February 2013

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 28 February 2013 | 4:38 EST

Sideshow Collectibles: Sideshow's 12" Militaries of Star Wars line has produced its next figure, the Snowtrooper. He comes with a survival backpack, cold weather assault gear, an E-11 Carbine Blaster, thermal detonator, display base and more, and is listed at $149.99.

eFX Stormtrooper Helmet: This new piece from eFX was created based on an original Lucasfilm Archives helmet. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is priced at $158.99.

Star Wars Plush: We have new Rag Doll Plushes. Creature Plushes, Back Buddies, Back Pack Pals, Messenger Bags, Large Plushes and even Giants Plushes for Chewbacca, Spider-Man Yoda and more. You can take a look at all of these new listings from Comic Images.

Sabers Ice Pop It & Cookbook: Now you can make popsicle-lightsabers for your little and not-so-little Star Wars fans. This set comes with four lightsaber molds as well as a cookbook with 30 recipes for refrigerated Star Wars-themed treats, and is listed at $24.99.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 February 2013 | 13:24 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: They're Sticking to It!
Really Hasbro?If you were one of the many U.S. collectors that wasn't too happy about the news of the last wave of Clone Wars hitting the United States, our friends at JediDefender.com have confirmation from Hasbro that indeed this wave will not be available. It's really too bad they've not only canceled the animated line, but one would really have to question some of the decisions being made these days in regards to the line! For more, visit JediDefender for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 February 2013 | 12:48 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Darth Vader & the Ghost Prison Trailer
We have an update from our Facebook page that directed my attention to an awesome trailer that hit the IGN YouTube channel. Prepare to see Darth Vader return to the Jedi Temple and much more in an action-packed clip that is just over a minute. Thanks again to content creator Marty Ryan for the link, United We Find!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 February 2013 | 12:46 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Celebration Europe Announcements
We have confirmation that Pablo Hidalgo will be in attendance at the upcoming Celebration Europe in Essen, Germany. He will host the Behind-The-Scenes Stage where you can "hear from the creators of great moments in Star Wars movies and television, and about upcoming collectibles, books, comics and more." There is also great news for fans who couldn't make it to Celebration VI for the Rancho Obi-Wan experience as Steve Sansweet revealed yesterday part of the ranch will be making the journey across the pond!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2013 | 12:51 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: This is the Price you're Looking For!
Thanks Paul!Our friends at JediTempleArchives let us know about a great clearance sale at Kmart that kicked off yesterday. If you can find the Vintage Collection AT-ST, you can now pick it up for 50% off the original price. Many locations have had these at $31.00 for several weeks. I picked up a pair last night in Greenfield, WI. I also took note the Ewok & AT-ST 2-packs were not only in stock, but still at full price. Visit JTA for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2013 | 12:40 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Trespass Finale in Bricks!
ACPin is in constant rebulid mode!The LEGO world is rocked again by ACPin as he has put together a detailed scene from the Trespass Finale in Star Wars: the Clone Wars. "Fierce beast-riding warriors, the Talz are very territorial and only want to be left alone. Though the Jedi manage to negotiate peace with the Talz chieftain, Thi-Sen, when greedy Chairman Cho breaks it by insisting the planet and the Talz are under his power.The resulting conflict escalates into war between the senator led clones and the Talz, with the Jedi in the middle." For more, check out the forums for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 24 February 2013 | 12:21 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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A great selection of products have arrived at Brian's Toys! Available now are two new mini busts, Anakin & Sebulba and Han Solo Bespin, new "Protocol Droid" artwork, and two rare loose AFA, a Vinyl Cape Jawa and Lili Ledy Jawa! The Gentle Giant Jumbo 12" Death Star Droid and the eFX Stormtrooper PCR Helmet are also back in stock. Check back next week as the Gentle Giant Jumbo Cantina Playset will be arriving, or simply visit the site now to pick up the new Masters of the Universe Jitsu and Ram Man. To see the complete newsletter, visit our website.

Posted by: Dan Curto | 23 February 2013 | 13:45 EST
Sandwatch Guide: The Clone Wars 2011 Defend Kamino Battle Pack
The Clone Wars 2011 Defend Kamino Battle Pack

For your viewing pleasure, the Sandwatch Guide flashes back to the 2011 The Clone Wars line of Battle Packs, starting with the Defend Kamino set, which features a new ARC Trooper Blitz, as well as new versions of Clone Troopers Echo and Fives. This set not only has 3 repainted clones (always a good option for figures), but it also comes with Galactic Battle Game pieces. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 February 2013 | 8:37 EST
Sandwatch Live: Intro to Star Wars Dag Racers
In this episode we take a look at a new Dagedar Star Wars line from our friends at Cepia. There are 4 ways to play with Dag Racers - collecting, listening to the audio, watching the video and head-to-head racing. In this clip we focus on the first two aspects as we show you single, triple Dag Racers and the Droid Display & Decoder. Stay tuned for more from Dagedar Star Wars in future segments, and we also have a new product reveal in this clip! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 February 2013 | 19:48 EST
Dewback Preview: Invasion has been Approved!
Our allies at Reed Pop have just sent word the Sandtroopers.com Battle Station will indeed return to C2E2 this April. We're very excited to once again take part in the largest pop culture event in the Midwest. We're prepared to fire when ready so stay tuned as we'll be announcing our battle plan for what's shaping to be an incredible weekend for Star Wars fans!

Posted by: Dan Curto | 21 February 2013 | 11:48 EST
Sandwatch Guide: The Clone Wars 2011 2012 DVD Sets
The Clone Wars 2012 DVD Sets

For your viewing pleasure, the Sandwatch Guide flashes back to the 2011 Walmart-exclusive DVD sets....um, actually, no...those were canceled. However, through the magic of bizarre distribution, these sets eventually were released in 2012 through Marshall's & TJ Maxx discount stores at a lower price point. So...The Clone Wars 2012 DVD Sets are featured in today's update! The sets include: "Legacy of Terror" with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Trooper (dubbed "Gearshift") and "Brain Invaders" with Ahsoka and Clone Trooper Scythe. Each set also includes a DVD of the episode they are based on, as well as Galactic Battle Game pieces. Enjoy!

Posted by: Dan Curto | 19 February 2013 | 18:11 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: 2013 Star Wars Star Tours Packs
The celebration of the amazing new Star Tours Disney theme park ride continues in 2013 with new STAR WARS Star Tours Action Figure Packs from Hasbro. Building off of the packs released in 2011, these two sets of figures introduce new Droids from the ride experience as well as a few reprised fan favorites. New figures include a blue Signal Droid, red RX Droid, a G2 Droid rebuilt from scratch for more accurate detail, and the very first appearance of a new Seeker Droid!

These packs launch in May 2013 at Walt Disney World- Hollywood Studios during STAR WARS Weekends and will be available at Walt Disney World stores in Florida and Disneyland Resort stores in California shortly thereafter.

Experience the magic of the ride and then relive the action with the STAR WARS Star Tours Action Figure Packs!

(Item# A0416) STAR WARS® Star Tours™: Search for the Rebel Spy
- Included Figures: Signal Droid, Seeker Droid, Imperial Sky Trooper

(Item# A0417) STAR WARS® Star Tours™: Sector 2 Security
- Included Figures: G2 Droid, C-3PO, RX Droid

Each pack sold separately.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 February 2013 | 14:42 EST
Sandtrooper Spotlight: jkno reviews eFX Imperial TIE Fighter
Our good friend and Sandtrooper veteran jkno has shared a great video of the new eFX TIE Fighter that has made the journey all the way to Romania! Click below for his inspection and visit our forums to see the latest addtions to his Imperial themed collection. United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 February 2013 | 12:31 EST
Dewback Preview: The next Steel City Con!
The Steel City Con has put together a monster guest list for their upcoming April show. The Star Wars guest that will be attending is none other than Darth Vader himself, Dave Prowse. He will be joined by Kevin Sorbo, Ernie Hudson, the Honky Tonk Man and many more! Don't forget about the free goodie bag when you purchase a 3-day pass online. For ticket and hotel information visit their website for the

Posted by: Dan Curto | 18 February 2013 | 15:30 EST
Sandwatch Guide: Podracer Pilots (2012 Movie Heroes Multipack)
Podracer Pilots (2012 Movie Heroes Multipack)

For your viewing pleasure, the Sandwatch Guide flashes back to the 2012 figure multipack in Hasbro's Toys-"R"-Us - exclusive "Podracer Pilots" lineup. Based on characters appearing in The Phantom Menace, this set includes 5 repainted figures from the past that flew in the Boonta Eve Challenge on Tatooine. This set also includes special podracing flags showing the colors of each pilot, which were never available before.

Today's gallery includes many never-before-seen photos taken last year, including comparison photos next to the original versions. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 February 2013 | 13:45 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Jocasta Nu now Available for new Recruits!
I have altered the deal!For those of you who have yet to enlist in our Premium Membership Program, we have only a few Jocasta Nu that remain in our supply for new members. We are offering one Jocasta Nu Brians Toys exclusive action figure with your paid one year subscription. If you were looking for a little more value for this great exclusive and a good way to help us out with year-round website expenses, then this is truly a win-win. Our supply is very limited, so take advantage of this special offer now! We're soon to announce the next Battle Station venue and raffle later this week and being part of the P.M.P. is the only way to be a part of the action. Please note there is an $8 shipping cost that must be included with your membership fee as she is in stock and ready to ship. For further details, visit our forums for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 16 February 2013 | 12:16 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: DaGeDar Star Wars Products hit West Coast!
Get your race on!We'd like to thank the many of you who sent questions regarding the newest Star Wars toy line. DaGeDar Star Wars will hit nationwide soon but if our Troopers are in the Phoenix area, they can currently find DaGeDar Star Wars at a number of local Toys R Us and CVS retail locations. We also have added a small photo gallery that features the Droid Collector pack, Attack the AT-AT Hoth Track Set, and the endcap display we should be seeing at retail in the very near future.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 February 2013 | 22:47 EST
Sandtrooper Spotlight: Sandtrooper Kesselrun Re-revisited!
Just awesome Troopers!We have an update from Premium Membership Program member Kesselrun that will simply blow your mind. Brian has one of the largest collections in southeast Wisconsin, as it's not too often I walk away from another collection feeling crunchy. If you do take the time to browse the near 400 photos, you'll see why I make such a claim. From vintage to modern, the Star Wars collectibles take up nearly the entire floorplan of the lower level of his home. Don't take my word, check out the amazing photos and stay tuned to our YouTube channel as we're headed back soon to complete shooting as we couldn't get it wrapped in a single day! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 February 2013 | 22:45 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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The new Hasbro 12" Anakin and Clone Trooper figures are now in stock along with the new Class II Fleet vehicles. Also new this week is the Marvel Universe Wave 17 which includes 5 new character figures. New 12-back Vintage figures have been listed as well, which includes a unpunched Darth Vader AFA 80 figure. A few Sideshow Collectibles items have been reduced in price as well. To see the complete Brian's Toys newsletter, visit our website.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 February 2013 | 8:44 EST
Update from Toy Hutt: New Titaniums Added!
Toy Hutt has recently acquired a super selection of 2005-2009 Titanium Series Die-Cast. We have many hard to find & adding more each week! We have also updated our 3 3/4 inventory of Power of the Force, Episodes I-III, and the Saga Collection. Click below to browse our massive selection!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 February 2013 | 14:21 EST
Sandtrooper Carlo Reports: Yoda across the Pond!
"My name is Carlo and I’m a massive Star Wars fan and I’m lucky enough to be working on the implementation of the LEGO Star Wars Miniland at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester. Together with the LEGO Master Model we have created a huge Star Wars LEGO landscape and filmed the following video of Yoda."

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 February 2013 | 14:20 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: New Star Wars toy line races onto shelves!
Get your Race On!DaGeDar Star Wars is a collectible, track-racing experience that integrates action-packed animation with real Star Wars phrases and sound effects. Racing onto shelves later this year, DaGeDar Star Wars will feature Star Wars themed track sets, audio and video decoders, special accessories, collector carrying cases and of course, 100 collectible Dag Racer characters. Each racer will also include an RFID chip containing some of your favorite Star Wars sounds, phrases and original video content. Find out how Yoda’s Jedi powers fair against a pesky Ewok’s tricks as they race around the AT-AT Track Set. Relive the famous standoff as Luke takes on Darth Vader at the Lightsaber Duel Track Set. Although official launch is slated for later in the year, a limited amount of product is now available exclusively at ToysRUs.com. For more, check out the website for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 February 2013 | 14:43 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Fan Wraps available Soon!
In two days Star Wars fans will get a chance to show their love for the Star Wars universe like never before. The decals range in size from small to extra large making it "all too easy" to customize your vehicle! Click below for an installation demonstration and make sure to browse the Star Wars FanWraps website.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 February 2013 | 14:35 EST

Kotobukiya: The daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo is dressed in her x-wing pilot uniform, lightsaber and helmet in her hands. This piece is in stock and listed at $54.99. Our latest shipment from Kotobukiya included two new Star Wars ArtFX+ Statue kits. The first is Darth Vader is he appeared in "Return of the Jedi" and includes interchangeable head and arm parts; this kit is listed at $44.99. We also have the Emperor's Royal Guard Two-Pack in stock, and it is listed at $56.99.

Diamond Select: This Ultimate Quarter Scale Jawa bank stands 9-inches tall and holds a weapon in his hand. He has the familiar glowing eyes and is listed at $18.99.

Vintage Star Wars: We have added a few items to our Star Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to our Vintage Collection menus. We have carded, packaged and loose items available.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 February 2013 | 14:11 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: The Jedi who Knew too Much
The Clone Wars is looking to heat back up this Saturday when "The Jedi who knew too much" hits the air. The first teaser hit Youtube yesterday, and you can click below to be tempted even further!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 February 2013 | 14:35 EST
Dewback Preview: Orlando Megacon next Month!
We're counting down the weeks until Orlando Megacon next month. Our Troopers stationed in the Flordia area should start planning their attack now! Lock in the dates of March 15-17, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center Hall D. There are several Star Wars guest scheduled to attend including Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and Paul Blake (Greedo). For ticket and hotel information visit their website for the

Posted by: Dan Curto | 11 February 2013 | 14:32 EST
Sandwatch Guide: Discover The Force Basic Figures 2012
Discover The Force basic figures

For your viewing pleasure, the Sandwatch Guide flashes back to the 2012 basic figures in Hasbro's Walmart-exclusive "Discover the Force" lineup. Based on characters appearing in The Phantom Menace, the basic figure line included an interesting 12-figure mix of 4 all-new sculpts that were pulled from The Vintage Collection, an exclusive variant, a repaint, and 6 repacks of previous releases.

The complete 12-figure lineup is featured here today, and while this line is still available at many Walmart stores, it has also been recently found at Five Below for only $5 each. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 11 February 2013 | 14:29 EST
Sandwatch Live: Bootleg Clone Troopers
This past weekend Hasbro revealed the new Mission Series 2-packs at Toy Fair and it had me thinking, why couldn't Hasbro produce an army builder 2-pack of Clone or Stormtroopers? It's been done before, click below for a blast from the past as I review this pair of bootleg Clone Troopers! Thanks again to "Trigger Dan" for another outstanding attack, United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 11 February 2013 | 14:15 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: New York Toy Fair Special - Hasbro
Damn Nemo!It’s time for the 110th American International Toy Fair in New York but unfortunately 'Nemo' has stopped many people from attending including Dan and James who are stuck in Rochester, NY and London, U.K. respectively. That doesn’t mean that their coverage stops and they’re here with the first show from the 2013 US Toy Fair featuring all the reveals and news from the Hasbro Fan Media Day event that took place at the Times Centre on 9th February 2013. What will Dan and James make of The Black Series, the 'new' Saga Legends, 12” line and more – listen in to find out. Check out the images and follow along at Jedi News.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 10 February 2013 | 11:18 EST
Dewback Patrol: Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Images
Thanks Nemo!We had a solid plan to cover Toy Fair 2013, however super-storm Nemo had other plans for us. In any case if there was a year to miss, there's no doubt it was this one as Hasbro had a little bit less to offer than in years past. What do collectors have to look forward to this year? The honest answer is not a whole lot, but for what you will see check out the photo gallery of press images for the new 6-inch figures, the Black Collection, Saga Legends, Mission Series and 2013 retailer exclusives! Make sure to jump into the Sandtrooper forums and let us know your thoughts. United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 9 February 2013 | 18:11 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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Brian's Toys has tons of great products this week! The Gentle Giant Vintage 12" Luke X-Wing jumbo figure is available now along with the 2013 Class I Deluxe Vehicles. The new deluxe figures come packaged with a vehicle and two action figures. Also, get prepared for the movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation with brand new figures. It's been nearly a year since Wave 1 arrived, but Wave 2 is now available along with new multi-packs and vehicles. For more new products such as the R2-D2 (Clone Wars) animated maquettes and the MOTU Classics Procrustus, visit the Brian's Toys newsletter at our website.

Posted by: Dan Curto | 9 February 2013 | 14:44 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: The Black Series Sandtrooper
For your viewing pleasure, here's a first look at the upcoming Hasbro 6" Sandtrooper figure from The Black Series. More to come from Toy Fair!

Posted by: Dan Curto | 9 February 2013 | 14:18 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Hasbro Toy Fair Sneak Peek
Darn Nemo!!! Crazy blizzards, canceled flights, and a lackluster event may have spelled certain doom for this year's event...that doesn't mean news is still not coming out from Toy Fair this year. While we all wait for the official word from our partners in The Force United, a few new photos have turned up from the Nuremburg Toy Fair. Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look, courtesy StarWars-Figuren.com

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 8 February 2013 | 17:49 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Republic Commando Auction for Charity
You go girl!Our good friend Marjorie at Star Wars Action News will be particpating in her (third) 32-flight stair climb to support the American Lung Association. They are doing all they can to raise funds, and her husband & co-host Arnie just listed on e-bay a Republic Commando mini-bust with 100% of the money going to the American Lung Association. For more head for the forums to help contribute and get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 8 February 2013 | 17:42 EST
Sandwatch Review: Sideshow Collectibles E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
It was just a few weeks ago I received my E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster from Sideshow Collectibles. With a little help from my friends we have just uploaded my inspection on our YouTube channel. If you were waiting for the Snowtrooper, they are shipping as of this week but until the Imperial Trooper enter the base, click below to see if this is worth adding to your 1/6th scale collection. Thanks again to our allies at Yakface.com for almost breaking their toys so I don't have to! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 February 2013 | 16:48 EST

Kotobukiya: Kotobukiya's line of snap-together ArtFX+ Star Wars statues continues with the original template of the Clone Troopers, Jango Fett. He stands over 7-inches tall in his Mandalorian armor and is listed at $44.99.

Star Wars Easykit Restock: Revell's Easykit Model Kits are molded in colors and snap together, removing the need for glue or paints. We have a new shipment coming in that will include the AT-RT, the Y-Wing, Anakin's and Obi-Wan's Clone Wars Jedi Starfighters, the Magna Guard Fighter, the Republic Gunship, the V-19 Torrent and General Grievous' Starfighter; we have these kits listed at $17.99 - $24.99 each.

Uncle Milton: Uncle Milton Industries is releasing a number of new science kits based on the Marvel Universe. These include a Thor Lightning Energy Hammer at $24.99, an Iron man Arc Reactor Lab at $27.99, a Spider-Man Web Creator Lab at $32.99 and more, so be sure to check out the entertaining and educational kits!

Gentle Giant: This chromed 12-inch replica of the original figure comes packaged in clamshell plastic and is listed at $67.99. This little droid ends up the star of any movie or show he appears in, and the Clone Wars cartoon is no exception. This piece is listed at $68.99.

Interactive R2-D2: This 15-inch tall R2-D2 can respond to all kinds of verbal commands with movement, sounds and more, as well as act as a guard sentry and other functions. He also has a utility Arm, removable Sensorscope and more, and is the perfect little buddy. This R2 unit is priced at $189.99 and is ready to join your collection and do whatever you need him to do.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 February 2013 | 14:15 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: First Spinoff will focus on Han Solo & Boba Fett
All new era of Awesome!If the rumor mill could crank out just one more rumor this week Troopers! This morning word broke via Entertainment Weekly of the first Star Wars spinoff will be based on a young Han Solo & Boba Fett. What do you think about the role of Han Solo being cast to a younger actor? Will Daniel Logan reprise his role as an older Boba Fett? Jump into the forums and share your thoughts and make sure to visit Entertainment Weekly for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 February 2013 | 14:06 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: All Star Celebrity Bowling!
Join Chris Hardwick as he takes on Ashley Eckstein and the cast of Star Wars: Clone Wars as they compete in an All-Star Celebrity bowling tournament. Click below for all the fun that would benefit a great cause! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2013 | 22:03 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: More Star Wars Films Confirmed!
It appears fans will get more than just Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX on the big screen as the official site has confirmed the development of spinoff films. For more click below for the latest scoop at the Official Site! United We Find.

Posted by: Dan Curto | 5 February 2013 | 13:59 EST
Sandwatch Guide: Movie Heroes Basic Figures 2012, Waves 2 & 3
Movie Heroes basic figures 2012

For your viewing pleasure, the Sandwatch Guide once again flashes back to the 2012 basic figure in Hasbro's Movie Heroes lineup. The second wave included 6 figures based on The Phantom Menace with "action features" with all-new sculpts! The third wave jumped back to the Original Trilogy with a pair of figures sporting new features as well, and these are also added. (It remains to be seen if the fourth and final wave will ever be produced, although it has been found overseas.) Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2013 | 10:59 EST
Update from Toy Hutt: Vintage Restocked!
We have recently purchased a large vintage collection and are currently in the process of adding the inventory to our menus. We have a great selection of 3 3/4 carded and loose, vehicles, AFA Graded and much more! Please make sure to check back frequently, as we are also adding a ton of modern Star Wars as well. Click below to browse our selection.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2013 | 10:25 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Jedi Junkies S.E. Available February 12!
Our friends at NewVideoDigital have sent us the first trailer for their film Jedi Junkies. It's going to be released as Special Edition DVD on February 12. "In Jedi Junkies we profile a diverse and interesting group of collectors. Blair Witch Project director Ed Sanchez showed us his impressive toy collection. We also profiled a group of lightsaber wielding martial artists who are practicing their Jedi skills, the Star Wars theme band AeroSith and a number of beautiful women who dress up in Leia's Metal Bikini. We also interviewed with Olivia Munn and the actors who played Chewbaca, Darth Maul and Boba Fett. We also spoke with a fan who built a life size Millennium Falcon in his backyard. Click below for a film by Star Wars fans, about Star Wars fans made for Star Wars fans!"

Posted by: Dan Curto | 4 February 2013 | 22:55 EST
Sandwatch Guide: Movie Heroes Basic Figures 2012, Wave 1
Movie Heroes basic figures 2012 wave 1

For your viewing pleasure, the Sandwatch Guide flashes back to the 2012 basic figure in Hasbro's Movie Heroes lineup. The first wave included 12 figures with "action features" that were repacks or repaints of previous releases, with several figures "new enough to make you mad" (with apologies to Adam Pawlus).

For today's update, only these "new enough" figures are spotlighted with full loose galleries, but there are more to come. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2013 | 14:24 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: The Clone Wars Hangout!
In case you missed the Clone Wars Hangout today with Dave Filoni, Sam Witwer, Ashley Eckstein and many others, click below to see the exciting recap. There were more than a few interesting bits of information to intercept, United We Find!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2013 | 12:57 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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This week boasts new products from Gentle Giant and Sideshow! Pick up the new 12-inch Bossk action figure from Sideshow Collectibles or the General Veers and Republic Commando mini bust. Also, for those still looking for a new Emperor bust, the Return of the Jedi Palpatine will make a worthy edition to anyone's collection. A huge collection of ungraded Star Wars Vintage Carded figures have also landed in stock along with several great vehicles and playsets. For more from this week's newsletter visit our website.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2013 | 12:53 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Autographed Clone Trooper Helmet Auction
Bid now Troopers!Our friends at Parker Publicity have directed our attention towards a very unique Hasbro autographed Clone Trooper helmet on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the USO San Diego. The Clone Trooper helmet features an autograph and sketch by Star Wars Clone Wars Supervising Director, Dave Filoni. It also has the signatures of James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein, Catherine Taber, Matt Lanter and Clone Wars producer Cary Silver. We encourage you Troopers to be generous with your bids as you head for Ebay for the

Posted by: Dan Curto | 2 February 2013 | 0:29 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Flashback To The Making Of An Action Figure Wave
The DePriest/Curto Wave!Our allies at Jedi Temple Archives continue their series of spotlights on the fabulous Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection action figures with all 7 figures in wave 9 (aka "wave 7.5"). Yours truly was invited to participate in a brainstorming session held over Easter weekend, working directly with Hasbro to select the 7 replacement figures! Check out Jedi Temple Archives for a look back at the character selection process, plus for the first time...a list of other figures that were under consideration.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 February 2013 | 22:20 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Jango Fett artFX+ on the Way!
Nothing simple about this one Troops!The team at Kotobukiya sent infomation and several photos of the latest addition to the artFX+ line. "A fierce and determined warrior, Jango Fett always wears his full suit of Mandalorian battle armor and wields his signature dual blaster pistols. The silver armor plating over a full-length blue bodysuit is clean and well-polished, a marked departure from the more ragged look of his son. Jango’s armor even has all of the little details right out of the film from the belt of pouches to the wrist-mounted weapons, and of course one of the coolest helmet designs of all time! You can even display the bounty hunter from two different scenes in the film with interchangeable screen accurate backpacks from his battles on Kamino and Geonosis. Finally, interchangeable arms let you pose Fett in a classic “draw” stance or aiming his blaster pistol, while magnets in his feet give him extra stability on his included display base." For more visit the forums for the complete press release and

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 February 2013 | 13:57 EST

Gentle Giant: This new offering shows Palpatine as he appeared in "Return of the Jedi". His face is drawn with a scowl as he reaches his hand forth to sizzle someone with a blast of Force Lightning. We have this bust listed at $69.99.

Sideshow Collectibles: The Trandoshan bounty hunter from "The Empire Strikes Back" is now in stock. He includes multiple hands and feet, a figure stand and his Micro Grenade Launcher, and we have him listed at $149.99!

Enterbay & Medicom: The latest collaboration between Enterbay and Medicom is this new 12-inch figure of Han Solo. He comes loaded with articulation and includes a figure stand, alternate parts, accessories and more, and is listed at $299.99.

ACME Archives: Two new pieces of art from the Star Wars universe are up for pre-order. The Astromech Droid Limited Edition Giclee displays the abilities of the R2 unit and is listed at $79.99, and the Lair of the Rancor Limited Edition Lithograph is done in the style of an old-time movie poster, and is listed at $35.99.

Parts & Supplies: We have a new menu full of items for scratch builders and customizers. We are now stocking epoxy putties, glues and cements, decal sheets, rivets, joints, plates and more, so feel free to Take a look.

Mad Engine T-shirts: We have a number of new Previews Exclusive t-shirt listings from Mad Engine. These include Marvel and Star Wars designs, and they are priced at $18.99 - $20.99 each.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 February 2013 | 13:55 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: The Force Within Us Pre-Order
"If you pre-order the film in the month of February – you will get a free trading card set, a random vial of earth from the filming locations (Endor or Tatooine) and free world wide shipping! This offer is for a limited time and is only available during the month of February! You can preorder the dvd at our website. Film maker Cris Macht takes you on a journey revealing that Star Wars is more than just another sci-fi film to watch or convention to attend. It exposes personal connections that are developed through the sagas good versus evil storyline, and the hope that good ultimately triumphs in our world as well as in a galaxy far, far away. There are only 1,000 dvds being pressed and it is already 50% sold out, so be sure to order now!"

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 February 2013 | 13:31 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: The Lawless Preview #2
If you needed just one more reason to get out of bed tomorrow morning, click below to see the second teaser clip to "The Lawless". According to Dave Filoni, after this arc concludes, you will feel different about the Clone Wars series!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 February 2013 | 13:27 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Happy Anniversary Yodasnews!
Happy 9th Anniversary!"For nine years, we have proudly brought our readers daily news (over 16,680 articles) -both relevant and quirky-from all corners of the Star Wars universe. We have brought extensive coverage from many convention floors. We have published in-depth Star Wars product reviews, in hand product video reviews and more. We have rewarded our loyal readers with dozens of giveaways. Starting today and for the entire month of February, Yodasnews is celebrating its ninth anniversary. These milestones are always a deeply rewarding experience for our dedicated staff because they mark another year that we helped keep the spirit of our beloved franchise alive and shared it with you, our readers. As with previous anniversaries, we will be giving away TONS of amazing prizes for both casual readers and forum members, and there will be special events that will test your creativity, competitive trivia nights, and much more."

Posted by: Dan Curto | 1 February 2013 | 10:11 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Nuremburg Toy Fair Spy Report At JediNews
What's New With Hasbro?Our allies at Jedinews have posted a spy report from the Nuremburg Toy Fair that got underway today. There are no photos, but some interesting details concerning The Black Series, Movie Heroes, Mission Series, and a big hint at the fate of the canceled Droid Factory figures are noted. Full details will be revealed during next week's New York Toy Fair, but until then, visit Jedinews for the