February 2007

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 28 February 2007 | 22:09 EST
At Last... the Winner!
What are the other Bozos doing with theirs?The month of February was one to remember for the team here at Sandtroopers.com. Our mission at Toy Fair still may have a surprise or two in store for you Troopers but it's time to announce the winner of our 12-inch Darth Maul Exclusive donated by the generous team at Sideshow Collectibles. Once again, we'd like to thank all of our seasoned vets and we are also very appreciative to the many new recruits that have found our bunker! We're hoping you can continue to enjoy all that we have to offer. In the meantime forum member jedibrian77 is our lucky winner and please contact me via private message through the forum to claim your prize. United We Find.

Posted by: Jedi Scholar 8 | 28 February 2007 | 18:52 EST
Black & White Boba Fett up for Raffle!
Black & White Boba Fett up for Raffle!For Gentle Giant Premier Guild members, the Black and White version of the Boba Fett animated maquette is up for raffle! A Blister Japan Exclusive in 2006, there are 250 pieces available only for members of the PG. To get your chance at this awesome piece, visit to Gentle Giant's website, log in, and find the maquette in their store, then just click on "Enter Raffle." It's that easy!

Posted by: Josh | 27 February 2007 | 21:18 EST
Legacy Of The Force Book Number Four Out Now!!
New Luke Skywalker Novel Coming Soon!The Legacy Of The Force Series continues with Book #4 Exile written by Aaron Allston. We find out how Luke, Han, Leia, and Mara are dealing with the events of trying to bring peace and to the war. While Jacen Solo is in danger from what some are thinking just might be Lumiya. Make sure you read this article to see what the Aaron Allston has to say about the book and some very cool excerpts at Star Wars.Com.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 February 2007 | 16:30 EST
Update from Hasbro: Show Us Your Lightsaber
This just in from HasbroIt slices! It dices! It changes galactic political climates! And soon, fans of Hasbro Inc.’s Star Wars Force Action Lightsaber will unveil hundreds of other practical uses for the “elegant weapon from a more civilized age.” For many eons, lightsabers were used exclusively to maintain peace and order across the galaxy. Now, Hasbro invites Star Wars fans to show the universe additional use ideas for the Force Action Lightsaber by participating in the “Show Us Your Lightsaber” Video Contest.

Hasbro encourages fans to post their videos to the website demonstrating the various ways they use the Force Action Lightsaber to the popular website, YouTube. Fans will have a chance to win a trip for four to the Star Wars Celebration IV convention in Los Angeles in May, as well as a one-of-a-kind chrome FORCE ACTION LIGHTSABER. For the full release including information on how to enter this great contest head for the forum and get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 February 2007 | 15:23 EST
Update from White Wizard Toys:
Thanks to all of you who visited our dealer booth at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention in Chicago! Don't forget to browse our schdule for a complete list of the sci-fi/horror/fantasy conventions we will be attending this year.

We have received a bunch of new and exciting Star Wars items, including the hard-to-find MR Luke Skywalker ROTJ F/X lightsabers and Anakin Skywalker ROTS F/X lightsabers We have limited quantities, so if you missed these before, pick one up before they're gone!

New Arrivals:
Sideshow 12-inch Jabba the Hutt
Imperial Death Star Briefing
Unleashed Battlepacks
In Stock:
Transformers Jango Fett Slave I
Anakin Starfighter
ARC-170 (blue)

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 26 February 2007 | 20:11 EST
Toy Fair Giveaway: Less than 48 hours!
What are the other Bozos doing with theirs?Our good friends at Sideshow Collectibles were kind enough to donate a 12-inch Darth Maul Exclusive to us at Toy Fair and in less than two days we'll announce the winner of the Sith Lord. We'd like to thank all of our seasoned vets and we are also very appreciative to our new slew of recruits that have found the bunker! We're hoping you can enjoy all that we have to offer. We'll announce the winner on February 28th and we're looking forward to a bright 2007. United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 26 February 2007 | 9:19 EST
Oscar News:
Nothing short of Legend!Last night one of the legends of Hollywood finally received the credit that was due. The mob saga The Departed won the best-picture Academy Award on Sunday and Martin Scorsese finally achieved the greatness he deserves. The "Three Amigos" that would present the award were Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas. It was pretty funny to see Mr. Lucas have enough heart to poke fun at his own shortcomings of never having won an Oscar. What fans would really like to see is the dopes at the Academy will someday give him the honor he truly deserves. If anyone deserves a lifetime achievement award it has to be George Lucas! For more check out the photos from the ceremony!

Posted by: Julian | 25 February 2007 | 17:22 EST
Sandtroopers: Start your Engines!
Racers, the popular Line of 1/64 scale Die Cast metal body vehicles based on Disney's classic cast of characters pushed the pedal to the metal and went full speed ahead in 2007, unexpectedly bringing into their ever growing array of collectible toy cars a unique set inspired by Star Wars characters.

Strap on your seat belt, ease the seat back and join us in a race where everyone's a winner. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2007 | 17:19 EST
Dewback Patrol: Emperor's got a brand new Groove!
Bringing Peace to the Empire!Our Dewback Patrol stops in Cedar Rapids, IA for another edition of Hockey Night! The Roughriders couldn't have had a better escort with our forum member Scalperhunter1 on duty. Ron has put much effort into the construction of his new Royal Guard costume, and it's great to see the fruits of his hard labor from last weekend. I have a feeling Central Garrison just got a lot stronger! Hail to the Empire and United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2007 | 17:04 EST
Update from K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles has added new Pre-Order items starting this week. Ordering deadline is March 24th. We received a few of the original released out-of-print versions of the Titanium A-Wing and Snowspeeder.

New Pre-Order:
Insider #94 - Newsstand Edition
Insider #94 - Previews Exclusive Edition
Alliance & Empire Booster Packs
Jawa mini bust - Save $5.00

Restock Battlepacks:
Ambush on Ilum
Betrayal on Felucia
Battle of Geonosis
Jedi Training on Dagobah
New Saga Figures:
R4-M6 Mace's Astromech 074
Labria 073
Nabrun Leids & Kabe 072
Kitik Keed'Kak 071
Aurra Sing 070
Elite Corps Clone Trooper 065
Commander Appo 064
Battle Droid 062
Super Battle Droid 061
Clone Sergeant 060

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2007 | 16:02 EST
Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews: A brand new Beginning!
Hey Troops, I've just added our latest installment to our Sandwatch Action Figure review page and it's now open season on the year 2007. However to say you'd have better luck running through Mustafar with gasoline shorts than to find something wrong with the new Galactic Marine Clone Trooper would be an understatement. I'm sure these will be a slam-dunk and we can only hope do not fall victim to a short packed case. Feel free to offer your own feedback about the T.A.C. collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Please Spice, don't hurt 'em!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2007 | 12:47 EST

T.A.C. Vehicles: Hasbro's new V-Wing Starfighter and Sith Infiltrator are now up for preorder at $26.99. Also back up for preorder are the Classic White TIE and Vader's Starfighter. The new V-Wing and Infiltrator look fantastic - check them out.

Episode IV F/X: Master Replicas will be releasing Luke's first blue-bladed lightsaber this summer. Preorders have been listed at $15 under MSRP at $104.99.

Saga Legends Wave II: A great new case mix of Saga and Episode III figures is now available for $89.99. Figures include Boba Fett, Droids, Troopers, Vader, Leia Boushh and more!

Reissue Soundwave: The new Soundwave with double-deep cassette doors, Ravage and Laserbeak is now in stock for $44.99. Limited quantities available.

Also this week check out our pre-order menu to see some of the new items added this week or arriving soon including: Boba Fett R.A.H. from Medicom, Rancor Statue from Gentle Giant and the Death Star Briefing Room Exclusive Set!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 February 2007 | 12:36 EST
Update from R2dtoys:
This week at R2dtoys we have the .45 Master Replicas trio display case as our Deal of the Week and a set of three Battlepack for our Deal of the Month. Also arriving this week are the chase versions of the Han Solo and Stormtrooper Blaster in the .45 scale from Master Replicas. Plus we have a new stock of the 12-inch Bib Fortuna, Salacious Crumb and the Sith Droid Expansion pack from Sideshow Collectibles. Make sure to browse our pre-order menu for the latest and greatest from the Hasbro line!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 24 February 2007 | 20:37 EST
Force of the Bay: Riding the Wave of the Force
The world of Ebay isn’t one to be traveled lightly, meaning with a light wallet. Within seconds you can walk into a world of past, present and future. For a Star Wars fan, this can be the ultimate collecting dream come true. You don’t ever have to worry about suffering from fatigue, why you might even be able to find your old security blanket to help get you through. That is perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects; you can find another. If you have the desire to dig, sift through the sand if you will, you will find all that your mother has carelessly thrown away. If the vast army of Sandtroopers.com can’t find what you need, you might have to dig deep again but you’ll own it! You just have to be sure that rope isn’t a noose, and you have to be cautious of people trying to play the old switcheroo. You might just try someone who is throwing in the towel and use it for your gain! The power rock on on or take out the shield generator, all at your fingertips. The explosion is just a click away and if you aren’t that creative you can always find someone else to do it for you, for the right price! Remember Sandtroopers.com neither endorses nor authenticates any of the items featured here. Good luck to you Troopers, Kick A$% and take names!

Posted by: Josh | 24 February 2007 | 12:42 EST
C-3PO Now Coming To Celebration 4
Thank the Maker!According to an article posted on Star Wars.Com Anthony Daniels will be attending the upcoming Celebration 4. This is your chance to meet the man who played in all six Star Wars films. As we get closer more stars from this Saga are being announced and making it even more important you get yourself there! Make sure you read this article so you don't miss Anthony all you have to do is check out the Official Site.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 23 February 2007 | 21:37 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #399

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Saga 2 Wave 10 set is in stock for $89.99. You can also purchase each figure individually for $19.99. The Expanded Universe Comic Pack with Darth Vader and the Rebel Officer are still available for $11.99. This week we have the Sideshow 12" Jabba the Hutt statue for $119.99. A very unique piece we are featuring this week is the Yoda Hand Puppet AFA U85. The Yoda was taken directly from a sealed factory case and put into a sealed acrylic display case. There are 2 new 30th Anniversary Vehicles available. Be sure to visit our pre-order section to have the mystery revealed at last!

Posted by: Josh | 23 February 2007 | 20:45 EST
Slave Leia Character Key: Up for Sale Now
Don't choke like Jabba, act now!Right now on the Official Acme Direct Website you can order the Princess Leia Character key in her Slave Leia outfit!! This piece is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and is selling out fast at every store around. The size is the same as preivous keys and the price will stay the same at $30. If you would like this framed ACME Direct will do that for you as well at the low price of $69. I cannot urge you to hurry fast enough to get this piece as it won't last long. Hurry to Acme Direct's Official Site so you get yours before it's too late.

Posted by: Josh | 23 February 2007 | 20:29 EST
Boba Fett Premium Format: Shipping Soon
Sideshow Collectibles in their latest newsletter announced that the Boba Fett 1/4 is shipping soon. If you have this piece on order you will want to make sure that you have all your Credit Card Information accurate so you don't have any issues getting Boba. Make sure you read the latest newsletter to see what all is coming our way.

Posted by: dustrho | 22 February 2007 | 22:35 EST
Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination
Will the real Yoda please stand up?For those lucky individuals living in California, now's the time to get off your duff and head out to the California Science Center in Los Angeles, as the Star Wars universe is now in town. Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination will showcase props and costumes from all six films, let you take a ride on the Millennium Falcon, and so much more. The exhibit will be open until April 29th, but don't wait until the last minute to take the tour. Learn more about the exhibit here and read about it in the news.

Posted by: Josh | 22 February 2007 | 22:07 EST
New Luke Skywalker Novel Coming Soon!
New Luke Skywalker Novel Coming Soon!Matt Stover the man who wrote Revenge Of The Sith Novel has been given the chance to put the Battle Of Mindor on paper. This never before told battle features Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Chewie in action to save the New Republic in its early stages from what's left of the Empire. This new book from Del Ray will be hitting store shelves on February 28th. Star Wars.Com has all the information you need to so you don't miss your chance to get this book.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 February 2007 | 21:38 EST
Update from Collectors Gallery Online:
This week we are accepting pre-orders for the Luke Skywalker Episode IV F/X Lightsaber & Luke Episode V blaster from Master Replicas. Just added to our inventory this week we have: Luke Episode IV LE Lightsaber, set of 3 Star Wars comic packs figures, Yoda VCD doll, Sith Probe Droid set, Salacious Crumb creature pack, ROTS Anakin & Obi-Wan ornament and more in stock. Click here for a complete list of our latest sales.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 February 2007 | 21:29 EST
Sandwatch Update: Blast from the Past
Back when $200 still got you something!Tonight we decided to go a little retro with our update to the Sandwatch Guide. When the line was brought back to life in 1994 one of the first high-end pieces that was introduced was the Cinemacast Darth Vader statue. This would only pave the way for companies like Master Replicas, Gentle Giant and Sideshow to really turn things up a notch. While many of us might have more fond memories of Kenner, we encourage you to step into the wayback attack that Boba Binks has assembled for us! United We Find.

Posted by: dustrho | 22 February 2007 | 21:22 EST
Customs Gallery: RC 1976 Updated!
Customs Gallery: RC 1976 Updated!Hey troopers! The custom-making machine, RC 1976, has been very busy lately. He's been making so many new custom figures, that I had to create a special section just for him so we could showcase his work in the best possible way. There's more than 140 photos of his work, and some of his best work include the custom Republic Commando figures he's done. If you've never seen his work before, check out his new section here, and be sure to share your feedback over in the forums.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 22 February 2007 | 10:43 EST
Update from Red-5 Collectibles: Troopers ONLY!
Red-5-Collectibles, Your source for everything Star Wars has the Exclusive Attakus Sandtrooper Sergeant along with many other fantastic Attakus Statues available now to all Sandtrooper.com Members for 10% off the MSRP. The Exclusive Sandtrooper is limited to only 700 pieces so whatever you do don’t hesitate on this one. If you would like, please browse the gallery to tempt you further.

We have an excellent stock of Gentle Giant Maquettes and Statues priced to go easy on your collecting budget. We’re taking 10% off the MSRP on all these fine products as well for Sandtroopers.com forum members. You need to move on these great products now because they’re going fast. Stop by and check out all the newest Star Wars products available at Red-5-Collectibles.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 February 2007 | 23:35 EST
Images Reloaded: Under a T.A.C.!
Hey Troopers, we've just finished constructing our 2007 Images Section. We begin with figures number 02-09 from the 30th Anniversary Collection. I can honestly say this is quite a breath of fresh air and we can only be looking forward to the future! Thanks to our Sponsor Andrew's Toyz for providing us with this wave.

`07|#02 Galactic Marine™ with Blaster Rifle
`07|#03 Mustafar Lava Miner™ with Mining Tool
`07|#04 R2-D2™ with Blast Effect
`07|#05 Obi-Wan Kenobi™ with Blaster & Vibro Staff
`07|#06 Mace Windu™ with Lightsaber
`07|#07 Airborne Trooper™ with Blaster Rifle
`07|#08 Super Battle Droid™ with Battle Damage
`07|#09 Concept Stormtrooper™ with Lightsaber & Blaster Pistol

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 February 2007 | 19:46 EST
Update from Andrew's Toyz:
Andrew's Toyz has the new Kotobukiya Concept McQuarrie Duel Statue for $139.00 when you pre-order either today or tomorrow. Only those who pre-order on February 20th & 21st will receive this low price. Supply on this statue is expected to be very limited, so order today by clicking here!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 February 2007 | 18:20 EST
Brand new Sith!
Check out this Sith!We were all thrilled to see the new vehicles announced at Toy Fair and photos of the Sith Infiltrator boxed and loose are showing up from our S.C.A.L.P. Intelligence sources. We have started a thread in the forum for all you Troopers to view and sound off on! We can only be impressed that the people at Hasbro have heard the cries of many collectors and finally have made at least a couple of our dreams come true. Now if we can just get that AT-TE and a couple playsets added to the mix! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 February 2007 | 11:25 EST
Update from K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles has received the following new Star Wars items this week. We've restocked our supply of waves 8, 9 as well as our selection of Battle Packs.

New Saga Figures:
R4-M6 Mace's Astromech 074
Labria 073
Nabrun Leids & Kabe 072
Kitik Keed'Kak 071
Aurra Sing 070
Elite Corps Clone Trooper 065
Commander Appo 064
Battle Droid 062
Super Battle Droid 061
Clone Sergeant 060
New Saga Gift Set:
Republic Commando Delta Squad
Death Star Briefing Room

New Titanium:
Royal Guard TIE Interceptor
Invisible Hand
Dagobah X-Wing
Dewback with Stormtrooper

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 February 2007 | 11:21 EST
Never to be Forgotten:
The realm of Star Wars is a long way from being forgotten. However the fan-film Forgotten Realm continues to draw press both local and nationwide. This film has been in production since 2006 and was written and directed by Darren Crawford. It’s great to see they’ve taken to the volunteer services of the Midwest Garrison to assist in the filming of the fan-film. For more information on this project check out the Daily Herald.com for the

Posted by: dustrho | 18 February 2007 | 20:57 EST
Collections Gallery: Darth Berger's Updated
He's an astromech-collecting junkie!His collection was already been a part of our Collections Gallery, but Darth Berger has just submitted updated pictures of his Star Wars collection. The one theme that is quite apparent is that he loves his droids... particularly astromechs! Jeff's my best friend, and I have to tell you that seeing all those droids together is just an awesome sight! Since him and his wife are expecting their second child later this year, his collection will have to be taken down to make room for the new arrival. I tried persuading him to put his collection in with mine, but that idea didn't go over too well with him. So take a look at the nineteen photos of his collection here before it's packed away in boxes.

Posted by: Josh | 18 February 2007 | 0:35 EST
Princess Leia to appear at C4:
Are we gonna get the good acts this time!?!According to an article posted on Star Wars.Com Carrie Fisher will be attending the upcoming Celebration 4. If you're going to be at Celebration 4 in May you won't want to miss this chance to meet one of the biggest stars from the Original Trilogy. The roster is starting to take shape and with this announcement we are assured one of the major characters from A New Hope will be there! Make sure you read this article so you don't miss Carrie all you have to do is check out the Official Site.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 17 February 2007 | 23:51 EST
Feel the Force:
Can you smell what the Spice is cookin!It was quite an honor to be involved in the documentary "The Force Among Us" as the film crew descended upon one of our Midwest strongholds. The crew got an up close and personal look at some of the many talents the team at Sandtroopers.com utilizes on a weekly basis. It was quite entertaining to take part in the interview process and show off the many talented aspects of our arsenal. For more check out the summary and photos from the shoot that took place today! United we spread our message, United We Find!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 17 February 2007 | 23:42 EST

20% Off Sale: From now until 6:00 PM Tuesday February 20th, save 20% on everything except new and preorder / backorder items! This is a great chance to browse through the thousands of items we have on sale and pick up a few goodies at even more attractive pricing. All older vintage department items are also included.

Clone Trooper Bust-Ups: A set of 4 different colored clone troopers is now available for $17.99 - made by Gentle Giant.

Death Star Briefing Room: This Previews Exclusive is nearly sold out from Diamond Comics, so we've stocked up and they are now back in stock for $35.99. A great looking piece with a huge table built into the foreground of the packaging.

Rambo Legendary Bust: This 1/3rd Scale bust is very nicely sculpted and executed by Sideshow, doing a nice job of capturing Sly in another of his iconic roles. This bust is priced at $169.99.

Premium Format Kiss: The Spaceman figure is now in stock for $229.99 - $20 below MSRP. The rest should be arriving fairly soon so start your collection out right with The Spaceman.

Also this week check out our pre-order menu to see some of the new items added this week or arriving soon including: Darth Maul Premium Format, R.A.H. Star Wars and the Royal Guard VCD from Medicom!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 16 February 2007 | 22:43 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #398

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Another week of great deals and awesome products. We have a large selection of Attakus Statues featured this week including the Boba Fett. The Revenge of the Sith Utapau Shadow Trooper is marked down from $39.99 to $19.99. The Master Replicas Luke Skywalker ANH FX Saber is now available for Pre-Order. A nice selection of the 30th Anniversary Vehicles are listed for sale and the figures are set to be here in March. We just received the Sideshow 12-inch Jabba the Hutt and Jabba The Hutt's Throne Room Set.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 16 February 2007 | 22:34 EST
The Force is Coming:
The Force Among Us is the highly anticipated documentary about the surprising diversity of Star Wars fans. The film was Directed, Produced, and Written by brother and sister Cristian and Cortney Macht and filmed by Frank Yario, Fred Ciba (III), and Rick Thomas. The soundtrack features Brant Bjork, Katie Todd, the Muggs, Drums and Tuba, and Liquid Soul as well as an original film score. The Force Among Us shows that no matter how diverse fans are from each other, Star Wars is one thing that brings them all together. It is also the first film to look at Star Wars fans from around the globe after all six movies were released.

The film is an emotional journey letting the fans tell their own story. It also explores political, religious, and competitive controversies in the Star Wars community. The film includes rare interviews with Dan Madsen, former Star Wars Fan Club President, Dustin Roberts, the current Star Wars Fan Club President, members of the 501st, a Star Wars costume organization, and Dick Staub, author of Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, the Film was intended for both the Star Wars fans and the general public. It is an informative documentary about who Star Wars fans truly are: wonderfully different from the stereotypical fan. It is a story about real people with passion, the ones that have "Built the Empire" and made the Saga become a legendary success: the fans. The Movie will be released Independantly on May 25th 2007.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 16 February 2007 | 13:16 EST
Update from Sideshow Collectilbes:
Don’t forget, our Priority Pre-Order for the Dejarik Holochess Expansion Pack will begin at 10AM and end at noon (Pacific) today! Sideshow Customer Newsletter members have an exclusive ordering window during this time, and general Pre-Orders will begin at noon if any pieces remain. The Regular Edition of this set will become available when the Exclusive sells out.

Posted by: Jedi Scholar 8 | 16 February 2007 | 8:05 EST
StarWarsShop.Com updates today with a few new items available for pre-order. New out are the Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Maquette, and the Jawas limited edition mini-bust, both from Gentle Giant Studios. While neither are the final versions, they do have a bit of a teaser image of both up now for pre-order. Also, for all you Kotobukiya fans, the McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker set us also up for pre-order, and sure to be a hot seller. Hurry over now for to get yours before they're gone!

StarWarsShop.com - More Product. More Exclusives.

Posted by: Jedi Scholar 8 | 16 February 2007 | 7:45 EST
Star Wars: Legacy #8
The Legacy continues!In all my excitement this week, I failed to remind my fellow Troopers that Star Wars: Legacy #8 went on sale this Wednesday. Unless, that is, you live in the Midwest, where apparently several stores did not receive their shipments of comics from their suppliers due to the weather! This week's tale reveals some of the alliances made between the Empire and the Sith, with Grand Moff Nyna Calixte and Darth Maladi deeply centered in it all. What does this mean for our favorite confused Jedi, Cade Skywalker? Find out in Dark Horse's latest installment in the fantastic series, Legacy, on sale now!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 February 2007 | 20:35 EST
Dewback Patrol: Toy Fair Wrap-Up Report
And the Oscar goes to...It was truly one to remember and Jimsjedi and I took in some of the sights early Monday morning in New York. From an early morning tour of Ground Zero to pay respects, to a near-heist of an Oscar in Times Square (we felt someone should give George an Oscar if the dopes at the Academy never will) to sitting in on a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman, Jim found plenty to do in the Big Apple and has provided us with a few of the photos from the day.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 February 2007 | 20:28 EST
Update from R2dtoys:
This week at R2dtoys we have several new arrivals including an all new assortment of Galactic Heroes, Darth Vader with Coin Album, Unleashed 7-inch and much more. Please be sure to browse our pre-order menu for some of the latest announcements from the Hasbro line, including the Order 66 two-packs which we’ve obtained photos of.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 February 2007 | 11:24 EST
Typo Correction: Fight Fire with Fireside!
Hey Troops, in the excitement of the Premium Format Darth Maul pre-order yesterday, I wrote it in the subject line by mistake in the mass mail that went out. That was indeed a typo and the prize that is indeed the giveaway is the 12-inch Darth Maul Exclusive Edition. However I didn’t want to let anyone down so I have to let a cat out of the bag early to get the egg off my helmet now. Our friends at Fireside Collectibles have agreed to donate a standard edition Premium Format Darth Maul in our Sandblast birthday bash this year! Also, just to further show our dedication, we have something special in planning for the winner of the 12-inch Exclusive… Stay tuned and once again sorry for the mistake, however while we NOW have the Premium Format it will not be offered until July!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 February 2007 | 21:01 EST
Pre-Order for Obi-Wan vs. Anakin:
The Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi statue is now up for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles. They had this piece on display in New York this past week and I have to say it’s on my wish list. This is an incredible piece and hot as the Mustafar base! Like the rest of the line, I can’t imagine these hanging around too long, so you might want to click below and pre-order yours now!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 February 2007 | 20:48 EST
Force Unleashed:
Website Unleashed!Perhaps one of the most intriguing news from the Hasbro line last week was the announcement of the Force Unleashed line. The Vader, female Imperial Officer and many others left us holding our jaws and looking to take cover. Today Lucasarts has Unleashed the website for what appears to be another sizzling Star Wars video game. Just when we all got tired of Battle Front II! For the complete lowdown and several images of the game head to their official site for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 February 2007 | 20:05 EST
Update from White Wizard Toys:
We have several new items listed this week. Please stop by and browse our site for our latest arrivals and sales. We are an authorized retailer of Sideshow Collectibles, Master Replicas, Hasbro, and many many others, so you can have 100% confidence in shopping with us!

New Arrivals:
Sideshow 12-inch Bib Fortuna
Gentle Giant Rancor Statue
Medicom VCD Yoda
Luke & Yoda Premium Format
In Stock:
12-inch Darth Maul
General Grievous Mini-Bust
Darth Maul Mini-Bust
Gamorrean Guard Statue

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Posted by: Jedi Scholar 8 | 13 February 2007 | 19:55 EST
Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale at Toys 'R Us!
Class is in session suckers!“While at my local Toys 'R Us today, a friend informed me of a sale going on this Sunday and Monday only...Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Star Wars items! While he said the ad only showed basic figures and lightsabers, he believes it is good for all Star Wars items! This will be a perfect opportunity to pick up all those figures you haven't been able to yet, or stock up and build up your armies! Either way, stop in to our forums here and let us know if you plan to take advantage of this sale!”


Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 February 2007 | 18:55 EST
Sandtrooper A-Rod Reports:
“Hey troopers, I just scored the exclusives at the Wal-Mart in DeKalb Illinois. I noticed that the little stands that come with them say Attack of the Clones not A New Hope. You'd think they'd get that part right! I also got the Betrayal on Felucia at the Target also in DeKalb. Good luck to the rest of you on the hunt, United We Find!”


Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 February 2007 | 23:18 EST
Toy Fair Aftermath: The Giveaway!
What are the other Bozos doing with theirs?Our good friends at Sideshow Collectibles were kind enough to donate a 12-inch Darth Maul Exclusive to us at Toy Fair this weekend and to show our heart is in the right place we’ve come to the conclusion it should go to none other than one of our Ground Forces! Register today in the forum to qualify to be in the running to win this prize. This is the least we could do for our readers and we'd again like to thank all of you for the kind words regarding the coverage, but it's time to give back! Good luck to all of you and if you are already a forum member, you don’t have to do a thing. We'll announce the winner on February 28th. United We Find. Also, don't forget tomorrow at 10:00 am Pacific the pre-order will begin for the Premium Format will take place!

Posted by: dustrho | 12 February 2007 | 22:24 EST
Dewback Patrol: Rose Family & the 501st Legion
Dewback Patrol: Rose Family & the 501st LegionWhen you come face to face with two stormtroopers and a scout trooper, normally you would think you walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. For Scott Rose, it was one of the most memorable events of his life. Members of the 501st Legion took part in a charity to raise money and donations for the Rose family, after hearing that he lost everything including his house, fire and all his possessions because of a house fire. Read the amazing report of this here.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 February 2007 | 22:21 EST
Toy Fair NYC: Event Summary
Delta Commander Out!One of the greatest things about going away is coming home. I can only say New York is quite an amazing city and this event is quite a spectacle to take part in. As promised I've put together a small summary with a couple photos of the past few days. For more check out the entire report and look for the wrap-up from Jimsjedi in the very near future.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 February 2007 | 19:50 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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February is a month of great deals from Brian’s Toys. Saga 2 Exclusives George Lucas Stormtrooper and Lucas Collector’s Set have both been reduced by $20. Master Replica Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader FX sabers have been discounted as well as 10 other items. Vintage Style Carded Figures starting as low as $5.99. Action Figure Tins starting at $17.99. Once again, all POTF2 and EPI Action Fleet and Micro Machines remain 50% off. Indiana Jones Disney figures Marion Ravenwood and German Mechanic for under $2 each!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 February 2007 | 10:49 EST
Toy Fair NYC Coverage LIVE:
Hey Troops last night we addded several photos to our Toyfair 2007 Coverage. Check out all of the updates from Master Replicas, Attakus, Sideshow Collectibles, Kotobukiya and Gentle Giant. It's been quite a ride for me this weekend and we're glad all of you could tune in for our complete coverage of this event. I'd like to thank Dustrho, Jimsjedi and Dave Castle for their excellent effort and outstanding work. I'd also like to thank our sponsor Brian's Toys for their help with this coverage. We'll be adding a summary report later today and Jim will be adding a final wrap up tomorrow. United We Find.

Posted by: dustrho | 11 February 2007 | 13:42 EST
Dewback Patrol: Toy Fair NYC Update
The Master and the ApprenticeOur fearless leader, Darth Spice, had the most incredible encounter last night that any Star Wars fan could ever dream of. He met the man who invented the Star Wars universe, George Lucas, at the Toy of the Year awards. When I received the phone call last night from Darth Spice stating that he met him in person, all I could think about was how I wish I had been there with him. I'm very happy for Spice, because that's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Read his full report with with over thirty photos here.

Posted by: Julian | 11 February 2007 | 8:52 EST
Sandwatch Update: VCD Yoda
Sandwatch Update: VCD YodaAmong the variety of life forms, deep within the inhospitable swamps and mist of the remote Dagobah planet, a stooped over Yoda leaning on his gimer stick, found the perfect hiding place from those who attempted to fully terminate the Jedi and bring evil to the Galaxy.

Sideshow Collectibles in collaboration with Medicom Toy Corporation worked together to bring into the American market one of the most unique lines of Star Wars collectibles, the Japan imported Vinyl Collectible Dolls, commonly known as VCD. Yoda, their latest offering, certainly deserves your attention. Click here and find out why. Enjoy!

Posted by: dustrho | 10 February 2007 | 23:59 EST
Dewback Patrol: Toy Fair NYC Update
Dewback Patrol: Toy Fair NYC UpdateHey troopers, we have just received two reports from fellow staff members Jimsjedi and jokabofe, and it sounds like Hasbro is working hard to fulfill lots of collectors' wishes by coming out with new products. Along with these two reports are TONS of photos of new action figures, vehicles, Unleashed battlepacks, Attacktix and more! Head on over to our exclusive coverage page now, and be sure to share your reactions and feedback over in the forums.

Posted by: Josh | 10 February 2007 | 21:32 EST
Sideshow Announces New Star Wars Diorama Line
Sideshow Collectibles today in their listing of new items for Toy Fair released bomb shell for Star Wars Collectors. They've announced they will be doing a Diorama Line for some of the greatest fights in entire Saga. The first piece in this line is going to be Obi-Wan vs Anakin on Mustafar from ROTS. Just check out the official release to find out all the details.

Posted by: Dave Castle | 9 February 2007 | 22:58 EST
Toy Fair Time Again!
Toy Fair Time Again!! As I'm sure most of you know, the annual Toy Fair starts this Sunday. However, since Hasbro is special, they get to hold their own show the day before Toy Fair officially opens, which means we'll be bringing you all the news that's fit to print - along with as many pictures as our cameras can hold - starting tomorrow afternoon! So make sure to stop back, because if you miss it, you'll never forgive yourself. There'll be no defense from the attack that begins tomorrow, as our triple threat invades NYC for Toy Fair 2007! Stay tuned for all the latest coverage!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 9 February 2007 | 22:12 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #397

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Once again we want to remind you that our Catalog #63 is now available for download on our website. This week brought us many new and interesting items. A new line of items we now have are AFA graded Star Wars Coins. Speaking of AFA, we also received a nice collection of Graded Playsets, Vehicles, Carded Figures, and Beasts. The Saga 2 Wave 9 set of 7 is in stock for $69.99. If you are looking for something on a larger scale we have a Life Size Stormetooper by Don Post. The Master Replicas Darth Vader ROTJ Limited Edition Lightsaber is here and for sale at $369.99.

Posted by: dustrho | 9 February 2007 | 21:25 EST
Celebration IV Exclusive: Darth Malak Mini Bust
Celebration IV Exclusive: Darth Malak Mini BustCelebration IV will be the year of some great EU Exclusives, and the offering from Gentle Giant will be no different. From the video game "Knights of the Old Republic" comes the one of a kind Jedi turned to the Dark Side Sith of the one and only... Darth Malak. This marks a continued progression into the EU market by Gentle Giant, and it stands up with the rest in it's uniqueness and style. Edition size or cost has not yet been determined, but this is sure to go fast!

Posted by: dustrho | 9 February 2007 | 18:54 EST
Sandwatch Update: Comic Packs
Sandwatch Update: Comic PacksFellow staff member Boba Binks comes through again with yet another visual guide, this time it's the Hasbro Comic Packs. Sure, these might be simple repaints of figures we've already seen, but they're a nice change of pace and the packaging with the comic book works as well. Check out all the visuals and the write-up of these Comic Packs here.

Posted by: Josh | 8 February 2007 | 22:30 EST
Sideshow Announces Darth Maul Premium Format PPO
Sideshow Collectibles in tonight's newsletter announced the PPO date for their new Darth Maul Premium Format. Next, Tuesday at Noon PST it will go on sale in a very special way. Sideshow also announced new info on the Dejarik Holochess about the sale date for this 1:6 Expansion Pack. Plus you don't want to miss the info about Toy Fair! Want to know more about how not to miss Darth Maul and the Holochess set? Just check out this week's newsletter.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 February 2007 | 22:09 EST
David Faustino & Kurt Angle to Headline: Steel City Con
We've just received word from the promoters of Pennsylvania’s Largest Toy and Pop Culture Convention has announced very exciting news about it’s upcoming March 24-25, 2007 Convention. David Faustino, famous for his role as “Bud Bundy” from the hit TV series Married With Children has agreed to appear at the upcoming Steel City Con Convention (a.k.a Pittsburgh Toy, Comic & Childhood Collectibles Show). David Faustino will headline what is already an amazing line-up of Media Stars, Wrestling Legends and Comic Book Artists. Steel City Con Promoter Dominic Alessandria stated that “we are very happy that David will be making his first ever Pennsylvania signing at the Steel City Con” Also part of the massive guest list is Wresting Superstar Kurt Angle who will also be on hand to meet fans of his TNA fame. Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medal winner and wrestling icon. For the entire press release, log into the forum for the

Posted by: Josh | 6 February 2007 | 21:08 EST
Time To Celebrate The Art Of Ralph McQuarrie
Thirty years ago when Star Wars was just getting started two men had a vision of what this galaxy would look like. One of those men was George Lucas but the other who would help bring these visions to life was Ralph McQuarrie. Well, this April a 400 page book will be coming out celebrating the work this man did on Star Wars on top of his other works. Make sure you check out Star Wars.Com newsletter. which has all the information you need so you don't miss a chance to get this book of a Star Wars Legend.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 February 2007 | 1:20 EST
Sandwatch Action Figure Reviews: Elite Corps Clone Trooper #65
Hey Troops, I just couldn't start on the new paint of the Wal-Mart 5 before I added some commentary about the Elite Corps Clone Trooper. It seems as the last figures are starting to hit, this might be a hard target. If you've recently missed out, the latest inspection could tide you over. Feel free to offer your own feedback about the final reviews from the Saga collection. Until then enter if you dare!

Please Spice, don't hurt 'em!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2007 | 22:09 EST
Sandwatch Update: Death Star Briefing Set
No lack of faith here!We've updated our Sandwatch Menu tonight with another exclusive 7-pack Hasbro box set. While limited to online retailers, the Death Star Briefing will offer collectors another crack at Admiral Motti, whose lack of faith hasn't been spotted since the latter end of the green carded Commtech wave. They even managed to sneak yet another Darth Vader just in case you needed an extra door-stop but I'm sure you'll see a whole lot more that will make this a must have. For more check out the photos and summary prepared by our own Boba Binks.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2007 | 21:13 EST
Sponsor Welcome: Mini-Mag Stands!
I’d like to welcome Mini-Mag Stands and Displays as our latest sponsor here at Sandtroopers.com. They have a full line and several products available to fill your action figure displaying needs. All of their items are made from the finest materials and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. They have a very unique design aspect and offer loose collectors a whole new option when it comes to displaying your figures. We’ve just learned they will be at New York City and will have a booth showcasing their products that we intend to include in our coverage next week. In the meantime we encourage you all to take the time to browse the site and see what they have to offer!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2007 | 14:03 EST
Sandtrooper Tamer Reports:
Don't mess with the Tamer!“Tamer here once again after a long drought. I finally found some of wave nine and ten (the Wal-Mart 5) last week and through the help of a few other troopers was able to score the rest except for Padme. I was able to pick up a few for other troopers too. My stores still have tins, but they are still full price and I have seen a few of the new vehicles, but the boxes have really been dinged up and I managed to score a the Hailfire Droid thanks to Hoth Chad. I also need to send a big thank you out to Starfox for helping the ole tamer out yet again. One more and I am finished with this wave! Don’t forget to pick up extra Holo Obi-Wan’s and Padme for those troops that need ‘em. Until next time, United We Find.”


Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 February 2007 | 14:03 EST
Sandtrooper Dennis Reports:
24/7 S.C.A.L.P. Trooper“Hey Troops, it's been a while but this is what's happening in my area. Wal-Mart (Gurnee, IL) has the Geonosis & Dagobah battle packs in stock but no sign of Wave 10 of the basic figures. Target (Gurnee, IL) has Wave 9 of the basic figures & Comic Book packs in stock while Toys R Us (Gurnee, IL) has Wave 8 in stock. Finally, the Suncoast video store (Gurnee, IL) has a Death Star Briefing Room set. That's all for now. Later.”


Posted by: Julian | 4 February 2007 | 12:58 EST
Sandwatch Update: Kotobukiya Guide
It's that time again when our ever growing Kotobukiya Guide gets another update. I've added four new Snap-Fast Kits reflecting some of Koto's best and worst releases so far.

Without further ado, come to meet a certain Jedi trainee about to lose a hand by the sword of his own father, a sensuous Alderaan princess captured by a repulsive crime lord, a pair of polished up Droids at Yavin IV's medal awarding ceremony and a powerful Sith Lord in a strange pewter outfit. It is all taken place just one click away. Enjoy!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 4 February 2007 | 12:57 EST
Sandwatch Update: Sith Droid Expansion Pack
Keeping an eye on you!While the buzz on the 12-inch Darth Maul was just starting to die down a bit, Sideshow Collectibles is out to prove how worthy they are in regards to producing the 12-inch line. While these accessories are somewhat high priced, you can bet they are worth the money and a must have for your Darth Maul. For more check out the photos and summary prepared by our own Boba Binks and Josh "Long Shot" Long! Of the three formats in which Sideshow produces their items, the one featured here is the inclusive edition.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 3 February 2007 | 22:07 EST
Images Reloaded: The Saga Collection Finale!
Hey Troopers, we're finally done with The Saga Collection as we've added the last five to our 2006 Images Section. We can only hope that the T.A.C. Collection will be truly one for the ages. Thanks to Sandtrooper Boba Binks for the assist in finishing off the year! United We Find

`06|#70 Aurra Sing™ with Lightsaber & Blaster Rifle
`06|#71 Kitik Keed' Kak
`06|#72 Nabrun Leids & Kabe™ with Blaster & Vibro Knife
`06|#73 Labria™ with Blaster Pistol
`06|#74 R4-M6

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 3 February 2007 | 22:07 EST
Update from K & C Collectibles:
K & C Collectibles has received the following new Star Wars items this week. We will receive more of the Death Star Briefing gift sets on Thursday February 8th, 2007. We also have restocked our supply of Saga Wave 8, Battle Packs and have added several items to our Pre-Order this week.

New Saga Figures:
R4-M6 Mace's Astromech 074
Labria 073
Nabrun Leids & Kabe 072
Kitik Keed'Kak 071
Aurra Sing 070
New Saga Titanium:
Royal Guard TIE Interceptor
Invisible Hand
Dagobah X-Wing
Dewback with Stormtrooper
Darth Vader Sith Fighter

click to enter

Posted by: Reconsgt | 3 February 2007 | 22:06 EST
Forum Update: Customs Contest 2007
Play NICE!For the first contest of 2007 we decided to leave the door wide open and allow our members to showcase any item from the Star Wars universe. We have assembled a few entries drawing from a few types of collectibles, figures, busts and vehicles. Take a moment to browse the selection and vote for your favorite.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 3 February 2007 | 12:35 EST

25% Off Super-Sale: Our warehouse is getting quite full and we were hoping you Troopers could help us out... From now until 2:00 PM Central on Monday February 5th, Save 25% on everything except new and preorder / backorder items! Thousands of items including vintage department listings are included. We've removed the new arrival tag from a few dozen more items as well so be sure to take a look around for a big discount off our already reasonable pricing.

Star Wars Exclusives: We've just received a small restock of the Astromech Droids, Bounty Hunters Giftset, and Republic Gunship exclusives. More of the Death Star Briefing Room sets will also be arriving within a week and we have the Republic Commando Set in stock for $29.99!

Maul Sith Probes: Only $24.99 for this set of 3 Probe Droids that will fit not only Darth Maul, but many other 12" figures. This set comes with a desert sand display stand and three wire supports to keep your probes under control.

Stargate SG1: Another shipment of Wave 2 has just arrived so we now have full sets of 4 as well as single figures and unpainted variants in stock.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: McFarlane's latest 3-D poster is now in stock for $19.99. The iconic red lips stand out on this excellent movie poster reproduction.

Premuim Format Hulk: This is one of the largest items we've ever seen from Sideshow, weighing in at over 50 pounds this truly is a massive piece. We have just a few left, Sideshow has sold out, and they produced only 1000 pieces.

Also this week check out our pre-order menu to see some of the new items added this week or arriving soon including: Galactic Hereos, Marvel Titanium and the R.A.H. Clonetrooper!

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 3 February 2007 | 12:21 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys: Newsletter #396

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This week we are featuring the Saesee Tiin Jedi Starfighter and the white TIE fighter from the T.A.C. collection. We’ve also just received the Transformers Darth Vader and AotC Clone Trooper army builders set and the VCD Yoda from Medicom. We have begun accepting pre-order on the Max Rebo band and Jabba the Hutt statues from Gentle Giant. Please take time to browse our latest sales and make sure to stop by and check out our ebay auctions that have new listings daily!

Posted by: Starfox | 3 February 2007 | 12:06 EST
Area Report: Wave 9 & the "Fab Five"!
Real Men wear Pink!“Finally some HOT news from Texas. At both Wal-Mart’s and Target in the Killeen area I have found wave 9 and the Wal-Mart Fab 5. The Wal-Mart exclusives are in quite abundance and can be found easily, for now. The wave 9 figures are hit and miss, but I was able to score the elusive Appo and Elite Trooper. Kmart now totally sucks in my book and I am going to avoid them like the plague. They have increased their prices to $7.79 for the basic figures! KB Toys has nothing new, just the Naboo/Endor wave, which is hanging around everywhere just like the GB virus, which is popping up again. That's all from Central Texas, Starfox signing out.”


Posted by: Darth_Spice | 3 February 2007 | 11:40 EST
In the News: Chewbacca Jailed for Head-Butt!
Let the Wookiee Win!To prove all costume endeavors are not a success a man dressed as Chewbacca was arrested for head-butting a tour guide, who told the character he shouldn't be asking a tourist for money. This happened in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. This is why the 501st Legion is not for profit, you can avoid things like this. You can only wonder if LFL will be interested in the manner Frederick Evan Young, 44, of Los Angeles was using the Chewbacca costume to make money.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 20:57 EST
Sandwatch Update: Roger Delta 38
Let's splatter some Bugs!We update our Sandwatch menu tonight with the Republic Commando 7-pack. Although the set does contain a few rehashes, this will be a well received by most collectors. We can only hope the continued success of Delta Squad will result in possibly seeing a sequel to the fantastic video game. For the more check out the summary and photos of the set.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 15:30 EST
Sandtrooper Darth_2525 Reports:
“Finally some store news to report. This morning at the Wal-Mart in Wisconsin Rapids, WI Wave 9 was on the pegs, I purchased all except for the very lame repack of Padme. I pretty much cleaned them out of figures. Then around lunchtime I came across Wave 10 at the Wal-Mart in Stevens Point, there was only one of each so I am in agreement with others that this will be a hard wave to find. The Point Wal-Mart did have a full stock of Wave 9 for anyone in the area. On a side note, The Target in Marshfield had the Ilum Battle Pack in stock but not on display, a very helpful clerk pulled one for me. Good luck to all in pursuit of these elusive last waves.”


Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 13:17 EST
Happy Birthday: Vader's Fist!
Happy Decade of Troopin!The fighting 501st Legion is celebrating 10 years of decorating the galaxy as we all see that the dedication to a cause and the good of one man can really change things. The mission continues as does the committment to excellence for the group known as Vader's Fist. I can't describe what an honor it has been for me as well as two of our other staff members to serve and become a part of this fantasic super-group. Founder Albin Johnson as well as Legion Commanding Officer Mark Fordam has delivered a special message and there are also several giveaways lined up for this month as well. For more check out the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 12:21 EST
Allegiance: Legions of Fans for Zahn
Stormtroopers bring a little panache to any social occasion!Our Troopers in the blue-grass state can look forward to Joseph-Beth Booksellers is hosting a big Star Wars event this weekend to help promote the release of Allegiance from Timothy Zahn. There seems to be quite a buzz regarding the latest Star Wars novel and even Mr. Zahn will admit "Stormtroopers bring a little panache to any social occasion”. If you are interested in attending make sure to visit the Lexington Herald.com for info on the appearance date.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 11:31 EST
Update from R2dtoys:
This week at R2dtoys we have some amazing new deals. We have a new weekend special on 30th Anniversary products. Also check out the Boba Fett Statue and Darth Vader Chrome Statues for reduced prices. Our latest arrivals include Darth Maul 12-inch figure as mini-bust, Medicom VCD Yoda vinyl figure and we also have a limited supply of George Lucas as Stormtrooper.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 11:22 EST
Empire at War: A little whack for the Mac?
Get with the Intel inside!It seems Mac users are in for a surprise when they utilize their machines to play the Star Wars video game Empire at War. The game will be playable only on Macs that use an Intel chip inside. While it’s being said Empire at War will also not allow Mac to PC multiplayer capabilities, there is plenty of other things to off set this minor downside. For more check out the entire article at Macworld.com.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 2 February 2007 | 11:09 EST
Star Wars fans "Strike Back"
Feel the Force with your ears!It seems the Force is strong with music director Christopher Confessore as he plans to conduct "The Orchestra Strikes Back”, which is a montage of all six films combined. If you are in the Brevard Florida area you might want to take in the sounds of the Star Wars movies. It always amazes me that Star Wars can influence adolecent men with orchestra music! For more on this including show times and theatre location visit Florida today.com!

Posted by: Josh | 1 February 2007 | 22:28 EST
Sideshow Announces New Star Wars Items Galore!!
Sideshow Collectibles announced tonight officialy a new item to their 1/6th Line of Star Wars Items. It's none other than Dejarik Holochess Set that was leaked in the recent Tomart's Magazine! Also in tonights newsletter is part of one Star Wars conceptual artist Iain McCaig which will lead up to the next SW PF announcement! Last week Sideshow also announced for LOTR fans a New Diorama Line and tonight they announced the first piece. Want to know more about all this great information? Just check out this week's newsletter.