February 2003

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 28 February 2003 | 14:55 EST
Two New Lukes coming
"Hasbro's future action figure line-up includes two new versions of Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi."

Get the details HERE.

Posted by: Tyler | 28 February 2003 | 10:53 EST
R2DToys Newsletter #8 2003
All of these items can be found by clicking NEW ITEMS on our website or by clicking various EXCLUSIVE zones

Darth Vader �59
Clone Trooper �55
Jango Fett �59
Yoda & Mace Windu 2-pack �59
Anakin Skywalker �55
Obi-Wan Kenobi �55

TOMY PLUSH - very exclusive! (pre-order, shipping very soon)
Jawa, Yoda , Wicket - �29 each

MARMIT - We will receive Marmit figures soon

To read the remainder of this newsletter click here

Posted by: Tyler | 27 February 2003 | 22:54 EST
Special Convention Figure at Mexico City Convention!
The Official Star Wars Fan Club in Mexico will be holding a convention this summer at the Banamex Convention Center in Mexico City, July 12th & 13th. A free special convention figure will be included with every 2 day package of $25. For more information,read the article at Starwars.com.

Posted by: Count Matchew | 27 February 2003 | 12:26 EST
New From Cloud City
Cloud City has just received all brand new Saga Collection figures including the long anticipated Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon. Most other Saga Collection Items are also on sale. Visit Cloud City today!

Posted by: Jason | 26 February 2003 | 23:19 EST

Takara: Inferno and Starscream will be issued again in the book style collector box. this summer, pre-orders available now!
ARMADA : Galvatron, Jetfire, Scavenger, Adventure & Space Minicon Teams and more
DREAMWAVE: War Within comic #5 and many other comics and posters

GI JOE: Spytroops figures - set of 6
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Orko, Mekanek, and Smash Blade He-Man
GUNDAM: Perfect Grade RX-78-2, Green Zaku, and MK II Titans version
STIKFAS: Samurai & Fireman Stikfas $7.99 each or also available by the case, and Omega Knight
SIDESHOW PRE-ORDERS: James Bond Figures, Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Leatherface, Life of Brian figures, and HR Giger 'Spell I' Statue
HELLRAISER: Pinhead and 5 other figures
JOYRIDE: Four Mech Warrior figures, Luigi and Link figures
BLUE BOX: 12" and 1:18 scale figures

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Owwwww! My foot!

Posted by: Jason | 26 February 2003 | 22:33 EST
"Meet Obi-Wan Kenobi" ... Again

This week's second SANDWATCH review segment examines the multiplicity of Hasbro's favorite case-stuffer.

A token entry populates Hasbro's first figure offering within their 2003 sequence. Echoes of rehash resound as part of the obligatory counterpoint in Spice's critique. Is media favorite Obi-Wan our favorite among the first wave of the year?

SANDWATCH takes it to the Arena.

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Cuffs and Collars

Posted by: Steve | 26 February 2003 | 22:13 EST
New Clone Wars Comics hitting stores
Hey Troops, The Official Site posted an in-depth look into the two new Clone War comics hitting shelves this week. The first, Star Wars: Jedi - Mace Windu, is a 48-page special edition. The second, Star Wars: Republic # 50 is a super-sized 64 page edition of the ongoing series. For more details on the plots and characters involved click here. The Clone Wars will be hitting us everywhere sooner than we know it.

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 26 February 2003 | 19:58 EST
Unleashed at Star Wars.com
These are some of the coolest figures I have seen in a while! See details about the latest installments in this series.

Posted by: Jason | 26 February 2003 | 17:53 EST
Sandtrooper Tom M. reports:
"Hello again from Snow covered Maryland! I have an assortment of 12-inch figures I need to liquidate to make room and money for my upcoming child. I want to thank all those Troopers that have already helped out. Here is a new revised list of what I still have. If interesested please let me know. As always may the Force be with you!"

View Tom's have list.

Posted by: Jason | 26 February 2003 | 17:21 EST

KEBco Toys has added 15 new Saga 2003 figures to their Pre-Order section. Included are: Han Solo Hoth Rescue, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, Yoda & Chian, Ashla & Jempa, Darth Vader Throne Room Duel, Snowtrooper The Battle of Hoth, Padme Amidala Wedding Dress, Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor and more. Three new Unleashed figures of Luke, Darth Sidious and Obi-Wan have been added.

Individual figures as low as $5.99 and Cases as low as $61.95. You may also join the "One of Every Figure" Club.


Posted by: Jason | 26 February 2003 | 17:11 EST
Sandtrooper Clone Trooper Commander reports:
"Clonetrooper Commander from Kansas City, MO here. I found the first wave of 2003 Action Fleets today at Wal-Mart. Two each of the Gunship, Jango Fett's Slave 1, and the Republic Cruiser. Toys 'R' Us stores are now getting in cases of the POTJ preview cases (again!). Why now? I don't know! Thanks!"


Posted by: Jason | 25 February 2003 | 22:54 EST
Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
"Troops, I called FAO in Orlando, Florida and they still had a good number of Shuttles left. I got one from them. Here is the interesting thing: they sent me the whole case, though they charged me for both.I am going to send the other one back. Oh yeah, they where case fresh in the original shipping carton. Take care!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 25 February 2003 | 17:34 EST
Toy Con Info.:
For those Troopers in the Chicagoland area, this weekend there will be a Toy Convention in Bridgeview, Illinois. It will be held at the

Oremus Community Center
7900 South Oketo Ave.
8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Admission is $3.00 and Kids under 10 are free!

Featuring: Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Heroes & Dolls, Megos, Collectables, Lunch Boxes, Pez, Non-Sports Cards, Japanese Toys, Fast Food Toys, Foreign Toys, T.V. Related Toys, over 60 dealer tables!

For further information contact: Terry Mannix 708-237-1645 Or Toyconwiz@juno.com

Posted by: Jason | 24 February 2003 | 23:18 EST
"Can I Interest You in Some Illegally Smuggled Goods?"

This week's first SANDWATCH review segment draws your attention to an unlicensed attempt at the growing line of 'Troop-builder' sets. First came the Stormtroopers, and then it was yet another unnecessary batch of Endor Soldiers.

Now, as soon as word spread about a Sandtrooper cadre of figures, some cheap Clone Trooper knock-offs have emerged, boasting their own weapons. No aesthetic packaging here people. Why use an acrylic case when you can store your collectibles in common baggies?

Some Lucasfilm purists will need to be swayed to make a decision to get these unauthorized figures. So SANDWATCH reviewers Jason and Spice are giving you the tools you need as an informed collector to decide. Ten figures. Two critics. One site.

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Here's a hint

Posted by: Steve | 24 February 2003 | 20:13 EST
Yestertoys shuttle news
Hey Troops, Yestertoys wanted to let you know they will be shipping the Saga TIE Bomber and Imperial Shuttle at the end of this week.

Posted by: Jason | 24 February 2003 | 18:28 EST
Sandtrooper Sithryan needs Saga Vader:
Hi Troops! A good friend out there, reader and contributor Sithryan, is looking for a C9 or better Saga Bespin Darth Vader. Please e-mail me (jason@sandtroopers.com) if you can still locate one of these at your local retail outlet or otherwise have one handy. Cost + shipping help is always welcome. Down with "SCALPS (sic)," thanks fellow Troopers!
Tiki-neck Vader one-fists it within Cloud City's crude facilities

Posted by: Steve | 24 February 2003 | 15:05 EST
New Insider
Hey Troops, the new Insider has arrived and there is some great information in this issue including an article on writing novels in the Star Wars galaxy. The article takes us through a recap of the early years of writing in the Marvel Comics days through Dark Horse and Del Rey. The article goes on to talk about how the Yuuzhan Vong were developed and even where their name came from. There is also an in-depth look into the decisions to kill Chewbacca and Anakin Solo. If you want a good look into the behind-the-scenes world of writing Star Wars this article covers it all. And the good news is, you also get some other pretty good stuff in this issues, like all new fiction from Michael A. Stackpole and a dosier of Imperial Grand Admirals. Pick a copy up.

Posted by: Steve | 24 February 2003 | 14:57 EST
Trooper Garr reports
"Garr here, at Galactic Hunter there's news of a promotion to win a Jorg Sacul after you buy a Shuttle! Check out here"

Posted by: Jason | 24 February 2003 | 11:31 EST
Sandtrooper SJediMstr reports:
"I found the 12" Leia Boushh at the Montrose (close to Akron, OH) Toys 'R'Us. I thought the light-up carbonite was pretty cool. A bit pricy at $39.99, but at least I didn't have to pay for any shipping. Happy Hunting!"


Posted by: Jason | 24 February 2003 | 11:25 EST
Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
"The deal at my local West Michigan Wal-mart is that this week, they FINALLY received the Saga TIE Bombers (and only a few at that)! Hoping for a Clearance type special, I was quickly dismayed to learn that not only was there no clearance, but they wanted the full $30. I guess I would assume that since EVERY OTHER WAL-MART that has any of these left has dropped their price significantly, that my local Wal-mart would do the same. So not only is my area behind the times, but also charging full price!"


Posted by: Spiceowan | 23 February 2003 | 23:30 EST
K&C Collectables News
We have recieved word from K&C that they have the following items up for pre-order. These items will not be available until the deadline has passed.

New Items: Limited Edition Trading Card Binder - Count Dooku(exclusive #B1 promo card)
Limited Edition Trading Card Binder - Jango Fett (exclusive #B1 promo card)
Battle of Yavin - CCG Cards - Box
Ultimate Alien Anthology HC
Jedi Training Remote Replica

In stock:
Trash Compactor Sets
12-inch Padme, Anakin (mech. hand) and Geonosian, Leia Boushh with Carbonite

Posted by: Jason | 23 February 2003 | 17:37 EST
Sandtrooper Young George Lucas reports:
"Hey folks. Young George Lucas reporting from Kansas City. Not much new here, a few new figures here and there, mostly at Target. Toys 'R' Us had some of the new 12" Boushh with light-up carbonite block. It's okay but a wee bit overpriced. I'll check back later if anything else surfaces."


Posted by: Darth Crypt | 23 February 2003 | 9:30 EST
This just in from Brian's Toys:
"Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #191. Visit the Newsletter at Newsletter
POTF2 12" Marmit AT-AT Driver C-9, Price: $149.99
Unleashed Darth Vader Unmasked - IN STOCK, Price: $29.99
Unleashed Princess Leia - IN STOCK, Price: $29.99

Visit our Vintage Carded section today, we have added over 100 Carded items to the 12 backs, ESB and ROTJ sections.
Vintage ROTJ Boba Fett C-8.5 [Space Scene], Price: $595.00
Vintage SW 12-Back Jawa Vinyl Cape C-6 - Bottom of bubble is cracked. Figure is secure in bubble, Price: $1,494.99

Latest items in our vintage vehicles section:
AT-AT Walker MIB C-7.5 Decals applied ESB, Price: $250.00
Battle Damaged X-Wing Fighter MISB C-8.5 [ROTJ box], Price: $195.00
Imperial Shuttle MISB C-7, Price: $575.00
Sandcrawler C-9 with C-4 Box (Wear to remote decals)Price: $475.00
Slave 1 MISB C-6.5Price: $195.00

Episode I Life-Size Jar Jar Binks: New content in original shipping carton. Shipping will be $150 within the continental U. S., Price: $1,399.99
These Items will ship within 2 weeks:
AOTC Deluxe Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike - BACK ORDER Shipping $6, Price: $19.99
AOTC Deluxe Flying Geonosian with Attack Pod and Blaster - BACK ORDER Shipping $6, Price: $14.99
AOTC Deluxe Yoda BACK ORDER Shipping $6 - comes with a Super Battle Droid, Price: $19.99

Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter. Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

Posted by: Spiceowan | 22 February 2003 | 17:28 EST
Area Report:
Hey Troops, Spiceowan checking in from N. Illinois/S. Wisconsin. The area seems to be getting in no newer figure shipments other than a couple of weeks ago in Kenosha WI, there were two different case loads as previously reported by myself with the help of Trooper Mat Tambor of the Racine WI, Techno Union. The New Leia and Boushh were the only "new" offerings that I discovered this week on my many toy runs. The word of the Wal-Marts on the West Coast in great amounts is a breath of fresh air. That usually translates to these figures being everywhere you look in 2 weeks. So don't believe the hype. Library Droids only 1 per case! SURE they are, for now. Remember, so were Anakin Tatooine Attack and Sith Training Maul so just hang on to your loot Troops, you'll be seeing them soon enough. I also notice the clearance racks having little to offer. I have read many picking up Gunships and Arena Playsets for $20 (mostly after New Years), and Interactive R2's too for dirt-cheap. The local Kmart had it for $80! That's not really a discount, so I don't know why but we are not seeing these great deals. Other than that I am glad the Shuttles are here and that fiasco is now officially over. Until the next in-store exclusive comes along. Good luck Troops, Kick A$% and take names, but most important, be patient!

Posted by: Jason | 22 February 2003 | 9:04 EST
Sandtrooper Jedi Hitch reports:
"Hi Troops! New stuff is hitting in several places in the Spokane, WA area, but it's hit or miss depending on the store. The first Wal-Mart I went to had NOTHING, no Star Wars at all of any kind! But the Valley Wal-Mart has LOTS of new figures: the new Padme, Tusken, Tyranus, Obi-Wan, Library Droids, and repacks like the Rebel Trooper, Teebo, and Imperial Officer. They had two Action fleet AT-AT's left and a few Trash Compactor sets. Target has been getting in the repacks as well. Toys 'R' Us has the new 12" wave and the 12" Boussh exclusive, but their pegs are so full of old 4" figures it's pathetic.

"Also, I know they're not nationwide but if you are still looking for Ephant Mon you might try Shopko if one is nearby. I found him at two different locations (Valley and South Hill) along with the Yoda and Destroyer Droid. They're pricey at $6.99 but better than ebay if you still need him. That's it for now. Good luck and happy hunting!"


Posted by: Steve | 22 February 2003 | 6:26 EST
Yestertoys has new figures in-stock
Hey Troops, Yestertoys just let me know they have the new Imperial Officer, Rebel Trooper, Tusken Raider, Padme Droid Factory and SP-4 & JN-66 Research Droids. These items are all in the Episode 2 section. They also have a lot of older figures.

Posted by: Jason | 21 February 2003 | 23:01 EST
Sandtrooper Thundercracker reports:
"After the 'Presidents' Day' snow dump, I thought I'd head out to see whether some of the local haunts got in any delayed shipments after the toy supply could get restored. Nothing new anywhere except for K-B in South Mall, Allentown, PA. I was hoping for some 2003 Star Wars, but the only newsflash there was that the price of the Saga figures had been reverted to $5.99 once again, back up from $4.99. They did have the all-new Playmates World of Springfield Simpsons figures Series 11 (Larry Burns [Rodney Dangerfield], Mr. Burns' blue-haired lawyer, Plow King Barney with diaper, Kirk VanHouten, Rainier 'McBain' Wolfcastle, and Gil from Red Blazer Realty). These had a brand new package design with a dosier and tech specs of the character on the card back. These figures can also be used to send in for a mail-in 'Be-Sharps' Apu DeBeaumarchet with four UPC's." K-B also had a "Lightsaber Action Set" with Jedi role-play accessories."


Posted by: Jason | 21 February 2003 | 22:40 EST
Episode 34 Action Figure Figure Humor at the IOC:
"There is a new episode of The Imperial Officers' Club, Episode 34: Yin and Yang. Also check out what Piett has been up to with 'Piett on the Move' and I'm looking for new ideas as to where he will find himself next." - IanBrazee-Cannon

I dug seeing IOC mainstay 2000 Cobra Commander show up in his new 2002 deco just to make a condescending comment! - Jason

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Imperial Officers' Club Episodic Action Figure Humor

Posted by: Darth Crypt | 20 February 2003 | 8:38 EST
NOT Star Wars news, but still cool to know...
The sequel to Spider-Man will feature Alfred Molina as Spider-Man's archenemy, "Doc Ock."
Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco are back, reuniting with director Sam Raimi and producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad. Filming begins in April, and the movie will be released in 2004.
Let's see if Doc Ock rocks??!!! Now back to our regular Sandtroopers programing ...

Posted by: George | 20 February 2003 | 8:28 EST
Area report for Puerto Rico:
Toys R Us in Mayag�ez got a fresh shipment of the new 12" Anakin with robotic hand, Padme and Geonosian. Nothing absolutely new in the 3-3/4" scale but the usual pegwarmers. I've been told by local collectors that the 25th anniversary 2-pack (Darth & Ben) was a big headache to find. Collectors that I know, and who knows what others that I don't, claim that this set was as hard to find as the Mynock Hunt hunt set in its days. This forced them to special order them through dealers in the States and/or Comic shops around the island. Well, they are now thriving in local KB's for just $5.99 (no-tax). Either to get a second set for trade or to be opened, now is the time. Check your local KBs before they're gone.

Posted by: Jason | 19 February 2003 | 21:45 EST
Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor and Padme:
Hasbro Press Release (Feb 19, 2003):
"MORE COLLECTION 2 FIGURES REVEALED. Introducing Wave 4 of Collection 2 Basic figures consisting of figures '03 | #22 Padm� Amidala in her wedding dress, '03 | #23 Wat Tambor, and '03 | #24 Coleman Trebor. These figures are due out in stores this Summer."

Read the rest of the narrative at StarWars.Hasbro.com.

Click to view Large Image
Four Funerals and a Wedding Trooper Mat Tambor of the Racine, WI Techno Union An Unleashed Coleman would be SWEET!

Posted by: Jason | 19 February 2003 | 20:25 EST
New Hasbro Items at Toyfellas.com:
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Alpha Vehicles
  • Battle Blitz with Grunt Figure
  • Road Rebel Tank with Big Ben Figure
  • Cobra Venom Cycle with Cobra Viper

  • Transformers Armada Maxcon
  • Scavenger with Rollbar Mini-Con
  • Heroes of Cybertron Wave 2 (Thundercracker, Ultra Magnus, Paradron Medic, Optimus Prime with Energy Axe, Megatron with Morningstar Mace, clear Spark Attack Powermaster Optimus Prime)

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 19 February 2003 | 11:24 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Visit Brian's Toys Today for the 12" Sandtrooper Marmit Action Figures!
    Availible in Limited Quantity Today:
    POTF2 12" Marmit AT-AT Driver C-9
    Price: $149.99
    POTF2 12" Marmit AT-AT Driver C-7/8
    Price: $134.99"

    Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Steve | 17 February 2003 | 20:14 EST
    Yestertoys still offering sale items
    Hey Troops, Yestertoys is still offering the Toys R Us exclusives X-Wing and Landspeeder for $30 and $10 respectively. If you missed out on these, here is your chance to get them at a good price.

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 17 February 2003 | 20:10 EST
    Force of the Bay Super Edition
    Hey Troops, there are many of you blowing a little of your hard earned tax returns filling holes in your collections. In my last trip to ebay, I thought I'd try to help some of you out. Coin freaks, ending soon, what a steal. Another Neo-Classic wonder. The wonder being where were all of these? I used to love waiting for mail-ins like these. Another FAO exclusive many claimed was not worth the money. I think this is a set worth having seeing as the Gamorrean is coming soon! This Dewback is in great shape, considering the age. Trust me, a Sandtrooper knows a good Dewback. Wrapping up the list is another coined beauty. Remember Troops, if these go out of your range make sure to look at these sellers' other auctions, I did and most of them have much more to offer. You should use ebay as a tool, use it wisely and to your advantage. Do research on the people you buy from. Sandtroopers neither endorses the sellers or ebay. Good luck Troops, Kick A$% and take names.

    Posted by: Jason | 17 February 2003 | 12:48 EST
    Sandtrooper SITHJON reports:
    "I found the "supposedly" FAO exclusive Imperial Shuttle at Kebco, they are selling the shuttle for $124.95. FAO's price comes out to over $150 and Kebco's comes out to $137 with shipping. Check it out. I also saw the K-B exclusive 12-inch Gamorrean Guard and the Target exclusive A-Wing on their site."


    Posted by: Jason | 16 February 2003 | 23:42 EST
    Sandtrooper Leif reports:
    "Sandtrooper Leif Here. The Virginia Beach Area Wal-Marts are finally being hit with the Trash Compactor sets. Also, the Strawbridge Wal-Mart has Jango's Slave 1 marked down to $9.00, and they have a ton of them. They also have the 12-inch Jango set for $21. These markdowns were not at any of the other Walmarts. Other local collectors have also seen the Mini Legos at BigKs and the peninsula Wal-Mart."


    Posted by: Jason | 16 February 2003 | 21:44 EST
    Trooper Larry reports:
    "Hey troops and Troopettes. Trooper Larry Reporting from N. E. Ohio area. It's been pretty quiet around here. After almost a month and a half, I've finally found some new figs. Wal-mart restocked, and I found Eeth Koth, Teebo, Padme (droid factory), and Tusken Raider(Tatooine ambush). TRU hasnt had any new shipments in over a month. KB has all the same peg warmers, and four packs. Kmart is, as always barren, and deserted. Other than that, nothing of any significant value. Take care troops, and be safe."


    Posted by: Tyler | 16 February 2003 | 21:22 EST
    R2Dtoys Newsletter #6 2003
    ZUCKUSS freeze frame discounted to �22
    Holiday Set C-3PO & R2-D2 �18
    Landspeeder with Luke �15
    New Landspeeder �40
    Arena Playset �35
    12" Electronic Jango Fett & Obi Wan from �19
    New YODA & destroyer droid pre-order (nearly pre-sold out)

    Now taking pre-orders for Count Dooku Lightsaber and Darth Maul Lightsaber and Jedi Training Remote.

    2003 figures will arrive early March at �4 each
    Death Star Trash Compactor sets �32 /pair
    12" Zuckuss, Dengar and Imperial Officer NOW IN STOCK �59/set
    Oola & Salacoius Crumb �9
    T-16 Skyhopper �15
    Darth Vader TIE Fighter �15
    12" R5-D4, Wicket and R2-D2
    12" electronic C3PO & R2-D2
    Commtech Wuher


    Posted by: Jason | 16 February 2003 | 20:16 EST
    Cold Weather Assault:
    Whilst we here on the East Coast are in the throes of a winter storm, here is the Snowtrooper to ward off the cabin fever. And you thought it was cold ... on the OUTSIDE!

    See the latest Hasbro product feature article discussed below for more details.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 16 February 2003 | 8:42 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #190
    Visit the Newsletter at Newsletter
    Master Replica Limited Jedi Training Remote Pre-Order, Limited to 2,500, Suggested Retail ($249.99) -Price: $239.99
    Master Replica Darth Maul Limited Saber Pre-Order, Limited to 3,000
    Suggested Retail ($499.99) - Price: $449.99
    Vintage Foreign and Rare Italian Harbert SW Darth Vader 12-Back C-9+
    Regular price $395.00, Sale Price: $369.99
    Vintage Foreign and Rare Italian Harbert SW Jawa 12-Back C-8, Regular price $325.00, Sale Price: $259.99
    Vintage Foreign and Rare Italian Harbert SW R2-D2 [C1P8] 12-Back C-8.5
    Regular price $325.00, Sale Price: $259.99
    AOTC Aayla Secura C-9 IN STOCK NOW - Price: $19.99
    AOTC Barriss Offee C-9 IN STOCK NOW - Price: $19.99
    AOTC Lama Su & Clone Boy C-9 IN STOCK NOW - Price: $19.99
    AOTC Padme Droid Factory Chase C-9 - Price: $9.99
    AOTC SP-4 & JN-66 [Research Droids] C-9 - Price: $14.99
    AOTC Tusken [Tatooine Camp Ambush] C-9 - Price: $9.99
    ANH Carded Rebel Trooper - Price: $5.99
    Saga Master Replica Blue Prints Set #1 [3pcs.] Includes all 3 prints listed below. Great Deal on Prints Buy all 3 & Save Over $60 - Price: $147.99
    Price for Each Sold Separate:
    Blue Prints, Han Solo Blaster - Price: $68.99
    Blue Prints, Obi Wan Saber - Price: $68.99
    Blue Prints, Luke Saber - Price: $68.99
    Vintage Playsets Boxed Jabba the Hutt Sears Box MISB C-9, Regular price $130.00, Sale Price $104.99
    Vintage Vehicles Boxed Landspeeder MIB C-6.5/7 [Special Offer Sticker], Regular price $450, Sale Price: $360.00
    Vintage Vehicles Boxed Landspeeder MISB C-9 - Original SW Box, Regular price $295, Sale Price: $236
    More Specials on our News Letter, Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter
    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

    On a side note: I DON'T care what the critics are saying, the movie Daredevil was GREAT (hot action and fun) so go see it without fear! Now bring on THE HULK!!! --Darth Crypt

    Posted by: Jason | 15 February 2003 | 23:11 EST
    Sandtrooper Dom reports:
    "Hi Troops, I just want to add my two cents on the new Shuttle. This ship is totally cool! I love the way the wings fold. Everyone who I show it to has the same reaction: 'AWESOME!' Also, saw the 12" Padme and the 12" Bounty Hunter Leia with light-up block at TRU along with the usual peg warmers and tons of action fleet vehicles. MTFBWY"


    Posted by: Jason | 15 February 2003 | 21:28 EST
    Sandtrooper SITHJON reports:
    "Hello all, I just went to my local Wal-Mart in Calexico, CA and found the new redeco TIE Bomber for just $15. How can this already be on sale?! Be on the lookout for it because it had a Wal-Mart printed clearance tag and sticker. The same store also had the newest wave of figures (Factory Padme, Tusken Raider, redeco Troopers, Eeth Koth and the Ewok). Good luck hunting."


    Posted by: Jason | 15 February 2003 | 21:11 EST
    New Collection 1 Figures featured at Hasbro:
    Hasbro Press Release, Friday, 14 February 2003:

    "Available this Summer, the next wave of Collection 1 Basic figures features Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the Emperor's Throne Room. This version of Darth Vader has a removable helmet revealing what's left of the good side of Anakin Skywalker. And Vader can actually throw his lightsaber.

    "The final figure in this wave is a new Snowtrooper. This Snowtrooper comes equipped with a side-arm blaster and an E-Web heavy repeating blaster that fires!"

    Posted by: Count Matchew | 15 February 2003 | 10:59 EST
    New from CLOUD CITY
    Cloud City has just received all brand new Saga Collection figures and the sought after Unleashed figures (Leia Slave Girl and Darth Vader with removable helmet). Most other Saga Collection items are also on sale. Visit Cloud City today! Go to www.cloudcity.com to check out the BIG sale!

    Posted by: Jason | 15 February 2003 | 0:38 EST
    Sandtrooper SJediMstr reports:
    "I picked up the 12" Geonosian at the TRU at Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, OH. They also had the new 12" Anakin with the robotic hand and the 12" Amidala but I thought the sculpts were pretty cheap. Happy Hunting!"


    Posted by: Jason | 15 February 2003 | 0:28 EST
    Feast Your Eyes on Your New Leader:
    Hasbro makes some unpredicted leaps in it's 2003 presentation as seen from these Toy Fair 2003 display set-ups. Keeping the packaging fresh and capitalizing on "variations on a theme" seem to benchmark this year's marketing campaign. The Clone Wars motif is being prepared and you can read details at StarWars.Hasbro.com.

    Posted by: Jason | 15 February 2003 | 0:13 EST
    Unleashed Leia and Vader at Toyellas.com:
    We received our shipment of Unleashed Wave 4:
    Unleashed Slave Leia
    Unleashed Darth Vader with Interchangeable Heads

    Back In Stock: Unleashed Darth Maul and Jango & Boba Fett

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 14 February 2003 | 23:05 EST
    Sandtrooper JediCor reports:
    "Walmart (Corning, NY) has nothing new. They still have 5 Saga TIE Bombers on the top shelf, very little of the Action Figures, Ships on sale, and a few dozen of the Older Cantina Set of Three on sale. Walmart (Horsehead, NY) has less than the Corning Store, but has a ton of the Cantina Sets. KB Toys is dead and so is Kmart, like always. TRU has tons of Yellow Clone Pilots, Destroyer Droids, Jango Pilots, and other Action Figures mixed in, 7 12" Luke with Tauntauns, 3 Arena Sets, 2 Luke X-wings, 1 R2-D2 Unit, Different Color Lightsabers, and other miscellaneous.



    Posted by: Jason | 14 February 2003 | 22:59 EST
    Sandtrooper Francis House Needs Help from a Major Player at the Sewing Store
    "I am currently in the process of making a Jedi costume. Does anyone out there have any good photographs of Anakin's belt, or, if possible, patterns for the tunic. Thanks."


    Posted by: Jason | 14 February 2003 | 22:24 EST
    Imperial Shuttle - 'Coast to Coast AM:'
    Sandtrooper Bobafred in So. Cal. reports:
    "Hey Troops! Bobafred here in So. California with my two cents! I received my two shuttles in the original Hasbro box, With a different dilemma. The box was shipped U.P.S. ground from FAO, and was not damaged, dinged, scuffed, or unopen! (factory sealed). I purchased with the intent to open at least one of them, But now what? So, if anyone is looking to sell their damaged boxed Shuttle reach me so i can crack one of those baby's open! Happy Valentines to all our female troopers! MTFBWY-ALL."

    Sandtrooper vyfvinkel in Denver, CO reports:
    "Hi, I have a vintage Shuttle that is in need of a cockpit window. With the new Shuttles out, and Hasbro using the old mold, would anyone who opened their FAO shuttle be able to provide me with the customer service number in the hopes that I can aquire a new window?"

    On this query, it might make more sense to take it the the hole and hit Hasbro customer service with this one. Though I believe they will usually only replace common parts or entire units. I had what I belived to be a defective Beast Wars Optimal Optimus back in late 1998 and Hasbro gladly sent me another and paid for the shipping to send the original unit to their customer service center. Dial down the center at 1-800-255-5516 to reach Hasbro, or 1-800-876-7867 for FAO.

    Sandtrooper Trace Allen in Austin, TX reports:
    "Just wanted to let everyone know that I received one of the two Shuttles that I ordered back in August. I am still waiting on my second one but have yet to see it at the doorstep. My first Shuttle arrived in mint condition so I guess I am lucky in that sense. Has anyone had any luck (besides Wach) in finding the new '03 figures? So far, I have yet to see any in Texas but know they are out there. Oh well, off to tear open the shuttle. God Bless the crew of the Columbia STS-107."

    Sandtrooper KSMITHNUT on the border reports:
    "I ordered two Shuttles from FAO and they arrived yesterday. All FAO did was ship the case the two come in to me. They added extra packing tape also. My shuttles arrived in pretty good shape, considering they had been shipped twice. Did anyone else notice their shuttle boxes coming with a lot of tape on the box "

    Sandtrooper JediCor in Upstate, NY reports:
    "Good news is that I have received my FAO Shuttle on Wednesday from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and it was shipped in good shape, no problems with the box or ship."

    Posted by: Steve | 14 February 2003 | 6:13 EST
    Trooper Garr reports
    "Garr here from MO. I just got back from work and found a pakage on my front door step with an FAO label on it. Sure enough - you guessed it. The Shuttle has finally landed. The Box it was shipped in was in bad shape. When I opened it the box itself had a 3 inch crease and two dents in it. I had asked them to bubble wrap and protect the box, and they had assured me that my purchase would be well protected. Is this the kind of service we collectors should expect for paying $148.00, when all is said and done? Am I the only one this has happened to or are there others out there going through the same thing? I'm not going to send it back to try to get a better one, I've waited long enough. I'm just happy to have one. Take care on your ventures and MTFBWY!"

    Hey Troops, anyone else have this problem? Let us know.

    Posted by: Jason | 13 February 2003 | 22:23 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedichirp reports:
    "Greenwood TRU (Indianapolis, IN area) had some new 12" figs: Padme, Anakin, and the giant Warrior gnat. They also had the very impressive 12" Boussh with light-up Carbonite block. I don't do the 12" line, but the Boussh looked great. The Castleton TRU had some of the AOTC sneak preview figures, no Clones though. Good luck!"


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 February 2003 | 21:37 EST
    An incredible ebay ORIGINAL art auction...
    If you like Original art, you might dig this! This guy's work is outstanding! For all of you art freaks out there! See the auction HERE, use the Force to win it!

    Posted by: Jason | 13 February 2003 | 21:31 EST
    "That's no Moon. That's Unicron!"
    Take a look at the latest from BigBadToyStore.com, and you may be able to say "I now possess that which you most fear!" While the Empire's most feared weapon in the Galaxy could obliterate an entire planet with one firing of its superlaser, this guy got the job done by munching the planet down in a few bites! Alderaan was blasted to smithereens while Lithone was simply scarfed down like a snack.

    I've got the munchies

    Could the Death Star go up against this behemoth and do any measurable damage? Or is the Autobot Matrix the only thing that could destroy him? There are even more parallels to be drawn between the Death Star and Unicron beyond the obvious ties of each being metal planet-sized weapons with tractor beams.

    These plans will be safe with my Master on CoruscantHow to build a montser

    While Vader got flung into space in his TIE fighter during the final battle, new Decepticon leader Galvatron was flung out into space by Unicron himself and later regrouped on the planet Char, where he was found in a pool of lava (it is also speculated that Vader will be pulled from a lava pit).

    Luke became the new hope for the Rebels and fired the shot that blew up the Death Star before it could annihilate the Yavin base, while Rodimus Prime (Hot Rod) used the Matrix to destroy the metallic planet Unicron before he could dismember the entire planet of Cybertron. Venerable mentors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Optimus Prime also both met their ends upon first encounters with these orbs of terror.

    A FULLY operational battlestation!Monkey see, monkey do ...

    In "Return of the Jedi," a new second Death Star was built and subsequently destroyed by the help of the primitive race of Ewoks. In "Call of the Primitives," the same designer who created Unicron, unleashed a new menace called Ornicron who was defeated by the primitive Transformers and ultimately beaten by the bone-headed instinctual intelligence of Grimlock.

    Until Hasbro can crank out a large Death Star toy for us Star Wars freaks (maybe an omen for 2005), they have made what Trans-fans have clamored for since 1986 - a movie-accurate transforming Unicron, based on prototype toys from 17 years ago.
    Isn't that the guy that ate Cybertron?

    Take a look at this new pre-order and more items at BigBadToyStore in the latest newsletter. Read the newsletter or enter BigBadToyStore.

    UPDATE: Add your comments on the argument of who would win - the Death Star or Unicron, in "The Bout to Knock the other Ball Out."

    Posted by: Jason | 13 February 2003 | 18:48 EST
    News from Toyfellas.com:
    We received our shipment of McFarlane’s Sportspicks NHL Series 4 - click on this link.

    We will be receiving the following Items in the next following weeks: Star Wars Basic Figures Coll #1, Coll #2 and Unleashed Wave 4. G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Figures, Vehicles and G.I. Joe figures with Mission Disc. Transformers Armada Supercons & Maxcon as well as Heroes of Cybertron.

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 February 2003 | 13:06 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys!
    "Brian's Toys has just received the latest Saga cards:"
    Saga AOTC Lama Su & Clone Boy C-9 Price: $19.99
    Saga AOTC Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura C-9 Price $19.99
    Saga AOTC Barriss Offee C-9 Price $19.99
    Brian's Toys

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 13 February 2003 | 11:49 EST
    ACPin strikes back...
    The best dio builder on the web has done it again! See the magic of ACPin diorama's HERE
    The subject this time is Luke's encounter with Lord Vader on Dagobah. So head on over to check it out ... and your weapons? You will not need them ...

    Posted by: Jason | 12 February 2003 | 21:35 EST
    New Figures Available Now at D & S:
    Vader & Slave Leia Unleashed
    Anakin 's Swoop Bike with Lightsaber Attack
    Darth Tryanus's Geonosian Speeder Bike with Lightsaber Attack
    New Obi-Wan Acklay Battle & Darth Tryanus Geonosis Figures
    Padme Droid Factory, Tusken Ambush, Imperial Officer - New Head, Library Droids, etc.

    Lamu Su, Barris Offee, Twilek
    Deluxe Force Power Anakin & Flying Jango Deluxe

    Back in Stock: Acklay

    Click to Enter: http://www.dnstoys.com

    Posted by: Jason | 12 February 2003 | 20:46 EST
    Sandtroopette Donna reports:
    "Hey Troops, Donna from So. Cal. I finally found some new basic figures. Local Target received one case of Collection 2 figures, so I picked up the four re-issued POTJ figures, Ambush Tusken Raider, Droid Factory Padme, and Archive Droids. Other than that, nothing new at Wal-mart, TRU, or K-mart. Want to shout out "Thanks" to "Jerkytoys" for our recent trade. Happy Hunting to all."


    Posted by: Jason | 12 February 2003 | 20:40 EST
    Sandtrooper Philly Dave reports:
    "Hello everyone! Philly Dave here. i have been out of the Star Wars loop for a little bit, but I am catching back up so I need you fine collectors. Can you give me a hand? Does any one have an extra Wal-Mart exclusive Holiday Edition two-pack? I will pay shipping as well as for the figures. Let me know, thanks!"


    Posted by: Jason | 11 February 2003 | 18:23 EST
    Sandtrooper "Code Name: CHUCKLES" reports:
    "Dear Troopers, After being scammed, I am now in need of the following items: Holiday Edition two-pack and Ephant Mon. I am hoping that someone will be willing to sell me the above items, preferably nicely packaged, at cost plus a "thank you" fee. If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks!"

    Posted by: Jason | 11 February 2003 | 17:29 EST
    Sandtrooper Bobafred reports:
    "Hi Troops! Bobafred here in So. California, in need of some tracking specialists! Im looking for the following figures:

  • Trash compactor sets
  • All three Cantina sets Greedo/Ponda Boba/Momaw
  • C-3PO/R2-D2 Holiday two pack.

    "I can cash you up or trade for Stormtrooper 4 packs, Clone Pilots or Silver R2-D2. If you have these figures in package LMK! MTFBWY-ALL."


    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 11 February 2003 | 16:56 EST
    A good deal?
    FORCE OF THE BAY, PART 2! Uh Huh..(Not trying to bust in on your action Spice!)
    Saw this deal and thought some trooper might be interested. Looks like a good collection of magazines and collectable Star Wars books. I have most of these myself and they are good reference material as well. The seller looks solid, BUT as always - buyer beware.


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 11 February 2003 | 1:26 EST
    Force of the Bay Super Edition
    Hey Troops, another mission accomplished, I found some hot items ending in a couple days so check out the power of ebay and fill some holes in that collection. This one is almost done so act fast and check out this girl's buns! Many12-backs up for grabs. This is not a 28k Lightsaber, heavy on the wallet for what you are getting. There are slamming deals on vintage goods, I see many paying a little less for a POTF version! If you wait and get Luke on clearance at TRU, you can pick his buddy up to join him. We hear from collectors searching for this guy, whom I never saw on the shelf. Another rough one from around the same era. They are all out there you must excercise patience when searching for your goods. There is even something for Action Fleet lovers out there. Many are used to seeing the saga version of this. Some of the prices are very fair. Whatever your Star Wars interest is, chances are one of the twenty thousand items listed will satisfy your need. Remeber ebay is a tool, use it wisely and with extreme caution, READ the listing and conduct a feedback check. Sandtroopers neither endorses ebay or the sellers featured in this column. Good luck out there Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

    Posted by: Jason | 10 February 2003 | 21:52 EST
    Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    "Well, I finally got the Imperial Shuttle. The thing is frickin' huge, mainly in the box. It came in good shape. Take care Troops."


    Posted by: Jason | 10 February 2003 | 21:49 EST
    Sandtrooper Dark Steve reports:
    "Hey Troops, Dark Steve reporting in from Ashtabula Ohio. Wal-Mart in Ashtabula had all the new figures on Saturday I passed on them because they were all in bad shape (smashed bubbles & creases on all of the cards). I stopped back on Sunday and they were all gone. I have many Vintage Topps Star Wars trading cards for trade or sale (yellow, green, blue, and Jedi & Empire). I need some help on my Vintage cards & New TCG cards. Are there any Troopers out in my neck of the woods (Ashtabula, Ohio) that are interested in getting together do some trading and play some TCG it's a blast?"


    Posted by: Steve | 10 February 2003 | 21:46 EST
    For those of you who want the original trilogy on DVD!
    Hey Troops, do you want the original versions of the trilogy on DVD? Do you hate the fact that Greedo shot first in the Special Edition? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, check out this web site. A member of the MI Collectors Club pointed this site out and I wanted to pass it on to our readers. I know Lucas has said he will never put the originals on DVD, but perhaps with enough outcry, he would change his mind? Speilberg gave us both versions of ET, why can't Lucas give us both versions of Star Wars? If you are interested, click here.

    Posted by: Steve | 10 February 2003 | 21:19 EST
    Imperial Shuttle
    Hey Troops, my Imperial Shuttle arrived today from FAO. The packaging was pretty nice, but to tell you the truth I had it opened before I could even inspect to see whether the box was mint. This was my favorite vintage item I ever owned. Last year I decided to get back into collecting vintage items, but the shuttle just was always more than I wanted to spend, around $300. Now thanks to the SAGA edition, I have the shuttle again. All I can say about it is if you get the chance and you can afford it, you must get this vehicle. It is quite simply the best.

    Posted by: Tyler | 10 February 2003 | 9:37 EST
    More Hasbro Rehashes!
    Well for those of you who like rehashes there are 5 more scheduled so far for the 2003 Saga line. They include:

    #20 Jango (Kamino AOTC)
    #21 C-3P0 (Classic POTF)
    #25 Darth Maul (Classic POTF)
    #26 Princess Leia (Classic POTF)
    #27 Han Solo (Classic POTF)

    For the complete list of Hasbro's first 27 basic figures for 2003 click here.

    I love rehashes. An action figure line without rehashes is like a bowling ball without a liquid center. Say when ... - Jason


    Posted by: Tyler | 10 February 2003 | 9:19 EST
    R2Dtoys Newsletter #5 2003
    12" electronic Jango Fett �29, Obi Wan �19, PAIR for just �39
    Wuher �10
    Epic Force classic Obi-Wan Kenobi �15
    Sio Bibble from �15
    Asian Exclusive Naboo Fighter �10
    Invasion Force vehicles: Gungan Sub, Sith Attack speeder, Assault Cannon & Scout Tank from �5
    Darth Vader w/ removeable helmet �12
    Death Star Escape Game w/2 EXCLUSIVE figures (Luke & Vader)
    12" R5-D4, R2-D2 and Wicket �59 / set

    Imperial Shuttle just �75, Pre-order now before we sell out!
    2003 figures scheduled for February for just �4
    KOTOBUKIYA full section added (pics coming soon) Mace Windu w/ Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin & Jango Fett.
    UNLEASHED figure details added incl. Boba Fett and Han Solo

    Master Replicas:
    Full section addded including yet-to-be-announced Mace Windu Lightsaber, Death Star, Jedi Training Ball, Darth Maul and Count Dooku Lightsabers.


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 9 February 2003 | 15:18 EST
    Federation Toys:
    Our friends at Federation Toys have informed us the their supply of Imperial Shuttles have landed for the price of $130.00 plus S/H. This also includes 2 free Action Figures. Also for those of you who missed out on the Wal-Mart Trash scenes, they will stock this week for $18.00 plus S/H. So if you missed out, visit Federation Toys.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 9 February 2003 | 9:07 EST
    This just in from Brian's Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #186 Visit the Newsletter at Newsletter."

    Saga Master Replicas Count Dooku's Lightsaber w/ Display Case, Domestic Shipping $10 In Stock, Limited to 3,500 - Price: $347.99
    POTJ Multi-Figure Pack Mexican 4 figure pack, This multi figure set includes a POTJ Darth Vader Dagaboh, Luke X-wing, Tantive IV Rebel Trooper, and Sandtrooper - Price: $74.99
    Vintage POTF Nikto AFA Graded 80 - Price: $1,195.00
    Vintage SW 20/21 Back Jawa C-9+ - Price: $265.00
    POTF2 Loose Slide Sandtrooper, slide only (no figure) - Price: $99.00
    Episode I 12" Queen Amidala Collection Boxed Qui-Gon Jinn & Queen Amidala (Defense of Naboo) C-8/9 - Price: $79.99
    Saga Kotobukiya Mace Windu with Yoda, 1/7 scale pre-painted soft vinyl kit - Price: $129.99
    Saga Kotobukiya Obi-Wan Kenobi - Price: $129.99

    "Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter
    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore. Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys."

    Posted by: Steve | 9 February 2003 | 9:07 EST
    Yestertoys update
    Hey Troops, for any of you who have tried to order the marked down Landspeeder or X-Wing from Yestertoys that I posted the other day, here are direct links to the sale pages. The items are posted under the POTJ section, so some of you may have had problems finding them. A search for landspeeder will only yield the original POTF landspeeder because the Toys R Us exclusive is entered as land speeder. I hope this helps some of you out.

    Posted by: Jason | 8 February 2003 | 22:40 EST
    Sandtrooper Moshe reports:
    "The Clinton, MD Wal-Mart has a few Tie Bombers left and some mark downs on some items (Jango Fett, Speeders from EP2, and a few others).

    "Hey, finishing off my 3-3/4" collection (that is finishing selling). I have most ships loose from POTF2 and on for sale (single lot with Y-Wing, rare Olive Skiff, B-Wing, TIE Interceptor and lots more). I have a loose Saga collection from the initial releases as well as a carded EP1 collection (non rares). You can see the complete list at http://mywebpages.comcast.net/imel6/forsale.htm. Thanks."


    Posted by: Jason | 8 February 2003 | 17:35 EST
    Imperial Shuttle - 'Coast to Coast AM:'
    Sandtrooper Philly Dave reports:
    "Hello, Philly Dave here. I got a call yesterday (Friday) afternoon from King of Prussia, PA FAO Schwartz telling me that my Shuttles came in (I purchased 2). They come 2 in a box, so obviously I got a box. Also on my trip, I stopped in Toys 'R' Us and found the 12" Leia Boushh with Han in Carbonite, very cool. That's all for now, peace."


    Posted by: Jason | 8 February 2003 | 17:11 EST
    Sandtrooper Rafael - Master of the Sai reports:
    "Hi. I've been a reader of your website for some time now and I have a small favor to ask the fellow troopers. If you happen to come across an interactive R2-D2 for $25, could you pick it up for me? I'll pay the retail price + shipping + an extra $20, thanks!"


    Posted by: Jason | 7 February 2003 | 23:43 EST
    Sandtrooper SJediMstr reports:
    "I found the Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape) and the Obi-Wan (Acklay Battle) in a few places in Akron (Wal-Marts in Montrose and on Arlington Road). Happy Hunting!"


    Posted by: Jason | 7 February 2003 | 23:21 EST
    Lando's Marked Deck
    Lando is here with his own deck, it's a stacked and marked deck to help you get in the latest Star Wars and toy contests ...

  • 2/7: Win a $50 BigBadToyStore Shopping Spree in American Dream Comic's February Forum Giveaway, ends 2/28.
  • 2/7: Win a Mace Windu (Geonosian Rescue) and Dexter Jettster in Italy's MaxRebo.org's February contest, ends 2/28.
  • 2/7: Win a POTF2 Bantha at TheJawa.com, ends 2/8.
  • 02/7: Win a set of Star Tours Wave 1 at JundlandWastes.com, ends 11:59p on 2/16.
  • 2/7: Win a 1/6 scale pre-painted vinyl Ben Kenobi model kit at TheBothanSpy.com, no end specified.
  • 2/7: Win Saga figures ' 02|#01 - ' 02|#20 in 'Watto's Lotto' Week 20 game at TheBothanSpy, ends 2/12.

    Posted by: Jason | 7 February 2003 | 20:11 EST
    Sandtrooper Bobafred reports:
    "Hi! Troops! Bobafred here in So. California, in need of some tracking specialists! Im looking for the following figures: Trash compactor sets, All three Cantina sets (Greedo/Ponda Boba/Momaw). I can cash you up or trade for Clone pilots, Silver R2-D2. If you have these figures in package, please let me know! MTFBWY-ALL!"


    Posted by: Jason | 7 February 2003 | 18:37 EST

    STAR WARS: Trash Compacter Set, Holiday R2-D2 & C-3PO, TIE Bomber, Snowspeeder, Action Fleet AT-AT & Snowspeeder, 12" Ponda Baba & Obi-Wan with Glowing Saber (both older)

    Generation 1 and JBW: Diaclone Raiden Train Sets, Unicron Statue, Hot Rod Bust, Keychain Sets, Vintage Landcross, G1 cars. Japanese Beast Wars and re-issue items, re-issue jets/cars, God Neptune, C-1 Optimus, Big Convoy, Leo Convoy, Older JBW and others
    'SMALLEST' TRANSFORMERS: The Smallest Transformers are 2 inch fully transformable miniature re-issue figures. The first wave includes Soundwave, Starscream, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe. Pre-order arriving in June - 12 figure box/set for $49.99 or 1 figure for $4.99
    DREAMWAVE: Armada #7 and many other comics, books, and posters
    ARMADA: Scavenger, Starscream, Red Alert, Optimus, Megatron and more. We also have a truckload of Unicron on order with Hasbro so be sure to pre-order one of these awesome figures.

    SIMPSONS: Are you ready for some DUFF LOVE? Moe's Tavern with Duffman and many other items in stock.
    MACHINE ROBO: Machine Robo Rescue sets
    from Bandai - 5 figures that combine to form a larger robot - $25.99 per set
    LORD OF THE RINGS STATUES/BUSTS: 20 previously sold out statues and busts, pre-orders for the upcoming Two Towers releases, and Ringwraith & Steed in late February
    MACROSS: Yamato Super VF-1J Max & Milia
    SIDESHOW: Boris Karloff as The Mummy, Zanti Misfits - Regent and Prisoner, and Series 1 of the Muppets Busts
    JOYRIDE - VIDEO GAMES: Samus, Jet Set Radio Future Beat (and Beat Prototype), Havok figures, and Zelda Majora's Mask set
    GUNDAM: Fix 0012 Gundam Mk II, Giant Dendrobium Action Figure, Psycho Gundam, Hyakushiki MSIA, Master Grade GP02A, Sazabi, RX-79(G)
    IMAGE 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Spawn, Cyber Force, Shadow Hawk & Savage Dragon - $53.99 for set of four
    OTHER STUFF: Terminator 2 - Collector tin with Kubrick style figures, Toynami's Hanna Barbera I-Men figures of classic cartoon characters, on the 'Other' menu, 12" Vash the Stampede in Black cloak on the Toycom menu, Alien Chestburster from Palisades, Zoids Liger Zero X and Gustav, and Soul of Chogokin GX-01R Mazinger

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Steve | 6 February 2003 | 21:14 EST
    Yestertoys update
    Hey Troops, Yestertoys just sent an update that their site is back up. They will be having a sale on the 25th anniversary lansdpeeder and x-wing. The landspeeder is on sale for $10 and the x-wing for $30, just type code 24 in the comment section and Yestertoys will change the price manually.

    Posted by: Jason | 6 February 2003 | 9:35 EST
    Imperial Shuttle - 'Coast to Coast AM:'
    Sandtrooper Robbyfett reports:
    "Hi, just thought I would let you all know that the Imperial Shuttle has landed here in the UK. I just visited my local Forbiden Planet in Liverpool, and they had about seven of them, so good luck. Cheers."

    Sandtrooper Thrawn311 reports:
    "Hey troops, the Shuttle is here. Even though I should probably be one of the last ones to receive it because I live in NEW YORK, the boys in brown came through and delivered my Shuttle this morning. It is avery nice piece of plastic and reminds me of the original that my parents never bought for me. This more than makes up for it. Keep your eyes open."

    Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports:
    "Well, unlike everyone else whose Shuttle went out already, mine is still being worked though the system. I may not go out until tomorrow. At least it's on its way to Northern Alabama, just one more delay."
    UPDATE: "My shuttle has been sent, finally. I got the tracking number today as well. So, she's coming in. I looked up the tracking number for my shuttle. I looked at the scheduled delivery date and here's the interesting thing. It said the delivery date is Feb 10th which is next Friday. That's fast I tell you what. Take care."

    Posted by: Tyler | 6 February 2003 | 9:02 EST
    R2Dtoys Newsletter #4 2003
    IN STOCK: Zuckuss with Freeze Frame �22, Trash Compactor sets �32 for both, 12" Zuckuss, Dengar & Imperial Officer, 12" electronic Jango Fett & 12" Obi-Wan Kenobi �39 pair!


    Last month's winner won a Star Heroes collector guidebook, illustrating almost every figure and variation since 1977 - 2003 in full colour! Still available to purchase for just �9.90.
    THIS MONTH win the Trash Compactor 2-packs from Walmart! To enter, all you have to do is BUY something! See website for details.

    The new Star Wars collector club has been announced and will launch in April 2003. This club, aimed at UK fans, is worldwide. Go to www.gadders.com/ukswcc/ NOW and see the registration page. The website is coming soon.

    A comprehensive list of figures, deluxe and unleashed are now being added to the site. Take a look!

    4 figures for �10! Promotion STILL running see website for full details.
    CommTech Stormtrooper �6, CommTech Darth Vader �6, CommTech R2-D2 w/Holo Leia �10, Endor Troop Builder Pack �10
    Geonosis value pack includes:
    Arena Playset, Count Dooku, Jango Fett final battle, Mace Windu, Clone Trooper pilot, Saesee Tiin, Nikto, Shaak Ti, Luminara, Super Battle Droid, and 10 in-half Battle Droid's for �65!

    Master Replicas COUNT DOOKU LIGHTSABER, �275 pre-order.
    2003 basic figures for just �4. We can get them NOW but do not want to charge you �6...we promised �4, so �4 it will be. Be patient, we ALWAYS come through.


    Posted by: Jason | 6 February 2003 | 0:14 EST
    Extensive Poll # 2 Results (16 January - 5 February 2003)
    The second Extensive Poll asked:

    Will you buy (or have you already purchased) the Wal-Mart exclusive Saga repackaged TIE Bomber?
    No, it's a great ship but one from POTJ is enough 35%
    Yes, I'm buying it in the new Saga packaging 17%
    Yes, I want to have one because it has a new deco 7%
    Yes, I missed the POTJ version at Wal-Mart last Spring 21%
    No, Hasbro could have made it unique (such as with a different or additional pack-in figure) 12%
    I'll have to wait until I actually see it at Wal-Mart 8%

    It looks like 'No means no.' Now on to some sword-slashing mayhem in Extensive Poll #3. No Star Wars movie is complete without the obligatory dismemberment! Which one was your favorite? Does a gushing Wampa armpit bring a smirk to your face, or do you prefer Vader 'one-fisting' it on the second Death Star? Maybe Zam's cleavage really melts your butter. Pick your poison in the latest poll and do not emulate your favorite lightsaber- wielding limb deleter by trying to reenact these scenes at home! Now, that being said, I have a set of shears that could eviscerate an elephant proper. Now you know and knowing is half the battle!

    Posted by: Jason | 5 February 2003 | 22:30 EST
    Sandtrooper Lev Machlo reports:
    "I found the new Obi-Wan and Darth Tyranus wave at the Chapel Hills Wal-Mart in Colorado Springs this morning. They still had plenty when I left."


    Posted by: Jason | 4 February 2003 | 22:36 EST
    Sandtrooper Tim in Memphis reports:
    "Just wanted to let you know that Toys 'R' Us online has the twelve-inch Dengar, Zuckuss and Imperial Officer for $12.96 each. Now's a good time to grab them if you need them."


    Posted by: Jason | 4 February 2003 | 21:08 EST
    'Feeling the Force' Issue One - Part One "Light Side"
    Chad's Bounty

    Ebay can be a tool that you can use to your advantage. Spiceowan will be looking at this from the "Dark Side" perspective, but here is a "Light Side" story for all you Coin freaks out there. Our regular reader Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" got his hands on a Power of the Force Imperial Gunner with Coin for about half the going guide price on a recent 'Buy it Now' Auction from a seller who popped up in a recent issue of Sandtroopers.com's 'Force of the Bay' serial. All I can say is "strike hard and fade away into the night."

    Coin Freaks Coin Freaks

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 4 February 2003 | 21:07 EST
    'Feeling the Force' Issue One - Part Two "Dark Side"
    Trooper Monkey Ambassador is Feeling the Force like many other Troopers. Maybe not in the same fashion as "The Chad" but let's get down to this monkey business (No pun intended).

    "In the recent 'Force of the Bay,' Spiceowan featured a Darth Maul lightsaber used in the actual filming in the movie. I would not give my money to the person auctioning it off if I had Bill Gates entire estate. It is authentic, but it is the same prop auctioned off on ebay in 2001 by Lucasfilm for the auction of America. It is going for more now than it did then. What kind of demented person spends that much for an auction, makes out big and then turns around and makes out even bigger? I think it is ridiculous."

    I almost agree with you Monkey, but this is America! Free Enterprise, even though we have the lazy bums who lurk the toy aisles and snatch up the new figs and list them on ebay, there is nothing we can do about them, except not buy from them. Force of the Bay is not to help people like THAT sell their items. It is geared to helping Troops fill the holes in their collections. You have to remember ebay is a tool, and you must know how to use it. Use your head and not your heart when you make bids.

    If you have a request or something you'd like to have help finding hit me up at spiceowan@sandtroopers.com and I will do my best to assist you.

    Posted by: Jason | 4 February 2003 | 19:52 EST
    Sandtrooper Brainiak reports:
    "How's it going troops?! Well, I just wanted to see whether any Troops need any of this stuff I was about to sell on ebay! Or possibly have something to trade. Let me know what you have to trade and what you want to trade for. I wanted to run it by the fellow collectors just to see if maybe a fellow Trooper was interested! All of these are BRAND NEW, never opened nor used and are in great condition unless specified.

    "All of this is from my personal collection and I am a very, very picky collector! Please e-mail me if you are interested, to make me an offer, or if you have any questions. I have not done any trades or purchased anything from any of the fellow Troopers because I like finding it in the stores, so you can check my feedback on ebay user name Brainiak76, thanks!"


    Saga: Bespin Luke (non bloody metal peg), Han Solo endor raid (grey lever variant), Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Deluxe Clone trooper on Speeder Bike, Jedi Starfighter w/Obi-Wan (KB exclusive), Luke's Dagobah X-Wing (TRU exclusive).

    POTJ 25th Anniversary: Final Duel Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader

    Sam's Club EPI two-pack: Darth Maul & Anakin

    Mail-away specials: Kellogs Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise & Spirit of Obi-Wan

    Cinema Scenes: POTF Final Jedi Duel, POTF Rebel pilots, POTF Death Star Escape, POTF Jedi Spirits, EPI Tatooine showdown

    Posted by: Jason | 4 February 2003 | 19:07 EST
    "The Shuttle's coming Hot Rod," cried Daniel. "let's watch it land!"
    Sandtrooper Hot Rod reports: "Well, it's here! For those of you still waiting, my card was charged on Sunday Feb 3rd. Then this morning I called for my confirmation number. I got it and was told by the FAO employee that I should get it tomorrow (2/5) or on Thursday (2/6). Well I got on the UPS site and it shows as a schedule delivery date of TODAY! I couldn't believe it and now I have just come back in from getting a huge box from a UPS delivery guy. So check your cards and keep your eyes out! FAO has finally delivered, and this is confirmed!"


    Posted by: Steve | 4 February 2003 | 19:02 EST
    Latest NJO in stores today
    STAR WARS: THE NEW JEDI ORDER: FORCE HERETIC I: REMNANT by Sean Williams and Shane Dix hit store shelves today. This latest chapter in the NJO series is a paperback and marks the 15th book chronicling the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Remnant is the first in an all new trilogy telling the beginning of the end for the alien invaders. The newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances is beginning to strike out on the offensive, and winning at that. Luke and a small group of Jedi go on a quest for a mysterious planet. And a major event is in the makes among the Yuuzhan Vong that will shake their way of life to the core. This series should be an exciting continuation of an already excellent story. Get out there and pick it up!

    Posted by: Jason | 4 February 2003 | 17:14 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedichirp reports:
    "I just wanted to thank Sandtrooper Brian L. for his post on this main page. I just went out to the 86th St. Wal-Mart in Indy to check out the sales. They didn't have any Bombers for $10 left (only the $10 price tag on the shelf), but I picked up the Arena Playset for ONLY $5!!! It was the last one. I also picked up some Legos, which I only will buy on sale anyway. I got the Lego Tecnich R2-D2 for only $3 there were about 10 left). I bought the Lego "Final Battle 1" and "Final Battle 2" as well as another of the little Lego sets for just $1 each (there were about 5-10 of each left).

    "Not bad, I only spent $11 on this stuff. They still had some other SW items that I didn't buy. There were 12" Imp. Officers, Zam, Jango, and Super Battle Droid for only $5. They had the Lego Super Battle Droid for $5. I think this was an isolated sale to this store, but it's worth checking if you have a Walmart near you. Good Luck."


    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 22:30 EST
    "Dagobah Challenge" Diorama by ACPin

    Dagobah Challenge (ESB) - click to enter ACPin SW

    Luke prepares for his first challenge as a Jedi - "Luke has begun his arduous training in the ways of the Force. With Yoda as his demanding mentor, Luke learns more about the temptation of the dark side and soon realizes that a nearby cave is haunted by the sinister aspect of the Force. Encouraged to face the evil aurra by Yoda, Luke prepares to confront his first challenge as a Jedi."

    Check it out at ACPin SW.

    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 22:19 EST
    Sandtrooper Brian L. reports:
    "Hey Troops! There is NOTHING NEW in Indy! Though, I did find one really cool thing tonight. I was at the Wal-Mart at 86th and Michigan road and found the new TIE Bomber marked down to TEN BUCKS!!!! They also had all of their 12" figures marked down to $5. They had 2 bombers left and a truckload of the 12" figs when I left. That's all for now. MTFBWY!!"


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 February 2003 | 22:11 EST
    Force of the Bay Super Edition
    Spiceowan here returning from the realm of ebay. I have blended in many newer but mostly older Star Wars collectibles this time around, so let's get down to business. What a steal, but a lot of time left on that one Troops. Jabba?, with that Buy it Now it won't last long. I also found more vintage gold for not a whole lotta coin. This one is a deal and not a KB Holiday 4-pack! Take aim and see if you win that from the land down under. It amazes me to see some of the carded vintage go for near the same prices fools pay for brand new figures! Another rare item that appears to be dime a dozen at ebay! I found this little guy for all my coin freaks out there! Were you at the end of your rope trying to complete that vintage Death Star? This guy is playing for the right team so I featured him as well. Finally I may have found the most unique hard to find item in the history of Star Wars ebaycollectables! Behold and take out that second mortgage Troops!

    "Quick Change:" This one will make the vintage Transformers fans say "Wait I still function!" Just when you thought the last year you could get him at retail was 1985, Megatron shows up in Japan with backstabbing Starscream. This one is a rarity among them all, some had believed it didn't exist, and they even called this gift set "Goodbye Megatron." One more Theatre Luke out there that didn't go out the back door of the Googolplex Theatre, along with an entire collection all bundled in one lot, could ultimately be a bargain at auction close.

    That's it for now Troops, Kick A#$ and Take Names!

    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 20:33 EST
    Internet Headlines for Monday, February 3, 2003:
    Secure a Look at Secura - This week, photos of Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee, and Lama Su with Clone Boy have appeared at Rebelscum.com and SirStevesGuide.com While at Rebelscum, get a look at the upcoming Unleashed Darth Vader and Enslaved Leia in packaging.

    "My Kind of Scum" - Hasbro finally got it right with one of their four piece Troop Builder specials. I recall writing in almost two years ago discussing the common sense approach to rehashing Sandtroopers, right here at this site. We may be biased here at Sandtroopers, but the smooth variation on a theme will hit you in the gut while you create your Mos Eisley dioramas. Four 'clean' Tatooine patrollers, each with a different pauldron coloration will make this one a must have. The distribution of this one is still unannounced. Visit SSG and Rebelscum.com for a look at this set on the auction block.

    "On My List" - From Pete at TPU: "Big list of toys from Hasbro in 2003... Seen it all before you say? Try this list for size, as it contains some figures not mentioned before (Gendi for example) as well as confirmation that there are two more releases of the Republic Gunship to come, as previously and exclusively reported on TPU."

    Basic Figures Collection 1
    84870 Obi-Wan (Spear Throwing) 02/03
    84918 Mace Windu (Total Control) 02/03
    84919 Darth Tyranus (Lightning Burst) 02/03
    84927 Anakin Skywalker (Mechanical Arm) 02/03
    84920 Classic Boba Fett (Quick Draw) 02/03
    84922 Flying R2-D2 02/03
    84959 Han Solo (Hoth) 04/03
    84960 Chewie (Mynock Hunt) 05/03
    84977 Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi) 05/03
    84978 Darth Vader (Return of the Jedi) 05/03
    84979 Snow Trooper (Empire Strikes Back) 05/03
    Jango Fett (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84815 Clone Trooper (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84828 Yoda (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84826 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars) 08/03
    Mace Windu (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84814 Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) 10/03
    Count Dooku (Clone Wars) 10/03
    Kit Fisto (Clone Wars) 10/03
    Basic Figures Collection 2
    84923 Padme Amidala (with soft cloak and articulation)02/03
    84924 SP-4 & JN-66 (Library Droid 2 Pack) 02/03
    84921 Tusken Raider with Removable Head 02/03
    84925 Lama Su & Clone Boy 02/03
    84928 Twilek Jedi with Super Articulation 02/03
    84926 Bariss Offee 02/03
    84969 Yoda w/Padwan Jedi 2 pk 06/03
    84970 Alien Padwan Jedi 2 pk 06/03
    84989 Padme Wedding Dress 06/03
    84990 Wat Tambor 06/03
    84991 Coleman Trebor 06/03
    84817 Waitress Droid 10/03
    84818 Faytonni Cantina Alien 10/03
    2nd Cantina Alien 10/03
    84820 Darth Sidious 10/03
    84830 Bail Organa 10/03
    84829 Fans Choice #4 McQuarrie Stormtrooper 10/03

    Deluxe Figures
    84949 Force Power Obi-Wan Kenobi (Kamino) 04/03
    84950 Flying Jango Fett (Kamino) 04/03
    84957 Commerce Guild Spider Droid 04/03
    84958 Droid Factory 04/03
    84987 Clone Trooper 3 Pack 07/03
    84988 Destroyer Droid Launcher 07/03
    84992 Battle Droid 3 pk 07/03
    84826 Jedi Knight 3 pk 10/03
    84986 Genosian Gun 10/03
    84844 Bounty Hunter Mandalorian (Gendi) w/Speeder Bike
    84846 Clone Commander w/Speeder Bike
    84886 Electronic Light Sabers
    84929 Saga Scene Packs Assortment 01/03
    46796 Action Fleet Assortment 01/03
    84894 Unleashed Assortment 01/03
    84940 12" Figure Assortment 12/02
    84850 Build Your Own Light Saber 05/03
    26795 3-3/4" Sandcrawler w/ Droid & Jawa 05/03
    26820 3-3/4" Tie Bomber w/ Pilot 05/03
    32532 3-3/4" Accessory Set w/ Figure asst 03/03
    32487 3-3/4" Shuttle Tyderium 01/03
    84976 Geonosian Fighter 06/03
    84975 SW Bank Clan Droid 06/03
    84840 Republic Gun Ship w/ More Fire Power 06/03
    84962 Interactive Jedi Training Light Saber
    84895 EII Interactive ’1300 (R2-D2)
    Bounty Hunters (refresh I) 03/03
    Jedi vs. Sith (refresh II) 06/03
    Rebel Alliance (refresh III) 09/03
    26789 12" Leia Boushh with Carbonite Block 12/02
    12" Speeder Bike w/ Leia Endor 05/03
    3 3/4" Emperor's Throne Room Playset 06/03
    32519 3 3/4" Stormtrooper Builder 4-pk 02/03
    Imperial Scout Trooper Builder Set (refresh) 06/03
    12" Jedi Council Assortment 11/02
    26759 12" Plo Koon 11/02
    12" Saesae Tiin (refresh) 05/03
    32502 12" Gamorrean Guard 02/03
    26750 3 3/4" A-Wing with figure 12/02
    3 3/4" Tie Fighter W/ Imperial Figure 06/03
    26755 3 3/4" Republic Gunship w/ 3 figures (bundle)
    3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Bounty Hunters 03/03
    3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Jedi Heroes 06/03
    3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Rebel Alliance 09/03
    3 3/4 Naboo Fighter w/ Padme Pilot 07/03
    26815 3 3/4 E2 2 Pk Refresh
    32539 3 3/4 Cantina Alien Scene Assortment Refresh
    32542 Greedo
    32543 Ponda Baba
    32544 Momaw Nadan
    Action Fleet Refresh 01/03
    A-Wing w/ Pilot
    Cloud Car w/ Pilot
    Gian Speeder w/ Captan Panaka

    26482 12" Bounty Hunter Assortment
    26474 Dengar
    26475 Zuckuss
    26485 Imperial Officer

    32514 3 3/4" Vehicle Assortment 05/03
    26483 Snowspeeder w/Luke and Dack
    26479 TIE Bomber w/Pilot (updated linelook)

    26484 Jabbas Band Assortment 09/03
    26486 Max Rebo and organ
    26487 Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool


    Posted by: Steve | 3 February 2003 | 19:34 EST
    Trooper Lee reports
    "Hiya Troopers, not too much in the way of figures to report about, but I did find the new repackaged battle damaged TIE Bomber at the Super Wal-Mart in Pascagoula. Not much else to report on at this time. Take care and be safe."


    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 18:29 EST
    Sandtrooper Thundercracker reports:
    "Some interesting sales are going on at K-B and K-B toy works this month. I just returned from mine in South Mall, Allentown, PA with some good finds at clearance prices. Their Star Wars section has been combined, consolidated into a single area. Interestingly, they now have many of the initial background insert figures from the April 23 wave, Padme with mole and insert was there and a lot of Super Battle Droids with inserts. They also had an Episode I Obi-Wan fifteen-inch dueling figure that says quotes from the movie and plays music for $9.99.

    "The other news there was "Pizza by the Shred." They had new signage for the Plamates five-inch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line and twenty figures out on the pegs (4x each of the four turtles, 1 Splinter, 1 Foot Soldier, and 2 Shredders). I got the Shredder that I needed for $5.99, Wave 2 should be out in the summer. Playmates Simpsons figures (all series except Series 9) were reduced to $3.99 each, including the Celebrity Waves such as self-help guru Brad Goodman.

    "Out in front at the Point of Purchase, they still had the same Star Wars four-packs for $9.99, and $7.99 GI Joe vs. Cobra two-packs for Buy One Get One Free. The last sale feature was really a paradox - $7.99 Masters of the Universe figures for Buy One Get One Free, with the enticing lure of picking up either one or two of only He-Man because that's all they had."


    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 14:13 EST
    Sandtrooper "THE CHAD" reports - Shuttle Deployment:
    "I am happy to report that the Imperial Shuttle is finally on its way out the door at FAO. In this sad time in light of the Shuttle Columbia disaster, this is welcome news for us Star Wars fans. Take care."

    A few other Troopers have sent in similar accounts, so nay-sayers of FAO's service can finally be silenced, these ships are on their way to many customers' homes. Presently these are the catalogue orders that are going out.

    This from Sandtrooper Raja: "I received a letter from FAO about the Tyderium. They stated that they received my Pre-Order info from the San Francisco Store and will be shipping it out from the Las Vegas Store in a week or two. They will call me to let me know when. Well it looks like the Tyderium will finally be making it way to the fans."

    Posted by: Spiceowan | 3 February 2003 | 14:10 EST
    Area Report:
    Spiceowan checking in after a South Wisconsin toy sweep. I cleared Kenosha, WI in record time today and struck paydirt at Wal-Mart. Obi-Wan (Acklay Battle) & Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape). I left a set as well. All the other stores appear to still be doing inventory. Get it together guys the holidays are over! I'll be hitting N. Illinois this afternoon to see what is out there. Good luck Troops, Kick A$% and take names!

    Posted by: Tyler | 3 February 2003 | 10:06 EST
    Canadian Report
    Walmart - only 4 pegs allocated for SW figures this year.
    - One report of the Clonetrooper Pilot wave being found
    - still the odd Palpatine and Djas Puhr around but nothing past these
    - lots of the Cantina scenes still around
    - all ships and beasts were cleared out last fall.

    Zellers - still the same old stock.
    - lots of figures from Bespin and Endor waves.
    - lots of Target packs.
    - Acklay, Reek, Starfighter and Slave I still at full price.

    TRU - only place to find Gunship and Arena but still HTF.
    - odd reports of finding the Teemto and Palpatine waves.
    - still a few of the 25th X-wings and Speeders but also HTF.

    That's it for this report. I hope to have better news soon but it appears as though we Canadians are once again getting the shaft in between movies. So, once again we'll be looking to you, our American friends, for help.

    Posted by: Darth Crypt | 3 February 2003 | 8:25 EST
    This just in from Brians Toys:
    "Brian's Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #188
    Visit the Newsletter at Newsletter
    Saga Unleashed Darth Vader Unmasked - Back Order - Price: $29.99
    Saga Unleashed Princess Leia - Back Order - Price: $29.99

    Back In Stock!
    Rubies Clone Trooper Helmet MISB C-7/8 Box - Price: $59.99
    Rubies Jango Fett Helmet MISB C-7/8 Box - Price: $59.99
    Rubies Storm Trooper Helmet MISB C-7/8 Box - Price: $59.99
    AOTC Carded Obi-Wan Kenobi (Acklay Battle) - Price: $9.99
    AOTC Carded Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape) - Price: $11.99
    Saga ROTJ Carded Teebo - Price: $14.99
    Many more of the latest carded Saga Cards Reduced in Price on our site.

    Vintage SW 12-back Japanese Takara Stormtrooper C-9.5, Reduced from $395.00 to our Sale Price: $360.00
    Vintage Foreign and Rare Italian Harbert SW Darth Vader 12-Back C-9+, Reduced from $395.00 to our Sale Price: $360.00
    Vintage Playsets Boxed Endor Chase Complete Playback [POTF Tri-Logo] MIB C-8.5, Reduced from $550 to our Sale - Price: $499.99
    Vintage Playsets Boxed Hoth Rescue [POTF Tri-Logo] MIB C-9, Includes Han Hoth, Luke Hoth, Wampa and Taun Taun (Open Belly), Reduced from $695.00 to our Sale Price: $630.00
    Visit our Newsletter for these listed toys at Newsletter
    Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore.
    Visit our Webstore at Brian's Toys"

    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 1:24 EST
    Sandtroopette Donna reports:
    "Hi Troops, Donna from So. Cal. New twelve-inch figures have hit Toys 'R' Us. They have the exclusive Leia with Carbonite Block, Padme, and Geonosian Warrior. I didn't find Slashing Anakin. Wal-Mart received the Saga Tie Bomber. They had five on the top shelf but I passed since I have the POTJ version. Still no sign of new basic line figures yet. Happy Hunting to all."


    Posted by: Jason | 3 February 2003 | 0:27 EST
    Sandtrooper SpawnVI reports:
    "I would just like to thank some fellow troops for some awesome trades. Shout out goes to "Talon Karde," "TheloneSWLady," and "Boba_fitt." Thanks for the trades guys ... and lady!!"

    Another set of successful trades - SLAMMIN' !!!

    Posted by: Jason | 2 February 2003 | 22:59 EST
    Sandtrooper Beavis Fett reports:
    "Hey Troops, this is Beavis Fett (formally aka Trooper Larry), with a N. E. Ohio report. Not a whole lot, but keep your eyes open for the 2003 figs. They are starting to show up slowly. Check your local Wal-Marts first, they seem to be ahead of TRU on getting the newer figs for some reason. Also while you're there, browse the clearance aisles for some decent deals. They seem to be putting the TIE Bombers there also. I got mine for 25 dollars. K-mart is worthless, kb has older figs, and TRU is bare right now. The manager at TRU in Mentor is having problems getting shipments in from Hasbro. He also said Hasbro may be getting rid of a lot of their reps. If this rumor is true, collecting may get difficult. Thats it for now Troops.

    "I also want to send my condolensces to the families of the fallen Astronauts. May their souls be at peace, and may they be remembered for their bravery."


    Posted by: Jason | 2 February 2003 | 18:26 EST
    Sandtrooper Jedi Vacation reports:
    "Some new Saga figures in San Diego, CA. At the North Chula Vista Wal-Mart I found Obi-Wan Kenobi - Acklay Battle and Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape this morning. They have (the new) European markings on the bottom, and the new card background is a starburst design. I don't know if they got anything else but Yoda (new) and Clonetrooper pilot were also up on the pegs. The Hunt begins anew ..."


    Posted by: Jason | 1 February 2003 | 23:30 EST
    Sandtrooper Jetfire reports:
    "Trooper Jetfire doing the Michigan Mecca! The first day in February was kind to this trooper as he travelled across Michigan and back to visit some relatives and do some store scouting.

    "Starting out in the TRU of Novi, I find one Unleashed Vader (it's still there) and a very cool manager who hooked me up with three different poster/banners/store displays that they use to mark where the SW stuff is. A big Sandtrooper saaaaalute goes out to this guy. If you in that area, he might have more so hit this place up.

    "Next was the Target in Brighton. Not much going on here except the Accessory Packs and one Deluxe Clone Trooper w/Speederbike. Again, no purchases as I was seeking the Trash Compactor sets in my travels. After that we hit the Walmart on Saginaw St. in Lansing where I found one Ponda Baba Cantina Bar. No Trash Compactor sets, but the store earned honorable mention for the Ponda Baba.

    "Last was the Walmart on the east end of 28th St. in Grand Rapids. SCORE!!!! After I picked out my two trash compactor sets, they had one Han/Luke and two Leia/Chewie left. I do now have an extra set to trade but the Han/Luke has a cut on the top. Honorable mention for one TIE Bomber on the top shelf farther down the aisle too. Also one Arena set off by itself in the Clearnace aisles. Overall a good day ending with the three displays and two trash compactor sets!! GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HUNTING!!!"


    Posted by: Jason | 1 February 2003 | 21:57 EST
    Sandtrooper Scott reports:
    "I have a MOC Toy Fair Vader I would like to trade for an early 70's GI Joe Adventure Team Mobile Support Vehicle or would consider any other Adventure Team Vehicles.
    Thank You! My thoughts and prayers goes out to the Shuttle crew and their familes."


    Posted by: Spiceowan | 1 February 2003 | 11:36 EST
    REAL Shuttle News
    It is truly a sad day for this Great Nation. Our sympathy and condolensces go out to all aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia this morning. Instead of looking for our F.A.O. goodies to arrive, today let's take time to think about the sacrifices that others make to make America so beautiful. I don’t recall such a tragic day for N.A.S.A. since the Challenger Disaster in January, 1986. Again from the Staff and Readers of Sandtroopers.com our deepest sorrow and to all aboard the Shuttle and their loved ones.

    God Bless America

    Posted by: Jason | 1 February 2003 | 0:21 EST

    HEROES OF CYBERTRON: Wave 1.5 and Wave 3 of the popular PVC figures available in sets ($19.99 - wave 1.5, $29.99 - wave 3) or $54.99 per case of 12
    ARMADA: Armada Jetfire has arrived and a limited number are now available

    TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: The 4 Giant 12" TMNT figures are available for $29.99 each. We'll be stocking the regular sized figures soon
    NEW POWER RANGERS: pre-order for the next line from Japan called AbaRangers - 3 Dinosaur based figures
    HULK: The first 3 Hulk figures: Super Poseable Hulk, Punching Hulk, and Smash & Crush Hulk - $9.99 per figure
    STIKFAS: The Omega Knight and limited amounts of the new Samurai and Firefighter figure
    BLUE BOX: The latest Cy Girl - Destiny and many other Blue Box items are also in stock including Aurora and most other Cy-Girls
    EPOCH: More of the Vampire Hunter D figures and many other video game figures available on the Epoch menu

    ARRIVING SOON: These items are all in transit to us and will arrive next week: Micromaster Sixwing, Marmit AT-AT Driver, Yamato Super Max & Millia, Mega PVC Armada Prime and Megatron, and the Hot Rod Bust

    click to enter:

    Posted by: Jason | 1 February 2003 | 0:04 EST
    Sandtrooper jk275 reports:
    "The Provo, UT Toys 'R' Us had lots of Jango Pilots and Flipping Dooku's, and an interesting 12" selection with: Several Leia Boushh w/Carbonite Block, Lots of Slashing Anakin, Some Padmes, Geonosian Warriors, Imperial Officers, and a few others, but nothing I collect."

    Thanks, and this also answers a question from Sandtrooper Sean whether the Boushh twelve-inch was showing up yet at TRU. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.