November 2002

Posted by: Jason | 30 November 2002 | 20:44 EST
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Episode 1.07, "Not Cool Enough:"
"Within this hour we will tell you five stories, some real, some fake, you decide. Your call."
Image courtesy of Federation Toys - pay them a visit!
"Not Cool Enough"

Hello troopers. Look, I am grateful for people hooking me up with the Clone Trooper with the Speeder Bike. I guess it is just that I would like to find the figure myself (besides the premium of paying shipping costs). I don't understand why people in places like NY, NJ, CA, VA, and so on are finding these figures with unbelievable ease. It is a little unfair. I have not heard of these showing up in Alabama. Does Hasbro think we're not cool enough? I would like to know why we always get treated unfairly.

My patience has ran out. The scalpers have won. It's almost the end of November and I haven't seen it and never will. It seems like people out in the Northeast and the West are getting a break. My Kmarts here will never have it, nor will Target. This is a serious problem. This is a little unfair. Thanks, I guess. I am throwing in the towel on this one. I still haven't seen the Speeder Bike with the Clone Trooper yet. Is Hasbro still making that one? If so, why haven't I seen him yet?

"So what did you think Troops? Did the scalpers win? What about Hasbro not making this figure any longer? Or, it could be an elaborate illusion designed to trick you. Is this story made up, or have we gotten the truth straight from the horses' mouth? Find out at the end of our show. For Beyond Belief, I'm Jonathan Fra.. General J."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 30 November 2002 | 12:14 EST
Sandtrooper OOZARK reports:
"Greetings Troopers. This is my first time to chime in, but I check in to read the latest across the country daily. I wasn't sure if you were all aware, but The Game Keeper stores, owned by Wizards of the Coast, are also stocking the $5 12" Ki-Adi Mundis and $7 Stormtrooper 4 packs. Downtown Sacramento, however, was unfortunately out of the stormtroopers, but the Mundi is nice for the price. Happy Hunting & MTFBWY!"

OOZARK, Great to have you join the Sandtroopers legion! We hope that this will be the first of many posts from you! Keep them coming!!!

Posted by: Steve | 29 November 2002 | 22:03 EST
Trooper Lee reports:
"Hey troopers, I braved the 'Black Friday' crowds at TRU this morning and it paid off. I got an Ephant Mon, Ani Hanger Duel, and the new Ki-Adi figures for $2.99 each, the cards were actually in very good condition. Saw a number of Yoda and Count Dooku figs in the "bin of death", but most of the cards still looked pretty good. They also had 6 of the latest X-Wing offering. Still no sign of the Jango and Clone pilots. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Thats it for this transmission."

Posted by: Jason | 29 November 2002 | 21:09 EST
Trooper Larry reports:
Trooper Larry found the R2-D2 and C-3PO Holiday Edition two-pack at his Wal-Mart in Mentor, Ohio. The store received a single case on Wednesday 11/27 and he managed to procure the last unit.

Posted by: Jason | 29 November 2002 | 20:52 EST
- 12" Bounty Hunter Wave:
AFX now has in stock the 12" Bounty Hunter Wave (Dengar, Zuckuss, Imperial Officer) for just $59.95 per set or $109.98 for 2 sets. - Action Figure Xpress -

Click Images to enter Action Figure Xpress:

Posted by: Jason | 29 November 2002 | 17:31 EST
Trooper "Code Name: CHUCKLES" requests:
"Hey there troopers, I am trying to find a MOC Ephant Mon and have had no luck in the Baltimore area. If anyone in the area can point me in the direction of where I can find these OR has an extra one I can pick up I'd appreciate it, thanks."

Posted by: Jason | 29 November 2002 | 17:01 EST
Trooper Ozziehihorse reports:
"Hi troops, I have 6 Clone trooper pilots-$5.50 each, Target sets Death Star x4, Endor x4, Arena x4 and Hoth x4 - $11 each, Playskool Millenium falcon x3 - $29 each, Acklay - $17"

Posted by: Jason | 29 November 2002 | 16:42 EST

BIG TRANSFORMERS RESTOCK: Jazz, Prowl, Tracks & Skids, Mega PVC Optimus in both Anime and Metallic versions, re-Issue Sixshot, GOD GINRAI only $49.99, new Ironhide Bust
ARMADA UNICRON: it should be a large figure!
Act 9 & 10 PVC: based on Armada characters
Act 9 & 10 PVC: based on Armada characters
Clamp Down & Deep Cover: Repaints of G1 Sideswipe & Red Alert
Tiger Sideswipe: exclusive yellow repaint of G1`Sideswipe
MyClone Series 2: 'super deformed' PVC Style Transformers
Grimlock & Wheeljack Busts: from Hard Hero

SIDESHOW & MONTY PYTHON: set of 5 'Muddy' Knights $124.99, The Black Knight with removeable limbs, German 23rd IR Infantryman from Sideshow
MACROSS: Yamato Super VF-1J, Yamato 1/48 Scale figures in 1 week
PROFESSOR X: statue from Hard Hero on 'Other' menu - $104.99
SPORTS PICKS BASEBALL: MLB Series 1 and 2 figures from McFarlane
Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

click to enter:

Posted by: Tyler | 29 November 2002 | 9:26 EST
Hoth Canada Report:
Hey Troopers, Still not much new to report here in the "Great White North." There have been scattered reports of Palp and Djas showing up at Walmarts. Zellers hasn't been getting any more of the Teemto wave in, but the Target sets are becoming pegwarmers there. Lastly, TRU have the gunships, 25th Landspeeder, and 25th X-Wing, and a few of the arena playsets are beginning to show up. Other than that it's been pretty dry. Weather-wise though we've started to get our winter blanket. Take care troops.

Posted by: Jason | 28 November 2002 | 21:22 EST
Save 10-15% at Toyfellas:
Hello from Toyfellas, We want to wish every one a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Save big with our all ready low prices and take an additional 10% off all orders $25.00 or more or take 15% off all order $75.00 or more. You also have the option to pay by Paypal.

We've Got the Toys You Need, So Forget About It!
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Posted by: Jason | 28 November 2002 | 20:11 EST
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Thanksgiving Episode 1.05:

"Are we giving thanks? Or are we the victim of a prank?"

Footballs fly, turkeys die, and Trooper Chad Ryan is OUR GUY in the Thanksgiving Contest, winning a set of two Attack of the Clones autographed figures.

In our poll asking your favorite Episode II character, Yoda came out the favorite, with minor character Wat Tambor (from the Techno-Union) showing strong as well.

Chad, contact me at to collect your prize. Thanks to all troopers who took the time to enter. Our next contest for an Endor Trooper Troop Builder set starts shortly.

We would also like to especially thank CTC George Falls for putting this together. Bravo, that is what this site is all about.

Posted by: Jason | 28 November 2002 | 17:22 EST
Trooper California Tim reports:
"Hey Troopers, Things are moving slow here in SF Bay Area. Gunships and Arenas are pretty much in abundance. I found a clean shaven RTrooper at the Wal-Mart in Roseville, he was one of about five fig’s all together. Is anyone else experiencing this? Meaning Wal-Mart carrying 4-6 fig’s in all. I stopped in TRU and KB in Arden Fair in Sacramento, not finding much. TRU did having the yakking Yoda reduced to $12.97 and a few Jango pilots. Other then that no new figures anywhere that I can find. Hope everyone has a great and safe Turkey Day. MTFBWY!"

Posted by: Tyler | 28 November 2002 | 10:01 EST
Silver R2's from Amazon
Hey Troops, I finally got my silver R2's from Amazon and they all arrived in mint to near mint shape! A big thanks to my friend cyber junk who forwarded these to me from the US. I was worried after hearing all the horror stories about Amazon's shipping methods. Take care troops.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 November 2002 | 8:54 EST
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope all the Troops enjoy Thanksgiving with great food, loving families and the best of friends, can someone pass me that giblet gravy.....mmMmMmmm!

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 November 2002 | 23:49 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #179
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Saga Exclusives Celebration II Commander Jorge Sacul Rebel Pilot
Price: $99.99
Saga Exclusives Celebration II
Commander Jorge Sacul Rebel Pilot AFA Graded 90
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Fresh Selection of 12 Backs In Stock -We just Received a complete set plus extras.
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Saga Master Replica Darth Vader Limited Saber
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Saga Master Replica Darth Vader Limited Saber with case. These sabers will ship on Friday December 6th
Domestic Shipping $10 by UPS/FedEx Ground
Limited Edition - Limited to 7,500 worldwide
Price: $347.99

AOTC 12" Ki-Adi-Mundi
Price: $19.99

Saga Sandtrooper 4 pack (not pictured) shipping Dec 14th Price: $17.99

Saga Vehicles TIE Bomber w/ Pilot C-9 Price: $44.99

Saga Vehicles A-Wing w/Pilot C-9 Price: $44.99

Saga Trash Compactor Luke & Han C-9
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Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Jason | 27 November 2002 | 20:27 EST
Trooper Jedi Master Eric reports:
Dateline: Niagara Falls, NY: "Hello Troops, I was at Walmart and TRU this weekend and was able to snag a few extra clone pilots X 3, beardless endor soldiers X 2, and Ephant Mon X 2. If anyone needs them, LMK ($4.99 + tax/shipping or trade). The Simpsons wave 10, Main Street, and New Years Ball are also starting to hit, so keep your eyes open for those. O yeah, I am also looking for the R2 & C-3PO Christmas exclusive."

Posted by: Spiceowan | 27 November 2002 | 19:17 EST
Imperial Shuttle News:
Hey Troops, I recieved a call from FAO requesting a credit card and shipping address. Chicago, unlike the rest of the free world, only put your name on a "wish list" and if they received the Shuttle you would be called in the order on the list. Weird. I called and ordered mine. The clerk said they would ship out at the end of January. So, if you live in the Chicago-metro area give them a call and see if you can score what could possibly the roughest find since Toy Fair Vader! Or you may get it for $60 dollars 7 months from now, like the Faamba. I don't think I will take my chances. The clerk also said the Chicago location will be closing so they will ship out of New York. For $15 dollars! I love exclusives, I think they should make more high dollar items. Good luck Troops Kick A$% and take names.

FAO Chicago 1-312-587-5000

Posted by: Jason | 27 November 2002 | 17:58 EST
Trooper Jake reports:
"Hello all - Ephant Mon is staring to show up all around the Boston area at TRU. Keep a look out!! Be careful ordering them from I received all four that I ordered with a large sticker across the bubble and creased cards. I will be returning them. If any troopers are looking for an Anakin FX Saber, I have an extra one that I will get rid of at cost with free shipping - $130. Have a great Thanksgiving!"

Posted by: Jason | 27 November 2002 | 17:04 EST
Trooper Kevin reports:
Dateline: Columbus, OH "They're here! The Wal-Mart at Easton on Morse Road has the Holiday Edition Star Wars R2-D2/C3PO - 13.73. Also, non-Star Wars - The Bratz car is at KB at Easton - 39.99 - they had a lot of them."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 November 2002 | 16:37 EST
Sandtrooper Mark reports:
"News from lower MI: Ann Arbor TRU's got a shipment of figures, Ephant turned up in small numbers. Saw only 6, bought 4 and left DEEP in the big bin. I'm offering up 2 to fellow troopers."

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 27 November 2002 | 16:35 EST
Sandtrooper Jeffred5 reports:
"Hey Troopers, This is just a quick update to my earlier post regarding the Wizards of the Coast retail store sale. I have already gotten quite a few responses, so I wanted to let you know it might take me a few days to get back to everyone, but I will do my best. Also, because of being short of funds I might not be able to get everything for everyone, so I think the fairest way for me to handle it will be for me to get as much as I can, and then try to get something to everyone and fill as much of each request as I can. That way I won't have to tell some people that I can't get them anything because other people want a lot. In the spirit of Sandtroopers I want to share this with as many people as possible. I will tell everyone what they will get when I respond to your E-mail. United we find."

Posted by: Steve | 27 November 2002 | 14:56 EST
D & S Toys update
D & S Sci-Fi Toy World has these new items:

Action Fleet AT-AT & Snowspeeder
Interactive Jedi Lightsaber
Star Tours R3-D3
Re-Stocks of older Action Fleet
Cantina Bar Sets

Plus our Super Discount/ Sale list is still active with new items.

Posted by: Tyler | 27 November 2002 | 9:16 EST
R2Dtoys Newsletter:
A reminder that we have limited stocks of the Japanese Kotobukiya Clone Trooper and Darth Vader and basic figure clone trooper pilot for just �6. We are almost pre-sold out of Republic Gunship (no wonder at just �35 !) and the same goes for the Shuttle. Our Euro distributor for this toy has already sold out, so if you want to guarantee your Tyderium for January shipping (sadly, that is the earliest we can get them) then pre-order now to avoid disappointment.
12" Zam Wesell, Dooku and Super Battle Droid will be our special for December - please watch for great savings!
Also, we added images and data from the next wave of 12" figures - Anakin w/ 2 lightsabers, Geonosian Warrior and Padme. GREAT toys coming soon.
Lastly, we will receive the Arena Playset as part of a trade - this means we can sell them to you for just �40 each ! The down-side is we have to wait until next year for this great price. RRP in the UK is �60, so to save 33% please hang in there for our guaranteed pre-order for this great toy! We will see you all soon.

Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 20:21 EST

C O N T E S T B r e a k d o w n:
  • 11/26: One day left!!! Don't forget to enter our own contest for two signed SAGA figures, also go to our Forums Contest area for even more chances to win via "Double-Deuce," ends 11/27 at 11:59 pEST.
  • 11/26: Win over $250 in prizes [12" inch POTF Toys R Us Dewback and Sandtrooper exclusive, a 5 card POTF Red Card Set with (Luke, Leia, Han, C3P0 and R2D2), and a set of EP2 12" figures with (Droid, Wesell and Dooku)] by writing small essay of 15 words or less describing "Why I Wanna Win," all essays should be limited to 15 words or less. If an essay contains 16 words or more it will not be accepted at our sponsor, Kebco Toys and Comics, ends 12/16 at 6 pEST.
    Click to Enter:

  • 11/26: Win a TRU Silver R2-D2 Gunship at the newest SW Customizing site, Sargsidius Customs and Trade. You will be hearing more about Sargsidius here at! You need to create a custom based on charaters from the latest video games out this year such Darth Malak or Jolee Bindo. Games include Bounty Hunter, Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Outcast, ends 12/16.
  • 11/26: Win a Republic Gunship at PowerCollectibles, ends 12/01.
  • 11/24: Win Yoda (Jedi High Council), Destroyer Droid, Ephant Mon, and Unleashed Darth Tyranus and Mace Windu at, ends 11/29.
  • 11/24: Play 'Primary Targets' trivia at to win the Lott Dod wave, starts 11/29.
  • 11/24: (Canadian Residents only) Win 25 original Star Cases, 50 figure stands, 50 Vintage figure stands, or a Silver Anniversary R2-D2 shipped in a Star Case at, ends 12/09.
  • 11/24: is giving away an Endor Troop Builder set, no end specified.
  • 11/24: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase, Padme Arena, Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise, Saga C-3PO, Kit Fisto (Jedi Master), Super Battle Droid, Boba Fett (Kamino Escape), Tusken Raider (Female With Tusken Child) , Captain Typho (all with background except Anakin and Padme) in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest Week 9, ends 11/28.
  • 11/24: Enter's 'Toy Madness' to win a Tri-Logo POTF2 Electronic X-Wing Fighter, ends 11/28.
  • 11/24: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 11/31.

    Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 19:20 EST
    Trooper Jedichirp reports:
    "I found some goodies tonight in Indy. A Kaybee Express just opened at the Greenwood Mall and I picked up a Jedi Starfighter with Obi Wan Pilot for $21.99. They had 2 left. I also bought 4 of the Playskool sets to put away for my 4 month old son. I got The Stompin' Wampa, X-Wing Adventure, Fast Through the Forest, and Arena Adventure. The X-Wing Adventure was $14.99 and they had 3 left (not mint). The other 3 sets were only $7.99. They also had a TON of the Deluxe C3PO and Yoda but they had them in a big bin and they were not even close to mint. Good Luck."

    Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 18:57 EST
    - Clone Commander Kotobukiya pre-order:
    AFX is now taking preorders for the upcoming Clonetrooper Commander Figure Kit. This variant is limited to just 1000 pieces! Here are the images of this amazing Clone Trooper! Also, we have more Interactive R2-D2s in stock - perfect for
    the holidays! - Action Figure Xpress -

    Click to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 18:46 EST
    Trooper Rogue Jedi TJ, the Original Rogue Jedi reports:
    "Hello Troops Wishing you all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving, and Northeastern PA Store reports.

    "KB - Cinema 2 Packs $4.99 that's all worth it there, K - Mart Nada, Wal Mart - Vinyl Figures Vader x2 Mace x2 Anakin x4 Fett x4, 12" Imperial Officer x2..Now1 (looks Like a Young Tarkin , it's awesome!), 12" Zuckuss Very Nice x2 Now 1,
    12' Dengar (Body Very Nice, face is Pathetic, Figure on Back of Box's Face looks Cool, the way it ended up is not) x2 still2, Electronic Lightsaber, Jedi Redx1, JediGreenx1, Mace Purple Now Gone it is Awesome!!! Hope that Helps!"

    Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 18:19 EST
    Episode XXXII: "Let's Talk," at the Imperial Officers' Club:
    Episode 32: Let's Talk, is now up at The Imperial Officers' Club. - Ian Brazee-Cannon
    Click to Enter:

    The IOC is quickly becoming one of my favorite online figure comics - you'll love the cameos made by figures from outside the SW Universe

    Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 17:37 EST
    Trooper Lex-Wan (Jedi Bible Salesman) reports:
    Dateline: Allentown, PA: "Lex-Wan's back, breaking free from his chains, Jedi Knight Lex-Wan has broken free from the chains of oppression by the evil Dooku, To bring all the Sandtroopers the PA reports. The PA TRU's still have Silver R2's along with 20 Ephant Mon's. Wal-Mart's have gotten in 12 of each 12" inch bounty hunters wave along with the new micro machines snow speeder & AT-AT. Targets still have the 2.99 figures but nothing new. Nothing new at KB here yet & Kmart's are doing there usual bang up job, that's it from mid east PA."

    Posted by: Jason | 26 November 2002 | 17:14 EST
    Trooper Jeffred5 reports:
    "This is my way of saying thank you to my friends and fellow Troopers at Sandtroopers, for the great trades and help and contacts I have gotten since I started reading and writing to I have a couple of Wizards of the Coast stores within reasonable distance from where I am staying for a little while. They have plenty on sale, like the Stormtrooper 4 packs ($6.99), 12" Ki-Adi-Mundi ($4.99) and several 3.75" figures for $.99 to $1.99 and a lot more. They didn't have the bobble heads.

    "I am willing to help out as many Troopers as I can. I am willing to get whatever you want for cost plus shipping, but since I don't have transportation available I am asking for a little extra to help me pay for a ride. I'm only talking about a few bucks, and if several people want to do this I'll split the fee with everyone. I am looking for the Darth Vader Bobble Head, if anyone out there can get me one for the clearance. I don't expect the stock to last past the Thanksgiving weekend so let me know ASAP. MTFBWY."

    UPDATE: All WotC items SOLD OUT.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 November 2002 | 21:32 EST
    News from Federation Toys
    Troops, Jim from Federation Toys wanted to let fellow collectors know that they have recieved many new Deluxe and Saga figures. They also once again have slashed prices on older POTJ and Saga figures.

    Today they also recieved another shipment of the Anakin F/X Sabers for the low price of $120.00 plus shipping. These things are awesome Troops, better than you can imagine.

    Ask about their Refer-a-friend program and find out how to save more $$ at

    Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from:

    Posted by: Steve | 25 November 2002 | 20:57 EST
    Lafayette, IN report:
    Hey Troops, I stopped by the Toys R Us in Lafayette, IN tonight to get something for my baby and just strolled on by the Star Wars aisle not expecting to see anything new since I never find anything at this Toys R Us. Much to my surprise I found one Ephant Mon. The card was in really rough shape. They also had the 25th Anniversary X-Wings and Landspeeders. Finally, they had one Unleashed Padme, once again in a really banged-up card. The rest of the stuff was pretty much the same old stuff that has beena round for a while. I also stopped by Wal-Mart, Meijer's and Target. Wal-Mart and Meijer's had some pilot clone troopers, Padmes and Jangos. They also had Yodas and Count Dookus. Meijer's also had the Deluxe C-3PO and Wal-Mart had the new action fleet Luke's Snowspeeder.

    Posted by: Steve | 25 November 2002 | 20:52 EST
    Trooper Lee reports:
    "Hiya troopers, stopped by the Biloxi TRU last night and finally found the Fan's Choice #3 figure, Ephant Mon. What a massive piece this thing is, very impressive. They had about 8 total, but all were slightly damaged in one way or another, nothing major though. That was the only new fig I saw, still no sign of the Jango or Clone Trooper pilots.

    "I also asked about the Silver R2's, the salesperson told me the promo ended on the 20th of this month. He wouldn't say what they were doing with what they had left over. That's it for this transmission."

    Posted by: Steve | 25 November 2002 | 20:47 EST
    Latest review of ESB Infinities posted
    Hey Troops, I just finished the latest Infinities series last week. This one is based on ESB and in my opinion is much better than the ANH series. This was a four issue series and you should have no problems finding all four books in your local comic shops. To check out my review click here.

    Posted by: George | 25 November 2002 | 18:52 EST
    A New Hope on TBS:
    Tune into TBS on Thanksgiving day, when Star Wars ANH will be presented. Check your local listings.

    Posted by: Jason | 25 November 2002 | 15:58 EST
    Trooper Jedi Daxter reports with Special Realm updates:
    Dateline: Springfield, Missouri. "I stopped by my local TRU on Battlefield and they had three 12" Luke Hoth with Tauntauns (the clean face variants). They also have a good stock of Count Dooku's, Jango Fett Pilots, Orn Free Taa's, and Obi-Wan pilot's. On the floor there was a good amount of Anniversary X-Wings and Land Speeder's, with 10 Gunships and four of the two Electronic Obi-Wan's and Jango's.

    "Then, later last night, I went to a local Wal-Mart Supercenter on Kansas Expressway. There weren't any new figures except the Obi-Wan pilot's, but there were a good 7 dooku and tyranus electronic lightsabers with a few mace's stuffed on the shelf. Plus a Yoda that talks. The Wal-mart did have a good amount of the 12" Zam, Dooku, Super Battledroid, and Clone Troopers."

    "I've also finished doing construction to my site. New links have been finished for the Text Archives, Special Realm Reviews, JediDaxter's Wish List, and Incorrect Figures. Visit at"

    Posted by: Jason | 25 November 2002 | 15:50 EST
    Trooper Sean asks, and FYI:
    Dateline: Annapolis, MD. "I wanted to ask if any of the troopers out there who live near one of the WOTC stores that are closing out its figures if they could get me 2-3 of the Stormtrooper Builder Packs. I am willing to pay cost plus shipping or do a trade. Just email me an let me know and if you want to trade let me know your wants."

    Troops, due to the level of interest in the clearance items at WotC stores, we won't be posting any further requests. Instead, please post a wanted classified in the trade section of the forums.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 November 2002 | 15:04 EST
    Sandtroopette Tammy reports:
    "I have some Target acc. sets for Trade or for sale $11.00 each (+shipping). Hoth, Endor & Death Star. Also, the Silver R2-D2 is showing up as back in stock at"

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 November 2002 | 14:23 EST
    Sandtrooper Patrick asks:
    "Can someone out there with a Wizards of the Coast store near them help me out? I have read posts about the deals they have, and am hoping a fellow trooper pick up 2 - 5 Stormtrooper 4 pack ($6.99). I will pay cost + shipping. If you can help a fellow trooper out, let me know."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 November 2002 | 10:19 EST
    Sandtrooper Mike reports:
    "Hey Troops! I have a few loose/complete POTF2 ships for sale. They are all in good shape:
    Slave 1
    X Wing with Biggs Darklighter
    X Wing with Jek Porkins
    X Wing with Wedge from Rebel Pilots 3pk
    Tie Fighter with Tie Fighter Pilot"

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 November 2002 | 9:44 EST
    Sandtrooper Kevin reports:


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 25 November 2002 | 9:42 EST
    Sandtroopette Donna reports:
    "Hi Troops, Donna from So. Cal., Orange County. The Target Exclusive Accessory Sets and Action Fleet Sets have shown up again. Went by WOTC to look for the Bobble Heads. I got the last Darth Vadar and Boba Fett. They also had four EP1 Pewter figures for $9.99. I was able to pick up Qui Gon, Nute Gunray, Watto, and Jar Jar. Because I had already purchased the 12" Ki-Adi and Stormtrooper 4-Pk from the Fan Club, I only bought one of each for trade. They had quite a few of Ki-Adi but when I left, they had about 8 Stormtrooper Pks left.

    "The largest quantity of items they had was of the first 16 saga figures. I asked a salesperson if they were getting any additional shipments, and she said probably not. She replied that the Fan Club was just trying to clear up some warehouse space. Happy Hunting to all."

    Posted by: Jason | 24 November 2002 | 18:31 EST
    Internet Headlines for Sunday, November 24
  • TIE Bomber Ver. 2.0 - Visit to read about the SAGA release version of the Wal-Mart exclusive TIE Bomber. View loose top, front, and back, and packaged front Read the details on what else makes this one different from the POTJ version and see even more images here at SSG.

  • Droidekas - Also at SSG, take a look at the carded SAGA Destroyer Droid, front and back.

  • Seventh Clone of a Seventh Clone - those interested in the Hong Kong Clonetrooper ten-packs will want to view these images and article at Philip Wise's, in-depth scrutiny and comparison to the Hasbro releases.

    Posted by: Jason | 24 November 2002 | 17:19 EST
    K and C - New Arrivals:
    New Item: Ephant Mon

    Pre-order your Star Wars Collectible Pins from Pin USA by November 30th.

    Posted by: George | 24 November 2002 | 17:02 EST
    Is this an exclusive???
    Back from the West side of Puerto Rico. I saw at K-Mart a blistered 2-pack of AOTC figures. Are these exclusives? $11.99 for each '2-pack.' Also available in the same K-Mart: 12'' Zam Wessel, Super Battle Droid and Count Dooku. Dooku has the heck of a sculpture and likeness but Zam leaves a lot to be desired (kinda Barbie-esque). Anyhow, it's the first time I have seen these 2-packs and 12's'' at K-Mart, Hmm... because we are a little behind here in the island and if these 2-packs are only available only here Let me know and I'll provide you with pictures.

    UPDATE: For those who wrote in to ask, I saw them at K-Mart in Aguadilla Mall. HUGE THANKS to George Falls for being so kind to sponsor a giveaway. Remeber troops, FROM A TROOPER FOR A TROOPER! WE broke the ICE here at Now back to 007's Die another Day. Yes, I'm a big 007 fan! Over and Out!

    Posted by: Jason | 24 November 2002 | 16:29 EST
    Toyfellas News - Pay by Paypal:
    Simply choose the Paypal payment option and submit your order. You will then be redirected to the secure Paypal site. There you can choose what type of payment method. We will be notified by Paypal about your payment and Order.
    Click to Enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 24 November 2002 | 16:28 EST
    Trooper Dennis asks:
    "I was wondering if someone out there with a Wizards of the Coast retail store near them could help me out. I have been reading posts about great deals going on there. I was hoping a fellow trooper could help me out and pick me up a few things. The closest one to me is 7 hours away. If you could pick these items up for me I will pay cost + shipping and a little extra for gas if you would like. I am most interested in 12" Ki-Adi Mindu $4.99 (x2) and Stormtrooper 4 pack $6.99 (x5). If you can help a fellow trooper out, let me know."

    Posted by: Jason | 24 November 2002 | 12:43 EST

    C O N T E S T B r e a k d o w n:
  • 11/24: Win Yoda (Jedi High Council), Destroyer Droid, Ephant Mon, and Unleashed Darth Tyranus and Mace Windu at, ends 11/29.
  • 11/24: Play 'Primary Targets' trivia at to win the Lott Dod wave, starts 11/29.
  • 11/24: (Canadian Residents only) Win 25 original Star Cases, 50 figure stands, 50 Vintage figure stands, or a Silver Anniversary R2-D2 shipped in a Star Case at, ends 12/09.
  • 10/21: is giving away an Endor Troop Builder set, no end specified.
  • 11/24: Win Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase, Padme Arena, Saga Anakin Outlander Disguise, Saga C-3PO, Kit Fisto (Jedi Master), Super Battle Droid, Boba Fett (Kamino Escape), Tusken Raider (Female With Tusken Child) , Captain Typho (all with background except Anakin and Padme) in TheBothanSpy's 'Watto's Lotto' Contest Week 9, ends 11/28.
  • 11/24: A Bothan Spy chat will take place Sunday November 24, at 9 pm EST. 3 deluxe figures will be given away at this special chat, you must be a registered forum member to win, ends 11/24.
  • 11/24: Enter's 'Toy Madness' to win a Tri-Logo POTF2 Electronic X-Wing Fighter, ends 11/28.
  • 11/24: Win Dash Rendar's Outrider at PowerCollectibles, ends 11/24.
  • 11/24: Win a $50 Gift Certificate from BigBadToyStore at American Dream Comic's monthly promotion, ends 11/31.
  • 11/24: Don't forget to enter our own contest for two signed SAGA figures, also go to our Forums Contest area for even more chances to win via "Double-Deuce," ends 11/27 at 11:59 pEST.

    Posted by: Jason | 24 November 2002 | 11:00 EST
    Trooper Ozziehihorse reports:
    "Hi troops, I have the NEW Action Fleet AT-AT x 5 and Luke Skywalkers Snowspeeder x 5 for $10 each and Shipping will be $5-6 for 2 shipped. I also have a Commtech R2-D2 w/Holo Leia C-9 for $6."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 24 November 2002 | 10:53 EST
    Sandtrooper R4-M9 reports:
    "Trooper R4-M9 here, Store Reports: The Walmart in Vestal,NY has the new vinyl mace and vader, and lots of cantiina sets, but no new figures. The Target in Ithaca, NY has the accesory packs back in stock, but once again no new figures. The TRU in Horseheads has Lott Dod, Watto and Padme pilot but that's about it for new things. The Walmart in Horseheads, NY also is a figure ghost town.

    "I also have a plea for the troopers with a WOTC near them, I would like to get 5 stormtrooper builder sets for $6.99. I would like to buy, but will trade if possible also, thanks."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 24 November 2002 | 0:05 EST
    Trooper Vindicator Reports:
    "Hey Troops just to let people know we have three full cases of Target Accesory Packs up here in Rainy Prince Rupert, Canada at 14.99 (10.99 U.S.). Many are condition C-8/9, these are the U.S. versions with one minor detail. They have a small white sticker on the back that states they were imported by Zellars, Canada. Perfect for openers, army builders or people not concerned with a C-10 card. Trooper Vindicator is still in dire need of many E2 deluxe figures and would love to trade sets of accesory packs for them. Good luck to all the Troops in their weekly huntings, May the Force Be With You All!"

    Thanks Vindicator, so Troopers can anyone help out a Canadian Collector? It is VERY difficult for these Troops! Vindicator is a stand up guy, who I have traded with many times.

    Posted by: Jason | 23 November 2002 | 19:56 EST
    Trooper Ian Brazee-Cannon reports:
    "I stopped by the Wizards of the Coast gaming store at Flatirons Crossing mall in Boulder Colorado today. They are doing a Fan Club closeouts sale. Figures starting at 49 cents (Jar-Jar), most of them a dollar, deluxes at $4.99, Hardware wars DVD $2.99, The bobble heads were $9.99 each and the big surprise, the army builder stormtrooper four pack just $6.99. Plus a bunch of other great deals. I am figuring any Wizards of the Coast stores should have this stuff, so it is worth checking out if you have one in your area."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 November 2002 | 18:57 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #178
    Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter

    Star Wars Carded Silver Anniversary R2-D2 C-9
    Price: $34.99

    Star Wars AFA Graded Silver Anniversary R2-D2
    Uncirculated Graded 90 by AFA
    Price: $129.99

    Vintage Loose Rare Vinyl Cape Jawa C-8.5/9
    Price: $385.00

    Saga Kotobukiya Darth Vader
    1/7 scale pre-painted soft vinyl kit Price: $149.99

    Saga Kotobukiya Obi-Wan Kenobi
    1/7 scale pre-painted soft vinyl kit Price: $149.99

    Latest Release of Action Fleet
    Saga Action Fleet AT-AT Price: $19.99
    Saga Action Fleet Luke Skywalkers Snowspeeder Price: $19.99

    AOTC Deluxe Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
    Price: $19.99

    Toy's R Us Store Display Millenium Falcon
    This huge item is in C-8 condition and missing some decals.
    Over 5' Long and 2' Tall
    Price: $1,799.99

    Saga Variations ESB Darth Vader Bespin Duel
    Closed Hand
    Price: $49.99

    Vintage Playsets Boxed Cantina Adventure Set MISB C-9
    includes free Custom Acrylic Case [$75.00 value]
    Price: $1,995.00

    Vintage Vehicles Boxed Millenium Falcon MISB C-9 [SW]
    includes free Custom Acrylic Case [$75.00 value]
    Shipping on this item is $12.00 by Fed Ex or UPS Ground
    Price: $995.00

    Vintage Vehicles Boxed Sonic Land Speeder MISB C-9
    includes free Custom Acrylic Case [$75.00 value]
    Price: $1,995.00

    Wholesale POTF2 Galactic Case Wave 2.1
    - Includes 4 Darth Vader, 2 Snowtroopers, 1 Emperor, 1 Grand Moff Tarkin, 1 Ponda Baba, 1 Garindan,
    3 Stormtroopers, 1 Sandtrooper, 2 Emperor's Royal Guards. Price: $49.99

    Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter

    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
    Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys ..."

    Posted by: Jason | 23 November 2002 | 11:12 EST
    Trooper TG reports:
    "Hello fellow troopers, I was wondering if anyone can help me in my search for an Ephant Mon? I also saw JediCor's listing and I am interested in some POTJ (Boshek and others). The newest thing in my area of PA is Ask Me yoda. Would purchase or trade for my above requests, Thank You."

    Posted by: Jason | 23 November 2002 | 11:09 EST
    Trooper Clonetrooper Commander reports:
    "I spotted the wave 3 of the Action fleet tonight at Multiple Wal-Marts in Kansas City, Mo. The case breakdown is 3x AT-AT and 3x Snowspeeder. I spotted the 10" Character Collectible figures too. TRU are dried out of silver R2's and Kay Bee got in some more Ephant Mon and Endor Soldiers today.

    "I also want to add a thank you to the entire Sandtrooper crew for helping me find a home for my extra signed figures, which are now featured in the Thanksgiving Day contest. Good luck to all who enter. BTW, if anyone has an extra 12" Episode I Battle Droid Commander for sale, drop me a line. Thanks again and remember to give to Toys for Tots this holiday season. There are lots of children whose only Christmas will come from this wonderful charity."

    No CTC, thank YOU for donating the contest prizes!

    Posted by: Jason | 23 November 2002 | 1:22 EST
    Trooper Ozziehihorse reports:
    "Hi troops, If anyone can get me 2 sets of the new 12" Bounty Hunter wave (Dengar,Zuckuss and Imperial Officer), LMK."

    Posted by: Jason | 22 November 2002 | 23:14 EST
    Trooper Jedichirp reports:
    "The Indy Meijer had the Deluxe C-3PO and Deluxe Yoda tonight. They also had a couple of the new 12". They had the Imperial Officer and Dengar. I thought Dengar looked a little too fake even for a toy. TRU finally ran out of the silver R2 sometime in the past 2 days. I went to get a couple more for a couple of trades and they were out. Hope everyone got theirs. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving (Almost)."

    Posted by: Steve | 22 November 2002 | 22:08 EST
    The Official Site updates with some Tales #14 information
    Hey Troops, the Official Site has posted some news about Star Wars: Tales #14 to be released on December 4. You can find some pencil drawings from each of the brand new six short stories as well as a brief synopsis of each one. You will also find pics of both cover variants, as any stalwart Tales fan knows there are always two covers available (one photo and one art). I am particularly looking forward to the story about Han being brought up on crinimal charges for murdering an innocent bill collector by the name of Greedo. Click here to find out who makes the charges that bring this case to court and what Han's defense is based upon. You will also find plenty of information on the rest of Tales #14.

    Posted by: Jason | 22 November 2002 | 10:43 EST
    Trooper Master Jedi Corleone reports:
    "I Scored Ephant Mon at the TRU in Paramus, New Jersey (Rt.17). I must say that this an awesome figure. It is so heavy, that I thought it was going to be more money, but it came up $4.99."

    Posted by: Jason | 21 November 2002 | 23:14 EST
    Trooper Boba-Brett reports:
    "Boba-Brett reporting from another bounty hunting adventure. My local TRU (N. Olmsted, OH) has tons of Lott Dod, Watto, Tusken Raider w/Massiff, Padme pilot & Teemto. Only a few Jango pilots, Unleashed Darth Vader, Padme & Anakin. They had one shaved Endor soldier but, alas, the ever elusive Ephant Mon was no where in sight. I picked up the last Clone Pilot. Also had Landspeeder we/ Luke, Gunships & arena playsets. Oh yeah, they also put a huge display right when you walk in plus left the smaller section in the back. MTFBWY!

    "P.S. Anyone that could help me get a Silver R2 Let me know, any offers considered."

    Posted by: Jason | 21 November 2002 | 22:45 EST
    Trooper L Cpl OBI-KAKANOBIE reports from Japan:


    Kotobukiya Obi-Wan
    Kotobukiya Obi-Wan Box
    Rust Battle Droid

    Posted by: Tyler | 21 November 2002 | 21:43 EST
    Insider Subscriptions/Memberships:
    Hey Troops, I received issue #64 of the Insider today in my mail and noticed a disturbing trend. After checking the stickers on my last 2 issues I noticed that the expiration date had been altered. According to the sticker I have lost 4 months from my subsciption/membership. I decided to send an e-mail to Paizo Publishing to see what's going on.

    You might want to check the stickers on your subscriptions to see whether the same thing has happened to you. In the meantime I'll post the Fan Club's reply to this when I receive it. Take care Troops.

    Posted by: Jason | 21 November 2002 | 11:20 EST
    Ephant Mon, New Items, and Holiday Shopping Sale at Toyfellas:
    Start your holiday shopping early at We have started to drop price on many great items, so you can start your holiday shopping early. Most EP II Basic figures as low as $3.99, Slave 1 $24.99, Jedi Starfighter $19.99, Anakin's & Zam Wesell's Speeders $9.99 each. Star Wars Deluxe Figures only $8.99 each. Most EP II Loose figures only $2.99 each. Many G.I. Joe Figures as low as $4.99. 25th Anniversary Figures only $10.99 each and many more.

    New Instock!: Star Wars Ephant Mon, Watto & Lott Dod. G.I. Joe Repaint Duke vs. Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow & Heavy Duty vs. Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Back in stock G.I. Joe Wave 1.5, Unleashed Vader, Anakin & Padme.

    Click to Enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 21 November 2002 | 10:53 EST
    Trooper JEDI COR reports:
    "Kmart (Henrietta, NY) has some of the New AOTC Figures, 8 R2-D2's, and no New Deluxe Figures yet.

    "TRU (Henrietta, NY) has the New AOTC Figures (they had 9 each of the Ephant Mon and no beard rebel, I have one of each now), New Unleashed Figures, New Action Fleets, R2-D2's, Gunships, Geonosian Arena's, No Deluxe Figures yet, and other items plus they still a lot of POTJ Figures (I count 10 Bo Shek's if somebody is still looking).

    "Kmart and Walmart (Corning,NY) had the same old stuff with a little of the New AOTC's mixed in, Arena Sets, Gunships, some R2-D2's, and No New Unleashed or Deluxe Figures. Walmart (Springville,NY) has some New AOTC Figures, Gunships, a lot of Cantina Sets, and other Items. That's all for now. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL."


    Posted by: Jason | 21 November 2002 | 10:50 EST
    Trooper Ozziehihorse reports:
    "Hi Troops, I have:

    1 Clonetrooper pilot-$5.50
    2 Clean shaven Endor Rebel Soliders-$5.50 each
    2 Deluxe Geonosian warrior w/sonic gun and Pod-$11 each
    2 10" Darth Vader Vinyl character collectibles NEW-$14 each
    5 Action Fleet AT-TE's-$10.50 each
    1 Commtech R2-D2 w/Holo Leia-$8

    Shipping will be $5-6, it may be more depending on size of stuff you are buying and location. I will ship ANYWHERE....Canada, UK, Singapore, France, Germany, wherever you live i will ship."

    Posted by: Tyler | 21 November 2002 | 8:54 EST
    R2Dtoys Newsletter
    Please remember that we have a free REX figure from Star Tours to give away this month! Please see our front page for full details. We have a free giveaway EVERY month.

    Holiday figure set R2-D2 & C-3PO �15
    All 3 (wave 1) Star Tours droids �10 each
    Kotobukiya Darth Vader �65 ($98)
    Kotobukiya Clone Trooper �55 ($83)
    Clone Trooper Pilot �6
    Unleashed Mace Windu & Darth Tyranus set �25 !!!
    Deluxe Yoda �8.50
    Endor Troop Builder Pack �14

    Republic Gunship �35 (shipping around 10 December), we preferred you to have the best deal in town !
    12" Bounty Hunter wave 2 Zuckuss, Dengar & Imperial Officer
    12" Electronic Jango Fett & Obi Wan Kenobi �19 each
    Wave 2 Star Tours droids

    Imperial Shuttle Tyderium �95 and Arena Playset �39

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 21 November 2002 | 8:28 EST
    Sandtrooper JediDaxter reports:
    "JediDaxter here with something important. My giveaway I am running on Special Realm, sponsored by Brian at will be ending in nine days. If you haven't entered yet, then now's the time. For those who may have entered already, multiple entries are excepted, 2 per day till November 29th at 10:00 PM CST. Winners will be e-mail next day. The current givaways are a Saga Endor Rebel Soldier and a Saga Yoda Jedi Master.

    "Also, I have two new polls currently running, one with giveaway ideas, and the second about new Jedi Training Gear figures in 2003. I will be doing some construction to the site, so if links do not work, you'll know why. May the Force Be With You!"

    Special Realm

    Posted by: Steve | 20 November 2002 | 20:28 EST
    Yestertoys has new items!
    Hey Troops, big news, Tom from Yestertoys just gave me a list of new items he has in stock. They have the Christmas R2-D2/C-3PO 2-pack and the Star Tours series one (G2-4T, R3-D3 and RX-24). They also have just about all of the current Saga line in-stock as well. Click here to check them out.

    Posted by: Steve | 20 November 2002 | 20:22 EST
    The Official Site has updated with some Clone news
    Hey Troops, The Official Site also has updated to let us know that there is going to be large push of Clone Wars material next year. It is going span many different areas of entertainment from novels and comics to video games. The Clone Wars media push will be well developed and should cover the holes that will be left between Episode II and III. I know I can't wait, especially with the rumors of a cartoon being in the works as well! The next two years are going to be a lot of fun!

    Posted by: Steve | 20 November 2002 | 20:11 EST
    New comics today:
    Hey Troops, some new comics came out today. The final issue in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Infinities is a really interesting series. The story was set at a much more personal level, instead of a broader Galactic level as was the case in the first Infinities series. Look for my review sometime soon.

    The other release today was Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... - Resurrection of Evil. This is the third trade paperback in the Dark Horse reprint of the original Marvel series. These have been a lot of fun so far. For anyone who wants to get nostalgic and doesn't want to open their old Marvel comics or no longer has them, I highly recommend this series. They may not fit too well into the Star Wars timeline that has been developed since their inception, but they are still a great time and lots of fun. Get to your local comic shop quick, this one will probably go quick.

    Posted by: Jason | 20 November 2002 | 20:11 EST

    New Figures: Clone Trooper Republic Gunship Pilot, Jago Fett - Slave I Pilot, Padme Amidala Coruscant Attack, Yoda, Count Dooku, Anakin Tatooine Attack, Watto, Lott Dod, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Tusken Raider, Teemto Pagalies are all in stock - most figures $6.99

    G1: More Megatron & Soundwave busts have arrived. Japanese Beast Wars Starscream & BB & Magmatron in stock. MEGA PVC STARSCREAM will be arriving in early December!
    ARMADA MINICONS: Wave 2 & 3 Minicons: Street Speed, Space, Destruction, and Race teams! More wave 2 & 3 items to arrive in late December

    BANDAI AMERICA GUNDAM: 4 new Hyper Mode basic Gundam figures and nearly all the other basic gundams. Also back in stock - 11" Nu & Sazabi, Arch Enemies, Deluxe Figures, Raven & Walter Gundam
    LORD OF THE RINGS - TWO TOWERS: Treebeard, all the series 2 figures, two-packs, and some 12" Figures. Back in stock from Fellowship is the Boromir & Lurtz Two-pack
    DRAGONBALL Z MOVIE COLLECTION 2: Series 2 sets of 4 figures, $54.99 for this great looking set. S.S. Vegeta, Goku, Krillin & Meta-Cooler
    SPORTS PICKS - NHL 3: We have 8 of the 9 figures and variant jerseys available for some figures.
    STIKFAS: Wave 3 Stikfas have arrived including the new 'tan' figure. Available singly or in cases!
    SPAWN 22 THUNDERHOOF & MCFARLANE: This great looking boxed set is $19.99. We have restocked Spawn 22 Sets of 6. 18" Edward Scissorhands and some 12" Tortured Souls Talisac are available.
    MACROSS: Yamato 1/48 Scale VF-1A in early December. Limited pre-orders available! VF-19A and VF-11B figures and many other Macross and Robotech figures are in stock. Masterpiece Volume 2 - on sale for $54.99
    MILITARY: On the 'Intoyz & Plan-B' menu - we now have a 1/6 scale inflatable combat raft to be used with any 12" military figures - $29.99
    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Steve | 20 November 2002 | 20:04 EST
    NJO update at the Official Site
    Hey Troops, the Official Site has updated with some news about a returning author for the New Jedi Order series. I am quite pleased with the person they have announced since he was one of my favorites in the series. They also have all 19 books in the NJO listed with titles, authors and release dates given. Next year is looking to be a good year for fans of the NJO. For more specific information click here for a direct link to the page.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 19 November 2002 | 19:42 EST
    Federation Toys Shipment
    Jim at Federation Toys has informed me that they have received shipment of the Pilot wave. Jango, Padme and, yes, Clone, along with Anakin and Sith Maul.

    They also have received more of the F/X Anakin Skywalker lightsaber for $120.00 plus shipping. More on the way and at that price they won't stay long.

    Still in stock: Deluxe Clone w/ Speeder Bike, Anakin w/ Force Flipping action, Deluxe Geonosian Warrior, Republic Gunships and Arena Playsets, and many older POTJ figues at discount prices!

    Coming Soon: Ephant Mon, Beardless Endor Soldier, Master Replica Lightsabers!

    If there is something there you don't see, just ask. The Staff at Federation Toys will be glad to help you with ALL of your collecting needs.

    Posted by: Jason | 19 November 2002 | 13:26 EST
    Star Wars and Simpsons Collide:

    "The Simpsons has become almost as popular and iconic as Star Wars itself, and it seems only right that these two powerful pop cultural phenomena have joined Forces on occasion, with The Simpsons slipping in occasional, hilarious Star Wars references."

    Visit The Simpsons Archive and check out The Star Wars Reference list, maintained by yours truly. See how many of the Star Wars moments you remember from the Simpsons episodes, or watch for episodes containing these nods to Star Wars on syndicated reruns!

    Email me at to find out more about the Star Wars/Simpsons connection.

    Posted by: Jason | 19 November 2002 | 13:08 EST
    Trooper Frederic's Dark Horse Collection:
    Hello Troopers, I have a dark horse comics collection for sale.all have been read but some a still sealed.all are mint. I ask about $2 per comics but you can negotiate for over 20 comics. Shipping will be split in two. Let me know, and thanks for looking!"

    Troops, you can view the list here. I've posted it becasue there are some interesting items within. Freddy, head over to the miscellaneous collectibles area in the forums, which is THE place to go for comics buy/sell/trades.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 November 2002 | 9:55 EST
    Aussie Sandtrooper jarbinks10 reports:
    "First I would I would like to thank all the people (20 at last count) that have traded with me over the past year since this site was recommended to me a year ago. Anyway I thought I would report in from down here in Australia on my latest finds. The first is something I have not seen mentioned anywhere. It is a Star Wars Figure Twin-Pack and there are three combinations - #22 Anakin/#36 Obi-Wan, #23 Yoda/#27 Count Dooku, and #28 Mace Windu/#31 Jango. It is sort of like the Episode 1 Sam's Club 2-packs, but instead of cardboard the two figures are side by side and encased in a molded plastic holder (sorry but I can't send picture). Also the Hallmark ornaments are out and as far as I can tell we get them much cheaper than you (Lego is also cheaper by the way). Please check my swap list under jarbinks10, thanks."

    Posted by: Tyler | 19 November 2002 | 9:20 EST Silver R2 Notification
    Hey Troops, I got this e-mail yesterday from after asking them a month ago to e-mail me when the silver R2 came available.

    "Greetings from, We've recently learned from our supplier that the item you requested to be notified about, Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones: R2-D2, will not be available in the foreseeable future. We're sorry not to have better news for you."

    This is the first e-mail I've received from them about this figure and they have already been available twice! Why even bother with the notification if this is how well it works?

    Posted by: Jason | 18 November 2002 | 20:38 EST
    Coming in 2003:
    An exclusive Sandtrooper Troop Builder set featuring one of each: orange, white, black and the original POTJ grey shoulder pauldron versions in a convenient set of four (except all in a 'clean' rather than 'sandy' armor). The photo depicts standard Imperial sidearms included with each figure, but let's hope that at least one or two comes with a concussion grenade canon, or, barring that, a rifle. Thank you to Entertainment Earth for the image.

    "So much like my dreams that it's scary" - Bart Simpson

    Posted by: Jason | 18 November 2002 | 19:17 EST
    New at K & C Collectibles:

    New Items:
    Ask Yoda - Electronic Figure
    Disneyland Star Tours Figures

    New Character Figures:
    Mace Windu
    Darth Vader 
    Padme Amidala
    Anakin Skywalker
    New Mini-Bust:
    Mace Windu
    Padme Amidala
    Anakin Skywalker
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Back in Stock:
    Luke's Landspeeder with figure
    Clone Trooper with speederbike
    Flying Geonosian w/Sonic Blaster
    Anakin Skywalker Force Flipping
    Endor Victory Accessory Deluxe
    Death Star Accessory Deluxe
    Hoth Survival Accessory Deluxe
    Arena Conflict Accessory Deluxe

    Pre-Order by 11/30:
    Boba Fett Mini Bust
    Episode 2 Widevision Card Set
    Coruscant and the core worlds HC
    A New Hope Trading Card Game box
    Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2


    Also: new Pin USA collections and Episode II pins.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 November 2002 | 15:57 EST
    Sandtrooper RMS reports/requests:
    "Hi Troops, This is trooper RMS from Puerto Rico with a daunting request. I've been looking all over the net for the very ellusive european Pit Droid 2-Packs of Darth Sidious Holograph and Naboo Royal Guard. I have the easier ones (Anakin, Maul & Obi-Wan) but these two are not even found on Ebay. I really like this assortment and getting these two items would add some major kick to my collection. I know these items are really hard to find and none of my extras can stand as worthy trading material, so if anyone is willing to sell these two items, LMK. Just reply with an offer (shipping to PR is no big deal) and I'll let you know if I can purchase them. Best regards and happy hunting to all!!!"

    Posted by: Jason | 18 November 2002 | 13:02 EST
    Trooper Darth Zack reports:
    "Hey troops, Had some luck this weekend at, of all places, SEARS in NW Indiana. Strangely enough they decided to create a mini department near the tool section. So, I checked mine out and lo and behold, they had Star Wars stuff. Even crazier everything was marked with a KB Price Tag. So, I dig around and find the beardless endor soldier. Very cool, since I had resigned to not finding anything at KB or TRU. Well, just thought I would share in case some of you don't check the other 'department stores.' Later troops."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 18 November 2002 | 11:18 EST
    Marine Sandtrooper Phillip reports:
    "Hello Sandtroopers, I just wanted to let everyone know that I was on vacation, and was able to locate the Kotobukiya figures at the TRU here on Okinawa. The figures go for $80 a piece. The figures they have are Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Sky walker. They have many of the figures, and receive shipments twice a week. If anyone is interested in these figures, let me know, and I will get you a set. I am only in Japan until the end of January, so I cannot wait long. I believe shipping will be around 10 bucks as well, but I will do my best to insure it arrives in mint condition.

    "Also, would like to mention that the Red Battle Droids are in good demand as well, they go for about 8 bucks, or 1000 yen. The yen rate is pretty ugly right now, so that is why they are pretty high. Please send me an email if you like to receive a Kotobukiya figure (s). MTFBWU, Semper Fidelis Troopers"

    "P.S. I was not able to locate the bottle caps that a Trooper asked me, but I will swing down to Naha City to find them, I am sure they are there…..til then Lead the way troopers"

    Posted by: Jason | 18 November 2002 | 1:14 EST
    Scan Forensics of the 2003 Figure Listing:

    Pete from TPU has used a little "Real-Scan" Technology of his own to rebroadcast the 2003 figure listing with implied oral consent (not express written consent) from the Hasbro Office. Take a look.

    These names have been circulating for the past several days, but it is interesting to see them compiled in the original head-hurting format. Of note here are another Jango figure, the return of a quasi-Cinema Scene 3-Pack series and the dreaded re-release of the Republic Gunship. I personally predict that it will be a counterpart to the Slave 1 and Jedi Starfighter packages, and contain 2 Clone Pilots and two gunnery pods, we all saw that coming!

    Posted by: Jason | 18 November 2002 | 0:36 EST
    KEBco Toys News Post:
    KEBco Toys is still offering FREE shipping on all domestic orders of $25.00 or more until Jan. 31st, 2003. Also, on all domestic orders of $40.00 or more we will include a FREE Star Wars figure in your package. The FREE figure will be a Star Wars figure of our choice from 1995-2002 valued at $3.99 to $12.00. Many items in our online store have been reduced for the Holidays.

    Star Wars Christmas Stocking available. The Star Wars LOGO is embroidered and is available in 8 different colors. You can also add an EP2 Star Wars figure inside your stocking and have your stocking personalized with the name of your choice.

    Don't forget to enter the KEBco Monthly Drawings for November 2002. One entry enters you into all of the Monthly Drawings.

    Visit today and the entire year for all of your Star Wars figures.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 17 November 2002 | 23:10 EST
    Beyond Belief :
    Troopers, In light of some of the flak shot the direction of Sandtroopers I have decided to put the brakes on the Power Sucka contest and simply do a less aggressive approach to the scum sucking slime that is trying to ruin our hobby. This does not mean I am ending my holy crusade but I will simply be less agressive in the manner I speak to these bozo's. So Beyond Belief it is ! Our latest piece of "work" is this guy !

    "Is this guy full of it Troops ? Or is this a once in a lifetime chance to get a red droid ?"

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 17 November 2002 | 22:58 EST
    Force of the Bay
    Spiceowan checking in with some wallet clearing finds from E-Bay. I found this Luke telescoping that I am still drooling over. Our lovely sponsors at Cloud City bring us these ultimate package variants . Rare goodies are this weeks trend so we will stay right in line with these heros . Load the wallet for bear, Troops. Trooper Monkey Ambassador sent in a couple of newer hard to find items. First up is minty-mint George Sacul . Also the Ambassador dug up this beautiful Vader for us to marvel at Troops. Thanks again Ambassador ! I scored a great steal for myself this week. I am rebuilding parts of my vintage collection and this is a step in the right direction. Any idea what that would hit for at a comic shop ? That is the kind of things that are a dime a dozen at the worlds on-line marketplace. Use it as a tool to build your collection. Note none of these items are endorsed by neither E-Bay or so please LET THE BUYER BEWARE That is it for this edition Troops, Good luck out there. Kick A$% and take names !

    Posted by: James | 17 November 2002 | 22:43 EST
    Coming Soon...

    Posted by: Jason | 17 November 2002 | 12:27 EST
    - Anakin Force FX Lightsaber and special purchases:
    Anakin Force FX Lightsaber by Master Replicas is shipping this week. Also, for a limited time, we are offering customers the chance to purchase select Star Wars items regularly priced up to $59.95 for just $9.95 and $14.95 with any purchase of the following: - Action Figure Xpress -
    Anakin Force FX Lightsaber
    Anakin Skywalker Figure Kit
    Darth Vader Figure Kit
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Figure Kit

    Click to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 17 November 2002 | 2:31 EST
    Trooper Friendly Sarlacc Pit Moderator Jacen reports:
    "At the local Corpus Christi, TX TRU, there's deluxe yoda and C-3PO, and one Mace w/red droid if anyone needs them, I'll send for cost plus shipping. Also, I want a TF vader and will do stuff for it."

    Troops, please don't ask Jacen to tar your roof, the fumes will make him dizzy. Jacen's a good Trooper, so if you can help him out, please do! - you won't regret dealing with this guy.

    Posted by: Steve | 17 November 2002 | 1:43 EST
    Trooper Lee reports:
    "Hiya Troops. Made a run through the Biloxi, MS TRU this morning and found the beardless Endor Soldier. Also picked up the new Landspeeder w/ Luke and got my free Silver R2, yep, they still have a few up for grabs! They also had lots of the EPII DVDs and VHS tapes for $9.99. They had lots of the Darth Maul Sith Training, new Ani's, Padme pilots and some peg warmers, still no Clone pilots or Ephant Mons, good things come to those who wait. Thats it for this transmission."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 November 2002 | 23:01 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #177
    Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
    Master Replica
    Anakin FX Light Saber
    Ready to Ship Thursday 11th!!!
    Priced at $129.99

    Star Wars Silver Anniversary R2-D2 C-9
    Price: $34.99

    Saga TPM Carded Lott Dodd Price: $13.99
    Saga ROTJ Carded Ephant Mon Price: $19.99
    Saga AOTC Carded Tusken Raider with Massiff Price: $13.99
    Saga AOTC Carded Watto Price: $13.99

    AOTC 12" Clone Trooper (Red) Kay-Bee Exclusive Price: $39.99
    AOTC 12" Clone Trooper (Yellow) Kay-Bee Exclusive Price: $39.99

    AOTC Mini Bust Zam Wessle
    By Dark Horse Comics and Gentle Giant Studios
    Price: $44.99

    Vintage Foreign and Rare Japanese Takara SW Darth Vader Statue
    This item is about 7" tall
    Price: $295.00

    POTF2 12" TRU Han Solo and Taun-Taun C-8/9
    Includes Free Shipping
    Price: $59.99

    Special Reduced Prices on our Vintage Star Wars Plush Dolls $20-30 Off
    Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at
    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
    Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Jason | 16 November 2002 | 11:40 EST
    Trooper Dom reports:
    "Hey troops, Dom from Wisconsin here. It's been a good day! Just got back from seeing AOTC IMAX version and yes, it's very cool. The sound effects alone are worth going. Also, I was one of the winners of Jedi Jaybird's Silver R2 contest! Couldn't believe it. Thanks again, Jay.

    "While on my way to Chicago to see the IMAX film, I stopped at the Gurnee Mills Mall. The TRU there had lots of Tatooine Attack Anakins and Sith Training Mauls as well as tons of other stuff. Didn't get any of those, but I did pick up a Teemto and a Ki-Adi at the KB there. I'd like to trade both for a deluxe Clone Trooper with speeder bike. LMK and MTFBWY."

    Congrats on the contest win, and thanks again JJB for the prizes.

    Posted by: Jason | 15 November 2002 | 23:06 EST
    New "This Just-ino" Poll at Jundland Wastes:
    Justino at Jundland has a new poll asking for everyone's Top 10 Star Wars Moments. It will run for a couple weeks and then the results will be announced, as the most defining moment in the Star Wars Saga is determined by fans' input! Let's get as much input as possible, by visiting and the "This Just-ino" poll thread. So, what will it be? Lando losing his cape or Lando getting out of the Death Star II superstructure before it blew?

    Posted by: Jason | 15 November 2002 | 13:38 EST

    BIG TAKARA NEWS: Takara has just announced they will re-issue Sideswipe and Optimus Prime in the very popular book style collector boxes - Sideswipe will be #07 and Optimus #08. Optimus will include a bonus Energy Axe weapon. Act 9 Armada PVCs and Mega PVC Armada Megatron & Optimus prime have also been announced. We have put up pre-orders for all these items. Takara will produce more of the normal Mega PVC Megatron for release in February and we've put up a pre-order for those as well. Mega PVC Starscream has been pushed back to February.

    JAPANESE/KOREAN BEAST WARS: Some very hard to find Japanese Beast Wars figures are now in stock in Korean boxes. Big Convoy, Gigastorm (trypticon), Megastorm, Starscream & BB, Galvatron, Autostinger, Autolauncher, Autojetter and Autocrusher are all in stock. These figures were produced by Takara for the Korean market and are exactly the same as the Japanese figures in design, size, and quality. They are also much cheaper than the Japanese versions!
    MICRONAUTS: Series 1 Micronauts from Palisades - Baron Karza, Series 1 Cases of 16 and sets of 4 are all in stock on the Palisades menu
    12" TALISAC - TORTURED SOULS: Now available for $32.99 on the Spawn Menu. Tortured Souls 2 sets will most likely be available by mid December
    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 15 November 2002 | 13:17 EST

    SANDWATCH features the recent Collection 1 figures: Clone Trooper - Republic Gunship Pilot, Jango Fett - Slave 1 Pilot, and Padme Amidala - Coruscant Attack. What's wrong with these figures? Is everything a rave? Seven thumbs up?! What the heck is that?! Enter the SANDWATCH Review Gateway here, or by clicking the thumbnails below.
    Click Images to enter SANDWATCH:

    Posted by: Jason | 15 November 2002 | 12:26 EST
    Winners of Jedijaybird's Silver R2-D2's:
    The winners for the Silver Anniversary R2-D2's are:

    Alex Gonzalez from McAllen, Texas and
    Dom Sollitto from Neehan, Wisconsin

    I'll email each of you in case you don't check here. Thanks to all that threw their hat into the ring for this contest. You all are the greatest! Congrats to Alex & Dom, MTFBWY.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 15 November 2002 | 8:26 EST
    Sandtrooper Kevin reports:
    kevin in columbus -found this story on Sight & Sound
    Fastest-Selling Release of the Year, Many Retailers Out of Stock!

    In its first 24 hour period, eager consumers have made STAR WARS: EPISODE II ATTACK OF THE CLONES the fastest- selling home entertainment release of the year. More than 25% of initial shipments have been purchased at traditional retail outlets throughout North America in one day with sales at retail topping $75 million. With more than 100 million copies sold worldwide to date, the STAR WARS series is the #1 home entertainment franchise.

    "Our tracking shows that the sales velocity for EPISODE II is faster than any other major title released this year -- and possibly ever," noted Mike Dunn, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "Right now we've got out-of-stock situations all over the country and we're doing everything possible to keep up with this velocity of sale as we head into the first weekend." Still in its initial theatrical release and generating over $305 million and counting at the box-office, EPISODE II is the first major live-action motion picture captured and created directly from the digital source and digitally mastered for spectacular digital clarity on DVD. For fans of the original trilogy, EPISODE II is the key to unlocking many of the secrets of the saga. For those who are new to STAR WARS, EPISODE II is the perfect place to begin their journey into this rich and exciting universe.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 November 2002 | 22:16 EST
    Trooper TK1086 Reports:
    Hey guys, I found that has Anakin F/X Lightsabers for $99.99 plus 2 day shipping at $12.47. That is $30.00 in savings! I will let you know how it looks since toysrus contracts out to distribute them. Also, if any one has 3 Clone-Trooper pilots, I will trade a silver R2D2 and a sneak preview Zam Wesell for them. E-mail me at Thanks, TK1086 out

    Posted by: Steve | 14 November 2002 | 21:07 EST
    Latest review posted today!
    Hey Troops, here is a review of the latest NJO book, Destiny's Way by Walter Jon Williams. This is the final NJO book of 2002 and the final Star Wars book of the year as well. There are only 5 more books in the NJO series, so as you would expect, Destiny's Way is full of action and typical Star Wars fun. Check out the review page to read my review.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 November 2002 | 20:05 EST

    DREAMWAVE: The War Within #2 has arrived and many other comics, posters,
    and lithos are in stock
    PRE-ORDERS: Takara has announced the next Micromaster re-issue, Sixwing, pre-order for $46.99. Pre-order the Botcon Europe exclusive 'Rook,' a white & blue repaint of the windcharger keychain for $24.99

    STAR WARS: restocked several of the older listings - AT-ST, Y-Wing, Episode 1 Two-packs, Marmit Sandtrooper Sergeant
    DRAGONBALL Z: 3 of the Series 11 figures in stock - Evil Buu, Supreme Kai & Kibito, and S.S. Gohan. Series 9, 10 and more are in stock
    MACROSS & ROBOTECH: Three new Banpresto Strike valkyries have arrived, $13.99 each. The Robotech Masterpiece Volume 2 is on sale for $54.99!
    GUNDAM: Bandai America Zues Gundam, Raven Gundam, Walter Gundam in stock. Restocking most sold out figures in 10 days and ordering more new figures as they become available
    TWO TOWERS: Horse & Rider Sets, Two-Packs and the very cool Treebeard, Series 2 figures, Fellowship of the Rings: Horse sets and 12" Figures. Several sold out Sideshow/Weta statues are back in stock
    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: Mazinger Z, Robo Grendizer set and Marinespazer/Drillspazer sets, Boss Borot, Venus, Diana and more in stock
    RESIDENT EVIL & VAMPIRE HUNTER D: Resident Evil on the Palisades menu and Vampire Hunter D on the
    Epoch Video Game Menu. Both lines are very cool
    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items, Joel & The BBTS Crew

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 15:59 EST
    Sandtrooper JediJaybird reports:
    "Jedijaybird here, I will be posting the results of the two Silver R2 Giveaway, Friday by 10:00 am CST just in case anyone was wondering if they missed the results, so email me by then to enter. Meanwhile my local Minnetonka, MN Toys R US, received a shipment of Dooku & Mace Unleashed figures.

    ps. the addition of the display section the the Sith Channel is a great idea, I have a few unique pieces that I'd love to show off! peace!

    CONTEST ENDED AT 12:00 pEST, see latest news for winners announcement

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 15:55 EST
    Sandtroopin' Rai with an EP2 DVD Easter Egg report:
    "Are there any "Easter eggs"?
    I despise hidden special features with something approaching apoplexy, so I didn't look terribly hard. But according to The Digital Bits , here are a couple, and I quote:
    1."To access an outtakes reel, go to the Options menu page [on Disc One] and press '10+', '1' and wait for the pause as the player accepts the input. Then press '3' and wait for the pause. Finally, press '8'." BTW, this features many gags involving incongruous placement of those horrible, bubble-butted cows from the film's meadow scenes, which should tell you what the ILM staffers thought of that particular creature.
    2."To access images of flyers from the "Star Wars Want-Ads" college
    campaign, go to the 'Dex's Kitchen and Still Galleries' menu page [on Disc Two]. Select the 'To Dex's Kitchen' option. On the page with Dex, highlight 'Main Menu' and select 'Left' to highlight a small flyer on the wall of the kitchen behind Dex's head. Press 'Enter'."

    Article HERE!

    Posted by: George | 14 November 2002 | 15:02 EST
    Trooper Ozziehihorse has some extras to sell:
    ''Hi troops, I have 2 Deluxe Clonetroopers(1 has some shelf wear and bubble dings) for $11 each.I also have a 1 Clonetrooper pilot MOMC for $5.50 , a Deluxe Yoda for $11 and Darth Tyranus Unleashed x 2 for $17 each..Shipping will be $5-6 depending on zone.''

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 14:33 EST
    Sandtrooper Larry reports:
    "Hello troops, Trooper Larry from Ohio reporting. Not much new here in the area. Most of the new waves have come and gone. Tru in Mentor still has plenty of the EP2 DVD's. Wal-mart has the Arena playsets, and Gunships. Not a lot of the new figs, and what ones they do have, are mixed with the old peg warmers. K-mart is useless as usual. Although, they do have the interactive R2's in abundance. On another note, I would like to thank the guys at R2DToys. They have some of the best prices, and some of the best service around. I recommend all troops looking for any item, to check them out. Thats it from the N. E. Ohio front. Good luck troops."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 12:51 EST
    Star Wars Displays.....Collectible or not? Hmmmmm...
    Who has room for displays and why collect them? BECAUSE they are Star Wars right??!! If a manufacturer slaps a Star Wars anything on anything surely someone MUST have it! Well I found out last night that I will be getting my first "display", an EP 2 DVD display from Kaybee Toys thanks to my soon to be "partner for life": Dawn (who works there part time through this Christmas season). Not that I have anymore room to start collecting these, but I will post some pics of it VERY soon. Any troopers have advertising displays in their own collections that they want to showcase in a new possible Sith Channel on Sandtroopers? If you have pics and want some notoriety, send them in for me to ad (ad, get it?) to our possible section. If I get enough pics from troops, we will launch the section! Thanks troops and enjoy the site link below of many Star Wars displays from other countries!

    See MANY displays HERE

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 11:11 EST
    Marine Sandtrooper Phillip requests:
    "I wanted to ask any troopers out there if they know where I can find a great deal with buying an entire collection of Episode 1 figures? I have gotten two sources for prices, but they were way to high for me, with my budget as little as it is in the Marine Corps. Since most troopers know me by Cpl Phil, I am beginning to take on a new nickname around the Marines, and thought to use that as my new name, it will be, Obi-Kakanobi. That is what the marines deem as my call sign, or nickname now. Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the release of Episode 2, though, I got to watch it two days ahead of everyone, since Japan is a day ahead, and there is no waiting to the set release date here on movies. I will be checking in on the Kotobukiya figures this weekend over here in Japan, I know that people are selling them for more than they really cost, so hopefully, I can get a good price, and let the troopers out there get one for a decent price, more to come. Obi-Kakanobi out!!!."
    Phillip M. Kakas

    Good luck on your request Phillip! Please keep us posted on the latest news (and if possible, send pics) of Star Wars gear in Japan! Thanks buddy!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 10:17 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedi Master Perez reports:
    "Jedi Master Perez, Toms River NJ, Greetings Fellow Sandtroopers! It's been a few months since I last posted but I have a great one! Found 2 Ephant Mon's (45) at KB Toys in the Moorestown Mall off Rt 38. One for me & one as a Xmas gift for a fellow collector. Only 2 on the shelves. They look great! Also found Padme Pilot (41), Darth Maul (42), Anakin (43), Jango Fett (47), Clone Trooper Pilot (49) & Lott Dod (51). Plenty available on the shelves except for Ephant Mon. TRU on Rt 38 Cherry Hill has plenty of New Xwings, Landspeeder and 12" Luke W/Tauntaun. FOR SALE by me: I have SW Space Vehicles Hamilton Collection Plates for sale ($35 plus shipping & insurance if requested). They are the Star Destroyer, the Millenium Falcon and the Imperial Shuttle. Also for sale ($20 each) 12 " IG88, Bossk & 4-Lom (Opened once and kept in display case). United we find and Feel The Force!..."
    Jedi Master Harry Perez, Jedi Academy, Yavin IV

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 14 November 2002 | 8:45 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "FX Anakin Sabers!!! Priced to sell at $129.99 each. Order yours Today! Visit Brian's Toys."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 14 November 2002 | 0:22 EST
    Trooper Kevin Reports :
    "I found the new 12 inch bounty hunter wave, Zuckuss, Dengar and Imperial Officer. They were at the Meijers at Rte 161 and Cleveland avenue here in Columbus, Ohio. I was able to get my aotc dvd widescreen at toys r us - had purchased a pre-sell and had no problem - they of course ran out but the manager said more were on the way also found a few of the newer aotc figures at the morse road Toys R Us not much else new to report Wal-mart , KB and Target don't seem to be getting anything new."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 13 November 2002 | 22:40 EST
    Trooper Dom Reporting:
    Troops, Everytime I go to TRU, I start drooling over the $60.00 "Taunt-taunts".They're just too pricey for my modest SW budget. So, here's what I propose. Nobody buys these babies until the pricedrops.Remember the dustbacks that sat on the shelfs until TRU got the message ? With patience we can do it again. We have to stick together though. If we do, we can all have some Wampa food with a cold Luke on the side. What do you think?

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 15:17 EST
    Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
    "Hey, folks. Young George Lucas reporting from Kansas City. I am getting married and purchasing a home next month, so I need to part with a couple vintage goodies. I have a Power of the Force (with coin) Luke Jedi (C-9++ unpunched) and a ROTJ Vader (C-9 unpunched) that I need to sell. These are both case fresh and look awesome. I'm only asking what I have into them- $250 + $10.00 shipping. If you are interested let me know at You can check my eBay feedback if you like:"

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 12:39 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "Visit Brian's Toys Today!!!
    We Now have in the latest Saga 12" Figures.
    AOTC 12" Anakin Skywalker Slashing Saber Action
    Price: $34.99
    AOTC 12" Geonosian Warrior
    Price: $34.99
    AOTC 12" Padame Amidala
    Price: $34.99

    Also A new version of the Jedi Star Fighter has been released.
    AOTC Vehicle Jedi Starfighter with Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Price: $34.99

    We Have Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys "

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 8:39 EST
    ****READ THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!***** WOW! WOW! WOW!
    "Jedijaybird here, X-mas is coming early for some lucky sandtroopers out there. Over the past few years that I have read and posted on Sandtroopers, I've found that you all are the greatest bunch of guys and gals out there. Everyone is always so quick to help out when trying to find that missing piece that is eluding their collection, well now it is my turn to give back. I just happen to have a couple (2) extra Silver Anni. R2's and I thought I would give them away to a couple fellow 'troopers out there. You read correctly GIVE THEM AWAY! None. Nadda. Zip. FREE! Not even the cost of shipping!

    I will randomly pick two emails out of the several hundred that I will
    probably get :) and ship them out in time for x-mas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. All I ask is that you live in the continental US and you include your shipping address in the email. I will post the winners by this Friday on instead on replying to you all individually, so check back regularly to see if you are the winner! Just my gift to the greatest bunch of fans/collectors in the world. MTFBWY."

    Troops, I can vouch for Jedi Jaybird, he has been posting on this site for a long time and WOW!!!!! It DOESN'T get any better than this!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jedi Jaybird!!!!!!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 8:36 EST
    Sandtrooper Mark reports:
    "Just wanted to let everyone know Wal*Mart was selling all 3 versions of AOTC for $9.73 and had 2800 copys total to sell in Ann Arbor/Ypsi. MI. Other then that still no Ephant's to be found most everything else still hanging around. And a Special Thanks to Jedi JayBird. For his giveaway of 2 Silver R2's. It's troopers like him that make this site special."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 8:34 EST
    Sandtrooper Jeffred reports:
    "Hey Troopers, I just thought I'd report on the TRU AOTC DVD situation in Metro Detroit, MI. I was less than pleased when I got to a local TRU Tuesday around 1:00pm with my presale slips for one each of the Full and Wide Screen DVD and one VHS and was told my Presell reservation with a $5.00 each prepay, didn't mean anything and that all they had were 5 Full screen DVDs and some VHSs, that apparently none of the employees knew about because when I got to the checkout everyone wanted to know where I got them. The Manager did tell me to hang on to my presale receipt and when they do get in more DVDs and the wide screen version (of which they only had 5 of this morning) that he would still honor the $9.99 ad price, even though the ad does say "while supplies last." My biggest problem is, I want to know what the Hell the presell reservation I paid $5.00 for, was for? Also, last week when the Silver 25th R2s were "released" this same ! TRU had received NONE, ZERO, ZIP by the time I got there at noon. They didn't run out, they never got any. But, they still put out the notices telling everyone about the free offer, all over the store. What is up with TRU lately? Maybe they need a reminder of how much we "Collectors" spend, especially we Star Wars fans? Maybe if they stopped getting our cash for a while, they'd treat us a little better? But, in all fairness, the local TRU stores I deal with do try to do what they can to help out collectors and not the scalpers. They are more than willing, most of the time, to go in back and look for specific figures if I ask and sometimes I don't even have to ask, and if they see me looking through the pegs they ask me if they can help me find a figure. I don't know of any other big stores that will do that, and many (like Target) even post notices stating that they will not look go in back to see if they have any other ! figures or similar collectable. TRU HQ just needs to get there heads out of their A**es and get it together. MTFBWY"

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 8:31 EST
    Sandtroopette Donna reports:
    "Hi, Donna from So. Cal. here again. Just a quick note that K-mart will price match TRU's cost on the EPII DVD if you bring the TRU ad with you. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 8:30 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedi OX reports:
    "Hey fellow Troopers, If you haven't gotten your copy of Star Wars Episode 2 from TRU, don't try to use the price matching option at your local Circuit City. They are refusing to match the price that TRU has priced in their ad for $9.99. The manager at the Hayward, Ca Circuit City stated "We would be taking a loss on matching this item at $9.99!" So much for Circuit City's price matching policy, I didn't know there was a exemption clause for such a case like this. I was a loyal customer of Circuit City, but no more. Best Buy here I come!!."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 November 2002 | 8:28 EST
    Sandtrooper Brian reports:
    "I was in the Indy Wal Mart on 96th St. around 2:30 AM and they had the Ep2 DVD (tons and tons of them!), the really cool thing about this was that they had already price matched TRU without having to show them an ad! Yep, I paid 9.97 for mine without even asking! KMart on Washington St. has all of the new figs minus Ephant Mon. TRU on Wash. St. has them too, still no Ephants though. Target is still a dud but some things are filtering in everywhere else. Have a good one! MTFBWY!."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 12 November 2002 | 22:27 EST
    Trooper Dom Reporting:
    Hey Troops, with all the hubbub about the DVD, I thought I'd give you guys something else to chew on. I spotted all four new 10" vinyl figures at the local Wal-Mart here in east central Wisconsin. I have to say pass on these. Compared to the Unleashed figs they just don't cut it. None of them including Vader, look like the characters they represent. The price ( around $13 ) was the only thing decent about these things. Anyone looking for these LMK, I'll shoot back and sell or trade. Also, add my name to the list of people who went to Wal-Mart for the price match on the DVD. One more thing: I'd like to nominate Jedi Jaybird for Troop of the month. Cool move, my friend. That's all for now gotta go watch the DVD !

    I will second that for Jaybird! Don't forget to check out the deleted scenes on Disc 2!

    Posted by: George | 12 November 2002 | 20:54 EST
    More on AOTCs fiasco, Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    "Troops, I bought the E2 DVD today. Yes,9.99 is for both Full and Widescreen. So,I believe that both Version are the same price..."
    Chad Ryan

    Thanks for the info Chad!!! Here in Puerto Rico [USA territory] we have been unable to find 'em. Well, at least at a reasonable price. Walmarts around the island just got in the VHS Pan and Scan Version in Spanish with the promise of ''getting the DVD widescreen version soon'' I personally had no other choice but the ridiculous price of $29.99 [without tax] for the English widescreen version @ Blockbuster Video.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 19:20 EST
    Sandtrooper Tim reports:
    "What a FIASCO! I went to the Foster City TRU this morning hoping to pick up the EP II DVD. They had 20. Two�zero. TWENTY! And full screen to boot. There had to be fifty plus people waiting out front when the doors opened and what a mad rush it was. Someone dropped the ball big time on this one. I went to Target and they had plenty, widescreen and full. CostCo had them by the box full! Both versions. Why in the hell could TRU not support something as big as this especially when they had the best price in town?! Needless to say I purchased my copy at Target, along with the 4 disc LOTR, and was happy to pay the extra $5.00. TRU, get your act together!!...

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 19:16 EST
    ****READ THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!***** WOW! WOW! WOW!
    "Jedijaybird here, X-mas is coming early for some lucky sandtroopers out there. Over the past few years that I have read and posted on Sandtroopers, I've found that you all are the greatest bunch of guys and gals out there. Everyone is always so quick to help out when trying to find that missing piece that is eluding their collection, well now it is my turn to give back. I just happen to have a couple (2) extra Silver Anni. R2's and I thought I would give them away to a couple fellow 'troopers out there. You read correctly GIVE THEM AWAY! None. Nadda. Zip. FREE! Not even the cost of shipping!
    I will randomly pick two emails out of the several hundred that I will
    probably get :) and ship them out in time for x-mas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. All I ask is that you live in the continental US and you include your shipping address in the email. I will post the winners by this Friday on instead on replying to you all individually, so check back regularly to see if you are the winner! Just my gift to the greatest bunch of fans/collectors in the world. MTFBWY..."


    Troops, I can vouch for Jedi Jaybird, he has been posting on this site for a long time and WOW!!!!! It DOESN'T get any better than this!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jedi Jaybird!!!!!!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 19:11 EST
    Sandtrooper Imel reports:
    "The Walmart in Clinton, Md has reduced the price of the EP2 DVDs because they were getting too many price matchers from the sold out Toys R Us. I bought mine this morning for $9.47..."

    This is true because my buddy BIG Mike got one for me at that price there also...Looks like I will be returning mine to Target tomorrow!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 19:07 EST
    Sandtrooper Master Jedi Corleone reports:
    "Ep2 DVD
    I was at TRU in Paramus, NJ (Rt.17) at 8:30 only with one other person, by 9:15, there was 100+ people behind me. I must say it was poorly handled. You had to get a pre-sell ticket and guess which one was Widescreen and Full Screen. Eventhough the ad said "one per guest", some customers were buying them 5- 6 at a time. One lady had like 5 VHS and 3 DVD. And the kicker is they had to be rung up seperate. I bought one for myself and then went to Best Buy , which was in the same complex and priced matched it with the TRU Ad and i got the dvd for $9.99 and a 2003 calender for free, which was $10.99 value to begin with. I watched it as soon as i got home and it was the Digital Version, not the film version. Very well done, the sound was AWSOME!..Watching it one more time before i retire for the evening....."

    Master Jedi Corleone

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 15:50 EST
    Sandtrooper Starfox reports:
    "Those Troopers having trouble getting their new EP2 DVD for $9.99 at Toys R Us, just take the ad to Wal-Mart and they will price match...I got mine at 2am this morning......good hunting troops.....nothing new at any Killeen, TX stores as far as new figures go...still looking for Ephont Mon and that Elusive Silver R2 unit....that's all from Central Texas.....starfox signing out..."

    Thanks for the "tip" Big Dave! ...If I only had that ad....

    Posted by: Steve | 12 November 2002 | 13:57 EST
    DNStoys news post
    New Items: - Go to the website for prices and other new items...

    NEW SUPER SALE / DISCOUNT / CLEARANCE LIST - Check the site for lots of bargains....
    We are proud supporters of the Marines Toys for Tots program and donate each year. Visit the discount aisle for fun toys that you can give this holiday season for those less fortunate.

    4 Exclusive Accessory Packs with Figures
    Exclusive Silver R2-D2
    Republic Gunship
    Genosian Arena Battle Playset
    Star Tours Figures
    Unleashed Dooku & Mace Windu, Jango, Maul, Pamde, Anakin, etc
    SW EP2 Naboo Fighter, AT-TE & Solar Sailor Action Fleet
    Acklay Beast
    Mace & Other Jedi Electronic Lightsabers
    Deluxe Yoda & C-3PO
    12" Ki-Adi Mundi
    12" Electronic Jango Fett & Obi-Wan
    Watto, Tusken & Lott Dodd Wave
    Landspeeder with Luke Exclusive
    Enterprise Phaser & Communicator

    Enterprise - Coming later this week..

    Back in stock items:

    Disney Indiana Jones 5" Figure
    SW Trilogy 12" Exclusive 3 & 4 Packs
    Exclusive At-St with Paploo
    Expanded Universe Figures...
    Playskool Falcon & Naboo Fighter / X-Wing Sets
    Electronic Naboo Fighter
    Many Aliens & Predator Figures
    Stormtrooper Army Builder 4-Pack
    Older Simpsons Lisa, Grandpma, Bart & Krusty...
    SW Chess from Germany
    FX-7 Wave (Fx-7, Imperial Officer, Amidala Travel & Rebel Trooper)
    Eeth Koth & Snaggletooth

    Older POTF/POTJ Figures & Vehicles..

    Click here to check them out.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 12:05 EST
    Star Wars DVD selling out at Toy R Us!
    After calling a few Toys R Us's in the Bowie MD. area in regards to E.P.2 DVD, seems like I won't be getting mine at lunch today! They seem to be sold out everywhere within a 25 Mile radius!!! A TRU rep told me they were lined up this morning to buy em' (at $9.99, I guess so). CRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!! My suggestion troops...CALL AHEAD before you waste a trip. The sale is good for about a week and T.R.U. claims to be getting shipments daily with NO confirmation that the DVD's will be in those shipments. Any other troops want to chime in on this???
    Locate a TRU store close to you: HERE!

    I picked up EP 2 at Target for $15.99 (still not bad). The only thing I'm pissed off about is that it was next to the NEW 4 disc Lord Of The Rings DVD. $24.95 later in addition to the $15.99 for EP 2, I now have 2 copies of L.O.T.R. on DVD. I hope all the "extra's" are worth it!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 9:54 EST
    Sandtroopin' Rai (The Dragon) reports:
    "SW EP2 comes out today, $9.99 at TRU! Speaking of which, I went to see the IMAX showing in Washington DC (at the Natural History Museum, two nightly showings through January 5, I think, one at 6 something, one at 8 something, can't remember the exact times), and it was pretty cool! Lots of missing footage, but some one would not miss anyway. There is some however, that I think subtley, but significantly alters the plot. The best part was the sound. It's that resonating feeling in your chest when the ships take off or fly by! It's actually not unlike that feeling one might get at a Space Shuttle launch (not that one can easily do that anymore).
    Next weekend...James Bond!!! Yeah baby, YEAH!..."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 12 November 2002 | 8:28 EST
    Sandtroopette Donna reports:
    "Hi Troops, Donna from So. Cal., Orange County. Took a short trip up to No. Cal. this past weekend and on my way back home, stopped by a Wal-mart in Dublin. Found the new 10" Vinyl Figures for $12.96. They had Jango, Anakin, and Mace but no Vadar. I thought these were only going to show up in specialty shops, but I guess not. Start checking those Wal-marts. Happy Hunting!..."

    Donna, thanks for your consistent and faithful reports, your efforts haven't gone unnoticed by the troops or the Sandtroopers crew!

    Posted by: George | 12 November 2002 | 5:14 EST
    More about AOTC from Jedi Reta:
    ''Hi George,
    I believe Toys R Us is selling both the VHS and DVD of ATOC for $9.99 ea. starting Tues the 12th.''

    Jedi Reta

    Now my question! Is the $9.99 price for either formats? DVD/or VHS? TRU's in Puerto Rico are quite apart from each others LMK please!

    UPDATE from Jedi Reta Yes, $9.99 for both formats(VHS or DVD). I believe the advertisement is in the TRU BIG Book. Jedi Reta

    Posted by: Steve | 11 November 2002 | 20:19 EST
    Yestertoys checks in with news
    Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys just let me know that he is expecting the bounty hunters and the C-3PO/R2-D2 Christmas piece next week. Check them out by clicking here.

    Posted by: Steve | 11 November 2002 | 19:53 EST
    Trooper Garr with some collector show news
    This is Garr from MO! Over the weekend I went to the East Hills Mall in St.Joseph. Every now and then the mall holds a collector's show. They have everything from sports memorabillia to Star Wars. This guy I met from Iowa has some great stuff, I scored so big-i'm still in schock! I picked up 13 vintage figures 3 mini-rigs 3 vehicles and some parts to complete 2 of my ships. The stuff is in such mint condition that I up-graded my collection. He also had vintage ROTJ cards still sealed, around 2 boxes for only 4 dollars a pack. In the past I found some really Killer things at this show. He even has a lot of current Star Wars merchandise. I love the Buy, Trade, Sell-logo. He may be back around for the Dec. 13th, 14th,and 15th show. I will keep all troopers up to date on Show Dates. If Anyone would like information on being a sales person at this show,LMK I'll fill ya in. There are other Star Wars dealers at this show, and id'e like to see more of that. MTFBWY!!! Le, Garr!!!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 18:52 EST
    Trooper Jeffred5 Reports:
    Hey Troopers,
    This is in response to Trooper Phil about Jangosmurfette. I think the way he spells C-3P0, pretty much says it all. This was also a great opportunity for us that read Sandtroopers to show that "United We Find" , also means we watch each others backs and report on scams when we find them. A nice way to keep other Troopers from getting jacked around ! M.T.F.B.W.Y

    Thanks Jeff, It is my mission with "Force of the Bay" to help expose clowns that think they can run game ! Keep up the good work Troops, Kick A$% and take names ! Keep reporting the Slime of the Bay to me!!! United We Find

    Posted by: George | 11 November 2002 | 18:46 EST
    AOTC Available for rent in Puerto Rico:
    That's right my fellow Boricuas!! AOTC has been spotted in several video clubs around the Island for rent. Some others are selling them as well, I was able to spot a few copies, full screen and dubbed in Spanish @ Video Ly in Aguada, PR. Honestly I'll wait for the widescreen/English version next Friday @ my local Walmart. For those eager to get it before the official release date, check out those small video clubs in your area. Good Luck!!!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 18:45 EST
    Our Friends at the Raging Dianoga Report :
    Hi Guys,
    I have posted some scans from the 2 disc Episode II set just released over here in the UK. The artwork on them is fabulous, if you want to check it out at HERE

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 17:12 EST
    Trooper TK1086 Reports:
    Hey Troops,
    K-Mart at Loop 410/Marbauch had about six electronic R2-D2's for $85 in San Antonio Texas . Trooper TK1086 out...

    Thanks, yes I was in a K-Mart earlier today as well. They had gotten the old figure swap just like Wal-Mart and TRU. The Arena Playset was $34 as well. They even had Clone Pilots! This was in Waukegan, Illinois. $5.49 a figure ?!? Now we are picking up the tab for their poor management and Martha Stewarts mistakes!!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 1:17 EST
    Trooper Phil Checks in with:
    About Jangosmurfette -

    I'd allow him a chance to defend himself if only he could learn how to spell C-3P0 correctly ! Unfortunately he can't ! Thanks for the laughs guys !

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 1:04 EST
    Trooper Heavy MetalCub Writes:
    I need some troopers help. I have been trying to find the Arena Conflict,Death Star, and Endor Victory Accessory sets but I have yet to find them and I'm losing hope. Is there anyone who can help me with one or all three of these for cost plus shipping ? PLMK @ Thanks Troops !

    You may try Super Troop Tyler he is in Canada but I seem to remember him having a extra set of all four not too long ago !

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 0:56 EST
    Trooper ?!? Jangosmurfette writes :
    I am the seller of the auction you guys posted about on Sunday. I think it is unfair for you guys to attack me behind my back, without giving me a chance to defend myself. I would like to say I have no intentions of trying to trick or con anyone.

    The reason I don't use words like custom is the ridiculous use of power flexed by the vero program. I have sold many items prior to this one and almost every one of my customers are willing to pay a nice price, I consider myself to be one of those people who can create a better product than Hasbro can.

    Thanks for YOUR take Jangosmurfette, but I still say you are trying to dupe someone. I see someone has informed you that your activity will not go unquestioned. Vero Program ?!? Get Real man ! You did a nice job but admit IN the listing it is "self made" or something! If you have sold so many why the heck is your feedback -1 HAHAHA You are a joke and your reply is funnier than your listing !

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 November 2002 | 0:47 EST

    Hey Troops, I just recieved my 25th Anniversary Silver R2, courtesey of Federation Toys and I would like to thank both for the contest , and I truly love this website. I have been collecting Star Wars since 1977, and I have found that Sandtroopers is the best website for Star Wars Collectors. You guys have another Trooper for life!!
    Thanks again,
    Carl B. Harley

    Posted by: Tyler | 10 November 2002 | 21:45 EST
    R2Dtoys Newsletter
    Arriving faster than any other retailer, and in full shipping quantity, Special Xmas Holiday Edition C-3PO & r2-d2 ! This great set is carded and encased within a snow-dome bubble (no water and no snowflakes, sorry to disappoint!). The FanClub expects them in December, but we will have them shipping from Wednesday !

    IN STOCK - Shipping Now >>>
    Ephant Mon,Clone Trooper Pilot,Padme Pilot (both versions, 1 with sticker),Jango pilot,Watto,Lott Dod,Tusken Raider w/ Massiff,ENDOR Troop Builder 4-pack,Stormtrooper 4-pack,Unleashed Wave 2 (wave 3 arrives early next week),Yoda,Count Dooku,Anakin Hangar Duel,Silver R2-D2 Mint Condition GUARANTEED,Star Tours Disney Exlcusive Droids (2 types),plus many more.....

    Shuttle Tyderium....we are DEFINITELY getting this piece ! It is yet to have a confirmed shipping date, but expected at the end of December. All pre-orders are guaranteed. If you MUST have it then please pre-order, we cannot guarantee any stocks once we have filled pre-orders.

    12" Bounty Hunters...Zuckuss, Dengar and Imperial Officer will be here early December. We will add as a new pre-order soon.
    Coming Soon......12" Leia Boushh & Han Carbonite double-pack. Watch the website for full details......

    REX ! From Star Tours, Florida, this disney exclusive can be your absolutely FREE when you buy something from our website. The person whose invoice number is 2846 will win ! It's that simple.

    Lastly, please remember to tell your friends to sign-up to our mailing list so they can also benefit from these great toys at great prices. We always ship orders fast and encourage referral discounts to you !

    John & the team......

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 November 2002 | 17:46 EST
    Trooper Jeffred5 Reports:
    Hey Troopers,
    I checked out the E-Bay auction of the " One of a kind 25th Anniversary 2-pack. If you look closely you can see another figures on a printout in the fourth picture. They appear to be set up for future "one of a kind " figures. This guy is a real fool since he doesn't say anywhere that this is a custom figure of any kind that lets the customer know that this is not a licensed product. Yet, he still leaves the Hasbro and Lucas markings on the package. This guy is really setting himself up for Bootlegging charges and huge fines and possible jail time, all for a fake $20 dollar figure. Also, I notice a feedback rating of -1 I have never used E-Bay can someone tell me what this means ? Thanks and M.T.F.B.W.Y

    Sure Jeff, the feedback rating works like this : You get a point for every happy transaction you've completed with another E-bayer. This guy must really suck, probably sold some other bogus item !

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 November 2002 | 9:11 EST
    Trooper John B Reports;
    Hey Troops,
    Go check out this auction. I have to admit the guy did a good job on it.

    "Is it great custom work? Or is this guy the next winner of the Power Sucka contest?"

    This is very interesting. I find it strange he doesn't mention the word custom in the entire listing. You would think this guy would be smart enough to know you can't put crap like this past TRUE collectors! Thanks again John !!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 November 2002 | 8:52 EST
    Trooper Sean Reports:
    Hello fellow Troops,
    Sean from Annapolis, MD here. Just to let you all know I manage the Hollywood Video here in Annapolis and we recieved our shipment of AOTC DVD's in and I was easter egg hunting and found if you go to the options menu and key in 1138 that brings up the bloopers from E2 ! The same thing as the Episode 1 DVD. Nice of old Gregory to hook us up again ! Anyone in the area stop in and say "Hi" and let me know Sandtroopers sent ya !

    Thanks Sean, I will be tapping some of my local contacts to sneak my copy in before the 12th !! I'm sure most of the Troops are dying to own it like me.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 10 November 2002 | 8:46 EST
    Trooper GenXJedi Reports:
    Hiya Troops,
    I just got back from AOTC on the IMAX screen. If ANY of you live near a IMAX screen do yourself a favor a check it out before it's gone. It is the closest you will ever get to being inside the SW universe. The movie actually looks 3-D due to the incredible size of the screen. The sound system is beyond belief as well, you've never heard the sound of a lightsaber or the Slave 1 sound so incredible I assure you.
    I do have one complaint though. It seems they cut a number of scenes to allow more showings on the IMAX screens nationwide. Among the deleted scenes are: The inital reunion between Anakin & Amidala, Anakin and Amidala'a argument over who was in charge ( as well as the scene with the Queen Jamila and Sio Bibble. Along with the diner scene, Boba shooting at Obi-Wan from the Slave 1 ,Anakin having one of his many nightmares, the meadow scene. The scene where Obi ask's R4 to set up for a transmission along with Yoda reflecting on the mind of a child to Obi-Wan and Jar Jar's realization that someone should suggest that the Chancellor be voted emergency powers.
    There may be a few others, but all the action scenes were intact.The movie seems to move a little quicker minus the 15 minutes or so that are missing. A Star Wars movie in IMAX format for nine dollars is a lifetime expirence and well worth the cash!!!

    Thanks Arnold, what a concise review of the IMAX showing !! Much appreciated. It is quite cool with me and many other Troops they cut that sappy meadow scene!!!!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 10 November 2002 | 0:35 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "Coming This Week!!!
    Master Replica
    Anakin FX Light Saber
    Ready to Ship Thursday 11th!!!
    Priced at $129.99

    Pre Order These Master Replica light sabers today:
    Master Replica
    Darth Vader
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    Master Replica
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    Signature Edition - Limited to 1,000 worldwide
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    Latest Saga Toys In Stock
    Geonosis Battle Arena Playset
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    Masters of the Darkside Multi-Figure Pack
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    Carded Destroyer Droid PRE-ORDER
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    - Separate Shipping Charge for PRE-ORDER items.
    Price: $11.99

    Carded Yoda with Chair PRE-ORDER
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    Spanish ROTJ Chewbacca
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    Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Tyler | 8 November 2002 | 22:58 EST
    Amazon Silver R2's
    Hey Troopers,
    Just a quick note to LYK that Trooper Songwriter was right when he said last week that "Remember, Amazon sells toys not packaging". A friend of mine ordered 20 of them and received them earlier this week. Of those 20 only 3 were near mint! The rest he is going to return for a refund as they obviously don't have any replacements since they are sold out. So your best bet is a TRU that will let you pick one yourself. I just hope now that the 10 I ordered will arrive in better condition. Or atleast a few of them. Take care troops.

    BTW, still nothing new up here in "The Great White North" since figure #38. Suprise, suprise :(

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 November 2002 | 14:28 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    Here is the latest from Brian's Toys:
    "We are receiving our shipment of Anakin FX Sabers next week and they will be shipping to customers on Friday, November 15! We have many pre-orders, and those will be filled first. However, we still have a few available for those who would still like to get them before Christmas."
    Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Jason | 8 November 2002 | 10:48 EST
    Trooper JEDI COR reports:
    "I went to TRU yesterday to pick up my Silver R2-D2 and decided to buy more items so I could an extra R2. Now I have 2 Silver R2-D2's
    fresh (very mint) from the box, now I have to get them protected and safe.

    "Also, Walmart (Corning, NY) has their AOTC Figures for $2.87, just like Kmart has theirs for $3. TRU (Horsehead, NY) has the New Unleashed Figures, More Gunships, and More Luke Landspeeders that I didn't see the other day. Report again soon, Jedi Cor"


    Posted by: Jason | 8 November 2002 | 10:36 EST
    Trooper Nigel from the UK reports:
    "Hi all fellow troopers, I know this really isn't news, but the time has come for me to try to get a JORG SACUL figure from Celebration 2, so if any one has a spare one they want to sell to a fellow UK collector (i have cash waiting) so email your price.

    "SILVER R2: TRU UK does not know what I am talking about when I ask them 'when is it avaiable?' I think it may be connected with the dvd, just my thoughts. If you know better then plmk thanks, nigel"

    Nigel, good luck on getting a Celebration 2 figure! Also, stop by UK's 'The Private Universe' Collecting Site (link at bottom of our page) to search for additional information regarding the UK Silver R2 Promotion!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 8 November 2002 | 9:53 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedi OX (Think OX from the movie: Stripes) Reports:
    San Leandro, California: "Hey Troopers, I was just at the Hayward, Ca TRU and they still have the 25th Silver Anniversy R2-D2 plus 12" Luke on Tauntaun, Rupublic Gunship and some of the new figures. I also want to let you know, when you order the Arena play set from Amazon they do not box it up for shipping. When i received mine yesterday from ups, its box was all dented and ripped and all they did is slapped the package slip right on the box. This is not the only time this happen, it was also done for the republic gunship. I had to return both items to Amazon."

    Jedi OX: YIKES! Amazon is so GREAT about shipping their books well protected, I wonder why the sloppy shipping on WELL KNOWN collectibles????

    Posted by: Jason | 8 November 2002 | 1:44 EST
    Trooper Jedi Hitch reports:
    Update in the Spokane, WA area: "Hi troops! Ask Yoda is showing up at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Fred Meyer, and Toys R Us. I should ask Yoda where Ephant Mon and the Destroyer Droid are, as these are the only new ones I have yet to find. All of the other new figures past #40 are sitting on the pegs except for the Clone Pilot and the Beardless Endor Soldier. The Arena Pleyset and the Gunship are also easy to find at all the places mentioned above. The Deluxe Speeder Bike w/ Clone Trooper is now showing up at Kmart ($10.99) and Electronic Boutique ($12.99).

    "Also, I noticed signs up at Toys R Us saying they won't honor Target's $2.99 price on figures, stating that they are older figures that Toys R Us does not stock anymore. Bummer. I hope everyone out there has good luck finding the Silver R2!"

    Posted by: Jason | 8 November 2002 | 0:08 EST
    Trooper Chris from Edmonton reports:
    "Hey Troops, Chris checking in from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Not much here in Edmonton as usual, however I did come across 3 arena playsets at the TRU on the north side of the city. No new figures past Chewy and Han waves. The one thing I did notice though was the fact that there seemed to be a lot less of the older figures on the shelves so they may be getting ready for the newer ones. I hope that they are getting the newer ones here soon. That is about it for now.

    "A very big thanks to Micheal C. for the figures I just received from him today. I was very happy to receive them in the mail today, and I highly recommend doing business with him and I have every intention of doing any trades with him agian. Thanks Mike, MTFBWY and your wife."

    Posted by: Jason | 7 November 2002 | 23:17 EST
    Trooper California (Cheeseburger) Tim reports:
    "Hey Troops, I checked out the Wal-Mart down off San Antonio Rd in Palo Alto today and they had 6 3.75 figures hanging. S..I..X. SIX! Come on Wal-Mart get it together!! Well alright, they did have an Acklay there for $15.00, not much more. TRU in Redwood City had a couple of stacks of Luke and the Taun-taun, Anakin Tatooine attack, and Darth Maul Sith training.

    "K-Mart across the street had four Arena’s for $35.00 and some of the army builder figs but they still want $6.99 for them. TRU in Foster City has a bunch of the Teemto, Ki-Adi, TRaider with Massif, Lott Dod, Watto, Padme Coruscant attack. That’s it for now, MTFBWY! Northern California Tim…San Francisco…cable cars…Golden Gate…and such."

    Posted by: Tyler | 7 November 2002 | 22:51 EST
    R2Dtoys Newsletter
    Star Tours droids REX and G2-4T IN STOCK and shipping now !! Just �10 each (around 16 euro)

    Also today we received the deluxe sets: Clone Trooper, Flying Geonosian and flipping Anakin PLUS a few Yoda too.....the 3-pack is just �25 and Yoda is �8.50.

    Final stocks now for the silver R2-D2, when they are gone they are gone !! All are complete with a Star Case too.

    We got more stocks of the Clone Trooper pilot for just �6 and Jango Fett Pilot's for �6. Ephant Mon still in stock and many other figures too. Please browse the store.....a lot of older products are cropping-up from time to time aswell ! Like the R2-D2 with holographic Leia for just �10 !

    Next week we will receive a couple of great figures, please watch your InBox - we will announce it then and you will be happy !

    Updated at last is our shipping categories for all areas around the globe, your orders will now show a more realstic value for your local zone. This has taken a long time to come and has been planned very carefully, however with many hundreds of items we may overlook a product, in which case PLEASE email us so we can make a spot-fix ! There are 4 shipping zones, you ALL fit into oine of them. If you spot anything that looks out of place, or excessively priced, PLEASE get back to us.

    Many thanks for your support, things are going just great and you will see us more and more in the coming weeks, remember that the Republic Gunship is coming very soon and for just �35 at pre-order (around 55 euro).

    Posted by: Jason | 7 November 2002 | 22:20 EST
    BEYOND BELIEF (FACT or FICTION) Episode 1.4 - "This Christmas, EVERYONE wants a Sliver R2!"
    Hi Troops, I hope you have all gotten your Silver R2 from Toys R Us, and if you haven't, then please network here to find one from a fellow Troop kind enough to lend a helping hand! We know from history that every holiday season sees one toy that goads normal, peaceful, courteous folks to transform into dangerously-focused shoppers bent on getting the year's "hot" toy. Following in the footsteps of Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle-Me Elmo, Furby, and Funzo, the Promotional Silver R2-D2 from TRU has incited a feverish and confrontational atmosphere in some of our nation's TRU outlets.

    Not to rival some of the looting, shoving and trampling from years past, some collectors are teetering on violence, even turning against fellow Star Wars enthusiasts! At one TRU in my travels I witnessed a determined collector in his early twenties rush to the TRU Service desk, bypassing the long line that had already formed, and quickly abscond with his free figure. Not to be outdone by any, he completed another in-store transaction and again took his place at the desk! I laughed to myself as I watched from the line, but another collector decided to take the law into his own hands!

    This other fellow had become enraged at the idea of someone else skipping to the front of the line and collecting 2 R2s, he yelled at the line-cutter, telling him with utter disdain and contempt that he should have to wait in line just as he was. He then flexed a pose to scare him, but I don't think it worked. The guy who cut in line was far from right, but the attitude copped by this plastic fantastic vigilante would make you want to wretch.

    He was trying really hard to look like a surfer, complete with blonde rip curl and oozed so much machismo that he had to bring his girlfriend along to pick up his R2! If running like a giddy schoolgirl to a toy store might not live up to the super-cool "Fonze" image, then surely forcing his girlfriend to tag along would restore his bad boy reputation.

    Did this really happen? Or have our writers concocted this story after staying up all night eating rotisserie chicken?... This story is TRUE - it was inspired by actual events of Sunday, 11/3/2002. For Beyond Belief, I'm General J.

    Posted by: Jason | 7 November 2002 | 21:49 EST
    - Obi-Wan, Vader, and Anakin Kotobukiya:
    AFX now has Obi-Wan Kotobukiya Figure Kits in stock, as well as more Darth Vader and Anakin Figure Kits.- Action Figure Xpress -

    Click Images to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 7 November 2002 | 21:39 EST
    Trooper JEDI COR reports:
    "Walmart (Corning, NY) has nothing new the last two weeks, but I haven't checked the past few days. Kmart (Corning,NY) has Old and New AOTC's (haven't seen the no beard endor rebel, darth maul, ephant mon, jango, destroyer droid, clone trooper, or deluxe sets yet), 2 Pack AOTC's, 5 R2-D2 (which are going for $85 this week), 2 Arena Playsets ($35), and on Monday, All Figures were $3 and I picked up a few more battle droids.

    "TRU (Horsehead, NY) has New AOTC Figures (except ephant mon and no beard endor rebel) mixed with Old AOTCand POTJ Figures, X-Wing Fighters, New Action Fleets, 3 Gunships, 25th 2 Pack vader, luke, han), and other items. On Monday, they didn't have the New Silver R2-D2's yet, save your receipts ($20 or more) from this week on and they will give you one when they have them in stock. Walmart (Springville, NY) has very little AOTC Items in stock, they must be keeping the shelves clear for the new items when they come in, maybe when the EPII DVD's and VHS's are out next Tuesday. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL.

    "Just received a call from TRU (Horsehead, NY) today (Thursday) that the New Silver R2-D2's were just shipped in this morning. About time!"


    JC, I hope that by the time you read this that you will have picked up your Silver R2!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 November 2002 | 20:23 EST
    Sandtrooper Steven inquires:
    "I was wondering if there are any sites out there that advertise Toy Shows in the MD, PA, VA, NJ/NY area, or, whether any troopers in these areas could chime in when a big toy show is in their area. Thank You."

    Steven, there is going to be a show in Allentown, PA on November 17th at Merchants' Square. Contact either Lex-Wan or me for some details! - J

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 7 November 2002 | 19:29 EST
    Trooper Tim Reports:
    "Hey Troops, Tim in So. Cal, San Fernando Valley, West Hills. How's that for accurate location? I went to TRU in Woodland Hills and found Vader, Padme and Anakin Unleashed. Found lots of X-Wings and Luke & Tauntauns. Interactive lightsabers, 1 Republic Gunship, a few Padme pilots, only 1 Jango pilot and many other pegwarmers. Is anyone out there would be willing to do a trade? I have a new Saga Landspeeder and would like a deluxe Clonetrooper and a Death Star Accesory pack in return. Any takers?

    "I would also like to say thanks to Cpl. Phil for the kind words. It has been real fun spending someone else's money, and spending it on the things I love. Happy Hunting Troops and keep the Force!"

    Thanks Tim, and you may want to head over to the forums located at the top of the page. THAT is THE place to find respectable collectors down for a trade like yours.

    Posted by: George | 7 November 2002 | 15:56 EST
    Geonosian and Massiffs galore:
    Perfect for army and herd builders. Available @ KB for $3.99 Check 'em out here�, Electronic 12'' Jango Fett on sale for $31.99. 12'' electronic Obi-One also running for $31.99, pre-order Clone Wars for PS2 due on Nov/10. As most of us know the 'outstanding' shipping service from KB, relax if you're an opener. If you prefer mint, get on your knees, light a candle and pray MINT, MINT, MINT! Can somebody out here help me make a daily SW hunter prayer? We should have scalping and mintiness on it! This could be fun, drop me a line if you come up with something good and funny.

    UPDATE: Loyal trooper informs that he found the 12'' Electronic Obi-One and Jango Fett today @ Walmart in Troy, MI for $29.99. Better deal in price and better to pick them up personally instead of having 'savages' [pardon the expression], shipping our orders. Thanks for the heads up Jeff!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 November 2002 | 15:15 EST
    Sandtroopin' Rai (Dragon) reports:
    "I was out shopping at K-Mart yesterday (Crofton MD.), and I just happened to wander into the toy section(uh-huh), and I saw that they were selling Anakin Hanger Duel/Anakin Outland Peasant two packs (two carded figures in a large clear clamshell similar to the kind now used by McFarlane) for $9.99 (they also had Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase/Jango Fett Kamino Escape two packs). I don't remember reading about it, but that may just mean I am not paying attention... Sadly there is little else for me to report. Not too much going on here."

    Thanks for the report from "our" stomping grounds Rai...! I met Rai through Sandtroopers and he has since become one of my good friends! Troops, send in the city and state with your news report and see how many friends you can make through Sandtroopers...there are some GREAT people out there and Rai is one of them!

    Posted by: George | 7 November 2002 | 12:41 EST
    Available @
    A nice item to add to our collection. The Unautorized Star Wars Story for just $14.95. Ready to ship within 24 hours.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 November 2002 | 12:01 EST
    Silver R2 available...
    Troops, I have an extra Silver R2 if anyone needs one. I will sell at cost (which was $15) + shipping. So your cost is: $15 plus whatever shipping is to your house.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 November 2002 | 10:33 EST
    Sandtrooper Ian is getting it done...
    "More Lego Vader at IOC (Imperial Officers Club)!
    "Episode 3 of the Quest of Lego Vader, 'The Training Begins' is up."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 November 2002 | 10:28 EST
    If ACPin builds them...we will come...
    "The Gungan capital city of Otoh Gunga serves as a refuge for Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan together with the native Jar-Jar. Captain Tarpals arrives to bring them news of their appearance before Boss Nass."

    ACPin, GREAT as always man!!!!! How big is your home or do you all live in an airline hangar? Just curious...

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 7 November 2002 | 10:22 EST
    Sandtrooper OH CHUCK! (think Lou Costello) requests help!
    Wanted: Silver R2D2
    "I am hoping someone would be kind enough to offer me one of the 25th
    anniversary Silver R2D2's on a nice card for a nice price. I've looked at Ebay but didn't really want to spend that much on it. If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks,..."


    Posted by: Steve | 6 November 2002 | 19:34 EST
    Yestertoys update
    Hey Troops, Tom from Yestertoys dropped a note. They are still blowing out the saga figures for $3 each. They will also be shipping the Christmas 2-pack R2-D2 and C-3PO around Thanksgiving. Click here to check them out.

    Yestertoys just updated their site with the newest deluxe figures, Flipping Anakin, Flying Geonosian and Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike. They are all currently in-stock. Check them out.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 6 November 2002 | 18:37 EST
    Sandtrooper Dennis reports:
    Dateline: Fernandina Beach, FL. "Nothing new to report really. Bought a lot of army builders from K-Mart on Sunday and Monday. They are the only place that still has Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids since they are the only major store to not get a pull from Hasbro. I will be doing a toy run thru Jacksonville, Fl. Friday. I will post my findings then.

    "A quick question: has anyone seen the 10" Vinyl figures at retail anywhere? When are they supposed to be out? Just curious. May the Force be with You!"

    Posted by: Jason | 6 November 2002 | 14:12 EST
    - 12" Plo Koon pre-order:
    AFX is now taking orders for the twelve-inch Plo Koon, due out in December.- Action Figure Xpress -

    Click Images to enter Action Figure Xpress:

    Posted by: Jason | 6 November 2002 | 14:07 EST
    Sandtrooper LCpl Phil reports:
    "I have been able to collect all the Expanded Universe and Unleashed Figures thanks to fellow Sandtroopers. This site has nothing but positives for it. My big thank you goes out to the Padme figure, Jorge, and I cannot forget LexWan and most importantly, Tim Woods. I highly recommend collectors alike to deal with them, or seek their help in finding what ever a collector cannot find. Any news on any new figures coming out for the Unleashed series? I really think they should make Yoda, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and a Vader that has a removable helmet, while sitting down in his chair resting, but that is my opinion. Do you know when the next conventions are going in San Diego California? I will be back in February of 2003."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 6 November 2002 | 8:54 EST
    Sandtrooper Tim (from Memphis) reports:
    "This is a transcript of my talk with an FAO rep online using their LIVE chat option to check on my order for the Shuttle. Her answer does tell why the Shuttle will not be shipping till January, which sucks, but what can we do?
    The Transcript reads from bottom to top.

    "5840-TAMMY STLZ (14:30:17): Thanks for shopping with FAO, you have a great day!
    Tim Sherrill (14:29:51): ok thank u that helps
    5840-TAMMY STLZ (14:29:07): The vendor has actually changed the date there was a defect in one of the peices. So, no one will have the item until Jan.
    Tim Sherrill (14:28:05): so now its changed from December to January?
    5840-TAMMY STLZ (14:27:41): The shuttle is not due in to the warehouse until about the second week of Jan.
    5840-TAMMY STLZ (14:24:31): Give me one moment to check.
    Tim Sherrill (14:23:37): i was talking with someone and i got bumped trying to find out status on my order...
    5840-TAMMY STLZ (14:22:53): Hello Tim, is there something I can help you with;
    5840-TAMMY STLZ (14:22:29): Welcome to FAO Schwarz Tim Sherrill I am reviewing your question and will be with you shortly.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 6 November 2002 | 8:49 EST
    Sandtrooper news from Italy:
    "Hi troopers, I'm Kristian Sensini, the editor and owner of the site, star wars collecting in ITALY. We've started a new giveaway open to international readers and sponsored by Brian's Toys. Here's the
    special page made for international collectors about the giveaway: International contest. Thanks a lot. MTFBWY..."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 6 November 2002 | 8:45 EST
    Sandtrooper Skateebo reports:
    "Hey Troopers, I found a Luminara Unduli with unpainted necklace at my Toys R Us. It is a cool variation and extremely hard to find. So if anyone wants to buy or trade for it, contact me at So, if you are interested in this cool variation, let me know. Thanks and MTFBWY."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 November 2002 | 23:25 EST
    Force of the Bay
    Spiceowan with an E-Bay journey aimed to please. Please be warned that neither the sellers nor the items are endorsed by E-Bay nor I have been seeing images of the new A-Wing exclusive due out soon. I dug up this old fossil that is the exact same mold. Why not a complete revamp like with the Landspeeder, I wouldn't feel so bad about buying it. I don't care if it is green! Did the Grinch at F.A.O bring you down with the unconfirmed bad news that your shuttle won't be home for Christmas? You may want to bid on this if you plan to see a shuttle before January. Next for your wishing is this old dusty one, but bring the wallet. One of the true hard to find items in this hobby. Now on to some nifty sketches of one of the best films in the series. If this item is genuine I will certainly be interested in how this one ends. You know maybe Han Solo was right there is nothing better than a good blaster at your side. This guy has a few that are top ranking!

    Next up is becoming a favorite among many hard liner Troopers. Sucka Time folks, and this time I found that when you have an enigma you always have some Sucka trying to get paid. How low can you go? This is the kind of crap that makes my blood boil. This was a "free" item. Unreal Troopers. To quote another Star Wars great "Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool that follows him?" I can't believe some buster threw down a bid on it. My attack on dirt bag, greed ridden slime balls continues Troops! Special thanks to "Da Count" for the Sucka entry ! Send sleaze balls like this to me at if you encounter garbage like this in your travels to E-Bay! Until next time Troops, Kick A$% and take names.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 November 2002 | 21:54 EST
    Spiceowan needs your help !!
    Troops, I am searching for ANY software in relation to Star Wars and childrens learning. My son Tyler has Sturge Weber Syndrome (SWS) and it is very difficult for him to learn. The only thing he really enjoys is Star Wars and food. ( I wonder where he gets that ? ) On a serious note I just thought if I incorporate the two it would benefit him to learn and have something he enjoys. Thanks anyone that can help me would be greatly appreciated.

    Posted by: Steve | 5 November 2002 | 21:06 EST
    K and C Collectibles has a great offer!
    Dear Star Wars Collector,
    We would like to invite you to our little corner of the Star Wars universe for a 15% off sale this week. Starting today through Friday November 8, 2002 you can order any item currently in stock and get 15% off your entire order. After you place your items in the shopping cart click on check out. Then use the discount code "jediknight" in the discount field.

    Discount not valid on pre-order items. Items could sale out at any time. Offer not valid on previous orders. Offer void after November 8, 2002.

    Come visit our site at K and C Collectibles and get the latest Star Wars collectibles.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 November 2002 | 8:25 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #175. Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter

    Saga Kotobukiya Mace Windu with Yoda - PRE-ORDER
    Saga Kotobukiya Darth Vader - PRE-ORDER
    Saga Kotobukiya Obi-Wan Kenobi - PRE-ORDER
    Saga Kotobukiya Jango Fett - PRE-ORDER

    We have all 6 Disney Exclusive Star Tours Action Figures!
    Availible in Limited Quantity Today:
    DL-X2, G2-4T, R3-D3, R4-M9, RX-24, WEG-1618
    These figures come on the POTJ card and are Licensed by Star Wars & Disney.

    $75 Level Free Domestic Shipping: This Special only applies to Continental United States Orders over $75. UPS or Fed Ex ground only.

    We have also added new items to our FREE ITEMS section. New FREE
    items include the Silver R2-D2, Ponda Baba with Cantina Scene,
    Hammerhead with Cantina Scene, Saga ROTJ Endor Rebel Soldier, and

    All Customers (including international customers) qualify for FREE
    toys for orders at levels of $75.00, $200, and $400. (For example,
    if you spend $200 you receive a $75 level gift, a $200 level gift,
    and FREE SHIPPING.) The FREE SHIPPING Offer and FREE items offer may
    be discontinued at any time over the next several weeks.
    Free shipping does not apply to any large items with special shipping costs in the description. For example, POTF2 AT-AT's are $15.00, a case of 100 Star Cases is $12.00, etc. These items will still be charged normal shipping charges.

    Episode I 3 3/4" carded Queen Amidala (Battle Fatigues) C8/9 (may have Tomy Japanese sticker on back)
    Price: $34.99
    Episode I 3 3/4" carded Darth Sidious (Holographic)
    (may have Tomy Japanese sticker on back)
    Price: $31.99

    Master Replica
    Darth Vader Limited Edition - Limited to 7,500 worldwide
    Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, this replica is a faithful reproduction of Darth Vader's lightsaber as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal components, each replica is hand finished to meet our exacting standards. This replica may be purchased alone or with a museum quality hardwood and acrylic display case.
    Lightsaber - $297.99 (+S&H)
    Lightsaber w/display case - $347.99 (+S&H)

    Visit Many More Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Newsletter at Newsletter
    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 5 November 2002 | 8:13 EST
    Sandtroopette Donna reports:
    "Hey Troopers, Donna from So. Cal. I was able to score two Silver R2's with the purchase of the Republic Gunship. But both were not in mint condition. Each had a bend on the lower left corner. Wal-marts have Arena Playsets, Republic Gunships, and Acklays. Targets have the Ask Yodas. KB has the third wave of Unleashed figures. Lastly, I was able to pick up a Clean Endor Soldier for $3 at K-mart. Happy Hunting to all."

    Posted by: George | 5 November 2002 | 5:19 EST
    My old time buddy Ozziehihorse has some extras for sale:
    Hi troops!I have all the new figures for sale:

    *Clonetrooper pilots x 3*
    *Ephant Mons x 3*
    *Lott Dodd x 3*
    *Padme Pilots x 3,Wattos x 3*
    *Jango Slave 1 Pilot x 3*
    *Clean shaven ERS x 3*
    *T. Raider w/Masiff x 3*
    *Ki-Adi x 3 all are $5.50 each*

    I also have:
    *Arenas x 2 $45 each*
    *Rep.Gunships x 2 $42 each*
    *Del Geonosian Warrior with sonic gun x 2 $10.50 each*
    *Unleashed Padme x 2*
    *Unleashed Tyranus x 3*
    *Mace Windu Unleashed x 3 for $17 each*
    *Action fleet At-TE's x 3*
    *Solar saliers x 3 for $10.50 each*

    I will ship to Canada, Australia, UK , Singapore, ANYWHERE!
    LMK @

    Check them out troops, needless to say John is a very fine trooper to deal with.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 November 2002 | 1:13 EST
    Trooper Edmonton Chris Reports:
    This isn't as much news as it is frustration. It has been quite some time since I have seen any new figures in or around the Edmonton Area. We are getting all of the Target Accesory sets at Zellers. We have plenty of X-Wings, Republic Gunships, Luke & Tauntaun and a lot of Landspeeders. I decided to pick up some extra Accesory Sets to add to my collection, that is keeping me going, but how long will that last? I was really hoping with AOTC hitting Imax, video and DVD that some of the older figures would disappear and new ones would mysteriously take their place like I have been reading! I have one ray of light and that is my relative in the states is getting me the Silver R2 so hopefully that will all work out. Well that about wraps it from Edmonton, Canada and the beat goes on as does the great dry spell.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 5 November 2002 | 0:50 EST
    Trooper "THE Chad" Reports:
    Troops, I went to TRU today and sure enought they had the little silver droid. However, they only had four left.The card looks to be in great shape. That is all from Huntsville Alabama for now. Take care.

    "Did he really see only four left? Or is he cooking your goose?"

    It is becoming an enigma, this Silver R2. What was a simple score for some seems to be a endless chase to others!! For Beyond Belief, I'm Johnathan Frakes, urr I mean General J, uuugghhh Lord Spiceowan Out!

    Posted by: Steve | 4 November 2002 | 14:22 EST
    Silver R2 news from faithful Trooper Garr:
    "I started out at Independance TRU, I got there one hour before they opened and thought for sure that there would be more than enough R2's for everyone. Boy was I WRONG! A TRU employee told us that they let them go yesterday on the 2nd not the 3rd. And told us they did'nt have any left. I asked her why they let the R2's go a day early and she said her boss told them to. So right before I was about to blow up as big as the Death Star another employee handed me one and told me it was the last one. I felt such a feeling of relief it is unexplainable. I really got the last one, and it is in perfect mint condition.

    "On to the next TRU at Bannister. I showed up thinking maybe the same thing happened there, thank the Force they had at least a half case left over so I got my 2nd one. I only collect 2 of everything if it's special. Then on to Barry road, They didn't even get any in, I was like NO WAY!! So they gave me a rain check and they are supposed to call me when they come in. I don't want my cousin to miss out. I can hardly believe how difficult these little silver guys are to obtain. I'm wondering did anyone else have as hard of time as I did? I did find the Tyranus and Windu (Unleashed) at Barry TRU, they are awesome! Still no sign of Ephant Mon or Destroyer Droid. I hope every trooper did get his or hers. MTFBWY!!!"

    Posted by: Steve | 4 November 2002 | 14:19 EST
    News from Del Rey
    Some new items being offered by Del Rey:


    In producing all the thrilling characters, action, and romance that
    infuse the Star Wars epic with life, George Lucas and a host of talented actors, special-effects wizards, set designers, and visionaries of every sort have created a myth of stunning imagination. The saga has entered a new and startling phase with Attack of the Clones - and this book is the ultimate backstage pass to the making of this highly anticipated film.

    STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES by R.A. Salvatore. Hardcover repackage (new movie art).

    There is a great disturbance in the Force. . . . From the sleek ships of the glimmering Coruscant skyscape to the lush gardens of pastoral Naboo, dissent is roiling. The Republic is failing, even under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, elected ten years earlier to save the crumbling government. Separatists threaten war, and the Senate is hopelessly divided, unable to determine whether to raise an army for battle or keep the fragile peace. It is a stalemate that, once broken, could lead to galactic chaos.

    THE ART OF STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES by Mark Cotta Vaz. Trade paperback.

    For more than twenty-five years, the visual brilliance of the Star Wars films has captivated audiences far and wide. From lush words to intricate landscapes, from lavish costumes to amazing creatures, the Star Wars design artists have pioneered the technological revolution, while never surrendering the dazzling sense of wonder. Filled with stunning examples of beautiful, never-before-seen movie artwork, THE ART OF STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES takes us through and takes us through an incredible gallery of astonishing images.

    The following material is being reprinted from the Del Rey Internet
    Newsletter. To subscribe to this free, monthly e-newsletter, visit
    Del Rey online.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 November 2002 | 12:09 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "For a limited time only, Brian's Toys is offering FREE SHIPPING on website orders of $75.00 and up.
    Go to Brian's Toys
    We have also added new items to our FREE ITEMS section. New FREE
    items include the Silver R2-D2, Ponda Baba with Cantina Scene,
    Hammerhead with Cantina Scene, Saga ROTJ Endor Rebel Soldier, and
    All Customers (including international customers) qualify for FREE
    toys for orders at levels of $75.00, $200, and $400. (For example,
    if you spend $200 you receive a $75 level gift, a $200 level gift,
    and FREE SHIPPING.) The FREE SHIPPING Offer and FREE items offer may
    be discontinued at any time over the next several weeks.
    We are hoping to assist many of our customers with this special
    offer, especially for gifts just before the rush of the holiday

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 November 2002 | 9:52 EST
    Sandtrooper JediDaxter reports:
    "JediDaxter here, I am having a giveaway on my site, Special Realm. First prize is a Saga Yoda Jedi Master. Second Prize is a Saga Endor Rebel Soldier. Enter today!"

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 November 2002 | 9:49 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedijaybird pleads:
    "Jedijaybird here from Minnesota: I urge, no wait scratch that, I beg you all to see AOTC at an IMAX theatre if you can. It was a truly
    awesome experience. Although roughly 20 minutes shorter, the film
    actually "feels" better. It was much faster paced and the scenes
    removed from the film really didn't detract from the story. The sound
    effects were incredible, you could feel every starship, laser bolt and swing of the lightsaber from the sound system. So for a real
    pre-holiday treat go see AOTC one more time on a reall BIG screen.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 4 November 2002 | 8:46 EST
    Sandtrooper Fett Man reports:
    "Hi Troopers, Im out here in good ole North Carolina with a store report. I was at the tru in Cary and Raleigh on sunday and scored some prefect condition silver r2's they seemed to have plenty, some great customer service here, they sorted through there bent cards to find me nice ones, without even asking, at both stores, amazing for tru! I would head out there today if you are in need, the Cary store has a good selection of newer figures, Padme pilot, Watto, but no clone trooper pilots, and the Raleigh store is a bit more scarce they both have tons of X-wing's, action fleet, legos, and the new Gigantor Hoth Luke, Good Luck Troopers!!!"

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2002 | 20:22 EST
    Trooper Boba-Brett Reports:
    I just got back from my TRU in Rocky River, OH and they had tons of the newer waves in stock. Teemto, Lott Dod, Ki-Adi, Tusken w/ Massiff and Maul and Anakin. Guess what? All out of Silver R2! Guess I'll have to try again next week. MTFBWY !!

    Thanks Brett, and I may have been a little premature when I said we may still be seeing these things til X-mas. I have been hearing from the Troops that many stores are indeed sold out with Okay so maybe it isn't as bad as Ketwol but it still isn't Toy Fair Vader Troops!!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2002 | 20:17 EST
    And the Winner Is.......REPOST
    The clock has struck midnight and we have found the winner for the R2-D2 TRU Silver Anniversary Giveaway !!

    TROOPER Carl B. Harley of Las Vegas Nevada is our lucky winner !!!

    Congrats Carl! What about the Troopers who didn't win? You can score it Sunday, however not for free ! A special thanks to Jim at Federation Toys for making this happen. Jim has also promised me that this is the "tip of the iceberg" and plans to bring more blockbuster giveaways to Sandtroopers in the future!

    Carl, this is our second attempt to contact you. We will give you one week from the ending of the contest to hear from you. We may simply draw again or run the contest so please, as Sio Bibble would say, "You must contact me !!" - Spiceowan

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2002 | 19:40 EST
    StarConstrux Update:
    Markus at StarConstrux informed us that they have updated their site. There are 7 new figures made by Harald Fl�gge. Also, there is a new diarama "Docking Bay 94" by Lars Intemann. Also, there are some new pictures of Expanded Universe Customs. It is all in their news, head on over and check it out. I give you fair warning that they are a international site from Germany but they have bi-lingual pages, the dioramas are worth taking a look at. Thanks for the heads up Markus!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 November 2002 | 19:11 EST
    Sandtrooper Steven reports:
    "Just a reminder that in the Kmart ad this week, they're selling the Saga figs for $3. It is good for Sun and Mon so get to TRU where all the new figs are and price match!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 November 2002 | 19:08 EST
    Sandtrooper JediDaxter reports:
    "JediDaxter here. I have finished moving the petitions from PetitionOrg to my newer site, Special Realm. I am in the process of adding some new items to the site. I have added some newer links, and is completing the Saga text archive. I am also in the process of adding a new poll to Special Realm, and closing out PetitionOrg.
    The poll on PetitionOrg will be up until Monday, so if you haven't seen or voted in the poll, please do so. I am also looking for someone who would like to join me on my site and help out. Please contact if you are interested."


    Special Realm

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2002 | 18:47 EST
    Update Silver R2 Japan :
    It seems the information posted yesterday may have been inaccurate. We have recieved news via a Trooper named SN. Trooper SN wrote: I enjoy your news everyday. However, your news on the R2 promotion is not correct. Not 50 pieces but 5,000 pieces total was to be given away October 31st. Also, Jorg is not a Japan TRU exclusive it will be a TOMY.

    P.S. Does anyone know when 1/7 red clone commander of KOTOBUKIYA will be released in 2003? It will be a Japan TRU exclusive and limited to 1,000.

    Thanks for the update SN and keep working on your english. I was able to interpret most of it. Sandtroopers would like to thank you for the info on OUR typo.

    Update: I also recieved additional info from Cyber Junk. He believes that maybe there is the same situation as here in the U.S., the stores all have their own policies. We will stay tuned Cyber Junk! You and SN figure it out and let us know !!

    Posted by: George | 3 November 2002 | 17:23 EST
    Geonosian Battle Arena @ WM
    Not much to inform my fellow Puertoricans in the enchanted island ( Puerto Rico). Now I do understand your frustrations. I finally got to see the Geonosians Battle Arena Playset at Walmart Super Center in Cayey. For those hunters scavenging the farest towns for something they are available there. I can get a hold of one upon request just give me a holler HERE. Also Pitusa in Aguada has some of the Micro Machine's action fleet available $9.99.... Rip-off [cough!!!] Where are the figures?? Milleniun, Darth's Tie,etc.... Also available Dexter Jetser wave for just $4.00 bucks! A cool standy promoting E-2's VHS & DVD release was awaiting over at WM. Watto? Yes I saw it but don't want a figure made out of concept art cluttering my limited space!!! That's just my thought, similar ones are merely coincidential!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 November 2002 | 13:31 EST
    Silver R2-D2
    Spiceowan here tossing in my two cents on the R2 debacle. I went into my TRU yesterday and bought Mace Windu 12 inch,(the only one I didn't have) and the clerk let ME go through the box and pick mine so I guess it all differs from store to store. Bottom line Troops: This is not the Toy Fair Vader. As much as all the scalping scum wants it to be, chances are this figure holds about as much value as POTJ Ketwol. So even if you didn't get one at Amazon or run right out and get one, chances are you will get one thru Christmas. Like General J and I have been stating for WEEKS, this is not something you folks should be losing sleep over, especially YOU Chad Ryan !! Haha Troops quit freakin out, and I hope the scalpers clean them up so we don't have to look at it like a Bespin Luke Skywalker! Good luck out there Troopers, Kick A#$ and take names !

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 November 2002 | 13:13 EST
    Sandtrooper Lee reports:
    "Hiya Troops. It been way to long since the last time I sent out a msg, but I just had to let the rest of you know that the new figs finally hit the gulf coast. Went to TRU in Biloxi today and scored the new Anakin, Padme, Teemto, Watto, Lott Dod and got the free silver R2-D2. They had the Sith Training Maul and Tusken Raider/Massiff combo too. This is the first time in awhile I've had something good to share. Just goes to show ya, good things come to
    those who wait. And speaking of waiting, if you're out there Ham Yoyo, I'm still waiting for you to fullfill our Skiff deal. Take care troopers. Thats it for this transmission..."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 November 2002 | 13:11 EST
    Sandtrooper Larry reports:
    "Hey Troops! Trooper Larry, from the N. East Ohio quadrent, reporting. The silver R2 has arrived, and in less numbers than expected. The Mentor Tru, from what I was told only received two cases. Get them while you can. More new figure have been put up on the pegs, still no Ephont though. I did manage to find the clean shaven Endor Soldier though. Wal-marts have gotten some new figs. Make sure you dig threw the old peg warmers though. They mixed them together. The Gunships and the Playsets have been seen. Other than that, not much new here. MTFBWY, and happy hunting..."

    Posted by: Steve | 3 November 2002 | 11:24 EST
    Silver R2
    Hey Troops, the Silver R2 made its appearance here in Lafayette, IN on Saturday. They had a bunch of them hanging on the side of the shelves. Of course anyone who wants mint packaging would have been really disappointed in the way the figures were hung. This Toys R Us decided it would be a good idea to hang them on clip hangers, which of course severely bends the top of the cards. Every R2 had some level of damage. When I made my purchase yesterday I got the distinct impression that the employees didn't care about the $20 purchase. I stopped back this morning and grabbed another R2, they charged me a penny and didn't even mention the minimum purchase. Nice to see they know what is going on. So I have one carded and one to open, but I can see the scalpers having a great time with this if they find out. They could get 40 R2s for 40 cents!

    Posted by: Tyler | 3 November 2002 | 9:58 EST
    Silver R2 gone!
    Well a quick check of will show you that this little gem is "not stocked or discontinued". I hope everyone got one who wanted it. Let's also hope they have enough to fill all their orders. Take care Troops.

    Posted by: Tyler | 2 November 2002 | 22:22 EST
    Sandtrooper Cyber Junk reports:
    "TRU in Japan is having a promotion and all the details are not clear other than this: 50 pieces of the R2-D2 25th Silver Anni total in Japan will be given away like a raffle, but in order to enter the raffle you have to buy a number of figures and use the barcode sticker on it to enter. So far we all know this is not an exclusive to the US as many other countries are getting it. Along with this promotion TRU in Japan is also giving away 500 pieces of Jorg Sacul, I don't have the detail on this, but it can be run with the same promotion as the TRU R2-D2. As for now I can say the limited edition of Jorg Sacul is not limited if this information is confirmed."

    So there you have it troops. Seems as though the only HTF figure out there this year should be the Silver Anniversary Vader. Infact it's been over 24 hrs now since Amazon has been offering the Silver R2 and they are still available. So hopefully everyone is able to get one.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 November 2002 | 20:15 EST
    Trooper Cyber Fett Reports:
    Went to Fernandina Beach, Florida Wal-Mart this morning and much to my surprise the full dump bin of Saga figures were gone and replaced on the pegs were plenty of Tattoine Attack Anakin, Sith Training Darth Maul, Padme, Jango, AND Clone Pilots. Along with Yoda,Dooku,Lott Dod,Watto and Teemto.Two Ephant Mon and 1 Clean shaven Endor Rebel Soldier.They must have gotten their pull. The only older figures I found were Nitko,Plo Koon and Jango Fett Kamino Escape.All of the possible Army Builders were gone. I was hoping to find some of those at Target but I am not holding my breath! They also had a nice stock of Arena Playsets and Gunships. That's it for now Troops!

    What a find for you Cyber Fett ! Keep em' comin in Troops, United We Find !!

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 2 November 2002 | 19:48 EST
    Force of the Bay Weekend Edition
    Spiceowan with a Weekend Force of the Bay. Weekends are to kick back and relax. That is the direction I decided to steer this installment.Things like this Ewok phone caught my attention. Trying not to focus on action figures I also dug up this kiddie costume , I know Halloween was last week. I didn't even see poor kids in something that ridiculous last Thursday.I also ran across a ancient stein that seems to be from times past.Have you ever thought about getting into the vintage coin collecting ? This would give you a nice head start.I have been reading that these Clones are a soon to be "hard to find " items. I found about 38 listings all with Buy it Now.There are many a scalp trying to get a quick buck on the Bay. Which leads us up to our next offender Troops!

    I am serving notice on Carlton Sheets ooops, I mean Power Sucka Anthony Robbins himself ! I couldn't stop laughing for about ten minutes until I realized this dirtbag was serious. You could make thousands ripping off Star Wars collectors! You didn't know ? Sure, just hang out 24/7 in the cafe that most retail chain stores have and check every 10 minutes if the new toys are out. Then dash home and list them all on E-Bay! If you don't sell, return within 30 days! There I busted his scam down so YOU the hardworking collector don't have to stoop to the level of this fool. These are the Sucka's that make this hobby "no fun" and I CWO Spiceowan of the Sandtrooper Army intend to wage war on all Suckas worldwide!! United WE Find Troops, Kick A$% is take names !! Until next time !!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 2 November 2002 | 18:31 EST
    Little droid causing a BIG stink!
    Order yours HERE!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 2 November 2002 | 9:54 EST
    Sandtrooper David reports:
    "Just got back from seeing AOTC on the BIG screen.....awsome. The sound, picture, scenery...everything was totally visually pleasing (especially Amidala !!) But a word of warning...they did cut out quite a few scenes, which gave the movie a somewhat different feel. It seem to move a lot quicker. Overall, get to the IMAX ASAP. It's like seeing it again for the first time. ..."

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 2 November 2002 | 9:53 EST
    Sandtrooper Songwrtr reports:
    "For those who want to be sure of getting one of the Silver R2s, Amazon has now set them to in stock (as of midnight Nov 2). They're 9.99, so if you didn't have anything you wanted to spend about $20 on, the cost plus shipping will set you back a bit less. Remember that Amazon sells toys, not packaging, so if you must have minty fresh, your safest bet is still either a brick and mortar TRU or one of the specialty shops (Yestertoys, et al.) that cater to collectors. To get to the R2 quickest, search for item 632433. Happy Hunting!"
    Trooper Songwrtr

    Posted by: Tyler | 2 November 2002 | 0:23 EST
    Silver R2 at!
    Hey Troops,
    If you don't have a TRU in your area or in your country (as is the case here in Canada) then head on over to and order yourself one for $9.99 US! I just finished ordering 5 myself with no problems. A big thanks to for posting this first.

    UPDATE: The site has now been updated so that if you order $19.99 or more worth of stuff you get one free when you enter the correct code. Also if you order $99.00 or more worth of stuff you get free shipping. So if you ordered 10 of the Silver R2's you could not only get free shipping but get an 11th one free! Wish they had posted this yesterday before I placed my order :(

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 21:53 EST
    Sandtrooper TEAMRICO reports:
    "TEAMRICO here, just letting you guys know that if you ask nicely you just might get a Silver R2 early. I did tonight!!! The manager of a local TRU (Steve I think) said they would be giving them out tomorrow. He said he could give me one if I made the required purchase and he did! I also informed him about those low scalpers out there that will do anything to get there hands on more then one and to to be fair and only limit them to one per customer! He said he would try and he seemed sincere. Play nice gang and only take one. Good luck..."

    Posted by: Steve | 1 November 2002 | 17:15 EST
    Area Report, Lafayette, IN
    Hey Troops, just some news from Lafayette, IN. The Wal-Mart on the west side of town had most of the new figures today, except for Ephant. They also had the arena and gunship. Toys R Us had plenty of the arena and gunships as well. I asked about the Silver R2 and they told me be here on Sunday. That's about it for now.

    Hey Jason, email me

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 15:24 EST
    Clone Wars for Gamecube review needed:
    Any Troops have a review of this game yet? If so, send it on in!!!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 14:39 EST
    Sandtrooper Super Trooper Jeffred5 reports:
    "Hey Troopers,
    I have been hearing a lot of reports of the TRU Silver 25th R2-D2 showing up at TRUs here and there and some luck people have been able to buy them from uninformed or uncaring employees. At least one person was even able to get several at just $.01 because that is what will ring up when they are supposed to be released, except you are supposed to buy $19.99 worth of Star Wars toys and there is supposed to be a limit of one per customer. So, I went to a local TRU and tried to get one and I was told they aren't available yet. But, the surprise was that I was told THE SILVER 25TH R2-D2 WILL BE AVAILABLE TOMORROW MORNING SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, So, check your local TRUs Saturday or they may be gone by Sunday.
    Good luck and MTFBWY,..."

    "PS In the TRU "Big Book" that is out this weekend they list some items that are only available on-line and it says the Silver R2 offer will be honored on-line as well..."

    Man, all this talk about the Silver R2 is giving me wood...Did I say that out loud just now? That will teach General J and SpiceOwan for leaving me to my own devices! Hahahahahaha...huh?

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 12:09 EST
    Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    "Well Troops,
    The figure drought has evidently ended here in the Tennessee Vally,namely in Huntsville Alabama.I found Ephant mon but I had 2 of them already and sold the one I got to a friend of mine. I still haven't seen the Speeder Bike with the Clone trooper yet. Is Hasbro still making that one,if so why haven't I seen him yet? A big thanks goes out to Richard Smith for finding one for me. I want to get another to take off the card. Thanks..."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 12:06 EST
    Sandtrooper XbrandonX reports:
    "Richmond, VA's been really quiet since our boom a couple of weeks ago. The PLayset and Gunship are here in good numbers. The deluxe have come, but I still haven't gotten my Clonetrooper of Geonosian. No sign of Ephant Mon.
    BTW, I'm not so sure I'd believe Hasbro's claim of "There'll be enough Silver R2's to go around." I just got back from my local TRU, and they got a whopping 2 cases of these things....But then, that's just our TRU, which doesn't usually get anything in great numbesr..So, who knows..."


    **UPDATE** after initial post:
    "I just reported my TRU only getting 2 cases of R2's. Apparantly there are 32 R2's per case, so that's 64, which isn't a bad number.
    Still, I'll worry about it until I get my R2 in my hand.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 9:43 EST
    Sandtrooper Dom reports:
    "Trooper Dom reporting. Hope all the troops had a happy and safe Halloween. The Slave 1 Hallmark ornament has hit the stores.
    Also, for those of you have an interest, the NX-01 Enterprise ornament is also available. These are both very authentic pieces,
    but admittedly a little pricey. I got both for about $45.00. Take care..."

    Thanks for the report Dom! Hope your Halloween was great! Looks like the Holiday season is kicking off troops, keep those reports coming and let's make sure we all get what we want for Christmas!!!!!

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 1 November 2002 | 8:29 EST
    Sandtrooper Jeffred5 reports:
    "I am fairly new to Trading Card Games (TCGs) and Collectable Card
    Games (CCGs) and I am interested in playing the Star Wars versions especially the new AOTC Game and the Sith Rising and A New Hope expiation sets. Can anyone tell me of some good Internet sources for news and info on these games and good places on-line or mail order to buy cards and supplies, because not many stores in my area carry the Star Wars Games and so it is very hard to find them and when I do find them they are usually over priced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and MTFBWY,..."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 November 2002 | 0:58 EST
    And the Winner Is.......
    The clock has struck midnight and we have found the winner for the R2-D2 TRU Silver Anniversary Giveaway !!

    TROOPER Carl B. Harley of Las Vegas Nevada is our lucky winner !!!

    Congrats Carl ! What about the Troopers who didn't win ? You can score it Sunday, however not for free ! A special thanks to Jim at Federation Toys for making this happen. Jim has also promised me that this is the "tip of the iceberg" and plans to bring more blockbuster giveaways to Sandtroopers in the future!