Swordsman Polystone Bust 8" $57.99
  The Two Towers Uruk-hai Swordsman Polystone Bust 8" $57.99

The Simpsons
  Mr. Burns Polystone Bust 7" $29.99
  Moe Szyslak Polystone Bust 7" $29.99
- Enter Below -
TOY FELLAS - Forget about it!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 November 2003 | 22:44 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Hitch reports:
Possibly BIGGER than the ’Episode II on DVD’ announcement"Hi Troops! Time to start checking your local Target stores! The Target stores in Spokane, WA have gotten in the new waves. The valley store had all of the Clone Wars series 1 and 2 figs plus Ayy Vida. I'm not sure which wave she is in as she was the only new non-Clone Wars figure out. The Target at Northpointe had the same Clone Wars figures plus the new McQuarrie Stormtrooper, Bail Organa, Imperial Dignitary (Janus), and Obi-Wan Nightclub Encounter. All these figures rang up $3.99. Still haven't seen the red ARC Trooper. I also found the 2pk. Clone Wars bonus packs at KB in Coeur D Alene, ID over the weekend.

"Speaking of KB, I thought I would throw this one out there with the Holiday season fast approaching. If the KB stores in your area are like ours they are clogged with older Star Wars figures. A good way to get rid of them would be to buy some and donate them to charities like Toys For Tots. I know everyone is searching to get all the figures (or most of them at least), but keep in mind there are those less fortunate who can't afford any of them. You could spend $15 on five figures from KB and make some child very happy at Christmas. You would also be getting rid of old stock which would allow KB to get newer figures. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone. Anyway, thanks for reading my soap box. Good luck and take care Troops!"

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 November 2003 | 22:35 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Cor reports:
"Just picked up 2 New Red ARC Troopers this morning at my local Walmart (Corning, NY). Very little of anything else, just a few other Clone War figures. Found Durge and Clone Trooper Deluxes at Kmart (Horsehead, NY), no Clone Troopers 3 Packs this time. Also found the Hailfire Droid, Geonosian Starfighter, Republic Gunship, Geonosian War Room Set 1 & 2, Jedi Council Set 1 & 2, Droid Army 3 Packs at TRU (Horsehead, NY). They also had last year action figures. KB Toys has nothing new, other than the New TIE Fighter. STAR WARS Toys are slowly coming back to this area, there must be a Holiday coming up. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL AND KICK SCALPERS BUTT EVERYWHERE YOU CAN !"

Jedi Cor

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 4 November 2003 | 22:33 EST
Sandtrooper NYC Jedi Night reports:
"I am looking to trade a new Durge with Swoop Bike for a green Clone Trooper Army 3-pack. If anyone has an extra green 3-pack and is willing to trade or possibly even sell one for cost, please e-mail me! Thanks fellow troopers!"

Posted by: Count Matchew | 4 November 2003 | 22:27 EST
New from Cloud City:
New Saga Figures now available at Cloud City!
    Hoth Trooper
    Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack
    Ach-Med Bek
    Imperial Dignitary #2

Don't forget to check out our Acrylic Cases For carded Star Wars Figures from our new division, Toy Cases. These high quality hand-crafted cases are available in UV-Protected and regular acrylic. Toy Cases can make a custom acrylic case for any toy. Send an email to to request pricing.
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Posted by: Steve | 4 November 2003 | 22:03 EST
Final chapter of NJO
Hey Troops, I just wanted to remind everyone, The Unifying Force by James Luceno hit the shelves today. This is the 19th and final novel in the NJO series. It is hard to believe, but it is finally over. An exciting little extra is included with the book, a CD-ROM with all kinds of cool features including the Yuuzhan Vong bible! Well, I am gotta go start reading. Later.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2003 | 23:56 EST
Help the PASWCC in their efforts:
The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society, in association with Toy Heaven, is holding a Star Wars toy drive to benefit Garrison Carida of the 501st Legion. Garrison Carida encompasses much of the mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. They are a truly service-oriented chapter of the 501st, dedicating the majority of their efforts to helping children. They visit children's hospitals 6 or 7 times a year where they pose for photos with the patients and hand out Star Wars toys. The toys collected through this drive will be given to the children during these visits. If you would like to donate a toy to the drive, please visit here. Please join PSWCS in supporting this fine organization and their efforts to brighten the days of children who need it most.

click to enter

I have met several guys from the PASWCC, these are guys who do it for the right reasons Troops, see what you can do to help out. We have some people with good hearts around here and I'm sure some of us will step up and deliver as usual!

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 November 2003 | 23:26 EST
Sandtrooper Scott J. reports:
"Hello Troopers: Don't know if everyone noticed the store ad for Target this week, but all Clone Wars figures are on sale for $3.99. This would probably mean all single carded figures in the aisle would be that price too (ed. note: read Donna's post below). At least in this area in SE Michigan, Target stores tend to be more up-to-date on the new waves. Also, Target stores tend to re-stock at least a couple times a week depending upon sales. Does anyone still need any of the following: Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee, Yoda and Chian, Padme Wedding ceremony? Trade or sell. Thanks troops. Later."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 3 November 2003 | 23:17 EST
Sandtroopette Donna reports:
"Hey Troops, Donna from So Cal. Found Durge w/Swoop Bike, Clonetrooper w/Speeder Bike and Jedi Army pack at Suncoast. Target has the Clone Wars Yoda with corrected lightsaber handle. By the way, the Target sale includes all SW basic figures as I found out by checking through the price scanner. So if you purchased any basic figures within the last two weeks, you can get a price adjustment refund given you kept the receipt. Happy Hunting!!!!!"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2003 | 19:23 EST
Report from Fan Club: Are foreign fans getting a raw deal?
There was a recent article here by Tyler about the raw deal fan club members were getting under the Paizo regime. I have been following up on this story and talking with many fan club members outside of the U.S. to get more opinions on this matter. I found this thread in the forums that had a few more takes on it as well. Then I went to the source and called the fan club. I asked the representative (who will remain nameless) if they felt that Canadians and others had a legitimate gripe and the reply was "Yes, sort of." She followed that up with "You always have these things happen when you have buyouts and such." So citing policy change and other unforeseen transition problems, some such as Tyler will have to suck it up and take it, but have to understand when your subscription runs out your membership runs out as well. If any of you have anymore questions you can call the fan club at 1-425-289-0060 (Mon - Fri 8 to 5 PST) or e-mail them at and they will be happy to help any of you with your questions.
Brothers in Arms, Fair and Square, True Trooper Trust, United We Find

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 November 2003 | 12:02 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys!
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Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 November 2003 | 11:25 EST
Sandtroopin' Rai wiff a MD toy sweep report:
"Took a ride to KB Toy Works in Bowie, MD. I picked up some $5.99 Two Towers toys for my buddy Dave, and some 3 for $10 action figures for myself. There are still plenty of TIE Fighters and discount single carded figures and carded figure multi packs. They got in some more T3 stuff (12-inch Governators with and without sunglasses), and boxed sets. They are also having a $9.99 sale on Hot Wheels 1:18 scale die cast cars. They even had Maisto's very nice 1:18 Porsche Carrera GT ($19.99). I almost picked it up, but resisted as I'm totally overdrawn this month (not that that stops me for stuff I really want, I guess).

"Wal-Mart in the same plaza had three SW figures (Han Endor Bunker, Lott Dodd, and one other), pretty lame. They seem to have some of the new McFarlane Sports Picks (no sign of NASCAR yet though). I then hit TRU in Columbia, MD to find that for the 2nd time, I actually had some luck picking up some older SW figs that I had missed. They had Tusken Raider: Camp Ambush, Library Droids, and Battle Droid: Arena Battle. Unfortunately, the fine folks at TRU would not allow me to purchase the Battle Droid because someone had put a sticker over the UPC (granted that sticker did say Not Labelled for Individual Sale). I think what happened was that some schmoe went to KB, or K-Mart or something and picked up a multipack and just returned this unwanted figure to TRU, as far as I know TRU doesn't sell figure multipacks, at least I've never seen one. One would think that if they were interested in taking my money, they would have sold it to me anyway, but I guess they don't want it. I've had this argument with TRU employees in the past, but they are always very adamant in telling me they don't want my money, so I didn't bother to argue this time. Kinda sucks, as this is a figure that I don't have yet. I should have tried to peel off the sticker because it probably would have rung up, oh well, anyway, they also had the new LOTR rotocast figures, but the single carded figures are just more of the same (Gollums and Smeagols, peg warming death), speaking of which, I do seem to remember them having the 11-inch talking Gollum & Smeagol. Oh, also saw some Hailfire Droids here.

"Target had the typical Clone Wars wave that's been out (didn't see any Red ARC Troopers), and they had a ton of the Cinema Scenes. I also picked up some figures from the upcoming Looney Toons film ($4.99, not a terrible price for two figures), and some of the newer wave of LOTR Armies of Middle Earth stuff that's been coming out. They still have plenty of Muppets Series 4 (with their exclusive Koozebane Kermit), and Mega Beakers, along with some Cat in the Hat toys (which they've actually had for like 6 months, as far as I know the movie's not out yet, right?). Target also had about 25 Unicrons. Looks like they're gearing up for Christmas.

"Next it was off to the Columbia Mall in search of the new Spawn 24 toys. EB Games doesn't seem to carry toys any more (ed. note: only select EB Games locations now carry toys - Jason). Not that their selection was that good to begin with. GameStop had the Spawn 24 toys, but for $12.99, uh-uh. Not when I knew Suncoast downstairs would have them for $9.99. So I was off to Suncoast. They had a few of the Spawn 24 line left on the pegs (only three of the 6 were available). Given the season, I wasn't surprised not to see the Halloween themed Spawn). I decided to pick up the single non-dinged figure (Hellspawn). I also discovered (much to my surprise) that Suncoast got in some of the SW deluxe wave with the Jedi three pack, Durge Deluxe, Clone Trooper with bike and removable armor, and of course the ever so popular Destroyers with launcher (possibly more). But at $12.99 per pack, I decided to pass. Also of note, they had a lone Art Asylum Star Trek Classic Khan on the pegs. I just picked up this series myself (from New Force Comics), and these are some nice looking figures (mad props to Darth Crypt and the lovely Dawn for slogging through line after line to get me the matching Yellow Shirted Capt. Kirk -- y'all still da best!). Matrix stuff seems to be marked down 25% (no such stickers on the boxed set though). I may pick up the boxed set if the price becomes right. Also available were Hellraiser, Muppets series 5, Justice League, various japanese imports (and candy, yum!), various other McFarlane.

"KB Toys in the Mall had plenty of LOTR clearance fodder and a few newer figures (I recall seeing a single Crossbow Uruk-Hai). SW section is all the way in the back, so aside from the clearanced figures up front, I totally forgot about SW. Anyhow, that's it for now. Hope you've enjoyed this edition."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 November 2003 | 23:43 EST
There is just one rule to Jedi Club: Check it out!
The wonderful talents of Amanaman Dan and his apprentice Zargon are showing up again. With the near completion of the G.I. Joe "Cobra Chemical Factory" near complete, it seems the Amanaman has been quite busy and adding many more elaborate dioramas to his already impressive set up.

We will be featuring all of Dan's work in a section in early 2004. There are many more to come as well, he assured me. Time is the biggest hassle here, as one can see many hours are put into these projects.

Stay tuned Troops for more of Amanaman Dan and his many creations. I personally enjoy the blend of action figures he adds to the shots, even though they are not all in the films together. I'm not a believer in exact replication, being creative is sometimes better. Great job Dan, I can't wait to see what is next! To add your own personal feedback and/or see more amazing photos click here and check out the forums as well.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 November 2003 | 22:45 EST
Area Report: Spiceowan and Matt Large ... at large
At Large with ... Matt LargeHey Troops, hooked up with Private Mat Tambor of the now Kenosha, WI Techno Union (moved from Racine) and hit several stores today. Scored new Durge, Clone Trooper on Speeder, and a couple of Red Clone 3 packs I picked up for trade. All this at the Kenosha, WI K-Mart! Thanks again for the tips guys to start hitting the "K" again. We lost many stores in this area when they filed bankruptcy to generate money for the Martha Stewart legal defense fund. It is good to see it getting back on track. Kenosha Wal-Mart had the remains of the Gold Cards with a lone Darth Maul and the newest Tusken Raider as well as a couple of Rebel Troopers. Target in Kenosha had the Screen Scenes and many Saga Red Battle Driods with your usual Lott Dod and Orn Free Ta mixed in. The newest shelf warming Gunship and the Hailfire Droids and Geonosian Fighters.

Flint Imposter, Sandtroopers' CWO kicking ass and taking namesGood to see the amount of product coming in with the holidays approaching fast. We also hit up Vernon Hills, Il. which had the three common Clone Wars figures, the K-B in the mall had the Durge deluxe assortment. TRU had Clone Wars, Screen Scenes, and many different 12-inch figures available. Target had only Yoda & Chian but it was nearing lunchtime so the scalping slime balls had all the good stuff cleared for today I'm sure. Matt mentioned Racine, WI has been getting many of the new figures like Wat, Coleman, and Padme Wedding at the Wal-Mart but other than that same old crap everywhere else. Thanks to Trooper Dennis I don't have to focus so much on Gurnee, Illinois! United We Find!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 November 2003 | 20:55 EST
New items at K & C Collectibles:
New this Week:
Durge - #46
Asajj Ventress - #47
Mace Windu - General - #48
Obi-Wan Kenobi – General - #45
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike

Back In-Stock:
Coleman Trebor – Battle of Geonosis #24
Wat Tambor – Geonosis War Room # 23
Padme Amidala – Secret Ceremony #22
Barriss Offee - #12
Ashla & Jempa - #16
Yoda & Chain #15
Aayla Secura - #11
Princess Leia Organa – Imperial Captive #26
Han Solo – Flight to Alderaan #27
Darth Maul – Theed Hanger Duel #25

click to enter

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 November 2003 | 18:21 EST
Sandtrooper Chuppernicus in the Woods of Wisconsin reports:
"Wanted to give a big thanks to Trooper Drizzit for continuing to hook me up since I started teaching. I have been unable to get to the stores at appropriate times to find anything. Drizzit has been keeping my collection alive with a set of the new clone wars figs and the deluxe play-doh super battle droid maker! I did stop at the Wal-Mart in Milwaukee after the teachers' convention and came across one red ARC trooper, they also had a few wedding Padmes and a Yoda with jedi brat as well. There's nothing else new that I have been able to see."

Posted by: Jason D. Meyers | 2 November 2003 | 18:18 EST
Sandtrooper Jedimaster-C reports:
Dateline: 'New Stuff'   "Well, All of our stores here in north Alabama are full of the first wave of the Clone Wars figures. TRU had tons of them, Target has tons, and 2 of our Wal-Marts have a few. No sightings of Durge and Ventress. Knowing our stores, we won't see these until next year if they are still being made. No red ARC Toopers, but I did find a Durge with swoop at Suncoast of all places and a Yellow clone trooper pack at KB. Well guys, I got my invite to purchase the Holiday Yoda. If I got my invite, you should get yours if you got a lightspeed pass. Take care. So that's all for now. Take care."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 November 2003 | 0:35 EST
Beyond Belief: "Car Crash Mace Windu"
Hey Troops, I dug into the archives of Agent Tweeny's collection to find some "Beyond Belief" items, some that defy collecting logic. We haven't had much time for trips to the unexplained lately but I sense the revival of Mr. Frakes is coming as sure as the cold itself. Our first installment of items is a little number I call "Car Crash Mace Windu."

Probably some slacker at a Target shipping production facility!

Now this item interested me, initially it seemed the lightsaber was crooked, and the head of Mace was impaled against the front of the bubble. Could this be a new variant? Did they do this to the millions that were probably returned to Hasbro by Toys R Us? Agent Tweeny had this figure but didn't want to pass on possibly another factory error. We went over it with a fine tooth comb again and again, looking through many online guides and variant lists coming up with zilch.

Or did Mr. Windu really have a car accident?

So was this another ruse to get a hard working Trooper to drop another $1.99 in the clearance bin? Did we find the bent lightsaber, head slammed on the plastic Mace Windu Arena Confrontation Saga figure? No, it seems that like many figures these days this was just a simple case of minimum wage meltdown. A store clerk being lazy and probably throwing the cases of figures into the red stock tubs from 20 yards away! Agent Tweeny doesn't belive me however, he thinks I am cooking his goose, only to pry it from his clutches for less than the $1.99 he paid for it. Good luck to him. In our next installment we will feature a Star Spangled Silver Fett! Stay Tuned Troops, until next time.

"Was this a production error? Or are we cooking your goose?"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 November 2003 | 21:51 EST
Vintage figure reproductions available for pre-order at
I did not report these until posted pictures but it appears they are going to remake even vintage figures too! Who would have thought you could sell such a sorry looking figure over 20 years later? Many collectors do not have their collections from years past, so maybe they could actually be on to something here. This puts a whole new twist in Star Wars collecting.

Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 November 2003 | 19:17 EST
Force of the Bay: Weekend Edition
Hey Troops, shaking off the jet lag from another swoop of ebay and once again I deliver many unique and rare items from Star Wars collectibles. It is so easy to follow your nose to the obscure. It is a great place for the loose collector to cash in. Keep your eye on the prize; if it goes out of your range simply find another. Whether you pick them off one by one or get them all at once, it is a wonderful tool to catch up what you missed. For those of us who did! They are out there carded too, but some have a little higher premium. You have to wait it out sometimes, never be too eager. I usually say stay away from new items, but sometimes you find a deal you can't pass up on, items that were not on the shelves. Who could pass up on those loveable guys? Single carded or complete sets, it is all there for the taking. As Dexter says, "It depends on the size of your pocket book!" Just be careful and read the listing because you never know what you are going to buy, at least this guy is taking the honest route and admits openly it is not original. Okay, you'd pay thousands for a POTF Anakin with coin, maybe the same for a 12 back vinyl cape Jawa, but what about Weechee? A prototype at that, if the listing pans out and it is truly real, I find this to be a very unique piece. Another example of how you can always find it, if you keep looking. Even if you didn't know it existed! Use caution at ebay. Also, I found a Power Sucka strange enough in the Star Wars listings but I'd dare you to Try it Sucka on this 80's pop culture icon! Next time I see Mr. T in his pimped out red Rolls Royce in Lake Forest, IL, I may tell him this fool is trying to scalp his stuff in the Star Wars section, I pity the fool who would do that! Troops, be mindful of who you are conducting business with! Good luck to you on your searches, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 November 2003 | 16:40 EST
We need to help out some of the So. Cal. fire victims:
"Even though the fires are not completely out around here, it appears as though things are calming down quite a bit. Quite a bit of rain fell overnight, and these fires should be extinguished soon. Unfortunately, I know far too many people who suffered at the hands of the fire in San Diego, but none more than my friends Greg & Denise in the Ramona area who lost their home completely, after having only lived in it for a month. My thoughts are with them, and everyone else who was affected.

"On a much lighter note, I am selling some of my extra items to help them out as much as I can, so I am hoping people out there can help me. I have quite a few other collector friends that have already bought about $200 worth of stuff off of me, and I have a few more items. I know I don't have much, but every little bit helps. What I have left are: Unleashed Han $16 even, Coleman Trebor x2 (one is an opener), Wat Tambor & WA-7, all $6 each. I would like to sell at cost plus shipping. Again, I am not in this to make a buck. Please, if you need any of these items, or know someone who does, I am just asking for the item's cost, and the shipping cost. Please email me if interested."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. If any of you can help out Dom in any way, I'd highly recommend him as a trader. Help out our own, UNIFY!

Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 November 2003 | 12:02 EST
New Figures at Federation Toys:
Hey Troops, just received word that Federation Toys is back up and running with new Clone Wars and Saga figures in stock. The following are in stock:

Wat Tambor
Coleman Trebor
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Darth Maul
Ashla & Jempa
Yoda & Chian

Plus much more including Silver Boba Fett and new Master Replica products. Supplies are limited and more is on the way. May the Force be with You.